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Updated 2/28/19: The Axxess Payments website is currently inaccessible and has not been available since May 2014. We are also unable to locate many complaints about the company after July 2014. Multiple sources indicate that Axxess is now operating under the name of “Merchant Brokers Group,” which may or may not be currently active. See our Merchant Brokers Group review for more information.

Axxess Payments ( is based in Montreal, Quebec, and appears to have begun operating around 2010. The company primarily markets merchant accounts and credit card processing services provided by Pivotal Payments. Additionally, Axxess Payments offers a variety of other business financial services including gift/loyalty card programs, merchant cash advances, and equipment leasing and sales. Axxess Payments is a registered ISO/MSP of People's Trust, Vancouver, Canada.

Axxess Payments Customer Reviews

Here's What Their Clients Say

Axxess Payments has a moderate-to-high number of complaints for a provider of its size time in business, most of which can be found in the comment section of this review. The common themes in the complaints are of merchants reporting misleading sales tactics, omission of important costs and contract terms, expensive and non-cancellable equipment leases, aggressive telemarketing, and poor customer support.

One merchant who posted an Axxess complaint in the comment section of this review was told by the company that his issue would be resolved only if he agreed to remove negative reviews he had posted here and elsewhere. This indicates that Axxess may not consider merchant satisfaction to be a higher priority than manipulating the company’s public image.

Another merchant posted a complaint below regarding an aggressive and rude telemarketing call from an Axxess agent. Incredibly, the agent in question responded with his own complaint, confirming that he called the company to schedule a sales appointment, and, despite the merchant’s clear lack of interest in hearing a sales pitch, insisted on speaking with a supervisor. He then stated that when he was met with continued resistance from the merchant, he threatened to post negative Yelp reviews about the merchant’s business on a monthly basis as an act of retaliation. This account only confirmed the merchant’s negative review and did not reflect positively on Axxess or the agent in any way.

In light of these incidents, merchants should probably regard any positive Axxess reviews with some degree of skepticism.

Axxess Payments Online Ratings

Here's How They Rate Online

Note: We have adjusted this company’s BBB rating according to our own standards. To better understand why we adjust BBB ratings, please see our Rating Criteria.

Axxess Payments does not have a Better Business Bureau report even though the company claims to service U.S. merchants as well as Canadian merchants. We have assigned a “C” or “Average” rating to this section based on the Pivotal BBB Report.

Axxess Payments Fees, Rates & Costs

A Closer Look at The Contract

According to the Axxess Payments terms and conditions (available below), the company’s standard agreement is a three-year term that automatically renews for two years and includes an early termination fee of either $300-$650 or Liquidated Damages, depending on a merchant’s monthly sales volume. If a merchant averages under $15,000 in monthly sales, Axxess charges $300, $500, or $650 upon early termination. If a merchant averages over $15,000 in monthly sales, a standard Liquidated Damages fee applies. It is unclear at the time of this review if Axxess charges a PCI Compliance fee, but merchants are reporting other monthly fees that were not disclosed by agents. Merchants should also be cautious of equipment leases, as the terms may be separate from the merchant account agreement. See the Axxess Payments Terms and Conditions.

Axxess Payments Employee Reviews & Sales Tacitcs

Should You Work For Them?

Axxess Payments appears to primarily market its services using aggressive telemarketing. Based on merchant feedback, agents often fail to disclose important fees and contract terms in an attempt to rush merchants into the application process, so merchants are encouraged to thoroughly read the company’s contract before signing. The company also displays misleading rate quotes on its homepage by advertising “rates starting at 1.19%” per transaction. You can learn why this kind of rate quote is misleading in “Fee Sweep – How to Get the Merchant Services You Need without Getting Scammed.” If you have worked for Axxess Payments, or currently do so, leave a review in the comment section below to provide further insight into the company’s sales and marketing strategy.

Our Axxess Payments Review Summary

Our Final Thoughts

Axxess Payments is suffering from complaints of deceptive sales tactics and marketing, hidden fees, undisclosed contract terms buried in fine print, and predatory equipment leases, which is causing much damage to the company’s reputation. Axxess can improve its rating in this review by improving the areas causing merchant grievances and eliminating future complaints through better service.

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Testimonials & Complaints

How Did Axxess Payments Treat You?

103 User Reviews

  • Oleg V

    I have the same story telemarketer called to set up a meeting. Michael Haley came to my office and signed me up with Axxess Payments. The whole meeting was recorded and the rate changed as soon as I got my first bill. I never agreed to anything and the charges are just insane. Michael changed his phone number. The best part is that when I kept calling and complaining Michael came in and told me he is in my office to reduce my rete. Well it turns out now he is envolved in a new company called doing the same thing he does best setting up business with fake numbers. He promised my rate would be $40 I am being charge $79.10 when I call the company they say thats what I signed and nobody seems to e-mail me the agreement. I am really shocked that this is happening. They keep taking money from two of my bank accounts and there is nothing that I can do. I am planning to start a small claims court. This just looks out of order. If anyone has any advice please help.

  • Brand

    I used to work for this company in 2014, shortly before they rebranded. It is a typical fly-by-night get-rich-quick sort of deal. The owner of the company owns several equally scammy operations in eastern canada. Employees both in the sales side and the telemarketting side are encouraged to lie and create bogus “promotional pricing” opportunities to draw clients into sending their information over for a quote. Nothing is at it seems in the company. I have seen the sales people threaten to take small businesses for between $3,000 – $15,000 upon request for early cancellation. Sales people are even encouraged to lie and tell customers they are from pivitol when asked so they can re-write the customers current base pivitol contract over to axxess to gouge them on hidden fees, only to have it be too late to cancel without a hefty fee in the end. As far as I know, the company has rebranded as Pivotol/Merchant Brokers Group.

  • michael

    They work with pivotal and first data for the machine. I only used their service for 2 days and went back to moneris. The sales ANIMAL (yes he is an ANIMAL NOT HUMAN) lied about the rate and a lot of hidden fees! Like all the scammers, they tried to get you to sign right away and my fault too that I trusted him when he left blank some of the fields (the important rate) because he said that he was off that day and his boss asked him to come.
    When I asked him why I changed to you if your rate is more expensive, he just answered: “I DON’T KNOW”
    Cost me almost 3000$ to cancel and return the machine. I had to closed and made new bank account because they kept taking money from my account.

