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Harbortouch (harbortouch.com) is a merchant account provider based in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Launched in 1999, the company provides card processing services, point-of-sale systems, electronic cash registers, and card processing terminals to U.S. merchants. It appears that Harbortouch at some point acquired, was acquired by, or is otherwise associated with United Bank Card. At this time, Harbortouch primarily promotes its proprietary tablet-based POS system. Harbortouch claims to handle merchant accounts for over 110,000 business locations and process in excess of $11 billion annually. The company is a registered ISO/MSP of First National Bank of Omaha in Omaha, Nebraska. Jared Isaacman is the founder and CEO of Harbortouch.

Harbortouch Products and Services

  • Debit and credit card processing
  • Tablet-based POS system
  • Online reporting
  • Gift and loyalty programs
  • Check conversion and guarantee
  • Merchant cash advance
  • ATM placement


  • Retail
  • Restaurant
  • Bar
  • Hospitality
  • Convenience store

Response from Harbortouch

With over 16 years in business, Harbortouch has received numerous awards and accolades for its growth, customer service and innovative products. This includes six appearances on Inc. Magazine’s “Inc. 500/5000” list of fastest growing private companies in the nation, a Deloitte “Technology Fast 50” award, awards from the Best in Biz Awards, Golden Bridge Awards, and American Business Awards, and a top Customer Service award from industry publication Green Sheet, among many other accolades. Serving over 120,000 merchants across the country and processing in excess of $10 billion annually, Harbortouch is also ranked as one of the largest payment processors in the country by Nilson Report. Harbortouch values each merchant it serves, realizing that exceptional customer service is just as important as competitive pricing and innovative products. Our award-winning customer support is handled entirely in-house and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This focus on customer service is illustrated in our Mission Statement: “Harbortouch’s primary goal is to provide exceptional service and value to our customers. Our merchant customers are the lifeblood of the company and our success is completely dependent on their satisfaction. Every decision we make must reflect the importance of preserving these relationships. As a company, we must always strive to provide our customers with the best possible experience with both innovative technology and sincere personal attention.”


Sales & Marketing

Key Points - Sales & Marketing

Uses independent resellers? Yes
Promotes deceptive rate quotes? No
Discloses all important terms? No

Harbortouch hires independently contracted sales agents (ISAs) to resell its merchant account services. This is a standard practice within the industry that often results in unregulated or unsupervised agents reselling a provider’s services without effectively disclosing contract terms. On this website and elsewhere, reports are common of a Harbortouch sales representative promising to waive fees or provide month-to-month contracts only to fail to follow through, leaving the merchant on the hook for some unfavorable contract terms.

Online complaints seem to indicate that a common point of miscommunication has to do with Harbortouch’s heavily promoted deals for free equipment or a free POS system. Some merchants report that they agreed to receive free equipment or software but cancelled before receiving or implementing these services, only to be charged with a cancellation fee in the amount of the remaining cost of the multiyear contract. It is our policy to hold companies responsible for the conduct of their sales agents, and we therefore award Harbortouch an average grade of “C” in this category.

Response from Harbortouch

As is standard practice in the industry, Harbortouch does use independent sales agents to sell our products and services. However, we pride ourselves on the extensive training we provide our sales agents to help minimize any negative experiences for our customers. This training program, which includes an entire training department and a 9,000 square foot training facility, goes well above and beyond what is standard in the industry. Any time we find out that a sales agent has been misleading customers or making false promises, we act swiftly to address these situations. It is also important to note that all of the key terms of our program are clearly outlined in the contract that each of our customers sign. As with any contract, we always encourage our customers to read the contract fully to make sure they understand the terms of the contract before they sign. Harbortouch also offers a 30 day trial on our point-of-sale equipment to provide an opportunity for customers to cancel the contract without penalty if they change their mind within 30 days, providing further protection to our customers from any misunderstandings during the sales process.

Harbortouch Marketing Example


Costs & Contract

Key Points - Costs & Contract

Swiped rate: Variable
Keyed-in rate: Variable
Termination fee: $250+
PCI compliance fee: $99 per year
Equipment lease: Variable (up to 5 years)

The Harbortouch terms and conditions (available below) outline a three-year agreement with automatic renewal for two-year terms, a Liquidated Damages early termination fee of either $250 or the number of remaining months in the contract multiplied by $35 (whichever is greater), and transaction fees according to a tiered pricing schedule. Merchants who receive equipment from the company may also be subject to a $79 annual fee and an $89 annual security fee. Harbortouch’s “Elite” POS system costs $69 per month, while its “Echo” POS system costs $39 per month.

Although these are the company’s official terms, the company’s use of independent sales agents means that contract terms may vary from agent to agent. A representative of the company confirmed in the comment section of this review that many of the contract terms are liable to be altered by a given sales representative, so merchants are advised to review contracts carefully and only deal with agents they trust. Multiple complaints have described a situation in which a sales agent verbally agreed to waive or alter certain fees and then failed to follow through on those changes. Alternatively, there are multiple claims that agents failed to disclose the early termination fee associated with the company’s POS agreement.

It seems merchants should be aware that they will likely be on the hook for the actual language of the contract in some cases, rather than the specific deal reached with their agent.

