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Note: As of 2023, the CCNow website is down. It’s currently unclear what this means in relation to the status of the business. We will update as more information comes to light.

Company Overview

CCNow is an Iceland-based merchant account provider specializing in e-commerce solutions for small and mid-sized businesses. Founded in 1998, the company was originally headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and owned by Digital River, which sold CCNow to Snorasson Holdings in January 2013.

CCNow Payment Processing

CCNow processes most major debit and credit cards for small to mid-sized e-commerce businesses. Their services include PCI Level 1 security, e-commerce solutions including shopping carts, a free demo account, weekly payments, the ability to process 25 currencies, auction services, and marketing solutions.

Currency Support

With a focus on international businesses, CCNow offers support for various currencies, allowing merchants to cater to a global customer base. By enabling customers to make purchases in their local currency, businesses can provide a more seamless shopping experience, ultimately leading to increased sales and customer satisfaction.

Fraud Prevention

Security is a top priority for CCNow, and they have implemented robust fraud prevention measures to protect both merchants and their customers. The company uses advanced security protocols, such as SSL encryption, to ensure that sensitive information is protected during transactions. Additionally, CCNow employs sophisticated fraud detection tools to minimize the risk of fraudulent transactions.

Shopping Cart Integration

CCNow offers seamless integration with popular shopping cart platforms, allowing merchants to easily incorporate the payment processing service into their existing e-commerce websites. This compatibility simplifies the setup process and ensures that merchants can start accepting payments quickly and efficiently.

Customer Support

To ensure that merchants can effectively manage their payment processing, CCNow provides comprehensive customer support. The company offers multiple support channels, including email and phone, to address any questions or concerns that may arise. By providing prompt and reliable assistance, CCNow helps merchants maintain smooth payment processing operations.

Location & Ownership

Although CCNow has moved its base of operations overseas, it appears that the company still does most of its business with U.S. merchants and converts all payments to USD by default. The company’s current processor and acquiring bank are not listed on its website. Bjorn Snorasson is listed as the CEO of Snorasson Holdings. The company is headquartered at 333 Washington Ave. North Suite 300 Minneapolis, MN.

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Table of Contents

  • Costs & Contract: Offers a pay-as-you-go rate of 4.9% plus $0.40 with no early termination fees and…
  • Complaints & Service: Has received more than 50 public complaints regarding…
  • BBB Rating: Has an “A-” rating with the Better Business Bureau but has received 1 complaint and 0 reviews in regards to…
  • Sales & Marketing: Does not appear to hire independent sales representatives and has not received any merchant complaints about its…
CCNow payment processing
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CCNow Customer Reviews

Here's What Their Clients Say

Key Points

Total Online Complaints 50+
Live Customer Support Yes
Most Common Complaint Fund-holds
Recent Lawsuits No

Rising Complaint Total

We are currently able to locate over 50 negative CCNow reviews, some of which refer to the company as a scam or a ripoff. Some of these complaints are from 2010 or earlier and were posted by frustrated customers who purchased products from the CCNow MarketPlace. These customers complain that they paid for defective products or products that were never shipped, and they describe CCNow’s customer service department as unhelpful and possibly nonexistent. Whether existent or not, CCNow’s customer support department definitely falls seriously short of what we expect of top-rated payment processors for customer service. Interestingly, some of the client complaints filed against the company claim that CCNow unfairly sides with customers and doesn’t alert merchants to chargebacks in a timely fashion. If you have your own CCNow review to make, please do so in the comments below.

Not Ideal For High-Risk Businesses

Given the rapid increase in complaints over the past year, we have lowered CCNow’s score as a warning to high-risk businesses. CCNow also takes a slight hit for the number of complaints about fraudulent sales taking place through the company’s online marketplace. These complaints consistently cite a near-complete lack of customer service, indicating that CCNow’s MarketPlace may not be the most desirable venue for e-commerce clients.

CCNow Lawsuits and Fines

We have not found any outstanding class-action lawsuits or FTC complaints filed against CCNow. Dissatisfied clients who wish to pursue a non-litigious course of action against the company should consider reporting it to the relevant supervisory organizations.

CCNow Customer Support Options

CCNow lists an email address and a dedicated phone number for customer support. Recent client complaints against CCNow mention fund-holds and delayed payouts, as well as difficulty resolving these issues in a timely fashion through customer support. These are obviously frustrating situations for merchants, but the fact that CCNow is a non-U.S. processor that accepts some high-risk business types makes it more prone to receiving these types of complaints. This explains these types of complaints, but, in our view, it does not excuse them.

CCNow Customer Service Numbers

  • (877) 226-6977 – Toll-Free General Customer Service
  • (866) 586-3784 – Client and Supplier Support

Other Support Options

CCNow Online Ratings

Here's How They Rate Online

Online Ratings Summary

BBB Reports 1

Under 5 Complaints

CCNow is not an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau and currently has an “A-” rating based on 1 complaint filed within the last 36 months. This is a significant reduction from the 22 complaints found at the time of a recent review.

