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UPDATE 5/8/2019: iPayment was acquired by Paysafe Group in June 2018. Visiting iPayment’s website will relocate users to Paysafe’s. For information on the company please review our review of Paysafe.

SUPPLEMENTAL UPDATE 11/2/2015 – iPayment (AKA: Flagship Merchant Services) has repeatedly made hostile attempts to force the removal of this review. These have included intimidation through bullying and threats of litigation under false pretenses as well as an illegitimate DMCA claim filed with our host, which was rejected on the grounds that it was a “guise” to suppress fair use of a trademark. It is our opinion that such actions reveal the depths to which iPayment’s executives will stoop in an attempt to suppress constitutionally protected free speech that is critical of their business practices. We view these actions as not only highly unethical, but as a demonstration of their unwillingness to correct the problems that cause merchant complaints and, instead, a preference for aggressive strong-arm retribution tactics. If you have been a victim of such threats or bullying, please detail your experience in the comment section below.

iPayment (ipaymentinc.com) is a very large ISO of First Data that claims to provide merchant accounts to approximately 153,000 small businesses nationwide. Founded in 1999, the company is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, but maintains its primary operations center in Los Angeles, California. iPayment became a publicly traded company in 2003 but was then purchased by an investment team led by its founder Greg Daily in 2006. It has operated as a private company since 2006.

iPayment also owns the domain name “creditcardprocessing.com,” though it is unclear whether it regards this business as a subsidiary or as a separate enterprise. iPayment acquired its longtime reseller Leaders Merchant Services in November 2017. iPayment is sponsored by Wells Fargo of Walnut Creek, California, as its Acquiring Bank. O.B. Rawls, IV, is the president and CEO of iPayment following the ouster of Carl Grimstad in September 2016.

Key Points

  • Sales & Marketing: iPayment hires independent sales agents and has received a moderate-to-high number of complaints about its sales practices.
  • Costs & Contract: iPayment offers a three-year contract with an early termination fee of up to $350.
  • Complaints & Service: iPayment has received more than 300 public complaints.
  • BBB Rating: iPayment has an “A+” rating with the Better Business Bureau and has received 271 complaints in the past three years.
  • Rates & Fees: How Merchants Got The Best Rates With iPayment

iPayment Customer Complaints & Reviews

Here's What Users Think

Complaint Summary

Total Online Complaints
Live Customer Support
Most Common Complaint
Hidden Terms

As noted at the top of this review, iPayment has also made direct attempts to suppress this review and the legitimate merchant comments posted beneath it. This would seem to indicate that the company prefers to stifle negative feedback rather than address the root causes of complaints. Nevertheless, iPayment has a moderate-to-high number of complaints filed online, many of which can be found in the comment section below.

There are two types of complaints that dominate the reports. In the first type, the obvious sources of the merchants’ problems originate with the agents or ISOs that set up the accounts. In these complaints the common theme among merchants are reports of hidden fees, high monthly costs, non-disclosure of the service length agreement/cancellation fees, and expensive PCI Compliance fees. In the second type, iPayment is the source of the complaints and merchants typically report receiving poor service and unprofessional customer support. In one recent iPayment complaint, the merchant states, “I was told by this individual there was No Contract I could cancel at anytime! I was also told that the fee would be aproxamatly $7.00 a month,” only to later learn that “there was a three year contract and I had to pay an early termination fee.”

Since it is our philosophy that the actual credit card processor is ultimately responsible for the agents and ISOs which represent it, we are awarding iPayment a “D” rating in this section based on these complaints.

iPayment BBB Rating and Report

Our Better Business Bureau Profile Assessment

BBB Summary

Product & Service Complaints
Billing & Collection Complaints
Advertising & Sales Complaints
Guarantee & Warranty Complaints
Delivery Complaints

Note: We have adjusted this company’s BBB rating according to our own standards. To better understand why we adjust BBB ratings, please see our Rating Criteria.

As of this update, the Better Business Bureau is awarding iPayment an “A+” rating, which is surprising given the fact that the BBB report lists 271 complaints in the last 36 months. Only 51 of these were resolved to the customer’s satisfaction. Complainants cite billing and collection issues, product and service issues, and advertising and sales issues as the primary problems. These complaints are most likely the result of iPayment’s use of poorly monitored sales agents and the company’s lackluster customer support. There are also 28 negative informal reviews left on the company’s profile alongside four positive reviews. We have adjusted the BBB’s rating to a “D” based on iPayment’s complaint volume and resolution ratio.

iPayment Fees and Rates

A Closer Look at the Contract

Cost Summary

Swiped Rate
Keyed-in Rate
Early Termination Fee
PCI Compliance Fee
Equipment Lease Terms

Pricing and contract terms of an iPayment merchant account can vary based on several factors including a merchant’s business type, processing volume, and the agent or ISO setting up the account. Under most circumstances it looks like the standard contract (available below) has a service agreement of 36 months with an early termination fee that ranges from $250 to $350. iPayment also appears to sell long-term, non-cancellable equipment leases through First Data Global Leasing. These factors combined with the overwhelmingly negative merchant feedback we’ve received have earned iPayment a “C” rating in this section. Depending on the ISO or agent, however, the terms of an iPayment merchant account contract are likely to be very negotiable. Be sure to read “Fee Sweep” before engaging any merchant account provider in contract negotiation. See the iPayment Program Guide.

iPayment Jobs and Employment

Hiring Standards and Ethical Marketing Assessment

Key Points

Employs Independent Resellers
Advertises Deceptive Rates
Discloses All Important Terms

iPayment relies heavily on third-party independent sales organizations (ISOs) and independently contracted agents to bring in new customers. This is a common marketing practice among large processors that often results in merchant complaints because the sales tactics of the ISOs and agents are very hard to control. It appears that iPayment is suffering from the typical complaints of nondisclosure as a result of this strategy, which negatively affects its rating in this section.

iPayment does not appear to directly utilize any deceptive marketing or rate quoting tactics in its official materials; however, some of its ISOs and agents appear to be doing so. There are numerous complaints in the comment section of this review and on other consumer protection websites that describe misleading rate quotes, deceptive sales pitches, and sales agents who disappear after signing merchants up for service. For this reason, merchants are encouraged to research any company offering iPayment merchant accounts before applying.

iPayment Review Summary

Our Final Thoughts and Opinions

iPayment’s reputation is suffering from numerous complaints mostly due to its marketing strategy of hiring independent agents and partnering with ISOs. The company can improve its rating by significantly reducing its future complaint count and improving its pricing and contract policies so that merchants cannot be set up in expensive long-term contracts.

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266 Responses

  • Scott

    Marketing solutions

    This company essentially scammed me, They toss you around to so many different companies and people but you don’t really notice until you realize that everybody has different emails. They put a hold on my first transaction for $3000, but the money went into their account. So the transaction was successful but then they held it. I can’t recharge my customer and I don’t think that they are going to refund him.

  • John

    The worst. I have the same complaints as most here Hidden fees over charging and so on. Here is a new one. I closed my account back in may mailed in my equipment. The other day i get a charge from them on my account. I go to their web page and its dam near impossible to find phone numbers only email so i send then email but get no reply. Now i call my bank and dispute but they cant cause credit card processes are above the law. My bank guy was great got me on a 3way call with them and they said it was for the equipment charge well guess what i sent that back and i have UPS tracking showing they got it. After 3 or 4 lengthy holds and a call back they agree to reverse charge. Get this it could take week or more to get my money back WTH you are a CC biz you can make money move in min. So i got to waste hrs of my time for there lame mistake Who going to pay for my time.

  • Gerald Siebel

    I signed up with them in Dec 2019, because they said they were so uch cheaper than my present credit card processor at that time. I decided to try them. In the 9 month since then they charged me PCI compliance fees back in March, and a monthly fee besides each and every month. I don’t do that many credit card transactions so I used them once in Dec 2019. In February I tried and my access had been closed. I got it reopened but had otherwise taken care of my transaction. In May I had another and again my access had been closed. Used my old company for that transaction. Tried and in July, and once again my access was closed. It took 3 calls, 2 faxes, and finally an email form to close the account. Then I get the $350.00 early termination fee. I should have read the fine print. I will never do business with this firm again.

  • Jay Lepore

    Hello – does anyone know of a method of recourse with this company.

    I found out within the last month that I have been paying 19.95 since 2008 (it is now 2020).

    I tracked them down and called them on 7.13.2020 @ 800 324 9825

    The lady said “evidently” you signed up for some service and failed to call us back in 30 days to cancel it.

    So they are a merchant provider that signed me up for some auto pay service through company.com which is what appeared on the bill.

    Total bull**** and scammy. Must have been an unnoticed checked box somewhere IF that.

    So I’ve paid the 2800 over the years because my bookkeeper assumed the 19.95 as appearing on the statement looked like a merchant account charge.

  • Jon

    This business should be out of business. No demeanor, nor due diligence. Absolutely frivolous group. One rotten apple to spoil the rest.

  • Sara D

    I have never dealt with a more unprofessional and incompetent company in my life. One mistake after another after another after another. Our Dr’s office almost lost 12,000 dollars because of one of their mistakes. They can’t keep their information straight and outsourcing their call center was probably the death of their company.

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    • Jonathan Weis

      Flagship, Ipayment, etc whoever they are now… they never call you back and have snuck junk fees to the tune of hundreds of dollars on my billing, second time in a year I have to call them for refunds !! . Shady company, broke terminal with bad update then tried to strong arm me into an expensive new terminal with high pressure sales tactics and long term contract.. fishy !!! . Was able to find a work around on you tube but they really stink now…50$ fee for sending you a 1099K and the pci non compliance fee notice says they are now going to get you for 60$. Not like Flagship used to be, disappointed. Will find a new provider asap. Beware !

