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Company Overview

Launched in February 2018, Google Pay is a service from Google that combines the company's Google Wallet and Android Pay services into one app.

Google Pay has brought a number of similar services under its own brand, including Tez and Pring.

Article Summary

Before we dive in, here's a short summary of what we'll cover:

  • Google Pay's various payment processing services.
  • The company has received a number of complaints, usually tied to claims of fraud or funds that can't be recovered.
  • Google Pay is a simple, free way to transfer money from person to person. It is not a true credit card processing provider for businesses.

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Google Pay Payment Processing

Google Pay enables users to send peer-to-peer payments (via a sub-service called Google Pay Send that operates like Venmo or Square Cash), make in-app purchases, buy from websites, store loyalty and rewards cards, and make NFC payments in-store at participating retailers.

Google Pay can store debit and credit card information from most major banks, and it can also store a user's PayPal account details. The service can be integrated with e-commerce websites for free, and it does not add fees to in-store purchases above the fees that automatically come with processing a customer's linked cards. In other words, it is free for anyone to use at any time. Users should be aware that Google Pay's peer-to-peer payment service only works with debit cards and does not allow credit card transactions.

Mobile Payments

Google Pay was initially used primarily for mobile payments. Users can add their credit, debit, or loyalty cards to the app and make payments by tapping their phone to contactless readers. There is no need to use a physical card for these transactions.

Online Payments

Google Pay also offers online payment services that are secure, fast, and convenient. Features like autofill, virtual cards, and a dedicated Google Pay button are available to streamline the payment process.

Expense Management

Google Pay aims to simplify the management of payments and finances. It is used by more than 150 million people in 30 countries every month for various financial activities.

Merger and Growth

Google Pay was created through the merger of two online payment services: Google Wallet and Android Pay. It has become one of the larger digital payment services, competing with PayPal, Apple Pay, and Venmo.

Table of Contents

Google Pay Customer Reviews

Here's What Their Clients Say

Customer Reviews Summary
Total Online Complaints 10+
Live Customer Support Yes
Most Common Complaint Poor Service
Recent Lawsuits No

Low Complaint Total

There aren’t a large number of public Google Pay reviews due to the fact that the service has only been active for a few years. It currently has a 4.4 rating on the Google Play store based on over 500,000 user ratings. Positive reviews praise the company’s decision to merge Google Wallet and Android Pay into one app, as well as its user-friendly layout and storage of rewards cards. Negative reviews mention slow performance, payment malfunctions, and a lack of compatibility with certain devices or bank accounts. If you have your own Google Pay review to make, please do so in the comments below.

Google Wallet Complaints

Although Google Pay is too new to have a comprehensive picture of user feedback, it can be useful to apply some user complaints that were filed against Google Wallet. We’ve received a number of negative Google Pay reviews in the comment section below our Google Wallet review, most of which describe fund-holds or being ripped off by another Google Wallet user and receiving very little assistance from Google. It’s possible that Google’s support for Google Wallet atrophied as the company transitioned the service to the Google Pay brand, but users should be aware that fund-holds are possible through the service if they engage in behavior that Google deems suspicious.

Google Pay Lawsuits

Google itself has been the target of many lawsuits, but as of yet none of them involve the Google Pay service, so we will not include them here. Dissatisfied clients who wish to pursue a non-litigious course of action against the company should consider reporting it to the relevant supervisory organizations.

Google Pay Customer Support Options

Google offers phone, email, and chat options to its users, but most Google Pay complaints describe slow response times from the company. Users should be judicious about how much money they send through the app and who they conduct business with through the app, as there is a chance they will receive limited assistance from Google in recovering funds.

Google Pay Customer Service Number

  • (888) 986-7944 – Toll-Free Support

Other Support Options

  • Help database
  • Chatbot

Google Pay Online Ratings

Here's How They Rate Online

No BBB Profile

The Better Business Bureau does not maintain a profile specifically for Google Pay at this time. We therefore will not factor a BBB rating into this review.

Google Pay Fees, Rates & Costs

A Closer Look at The Contract

Cost & Fees Summary
Cancellation Penalties No
Monthly & Annual Fees No
Processing Rates 0%
Equipment Leasing No

Simple Sign-Up and Integration

Google Pay is designed to integrate neatly with many of the services that its users already employ. Users can make in-app payments on their mobile devices with a few taps, send ACH transfers to one another for free via Gmail, and tap-and-pay with their Android phones at participating retailers. Google does not charge clients or retailers for using Google Pay, and it does not require any kind of contractual commitment from users. It’s completely free and optional.

