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Pros & Cons
Pros: Cons:
Integration Options: Easy POS and online integration. Equipment Cost: Additional charges for hardware.
Reporting Tools: Detailed, insightful financial reports. Fees: Potentially high transaction costs.
Wide Acceptance: Accepted at many locations. Contract Terms: Long-term commitments required.
Security Features: Advanced fraud protection measures. Complex Pricing: Confusing fee structures.
Customer Support: Reliable, accessible customer service. Limited Global Reach: Mainly Canada-focused.


In this review of Moneris, a leading Canadian payment technology company, we will take a close look at their evolution, including the acquisition of their U.S. division by Vantiv and subsequent developments. We'll cover Moneris' key partnerships, product offerings, and strategic moves. This includes their various payment terminals, e-commerce solutions in collaboration with partners like Wix, and unique offerings such as Moneris Kiosk powered by UEAT. We also examine their rates, fees, and contract terms to provide valuable insights for potential clients.

We'll address common complaints and industry ratings, along with a critical analysis of customer and employee reviews, to understand the strengths and weaknesses of Moneris' services. Additionally, we'll look into Moneris' marketing tactics and their effects on businesses and consumers. We will also pay special attention to recent developments in payment processing technology and how Moneris adapts to these changes, including new services like B2B Pay.

Furthermore, we will discuss the legal aspects surrounding Moneris, including any recent lawsuits and fines, to provide a comprehensive view of the company's standing in the industry. This article aims to offer a balanced perspective on Moneris, highlighting both the positive aspects and the challenges it faces, making it a valuable resource for businesses considering Moneris for their payment processing needs.

About Moneris

Moneris, formerly known as Moneris Solutions, is a large Canadian-based payments technology company headquartered in Toronto, Ontario. In 2016, the US division of Moneris was purchased by Vantiv, which has since been acquired by Worldpay. While Worldpay has almost completely phased out most of Vantiv's brands, there can still some confusion between the Canadian-based company and the now-defunct US side. In 2023, Moneris partnered with FreedomPay. Other partnerships include Wix, Samsung Canada, and Tulip.

Moneris Acquisitions

Founded in 2000, Moneris is a result of a joint venture between the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC Financial Group) and BMO Financial Group. Moneris's U.S. division (Moneris USA) was acquired by Vantiv, and which has now been acquired by Worldpay in December 2016, and the company's US-based merchants are now served by Worldpay.

In 2021, Moneris acquired online restaurant ordering company UEAT.

Moneris Products and Services

Payment Processing

Moneris provides a wide range of payment processing solutions tailored to retail, restaurant, professional services, non-profit organizations, and high-volume merchants. Their offerings include debit and credit card terminals, MOTO (Mail Order/Telephone Order) platforms, e-commerce processing, PAYD Pro mobile solutions, self-serve and kiosk solutions, the Moneris GO Marketplace, digital wallets, fraud prevention tools, data services, cash advances, gift and loyalty programs, and iPad-based POS systems. Additionally, Moneris offers a website-building tool called Moneris Online, which includes integrated online payment functionality. In 2021, Moneris and BMO introduced B2B Pay, an automated payment processing service utilizing straight-through processing.

Payment Terminals and POS Systems

Moneris offers several types of payment terminals, such as Moneris Go and Moneris Go Plus, equipped with touchscreen technology and capable of handling both debit and credit card transactions. Moneris Core provides scalable point-of-sale (POS) systems with modern user experience features and built-in fraud protection.

E-commerce Services

Moneris collaborates with Wix to provide an all-in-one e-commerce platform, allowing businesses to sell online through custom-built, feature-rich websites.

Business Services

Moneris offers additional services including fraud protection, gift card programs, and data services. They also provide Moneris Kiosk, powered by UEAT, for self-service solutions.

Moneris go POS
A Moneris GO handheld POS system.

Moneris Solutions Customer Reviews

Here's What Their Clients Say

Customer Reviews Summary
Total Online Complaints 80+
Live Customer Support Yes
Most Common Complaint Hidden Fees
Recent Lawsuits No

Analysis of Moneris Customer Reviews

With over 80 Moneris reviews found across various consumer protection websites, common concerns include unexpected or high cancellation fees, undisclosed transaction or monthly fees, automatic contract renewals, unfulfilled promises of refunds or rebates, and challenges in resolving issues through customer service. The nature of these complaints, rather than their number, has more significantly impacted Moneris’s rating in this area. We welcome your personal Moneris reviews in the comments section below.

Lawsuits of Moneris

No current class-action lawsuits or Federal Trade Commission (FTC) complaints have been identified against Moneris. Clients seeking alternative dispute resolution methods are advised to consider reporting to appropriate supervisory organizations.

Moneris Customer Support Review

Moneris provides 24/7 phone support to all its clients, a notable service offering in the payment processing industry.

Contact Information for Moneris Customer Service

  • (888) 782-3965 – Toll-Free Customer Support

Additional Customer Support Channels

  • Online support form available on the Moneris website

While Moneris offers a commendable level of support, it has yet to achieve the status of a top-rated payment processor for exceptional customer service.

Moneris Solutions Online Ratings

Here's How They Rate Online

Online Ratings Summary
BBB Rating 1
ComplaintsBoard Rating 2.7
Our Rating 3.3
Average Rating 2.3

BBB Rating Analysis for Moneris Solutions Corporation

Moneris Solutions Corporation in Etobicoke, ON, has an average BBB customer review rating of 1/5 stars and an “A+” on one profile and an “A-” on another based on 3 customer reviews. The company has had 9 complaints closed in the last 3 years, with 3 complaints closed in the last 12 months. Common themes in customer reviews include dissatisfaction with product/service problems and poor customer support.

