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PayPal Here Card Reader

PayPal Here Reader

PayPal has thrown its hat into the mobile payment acceptance arena with its launch of the “PayPal Here” mobile payment app and card reader. The service is yet another carbon copy of other mobile credit card processing services like Intuit’s GoPayment, Jack Dorsey’s (founder of Twitter) Square and North American Bancard’s Pay Anywhere, but, of course, PayPal Here has its own spin on the idea.PayPal Here’s chief innovation is that it is integrated into a regular PayPal account and, therefore, merchants have access to a wide range of other features not found with most competitors. Funds from PayPal Here transactions that fall within normal risk tolerances will be available immediately to the merchant within his/her PayPal account. Merchants have the choice of transferring the money into an attached checking account or using an attached debit card to make purchases and ATM withdrawals. PayPal boasts that by accessing the funds through purchases with its “PayPal Business Debit Card,” merchants will receive a 1% cash back bonus and can bring their effective processing rate down to as low as 1.7%. GoPayment also offers the option of using a debit card to access funds and Square only offers automatic fund transfers to attached checking accounts.

The biggest standout features that PayPal Here brings to the table are the ability to accept electronic check payments, create and send digital invoices, and track cash payments all within the app. Most of these features were already available through a normal PayPal account.

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Sales & Marketing | A+

Key Points – Sales & Marketing
Uses independent resellers? No
Promotes deceptive rate quotes? No
Discloses all important terms? Yes

Because PayPal is such a high-profile company, PayPal Here is marketed primarily through the PayPal website. The PayPal Here website is easily navigated and clearly outlines the terms of PayPal Here, including a notice regarding the keyed-in rate of 3.5% plus $0.15. Merchants are advised to bear in mind that key-in transactions almost always carry a higher transaction fee because they are higher-risk transactions than swipes.

PayPal Here Marketing Example

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Costs & Contract | B

Key Points – Costs & Contract Terms
Swiped rate: 2.7%
Keyed-in rate: 3.5% + $0.15
Termination fee: None
PCI compliance fee: None
Equipment lease: Variable

Like most of its competitors, PayPal Here offers a free card reader and app that is compatible with most iPhone and Android devices. The swipe fee for processing a VISA or MasterCard transaction by sliding a card through the attached reader is a flat percentage of 2.7%, and the keyed rate is 3.5% + $0.15 per transaction.

Upon further inspection, PayPal Here had some caveats in its pricing that apparently expired on April 15th of 2012. For instance, PayPal Here charged 3.5% for swiped American Express cards but was rebating merchants the difference to bring the final fee down to 2.7%. It appears that the rate for all cards, including American Express, is now lowered to 2.7%. Additionally, merchants who already use PayPal’s Virtual Terminal may see an increase in their pricing as all Virtual Terminal Transactions are subject to a rate of 3.5% + $0.15, which also applies to Key-In PayPal Here transactions. Lastly, merchants who already use PayPal Pro products may see a decrease in their pricing as all PayPal Payments Pro transactions are charged the 2.7% that applies to Swiped PayPal Here transactions. It’s a little confusing, but these may be the issues if merchants notice any pricing discrepancies.

In order to deal with fraud risk, PayPal Here handles its merchant processing limits and fund holding procedures in a very similar fashion to Square. Merchants who key in more than $2,500 in sales within any rolling seven-day period will have the funds over $2,500 held in a reserve for 30 days before they are released (details available in section 8 of this document). Also like Square, this limit does not apply to swiped transactions, of which the exact processing limits and reserve procedures are ambiguous and based on “risk” factors.

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Complaints & Service | B

Key Points – Complaints & Service
Total complaints: 70+
Live customer support: Yes
Most common complaint: Fund holds

We have located approximately 70 PayPal Here negative reviews, some of which accuse the service of being a ripoff. By far the most common issue encountered by merchants appears to be fund holds by PayPal, which is a problem that PayPal Here has in common with its parent company. Merchants are cautioned to understand PayPal’s fraud prevention policies in order to avoid having accounts frozen or funds withheld.

