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Flagship Merchant Services

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Company Overview

Flagship Merchant Services is a large credit card processor based out of Charlestown, Massachusetts. The company was founded in 2001 and has become large super-ISO over the last two decades. Flagship is a reseller of credit card processing services provided by First Data (now Fiserv) and and subsidiary of Paysafe (formerly iPayment). Despite being a reseller, the company handles customer service of its accounts in-house. The company also advertises Clover as its POS partner. It should also be noted that Flagship’s parent company, PaySafe, owns some of the worst rated credit card processors that we have reviewed, including Leaders Merchant Services.

Flagship Merchant Services Payment Processing Services

Flagship Merchant Services processes all major credit and debit cards for small to medium-sized businesses. Services include EMV and NFC-compliant terminals, Clover POS, mobile card readers, e-commerce payments, phone and mail order capability, cash advances, gift cards, loyalty solutions, and a business management portal.

Payment Gateway

Flagship Merchant Services offers a payment gateway that allows businesses to securely process online transactions. Their payment gateway is compatible with a variety of e-commerce platforms and offers a range of features, including fraud detection and prevention, recurring billing, and customizable payment pages.

Point of Sale Systems

Flagship Merchant Services offers a range of point-of-sale (POS) systems that allow businesses to manage their payments and inventory in one place. Their POS systems are designed to be easy to use and offer features such as inventory tracking, employee management, and customizable reporting.

Gift and Loyalty Programs

Flagship Merchant Services offers gift and loyalty programs that allow businesses to incentivize customer loyalty and drive sales. Their programs are customizable and offer features such as gift card management, customer data tracking, and promotional tools.

Merchant Cash Advance

Flagship Merchant Services offers a merchant cash advance program that provides businesses with a lump sum of cash in exchange for a percentage of their future sales. This program is designed to help businesses with cash flow issues and can be a good option for businesses that need quick access to funds.

Location & Ownership

Flagship lists its acquiring bank as Woodforest National Bank, The Woodlands Texas and is an ISO of BBVA USA, Birmingham, Alabama. We previously located the company at 100 City Square, 4th Floor, Charlestown, Massachusetts. However, the company has somehow acquired a partially wiped BBB profile that now lists it at 30721 Russell Ranch Rd Ste 200, Westlake Village, CA 91362, which is the same address that we found during our iPayment review. Bruce Lowthers is listed as the CEO of PaySafe and Nathaniel Short is list as the SVP of Direct Sales for U.S. Acquiring at Paysafe and appears to oversee operations for Flagship.

Video Summary

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Table of Contents

  • Costs & Contract: Claims to offer month-to-month contracts but customers have complained of termination fees ranging from…
  • Complaints & Service: Has received more than 200 public complaints regarding…
  • BBB Rating: Has an “A+” rating and but has received 18 complaints and 11 reviews about…
  • Sales & Marketing: Does not appear to hire independent sales representatives but has received a moderate-to-high number of complaints about its…
Flagship Merchant Services payment processing
Flagship Merchant Services’ payment processing services, as per their website

Flagship Merchant Services Customer Complaints & Reviews

Here's What Users Think

Complaint Summary

Total Online Complaints
Live Customer Support
Most Common Complaint
Hidden Fees
Recent Lawsuits

Moderate Complaint Total

For a provider of Flagship’s size and time in business, there is a moderate number of negative Flagship Merchant Services reviews filed in the usual forums, as well as over 180 complaints in our comment section below. Many of the complaints follow a common theme, which is the reason Flagship is receiving a low rating in this section. Of the reports, numerous business owners complain of receiving higher than quoted fees after signing up, sudden increases in fees without notification, hidden and undisclosed fees, difficulty canceling service, and fees continuing after cancellation. The following quote outlines a typical negative experience: “When we signed up with this nightmare of a company, they advertised that they were BBB accredited and A rated. Once we started having issues with them I checked BBB and they were not even accredited! […] They charged my account 7 times more than what they said they would charge me per month and when I called they said that they can only credit my account if I do not cancle my service.”

A Need For Better Disclosure

These types of complaints usually indicate systemic problems in which sales agents often fail to disclose fees and instead rely on business owners to find them within the contract. It can also be an indication of problems with the billing system. Either way, Flagship can improve its rating in this section by revising its sales and billing methods so as to prevent future complaints of this nature. The company has a customer service contact form on its website but appears to be lacking the support channels necessary to qualify it as a top-rated credit card processor for customer service.

Threats and Bullying

Flagship Merchant Services has repeatedly made hostile attempts to force the removal of this review. These have included intimidation through bullying and threats of litigation under false pretenses as well as an illegitimate DMCA claim filed with our host, which was rejected on the grounds that it was a “guise” to suppress fair use of a trademark. It is our opinion that such actions reveal the depths to which Flagship’s executives will stoop in an attempt to suppress constitutionally protected free speech that is critical of their business practices. We view these actions as not only highly unethical, but as a demonstration of their unwillingness to correct the problems that cause merchant complaints and, instead, a preference for aggressive strong-arm retribution tactics. If you have been a victim of such threats or bullying, please detail your experience in the comment section below.

Flagship Merchant Services Lawsuits and Fines

Durango Merch. Servs., LLC v. Flagship Merch. Servs., LLC was a legal case in which Durango, a payment processing company, sued Flagship Merchant Services, LLC for unfair competition and false advertising. The case centered around Flagship’s alleged use of false and misleading statements about their services, as well as their use of Durango’s trademarks in marketing materials without permission.

The court found that Flagship had engaged in false advertising and unfair competition, and ordered them to pay damages to Durango. In addition, the court issued an injunction prohibiting Flagship from using Durango’s trademarks in any marketing or advertising materials.

Flagship Merchant Services Customer Support Options

The company provides a dedicated customer service phone number. Additionally, the Flagship Merchant Services website offers an online form for customers to submit a support ticket. Numerous Flagship Merchant Services reviews reflect constant frustration with customer service agents from the company.

Flagship Merchant Services Customer Service Number

  • (866) 732-8146 – Toll-Free Customer Service

Flagship Merchant Services BBB Rating and Report

Our Better Business Bureau Profile Assessment

BBB Summary

Total Complaints
Resolved Complaints
Unresolved Complaints
Response Rate

Note: We have adjusted this company’s BBB rating according to our own standards. To better understand why we adjust BBB ratings, please see our Rating Criteria.

A Partially Wiped Profile

As of this update, the Better Business Bureau has given Flagship a new profile that contains only some of its previous complaints and reviews. Previously, the BBB reported that Flagship had received 98 BBB complaints filed in the last 36 months. On the current profile, the BBB gives Flagship an “A+” and states they have been accredited since 2015. Inexplicably, the complaint total is now showing only 18 Flagship Merchant Services complaints in the last 36 months. Additionally, there are 12 negative “customer reviews” bringing the total complaints to 29. The company has responded to 100% of the formal complaints and resolved 7 of them.

During one of our previous updates to this review, the BBB had posted a notice containing the following information:

According to BBB files this business has a pattern of complaint concerning non disclosure of “required” charges. Specifically for PCI*. Consumers state that the business charges for PCI compliance or Noncompliance but that was not disclosed in the original agreement made.Consumers state that the business claims notification was sent however consumers claim this is an additional charge not disclosed to them. Consumers indicate that they want refund or cancellation of service. BBB sent a written notice on 7/28/14 and 9/8/14 to identifying the potential pattern of complaint with a request for a business response. As of 10/14/14 the business did not respond to BBB’s request.