Response from Harbortouch

As stated above, any time we find out that a sales agent has been misleading customers or making false promises, we act swiftly to address these situations. We also provide extensive training to our sales agents to try to avoid these types of misrepresentation entirely. It is also important to note that all of the key terms of our program are clearly outlined in the contract that each of our customers sign. As with any contract, we always encourage our customers to read the contract fully to make sure they understand the terms of the contract before they sign. Harbortouch also offers a 30 day trial on our point-of-sale equipment to provide an opportunity for customers to cancel the contract without penalty if they change their mind within 30 days.

One of Harbortouch’s primary product offerings is a full-featured touch-screen point-of-sale system without any up-front costs. Our customers receive the hardware, software, training, installation and support without any up-front expense, a value of over $3,000 per system. The only cost to the merchant is a low monthly fee starting at $39 per month, which covers 24/7 support, software updates and free hardware replacements. In order for us to earn a return on this significant investment that we make in each of our customers, we need to ensure a minimum length of time for the relationship, which is why we require a 36 month contract for any new customers. We make this requirement very clear during the sales and paperwork process, and the 30 day trial period adds another level of protection for our customers.


Complaints & Service

Key Points - Complaints & Service

Total Complaints: 70+
Live customer support: Yes
Most common complaint: Undisclosed fees

Harbortouch is showing a moderate-to-high number of complaints for a company of its size, almost all of which cite deceptive sales tactics or apathetic customer support. It appears that Harbortouch has paid Ripoff Report to be a part of that site’s corporate advocacy program, which allows Harbortouch to flood Ripoff Report with dozens of identical testimonials in an effort to obscure the details of merchant complaints. Researchers should note that the actual content of these Ripoff Report reviews can be found below each of Harbortouch’s testimonials.

We had previously given Harbortouch a “B-” in this category based on the fact that the company’s representatives seemed to actively respond to merchant complaints on other websites. Given the company’s attempt to cover up its reputation on Ripoff Report rather than respond to public complaints, we are inclined to lower Harbortouch’s rating at this time.

It should also be noted that two representatives of Harbortouch (including the company’s CEO) have directly addressed merchant complaints in the comment section of this review. Both representatives disputed merchants’ claims regarding nondisclosure of contract terms, stating that the company’s cancellation policy is clearly disclosed by Harbortouch sales reps and documentation at multiple points during the signup process. These representatives also stated that the company’s large early termination fee is justified by the upfront expense associated with providing POS equipment to merchants. Harbortouch offers email and phone support on its website in addition to equipment and software manuals.

Response from Harbortouch

Harbortouch’s top priority is our customer, and we do everything in our power to provide exceptional customer service. This includes 24/7 customer service and technical support by phone and email, completely in-house. Regarding Harbortouch’s participation in Ripoff Report’s Corporate Advocacy Program, this program allows us to reach out directly to customers who post complaints in order to more quickly resolve their situations. Participation in this program is not an attempt to cover up complaints, but on the contrary, allows us to better address these issues in real-time. Regarding concerns related to our contract terms, all of these terms are clearly stated in the contract that each of our customers sign. As with any contract, we always encourage our customers to read the contract fully to make sure they understand the terms of the contract before they sign. Additionally, as mentioned above, our cancellation policy is clearly explained at multiple points during the sales and onboarding process. Harbortouch also offers a 30 day trial on our point-of-sale equipment to provide an opportunity for customers to cancel the contract without penalty if they change their mind within 30 days.



Key Points - BBB

Product/service: 103
Billing/collection: 88
Advertising/sales: 27
Guarantee/warranty: 0
Delivery: 1

Note: We have adjusted this company’s BBB rating according to our own standards. To better understand why we adjust BBB ratings, please see our Rating Criteria.

Harbortouch has been an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau since 2013. As of this review, the company currently holds an “A“ rating with the BBB and has had 219 complaints filed against it in the last 36 months. The bulk of these complaints (103) stemmed from problems with Harbortouch’s products and services. Eighty-eight complaints were filed regarding billing and collections issues, 27 involved problems with advertising or sales, and one was filed in regards to delivery issues. Of the total complaints, 179 were successfully resolved. Harbortouch responded to the remaining 40; however, these were not resolved to the customers’ satisfaction. Taking into account the company’s complaint total and resolution ratio, we have adjusted the BBB’s rating to a “C-.”

Response from Harbortouch

Harbortouch is accredited with the Better Business Bureau and consistently maintains an A+ rating with this organization. It is important to note that BBB accreditation standards include a commitment to make a good faith effort to resolve any consumer complaints. Additionally, the A+ rating given to Harbortouch by the BBB is based on 13 different factors, including number of complaints filed with BBB for a business of this size, response to the complaints filed against business, and resolution of complaints filed against business. This accreditation and rating illustrates Harbortouch’s commitment to our customers.

Harbortouch Logo

Harbortouch Bottom Line

Harbortouch rates as slightly below average in almost every section of this review because its practices are roughly standard for the industry. Harbortouch’s use of independent sales agents appears to be generating a high number of complaints about the company, and the contract terms they offer vary from agent to agent. Of additional note is Harbortouch’s unclear affiliation with United Bank Card, a company with similarly average ratings from our site.