One of the biggest frustrations merchants have with Square is the lack of live customer support and communication regarding reserves and fund holds. PayPal Here has both live phone and online support; however, it is difficult to determine how the company handles communication regarding holds and reserves, and how the customer support fares with the new service. PayPal itself has a very high volume of online complaints, but it is also a huge company that services many merchants, some of whom might be uninformed and easily frustrated. GoPayment and PayAnywhere both offer live phone support and do not seem to suffer from as many complaints regarding holds. The comments located here and elsewhere that specifically discuss PayPal Here do not seem to have an issue with its customer support, so PayPal Here will receive a “B” in this category until further information is available.

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BBB Report | C*

Key Points – BBB Report
Product/service: 3,320
Billing/collection: 1,636
Advertising/sales: 739
Guarantee/warranty: 132
Delivery: 96

Since PayPal Here is an app created by PayPal, there is no Better Business Bureau (BBB) report specifically for PayPal Here. The BBB report for PayPal, however, shows accreditation and an “A+” rating despite having 5,982 complaints filed in the last 36 months. Of the complaints, 3,320 are related to problems with the service, 1,636 with billing and collection, 739 with advertising and sales issues, and 300 with other issues. The BBB justifies the high rating with the length of time PayPal has been in business, the complaint volume versus PayPal’s size, the company’s response to complaints, the rate of resolution of those complaints, and the fact that the BBB has sufficient background information on PayPal. The CPO-adjusted BBB rating for PayPal is a “C” as of this update.

* Denotes CPO-adjusted BBB score

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Bottom Line

PayPal Here Review

Rated 3.6 out of 5 Stars
Reviewed by Phillip Parker
Reviewed on 2014-07-14

With its already 106 million registered users, PayPal stands to be a major player in the mobile payments arena with PayPal Here. The app seems to be holding its own in the face of numerous competitors and rapid changes, but we will be sure to monitor PayPal Here and update as necessary.

This review was originally published on 3/16/12 and was last updated on 7/14/14.

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  1. Marilynne Lipshutz

    When customers purchase a gift certificate now, the funds are immediately placed into merchant’s account.
    In the past, Paypal withheld gift certificate funds until the customer “redeemed” the gift on line via their own account.
    If the gift recipient does not have a Paypal account, they would be unable to redeem it. In fact, after countless hours trying to resolve this unneccessary complication, most people gave up.

    However, as a business owner, I honored the gift since it was not the fault of the recipient they couldn’t get the money into my account. Many of us tried unsuccessfully , several times.

    Fast forward to now.
    Paypal places the funds immediately into the business account.

    So why does Paypal still withhold the funds from gifts purchased a long time ago? Paypal is withholding a large chunk of money and refuses to transfer these funds to my account.

    I requested Paypal send me all the information they have on these old funds. Name of gift buyer. Name of gift recipient. Date of purchase.
    No response.

  2. Mario

    I did a Web design job and accepted $750 as a payment for a job, the job was completed, then received a chargeback issue where the customer did a chargeback from the cc company and paypal took my money away completely. I then submitted the emails and conversations and PDF’s of proof, and Paypal then said sorry, non-tangibles are not covered under the paypal protection. Basically I am out of $750, contacted the customer keeps saying he will call the card company and cancel it (apparently only way i can get my money back) and indeed does not. So watch out if you are selling services with Paypal here because anyone can issue a refund from a card and might I mention this happened over 9 months ago!!!!

    1. Zachary Marshall

      You can take this person to small claims court. Also, if you do have evidence you can contact the prosecuting attorney where you live as that person may have committed fraud.

  3. Robert Valentino

    Here is a problem I have with PayPal.

    I was doing a charge of $30.00 but as I swiped the card some how I hit the 4 key as swiping and it brings up $300.04 Now the customer refuses to sign (I do not blame them) what do I do?

    After a swipe you CANNOT change the Amount, You CANNOT cancel the transaction. You need to have them sign and then use their website to do a refund (cannot use the App to do a refund)

    I cannot believe that after swiping a card there is no way to cancel the transaction if the customer refuses to sign.

    I have heard that this is also a problem with the Square app as well.

    At any time a customer should be able to cancel without us having to charge them or issue a refund.

    To me this is some SERIOUSLY BAD Software that needs to be fixed.


  4. Joni Lambert

    This service has good news and bad news.

    The Good News: The PayPal Here device itself has worked very well. I can also use the phone app to take phone orders and manually enter the card number (at a higher fee, but better than losing a sale).

