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Pros & Cons
Pros: Cons:
Customizable checkout experience. Strict compliance policies.
Global payment solution. Higher transaction fees.
Multiple currency support. Limited merchant support.
Integrated fraud prevention. Delayed payouts.
Responsive customer support. Complex pricing structure.
Easy integration options. Account stability issues.
Overcharges Reported

Getting the lowest costs with 2Checkout?
Probably not.
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UPDATE: 2Checkout was purchased by Verifone in September 2020. However, they are still operating a website and (it appears) products under the 2Checkout brand, and the BBB maintains a separate profile for 2Checkout, so we will maintain this profile for now.


In this review of 2Checkout, we will look into its acquisition by Avangate in 2017 and the impact of its 2020 acquisition by Verifone on both merchants and customers. We'll focus on 2Checkout's credit and debit card processing services, which cater to a global market with various payment methods, languages, and currencies.

We will cover key aspects such as rates and fees, contract terms, common complaints, industry ratings, and employee reviews. We'll highlight customer experiences, including both positive and negative feedback, and how the company responds to complaints and concerns, especially regarding fund holds and customer service.

We'll also look at 2Checkout's marketing tactics, user reviews, and suitability for e-commerce in a global market. The review will discuss potential drawbacks like strict compliance policies, higher transaction fees, limited merchant support, and delayed payouts, alongside its strengths like customizable checkout experiences, global payment solutions, and integrated fraud prevention.

Finally, we'll offer a verdict on whether 2Checkout is a good option for international e-commerce, considering its features, customer feedback, and overall performance in the online payment processing industry.

About 2Checkout

As mentioned above, 2Checkout was purchased by Verifone in September 2020 for an undisclosed amount. According to a blog post by 2Checkout COO, “Our service offerings are not impacted, and customers do not have to take any action. No service disruptions or billing changes to deal with. Long term, 2Checkout clients will not only benefit from enhanced solutions with stronger capabilities, but also from increased innovation and operational efficiency from leveraging Verifone’s significant presence, market share and experience in global commerce.” VeriFone is located at 88 W Plumeria Dr San Jose, CA 95134, according to their BBB profile.

We will continue to monitor the situation and adjust this review if the new situation changes anything for 2Checkout merchants.

E-Commerce For a Global Market

2Checkout is an electronic payment service (merchant account alternative) founded in 2000 that allows merchants to accept online credit card payments from customers in their home country and abroad. Also called “2CO,” 2Checkout offers similar services to those of PayPal and Stripe. Unlike some of its competitors, however, 2Checkout does not solicit the merchant's customer to sign up for a 2Checkout account and simply lets the customer pay by using a credit or debit card (among a few other options). 2Checkout was acquired by an e-commerce company called Avangate in April 2017, but the combined organizations will continue operating as 2Checkout going forward. For the purposes of this 2Checkout review, we’ll be focusing on the company's credit card and debit card processing services.

Is 2Checkout Holding Your Funds Right Now?

Many merchants have had their payments frozen by 2Checkout. If you're one of them, then you might find these resources helpful:

2Checkout Payment Processing

2Checkout focuses its service solely on providing international online payment options to small and mid-size businesses and claims to have much lower shopping cart abandonment rates than its competitors. This narrow focus also allows 2Checkout’s services to be more feature-rich and centered on the needs of online sellers. The one feature that lacks with 2Checkout is a virtual terminal, unless your business is a non-profit. Therefore, as a default setting, merchants cannot use 2Checkout to enter credit card information by hand. Merchants who are looking for a highly rated virtual terminal provider will need to contact their 2Checkout account representative. 2Checkout customers can choose from 45 different payment methods, 30+ languages, and over 100 different currencies. 2Checkout also serves merchants in 200 other countries outside of the U.S.

Overcharges Reported

Getting the lowest costs with 2Checkout?
Probably not.
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2Checkout Customer Reviews

Here's What Their Clients Say

Customer Reviews Summary
Total Online Complaints 500+
Live Customer Support Yes
Most Common Complaint Fund Holds

Evaluating 2Checkout’s Customer Feedback

2Checkout, as a widely used merchant account alternative, faces a moderate volume of complaints, akin to challenges seen with other payment platforms. Many issues stem from misunderstandings about the company’s policies regarding restricted products and services, while others are lodged by customers of 2Checkout merchants, incorrectly targeting 2Checkout instead of the actual sellers. This misdirection underscores the need for clearer communication between 2Checkout, its merchants, and their customers.

Concerns Over Fund-Holds and Account Management

Among legitimate grievances, the most frequent complaints involve fund-holds, account cancellations, and less-than-ideal customer service. These fund-related issues often suggest that the complainants might be better served by a high-risk merchant account rather than 2Checkout’s services. Although strict fraud prevention measures are crucial, there is an evident need for 2Checkout to improve its communication regarding the release of pending payments, especially highlighting the 90-day hold period following account cancellation.

Legal Challenges Facing 2Checkout

2Checkout is currently implicated in a 2021 class-action lawsuit concerning allegations of enrolling consumers into automatic payments without clear notification. This case emphasizes the importance of transparency in merchant services. Merchants dissatisfied with 2Checkout’s practices are encouraged to seek resolution through non-litigious means by reporting their experiences to appropriate regulatory bodies.

2Checkout’s Approach to Customer Support

The increase in complaints specifically citing poor customer service has impacted 2Checkout’s rating in this area. Despite offering a comprehensive FAQs section, a knowledge center, a 24/7 support ticket system, and limited phone support hours (8 AM to 4:30 PM EST, Monday through Friday), these measures appear insufficient in fully addressing merchant concerns. Enhancements in direct communication and support responsiveness are essential for 2Checkout to be considered among top-rated merchant account providers for customer service.

This updated content aims to provide a balanced overview of 2Checkout, incorporating SEO-optimized key phrases such as “reviews,” “complaints,” “customer service,” and more to assist those researching the company. All provided links have been preserved to ensure readers have direct access to further information and resources.

Overcharges Reported

Getting the lowest costs with 2Checkout?
Probably not.
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2Checkout Online Ratings

Here's How They Rate Online

Online Ratings Summary
BBB Rating 1
Trustpilot Rating 2.6
Sitejabber Rating 2
Our Rating 3
Average Rating 2.15

BBB Rating Analysis for 2Checkout

2Checkout (as VeriFone) is not BBB accredited and has a C- rating. The business has been operational for 33 years. It has an average customer review rating of 1/5 stars based on 11 customer reviews. There are 20 customer complaints closed in the last 3 years, with 5 complaints closed in the last 12 months. Common themes in the reviews and complaints include issues with products/services and customer service.

Negative Feedback

I got a software program (Leawo Blu-ray ripper) that didn’t work. They promised a partial refund of $15 and said it was processed on March 15. It is now 2 months later and they are saying no that they refunded it again on May 11. Still nothing. I’m a poor college student and I can’t afford to be messing around with stupid companies that don’t want to work with me. – Complaint from May 22, 2023

If there were negative Stars I would go into the negative. 1. They are hard to get hold of. There are several hoops to jump through to even get to their information. I see the creepy hand of a corporate psychologist, (a mostly corrupting and creepy profession), at work devising those hoops through we must jump. 2. Very disappointing. 2checkout auto charged me for an additional (one year subscription) while their own records have a purchase for a two year subscription for the same product started six months ago. * No courtesy note:*We noticed that you are scheduled to purchase a product again which you already own. As our courtesy, to you, we want to ask if you intend to purchase a subscription again while you currently own the same product. That language was nowhere to be found anywhere. – Review from November 23, 2023

Positive Feedback

There are no positive reviews published about VeriFone, Inc. on the BBB website.
Source: BBB

Trustpilot Rating Analysis for 2Checkout

2Checkout (now Verifone), an e-Commerce solution provider, has a “Poor” rating on Trustpilot with a score of 2.6 out of 5, based on 2,242 reviews. The company has responded to 99% of negative reviews, usually within 2 days. The reviews reveal a mix of sentiments, with 43% 5-star and 42% 1-star ratings. Common themes in the reviews include issues with payment processing, particularly the inability to accept Visa and MasterCard directly, leading to decreased sales and customer dissatisfaction. Customers also express concerns about the complexity of the account opening process and the level of customer support.