*The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a proprietary information security standard for organizations that handle cardholder information for the major debit credit prepaid, e-purse ATM, and POS cards

This notice has been removed from the company’s BBB profile since that update. In that time, Flagship has also paid the BBB to join its accreditation program and seen its grade rise from a “C” to a “B+” and now an “A+” rating.

What The Complaints Say

A recent review complained of deceptive sales practices and bad customer service:

I was contacted by Alex regarding a request for information on the use of a credit card machine for our Church. My biggest concern was the fee’s associated with the use of a machine vs our current fee’s through PayPal. I made it very clear that our thrift store has about $1000 in credit card sales. He told me the per transaction fee’s were much lower then PayPal but there was a $4.95 monthly fee for use of the credit card machine which would be provided free of charge if we kept it for a year. If we kept it less then a year there would be an early termination fee of $250. We got our machine and began using it in December of 2020 but unfortunately our Thrift store had to shut down due to increasing Covid cases in our area. Expecting to only be charged the $4.95 monthly fee I was shocked to see there was a charge to our bank for $44 on Jan 2nd. I called my representative Alex and he said there was noting he could do because it was Martin Luther King Day but that he would call me back the next day. After a week and numerous messages I decided to call Pay Safe, the company that is billing us. After bouncing between people I finally got someone who said they would call Alex and have him give me a call back. Ales called me back immediately after getting off the phone from PaySafe. He apologized for what was going on and said he look into it and make things right. I was again very specific with him on what the fees would be and he assured me we would not be charged more then $4.95 and month plus the small per transaction fee. After 48hrs with no call back I gave him a call and he said I needed to and amended agreement. I am not an attorney but it looked straight forward that the extra fee’s they had charged would not be charged going forward and there was no mention of refunding the excess fee’s already taken. I figured I would give it a billing cycle to see if we got our credit. We balanced the Church checking account on the Feb 1st. When we balanced the account on Mar 5th we saw $44 dollars in fee’s against $10 in sales, they took $34 dollars out of out our checking account on Feb 2nd and charged us $45 in fee’s against $83 in sales on Mar 2nd. To date we have been charged over $100 in fee’s for $93 in credit card sales. As a non-profit we count on our Thrift store sales to support our Church and our ministries. We also provide 10% of all Thrift store proceeds to Ronald McDonald House Charities. I am not sure why Alex lied to us and refuses to return calls but personally I think it speaks volumes to his character and his employers integrity. I would not do business with Flagship Merchant Services or Paysafe.

An Adjusted Rating

Given the company’s complaint total, resolution ratio, and former BBB notice, we have adjusted the BBB’s rating to a “C” rating for the purposes of our own scoring.

Flagship Merchant Services Fees and Rates

A Closer Look at the Contract

Cost Summary

Cancellation Penalties
Monthly & Annual Fees
Processing Rates
1.00% - 4.99+%
Equipment Leasing

Flagship Merchant Services Contract

Rates and fees of Flagship merchant accounts may vary for a variety of reasons, including a client’s business type, processing volume, and the agent setting up the account. In most cases, the company appears to offer a month-to-month contract with no cancellation fees. However, we have located a few Flagship Merchant Services reviews that mention cancellation fees being charged. The company also appears to charge an annual PCI Compliance fee of$99 in addition to several other monthly fees. Some Flagship Merchant Services complaints have mentioned a $29.99 monthly fee for affiliate marketing through a company called Womply. Some business owners are also reporting that Flagship automatically enrolled them in a free 60-day Womply trial in late 2016. They further state that anyone who failed to opt-out before the trial expired is now being charged $29.99 per month. Additionally, several customer reviews state that Flagship continued to bill them monthly fees for extended periods after canceling service.

Virtual Terminal and Payment Gateway Pricing

In addition to its storefront payment processing services, Flagship Merchant Services also dedicates a portion of its website to advertising its virtual terminal and payment gateway services. However, pricing is not disclosed on either of those services. Additional rates and fees, including gateway fees, technical support fees, batch fees, and additional transaction rates typically apply to these e-commerce services.

Negotiate Your Rates

Business owners are encouraged to carefully read and understand Flagship’s merchant account agreement prior to signup. Many of the complaints about the company describe undisclosed fees or higher-than-expected rates. Flagship is capable of offering interchange-plus pricing, but it does not appear to actively promote it.

Flagship Merchant Services e-commerce

Some of the e-commerce solutions offered by Flagship Merchant Services

Flagship Merchant Services Jobs and Employment

Hiring Standards and Ethical Marketing Assessment

Key Points

Uses Independent Resellers
Misleading Marketing
Discloses All Important Terms

Deceptive Rate Quote

We have previously located one use of deceptive marketing by Flagship in which the company advertised on its homepage and in Google Adsense ads that “rates start at 0.38% plus $0.19 per transaction.” This rate quote is misleading because it only applies to a particular transaction type, but the majority of a client’s transactions will run at much higher rates. Flagship fails to mention that the business owner will experience other rates and fees in addition to the unrealistically low rate quote. As you can imagine, these types of quotes can lead to confusion. Flagship has removed this specific rate quote from its website in the past few years, but replaced it with the just as deceptive “rates start at 0.38%” on its homepage. As of this review update, the homepage no longer advertises this rate. Businesses may also encounter similar “teaser” quotes when speaking directly with Flagship representatives. This type of marketing disqualifies the company from being added to our list of best credit card processors.

Questionable Review Website Ranking

Flagship Merchant Services is listed as a top pick with numerous questionably ethical review websites. Many of these websites appear to be in parternship with PaySafe group or possibly owned by PaySafe through a web of alternate DBAs. These websites consistently list the same “top rated” providers, almost of of whom have a poor rating with legitimate review websites. A few examples of these shady review sites, according to our opinion, are:

  • thetop10sites.com
  • idealcomparison.com
  • top10.com
  • best10creditcardprocessing.com
  • compareguroo.com
  • toppaymentprocessing.com
  • best-ccp.com
  • comparisun.com

However, there are numerous such websites that appear at the top of search results as advertisements when researching credit card processors. Business owners are advised to proceed with caution when reviewing credit card processors from websites that resemble the ones listed above.

Gift Card Promotion

Flagship’s homepage currently advertises a “Meet-or-Beat” Processing Rate promotion, offering a $200 AMEX gift card if Flagship does not provide the lowest total processing cost. The terms and conditions of this promotion are not found on the website. Instead, business owners must submit contact information and speak with a representative in order to learn more information about this promotion. In general, these types of promotions are a sales gimmick because the company only has to be a penny cheaper to avoid paying out the $200 gift card.

If you are seeking an ethical way to substantially and permanently lower your processing costs, consider getting an independent merchant account statement audit.