What Merchants Say

In addition to the 1 complaint filed on its BBB profile, CCNow has received 0 informal reviews. A previous review made an accusation of fraud:

These people are liars and thieves. I have been with CCNow since 2000 and did not have problems until a foreign company snorrason holdings acquired CCNow. Their FRAUDulent reports indicate that deposits have been made to my account for all sales made through CCNow, but no payments have been made since January 2017. They posted NO EMAIL NOTICE of cessation of service of their shopping cart/payment processing (I guess they found another means of stealing profits from hardworking small business owners) as of July 31st 2019. They do not answer the phone or reply to emails, yet their website is still soliciting signups. BEWARE ALL SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS! CCNow is FRAUD and appropriate legal action will be pursued…

Clients in these situations should review their options for providers who offer excellent customer service.

A “B” Performance Overall

Given the company’s complaint total and resolution ratio, we have adjusted the BBB’s rating to a “B”.

CCNow Fees, Rates & Costs

A Closer Look at The Contract

Key Points

Cancellation Penalties None
Monthly & Annual Fees None
Processing Rates 4.9% + $0.40
Equipment Leasing None

Country-Specific Pricing

CCNow offers different pricing plans depending on which country a business is based in. For U.S. businesses, the company charges a one-time sign-up fee of $39.95 and 4.9% plus $0.40 per transaction. The company offers a volume discount for clients whose sales exceed $50,000 per month. There are no other monthly fees, annual fees, or early termination fees. This pricing plan is unlike plans offered by most other e-commerce merchant services providers, making it difficult to draw comparisons.

More Expensive Than Competitors

The company’s per-transaction fee of 4.9% plus $0.40 is much higher than most of its e-commerce competitors, but CCNow also supports a much broader range of acceptable business types, including digital goods and auction-style sellers. Its setup fee compares favorably with Authorize.Net but is higher than services like Stripe or Braintree, which are free. We encourage business owners to check out our list of the providers of the best merchant services.

Fund-Hold Complaints

Since our last update of this review, we have received a large influx of complaints related to CCNow fund-holds. Businesses consistently report that the company has simply not paid them any money for up to a year, and the amounts that have been withheld sometimes total in the thousands of dollars. Fund-holds are not uncommon among high-risk and international credit card processors, but there appears to be a persistent issue with advance communication of CCNow’s fraud prevention policies. This has lowered CCNow’s score in this section.

Costly Terms Overall

Overall, the company’s transaction fees may make it unreasonably expensive for many standard-risk businesses. Its low-commitment contract and broad range of acceptable business types could be appealing to international, high-risk, and digital goods businesses, but a growing number of complaints suggest that the company may not even serve these sectors well.

CCNow Employee Reviews & Sales Tacitcs

Should You Work For Them?

Key Points

Uses Independent Resellers No
Telemarketing No
Misleading Marketing No
Discloses All Important Terms No

No Sales Complaints

CCNow primarily markets itself through its website and through strategic partnerships. There is no indication at this time that the company employs an in-person sales force, and we cannot find any CCNow reviews that complain of misleading or aggressive sales tactics. This compares favorably to our list of best credit card processors.

No Misleading Marketing

There is also no indication that CCNow engages in deceptive advertising in its official materials. The company provides a tool to help clients browse its transaction rates by country, and this tool appears to accurately quote the company’s fees. If you suspect that CCNow is charging you undisclosed fees, however, we recommend seeking a third-party statement audit to find and eliminate hidden charges.

CCNow international pricing

CCNow’s international rates tool

Our CCNow Review Summary

Our Final Thoughts

CCNow rates as an average credit card processing provider for e-commerce businesses at this time. The company’s complaint volume has risen dramatically in the past two years over fund holds. Furthermore, customers who order from the CCNow MarketPlace are reporting a troubling pattern of fraudulent transactions. At this time, there is little to recommend against CCNow from a standard-risk business’ perspective, but high-risk merchants may be at risk for a negative experience and should instead consider signing up with a top-rated high-risk merchant account provider.

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Your Comments & Reviews

How Did CCNow Treat You?

88 Responses

  • Annie Maroon

    CCNow client customer service is completely unreachable – I have called them several times, at various times of day, and sent several emails, without receiving a word in response. The reason I’ve called them so much is that several of our customer payments – totaling at least $1,000, but possibly more – have been held up in “processing” for months, some close to a year, without being deposited in our account. Then, when I tried canceling the customers’ orders, so that they could be refunded and pay us through a system that actually works, they reported that CCNow had still not refunded their payment after weeks. The upshot: DO NOT USE CCNOW, if you ever want to actually receive payment from your customers. After months of this, I’m starting to explore whether some kind of legal action is our only route to actually get the money we are owed from them.