    The Bad News: PayPal puts unreasonable holds on a percentage of your charges, as other reviewers here have noted. In a week I ran $520 in charges and PayPal is holding $80 for a month. From what I read on PayPal’s community board I got off easy. Other folks said they’ve had up to 1/2 of their charges held and some for over 3 months. I’m actually on this website today looking for a better alternative.

  5. aurelia urquiaga

    the first time I used paypal here the buyer report me as i used her credit card with out permission I explain to pay pal but in last the one week of “investigation” they decide I m guilty I never will use paypal here this person took my money and my merchandise

    1. Zachary Marshall

      If it makes you feel better, it no different with a traditional merchant account. I always lose, regardless of the fact that I have them on video making the purchase.

  6. Ricky

    Beware of square ! They can and will hold your funds without warning without notice and without live customer service. Read the customer agreement. This is a ruthless company. I sighned up for square added all my products to their Pos register had the account verified and began taking credit cards. First few days business went well deposits were added to my account. By day three of doing business in excess of $200 my funds were deterred and i was asked to verify my account again this time Square wanted to know every aspect of my business every item I sold ect.. There was no way to contact square by phone there is no way of knowing if and when i will recieve my deposits. Very inconvienant for a small shop owner. I found it very odd that even though square had froze my funds that they encouraged me to still use their register and accept credit cards. I immediately called pay pal who answered in less than a minute with a representitive. I explained my situation and that my business could not operate without a credit card service and i did not trust Square. Paypal allowed me to stay open and let me conduct my business without senceless restraints or interrogation. Still trying to resolve issues with Square. Beware ! None of the mobile merchant services are perfect but paypal can handle day to day business transactions. Their customer service is top notch. If they could realease an app for Android Tablets it would be a better service but am just happy to be able to conduct business with a trusted company.

  7. Michelle

    Paypal is a joke. To the person above about using his card to place funds in his account that is illegal under paypal terms and the credit card companies decided that is considered a cash advance and unfortunate I was a business Verified member for 11 years and they LOCKED my account immediate after I used my debit card to place funds in my account to make a purchase on eBay. Yes just in the blink of an eye… Thankfully I on,y had 60 bucks in the account and to spite them Inrefunded my buyer so they could not draw interest off. Do not use Paypal they are NOT FDIC and your funds can be locked up.

  8. Levi Adair

    Beware of PayPal Here!!!!! First, they hold 100% of your funds above any amount of $2500.00 for up to 90 days. Second, they REFUSE to post my business account name or even my name on client’s billing statements. This has created a great amount of confusion as I have now had 2 clients file for fraudulent unauthorized charges. All they see is a charge from PayPal on their statement. I even had one client try to research who the merchant was that charged the total amount I charged them and were UNABLE to find my company info anywhere. At this point, I am fearful of authorities coming after me for fraud as I now show 2 fraudulent transactions against me. PayPal refuses to remedy this issue by simply applying my information to billing statements. PayPal simply says “that’s how the system is built and we will not change”, even one of their own customer service agents admits that this is wrong and confusing. Fortunately, my clients are really good smart people and have contacted their credit card companies, but it will take a week or more for the whole issue to be resolved. Also, be sure to check rates of swiped versus keyed in transactions. Does cost more for keyed in. Many of my clients are not on site when I charge their cards which requires keyed transactions.

  9. Patricia

    We had a little trouble initially getting the card to swipe consistently. They sent us a swiper with a longer attachment for the jack in our ipad mini and it has worked well. Our big problem is that we are getting charge backs like mad and Pay pal seems lax in the way they are handle these.They give you little info and put a hold on or take out the amount disputed and sort of act like you are at fault. I fear that customers get a bill with PAYPAL*MERCHANT and panic because they did not buy on Pay Pal and do not have an account. I have taken to putting stickers on the paper receipts I give out showing how it will appear. I think I am going to have to make sure I get photo ID and have a paper signature for each transaction. We used our bank merchant account for 30 years and had no charge backs.

    Would love to know if others have this issue.

    1. Lauren

      Somewhere in the business setup options you can change what the customers receipt says. My customers receipts show up as **businessname and not PayPal. That helped out a lot.

  10. Allen

    Samsung Galaxy Centura is NOT compatible!

    I am very disappointed that the advertising doesn’t indicate that there are so few Android phones/services that are compatible with PPH. I upgraded to a Smart phone using the ability to process credit cards as a motivation to do so. I did look into more detail as to what would work with PayPal’s service and my phone met the three criteria listed. Guess what…as you can see from many other reviews, not only are there MANY phones that don’t “qualify”, the service provider is also a factor. Of course, I didn’t find this out until after buying the card reader, signing up, getting a PayPal debit card and then finding that the app won’t load on my phone…GRRRRRR!

