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UPDATE 1/17/2019: The AmeriBanc National website has been down since at least November 2018. We have not seen any evidence that the company has ceased operations, and public complaints have been filed against it within the past three months. We will not update this review at this time, but merchants should be aware that the company could be winding down its operations.

AmeriBanc National ( is a merchant account provider based in Wheaton, Illinois. Founded in 2004, the company appears to be a reseller of Total Merchant Services, which is itself a reseller of Global Payments. AmeriBanc National is located at 2150 Manchester Rd. #100 Wheaton, Illinois 60187, and the company is a registered ISO/MSP of HSBC Bank USA, National Association, Buffalo, New York. Chris McIntire is listed as the president of AmeriBanc National, while Dan Lewis is listed as the company's CEO.

Key Points

  • Sales & Marketing: AmeriBanc National appears to hire independently contracted sales agents and has received a significant number of complaints from former employees.
  • Costs & Contract: AmeriBanc National appears to offer a month-to-month contract with no early termination fee, but some merchant reports dispute the available documentation and statements from company reps.
  • Complaints & Service: AmeriBanc National has received more than 40 public complaints.
  • BBB Rating: AmeriBanc National has an “A+” rating with the Better Business Bureau and has received 15 complaints in the past three years.
  • Rates & Fees: How Merchants Got The Best Rates With AmeriBanc National

AmeriBanc National Customer Reviews

Here's What Their Clients Say

Customer Reviews Summary
Total Online Complaints 40+
Live Customer Support Yes
Most Common Complaint Hidden Fees

As of this review, we are able to locate over 40 AmeriBanc complaints, several of which accuse the company of being a ripoff or a scam. As noted above, many of these complaints have been filed by the company’s former employees, and a good portion of these have received rebuttals from current and former AmeriBanc sales agents. At this time, it is difficult to determine the veracity of most of the specific claims made by agents, but the persistent pattern of agent complaints is enough to indicate that there is some sort of problem with this department. Among the company’s merchant complaints, the prevailing themes are misrepresentation and nondisclosure by agents as well as aggressive and impolite telemarketing practices. Overall, this complaint rate is moderate for the company’s size and time in business; we are therefore assigning the company a “B” in this category.

AmeriBanc National Online Ratings

Here's How They Rate Online

Online Ratings Summary
Product & Service Complaints 5
Billing & Collection Complaints 2
Advertising & Sales Complaints 7
Guarantee & Warranty Complaints 0
Delivery Complaints 1

Note: We have adjusted this company’s BBB rating according to our own standards. To better understand why we adjust BBB ratings, please see our Rating Criteria.

AmeriBanc National has been an accredited business of the Better Business Bureau since 2006, and the company is currently showing a “A+” rating based on 15 complaints filed in the last three years. Of these complaints, seven are related to advertising or sales issues, five are due to problems with the product or service, two are related to billing and collection, and one is related to a delivery issue. Eight complaints have been resolved with BBB assistance, while the remaining seven either were resolved to the dissatisfaction of the merchant or did not receive a final response from the merchant. In this case, we disagree with the BBB’s rating due to the company’s complaint total and resolution ratio. We have therefore adjusted it to a “B” according to our own rating criteria.

AmeriBanc National Fees, Rates & Costs

A Closer Look at The Contract

Cost & Fees Summary
Swiped Rate Variable
Keyed-in Rate Variable
Early Termination Fee Variable
PCI Compliance Fee Variable
Equipment Lease Terms Variable

According to one sample AmeriBanc merchant agreement (available below), the standard AmeriBanc contract signs the merchant up for month-to-month processing through Global Payments with no termination fee upon cancellation. Most merchant complaints about the company, however, tell a different story. These complaints suggest that the company’s standard contract is actually a three-year agreement with automatic renewal and a cancellation fee of $195 or more. This termination fee may actually be related to the return of equipment upon cancellation. Additional reported figures include a $25 monthly minimum, a $99 annual PCI compliance fee, a statement fee of approximately $8, and variable monthly equipment costs. A company representative has contacted us to say that AmeriBanc National offers month-to-month agreements, does not lease equipment, does not charge termination fees, and can offer tiered pricing or interchange-plus pricing.

We are currently inclined to believe multiple merchant reports over the one document we found or the word of a company representative. For what it’s worth, the linked document does indicate that the company is potentially capable of offering a competitive contract with Global Payments. Merchants should therefore plan to negotiate aggressively for optimal pricing. If you have any concrete knowledge of this company’s standard contract, please leave that information in the comment section of this review. See the AmeriBanc National Merchant Agreement.

AmeriBanc National Employee Reviews & Sales Tacitcs

Should You Work For Them?

