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Click & Pledge provides payment processing services tailored for nonprofits, enabling them to manage donations and fundraising activities. This article will review the company's service offerings, pricing structure, contract terms, and customer feedback. We will examine the transparency of their fees, the quality of their customer support, and the overall satisfaction levels reported by clients. By the end of this article, you will have a clear understanding of what Click & Pledge offers and whether their services are suitable for your nonprofit's payment processing needs.

About Click & Pledge

Founded in 2000, Click & Pledge is a donor management and payment processing solution for non-profit merchant accounts. Although it previously used TransFirst to process transactions, Click & Pledge is now partnered with ProPay (a TSYS company) as its merchant account provider.

In 2023, Click & Pledge partnered with 360MatchPro and Double the Donation to offer automatic matching donation capability to clients.

Click & Pledge Products and Services

Payment Processing

Click & Pledge specializes in processing major debit and credit cards for non-profits. They also offer a variety of fundraising services, including donation forms, text-to-donate, peer-to-peer fundraising, video fundraising, donor outreach, in-person fundraising, donor management, event management, and account management.

Event Management Capabilities

Click & Pledge includes event management tools in their service offerings. This encompasses ticket sales and online registration, enabling organizations to manage all aspects of event monetization and attendee management through one platform.

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

The company offers peer-to-peer fundraising solutions, allowing organizations to enable their supporters to create personalized fundraising pages that can be shared online, expanding the reach of fundraising efforts.

Recurring Donations

Click & Pledge supports the setup of recurring donations, providing nonprofits with a stable source of income through automatic payment options for donors.

Mobile Payments and Swiper

To accommodate a broad audience, Click & Pledge provides mobile payment solutions, including a swiper that attaches to mobile devices, facilitating point-of-sale transactions during events or in-person fundraising activities.

Security and Compliance

Click & Pledge prioritizes security and compliance by adhering to Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards. They offer encrypted transactions and secure data storage, ensuring protection for both donors and organizations.

Click & Pledge non-profit payment processing
Click & Pledge processes payments specifically for non-profits

Click & Pledge Customer Reviews

Here's What Their Clients Say

Customer Reviews Summary
Total Online Complaints <10
Live Customer Support Paid
Most Common Complaint N/A
Recent Lawsuits No

Mixed Complaint Record

We’ve come across a few negative Click & Pledge reviews, although none have labeled the company as a scam. Two complaints, including one on this site, highlighted unexpected international transaction fees. The CEO clarified that these were associated with a discontinued in-house payment processing service, indicating they’re no longer applicable. Other complaints, such as one on Yelp, mention poor customer service experiences, citing long response times and wait times for paid premium support. If you have your own Click & Pledge review, feel free to share it below.

Click & Pledge Legal Issues

No class-action lawsuits or FTC complaints are currently filed against Click & Pledge. Dissatisfied clients can explore alternative resolution avenues by reporting concerns to relevant supervisory organizations.

Click & Pledge Customer Support

Click & Pledge provides free support via email and a user forum, though there were reports of an $85 per hour charge for phone support at one point. Eliminating this fee could enhance Click & Pledge’s reputation as a top payment processor for customer service.

Click & Pledge Contact Numbers

  • (866) 999-2542 – Toll-Free Support
  • (540) 961-9811 – Local Office

Other Support Channels

  • Support form

Click & Pledge Online Ratings

Here's How They Rate Online

Online Ratings Summary
BBB Reports 0

No Current BBB Complaints

Click & Pledge currently has a “A+” rating with the Better Business Bureau and is not an accredited business. The company has had 0 complaints in the past 36 months. At the time of a previous review, Click & Pledge had one complaint visible on its profile, to which the company’s CEO Kamran Razvan responded to by requesting that the BBB no longer contact him to resolve complaints. His exact comment (no longer visible on the company’s profile) was as follows:

Please remove our company from your list and stop sending us spam.I have no idea who has authorized you to play an intermediary in the world of business.  If any of our clients have issue with us they may contact us directly.I have requested our IT department to block your domain as a source of spam.Regards,Kamran Razvan

We are unable to determine whether this response reflects the company’s policy in regard to all public complaints or whether it is simply a refusal to work with the BBB. Regardless, it does not appear to be a favorable approach for nonprofit organizations who use Click & Pledge, as it seems that they will not be able to seek resolution through the BBB if they are unable to solve issues directly through Click & Pledge’s customer support channels.