  • David Allen Rosen

    CCNow has been my “processor” since the early 2000’s. Under Digital River it was good. Then it was bought out by a company out of Iceland. The current scene is that they never answer at 1-800-CCNOW and do not return messages I have left them. I sell violin, viola and cello books, which is not high risk. I used to rely on their website to gather my orders and log shipping and review payments sent. They sent me an e-mail that they needed all 25% or more owners picture ID on file to prevent money laundering scams. This was sent as a “by the way” type comment that I, frankly, missed reading. They continued to report payments as made by CCNow on a by-monthly basis. As income from CCNow was not my primary source of income, I did not notice that they stopped paying me even though they were still reporting bi-monthly that they were paying me. They did not send one email that there was a problem nor did they require a read receipt on any e-mails, nor did they send me a letter by registered mail nor did they post a notice on their website. I had a pre-existing arrangement that far predates and changes, and I was assured that I had been grandfathered in on all prior relationships. Now, they won’t answer the phone no matter when I call. They know full well when they paid me and when they stopped paying me and how much they owe me. I expect a call followed up by an email detailing what they want of me and how they are going to pay me what I am factually owed by them.

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  • DalPay is the same company as CCNow working from Snorrason holdings. Some time ago they really paid me for the goods, but for the last time they are cilent and owe me 50.000 USD! Bjorn Snorrason, Matt Lind, Thorsten Feldstadt and Bill Wysocki continue fooling people, CCNow website says that “Registrations are temporarily disabled” and is still working (the same menu scheme as CCNow) and takes the money from other people. Just be careful, they owe 50.000 and are silent, I had luck to reach them by phone and they said they don’t have the money now and they don’t know when it will be paid. All people scammed by CCNow – it is the same company, let them help to stop fooling fair sellers!

  • Nedzad Becirovic

     This is the second time I’ve been writing about ccnow’s bad business:

    We are a Branded Flower Shop, MARGARETA-VJETRENJACA from Sarajevo, who works well over 40 years. and we cooperate with ccnow since 2010. For the first 7 years we did a successful business, but in the last 3 years we have problems with collecting our earned money, the problems are the following: the company ccnow does not pay according to the concluded contract every 1day of the month, they started to pay with the payments, and for 3 months the realized profit began to pay in just one month. Now the company is aware of the current situation that money has not been paid to us since the beginning of 2018 for a full 9 months, ccnow owes us money over 10,000 USD. Given that we are a company that over 40 years stands behind the quality of its service and in this is supported by clients all over the world, such a non-professional business relationship from ccnow can only be justified by its customers in a way to make payment of all the claims to its customers in order to preserve its previous rating and reputation of ccnow. Hoping that the company will justify its trust and protect its customers and its ever-growing success for future cooperation with its customers. in the second case they will face major problems. WIth respect, Flower shop “MARGARETA” Nedzad Becirovic.

    From The Editor
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  • Malcolm Dalglish

    I am a composer / musician selling scores and CDs. CCNow has been our reliable online retailer for 18 years, paying us monthly by check and now, recently by direct deposit. But now… we’ve not been paid for 7 months. Our last payment was Nov 2017, an un-arranged and un-announced cumulative payment covering 4 months. Meanwhile they continue to charge our customers, send us orders that we fulfill…report on their website our monthly “direct deposits to our bank” But..They don’t make those deposits. They owe us $2650. Nor do they respond to our telephone calls or emails. It seems we are not alone. Are they paying the big accounts while scamming the small ones? What do we do? Have they gone rogue? Criminal?

  • angela mattey

    I am very disappointed with this company. I was with it since the late 1990’s after that it was taken over by a newer company. Now as a vendor you do not receive your customer’s payments. This in my mind is a crime..they take the sale funds …you send the product to the customer… but CCNow does not pay you for what you sent to your customer. Disgusting! I am quitting their service.

  • Wadee SWS solutions

    CCnow have witheld /stole more than 55000 USD from our hard earned fund, this is a big scam , please be aware, they lied, they made up excuses, tried to delay, they don’t return any emails, the phone number listed is phony, no body answer, you can try it your self, for the last 3 years it has been pure torture, we hired a lawyer who is contacting Iceland lawyer to try to get them to pay us, we sent them at least 50 emails to no avail, please beware..this company should be prohibited from operations in the US ( or anywhere for that matter ), we will never leave them alone, it ‘s our money that we earned over two years of hard work, CC now is a fraud ( digital thief ) ,no less and no more

  • Baker Almasri

    We have an account with ccnow, User name: bakerami, email address: [email protected]. I have a problem regarding a previous payment which we have not received it yet. We should receive that payment as an exchange of products which we sold to our clients in the USA. We have emailed ccnow and Thorsten Felstead
    – Head of Risk, Snorrason Holdings four times demanding an immediate release of the payment. Unfortunately they did not make any attempt to contact us regarding same.

    I think this man and ccnow are scammers.

  • Robert Botsch

    CCNow stopped making direct payments into my bank after March 2017 even though they sent me statements that the payments were made. I no longer do business with them and strongly advise no one to do with business with them.

  • They have not made any payment since July 2017. They owe more than 4000 USD to me. No answer to emails. Do not use them.

  • DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. They do not remit payment that they collect on your behalf, and they do not respond to email or phone calls. I was able to collect my $ by refunding all customers and contacting them directly for repayment. (over 100 customers)

  • Calvin Nguyen

    CCNow is a scam company. I requested the money 4 months ago, they show paid out in the statement at CCNow website. But the money never show in my bank. Email them, never get answer back.
    Please stay away from CCNow.

  • David betts

    Big rip off, stopped paying vendors about 5 months ago.
    Rip off, they used to be good. Not anymore. Google the complaints, there are many

  • Used this payment processor services for my e-commerce store,worked for about 1 year,the payout cycle is not as agreed,awfull support and FINALLY STOLEN MONEY,

    They have stolen 13,828 USD which they paid out and I never received.
    No feedback no answer,no action,JUST THIEVES

  • Don’t use these crooks they don’t pay!! Owe me over 4,000.00. They don’t return calls or emails. There a bogus company!

  • Ccnow has taken my customers money, but is not paying it to me Com
    What was once a good company, now a criminal ebterprise. Don’t use them,
    David Betts, bucksport, Maine 11/30/17

    • I am working with CCNow since 2001. I received my payment from CCmpw on 30 Oct. It was issued on 1 August. They are in the face of temprary problems which will be fixed soon.

      • Bob Richards

        CCnow owes me $5000 since last year.
        They are a scam company so beware! They do not pay out money owed to merchants :(

  • brendan murphy

    This is a fraudulent company. They still owe us over €500.00. They have not replied to repeated emails to explain why they have not transfered our money. Seven months of requests for payment. Do not do business with them.

  • CCNow’s website is down. They owe me almost $1000. Despite numerous calls and emails to both Snorrason and CCNow, they do not respond. I should’ve known when CCNow sold out to an offshore company that there would be trouble. Just use PayPal. It’s obvious that Bill Wysocki/Matt Lind/whomever is not going to pay up.

  • William Kohnke

    My wife used CCNow to handle her online shopping cart and credit card sales for almost 20 years. For the past three years their service has continually declined to the point that they no longer send her any payments or respond to her email inquiries. Whatever the company was before, it no longer can be trusted and should be avoided like the plague.


    Hi guys,
    CCNOW, requested for signup fees in order to acquire and activate our merchant account which we paid; few days later the company CCNOW team contact us they cannot activate our account without a proper reason and promised to re-fund our sign up fees since September 6, 2017 Up till now no words from them despite several emails that was sent to them. This is obviously a total ripoff, Scam…

    • Frank Salisbury

      You guys need to pull your head out! DO NOT RECOMMEND THESE SCUMBAGS. Bjorn Snorrason DBA SNORRASON HOLDINGS, the owner of CCNow and Dalpay is now guilty of criminal fraud. They have been processing people’s credit card payments and have all but stopped remitting the funds to the sellers. FACT. They no longer answer the phone and do not reply to emails. I intend to go after them big time. My attorneys are preparing a criminal fraud complaint against them and intend to make their bank, BMO Harris out of Chicago aware. This Snorrason person is based in Iceland and has been at odds with countries regarding money laundering, etc. STAY AWAY!

  • I have not received payment from ccnow since 6 months , they said they are doing wire transfer manually. This is ridiculous. Lat 2 payments not received and no reply from supports also.

  • CCNow has been late before making payments in the past, but then made good, hopefully they will stay in business. Now again awaiting my last 5 payments (weekly payout), around 6,200 USD total from them. Will post a hopefully positive review after they have paid.

    • Vladimir Gohman

      Yes, CCNOW made good, although with a great delay they transferred my money.
      I have requested the current transfer ( Payment Amount : $1,844.14 USD )
      Will post a hopefully positive review too after they have paid.

      • Zeeshan Alam

        They are holding USD 26,000 since February 2017. Its not called delay. Its bern 7 months. They don’t answer any email.

    • No any payout since April 2017. They don’t reply emails anymore. So, it seems they just stole our money (my loses are about $3000). Too sad – I was working with them since 2001.

    • Hi!
      We have big problems with CCNOW, they didnt pay us from April 2017, we disable it but they have our money 27.000 USD. We sent all items to customer and ccnow get money now they dont want to pay us. They do not reply to our mails, we sent a lot of e-mails to different addresses only who is there is Thorsten Felstead but he also dosent reply to our mail… We are in contact with Lawyer in Iceland so if there is some one eals who have business fraud with CCNOW please contact us so we can unite power against them and report them to Iceland Police and other institutions..That what CCNOW did is organized internet crime!

    • Have they paid you? I just found out that they haven’t paid me since August 2017. Worried sick.

  • I have an account with CCNow since 2014 . 0 chargebacks , 0 refunds . I received all my payments in 5-6 days after CCNow issued my payments . On 21 June 2017 they issued to me a payment of 491 $ net . I never received it . I contacted CCNOW and they told to me to wait 5-6 weeks for my payment because they work with Iceland Arion Banki and they manually process each payment .
    I contacted Iceland Arion Banki by email and they asked to me the reference number of my payment . I contacted CCNOW again for my reference number and there is no answer .
    I have a pending order in my CCNOW account of 240 $ . I’ll cancel the order and refund my customer because I am not willing to put my money into Bill Wysocki pockets .
    Lets team together and sue him and CCNOW /Snorrason Holdings ehf . This is not an honest business practice .