Negative Feedback

We have been trying to get answers from Moneris regarding our new system integration since the end of February 2023. We operate a small business and some of our guests cannot receive refunds or pay for their reservations through our system yet due to delays on their end completing the integration. We have been reported to the BBB by our guests and they are demanding their refunds, which I do not blame them for being frustrated about. The claim against us to the BBB was removed from our file as we were found not in the wrong and doing our due diligence to try and resolve this issue for our guests. I have reached out to Moneris and numerous departments on numerous occasions and have not received any straight answer other than ‘We have escalated this to another department and it should be completed soon’. It has been 2 months of trying to find a solution to a simple system integration, which happens seamlessly with many other businesses daily via Moneris. We now have guests boycotting us online/social media, harassing our staff over phone & email and planning protests outside of our business all because we cannot receive answers. – Complaint from April 21, 2023

Putting us out of business, have been waiting for over a month for our small business funds, been with these people for over 5 years. I’ve been calling every day and keep getting different answers. From we owe them money to our bank isn’t cooperating and many others. Told us we owe them money and we have to check online to see what we owe they’ll keep coming up with new reasons. They yell at us on the phone. Someone needs to check out this call center and Moneris. If you need your money from your transactions do not go with Moneris. Their system is old and outdated. – Review from August 16, 2023

Positive Feedback

There are no positive reviews published about Moneris Solutions Corporation on the BBB website.

Source: BBB

ComplaintsBoard Rating Analysis for Moneris Solutions

Moneris Solutions has several complaints listed on ComplaintsBoard. The common themes in these complaints include issues with customer service, billing disputes, and dissatisfaction with contract terms and fees. There is no specific average rating provided on the site, but the nature of the complaints indicates general customer dissatisfaction.

Negative Feedback

I am extremely disappointed and how my nearest does business, I have been a client of theirs for over 20 years. I made an innocent mistake last week by a ‘0’ when processing a charge so that $1,130 became $11,300 and noticed it a day later and called to fix it. Shocked to see a Moneris fee this morning of $488.33 for their Amex fees on that original transaction rather than the correct one. Highway robbery. Spoke to 2 people in customer service who refuse to fix it and would not give me access to someone senior. – Review from Deb Diament, February 1, 2023

I was with moneris 6 years. It was great. But I eventually had a bigger store needed something that didn’t run off my phone. After 6 months of feeling ok with new machine I realized I could cancel moneris. I paid for the connection for 6 months as it was only 21$. So I called them up to cancel. They said ok. Then they send machines back. But they never gave me address or pick up number from purolater. About 3 weeks passes by then dong my account 661$. I don’t even know who it was it said rbc. My bank rejected it as they didn’t have new numbers on my account. So I got my money back. – Review from Heather Joy 4444, April 30, 2022

Positive Feedback

There are no positive reviews published about Moneris Solutions on the ComplaintsBoard website.

Source: ComplaintsBoard

Moneris Solutions Fees, Rates & Costs

A Closer Look at The Contract

Cost & Fees Summary
Cancellation Penalties Yes
Monthly & Annual Fees Yes
Processing Rates Interchange-plus, variable
Equipment Leasing Yes

Variable Contract Terms

The cost of a Moneris merchant account can differ based on the client’s business type, processing volume, and the agent setting up the account. This variability is common in the credit card processing industry, indicating that Moneris’ rates and fees are negotiable. The company’s reported contract terms are generally considered average for the industry.

Three-Year Contract

Previously, it was reported that Moneris’ standard merchant account agreement included a three-year service term with a minimum $250 Liquidated Damages Early Termination Fee (ETF). Moneris has since updated this policy, clarifying that this fee is no longer applicable. Instead, the company now charges $50 to $25 per device as an equipment refurbishing cost when a contract is canceled.

Moneris iPad POS Pricing

Moneris offers three pricing plans for its iPad POS solution: Small, Medium, and Large. The Small plan is priced at $44.95 per month plus taxes and includes one user and 1,000 products. The Medium plan is available at $74.95 per month plus taxes, supporting 10 users and 10,000 products. The Large plan, costing $99.95 per month plus taxes, accommodates 100 users and 50,000 products. All plans feature a fixed swiped rate of 2.65% and a fixed keyed-in rate of 2.85% plus $0.15. Note that these rates do not include “payment processing fees and other applicable fees as set out in your Merchant Agreement.” Businesses processing over $10,000 a month may qualify for custom rates. Business owners are encouraged to explore other providers through our list of best merchant services.

Virtual Terminal and Payment Gateway Pricing

In addition to traditional storefront processing, Moneris Solutions highlights its virtual terminal and payment gateway services on its website. Pricing for these services remains undisclosed, and typical associated fees may include gateway fees, technical support fees, batch fees, and additional transaction rates for these e-commerce services. Moneris’s proprietary gateway also supports multi-currency pricing, enabling transactions in over 70 different currencies.

Level 2 and Level 3 Processing Services

Moneris Solutions also offers specialized Level 2 and Level 3 processing services for B2B and B2G transactions, which utilize different interchange rates than typical consumer credit transactions. These services require specific payment processing technology to handle the extensive data required for these types of transactions, tailored for corporate credit card use.

Industry-Average Pricing

Moneris provides a detailed list of rates and fees for various transaction types, available for review here. The company transparently outlines the interchange rates it employs. Businesses are advised to compare their processing agreements with Moneris against those offered by more cost-effective merchant account providers.

Moneris Solutions point-of-sale
Moneris Solutions features POS solutions including through the iPad.

Moneris Solutions Employee Reviews & Sales Tacitcs

Should You Work For Them?

Jobs & Marketing Summary
Uses Independent Resellers Yes
Telemarketing Yes
Misleading Marketing No
Discloses All Important Terms No

Inside Sales Team

Moneris appears to market its services primarily through telemarketing and an inside sales force. There are some Moneris reviews that describe an outside sales agent visiting a business on behalf of Moneris, though this could be associated with Moneris USA. A representative from Moneris has reached out to clarify that “All of our sales agents are hired as full-time staff, not independent contractors.” The company does offer work-from-home positions, but it also boasts in-person and on-site support and installation teams. We are currently able to locate a low-to-moderate number of Moneris complaints that describe undisclosed fees or misrepresentation of rates.

No Deceptive Quotes

As a point in the company’s favor, we have found no uses of deceptive advertising or rate quoting. This compares favorably to our list of best credit card processors. We have therefore assigned Moneris a “B” in this section of the review. If you suspect that a Moneris representative has added hidden fees to your contract, you can double-check your pricing with a third-party statement audit.

Our Moneris Solutions Review Summary

Our Final Thoughts

Moneris ranks as an average credit card processing provider. Client feedback indicates that dissatisfaction primarily stems from the company’s pricing structure and cancellation policies, which include penalties that many merchants find burdensome. However, Moneris generally meets standard performance expectations in other aspects of its business. While it fulfills the core requirements of credit card processing, it’s clear that some of its practices contribute to merchant frustration.