Numerous Sales Complaints

Flagship Merchant Services appears to primarily use inside sales staff to market its services instead of using outside independent sales agents. Inside sales personnel are the preferred marketing strategy for this reviewer because the sales tactics of these agents can be better controlled. This is assuming that the company doesn’t encourage deceptive sales practices, which may be an issue with with this processor. Numerous Flagship Merchant Services reviews indicate that agents fail to fully disclose important fees and contract terms. On the surface, Flagship does not appear to engage in any egregiously deceptive practices such as bait-and-switch rate quotes. However, the consistent Flagship Merchant Services complaints about undisclosed fees have lowered its score to an average grade of “C” in this section. If you suspect that Flagship is charging you hidden fees, we recommend seeking a free third-party statement audit.

Flagship Merchant Services Review Summary

Our Final Thoughts and Opinions

There are numerous Flagship Merchant Services reviews and complaints regarding the credit card processing company’s fees and business practices. The company is a subsidiary of PaySafe, which also owned other poorly rated merchant account providers. Flagship’s grade has remained the same since our last update, due mostly to widespread reports of deceptive sales practices and excessive billing. Flagship can improve its rating in this review by eliminating future client complaints about billing, hidden fees, and difficulties canceling service. For now, business owners may want consider selecting a top-rated payment processor for their merchant services.

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Customer & Employee Reviews

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190 Responses

  • Ashley Hubbard

    Hubbard’s Renovations and Investments

    I Found them on a top 10 list on a Google search btw. So I tried Flagship or Paysafe I guess they are the same company. However I signed up almost 3 weeks ago and I was told by my representative that he would get me next day funding if I gave him a week to work it out but the until them my transactions will fund on the second day after the day my charges batch at noon time. To be clear if I process before cutoff Monday Wednesday at noon I’ll have my money deposited into my bank. Until next day is worked out a week or 2 max. So I agree I made it very clear from the beginning that I was not interested in a processor that could not provide next day funding it is more important to me than the processing cost that is my second objective. So I charge a few things in the first couple weeks and every charge I make keeps processing in the late afternoon like 7-9 pm 3 days after the batch day so on the 4th day if you include the processing day that’s done before cutoff batch time. So a day and half longer than promised. I asked him about this multiple times because it kept happening from my charges and he just kept saying well let me get back with billing again this shouldn’t be happening,”I’ll handle this for you”. So I charge again and again same results so now it’s Friday almost a month after the first charges and sign up. I made a charge on Monday missed cutoff time so it batched Tuesday and it’s Friday still no money I try to call my rep again but he’s got the day off it’s like 5 pm eastern time so I ask for someone else that can help while he’s out. The rep gets on the phone and I ask why is this happening oh it’s right here sir your signed up for a 3 day hold for at least 90 days before your deposits can be made since your a new account with us. What the &$@? Is going on over there who flat out lies to peoples face to get customer’s did he think he could balance this for 90 days idk what he was thinking but my last transaction came in because I started using my old processor that funds next day at 7 am last Tuesday and am I glad because that have lost me in less than 30 days. My suggestion is hang up and don’t even give them your name “to risky”. Have a wonderful day and good luck in your search out there.

  • Jenny

    Zhenni Spa

    I found them on Google top 10 number1, so I switched to them from my previous company, super easy to sign up for it, as long as I setup the device started to processing for 5 days I have not see any penny that was deposit to my bank. On the 5th day I received an email said my account has been closed effective immediately funds will remain held for 180 days, I was lost, what is happening?? So I called and no one can give me an answer just said there is no way they can release the funds early than 180 days, what a joke use them for 5 days then hold my money for 6 months…………..

  • George Kerner

    All Star Computers & Electronics

    This company is a rip off and liars. They are always overcharging and penalizing me for crap. Their company policies are garbage. They lie to me and tell me they are forced by the major credit card companies to charge me a penalty for PCI compliance. Its only company policy. I have been with this company faithfully since 2014. I have had enough. At this point I am actively seeking a replacement company. To anyone who reads this that is currently using these folks, GOOD LUCK!

  • Phillip Boyz


    Flagship merchant services is worst nightmare with an a**hole seated with the name Brendan, he seated all the time on their one & only number on their websites. He is a real time moron, no customer service neither a sales service nor anything to speak about it. Brendan took my all details and said will get me the status with in 30 minutes and then next day I called and said it in pending and will be done by the end . No call then on Monday I called him again and he said without any reason underwriters declined my applications and they may have tried to contact me. Despite he has no idea of it , since there was no single call back or an email either . Then he said they may call me now anytime today and hung up on me. This company should be out of business and they must have bought Google rating.

  • Lawrence Fairbanks

    Sumthing for everybody furniture and more

    For the last 8 or 9 days they have been giving me the runaround about getting my my money that they owe me for a credit card processing and I’m about ready to get kicked out of my store and everything else because they owe me over $1,000 and I was 400 shorts and I can’t get to it because every day it’s another piece of paper that I need to sign and said bank account is wrong and it’s the same account number something different everyday with these people I don’t know if they’re ripping people off or what but I’m not far away from getting a lawyer they owe me and they keep saying I was supposed to get it Monday to Monday came never then they always say oh this piece of paper I don’t know why they don’t give them all at once but this place is a joke and you leave messages for your account manager and they just like laugh I told Mom I was going to be a big gated from my building if I didn’t have it they’re like oh okay this place is a joke and a half they make up something new everyday

  • Philip Louis Jacobs

    Hightened Path RV

    2020 had a batch not go through. couple thousand dollars. I didn’t discover this until November when I was reconciling my QuickBooks. I reached out to them and the refused to honor the payment EVEN with proof showing everything was done correctly on part and the customers card had been charged. They told me to reach out to the customer and receive payment again. NO WAY IN HELL would I ever consider doing this! I asked to closed my account in May, didn’t realize I needed to sign some documents, so they kept charging me through August and at a PREMIUM RATE no doubt. When asked to get these fees refunded, they said no such luck.

  • Lavender

    Lavender Organizes

    I did business with flagship and regreted quickly. So, I wouldn’t do business with Flagship. Not only were they unprofessional, they withheld money from me for 2 weeks until I brought it to there attention. I asked them if they though the fund was strange why didn’t they contact me? They said they were busy?! They then held it for another month because they felt the transaction was unethical. Cody from Riskreview did not care about my issues. Even though I showed him proof of what I do in my business to recieve funds. He asked for my clients information and I gave it to him & then he proceeded to try to contact my client. Speaking of breaching confidentiality?! I’ll be honest Cody and the rest of the people seemed not very intelligent. I can tell they live in the back woods and are not tech savvy at all. Very unprofessional and I will report this company.

  • Loyce Mukuta

    They are changing an necessary changes and I don’t like it

  • Georges cafeteria /George makhmreh

    I signed with them and got their credit card machine ,the first day they withdraw their fees from my bank then i had issues with there machine and the money i charged get to my bank after 4 days instead of within 24 hours. so I keept calling to fix the issues but no body called me back or did a any thing from the sales man and the receptionist and the supervisor finally i send them email of termination of their services after 3 weeks and got spot on co.to do my services .if I have to rate the 1to10 they are zero

  • Barbara Escher

    I signed up for the service, provided my bank info, and $100 was immediately removed from my account. The rep had no explanation, and it was a new account so it went negative and I got hit with a big fee. Fortunately Bank of America fixed it immediately. Flagship/Paysafe rep kept promising to get some of that $100 back to me. Never happened. NOW I’m getting threatening letters because BofA has locked them out of my account. Flagship/Paysafe is a nightmare!!! BofA now does my credit card processing. At least they don’t steal from me!!

