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UPDATE 3/6/2019: The SalonSwipe website is not available at this time, and public reports indicate that SalonSwipe is no longer responding to merchants. Both Google and the BBB report that SalonSwipe is no longer an active business. If you have any information about any possible rebrandings or DBAs of SalonSwipe, please share it in the comment section below this review.

SalonSwipe ( is a mobile payment processing service designed specifically for individuals and businesses in the salon industry. The company is not a direct processor, and it appears to be partnered with multiple credit card processing networks, including North American Bancard, First Data, and Vantiv. Launched in 2005, SalonSwipe offers a mobile processing solution consisting of a free card-reading device plugged into the headphone jack of a user's mobile device, similar to Square's hardware. SalonSwipe charges on a per-transaction basis and does not require any contracts or monthly minimums. Isaac Lay is listed as the CEO of SalonSwipe, which is headquartered at 411 W Lambert Rd #404, Brea, California 92821.

SalonSwipe Customer Reviews

Here's What Their Clients Say

Customer Reviews Summary
Total Online Complaints 40+
Live Customer Support Yes
Most Common Complaint Unauthorized Charges

We are currently able to locate over 40 SalonSwipe complaints, some of which accuse the company of being a ripoff or a scam. The overwhelming majority of complaints mention some combination of missing funds that have yet to be deposited in the merchant’s bank account and an inability to reach a SalonSwipe customer service representative to resolve the issue. Other complaints cite unexpected fees, difficulty cancelling service, and miscommunications regarding banking info. Generally speaking, it seems that SalonSwipe’s customer service phone line and email address do not provide responses to merchants in a timely fashion, which results in a great deal of frustration for merchants.

It is also worth noting that approximately half of these publicly available SalonSwipe complaints received rebuttals from company representatives. These rebuttals were sometimes unprofessional in tone and attempted to shift blame onto SalonSwipe’s processors or affiliated banks rather than resolve the merchant’s problem. After we mentioned this in our review, the tone of the responses improved somewhat. In general, though, SalonSwipe’s customer service appears to be one of the major drawbacks of the service.

SalonSwipe Online Ratings

Here's How They Rate Online

Online Ratings Summary
Product & Service Complaints 10
Billing & Collection Complaints 6
Advertising & Sales Complaints 0
Guarantee & Warranty Complaints 0
Delivery Complaints 0

SalonSwipe is not an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau and is currently showing a “B+” rating. The company has received 16 complaints in the past three years, with 10 due to product or service issues and six related to billing or collection disputes. SalonSwipe has successfully resolved eight of the complaints, while the remaining eight either were resolved to the dissatisfaction of the merchant or did not receive a final response from the merchant. It’s worth mentioning that SalonSwipe’s BBB profile was deactivated for a brief period of time in 2013 following the shutdown of the BBB’s Los Angeles-area branch, so it’s possible that the company’s current profile only dates back to March 2013. Considering the company’s complaint total, its resolution ratio through the BBB, and the content of the complaints, we agree with the BBB’s rating at this time.

SalonSwipe Fees, Rates & Costs

A Closer Look at The Contract

Cost & Fees Summary
Swiped Rate 2.69%
Keyed-in Rate 3.49% + $0.15
Early Termination Fee None
PCI Compliance Fee Variable
Equipment Lease Terms None

The standard SalonSwipe contract (available below) does not include a long-term service agreement, early termination fee, or monthly minimum, just as the company advertises. In addition, there are no complaints online that dispute the company’s advertised swipe rates of 2.69% (swiped) or 3.49% plus $0.15 (keyed). However, as noted above, it appears that some inactive accounts are suddenly being charged monthly fees as of early 2016. It is unclear whether these fees are being charged in error, or whether the company has suddenly introduced an inactivity fee or PCI compliance fee.

Another major issue appears to be related to the company’s reserve policy from merchant to merchant. Similar to Square, SalonSwipe claims the right to establish a reserve account at any time, in any amount, and at its own discretion in order to protect itself in the case of fraudulent transactions. Additionally, in the case that a merchant processes over $1,000 in card-not-present amounts in a given week, SalonSwipe reserves the right to defer payout of the amount exceeding $1,000 for 30 days. The establishment of a cash reserve is a common practice within the industry, but in the case of SalonSwipe, it appears that multiple merchants are experiencing frustration with this policy. Specifically, it seems that SalonSwipe does not openly disclose this policy or offer available customer support staff to assist merchants with unexpected holds, leaving business owners wondering when their funds will be returned. This factor has lowered the company’s grade in this category somewhat. See the SalonSwipe User Agreement.

SalonSwipe Employee Reviews & Sales Tacitcs

Should You Work For Them?