    For someone who wants to terminate the contract. CHANGE YOUR BANK ACCOUNT!

  • Galo

    A telemarketer has been calling me to set up a meeting. When I decline politely, I ‘ve been questioned as if I owe them everything, insisting that they MUST have an appointment!!! I then suggested to give my contact details and they can send me their rate and if something that would interest me, then we can sit down and discuss. Still they would insist that I MUST set an appointment with them. I understand they need to be aggressive but definitely not suppose to be RUDE.

  • Edgar Salas

    I received a call from this “broker company” that claims giving me a better option for my credit card payments for my business but I’m pretty sure just another department of axxes and as soon as I told them by monthly sales this guy was all over and he transfer me with another guy who supposed to be his supeevisor and this guy transfer me with another guy who suppsed to be the senior bla bla bla… they just kept with the show and making me look really important asking me for my personal information like date of birth I didn’t give them any of it of course so they asked me for my gst # which I didn’t have on hand so I ask them to call me later and they were so aggressive calling me at least 10 times even tho I blocked their number they finally got me so next week this guy calling me talking to me like he was my brother or my oldest friend really rude asking me how much I’m currently paying for my merchant services, I told him 2.75 % per transaction and this guy was like why that much I can offer you 1.27% and $10 statement fee a month that’s it. I asked him to send me all the information about other fees to read and think about it carefully his email only included that and a QR code of that company website but of course I knew this guy sounds really sketchy so I did my homwork and looked for reviews about their services and I only found complaints and the most interesting website I found was this one. I didn’t have the time to go trought the whole articule but I found what I needed to know their hidden fees. I sent him and email with the link telling him I’m not interested and this guy called me back telling me that this is just someone tublr bla bla bla to jjustify their bad reputation so I asked him about their hidden fees and their contracts and he just kept going and I thinkI hurt his feellings LOL because he started acting all aggresive comparing his business with mine which is about electronics reparis including iphones and he was like : I’m the one who should be sketptical if I take my iphone to you its just gonna void my warranty ” lol at that point I was just having fun with him. I ended up wish him luck with that company and hanging up the phone.
    After I read some reviews of people who got ripped off with hundreds of dollars I feel good I looked up online first and that this website exists

  • Harry

    I received a routine follow-up call from Pivotal today in response to an inquiry about a routine transaction. She eventually asked what did I think about Axxcess Payments who had referred me to Pivotal. I asked her how much time did she have for a response. Pulled out the notes I had kept and gave her an “earful” on what I thought about Axxcess Payments. I don’t think she was expecting the negative comments. About time Pivotal asked about the “lack of” service Axxcess provides.

  • Brandy

    I have been completely screwed over by AXXESS and PIVITOL payments. No one returns my calls. They have taken several fees out of y bank account ranging from $10 to $224 without reason. They closed my account due to me not using the terminals for 30days and continued to remove money from my account. During the time I was not using the terminals I left about 20 emails and voice messages to all of the supposed people in charge. No response. Nothing. Luckily I had not closed my account with Moneris. I should have listened to my gut feeling.
    A better rate turned out to be a closed account. They would not open it again, they did not attempt calling me or emailing ever in regards to closing the account. They continued to take funds out of my account and still are trying.
    They have currently taken $3000 out and will not help me. I am currently seeking legal counsel.

  • Cheryl Blair

    BEWARE of Axxess payments. I was promised much better rates than the provider I was using. I discovered after 6 months that I was actually paying $2000 per month more than my previous provider (although Axxess gave me better credit card rates they charged me a much higher unqualified rate) . When I complained I was THEN offered the discounted rates I was lead to believe I was going to get. When I decided to cancel they indicated that I would owe them $30,000 in penalties. They brought it down to $17,000 – still completely unacceptable. They actually went ahead and took that money right out of my bank account. I will be seeking legal recourse. My advice is to stay completely away from Axxess Payments.

  • Subhash

    Hi Everyone,

    I have been with Global Payments for about five years and decided to look around for a better rate. Wow, you find out that there are dozens of companies that want your business and they all beat Global’s pricing. The forum here is great.

    Yesterday , I received a call from a so called broker helping me to source out a reliable and better priced option.
    Well! Later that day I received a call from Axxess????? He offered me a deal, that is too good to true.

    After reading through this forum, I have decided that I will stay with Global until a better option with a more reputable is out there.

    Thanks for all the people who have sacrificed and posted so others do not get scammed.


  • Christy

    If you have an employee named Ben Galynsky, phone number 818-486-6262, you should know that he is a liability. He threatened my business and called us all morons. He started off his call by asking how we would like to grow our business. The hostess gets dozens of calls like this a day and they are sales pitches, so she hung up without listening further. Ben called back, asked for a manager to complain that he was rudely hung up on, and that he was trying to bring 20 people in for a happy hour. We apologized to him and that she misunderstood his call to be a sales pitch, not a customer trying to make a reservation. He called her a moron, so she hung up. He called repeatedly and I then answered. He said he would Yelp every 30 days to ruin our business, and called me a moron for not taking his business. If these are the type of business tactics that you condone, shame on you. If not, I sincerely hope there is one more person on unemployment.

    • Ben

      Lol, I find this hilarious
      Here is what happened
      I called this establishment and trued to set a reservation, in asked if they take credit cards and they said yes, I let them know I am able to save them money on that as well if they are interested, I was rudely hung up on. I called back and asked to speak to a manager or owner and she was also rude and hung up and I called back and let them know I am gonna yelp this occurrence, they said good we don’t care and I said I Bet the owner cares and she said no, she is Chrisry or Chrisy and she is the owner and that they pay a company to have their yelp review that are negative removed and said good luck, I was upset and said that I will post an add every month so that it is noticed, 10 minutes lates I already forgot about them and found it hilarious that a friend had informed me of this here what I am replying to.

  • Bernie Bellan

    Further to my previously posted comment about Axxess Payments: I have received a response from them. They have apologized for misleading me and have offered to reduce the various fees to which I objected. The one condition that they attached, however, is that I would have to remove any negative comments I may have posted about them online.
    So – I’m asking whether you can remove the comment that i had posted some days ago. I’m not sure what your policy might be in this regard, but I maintain a website that allows comments as well. In some cases, when someone asks me to remove a particular comment that they may have posted, I oblige them.
    Please let me know whether you will be able to remove the comment.
    Thank you.