Negative Feedback

Everything is good at 2checkout but they stop accepting Visa and MasterCard !! . After that my sales decreased about 50% Because customers need open account at paypal. One more What a joke they have card options in shopping cart by default but not accepting Visa and MasterCard. – Review from January 8, 2023

Our customer can not pay by VIsa or Mastercard. They have to go through PayPal. Many customer abandon shopping cart because they do not have PayPal account, not knowing they can pay with their Visa or Mastercard through PayPal as guest. – Review from December 5, 2023

Positive Feedback

Since a lot of years we use the service of Avangate, 2Checkout, Verifone. Always very professional, good support, no errors. – Review from December 5, 2023

Quite good experience with this company for a business who accept Paypal & credit card. – Review from December 5, 2023

Source: Trustpilot

Sitejabber Rating Analysis for 2Checkout

2Checkout (now Verifone) has a consumer rating of 2.0 stars on Sitejabber, based on 138 reviews. This rating indicates general dissatisfaction among customers. Common complaints include issues with customer service and credit card processing. Positive feedback is less frequent, but some customers have noted satisfactory experiences with refunds and customer support.

Negative Feedback

Avoid this service at all costs. They will charge you renewal fees long after you cancel your subscriptions. I have been trying for weeks to get a refund for a product that I canceled renewals about 1 year ago. They do not respond to emails and they have no customer service help. I had to contact my credit card to ask that the transaction be tracked as a fraud charge. – Review from Klaus B., July 20th, 2023

Customer Support is unresponsive, Python APIs are outdated. The support team does not respond in a timely manner. In addition, it only uses automated responses and does not attend to problems in a personalized way. They decided not to approve my business, even if uploaded every single document they asked for. They didn’t gave me a detailed answer to address the issue, they just cancel my account and sent me autogenerated email. So I waste development time and money. If you are developing on Python be prepared to downgrade the version of your software since the API is old and outdated. – Review from Juan O., April 2nd, 2022

Positive Feedback

I use it for over 10 years, since 2009. Back then they were called Avangate. The service is great, I highly recommend 2Checkout. – Review from Dmitriy K., August 25th, 2021

Sometimes the payout gets delayed even though the payment was done within the reporting period, often there have been cases when they said that they would pay me on a date, but then pushed it back by a week. Nothing too extreme but frustrating nonetheless. – Review from Mahfuz I., November 9th, 2023

Source: Sitejabber

2Checkout Fees, Rates & Costs

A Closer Look at The Contract

Cost & Fees Summary
2Sell Rate 3.5% + $0.35
2Subscribe Rate 4.5% + $0.45
2Monetize Rate 6% + $0.60
Enterprise Rate 1.00% - 4.99%
Early Termination Fee $0
PCI Compliance Fee $0

Straightforward Pricing

2Checkout’s pricing and fees are fairly simple. Since the time of our last update, however, the company has altered its pricing page and no longer differs its rates dependent on country. 2Checkout now simply offers three plans: “2Sell,” which charges 3.5% plus $0.35 per successful sale, the “2Subscribe” plan, which charges 4.5% plus $0.45 per successful sale and includes all “2Sell” benefits, and the “2Monetize” plan, which is marketed as an “all in one solution to sell digital goods globally,” costs 6% plus $0.60 per successful sale, and includes all benefits of the “2Subscribe” level. 2Checkout states that transaction fees for its services are now the same worldwide. 2Checkout does prohibit subscribers whose chargebacks exceed 1% of their monthly transactions. Accounts with frequent chargebacks should seek a provider offering services to high-risk merchants. The company also provides custom pricing for its “Enterprise” plan.

2Checkout Fee Increase Policy

Previously, the company’s terms of use mentioned that 2Checkout may, at its sole discretion, charge a higher transaction fee than the one advertised “if we determine that the sale of Products create a potential or actual financial or reputational risk to us, such as those in the Restricted Products List.” It is unknown how the company calculates or enforces this potential rate increase, but there are not many merchant complaints about it at this time.

A Low-Commitment Option

It is important to note that even though 2Checkout’s processing fee is somewhat high, 2Checkout offers several valuable services that are easy to use, and the company has no cancellation fees. This makes it a low-risk option for companies that need to process offshore payments. We also encourage merchants to check out our list of the providers of the best merchant accounts.

Other Services Come With Their Own Fees

There are a few other fees that the company may charge in circumstances unrelated to its credit card processing service. Merchants wishing to accept electronic checks and other forms of payment will want to inquire about these associated fees.

Overcharges Reported

Getting the lowest costs with 2Checkout?
Probably not.
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2Checkout Employee Reviews & Sales Tacitcs

Should You Work For Them?

Jobs & Marketing Summary
Employs Independent Resellers No
Advertises Deceptive Rates No
Discloses All Important Terms Yes

Full Disclosure

2Checkout does not appear to use any misleading sales tactics or marketing in its official materials. The service is primarily marketed online through advertising and affiliates. All pricing is clearly displayed without hiding any processing fees or rate tiers, and there are no online complaints filed here or elsewhere that describe issues with the company’s sales staff. This level of transparency is a main reason why 2CO is such a strong competitor to PayPal. We have accordingly assigned the company an “A” rating in this category.

This compares favorably to our list of best credit card processors.

Overcharges Reported

Getting the lowest costs with 2Checkout?
Probably not.
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Our 2Checkout Review Summary

Our Final Thoughts

2Checkout provides a streamlined electronic payment solution that caters effectively to online payments and e-commerce transactions, making it a popular choice among global merchants. The platform is particularly appreciated for its ease of use and consistently garners positive customer feedback, positioning it favorably among international payment processors. However, merchants are advised to familiarize themselves with 2Checkout’s specific policies and procedures to prevent any potential issues, especially those pertaining to the types of businesses and transactions that are permitted.

While 2Checkout’s processing fees are noted to be slightly above the industry average, the additional cost is justified by the comprehensive, feature-rich services it offers, which can be tailored to meet the diverse needs of most online retailers. Furthermore, 2Checkout stands out as one of the top multi-currency merchant account providers and is highly recommended for businesses seeking integration capabilities with accounting software like FreshBooks, enhancing its appeal to a wide range of e-commerce businesses.

Location & Ownership

2Checkout’s U.S. headquarters can be found at 1201 Dublin Rd Columbus, OH 43215. The president and COO of 2Checkout is Erich Litch, while the CEO is Mike Pulli.


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Overcharges Reported

Getting the lowest costs with 2Checkout?
Probably not.
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Testimonials & Complaints

How Did 2Checkout Treat You?

Overcharges Reported

Getting the lowest costs with 2Checkout?
Probably not.
>>> See what we are finding <<<

93 User Reviews

  • Vernouillet David

    I bought a product in March 2023 using credit card with a company. This company use 2checkout to process payment.
    I asked for a refund and the company accepted.