    • A update to my last review : I received the payment from CCNow .They issued it on 21 June . I received it on 18 July .

  • Vladimir Gohman

    Hello everybody!

    CCNOW owe me $ 5859.06 USD.

    The last time they answered me on April 25.
    They don’t reply to emails or phone calls.

    Let’s bring suits together in court.

    • Hello Vladimir Gohman They are making payment to everyone, yes its taking time but I am sure that you will receive payment soon. Many people in this forum already got paid so there is no need to worry

      • Vladimir Gohman

        Dear Zarihs,

        Can you tell me please, to whom and when did they pay?

        Thank you very much.

      • Vladimir Gohman

        They owe me money, and 4 months do not pay and do not answer questions. Don’t believe this post!

        • Well I have received all payments and I don’t have any problem with ccnow if you don’t believe me that’s your choice but I will suggest just wait hopefully you will get paid very soon

          • Vladimir Gohman

            It’s hard for me to believe you. They don’t respond to letters and calls for 4 months.
            CCNOW is scam !!!!

          • Formerly owed by CCNow…and can report that all is paid now….took some time and of course the inevitable frustration like everyone is experiencing….Their head office (and new issuing bank) are manually clearing a huge backlog….but they will get to you :)

          • Vladimir Gohman

            Yes, I received 2 payments, only after applying to Snorrason Holdings Risk Dept.
            Now I’m thinking about whether to continue working with ссnow.

          • Vladimir Gohman

            Yes, you were right, and glad that I received my money, but only after contact Snorrason Holdings Risk Dept, and waiting 4.5 months is a horror!

  • We accepted credit card with CCNOW since 1 year. The payments are delay everytime. And now we dont have receive any payment for last 3 months. We contact support who never reply back to our emails. The service is horrible, no respect to the customer and contract we have both sign.

    • I am working with ccnow from last 5-6 years Yes they are having bit of trouble and delay but hope that will be fixed soon , Personally I receive all payments on time ccnow is very old and trust worthy company once they will fix this issue I can guarantee, You will never turn your back from ccnow

  • We have been working with CCNow for our eCommerce website since 2005. We had no problems with payment and the
    money is on our bank account, max. for 5-6 days from CCNow payment memo!
    However, we have been unable to receive our last payment for about 5 weeks
    now. The payment for $6000 USD is marked as issued on their system on May,
    16th, but in fact there is no such payment. We contacted the Snorrason
    Holding multiple times via email ( all our correspondence is attached
    below) and by phone, unfortunately only to hear their voice mail. First
    when I inquired about the missing payment, they asked for five weeks to
    get the wire transfer processed, which is ridiculous! A month has passed
    and when I finally got them answer my emails and asked for wire transfer
    correspondence number or copy of receipt, Bill Wysocki bluntly wrote that
    the wire had not been transmitted by their bank yet! He actually lied to
    me, probably to buy some more time, then admitted that they had not send
    the money at all. It is outrageous, definitely not the proper way to treat
    customers, who’ve been working with them for 12 years!
    I believe other merchants are not anymore paid by CCNOW. Now my intention
    is to contact a lawyer in Iceland and file a lawsuit for fraud against
    Snorrason Holding, the owner of CCNow. I’d be happy to resolve this matter
    without court action and remove this complaint as soon as we receive the
    missing payment.

    • Yes they are taking some time for wire transfers but they will make payment to you all together I am pretty sure about this just give them some more time , Me and my others friends who use ccnow they all have received funds including me so there is nothing to worry about

    • Did you ever receive payment or did you sue? Trusted this company for 14 years but just discovered that since August they have sent pay memos but NOT payments. My head is spinning.

  • CCNow is sister company to Dalpay and is owned by Snorrason Holdings in Dalvik, Iceland…we’ve been e-mailing CCNow for 3 outstanding payments since beginning of March 2017…they sent payment memos of wire transfers (including wire fee deductions) to us but until now June 26, 2017 nothing reflected in our account…CCNow does not reply to e-mails or calls anymore. We contacted Snorrason Holdings and in the last 4 wks someone by the name of Thorsten Felstead (Risk Dept) promised to followup on this with their bank…but now he too has stopped communicating with us and e-mails to his dept bounce…When you call Dalpay CCNow’s sister company…same story…they promise to forward the concern to CCNow but in reality they don’t….CCNow numbers go to voice mail since March 2017 and their US contact (Bill Wysocki) has disappeared…Why is Visa and Mastercard (via Arion Bank Iceland) dealing with Snorrason Holdings and making us suffer for our hard-earned money!!! Stay away from CCNow, Dalpay and Snorrason Holdings…and alert/contact Snorrason Holdings’ partner Bank (Arion Banki) in Reykjavík, Iceland…
    CCNow was indirectly implicated/affected by fraud allegations in the US in Sept 2016 and ever since, payment problems started…I will not rest until CCNow clears my hard-earned money!!!