To improve its standing Moneris could enhance its merchant account agreement by removing the early cancellation penalty and addressing concerns related to unauthorized charges, hidden fees, and inconsistent customer support. Addressing these issues would help the company regain customer trust and stand out among competitors. Until then, business owners should carefully compare Moneris’s pricing against other leading payment processors to secure the most favorable terms and avoid potential pitfalls.

Location & Ownership

Angela Brown was previously listed as the president and CEO of Moneris. As of 2023, James Hicks is now president and CEO. The company is headquartered at 3300 Bloor Street West Toronto, ON, Canada.

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Testimonials & Complaints

How Did Moneris Solutions Treat You?

67 User Reviews

  • Clay

    Small Business Inc

    Fees were ok at first and they’re great at getting you signed up. If you have ANY issues though- watch out. Customer service might be the worst I’ve ever had. You will be on hold for hours, then when you explain your problem they just hang up on you. Literally if it’s complicated at all they’ll just hang up and you start over.

    This happened with 3/4 calls I tried. Eventually I just got Evalon at lower rates and cancelling Moneris now.
    In fact I’m waiting for an urgent call back for the past hour and doubt they’ll ever call. Then they’ll try to charge me monthly fees and I’ll deny it from my bank, having to pay a service charge each time… Moneris is brutal they don’t care at all about the customers.

  • Lisa Yao

    Moneris has been horrible to deal with towards the end of our term. Everytime I spoke to someone I got different answers, very inconsistent and unprofessional. Fees are high and terrible customer service.

  • kris n

    NEVER AGAIN! This a professional scamming, thieving, company. Watch your statements very very carefully! Withdraws are constantly made from your account. This charge .. that charge.. every agent gives you a different answer. Don’t hand them over , your bank account # !!!!

  • Abid Ali

    I am running car wash in St. Albert Alberta. Once we took loan from bank, we were told that we have to go with Moneris. Hence we had to get Moneris services. Since last 3 months, I have been getting urgent letters from Moneris, which read that we did not get the valid authorization code hence they deducted $ 105 plus outstanding amount in each case. I have been calling their customer service and every time I got different answer from different customer representatives. Then they also referred me to Dispute department. I think there is a lady with the name of Cheryl, to whom I could not catch even after so many calls. On day one she called me from Private number which I did not pick up while thinking a scam but then she never picked up mt call even after leaving so many messages. I also happened to talk with Hong in Dispute department and requested her to please explain what this Authorization I need to get. I have a system that was installed 5 years ago. and I never had this problem before. The system has been installed by Exacta. There are ten Wand bays and two Auto wash bays. Each bay has a machine where Customer swipe their credit cards, wash their vehicle and go away. May be only 5% or less customer come in the office and ask for receipt which I print for them using Exacta system. So what is this Authorization which we have to make and why only these three case I did not get the valid authorization.
    I am so frustrated that from Moneris office no one was able to give me the fair rationale for this undue cutting and then no one make himself or herself available to talk. Hong told me that she will talk to Cheryl and she will call me but it never happened. So to me it is cheating. I am not here to steal money from my esteemed customers. Their should be some explanation before making any deduction directly from account.

  • Scott

    After a fraudulent form was filled on Monaris behalf, and a 342.00 withdrawal from our account on June 1, 2019, we have had nothing but issues with all customer service, in one breath they have been saying a refund will be issued. Well after 18 days and still no refund. I have myself called and talked to customer service at least 15 times, then we were told a supervisor had taken over. That person promised to have the money in rite away. I have learned not to believe what we are being told. In my eyes, they are the scammers, liars, and just not a good company to deal with. My biggest problem is when we received the email saying the contract had been signed, when in fact nothing was ever signed. That rep refuses to return our calls. All I can say is, don’t waste your time with Monaris, there are much better company’s out there. Do you homework and watch out for withdrawals.

    This post will help: Best Merchant Accounts for Great Customer Service


  • Paul

    I have deal with this company and their people are unprofessionnal and they do not care about customers service.Please do not go with them because they are real scammers.

  • Neethan K

    It is the worst company deal with. If you are a small business do not sign up with them. So many hidden cost. If you have any problems it is impossible to get anyone to help. They have billed more than they said it will be monthly. They told me about a rebate program but every time I talk to them it is like something new they have never heard of. When they don’t have an answer they just hang up on you.

  • Homeworks

    We used MonerisUSA successfully until they decided to sell to Vantiv. Once we were converted to Vantiv, Moneris immediately disabled our account and not even their customer service team was able to look up our previous transactions. They transferred me three times to the new company, Vantiv, stating they would be able to look it up. Only to find out each time that Vantiv has no access to transactions completed thru Moneris. So we have a whole month of unaccounted transactions. Now we have to go ask our customers if they paid and using what method…making us look bad and wasting valuable time. Very terrible transition, I am extremely disappointed.

  • Kate

    Awful. Terrible. Liars, Do not go with this company. Mark the salesperson misinformed me. I am very unhappy and upset for all the unnecessary stress he created for me. There are many reputable companies. You don’t need the haste. Stay away from them.

  • Mike

    Moneris has been overcharging me and I got a competitive quote that would save me over $350/month. When I went to cancel they told me I have a $4,221 cancellation fee! WHAT? Over $4,000 dollars? DON’T EVER DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE! NEVER! EVER!

  • Dave Pettie

    Absolutely HORRIBLE. I’ve lost thousands of dollars because of their screw ups and inability to get the money into my account in a timely fashion. This is my first year of business and using Moneris has been nothing but a hinderance to the success of my company. I’ve lost many jobs because I’m unable to pay for materials because the money is not in my account when it should be. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.

  • Hamid

    One word: Don’t use Moneris services at all.
    They rip you off. They are coming after you for taking your business. But when they done, nobody is responsible and takes care of your requests. They only trying to charge you at their maximum they can.
    Heads up! If they have a choice to charge you less or more, they will do charge you the most!

    • john abraham

      this is a cheating Canadian based company stay away from it,
      it has a lot of fees ,and no rules to follow.
      when u call dentrix they will tell u to call moneris and when u call moneris they tell u they r from dentirx.