Phillip Parker is a former merchant services agent turned small business advocate and the author of "Fee Sweep," which teaches merchants how to dramatically lower their processing rates, eliminate junk fees, and avoid fine-print scams. He founded CardPaymentOptions.com to help merchants enact positive change in the credit card processing industry. Schedule a Consultation with Phillip

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  1. Harbortouch attempted to resolve the complaint below but the merchant has indicated that the complaint remains unresolved. Learn more about our complaint resolution programs.

    We were recently approached by a Harbor touch independent sales rep who told us he could save us $250.00 a month on our merchant fees. We were also told there was no contract and they supplied the terminal. We did not think this was odd since the company we were already using also had no contract and supplied the terminal. We agreed to switch since we are a family run small business and $250.00 a month is a lot to us. After waiting 6 months we were not seeing any savings, actually our fees have increased so we proceeded to switch back to our original company. Called Harbor touch to cancel and we were told we had signed a 3 year contract and had to pay the remaining portion of the contract. The rep had tricked us into signing without reading all the fine print. We were straight up lied to. There was no box to check that made you aware of any kind of contract. This is no way of doing business.

  2. Harbortouch attempted to resolve the complaint below via our complaint resolution program; however, the complainant has indicated that the matter remains unresolved.

    I have had so much trouble with this system and I called my provider and he got angry and then tried to call in a fictitious order of 20 sandwiches and stiff us with it I then called the main office and they said basically to bad not our problem they have never been able to provide a scanner system for our grocery line and expected us to look up each item (upwards of 500 ) individually its stressful as hell and they only wanted your biz then once your hooked up they are unavailable after another bar and restaurant cancelled on them here in Duluth mn I too decided to as well and went with clover and instantly I’ve had customers thrilled we can scan grocerys

  3. Harbortouch attempted to resolve the complaint below via our complaint resolution program; however, the complainant has indicated that the matter remains unresolved.

    My Sales Rep, who was suppose to be a “friend” and “loyal customer” (Name: Richard Dorsey of Santa Rosa, CA) told me when I signed up that if I ever closed a location or went out of business that I would have financial obligation and could return the equipment. BULLSHIT!! I closed my business May 31, 2015 and JUST finished my 5 year lease by having to make the remaining payments. I was also being charged for Gift Card services…. that obviously I was using any longer. I repeatedly called Customer Support and they said their hands were tied and that I’d have to contact my Sales Rep…. which I did. He apologized for the “misunderstanding” and said that he’ll try to find someone to take over my equipment lease, so that I could close the account. THAT’S HOW THEY SCREW YOU. YOU CAN NOT CLOSE YOUR MERCHANT, IF YOU ARE STILL MAKING LEASE PAYMENTS. I FINALLY got close to the end of my lease and made the final payment and closed that account.

    The second is for a Coffee Cart location that I sold months ago….. I’ve been trying for months to put in a “CHANGE OF OWNERSHIP” to the new owner… It’s a fucking joke.. Every time I call, I’m referred back to my Sales Rep (Richard Dorsey) who never answers his phone or calls me back. I always ask to speak to a manager or someone else that will actually help me with this and EVERY TIME the rep seems very nice, helpful and offers to, “escalate this to a manager” they verify my cell# and apparently get off the phone and laugh and NOBODY ever calls me back. This morning I got hit with a $81.30 fee a $81.60 fee and a $31.23 fee…… THAT A LEASE PAYMENT, PROCESSING FEE, GIFT CARD FEE (WHICH I CANCELLED) AND MONTHLY SERVICE FEE….. THIS HAPPENS EVERY MONTH… I’VE BEEN OUT OF BUSINESS SINCE JULY 2015.. WTF???



  4. We have used Harbortouch since we opened last June. We initially went with a different POS system but at the last minute had to change because of it’s lack of capabilities. Harbortouch was recommend by the sales rep that handled the return of the first POS system, we ended up with Harbortouch because there was no time to shop for anything else based on the strict timeline to get open. We are so glad Harbortouch fell in our lap. All of our menu was installed before arrival and a brief tutorial was given by the guy who installed the system. I had to add a 4th POS and 4th remote printer 3 weeks before arrival with not problem. It’s very easy to use and have never had any major issues (*knock on wood). If we have ever had any questions there is always a tech to help. I would like to see more reports on the Lighthouse side and maybe some more loss prevention guards, or a scheduling function to better manage labor, but overall its a great system. I have read some negative reviews and glad I have none of these issues. I have not been charged anything that was not in the contract, never spoken to a rude tech, no problem with install.
    All of you merchants are business owners and know what damage these negative reviews can have on a business. If you have a legitimate concern you should contact them directly, not drag their name through the mud like a child throwing a temper tantrum. And some sound reviews sound like competitors (just my opinion). I would recommend harbortouch to anyone that asks my option.

    1. Hi Vincent,

      Please reply to this comment with your business name and location in order to authenticate your testimonial. Thanks!

    2. Harbortouch attempted to resolve this grievance via our complaint resolution program, but the merchant indicated that the complaint remains unresolved.

      Hah! This company even though I cancelled in December after meeting my 3 year contract wants to charge an early termination fee. They say if you go beyond the contract it automatically renews and you still get charged an early termination fee. Thing is I would not have had to go elsewhere if they could provide a compliant machine that took the chip card. I have been waiting 6 months so had to go elsewhere. They are an awful company to deal with and they will blatantly steal from you after they receive their signed termination of services contract.