    On 28 March 2checkout debited the account of this company.
    I never received the refund on my credit card.
    I contacted their support , supportplus, refund department , complaint department.
    I never received explanation only an email by robot telling me that my request is sent to refund department.
    I left a trustpilot feedback and still no any answers.

    It is now 14 days

  • Wende OBrien

    The vendor I purchased my phone from (bitdefender) did not say I needed to go through 2co when I had issues with payment applications. Neither bitdefender, not 2co is responding to my issue. Even if bitdefender is highly rated, I am considering cancelling my subscription because of this lack of customer support.

  • Wende OBrien

    2co has been unresponsive to my issue of assigning my payment to a phone I no longer use and making the subscription on my new phone, that had a subscription, expired. I sent them 3 emails, and attempted to contact the original vendor, one Plus, with no response.

  • Steve

    I tried to apply for their service for overseas transactions and never received a response.

    In fact the only response received is to be added to their marketing newsletter that I did NOT opt-in for.

    I called 2checkout at their 9040 Roswell Rd, Ste 450, Atlanta, GA 30350, USA office at (678) 666 – 2660 but the automated phone system circled back to switchboard whenever I navigated to sales.

    I left several messages with the general mailbox but have not received a returned call.

    Clearly I should not be pushing to become a customer when they show no interest. Imagine if I had a problem and need help?

    • Angela Vilimaitis


      Hi Steve , I’m trying to open an account with them and it’s been a month the beginning they asked me for so many documents and then no answer I sent several emails and still no answer very bad communication very bad assistance imagine if I had a problem and need help ?

  • visionmw

    The worst customer service !
    We were going back and forth with new requirements for the application everytime. It looks like they don’t even read/understand your comments/concerns. Better find another gateway and stay away from them.

  • Alex Guess

    The his company may drop you and close your account without any reason without warning.

    Further orders will be immediately stopped.

    Your remaining funds will be hold for a long time.

    The users who had recurrent payments will not necessarily will subscribe when you will switch the payment processor.

    Don’t bother to use them as eventually you will lose big.

    Talking from my own experience.

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  • Hossein

    Really bad service
    I had account with 2checkout for more than 2 years
    On 15/may/2019 we launch new product in our website
    And our sale jump very well
    On 29/may/2019
    I received email from 2checkout that they will hold my money for verification process and its will take 21 days
    I send them so many emails
    But no clear answer from there side
    I send 3 email in past 10 days
    And i didnt get any response to my email
    No one answer me
    No clear email about the process
    They said we want to make sure all buyers received there orders
    I asked them how you will do that ?
    No answer
    I offer them all the tracking numbers and receive confirmation
    But still no answer from there side

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    • Si Global

      Same thing happened with me, I am running a service providing company where we provide different digital services. Our sales were really good once they had good amount in their dashboard they stopped our payout and restricted our account.

      Lets file a complain against them together to BBB and get our legit money back.

      This post will help: Best Merchant Accounts for Digital Goods


  • Tom

    Their customer service is very bad!!! I struggle to use them for 2 years. Firstly, I bought 2 plug-in interfaces for WooCommerce in order to make it work. Then, they tell us the minimum account to transfer my money to the bank is USD300. So, I decided to cancel it but it takes 180 days and now they told me it’ll take 180 days more in order to take my money back…..This is just a nightmare and it is a trap!!!

    This post will help: How to Make Your Payment Processor Release Your Money


  • Crip Nesla

    2Checkout is probably one of the very worst merchant gateways I have ever used.

    I have a business that sells hosting services and one of my clients is my brothers business that has the same surname. They refused to accept that this was the case and insisted I was in breach of their regulations and purchasing my own product, even after identification proof and a detailed explanation was provided. They withheld all the funds.

    I made a $3000 AU sales for one month. After all the processing was completed and the funds transferred into the Payoneer account and withdrawn, there was a total of $2,520 available. That is a total of 16% in fees charges. There was a fee when the sale took place via WHMCS, there was a fee when the funds hit the 2Co account, there was a fee when the funds landed at the Payoneer account and there was a fee to withdraw the funds from the ATM.

    This people are bad news, they have NO support. You cannot contact the necessary department at all, they do not take phone calls. They take well over 3-5 days to respond to an email. The response is off topic, rude and takes no consideration of the problem.

    Stay far, far away.

    From The Editor
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  • Francis

    I’m trying to close my account but it seems they have lots of reason to not release my payment. I’ve been submit all kind of form that is required. Extended held of payment. Bad customer support. Nobody would reply to your email. When you use this company be prepare on loosing your money. You will find it too complicated to withdraw your own money because this company is a SCAMMER!!! JUST Avoid this Company!!!!!

    From The Editor
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  • Wanda de Vries

    I have never experienced such bad customer service as with 2 check out. I just opened an account and got my first sale. I am having trouble on how to receive my money owed to me and had some questions. I was assigned to a account manager named Alex W who did not reply to my email. I waited 5 days to ask again and copied the sales support team aswell. Still no response from anybody. I am shocked how a company can treat its clients like that. Especially when it’s concerning money I want to collect from my sale. I also filled out a survey letting them know that nobody has gotten back to me. Of course I haven’t heard anything. very alarming.

    • sabine kassouf

      Dear Wanda, I just had the same experience with Alex W who chose not to collaborate with our company after 6 months of asking for the most basic documents, when he got them, the only answer was that we sell products that does not comply the profile of the company and are part of the prohibited list, which is a total lie as we sell organic ready made meals. the whole thing is biased and based on racial discrimination because we are based in Beirut, Lebanon. 2 Checkout is racist.

      From The Editor
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  • Tiago De SIlva

    I had a pretty average experience with 2Checkout. Their website is great and the sign up process solid, but from that point on, I found them utterly useless. The emails I received from my account executive seemed automated, or at the very least, cut and pasted. After fulfilling all the requirements they set for me, I got a vague email saying they had to decline my application and could not say why. My disappointment in this was compounded by the fact that I had contracted someone to set up the payment page on my website in anticipation of my 2Checkout account being approved. That was my mistake.

    The services I was offering are very basic in their nature, so I’m utterly confused as to why my application was denied. Calling their customer service line was no help either, I simply heard a message to enter my account number which was followed by some hold music, and then was asked to enter my account number again. The same sequence followed until I gave up waiting. I’m not even sure they have staff members manning the phone lines.

  • Jason Blake

    They’re a scam no matter what this guy says.

    Nightmare to deal with. Delays on everything. Short story: We used them when redesigning a nonprofit’s website. Their interface accepted “nonprofit” as a business structure but also demanded an “owner” listed, which isn’t a particular person, which a rep told me they required. We put mine since I am the president. I, too, have to buy tickets to our events as we all volunteer and support the organization. I was the first purchase on the website a) to test it and b) to buy my tickets. Weeks later they closed our account, stole our money and accused us of “fraud” since an “owner” can’t purchase through their own account.

    This was the most egregious error of many. RUN! And don’t buy the condescending “people didn’t understand the user agreement” BS on this site’s review. Their agreement is DESIGNED to leave room for fraud.

  • Ahmed

    Terrible Company. I signed up a few months ago which was pretty simple. It only got complicated when I asked for my funds to be released. I was told fill in a tax form which I did, and they emailed me saying everything is ok.
    Just today I tried to log in because it’s been 2-3 weeks since I submitted the tax info and I got a message saying my account is deactivated and of course they gave me no reason when I asked them why.

    Bad for business; now I need to find another merchant and god knows how long that will take to set everything up.

    Terrible company, STAY AWAY!