  • Cyndy

    The worst customer service, I have EVER. We were on the phone with them for 2 1/2 hours to get a download to enable our pin pad to be operable. After close to 3 hours of being on the pohone with a rep, then the terminals were still unprogrammed. We were routed to several different customer service reps and they did not know what they were doing. We cancelled our account with them. They created severe inconvenience, as we were unable to process any payments on a busy day in our practice. I would never recommend them to anyone!rst customer experience I have ever experienced was dealing with Moneris Merchant Processing. The sales rep Jim seemed very nice and professional, AT first, in order to get our business. The terminals were not programmed correctly and when we contact

  • JEFF

    Please, for the life of your Company, and sanity, STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!
    I cannot stress how low this Company can stoop to try and squeeze money off unsuspecting clients.
    I signed up with them last year Aug. The had this sales guy coming almost everyday to my shop to try and sign us up. I didn’t want to but after persisting, I decided to give them a try since the sales agent was such a nice respectable guy (dont let their appearances fool you). This scum of a sales agent lied through his teeth, and even took the liberty of getting some of my info from my wife (who was in a few times he had been there), filled out everything and came back at a time I was at the shop. He went on about how there aren’t any committments (which I specifically insisted on) and I was going to receive 500$ rebate after processing with them for 6 months. As a business person, I was elated! That money could cover my tracsaction cost for almost the whole year!
    I went ahead and signed the contract (mind you he had EVERYTHING filled out!)
    Stupid old me, I went ahead and signed the contract, and that was it. I had made a deal with the devil!!!!
    Fast forward to September of this year, I closed my business and not only did they stiff me on my rebate, they now told me I had to pay 300 plus 87 for some promotional fee. My God!! I had someone from their office by name of Mary Jane Timmins looking into it. Mty God, I know you cant tell peoples reaction via the internet, but boy was she rude. In any event, I returned all equipment and hoping to have the 87$ deducted from my account as that was what Mary Jane (who seems to be up the chain somehow) said.
    Guess what, I checked my account today and they had taken out 426.50$ I couldn’t believe it!
    If you really really reallly care about your business, you’ll stay FAR FAR FARRR away from this Company!
    I’m not an isolated case. Read other reviews. I wish I had read the reviews prior to signing the deeal with the devil. Hope my misfortune helps someone.
    Stay away if you cherish the money your business might be bringing in. There’re PLENTY of other processing companies around. Dont be another sucker!

  • Heather MacLachlan

    They are so nice…until you become a customer. Will just take money from your account, impossible to cancel without huge fee, rude, sarcastic customer service. STAY AWAY. I can not believe they are affiliated with RBC who for the most part is an excellent company to deal with – been with them 20++ years.

  • Rag

    I used Moneris for many years and recently changed my business name. I called in sales and had to be transferred to a different department. The rep told me someone will call soon. I then received a call later from a sale rep woman with a middle eastern accent maybe Iran or Pakiatan with a very poor English vocabulary and was asking to open a new account with her. She asked questions about my processing volume and never mentioned the rates or any extra cost for opening a new account. I found out later that she actually charged me 500$ for opening a new account and increased my rates by 20 base points without telling me. When I called back she was not reachable and the other sell rep told me she was not supposed to do that but nothing was done to fix my situation. Bottom line SHADY COMPAGNY.

  • Randy Orzeck

    After 10 years of using Moneris as our pubs credit card processor, we decided to change to a new processor for several business reasons. As most people reading this review understand, Moneris has an auto-renew claus in their contract. We are a small business and shortly after we notified Moneris that we wished to cancel our service with them, a $7,000 plus, early cancelation fee was taken directly out of our business account. Two auto-renews, 10 years of making them money, and this is how they chose to end our business relationship. Upon calling Moneris to file a complaint, I was told that the way to have avoided this was to not leave Moneris! If your looking for a credit card processor, consider another company. We have recently signed up with Heartland and they automatically strike out the auto renew and only hold you to a 3 year contract. Fair, and straight forward, and plenty of time for them to recoup their setup costs and make a fair profit. With that type of policy, Id be inclined to sign a second 3 year contract.

  • Sheila Kidd

    THIS IS THE WORST COMPANY ****DO NOT USE**** Their contract is a roll over, that they do not tell you about, so you are locked in without knowing it. My machine broke and when I called to fix it they would not help me because they had my address listed incorrectly on their end. For 3 weeks I tried to resolve my problems with them all of the while not being able to accept payments from my customers. I was forced to switch companies when Moneris would not help me. After I switched I found out about the roll over contract and they charged me $1400 to cancel!! I had to pay them to avoid legal charges and essentially paid them for broken equipment and their inability to assist me.

  • Matt

    Avoid at all costs. Worst thing I’ve ever used. Has cost us multiple sales, does not work worth a damn, horrible customer support. Avoid it at all costs. Was told it will accept Visa debit on day and the next they say it will not. AVOID.

  • jin

    I’m one of moneris merchants. My money keeps missing once in every three months. Even if a receipt says it’s approved, that doesn’t mean it’s in my account. I called my sales person and he ignores. So I called merchant support then they say my transaction was dropped. And other agent says it’s my machine problem. They say it’s bc I use phone line lol. I think they should advertise phone line is a problem. Anyways, I have to check all my receipt everyday after work instead of having fun bc I use moneris. I cannot cancel it bc I have to pay cancelation fee. I wish I started my business with other bank ㅠㅜ. I trusted this company bc it’s rbc… I will get my money back so I didn’t want to care about others. But I let you guys know about this bc your transaction may be dropped too. If you don’t find out, you don’t get paid. Watch out guys.

    Are you with Moneris Solutions? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • Nahim Fazal

    I am a Canadian business owner and dealing with BMO Canada for over 5 years now, i recently opened a new business in USA, and needed to open a bank account in USA, BMO Canada suggested me to contact their USA branch BMOHarriss, opened an account, and when required merchant service in USA, i asked the banker if he knew Merchant Processor, they recommend their partner Moneris Solution. He said someone will call me, When they called me they asked me all the information, i explained, them that i was leaving in Canada and have Opened a new Division in USA, they sent me application form, i filled it in and submitted, they approved it and i passed 4 transactions (total of 2000$USD) , after that their safety and Loss dept contacting me asking proof of my lease in Canada and proof of one of the 4 transaction, i argued on the phone why would they need my Canadian lease , and the agent said to me well i have the right is part of the contract, so i did send them the information, few hours later i get a response that due to High Risk we are closing your account and the funds will be blocked for 6 months. When i asked information about which kind of risk, they said we don’t need to reveal it as per contract policy. I was quite shocked as before applying i had mention all the information. I am quite upset what kind of service is this? but story don’t end here, they went and contacted my Canadian processor Elavon Canada and recommended them to close our account due to Fraud or High Risk, and guess what my 2 years old account with Elavon got closed immediately with no reason saying that we do not feel comfortable continuing the relationship. I still fail to understand what happened and why did it happened? i will be pursuing them once i have all the information required for this as it seems completely unacceptable.

