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Pros & Cons
Pros: Cons:
User-friendly interface. Requires internet connectivity.
Easy integration with POS systems. Potential extra fees.
Quick transaction processing. Hardware compatibility issues.
Secure data encryption. Limited third-party integrations.
Detailed sales reporting. Occasional system downtime.
Flexible payment options. Steep learning curve.


In this article, we provide an in-depth analysis of Restaurant Manager, a specialized point-of-sale system for the restaurant and bar industries, a company offers both traditional and tablet-based POS systems. Our exploration covers key areas including rates and fees, contract terms, common complaints, industry ratings, and marketing tactics. We also delve into customer and employee reviews to give a comprehensive view of the service quality and user experience.

Particular attention is paid to the strengths and weaknesses of the system, such as its user-friendly interface and potential technical issues. Additionally, we address legal challenges faced by the company and provide insights into the customer service effectiveness. An evaluation of the product's online ratings and detailed breakdown of costs and fees are included to offer a transparent understanding of what users can expect from Restaurant Manager. This article aims to present a balanced view, helping readers make informed decisions about the service.

About Restaurant Manager POS

Founded in 1987, Restaurant Manager is an on-site and cloud-based point-of-sale product intended for merchant accounts in the restaurant and bar industries. Restaurant Manager was acquired by Shift4 Payments in 2018 and currently operates as “a Shift4 Company”.

Restaurant Manager Point of Sale

Restaurant Manager offers traditional POS systems as well as tablet-based systems that run on proprietary hardware configurations. The company offers a built-in merchant account service called “RM Payments”, but merchants can also purchase Restaurant Manager's POS hardware and pair it with their own third-party payment processing. The Restaurant Manager POS can be purchased outright, while the Duet tablet/cloud POS features a monthly fee. The RM website claims to offer on-site installation, comprehensive training, and 24/7 support in addition to POS systems that are custom programmed for your business by a Restaurant Manager authorized dealer.

Shift4 Structure and History

Shift4 Payments is a merchant account provider that currently functions as the parent company of Harbortouch. Shift4 Payments was created in January 2018 when Lighthouse Network (Harbortouch's former parent organization) acquired Shift4 Corporation, a payment gateway provider based in Nevada. In February 2018, Shift4 Payments proceeded to acquire 3 POS providers focused on the hospitality industry called Restaurant Manager, POSitouch, and Future POS. Restaurant Manager currently operates as a distinct brand within the Shift4 brand lineup, but it may eventually be folded into the Shift4 name.

Restaurant Manager Customer Reviews

Here's What Their Clients Say

Customer Reviews Summary
Total Online Complaints <10
Live Customer Support No
Most Common Complaint N/A

Insights into Restaurant Manager’s Customer Feedback

Despite Restaurant Manager operating since 1987, we’ve found less than 10 negative reviews, a testament to the brand’s longevity and customer satisfaction levels. These reviews occasionally mention concerns about software performance, customer service responsiveness, and pricing in comparison to the value provided. Notably, a significant grievance has emerged regarding an increase in fees since Shift4’s acquisition of Restaurant Manager:

The software’s outdated nature, particularly its online ordering module, has been a pain point. The merger with Shift4, which also offers credit card processing, has been challenging for some partners. If businesses choose not to use Shift4’s processing services, they face steep fees. Currently, Shift4 is navigating through significant online payment processing issues, with Restaurant Manager and Shift4 providing limited explanations or resolutions to affected customers. The customer service in addressing these issues has been underwhelming, leaving many businesses frustrated and advising others to consider alternative solutions.

As Restaurant Manager is a relatively recent addition to Shift4’s portfolio, it may take time for more feedback of this nature to accumulate. We welcome your personal experiences with Restaurant Manager POS in the comments section below.

Exploring Harbortouch’s Customer Feedback

Harbortouch, a POS system offered by Shift4’s management team for several years, has attracted a moderate to high volume of online complaints for a company of its size. Common criticisms include misleading sales practices, equipment malfunctions, excessive cancellation fees, and subpar customer service.

Harbortouch’s Direct Responses to Complaints

Notably, Harbortouch’s leadership, including the CEO, has actively responded to merchant complaints in the review comments, challenging claims of undisclosed contract terms. They emphasize that Harbortouch’s cancellation policies are thoroughly explained by sales representatives and through documentation at various stages of the agreement process. The leadership defends the company’s substantial early termination fees, citing the significant initial costs involved in providing POS equipment to merchants.

