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Company Overview

Zettle is a mobile credit card processing app and card reader compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. As of 2023, it appears they also offer full-sized POS systems as well. Zettle’s service is similar to the popular U.S. equivalents GoPayment, Square, and Pay Anywhere, but with the exception that it is designed to accept chip-and-PIN (EMV) cards. Like its U.S. counterparts, Zettle opens up credit card acceptance to the individual and breaks down the typical barriers to entry seen with traditional merchant accounts.

Acquired by PayPal

In September of 2018 PayPal announced the acquisition of iZettle for a sum of $2.2 billion. In June of 2019, the United Kingdom's Competition and Markets Authority approved the purchase of the company, allowing PayPal to begin utilizing the platform's infrastructure to better support in-store transactions. As of 2021, iZettle has rebranded simply as Zettle.

Zettle Card Reader Solutions

Zettle, formerly known as iZettle, is prominently recognized for its card reader solutions. These compact devices allow businesses to accept card payments, including chip, pin, and contactless transactions, wherever they are, making it efficient for both stationary and mobile businesses.

Zettle Go Mobile App

The Zettle Go mobile app functions in tandem with their card readers. It facilitates payment processing and provides businesses with an intuitive interface to manage sales, track payment history, and monitor real-time analytics.

Zettle Point of Sale (POS) Systems

Zettle extends a range of POS systems tailored to various business sizes and types. These systems integrate hardware and software to support in-store transactions, product inventory management, and sales analytics.

Zettle Online Sales Platform

To cater to the e-commerce segment, Zettle offers an online sales platform allowing businesses to create web shops. This platform is designed for simplicity and enables businesses to list products, manage orders, and process online payments securely.

Zettle Invoice Creation and Management

Beyond standard payment processing, Zettle provides a feature that enables businesses to create and send professional invoices directly from their app. This functionality facilitates easy tracking and management of outstanding payments.

Integration with Third-Party Software

Zettle showcases compatibility with various third-party software solutions, which can be integrated to enhance business operations. This includes but isn't limited to accounting software, inventory management tools, and advanced POS systems.

Financial Insights and Reporting

One of the value-added services Zettle offers is comprehensive financial reporting. Through the app or web interface, users can gain insights into their sales trends, track revenue, and manage cash flow more effectively.

iZettle Customer Reviews

Here's What Their Clients Say

Customer Reviews Summary
Total Online Complaints 150+
Live Customer Support No
Most Common Complaint Fund-Holds
Recent Lawsuits No

Limited Complaints Found

As of this update, we’ve identified over 150 negative Zettle reviews across various consumer protection websites. However, only a handful of these complaints suggest the possibility of Zettle being a scam or engaging in unethical practices. The predominant issue seems to be challenges in contacting the company’s customer support for resolving billing discrepancies. Many customers express frustration over delayed or missing payments without a prompt resolution process. Additionally, some users report sudden and unexplained account cancellations. If you have your own experience with Zettle, we encourage you to share it in the comments section below.

Zettle Legal Standing and Penalties

As of now, there are no ongoing class-action lawsuits or FTC complaints against Zettle. Dissatisfied customers seeking recourse against the company can consider reporting their concerns to relevant regulatory authorities.

Zettle Customer Support Channels

While complaints about customer support are common among mobile payments aggregators like Square and Zettle, Zettle stands out by offering phone support during business hours. However, given the increasing number of complaints, we assign Zettle an average rating of “C” in this category. Despite this, its support options fall slightly short of those offered by top-rated payment processors for customer service.