    Are you with Moneris? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • Fusion

    We signed up with Moneris in 2007 after our previous service proved unreliable. Our experience with Moneris was favourable in terms of service and reliability but we always recognized that we were paying Lexus prices for a Toyota service. We were unaware of the auto-renewal and when we closed our doors in late 2015 we certainly didn’t expect the $300 charge for ending service outside the arbitrary 3 month fee-free window. To this point I have always promoted Moneris to other business owners but that stops now. I will warn everybody to stay away from Moneris.

    Are you with Moneris? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • Mike

    After 3 years contract done with Moneris. They just hook you up with another three years without any noted telling you.
    I did not know that until I cancelled the service after my lease is over. They told me there is a deactivate service for $300.00.
    I complained to their management. But it has seen wasting my time. They all agree with this charged $300.00 deactivate fee and blame for the company’s policy. And even of their service manager told me , you have been doing business for many years you should know this and read their policy???
    There are many companies to serve debits and credits card transactions, and honest, better Service company than Moneris.

    Honestly, $300.00 is not something that the business owner cannot afford, but they just scam and steal away their royal customers’s trust and relationships. I never and never come back with this company to do business!

    I rate them, Moneris with Zero Star. And hope my feed back and comments obove could bring attention to business’s owners. Why we waste time, money and dishonest company, Moneris???

    Are you with Moneris? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • Kevin

    Our company has been forced to declare bankruptcy due to the fact Moneris intentionally made it impossible for us to process cards from any merchant company. They black listed on the mastercard match list after a collections officer working for them purposely emailed or called us with information pertaining to a chargeback.

    They agreed to remove the mastercard match hit and then proceeded to take 3 months of harassing them to actually have it completed. Upon being told it was removed we found out that no other processor would accept us because of this. We couldn’t accept cards and as such we had to go out of business.

    We are now suing Moneris as well as several individual employees that work for the company as a direct result of the actions they took.

    To be clear Moneris doesn’t care about your company or its’ success. If you do just a little research you will find out the company will lie to you and attempt to bribe you in attempt to gain your business. They do not provide anything that is better than of their competitors. They will try to nickel and dime you with fees that you may or may not be fully aware of. They utilize the most complex system of fees where every single credit card you process will have a different rate dependent upon differing factors.

    In short don’t use them. Not even as a last resort. They stung us so bad we felt it necessary to make a website with hundreds of their complaints all in one place for current and potential future customers to read before they make the same mistake that many don’t realize until it’s too late.

    In our case the manager admitted to this being a mistake. Offered to correct it but didn’t. They haven’t offered a penny of compensation. Instead of speaking with us and trying to resolve the matter professionally they instead called the Toronto Police service claiming our calls to their staff were of a harassing nature. It’s funny how they can call us non stop when you owe them money but when the tables are turned they attempt to use the police to illegally intimidate you.

    You can also submit your only complaint to the website. We will be attempting to sue them for millions in compensation for putting us out of business.

  • Terry

    Very disappointed in Moneris, I am closing my franchise business and they refuse to waive this $300 cancellation fee. Not very sympathetic to small businesses, but I understand it is my own fault for not reading the fine print. For my next business I will be using someone else and will spread the word to all the future franchisees and contacts.

  • Ruce Ahmed

    OMG … their customer service is atrocious; this is putting it kindly; over the last 3 days we have spoken to over 10 of their first line support and spent over 5 hours on hold for their integration department and no luck. We have sent emails and no responses. We have left voice mail and again no responses. We already have 20 customer using Moneris via our software and we are thinking of changing all 20 customers to another provider.

  • Mark

    Like many here, i have been a customer of moneris for years (7) when the service was sold to me there was no mention of cancellation fees.

    When i went to recently terminate my account i was informed of the $300 cancellation fee. Some what outraged by this i called my back RBC and put a stop to the payments, or so i though, only to find they had withdrawn the money.

    The moral of this story is do not expect any kind of transparency from this mob, nor from your bank, an account which has a six figure positive balance that has never been overdrawn with a very high turnover of currency.

    The bank account in question is going to be closed and a small claim lodged against RBC and moneris.

    There are many other options for POS, i suggest you research them all before signing with these bandits, who are incidentally not even a member of the BBB, no surprise there then.

  • Norine Roussain

    In November 2014 a sales person came into my store selling Moneris, owned by Royal Bank and Bank of Montreal. I refused their offer at least 4 times as I was still in a contract with another company for another 5 months. The sales person kept insisting they would give me $300.00 if I signed up with them. This would help pay any fees I incurred with the other company. This was a promotion only they could offer and that the banks don’t even have. I asked when I would get the $300.00 and they said after 3 months. They kept pushing until I said I would sign up as long as I got the $300.00. I read the fees after the first month and they were almost double what I was paying with the other company. I called them to address this and was told that we wouldn’t be getting $300.00 as there is a minimum dollar sales amount that we have to achieve to qualify. Our sales weren’t even close to what they wanted to qualify so I canceled them. The woman gave me a cancelation reference # and her phone #. I called her back a week later, left a message that they should refund me the fees, have not received a reply. I was worse off than when the rep from Moneris entered our store. The company I was contracted with raised their fees as I advised them I was going to cancel with them in 5 months. I was deceived by Moneris right from the start. The representative asked to see a statement from my current provider. I opened the last one up and there was no activity. At this time they would have known that this was not a good choice for us. We’re about $250.00 worse off than if Moneris never entered our store. In the last 1 1/2 years 3 different people came into our store to sell Moneris and I said no every time. I was pressured into saying yes this last time. I only gave in because of the reputation of Royal Bank of Canada. I know they don’t do business this way by deceiving and don’t know why they keep their name associated with this company.

  • C.J.