Jobs & Marketing Summary
Employs Independent Resellers Yes
Advertises Deceptive Rates No
Discloses All Important Terms No

AmeriBanc appears to primarily market its services through the use of telemarketing and independent sales agents. As a general rule within the industry, independent sales agents are poorly trained and receive little oversight. The merchant and employee complaints that we have found suggest that this may also be the case with AmeriBanc’s independent sales team. We are currently able to locate multiple negative AmeriBanc National reviews in which merchants describe high pressure tactics, misrepresentation, and nondisclosure by agents, but there are also complaints filed against the company by its former “independent marketing consultants.” Most of these former sales employees describe a workplace with inadequate training, bad leads, and little support, and some complainants allege that poor service by the company led to cancellation, which wiped out their residuals.

Additionally, there are numerous complaints on telemarketing forums about incessant and impolite calls from AmeriBanc’s appointment setters. This pattern does not reflect positively on the corporate culture at AmeriBanc National, and it also seems to be translating into negative merchant experiences in some cases.

Our AmeriBanc National Review Summary

Our Final Thoughts

AmeriBanc National rates as a slightly better-than-average merchant account provider according to our system. The company’s overall rating suffers from its use of independent sales agents, the nature of the complaints filed against it, and the steady increase in complaints it has received since our last review. As always, merchants are encouraged to carefully examine any contract they are given.

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Testimonials & Complaints

How Did AmeriBanc National Treat You?

27 User Reviews

  • Paul Pistritto

    Pistritto Tile, LLC

    Absolutely the worst credit card processing company.
    I charged a customer that came in my store $7,000.00 for material he bought . I processed the credit card and 5 days later got an email from Ameribanc that they needed to see the invoice and 3 months of my checking account transactions. They put the customer’s money on hold. I cancelled my business with Ameribanc. They continued to hold the customer’s money for a month. I called them at least four times to give the customer back his money. They kept saying it was with upper management. Then I look at my bank statement and they took $268.00 for a fee from the $7,000.00 payment I never received . Their customer service will keep you on hold for 5-10 minutes. And they keep transferring you to different departments that have no clue what they are doing. Go with a different company and avoid headaches. TERRIBLE company to deal with.

  • Stella

    This service was great up until you have to cancel your account. I cancelled my account and had to call back two times to get the instructions to mail back the terminal. I did mail it back finally and was never told about the 10day return period by not one of the representatives. I received the instructions (after calling a number of times) on 3/23/21 (account closed on 3/7/21) and then they received it in the mail ( I have the confirmation) on 4/12/21. On July 1, 2021 I was randomly charged $1100. I called on July 1 to find out why and they told me they did not receive the terminal. I kept the receipt and the issue was supposedly resolved and I have the email from ameribanc stating that the credit was approved. I did not receive the funds by today, 7/8/21 and so I called to find out how long it would take. The first representative said it was declined and then hung up on me (I was upset but respectful). I called back and finally got to a supervisor who said that they were sorry but could not give me back my money. I asked why and they said it was because it exceeded 10 days of the cancel date and they extended it to the day I received the email with instructions on how to return the terminal which was 3/23/21. Nowhere in my conversation with them at the time nor in the email did they tell me I had a time restraint. Obviously if I knew that I would have followed what they told me to do. DO NOT USE THIS MERCHANT SERVICE. I believe they waited until July to charge me for the unit hoping that I lost my UPS tracking number. And when they saw that I had the tracking, they made up the story that it exceeded 10 days. Their negligence exceeded 10 days from my cancellation date but I did not get money from them, instead they charged me and they have the terminal. There are so many other better merchant services that treat small business with dignity and respect. I warn you to not use them.

  • Stella

    This service was great up until you have to cancel your account. I cancelled my account and had to call back two times to get the instructions to mail back the terminal. I did mail it back finally and was never told about the 10day return period by none of the representatives. I received the instructions (after calling a number of times) on 3/23/21 (account closed on 3/7/21) and then they received it in the mail ( I have the confirmation) on 4/12/21. On July 1, 2021 I was randomly charged $1100. I called on July 1 to find out why and they told me they did not receive the terminal. I kept the receipt and it was resolved and I have the email stating that the credit was approved. I did not receive the funds by today, 7/8/21 and so I called to find out how long it would take. The firs representative said it was declined and then hung up on me. I called back and finally got to a supervisor who said that they were sorry but could not give me back my money. I asked why and they said it was because it exceeded 10 days of the cancel date. That was entirely because they did not send me the instructions and when I did get them, nowhere in my conversation did they tell me I had a time restraint. DO NOT USE THEM. I believe they waited until July hoping that I lost my UPS tracking number. And when they saw that I had that, they made up the story that it exceeded 10 days. Their negligence exceeded 10 days from my cancellation date. But they have my money. There are so many other better merchant services that treat small business with dignity and respect. I warn you to not use them.