  • RFX

    They basically say that they can close any account whenever they want, for no reason whatsoever:

    “Thank you for your response. We can certainly understand your disappointment at the closure of your account. Please know there are many factors taken into consideration when an account is closed. Any one of these factors may, in and of itself and at our sole discretion, warrant the closure of an account. We sincerely apologize for any disruption this may cause you or your business.”

  • John Smith

    Please be aware of this payment service provider, their online tech documentation is incomplete and their support take a minimum of one week to reply. They offer close to zero support. There are far better payment processing options out there, don’t waste your time with this one.

  • Daniel

    Horrendous company, AVOID at all costs.

    Like many many other reviews on many platforms this gateway is awful in every way.

    1- Very difficult,& long winded to set up,
    2- Terrible customer service taking days to answer with a cut/paste standard reply and doing nothing.
    3- Making unreasonable demands about the way you display your product on your website!
    4- Closed our account and froze our funds!!
    They are asking us to fill in forms regarding US business, we are in the UK, none of the questions apply to us.
    5- We cannot access our account, they do not reply.

    AVOID unless you want to loose your money.
    What they do is theft and should be investigated.

    • Evgehy

      I also heard a lot of reviews about them. Although I wanted to connect to them this week. Thank you for having read your responses in time. For my country there are not many payment systems, now I do not know what to do ???

  • Frank

    This payment provider is the biggest ripoff we have ever seen. The 90 days rolling reserve is a lie. The 90 days will start after your payout. In other words: you will never be able to get the reserve for the last payment. They really don’t deserve any business, at all.

  • Non of your business

    Simply the worst payment gateway ever and the highest rates !!!!! All of a sudden you get your account suspended without notice !!! And then they hold all if your money for 6 months !!! Great job.

    Changing terms and conditions without notifying their clients ! Refunding customers without inspection and without even returning the products!

    People just do not ever consider this company or even think of dealing with them that’s my advice

  • Chidi

    I used 2checkout for 8 whole year and they just closed my account last month with all the money in it. Don’t ever use 2checkout, if you are using them already, run! they are mayham waiting to happen. With all the funds in my account they can’t even refund a customer. Are they not supposed to be under some law? 2checkout out is my worst mistake.

  • Rolfen

    After sending utility bills, passport scan, and answering all the questions, they refuse our application and claim that we are on the “restricted products list”.
    We sell books. Poetry, novels, etc.
    They are unreasonable and rude. I would not waste my time with them, nor recommend them. It was a very disappointing experience.

  • Adeel


    I am based in Dubai and had two accounts with 2checkout. My account ids are 103049530 and 103022791. I was granted approval for these accounts in Oct 2016.

    We did good processing for a month or so and they kept holding my payout every time giving nonsense reasons like it needs to be verified, on every payout day, they gave a new excuse. Suddenly on 24th Nov, 2017, they sent me emails that both of my accounts are closed immediately, without giving me any reason, they just mentioned “the Risk Department cannot disclose the exact details of the closure or of the review”. They held my money which was in access of 100,000 USD combined for both accounts.
    As per their email, my accounts were to be reviewed again on 22nd May, 2017 for release of my funds. They did release payment of one of the accounts after my follow up i.e. 103022791 but again held the payment for my other account. They pushed the review date of account id 103049530 to 26th June, 2017 giving the reason that there are disputes on the account, although the last refund/chargeback on the account was received 3 months ago.

    Now on 28th June, 2017, they sent me this email: “After review of your account, we have rescheduled your account’s final payout review date for December 28, 2017 due to the outcome of the final payment review.”
    This is absolutely ridiculous and an act of thievery. I can also say that they are racist as they are treating me this way due to my nationality which is of South Asian origin. Now, whenever I call them to complain, they give me a run around. I asked them to connect me to their senior management but they always deny. I now feel helpless due to the fact that this company is holding my amount in access of $50,000 giving absurd reasons.

    I would like someone to advise me how to go legally about this since I am not in US, otherwise, I would have looked for an option to go through a legal way. I have friends in US, whom I can request to seek legal counsel about this illegal move of 2checkout. Can someone please advise me for further proceedings? I will not wait for another 6 months for their lies.
    I will wait for few days before I seek legal counsel.

    If anyone from 2checkout is reading this review, you can avoid a legal hassle just by releasing my payout which you are holding illegally.


  • Merv

    I had a merchant account with 2chekcout under account id 103074670. I was approved for this account in Nov 2016 after completing all the formalities that they asked for.

    We started processing payments successfully for a month and when it was time for sending payout, they sent me message that my account this under fraud/risk review and this is a normal and brief process. I kept waiting for their response, after every few days they would send me a follow up email informing that account is still under review and would ask for new requirements/documents, which I promptly provided.

    After over 3 weeks i.e. on Dec 23rd, 2016, they finally emailed me that they are closing my account without any reason. They kept my amount in access of $50k and said they would review it for release on June 21, 2017. It gave me a big hit and I almost went bankrupt, it affected my health as well. Since I couldn’t do anything, I waited patiently for 6 months.

    Now, on June 21, 2017 they would inform me that they cannot release the payment now because there were charge backs on my account more than 3 months ago, the amount of chargeback was less than $200.

    I begged them to release my money and not hold over $50k because of $200 charge back that was received more than 3 months ago. I even asked them to release me 90% of the amount and keep 10% until they think it is no more risky for them. They wouldn’t listen to me and have now pushed the review date to Dec 2017.
    It is important to mention here that recently Avangate acquired 2chekcout and Avangate’s CEO, Mr. Alex Hart became CEO of 2checkout as well. I request Mr. Hart to please personally look into my case as I am in desperate need of my money.

    I will wait for few days and If I don’t get a response, I will have no other option but to start a petition against 2CO.

    A very dissatisfied merchant

  • Fit First Class

    By far the most unprofessional payment gateway service. Felt extremely unsafe dealing with them over a short period of time we had an account with them. They claim they can provide service for the GCC countries but they failed to do so.

  • Hoang

    As business owner I believe customer service is the most important part of the business when it comes to a very competitive industry like merchant service that 2checkout is in.

    I contacted 2checkout trying to setup my merchant account. Unlike other merchant providers where i would receive phone call from salesperson and guide me thru the process. I receive an email from a salesperson name Frank Petõ with 2 lines and asking me to wait because they are too busy with too many applications. Understood business got busy some time.

    The very next day i sent all documents i was asked about my business.

    I setup my business website like they asked for and they came back saying they need more information. I simply replied back saying that i tried to list everything clearly on my site (or maybe not for them I could understand) and I asked them please let me know what part they want more detail.

    The next day i received an email from them saying they don’t approve my application.

    If this is kind of experience you want. Please go with it.

    I can’t believe how worse it could be once we join them if customer like you and me are treated like this even BEFORE we use their service.

    Good Luck guys. Worldpay or braintree seem to be better.

  • Mike Pekar

    I made a $72.90 purchase through my PayPal account to this outfit for a holster on May 17 and to date I have not received my item. I have sent two emails and left voice mails. I would not do business with any company who uses this third party as a payment recipient. Steer clear of them. My next step is the AG of the State of Ohil.

  • Etwin Aslander

    Wow…just really glad to read all of the above.
    I was just about to sign up with 2Checkout!
    Seems there are some really big issues with this company.
    I am currently with Paypal which is not great but still seems better then using these guys.
    Thanks for the warnings!

  • Matthew Thompson

    While it does sound like a great thing, their support is absolutely terrible. Probably the worst I’ve ever dealt with. I’ll email them on a Monday, get a reply on a Friday and nothing. I’ve tried phoning within the hours listed on their site and the recording says their closed. I’ve lost $500 in sales this week because of them.

