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In this article, we examine Truist Bank, the result of the merger between SunTrust and BB&T. We explore its evolving payment processing services, including POS systems, online and mobile payments, and the crucial aspects of security and fraud protection. Key topics include an analysis of rates and fees, customer experiences, and the impact of recent acquisitions and lawsuits. Our article also provides an insight into industry and employee ratings, aiming to give a well-rounded view of Truist Bank in the context of its ongoing merger and positioning in the financial services sector.

About Truist Bank

Truist Bank is the result of the merger between SunTrust Bank and BB&T Bank. The two companies boast a combined 275 years of banking history and handle over $300 billion in deposits each year.

The merger is ongoing, with each bank operating select services through the other while slowly consolidating into the Truist Brand. The merger is not expected to be complete until late 2022.

Truist has made a number of acquisitions, including Service Finance Company, LLC in 2021 and Arena in 2022.

Truist Bank Payment Processing

Truist Bank announced in 2020 that it would partner with Global Payments to provide merchant account and credit card processing services through their TSYS processing network. We will assume that the payment processing details are similar to a standard TSYS merchant contract. Truist Bank processes all major credit and debit cards for most business types. Their services include POS systems, virtual terminals and payment gateways, contactless pay, mobile solutions, PCI compliance, and data reporting and analytics.

POS Systems and Terminal Options

To accommodate diverse business needs, Truist Bank offers a variety of point-of-sale (POS) systems and terminal options. Merchants can choose from countertop terminals, mobile card readers, and integrated POS systems, depending on their specific requirements. These devices enable secure and efficient payment processing while simplifying the overall transaction experience.

E-commerce and Online Payments

For businesses with an online presence, Truist Bank provides e-commerce and online payment solutions. Merchants can integrate secure payment gateways into their websites, allowing customers to make purchases using credit cards or other digital payment methods. These services support multiple currencies, enabling businesses to reach a global customer base.

Mobile Payment Solutions

Truist Bank recognizes the growing trend of mobile payments and offers mobile payment processing options for businesses on-the-go. With mobile card readers and compatible apps, merchants can process payments using smartphones or tablets, providing convenience and flexibility for both businesses and their customers.

Security and Fraud Protection

Truist Bank places a strong emphasis on security and fraud protection, ensuring that businesses can process payments with confidence. The bank employs advanced security measures, such as encryption and tokenization, to safeguard sensitive customer information. Additionally, Truist Bank's fraud protection services help businesses detect and prevent fraudulent transactions.

Reporting and Analytics

Truist Bank Merchant Services provides merchants with comprehensive reporting and analytics tools, enabling businesses to monitor their transactions and gain insights into their payment processing activities. These tools allow merchants to track sales, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions to optimize their payment processing strategies.

Location & Ownership

Global Payments Direct, Inc. is a registered ISO of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. Concord and BMO Harris Bank N.A.

Truist Bank is headquartered at 214 N Tryon St Charlotte, NC 28202, but it also maintains a large presence in Atlanta and Winston Salem, where the two independent banks were originally headquartered. William H Rogers Jr is listed as the CEO of Truist Bank.

Video Summary

Truist Bank payment processing
Truist Bank offers a variety of standard payment processing services
Pros & Cons
Pros: Cons:
Quick reporting and data insights. Limited standout features.
In-depth business analysis. Poor customer service.
Convenient payment options. High transaction fees.
Comprehensive solutions. Complex fee structure.
Consistent security and compliance. Overdraft fee complaints.

Truist Bank Customer Reviews

Here's What Their Clients Say

Customer Reviews Summary
Total Online Complaints 1000+
Live Customer Support Yes
Most Common Complaint Merger Confusion
Recent Lawsuits Yes

Comprehensive Review of Truist Bank Feedback

Truist Bank, along with its operating names BB&T and SunTrust, has garnered thousands of customer reviews, many of which express dissatisfaction ranging from customer service shortfalls to issues related to mortgages and banking services. It’s important to note, though, that these reviews predominantly address the bank’s broader financial services rather than specifically focusing on its merchant services. We encourage individuals to share their own experiences with Truist Bank in the comments section to enhance our collective insight.

Overview of Common Complaints

An analysis of Truist’s Better Business Bureau profile and other public forums reveals a multitude of complaints, with notable issues including inadequate support from loan and mortgage officers, difficulties resolving fraud cases promptly, and general customer support grievances. Interestingly, a significant number of merchant and commercial account holders have reported problems such as frozen funds, indicating that service-related challenges extend beyond the banking domain. Additionally, numerous complaints have emerged in relation to the ongoing merger process, leading to account confusion and unexplained new charges.

Legal Challenges Facing Truist

Truist has faced various legal actions, including a notable copyright infringement lawsuit with Truliant, which was settled out of court, and allegations of discrimination and antitrust violations in recent years. Additionally, the bank has been involved in multiple lawsuits between 2022 and 2023, concerning significant financial losses to hackers and a patent infringement claim by the United Services Automobile Association. The outcomes of these recent suits remain largely undisclosed.

Merchants seeking to address grievances without litigation are advised to report their concerns to appropriate regulatory bodies and to share their experiences in the comment section below.

Customer Support Provided by Truist

Truist extends 24/7 telephone support to both banking and merchant account clients, aligning with expectations for banks of its scale. However, the bank’s historical performance regarding public complaints has influenced a “B” rating in this review segment.

Truist Contact Information

  • (844) 487-8478 – Toll-Free General Customer Service
  • +1 (910) 914-8520 – International Customer Service
  • (800) 786-8787 – SunTrust Customer Service
  • (402) 935-2050 – For International Calls from Outside the US

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Truist Bank Online Ratings

Here's How They Rate Online

Online Ratings Summary
BBB Rating 1.09
Trustpilot Rating 1.2
Consumer Affairs Rating 2.2
Our Rating 2
Average Rating 1.62

BBB Rating Analysis

Truist Bank has an average customer review rating of 1.09 stars and a rating of “A+” on the BBB site based on 6,618 customer reviews. Almost all reviews have to do with Truist’s banking services. While these don’t necessarily reflect the experience a merchant will have with Truist, they do give a good idea of the company in general.