An “A” Performance

After weighing Click & Pledge’s policy against the fact that there are no current complaints filed against the company, we agree with the BBB’s rating of “A.” Readers should still be aware that there are good reasons to be skeptical of the BBB’s reviews.

Click & Pledge Fees, Rates & Costs

A Closer Look at The Contract

Cost & Fees Summary
Cancellation Penalties Unclear
Monthly & Annual Fees Unclear
Processing Rates Variable
Equipment Leasing Unclear

Click & Pledge Pricing

The latest accessible version of the standard Click & Pledge contract dates back to February 2010 and outlines a uniform transaction rate of 4.5% without additional monthly or annual fees. Contrarily, the current website indicates a credit card processing fee of 2.75% plus $0.20 per transaction. The company does not specify any long-term contract requirements or early termination fees. Previously, Click & Pledge offered special merchant account pricing for seasonal nonprofits, featuring a $100 setup fee, varied transaction fees depending on card type, a $1.50 monthly fee, and the same eCheck fee as their standard plan. Additionally, their mobile swiper is available for $35 on Amazon. It’s not specified whether PCI compliance fees or monthly minimum fees are applicable.

Higher Than Average Terms

Click & Pledge’s pricing, particularly the 2.75% plus $0.20 rate, aligns with many crowdfunding platforms but is on the higher end compared to standard credit card processors. While not as economical as the least expensive merchant accounts, the lack of additional fees beyond the processing charge is noteworthy. The software solutions provided by Click & Pledge, including its SalesForce integration for donor management and TSYS-based payment processing, offer limited unique value. Therefore, a “B” rating is assigned to Click & Pledge’s contract terms at this time.

Click & Pledge pricing
Displayed rates for Click & Pledge services

Click & Pledge Employee Reviews & Sales Tacitcs

Should You Work For Them?

Jobs & Marketing Summary
Uses Independent Resellers No
Telemarketing No
Misleading Marketing No
Discloses All Important Terms Yes

No Sales Complaints

Click & Pledge markets itself primarily through traditional advertising channels and through the SalesForce AppExchange store. The company does not appear to utilize telemarketing or independent sales agents to sell its services, and there are no online Click & Pledge reviews that mention deception or nondisclosure on the part of Click & Pledge representatives.

Straightforward Pricing

The Click & Pledge pricing page lists a few rates and fees for its service, including just one per-transaction rate of 2.75% plus $0.20 for all card transactions. Although it is common for providers to list only one rate in order to avoid disclosing their downgrade fees, it appears that Click & Pledge does in fact charge one flat rate for all transactions. As a result, we will not penalize the company for listing this rate quote. If you suspect that Click & Pledge is charging you undisclosed fees, we recommend seeking a third-party statement audit to find and eliminate hidden charges.

Our Click & Pledge Review Summary

Our Final Thoughts

Click & Pledge is rated as a better-than-average credit card processing solution for nonprofit organizations. Its pricing, provided through TSYS, is relatively in line with industry averages. Although the company has shown limited interest in addressing complaints via the Better Business Bureau, it has commendably maintained a low number of complaints across all consumer protection websites, suggesting overall customer satisfaction.

Nonprofits considering Click & Pledge should request and carefully review all contract terms and conditions before committing to the service. This diligent approach will help ensure the solution aligns with their budget and organizational needs. Additionally, comparing these costs with top-rated competing solutions can provide valuable insights and assist nonprofits in making an informed decision that maximizes the value of their payment processing.

Location & Ownership

Click & Pledge is a registered trademark of the Foroosh Corporation and is headquartered at 2200 Kraft Dr, Blacksburg, Virginia 24060. ProPay is a registered ISO of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Concord, California. Kamran Razvan is the CEO of Click & Pledge.

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Testimonials & Complaints

How Did Click & Pledge Treat You?

3 User Reviews

  • Glenn Ruga

    Click & Pledge is one of the worst online companies I have ever worked with. If you are looking for a company that is constantly looking out for their needs above your needs, then you have found the right one. If you want customer service, they will respond in three days to email queries and provide useless information.

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