  • Kanhais Center

    DO NOT USE THIS MERCHANT. I used 2CheckOut for one of my business for almost 2 years we had many transactions until December 2016 when we had our first chargeback. Because of this one charge back 2CheckOut sent us an email and locked our account said we went over our 2% chargeback rate. They then sent us an email we have to send them back the funds via PayPal. We send them back the funds via Paypal and they still refused to open back our account. Also a note please make sure the % they state on the website is the actual % they take out they said they were charging us 5% in transaction fees when we calculated it they were charging us over 11% during our service period and even after many emails they never refunded us our agreed %.

  • K Singh

    2Checkout is the scum of the earth. They are horrible to deal with, unsympathetic and very nasty. They closed my account for no reason and refused to speak with me. I lost my subscribers, I lost my earnings, my business and my life is now in ruin.

    2Checkout, I wish you all that is bad in the world and more… scumbags

  • Sameer

    Not worth even trying and wasting time setting up your account. Foolish employee and company to deal with. Right from the start there are too many formalities and paperwork which takes forever to complete. If you are drop shipping and product they would ask you to embed all the links of the products and drop ship suppliers from your site to their system for review. What if you have to remove products and add more suppliers after your application is approved. Does the same system applies? There was no way around offered or any understanding to have other options. So, even before starting a relationship, the only offer from the account executive Benjimin Turner was to close our application / account. I hope the senior management realizes the loos of potential loss of business here and bad reputation. I would never recommend anyone in my circle to try approaching them.

  • John

    I joined 2checkout, selling web hosting and radio stream hosting services, they requested access to my client area and control panels for both web hosting and radio stream (shoutcast) hosting, we are listed as offering “hosting”, they approved my business, then out of nowhere a few months after being with them they pull the plug, they suspend the account without any prior notification.

    The claim was “streaming” what on the prohibited list, nowhere was this listed, so I asked for them to show me where exactly it states this, they said it comes under “file sharing”…so in other words they made the claim up and stated it comes under something else, so nobody could would actually tell from reading the prohibited list that radio stream hosting wasn’t allowed. In other words, how the hell would you know?

    Moreover this was AFTER they approved us and had access to all control panels including for the so called “prohibited” service.

    I received no notification prior that anything had changed, just instant suspension, they withheld funds unwilling to let them go, resulting in me cancelling the account and having to wait for the payment to be released some 90 days later.

    Oh and the only way to unsuspended the account? Well, nothing major except dropping one of the core services from my business (radio stream hosting).

    I had read online that others had similar experience with the suspension out-of-the-blue, i put it down to odd cases or must have been a reason, but now I know that isn’t the case.

    Needless to say, as a small home run business having your customers pay for a service that you are delivering to them but you aren’t being paid for because your payment processor trumps up some random (unlisted) reason to instantly suspend your account without any backup on their part, isn’t a good thing.

    I regret having dealt with them, and from that point on whenever i am asked by client about payment processors, i happily send them elsewhere.

    Don’t get me wrong, the core service itself is good, never had issues with clients making payments or me receiving the payments, integration with my billing system was easy….BUT the people behind the service and the policies and practices however are not, they don’t seem to care about you or about your business, they care about the scripted replies and policies they create, they don’t answer things that they know they are at fault for, for example the reason I was suspended not actually being listed on their prohibited list, asking how can one know what is prohibited if it isn’t actually mentioned anywhere, that never received a reply (except “it comes under something else”), and why would it…they would have to admit that one can’t know something is prohibited if it isn’t listed anywhere and thus they wouldn’t have grounds to suspend the account.

    In short, they can’t admit when they make mistakes or handle things wrong, my guess is nobody there uses any common sense.

  • Anton

    just one word: AVOID.

    Let me explain why: my company is located in Lithuania (European Union) and in 2016 year we ran an online store selling guitar strings. We used a one payment gateway (famous one you all know) and wanted to offer an alternative payment option for our customers. We contacted PayMill, Adyen, Stripe, 2 checkout and so on. Only Adyen and 2checkout worked with our region and we found their fees reasonable. So we subscribed for both. We explained what purposes we need a payment gateway for (European store, payments in Euro, then company bank account in European bank and so on). They told that the rates on their website is correct and we started to work. Our partnership ended after 1st transaction. First of all we were a little bit confused by the amount we received. We double checked 2checkout fees and calculated amount didn’t match the actual amount. So we contacted support team. And there it started to surprise. Response time before we subscribed had been short. After that we could write a few times before we get something from them. They explained: as they’re an American company all the transactions not in USD are conversed to USD during payment and then it is conversed again before appearing on our account. So we have a lame double conversion from EUR to USD and then again to EUR. Why didn’t they tell that, when we asked if their payment gate worked well for Europe companies in Euro currency without any hidden tricks? Well, that’s their business and how they do that :) Tricky. Ok. So we asked them to close our account, it required a lot of docs for USA, despite that we never worked there, so why we should justify ourselves before their TAX system. Ok, it’s rules and we followed them. Than we asked to transfer money to our bank account and once again. We’ve been shocked. Their support team member saw that we had only 20 something euros on our account and they knew that transfer would not be from European bank, so we would have to pay international transaction fee of 15$.
    Just realize. 15$ from 23$ dollars on our account balance. It’s ridiculous. And their team member could tell us that we should pay 15$, we would rather have refunded our customer and leave him a product as a present then receive a funny 8$ from that 29$ order after all the fee charges. But we can see that they don’t care, they answer after a long time or don’t answer at all. That’s their service.

    Conclusion: no need to say that using some of the biggest payment gateways you save time, nerves, money and there’s no any hidden tricks. It’s up to you.

    We were mad at the whole situation with 2checkout and only a few months after decided to tell about it. Maybe it will help someone, because if we had known someone else’s experiences before we subscribed, we would have never worked with 2checkout.

    Anton (MB Revolo)

  • Anonymous

    I was a 2checkout customer for over a year when I received a message from them that they were terminating our account because we sold gift cards on our site. The gift cards were purchased in a different way that did not even include 2checkout at all.

    They refused to re-activate our account which put all of our existing subscriptions at jeopardy.

    It’s shocking that a payment processor has the power to behave in such a shady way. Such actions could ruin a business and everyone should be warned of this before using them.

  • ankit jain

    pathetic payment gateway. nobody for his or her website should use their services. as everyday you will face trouble with them. and let me tell you there is no support. your email willnt be replied to. even if it is replied they willnt answer the trouble you are facing. there cant be a pathetic service provider then this.

  • Tom Woods


    2checkout scammed me a few days before Christmas this year. $2300 which wasn’t a lot but I put all of my money into my new start up business everything I had covered all the costs with marketing, stock, DHL shipping and much more

    They simply contacted one customer who hadn’t received their item yet all the way in Kuwait (still within the 18 day shipping time) and said this

    ” Hello, 

    Thank you for providing the tracking information. We have reviewed your information and are unable to reactivate your account due to non delivery.

    Any funds remaining on your account will be reviewed for a final payment within 90 days after the closure date; please note, these funds are held to cover any potential refunds or chargebacks. 

    We sincerely apologize for any disruption that this may cause you or your business, but must adhere to banking regulations. We wish you and your business great success in the future.