Negative Feedback

If there was a negative star I would click that. After being a valued customer thru all the name changes over the last 10 years I guess it really doesnt mean anything. Truist Bank empty out my bank account to pay an over due bill on a Saturday one day before New Years Eve. And Yes I was out of town. Imagine your pulling into a rest area to get gas and your card is declined but you know theres plenty of money on it. Truist empty my account to satisfy there bill leaving me with a negative balance and over draft fees. Not including the bill thats coming out the first of the week. Of course after call customer support everyone must be reading from a script are telling me to postpone all my bills thats coming out like thats supposed to waive all my overdrafts fees. Horrible company and even worse customer **********************.
– Complaint from December 30, 2023

Only because I have to leave a star otherwise, it be 0 stars. They don’t care about their customers at all. I have an auto loan with them, submitted my monthly payment as normal. After 3 days, I noticed the payment wasn’t reflecting on my banks end or the auto loan site. I checked any pending transactions and none were showing. I re-submitted my payment to ensure my car note was paid on time. A day or two later, two payments are withdrawn from my account. I reached out to them immediately to cancel one of the pending transactions because of a site glitch, and they mentioned they couldn’t cancel it as it already went through. I called them, the woman I talked to didn’t even care to look up my account and just told me to call my bank to dispute the charge as that was faster. I called my bank told them what happened and they were able to place a stop on one of the pending transactions. They were going to charge me $30 but understood and waived the fee. I then get a letter from Truist stating they are charging me $30 for a reversal payment. Immediately I contacted them, asked them if they can waive the $30 because this wouldn’t have occurred if their site was working well. They told me they couldn’t do anything about the $30, although they clearly see the payment was submitted twice and that I still managed to pay my monthly note. I asked to speak with a manager, which I was told would call me in 30 min, but I never received their call. Then I get offered to open a checking account with them so in the future I can get a fee waived. LOL WHAT A JOKE. What makes anyone think that after a terrible experience you want to continue business with them. Anyways, a day later, I get a call while at work and the so called supervisor calls and leaves a message, asking to call the number 844-4TRUIST. Didn’t give a direct line to reach her at. Anyways, I’ll be looking for another loan company to transfer my auto loan to because Truist isn’t customer oriented.
– Review from December 29, 2023

Positive Feedback

We have a “Suntrust” home equity line of credit for several years. After the Truist transition our February and March payments which were made on time were not posted to our account properly. First we knew there was a problem was our credit monitoring notification that Truist had put a negative **** on our credit report for late mortgage payments. Also charged us late fees. It has taken 4 weeks of continual calling (& waiting 2 hours each time to get a human on phone) and visiting local branches to get this straightened out. Credit bureau reversal reporting is supposedly coming any day. Payments finally posted and late fees waived but now discover because they did not adjust payments back to when the original payment was received their automated system has frozen our HELOC and put us into foreclosure. Have just spend another 2 hours at branch and they PROMISE it will be corrected within 48 hours. Also made next schedule payment while there and not confident payment was posted correctly. They had a very hard time trying to apply payment to account. I would leave Truist unfortunately my current rate on my HELOC is considerably lower that the current rates. They have us way over a barrel. TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE.
– Review from April 26, 2022

This is absolutely the worst experience I have ever had with a bank. I have been with Bank America for 35 years, but was referred to Suntrust for my auto loan in November just prior to the merger. I have spent countless hours on the phone trying to get someone from Truist to speak to no avail. I just got off the phone with Bank America who also tried calling Truist to confirm a remit address only to be transferred around, and left on hold. My bank has been sending payments to Truist, which apparently are not reaching the correct department and no way to speak to anyone to confirm. I have continued to receive late payments…have attempted to speak with a Branch manager who could not get any information either.This was the biggest mistake I have ever made, getting an Auto Loan from this bank. Never again will I use TRUIST and will be sure to continue to write reviews so the public is aware. They are a NIGHTMARE!
– Review from April 14, 2022

Source: BBB

Trustpilot Rating Analysis

Truist has an average customer review rating of 1.2 stars on the Trustpilot site based on 1,334 customer reviews. Again, most of these reference the banking side.

Negative Feedback

If I could put a negative amount of stars, I would. Was charged an overdraft fee even though my account was never negative. Customer service was worthless telling me fee was assessed on potential PENDING transactions even though I also had multiple pending deposits at the same time. When everything actually posted my balance was way over 500$ at the end of day. And again, MY balance was NEVER negative, even with the FEE applied. This is an ultimate scam behavior from a banking institution and they certainly don’t care about helping you.
– Complaint from January 12, 2024

Horrible. If I could give 0 stars, I would. I closed my account a year ago, in person at a Truist bank. There was 0 balance in the bank and credit card. Ever since, I have been plagued with letters stating I am late in payments. After repeated calls (and another visit to the bank) I was told that they cannot find my account. But I continue to get letters… Our time with Truist has been Kafkaesque (except Joseph K.’s experience ended when the book ended). We have been disconnected, sent to different departments, and received repeated assurances and letters that our accounts have been closed, which reassures us until the next letter saying we owe money. If you value your peace of mind, never use Truist.
– Review from January 3, 2024

Positive Feedback

After a very difficult experience with Chase, I decided to give Truist a chance. I scheduled an appointment and was met with smiles and friendly staff in the Carrollwood Branch, Being I was 30 min. early and dreading the wait I WAS surprise I was taken straight in,( specially by the VP.) I explained my situation to Iliana Wells -I asked her to put a package together COVERING all of my concerns. Within 45 min. I was on my way feeling very confident I had made a good choice .. Thanks again to all the staff and a special thanks to Mrs. Wells VP for making my banking experience easy and care free. Tim Williams
– Review from September 7, 2023

I’ve had Truist for a number of years, I always found them no worse than any place else I’ve banked. I am now their #1 Fan. My computer was hacked,yes, I opened the wrong attachment, and they opened my Truist accounts and drained them! I saw the zeros!!!! As it was happening, I was able to get Truist on the phone and they froze all of my accounts before the transfers were finalized and saved my life savings! I was then able to meet with a real banker, who spent 2 hours reviewing my accounts and fixing them. She also gave very helpful information on other steps to take.
While all of the others hundreds of poor reviews may be right, but I am a diehard Truist fan!
– Review from January 12, 2023

Consumer Affairs Rating Analysis

Truist has a 2.2 rating on the Consumer Affairs site based on 1,192 customer reviews. Like the other profiles, these are heavily focused on the company’s banking.

Negative Feedback

I’m not going to stop leaving negative reviews about this bank anywhere I can. This bank shows the account hold is in good standing and then suddenly shows that your account is in overdraft to charge you an overdraft fee but not give you the day to bring your account to a positive status. Went to bed 12/11/23 and my account said there was money in it. I woke up 12/12/23 and I’m in draft and immediately assessed and overdraft fee. Same happened on 12/22/23. When I go to bed my account is in good standing. When I wake up I’m in the red and have an overdraft fee. They are purposely delaying transactions on my account so I can think my account is in good standing the whole day and then apply the transactions so they can asses an overdraft fee without giving me any notice to go make a deposit at the bank.
I wonder how many people they have done this two. They got me for $72 this month if they did that to 1000 other people that’s an easy $72,000 but I’m working on pursuing this matter legally because Wells Fargo had a class action against them before. I’m sure we are head on that same track with TRUIST. Called a customer service representative and she acts like there isn’t anything they can do to explain why they delay the posted transactions. She even said the bank doesn’t control this. So who controls it?
– Complaint from December 23, 2023