  • Arlene

    Buyer Beware! Flagship Merchant Services and their sidekick Woodforest National Bank are the worst.

    As most commenters here, I was trying to save money by getting a reputable merchant service company. This was back in May 2019. I checked CNet.com and their rating was A-, I believe. They were soooo wrong.

    I knew something was not right about this company during the application process – loads of red flags. I received emails from the same person but different “companies”: flagship.com, paysafe.com and some other one. Also a person from their bank was trying to get me to authorize payment processing. Before any authorization took place on my part, I told them I didn’t have a warm fuzzy about their business so I wanted to close/delete anything that had been started. Again, the entire process was never completed so when they said no problem and fill out the form, I did. I also disputed them with my bank before there was a charge to my account. I think doing so prevented them from stealing from my bank account. Trust your gut. Always.

    I wasted hours on the phone over the next three months because they were still continuing to bill me (on paper- not from actually debiting my account).

    Finally one of the many calls resulted in someone actually making a change. So the charges (on paper) stopped, but it is now November and I am still receiving monthly statements from Woodforest National Bank showing “Total Amount Funded to Your Bank -$24.95.” WTF.

    These guys and cockroaches will be the only ones left after the end of the world. smh Flagship – you can suck it. You are shamelessly and fraudulently stealing money from so many hard working people – some of whom have invested their life savings into their businesses. You f-ers are ripping them off and trying to destroy these people. Go f**k yourselves.🖕

  • Alvin Aurelio

    We were quoted a $4.95/month for Merchant Services with Customer Service /Online Report Fee plus interchange pass-through plus mark-up rates. What were not communicated are the $10.00 monthly minimum balance requirement and the PCI Non-Compliance fee of $30.00. Adding these two fees would have changed the monthly rate structure to $44.95/month and cause me to choose a different merchant service provider for our low volume home business.
    Lastly my Sales agent told me and listed in his email in bold font “***MONTH-TO-MONTH AGREEMENT! – NO CANCELLATION FEES!” But now I am being told when I tried to close my account that my agreement is for a three (3) year term and “will automatically renew for additional three (3) year periods, unless terminated by any party upon written notice at least thirty (30) days prior to the end of then existing Term…” I am also being asked to pay $495 early termination fee. This is obviously false advertising and deceptive practice of burying terms such as the above in the fine print of 23 page contract. Buyers beware!!

  • Alvin O Aurelio

    We were quoted a $4.95/month Customer Service /Online Report Fee plus interchange pass-through plus mark-up rates. What were not communicated during the quoting process are $10.00 monthly minimum balance requirement and the PCI Non-Compliance fee of $30.00. Adding these two fees would have changed the monthly rate structure to $44.95/month and cause me to choose a different merchant service provider for our low volume home business.
    Lastly my Sales agent told me and listed in his email in bold font “***MONTH-TO-MONTH AGREEMENT! – NO CANCELLATION FEES!” But now I am being told when I tried to close my account that my agreement is for a three (3) year term and “will automatically renew for additional three (3) year periods, unless terminated by any party upon written notice at least thirty (30) days prior to the end of then existing Term…” I am also being asked to pay $495 early termination fee. This is obviously false advertising and deceptive practice of burying terms such as the above in the fine print of 23 page contract. Buyers beware!!

  • Thawdar Kyaw

    I used Flagship service started 2017 October.
    I sing it because they give me the rate about 0.030% (overall)
    I didn’t know they are charging (hidden) fees and rate were increasing 0.045-0.05 % gradually, they complains to Visa and Master when I asked them about it.

    I found out they are scan and the worst thing is their customer service. So I trying to switch Paypal Here .027% (flat rate for all cards)

    When I sign up with Flagship I didn’t use their terminal or anything because if I do not want them I wanted to cancel it anytime, so I purchase the terminal by my own expenses.
    Last couple weeks ago I called and email that I am cancelling the service but they didn’t send me the cancellation paper to sign.
    I been called and called, until today they didn’t cancel the service since they wanted to take out money from my account every month, even I didn’t use their service.

    They are scan.
    The worst merchant service I ever had.
    I have been restaurant business for more than 12 years and they are the worst.
    Beside for the month of all the September we swipe only one credit card for $32 and they charged $60 for the fee for monthly service.
    I wish I could report to BBB and I do not want other small business owner will get scan like me.

  • John Hagerman

    Flagship Merchant Services, and their associated AprivaPay+ and Paysafe, are absolutely the worst experience I have ever had with any credit processing company. I got 3 mobile pay devices from them that were not programmed properly before they were sent out and I have spent 5 weeks trying to get anybody in the organization to talk to me about the problems with the devices. I either get no answer when I’m transferred, or whoever answers just tells me I have to talk to somebody else and they transfer to someone who doesn’t pick up, or who tells me I have to talk to somebody else.

    This has been going on for several weeks and I have had it. Unfortunately, I’m out several hundred dollars for the Clover Flex, the only piece of equipment they sent that works.

    At this point, I simply want my money back, my account closed, and to warn the world to stay as far away from this company as possible. I don’t know why so many review sites recommend them, as far as I can tell they are a total scam.

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  • Tish T

    This company is Awful! They have undisclosed hidden fees. I had to call the company several times before I reached an actual person. I was told that I would be refunded for one of the hidden fees within 2 -3 business days. I called the company 2 weeks later because I had not received my refund only to be told by another representatives that I would not be able to get a refund. They are the worst. I am changing merchant services!

    From The Editor
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  • Dan Weissmann

    Worst merchant account ever. They stick us with their fake fees that they claim are pass through charges but are not. They add in monthly fees down the road with no warning, hoping we will not notice. We pay extra to have next day funds and due to a “glitch” in their system it isn’t working but we are still being charged the fee, even though we are not getting the service. We’ve been calling for nearly three weeks and every time they blame it on something or someone else. Somehow it is never their fault but it is still not working. Oh, and we are still paying for it.

    Expect your real monthly credit card costs to run between 3.5 and 6%. Ours has been over 5% for the last three months.

    Do yourself a favor and take your business elsewhere. That’s what we are in the process of doing now.

    From The Editor
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  • Mike Petraglia

    Run from this company, they have hidden charges and automatically add you to their fake website and charge you for it, They have stolen hundreds of dollars off of me. DO NOT USE THEM, YOU WILL BE SORRY. I had them for years and did not know how bad they were till I really sat down and studied, now they are trying not to cancel me, and trying to continue to charge me. I have to file claim with the bank and Attorney General

    From The Editor
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    • Mike Petraglia

      Flagship is the worst, everyone should spread the word to stay away from them

  • Suzanne Dircks

    I opened an account with this company a year ago. The day after opening it I called and cancelled it. A few months later I saw they were taking money out of my account each month. I called again and was told to email a cancellation. I did so. They still continued to take money out of my account I emailed again. Same result. Talked with a representative again. They sent me a cancellation form to fax back to them. I did so. This month, a year later I realized they are still taking money out of my account. Called again, sent them proof of faxes and emails. They said my money would be refunded within a week. Two weeks later no refund. Called again. Now they are “considering a refund”.