    Risk Team ”

    Even after I provided tracking numbers and a photo of DHL collecting the most recent and upto date parcels they said it was a nice touch over the phone but they couldn’t even elaborate on which customer it was that come under ‘due to no delivery’ still till this day I don’t have a single chargeback

    They said they had spent enough time on this case over the phone. After I sent them a detailed spread sheet breakdown of all orders everything dispatched and upto date

    This account was closed because only one order hadn’t arrived yet and it was STILL within the 18 days shipping time stated on my website

    I’ve read all the cases about 2checkout and wish I did at the start, they are thieves and will take you’re money regardless of your financial hardship or not

    They live off the interest over 90 days, if they didn’t steal money like this they would not be as financially strong as they are

    Do not for your own sake join these criminals they are savages and you’ll only find out the hard way like I did

  • farooq

    They are fraudsters, they can hold you money any time for years. They hold my money and close my account without any reason. Now its 2 year i never get back my money from them. THEY ARE CRAP. NEVER USE 2CO IN YOUR LIFE.

  • Alex

    1) I ordered smartseohosting hosting on 54.93 dollar
    2) They billed me 164.79 dollar through 2checkout
    3) I’m ask refund
    4) No answer, my account deleted
    5) 2checkout dont make me refund (perhaps they support scammers)

  • Della Where

    I have been with 2CO since their early days. Other than one incident where a customer hit buy 5X by accident and 2CO wouldn’t refund me the 4 extra transaction charges, I hadn’t had a problem.
    After moving to paypal, I have been trying to close my accout for over a year. They disabled my account but my personal and bank info are still there. As I told them, if the Pentagon can get hacked, so can 2CO.

    I’ve spent many emails trying to rectify this. I’m not using 2CO any more, why don’t you just cancel my account? My reserve has been paid and I haven’t made a sale in a year, so no worries about chargebacks.

    When I asked what the timeline would be for account cancellation i got this reply:

    We are unable to provide a specific date for all data due to the various requirements of certain aspects of each account.

    Bottom line, not a bad company to do business with but good luck trying to get away from them.

  • Roderik

    I start using 2Checkout all good at the beginning but when I put my payment data to withdraw the money generated sales with my business, I had the tremendous surprise that they closed my account without giving me any reason, I have contacted several times the support team and they just tell me that they can not give me information about why they closed my account and worst of all they took all my money, they never paid me generated with my sales, I regret to say it was a total loss for my business, 2checkout are scammers, i do not understand how a company like this still stands robbing people. Be careful not to use 2Checkout or will be ripped off.

  • Simeon

    Oh, i regret now that i haven’t found those reviews sooner. If somebody think that they have made theyir customer service better in last years, you will be wrong. They still have rasist really slow customer support.
    First they hunt you as wild animal on hunt season to become their customer. Once they have your personal ID they stop replying to your e-mails.
    Waiting forever for any update. And they even accused me of crime, because they have found some Yellow article from some unknown media in midle of nowhere, that some of the suspects had the same name as me …
    They are rasist with absolute lack of respect for their customers.
    I think B grade is too much, probably C and never use them will be better.

  • Karim

    2Checkout has poor customer respect and support. Here’s the details:
    They notified us of some compliance issue with 2 year plans that we corrected. Suddently the account was locked after 2 weeks. No payments were accepted or received during this period. Customer wanting to purchase were in a standstill.

    After 2checkout they mentioned that there are some areas in on the site that were using APIs which there weren’t. The comminication between them was super slow and their RISK team was very incompentent in responding in a timely fashion and with a good level of details.

    It took more than 48 hours of calls and emails and we are still in a standstill. They still couldn’t answer what the issue of the lockout was. Customers are still waiting in the meantime and no body can purchase.

    The main complaint here is
    1. how do you lock out an account of a merchant that depends on the business for more that 48 hours. Poor choice of action. Companies depend on your system for sales and staying in business.

    2. Communication is poor. Team was not able to respond with specifics as to what the issue was. Their responses were vague and inaccurate despite many attempts at asking for clarification.

    3. Their sense of urgency is awful. I escalated this issue many times with them and still they would wait a day to respond. Their response was still unclear. It’s as if they don’t know what’s happening them selves. 48 hours is critical 2checkout! no sales for 48 hours because of your lack of understanding of urgency.

    This is not a good provider to deal with since they may lock your account for whatever reason. And if this happens, which then can be urgent, you may not receive any worthwhile response for a very long time.

    As merchant make sure you pick a provider that is able to support you quickly in case of issues. Every downtime is a huge drawback to your business.

  • sergio ordonez

    They retained my money for weeks for no reason… ignore my emails and my tickets, I just get stupid automatic responses asking for documents and delaying the payout for my own security!!! A waste of time.

  • Annoyed

    2CO are not recommended. They are very unprofessional and unhelpful. They have twice terminated my account, despite nothing happening at all and my making no changes to the services that I offer for payment though 2CO. The first time they accused me of making a payment on behalf of a customer, when this was subsequently proven to be false, and the second time, they just decided to terminate my account without giving a reason. Very frustrated and Annoyed. What a waste of time. I recommend you find a different provider.

    Are you with 2CO? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

    • Bonnet Pro

      I was also just terminated. Liked them at first. Spent 7 months and 15 grand setting up a subscription based forum, a first for my industry.
      Quickly realized the people are so used to free info that the format was not going to work and switched it to free. Not feeling it was fair to keep the first 9 peoples monies who paid to get in while the new people got access for free I refunded the monies for the first nine subscribers. No one asked i just thought it was the right thing to do. 2CO sent me a threatening email I responded by email and spoke to a supervisor, walked her through the forum and told her why I gave the refunds and that I had considered moving the account to my main business that does 6 figures online per year. She said she understood and “promised” to call me back the next day. No call, I hate that, just an email that said I was terminated for too many charge backs. They listened so well.
      I dont like the hold back of the monies on top of the use charges. They should have listened better, much better. Not impressed!

  • Dave

    I usually never reply on posts like this but just had enough of 2co
    Customer for 10 years use 2co under business entity. Today they ask me to give them my personal SSN so that they can run my credit check even dough they have business Tax ID , and than they “ordered” me to place business operating hours , address , contact phone for customer support. We are software providers and use , forums , private tickets and contact forms not phone numbers. Had enough, left only Paypal instead, so now the 30% of our biz goes to Paypal instead of 2co. And that 30% was much more than enough for them to say , ” no mr , you are loyal customer , we have everything we need”, instead they said “we are sory but these are our guidelines”. Thank you and never again!

    Are you with 2CO? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • Haiks

    Avoid 2checkout like the plague!!!
    I just started my ecommerce site and applied payment gateway with them. I told them clearly that we are at testing stage and needed 3 weeks time to open shop.

    For the next few days, I get continuous emails from different people in the company or support team asking me when the shop will be open.

    I emailed a complaint over and they replied that all email contact will stop until the shop open. However, barely a day later I started getting emails asking the same questions again.

    I decided to switch gateway and emailed them about it. The account was then closed.

    Until now, even with the account closed, I am still getting emails from them asking when the shop is gonna open!!!!!

    Disorientated Abd over pressuring.

  • Mohamad.zghib

    They have rejected my main products saying it is “unsupported” but didn’t provide any evidence, I’m selling herbal soap and oils, it’s is certified by the ministry of health, on top of that, it is not listed in their prohibited list of products! I’m so disappointed

  • Peter

    I’ve been over 5 years with this company with turnover of $120.000 pa with no chargebacks and they just un-verified me, therefore I cannot have my money although they will still accept transactions. Their excuse was not friendly or anything to do with me being a loyal customer, simply they suggested I read their terms and conditions to see that they have the right to do so.
    I informed them that they have effectively put me out of business overnight but still got no reason for their action. Needless to say I will find another provider.