    • UPDATE: All outstanding payments have now been cleared. Thanks to Snorrason Holdings Risk Dept for the effort on behalf of CCNow…this case is closed and i rescind all previous statements about Snorrason Holdings, Dalpay, and CCNow…Please be advised that they are determined to clear all outstanding client payments…just a matter of time and patience.

  • We have been using ccnow since 2013. Everything was fine until 2015 and payouts used to be received in our bank within 2 days. But since the start of 2016 they started delaying payouts. Initially it was taking only 3 to 4 days then this delay gradually extended to 1 week by September 2016. We complained to them about it but they came up with some excuses so we thought its only temporary problem they are having which they assured us will be resolved in few weeks. But after September 2016 they started to delay our weekly payouts even further. Initially it was 3 to 4 weeks delay which extended to 8 weeks in January February 2017. We now have over 30K in our account and have not been paid single penny since February 2017.

    We call them several times a day and also email them daily but no response from their side since March 2017. I once called them over 100 times but no one answers.

    It seems like we will never get our money. Please stay way from this company. They will pay you initially to build their trust then will run away with all your earnings.

    • Their US contact (Bill Wysocki) has disappeared and calls go to voicemail…if lucky you may reach someone in their sister company Dalpay who will pick up the phone and promise to relay the message to CCNow….but that’s where it ends…Their Head office personnel at Snorrason Holdings ehf are also just playing the same games…their contact in the Risks Dept (Thorsten Felstead) initially promised to assist and followup with their partner bank (Arion Banki in Reykvik, Iceland) but has now disappeared too and e-mails to him are now bouncing….Why does visa/mc/amex allow Arion Banki to process merchant orders on behalf of Snorrason Holdings ehf (CCnow, Dalpay, Mountpay)???? These companies look more like ponzi-schemes defrauding merchants of thousands of dollars! New Merchants looking for card processors please stay away!

      • All payments received from CCNow…thanks to the intervention of their Head Office…special thanks to Thorsten Felstead from Snorrason Risk Dept…I rescind all previous statements about Snorrason Holdings, CCNow, and Dalpay….all those still awaiting payment, be patient, it will arrive….its a slow manual processing that is involving a huge backlog…but they will clear everyone…

        • Zeeshan Alam

          Its been over six months. I don’t believe they are still in business. They don’t respond to calls or emails . I posted a review on bbb and in response they sent only 4K out of total 30K they owe us. I used to call them many times a day but no one ever picked up my call. The guy who responded to my bbb review was so pissed off with my complaint that he warned me that my number and email will be blocked for harassment if I call them again. Appalling.

  • Nedzad Becirovic

    Good afternoon,

    We sell flowers and our company has been operating successfully for over 40 years.

    we began using the service from CCNow since the beginning of 2010. and by 2016 we had no problems. Payment was so far under the contract, net pay, with the first day of the month and the money is on our bank account, max. for 7-10 days from CCNow notice of payment!

    Problems with payment began from December 2016y, and the delay in payment!
    Currently CCNow to our companies did not pay, payment of February, payment of March, the payment of April, and payment of May !!!
    CCNow did not pay our company for the last 4 months!!!
    With today ‘s waiting over 130 days for our money , a big amount of money !!
    And for 19 days after the schedule should be still another net payment for June 1, and CCNow so far has not paid the net payment of February !!!
    We contacted CCNow repeatedly sending emails regarding payments and why are late with payments and we called on the phone to which no one answers, and then we get an answer in April that it will pay the debt of February
    together with the March payment!!
    And so far we have not received any payment, the promised payment of February and March, as we have not received payment from April, and from May !!!!
    Due to the unprofessional attitude CCNow and delay in payment over 130 days we Rating CCNow as catastrophic company for cooperation, and we do not want to recommend anyone collaborating in this way.

    I urge the public: the company CCNow to make payment obligations owed to our company !!
    If you are a serious and professional company “CCNow” need to approach to solving this problem, in order to save the reputation of your company and of all the problems that can cause, such an unprofessional way of your business and cooperation with other companies !!

    • Nedzad Becirovic

      Good afternoon,

      With today’s day, CCnow has paid all late payments to our bank account. We thank the company, CCnow, for solving problems with late payment and I hope that such things will no longer happen in future cooperation.
      I wish you a pleasant day and a successful cooperation in the future.

  • Little update from us. CCNow contacted us, paid all the money and fixed the problem. At this point we have no problem with them and it looks like their service improved a lot lately.

    • im also waiting for the payment from last 3 weeks . they said payment take at least 4-5 weeks to be processed. so im still waiting 3 weeks already gone

  • Hello My Name is Sheraz I am a professional Retoucher working as a Freelancer from last 7 years Owner of Zarihs Retouching & Photography I signed up with ccnow in 2012 It has been almost 5-6 years I do not have words for ccnow they have great service there are no website or payment issues for my clients I have never faced any complain from my client’s Payment are always smooth.The best thing about ccnow company is they accept Paypal Payments too in my country paypal is not available so this is huge plus point for me. Matt Lind, Business Manager Always helped me greatly by going extra mile I appreciate that a lot and Mr Bill has also helped me a lot in my issues. In Simple words its a great trust worthy company and anybody can run their online business through ccnow without getting worried for payments. CCNOW is Highly Recommend

  • Mr Bill from ccnow is keep pushing me to add U.S. ACH (Direct Deposit) withdrawal method and he is as claimed once I will that payment system they will be able to send me money in 4-5 days is this for real or not ?
    Did anyone withdrawn money from ccnow through Payoneer US Global Payment system ?

