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National Payment Processing (nationalpaymentprocessing.com) is a merchant account provider located in Stockton, California. The company looks to have opened its doors in 2003, but other details about its operations are difficult to obtain.

Based on phone calls to agents and online research, it appears that National Payment Processing may be affiliated with, or connected to, a few other credit card processing companies that may also just be its DBAs. The company may also have once been called 1st National Payment Processing, but there are at least two other companies that continue to use this name. Additionally, National Payment Processing may have a business relationship with Titan Merchant Services and Spectrum Merchant Services, but the exact details of these relationships are also unclear. An agent of the company claimed that Titan was National Payment Processing’s processor but upon closer inspection it looks as though Titan is an independent agent office or sub-ISO of the company.

Based on its relationship with Wells Fargo as its Acquiring Bank and the fact that the company supplies First Data processing equipment, it appears that National Payment Processing uses First Data for its payment processing network. More accurately, multiple merchants are reporting that the company is a reseller of iPayment, which is itself an ISO of First Data. Nasser Showkat is listed as the president of National Payment Processing.

The company may also be affiliated with the following websites, some of which are no longer active:

  • credit-cardmachine.com
  • chargeonphone.com
  • virtual-terminal.com
  • phonecreditcardprocessing.com
  • merchantsvcs.com

Key Points

  • Sales & Marketing: National Payment Processing appears to hire independent sales representatives and has received a moderate number of complaints about its sales team.
  • Costs & Contract: National Payment Processing appears to offer a three-year contract with an early termination fee ranging from $250 to $350.
  • Complaints & Service: National Payment Processing has received more than 30 public complaints.
  • BBB Rating: National Payment Processing does not have a rating with the Better Business Bureau at this time due to an ongoing update.
  • Rates & Fees: How Merchants Got The Best Rates With National Payment Processing

National Payment Processing Products and Services

  • Debit and credit card processing
  • ACH processing
  • ATM placement
  • Gift and loyalty programs
  • Fleet card acceptance
  • POS equipment


  • Retail
  • Mobile
  • E-commerce
  • MOTO
  • Petroleum
  • Grocery

Response from National Payment Processing

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Sales & Marketing

Key Points - Sales & Marketing

Employs Independent Resellers Yes
Advertises Deceptive Rates No
Discloses All Important Terms No

National Payment Processing does not use any misleading advertising or sales tactics in its official materials that are apparent to this reviewer. The company appears to rely heavily on recruiting independent sales agents, resellers, and referral partners. There are also a couple reports from merchants claiming to have received telemarketing calls from the company, but it is unclear if these calls came from the company itself, or from a reseller.

Generally, heavy reliance on independent agents and resellers results in problems regarding deceptive sales tactics. Although National Payment Processing has a lower-than-usual number of complaints regarding this practice, there is a consistent theme among National Payment Processing negative reviews of nondisclosure of contract terms and misrepresentation of rates. Merchants especially mention the company’s large PCI Compliance fee (also called an “annual fee”) as a term that is inconsistently disclosed.

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National Payment Processing Marketing Example


Costs & Contract

Key Points - Costs & Contract

Swiped Rate Variable
Keyed-in Rate Variable
Early Termination Fee $250-$350 or None
PCI Compliance Fee $129 Per Year
Equipment Lease Terms Variable

Pricing of a National Payment Processing merchant account appears to vary based on a number of factors, including a merchant’s business type, processing volume, and the agent setting up the account. A representative of the company claimed that the service contract is month-to-month with no cancellation fee; however, we located more than one merchant complaint stating that the company charges a $250-$350 termination fee for cancelling service. National Payment Processing also appears to charge a $129 annual PCI Compliance fee in addition to several other monthly fees. These costs are consistent with those reported for other iPayment accounts and an older copy of the company’s merchant application (available below). Merchants are strongly encouraged to read their contract to uncover possible annual service agreements, early termination penalties, and additional service charges. See the National Payment Processing Merchant Application.