  5. Nov. 2015 had an issue with POS system, one of our units mysteriously could not see or communicate with the brain unit. Called Harbor Touch and to my surprise was answered in 3 rings. Spoke to a tech named Jamal and he was able to go online and fix the unit remotely. It took 5 minutes…..This is a great improvement to previous experience. Thank you Jamal. Meeting House Pub Bethel CT

  6. I personally am thrilled with Harbortouch. I have used several credit card companies in the past but Harbortouch has been by far the best to work with. Most companies have a ton of hidden fees or even introduce new fees mid contract but this company truly understands the importance of honesty and never charged any unexpected fees. Their services are fast and professional. Even their customer service is a delight to work with. I definitely recommend Harbortouch as a Credit Card Processor.

  7. Harbortouch attempted to resolve the following complaint utilizing our Complaint Resolution Program. However, this merchant declined to participate in the resolution process.


    Omg Harbor touch is the absolute worst pos company I ever worked with. The software itself is okay. The problem is the people they hire. They’re morons and liars. The WORST customer service I ever had the displeasure of working with. You just want to curse them out and hang up on them. For starters the system arrived 3 months late. After installation the guy left without explaining how it works. Our menu was supposed pre installed. What a joke. They left 90% of it out. When you have the slightest problem you wait on hold for a ridiculous amount of time only to have your call answered by someone who barely knows their own name much less anything about the system . The rep who sold it to us was the biggest offender. Nothing he said was true. if he were in front of me now I’d choke him until he passed out. If it weren’t for my wife’s friend who knows the system back & forth I would’ve thrown the whole thing in the garbage long ago. Unless you have a friend who can reprogram the entire system for free your insane for even considering Harbor Touch. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the worst, Harbor touch scores a negative -50!

  8. Harbortouch attempted to resolve the following complaint utilizing our Complaint Resolution Program. However, this merchant declined to participate in the resolution process.


    You are being generous with the C-

    Expect fees to appear and multiplying everywhere they can. Try and dispute the charges and the robots repeat, “it’s in your contract”. You ask where in the contract, you will never get a straight answer. You are better off handwriting your tickets, or purchase orders and having a single cc processing company. Trust me. They bank (literally) on small business owners who are already distraught trying to make their business work. There must be many others involved and using this young kid as the front man. You don’t know here the contract ends, or where it began. A team of people pretend to be the CEO answering you. If your contract states 25. a transaction, you will pay 35. If your rate is 1.49 you pay 1.89. If your service fee is $7.50 you pay $61.

  9. I own and operate a bar in Hawaii, we are coming up on our 2 yr mark of being in business. When we signed up with Harbourtouch, it was stressed to us several times that the term of contract was 5 yrs. we knew the risk going into this agreement, but we also didn’t have the money to shell out for these expensive systems. We have had a few situations where the system acted up in the past few years but when it did, we contacted their tec support and they remote log in and fixed it. Coming from a previous employer that has Micros, getting results like that is wonderful because with Micros and others like it, if they go down on a Friday night, your out of luck till Monday morning and that’s if the technician can fit you in. I understand that people get upset because their businesses fail, but there aren’t many successful businesses complaining. For us the system works great, the monthly fees aren’t bad, on a business that grosses about $40,000 a month our monthly fees are about $700 with 3 terminals and 1 kitchen printer(merchant service fees included) I knock on wood that my views with Harbourtouch stay the same and that our business continues to do well but some of you have to understand, the name of their company is not “St. Harbourtouch” or “Harbourtouch Assembly of God”(another words they are NOT a non-profit organization), they are in business to make money just like you are and I’m sure they do the best they can to develop a good name for themselves but they are trying to keep their business alive just like everyone else. blaming these guys for holding you to a contract that you signed is probably why most of your businesses failed, do your research, I did mine, I got equipment with no money down, by the time I’m done with my contract I will have paid them $42,000 but have you ever bought a car with no money or bad credit, the interest rate is crazy, but you do what you gotta do.

    1. Leroy,

      Just to add to your comment, your 3 POS systems will only cost you $16,020 over the course of 5 yrs. ($89 x 60 x 3). The rest is mostly processing fees, which most of that is Interchange and goes to the banks. So it is much better than $42,000.


  10. I am the founder and CEO of Harbortouch. I started the company more than 16 years ago. It was a start-up then and I was a teenager in my parent’s basement. Since that time, the company has grown to become a significant player in the payment industry. We have over 400 employees now and process in excess of 11 billion a year in credit card volume. I am responding personally, because I am the founder and I do take any negative reviews quite seriously. I imagine many of you, as small business owners, would react similarly.

