Litigation & Threats Policy

“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”  -Voltaire

Are you considering suing, or threatening us with litigation, in hopes of coercing us into a settlement on your terms? If so, the following applies to you:


We understand that the CPO may be exposing your unethical and questionably-legal business practices. Other companies like yours have attempted to coerce us with threats, demand letters, and even lawsuits in an attempt to pressure us into removing our review of their services from the CPO website. We have never yielded to such bullying and have defeated every legal action because CPO operates within laws regarding free speech, fair use, and digital communications.  If you decide to ignore the law and the U.S. Constitution and pursue a legal action against us anyway, be assured that we will always, without exception, fight back. Our policy is to never accept any settlement that limits our rights or changes the CPO website in any form. To be clear, we never settle under any condition that changes anything about what we do. Threat of legal expense will not influence our decision and we will take any actions available to us to recover fees if you bring a frivolous suit against us. If you are an attorney, and you bring a frivolous suit, we will seek appropriate disciplinary actions against you as well.

We are not pragmatic when companies attempt to intimidate us, especially when the tool of choice is vexatious litigation. On this, we stand purely on principle; we will never allow you to suppress our rights, we will not be bullied, and we will never back down.

Reviews & Ratings

Nearly all threats we receive originate from providers and agents that are dissatisfied with a rating in a review, content of a review, and/or third-party user comments posted to the reviews. Threatening us, even once, in any form may be noted in your review and may affect your rating. If we prevail in an action brought by you, we will publicize it.


Case law is on our side in nearly all respects, but we are primarily protected from frivolous litigation losses on four fronts: The First Amendment of the United States of America, the Lanham Act, Fair Use and Nominative Fair Use, and Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. Before threatening or bringing legal action, we advise familiarizing yourself with the laws and precedents which protect online publishers.

Our Provider Fairness Programs

We understand that there are two sides to every story. Instead of threatening us with litigation, try working with CPO to help you resolve your complaints, or even add your own commentary to our reviews. See this page for more details.


Below are the legal actions brought against CPO. We have refrained from listing each company that has informally threatened us; however, we often note such actions in their reviews.

  1. Elitepay Global et al v. et al (2:14-cv-02590) – Dismissed due to deficiencies in Elitepay Global’s case filing.
  2. International Payment Services, LLC v., Inc. et al (2:14-cv-02604) – Round 1, International Payment Services attempts to sue CPO for Trademark Infringement. The court awards Summary Judgment in favor of CPO striking down most of IPS’s claims with prejudice.
  3. International Payment Services v., Inc., et al (0:15-cv-56031) – Round 2, Appeal of Summary Judgment by International Payment Services. Dismissed with prejudice.
  4. International Payment Services et al v. et al (1:15-cv-00104) Round 3, International Payment Services attempts to sue CPO for Assault, Libel & Slander. Dismissed.