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Company Overview

This review is for the South Carolina (formerly, Madison, Indiana) company called Card Payment Solutions. If you are looking for the Santa Barbara, California-based company, see the CardPayment Solutions (California) review.

Global Payments/First Data/TSYS Reseller

Card Payment Solutions (CPS) is a small to mid-size merchant account provider that began operations in 1999. The company is a sales organization that acts as a reseller for several direct processors including Global Payments, First Data (now Fiserv), and TSYS. Although Card Payment Solutions is a reseller, it handles the customer service of its accounts directly. In addition to conventional merchant accounts, the company also offers a zero-fee processing program.

Card Payment Solutions Payment Processing

Card Payment Solutions processes all major debit and credit cards for most business types. Their services include EMV card readers and swipers, POS solutions, mobile payments, ATMs, online ordering, customer engagement, and e-commerce solutions.

Mobile Payment Processing by Card Payment Solutions

For businesses that need flexibility in transaction locations, Card Payment Solutions offers mobile payment processing. This service enables businesses like outdoor vendors, home service providers, and event organizers to accept and process debit and credit card payments using a mobile device. This feature enhances the convenience of transactions and expands the reach of the business.

E-Commerce Services Provided by Card Payment Solutions

In recognition of the growing trend of online shopping, Card Payment Solutions offers a reliable e-commerce payment processing service. They provide a secure online payment gateway that facilitates the efficient handling of online transactions, fulfilling the needs of businesses operating in the digital marketplace.

Card Payment Solutions' Virtual Terminal Services

For businesses dealing primarily with mail orders or phone orders, Card Payment Solutions' virtual terminal service is an invaluable feature. It allows businesses to manually enter card details into a secure online system, providing a flexible solution for remote payment processing.

Integrated Business Management Tools from Card Payment Solutions

Besides their payment processing capabilities, Card Payment Solutions offers integrated software solutions aimed at streamlining various aspects of business operations. Their suite of tools covers areas like payment processing, inventory management, CRM, and data analysis. By providing these integrated services, Card Payment Solutions aids businesses in enhancing their overall operational efficiency.

Location & Ownership

Card Payment Solutions is headquartered at 514 2nd Loop Rd Ste A, Florence, South Carolina 29505-2848, and is an ISO/MSP of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Concord, CA. Dan Christopher is listed as the president of Card Payment Solutions.

Table of Contents

Card Payment Solutions Customer Reviews

Here's What Their Clients Say

Customer Reviews Summary
Total Online Complaints <10
Live Customer Support Yes
Most Common Complaint N/A
Recent Lawsuits No

Some Complaint Confusion

Since Card Payment Solutions shares a very similar name with another merchant account provider, it is very difficult to differentiate between the complaints filed online against the two companies. Based on our research, it appears the majority of complaints filed are regarding the California-based company and not the Indiana/South Carolina-based Card Payment Solutions covered in this review.

Common Complaint Themes

Most negative Card Payment Solutions reviews report high or unexpected monthly fees, unexpected cancellation fees, and difficulty getting problems resolved. These scattered complaints do not seem to indicate any consistent, widespread problems with the way Card Payment Solutions operates. However, it does not appear that merchants who encountered these issues were able to resolve them in a timely fashion. If you have a Card Payment Solutions review to make, please do so in the comments below.

Card Payment Solutions Lawsuits and Fines

We have not found any outstanding class-action lawsuits or FTC complaints filed against Card Payment Solutions. Dissatisfied clients who wish to pursue a non-litigious course of action against the company should consider reporting it to the relevant supervisory organizations.

Card Payment Solutions Customer Support Options

Card Payment Solutions offers live phone support to its merchants. This level of customer support falls short of our expectations for top-rated payment processors for great customer service, but it appears to do an adequate job of fielding most Card Payment Solutions merchant complaints.

Card Payment Solutions Customer Service Numbers

  • (800) 359-0710 – Toll-Free Support
  • (812) 226-4290 – Fax

Other Support Options

Card Payment Solutions Online Ratings

Here's How They Rate Online

Online Ratings Summary
BBB Reports 0

Under 5 Complaints

As of this update, the Better Business Bureau is reporting that Card Payment Solutions has been accredited since 2011 and is awarding the company an “A+” rating. The BBB is showing 0 complaints filed in the last 36 months.

An “A” Performance

In light of the company’s low complaint total, we agree with the BBB’s rating at this time.

Card Payment Solutions Fees, Rates & Costs

A Closer Look at The Contract

Cost & Fees Summary
Cancellation Penalties Yes
Monthly & Annual Fees Unclear
Processing Rates 1.00% - 4.99%
Equipment Leasing Yes

Three-Year Contract

Pricing of Card Payment Solutions merchant accounts appears to vary depending on a business’ type, processing volume, and the agent setting up the account. An agent of the company stated that Card Payment Solutions has a standard service agreement of 36 months with one-year automatically renewing extensions at the end of each term. Clients who wish to cancel service must notify the company within 60 days of the expiration of the contract. Additionally, businesses may suffer a Liquidated Damages early termination fee for canceling service while under contract. The agent also stated that these terms are negotiable.

Each Global Payments, First Data, and TSYS typically include long-term, noncancellable equipment leases in their merchant agreements. The terms and conditions of these leases result in merchants paying $1,000 or more for equipment that they can purchase for about $500. Since Card Payment Solutions resells the services of these merchant account providers these equipment leases are likely included in their contracts.