    • Phillip CPO

      Hi Bernie,

      We do not allow providers to demand comment removals in exchange for solving a merchant problem as some sort of bartering chip. They should solve your problem because it’s the right thing to do, not because you took your problem public and they want it scrubbed from the record. However, you can agree to add a “reply” to your comment saying that Axxess resolved your complaint after they do so.

  • Bernie Bellan

    I signed on with Axxess Payments on July 15, 2013. I went through the contract I was being asked to sign quite carefully with “Johnny”, the high pressure agent from Axxess. The one area about which I wanted to make certain was the “non qualifying fees” we might be charged. Johnny explained that our new provider would not be charging non qualifying fees except for international credit cards. The non qualifying fees we had been paying to our previous provider, First Data, he explained, were for credit card transactions that were processed by keying in a customer’s cc number rather than swiping a card in a terminal. Johnny also explained that, because First Data was an American company, they could not avoid charging those non qualifying fees.
    But, within 2 days of us activating our terminal, I noticed a strange fee in our bank statement. It was from Pivotal Payments, our new cc processor. When I called to ask what it was for, i was told it was for an “application fee”. When I demanded a credit for that fee because I had never agreed to pay such a fee, nor was it listed on the agreement that I signed, I was told that I would receive a credit. That was on July 29. Today is Aug. 6 and still no credit in our account.
    Further, today when I looked at our Pivotal Payment account online I noticed that, lo and behold, among the fees we were being charged were non qualifying fees for every transaction. I had e-mailed “Johnny” on July 29 complaining aboui about the application fee and today I was doubly angry. (No surprise – I never heard back from Johnny.) called Axxess Payments and left a message today saying that I had spoken to my credit union and I was going to go down there and have them reverse any charges that I felt were unwarranted. Boy did I get a call back fast from someone at Axxess Payments, telling me that they were definitely going to look into my complaints.
    I’ve had experiences with this sort of thing before where I’ve had my credit union simply credit us back charges that I submitted were leveled without permission. We’ll see how Axxess – and Pivotal Payments react when they see that I won’t stand for being conned.

  • vito

    ok, axxess payment rep, shows up at my place of business with rates that where almost to good to be true, after signing on with them and had first transactions deposited in my account I noticed something was off, First funds are NOT transferred next day they are deposited 48hrs later. Second extra fees such as communication fees where taged on to every transaction which brought my rates higher than what I previously had with moneris when and only when I was able to reach sales rep he tells me its first he ever heard of this (needless to say he is not employed there anymore) Third, terminal is leased from an outsourced company that added on to your monthly rate of 34.95 taged on all kinds of other fees such as insurance for terminal and extended warranties , I mean what is up with this……but I saved the best for last REIMBUSEMENT OF CANCELLATION FEES OF 300.00 . STILL WAITING AFTER NUMEROUS CALLS AND NUMEROUS E MAILS AN WITH NO RETURN CALLS OR E MAILS , legal action to follow

  • minx

    Equipment charged is more than what we agree. Promised free mobile and they charged me too. Cancellation 3000$. Lying about the rate.
    Please do not change to this company!
    When we called pivotal, they only said ‘its on your contract’ until we spoke with the supervisor and then qe could have conversation.

  • Eric

    My comments today are about Pivotel Payments, the company that Axxcess linked me up with. I have had nothing but problems with Pivotel from day one, mainly with their fees. Every month there were fees taken from my bank account that even Pivotel couldn’t explain to me. In Oct. they charged me $100.00 for a ” Chip Compliance Fee ” for one year and then in January they charged me $35.00 for a ” Chip Compliance Fee ” for three months. It was also taking up to four business days for my money to be deposited into my bank account. I got out of my contract with Pivotel by quoting regulations set out in the F.C.A.C. ( google for more info on that ). I am still stuck with the terminal lease for the next five years making it a very expensive paper weight but in order not to deal with Pivotel it is worth the expense to me.
    If you are Canadian I highly recommend joining the Retail Council of Canada and through them sign on with Chase Paymentech. Truly the best fees around, next business day deposits and no BS to deal with.

    • Charmaine

      Hi Eric,

      We are having the same problem with Pivotal, not to speedy on putting the monies in our bank, could you explain to me about FCAC and which regulations you used?

      Thanks a bunch

      • kevin

        go to the code of conduct for merchant processors at the FCAC website. It clearly states all related contracts can be cancelled with no penalty to you (within 90 days of rate increase notice). Phone their complaint line and they will usually point you in the right direction. Also as most merchants do not know, you can also file a complaint with VISA online. From what the FCAC told me they have a lot sharper teeth against these scam companies. If you missed the rate increase this year dont worry they usually have one every year on your dec/jan bill. I signed up with a company called zomaron and they walked me through cancelling these guys (no fees) and my rates have been great. Hope that helps

  • liz

    help. i signed with axxess less than 30 days ago. they are already charging more for equipment rental than agreed. and now i see all these comments. i see that closing the bank account is the best method of dealing with this. can you cancel within 30 days?

  • Paula Celeste Rich

    I would give this company a 1 star if I could! Don’t ever run out of paper for your cc processing terminal, because it will NOT process a transaction without paper! Even though there is a place to program the printer to be off, I sat on the phone for over an hour as a kind rep tried unsuccessfully to do so on a Friday afternoon. Then, when I scored a roll of thermal paper from a fellow merchant (I live in a SMALL town & no one sells this; it must be ordered online), it STILL kept saying printer error. So I call the supposed 24 hour service # again and am told their is no help to be had on the weekend!!!! What a load of crap, when I could (and will) get something like 4-square or the PayPal payment service and not even need paper. Still have to look into their service hours though.

  • Andy

    I really don’t understand all of the negative comments about this company… I DO understand that a lot of people complain about their credit card processing company no matter who they use because the contracts are very confusing and charges are all over the map!

    I had been burned once before because I didn’t properly read my contract before signing, I trusted the sales guy and that’s a BIG mistake!

    I’ve been with Axxess Payments a little over 6 months now and I’m very happy! I had to call the customer service people several times before I decided to sign up because I wanted to make sure that I understood all of the charges and I wanted to make sure that it was, in fact, going to save me money.

    Read your contracts before signing your names!