    My thoughts:

    1. If you are a past or present merchant and you have a complaint, feel free to e-mail me directly and I will gladly look in to it. My e-mail address is [email protected]

    2. Just about any complaint I have seen for our service revolves around the fact that there is a big cancellation penalty if you close your account early. That is a fact! We give away a lot of free equipment in exchange for a contract term. It is no different than Verizon or AT&T giving you a free iPhone in exchange for a 3-year wireless contract. That is exactly what we do. We provide free touch-screen POS equipment. This is the same type of equipment that can cost tens of thousands of dollars from the big brands like Micros, Aloha, Radiant Systems, etc. The only real difference is you would have had to shell out a bunch of up-front money to get it. With Harbortouch we make that investment on your behalf. We provide that touch-screen POS equipment, the software, the custom programming, the onsite installation and the training in exchange for a 3-year agreement. When the 3-year agreement is done, you own the equipment and it still cost less than just about every other POS system available in the market. In the past our agreement was 5 years, but it was recently reduced to 3 years with our latest POS System model. If you cancel before the 3 years, there is a cancellation penalty. Most merchants when they start a business have grand expectations. They don’t think about the downside of having to close early and then a cancellation fee. When the business does close, they are usually not in the best financial position and get pretty upset about the penalty. It is human nature and I do understand it. I just think it is completely out of line to demonize my company over it.

    3. For those that say the contract term and penalty were not properly disclosed, I believe that is largely just an excuse to justifying not paying for the obligation. There are five signature places on the agreements: Three on the merchant agreement, one on the POS System service contract, and one on the confirmation sheet that is signed during installation. The purpose of the confirmation sheet is to reiterate the terms of the POS agreement one final time. In every advertisement on our website, brochures, sales collateral, we put disclose that the POS equipment is being provided as part of a service agreement. Then there is also common sense approach if all the agreements signed were not apparent. A big box of touch-screen POS equipment, cash drawers, receipt printers, etc is delivered to your business. You didn’t pay for it. Then an installer arrives. Someone else you did not pay for. They run wires, install the equipment and show you how to use it. The software, loaded on that equipment, is customized for your business. I would imagine, at that point, there would be some realization that all this consideration provided probably came with some form of an obligation. An obligation, that I might add, is less expensive than just about every tablet POS or legacy POS system available on the market.

    4. As for some of the ratings and reviews that this websites, and those like it, come up with and how “all these people can’t be wrong”. Philip Parker, Sir, that is just ridiculous!. First in business-to-business transactions, people don’t go out of their way to write great reviews! If they did, they are fake. Maybe consumers on Amazon and Ebay write favorable reviews, but in real business to business transactions people just don’t to it. When was the last time a business owner went online to write a great review about their office copy machine? Or how well their new industrial phone system works? How often do you call customer service on your American Express card just to let them know how happy you are with the service? People, especially in a B2B environment, only seek out websites like this to complain. So throughout my 16 years in business, having served now over 300,000 merchants, you believe you can appropriately rate us a 1.9 stars out of 5, because you found ~275 negative reviews? With those numbers, my math says I have a 99.99% satisfaction rate. Find any service business that interacts with tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of customers and has no negative reviews? It is just unrealistic –unless of course, you compare us to the start-up tablet POS companies with 300 customers. I am sure in that environment customer satisfaction can be ultra micromanaged. Or perhaps how about Square? They have no contract term, no cancellation fee, no monthly fees, no penalties, just a simple rate and a free card reader. Have you seen how many negative reviews they have received? Not to use a tired cliché, but it is a service business and you can’t satisfy everyone. And the ones we sometimes are unable to satisfy, like the reviews seen on this website, are usually unhappy because they got stuck with a cancellation penalty after going out of business.

    5. To Terri S. I have no idea who you are, but you have my company wrong. “Rot in Hades”. “Lie, cheat, steal?”. What is wrong with you? Do some homework on my company. Hell, do some homework on boilerplate contracts that exist in any industry. Have you ever read the terms and conditions before you boarded a commercial airplane? Take a look at some of their limitation and liability sections. I imagine no one would fly commercial if they ever read those T&C’s. Most boilerplate contracts, in any service industry, are written to be favorable to the supplier not the end user. That is because we are trying to account for millions of variables for tens of thousands of customers, not just one. It is not because of any intent to deceive or take advantage of the situation. For that matter, our T&C’s are largely written by our sponsor bank, First National Bank of Omaha, and approved by Visa, MasterCard and the other card brands. We get very little input in to them anyway. We have been around 16 years. We have grown every year. We have added more customers every year. We have received numerous accolades from a lot of industry and business publications. Our company is a poster example of the American dream. A small business with little prospect of success in a basement, that grew to become a national company. I think that is the dream that every small business has. We were apparently the “good guy” when we were small and struggling back then, but in success we become the “bad guy” big company. Why? Because customers don’t like being obligated to their contracts? It is a no win situation really. The only thing I can really say, is that your perception of my company is just incorrect. You are welcome to reach out to me, like any unhappy customer, and address your concerns directly. My e-mail address is [email protected] and I respond to every single one of them.

    1. Thank you, Jarad. Our HarborTouch system was installed in our restaurant today as promised. Our sales rep Kevin was excellent. As a restaurant specialist it was clear he had the knowledge, experience and professionalism that closed the deal. Not only did he go over every section of the agreement but specifically made sure I understood the terms and conditions regarding early termination. At one point he put some one from the legal department on the phone to explain a section I was not comfortable with. My staff has experience with Micros, Aloha and most recently the Clover system that just isn’t ready for full service restaurants. Based on the training courses and webinars, and now some hands on experience they are all very excited. Customer Service so far has been very helpful and efficient. I have over 40 years of marketing and customer service experience. I have seen hundreds of complaints like those on this blog. Most of the time they are the result of businesses and business owners that are failing for lots of reasons, not their POS system or processor. I am confident that our good start will continue but if there are speed bumps I will contact you rather then whine and write snarky comments on blogs that allow people to hide behind screen names and provide little if any balance.