  • Eric

    If you talk to a person called Rachel Ray Eskridge from Ameribanc or from anywhere else that uses Global Payment Merchant services. Don’t believe in one word she tells you. It is all lies. She knows how to lure you. She seems very confident. She promised me very low rates and fees. They charged me outrageous charges fees. When I canceled they kept charging me for 2 month until I stopped their payment. It feels like they stole from me which actually they did.

  • Wendi

    Ameribanc literally stole over $3,000 from me!
    A rep sold me a credit card terminal that was promised to be wireless. Showed up as a machine that required a land line, which we do not have! Called company and setup tech said they did not offer wireless terminals and so asked that it be canceled. Three years and a new bookkeeper later, I’m made aware of a monthly withdrawl on my account. The bank couldn’t tell who was making the withdrawl so I put a stop payment on it. Two months later I receive a letter from AmeriBanc saying I owe them $350 or they’re sending me to collections! Turns out that account, that I never used, that never got set up, was never canceled. I had paid over $3,400 in fees for something I never used and they still made me pay $177 to close the account and NOT send me to collections! Anyone know a good lawyer!?

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: How To Get Out of a Merchant Account Contract

  • Ginger Kurowski

    Ameribanc totally misrepresented its fees and did not follow through on promises of sign on bonus. Representative is completely unresponsive to numerous phone messages and emails. No response from anyone to right the wrongs. Very bad business ethics. Actual LIES about hidden fees. In two months my hidden fees and monthly fees totaled 21% of my sales. Do not recommend this company.

    • Ginger Kurowski

      I totally agree – same thing happened to me. Totally misrepresented hidden fees and then lied about knowing about them though the customer service department (which has nothing to do with the misleading sales department) said these fees have been in place for decades. Bad business

  • Gene

    This company always promises the lowest rates and the lowest fees. I have been with them for 5 years now and I am done. Every time I open my statement and do the simple math of what is deposited and what the fees are…it’s in the 4 percent range. If you call they will miraculously try and lower all the fees but in reality they are just buying themselves time. Get something in writing of their promises if you choose to use them.

  • Kent Kelly

    Bait and switch–Signed up through a very honest rep that I know personally—Then comes the unauthorized charges to my business–after the on phone rep refused to reverse unauthorized charges with a written contract in hand have decided to not activate any business dealings– thankfully didn’t cancel current service–everyone beware of this service–will warn everyone that of bait and switch tactics –sad that honest reps put it in writing and company will not honor terms– many companies competing for this business nitch so do your homework about complaints–wish I had

  • Randy

    Bad company to do business with. All I need to say is check your statements closely all the fees they charge that they do not tell you about when you sign up ridiculous.

  • Judy Orr

    This company is a joke They promise you things that they never come through with and when you ask questions they give you the run around They hustled me for $300.00 in hidden fees at my nonprofit Thrift store that supports Animal Advicates before I got away from them and furthermore the Rep that got me to sign with this credit card company has never returned my calls I suppose because he knows that he totally lied to me By the way his name is Paul Womack If this guy comes to your business trying to get you to do business with Ameribank do not believe anything he says. Judy Orr

  • Jennifer Skowronski

    Absolutely deplorable customer service, and zero accountability. I have been given the runaround on three separate occasions regarding a hold they placed on my account after my bank showed them withdrawing over $1000. Their response is always to just transfer me to someone else. They currently have some type of hold on my account for what I was first told wasn’t showing up on their end at all, then was told were fraudulent returns, then was told were returns that I ran, then was told were a glitch in their system. Take your credit card processing business elsewhere!!!

  • Mark

    They need to clean up this verification system. I’m a college student without a card so I do all my shopping online e.g. Steam games. Everytime I go to use my card it asks me to jump through these hoops and It always fails. I have never gotten this system to work.

  • SR

    We ran a haunted house for one month to benefit the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. We were promised we can have service for one month and get $100 rebate which would cover our terminal fees. They charged us for 2 months and said they will take the $100 rebate back if we don’t stay on

  • Ivy Liebmann

    A high pressure salesman came to my place of business late on a Friday. I informed him I was waiting on a loan from Money Tree. I informed him that in a few days, IF I did not hear from them, I would call to confirm and switch. I allowed him to give me his speech. He pressed me into filling out the papers and fax them to his manager. On Tuesday, I received a new credit card machine. I called and got a cancellation form. Filled it out immediately and faxed it back. The next day I received a box filled with pre-printed gift cards. ( I only inquired about them!) One more phone call to try to return cards. Told I would receive a Return Call ticket. STILL NO TICKET!! The biggest problem is NOW they are debiting my bank account for Service Charges from Global Payments, some other charge and $200.00 for NOT returning the credit card reader. When I disputed the charges. I was told by Global, the account was Opened for part of the month and payment is due. I never used the account!! The unknown fee I am trying to dispute via my bank. The charge for the credit card reader is being refunded by the bank that sent out the unit. After they researched that I did send back the unit, ONE MONTH prior to the Debit from my account. Now that makes 10 or more phone calls and still no complete resolve. DO NOT get pushed around, like I did!! They are a waist of time and energy!!!!