Response from National Payment Processing

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Complaints & Service

Key Points - Complaints & Service

Total Online Complaints 30+
Live Customer Support Yes
Most Common Complaint Hidden Fees

There are a moderate number of National Payment Processing reviews filed on this and other consumer protection websites. Most of the complaints from merchants report unexpected or hidden fees, fees being increased without notice, improper billing, and discontent over the $129 annual PCI Compliance fee. A couple reports also indicate difficulty with cancelling accounts. Although the company’s complaint total is not especially large for its size and time in business, the consistent reports of nondisclosure and rate increases have lowered its score to a “C” in this category.

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Key Points - BBB

Product & Service Complaints 1
Billing & Collection Complaints 13
Advertising & Sales Complaints 3
Guarantee & Warranty Complaints 0
Delivery Complaints 0

Note: We have adjusted this company’s BBB rating according to our own standards. To better understand why we adjust BBB ratings, please see our Rating Criteria.

As of this review, the Better Business Bureau does not assign a rating to National Payment Processing because it is in the process of updating its profile for the company.

At the time of our previous update, the Better Business Bureau awarded National Payment Processing an “A+” rating and reported that the company earned accreditation in May of 2011. The report stated that National Payment Processing received 17 complaints in the previous 36 months. Of the total, one regarded a problem with products and services, 13 were due to billing and collection disputes, and three were related to advertising or sales issues. National Payment Processing had successfully resolved eight of the complaints to the merchant’s satisfaction, while the remaining nine either did not receive closing feedback from the merchant or were resolved to the merchant’s dissatisfaction. Given the company’s previous complaint total and resolution ratio, we have adjusted the BBB‘s rating to a “B” until its profile is updated.

Response from National Payment Processing

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National Payment Processing Bottom Line

Although National Payment Processing rates better than its apparent backend processor, iPayment, the company’s rating still suffers from expensive contract terms and complaints about deceptive sales practices. NPP can improve its rating by eliminating its PCI Compliance fee and reducing complaints regarding confusion over pricing and fees.

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28 Reviews Leave Your Review for National Payment Processing Below

  1. I own a small bakery and sought out the best rates for credit card processing. In our initial conversations, I found National Payment Processing very helpful and accommodating, being willing to work with me to get the rates and monthly fees down to where I needed them. Unfortunately, this did not last. Upon receiving the equipment (Clover Mini), I realized quickly that it did not have the features I needed to do basic functions in my business, like keeping track of what product I was selling. It was basically just a touch-screen calculator that I could swipe a card through. I learned that I would need to pay extra fees in order to have the basic functions I needed in order to keep track of my sales. I told them I would like to have equipment that allows me to do that at the rates we initially discussed. Then the confusion ensued. I spent hours on the phone with different customer service representatives, none of whom knew what was going on. I got conflicting messages every time I called, equipment that was heading my way and then randomly turned around part way here, finding out there was nothing they could do to wave the fees even though I had only signed up with them because of the lower fees I anticipated. The only time anything was accomplished was when I insisted on speaking to upper management, and even then I was promised phone calls I never received. After missing having the proper equipment for my grand opening with no end to the drama in sight, I decided to end my very short contract. The only decent thing they did was wave my cancellation fee. The one positive thing I can find myself to say is that they were polite and kept a level head as mine exploded every so often.
    Only it keeps going. I was never informed of the proper way to return my equipment. I was told on the phone that a shipping label would be sent to me, so I waited. After a few weeks, I emailed asking how I could return their equipment, and heard nothing back. In the meantime, I was charged fees for December. I called, and got to an answering machine. I called again a bit later, and finally got through and learned it was my responsibility to return the equipment, and the closing process couldn’t really start until I had. This was never communicated to me, and I was promised a shipping label.
    As a small business owner, I advise you run in the other direction. I do not think they are malicious or looking to screw anyone over – but they are definitely uninformed on their own products leading to misinformation and empty promises. If you are truly looking for the lowest rates, don’t look here.

  2. Quite possibly the worst company I have ever dealt with. Natpay repeatedly has shown poor customer service and a lack of consideration to the end-user. STAY AWAY!

  3. This company fraudulently took about $100 per month out of my account for 6 months. I was never able to use their services because they would not give me a credit limit anywhere close to my minimum ticket and they refuse to give me a refund even though I never used their services. They make it hard to close your account and say they never got the paper work while they continue to deduct money out of your checking account for their monthly charges.