Security Features

In terms of security, Google Pay requires the entry of a PIN for all debit and credit card NFC payments. All transaction details transmitted by Google Pay are encrypted and stored in remote servers, and Google Pay accounts can be remotely disabled in the event of phone theft or card loss. Before its deactivation, Google Wallet did not have a worrisome record of security issues.

Security Vulnerabilities

Where Google suffers is the all-in-one integration of its profiles and services. As with any other Google service, a compromised Google profile for just one service—most notably, Gmail—could possibly compromise all of a user’s other Google services. In other words, if a user stores their card information in her Google account with Google Pay, then that information—bank account information, card information, personal information—is only as safe as that Google account. Although Google Pay’s use of a PIN to authorize in-store payments and data encryption are industry-standard security measures, users will be vulnerable to fraud if they allow any of their Google login info to be compromised. We have already received some complaints to this effect, but it does not appear to be a widespread concern at this point.

Google Pay Employee Reviews & Sales Tacitcs

Should You Work For Them?

Jobs & Marketing Summary
Uses Independent Resellers No
Telemarketing No
Misleading Marketing No
Discloses All Important Terms Yes

No Pricing To Disclose

Google Pay is a free service that is automatically provided to anyone with a Google account. It comes pre-integrated with Google products, although users will need to set up account details in the app before they can use it. Since Google does not charge people to use the service, it isn’t really possible for the company to misrepresent its pricing to its users.

Holdover Google Wallet Complaints

Some complaints filed against the company’s discontinued Google Wallet service state that they were not properly informed of potential hold times or transaction limits, which could be classified as a nondisclosure issue. However, it is unknown whether these issues will persist under the Google Pay brand. It is also unrealistic to expect Google to warn potential users away from using an app that was preinstalled on their device. Users who are concerned about fund-holds should take a moment to learn why payment processors hold funds.

Our Google Pay Review Summary

Our Final Thoughts

Google Pay rates as a reliable money transfer service according to our criteria, though it is not a true credit card processing provider. The service is free to use and easy to install, and initial user reviews are generally positive. The only cause for concern is the minor reputation for withheld funds and unresolved fraud that Google Wallet had accumulated before its deactivation. We will continue to monitor user feedback about this fairly new service and adjust our rating as necessary. Users are also encouraged to compare Google Pay’s reputation with those of other top-rated mobile apps for sending money.

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Testimonials & Complaints

How Did Google Pay Treat You?

32 User Reviews

  • Cynthia Bertini

    A couple of interesting findings after my hacked debit card was used to transfer money my bank rejected.
    1. If your phone is unlocked, money will transfer without a pin. You will still be liable.
    2. Subscriptions to companies Google owns automatically pay through Google Pay. You cannot bypass GP to subscribe.
    3. If your bank re-issues a stolen/hacked debit or credit card, they may automatically register your new card number with GP, even without your activation. I’m fighting this one currently with Chase.
    4. Watch your account. My Amazon Visa wound up on my Google Pay as an alternative payment method to Discover. I didn’t put it there.

  • Buck Brown

    Google billed me for a service I had canceled which then triggered a fraud alert and shut my bank account down. And google is such a monopoly that its hard to even find a method for negative feed back


    never have i been taken for a long ride like google play
    my phone was hacked next thing i know i get a bill from o2 for
    £257 added on my bill? I reported to o2 1st thing they asked was DO YOU HAVE KIDS? i said NO but they continued about the fraud o2 told me its google play?
    email google play told them it was not me its fraud they refused to listen told me to go to a financial services? am now left in £257 to o2 which I have a sim only deal £20 with and a cap of £5 that does not work on GOOGLE PLAY a CAP? which should tell you what’s happening between google play and o2 if your still reading this am paying off what is called a fraudulent claim by o2 and google play for items I did not buy or received please get PAYPAL be smart as these company’s are not regulated by the governments they will take your money or send bailiffs don’t ever get o2 sim deal only or google play on your devices
    OMBUDSMAN always sides with these company’s don’t think they should even exist waste of public money

  • Douglas Mam

    Out of Nowhere Googlepay suspended my account and wanted me to verify so I did. Later they sent me a email saying that they were going to keep my account suspended without any explanation. I called and spoke to a representative and all they said was that I need to read the policy and was difficult not just telling me why smh.. They get Zero stars from me they have horrible customer service.