  • Mike

    I have received numerous, unwanted calls from this company. After asking to be put on the do not call list Kathy Nelson at extension 4112 told me she refused to do so because she couldn’t 100% verify I was the owner of the business. After threatening to take legal action through my state’s law of any more than two unwanted calls is considered harassment I had Kathy’s manager Tanya call me and state she was not worried about the harassment law because she doesn’t live in my state. I have never dealt with such rude people in my life and I will strongly recommend everyone to take their business elsewhere.

  • Concerned

    I received a cold call from Ameribanc National about wanting to send out a sales rep to save us money our cc processing. I replied that “I was not interested” caller would not take no for a answer. ” I have no reason to change my processor and never will”. Since my business is in a lul time of the year I fiquried they want to waste my time I would waste theirs. Sales rep came in on time. I let him look at a statement , I covered up all personal info. While he was crunching numbers, I was looking over Ameribanc ‘s “CLIENT AGREEMENT” Then the sales pitched started and I was ready. .5% debit &.5% credit .08 swipe fees. He scratched other fees and changed amounts on others. Look I blew you rates out of the water. So I decided to look at numbers, .5% percent is only for qualified card, What about mid and non qualified cards? He states .5% is for all cards, You did not change that.” He gets flustered at this point. Now I am in the drivers seat. Did you figure in interchange rates? He calls inside agent and comes back with “Do you want to do business with us?” Maybe. “We will give you a free lease on a machine.” ” I do not need a machine, I already have a state oh the art new machine. It dose chip and phone pay.” He states ” It will not work with our system.” So know I drop the bomb on him. I show in the paper work he gave me that this paper work is nothing more than a work sheet. I will not get a copy off my contract until I am approved. There is no way I am going agree to anything until I have the actual contract in front of me with all charges filled in, not just marked out and hand written in signed ahead of time by an officer of your company. He says ” You do not want to do business with us. ” I say ” Be totally trans parent with me and I might.” He is mad and storms out. Lesson for others out there. No decent processor out there will cold call you or high pressure you. My suggestion is go to your bank and talk to your branch manager. He/She is going to link you up with a legit company. They are not going to risk their reputation on some fly by night processor. I have been with the same processor for 14 years. I have them do a rate annalists every so often and now am paying extremely low rates. When I learned about the new compliance requirements going into effect 10/15 I called my branch manager about needing a new machine sometime. 4 days later it arrived no charge. WooHoo. No lease, no charge, no set up and even no need to return old machine. The whole point of this review is do not deal with some high pressure salesman. Deal with some one you know you can trust. I feel in almost every case this would be true. For me it was my local bank branch manager.

    • Concerned

      I just can not believe they continue to call and send the same sales agent (twice) to see me after they were told to Cease and Consist all further communications with me and my business. Just proves how incoherent their operation is. I have filed complaints with FTC, FCC, Att. General & BBB. Supplied info on rate comparison and how they do not present total contract details at time of rate presentation. Hopefully this helps others not to fall into trap.

      • Jannie

        These people do not quit. They have been calling my places of business ( I have 4) and its to the point that they are harassing me to use their company. I have told them time and time to quit calling and called the corporate office to file a complaint to no avail. They call daily and up to several times a day disrupting my business. Any suggestions on what to do ?

    • Mike

      I don’t intend to defend this company or the sales agent, especially since I’m employed by a competitor. I do want to clarify though, the rate he quoted you was interchange (cost) rates + 0.50% and $0.08. It sounds like you’re currently on a 3 tier pricing structure, so you’re essentially paying arbitrary rates on card types that are not disclosed. Typically, “qualified” = debit card and consumer card present transactions, interchange rates range 0.05% to 1.51%. “Mid-qualified” = rewards credit cards, card not present, interchange rates range 1.65% to 1.95%. “Non-qualified” = everything else, international, corporate business cards, interchange goes up to 2.95%. Given just a few of those interchange rates I provided, add the 0.50% that the rep quoted you. How do those numbers compare to what you’re currently paying? Also, don’t forget to add the $0.08. If your average transaction is low, this will make a HUGE impact on your effective rate. It sounds like the rep just did a poor job explaining things to you. I used to work for the largest bank and trust me… they really are no better. They pressured us to price high in ways to hide fees and really pushed us to lease equipment. Nearly every bank is a middle man for First Data. Look up reviews on here and you can see for yourself.

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