Haven’t liked Truist since they became Truist. They treat me like a criminal when I try to withdraw money. They shut my debit card down for a $29 charge they thought was fraudulent. Gave me a temp card 2 days before I was travelling for Thanksgiving, it didn’t have a chip, it didn’t work at their own ATM’s, what a pain. Bank person told me new card would come but not same PIN. I received new card, but no PIN. Was on hold FOREVER! Got sick of it. Tried my old PIN one day and it worked. Branch employees don’t even know how it works! It takes way too long for them to update your balance. When it was Sun Trust the balance I had texted to me at 6am was the actual balance. Truist NEVER has it correct.
– Review from December 18, 2023

Positive Feedback

My credit profile has been bad, until the last 2 years. I did improve my situation, went from a credit score of 538 to 737. I moved to Florida back in March 2021 and bought the house I was renting in October 2021. I decided it was time to ditch the bank I have in Michigan. Granted, they are great, but I did not desire to go with Wells Fargo, Bank of America, or Chase, as sometimes the big banks lose vision on who their most important customer base is. Truist seemed logical. They are where I am at and they have an established reputation from SunTrust and BB&T and they support the LGBT community in the southern communities, which is vitally important to me.
So, I first applied for a credit card. I mean, honestly, I have been declined for a credit card from all of them so how would Truist be any different? They so much were. To my astonishment, they approved me and the limit was set a shocking amount – $ 4500. I went ahead and opened a checking and savings account which was seamless. Then I felt emboldened, why not open a 2nd credit card with with Truist? The worse they can say is “NO”. They didn’t. They mirrored the 2nd approval from the first, so now I have two credit cards with $ 4500 limits each. It means that I will be closing out smaller limit cards and be content with what Truist has offered. Life is about simplifying and Truist seems to helped with this. Making things easier from 2 levels seem to work for me. My bank is now local, where I can walk in and talk to local representatives if I should need it and have credit cards with a local bank just seems logical and better on many levels.
– Review from March 24, 2022

How often we criticize, how seldom we praise. Such is not the case with Karen **. She was so helpful and patient in helping me set up my online mobile app for my Truist banking accounts. My technical skills are only fair but nonetheless Karen walked me through everything that was required. I would have to assume that Karen is a highly valued employee of your fine company. I thought you might appreciate this complimentary feedback. I have been a customer since 2011.
– Review from September 30, 2020

Truist Bank Fees, Rates & Costs

A Closer Look at The Contract

Cost & Fees Summary
Cancellation Penalties Yes
Monthly & Annual Fees Likely
Processing Rates Variable
Equipment Leasing Yes

Teamed Up with Global Payments

Truist Bank announced early on in the merger that it would partner with Global Payments to provide merchant and payment processing services to its clients. Global Payments acquired TSYS in 2019, instantly making it one of the largest payment processors in the world. TSYS has long been utilized as the backend support for other large merchant account providers.

Variable Global Payments Contract Terms

According to our Global Payments review, clients have reported rates as low as 1.1% plus $0.19 for credit transactions and 0.5% plus $0.19 for those using debit. However, the pricing and fees of a Global Payments merchant account will vary based on several factors, including business type, processing volume, and the reseller setting up the account. A sample Global Payments agreement from 2019 lists an early termination fee of $500 per location or Liquidated Damages, whichever is greater, which can result in outrageously expensive cancellation penalties under the latter condition. However, it appears that the service length agreement and early termination fee can be avoided by entering into a month-to-month agreement for the company’s services. Business owners are advised to fully understand the terms of cancellation before signing any documents.  Other user reviews have claimed being charged an undisclosed $299 annual maintenance fee, account fund-holds, and difficulty closing their accounts.

Negotiate Contract Pricing

At present, we have not been able to find a Truist merchant account contract. Clients who have recently signed up for payment services through Truist Bank are encouraged to leave a comment below describing their experience. Business owners are always encouraged to negotiate pricing and contract terms and to read all contracts thoroughly before signing in these cases.

Truist Bank Employee Reviews & Sales Tacitcs

Should You Work For Them?

Jobs & Marketing Summary
Uses Independent Resellers Unknown
Telemarketing Likely
Misleading Marketing No
Discloses All Important Provisions No

Previous Independent Sales Teams

While there is public record of TSYS and Global Payments hiring independent sales agents in the past, there is no current information to suggest that Truist contracts are under the same sales systems. Global Payments has been known to heavily rely on independent sales agents in the past, and it is one of the main complaints about the company. We implore our readers to share their experiences with Truist’s sales staff in the comments below.

Variable Truist Contract Terms

Truist has been publicly shown to be a reseller of Global Payments and TSYS contracts. The exact details of these contracts when issued by Truist are still unknown. Global Payments and TSYS are both considered reputable as payment processors and have good reputations overall. There is a concern that some details might be different once they travel through Truist’s complicated system of rebranding and reorganization.

Our Truist Bank Review Summary

Our Final Thoughts

Until Truist has solidified its large banking arms and credit card processing into one brand, it’s going to be difficult to get an overall picture. The amount of confusion already caused by the merger and the seeming lack of support systems in place for client and consumer accounts alike is alarming. It is difficult to recommend Truist as a merchant account provider in the current atmosphere. We look forward to updating this review in the future once more information about Truist Bank’s merchant accounts surfaces. We also ask our readers to submit their experience in the comments below

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Testimonials & Complaints

How Did Truist Bank Treat You?

70 User Reviews


      Truist Bank

      I agree with you comment. To all the other people with a complaint, I found that a complaint can be filed with the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency on line. I did so this morning and maybe if everyone does so something can be done. Search how to file a complaint against a bank.


    On 4/3 we notified Truist about 3 fraudulent charges to my wife’s credit card. We received a letter dated 4/10 acknowledging the fraud charges. The letter stated ” The charges along with any interest would be removed from the account, you are not required to pay the charges while we investigate, you are required to continue to make minimum monthly payments.” It also stated that if the bank denied the dispute the charges would be placed back on the credit card along with interest and fees. All other charges to this card was paid in full on 4/12 leaving only the disputed charges. It has now been 4 months and the charges are still on the card and we are having to make payments even though the letter states otherwise. I have mad 6 calls to the fraud department, and 1 visit to the branch bank, only to be told that we have to make payments on the disputed charges while they are still pending. A total contradiction to what the letter states, They have the worst customer service I have ever dealt with. Stay away from this bank. Google Truist complaints and you will be amazed at what they are doing to their customers.