  • Evelyn

    This company called today. I am on the “Do Not Call” list but was told it was not a solitation call. But they wanted information of my Credit card merchant services and offered to investigate lower rates. This was a solitation call! When I asked for HIS phone number he gave me the run around and would not giveit. I asked for written information to be sent to me and gave my address. He said he didn’t have any written info. This is a scam. I finally hung up when he wouldn’t give his phone number. After seeing all the reviews on your site I am so glad I hung up. Why can’t these people be stopped???

  • Crystal Pometto

    I have a small cafe with few employees. I always find it difficult to deal with a problem related to such an essential business tool. If it’s not working then it’s me who has to fix it and I’m not the most tech savy person in the world. I had some issues with the terminal but when I called Axxess their customer service walked me through getting it up and running quickly. As soon as the problem came up I was sure that it would mean me on hold forever or getting the run-around as I had experienced with another company in the past. Not so! I was very pleased. Also, deposits are much quicker then with the previous company. This really helps me keep my business running!

  • Sheri

    I spent most of the summer fighting with Axxess Payments about the contract that I had been hurriedly talked through. I was harrassed and bullied. Fortunately, I did not accept the new terminal when it was delivered, as I just had such a bad feeling about the whole thing. I IMMEDIATELY changed my bank account so that they could not access any funds, and informed my band of their fraud. They assisted me in keeping them from my money when they tried to access my new account with the name Pivotal Payments. From the moment I signed I attempted to get out of the contract, which they told me was not possible to do. After SO much stress I finally wrote a letter stating my right to cancel because “the vendor has made a false, misleading or deceptive representation about the goods or services you agreed to buy or lease” according to the Consumer Protection Act, 2002, which can be viewed at . I wrote the letter very professionally and quoted my rights as stated in the second reason on this website. I have not heard anything back from them since. I wish you all luck and hope that these people would stop scamming innocent businesses who are just trying to get by in these hard times!!!!

  • Will

    Axxess payments made the following promises to me in order to get me to switch providers:

    1- They promised they would pay off my existing terminal lease.
    2- they promised lower rates which they extensively laid out for my review.
    3- they promised over one thousand dollars in vouchers for switching.
    4- They promised no hidden fees or charges.
    5- They promised next day deposits in my account for transactions.

    They broke every promise. Now I am locked in to paying two terminal leases costing thousands of dollars. My rates with my new provider are higher. There were activation charges and hidden fees, and transactions sometimes take a week to get deposited in to my bank.

    These people are criminals and should be in jail. Global payments should be in jail alongside them for using criminals to sell their services.

  • Eric Nielsen

    Axxess Payments is a fraud. After being harassed by them daily I very unwisely agreed to listen to their sales pitch. What they offered was a better deal then what I was using at the time so I agreed to sign on with them. Once I had my new machine from Pivotel the lies came to light. First of all Dru had told me that they would arrange for my previous service to be cancelled and my old machine to be picked up. Any cancellation fees involved would be paid for by Axxcess. That never happened. After calling Dru and asking him about it he said they they cannot cancel service from my previous service provider. Secondly the rates that I was quoted is not the rate that I am being charged and the other fees, like a $10.00 statement fee, I was not told about. I was billed for service after three days and on sales of $550.00 the fees totaled $47.00 and that didn’t include the machine rental fee. Drus attitude was “oh well” when I called him about it.
    I plan on calling him every 5 to 10 minutes until he does something about it. I will also call their fax number just as often to tie up their fax line.
    My advice…if Axxess calls you, hang up without saying a word,

  • collin

    One monther before, a salesperson come from axxcesspayment, tell me they are the number one processor in north america, moneris only number one in quebec, and he have better rate in debit 4 cent,all creadit card is 1.5%,rent amachine is 35$per month no other charges and fress quit, at anytime could quit without any charge also I could get new apple ipad. and I must sign paper at that day, I do not know why I signed paper with him, at next week he come back tell me he make a mistake that rent a pad is 26$ per month and all include machine rent is 35$ per month. I think I maybe make a bad dicision, so I check on internet, I found so much worst review , so I write a refuse letter to this company and when they shiped machine I refuse it. Today I received a letter from a company named first data charge me 61$ form equipment rent, I called this company, I already refuse machine three weeks ago, and cancel any service with axxcess payment, she told me axxcess not informe them. I tell her I never sign anything with first data, so if they want to charge they charge axxcess payment, I am not responsable for this, axxcess payment not infrom first data, is the mistake of axxcess payment not me.

    how could I do,, pls give me some adevice.

  • Karen Mack

    Relentlessly have called me over the past two years trying to get my debit processing company info out of me, when I complied with my rates, they never contacted me back. Time went by. They contact me again asking for my debit info and trying to get me to take their business advice whereby they explain they are consultants to the debit industry and that the merchants pay them based on customers they deliver after finding the customer the best rate. I replied I already get the best rate, send me your rate sheet for me to compare. It doesn’t work that way they tell me. At no time do they ever get to what they really want from you. They do say it won’t cost you anything. But the bottom line is that if you take their advice is costs you in cancellation fees from your current provider plus set up fees from the new provider and the rates turned out to be more as the last person reported. No savings. It’s a scam to get you to introduce their business as your middle man when you were doing fine on your own. My proof? When I told him I did my own research on debit company rates and was satisfied with what I already have – he replies my researched rates and the ones he can get are vastly different. So show me the rates. Nope. Not gonna happen. I begged him not to call me ever again. Begged him. Karen Mack Tanup Salon Cold Lake AB

  • MD Charlton Co. Ltd.

    Axxess called me several times asking for me to change my services to theirs. They gave me Pivotol Payments BBB credit rating which was A+ but I did not realize they are a separate entity from them.
    They gave me great rates so I asked for a copy of their agreement, stating if we lease the hardware, and also another where we bought the hardware outright.
    He sent me a document that has signatures of my name and I told him that it was not my signature and he said he knew that but just to click on the first signature (there was about 5 signatures to choose from)and then I could print it out to show my boss.

    After reviewing this, we decided to stay with our current merchant service provider as I did not feel comfortable with what Axxess was offering – it was too good to be true, so I sent him an email thanking him for his time but decided not to sign up with Axxess.

    The next day, I got a call from their legal department stating that I had signed the agreement and it was binding. I told him that I did not sign the agreement but he still said it was an agreement. I did not send him any of my bank info or did not get their hardware so I am hoping they will stop harassing me. It is Monday, Aug 27th today, and I am waiting to see if I get another call.