    I have used moneris for over 10 years. I called moneris to see about cancellation fees and was told there would be none. Then when I called to close my account they told me there would be a $300 fee for terminating the contract. I called to complain and was told they’d look into it. The very next day they debited my account for the full amount leaving my account in the red. On top of it all they will continue go charge me rental fees until they get the machine back. I have been waiting for 4 days for purolator to pick it up. MONERIS IS A HUGE COMPANY THAT SCREWS PEOPLE!! If I had known when the contract was ending I would have closed it then to avoid all these RIDICULOUS fees. Like another person said THEY ROB YOU BLIND!!

  • John Cooper


    They’re presently trying to hit me for an early termination fee greater than a hospital paid recently per my new rep. I’m a small healthcare office.

    Also – can only get statements through an ardous online process which has to be repeated if you don’t get them for a month or two.

    I believe you can find better alternatives than Moneris.

  • Sameer Pathan

    We had a POS system with Moneris when we used to own a business. The business was sold in January 2012. We had Moneris on the phone and transferred all the required information to the new owners who were given their own Merchant ID.The Moneris agent then confirmed to us that there was nothing else to be done from our end and we were off the hook for the POS system.We then moved to Ontario and topped using that business account.I was doing a routine check on the business account and found monthly charges from Moneris for the last 2 years amounting to $1900+. When I called Moneris about this they told me that I had to cancel the account. When I told them what had happened they gave me a reference number and was told that someone will be contacting me.When Moneris called again they offered me 6 months of credit as I was out of their 30 days window to report any wrong billing information. When I asked the agent if the same charges were being paid by the new owners, theyr confirmed that they indeed were paying the charges.So I was being double billed or what I call “Double Dipped”.
    When I asked the agent how they could charge me for POS terminals which I did not have possession of, he had no answers and informed me that 6 months of refund is what they would be doing.

    I feel this is completely unethical and not fair business practice to charge someone who has not availed any of their services.

    I would request someone to please help me this regards.

    Moneris ref # 24270745
    Contact # 1 877 470 0825 Ext 3099

  • Diane Guignard

    I feel much the same as most of you on here!
    Moneris misinforms and charges customers fees for NO service.
    Here is my story:
    I inherited a Moneris machine with the business I purchased last summer. I called to activate a merchant account, so funds would be forwarded to me. No problem. I called to close in the fall, since it was a seasonal business. No problem, I return the machine ($35/mth) and I’m advised to continue paying the $15 a month to keep the account open so I would not have to pay another set up fee ($250) next spring, makes sense, cheaper to pay $15 for 6 months, than pay another set up fee.
    I called back recently to get a debit machine for start up, guess what ?, another set up fee, now $300???? I’m pissed, since I paid all winter for nothing. No problem, I acquired the services of another merchant account company and cancelled this account. Guess what $300 fee to close the account???? Yup, $300 to click “CLOSE” wow, Moneris, I will never be back, nor will i even so much as pay anything on any of your machines in the future. All the best to you, I hope you enjoy my $300, plus the $90 I paid to keep my account open all winter for nothing.

  • Alison

    I was recommended Moneris by RBC, a Moneris rep called me immediately to put in the application and he told me about a promo where the activation fee was $400 but if I signed up that day I would get $500 rebate in 3 months. I was just starting out my business then and was working with Paypal for my website (which costs $0 monthly) but I thought “hey $500 rebate with a seemingly reputable company, why not? Since I am able to skip the activation fee that people hesitate about when creating a merchant account, why not take it when opportunity presents itself… plus the monthly fees are $10 only if I don’t make any transactions”

    6 months later $500 was never deposited back to my account cause they claimed there was a minimum quota of transactions I had to meet, which was NEVER mentioned to me at all, and guess what, I pay more than $10 a month for service charges yet AGAIN was never mentioned to me from the sales person. I handle way more cash transactions than website credit card transactions, if i had known the real services charges and the minimum quota I had to meet within 3 months I never would have signed up with Moneris!! I wasn’t even finished building my website when I signed up! I didn’t even have a business bank account yet thats why I was at RBC!! I called their help desk and they said “I apologize that the sales rep never properly informed you about the min. quota and the time limit but I can’t do anything about this or meet in the middle with you”

    Now I am reading about $300 cancellation fees are you serious?! I never signed a contract with them either I am waiting to talk to a rep on Monday to see if they will ding me on cancellation.

    Worst decision of my life to sign with Moneris! And by the way one of the reviews here talking about “excellent experience with Moneris where the sales rep informed me everything” is a bunch of lies, salesman was aggressive, called me multiple times a day for a week (actually 2 diff sales people called) to rush the application yet never provided me any important information for me to make my decision on. Only asked me about the information to fill the application form with, that was it. Whoever left that review was totally fake!!

  • jill

    After working with Moneris for 4 yrs i called to get new rates after shopping around i called them and asked them whatbthey can do after being a loyal client they gave me some rates and i gave them my newrates from Solveris Solutions and they said they could not match them. So i said well with a small bizz i needed to cut costs anyway that i coulld. I asked them could they cancil by phone they said no ineeded to send it to there office in writing which i did in July. Well my accout was debited in aug which i figure was fair with sales from the month before but now its two months of taking over$ 60.00 a month out i called and the customer service said they did not see my cancillation letter to resend it. I did i emailed both letters. I then recived a letter emailed that the email was placed in a diffrent folder in her box.. wait heres the best part when i signed up in 2008 for 3 yrs i was placed on an autorenewal contract and they are obligated to tell me i can not close my account until 9/2014 and if i do i will have $ 2,700.00 taken from my bank account.
    Mind you i entered this contract prior to the ression and i was aproached on a monthly basis to switch to other companies that clearly better rates never did because i was in contract now that the three year contact was over id shop around and save if i could now i get this take my rates or we take $2,700.00 in 10 days. Very decitful everycompany including Solverais does not charge a cancilation fee is anyone else in my boat this is unfair and im not going down w/o a fight!

    • Nicky Morrison

      Yep, same boat. Except I stopped them taking payments from my bank via TD. TD was applaulded. They Moneris representative claims that the $300.00 they wanted to take from my account was to pay for space on their server for keeping my information for the next four years. In the four years I have been with them only one of my clients complained and that is only because they did not recognize our name on their credit card statement and this was cleared up with the client and Moneris with a five minute phone call. I asked Moneris to show me where I signed this contract and they say I never did. It is just understood the first time I use the machine.