    • Antolin L. Garza

      Thanks 🙏 yes, the reviews on Truist Bank Services are terrible. I just don’t see how this financial bank has gotten and continues to get away with these treatments to all of us. I truly feel the US Government should check vividly into all their lack of being professional

  • Ginger

    Well I guess I am not alone! Truist allowed a $1900 cash advance to someone from my credit card. Notified them next day and told them to shut down account and do not issue new card. They issued new cards and hackers scammed another $1200.00 from the new card I never received or activated! So I had that cancelled and again said close my account. I do not want your charge card because you didn’t close account to avoid being a victim again and they shut down the second charge card the issued and again reissued a third card on my account. Hackers got more money off 3rd charge card after Truist said again everything was shut down and “too not worry “. And again today they closed the 3rd card down and reissued another card! I went to branch ti try to get help and they told me to leave or they were calling police. They said go home and call fraud customer service but each time you wait 3 hours or more and then they give you a canned answer to get you off the phone and never do anything to correct or resolve. I filled BBB complaint today and the 4th card is still open at this moment and the branch threatened ti call police when I raised a negative voice in their empty branch and told to leave. This is the absolute worst treatment I have ever received by any business and I am 60 years old. This situation is totally unbelievable and I still have nothing resolved and an open 4th charge card!!!!!

  • Ezequiel

    My last experiences with the customer service department have been horrible .
    They contradict themselves giving out information , they refused to escalate the issue , and they repeat themselves many times without listening first.

  • Antolin L. Garza

    This is very unprofessional, degrading, embarrassing, discouraging, embarrassing and many more! We are Retired Public School Teachers and Senior Citizens. What business do we have to deserve and be allowed to be scammed of our lifetime savings? We still think this cannot be happening! We were professionally tricked and scammed of money from our savings in January 2022! Our money was scamming like wired and was accepted by Truist Bank in Estero, Florida (Branch On Shoppes Oaks Blvd)! We need a resolution worked on soon. We need our money returned.

  • Charlotte

    My accounts and credit card fell victim to fraud, it was a huge pain to straighten out. Four months later my replacement credit card fell victim to fraud again. I was traveling so they put a freeze on my account and told me to email a specific address, which I did. I thought while my card was frozen they would work out the details of the fraud. Wrong. After a random 7 weeks, they closed the account and cancelled my rewards. I had saved over $100 in rewards, all gone! They said if a card is frozen for 30 days they auto cancel it. Mine was frozen for 7 weeks and they were “working on it” but they cancelled and stole my rewards anyway. I only found out because I called to ask for a status update. They said they mailed a letter but it’s been over a month and I still haven’t gotten it. My rewards are just gone, been saving them for over a year and they are just gone. Not applied to my balance, just erased. And nobody can help, not the branch, not the managers, not the credit card team, nobody.

  • Steven

    I had to notify Truist Bank’s Credit Card/Cardmember Services of (2) seperate Credit Card disputes/and/or/chargebacks. One of the chargeback disputes pretty much resolved itself when the merchant finally got around to issuing the credit for the item, however the merchant issued the credit $12.00 short of what the total credit should have been so Truist’s chargeback department had to contact the merchant over the $12.00 difference to try and get the money back from them. In the case of the 2nd chargeback dispute the merchant never issued credit for the item and so I had to forward all the necessary documents to Truist’s chargeback department which included a written 3 page document and 2 pages of UPS/or/United Parcel Service Tracking documents showing that the merchant received the package that I “refused” back and signed for it but never processed a credit to my credit card account. It’s like chargebacks 101. Truist’s chargeback department never issued a “provisional credit” for this and the disputed amount remains part of my outstanding balance. As a person who occasionally likes to pay off their balance in full this chargeback makes it difficult because they did not issue the provisional credit to my account while the dispute is being investigated and I don’t know the exact amount of the outstanding balance w/interest charges to get the legit part of the balance paid in full. I have logged about 20 to 30 plus phone calls which include hang ups and being blindly transferred to various departments regarding the issuance of the provisional credit and still no coherent answer. Truist has their chargeback department in a foreign call center and the representatives simply don’t know what they are doing or saying. They don’t even understand how the chargeback processes works and how they pertain to the Visa/MC rules and regulations. It is sooooooo frustrating and aggrivating. I’ve been calling for weeks now to get an answer and I’m not getting anywhere fast. I have informed them that I am going to try to get assistance from the local branch and if that fails I will take the necessary steps to contact the CFPB the government agency who overseas financial institutions and force them to respond, and this blemish and complaint will show up on their permanent record. The Truist Bank is just a mess. I am seriously considering just getting rid of the credit card altogether when this whole ordeal is over. As someone who worked in the credit card industry for 22 years before changing careers they get big 0 stars and I wouldn’t even give them that if I could give them a negative score. My advice to people is to STAY AWAY FROM TRUIST BANK. PLEASE RUN RUN RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!!

  • Carol

    Nightmare! Shady business practices, horrendous customer service, worthless helpline, etc. etc.
    Truist bought my mortgage so I am FORCED to do business with them. They failed to tell me my escrow account was insufficient for 11 months and then sent me a bill for $2,400. The minimum amount required for my escrow account is $419 – how could they let it continue in arrears for an additional $2,000? I can’t tell you because no one will answer my question on why I wasn’t informed!
    I opened a HELOC with a guaranteed 12 month promo interest rate of 5.45% and then got a letter two months later saying my interest will increase to 7.4% in Feb.2023. I went to the bank to find out what’s going on and was told I had to have withdrawn $15K in the first 30 days to keep the 4.45% promo rate. Nowhere is this stated in my contract, nor was I informed during my application, or closing. I am not seeking legal advice. NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH TRUIST.

  • Louis

    The very worst customer service I have ever received from any bank. The bank was packed with customers and the branch manager would not help any one as she stayed in her office just watching.

  • Lawrence snyder

    I have a new car loan and I have never dealt with a company that is so unprepared to properly service their clients. Bills not being sent on time, or incorrect bills processed. It’s the end of December and I just received a bill that shows as being due in September. Obviously, this was paid in September. They are consistently bad and I will never finance a car through this comapny again.

  • Malcom

    I agree 100%. I opened a savings account deposited $500 in cash. A few weeks later used my bank card to pay for a meal it was denied. I contacted the bank and was told my account was frozen for fraud. I have a clue as to what they are talking about. As soon as possible I am going to withdraw my funds and closeout the account.

  • Frederick Heitman

    I keep trying to find one, just ONE positive in this merger. On the negative side, they have closed all the BB&T and SunTrust branches near me,have lowered interest rates on deposits to be one of the lowest in the country, have made me change browsers because they do not support Firefox,have an online account page that is terrible, and changed my monthly account closing date to the middle of the month (without notifying me) instead of the end of the month which is much more convenient and segues with other accounts I have and bills I pay. What is astonishing is that these bozos really thought people would love Truist! I have already taken most of my money out and placed it in Treasury Bills where I get more than 400 times the interest I am getting at Truist (4% vs .01%). The rest is going in a regional bank. Yes, Truist is the worst of the worst!