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  • Edward Wilson

    I-payment was a terrible rip-off. Fees are extremely high. When I compared with two other companies I found out how exorbitant their fees were. When I cancelled I was charged a $250 cancellation fee! Unfortunately, you don’t know what you don’t know. But once you do, you do better!

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    – Phillip

  • Matt

    If you would like someone to reach into your wallet while you are not looking and steal from you. Yes I said steal, against the law! Then IPayment is the company for you. Liars and thieves!! Lock them up!!

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    – Phillip

  • Dominic Easton

    Horrible company. The merchant payment processing company “I-Payment” are complete crooks and scam artists. I cancelled my account with them over 2 years ago because they would always try toto char me hidden annual and monthly fees even though my account was supposed to be 100% free other than the 1.5% per swipe fee they were charging me. I would constantly have to call customer service and tell them I wasn’t supposed to have any annual or monthly fees. Calling customer service was always a long wait then when they finally issue the refund it would take 4 weeks to get my money back. Finally I had enough and cancelled all services with them and switched to Chase Merchant Services in 2017 but the fees from I-Payment didn’t stop. In January 2018 they charged me a $179 annual fee even though my account was cancelled. I had to inconvenience myself and call them again to get refunded which took about 4 weeks again. Then just again today in Jan 2019 another $179 annual fee from I-Payment shows up again even though I cancelled my account with them over 2 years ago! This time I called my bank and reported the charge as fraudulent which it is.
    Please avoid doing any business with this company and “I-Payment” they are crooks and scam artists and will try to steal your money every chance they get. Avoid this nightmare.

    From The Editor
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  • Eric Hickman

    CAUTION – STAY AWAY !!!! I closed my account with Ipayment in August 2018 and they have continued taking the monthly fee out of my banking account months later without my consent or knowledge. A $7.00 monthly service charge soon turned into a $59.00 monthly bank charge and they still are charging after I closed my account. I’ve spoken to several representatives which none will transfer me to a supervisor…SO .. Don’t do business with this company!!!!! I thought this was a legit company, boy was I wrong also !!!!!

    From The Editor
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  • John

    For the past 3 years I have to call in regards to some new or hidden fees that were debited from my bank account without my authorization. I have been a customer since 1998 but receive very poor support. I will most likely discontinue my membership, but I can’t get in phone call touch with the staff member that handles this.

    From The Editor
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  • Forrest Faulkingham

    Ipayment offered me outstanding rates and then, as usual, heaped on the hidden fees as soon as I thought I’d grown complacent. $80 in fees every month in months I did nothing. Avoid this company at ALL costs.

    From The Editor
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  • Sharnele Mack

    I’ve recently signed up with iPayment to process my mobile transactions. They quickly signed me on and allowed me to process payments. They then placed my account under review resulting in the funds that I processed to be placed on hold for an undisclosed timeframe for review. Under false pretense might I add. With the only response being that they have the right to hold or deduct funds at anytime per the signed onboarding agreement (which I still have yet to find). They also redacted the funds they deposited into our accounts on top of the funds they’re holding (which were transferred to an account with numbers that were not my own.) I’ve only been with them for a week and I’m out of nearly 7,000 dollars. The reps in Risk are extremely evasive and rude. (I’ve dealt with 5) I contacted my initial activation specialist who works out of Boston (who’s a Godsend). He has been contacting them endlessly for the past 2 days as of 8/8/18 and they too have been giving him the run around. Internal case swapping, no call backs, suddenly out of office, false claims of not receiving emailed documentation, and lies of office times. This scam must be exposed. Small businesses are suffering!….Update to the madness as of 8/14…our account was terminated at the drop of a dime by an agents personal discretion! I sincerely believe that this is a fraudulent company and “risk management” is nothing more than a rob peter to pay paul scam!

    If you would like to join in petitioning for a class action lawsuit against this scumbag company. Please email me at [email protected]

    From The Editor
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    • Terri Malott

      Have you received your funds yet? I was told it was their funds indefinitely so I started issue refunds to customers seems it is the customers money and good ole free from risk called me 2 months later saying I was going to be in big trouble for this. I bank with navy federal. My bank reversed their payments they tried to take on top of the money they are holding and issued a fraud investigation on them. I since have contacted a law firm whom does class action lawsuits to begin to expose this company. I had a friend set up a small online store just to prove a point what they are doing no matter what kind of transactions ones process like most I doubt anyone had to send in their company info you just gave it to them on the phone and boom you were approved no documents signed just a email from ipayment saying congratulations your merchant account was approved. Which ones usually receive within 2 hours not 24 to 48. Anyone wishing to join a class action law suit please feel free to contact me these scamming fools need to go down!!!

      From The Editor
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    BEWARE BEWARE!!!! I closed my account with Ipayment in August 2017 and they have continued taking the monthly fee out of my banking account for the past 12 months without my consent or knowledge totaling $776.76. Ive spoken to several representatives which none will transfer me to a supervisor… Don’t do business with this company!!!!! I thought this was a legit company, boy was I wrong!!!!!

    From The Editor
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  • Bill Etherton

    Terrible service, combine them with creditcardprocessors.com and you have a team of liars and thieves working together that charge you for services that you don’t request or authorize and monthly charges that the sales team at creditcardprocessors.com lie about when they sign you up. The people at IPayment will not send you the paperwork so you can cancel the service. I personally believe I will have to close my bank account to get rid of their monthly charges. Stay away from this company. I was charged $149 for enhanced security services not requested or received or approved. I was told by creditcardprocessors.com when signing up the monthly charge was $5 it turned out to be $60, I have requested the paperwork 3 times to cancel the service and still haven’t received it.

    From The Editor
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  • Chris Buseman

    I was quite shocked to find out that there is a monthly fee of 130 plus the money to process the payments that i had totalling 2500 plus the 58.90 to pay simple so it cost close to 200 to process the 2500 thats 12% to process the payments for one customer i think that is pretty outrageous.

    From The Editor
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  • ER Cell Techs Inc.

    We switched processors to ipay. We sell phones online, and are considered “high risk” because of that. We switched to them because of issues with our previous processor. We were assured the same would not happen with ipay, and at first that was true. They began changing our deposits after batchout(amounts,deposit days etc), and eventually stopped depositing our funds completely. When we contacted them they said our account was under review, and that we would need to send the last 15 invoices so they could verify the customer made the purchase. We complied immedietly. They said the review was complete, and all funds would be released to us by the next business day. The next day we began receiving notification from ipay that they had deposited funds. However, the money never made it to the bank. Called them back, now they claimed it is under review again, and they need 3 months worth of business and personal bank statements. We again complied. We were told again review was complete and funds would hit the next business day. The next day again we receive notification from ipay stating funds had been deposited. Once again they never make it to the bank. We went to log on to dashboard to see what had happened, and ALL of our information, including deposit information had been removed. We immediately called, and were informed that our account had been closed and they would be holding our funds for up to 60 days without any reasoning or justification . Only stating that by law they could hold the money as long as they see fit. Needless to say I have contacted an attorney and the FBI. This is clearly organized crime. They have now stolen close to $40,000 from us. Run far from them as fast as you can!

    From The Editor
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  • Lonnie Parsons

    I signed up with this firm after be given the promise of no fees unless I run a transaction by their sales person Allen Hatfield. They hit my account for $32 to $35 and than $205 with zero transactions run. I am out over $300 and am struggling to close the account which takes a month to 6 weeks. Mean while they are continually hitting my checking account for more fees. I am closing the bank account. This company is a business killer so do your self a favor and find a reputable company like PayPal.

  • P. Page

    The worst company ever. Lies about fees. Chris could not get anything right on application. Even put wrong account number down. Could have been his bank account number for all we know. After 2 week, finally got account right. Never got the service they promised, so cancelled service. Told there would be no cancelled fee, but they charged us 250. This company and everyone associated with them is a complete rip off. Stay away from them and everyone associated with them.

  • David Eibeck

    We recently switched to ipayment because the told us they could save us money, The first month was a nightmare of overcharges and poor service. Looks to me to be organized crime, stay away.

  • David Eibeck

    Switched to ipayment to save money only to learn the company is not upfront about their fees and hidden charges. We were charged twice for a transaction that was never supposed to have been approved. The fees were over $1,000.00 for a transaction they told us could be approved because it was over the limit.

  • Billy

    Horrible company, I hope you read these messages and don’t use them. Unfortunately I didn’t do good job searching and was burnt by this company!!!!! Please run. Bad service, hard to get ahold of (after account was setup)

  • Ben

    The biggest ripoff merchant service company ever ….rip me with over 10000 … Criminal should go to jail….. I am starting law siut to recover my money ….

  • Junk B Gone LLC

    I set up an account with iPayment for my business, which provides contracting services to residential and commercial properties so we could start accepting credit card payments. I ran my first transaction, which just under $9K – not uncommon in the contracting world. The processing went through on a Tuesday – no issues. On Thursday night I received a call that my payment was being reviewed. I received the call about 10 minutes before their offices closed, so I had to wait to call back until Friday, which I did. On Friday they asked for a copy of my invoice and the contact information for the cardholder to validate the charges – I provided both on the spot. I followed up again Monday since no one had called me back. I was told they had reviewed my account and were willing to release half the funds, but were going to hold on to the other half of the funds until the job was complete. They asked me for 3 months of my personal bank statements. They told me since they were not a real bank, they borrowed money to pay for their charges, and could withhold funds or refuse to process payments at any time. I had to refund my customer and ask them to either pay in cash or wait until I had a new processor in place. While the customer service rep I spoke with was very friendly, I am wholly unimpressed with their business practices. Don’t let the low rates fool you – these guys are not a good business partner. They have no problem holding onto the money you earned for an unlimited amount of time without any justification for doing so. I would run the other way if I were you.