  • Ami

    I just wanted to share with you the terrible service we received from AxxessPayments. Axxesspayments made a very serious effort to get us to switch our provider. “Justin” called each and every day to make sure we were getting all the information that was required. They really promised to help through the whole process.
    When we finally received the new system we realized that the processor doesn’t work with our system at all. Axxess told us to just ‘use it anyway’, which just wouldn’t work for us. We told them we would send it back and they told us that we had signed a contract and therefore it was a done deal! Futhermore, getting them to respond was terrible. We’ve had a huge head ache trying to deal with them and i would NOT recommend them if you need quality customer service.

    • Phillip CPO

      Hi Justin,

      It is possible that you are a good representative that strives to give merchants a fair deal; however, the larger problem is when an organization provides greater incentives to agents who sell more expensive accounts and leases, and has unfavorable policies regarding service cancellation and customer support.

      You claim that this site is biased and only gives good reviews to certain companies for the purposes of selling their services, which is 100% false. If you look through our directory you’ll see that there are dozens of companies that score well but do not advertise on the site. If you have any questions about our advertising policies, see this page.

    • Joe

      I just know from my personal experience the Axxess rep did not effectively communicate all of the terms involved with the credit card processing arrangements. Nor did they explain that you are actually signing for an equipment lease.

      While other merchant providers may charge a rental fee to use the equipment, the rates they charge are considerably less than what Axxess has provided.

      Axxess in my position lied through the whole process through misleading advertising, promising of better rates (which were actually worse).

      I am thankful that the government does have certain laws in place to protect the rights of consumers.

      Everyone should do their research prior to using a particular company. Should a company contact you or solicit you, generally speaking it is not worth your while to pursue. If you were in need of a particular product or service you would do the research.

      Just searching in a company’s name would find reviews on them.
      Having a BBB accreditation is helpful as well.

  • Edward

    I spoke with Harry over at Axxess Payments and my overall experience was good. I was with TD Merchant Services and was getting charged a higher percentage which I was not aware of for keying in my cards instead of swiping them through the terminal which I can not do since my customers do not come into my office. Harry explained all of this to me and offered me lower rates all around which have saved me a little over $200 per month and I have confirmed this on my new bill. He also gave me a month of free debit transactions and a free laptop! Guess I got lucky?!

  • Matthew

    Hi all,

    I have read some of the new stores since I came to this website.
    If someone initiates the call it most likely is probably not in your best interest.
    If you have unfortunately sided with pivotal and would like to get out, just change your bank account.
    Changing will be a pain, however, it is the only sure way to prevent them from accessing your account.
    Most institutions have a time period of contesting debit transactions anyways.

    Get your solicitor involved.
    It worked in my case and haven’t heard anything back from them.
    I even opened a BBB complaint.

    Protect yourself!

  • Mike

    Axxess Payments is a fraud company out of Montreal,QC. Watch out for Monica AKA FATIMIA is her real name but she uses a fake name over the phone. These people are scammers and only after your money. I checked and there located at 1411 Peel street in Montreal. Watch out for the India woman Monica aka Fatimia(real Name)

    • Ania

      President of Axxess Payment Mr. Maurice Verrelli, according to Credit Mart Financial Strategies INC
      in1999 was convicted of telemarketing fraud in Washington, US so now we know whom we dealing with.

    • kathy

      Yes, Fatimia AKA Monica. A little while back ago this India woman scammed me out of $1600. She fooled me into signing the contract and than gave me a sob story how she just got recently divorced from her husband and that her 2 sons don’t listen to her and are always getting into trouble. She also told me that it is hard to make ends meat and that also it’s hard being a single mom because she has so much work to do and it’s hard working and than rasing two kids by yourself.

      I found out by calling the compnay that her real name is Fatimia and she used a fake name on the phone so that she won’t get in trouble with the law. Beware of Axxess Payments.

  • Rick Smith

    I dealt with Axxess Payments they are a very good company, the best company i have ever dealt with.
    previously i was with moneris and they were charging me alot but now with axxess payments everything is going fine. Iwould suggest everyone to use axxess Payments.

  • Karen

    Pushy is an understatement -every day I tell them no. so today had two calls within two hours. Told them if the phone again I will call the Police !!. Pretty sure it will not make a difference.
    However a new twist. The last time I hung up on them they phoned back to tell me I was rude for hanging up. Glad to know others are having problems. How do we get ride of them. I think I will tell them they have to talk to someone else and give them my MLA’s phone number.

  • Suzanne

    Thank you everyone for your comments. This gives me the ammunition to say NO! when she calls next time. Actually I refused them a year ago and they’re back again. She buddied up to me too chatting about her family etc. trying to make me trust her.

  • Suzanne

    Has anyone ever talked to a Monica from Axxess Payments? I’m not sure if it’s the same company but I have been talking with her and she is offering to pair me with People’s Trust in Vancouver. I had never heard of them before. I have not been offered any incentives to sign up only the fees which are 1.59 for Visa and Mastercard and .02 for Debit. A very persistant man called first and now she has called twice trying to entice me. Not sure what to do.

    • Pat Rutherfoford

      Hi Suzanne,

      Yeah thats the same company – Axxess with Peoples Trust in Vancouver.

      Axxess hasn’t been around long enough to gain a solid reputation… they were pushy and insulting when I dealt with them. (See my review below) My experience with them was terrible, and I highly recommend literally ANYONE else.

      As with anything, get it in writing before you agree to ANYTHING. If they are that pushy, it’s because they’re commissioned and there is a fat cheque in it for them. Don’t be pressured, you’re the customer here! When they push too much it turns me off.. if anyone else sold in this manner they would be out of business.

      Hope that helps!

    • Matthew Hill

      Hi Suzanne,

      I have talked with her before.
      I would strongly suggest you tell them to stop calling you and that you do not want their service.
      They tell you its 1.59 but more than likely a lot of your transactions are unqualified resulting in additional charges.
      They charge you for access to their website, and you will end up leasing equipment and signing as a personal guarantor.

      People’s Trust is somehow connected to Pivotal Payments. Axxess Payments is a company that in my opinion gathers customers on behalf of Pivotal Payments.

      If you cancel they will go after you for lease payments and the amount of fees they would of collected from you in that time frame.

      My suggestion is go with the big payment processors like TD Canada Trust or another provider.
      Stay away from Axxess payments, there are better and more honest providers out there.