    P.S. I just downloaded Intuit’s app and it downloaded fine. Looks like I’ll go with Intuit instead.

    1. OilLady

      YES! I use it all the time with my S5. I love this tool, but am using it for less than $200 transactions at a time. I love that I can choose to apply tax or not…. nice feature. Plus the pictures of the items sold is nice. I use this in person, face-to-face with folks and print/email the receipt on the spot — explaining it to them if necessary. I think it is incredibly easy to use and carry the card-swipe device with me everywhere. ;-) Hope that helps!!

  11. cammie

    PayPal SUCKS! please do your research and post how many negative reviews you find about PayPal! I had a customer buy a $300 autographed program from me. After the payment was processed 2 weeks after the buyer received the program Paypal decided to reverse the charges for no reason! I NEVER got my money back! Paypal said it was a fraudulent transaction i gave paypal everything they requested but they never gave me my money back!

    FORMER pissed paypal customer!

  12. Brewz

    I am having an issue with PayPal Here and it appears to be unresovable, so I am posting here and maybe save someone from my experience.

    I looked at many of the payment processors, I really researched it. I decided to go with PPH and knew I needed to get a smartphone. (I text on cell, but limit the phone to pretty much being a well… phone) so I researched smartphones and I looked at this site:
    to see which phones will work. I’m quite sure that PPH would want me to go out and buy the latest phone and be done with it. Anyways I bought a Pantech Crossover that supports 2.3.6 (post gingerbread). PPH claims that the phone needs to be at least at level 2.3.3 Guess what, the phone isn’t supported and according to PayPal it doesn’t matter that the phone could be upgraded it just wasn’t orginally released with that level. The funny thing is, when I try to download the app, Google Play tells me the phone isn’t supported. So here is my beef. If the phone isn’t going to be supported, why doesn’t PPH just have a list of phones that AREN’T supported? They have told Google Play which phones aren’t supported, so they should (imho) provide the list to the potential client. I have now signed up with both Square AND Intuit Go Payments and they will both work. I hope I didn’t seem to be ranting, but feel like now PPH really isn’t even a company I want to deal with, especially after reading some of your issues.

    1. Brenda

      Thanks for sharing your grief It is helpful. Some suggestions for others having similar issues.

      Website states to download the app to verify your device. There is probably a program checking your settings and your hardware during installation, not a list known by anyone. if install fails it saves you from potential issues later.

      In order to avoid grief, I would have a mobile phone salesperson attempt to download the app for the phone I am thinking of using before purchase – phone commitments are rough…

      Unfortunately the carrier may modify some of the firmware/software of a given phone, so the brand and model may not be a useful thing.

      The settings on your phone may also prevent the app from functioning if your location is not turned on for example.

      Newer is not better in software world…. it is essential to remember that the minimum level of upgrade may also have the double meaning of “not much higher than this.” Using the Windows analogy — XP or above– might make one believe that Windows Home Premium 8.1 would be great when in fact it doesn’t run most xp software as it is not backward compatible, while 8.1 pro version can be.

  13. beth

    I had to switch from PayPal here to square at a recent art show, pph took too long to process the sale. Had to wait for the high volume warning to go away every time I used the app. That took too long, square processes the cards much more quickly than pph. Thank goodness I had the square app I know I would’ve lost some sales waiting for pph to finally process those sales.

  14. Johanne

    I recently got a swiper and started using it for a large transaction: after many failed attempts at swiping, I keyed in the card number only to realize the reality of the large hold this resulted in. I called customer support, was given a list of things to do with my device- ipad2 or iphone 4s- and was told the only way to avoid the hold was to refund the customer, return and reattempt swiping. I did that the next day, had the same problem despite all my new tips, called customer support in front of the client, again failed at getting a successful swipe. I was then told by the customer support rep to key in the card number and that they would forfeit the hold. I had her repeat the information for me again and she repeated the same thing. Only to find out a couple of days later that the money was on a 20 day hold. Two more phone calls later, Paypal is not budging: the hold is there for 30 days: nobody has access to my conversation with the customer service rep, they have reviewed and closed the case. They are happy to retrace the steps and apologize if my version of the facts is confirmed, but the hold will stay. So much for customer support!