  • Debbie

    DO NOT use GOOGLE PAY unless you PERSONALLY KNOW the person you are sending money to!
    This company DOES NOT care how much money you lose!
    They sided with the CRIMINAL instead of me. I paid for something I did not get, and they DID NOT give a second thought about me, but instead took sides with the person who FRAUDED me out of my money!
    DO NOT ever trust them!
    They WILL NOT help you!
    All I got for months of emails was “sorry”.
    Yes, you are!

  • Virgil A Snider

    Tried to transfer money with A blue dot bank Walmart Money Card that i bank with, having a direct deposit with this card for over 3years now…This app will not allow, says “no prepaid cards”….installed the app, tried to transfer money to my son…nope…uninstalled app and back to pay-pal…oh well it was a shot

  • Sarah

    I made an online purchase using Google Pay. As soon as the transaction was processed, it said the item was out of stock and I would get a refund within 30 days. I started to monitor my Google Pay for the transaction so I could cancel it. It never showed. However, it did show in my bank statement. I contacted Google Pay customer support and they were absolutely not helpful. The only thing they continued to tell me is that my bank controls what shows in Google pay. What?!? If I made a transaction through Google Pay, they should have some record that it was requested! The representative sent me on a wild goose chase, and all they can say is “talk to your bank.”. I have removed all my card information and will never again user this service. What a joke.

  • mervin bibbeyoffer up and google pay

    Google pay will give credit card numbers you have on file to apps. Like offer up your information so they can try all of your credit card numbers. I give them 1 card number and Google pay give them another card number to try. Even though I was not informed. There is a stop in my account that they are supposed to ask for authorization. Password. Was not ask for. This was a criminal action on both parties involved.

  • Susan Moore

    I learned the hard way that Google Pay is used by fraudulent web sites to extort money.. i trusted the Google name but it was used to ensure the cash, that is not safe, cannot be returned.. Deleted and wont use again. If anyone can use this app, with no screening for fraud. Then it is not safe.

  • Jeff Brake

    Beware of any transactions with Google Play and Google pay. After being mistakenly given $100 Google Play card instead of a Google pay card customer service told me there was nothing they could do that I would just have to spend the money on Google Play. It’s that in my account and I looked for things that I might enjoy from the store. I spent 499. Shortly after I received a charge of 49.99 from a dating service. I did not order a dating service. After many contacts and emails with customer service they assured me that it was a valid transaction although they would never send me proof of the transaction. They spoke of a secretive process they used to determine this I would not tell me what it was. At the time of the first mistaken gift card transaction I was told that the Google Play and Google pay or two totally different companies and they could not share the money or transfer the money however Google pay has had no problem accessing my Google Play funds. Bottom line you do not have any protection against this company. They can do as they please with your money and if you read these reviews often do. Find a much more secure service.

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  • Kimberly Henderson

    On May 25, 2019, I placed an order on Instagram to [email protected] in the amount of $200 through google pay. I was told the item (shoes) would be ordered and sent in two weeks. This never happened. I filed disputes wit my bank who told me there was nothing they could do I would need to contact google pay. Have not received my merchandise and I an out of 200 dollars. When I contacted google pay I could get an agent online. Google pay has poor contact issues and red tape to get to an agent. I will be putting reviews on yelp.

  • J Douglas Montgomery

    Sent money for watch on the 5th, received confirmation that it was accepted on the 6th. To date the party I sent it to has not received the funds. Google has mixed several accounts and allowed someone other than the intended party acquire the money. GOOGLE HAS NO IDEA WHO TOOK IT NOR DO THEY ACCEPT ANY RESPONSIBILITY FOR ALLOWING ANOTHER PARTY TO TAKE THE FUNDS. Stay Away……. They have no morals and feel as though if they run you around enough you will give up.