  4. The the are theggest Thefts charge every month $25 an$ 67 when you cancel even if your Acount is closed they still charging you money from you account I did cancel the account and they still charging you money you Acount is in Dangerous from these people check your Accounts with them the Ar the biggest thifhis it is dangerous to do business with them industry This is the worst company don’t do business This Repo Of Company I suggest Doing business with this people I will report them in Business Bureau let this company go screw The salf

  5. I just got screwed by this company for almost 800 dollars! The salesman who got me all set up promised me that I could have two seperate accounts and only pay a 5.00 per month fee for both accounts plus what the credit card companies charge which was supposed to be less than 2% for each transaction. So I thought this was a better deal than even the square app for the smartphones. Well come to find out that was not the case at all.. He failed to mention to me that unless I was swiping 10,000.00 per month there is a 25.00 fee that you have to pay.. Since my company was new I wasn’t even swiping any credit cards yet so I was paying 30 dollars a month for nothing! The salesman also said I had to run 50.00 in each of my accounts to activate the service which I reluctantly did, So I got screwed for the fees from those transactions too.. Out of 105 dollars swiped from my own debit card into my two merchant accounts they took out a total of 63.14. Well anyhow I was so upset with these fees I decided to cancel my service with this company. I had been told by my salesman that there was no contract that the only fee I would be charged if I canceled service was if I didn’t get my equipment back to them in 30 days I would be charged for it and nothing else. Well I called the company and filled out the forms, mailed my equipment in and thought everything was ok. Then I got two more statements for 30.00 each and just yesterday they pulled out 350.00 from each of my bank accounts for a total of 760.00 in fees I was not supposed to have to pay. I called them today and was told that this was indeed an early termination fee and that they would NOT be refunding my money. I am calling the news tomorrow and going to see what can be done with these lying scumbags….

    1. Update.. Salesman is working with them to get my money back. Supposedly he’s now telling me that I have to stay involved with this company long enough to get my money back. He’s sending me over some stuff to sign and I will not sign anything until I get it looked over by a professional.. God what a mess…..

    2. I have just experienced similiar. I have filed police report have over 70 pages of documentation of fraud commented against me by agent of NPP . Not recieving resolve from NPP , so now communicating with legal concil.

  6. I am being charged $74.99 per month by this outfit for an account I haven’t been using. The charges are in excess of anything I understood myself to have agreed when opening the account. When I tried to close my account I was put on hold for an extended period of time, then transferred to another office which insisted on transferring me to a third office so that they could try to talk me into keeping the account open despite my objections. The third “account retention” office promised to email me a paper closure form necessary to close the account. As of this moment, 1235 pm EST 2/9/16, this form has yet to be received. It appears to me that this firm should be avoided at all costs by any merchant. Persons interested in pursuing a class action suit against it may want to contact me at [REDACTED – personal contact information] or by phone at [REDACTED – personal contact information].

  7. I started doing business with National Payment Processing in May 2011. My business closed 8/30/14. I called them to cancel my account. During my going out of business sale, NPP decided to hold over $5,000 of my money to make sure 1) that there was no funny business going on with my account becsuse of the extra business I was doing and 2) to make sure they had the funds to cover any chargebacks, even though I had never had a chargeback ever. I finally got my $5K 60 days later, and they tried to make me feel grateful for that by telling me that they could have held it for 180 days!

    I have now been charged for six months of fees of $34.95 because I didn’t report the closing of my business to the “correct department.” I also just got dinged $250 for an account cancellation fee although I had gone to a month to month contract. I have asked for my money to be refunded three times at various levels throughout the company with no success.

    It’s funny how you’re a valued customer, a valued business partner, until you need to close your business. Then it’s “Let’s see how much we can screw this person over!”

    1. I have experiencing the same thing. I tried to close my acct since August 2015 but no ones tell me that i have to do it with forms and return machines. So anyway i finally cancelled it october 16 but they said they received the equipment on 23th. Now i received my bank statement for Oct 1 – 31 for $44.99 which they said 5$ for statement and 39.99 for being not active. My company was closed since August and they can see that from that date theres no transactions made at all. I tried to call them to ask for a refund but they said they cannot refund it. And aslo they said i will still have bill for NOv. How come? This company is not good. Customer service is very bad, they will answer your call 30 mins on hold. Very dissapointed for not being succesful in business but more dissapointed to this company where they dont know how to considerate your situation.