      I am disgusted with Moneris after being a client of their’s for four years.

  • Barry

    Recent bad experience.
    Went to cancel my account after 8 years and was told that my contract has automatically renewed and that I missed the deadline by three weeks, and to cancel I have to pay them $300. Then went to use the Moneris machine and found out that it has been disconnected since April. No explanation given. (I’ve been out of the country for that time). They are the worst company to deal with.

  • mark_

    I have been a Moneris Merchant customer for 4years. In June 2012. Someone got hold of my
    Password according to Moneris, and transferred approx $4983.00 to a prepaid card in London England.
    Apparently there is an option whereby you can transfer funds on line from your Bank account, even though
    the individual or group never purchased anything from you. To protect yourself you must advise Moneris Solutions that
    “you will only accept this option. if done Verbally under secure conditions. Not on line. Get it in writing. As
    Moneris does not like to confirm anything in writing. Strange? For a company with over 3 Billion in sales.
    In my case because I reported the fraud after 1 day. I was supposed to get my money back, according
    to their Fraud department . After numerous calls and delays. I was transferred to a manager. Again Moneris will not confirm anything to you in writing? Finally in the beginning of July 2012, I received approximately $2486.00 credit in my Bank account as a Visa refund. Approximately 50% of the original transaction. Then on the same day in the afternoon they remove approximately $2486.00 from my Bank account on a Mastercard transaction

    Then try to get answers from a Company that refuses to put things in writing. I dealt with Mrs. Mary Jane Timmons Manager Customer Experience Management. Delays and no answers forthcoming.

    After 6 weeks. Moneris Solutions wants to have a Telephone conference call with their management team and myself. It is setup. I ask them what type of safeguards they have in place against fraudulent transactions comparable to banks and Oil Companies. They were supposed to get back to me. As their management team could not answer this question on the spot. To date I still never received an answer from Moneris Solutions. I asked them why they returned money to me re Visa, and then removed to it re Mastercard. They replied there were mistakes. We asked about a Goodwill Policy.
    Yes they have one. They were supposed to get back to me regarding the Safeguards and Goodwill. After
    2 weeks I contacted them again. They told me they wanted to have another telephone conference call. I told them I prefer to have their replies in writing. They then e-mailed me

    “We have taken your case for final consideration and have decided there will not be any goodwill compensation provided. Thank you for your patience and we now consider this matter closed.”

    In summary. You are uninsured with Moneris Solutions vs a Commercial Bank or
    Visa and Mastercard. Safeguards no idea what they are. Will not reply to customers with answers in writing. Customer service personnel tell you one thing and management tells you another thing. Goodwill Policy= Maybe Good luck policy. Very interesting business
    Concept. Do you want to have a Business Partner like Moneris Solutions. Ask yourselves.

  • Kal

    This is the worst company I had to deal with in the last 10 years
    They couldn’t provide me with the contract that they said I signed
    Bad customer service
    Terrible company terrible TERRIBLE

  • Hank

    Moneris Solutions is absolutely the worst customer service that i have ever seen in my career. At every level, they are non-responsive. My advice would be to look elsewhere immediately. We had processing issues with them and all they did was point the finger at our POS and then our telephone company. We provided notice to terminate, got on board with a new processing company and then they automatically deducted an early termination fee of 20K. Watch out, this is one bad company, with no customer service skills, please do yourself a favor and move on to someone else. By the way, our slow processing times immediately ended when we switched to the other company. Does that tell you anything?? TERRIBLE!

    • hate moneris

      I will have to pay 300 cancellation fee after being with them for 3months. They are useless in running US cards. They are holding all my US sales for 120 days because they “suspect” it to be a fraud because I do so much business in the US?
      I just hope I can sue them for holding my funds and get my money back, get the heck out of their contract with no fee.
      They are rude, never follows up with you about these issues. They are unreliable with foreign sales that you make. It really devastated my business by inhibiting our cash flow. A POS company SHOULDN’T BE A REASON WHY YOUR BUSINESS IS HURTING!! It is only a minor administrative role that people are paying Moneris for.

  • Ira

    Do not use them!! They want to sue me after I used their service for 18months. RBC bank recommended them, but never disclosed that they would not let you cancel their sevice unless you remember 3 years later to let them know in writing within a 60 day window that you want to cancel. If you deal with a reputable company they do not have to hog-tie you into doing business with them, they perform on their merits. Save yourself the aggravation, deal with companies that are proud enough of their service to not hide ridiculous cancellation clauses on page 28 of their contracts. Deal with small local people who appreciate and value you as a customer. Harder to find today but worth the effort.

  • Donna

    Very poor customer service. Representatives take weeks to call you back. High cancellation fees. I have been without a credit card machine for the past 3 days and have spent the past 3 hours trying to get an answer when it wil be replaced with still no answer.

    Bottom line – look for another vendor!

  • Derrick Seebohm

    I have been with Moneris for 6 years and got a phone call from them telling me they weren’t making any money on my account and they were raising my rates even though I have a contract with them. She me to agree to this over the phone or would have to choose to cancel my account in which I would be charged a cancellation fee. I didn’t agree to it or cancel my account. Can they raise the rates within the term of a contract.

    • Bruce

      In Canada there is a Code of Conduct which all providers including Moneris belong to. Any rate increase requires written notice 90 days prior to the change. Within those 90 days, the business can cancel with no penalty. You can find more details on the Government of Canada’s website.

  • Sunny

    I was just talking to a Moneris representative on the phone today. I asked about interchange + pricing. And he must have thought I had heard to ask for interchange pricing but that I didn’t know much details about it. He tried to convince me that interchange pricing includes 1.65% base fee + 0.25% for rewards type cards + the interchange fee on top of that. When I asked him how much the interchange fees are he said they are usually between 0.3% and 0.7%. However on the Visa and Mastercard interchange fee schedule on their website it lists ecommerce fees around 1.55%.

    After I brought it up a 2nd and 3rd time he attempted to play it off that other vendors also offer it and to ask them about it. Even tho I told him I’ve spoken to multiple merchant services and no one has ever mentioned this ‘base rate’. He answered the phone as Ravi. At the end when I asked him for his extension # and name he had changed it to ‘Ali’ after I asked to confirm it was Ravi. And also I asked him to send me a quote by email which was also not sent (no surprise).