  • Sarona Gun Works LLC

    The web-site administrator thought that “2Checkout” would be a good service that my gun repair and firearms accessory could use. Initially, my legitimate, on-line business was accepted, and I received emails thanking me for choosing their service. Then, CEO Frank Peto, sends me an email stating that they don’t approve of my selling firearms on-line. The problem is, I don’t sell firearms on line, or through this web site, but only accessories and repair parts for firearms. The last time I looked, that is still a legal thing to do. Any of you folks who have a legitimate business, but enjoy the shooting sports, need to reconsider the anti-shooting/firearms stand that 2Checkout has taken. I will find another service that graciously accepts ALL businesses that perform a service that is legitimate and has no past history to warrant refusal.

  • raagdesign

    This is how we have been robbed by 2Checkout in the pretext of global payment:

    Transaction ID: 105412472144
    Payment done by customer in INR: 75500/-
    Payment converted in USD: 1150.65/- (Payment is less, as very high conversion rate is applied which 2CheckOut says this includes hedge charges, third party fees etc. which was never communicated nor disclosed, they write 5.5% + 45c only, it was expected to received approx $1234 USD based on FX conversion INR 61.15 / USD, but charged INR 65/USD)

    Reserve Held: 57.54 USD
    2CO Fees: 63.74 USD
    Adjust: 15.00 USD (At the time of wire transfer, this money was deducted)
    Final Payment: 1014.37 USD

    Total Charged: 17.79 % vs of 5.5% + 45c

    Do you really think, merchant like us will survive our business paying through 2Checkout?

    When contacted customer care: All vague replies and never got the answer. Ticket raised:


    PS: Those who are outside US and want to transact with 2Checkout, think twice before dealing with fraudsters !

  • David D

    I attempted to use my Canadian MasterCard on 2CO. It was rejected with the comment that non-US currency would not be processed! Yet, this very page here emphasizes 2CO processes currency from all over the world. I add that my card has never before been refused anywhere at any time for decades. It is also obvious that Canadian currency would be converted to US currency by 2CO’s bank automatically. The company from whom I bought the products excused 2CO’s strange behavior as “an anomaly” and refused to investigate. It occurred to me that it was possible 2CO now had my credit card number and personal ID. When I asked the company to get a notarized statement from 2CO guaranteeing that my card number and personal ID were being deleted from their system, the company argued that my speculation did not require their intervention. Consequently, I have reported both to the BBB and continue to investigate.

  • Shawn Randleman

    We had the worst experience every with 2Checkout. They try hold $40,000 of our sales based on a class we setup for over the next 6 months. They stated they could not release funds into the service was complete…6 months from now. We when back to PayPal!

  • Lee

    We received an email from 2checkout saying that due to violating their Terms of Service on multiple occasions, all or our funds have been forfeited. Is it legal for them to do that? Anyone come across the same situation as ours? Can we sue 2checkout about this?

  • Sue

    I recently tried to pay for a product using 2checkout only to be repeatedly told that authorization failed and teh transaction was not completed. Frustrated I turned to paypal and lo and behold my purchase took place within 30 seconds. 2 days later while looking at my credit card statements i found repeated charges originating from the company in the value of $50 each on my account (the same value as the product i had tried to purchase using their service) . I was most upset and have since started teh process of disputing these charges Beware of these scammers!

  • 2Checkout Cost Me

    I recently opened an account with 2Checkout. I am a for hire programmer and so my business model is to be at their place of business and have them pay while I am there. Paypal has a threshold and after a certain amount they force the customer into an account, and some customers don’t like that – so I tried 2Checkout.

    The first transaction went in right away and after waiting a week for the $, I was told there was a refund, with no reason other than a list of possible 3 things. I called and was told the email address was the issue. I had my client redo the order. Well after waiting a week and being charged $30 or so for the transaction that was returned!, I was informed it was refunded again and this time because they filled out the order on the same IP as my laptop. Well, they paid while I was there, so of course it was the same IP.

    In calling, they said it violated their policies to have the same IP. So the only way for this transaction to go through was a different IP? So my client would have to go home and pay? I have NEVER heard of this before and now I have to go back a second time and ask them to pay.

    It took 3 months to get this account and now it’s in jeopardy because of this.

    If you are thinking of using 2checkout – buyer beware. Read all the reviews -especially the BBB. Now that I m looking (shame on me) I am seeing similar issues. DO NOT USE THEM

  • Pete Bottomley

    I’m sorry but the statement that 2checkout.com have only a handful of complaints is incorrect, I’ve had dealing with them on a transaction since February & they haven’t even bothered to reply to a single email, I checked the net to see if anyone else had had a problem & there was a plethora of complaints, infact not one positive, so be very wary of them indeed.

  • Arum Chak

    DO NOT make the mistake of signing up with 2checkout, unless you want to suffer like me!

    I consider myself a typical internet marketer selling my own digital creations such as ebooks, templates, etc. I have been in business with this company as a vendor for the past 5 years. All of a sudden they make my account inactive and I lose my sales. This they did without any prior warning at all. I discovered this on my own when I found all my order links showing a ‘parameter error’! When I inquired, they told me that my website was missing a number of documents such as privacy policy, refund policy etc (which is of course b.s; the link to all policies is right there on my homepage and salespages; maybe the person reviewing my website was a blind man!). I gave them the links to these policies and then they insisted that these links must be right on the order page (How am I supposed to do that? Since 2checkout really offers me a payment link redirect and not an order page). I insisted that these links are indeed ON the salespages from which customers would be ordering my products (in fact, not a single customer has raised an issue about these, in all these 5 years btw!).

    When that was over they insisted that my salespages had no ‘real marketing’ at all. I asked what they mean by ‘real marketing’ since I indeed do the marketing required to sell my products.

    At last they insisted that I give them access details to my customer areas (including membership login areas) so they can take a look around. I refuse this, because not only this would violate the privacy of my customers, I also don’t trust them enough for that (ever seen a PayPal staff asking you for any kind of ‘password/login information’?). This is the only thing I refused them and due to that they permanently set my account to ‘inactive’ status first and then to dormant status!

    That over, I asked them to close my account and give me the remaining $54 balance I had in my account. 2checkout has a different ‘release level’ for each payment option they offer, in case you don’t know, and if your balance is below that release level, then you won’t get the money, no matter how much you beg. They said that:

    ‘The minimum release level for a wire transfer is $300, for Payoneer is $20 and for Air Mail check is $100.”

    Based on the above, my only option was Payoneer. And on top of that – it is not the ‘direct bank transfer’ option of Payoneer, mind you (which is what I asked for because it is free but again was refused by 2checkout), but instead the MasterCard option which would actually require me to invest around $25 just to get the card! Didn’t make any sense to me to spend $25 to get $54 back, so I decided to leave the balance in my account.

    I thought (and requested too) that they would make an exception in case of account closure and send me one last air mail check! But NO! They are not humans at all! They are just working machines without any sense of empathy in them!

    I am writing this so others know that they treat their customers like dirt, regardless of how long you are doing business with them! STAY AWAY from them! Even Paypal, as bad as they are, is still much better than 2checkout!

    Oh, and did I tell you that they no longer offer services to internet marketers, although they are hardly explicit about this stupid rule! After all, they would tell you everything BUT the truth!

  • dk

    Like the reviewers above I would not recommend 2checkout. In my case two years after setting up my account – they change their product terms and inform me that my products are no longer allowed and terminate my ability to process payments with those products. Getting setup with them in the first place is extremely time consuming because they have picky requirements – and then your likely to lose your account anyways when they shortly after change terms. Honestly I wonder if they are just in the business of collecting account setup fees since they seem to change terms so often then almost everyone will lose their account eventually. Paypal, Google checkout & propal all seem to be better.