      1. Hello Eric,

        In order to authenticate your testimonial, please reply to this comment with your business name and location. Thanks!

  11. Every business owner will tell you, there are two sides to a story. There are no verification process of the comments on this site, so there is no way for anyone to know if it truly is a real client or a competitor that is simply trying to tarnish another company’s reputation [*Internal note added to this comment* – Curtis’ preceding statement here is false. Each and every comment submitted on CardPaymentOptions.com undergoes moderation prior to becoming published on the site.] I’m sure some of them are valid and legit, but I do not believe all of them are. I have a lot of happy clients. You would be surprised how difficult it is to get someone to post positive comments, even when they are happy. We are all busy business owners and naturally are self-centered. It takes a lot of effort to go out of our way to post positive comments about a company. We must truly be motivated to want to do it. But when someone wants to complain, we all are very quick to do that.

    How do you know what Harbortouch’s costs are? I’ve signed up a lot of merchants and have seen a lot of them close shop in 6 months, 12 months, etc. After seeing what little profit there is on the processing for those accounts, I can see how Harbortouch is losing a lot of money. Simply look at the millions of dollars they have received from outside sources to fund their program. It takes a LOT of money and you lose a lot of money as well. You have hardware cost, software licensing fees, on-site install cost, training cost that requires hours of employees time, 24/7 tech support to fund, any and all hardware replacement cost, etc.

    POS systems are not the same as personal computers. They are more expensive to build. Their latest model has a SSD hard drive with a 4 quad processor. From my estimation, I would not be surprised if Harbortouch’s breakeven point on the POS is at least 2-3 years, assuming no further investment has to be made with swaps.

    Why is it when you look at all the big major POS brands like Aloha and Micros, they cost $3-10K per station? Plus they are in the business for service contracts, ongoing support fees, ongoing software update fees, etc.

    I have yet to see any other company do what Harbortouch is doing and it’s been 4 yrs since they launched it. They are making that huge investment themselves and charging nothing upfront to the merchant. Would you invest thousands of dollars in my business and do what they are doing? If I go out of business in 6 months, good luck on collecting or even getting your system back. Chances are I’m bankrupt and have nothing to go after. Let’s say your total hard cost is $3,000 per station. With a $69/mo fee, your breakeven point is 43 months! If anything breaks during that time, it will only extend that time. What if the POS needs to be replaced in a few years, now you are talking a few thousand more reinvested. So would you give me $3,000 knowing you won’t get that back for at least 3 years and that’s without interest? This is all before you take into account all the operating expenses they have to just operate their facilities, hundreds of employees, etc.

    The whole program is banked on the processing. Processors have always made money on the processing side, in exchange for that same business they would receive anyways, Harbortouch is willing to make that huge investment in the merchant’s business in exchange for that. Other processors are not making that huge investment, why not? So yeah, there must be stiff cancellation fees to help them from losing thousands of dollars and going out of business. You want them to be there to support you and your business and not close shop because other merchant’s took them down because they couldn’t recoup the investment on their system.

    No company is perfect, everyone has their faults, just like you won’t find any restaurant with a perfect 5 star review on help. Harbortouch has a lot of happy customers and a lot of agents that sell for them that go the extra mile to make sure their merchants are happy.


  12. Please note that the term for the Harbortouch POS agreement has been reduced to 36 months for all new merchants. The $69/monthly hardware support fee & $60/quarterly software support fee remain the same. If you are dis-satisfied with your credit card processing rate simply call Harbortouch customer service and request a ‘rate review’. Your total cost of ownership for a Harbortouch POS is significantly cheaper that purchasing or leasing a similar POS such as Micros or Aloha.

    1. I have had a completely different experience. Over the past two weeks i have done due diligence on several POS systems and card processing to replace a Clover system that I would not recommend to any business that has a large menu or inventory numbers. The HarborTouch account executive, Kevin, that i worked with has been nothing short of professional and helpful. I have spend many years managing sales and marketing as well as customer service teams. Kevin could have been on any one of those. As an experienced business person I am capable;e of reading and understanding contract terms and conditions. My account rep not only went over them but insisted that I speak with someone in the legal department that would verify my understandings. This is not the MO of a company that is trying to hide anything.

      If you are in the restaurant business you certainly understand the points about people not commenting on great food or terrific service unless they are prompted to do so. Yelp and sites such as this one are the bane of all well run businesses. People with an axe to grind, competitors and just plain lunatics populate these blogs. I am only here because one of Harbortouch’s competitors gave me the link in an attempt to change my mind about his product. Not only did it not change my mind but after reading Jarad’s comments I am confident that I am about to do business with the right company.

  13. Harbortouch attempted to resolve this grievance through our complaint resolution program. However, this complainant declined to participate in the resolution process.


    Harbortouch intentionally lies and cheats merchants out of hard-earned money by INTENTIONALLY NOT DISCLOSING THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS to those merchants.