    If this type of behavior is being done by their sales people, it is no doubt structured that way from the top. These are unethical business people and everyone should be very wary and careful when dealing with these guys. And by being careful I mean look elsewhere for a merchant!

    • Sammy

      Sounds like you got the same salesperson I got. He NEVER communicates and he’s not the only Moneris employee who’s horrible at communicating, everyone else is the same.
      I signed up with them in June but I never ended up using them. I just found out recently that they had run a credit bureau check on me without my consent. I’ve been in touch with my lawyer and I’m in the process of suing them.

      Just a HORRIBLE company to work with. Stay away!!!

  • Nancy

    Do your rate homework first. Moneris’ rates were double what my new merchant fees are. They also charge a fee for returned funds..many providers do not charge this fee. In the first month alone which was only a 15 days, saved $150 in fees alone.

    My particular beef with them. Keep very good information on funds they withhold in your Security Risk Reserve Account. Mine disappeared from a balance of almost $1,500 to the now $0. No one knows where it went, here’s the below complaint files with the BBB.

    Funds from our merchant account with Humbolt Merchant Services (a division of Moneris Solutions since 2009) withheld from our merchant account on 2 occasions. The Security Reserve Account funds have never been returned nor depostited into our bank account. We have been asking for proof of deposit on the closing of my Security Reserve Account seeing Moneris is insisting we have a $0 balance in it when they acquired my account. That means that Humbolt Bank records should have this information. All we have been asking for is to give us the date of the account transfer so we can verify with our bank records. Seeing Moneris is insisting Humbolt gave us the funds back before Moneris acquired Humbolt services. So far after numerous service reps that give me the run around, one lost investigation ticket which was never investigated, another “our information shows your reserve is $0 response”, “you need to wait 2 months after your account is closed out to find out about that” is of absolutely no help in answering the simple question where did my money go when Humbolt became Moneris?

  • Howie

    Avoid Moneris At All Costs. I am in the process of ditching them, I don’t use credit or debit near as much as some business as I am a small business just starting out. I have never missed a payment or even been late for a payment, one day they decided to cancel my account, never said a word to me, I was none the wiser until I went to use it and looked like an idiot in front of a customer because it wouldn’t go through.

    I phoned Moneris, he informed me it was cancelled but could not tell me why, after several phone calls and two weeks later i was finally informed why my account was cancelled, it’s because i am a low volume customer so they deactivated. By this point in time they had not even begun the process to reopen it up, and informed i would probably have a reconnection fee. I said well don’t worry about it, I’ll go elsewhere, a week later, they took $400 out of my account as a deactivation fee. I phoned Moneris up, he tried telling me I cancelled my account.

    That’s where I am now, I have a funny feeling this is gonna end up before the courts.

  • Yan Amarre

    I was with Moneris and they were charging 2 times the administration fees of 9.95$ per months like i had 2 terminal with them… One day in august 2011, a rep from MOCA Payments came to see me… by doing a comparison with my provider at that time, he made me notice the surcharge they were charging me for years… I had canceled my contract with Moneris… wich they have paid for with NO PROBLEM… they reduce my fees per months plus they don’t charge me administration fees at all…

  • Wil K

    Moneris has bad customer service and told me that basically no one should use Paypal or any other processor. Then would not even take the time to work on a payment module for Drupal. Stay away from these bad people

  • Frank

    I haven’t signed up with Moneris yet because I’m in the middle of getting all my #’s to make my decision, but so far I’m finding Moneris to be the most honest Merchant service provider I’ve spoken to so far and excellent customer service so far. I called many of the providers and as soon as they realized I wasn’t signing up right then with them they would try and say anything to pass me off to a supervisor or suggest sending me an email with all the details and to communicate through email if I had any more questions(completely unacceptable because a lot of questions can’t be answered in these methods clearly enough). I contacted Moneris and made the gentleman I spoke to that I wasn’t signing up yet and that it may not be for a few months if at all because I was researching to make the decision on who to go with and he said “not a problem at all I’ll try to answer all your questions” and he did plus more. He gave me lots of other information to consider(pros/cons) and where to find this information on thier site and even key words to google so I could get the good & bad stories all at once. He also told me about the contract terms and the renewal process and about having to contact them 30-60 days before the renewal date or it would renew itself for another 3 year term. All in all compared to the other providers I spoke with I was extremely impressed with the way it was handled and that everything was revealed and all my questions answered in 1 call so there wasn’t anything I’d find out later on the website or elsewhere. Based on all the data I’ve collected so far on merchants Moneris is going to be my choice but unfortunately I’m not the only decision maker. For Canadian businesses looking at PayPal avoid them if you can unless you like to lose an additional 2.5% of your U.S.A. profits on top of all their other fees when you take the money out!!

    • Bill Simmons

      Ignore the review from this person. This is an obvious plant from the crooks at Moneris. This is a horrible company that is ripping off merchants at every opportunity. I’m just one of many in the middle of a dispute with this company about their misdeeds.

      Avoid Moneris at all costs. Do NOT do business with them.

    • Dina Exum

      Good luck on that decision to go with Moneris. I am on the end of a nightmare with them. They will rape your account blind if you chose to close your account with them. They DO NOT disclose to you when you sign up ,that if you close you account that they will just take money out of your account without your knowledge and then make it nearly impossible to get the Damn account closed to begin with. Worse company business practices that I have ever had to deal with. So again good luck with them !

      • Pamela James

        DO NOT USE MONERIS! They rip you off with their cancellation fees! They roll over the contract,(in the fine print) so your stuck if you find another credit card company before the contract is up. They charged us for 2 months of service beyond our cancellation date because: “It takes us 6-8 weeks to process the cancellation.” That’s just their way of getting 2 more months of money out of you! The cancellation fee was an outrageous $1400.00! Their customer service is lousy.

        This is the worst company I have ever dealt with, rob you blind? Yes indeed!!

    • Nancy

      Frank sure all account reps will promise you the world, be patient with your questions and seem like the best card processor in the world….until you sign on the dotted line. Don’t let the sweet talk convince you to not consider these very serious complaints.

  • Fernando

    I use moneris on my web site and I have never had a complaint. Maybe the only thing to improve would be the LIVE Costumer service support via chat. Moneris does not has this service like other payment processing companies.

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