  8. My experience involves an agent who unknown to me was a convicted felon ( forgery and theft of course) who filed for a merchant account in my name using bogus information and forging my signature. The company was less than concerned and I have fought to try to get the account closed for over a week now. Even after filing a complaint with my local police department, they showed no concern and have put me through hoops to try to get it all shut down. I can’t even begin to imagen actually being a customer of their company. No accountability and no souls to be damned.

  9. Here is the deal. Are they doing something illegal? Probably not but rest assured that this company does not give one damn about your business. This is evident in the difficulties in accessing a human for support, services or billing related questions. If you leave them early that will charge you a ridiculous amount for early termination. If you leave them after your contract has expired they will still hit you for another month in billing. I had charges of 76.90 every month even though I did not process a single credit card. If your looking for Merchant Services I would not look at them.

  10. The worst company that u could use, they charge you a monthly fee that you could see then they pull money out of your account without you noticing. their is more their statement never match the daily batches that you print out every day, and when you ask their answer is unclear. i’ve had them for a year now and i cant tell how much money they stole from me. finally i closed the account with them and they still pulling $59 from my account every month, I call the closing department the answer machine is the only thing that picks up, it looks like i need to call my lawyer and see what we can do about that.
    Plus since i was new in this whole business with no experience i signed the contract thinking it’s one year agreement it turned out to be 3, i know it’s my fault there but i was mislead by the rep.

  11. I had an account with NPP. The person who signed me up, never gave me a contract. I found out later he had signed my name (mispelled) and never returned it to me. this company held a sale of over $18,000. They said I didn’t have that much in my account to COVER it. Well, if they had deposited the money, it would have been there. They argued with me for almost a month and finally responded (paid 2-27) not in my bank on 3-7 yet!
    I told them, at that time, about the man who and signed me into the company. They asked if I wanted the account stopped. NO ! I did not …until I had the money that was supposed to be in my account. I found a new credit card company and stopped doing business wiwth this one. BUT of course they still charged me at least $82.00 a month until I had returned their printer etc..(rightfully so) But they just closed my account on January 3rd 2013….Do not trust this company.

  12. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!! I cannot stress this enough. I used them for 4 years and every month I had to go through the statement with a fine tooth comb for erroneous charges. Then you have to take your time to call the company to have the charges credited. In the meantime, they have been using your money. Their fees pop up from nowhere. Even after cancelling their service 2 months ago, they continue to charge my bank account. I am in the process of filing a BBB complaint against them. And I’m not the first. Check out BBB…they have A LOT of complaints filed against them. Do your due diligence…check them out. The have a huge PCI compliance fee that they charge every year and even if they agree to reduce it for you, you have to call them every time. Warning: STAY AWAY. There are much better cc processing companies out there!

  13. I used National Payment Processing for about a year through a local rep. Charges that were not supposed to show up (ie $24.90 per month for not meeting my minimum) were charged consistently. My rep would try to get them off my statement but if I did not constantly monitor the statemenst they were back again, and were never refunded in the first place. They also charged about $50 a month in compliance fees and “batch header” charges, even when no statement was sent. I finally cancelled them $250 “cancellation charge” which was never disclosed to me. It took me 6 weeks to get them to close my account national office said to call local office, local office never answered phones and would not return my call. Finally after six weeks I receive notification that account has been closed. Ohhh but not really, it takes 30 days to close the account, so add that onto the 6 weeks it took to get my account closed. I am now charged $79.40 for two months that I never used the processing and my account was “closed” plus a “standard” $250 closing fee. A total of $408 to get rid of them and over 13 hours on the phone. Run don’t walk away from them or any rep who reps this company. It would be easier and more ethical to deal with a loan shark. I called my local rep and asked her to do the right thing by refunding the $79.40 for the months no processing was done and the $250 for the “standard” fee which she never disclosed to me. Basically she said have a good life and I am out $400. Read the fine print, don’t take anything as standard..