    • Glenn Welt

      iPayment a/k/a CreditCardProcessing.com is one of THE WORST processors I’ve ever encountered in my 51 years of business ownerships. My experience with them on my first transaction was similar to yours. Currently I can suggest only 1 processor where I’ve had ZERO issues: Square. Every transaction has been deposited into my bank in 1 business day. Not sure it applies to every merchant but they told me my transaction limit is $50,000. Every other card provider that offers the low rates is usually the same. If you want to eliminate ALL transaction fees & get all your $ immediately, you might consider using the app that I created: ChecksNet

  • Sam Street

    David Dwyer He said go with us I will always be Available if you have any questions or concerns. Called Left a messages send emails no response from him. When I talk to him about services initially he always answered the phone on the 1st And always return my messages. Made promises he didn’t keep. Getting ready to cancel service horrible.

  • Joseph

    this company in my opinion is a rip off they have looked up my payments for 3 weeks and still no answer to when it will be released… DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!! NOT to mention the fee changes.

  • Joshua Grier

    Honestly, this company is the worst company I’ve dealt with both on a professional and personal level. Their customer service reps are incompetent and unprofessional. What I hate most is the way they bill you – they draft your account BEFORE you get the bill. So you have no clue what comes out per month. With my company being a small business and less than 1 year opened, my sales aren’t as lucrative as one that has been opened for years. A lot of our clientele pay cash. I was previously using Square – but I figured let me get something a bit more professional and easier for my employees to use. Why did I do that? Honest Square and PayPal are better options and easier to use. This company charged me a $100.00 annual fee in December when I signed up in July. So no clue it was going to be charged in December. I escalated this concern to a manager and all they said was “you didn’t read your contract?” That comment pissed me off more than the fact that I was being billed blindly. So I cancelled my account with them last week, I asked if there was a fee to cancel and they didn’t address that question but simply said, we have cancelled your account. Well, today I log in to my account and see that I am charged $250 cancel fee. This was not advised to me originally. There’s more to type but I don’t have time to do so.

  • Aaron Offutt

    This is a PSA. Total transparency: I am a Sales Rep for Heartland Payment System. I have had two of my clients in the past week who have given me the same phone number of a Jessica Baxter with a phone number that is all over the internet as a number used by one of two reps at iPayment. They claim to be with Heartland, not the usual “your processor.” but naming Heartland specifically, asking to get statements or to point attention to the “Important information” section of a recent statement. It is a ploy used by numerous cold-calling processors, but going one step further to claim they are with Heartland, and she is NOT. Thankfully my merchants and I have a good enough relationship that they know to call me to check out the validity first.

  • Anaconda Ortega

    Bad companies about 1 month to release my money 1400 +530 they release cuz I will make complaint to bbb and general attorney
    For any small reason held the money lie saying you bank account is wrong to charge 25 dollar fee to change and keep the money until resolve don’t do bussinne with them be careful .

  • Glenn Welt

    iPayment,Inc. d/b/a creditcardprocessing.com has given me THE WORST card processing experience I’ve ever had over the past 52 years that I’ve owned many businesses.

    I provided EVERY single bit of information Nicholas Iacozza requested during the application process. I was assured that I could immediately process charges up to $2500 each and $20,000/month. Two days after my account was setup, I received an email from Jenny Newman at ipaymentinc.com which said “SUSPENDED BATCH ALERT: IMMEDIATE ACTION REQUIRED.” If Ms. Newman worked for me, she’d be fired instantly because NOTHING (not 1 word) in her email told what I needed to do to ‘unsuspend’ the one and only $1400 charge! In fact her email said ‘please provide the following items by fax or email’ but listed absolutely NOTHING (space was 100% blank) !

    I now blame myself for ever contacting these incompetents. I was “suckered” by a website that appears to be a legit reviewer of car processors but is actually an ad for Flagship and Creditcardprocessing.com which they rate as being #1 and #2. In other words I now realize that FAKE news suckered me wasting hours of my time and have moved on to a LEGIT card processor!

  • Jeff Brown

    I had a client that was considering paying with a credit card. I then contacted Flagship Merchant Services about the fees. I was conned into filling out the application with the agreement they would not submit it with out my authorization. They were fully aware that I may not use the service. I contacted them a few days later and informed them that I would not be needing the service. They submitted the paperwork any way and proceeded to charge my account with out my knowledge. When I did see the charges I contacted them and they informed me that they would correct it. To date they have not stopped charging my account. After contacting them again they told me I was to fill out some BS paperwork that I was never informed of before. Flagship Merchant Services is a con and a rip off. Google there phone number 800554477 and /or look up reviews yourself. They stay in business deceiving people. Stay away from them as well as Quiq, and any other person that would be affiliated with them.

  • Reynold G.

    DO NOT USE iPayment ! They fraudulently opened an account that I had no idea about and was pulling out money out of my account as fees. They are affiliated with Well Fargo, another horrible sh*t company. I absolutely regret using them. iPayment customer service in all of their departments are terrible.
    Warning to businesses, stay away from iPayment and creditcardprocessing.com They are scammers. They will deny any fault even if it’s so obvious and yes they will hangup on you.

  • millpond Inn

    This is an unethical , non transparent company. They also have many hoops you have to jump thru to close an account. I jumped, but it took 4 months to get them to stop drawing on my bank. I’m out $263.80

  • James Troy

    IPayment suspended my account after 6 years as a client. Never had a return and never had a problem until I changed businesses and products and they claimed I was not operating under the original agreement to sell only a certain product. I have never heard of this. I sold a hand made teak kayak for $6500 and they suspended my account and then charged me $288 dollars for the refund to the customer These people are rude and unethical. I have disputed the charges with my bank but they say it will probably go in iPayments favor. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE THIEVES.

  • Jennifer Crowson

    This company is horrible they held our batch transaction for over a week till we had to issue credits and go another route. Should be a crime to hold the funds while they audi? Took over a week to audit 6 transactions for a total dollar amount of less than 2k.

  • JM

    This company is not transparent. Don;t do business with them

  • David Wehunt

    Terrible! Beware of this company !! They held our batch transactions,gave us the runaround,treat you like shit! Run and hide from this company!!

  • Rhonda Sutherland

    I just signed up at the end of July. They have taken 3 withdrawals from my account by mid August. Suppose to have been refunded for the first 2 but never was. Now I stay on hold for 10 minutes before a recording tells me there is no one to take my call and tells me to hang up. VERY frustrating! It is very hard finding someone there that has any authority.

  • Shawndee's Massage

    When I first began doing business with them, They Stole from me NEARLY $300 while I was on vacation & refused to return it saying they didnt have an account on record for me. I had to get my banks fraud dept to go after them to Get it back 4 different times, so far. I no longer do business with them. Stay with SQUARE!!
    It took approx. 10 per client to check out, it was down once at 11pm (Square save me!) They sent me a broken reader, never replaced it after over a month of doing business with them & manually entering EVERY transaction. 7.5 Hours spent mostly trouble shooting my phones settings, some with my bank on refunds (about an hour of that or 1.5 hours) & NOTHING was accomplished. Then they made ME write down my problems & email it back to them on Thier form. Why couldn’t the manager I was talking to do that? He Knew all of my problems already. Stupid, just stupid & poor business operating skills & very poor customer service!
    Don’t give them access to your bank. Period.

  • Dwayne Adkisson

    I took two payments of 1725 one on the 27th and one on the 28th and ipayment/mobile pay app had a melt down and lost my funds ? havent recieved funds and the app glitches and my transaction dis appears and re appears. Mobile pay says it went thru ipayment says they cant find it clients discover card shows payments made.. Im a contractor and this app and service damn near caused me to default on a contractual deadline. If i wasnt able to afford my clients materials out of my own pocket. i would of be of been up shit creek without a paddle..

    • Shilia Lalumia

      Please report to The BBB. It is simple and you will get reults. Everyone needs to stick together against this company and their dishonest sales approaches and bad service. Please report to BBB.

  • Shilia Lalumia

    I-Payments is the most dishonest company ever. First of all let me start by saying they sent a women to what she thought was an all male mechanic shop wearing a pale see through dress with very little panties on her rear. She was a very smooth talker, Very dishonest. I was promised a 90 day trial ” Just send the equipment back with in 90 days and nothing more needs to be done.” I sent the equipment back with in 30 days of finding out that they were shady. I was promised that my rates would be less than 1% across the board and that was the first Lie. They gave my information to a third party that created a lease in my name and reported it to the credit bureau as a purchase. My credit was checked by a third party for a total of three times by this company. They have sense then promised to remove the lease and credit me the money back to my account. They have not done that as of yet. They continued to take money out of my account as of today alone they have taken out $ 354.70 today alone and I have not even used the machine in more than 45 days. My credit is damaged because of them and I still can not get them to stop taking money from my account. I have plans to obtain an attorney and will consider a class action lawsuit.

  • Joan

    HORRIBLE! HORRIBLE! RUN away. Their independent agents are sleazy. LOTS of hidden information. You will be screwed over before you even know it. Customer Service is an F. You will ending closing your bank account just to get these leeches off of you. Stay far, far, away from this.

  • Evergreen Custom

    Ipayment as a whole employs poor to little valued customer service. Our company had been with them for nearly 6 yrs when we changed responsible party of our business. Our 6 yr acct now became a “new” acct and with that came the headaches of proving we were worthy of the transactions being put through their system. 4 day holds became the expected and any high ticket days became an avg 3-4 wk hold on all transaction of that day with no warning. As a small business this could break us.