  • Their customer service is not working, they are not liable to any e-mail

    • I have also had a bad experience, they owe me 9.5k usd. And exactly same things as all responses above, Bill Wysocki at CCNOW stopped replying after he used up all the excuses of no bank transfer via ACH, change of bank, change to wire, etc. Just prolongs time. Complained to CCNOW, they do nothing. Looks like Bill was running a boiler room / ponzi scheme. They work with you for around 1 or 2 or 3 years paying you out so you get sucked in to using them, and when they accrue over 2k+ usd they stop paying out. Stop responding. Over 12 emails stating that funds have been sent – and not one received at my bank since January 2017.

      p.s. I have been using CCNow for around 2-3 years. Bill Wysocki may not be a real name – Matt Lind is most likely the person behind that name as the company manager. Dalpay, Snorrason Holdings group, all managed by same people as CCNow. I will be using bierensgroup or similar to collect the money owed.

      • They are making payments to me from last 5 years Now I have not received payment after 27th of January. I don’t think so they will run away like this if they have to scam they would have done before I think we should wait what do you guys say ?

        • Wait longer????…They lost Chexx Inc around october2016, after that CCNow started to show bad business practise and stopped paying out. Wether they were embezzled with them or not, that is a question for the authorities. Chexx Inc were part of the bigger money laundering group PacNet. Read about it on the official US government websites. Bjorn Snorrason and Matt Lind would have been well too aware of whom they are dealing with i.e. Chexx Inc. but i leave for everyone else to decide if that is just a coincidence….

          • I am just simple online freelancer I don’t know much about money laundering and stuff hope I will get my money back. I was talking to other guy yesterday he said he is working with ccnow from last 17 years his payments were stopped after February 2017 but think about if they wanted to take our intentionally they would have done before. I don’t think so we can do anything if they take our money do you have any idea what should we do ?

          • Chexx Inc shutdown services
            On Thursday, September 22,
            after that we have faced delays and ccnow informed us about this and we were getting paid till January ccnow is not the only company who was dealing with chexx inc there are 100s of companies which are effected ccnow is not only company my hopes are high I think they are just having trouble to sending payments to people across the globe that is not an easy task lets see how it goes.

    • They Also have our money and they dont reply to our mails! We sent a lot of product out but ccnow do not send us our money! We didnt received nothing from this year! They should send us 45k of our money… this is really bad! We have to pay a lot of invoices but ccnow didnt pay us!!

  • Beware of CCNow, its sister company DalPay, its parent company Snorrason Holdings and people who manage this ponzi scheme – Matt Lind and Bjorn Snorrason.

    Our company has been working with CCNow since 2013. We used them as a backup payment processor. Until October 2016 our cooperation was more or less OK, but since then they started having problems with issuing payments on time.

    Right now they owe us 2 payments and they can’t tell us when they will be issued…

    They are not responding to emails and their phone number goes to voice mail. The only phone number where someone is responding is at DalPay (+354 466 1940) and the lady who answers there always promises to pass information to CCNow, but so far it hasn’t brought us anywhere.

    We will be flying to Iceland to speak with local authorities about Snorrason’s activity.

    I see on message boards that a lot of people have similar problems with them. Just type in ‘ccnow forum’ on Google and see for yourself.

    If you’re thinking about working with them – stay out of it. If you already work with them and they owe you money – good luck!

    • Hi Martin,

      CCNOW also owe our company around $5,000, which has been owed for several months. They do not reply to emails, phone calls, nothing.

      I filed a complaint with the BBB, but that hasn’t achieved anything. It’s almost as though the owners have left the US, otherwise there would be an incentive to manage BBB complaints.

      Did you ever hear back from Matt, Bjorn or anyone else at CCNOW?


      • Hi Nick,

        No, CCNow doesn’t reply to my email and it’s impossible to reach them on the phone.

        On March 21 I received an email from Thorsten Felstead ([email protected]) who works at DalPay (CCNow’s sister company) who wrote that they are looking into our situation and will come back to me. Week has passed and we haven’t heard from him anymore…

        I don’t think they are based in the US. Matt Lind according to his Facebook profile ) lives in Iceland. Bjorn Snorrason is from Iceland and I doubt that he has ever lived in the US.

        Our company is based in Europe and we will be going after them in Iceland. Our lawyers need more names to show local authorities that more people have been cheated by Snorrason. I will let you know here in few days on how you can submit your claim to our case, so our lawyers could use it in their fight against Snorrason.