  • Stacy

    Former HAPPY BB&T customer for 20 years.
    I have been fighting Truist for 3 1/2 mos to get fraudulent charges refunded. They never suspended the account and resend a new card until 2 mos after the fraudulent charges were reported. Then AFTER they transferred the balance to a new card, they refunded the fraudulent charges to the old card, which means I am paying interest on the fraudulent charges. Additionally, they have removed ALL information on the compromised account from my online banking…no statements, access, nothing. The way I found out about the refund was through a personal banker at a branch. Even sitting with the banker while they navigate their own system it is clear they have never experienced the kind of disorganization and stupidity present in Truist. To be honest I have been wondering why the Federal Reserve hasn’t been swarming all over Truist.

  • Daniel Savage

    I’ve been a BB&T customer for over 30 years, and since being in Morehead City, N.C it’s been changed to Truist bank. Since the truist took over, it sucks. I called the mortgage section of this bank to take care of some business. Three times i’ve called and they give me an answer to my problem with promises. Nothing was done. I’m moving my money and my business to another bank. This bank sucks. I wouldn’t recommend this bank to my enemy. It’s the worst bank i’ve ever delt with. They’re about as organized as a zoo. Don’t do business with these idiots. You’ll be sorry.

  • Shelley

    Mountain Stone

    Business Account holders who do 90% of business thru your merchant account. Pay attention. Every time a holiday falls on a Monday, merchant funds which are normally in the account 5am the following day don’t show till 11-12 noon. This is because they are holding them in their sweep account to earn interest. Friday Sales, Saturday Sales and Monday Sales. This is Bull Malarky, unacceptable and should be illegal. Here I sit along with truck drivers trying to load at quarries because our funds are being held. As soon as I get to a breathing point I will remove my accounts from this bank!

  • Nathan White

    Thank you for this platform, and thank you all for sharing. My experience is very similar to the hundreds of other complaints. Complaints that are unanswered. I’ve lost any confidence in this bank. I’m afraid to make another payment being they misplace 3 out of 5 of my mortgage payments. a mistake on their part that is leaving me with all the consequences. Hurt my credit, endless calls that get nowhere, they all put notes on file but don’t read them so prepare to tell your story forever, long holds, and my personal favorite, they don’t honor their own computer-generated confirmation numbers.

    Our family is now stuck in a terrible situation. Stuck because they trashed my credit. There should be a better answer than paying double mortgage payments every month. sad

  • Geoffrey John Dixon, Sr


    I was transferred from my mortgage company to this bank. I am a brand-new homeowner. My loan is not due until the 6-1-2022. I was shocked when I first called in to make my acquittance, with the bank and who I am. The ROBOT said this is a DEBT COLLECTOR, and any information that is said may be use for that purpose. What da fudge, my account is not even due yet, NOW it’s in a DEBT COLLECTOR BANK. Well, my paychecks come from the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, and I bank with a MILITARY BANK. I am scared already; with all the NEGATIVE COMMENTS I am seeing here. I am going to try to stay with this bank no longer than 12 months and moved my mortgage to the MILITARY BANK that I have suggested with the former mortgage company. It’s seeming like these BANK people doesn’t listen to their clients.

  • Timo

    I have been with SunTrust for 22 years with no major problem. Since the merger with Truist, I have had nothing but bad experiences. The latest has to do with a large amount check deposit that I made last week. Overnight, Truist withdrew the amount from the source, but put a 1 week hold on my access to the funds. I deal with 5 banks and this has never happened before. I am accustomed to 24 hour holds. When I made the deposit, there was no mention of a one week hold. When I called Truist, they said it was for my security. My security, the funds are going into my account. One week has passed and I still do not have access to my funds, yet Truist has been making money on my funds. I will check with government authorities to see if this is legal. At deposit, the hold period should be clearly stated and if it is more than 24 hours, there should be an accept button to agree with the hold period. Of course, I will never ever make any such deposit to Truist again and substantially limit my business with them.

  • Tammy Barclay

    Worst bank ever! They buyout Suntrust and cannot get accounts right. They have now take double-payments 2 months in a row. Try to get in online account then it gives you an 888 number. You wait like 20-minutes then a lady comes on then has to switch you to someone else then I hold another 20-minutes. Absolutely HORRIBLE!!!

    • Speedqueen77

      One star rating is waaaayyy too generous! This bank is the absolute worst of ANY bank! Long story as short as possible…customer service # non-reachable, hold times over an hour long & then hung up on, branch employees non-reachable by phone, wait times in line at branch very excessive. When customer passes away & family is told to bring copy of death cert to branch to note acct, keep getting calls stating past due & you tell them death cert on file & acct noted (as told to family by branch mgr), person calling states nothing noted on acct, family takes total of 4 death certs to branch mgr & told each time acct is noted as deceased, then acct is turned to collection for non-payment, adding additional fees to the deceased person's acct, trying to draft payments from a closed out acct, incurring more fees, then tries to collect from estate that has nothing to collect from….THIS IS TERRIBLE SERVICE & SHOWS JUST HOW MESSED UP YOUR BANK IS!!! At time customer opened up the loan acct (family member was also present & heard the statement, so there's no denying it), was told by loan officer that should something happen to customer before note was pd off, since no collateral or co-signer on acct, it would be written off with copy of death cert…NOT TRUE! 4 COPIES OF DEATH CERT & NOTES ON ACCT MEAN NOTHING TO THIS TERRIBLE BANK!!! TRUIST PUT THIS ACCT INTO COLLECTIONS KNOWING THE PERSON WAS DECEASED & HAVING 4 COPIES OF DEATH CERT ON FILE & ACCT NOTED AS SUCH, YOU'RE EVEN ADDING ON FEES TO A DECEASED ACCT!!! No one can give us the name & # of Pres/CEO to try & fix this, just keep referring back to non-existent customer service! I'M CONTACTING MY LOCAL TV CONSUMER NEWS ANCHOR TO HOPEFULLY AIR THIS STORY & BRING AWARENESS OF THE TACTICS OF TRUIST BANK!!! LET'S SEE HOW LONG YOU KEEP THE NEWS WAITING WHILE TRYING TO COVER THE STORY! AVOID THIS BANK!!!