    When we would make contact to inquire to the status it was simply put as, ” I am working on it as fast as I can”, but never was an outgoing call made from our reps to us to help keep us up-to-date. They refused to increase our high ticket request twice and then offered to fulfill the request if we would sign a contract. (We went elsewhere and have had ZERO issues from day 1, with our FIRST transaction being rather large and the money was deposited the very next day).

    They showed no real concern for our business nor worked to show we as their customer were of importance to them.

    • Marckinson Charles

      I am sorry to hear about your experience with ipayment. In this industry there aren’t any differences when it comes to acquiring company like Ipayment or TSYC, Bank of America and any other multi-billion dollars company. What makes your experience with a ISO or Aquirer is the support you get from your local sales representative. No nobody in this industry has a clean slate. What I always tell my Merchants is to fully understand their contract before agreeing to it. You will get the best customer service from your local rep.

    • Laurie

      what company did you switch to. i was going to go with flagship but have changed my mind after reading all the complaints about them.

  • Tim Rice

    Very Very long hold times 24-7 Terrible customer service. Avoid at all costs

  • Kevin Andrews

    Run, don’t walk. The smooth talking salespeople and independent resellers disappear once you sign the contract and you will soon find out that this is a horrible company to deal with. The fact that BBB rates them as A+ tells you all you need to know about the BBB.

    You may not realize who you are being signed up with until it is too late, as they use a network of resellers that sell under their own names.

    I could write pages about the issues I’ve had with them. As I read through the other reviews, I find myself muttering “Yep. Yep. That’s them alright!.”

    It started with them suddenly imposing a $95 a year fee to report sales to the IRS. When I pointed out that was specifically prohibited by law, they stopped charging me but never refunded past fees.

    Then they would sneak little fees onto my statement. A “security” fee, for example. Huh? When questioned, they would do a song and dance about how that is to protect me from fraudulent charges, but when pressed on what protection they provided, things got a little vague. No, it doesn’t insure me against fraud. There is no special check of any sort. Nothing at all that I could ever tell, other than what Authorize.net already does as a matter of course, (CVV and address matching options).

    Then we would find out that there was a chargeback, but they never notified us. Another song and dance about how we are supposed to login somewhere and check for that and how it’s all explained in the contract.

    Today I got an email from them that looked exactly like a phishing scam, saying that I had a chargeback and to “login” to learn more. OK. So not using the link in the email, I did login and found the chargeback. But not details or any way to respond to it. I also noted that they had not updated my phone and other information with changes I had notified them about 2 years ago.

    When I attempted to make those changes on their site, I found that the “Submit” button was greyed out. So I called them, danced with their voicemail tree for 10 minutes and finally reached a human who very casually told me, “Oh yeah, the webiste isn’t working. It should be working in a couple of weeks.” The website that I just logged into? The one which has my confidential business records? That website “isn’t working right now.” That’s right. So why then am I allowed to login, fill out forms and try to submit them? And why did they send me an email telling me to login? No answer, just that it would be working in 2 weeks.

    Then they handed me off to the chargeback guy, who couldn’t find the record. At all. He said there was no chargeback. Except I was looking at it on the screen, it had an amount and a transaction number and corresponded with a customer who had told us she was going to go this route. Well, it wasn’t on his screen, so he says I should call back Monday.

    When i told him I really didn’t want to have to call back on Monday to do this whole thing over, and that I’d like to get it resolved now, he tells me maybe I’m looking at the wrong website or the wrong account. lol. Then he tells me he can’t help me because I am “refusing to answer questions” and that I “refused to call back on Monday.”

    He finally asks me if I would like to speak to his supervisor, and when I assured him that I would love to do that, he said, “OK, here’s her voicemail” and immediately transfers me.”

    It was actually a much longer phone call, much of which you probably would not believe if I told you how it went down! Seriously, it was like right out of a movie, like what you’d expect to see if The Sopranos were running a credit card processing scam.

    I left a detailed message. But I felt like a fool, because I have the distinct feeling that the “supervisor” is an un-monitored voice mail where they send people to get rid of them.

    It’s such a hassle switching payment providers. Do yourself a favor and do lots of research before you sign on with anyone. Please don’t bother looking further at iPayments. You WILL regret it and you’ll end up here down the road telling your own story and shaking your head.

    Attention iPayments, if you are reading this, please note, that this is my personal opinion, which I’m entitled in this country to express. Don’t bother trying to sue me, the way it is reported you tried to sue others who spoke out against your unethical business tactics!

  • Ashlie

    DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE A CHANCE!!!! They are absolutely horrible!! They held $3,000 of my money until their risk department spoke with 5 of my customers to make sure the transactions were legit! I get that they want to do a risk but there is other ways to go about doing this. The 5 customers are my regulars and it killed me that I had to bug them about this! They then cancelled my account so I couldn’t login while fighting them to release my money. Thank goodness I took pictures of all the tranactions before they locked me out of the app so I had some sort of proof! I’m still out $300 that I’m sure I will never see. They won’t call or email me back and charged me a withdraw and ledger fee? No clue what that’s for and of course I haven’t gotten an explanation. RAY in Risk Management is a horrible person (to put it midly). He basically told me that he doesn’t care if I call him to complain because he hears these complaints everyday all day. He said that it’s no sweet off his back and that I need to have backup funds in order to run a business just incase something like this ever happens!! Really, Ray?!? There are so many other things that happend but I don’t have time to write them all out. AGAIN, NEVER TRUST OR GO WITH THESE GUYS!!!

  • R Chandler

    Horrible, lying scamsters all the way around

  • Johnny Barkley

    Terrible, terrible service and performance. They are holding our funds that were paid to us by a customer and have not released them to us, and only agreed to ‘as a courtesy’ release half of them to us. This was after a dozen attempts to contact their risk management department, whom alerted us originally about needing to batch. Very unreliable and irresponsible representative that would not take any accountability for anything and was not willing at all to help. I could go on for hours about how this portion went, but I will spare the reading for now.
    They spoke with the customer, he told them there was nothing suspicious, and to release the funds to us. They still did not. No reason or explanation as to why, but they WOULD NOT release our money to us or him. Finally after fighting for weeks about this, incurring fees, holding up projects, we were able to process a refund with someone in technical support who had a very bad ‘not my problem’ attitude.

    We will be cancelling this service provider and suggesting that NO ONE uses them for anything in the future.

  • James

    I had an account with Ipayment for years and looking back at it now I can see I was lied to very bluntly. They are not a low fee merchant service provider as they like to advertise themselves as. Take a close look at your $8.00 a monthly statement and you’ll see some unexplained fee buried under the “miscellaneous fee” category. If you call them about that, you get that baloney pre-canned script which tells you nothing about what those fees really are all about. They just take advantage of businesses with their deceptive practices.
    Do yourselves a favor, get Paypal account or better a CLOVER GO swipe that you install onto your smartphone, pay a straight 3.5% on the “non present card” (2.7% with card present) transaction and have a good day. No more of that PCI certification BS and no more unexpected fee….. all clean and simple to understand….. my 2 cents.

  • Loren Jay

    Ipayment took a $5000 deposit a customer gave me to start a job and just took it, it’s been 3 weeks now of battling the “risk management ” department. They finally said they’d release 1/2 of the funds after my customer called them and begged them to release the funds so I could finish the job. So I’ve successfully lost a customer and a ton of cash. Still haven’t received the funds into my bank account. Beware. I would go with a more reputable company.

  • Rich Moonblatt

    iPayment and First Data is Reckless, Irresponsible and Fraudulent!

    First of all, First Data outsourced our business to the Dominican Republic where the Call Center does not have the:

    1.) Skills
    2.) Knowledge
    3.) Experience

    To do the minimums of their jobs!

    Repeatedly, we were left on hold for well over one half hour, as we consistently attempted to do business with a US-based representative.

    Once connected, we were still kept on hold for extraordinary amount of time and received no further service.

    IPayment and First Data is reporting inaccurate information on tax related matters.

    We were told our CPA when filing the tax return can file additional information to correct the error.

    Why would we incur the expense with our CPA?

    The best way to do business with 1Payment and First Data, is the way we are about to commence:

    File a grievance with the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) who licenses and regulates how iPayment and First Data Reporting Services does business.

    As you can see, clearly iPayment and First Data does business in bad faith.

    In our 9th attempt at resolving the matter with First Data, and the last few, who refused to connect us to a US based Representative were:

    1.) Louis–#CY%
    2.) Mercie–#12C

    First Data insisted the problem lied with IPayment (Credit Card Processing Company) and they were equally inept as we talked to Victor #7661 and he was s uncertain where he was located. Eventually, he offered up, Westlake, California.

    Fortunately, the FTC will work, with my support, at putting First Data and iPayment out of business.

    Caveat Emptor. (Let the Buyer Beware!)

    Rich Moonblatt
    10609 Meadowhill Rd
    Silver Spring, MD 20901

    • Shilia Lalumia

      I have your address information and I will be contacting you. I believe this company is selling our information or giving it a third party. I have stuff on my credit report I never authorized. They have people sales reps cancel my 90 days trial. I sent back the equipment with in that 90 days and they still put it against my credit. I reported to the BBB and I don’t know what else to do. I can not stress enough for every one to be persistent with the BBB complaints. I have even still been getting calls to use their services with one male rep trying to intimidate me and being threatening.

  • Steve


    First, the rates were double what I was quoted. How? Every card came in non-qualified in one way or another… Rewards card, bank card, personal card, company card. They seemed to have everything covered.