  15. Kat.K

    I have been fighting with PPH for about a month now. My Ipod Touch is fully up to date on the OS. I download the app just fine (I have the card reader), I can log in just fine, but as soon as I am logged in, or three seconds later, I am “locked out” by a screen that says “location services need to be turned on for the app to work, please try again later.” Location Services ARE turned on!! I’ve removed and re-downloaded the app too many times to count. Any help?!?!!

    1. Brewz

      Make sure that your Touch is connected to the network. If you are roaming, you possibly might have to swipe say at a Starbucks (after connecting to their wifi).

  16. Waglenut

    It works great on my Note 2 cell phone. Customers feel OK signing with the Note’s pen. I send them an email receipt from the cell phone. If you don’t transfer to your bank account funds are available instantly using Paypal Debit card. Limit is $10.000 per transaction. You can swipe the same card as many time as you need if you have to go over this limit. The only thing I am worry about with Paypal versus Merchants services is withholding funds when you want to transfer to your bank account which takes much longer than with a Merchant. If you run a business and have to make checks that would be fatal. you cant wait 30 days to access your money. I would like to hear from other users.

  17. MDF

    Started using Paypal here this week at one of our fireworks stores. Everything seemed to be working OK until we started checking the sales history. By law we must charge for both sales tax and MI safety tax on all of our products. The biggest problem we have found is that if you offer your customers a discount, the app charges taxes on the pre-discount amount. For instance if I sell an item that is listed for $100 and I use the app to give my customer a 20% discount the app reduces the subtotal by $20 but charges sales tax on $100…NOT GOOD!!!
    Taxes should be computed after the discount…NOT BEFORE…Not only are you overtaxing your customers but you will have a bookkeeping nightmare at years end.

    The second issue we have found is that you cannot separate the two different taxes that we must collect i.e. 6% sales tax and 6% MI safety tax. We are forced to use one tax rate which is confusing to our customers when the only thing they see on their receipt is that they were charged 12% MI taxes instead of 6% sales and 6% safety.

    The last thing that would be more user friendly would be the ability to sort your products alphabetically…

    1. Sean

      A way to get around this problem, at least where I live is to post that all prices include sales and safety tax.

    2. Brenda

      We have become accustomed to cash registers which are programmed to monitor transactions by item and tally smartly. PayPal Here is mostly the not-so-smart payment transaction terminal that is being tweeked to provide rudimentary register service like sales tax. Sales tax calculations are not easy and vary widely.

      I would suggest a register system or calculator to itemize and then apply the total that requires tax to your Pay Pal Here.

      You can create your own specialized app and use Paypal Here as the end point to process payment.

  18. Farida

    I would like to know if anyone has used this on a Samsung Galaxy 3? Also how long does it take to get the device once you order it. I am in Winnipeg, MB.


  19. John

    Just received my PPH card reader today and did a test with the app on my Android phone using a personal credit card. I initially had a problem getting the card to swipe properly, but after looking at the helpful information included in the app I learned that I hadn’t installed the card reader properly. In addition to inserting the card reader into the headphone jack on my phone, you have to slide the dark blue triangle downward to lock the device into the phone securely. After I did that, the card swipe was immediately accepted, and the funds were available in my PayPal account within minutes.

    Although this was a very limited test, I’m thrilled at the prospects of providing my customers with immediate payment options when I’m mobile, including the ability to accept checks and account for cash. I’m not sure how those features will work, but if they’re as good as the card reader seems to be it’s going to be a great addition to our sales capability. I hope to do a full-blown test this coming weekend at an event with potential customers. We’ll see how it goes, but I’m really optimistic. PayPal is a great company.

  20. Neal

    Just started trying this week and discovered two things: 1) no swipes are allowed under $1, and 2) partial refunds are possible (not so with Square), but only on transactions which were originally done with Paypal. So, if you are switching from a traditional merchant processor, don’t cancel for a month or two so you can handle any returns on products bought using the old processor. Once you’ve gone past your return policy period and you know everything has been processed using Paypal, you can close your old processor account.

  21. Bob

    I want to use the PPH reader but am concerned about the access to my phone contacts that is enabled.