    • Alex

      The 1.59 is for regular credit card. They may charge you $5 each if someone uses a corporate card or a card not issued locally say from the use if you’re in Canada. That’s how they get around by you assuming the fees apply to all transactions. The debit fee is a good rate but it’s total scam!!! If you have 100 transaction @2cents amounts to $2. And 20$ for 1000 transactions. But they will randomly adjust fees on your statement such as “push funds” which can be $10. Or simply mis fee which is another $10 so you’re not really saving but actually paying more. Most people won’t even notice because the fee depends on your transaction amount and it varies from month to month. If anyone read any comments here regarding axxess or pivitoal and still decides to sign with them then good luck when you try to leave. I would stay away from any these scamers since they’re just secondary companies that outsource all their equipment, prosessing and tech support. When a problem does arrive not only they can’t do anything but they ask you to call the other companies they outsourced to. The sales person has that job because they’re persistent but after you sign the contract you’ll never talk to that person again. Just ask them what local business signed on with their service and you’ll never hear any place you know. What tech support is closed at 10 pm and weekends? Totally useless if you’re open.

    • Harry

      Monica, WALK AWAY quickly. Everything you have read here regarding Axxess or Pivotal (Peoples Trust) is true. I’m stuck with no recourse as most of our “help agencies” like Ombudsman, Consumer Affairs etc say it’s |not their department”. Sign up bonuses that do not arrive, pushy sales-people that won’t talk to you once you’ve signed, rates and fees that the sales-people weren’t up front about etc.

    • Mac

      If I had known what this company was like would have never signed anything. What they do is sign you up, pass you off to either Pivotal Payments or First Data. Then start draining your bank account. Do not used them for anything. They never delivery on anything they say. Except take your money. We went though Costco to sign up with Elavon. We know exactly what we are paying and they treated us right.

    • Sheri

      I have dealt with Monica, and she really buddied up to me. I ended up trusting her. Wish me luck! Reading these comments makes it even more clear that I should have gone with my gut feeling all along. I read on the Ministry of Consumer Affairs that you have a right to cancel the agreement as a result of unfair business practice(s) as described in the Consumer Protection Act, 2002. We’ll see how it goes. DO NOT sign!

  • Pat Rutherfoford

    We received a rate quotation from Axxess Payments – when I let them know that I wouldn’t be interested in switching at this time, the sales representative became quite agitated and insulted me several times. He accused me of being ‘closed-minded’ and wasting his time. (Probably because I spent an hour with the ‘Supervisor’ going over my current statement, wasting his time indeed)

    Insulting, pushy, downright terrible business practices. If I can do anything to help Axxess Payments crash and burn, I’d do it in a heartbeat. If I treated prospects and clients this way in my business, I’d be broke and on the street.

    Do not buy, do not use, I recommend you report these scumbags.

  • Josie

    The same guy from this company calls me two or three times a day. Even after telling him I’m not interested, and later rudely hanging up on him. It’s causing a major disturbance to my business. I run a small business and currently I am my only employee. Getting interrupted while with clients to have someone harass me, wanting to review my financial statements is beyond irritating.

    I’m happy with my current provider and have heard lots about the hidden fees from pivotal payments as a friend signed up with them.

    Is there anything one can do to make these people stop?

  • Mister Smibbles

    These clowns have been phoning me on a daily basis for the last week. I told them that I had a terminal through Chase (I don’t even have a terminal). I spent about half an hour going through my “statement”. I was just making things up as we went, they usually provide the answer they are looking for as part of the question, which is convenient. They’ve been trying to get me to fax a copy of my non-existent statement. Once I get a hold of a fax modem I’m going to send them a page of pure black on a loop. I wish I knew what time zone they are in, it would be nice to start after hours so there’s no one there to stop it.

    If everyone took a few minutes to mess with telemarketers then the problem would go away. Sound interested, draw the conversation out, ask lots of questions, put them on hold for long periods of time while you “go get a pen and paper” or “your records” or whatever.

  • Elaine Schmid

    I have read with great interest each of these experiences. It is exactly what has happened to me. Pressure tactics lies and no returned messages or phone calls. I have gone so far to speak with First Data Global Leasing ( from Florida) Pivotal Payments and have tried numerous times to contact the scum at Axxess. This is a network of liars and cheaters. What a horrible way to treat small family businesses who really cant afford the legal fees etc. After reading all the reviews my plan is to change my bank account so these people will not be able to take $ whenever the mood strikes. I am sickened that there are people in this world that do things so underhanded.

    • Fred

      If you are in Canada send a or phone:

      Financial Consumer Agency of Canada
      They will tell you how to go about filing a complaint.

      The more complaints that are filed then the government will have to do something about them. I don’t know how they can look themselves in the mirror in the morning. They’re mother must be proud of how they earn a living off the backs of small business. I guess they can’t hold down an honest job.

  • Harry

    These comments sure sound familiar! I too was approached by Johnny Perecowicz from Axxess Payments who would find the best processor for my needs. Right away called back and said Pivitol Paymnets was my best choice due to low volume of credit card sales. Told me everything I wanted to hear – lower discount fees, free paper products for life, 30-day money back guarantee, no problem running wireless with Telus. Once I was signed up the discount fee was lower (but barely)for qualified transactions than what I was getting but there are other fees and additional charges for non-qualifed transactions (99% of my transactions are non-qualified) that he didn’t mention. I did call Pivotal who reviewed my case and did lower my discount fee for non-qualified transactions. I’m still stuck with other fees that Johnny never mentioned – fee to settle transactions each day, fee if card is declined etc. Free Paper products only if my contract with Pivotal says so (which it does not). 30-day money-back guarantee? Again only if Pivotal contract says so (which it does not). Their wireless terminals operate with Rogers not Telus and since Rogers does not service my area I can’t get the wireless. Wirelss service was probably the biggest reason I switched. Service from Axxcess since I switched has almost been non-existent. Johnny does not return phone calls nor do any managers when I’ve specifically called them and left messages to call me back. The promised incentive of $500 Visa gas and $500 Visa grocery cards have not arrived after several months although I purchased the Hyprecom terminal. The only response I get is from Reenu Sharma via email when I send a message through their website. Why is it every other financial product (insurance, stocks, banks etc.) is regulated but not credit card processors? Feeling very scammed and stuck. Oh, and the kicker to all this, shortly after signing up I found out there are processors like Intuit and Moneris PAYD that use my smart phone (and no locked in contract) to swipe and process credit cards which means total mobility regardless if Telus or Rogers!