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Cancelling a Merchant Account Without Paying a Fee

  • Andrew Chen

    This is one of the worst companies I’ve had to deal with in a long time. Bad customer service, they don’t return phone calls, voice mails, or emails. Ever since I signed up with them, haven’t been able to have anyone contact me back. They have however, tacked on an additional $34 a month fee which was not part of our original agreement. But when I call to inquire about it, I can’t get in touch with anyone.

    From The Editor
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  • Jawanda Morrow

    Do NOT use this company, they do not tell you about all the fees that will charged to you upfront. They are a rip-off. Go elsewhere

  • jenny

    I have 2 accounts with flagship merchant. I have owned the businesses for last 18 years and recently I transfer my merchant account to the flagship. Pls Pls don’t even waste your time to call them. Flagship is the worst merchant service in this industries. now, I am stuck with this company but I am very tired so I decided to pay penalty and cancel the service. They never added pin base debit in my accounts and last four months they tried to add it but could not do it. we have to use all cards as a credit card which is so expensive to use it. I lost lots of money with this company. Also, you have to match your closing batch with the bank. so, pls do not even call them. They are not responsible what they advertise or what agent sold the products to you. so many phone calls and waiting and no proper technical support. I am not a person to write a bad review but I’m very tired in last four months.

  • Karen

    I have been using Flagship for 5 yrs. Unknown to me they have been charging me $19.95 a month for Company.com Bus Site. for over 2 years. I have payment drafted and don’t check my statements. ( Will from now on) with a new Merchant!! I never signed up for such, they said when I signed contract (million pages long) that i said it was ok. And “who” actually reads all that crap?! So… After speaking with “Bitchy Supervisor” She said she would refund “half” of payments, as long as I stayed with their services. Kiss my ASS! You are willing to lose thousands of dollars from me , for $480!! ZERO STARS!!

  • Laura

    I signed up for Flagship as a small psychotherapy practice needing to take copayment and deductible charges as well as other small fees from clients. The service representative I worked with was fine; unfortunately, I didn’t know to ask certain questions, and he was not overly helpful, so from the get go, I signed on for a reader that can’t hold client’s credit cards as Square does, which off the bat wouldn’t work for me. When I got the reader was when the issues started up. First of all, I simply received the reader with little to no instruction on any type of portal to go to to set it up or from which to run reports, etc. I had to call the service rep in Charleston that I was assigned to about three times a day in order to get in touch with him. When he picked up, he was overly laid back in a way that had not sense of urgency about any issues I would come to tell him about. Although I had not been sent any information on where or how to use the reader, he acted like it was no big deal and gave me the information. Right around this time, I started receiving emails that were for a different service of Flagship. I mentioned this to them as these emails were starting to clog my inbox, and he told me to ‘not worry about it’. The emails kept coming, daily, but were unnecessary. I decided to cancel as I learned that the reader lacked an essential component I needed. My worry over issues with cancelling was correct. The rep said it would be easy and fine to cancel if i simply filled out the appropriate form and sent it in. Well I did, and then continued to be charged for the service. I had to call and spend time on the phone bing transferred between departments in order for a person to trace my cancellation forms, after which they had me send in another cancellation form. The whole process with Flagship was unfortunately what small business owners want to avoid-really aggressive ‘kind fronted’ sales representatives who in order to have you sign a contract, are more than available. Until you receive the product, at which time they become uneasy to contact. The products are not accompanied with necessary instructions, they can include unwanted email list serves to your email, and the cancellation process is ineffective and harmful to the consumer as they may be charged beyond when their forms are received. I would not recommend this to anyone!

  • Samantha

    I had been exploring credit card payment processing options on behalf of my company to see how we could minimize fees. We used Flagship for less than a year following a very unsatisfactory experience. Once we made the initial account set up, customer service was practically nonexistent. The rep that signed us up had zero interest in assisting with our account or providing any sort of customer service whatsoever following the initial sign-up. It would take up to two weeks just to get a reply to an email. Getting help with anything was a struggle, met with long hold times, and a chain of reps that didn’t know how to help. When we finally decided to close the account because Flagship was too difficult to work with, we were told that we were all set and have closed our account. It wasn’t until 15 months later in digger deeper into our accounting for tax purposes, did we discover that it was not completely closed at we were told, and that we’d been charged a monthly fee of $17.95 that whole time. Beyond a lackluster apology, no responsibility was claimed for this, and we were still left with the bill. Even worse, just to make it stop, I’m not sitting on hold for the next representative for 30 minutes and counting. Not only are we not going to get our money back, we’re wasting time trying to make an unauthorized charges to our bank account stop from reoccurring. I would not work with this company– absolutely any other credit card processor would be more efficient and operate with more integrity.

  • Jana Fey

    This company is HORRIBLE! They told me that my fee for each month would be $5.00. The first month I was charged $6.95, the second $10.95, the third $17.95, the 4th $127.40 and the 5th $177.35. I had called berfore the 4th month to cancel the service since I NEVER PROCESSED ONE CREDIT CARD WITH THEM and was told it was all taken care of. Then I received the incredibly high bill in November. On my bank statement it showed up as MTOT DISC so at first I didn’t know what it was. Upon doing a fraud claim with my bank we found it to be Flagship. When I called them directly they told me that the two large payments were due to the Annual Fee that I was never informed about. Not to mention that in trying to call them, I was hung up on twice and transferred back to the main system once. It took 4 times of calling to get “help”

  • Tom

    Being a business owner for 37 years I wanted to be known that Flagship merchant services is the biggest rip off that I’ve ever seen in my 37 years of doing business. My advice is to use anybody else at least some Bon that would stick to your side with any kind of dispute on a credit card. They would rather just pay off The customer that is disputing and then rip it out of your account without even calling you and letting you know

  • Deirdra

    BEWARE OF HIDDEN FEES AND UNFAIR BUISNESS PRACTICES. When the discussion of signing up is had they discuss the lowered interest rate (compared to other companies) but they leave off all of the hidden fees. They debit your bank account and do not send statements. I never used what they sent be because I have voip phones and you need a land line. The attempted to charge me over $400 for NOTHING. I obviously plan to fight the bill and would like to enlist others if they are having problems with this company. Seems like a scam to me.

  • Alessa Carlino

    If you’re considering working with this company, run in the opposite direction. They have been nothing but a huge pain the entire time.
    First, in order to work with them, you must be an active account holder for Flagship, Authorize.net AND iPayment. For one service, ridiculous!
    Second, my business grew very quickly in the beginning because a celebrity was writing about me on Facebook. Flagship thought my sales were “suspicious” so they froze my account and refused to turn over my money to me. I needed that money to go into production on items that were selling out and needed to take out a loan to cover my costs, even though I had the money to cover production in my Flagship account. Completely ridiculous.
    And lastly, they have charged me for every tiny little thing they could think of and my company is very small, practically a micro-company.
    Do yourself a favor and find another company because these folks are the worst.

  • Josephine Keyes

    Believe the “C” review for this company. I did use them for 3 plus years. Their merchant website is not user friendly and very difficult to read. You will also need a payment gateway. Monthly fee’s add up without them even processing transaction. They make is sound good with a low percentage rate per transaction but the fees outweigh the percentage savings. I was looking for an all in one processor so I decided to leave Flagship. I called to close my account and they said they need to email me a closure form and email it back. I filled out and electronically signed the form they electronically sent me. Received confirmation of receipt of my form and they said they would notify me if they need any other info. I noticed they charged me the fees for the following month after closing the account. When I contacted them, they said the form could not be electronically signed but needed a physical signature. That was not specified on the digital form they sent me nor did they contact me as promised if they needed any other info. They make it IMPOSSIBLE to cancel an account and will continue to charge you and create excuses as to whey they have not canceled the account as you requested.