No Contract Complaints

Normally, the use of a Liquidated Damages clause and automatically renewing contract would result in an “F” rating in this section for a provider. However, Card Payment Solutions is not suffering from the types of complaints usually associated with the practice. This may be an indication that Card Payment Solutions fees rarely involve enforcing the policy or that it usually comes to a mutually agreeable resolution during a dispute. In any case, business owners are encouraged to fully read and understand the terms of the agreement before signing any documents, and to insist on the removal of any Liquidated Damages clauses when possible.

Zero-Fee Processing Program

Card Payment Solutions’ zero-fee processing program charges customers a surcharge of 3.99% on all credit card transactions, which is used to offset the credit card processing fees that would normally be paid by the business. According to Card Payment Solutions, merchants only pay a fixed monthly fee under this plan because their per-transaction fees are paid by customers. This model is gaining popularity within the industry, but business owners should be sure that other one-time and annual fees are not charged in addition to the fixed monthly fee.

Virtual Terminal and Payment Gateway Pricing

In addition to its storefront payment processing services, Card Payment Solutions also dedicates a portion of its website to advertising its virtual terminal and payment gateway services. However, pricing is not disclosed on either of those services. Additional rates and fees, including gateway fees, technical support fees, batch fees, and additional transaction rates typically apply to these e-commerce services.

From Very Expensive to Very Cheap

Card Payment Solutions offers some pricing plans that are very expensive and some that could potentially compete with the cheapest merchant account providers. Each merchant is therefore advised to scrutinize their contract terms carefully. If you have suffered a Liquidated Damages early termination penalty with Card Payment Solutions, please let us know in the comment section below.

We also encourage business owners to check out our list of the providers of the best merchant accounts.

Card Payment Solutions Employee Reviews & Sales Tacitcs

Should You Work For Them?

Jobs & Marketing Summary
Uses Independent Resellers Yes
Telemarketing Likely
Misleading Marketing No
Discloses All Important Terms No

Outside Sales Team

Card Payment Solutions appears to rely heavily on recruiting outside independent resellers to market and sell its merchant services. Generally, this practice results in numerous complaints because providers cannot control the sales and marketing tactics of the resellers. As of this update, however, we have located few negative Card Payment Solutions reviews, which may indicate that its policies do not allow price gouging. The company’s use of resellers will not negatively affect its score unless evidence surfaces to the contrary.

This compares favorably to our list of best credit card processors.

No Deceptive Quotes

Card Payment Solutions does not prominently list any rate quotes or guarantees that could be considered misleading. As of this update, the company is strongly promoting its cash discount program, which adds a 3.99% surcharge to each customer’s total in order to reimburse the client for the cost of processing a credit card. These programs are becoming increasingly common within the industry, and Card Payment Solutions’ promotion of this pricing model doesn’t raise any red flags. If you suspect that Card Payment Solutions is adding hidden fees to your contract, however, we recommend seeking a third-party statement audit.

Our Card Payment Solutions Review Summary

Our Final Thoughts

Card Payment Solutions of South Carolina rates as a promising credit card processing company in that it has very few complaints in comparison to other companies of similar size and time in business. The company can improve its rating by offering month-to-month contracts with no cancellation fees. Businesses are encouraged to compare the company’s pricing to that offered by top-rated merchant account providers.

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Testimonials & Complaints

How Did Card Payment Solutions Treat You?

4 User Reviews

  • Jason Bale

    Jason Tours and Trinkets

    Do NOT sign up with these clowns..smooth talkers with sharp teeth. Believe me they are the most polite crooks I’ve meant. Keep showing for a reputable cc processor and take the time to read the contract

  • Andrea Phox Pho to ograohy

    Card payment solutions was a total rip
    Off. After 10 plus years with them my company suddenly was no longer able to process cards. When I realized this I asked and they blamed payjunction who I was working with using card payment solutions in tandem, which is what I was told I had to do. Payjunction got on the phone on a three way call with myself and card payment solutions- they admitted they stopped my small business from processing cards by putting my account on a hold. However they kept charging me my 37.45 per month! No one notified me that I couldn’t process cards. When I tried and couldn’t after much todo about nothing I filled out a request for cancel- the next nail I got was a bill for my 37.95 automaticity debited from my biz checking. 28 days later I received another debit and bill for 37.95 when I called again after being on hold for 45 minutes they told me it takes 30 days to cancel yet they billed me at 28 days. Blood suckers. I want a refund for 10 months of billing with no service!!!

  • Diane Greiner

    Received an offer from this company last year – business partner set up merchant processing with them. They started charging a service fee twice each month…one for our corporate name and the other for our dba name. Once we finally got the bank to place a stop payment on the debit they stopped one charge, hit us with a $300 cancellation fee and are continuing to charge the $69.95 one time a month. They have processed no cards and done nothing for us except charge a lot of money.

    I cannot get the company to respond. Went to the bank again yesterday and are attempting a stop payment again.

    Any advice as to who to contact? What can I do short of closing my account and opening a new one?

    Thanks, Diane

    • davis

      go to your bank and tell them you want to initiate a fraud claim. as i understand it, if the charges were not specified in a contract, the processor has no right to debit those charges. i used the words fraud claim when talking to the processor and it seemed to carry some weight.

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