    Second, they put right into the contract… down in about the middle of the 3rd page. “MERCHANT MAY BE ENROLLED IN ADDITIONAL SERVICES… FOR WHICH APPLICABLE FEES WILL BE INCURRED. WOW!!!! So, I got enrolled in some app that they own, and got charged $5 / month until I caught it! Crazy.

    Third, they held several deposit in their risk department for over 300 days. It is several thousand dollars and even though I’ve cancelled with them, I’m still trying to get our money back!

    Fourth, I got charged a $350 early termination fee. So I asked them to show me in the contract where it says that. They said they couldn’t send me a contract, so I told them they would have to reverse the fee. Finally, they sent the contract. YUP, EARLY TERMINATION: $0.00, AND THEY CHARGED ME $350. Said it was normal business. I’m still trying to get that money back as well!

    You’ve been warned.

  • Business owner

    I aquired an account with Ipayment through Flagship merchant services on 1/5/17. I was quoted $7 a month when in use and 14.95 when not in use .IT took them 4 weeks to send me the card swiper and the first time I used it was for $3.50 it took 6 days for the $3 to come to my bank account and the very next day $41.77 was withdrawn from my account by them. Over 11 phone calls in one week I was but on hold over 8 hours and I’ve emailed them 6 times between the two companies. This is the worst I’ve ever been treated by anyone. Never signed nor seen a contract nor disclosure but you have to sign a closure form to cancel the service 36 hours later. I am super unimpressed with both companies dont waste your time or money with either one of them.

  • nishazad and babar sheikh

    received 3 calls , 3 consecutive weeks asking me to sign up , I was very clear to say I am not interested in what the person had to say nor the services.
    then i see $29.99 debited from my account on 12/23/2016 .When I called the company I was told they gave me a free trial period and now the period has ended they are charging me , and this would be monthly. REALLY ? Who authorised this ? What dishonest people. This is a big scam !!!!

  • Deanna Kelley

    This is a bad idea. Do not listen to the sales rep he is lying. Look closley at what you are signing, it will say no matter what the sales rep tells you this contract is as printed. No matter what sales rep marks out and pencils in, it says this in the contract. I feel lucky knowing they only got 213.58 of my money after I read so many other reviews where people said they took $800 and up and the companies, like mine, never even used their services. I can’t believe this is legal, but thanks to all the lobbyist and corrupt politicians that help get these laws passed that make it legal for companies like Card Payment Solutions dba ipayment dba iaccess to rob us of our hard earned dollars. Someone please file class action lawsuit I will join in.

  • A. N.

    If you sign up with ipayment they give you pages and pages of fine print – you have to actually go through and read ALL the fine print, because they zing you with things that they do not at all make clear in the application — such as it is a three year contract and if you cancel they take almost $500 out of your account. They seem to charge fees for random things — such as upgrading their system and you don’t get any say in it, they just send you a letter saying that the fee will be charged to all of their clients and out it goes from your account. Absolutely the worst.

  • ori ben-haim

    The business is not handeling concerns with customers. The businees provided false information on how credit card transaction be made. They withdraw 4300 from the business account from transaction that never been made and no one to talk to other than to dispute with the bank. It is 10 days of everyday calling with no answers. It is a corrupted company that i would not suggest any one to deal with

  • Roy Talamantez

    Alan Calhoon walked in to my business and talked me in to switching merchant account’s. I already owned a machine and I made it vary clear that i did not want a new one. We start business 4 days later i get a box? After opening it I called the number and was told its a 4 year contract! I told her no way in HELL and sent it back stopped using that service and got square. About a week later i was charged $697 for the machine! After a few hours on the phone and giving them the tracking number that said it was delivered they still could not figure out the location of the machine. I had my bank put a stop payment. (Alen called me a week later saying the machine was in the back office) Several months down the road i notice this “MISC-MOTO withdraw on my statements. Pow another stop payment! Another month down the road and i get a $350 cancellation fee!! I canceled 4 days after starting. This is the third time i was charged!! I wish Alen Calhoon never walked in my business!!!

  • david Stout

    After having this company for a few years it was time to end my contract. I sent them a letter stating that at the end of my contract I would like to cancel my service with them. And that there should be no cancellation fees involved because I have held my end of the contract term. But regardless they subtracted $350 out of my account is a cancellation fee. I hung on to them for almost a year not doing any transactions because I was using a different credit card company but I didn’t want to break my contract with them. Looking back I should have just ended my business with them if they were going to subtract the $350 regardless. My advice is never do any business with I payment. They are dishonest. And a company that should not be operating. So anyone wishing to do business with them DON’T !! You will regret it eventually. That’s a guarantee. I payment is crooked and dishonest and they are Crooks..

  • Lili Diaz

    Absolutely the worse company ever! When trying to open the account the sales rep reached out to me like 20 times at least to try and see when we can expect to open the account. After the account was opened , i had such a hard time getting a hold of him or anyone else who was helpful and informative in the sales dept. Its like a switch went off. Complete change from when they were trying to get our company to set up the account. We were told the monthly service charger would be $9.95 but at the end of the day we had that charger + a gateway fee + a fee for not reaching a minimum usage fee + batch fee..just to mention a few. This is defientely a very shady way of doing business. Creditcardprocessing.com or as you are registered ipayement, Inc…shame on you. There needs to be more transparency with customer as to how you guys operate and the exact fees that will apply.

  • jiri pecha

    Worst company ever. They promise you no monthly fee and then you charge you every month.

  • Derrick Johnson

    This company is a rip OFF, if you need and company get Paypal. They said the monthly fee was $9.95 a month DON’T BELIEVE THE BULL SHIT. A few months after not using the service they stated taking out $57.90 a month.I closed the account and they are still charging my bank $5 twice this month and I got a letter saying I owe $207 I PAYMENT Y’ALL ARE GOING DOWN, and to Mr. Jonathan Chiarelli YOU ARE FULL OF SHIT will be hearing from my people real soon.

  • Cindy Yager

    IPayments and Timothy Boyd are definitely huge ripoff companies. I used their terminal for one day before it became clear that I had been scammed. I cancelled in February and since them have been told that my account is not cancelled until “Melissa” faxes or emails me a cancellation. Of course, this never happens. So, they continue to steal money from my checking account on a monthly basis. Avoid them or be ripped off into eternity.

  • Rebecca Turisk

    Just checked my business account and discovered that ipayment hasn’t processed my sales and are holding my money (18,000). First they stated that I’ve gone over my $35,000 allowed sales for the month then was told 10-15 invoices they are disputing. They want the phone numbers and addresses of these credit card numbers. What? We don’t have that information. Now I can’t get hold of Juan Cortes either by email or phone. He is holding my money and won’t return calls while I’m sitting here with my business on hold.

    • Shaquana Y Jackson

      RUN FAST….. SCAM……They are with holding 22k and the reason is simply because I’m a new client. Zero charge back. It has been over 30 days now I have provided them with everything they asked for and they still refuse to release funds. They are avoiding my calls and emails.

  • TJ Davis

    I trusted iPayment as my credit card processing company and it cost me professionally. They seem to be very behind what other credit card companies have to offer and their customer service is extremely poor. It is very difficult to get ahold of a person, and when you do, it is the operator and they repeatedly blindly transfer you to someone who mysteriously never picks up. After over 20 phone calls and multiple messages I finally got one person from one department who returned my call. The other department that I had called and emailed never got back to me. This company is especially bad for small businesses. They will tell you how much they will allow your company to bring in per month and cap your income. This doesn’t make sense as the more you bring in the more they bring in. They will also limit the amount each customer can spend. This does not make sense for your business or theirs. The staff that I came in to contact seems very untrained and unexperienced and the company’s internal communication and structure seems very unorganized. If there are any issues with any transactions they will put a hold on your entire account instead of that one transaction. This means all transactions are ceased until the one transaction issue is resolved, which takes time. I had a signature authorizing a charge from a client in which the client was willing to verify over the phone that they authorized me to make the transaction. IPAYMENT took thousands of dollars out of my account despite the my client not wanting to be reimbursed and despite me having adequate documentation that the transaction was not fraudulent. This company’s actions has directly cost my company money, has on numerous occasions overdrawn my bank account, and has cost me poor yelp reviews. Research them more to determine if you want to risk you and your company’s reputation by doing business with them. If you do decide to do business with them, read all of the fine print in the contract because they will sneak things in that noone discussed with you before. For example, they ask you what your average monthly sales are and when you tell them, they set this as your monthly transaction cap without telling you they are doing so. Remember, this is average, meaning that when you do less than your quoted average, you are in the clear. But when you do more than the quoted average, they will freeze your account and all of your transactions. I have called around to other companies and every company I have talked to found these practices to not be the industry standard. Another trick they like to use is to not let you talk to the person you need to talk to. For example, I call in and the person that I need to talk to is Person A. Person A never answers their phone and instead you talk to Person B. Person B cannot answer any of your questions and does not have the authorization to get the things done that you need done. So they put you on terminal hold and go and talk to Person A. They come back and tell you what person A said and you respond. They run back to person A and tell them what you said and so on and so forth without letting you talk to Person A. All the while Person B is constantly creating miscommunication because it is one massive game of telephone. Two different people will also give you completely conflicting information about company policies and required documentation etc. What a waste of my time!

  • nikesh shah

    Ipayment is the worst, they will hold your money even if it is not your fault. The 1st time they held over $100,000 for a $400 charge back they couldn’t get out of my account. Worst part is they didn’t contact me, i had to notice it and contact them. I got a letter from my bank with what they asked, and they gave me the money back, this took over a week. A month later the same thing happened, i noticed it again an contact them, got them another letter, then 4 days later they want the letter to say other things, so i got it updated. They are holding over $100,000.00 for a $200 charge back, this has been going on for 21 days and still no resolution. These guys love to hold your money, they should at least release $95,000.00 and hold $5,000 till the issue is sorted out, but this is ridiculous, plus they don’t contact you, you have to watch them.