    • Mac

      Keep your contract don’t send it back to them.

      If you don’t send a complaint to the consumer agency below, then they win. If enough people send complaints then they will have to do something.

      Then file a complaint to:
      Financial Consumer Agency of Canada

      They will tell you how to go about filing so small business can’t be mislead in a contract that is not understood. If you don’t close your bank account they will keep taking money. It may not be the legal way but neither is the “so called legal contract.”

      • Harry

        I filed a complaint with the BBB against Axxess Payments with regards to promised incentives not being received. Axxess Payments didn’t respond to the BBB and my case has been closed. My complaint and their lack of response will remain on file . I filed a complaint with Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC) and they say this is a customer service issue and they cannot get involved. Filed a complaint with the Ombudsman and they referred me to Office of Consumer Affairs, Industry Canada, 235 Queen Street, 6th Floor, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0H5, Tel: (613) 946-2576, Fax: (613) 952-6927, Email: [email protected]. I filed a complaint with them today so haven’t heard back yet.

        • Fred

          It would be nice to know which agency of our government had any b- – – s to help the small business. I guess we have to do it ourselves, but we are going to keep sending any correspondence to Consumer Agency of Canada.

        • Sheri

          I, too, have just been misled into signing a contract with, trying to cancel that contract the same day after reading these comments, and being being repeatedly harrassed by Axxess Payment personnel. Have you heard back from Consumer Affairs? I have been unable to find out who to complain to after calling numerous places!

          • Harry

            I, too, have just been misled into signing a contract with, trying to cancel that contract the same day after reading these comments, and being being repeatedly harrassed by Axxess Payment personnel. Have you heard back from Consumer Affairs? I have been unable to find out who to complain to after calling numerous places!

  • Mac

    This was aired on CBC last week. It is not about Pivotal Payments directly. But Axxess Payments is connected, they do the front work to sign unsuspecting businesses for Pivotal Payments.

    Watch this it is interesting.

  • Mac

    We signed a contract with Axxess Payments in Canada in Oct. dumn, dumn us. Does anyone have the address to return a card processor First Data Canada Leasing?

    Also has anyone been taken to court by First Data for breaking their lease?

    Have you ever noticed that they tell you what you should have not done. Not what you can do to get out of a crooked contract.

  • Mac

    Axxess signs up business and then the contract is split into two by Pivotal Payments Canada and First Data Canada. Then each gets a buyout when you try to cancel your contract with them. If they were trustworthy we would not be trying to cancel their contract.

    As far as the Code of Conduct in Canada, don’t hold your breathe.

  • BG

    I went through the online DocuSign agreement with a Axxess sales rep over phone. After I signed it, I printed it out and it was apparent there was a part we hand’t gone through together involving a 60 month lease on equipment –and at a monthly rental rate twice as high as I was quoted over the phone.

    In less than 24 hours I called my rep. He asked if I’d like to just forget it all, I said yes. He said he’d just throw away my application, he had it right there it hadn’t been submitted for processing. I followed up with an e-mail asking for confirmation. Minutes later I got a call from his manager saying it was too late, I owed $400+ to cancel, even though no service had been provided, no equipment had been received, and his representative straight out lied.

    • Ivan McGill

      I just got back from the lawyer. Anything that Axxess says or puts in print ultimately you are responsible for not reading the small print. There is a paragraph on the back or front of any agreement that says basically that the salesperson can say anything and the company he is signing up clients for is no responsible for anything he says or does.

      I guess as a small business you have to half a lawyer, can’t trust anyone anymore. To bad a few years ago you could do most business on a handshake. To many legal crooks now.

  • Matthew

    The organization I work is for is a non for profit in Canada, and a representative from Axxess payments called us said they did a review based on our statement provided and pivotal payments is the best processor. In fact their rates are higher than our previous processor. We used Docu Sign which required us to electronically sign the documents.

    I did not do a proper review, however, I have heard nothing but bad news about Pivotal Payments and Axxess Payments. Axxess does not disclose its relationships with Pivotal, does not explain you are signing a personal guarantor, and also do not explain you are entering into a non-cancellable equipment lease.

    I called many times and my phone calls were screened, and no one responded to me. Your best option to lodge a complaint against the Better Business Burueau (BBB) to Pivotal Payments, to get any reaction from them.

    Your best way to prevent losses, is to change your bank account and get your lawyers involved. It is better to go with a bigger company to get processing. They will call your business every day when they can’t take out money from your account. Tell them that any communication is to be in writting, or provide the address of your lawyer. They more than likely will not do anything in writting, as the contracts are actually very one sided.

    When you return the equipment get verification from the shipper that they have signed it, as they most likely will claim that you did not send the equipment where it was supposed to go. We are in the middle of this process, if you have any questions about the process, I will do my best to answer.

    What i learned from this is, if someone calls your company make sure you do a review. If you do not initiate the conversation 80% of the time it is not worth your while.

        • Mac

          Keep your contract don’t send it back to them.

          Then file a complaint to:
          Financial Consumer Agency of Canada

          They will tell you how to go about filing so small business can’t be mislead in a contract that is not understood.

          • Matthew Hill

            Hi Mac,

            They got us on a Docu sign contract which signs things electronically.
            Thanks on the info for Financial Consumer Agency of Canada.
            Haven’t heard anything back yet, so not worried at the moment.



          • matthew

            Thought I would give a long over due update.

            After changing bank accounts and sending legal representation letters, there has been no contact receivied by Pivotal. We have their equipment in a box which is sitting collecting dust. I signed as a personal guarantor and got that credit watch service with Equifax. Have not seen any claims against me at all.

            If you have signed a contract with Pivotal I strongly suggest you change bank accounts, get a lawyer involved, and switch processors. We belong to the chamber of commerce and get a good arrangement through TD Bank (Canada).

            Axxess and Pivotal Payments must bank on businesses cancelling their contract it seems.