    I have a small business I use square, which I love, no contract, no compliance fee, I can take AmEx and I can use it on my phone when I am out of the office.

    1. Hi Marshall, it would be great if you could add some more detail about your experience so that other merchants can learn from it.

      1. Yes. Ok.

        It seems to me this company signs you up for a somewhat decent deal, and then adds fees as you go along hoping you won’t notice. I was apparently slapped with a non-compliance fee for failing on some requirement, that was not in place when I signed up. When I called I was told that my refund request would be reviewed. I get the sense there was no review, as I was told today that there “is no guarantee of money back” Where that money went is is somewhat unclear. Additionally I was charged for webservice I never wanted or used. They stopped charging me for that…but I never got any refund on a service I never signed up for (and was told I would get refunded)

        I have dealt with these kind of people before. These people are greedy parasites who set up a business model that takes advantage of people who are not paying close enough attention. I am definitely forwarding all complaints about them I read online to the Attorney Generals office. New laws and regulations may be necessary.

        Meantime, I ask for suggestions on means to get my money back, perhaps by legal means.

        1. Thanks Marshall,

          As for getting your money back, the method I’ve seen work for many merchants is to file a complaint with the BBB and remain courteous, yet persistent, and continually follow up with the same person at (NPP) until they relent. Be sure to log everything you were told throughout the process. If any new information arises about this, I would appreciate it if you would update us on this thread. Good luck!

  14. I have been a independant contractor tor NPP / formerly 1st National Merchant Services.

    As an agent I have not be paid residuals on my accounts, management has refused to even provide complete reports on the processing of my merchants, I brought to NPP, I have hired a attorney. I don”t know what is going on with this company, I cannot recommend a merchant or agent to get involved, until they repent.


    Larry Vasques

    1. I retract the above statement perhaps we all should be more carefull in our own Judgements. Npp/ formerly 1st National Merchant Services, has paid be on ALL past merchant accounts to me, that I could find the merchant id # s, this payment repersented going back several years close to 30k, Alex Talamantes, and Casey McCoy, worked on this for a long time, THEY ARE HONEST! It was painstaking going back in old records, and talking to past merchants, some of which have gone out of business, or are operating new ones.

      In Truth,

      Larry Vasques

    2. Hey, my husband is currently working for npp and is not getting paid, any suggestions? They have given him the run around for 4 and a half weeks now, its not residuals yet, commissions on 4 accounts that have been up and running for a few months .Casey has been no help.

  15. This is greed. Everything is a fee. They had the audacity to call to see if I wanted to continue to do business with them. When I called to inquire about yet another fee after the account was closed, they indicated my account was is still open and they so I incurred another fee. I will absolutely stop taking credit cards before I deal with them again. Greed is known to eventually breed corruption. Watch out everybody.

    1. They are the worst company you can do business with. All the complains on this website I experienced somehow. I feel bad that they are not on Yelp or other popular sites so other consumers can be warned. Even you closed your account, they still charges you. I think some attorneys should get a case together and protect the consumers.

  16. I would suggest not going with this company. I had their services for close to 4 years and it seems every other month there was an increase for this or that. I finally got fed up because of a $129 “compliance fee” that has been charged both in 2009 and 2010. I finally packed up the equipment, sent it back and canceled as of Jan. 31st. I still got charged for the month of February and officially was canceled as of Mar. 3rd. Unfortunately, I forgot that they had access to my bank account for automatic withdrawal. On March 31st they withdrew that $129 “compliance fee” and are trying to tell me that it was for 2010. These people need to be reported—-I would suggest that anyone currently doing business with them to watch their statements and bank account very closely!

  17. I would warn everyone who is looking for a credit card processing company, not to use this company. I never had a company who was so unethical as these people. You will find yourself being hit with all kinds of fees that have never been disclosed. They have no problem taking the money out of your account and then they tell you how you signed the contract. My business is 22 years old and I started using this company a year ago. Even after I cancelled, I still recieve bogus charges. Leaving me no choice but to close my account and reopen a new account.

    1. I agree they are the worst on the field, they put a $129 fee after I closed my account and they called it an annual fee which it was not on the contract. But they say we have the right to change the contract any time. There team well trained to scam customers stay away from them.

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