    • B

      Fab faces

      Just horrible horrible, how would you like to wait 90days to get a money check, never used cashed, destroyed for 10k. Because they just changed the policy all of a sudden? Yet you are leaving the bank in May! Yes. My money

  • Angelica Brito

    The next door

    I am one of the many customers forced to end up as customers of this awful bank. I had a car loan which I paid always on time through a direct bank to bank deposit, but without a warning my loan ended with TRUIST. No introduction letter, no instructions on how to further pay, until I received notice that my payment was late and I had to pay a late fee. I called the bank and they put me on hold for 1 hour and at the end they took my payment with an extra charge. I asked for the statements of my loan and they couldn’t produce a statement. A month later, another notification of a late payment. Went to the branch office and paid the remaining balance according to their system and 20 days later I received a letter WELCOMING me to their bank. Ridiculous. Today they called me and asked for 50 dollars that according to their records was still pending, when I asked where is this pending balance coming from, they put me on hold for more than one hour and when they came back, they just hang up. Avoid this bank

  • Mark

    Poor victim of Truist

    I was about to write a crappy review describing how Truist has made every possible effort at their end to make my life miserable by wrecking my accounts beyond usability and then admitting they don’t have the sense nor time to find their way out of a wet paper bag because those bank windows need licking first. However, all the reviews I’ve read sounds exactly what I was about to describe. So I’m just going to advise… RUN… RUN AWAY!!!!!

    • Gigi Quillian

      I agree, I’m pulling my hair out today too. They won’t answer the phone at the branch and when they do, they can not DO anything on your account… they ask if you want Customer Service🤨… that’s why I called. Then you’re on hold until your cell battery dies and start over. Then they have a very thick accent which is almost impossible to have a conversation with and 3/4 of that convo is spent listening to them repeat salutations and accommodations. Then after ten minutes they tell you they can’t do the thing you need on your account and that you should have called earlier before the other action dropped. I did not run the first time it happened. Looking for a new bank.

  • Lovie

    Triple tax

    I am so angry I cannot even speak. They cut my card off with no notice,I am 1500 Miles from home with a ten year old and no branch within 200 miles because they merged!! What a bunch of idiots. I cannot get thru on phone ever, unless I wait for two hours. Money missing from account but you can’t report it because they make you wait hours and then hang up. This is criminal.

  • Stella B Lindsey

    I consider this t be the worst bank I have ever delt with and Im 55 yrs old. We had identity theft, my fiance id 65 and receives Social Security Disability benifits. Someone opened his on line banking, with a different phone number than the one that opened the account , they never contacted him about the online banking account. His monthly check was stole through on line banking and a zelle check which we had never heard of before. My fiance has a flip phone and doesnt even know how to turn on a computer. They also used debit card info to do some gambling on line another thing he never does and something they didnt notice again. If you want to stay on hold with representives you cant understand and they dont even try to make themselves clear for hours that will turn into days and weeks, miss work bec ause you are on hold then this is the bank for you.

  • Brenda Harris

    This the worst customer service ever. I have been trying to reset my passcode for a week. I waited on the phone over a hour then they hang up. I called back, waited another hour disconnected. They called my home asking is this (my name) giving me three choice I picked and then it repeated the instruction again without ever responding to my choice. Your rating is the PITS the WORST A Negative -0!!! I am so frustrated with this bank.

  • Bill

    My wife and I wanted to pay off out mortgage on our house and decided to cash in IRA and called Truist (because we were with BBNT but no longer the merger happen) so we were told that there would be a pay off balance mailed to use, well we received two payoff balances in the mail on the same day from different branches. one in Winston-Salem , and the other Charlotte, both in North Carolina and both with different pay offs. so no biggie my wife calls and they put her on hold for 2.5 hours just to announce that they couldn’t take a pay off. So my wife decided to go to the closest bank (which used to be a BBNT but now Truist) and they say that they couldn’t do it either. well that didn’t go over well with my wife and she wanted to talk to a manger of the branch. they directed her to a young man and he told her that they couldn’t do the pay off because they would get in trouble. (this didn’t make any sense to her and we are still waiting for an answer. and just as soon as we pay off the house and get the proper paper work showing it we will never deal with this banking/lending organization . feel sorry for those that have any type of account with them.

  • Ryan Muhlbauer

    I have dealt with many banks and many loans. Truist has 100% been the worst. The only way to contact them is through 1 customer service phone number, of which I had to wait 75 minutes to talk to someone. Then, they were unable to pull up any of my loan information because I had paid the loan off. They had to send out to “research” to get me a statement for interest paid which would be mailed to me. Then as I was very calmly voicing my issues to the representative, I was hung up on. I cannot even fathom how this bank is still in business and I would NEVER use them.

  • Kathryn Muston

    Dress A Girl Around the World

    3 hours trying to contact via phone, chat or e-mail. Each interaction went into endless webs of further contact entries. ALL resulted in being disconnected or waiting an estimate of 60 min. Truist is billing an escrow account they added to my mortgage! I DON’T HAVE AN ESCROW. For 6 years I have been paying insurance and taxes myself. Fraud of the highest degree. When I call one of the numbers provided it states they are a debt collection agency. I can only infer they will use the fraudulent escrow account to negatively impact my excellent payment record.

  • Jerriann Graham

    Terrible customer service. On hold for 30 minutes because I couldn’t reset password. After the call I tried to log in and was still locked out. I called back and waited 50 minutes and I’m still not able to log in.My Heloc loan amount is incorrect. The phone # on my account is incorrect and there was an additional email address that did not belong to me. This has got to be the worst bank in history.

    • Kathy Upton

      I can not express how terrible awful Truist bank is – Our account was breached and Truist allowed them to open a Zelle acct and withdraw money. It has been a nightmare dealing with Truist. They froze all of our accounts and we are told we can only withdraw (our money) is if we get permission from the bank manager.!! If this bank manager goes on vacation or dies we are just out of luck.
      We are in the process of changing banks and getting the hell away from Truist after 40 years of doing business with this sorry company.
      I can not express the rude incompetence that runs rampant through out this company.
      For them to say they care about their customer is so grossly incorrect!

  • Joe

    I called in to reset my password. I waited on hold for 35 minutes and then a customer service rep came on the phone. I spent another 37 minutes waiting on this idiot to reset my password. This guy was constantly reading off a script that said he was using his resources to try to help me and thank you for your patience. I stopped counting how many times he said that after around seven or eight times.That literally should have taken two minutes. I asked to speak to his supervisor and he put me on hold for 20 minutes only to come back to tell me that there was no supervisor available. Surprise surprise. This is not the first time I’ve had trouble with their customer service but I promise you it will be the last.

  • MK

    THE WORST customer service EVER!! Tellers have an attitude if you deposit a large amount of checks. Like they are jealous or something. Give you that “attitude” look and shrug. Been with BB&T and prior company for OVER 30 years, TRUIST is the WORST!! New people who DO NOT want to help. I think their motto is “One customer a day”. Could they move any slower? Manager is as clueless as a 2 year old. 5 employees in bank when they opened LATE!! They can’t even tell time.

  • Tamara Stapleton

    Individual Account Holder

    ABSOLUTELY ZERO CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! Trying to report fraudulent activity – CHAT Service doesn’ t work. Branch staff could not help me. Called 4 diff 800 #s each rolled to the 50-60 min hold time. UNACCEPTABLE!