  • Bill McFalls

    This company needs to be stopped. Where is all the money they have kept? I’m hope they don’t file bankruptcy and clean everyone out.
    There are people in prison for doing less than Steve Graham has done to numerous people. Who do you need to talk to in law enforcement to
    get something done?

  • Megan

    Don’t use them!!!! They take big sums of money out of your bank account. I tried calling them to cancel my “contract” with them. I left them I think close to 4 to 5 voice mails and I have no response back. So I then closed my bank account and of course then they tried contacting me, finally. I tried disputing these charges since they ignored my calls but they don’t care. Not only that I tried emailing one of Ipayments CS agents about my contract. I wanted to see it and he wouldn’t even show me the contract. That makes no sense to me. When I signed up he also said no hidden fees….you’ve got to me kidding me! Go through pay pal to get payments, seriously! They have a new credit card app and it works great!

  • Jamie

    This merchant is one of the most horrible, absolutely horrible I have ever worked with..
    they deposit the money to you 3 days later.
    they keep running your credit …they won’t refund to your customer for about 10 days…..
    most horrible I’ve ever worked with …
    only one month hurt us enough !

  • jimmy Walker

    I contact a lady name Jessica with Ipayment in October of 2015 regarding a credit card machine for my transportation business. Jessica took all of my personal information over the phone and said that my credit card machine would arrive in less than 2 weeks, After a month had passed, I contact Jessica again, she apologized and said that she would get the machine out right away. After another 3 weeks had passed I contact her again, and she said that she would send it in overnight mail. I spoke with another representative of Ipayment, and the lady I spoke with told me the same thing that the credit card machine would be shipped overnight. It is now March 4, 2016, which has been 5 months since I applied for the credit card machine and still have not received it. This affected my business tremendously because I had to receive cash from customers and meet them at different locations, which was an added expense on my business. I would not recommend this company to anyone.

    Are you with iPayment? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • Joanna Johnson

    We asked via a faxed in document provided to us by Credit card processing.com on Dec. 1st to cancel our services. Our account was hit on12/2/15 for $55.75. On Jan/5/2016 our account was again hit for $65.70, we again reached out to them and was told that they had never rec’d the docs. (We have verified that it was rec’d at that time through our efax service) We were told that they would close the account at that time. We were told we would be given a low ball refund that did not include all monies due. We disputed it as soon as we rec’d it via email. We then sent itemized charges and for the third time sent banking statements to support that the monies are being pulled from our account. Fast forward to today Jan 27, 2016. Still no refund. We called in to ask for the refund yet again and were told it’s been submitted and that it would be another 7-14 days. I asked to speak to a Supervisor who was either unintelligent or lacking of the same common information that the agent gave me. I asked to be given to a corporate representative as I wanted to further escalate this and I kid you not, they transferred us to someone who could not even look up our merchant ID #. Infuriated, I researched the company deeply and found new phone numbers and have been calling them to get results. I am now in possession of their legal information. Their take it or leave it non chalant attitude is far worse than their lack of follow through and customer service. All we want is our refund. It should not take a month and six days to close out an account and refund the money back into our accounts. Although we hate to use the word fraud, the constant misdirection, smokescreen and slight of hand this company attempts to use appears to have a fraudulent vibe. As customers, if retaining our business was important they would have. How long can you seriously expect to drag out a refund? Our best advice, do your homework before deciding upon a credit card processing company. Something is very amiss about this company and it’s ahem affiliates etc. In our opinion, creditcardprocessing.com has done everything in its power to play dumb. For example, we were never told that we also had to cancel services for authorize.net (whom we have no trouble or have a beef with). It’s simple good human: Do what you say you are going to do when you say you are going to do it and follow through in all you do. Why is this so hard?

    Are you with iPayment? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • Thaddeus Harrington

    Worst company I’ve ever used. This company is in the business of gouging fees out of it’s customers and not in the business of enabling merchants to participate in the market place. From high monthly cost, yearly fees, and a cancellation fee, this place is shit. Go with Paypal.

    Are you with iPayment? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • Lewis D

    My company had over 12K retained funds for over 140 days by Ipayment. They stated that the company had two suspicious transaction and retained the remainder the funds not deposited yet and debited the bank account of the previous credits. After several emails exchanges, they sent me a check, but deducted $1598.00 in reserve fees. Is this legal? The funds were paid by my customers, I have supplied Ipayment with credit card statements confirming payments by them. If they received the funds, deducted $489.00 of “J-fees”, can they, on top of that, deduct an extra $1598.00 in reserve fees? Thank you in advance for any information.

    Are you with iPayment? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • Dex

    While my wife was applying for a payPall account a popup for Ipay came up and it appeared to be more info for PayPall so she filled it out. with in minutes we tried to correct this mistake with no success. we have never wanted their service and told them on the phone after a 2 hr wait but they want lots of money to cancel.
    I would like an address of some agency that will shut them down, I Pay is clearly a scam taking advantage of people on the net.

    • James

      I have good news for everyone here.. Two years ago I spent 14k on my own team of attorneys to get rid of these crooks once and for all. It has truly paid off, the CEO is about to be indicted on multiple felony charges within the next week. I have been unable to talk about the ongoing litigation for obvious reasons, however now we are finished and the district attorney is filing charges as I speak. My family and I have at least 10 times the net worth of this company, and they are about to feel the brunt of it.

      • Joanna Johnson


  • Robert

    iPayment = garbage – It is shocking that they still exist. At least everyone had a choice. I did not. My guess is iPayment always had a problem retaining clients, so they bought my Merchant Account. I was never informed. Some a-hole, from iPayment “acting as a rep for my old merchant account provider” called me one day, asking some questions about accepting Discover & Amex. To make a long story short, he was calling to start a fight. By the end of the call, I canceled my merchant account, never thinking it was iPayment at all. It took me 11 months to find out. To make another story shorter, they froze my funds, almost $9000.00 in sales & reserves. Over 4 years have passed, and they never released any funds. They even tried charging my account more, but my Bank called them and threatened to file charges against them. In spite of it all, they placed me on the TMF list for no reason at all. I didn’t do a thing, and was in good standings for over 5 year. My chargeback rate wouldn’t even rate. I had maybe 2 a year out of over 1000 transactions. They bought my merchant account to take my funds. They should be in jail.

  • jason

    ipayment, ugh. Everything you said is true. Total nightmare. They won’t release our funds and they hold them forever! Keep making excuses, unprofessional customer service, nobody returns calls. Any ideas as to how to actually get our funds from these people?

    • Eric McNamee


      They’re holding your funds in reserve because you may have processed a payment outside of your approved parameters. IE: A transaction above your high ticket or you keyed a card when your account is 100% swiped etc. If that’s the case then iPayment can run a transaction verification with the cardholder then upon completion release your funds. If the reserve was due to excessive chargebacks then iPayment has the right to hold your funds for 120 days prior to release though. Getting it released prior to the 120 days is incredibly rare unfortunately. I would find out the exact reason they put your account on reserve and see where to go from there. Hope this reply helped you out.

      • Mike harn

        Well that is a complete lie, they have been holding our funds for 141 days you need to talk to a good law firm. Ours is in the process as we speak thanks

        • Eric McNamee

          If they’ve held the funds for 141 days they may try and pull the claim that they haven’t held it for 120 ‘business’ days. Usually it’s six months before the processor will review a reserve for release though.

          However, if you violated your merchant agreement somehow (giving cash advances, processing MOTO on a retail account etc) then they put the reserve for 120 days on the day of your last transaction.

          I would go through your Program Guide which I bet was provided after you filled out the paperwork to open your account. It’s about 42 pages long and contains all of the legal jargon associated with merchant processing. Hiring a lawyer may be a waste of money because processors have legal teams draft the contract terms which essentially protects the processor in ALL events that pertain to accepting payments. If you have any success though please post it here so other merchants can follow suit if need be.

      • suarez

        complete lie, they hold the funds forever, it is has been 2 years for me and they still have not release the funds. Stay away they will steal your money

  • Sergey Tyukin

    I would to find a lawyer who can help me sue this scam company. Since I signed with them I haven’t seen any deposits in my checking account. Only that they withdrew funds from my account without my authorization. Then they closed my account, without any explanation. I feel helpless, but I am looking into options to sue them.

    • Eric McNamee


      When you get an approved merchant account you signed off giving the processor the right to debit your account with the agreed upon terms. Page 2 of the iPayment application has the schedule of monthly fees and page 1 contains the fee schedule for processing charges.

      If a transaction was processed and not deposited into your account there is a chance the transaction was flagged by the risk department. This usually happens with card not present & high ticket transactions. Normally a verification is requested with the cardholder (risk and fraud prevention) and if the cardholder states the charge was not authorized then the processor reverses the transaction. If your account was closed by iPayment it may be due to a violation of the agreement or risk deemed your account to risky to maintain. I would call iPayment and have them tell you the exact reason for the closure.

      As the transaction was already settled, the fees for that transaction still apply unfortunately. Also it is unfortunate that being you signed the paperwork you authorized them to debit charges from your account so a lawsuit wouldn’t really get you anywhere unless you prove iPayment violated your contract with them. If you do successfully sue them and win please post it on this review site so other merchants can have something to go on if they are caught in the same situation.