  • Barb

    I have been using 2CO for a few years now. All of a sudden all recurrent payments are failing???? I have called them twice about it and it’s always somebody elses fault. Didn’t know they were based in Cyprus and is why the banks are refusing the charge saying “invalid request”.

    I told them not everybody’s card is expired! Fixed everything last month and now this month recurring payments are failing AGAIN!!!!!

    I will be changing card processors but have to inconvenience my clients to do so.

  • Dawn

    I recently paid an application fee to 2checkout and although there was no guarantee I would be accepted I was supposed to hear within 48 hours whether I had been or not. Never heard a thing and my control panel just remained in pending for weeks, until I finally made a complaint with Paypal and tried to get my money back. Unfortunately they (Paypal) couldn’t claim in my favour as there was a terms and conditions in the small print that the fee was non refundable. However I still think they should have gone in my favour – else why don’t we all just sell something, not provide the service and make the terms non refundable, we would all be rich! And how disgusting are 2checkout to not honour my request for a refund when they have failed to provide the service they said they would. Been with Paypal for many years they are simply the best!

    • eric

      You are extremely lucky.

      I wish they just rejected my application fee 7 years ago and my recurrent orders weren’t hit when they suddenly closed my account, because of “changed terms with their upstream providers”.

      Then I was at their mercy for 104 days until I got my frozen funds back.

      Their closed account policy is constantly changing, the support is intolerably rude.

      Now I’m happily using paypal.

  • dan

    Diligently read 2checkout TOS, especially the termination section.

    They can close your account without any reason effective immediately, no warning whatsoever. Even if you have account for 5 years it doesn’t give you any protection.

    Funds will be frozen for at least 90 days.

    Recurrent transactions will be lost.

    Just make a search on the Internet 2checkout account closed.

    As to the workings some banks decline using their credit cards, because 2checkout payment gateway is in Cyprus (optimizing taxes?), the declined transactions are not passed to the seller, the seller will learn only if the customer contacts him. Then their fraud prevention system, most orders pass automatically , but the rest go through manual review and frequently valid orders are rejected.

  • Scott

    AVOID 2 Check.com !! The company is Terrible, There Fee’s are Astronomical, They only transfer YOUR money to your account Once a week and you have no control over it at all until then, They withhold fee’s ( upwards of $500 or more ) of YOUR money and they say it’s for charge backs & returns yet when you get a charge back it seems to come out of your normal account And Not the Withheld money! They like to hold onto the “Withheld” money for one reason and one reason only “Interest”… Then when you end up canceling your account they Keep ALL your “With held” money for 90 days and say it’s for returns or charge backs! Then when they tell you a release date for you to receive your “With held” money count on it being longer because they fail to tell you about the “Review” of your release money…. THIS COMPANY IS A JOKE AND I WILL WARN AS MANY PEOPLE AS I CAN ABOUT THIS “RIP OFF” COMPANY!

    PayPal is 110% better than 2CO with great customer service, Much better rates, and you get to transfer money to your bank when ever you like… I made the switch from 2CO to PayPal and couldn’t more happier..

  • Tony Curtis

    Do not ever choose 2 checkout and this is why I was a client for 3 years and only ever had one charge returned out of 2300 charges , they made a decission to no longer haddle dating site’s , With out any notice they sent me an e-mail that they closed my account and turned me off my charging for clients. They will screw you and do not care about you as there customer. Take my advice NEVER USE THIS COMPANY THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU OR IF THEY DAMAGE YOUR BUSINESS

  • fritz

    A huge reason NOT to use 2Checkout as a vendor or consumer: when a credit card exprires or must be updated, 2Checkout does NOT charge immediately after the customer updates, nor allow the customer to do so, but instead makes everyone wait up to 24 hours until THEY charge it. WHY? Most online processers allow our customers to update a card as needed, then put the charge through then. I am going to ditch 2Checkout and advise my clients and assocates to do so for the same reason.

  • fred

    Their fees are very high but the one thing you really have to be careful about is fraud because you end up on the hook for fees and penalties.

    They supposedly have fraud detection systems in place but they approved an automated purchase on my site from a US credit card, from someone using a Pakistan address, from a UK IP. All huge red flags and they missed all of them. Then they charge you a penalty + you are out the fees as well which just rubs salt in the wound. If you read the fine print it says you are 100% responsible for detecting fraud and they clearly don’t take it very seriously to let such obviously fraudulent purchases through.

    You can dispute it but 2checkout will basically tell you to not fight it because you will lose and they claim they have no influence on the banks who always rule in favor of the customer claiming fraud. So they blame the banks and say they are just the middleman yet you are stuck with the lost fees and penalties.

    So be very wary of these things when you use them.

  • Ian Eaves

    I would highly discourage businesses and individuals from using 2Checkout for any of their purchase handling needs. Attempting to make even the simplest of purchases through them has been a nightmare in which even attempt is thwarted by vague accusations of fraud. I’ve had no issues dealing with any other retailer, brick and mortar location or the like all of which is only exacerbated by the horrible customer service. My first attempt at communication was met by long delays followed up with a terse and unhelpful response telling me that the online help desk refused to actually help and that I should call their main office (which is not possible as I am currently abroad). In later emails they admitted that the process could be handled online but asked for information which not even by bank could provide after which I was left with only automated responses.

    The service I am looking for only accepts payment via 2Checkout and it is for this reason and this reason alone that I will no longer be giving them my business. If your looking for a business actually capable of handling online transactions without resulting in lost sales or quality customer service please look else where – this is not the place.

  • Sean

    Generally 2Co is better than Paypal or Google checkout, but it does have two serious flaws. If you KNOW of the flaws going into a business relationship with 2CO , then you are better off than I was !

    1) You must marked item as shipped. Make darn sure you do this. Its not as easy as just clicking a box.
    There is this ridiculous routine you have to go through which is time consumptive and tricky. Sometimes
    its easier to have one of the phone reps walk you through it a dozen times and have them make sure too.
    YOU HAVE to mark the item shipped quickly, or you may not get paid at all. sucks but thats the way 2co works.

    2) You only get paid once a week, and All your sales have to be done the previous Sunday, for payment
    on Friday. Totally sucks, but that’s the way they work.

    3) charge backs can hold up ALL payments. We had 400.00 to be paid out, and a 110.00 chargeback
    came in , which delayed payments for several weeks!! NOW this totally sucked . But again, its just
    the way they work. You will get paid, sooner or later, and they do actually fight for you , if you have good
    proof that the buyer did receive the item (tracking and signature). But they use your money all the while
    and you don’t get paid.

    Despite these drawbacks, 2co has features that are very good. But Like Amazon.com, you may not
    see a dime for up to a month. And if you don’t follow through with their intricate methodology, you
    may not get paid at all.

    Overall, id give them a C, which still beats Paypal.

  • 2Checkout Exposed

    AVOID 2Checkout at all costs. This review was probably sponsored by them!

    Many online Experts will not deal with 2Checkout for a whole variety of reasons. One main one is that they delete your account because THEY have changed their terms of service and you omit a refund policy or something equally trivial. Rather than telling you, they delete first and ask you to reapply and pay the opening account fee again.

    I’ve NEVER had an issue with Paypal or Clickbank. 2 Checkout rely on meek people who give up rather than complain because rather than omit anything, they prefer to point the finger at you!!!

    • Yury

      The service and the manner of communication are rude. They rejected our clear bussiness application without any reasonable explanation. Our products were not in their prohibited list, but they tried to tell us that they are in. Without exact description. If you dont want to waste your time dont deal with them.

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