    From Google Play store, ” Allows the app to read data about your contacts stored on your tablet, including the frequency with which you’ve called, emailed, or communicated in other ways with specific individuals….allows the app to determine the phone number and device IDs, whether a call is active, and the remote number connected by a call.”

    I looked around the web but could not find any information…

  22. Jim Mickol

    We used Paypal Here at a major event where we used tablets and other smartphone swipers in addition to Paypal Here to process transactions. PPH worked great and the funds were available immediately. It is 48 hours later and I have not seen any funds from the other devices. I hope to acquire several more PPH card readers!

  23. Blackie Burak

    I have a small criminal defense law practice. Was using Square with no problems. They increased my funds available limit without hassle on line. I recently received an email from paypay here claiming a slightly lower fee and immediate access to funds. Since I already had a paypal account, I thought I would start using them. The first time I used them, I found out that the claim of immediate access to funds was false. They withhold amounts over $2500. I called customer service and waited for over 20 minutes to talk to someone. I finally got a supervisor who agreed to release the funds this one time only. Fine, I’ll go back to Square for all future charges.

  24. mark

    I also used paypal here, swiped the card and completed the transaction only to find out later after the customer was gone that the sale was not completed and I had lost the money from those sales. I am curious as to how many other users have had this problem and what can be done to recoup what we have lost.

    1. Victoria

      I had this problem also when I tried to use it on my phone. I got all the way through the transaction and the craft fair customer walked away. When I hit “charge,” it said I needed to turn on GPS settings on my phone in order to use the app. I went back and did it, but then the transaction was completely gone. Could not find the customer again. They need to refuse to let you input any info into the app without turning on GPS settings, if that’s required.

  25. Fred Willey

    I like Paypal Here and prefer it to Square, mostly due to features that PP offers that Square doesn’t. However, PPH lacks in some areas. It can be a pain to always have to input my password in PPH in order to open the app. Square always opens ready to work. I like/miss that.

    Paypal Here app just didn’t work at all for me when I had two-factor authentication set-up to log-in to my online account. I had to remove it to use the PPH app. Little things like this PPH misses out on.

  26. Paul

    I used the PP card swiper this am, it worked great. I finally figured out, after the swiping the card several times, I had to remove the phone case on my android Galaxy II to get the PP card swiper to “seat” all the way into the phone. I also turned up the volume and turned on GPS location services, just incase since this is what Paypal advises to do.

    I hope this method of charging and receiving payment works with out too many problems. This is really convenient!


  27. Jill Gerlach

    Used it for the first time this weekend for our booth at an Art show. Absolutely love it. Very easy to use and easy to search for information on translations.

  28. DManzaluni

    There appears to be a problem processing Paypal Here payments indoors! I have had these problems in a hotel on a promontory above Tyson’s Corner (i.e. not exactly in the wilderness) as had other merchants who had just got this service.

    So after all transactions failed at the PROCESS PAYMENTS step, I tried running outside the building to press the button. Amazingly for a transaction which had failed 3 times, this actually worked! Every time. I also had this same experience at my place of business.

    I do get the impression that when you open up the app, it tries to take a GPS reading and then tries again when you press the PROCESS button. This may be relevant in transactions failing but Paypal seem to have no comment on this and it may only be an impression.

    There is obviously a problem with the software about which Paypal is in denial. However, when you are trying to take payments at a trade show and have to run outside to press PROCESS, this isnt the most practical of situations. I would like to know if the other processing systems have had this problem?

    (I am also suspicious of payments systems which charge more for international payments as I dont believe this can be uniformly justified, especially where Paypal touts itself and has years of experience as a global money payments/receiving system. But I am aware that most payments systems seem to do this.) I am going to Madrid this month andam eager to see if the payments system works there.

    I should add that when the system works, it works well. I might like someone to answer the phone help system when I have a problem. Because when this happens I tend to have a customer in front of me who wont want to wait hours for someone to answer the phone and assist with the problem!

    Actually I am a bit surprised that Paypal Here isnt given more prominence on this site?

  29. silvia

    We used paypal for 8 years. Processes thousands of transactions. We used paypal only because of the low fees. They are unfair and not always straightforwars in their dialings with customers. They actually encourage online fraud in many cases, do not try to prevent it as they claim. Yesterday our account has been limited due to adult content although we do not have any such things… They just send a short note without any info where is this adult content. This limitation cannot be appealed against. We are happy that we will be leaving paypal as we are not happy with their attitude anyway, however the damage on our business is big… how about the hundreds of customers who have their recurrent subscription active with paypal? Are we gonna loose them for ever?