Legal Actions Involving Restaurant Manager and Shift4

In 2018, Shift4 Payments faced an antitrust lawsuit for allegedly monopolizing the payment interface and merchant account services market for mid-sized table service restaurants. This lawsuit was temporarily concluded in 2019 but was later reopened, with its resolution still pending.

In 2021, investigations by Labaton Sucharow into potential duty breaches and security violations by Shift4 were announced via public notice.

Merchants looking for alternatives to litigation can report their grievances to appropriate regulatory bodies.

Support Options for Restaurant Manager Users

While Restaurant Manager’s website does not prominently feature dedicated customer support contacts, it does provide general contact information.

A single customer service phone number has been identified:

(301) 445-6100 – General Inquiries

Additionally, Restaurant Manager facilitates support requests through an online form and live chat feature on its website.

These support options may not align with expectations from industry-leading customer service providers.

Restaurant Manager Online Ratings

Here's How They Rate Online

Online Ratings Summary
BBB Rating 1.21
Software Advice Rating 3.4
SoftwareSuggest Rating 4.8
Our Rating 3
Average Rating 3.1

BBB Rating Analysis for Restaurant Manager POS

The BBB does not have a profile for Restaurant Manager POS but it does have one for parent company Shift4. Shift4 has an “A+” rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The company has been accredited since February 11, 2013, and has been in business for 24 years. However, customer reviews on BBB present a different picture, with an average rating of only 1.21/5 stars based on 19 customer reviews. Additionally, there have been 172 complaints closed in the last 3 years, with 66 of these closed in the last 12 months. A common theme in these complaints and reviews is dissatisfaction with the product or service, often citing issues with functionality and challenges in canceling services, leading to continued charges.

Negative Feedback

SCAMMED BY THIS COMPANY! I was told I needed to upgrade my system in order for it to handle my business needs but we had nothing but problems with the functionality. I was a customer for years and when the upgrade didn’t fit my business needs they sent someone to help and he told me for what I need this system isn’t right. I have emailed them and called them trying to cancel for at least 6 months and have been given the runaround. I have since replaced them as my point of sale system but they still charge me $210 MONTHLY for a system that doesn’t work for me! There is no contract and if there was it would have expired because I am a long-standing customer. They tell me they are cancelling and there will be no more charged but every month it still comes out of my account. It’s disgraceful that this is allowed and they are allowed to lie to customers. I will be contacting my bank next to let them know not to accept the charges going forward and I am currently looking for a small claims lawyer to help. STAY AWAY FROM SHIFT4! – Review from December 5, 2023

I cancelled my service with Shift4 in April 2022. I have an email from ******* saying it would be cancelled in thirty days. I have no equipment to send back, being we are a hotel and take reservations and cc over the phone. My account was still being debited every month. The base price has more than doubled since I stopped using the services. I have called more than eight times to get this resolved. The first few times, I was told they had to put in a ‘ticket for my inquiry’. I never hear back and still get charged every month. I went through the process of closing the account again in October 2022. Still getting the monthly charge. This month, March 2023, I was charged the base fee twice. I called again. They said since my account is closed, they have to send it to an ‘escalation agent.’ As of today, the issue is still not resolved. – Complaint from March 29, 2023

Positive Feedback

There are no positive reviews published about Shift4 on the BBB website.

Source: BBB

Software Advice Rating Analysis for Restaurant Manager POS

Restaurant Manager POS has an average rating of 3.4 stars on Software Advice, based on 36 customer reviews. The reviews reveal a mix of experiences, with ratings distributed across the spectrum. Common themes in the reviews include appreciation for the software’s ease of use and reliability, particularly in restaurant settings. However, there are also mentions of the software being outdated and having dependency issues with server connections, leading to frequent crashes.