    How convenient, Curtis Stevens, that you blame the misunderstandings on INDEPENDENT SALES REPS and refuse to do the ethical thing and be an honorable company. You are CROOKS and THIEVES!!!! You allow your sales reps to say whatever they want to say in order to get a signed contract.

    MERCHANTS: Who in their right freaking mind would sign ANY CONTRACT that has the following disclaimer as the last paragraph on the last page of their Terms and Conditions???:


    What the hell does that mean? I’ll tell you what it means!!! That no matter what a representative told you or wrote down or emailed you or faxed you or promised you regarding this agreement with Harbortouch, it doesn’t mean SQUAT. They can say anything they want, even outright lie to you, and their a$$ is covered by this paragraph alone.

    Never in all my years of dealing with credit card processing companies and POS companies have I ever seen such a blatant display of INTENTION TO DEFRAUD and flagrant DISREGARD FOR ETHICS.

    HARBORTOUCH, YOUR COMPANY IS SLIME. YOU LIE. YOU CHEAT. YOU STEAL. And you intentionally defraud your customers.

    Rot in HADES…….. with all your ill-gotten gains……..

    Terri S – Minnesota

    1. Terri,

      Based on what you are saying, it doesn’t sound like you are a current or previous client of Harbortouch, but a competitor, which removes any validity to your comments. Plus, it isn’t good business to bash other companies, makes you look bad.

      Harbortouch doesn’t have employees selling their products. They use outside, independent agents/contractors to sell their system. We as a contractor, are responsible for selling the system, they have no control or knowledge over what we say or do since we are not even at their place of business. With that said, Harbortouch must have that clause in the agreement or an agent (a good or rogue agent) could promise the merchant the moon. Sign here and we will pay you one million dollars. Without that clause, it could open Harbortouch up to a lot of liability by simply want some sales person says. Harbortouch can only honor the agreement. HOWEVER, the application and paperwork spells everything out. It lists all the pricing, what is included, etc. So it doesn’t matter what the rep says as it is all covered in the documents the merchant sign. So if an agent doesn’t disclose everything orally, the merchant can still read all the details on the documents they must sign to get approved. This also allows them to verify if everything they’ve been told is true as well.

      In short, before the merchant signs up, they can legally verify everything to avoid and prevent any possibility of the concerns you are bringing up. All terms and conditions are disclosed to the merchant. They must sign them before even getting approved. If Harbortouch was such a bad company, I wouldn’t be in business selling their product, have hundreds of merchants all over the country and be able to make a living.


      1. Why is it so bad that Harbortouch has a clause that says only written documents are valid and nothing verbal? Any business owner would be stupid not to protect their company in that way when you have independent contractors selling your product. If you were Harbortouch and you weren’t doing that, I would question your longevity. The merchant signs an application that SPELLS everything out. Everything is in writing. They don’t need anything verbally as it is all in writing and must be signed by the merchant. The clause you reference and the ENTIRE contract and agreement must be signed by the merchant before approval. So how is that deceitful?!?

        You say business owners are savvy enough regarding credit card processing to speak knowledgeable about it, but then later say lets be honest, merchants are clueless when it comes to processing. I’ve been selling processing for over a decade and will say 99% of merchants do not know much about processing. The amount of stuff I’ve seen, the number of ways or things processors do with processing statements, etc. Most merchants think one thing and many times their statements says another because they don’t have the knowledge I do. There is no other industry as complicated as processing.

        Your comment simply has your name and nothing more and based on the details of your comments, it didn’t appear that would be coming from a merchant. Merchant’s don’t know that kind of stuff. Since you said why would anyone sign with Harbortouch when they have that clause tells me you are not a former customer of Harbortouch since why would you sign up with that clause. So you are bashing a company you have never done business with.

        There are good and bad apples in every business, processing is no exception. Just because there are some bad apples, doesn’t mean the rest of us are. Harbortouch cares more about their merchants than probably any other processor as they are investing thousands into their business. If they close shop too early, Harbortouch loses. If Harbortouch helps their business grow because of the POS, everyone wins. Interest are aligned.

  14. Richard,

    Harbortouch recently changed and upgraded their 12 yr old phone system. I believe there are still getting it working 100% correctly. This should only be temporary. Their goal is to always have a wait time of no more than 3-5 minutes.

    I would encourage you to keep at them about getting the refund for Tabbedout. Your sales rep should be a good resource for that. For Tabbedout.com to work, they had to automatically enroll all of their clients when they launched the feature. If there aren’t any merchants taking it, consumers will not want to download the app, it’s a catch 22 type of thing. They gave everyone a 60 day trial and placed notices in merchant’s statements for a few months letting them know this and how to opt out. They event sent out packages with tabbedout.com materials, etc. They put in every effort to inform merchants of what they were doing and what they can do to avoid any possible charges if they didn’t want it. I’m not sure if you opted out during the trial or not but some accounts do slip through the cracks. They will refund you, you may just need to follow up if it isn’t going through unfortunately.

    Tech support fee of $59/qtr is in yuor contract. You used to pay $59/qtr per system since you signed up. They recently converted it to a monthly fee of $20.50/mo and gave notice in their monthly statement. They made this change based on everyone’s feedback.

    Always read your monthly statement. Any future changes will be listed in advance on your statement.