  30. Rosa

    Hello guys, I do alot of traveling and have alot of international sales online. I would love to hear if someone has had any issues using this internationally? Unfortunately some of the countries that I travel for sales conventions has no PayPal support. Although I use my PP debit card internationally with no issues to date (keep my fingers crossed) So the question to answer is would the card swipe in application be issue free regardless of my location of swipe? Often times believe it or not I sit in airports for hours at a time and have honestly been bored and pitched possible customers that are willing to purchase and this would be a great ap if above can be answered as well as keying in CC info for customers that do not have a PP account, Please share anything international if possible. I truly would appreciate it, and thought to check around prior to ordering. thanks again.

  31. JeanneT

    09/2012 Had several problems with Paypal Here. Device was detected, but swiping often failed. Was told to up the volume on the iPhone. That wasn’t a show stopper. It drops charges from time to time. The card swipes, the customer signs with their finger, the transaction is completed, we say no thanks to a receipt. Then press Done. The screen displays the charge and the map. But then when I look at Sales History, the charge is there with a Pencil icon (incomplete) next to it instead of a green checkmark. Unfortunately the customer was gone. Called Paypal. They acknowledge that others have mentioned this. They could not retrieve or complete those transactions for me so we lost money. Make sure you check your Sales History before the customer leaves!

  32. Tie Dyed & Happy

    These Paypal Here readers work great with current gen iPads and iPod Touch devices, too. I just did a trade show where we were whipping through sales with both and our phones. A huge difference to using the readers is being able to stay with the customer all the way through a transaction, instead of going off to some computer or terminal someplace. We were able to hand swarms of customers cheap iPod Touch devices instead of our much more expensive iPhone 4S to “sign” and potentially drop. It happens, so be sure you have a good bumper case on whatever device you use. Some older customers liked being able to see the larger display of an iPad – and my clothing looks great on there. I also like not having ANY fees taken out if I accept a check – even my bank charges me a fee for those.

  33. Iphone 4 user

    Ive had my PayPal Here for months. At first i thought my card reader wasnt working. i was in a rush to use it so i went to the app then plugged in the paypal here. the card didnt swipe so i keyed it in. on my second attempt, i tried it with my sister. this time i plugged in the reader, then opened the app. it swiped & read info within seconds. i dont know if that has anything to do with but thought i’d share my experience…

  34. Tamara

    Recieved my card reader yesterday and could not get it to work after several conversations with paypal. Tried again today and no luck called paypaldid everything they told me to do to get it to work now they are telling me it is the card reader. They just ordered me another one so I will start from scrathc when I recieve it. Hope the new one works .

    1. J9

      Tamara, I’d appreciate it if you’d post here whether your second one worked; mine didn’t. Also, what kind of phone do you use?

  35. Johnny

    Received mine last week. Have run several test charges with my own credit cards for a few dollars. Both swiped and keyed entrys. No problems. Works great and sends receipts immediately.

    1. J9

      I called PP’s customer service number included with the card reader. I went through all kinds of help on the phone but nothing worked; they then offered to send me another reader.

  36. J9

    I’m now on my second PayPal card reader and neither of them will accept a card swipe. I really want to switch to this from the Square but am getting really frustrated with it. I use an iPhone 4 and per PP’s customer service advice I have my volume turned all the way up and have location services turned on. I’d rather not scan cards or manually input the card info and pay the higher rate. Is anyone else having this problem or have any advice?

  37. Winnie Man

    I just downloaded the app, but have yet to explore its full functions. I did not know prior to downloading the app that it was to compete with the other credit-card accepting programs/companies out there. I think I will sign up to get their card swipe to see how goes. I’ve used Paypal Merchant Services online before to take orders and have not had any problems with them in that aspect because it was nice to give clients the option to use a credit card and not write a check if they didn’t want to. I will probably write a better review once I’ve tried their card swipe and have explored their app more. After reading you review and the mostly negative comments about Square, I’m glad I found your site to help me decide not to get Square for their lack of customer service. I’ve been a Paypal customer for years and have only recently used their Merchant Services side. I have yet to have a problem if needed to contact them for things awry. I think I’ll stick with Paypal over Square as they at least have customer service one way or another.

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