Zettle Customer Service Number

  • 020 3984 8464 – General Support

Other Support Options

iZettle Online Ratings

Here's How They Rate Online

No Profile

There is no Better Business Bureau profile available for Zettle, and we will not factor the BBB into the company’s overall rating.

iZettle Fees, Rates & Costs

A Closer Look at The Contract

Cost & Fees Summary
Cancellation Penalties No
Monthly & Annual Fees Yes
Processing Rates Variable
Equipment Leasing No (One-Time Fee)

UK Zettle Pricing

Zettle’s recent restructuring of its rate system aligns with that of other flat-rate processors. While we’ll concentrate on the UK pricing in this evaluation, it’s essential to note that its pricing models in other nations are very much alike. Zettle applies a 1.75% charge per transaction via its card reader and a 2.5% charge for email invoices. Their card reader can be acquired for a one-time fee of £29 plus VAT. The “Go” plan is their basic package with no monthly charges, while the “Go Plus” plan requires £29 per month and offers sales reports, premium support, and a lifetime warranty for the card reader. Finally, the Pro For Hospitality plan, catering to iPad-based payment processing through Zettle Pro, costs £39 monthly per iPad and charges 1.25% per transaction, deviating from the standard flat rate of 1.75% for other plans.

There are no additional Zettle fees for services, though there may be some one-time supplementary costs if businesses opt for additional hardware. Zettle’s service doesn’t necessitate setup fees, monthly charges, PCI Compliance fees, or minimum service durations.

Previous Zettle Price Structure

It’s noteworthy to mention Zettle’s prior pricing structure in case readers encounter outdated promotional materials. Before the pricing revision, merchants processing £2,000 or less monthly incurred a flat rate of 2.75% on all transactions via the Zettle card reader. For businesses exceeding £2,000 monthly, the transaction rate decreased on a sliding scale, hitting a flat 1.00% for merchants processing £40,000 or more monthly. Initially, Zettle processed all transactions at 2.75%, later reimbursing the difference to eligible businesses via end-of-month cashback deposits. Manual entry of card data was not permitted, and the card reader was available for a one-time fee of £59 plus VAT.

Variations in Terms Across Countries

It’s noteworthy that Zettle briefly lacked support for Visa cards in 2012 but has since reinstated acceptance of all card types. However, there are stricter transaction limits for Visa cards. Additionally, it seems that the company’s contract terms may vary depending on the country of operation. It’s advisable for readers to meticulously review their agreements with Zettle and compare them with inexpensive merchant account providers.

We also encourage readers to explore our compilation of the best merchant accounts available.

iZettle Employee Reviews & Sales Tacitcs

Should You Work For Them?

Jobs & Marketing Summary
Uses Independent Resellers No
Telemarketing No
Misleading Marketing No
Discloses All Important Terms Yes

Transparent Advertising and Pricing

Zettle appears to market itself primarily through its website and through traditional advertising. The company’s website provides most of the necessary information about the app in an easily navigated layout, and the pricing structure itself is clearly listed on the website’s pricing page. Businesses that are concerned about daily or weekly transaction limits can find them listed here. Zettle does not appear to have a vaguely defined fraud prevention/fund withholding policy like those of Square or WePay, but it nevertheless has started to accumulate merchant complaints related to fund-holds. As of this update, however, we are unable to locate any Zettle reviews that mention an issue with the company’s advertising strategies.

This compares favorably to our list of best credit card processors.

Signing Up For Service

The signup process is quick and simple and includes a card reader and free app for approved accounts. Zettle has a $29 fee for the first card reader, no monthly fees, no PCI compliance fees, and no service length requirement. Users only pay transaction fees on successful sales, which vary by method of transacting, business volume, and the country in which the user is registered.

Our iZettle Review Summary

Our Final Thoughts

Zettle stands out as a reliable credit card processing service, earning favorable marks within our rating system. The company offers a transparent rate structure and straightforward contract terms, positioning it as a competitive option against its more established counterparts. However, some online complaints suggest that Zettle’s customer support may not consistently provide the level of responsiveness and assistance expected by its users.