  • Dan

    Thank you for the inputs guys, I got a call recently from an “independent” marketing company who wants to inform us the best rates we can get from visa and mastercard, I was skeptical but they assured me they dont sell payment services, they just inform people. Cool ! So I send them an extract of my actual rates for analysis, then 2 days after a guy calls me from Axxess telling me I can benefit of very low rates right now, that it doesnt matter if I have already another contract, they pay everything and even better than being the cheapest alternative ever existing, they offer me a laptop ! But I have to sign some electronic documents in like 24h to have all this ! Too good to be true ? You bet, when you see low low rates, promisses, pressure to sign fast and valuable gifts on the top !
    In the past I was trapped for 5 years with a crooks company, Niko Atm, so I learned that in this industry its better to go safe with big, serious players.

  • Steve

    I own a small business and we are in our first year of business in a new location, having operated in our previous town for 7 years i never used a credit card processing company, i dealt in cheques and cash and the occasional money order. after moving we decided it was time to start using and credit card machine, we called our bank and they sent us to chase paymentech who offered us a call in credit card service for low fees and a flexible contract, it worked but it was tedious. Axxess called us one day and said they not only could get us a chip and swipe machine making my job easier but could also offer us lower rates and a 1000 dollar gift card for gas or groceries, after moving and paying for my new property this would have helped immensely. I signed an agreement for a plan that was just as flexible as my one with chase in December of 2011 and they said i would not get billed for any fees until march 2012 and they would also pay for my cancellation fee with chase. Axxess charged me in January and February and i still hadn’t received my 1000 dollar gift card. i called Axxess to find out was going on and they said they would handle it and get back to me in a day, i had to call them after a week. after that i discussed with my partners and decided we would cancel or plan with them, Axxess said if i wanted to cancel it would cost me the full amount of our contract, 5 years at 75 bucks amount, just about 5000 dollars . i said this was unnaceptable and that if they didn’t agree to their side of our contract i would have to go to my lawyers and force action, their rep threatened me saying that i didnt want to mess with their lawyers and that they would crush my business. Axxess are liars and made me walk right into their trap. now im stuck in a 5 year contract and have no idea if anything is going to be resolved.

    • Josh

      Get your lawyer involved and see what he OR she can do. These guys try to scare the customer, they told me I would owe about 35,000 based on my volume the expected… I never even began use of the units before I found out I didn’t want to do business with this company. Don’t back down, get your lawyer involved and get out of the contract, get your lawyer to look at this site and see how this company is treating people.

  • Ivan McGill

    We got a call from Axxess over the phone my wife answered. The person on the phone said he was from Axxess and asked if we had a card swipe my wife said no because we are only open 5 months of the year. We own Bee Lazee RV Park. The response was no problem you can use it for 5 months. We got the contract and filled it in. Then a week later we get a letter telling us we will be paying $75 per month for 12 months. My wife phoned and said she had been lied to. Then we get a phone call from his boss saying he has been sent home for 3 days for lying. We asked to have the contract terminated, the answer was, “you don’t want to deal with lawyers, do you?” But we will give you gas and food vouchers to compensate for the problem. We got the vouchers, Voucher said, Register before: 4/14/11. We read further we had to pay $15.95 to register to get free fuel and groceries. You have to send in receipts and only so much every month. We figured it out, we would never come close to using up the vouchers in the 18 month period. So if you are thinking of using their services, think twice. We are not happy with this company.

  • Louis

    Axxess payment is not an honest company. I had a very bad experience with their sales representative who actually is a liar. She told me that she could find a credit processing company with better rate and better service and she enticed me to sign the contract with Pivotal Payment by offering me $1000 voucher. When I checked the bank statement later I found that I paid much higher rate than my previous credit processing company. I called the sales representative of Axxess Payment, she never picked up the phone again and I left several messages to her and she never called back. She ia a liar and so is Axxess Payment. Away from them!!!

  • Josh

    I have gotten pressured / rushed into signing an application with AXXESS using DocuSign, within 21 hours after finding out from my bank (RBC) that I will be paying more to the bank for the transactions in and out of my account I told AXXESS to cancel my order. I tried e-mailing my sales rep and even calling to cancel and I didn’t hear back so I thought it was all done. 7 days later a machine arrives at my business, I sent it back with Purolator and e-mailed my sales rep and I told him I already canceled why I am getting this? Well within a few minutes Johnny from AXXESS calls and begins to threaten me by saying I owe up to $17,000 based on how much they expected to get over 5 years, then it escalated to $34,000 because I also had a mobile unit. I asked to speak to someone higher up and he said he was the Manager, he was very unprofessional with how he handled me. The call ended and within a few minutes someone else called to apologize for the way Johnny spoke to us, but now he stated I will owe $35,000 if I want to cancel. The discussion went on for several minutes and ended with the rep saying that he will give us the weekend to think it over. Within a few minutes another person called to ask if we sent the machine back with Purolator or if we missed the shipment, I told him someone else is already aware of what has gone on, but he stated he just wanted clarity. These guys are crooks in my eyes, and are most likely recording all the calls without stating that they are….. BEWARE!

      • Josh

        I thought it was, now Pivotal has taken money from my bank, yet they have no account on file for my business. Waiting for Axxess to look into this, my account was never setup, yet they say it was cancelled Dec 21 2011, now they start taking $.

          • Matthew

            Hi Josh,

            I would strongly recommend that you cancel your bank account and get a new one set up.
            It may be a pain to do so, however, it is the only thing you can do to prevent them taking more money,
            If they have taken out money you have to my understanding up to 7 business days to reverse the unauthorized transaction. If you do notice something contact your financial institution and indicate it is an unauthorized debit and it will be reversed.

            I would also provide all the documentation you have to a lawyer and leave it with them.

  • Alex

    I’ve received calls from them and it seems the same way global payments targeted potential clients. They stated on the phone that they’re independent who compare my current rate against other processors to offer better rates. It seems like pivotal payments all over. If that’s the case STAY AWAY!!! Do you really want to have to deal with several companies? Pivitoal Payments is who I thought was my merchand service provider but when problems arrived in my account, I had to call global payments because they were the processor and I had to call LFG for the physical machine because they leased them out. What you sign with the merchand doesn’t apply with other parties, so if you cancel, not only penalty involves merchant but equipment and processing where as TD or moneris do all that themselves. Now pivotal tells me they charge shipping to exchange equipment.

  • Keith

    I have experienced phone and e-mail contact with axxecss. The 1000 dollar free gift should tip anyone that something is up with this group. when asked for someone who is using their service I did not get any. with caution Keith

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