  • Michelle

    This is a nightmare!!! Formerly had BB&T no issues. After the merger the new tellers and staff are clueless! Opening admitting they have no idea how the new system works they are rude and short staffed basic transactions take forever !!! Paperless ? I don’t like sitting in front of u and you send me a doc to my phone to sign. I am adult not some kid I like wet signatures and print outs for my records!!! What a joke

  • Tracy Mopar

    Since the merge between Suntrust and Truist, the customer service has went to crap! All the employees are miserable and no one wants to help. I was a Suntrust customer for over 30 years and only had a handful of bad experiences. Definitely not the same customer service. I hate to switch banks but I’m so done with them!

  • Timothy Miller

    I had BB&T accounts for decades and was satisfied with their services in multiple states. Switched to SunTrust when one move necessitated switching because of proximity to bank, and services were fairly good. Now that all banks have merged, the service is chaotic, new terms of service now charge for services I used to receive gratis because of high account balances, and like everyone says, the telephone service (a misnomer if ever there was one) is truly non-existent. The prevailing attitude of the corporation now seems to be F you, go somewhere else if you want something better, which I will do.

  • j nelson

    Got our new Debit cards activated them through Truist never had an issue with Suntrust but now since activating our cards….they will not work and we are dealing with issues where we cannot use them. No one answers the local bank phones I have left messages at all three branches and have been on hold for well over an hour on the card call number. We have auto pay accounts through here but are seriously thinking of finding another bank or better yet credit union to work through. absolutely ridiculous.

  • Annette d Montgomery

    I deposited all of my cash into my bank on a Saturday at 10am. Thinking nothing of it I use my debit card (my funds should be there always is ). Look in my account I’m negative. After speaking with customer service I was told I would have funds by 530pm. Here it is Monday morning and I’m still negative. It’s a holiday today and nope my kid won’t get anything. And I had to miss work due to not having any gas money today. Looks like they owe me a days pay as well. Don’t lie to me say you are fixing something that you are not. What a joke can’t even talk to someone 24 hours a day. Worst bank ever. This is not my first complaint.
    Disputes are never completed , fraud department is a joke (allowed a $1600 charge from a hacker and then accused my 32 year old child of stealing my card info ) fraud department stopped it 3 times but decided on the 4th attempt to allow it even after I said you didn’t approve that charge from a text message you sent me then offered me a loan to pay my bills lol what a joke.

  • Alan

    Beware of making car pmt using Truist app. If you make a mistake putting in your banking info they will charge you a fee and bank on you not knowing and then charging a late fee and reporting to the credit bureaus. App does not req you to rekey your checking number to catch a mistake. Also they do not retain your banking info thus you are required to rekey every time to make pmt. Truist is making money on fees!!! Beware
    I have filed a federal reserve complaint.

    • Sue

      Their bill pay is a scam. I made a payment to be delivered on 1/19 and 1/26. They processed it on 1/13 and 1/18. Charging my account to be overdrawn and charged me 8 overdraft fees.

  • Antolín L. Garza


    Truist Bank of Estero, Florida! My wife and I are retired senior citizens on a fixed income. Recently, we were seriously tricked into wiring part of our savings in a SCAM. Being fearful, we did the wire act to an account at this Truist Bank in Estero, Florida! As soon as I realized it had been a SCAM, my bank contacted appropriate channels to have our money refunded! Well, Truist Banks Fraud Specialists Team have denied our request. The reason being that that account we wired our money to did not have any funds! I would like the owning chiefs of Truist Bank/s to contact me soon. I would like to speak about our case and purpose! My email is: [redacted]
    We reside in McAllen, Texas.

  • john chirico

    john chirico

    truist company for two months i have written letters emails made 50 phone calls none every got answered hold times pass 4 hours a day…. 56 instant messages not returned
    facebook postings not returned….. i have had zero contact for 2 months despite trying everything….. this could be a shell company…. how can no one work here….. i spend 66 hours on hold over 43 days and non one has answered i must stop the payments today and noticy the state and government…..MUST WARN OTHERS TO AVOID THIS

  • Paula

    Worst bank to deal with!!! I was sent an interest free balance transfer offer. It turns out they are charging me interest monthly. Don’t call them to inquire or you will be aced on hold for hours!!! I held for over two hours! Pulling my money out!!! BBT made the worst mistake merging with them.

  • Kevin Harrington

    This is the worst bank and lending establishment I have ever delt with, it is obvious that ‘customer service’ is not one of their core values. I urge all consumers to boycott this extremely incompetent organization. They completely ignored several requests for obtaining the title to my vehicle as well sent me a mailing stating to send first payment to an address that they later claimed was incorrect. I became concerned when I noticed through my online banking (with another customer driven bank) that payment had not posted. When I called them (waiting over an hour on hold at times) they stated the address they mailed to me was incorrect for sending payments to, the representative requested I stop payment through my bank and gave me another address to send a payment to them. I have received a statement now stating they are going to charge me a $30.00 fee for cancelling the original payment. Furious doesn’t describe how I, feel and no one has rectified this to date from repeated calls to them. STAY AWAY from this BANK TRUIST IS TERRIBLE!!!!!! (Another dissatisfied customer).

  • Doug

    I recently opened an account with SunTrust after primarily working with a credit union for years. SunTrust merged with BB&T to become Truist and my review is about the entire mess. I opened the account with quite a large sum of money in the mid 6 figure range.

    The problems started almost immediately. The Code I was provided to activate my online banking would not work. Getting someone on the phone for help was an exercise in futility and a trial of patience. It took over an hour to get assistance in setting up the online banking.

    Concerned about the lack of customer service I attempted to find any contact information for their corporate office and there is no information publicly available. This is an enormous red flag. Not only was there no access to any type of executive escalation team but there was no offer at any point in getting the runaround to escalate complaints.

    I called again today needing to speak with someone and I was put through to Truist. After wasting nearly 20 minutes of my time answering 50 questions to get through to an agent (this is done for my convenience apparently) I finally got a woman on the phone with a very strong accent that was very difficult to understand. I asked her if this was an overseas call center and she said I was talking to someone in the Philippines and then hung up on me. These are the people managing my money and who have access to my account information. I called back again and spoke to another agent in the Philippines as well. I explained the previous agent just hung up on me and I wanted a supervisor. She immediately stated there was no supervisor available. When I told her I was closing the account due to the horrible customer service she responded “Let me see if a supervisor is available”. I think that speaks for itself.

    SunBank/Truist/BB&T have decided that it’s ok to have an overseas call center with questionable people having access to your banking information. The first person I spoke to hung up on me and the second person I spoke to lied to me. That doesn’t instill any sense of assurance that my money or financial information is safe but Truist doesn’t care about taking care of their customers, only their bottom line. I was finally transferred to a supervisor in the USA who himself voiced concerns over the use of overseas call centers and actually said “I don’t know why they did that”. He told me that there was another number to call for SunTrust.