Negative Feedback

Very disappointing in Restaurant Manager and Shift 4. They want to act like a big company but have no resources or expertise to handle a major problem. They have no relationship building techniques with customers. They will let you crash and burn. They only care about getting their monthly fees! The software is outdated, the Online ordering module is very outdated. Restaurant manager/Shift 4 is terrible to partner with because they hold you ransom when it comes to credit card processing. – Review from September 2018

This POS system is extremely outdated, difficult to use, and not user-friendly. The reports are a joke and look like they are from the 80s. The customer service is horrible, and they charge you for everything. There are much better and more up-to-date software products out there that offer free updates. – Review from July 2014

Positive Feedback

Easy to use, reliable and updates are included with their inexpensive software maintenance plan. We recently upgraded to RMPOS version 20. It’s redesigned, bug free and works great. It also has paid at the table and supports chip card processing. Way ahead of other systems that friends of mine use at their restaurants. – Review from February 2017

I love the customer service and support. Our local rep is always available and great to work with. The system is also very easy to learn and a new user can quickly become a strong user within a few days. – Review from January 2019

Source: Software Advice

SoftwareSuggest Rating Analysis

Restaurant Manager POS has a rating of 4.8/5 based on 4 reviews on SoftwareSuggest. This software is designed for independent restaurateurs, offering various hardware options like touchscreen terminals and tablets, and software features including customer loyalty, online ordering, and table management tools. The reviews highlight its ease of integration, compatibility on multiple platforms, and efficient order management system.

Negative Feedback

There are no negative reviews on the SoftwareSuggest website for Restaurant Manager POS.

Positive Feedback

The best thing about Restaurant Manager POS is its quick and easy integration with other solutions. At the same time, the restaurant management system is highly compatible on multiple platforms. It has a comprehensive order management system that allows my staff to streamline their work process and enhance efficiency, in no time. Using the restaurant billing software, I have improved my billing time. The software is equally purposeful for connecting with my frequent customers. – Review by Kalpesh, Jun 12, 2017

The restaurant management software is for those hospitality industry professionals who have their own chain of hospitality business like me. The restaurant management system gives liberty to track down inventory waste without trouble. I use this software to monitor inventory theft as well. This need-based restaurant management software can be customized by the users, I change to use the features according to my own requirements. Easy on the pocket, this software is a recommendation from my side to any hotel owners. – Review by Pavan, Apr 28, 2017

Source: SoftwareSuggest

Restaurant Manager Fees, Rates & Costs

A Closer Look at The Contract

Cost & Fees Summary
Swiped Rate 1.00% - 4.99%
Keyed-In Rate 1.00% - 4.99%
Early Termination Fee $1,000+
PCI Compliance Fee Variable
Equipment Lease Terms 36-60 month (locked)

Restaurant Manager Contract Terms

The Restaurant Manager contract outlines a three-year agreement with automatic renewal for two-year terms unless canceled thirty days prior to the expiration of the initial term; an early termination fee equal to $250 or the number of remaining months in the Merchant Agreement multiplied by $35, whichever is greater; an undisclosed PCI Compliance Fee; and transaction fees according to a tiered or interchange-plus pricing schedule. These terms are nearly identical to those enforced by Harbortouch.

Agents Can Alter Pricing

Although these are the company’s official terms, the company’s use of independent sales agents means that Restaurant Manager POS rates and fees may vary from agent to agent, especially through the company’s RM Payments merchant account solution. A representative of the company confirmed in the comment section of our Harbortouch review that any verbal guarantees made by sales agents will not overrule the language in the company’s contract, so merchants are advised to trust the documentation above an agent’s word.

Not-So-Free Equipment

Harbortouch’s contract structure is unusual for the industry in the sense that the company does not specifically charge for the equipment that each merchant receives at the start of the contract. The company defends this practice as a long-term investment in the well-being of each merchant, but it also has the effect of locking merchants into a costly multi-year agreement, even if they decide to cancel service while under contract. Merchants should be sure to inquire as to whether Restaurant Manager uses a similar pricing approach, as the initial savings may or may not be worth a long-term commitment.

High Termination Fees

As a general rule, CPO advises merchants against long-term contracts with high early termination fees because these types of contracts limit a merchant’s choices. There are plenty of merchant account providers that offer month-to-month contracts, one-time equipment purchases, payment plans, or rental programs. Restaurant Manager users should at the very least compare these lower-cost providers to RM Payments to ensure that they are getting the best pricing they can.

High Commitment and High Cost

Considering that Shift4’s approach to POS sales has received mixed reviews, coupled with the fact that Restaurant Manager requires a long-term financial commitment from merchants, we have assigned it a “C” at this time.

Restaurant Manager Employee Reviews & Sales Tacitcs

Should You Work For Them?