The company’s overall score will likely fluctuate depending on whether these customer support concerns persist. If they continue to be reported consistently, this could affect its standing. Nevertheless, given its overall transparent and competitive approach to pricing, Zettle remains a worthy contender for businesses seeking reliable processing services. Readers should weigh their specific needs and assess the trade-off between affordability and customer support responsiveness when considering Zettle as their provider.

Location & Ownership

Jacob de Geer is listed as the founder and CEO of Zettle, which is headquartered at Regeringsgatan 59, 111 56 Stockholm, Sweden.

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Testimonials & Complaints

How Did iZettle Treat You?

22 User Reviews

  • Holly

    When PayPal put a hold on my business account to verify my business, my Zettle stopped working, which was understandable. However, when PayPal’s enquiries were satisfied, the hold on my Zettle wasn’t lifted. There was no way to query this with Zettle. They don’t appear to have an actual customer support department. Their “live chat” bot doesn’t answer any questions nor does it connect to a human. Emails go unanswered and their phone line doesn’t connect to anyone either. I am left unable to use my Zettle and therefore unable to take card payments for my business.


    I am a UK independent cabi stylist. This is the biggest brand without a shop in the US.
    I chose iZettle as I wanted to be able to handle payments remotely as well as face to face. A few after setting up the account and sending out emails with payment links to customers, on 7th May I received an email saying they were suspending my remote payments but no reason was given. I have now called ‘support’ three times and emailed twice but there has still been no response.

    This post will help: Best UK Mobile Payment Processing Apps


  • Mohammad

    Never buy iZettle, and don’t use them, this is a con, unprofessional company, they suspended my account for nothing, and not paying my £2500.00 so I called several times, e-mails to the security time to let me know why are they suspended my account but no reply and I’m still waiting, if you complain or call customer service, they don’t know how to dealing with customer, they say someone will call you back, but it been over 1 month and I’m still waiting for call back. So people STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY THEY JUST USING YOUR MONEY, I’m getting my legal time involve and see what I could do.

    • Tobi

      Tobi Akiode & Co. Ltd

      I agree; I don’t know why it’s taken me time to check for reviews! Spent money to kit up to use iZettle services for my products, just when I needed to start using the servic received an email notifying me of my account termination. Refused to give the reason. Sent them several emails to understand the rational behind sudden decision.

      They sent me routine replies that addressed nothing. and eventually refused to respond, when I asked them why they sold me their equipment, knowing that they were going to terminate my account in the far/near future. Now, I have iZettle machine staring at me everyday in my shop! It’s true, “not all that glitters is gold”. Not all good businesses can be trusted.

      Take care before you buy.

  • Yolanda antonopoulou

    Attention if you are considering working with Izettle, they provide no insurance if your money gets lost! Their security is outdated and it is very easy for anyone to change your bank account details to theirs and simply you will loose your money. Izettle as per their terms and conditions refuse any responsibility and therefore any refund. It happened to me. Devastating

  • Salma

    Izettle are holding on to my £1725.They said they are holding it for precautionary measures.But when I ask how long for ,they do not respond,they have closed my account and holding on to my customers money and sitting on it.Must be a scam

  • Geek Street

    Based upon Initial TWO telephone calls to the UK team – Shocking
    I am looking for a cost effective way of taking credit card payments whilst mobile & it seems iZettle is the most cost effective, HOWEVER Telephone “Lack of” Support sucks, I have never come across such rude obnoxious representatives as I have with these idiots.

    I have never had a supplier where the motto is “stuff the customer, its our way or go elsewhere” rings out so strongly, I am sure all the a-holes who can’t get a job anywhere else ends up here.

    2 small issues & questions really seemed to put their noses out of joint & annoy them is nothing short of stupid.

    I will try them BUT I may have to find another way of taking payments that IS NOT iZettle OR Paypal who are just as criminal.

    Be warned if you want to talk to them, you’ll be on hold and then you’ll have the pleasure of annoying them by daring to call customer services!!