    Curtis Stevens
    Independent Harbortouch Dealer

  15. Mike,

    Harbortouch provided the POS system to you at no upfront cost. They invested thousands of dollars into your business. Based on the numbers they gave you, sounds like you have two systems. They invested almost $10,000 into your business. If you do not fulfill the 5 year obligation, they must receive the remaining monthly service fees for the term or they lose a lot of money. What would you do or expect from me if you had invested $10,000 in my business? They sent you brand new equipment, which they can’t turn around and give to another new merchant. They spent hours and hours programming your system, training your staff, coming onsite to install your system, providing tech support, etc.

    Curtis Stevens
    Independent Harbortouch Dealer

  16. Initial menu programming is included. Harbortouch then offers unlimited training so you can make future changes yourself. Onsite installation is included as well.

    When a merchant cancels a POS order, they must also cancel the merchant account. Corporate can’t legally close that account without written authorization from the merchant. As a sales rep, I’ve learned this with past accounts by having this come up. The POS order is cancelled but the merchant account isn’t until requested by the merchant, which of course incurs monthly fees until then.

    I would reach out to your sales rep to take care of this. If not, send an email to customer service and request a refund and follow up with them until they do.

    Curtis Stevens

  17. Dan,

    Please know all sales reps for Harbortouch are independent contractors and what they promise doesn’t reflect the corporate office or the company as a whole. Since we are not employees for the company, they can’t be liable for what a sales person says. If it helps at all, all terms and fees are on the application the merchant signs. So it isn’t like they are charging made up fees or creating contract terms that weren’t agreed to. Please know sales reps have the ability to waive any merchant processing terms as well, but depends on how they set you up for this to occur.

    Curtis Stevens

    1. Curtis,

      In our view a company’s liability isn’t removed just because its sales reps are independent contractors. In fact, the company creates the conditions and policies by which the reps can sell its merchant accounts and processing equipment. Therefore, it is the entity ultimately responsible for the complaints it receives and fails to resolve amicably. I also find it highly unlikely that sales reps can waive *any* terms & conditions of the contract. In actuality they probably have the ability to adjust/waive certain fees and service length commitments, which also likely have the effect of raising or lowering the commission the rep receives on the account. Although it is the responsibility of the merchant to fully read the terms of the merchant account agreement, many are unaware of the pitfalls of failing to read it. Honest reps will reveal important terms prior to signing the account; however, many fail in this regard for fear of losing a sale and instead choose to omit any mention of fees or terms that may cause merchants to balk. Dan’s complaint appears to be an example of such a scenario.

      1. Phillip,

        When I was talking about waiving terms, they can waive the ETF, so essentially it is month to month as there wouldn’t be any ETF. I was basically saying since they are not employees of Harbortouch, they can’t control what promises are made to the merchant as they are not employed by them. If a sales rep tells a merchant there is no contract and they don’t waive the ETF, the corporate office can’t be liable for promises made by a sales rep. if that rep was an actual employee of said company, that would be a different story. As a consumer, every merchant should always get things in writing. Would you ever go buy a car, take a sales person word and not get their promises in writing? Corporate is held more responsibility if that rep is an employee but if they are an outside rep working on their own as an IC, corporate has no control since they are not working at their office.

        Harbortouch only enforces what has been signed by the merchant. Yes, most merchants do not read what they sign like they should. It is important to go through an honest rep that will disclose all the facts to them.

        His complaint was saying all of their reps are scam artists and the corporate office doesn’t care and I would disagree. I have a well established reputation online and I’m sure Harbortouch has many other reps with a lot of satisfied clients. A few bad apples shouldn’t be a representation of the company as a whole. The corporate office does care about doing the right thing and that’s why you will see the CEO making posts all over the web saying to merchants to contact him if needed.

        Curtis Stevens

        1. Curtis,

          I’m not implying that Harbortouch doesn’t care about doing the right thing, but to say that they have no liability for what their independently contracted agents promise, or fail to disclose, when selling their services is ludicrous. In fact, numerous merchant services companies have been sued by the FTC because they enforce contractual terms that were misrepresented by their ISAs. When a company enforces contract conditions that were omitted or falsely represented to a merchant by an agent who is approved by the company to market its services, the company is ultimately liable for such actions if it fails to resolve the situation amicably. Our reviews reflect such a philosophy.

          1. I can’t say in regards to the merchant account but when it comes to the POS system, the merchant signs a sheet at installation where they must check a box stating that they agree to the 5 year term as well as when they sign up. So there is no way for them to not know about the 5 yr term in regards to the POS system.

            In my opinion, people should read what they sign. if they don’t, it is no one’s fault but their own. We must be held responsible for our own actions or lack of. Today, people should know better to read what they sign, we all know that.


  18. Hi Thomas, can you elaborate on how you believe they were dishonest with you? It may help other merchants who are researching these providers.

  19. I would suggest emailing [email protected]. That email is monitored by senior support supervisors and that would give you a communication trail as well. Your agent is supposed to help get involved as well. Reach out to that person too.

    I have seen Harbortouch go beyond the call of duty with some of my merchants to ensure they are happy. They are not perfect but if you stay on top of them, it will eventually get fixed! They do not take the stance of take it or leave it attitude. I’ve seen them spend too much money fixing issues in the past and do not know if other POS vendors would have done the same.

    Curtis Stevens
    Harbortouch Agent

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