      • Sergey Tyukin


        Thanks for the reply. The problem with the contract is that when I was applying for the account, I was given an online link, where I filled out my information (name, bank, etc.. ) , then in the bottom of the page there was a little area where you scribble your signature. No contract is presented at that moment. No mentioning of iPayment company involved. Basically they use National Bank Card to get use to sign that application, then they use that signature you gave them online and slap it onto iPayment contract. National Bank Card is used as a facade for other business entities, but it’s not being disclosed. Have I knows that I am getting into iPayment agreement, I wouldn’t sign.

        Now, on holding my funds: my customers were satisfied with the products. I have even asked one of them if they’ve filed a dispute for the charge. He said no. I have worked with other processors – USAEPay, and there is guarantee that your finds will hit your bank account. This is how real responsible merchant processors work. I have received zero deposits. If you think my business involves high risk don’t approve my account, then locking my funds. If you see the risk, cancel my account, but do your duty and transfer the funds.

        To make matters worse – they’re not even letting you know that your account is closed! I had to call them and find out, after getting suspicious of ridiculously long time frames for depositing my batches.

        My budget is quite limited, I have made an inquiry with Legal Grind, but I agree, with their legal army in hand I have slim chances of wining in court. Lesson learned hard.


  • Ian Shere

    These guys rate with every other processing company I’ve ever heard about or dealt with – below the scum that sits at the bottom of the barrel. Incorrect charging, reps who are only “your best friend” until you sign up, a “customer service” dept that gives no service and could care less about the customer.

    More thieves.

    • Eric McNamee

      Are they holding some of your funds in reserve? I see your website and your industry type is considered higher risk (card not present environment, non-tangible services, SEO and future delivery) so I assume they put you on the Tiered pricing model with a 10% – 25% rolling reserve?

      Have you processed transactions yet or did you sign up then get hit with an onslaught of “setup” fees?

  • Terence Samlson

    Dealing with Ipayment was a waste of time. I initially signed up for an account to take payments for my business website. When signing application our average ticket about was $500. We sell items on our site ranging from $200-600. We had a few small priced items which we list for around $10-15. On our very first Transaction a customer tried to purchase the cheapest item on our site priced at $12. The customer input all their own information but the transaction was declined, so the customer tried again and it was declined. A day later the customer tried again and it was approved. Over the next few days customers purchased items from our site totaling around $300. The funds were never deposited in our account and after speaking to someone in the risk department we were told our account would be on hold for 6 months due to the first customer who had 2 declines for $12. The guy from risk told me this was suspicious and that they no longer want to do business with me. I guess this was a blessing in disguise and I am so happy that they cancelled my account before my business really took off.

  • frank

    I processed 800 dollar through Fragship Ipayment went into my account and took two transactions of 500 each and 100 on fees and after
    they said that after 6 months they will refund they never refunded they kept the money, Please stay away from Ipayment they will Keep your hard earned money and they will lied. They will constantly mislead you and lied just about everything

    • Eric McNamee


      Based on what you’re saying you processed $1,000 on two transactions at $500.00. The fee being $100 is a 10% effective rate which I presume includes monthly base fees (statement fee, PCI Compliance, monthly service and possibly a monthly minimum). Saying that they never refunded the fees actually makes sense though if you signed an agreement that reflected what you would be charged. Did they at least deposit the transactions you processed or did they withhold those funds too?

      • franklin

        No I processed like 800 and they deposited into my account they just went after that and took two transaction for 500 each just in case someone open a disputed
        very comon they go to people account take money out just in case in the future someone open a dispute they should be in the business of selling toilet paper then noone will eve open a dispute

        • Eric McNamee

          Sounds like it’s either a Retrieval (Bank disputes/investigates the transaction) or a chargeback (cardholder disputes the transaction). iPayment can’t remove funds from your account “just in case of a dispute”, they have to have a valid reason from either the cardholder or the cardholders bank. I think in your scenario it’s a Retrieval though which means iPayment removed the funds from your account and holds it in reserve pending a verification of the transaction from the cardholders bank. If it was a chargeback you would have received a chargeback notification letter in the mail which you can dispute through iPayment’s chargeback department.

          More than likely you’re dealing with an independent agent that resells iPayment’s services. I wouldn’t bother dealing with the independent agent and go directly to iPayment Corporate. Have your Merchant ID ready so customer service can pull up your account. Their 24/7 support number is 800-554-4777 and their sales support number is 866-304-5551.

  • Ellen Kennon

    After using Intuit for many, many years, I switched to iPayment (formerly Flagstaff) to process my credit cards. On April 11, 2015, I was notified that they were holding a large charge from a client because “it was above my monthly transaction amount”, so I cancelled my account on the spot. Then today, when I received the largest merchant fee EVER (& for less than 2 weeks worth of sales), they informed me that they still had my client’s money on hold and that although I never saw this money, his American Express was still charged. The employee I dealt with, Steven Graham, then tried to tell me he told me to refund my client’s money, yet this was a total lie! How was I supposed to process a refund when the charge never went through and my account was cancelled so I couldn’t get into it anyway?? So now, they opened back up my account to process the refund which they say can take up to two weeks before it comes off of my client’s AmEx! To make matters worse, Steven Graham is refusing to credit back the merchant fees on this charge because I threatened to dispute it! After reading these reviews, I fear they won’t give my client back his money and will keep taking money out of my checking account! I’d LOVE to join a class action suit!

    • Eric McNamee


      When you process a transaction and settle you are liable for the fees associated with the transaction. If the transactions amount was far above your initially approved parameters (ie: approved for a high ticket of $1,000 but processed $2,000 etc) then the risk department will flag the transaction and instead of depositing into your bank they’ll hold it in ‘reserve’ pending a verification of the transaction with the cardholder. This happens frequently in merchant services and would have happened with any payment processor. To get your funds deposited you can explain to the cardholder that your new merchant services provider needs to verify the sale and once completed they will release the funds on your normal funding schedule.

      Telling you to refund the money to the customer would not have done you any good as the initial transaction settled so the Interchange fees and assessments were billed. If you are on the American Express One Point program then the swiped rate is 2.89% and the keyed rate is 3.5% which is where I assume you saw the large fee taken out. The reason these reserves happen is to protect the payment processor from a possible chargeback and is standard throughout the entire industry. If the cardholder is unavailable and the transaction cannot be verified then call after 30 days to request the funds to be released and do so every 30 days after until you receive the deposit.

      Closing your

    • Rashid Atkins

      iPayment are thieves and crooks. The Better Business Bureau was not able help. I requested and audit of iPayment’s books because they are liars. Here is the situation. This left my owing a customer $8400.
      I entered into an agreement with this company to handle credit card transaction. After entering agreement I learned they cap the amount of money that can be transacted by them. The following transactions from my bank account below show they credited money into my business account after a transaction and took it back out the following business day.

      Date: 06/20/2014
      Transaction amount: $2,400.00
      Deposit amount (Credit): $2,362.08
      Transaction number: 140620 422369820033797

      Date: 06/23/2014
      Debit amount from the account: $1,000.00
      Debit amount from the account: $1,400.00
      Transaction number: 140623 422369820033797

      After the customer compliant through his credit card provider because services weren’t rendered because the money was taken out of my account as indicated above. On July 14 Flagship debited my account for $2400 which was not their money because they debited my account in 2 transactions on June 23. It was the amount money they deposited to my account on June 20th. They have taken money which is not theirs. I contacted customer service who promised my money would be returned and 5 months later which never happened. This same behavior with another transaction. Don’t use them. They said we went over our monthly budget and would release the funds and never released the funds.

    • Mike Harn

      I also would love to join a class action lawsuit against. Ipayment /and redfynn it is very similar to your case they will not deposit my customers money , they took and they also want me to reversed the charge,that I have never received for my two customers. If you want to you can call me or text me [Phone number redacted. Contact information not allowed.] I have had the worst experience ever with these two companies they are doing fraud and stealing hard earning money from the working class. It is excuse after excuse.

    • Ellen Kennon

      Here’s the name of the iPayment employee I dealt with. He actually returns calls even though he’s all over the internet too:

      Steve Graham
      Risk Management
      Direct 818-540-2836
      Fax 818-540-6821

  • Darcie

    Beginning March 24 through April 16, 2015 we processed just under $20,000.00 in credit card transactions. As of today, May 1, 2015, not one of those transactions have been deposited into our bank account. We have been processing credit cards for over 15 years (with only 1 chargeback in that entire period) and switched to iPayment in March to lower our fees. There is absolutely no credible reason for this and I have filed an official complaint with the BBB in Thousand Oaks, CA.

  • Nancy

    This is the worst company ever. They lied when we signed up and claimed I would save lots of money by switching to them. After getting my first statement I find I am paying a lot more in fees. I called and complained many times about lowering the min processing fee limit and raising max limit. They initially set the max limit based on my lowest processing at my previous company – which was a very slow month. Then after just over 2 months they cancelled my account without notice causing problems with customers ordering on my website. When I called them they just said after reviewing my account they were not comfortable doing business with us. Then they charged us $350 early termination fee! What a SCAM.

  • Daniel

    By far one of the worst experiences I’ve had running my business… fee after fee after fee. They even conveniently took 30 days to close the account so they could charge me another months worth of fees after I called to close the account…, a PCI Compliance Fee, half of an annual fee, and a payment fee rejection was charged bc I switched my business bank account and was told by the iPayment representative while closing the account that all future fees would not be charged. Save yourself time and money and avoid this company at all costs. I more than regret opening an account with them.