    If you are considering FLAGSHIP, I recommend you continue shopping!

  • Nagman

    Totally RIP OFF, they were charging me $40 for last 3 years under Misc. fee.
    When i called to question they said because i am not a PCI Complaint.
    Did not email me or called me about it.
    please do not do business with them.

  • John

    Used Flagship for about 6 months then started getting hit for a $52.95 fee each month. Tried to resolve but they kept says no there was nothing they could do. I requested that the account be terminated. Transferred around to multiple “Customer Relations” people. Finally got one that was going to “email me a form to complete”. Still waiting on that email. Been a huge hassle for a small business. I suggest you look elsewhere. Very dissatisfied.

  • Ted Haines

    They stole $400 in undisclosed “processing fees” love the first 3 months of service. DO NOT GET CHEATED BY THIS COMPANY AS I DID.

  • Brandon

    This is a horrible scam I never even used there services and the took over 500 out of my account after I called and told them I no longer wish to have them as a provider now they are sending threatening letters….. Beware

  • Alejandro Gaitan

    Don’t bother with this company. You will regret it like I and many others do.
    I never received one payment deposit from my sales; 13 days in I am finally notified my account is in review “for an extra day most likely”. 15 days in I am told we are to part ways as they don’t offer services for my type of business, when I thoroughly explained it to my sales rep. 30 days later I have most of my money back, and by most I mean what I have been told is “a non-significant portion will be held as a reserve”. 6 days later I ask for the 4th time for a statement detailing what they’ve been doing with my money. I actually get half of my sales records pasted into an email only to find out I was charged a monthly end fee for half a month of service (wait till I call back in 30 days to find out how much of my reserve they decided to chip away at). I also find out that 26% of my sales are in reserve; I may not have a Ph.D. in statistics, but 25% is a VERY SIGNIFICANT portion.

    I’m amazed they’re still in business; if I pulled this kind of customer treatment on my clients I’d be looking for a new job within days.

    All in all, a royal waste of time and money thanks to Brice. Do yourself a favor and look elsewhere for a company that treats you better for giving them money

  • Tiffany Read

    I have tried to cancel my account 3 times with them they have taken over $700 out of my account and they refuse to refund the money because they don’t show any documentation. The first time I called they told me they would cancel it, the second time they told Me I had to send paperwork. The third time they finally got it closed with the paperwork but said they can’t refund any of the fees, even though I didn’t use their services because they have no record of the paperwork. I would never recommend them and I certainly will post bad reviews everywhere I can. I will also be making a post to anyone I know to share with the world on FB how dishonest they have been with me. Anyone who looks on my account can clearly see It has not been used and I have been using a different service for months. If you ever close your account beware and watch them very carefully!!!!

  • Ramon Vahdatinia

    I have been with them for over 3 years with minimal issues up until recently. Their sales representative, Elsie Bernaiche, reached out to me regarding an upcoming change in the system I was using and how I needed to change apps/mobile swiper. Long story short, she gave me the wrong information via email on who to call set up my account which left me without being able to charge credits cards for 2 days and had to close shop for those two days. After finally getting back up thanks to everyone’s help but hers, I sent her an email letting her know that I was very upset about how this was handled. She responds back in a very insulting manner as if it was my intelligence that kept me from charging cc’s and not her very clear error on the phone number/company I was supposed to call to get set up. After this I asked to speak to her supervisor and she refused to give his name or number but offered to transfer me to him instead. I can’t believe they treat customers this way. I have been a loyal customer for over 3 years and when they clearly make a mistake they can’t stand behind their mistake. I’m in the process of searching for a new merchant service provider. Go anywhere but here.

  • Jeff

    Absolute terrible company and over charges you after they sell you on interchange and supposedly a low rate. Just got a bill for 161.00 and i did one charge of 219.00 for the month

  • Sammie

    I cancelled my account with Flagship after finding a better rate with another provider. They continued billing my account, even after repeated calls and I am now going through the messy process of trying to get over $2k back through my banks fraud department.

  • Seth S.

    Flagship Merchant is a scam. The Sales Rep told me I would be charged $5 per month if I did no business. Two months later I realize they have been charging me $30 a month. Then they tag on $119 for Security enhancement. Keep in mind I had not done any business using their card swiper. The whole thing is a joke and then I went to cancel and they said “it’s in the contract” Basically they took me for $200 without adding any value. Buyer Beware!

  • Mike T

    Set up account got everything ready then they decide that we can not use it unless the card was swiped. We told them from the start we are a B to B wholesaler and most of our charges would be manually input. Oh well, back to First Data

  • Matthew Vance

    Just know that you will have to keep them honest on a regular basis. They offered a complimentary 30 day subscription to a service. I cancelled it within the 30 day and the continued to charge me $19.95 per month for the next 4 months. When I called about it, they said that I didn’t cancel. I forwarded them the cancellation email that they sent when I cancelled it. Oh, yes they would refund my money since I was able to prove it. Then I did my PCI compliance and they had no record of it. Charged me $30 per month for 3 months and then $40 for the next month. I called and they agreed to refund my money only after I proved that I was compliant with another email that I had saved. Said they would refund 4 months but only refunded 3. When I called on this, they said that it is their policy to only refund 3 months regardless if it is their fault. They said I should have watched my statements closer and caught it sooner. They acknowledged that it was taken improperly but said that it was my fault for not catching their mistake. I asked them if they stole from me for a whole year, would they refund it. They replied that I would only get 3 months back because I didn’t watch my statements and catch them doing it. I said I would close the account and then they offered to refund the $30. I asked for a confirmation email, which I received and kept. Of course, they never did process the refund. When I called back a month later to ask about it, they said that they weren’t going to process the refund because I was cancelling the account anyhow. It was my money and they wouldn’t give it back unless I stayed with the company. Just beware, they are very dishonest.

  • Brandon

    I’ve been a customer for over three years. Never had any real issues until this past year. Over the last 6 months or so, they have at two different times, included fees to an additional product that I was not interested in. This happened without my knowledge. When I called to ask about the fee on my statement they said that my free trial for the service had ended and this is now the monthly fee. When I mentioned that I never signed up for the service in the first place, they mentioned that it was in my “welcome package”—that I received over three years ago when I first created an account!
    I never received a single email or notification of any kind that I had been opted into this new service, that a free trial had started or that it had ended and I would now pay a monthly fee. Nothing. I called in and despite all of this, the best they could do is opt me out for future monthly fees–they would not refund me the statement from last month that I called in about and there will also be a charge on this current month as well. Ridiculous. I’m just glad I noticed it in the first month that it showed up since it cold have easily blended in with the the monthly transaction charges had I not looked closely at the fee section.
    Now that I called in I am officially opted out of this particular service. Who knows how long until the next sneaky tactic comes along. Moral of the story is if you use this company (which I don’t advise), comb over every statement–this place is as deceitful as they come. I’ll be shopping for a new provider. SHADY!