  • John

    iZettle are an absolute con, they froze my account within a couple of days of it opening. My complaint was blanked as were my demands for a refund on the card reader. Time the Police took interest I think.

  • Anna Nat Kowalska

    If you are based in UK and don’t want to wait one week or two for your money…avoid. They have a tendency to have issues with deposits and asking for a lot of bank statements…Call centre charge higher rate for calls and it’s based in Sweden. Email customer service is useless.

  • Steve Evans

    My business has used Paypoint’s Virtual Terminal for over 4 years but it included a monthly fee and a 5% Fraud retention for 6 months. So iZettle looked a better product to reduce costs and improve cashflow. We, therefore, duly opened up business account with iZettle in November 2015 with our business bank account being verified at the time. Due to a lengthy commercial contract, however, we didn’t need to use iZettle until February 2016 whereby, after taking our first 3 payments successfully, we received an email from iZettle to say they were closing our account as it had been “highlighted” by Sweden’s Financial Supervisory Authority (which apparently regulates it?) hen we enquired why they gave the reason as “The iZettle account connected to this email does not comply with these restrictions and have been highlighted in an internal control” This was 2 days after they,happily, allowed us to purchase a second card reader? As they are refusing to explain why we aren’t compliant I have had to send iZettle a subject access request to find out the reason? As we are now using a UK based service without any problem, I have to recommend that businesses avoid iZettle as they have been a waste of time and unhelpful.

    Are you with iZettle? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • Steve Clark

    Set up my Izettle account after been told everything was up and running only to be told after 2 days the account was being close for no reason. After 2 weeks still not seen my deposits in my account been chasing but seems they want to go around in circles until I get fed up and walk away.
    My advise is if you are thinking of signing up DON’T ….you have been warned.

  • Alison Watson

    I ordered my iZettle card reader months ago and it as finally arrived. I followed all instructions to set up the account but was told account couldn’t be verified as the account name didn’t match my name or the name of my business. I sent them a copy of the bank statement (sensitive data blurred out) and they still said that the account couldn’t be verified. I have now changed the account details to a different bank account that is also in my name and they are again saying that the account cannot be verified and can I provide yet another bank statement to prove it is my account. Starting to think this is a money making scam!

  • mike hall

    I am based in East Yorkshire and have two successful profitable businesses. It was suggested I zettle would be a great option for my sales team and so my office manager went about registering. We FAILED their criteria and have been asked to send ID and company registration papers. We have been in business for 6 years and have made a profit every year!!!!!


  • martin campbell

    have had 2 payments made one of them 6 weeks ago and still no money in account i have tried e mailing on numerous times but still nothing beginning to worry as to what is happening and of course no phone number to ring!!

  • Peter

    I signed up to iZettle last week as I wanted to try it out at a craft fair. It seemed to work fine, and I was pleased with the neatness of the whole thing.
    However, today, a week after signing up, they have told me there is a problem with my bank account and closed my iZettle account.
    They will not tell me what the problem is so I can’t even rectify the “problem”.
    I have had the same bank account with the same provider (Santander/Halifax as was) for 30 years and have never had a single problem before I signed up to iZettle, so I am less than impressed.
    Won’t be using them again and won’t be recommending them to the 200+ member of my craft fair circle of friends. Bad move there iZettle!

  • andrew thompson

    Hi all,we have a izettle chip and pin reader and have only used it a few times and now izettle have stopped us using it and given us no reason other than refer to paragrath 26.i sent them a e-mail asking what the problem is and have not recived an e-mail back.they have taken my £50 and i cant use my machine.
    SO BE WARNED THEY MAY BE TAKING EVERYONE FOR A RIDE .I would be very interested if this has happend to anyone else so I can inform the office of fair trading.

  • Ryan Harding

    Izettle does not support Visa at the moment which I think is an unfortunate drawback. But apart from that the service and product is quite good. But if you are looking for another (better) Square-like option which can provide flexibility in the UK, mPowa is highly recommended.

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