  • Scott Mullins

    WARNING: If you are thinking about this vendor as a CC processor, I am warning you that you are better off NOT taking credit cards at all. Listen, we can all bitch and I am sure there are 2 or 3 people that love ipayment but the reviews and the BBB and the 50,000 pages on google for IPAYMENT FRAUD / SCAM speak for themselves. Good thing is that they are an equal opportunity F*@$#KER and it does not matter if your revenue is $1 or $10,000 per month……bottom line is this company will woo you in and then KEEP your money. You are better off paying the bank you hate whatever rate they want. At least they are accountable. These thieves point fingers at everyone but themselves. Again, if I researched this for one minute I WOULD have never gone forward with them. As excruciatingly painful as it is, I know a principal of this company and for the life of me would have never thought I would be wasting my f’ing time writing crap like this. Bottom line….your company is worth more. There is nothing in the world IPAYMENT can offer you that you cannot do better going to your bank or anyone else who has a conscious. If you DONT want the money you worked for and just want a bunch of suits to hold it and give you excuses, this is the BEST company for you.

    • Mike

      After taking a week to get approved for a average ticket of $7000 for two of my companies. we ran three Credit card, Redfynn said that since the one is 9600 we should run two separate charges a 4700 and a 4900.and then run the 4300 and the 4200.they paid the 4200 took all their fees and we got 3900 and some change.after waiting for three days to receive it when It’s was set up as next day funding .then they kept the other three transactions and said I had to call I payments because they put a hold on them.for no reason other than they said my average ticket that they had on the paperwork said $1000.and I have never heard of IPayments beforebut of course they did pay a $4200 one with no questions.it is lie after lie after lie after doing some research the owner of redfynn is also the owner of I payments.so it’s been three weeks they will not release over $13,000.and I payments wants me to reverse the charges on money that I don’t receive .I told her today on the phone that my customers are going to dispute the transactions and put on the dispute that the vendor was not paid. Sarah the lady at I payment said why would you do that that’s going to show a charge off that you didn’t pay them. At this point she got pissed off that I was going to file something against their company.then she assisted that I needed to do a reversal I said I’m done talking to you and I hung up.well guess what it is 1215 at night and my phone beeped I payments took $350 out of both of my companies checking account for two cancellation of my accounts that’s a total of $700 for not even receiving money on three different credit swipes. And I am not the one who canceled my accounts.so I payments are a big fat fraud company I’m going to go over to the Idaho State Attorney General’s office come Tuesday and file actual complaint against them. And if anybody knows of any attorney that will take them on as a class action lawsuit I will be more than welcome to join them since they have stole over $14,000 now. [Contact information redacted]

      • Eric McNamee


        When you get approved for a high ticket of $7K more than likely your first couple of transactions will need to be verified. Here’s the thing though, even though you got approved with the high ticket, running the same card back to back is what caused the red flag. All providers monitor transactions and two high ticket transactions on the same card back to back would have been flagged regardless of who you processed through. When you process outside of your parameters it’s best to collect as much data from your customer and run the transaction once instead of twice. Your rep with your provider recommending you run two separate transactions tells me you’re dealing with a rep who is relatively new to merchant services.

        If the transactions weren’t disputed then your funds are being held in reserve. If they were disputed then you can fight the chargeback by proving the transaction was legitimate. You would need to call iPayment’s chargeback department and get the dispute paperwork and if the cardholder did dispute it then you’ll also receive the letter in the mail regarding it. You should also know that providers have the right to close a merchants account if they breach the terms and conditions for accepting payments which you should have received with your welcome letter in the mail. iPayment is not a fraudulent company even though some of the reps lie about pricing to get quick business.

        • Mike

          My contract states my average ticket is 7000 and my monthly is 25,000 my cardholders have not disputed anything I payment will not pay and are holding the funds like the other thousands of people on the site. The Attorney General’s wouldn’t have judgments against the owners. It is lies after lies from my payments they won’t call you back they hang up on you. if you’re thinking about going with I payment you should run run run. and I am researching a couple attorneys that are thinking about taking a class action lawsuit against these companies

    • John

      Sounds familiar! I had a similar experience. From the moment i started receiving customers I began receiving declines. Turns out part of those declines were due to NMI technical issues. Once this was resolved the declines continued. I called into RedFynn and spoke with an agent named “Clayton” who is completely incompetent. He told me he would look into the matter and get back to me. he never got back to me. The following day I took it upon myself to call NMI only to . find out that my store could not communicate with the gateway because my user name was incorrect. So, I immediately fixed this. Two days later I get another declined order. I call in to find out that my account has been cancelled?

      I speak to the risk department and find out that my account was cancelled because of excessive declines? What? The declines were the result of their technical issues combined with the incompetence of their own agents! The risk department asked me to have an agent send over email documentation to verify that the user name was an issue. I did. Then I called back to confirm that the risk department had received it only to find out that the risk agent had already gone for the day and it was noon.

      I realized at this point that I was not dealing with ethical people and sent in an email requesting a refund and the cancellation of my account. The following day I see a charge in my account for $350 to payment for cancellation.

      I am definitely planning to bring a lawsuit against these crooks. They practices are ridiculous! On the one hand they have done several things to stop me from collecting money. Then, when I act to prevent this, they attempt to charge me additional fees?

  • David Austad

    i payment rips off its clients with high rate of 5.45%
    They even add a 29 a month charge for internet access with out my permission there answer was everybody would want that i found numerous made up fees that were added after we got the service

  • P Huff

    My company has used First Data since 2005, we are a multi-million $ operation in home health – suddenly today, the day before a Holiday we get a message from Amy saying they won’t process an invoice as it’s not what we do?? We have been submitting these invoices 52 weeks a year for 9 years……….! Calling her is a no answer – my voice mail is on and I’m getting ready for the Holiday vibe…..I am not a happy camper with these people

  • Wendy Greene

    My parents are doctors that go to medical conventions. They went to 27 this year alone. My mother has written and published cutting edge health books and guides. She speaks at some of these conventions as well. She has been on seversl radio shows, and some talk shows informing the public of her expertise and research imperative for all of our health, and quality of life. We run a booth selling phi energy dots. A company in England that has been around for 13 years. Our customers are mostly high esteemed doctors that love, and support what we sell, most of them sell them out of their own practices, and this sold all around the world. Ok. That being said.

    Our last convention of the year my Dad decided to switch our current swipe pos company and begin using ipay. That was a gigantic mistake. We ran into a pluthera of issues while using the ipay swipe pos on our cell phones to collect our payments for our products and supplements we sell out of our booth. First of all it stopped accepting payments after only the first few sells. So, we had to use the swipe pos we had been using for about 2 years in order to complete the purchases. ipay had put a hold on being able to accept more money. It took 3 times trying to swipe our customers credit cards, and having to have them sign 3 times, was horrible to deal with, it cost us preciius time, and it is a hassle for all of us involved. We made around $30,000 that last show, thank God we had captured $12,000 of it on our old company! Because,ipay refused to give my parents the $15,000 of purchases that were swiped. Saying that they don’t know my parents and the customers can return their purchases anytime in the next 6 months, so ipay is threatening to hold their much needed $15,000 for 6 months. This has caused an extreme amount of stress on my parents, my Dad was on the phone with customer service trying desperately to resolve this detrimental issue. After 2 days of torment ipay agreed to release $6,000 of their $15,000. That is just wrong! So, not only did we lose customers due to the technical difficulty with using ipay swipe pos and purchases that said they went through on the transaction but later were not on the final balance. My Dad is staying with their original swipe pos company and after ipay gives my parents their money they rightfully earned will never use ipay again. If they don’t release the entire amount very soon, or I am going to personally call every one of our customers and ask them to process their payment with us again, and reverse their charge from ipay. Either way my parents will get their money. It’s up to ipay if they want to practice intelligence, and smart business sense or not be around much longer. Common sense is you need to keep customers to stay in business. The horrific experience we have had is unacceptable.

  • reza davachi

    Ipayment inc Placed my accounts on the Terminated Merchant File (MATCH) claiming i broke mastercard rules solely because they were notified i was not Microsoft Authorized. Mr Cohen, of Ipayments possibly inept legal department, told me that they would ignore any evidence of my authorization BUT any evidence of my authorization has to be obtained by me and given to them.. HUH? So I have to prove to you i am authorized but you will not recognize anything i give you showing i am authorized.

    You are asking me to go above an beyond any company in the world has had to go to gain authorization. Not even Microsoft gives this much issue reselling their items.

    I sent Mr Cohen directly to Microsoft’s “How to be a license reseller” and it clearly states sign up for the Microsoft Partner Program. I then sent him a link to the Microsoft Partner program License which states we can sell Microsoft technologies. He then claims i could have gotten that from anywhere. Alleged Ignorance is bliss when it comes to Mr Cohen and his way of doing law.

    I offered to Pay for his time to show him how he can become authorized. I gave him my Microsoft credentials so he could log into my own account and review my license agreement with Microsoft.. Mr. Cohen is actively trying to deny any request or evidence and do any due diligence.

    He also expressed that until his contact from microsoft contacts him and says differently, they will not remove me from match. He will also not supply the info MS has given him and who at microsoft contacted him.. SO again. Mr Cohen is actively trying to prevent me from gaining the proper information he knows will satisfy his legal issues. Ethics left his plate long ago.

  • AJ

    Mine story is no different than others, started a new small business that has website to take orders. I was doing good and getting lot of orders and now all of sudden my money is put on hold for 90 days for no solid reason. They are holding over $10,000 of my hard earned money and I might have to discontinue my business because I don’t money to by supplies and to pay other expanses.
    It seems like they are openly cheating and killing small business and no body can stop them.

    Can anyone suggest any legal action to have my money back, I think I signed some contract of which they never sent me a copy so I am assuming all the fine prints must go against me.

    Really need some genuine help!


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