Jobs & Marketing Summary
Employs Independent Resellers No
Advertises Deceptive Rates No
Discloses All Important Terms No

SalonSwipe appears to market itself primarily through its website. There is no indication at this time that the company partners with ISOs or independent agents, which is a factor in its favor. SalonSwipe’s website lists specific rates and pricing for swiped and keyed transactions and states that there are no annual or setup fees, but according to merchant complaints, these aren’t the full costs charged by SalonSwipe. Beginning in early 2016, we have seen a large number of complaints posted that specifically mention a $16.95 fee and a $3.95 fee suddenly being charged after months or years of inactivity. These fees are not mentioned on the SalonSwipe website, which leaves open the possibility that still other potential fees may be charged by the company. In light of this recent rash of complaints, we have lowered SalonSwipe’s rating to a “B” in this section.

Our SalonSwipe Review Summary

Our Final Thoughts

SalonSwipe rates as an average merchant account provider according to our standards. The company is showing a moderate amount of complaints for its size and time in business, and its reputation primarily appears to suffer from an unreliable customer service team.

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Testimonials & Complaints

How Did SalonSwipe Treat You?

74 User Reviews

  • Dan L Michlig

    Owned by Isaac Christopher Lay of Brea CA He is a thief and swindler. He had a business called where he took peoples money and never shipped the product. He always had excuses as to why shipping was taking so long. It turns out that he was just trying to get customers to wait past the 60 days that you can file a dispute with their bank.

  • Cynthia

    I am not getting any replys to my emails from Salonswipe and I only get a recording when I call. Over $500 have not been deposited to my account but my customers have been charged. How do I take action to receive my money.

  • Jennie

    I am not happy what so ever. I have left 5-6 emails and also have called many many times. I have never had issues with this company until these past few days. I all of the sudden stopped receiving deposits. No explanation no nothing. But my clients money is sure still being taking by your company. I am missing over 800 in deposits just this past week. I am a single mother with two of my children going into school. School supplies and clothing are needed very badly which I can not get until my money is deposited into my account. I can not talk to a human. I continue to get a recording and hung up on after the recording not ever having the option to speak to a live person. I will not take any more credit card transactions which is also costing me money because I’ve had to turn business away on top of not receiving any of my past transactions. This is absolutely ridiculous to say the least. Im sure you make sure you receive your pay check, so give me mine!

  • Barbara Ofzky

    I have also used SalonSwipe for likely close to 3 years. Outside of shoddy customer support and a hit or miss card reader I have not had any serious issues that I couldn’t deal with, until the last few weeks. I too have been charged the $19.95 charge, which SalonSwipe claims, via their phone recording, is a mandatory fee that they have no choice to implement. Oddly, my co-workers who have been using an alternate brand card reader are not experiencing these same fees. The true issue is I have accumulated approximately $500 in credit card charges that have not been credited to my account. I am receiving no responses to several of my emails and am making no progress through the phone line. To me, without any communication, this verges on embezzlement. My concern is that the company may have closed shop and are continuing to accept charges, but are not forwarding it to be credited to the merchants account. I am very angered and disgusted by this tactic. I have spoken to my bank and they have been of little help outside of suggesting making a police report, but SalonSwipe resides outside of my state, so I’m not sure this is proper protocol. I am still hoping the recent monthly fees have instigated a delay in processing and my hard-earned money will be in my account shortly. However, I did notice prior to my vacation nearly 2 weeks ago there were a couple of charges that had not made it into my account that I had missed. This tells me that there has been no activity on their side for nearly 3 weeks. Of course I am no longer accepting credit cards and am in the process of setting up another card reader through a more reputable company, but until I am still owed over $500. Has anyone experienced this situation and are there any suggestions how to resolve this issue?

    • Linda Braff

      Yes Barbara,
      Our experiences sound very much the same. I came home after a weeks vacation and noticed I have not had a deposit to my account in over 3 weeks. I can not get hold of anyone in customer support. I am owed over $800.00 I have emailed customer support and tried to contact over the phone. With no luck. I am very frustrated. I have contacted clients and they are kind enough to contact their Visa/Master Card companies to let them know. Some have been able to reverse charges and will pay me by Cash / Check. Other Visa companies are having their customers file a dispute.

  • Susan Mcclain

    This company has continually taken money from my account. I am retired and haven’t worked for years! Each month the amount changes and keeps going up! Absolutely NO customer service! Horrible company, BEWARE!!!!!!

  • Rachel Dysart

    I was being charged for services that I hadn’t used in years. They will not respond to any of my emails about why the charges started all of a sudden or about the refund that needs to be given to me.