  • Tony M

    Seemed great at 1st, had to send lots of paperwork to have this company only to find out after i made several sales i get a call from Risk Management and they tell me to fill out all the lines on receipts , once my client pays i send them a receipt and agreement that is personalized and do not want my clients personal info out there. Well they mentioned my account was “Under Review” im sure anyone that hears that knows from previous companies that they can hold your funds if they choose to do so, so i had another company and ditched them i sent a scanned email that is Requested to stop the service then the Next day they charge over $30.00 in fees… its not right i understand charging the fee of $6 and change that my sales rep mentioned but they will hit you up with other non sense. They were also fishing and calling trying to get info and probing me for what we do in our business, very shady….

  • Jerry Fulkerson

    Flagship takes $100.00 out of $1,600.00 of my sales for the last 20 days that’s about 6%.
    It will be a lot more money as the fishing season starts.

  • Tom Marek

    Signing up for a flagship merchant services account was the biggest mistake I’ve made so far in my business career. Their claims are completely bogus and based on absolutely no factual evidence as far as being the number one provider. They will hold your funds and place your account under review and cause unnecessary harm to your business I can pretty much can guarantee that!

  • Lee Thomas

    If I could shout from a mountain to tell other merchants to choose another company I would.
    Sales rep totally misled me and lied to me. Promised 1.98% + .21 fee plus $4.95 monthly. (which the latter was not told to me until after I was basically all signed up) THEN the real fees come in. 3.96% plus all the fees on top of that! I explained in great detail that I was a business to business merchant- which he knew meant 3.96% – and I was still told 1.98%.

  • Jimmy

    I can’t understand how a company like Flagship is still in business. After all I could read on this side and what I experienced by myself with them, they should be sued by all of us together.
    Their actions: working with their customers money for many days,withdrawing money from their customers business accounts without any notification, invoice and with unknown names, can’t be legal, and could destroy small businesses, and let employees without jobs. And for all that, we have to pay??? How stupid are they thinking that their customers are??

  • Paula

    Beware – Flagship/IPayment will hold your funds, give you stupid reasons why, invade your customer’s privacy, hinder your business and charge you additional fees….initial fees are taken out of the transaction and then – weeks later….more fees are taken out. Crazy reason given by customer service. See my letter to Flagship below…..
    Dear Flagship Rep: Please let me start this email by saying that I realize that none of the issues that we are having are your fault…however, I feel that when signing up new customers – you should probably inform them of the holds that will be placed on their accounts. As you know, we have only processed two credit card transactions and both have been an issue. This is not a very good “start up” reputation for our business or yours! From the customer’s stand point – the transaction appears to have been processed without a problem…..how do we explain that our credit card company has put a hold on their money therefore they must wait to heat their home?
    We are a small business in a very small town and we changed all of our advertisements to list that we accept credit cards now. Unfortunately, we have lost a sale because we had to tell a customer who needed heat in their home that although we do accept credit cards – it could take up to a week for the transaction to be processed. Well, of course…time was of the essence so she decided to use another company. We cannot afford to have this type of reputation. We have been in business in this town for over 15 years, have developed a client base (heck, every time we go to the local gas station, at least 3 people say “hi – how are ya – how’s your mom?”) Many people do not understand the small town mentality but again, we have a reputation of being honest, fair, timely, well-known and caring about our customers.
    So…maybe we didn’t read the fine print….because we trusted in you and Flagship to help us through the process of utilizing your company. Never did we imagine that taking money from a customer and putting it into our account would require such extensive approvals and investigations….it simply does not make sense. Our past credit history should have nothing to do with the process. Our recommendations, reputation, length of licensing and service, are what should be considered. Nobody has to investigate us when a customer pays cash….because the customer trusts us. However, our credit card company that we chose has to investigate a transaction that somewhat invades the privacy of our customer by asking for details of the transaction?? I would think that if there was a necessary investigation – it would be from their credit card company. Technically, you are a third party asking for details of a transaction that is really not any of Flagship’s business. In all honesty….what if we sold “sex toys”….would our customers consider your investigations an invasion of privacy? I would think so!
    So, in summary – there we sat on a Saturday….not working…not providing heat to a young couple with a few kids and have lost a customer due to the practices of Flagship. I can only hope that our reputation in this town and surrounding areas does not suffer.
    Flagship as the company of choice because a respected friend utilized them in a past business where she worked….her recommendation was not based on the lowest rates…it was based on your reputation. Word of mouth, reputation and customer service far exceed rates in our opinion. Yesterday (March 28), nearly a week from the date of service – a deposit has been put into our account. Our customer contacted us to let us know that Flagship attempted to run their credit card multiple times resulting in a “decline” result. This quite honestly, was the last straw with Flagship! Attached is the Letter of Intent to Cancel Merchant Services Account between our business and and Flagship based on these horrible customer service experiences.

    Your Risk Management Department has treated us as if we were conducting illegal business practices. In total, we have spent in excess of 16 hours trying to rectify these situations resulting in multiple phone calls all while we were conducting business with other customers in order to maintain our business. Again, this is not in line with the reputation that we have worked so hard to achieve. Again, yesterday was the last straw….while I was working under a customer’s home…..I was contacted by Risk Management to again verify personal customer information. This resulted in my current customer questioning me as to the time spent that I billed them for. In closing, again – we realize that this is not your fault personally but you are our rep. with Flagship and you need to be kept aware of the issues. Our termination request is attached to this email.

  • Steve

    These guys are not honest. They will tell you the credit card fees for an ideal transaction. They won’t talk about the HUGE hidden fees. In my case I was quoted 1.98% credit card fees but had transactions where they were charging over 6% in aggregate after the network pass through fees and the international card fees and who knows what else they threw in there.

    They just lied!

  • Serena DeGarmo

    I was charged fees after I attempted to close my account. I spoke on the phone to a person who didn’t seem able or interested in helping me. Then GENO DeAngelis called ME from Massachusetts to take care of closing my account properly. Who calls on Friday afternoon to someone who is closing an account? GENO DOES!!
    Thank you Geno for your help!!

  • Deborah Baker

    I signed up in preparation of starting business. I discussed in detail with Colin – who signed me up that I was not ready to start business yet. I was informed of the $7.95 withdrawal each month. Not the varying fees as high as $151.00 withdrawn from my account monthly under a name that was not associated with Flagship or Authorize.net. for almost 10 months. Apparently I was penalized for not starting service right away. I had to have my bank call to figure out who was withdrawing this money under name MTOT DISC. So before I caught it I was charged over $1,000 by Flagship Merchant services. Very tricky, not forthcoming and customer service is useless in offering any relief. Be very careful

  • Michael Leds

    Flagship and Womply are crooks. They apparently opted me into a product that i did not authorze and billed me 29.95 monthly, times 2, or almost $60 per month for 5 months. THEY WONT PROVIDE A REFUND. I intend to get my money back, hopefully with damages, in court. STAY AWAY from this company. They are bad people.