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  • dale

    I tried it once and guess what I lost 150.00 dollars. The transaction was processed in Milano, IT. The whole thing is a scam, the 150.00 I lost went to some company in Italy and the other to Google. Please do not thing this Google thing will make your life easier

  • Megan Menne

    if I could give this company a 0 I would… apparently randomly after a year of using google pay with no issues no fraud or claims of fraud… I am required to send not only a picture of my state driver’s license, but also a picture of my entire social security number.. ad they and I can not guarantee that this is secure or that they destroy this information my only option is to use someone else. seriously considering using a different cell phone again I dont want to support their company at ALL

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  • Sandra Durden

    My sister tried to google pay me some monies owed to me this morning and she got a message stating that google pay needed to update her account asking for the last four digits of her social security number, address, etc. She’s sent me monies in the past and never got this message. She didn’t want to give this information so she didn’t send the money. Is this ligit – something new or a fraud? It is my understanding that google pay does not ask for personal information. Pleas let me know. Thanks

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    I have been trying to receive funds for well over a week now and after being told everyday by the Google Pay support team that the problem is resolved and to wait 24 hours and try again…
    You guessed it! After waiting the aforementioned 24 hours, same exact problem! I get comments back like:

    I truly apologize for the inconvenience caused. I am escalating this to my specialist team and getting this addressed. Please be assured, I will put all my efforts to get this sorted out for you. I just wanted to make sure to take care of this concern.

    I respond back that it didn’t work, after a 48 hour delay…

    Similar message… But, still not resolved!

    I get it, Google is such a big company that they don’t care about little small businesses like mine, a the small amount of money (to them), and 1 person like me, doesn’t matter that much. But, to make hollow promises, time after time, is just cruel! I am going to move on and use another service where I can actually get paid! Free is not free when you can’t get your hard earned money!
    Unfortunately, my recommendation would be to not use Google pay and to find another service!!

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  • Owen Leeper

    My account got hacked, the person stole almost $1000 out of my account and google pay won’t cover the fraud because it came from inside my account. They have a terrible customer service and won’t do anything about the fraud even though they have the name of the person that took the money and his credit card number he sent it to. Uninstall and delete any bank info immediately from gpay.

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  • Matt

    I have never given Google authorization to use Google Pay, in fact I keep disabling the service on my cell. Today I used Uber and it showed up as a Google Pay transaction complete with last four digits. Has anyone else had Google use their card without asking? This is fully unacceptable and likely illegal!

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  • EB

    I used google pay to transfer money but then realized I didn’t need to send the money. Both me and the recipient cancelled the transaction and Google waited 3 days to cancel the transaction which ultimately took almost a week for me to get my money back. Don’t use them if you’re expecting to receive or send money instantly. They’ll just say it was a “system error” or “it’s your bank’s fault” and not provide any true remedy for the fact that a process broke down on their end and now you have to wait to get your money back. Typical large corporation move. I will never use them again. I don’t know about anyone else but I’m not rich- not broke either- but when you mess up and it involves almost $3k of my money, that’s not a good thing. Not trusting them again.

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  • My

    Google pay is a joke.. I paid someone for a service the other party didn’t provide service. Contacted google pay and they couldn’t help me obtain my money. They told me to contact my bank knowing damn well my bank wasn’t going to do jack either because google pay is 3rd party with no rights.
    NEVER AGAIN I’ll keep PayPal at least they will take action!!

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    • Denise Wolfer

      I have over $6000.00 of unauthorized charges. I have been trying to get a refund and have been unsuccessful.
      I have contacted the bank, the developer, google pay.
      I have provided everything needed to support my claim of unauthorized charges.
      I was able to get a partial reimbursement but can not get the remaining amount refunded.
      After several Hours, Days, Time, Bounced payments, Banks fees and credit destroyed I am still on a hold basis.
      I am about ready to sue.
      Within the guidelines of the FCRA guidelines. Laws are being broken. I would love any advise or help in retrieving the additional amount of $4000.00
      Anyone have contact numbers to the CEO or other board member that I may contact.?