    I called that number and sat on hold for one hour and thirty seven minutes before another agent in the Philippines picked up the phone. When I voiced concerns about the competency of the people handling my money he said they were well trained. When I said the first person hung up on me and the second lied to me he said he would submit “feedback”. I’ve been hearing that for years with these overseas call centers yet the experiences typically are negative. My experience with this call center which apparently is managing my entire life savings was no different than what I experienced when Amazon was late shipping an item.

    I told him that if I don’t receive a call from someone in their corporate office in the next 24 hours to apologize and provide another means of communicating with them I would be closing the account and moving to another bank.

    Be aware of what these people are doing with your money and who they are giving access to it. And they are doing it in a quiet and sneaky way. This is a bank that doesn’t value their customers in spite of all the doubletalk. Actions speak louder than words. They wasted my entire day.

  • Josh

    This bank is trash. Only reversing 2 overdraft fees for a 24 month period is a joke. Things happen. They also don’t hesitate to hit you with overdraft fees for EVERYTHING that tries to come out.

  • Timothy

    Truist bank employees at the Bernville branch are obnoxious, talk down to you, and yell. The worst bank with ridiculous rules. The worst thing to happen to the BB&T bank was changing to truist.

  • Christine


    Banking with Truist it’s one of the most frustrating things I’ve ever encountered in banking. I’ve been with SunTrust for 35 years, and BB&T for four years… They’ve both been great banks. Everything had been easy and accessible and I had been able to complete transactions online. Now that they’ve switched over to truest, there is not one thing that works. Every single transaction I’ve attempted, has ended up at a dead end. This bank is going to go out of business and soon. So far, I have not read one positive review, and most every review states that they will be moving to another bank. And, I’m with them… I’ll be moving to another bank after all this time having been with Suntrust … I mean, I was even with SunTrust when they were Trust Company.
    Truist is completely incompetent.

  • Royce

    Wellness Billing Center

    Disagree with this?!? BBB has a 1.7 of 5 rating for Truist
    My Truist experience has been negative (previously loved Suntrust for over 15 yrs).
    Issues include internal transfers taking DAYS, erroneous holds on deposits, deposits are inconsistently added, sometimes taking days, zelle is no longer an option, Truist app was dysfunctional for a while, the running account balance ledger is not kept up to date, customer service is limited to front line help so if you need to speak to a manager you have to wait for a call back (good luck!). I’ll begrudgingly be going through the process of switching banks because I can’t trust my bank now.

  • Barbara J, and Paul W. Wright

    Truist Bank drained $5,668.93, $5,000.00, and $668.83 from our bank account all in one day, plus our bank charged $900.00 for Overdraft Protection Deposit. Truist Bank was only supposed to withdraw the $5000.00 and $668.83. I have been calling them since day 1. Finally talked with one of their representatives today and even though they took my money in one day, I will have to wait 5 to 10 days to get my money out that they unlawfully withdrew. They had the nerve to refuse returning the $900.00 that came out of our checking account because they sent in 3 electronic withdrawals, the $5000 and $668.83.

  • Raymond Williams

    I have been on hold for 72minutes. Horrible service. Online information is never updated day of
    payment never mind tranfers or deposits. Do Not Open an account here. The “We are busy but a
    representative will be with you shortly” a Joke. We will move out of this mess today. Mary and
    Ray Williams, Bluffton, SC

  • Donna

    I have banked with BB&T for about 10 years and they were great. If I did have a problem, I called them and I always received a response within a day and my problem was solved. They were pleasant, extremely helpful and caring. Now I am looking for another bank because Truist Bank is uncaring, they charge more fees and their app is horrible.

  • James Page

    Leaving after 21 years with Sun Trust. Worst banking experience ever encountered. I’m not going to waist my time listing what’s broken ……. basicly everything. Run, don’t walk to another financial institution. Horrible!

    • Russell Bush

      Refinanced and was ‘lucky’ enough to have Suntrust/Truist scoop up my loan. They are currently not able to set up a recurring monthly, biweekly, one-time payment for a loan online. That’s right. They don’t have a functioning website to this. I have been trying for 2 weeks and it crashes everytime. Only way to pay a bill is through an automated phone service. I wouldn’t give any human you talk to there any payment information. Read the reviews online. This bank should be shut down immediately and the fact they are even operating at all is a testament to widespread corruption elsewhere. There is literally no other explanation.

  • Barbara Sykes


    It is a universal truth that customers will suffer when one company takes over another company. Truist has taken over Suntrust and there are SO many problems with my accounts and with their websites that I cannot even list them all. And their ‘customer service’ representatives seem incapable of reading and comprehending the English language. I want to switch banks but I am not even sure if they can handle that competently!

  • Christi Hatfield

    I was with BB&T for over 20 years. I have now began looking for another bank to transfer my funds and needs. When the merge was taking place, it was spoken to current clients that nothing would change and it would be a better banking experience …..not true! 2 locations closed, unable to handle a joint account (other card user has to create an account…even if it’s a shared account…when both parties sign as joint, then both parties are excepting responsibility and should not be divided), was able to correspond with customer service through email with BB&T…so much more. This has been a very frustrating experience to say the least. My husband was asked if he had his drivers license and the rep had to have that information even after ssn, date of birth and address was verified.

  • Peter Bevan

    ATMs in Spartanburg SC do not allow cash withdrawals on 10/30/2021. I went to one SunTrust branch on Hillcrest and the two remaining BB&T locations and got the same problem. All three ATMs only provided account holder to perform an account inquiry or make a Deposit!! Not
    known why these areas ATMs are not allowing W/Ds? Other Truist ATMs in other cities like Myrtle Beach, Florence, Charleston etc. appear to be okay with W/Ds….
    I did file an issue via FaceBook, got an acknowledgement and a promise to have the “ATM Team” investigate but so far, haven’t heard why the problem in Spartanburg.

  • Paul Ostand

    We had BBT as our bank for 25 years. It is now Truist and is very difficult to use and deal with. Too many things to deal with. The website is terrible. We are actively looking for another bank and when we find it we will not look back.

    Unhappy in West Virginia.

  • Mary Patrick


    This is the worst BANK. The ATM, machine shut down in the middle of my transaction. I called the 800 number with no results. I went inside of bank just to have them tell me that they had nothing to do with their own ATM machine. I even had pictures to show them what had happened. they didn’t even bother to take a look at the picture. It didn’t even matter to them. This bank is nothing like Sun Trust. They said that it would take 7-10 days to get my money back, I get it back. I called later that same day and they wouldn’t even listen. They just hung up on me. Please stay away from this BANK.

  • Ramona Winters

    I am so has always been easy to access my acct…until today, they changed everything. Not its complicated and asking me to do things I do not do to get into, today i cannot access my acct.. I am seriously thing about finding a bank that will be easier for me to manage online.Ramona winters

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