Jobs & Marketing Summary
Employs Independent Resellers Yes
Advertises Deceptive Rates No
Discloses All Important Terms No

Standard Sales Approach

Like most other POS providers, Restaurant Manager markets itself primarily through an in-house sales staff, a referral program, and resellers. This compares favorably to our list of best credit card processors. However, the company’s products are also sold by Shift4, which is known to take a more conventional sales approach that includes independent sales agents.

Shift4 Sales Tactics

Shift4 and Harbortouch hire independently contracted sales agents (ISAs) to resell their merchant account services. This is a standard practice within the industry that often results in unregulated or unsupervised agents reselling a provider’s services without effectively disclosing contract terms. On this website and elsewhere, there are negative Shift4 reviews that mention sales representatives promising to waive fees or provide month-to-month contracts only to fail to follow through, leaving the merchant on the hook for some unfavorable contract terms.

“Free” Equipment Promises

Some complaints also seem to indicate that a common point of miscommunication has to do with Harbortouch’s heavily promoted deals for free equipment or a free POS system. Harbortouch likes to phrase its promotion so that the equipment itself is technically free, but it requires the merchant to sign an automatically renewing, three-year service commitment so that Harbortouch can recover its upfront costs. In this way, the merchant still has to pay for at least three years of access to the equipment, which to some merchants may seem indistinguishable from having a long-term equipment lease. We encourage merchants to check out our list of the providers of the best merchant services.

Continued Complaints Despite Training

A Harbortouch representative has stated on multiple occasions that the company offers rigorous agent training and has procedures in place to discipline ISOs that act unethically. The company also clearly discloses its service agreement terms in its paperwork and requires follow-up communication with merchants after they open an account. However, Harbortouch still routinely receives complaints that describe misrepresentation or nondisclosure by its independent sales agents. This indicates that despite the company’s admirable efforts, a significant number of merchants are still having a negative experience with Harbortouch’s sales team.

A Precautionary “C”

Restaurant Manager enjoyed a very low complaint total before its acquisition by Shift4. It’s therefore possible that it will continue to sell in a responsible fashion despite new ownership. However, Shift4’s management team is still at the helm. As a cautionary measure, we will therefore assign Restaurant Manager the grade of “C” that we assign Shift4 in this category. If you suspect that Restaurant Manager has misrepresented your rates and fees, we recommend seeking a third-party statement audit to find and eliminate billing errors.

Restaurant Manager Features

Restaurant Manager offers multiple features optimized for all restaurant operations:

  • Front of house – Layout and menu customization, photo menus, custom promotions, and tableside ordering
  • Back of house – Tablet kitchen displays, online ordering, delivery syncing, and pizza prep modules
  • Management – Inventory tracking, labor and sales reporting, customer database, and smart recommendations
  • Customer outreach – Gift card support, loyalty programs, delivery scheduling, and real-time alerts

Our Restaurant Manager Review Summary

Our Final Thoughts

Restaurant Manager currently holds a rating similar to that of Shift4, largely due to recent developments that have brought the company under the management umbrella of Shift4 following its acquisition. This change aligns Restaurant Manager closely with Shift4’s operational strategies and customer management practices. Additionally, Restaurant Manager’s contract terms closely mirror those of Harbortouch, another entity under Shift4’s broad range of services. As a result, the experiences of merchants with Restaurant Manager may not significantly diverge from those associated with Shift4 or Harbortouch.

Given these circumstances, we will continue to closely observe and assess merchant feedback regarding Restaurant Manager to determine if the company begins to exhibit distinct qualities separate from its parent company, Shift4. At present, however, businesses considering Restaurant Manager for their needs are advised to compare the terms and services offered with those available from top-rated payment processors. This comparison may yield more favorable conditions and benefits tailored to specific business requirements, providing potentially better value and service.

Location & Ownership

Restaurant Manager is a registered ISO of Citizens Bank, Providence, RI, and is headquartered at 12401 Prosperity Drive, Admin Zone 4, Silver Spring, MD 20904. Jay Shavitz is the CEO of Restaurant Manager.

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Testimonials & Complaints

How Did Restaurant Manager Treat You?

1 User Reviews

  • Matt

    I’m a customer of a restaurant that recently switched their online ordering over to Restaurant Manager. I love this restaurant, but RM’s online ordering experience is so abysmal that I may never order there again. Seeing that they likely signed a three year deal is very disappointing.

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