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  • Emanuel Kirkwood

    Be very careful using google pay, I would not recommend its not fully setup yet with security I just got my bank account debit out money from a company I have never signed up for or used or know of. I reached out to google play multiple times to check it and they said there sorry the hackers have already claimed the money and through there system and there was nothing they could do or trace them down. They said its something they are working on in the future and really sorry about the money losted from my account. 5/14/19

    Also if you dont believe me call your local banks I use Chase Bank and they will tell you one the phone google pay uses a different system to debit money out of people accounts and theirs nothing the big banks can do and scammers and hackers know it, so if there is a company out there asking for you to use google pay only I wouldn’t do it because there is no way to get your money back if you make an error or if your account gets hacked like ours did from a person from Russia using Google pay or a remote connect please be careful

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  • Jennifer Martinson

    Google Pay is not as secure as they lead people to believe. Just decided the other day to use google pay to purchase a gaming controller… 2 days later I sign into my bank account online and then boom, 42.96 in small purchases were made from my card using google pay to purchase a things (I imagine) on some jungle Google play game that I have never downloaded let alone bought things for. I figured no big deal and filed the complaint with google pay… 8 days later I got an impersonal email with absolutely zero details stating they would not be refunding me. That is all it said! I’ve been on hold with the google team on the phone since 11 A.M. it so now 3.25 P.M…. I am no closer to getting any answers and no one seems to be able to provide me with any answers but only repeating I won’t be getting refunded… I have asked for a supervisor 3 times, each time I am placed back on hold, someone else gets back on the phone but when I ask if I am speaking with a supervisor I am told I am not in fact speaking with a supervisor but informed instead that I was simply transferred over to the next available customer service rep! Good job Google Pay! No security, no reaching out, no customer service, no answers for your customers, no details… What do you have to offer me as a 2 decade loyal customer exactly? Just wow… Well here I sit with even more questions and still zero answers. Sigh..

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  • Robert Fallon

    I was just scammed on google pay .5 days ago , they just wrote to me :…We’ve investigated the charges , and confirmed that they weren’t made from your [REDACTED – personal contact information] account. I’m sorry to hear your payment method seems to have been used without your knowledge or authorization.

    Now they’re saying it’s not under their guidelines to refund me . I’m now being scammed by Google

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    – Phillip

  • Eliza Turner

    I need help verifying my google pay account. No matter how hard I try I cannot get in contact with anyone. When I try to chat, email, or request a call back from an agent, I am taken to the verification form which I have filled out multiple times. I never receive any notification that they are even reviewing my situation. I Need Help And No One Will Help Me!!! I cannot even cancel my google pay without this verification. I just want to be able to use this service to make purchases for and in apps from the google play store. I guess they are too good to except my money. I have spend days, weeks and now months trying to get this issue resolved with not a peep. I give them a -12 stars if at all possible. Do not use this service!! When problems arise, no one will be willing to help!!

  • Becky

    On April 5th my friend sent me money via Google Pay for $150. It went to an expired debit card therefore I never got my money. It’s now September 14th and I have yet to receive my money. I’ve been working on this for 5 months with Google. I’ve given them bank statements showing it never hit my account, I’ve had conference calls with my bank and them, I’ve had about 50 emails with them and nothing. I have even resorted to reporting them to the Better Business Bureau.
    Stick with PayPal, never use Google Pay.

    From The Editor
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  • Patricia Anne Jackson

    I was advised by Joseph a manager ( that I spent over 30 minutes on the phone with) that I should go to a competing payment systems such as Paypal, etc. in order to receive payments. This, instead of resolving the issue. He walked me through a process that was completely ineffective and was sent to me by the “escalation” department yesterday via e-mail and was ineffective as well. He said there is no access to Quality Assurance for customers or direct customer service contact for customers. I requested and am requesting again a copy of the recorded conversation. For months there has been no problem with receiving payments to my account then with no change on my end or by my bank I am no longer able to receive payments. Last week I was told the problem was with my bank (I went there physically no problem there) Googlepay is autofilling my address which is incorrect, but fixing that did not fix the problem. I was on hold over an hour yesterday with googlepay regarding this issue with no resolution, for two hours last week with a resolution but apparently no permanent repair of the problem whatever that is. I expect more than an impersonal e-mail that takes 48 hours and gives wrong advice. I was also told my card was expired, which it is not. Apparently they just make things up when they can’t find a fix.

    From The Editor
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  • Justin Nahin

    Google Pay is a complete winner so far for me. I use it instead of Venmo now for peer to peer payments. Now I am trying to integrate them into my websites and I am running into a few snags that I believe they need to work on. I am sending all my questions and suggestions to them weekly and noticing that they are building and improving the service at an incredible rate of speed!

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