        And if you are submitting any complaints online don’t forget to mention Bjorn Snorrason. He is the ring leader and we should go after him. Everyone should be warned about his shady businesses.

        • I have also not been paid by CCnow since last November ’16 and am getting constant email excuses about them having to handwrite their payments because of loss of chexx auto machine. They keep issuing payment memos to me and then they cancel it and reissue it again without actually ever paying into my bank. I am in the UK and they have stopped the uk faster payments and despite this they still advertise it as an option on their company website. Thats probably fraudulent advertising isn’t it?

          I am so angry that i have not been paid this money. Its not a large amoount as some others but it is still my earnings. I had to submit my tax report and the inland revenue want to know why my sales do not have the corresponding funds in my bank. I have been advised to report them to the fraud squad branch of the UK police.

          If anyone has any suggestions of how to get the money back we are owed than i am all ears. Thanks

        • Vladimir Gohman

          Dear Martin,

          I also want to join your complaint about CCNOW.
          Let’s do it together.

  • Peter Penney

    I ordered a Crombie Coat (advertised as, and photo used of the wool Crombie coat worn by James Bond in Skyfall). The website indicated that the product was coming from America. I was told that shipping was free. First of all I received an email showing that the item was coming from Pakistan (?!) and then a text asking me to pay for import tax before the item would be delivered. I emailed the seller and they said they usually got items through customs with no charge by putting a low value figure on the item so it was unfortunate for me to be charged! They insisted this was not their problem despite advertising free shipping.

    The item arrived after I paid and it was appalling. Indescribably bad. Not a coat, just a long cotton shirt, XLARGE, with the label cut off at the back collar! I am currently chasing a refund and return firm but judging from the reviews above I realise it will be s long battle. But I will not be giving up! People like this need to be shown for what they really are – fraudulent, immoral, and shameless.
    Disgusted Customer

  • Undisputed productionz

    I sell music instrumentals I created off my own website, I signed up with CCNOW In may of 2016

    To make a long to story short Ive consistently had issues with receiving my payout.
    I always get paid a week late and there have been times that
    Ive waited a whole two weeks to receive my weekly payment.
    When I contact them I consistently get a bunch of excuses why my payment is delayed.
    They sometimes give excuses such as my payment was delayed due to international bank regulations
    and there have been times when they told me they had no funding to pay anyone. so who really knows what’s the truth
    and what is a bunch of crap.

    The last payment I was due to receive was a full 7 days late. one the 7th day I received a email
    email saying, they due to a “regulatory issue with their payment processor
    Chexx Inc. they would no longer be able to send payouts
    via US/ACH Deposit and paper checks and if you preferred to be paid thru those methods, you will cease to be paid.

    The only way clients could continue to be paid would be via Wire transfer.

    I updated my payment info to wire transfer and waited another whole week and again on the 7th day patiently

    I received a email from the fraud dept stating that my account was under review and my payment was on hold.

    When I emailed them regarding this “fraud review” they refused to respond to me, nor answer their phone. I filed

    with the BBB and they never responded to the dispute which is currently still open. if its a legitimate review why not respond

    to your clients and explain how to rectify the problem.

    So to anyone processing payment Thur this fly processor beware

    I attempted to reach them at the mailing address:

    CCNow, Inc.
    333 Washington Ave North, Suite 300
    Minneapolis, MN 55401

    only to find out is a virtual office a address.

    • Hello friend,

      Did you ever hear back from CCNOW?

      CCNOW also owe our company around $5,000, which has been owed for several months. They do not reply to emails, phone calls, nothing.

      I filed a complaint with the BBB, but that hasn’t achieved anything. It’s almost as though the owners have left the US, otherwise there would be an incentive to manage BBB complaints.


  • Matilda Stankovic

    I am genuinely thrilled with the quality of product I purchased through CCNow. I was a bit suspicious when my product arried with a few days delay, but my concerns were unfounded. The product I ordered was better than I expected and I wont hesitate to usee CCNow in future knowing its a legitimate service. Thank you!

    • In order to authenticate your testimonial, please reply to this comment with your business name, location, and/or website address.

  • Andrew Bennett

    I have been scammed by CCNow who after 3 months have still not reindeer my money for a return.

  • Faisal Khan

    I use CCNow as a backup payment processor after paypal. I have found CCNow a great service. rate is bit high and their pay cycle which is not instant at paypal but it works.

    I never had any problem with any transaction nor ccnow never hold my payment either

    F. Khan

  • Rommel D. Flores


    I ordered a flower for my friend’s birthday last Oct 5, 2014 to be delivered in Oct. 8, 2014 in Indonesia. No flower arrived but I was charged 65 USD.

    Complained last Oct. 10 but until now no action.

    Wierd thing is that on my complain, the email sent to confirm complaint of my order no. 249-65-9443, the Indonesian Florist was cc copied but it was not sent. Email was just copied & paste and sent to me by [email protected].

    I followed it up last Oct. 14, now copying the Indonesian Florist , but still no reply.

    Hope this complaint reaches and be resolved. As I am thinking this is a SCAM!!!!!


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