  • Rick S

    I have had this machine for 4 months, there are monthly, annual fees that really aren’t transparent. The machine constantly goes down which you have to call and have someone walk you through how to set it up and by the way you are waiting as they are reviewing a manual. My machine has been down days at a time. I called to cancel the service and find out that there is a $200 early termination fee even though if you read the website right there on the front page it plainly states no contract, no hidden fees, etc etc. I would highly recommend you seriously consider it before doing business with Flagship Processing as everything they list on the front page is inaccurate. I will be happy to pay them 200 to get out of the deal I’m in with them but will just likely cancel that CC to ensure they don’t get their $200.00 This company is not transparent in which you will find out if you choose to use them.

  • Judy

    I signed up in May 2016 and had all kinds of equipment/PCI compliant problems. It was very frustrating but they assured me that their rates were going to be better than my previous company. I didn’t really scrutinize my fees while I was busiest from May thru July. At the end of September I put my business on “seasonal hold” which was supposed to have a $14/month fee. I was fine with that. Starting October 3, I was charged $72.90. I called and asked what it was for – they told me I was not PCI compliant ($40 charge) and they were charging me a $19.95 Company.com fee (whatever that was!). Bare in mind that none of their fees were on their statements, they just showed up on my bank statements;I got those two fees reversed. So I’ve been charged $72.90 and $73.95 for October and November; each time I called they told me I was not PCI compliant. Their reason was always because when the “scan” ran it couldn’t be completed. I never got a clear answer from any of them, just the runaround. My last fee was in January for $63.95 (they told me it was for reporting to the IRS). My husband is in charge of all the credit card terminals and processing at his job and he said there’s no such thing! I’m going to contact my bank and get as many of these charges reversed as possible. Just despicable!

  • Brady C Puryear

    This place is a total ripoff! The sales team loves to talk about the 1.82% rate but I have now had several months where they classified every transaction as NQAL even Visa Debit! and that rate is 5.61%! at the bottom of the statement they charged me for additional services I never signed up for $40 a month, $19.99 a month, etc.. The bottom line is if your not getting interchange rates instead of tiered rates your probably getting screwed. I switched to Chase and have saved my self seriously hundreds of dollars a month. Also, the risk department iPayment is hands down the most horrible business ever. They have a one star and will freeze your funds for up to 6 months. Chase is the only way to go. Every other company in the industry uses 3rd party risk departments that can hold funds regardless of the terms created between you and the merchant services provider.

  • Jess

    RUN!!!!! I wish I would have seen this page before I enrolled. It’s a bait and hook sales pitch, don’t buy it. Whatever their base fee percentage is, effectively double it and that’s what you will be charged. Oh and don’t forget their annual fees, monthly statement fees, minimum fees, overuse fee, underuse fees, “helpful” automatic PAID enrollment in programs that they don’t give you access to, and additional surprise fees every three months with no explanation. They don’t answer the phone at customer service but once a week, and when they do it’s always a “new” employee that doesn’t have answers, even after transferring six times and waiting on hold for 15 minutes between each transfer. Initially you are contacted with a ‘dedicated’ sales rep that enrolls you in the program and then doesn’t answer the phone or return messages once your application is accepted. Worst company I have EVER dealt with, bar none. I cancelled my account, but not without a fight for that too. Had more more in fees than I collected on the machine from customers. Good riddance to this company. Please do not enroll with them!!

  • Ming

    worst of all evils! Charge a lot kind of fees without notice and poor poor customer service.

    First you were told the fee is very low ($25/month) and no other surcharge. After a few months, without email/phone/mail, they began to deduct a lot of money ($150/month) until you call them. The customer will tell you, in the 50+ page contract you signed, there is a line of tiny words:the fee would be raised without notice.

    I was so stupid to trust them the fee would be $25/month as the representative told me. They are not trustworthy!

  • Glenn Kerler

    Horrible company! I was searching for a new processor and talked to Flagship (Aleshia Morin). I thought they sounded OK but I told Ms Morin that I did not want anything done until I could confirm the cancellation of my present processor. She went ahead and signed me up anyway. I wanted her (and told her) to hold everything until I was sure about my present processor. They took money from my account, ignored numerous emails, phone messages, fax’s etc. I was finally informed to fill out there cancellation form and the account would be closed and the money returned. I sent it in imediatly. Almost a week later I get an email stating they cant cancel my account at this time. REALLY????? This is ridiculous!!!! They ignored my stated (and recorded) wishes, lied, etc. I would avoid this group like the plague!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lisa Biggers

    Horrible Communication. Will place your account on hold without notifying you. Will pull money out of the account for “Risk Management Analysis” and not tell you. It takes 45 minutes on hold to speak to anyone and even then, they are short and are VERY quick to transfer you to anyone else. We had them for exactly a month before we ran into issues and problems. Even bigger headache after we closed accounts to get money that is owed to us. Overall, just horrible.

  • Michael

    From the very start the salesperson was very misleading at best. For instance we were told that all fees would be taken out at the end of the month at one time and that we would get a statement explaining all charges. Never happened. Fees were taken out of ever single charge creating a book keeping nightmare. Worst of all was that after about one month into our contract with them we completed a very large job. The customer paid with a credit card at the time of pick up. It was right at Christmas time and we had gone on vacation a day or two later. While on vacation I start getting notifications that payments I had made were bouncing. Flagship had determined that the amount that the customer paid needed to be reviewed because it was too much and refused to put it into our account even though they had no problem taking the money from our customer for the work that we did. During our repeated attempts to the customer no service number we were told over and over that “That’s the way all merchant services work” and “we are not responsible for any of your bounced items”. They would not release the money into our account until we sent them copies of all of the paperwork for the invoice that they had stolen the money for then would not release it for about 3 days while they “verified that it was a legitimate charge”. I pray no one ever gets stuck using this “company”.

  • Peter Turso

    Avoid AVOID AVOID Flagship. I have been chasing them over and over. They have a relationship with Womply and I-Payment. They will try and take money right out of your account without your permission! AVOID!!!

  • Matt P

    Signed up with flagship. Fine print of contract said they have option to sign you up for paid services with their affiliates, from which you can opt out if you notify them. They send an email signing me up, and I didn’t see it because it was a marketing email that when to spam. Even if I did, I would have had to scroll all the way to the bottom to see the note saying I’m going to be signed up and charged if I don’t opt out.

    Not knowing I’d been signed up, I was reconciling my CC statement and saw three months of a $29.99 charge. Again, I had no idea I had been signed up.

    After contacting the company (Wambly, an affiliate of Flagship) they told me they’d only refund two of the three months.

    This is a very deceptive business practice and I would now never recommend Flagship to anyone.

  • Peter Tys

    if you want to lose money this is right company!
    processing NOT clear. Double charge!
    You find out how ! when you begin to work with them
    Company representatives do not refer of the tricks
    We used this company only for half month, we started in the middle of the month , I realized right at the first statement. Percentage was charge on two different ways!.
    Beware them!


    Upon creating a new Merchant account I was misinformed about the types of services that would be available on an online Merchant account. I was mislead by Merchant representative David Dwyer at [email protected] upon the Merchant platform’s interface’s and its’ charges, misinformed about pricing, and was never connected with information on how to integrate my website’s Gateway Interface. It took three attempts to correctly confirm my checking account to the Merchant gateway to make deposits available. No attempts have been made through out the first week of creating my Merchant account of any communication. I get transferred from representative to representative on any questions and concerns I have. I highly recommend NOT working with Flagship despite their supposed high ratings.


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