  • Laura schultz

    I am not happy with Salon Swipe as I had cancelled my contract 6 months ago and they are still charging my credit card- so basically, it seems they are one of those companies that once you sign up; they don’t follow up with customer service–
    Very unhappy and disappointed—

  • cheryl anderson

    this is absolutley the most crooked company. i never used it but signed up for it years ago. now recieving charges out of my account for fees. ive canceled several times made several attempots to get this closed and it continues to take money from me. be aware

  • Joey

    I hope this helps others. Salon swipe sent a notice out June of 2015, stating accounts will be closed unless the account holder supplies their social security number. Under this assumption if you did not provide your social security number your account should of been closed. By salon swipe charging your bank account with the new fees after the assumption your account had been closed is fraud. Go to your bank provide this information to your institution and report all salon swipe charges as fraud. I did it took a couple of weeks but I did get credited the bogus fees salon swipe charged my account. I hope this helps.

  • Lisa

    This company should get an F… Im so fustrated with the lack… customer srvice. They keep taking money from my acct… Which i will have to close now… What a big inconvenience considering i have automatic bill pay. Im so feed up with this fraudulent company….. I want a clas action suit put against this company.

    • glends mcglasson

      They have done the same thing to me since january and i cancel my account 5 times in one day that i never used so i am waiting to see if they charge my account again this month cause they will not return it to your account they are just scams that is how they make their money

  • Deanna Gardner

    Has this happen to anyone?
    I have had the square for about 2 years now and love it. To be honest I thought it was the first to release a product like this I had never heard of other companies doing the same so with that I’m confused to how I had an account with salon swipe I first heard about them when I was charged two separate fees to my account. I’m very thankful it was small amounts and my bank took action, but as I do more research I find this company to be a complete scam, I had NEVER download the app. To my phone or any other device but yet they seem to have all my information. The email account they had was an old email that was hacked into and I can’t recall when that happened it has been more then 2 and half years that I have not been able to access that email. ..I did end up getting into the email after sitting for a couple hours obsessing over this situation (I’m not the best with technology and lack of patience) once I got into my old email I had received a total of 18 emails from the company mostly updates to download and advertising NEVER did I have an email showing any transaction processed. So with that being said I AM VERY CONCERNED on how my bank information was ever entered into this site or application with the email address (after further research I realized I had that email address still on my banking account ) if they have my checking information does that mean I should worry if they somehow had access to my SSN?.
    I did email them and did get helpful information how to cancel the account what they avoided to answer was when I asked them many times if they could send me Information about my account. They we’re only able to give a date it was activated with the email and I understand privacy and protection witch made me question this: they will not even give me the login name to this account and of course they have no option to have a new one sent to you or even available to reset it like most logins have.
    And for this company to be so “protected ” I can’t even get a login name but yet to cancel the account all they needed was my full name and email address seems to easy for a company with so much personal information of mine. PLEASE SHARE ANY SIMILAR SITUATION. I jus want to know how my info was released I’m thinking I was hacked? ?? HELP PLEASE

    Are you with SalonSwipe? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

    • glenda mcglasson

      I also having problems with this company sent emails to them finalky got response that they closed my account but i guess they needed money after they sent me a email stating that they closed my account they took out money out of my account again this month there has got to be a way to stop these people they are out of control i am going to post this at all local salons to not do business with these people they are so not worth doing business with

      Are you with SalonSwipe? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

        • Lorena

          Please let me know what your attorney says im very frustated wit them too they have taken money numerous times from my account and now this month i have two charges for $19.95 which i cancelled with them last month and did not use their services any more this is my contact info [REDACTED – personal contact information]

    • Wendy

      This is exactly what happened to me. Same charges and I don’t remember ever having an account with them. I have been unable to get any answers and I can’t reach anyone by phone. This is very shady and I don’t know how to resolve it. I used Square for awhile, but switched to Paypal because Square’s customer support is nonexistent.

    • Tara

      I am so frustrated with this company. This swipe never worked in the first place. Then, after 3 years of never using.. I’m being charged $19 twice a month!!! I’ve attempted to “email” them but have never even heard a thing back. Also, I used my card at my friends salon on her swipe and it showed DECLINE everytime. But when I went to my bank I found out it HAD been charging my account 6 different times for $60 bucks! Please protect yourself and your clients and don’t waste your time and money.

  • Megan

    I have not used this company in 3 years due to shady dealings on their part & always having to threaten legal action just to get my funds released to my account. Now, 3 years later, they took it upon themselves to randomly withdraw money from my bank account(which resulted in an overdraft since I no longer use that account as my primary acct). It’s been 3 days since I contacted customer support & I have yet to hear from them. Fortunately, my bank is being helpful to the matter. I fully discourage anyone from having any business with this company.

    Are you with SalonSwipe? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • sherry thrush

    Just like these other people when I first used this company they made me wait to recieve my money…then my clients were charged twice…two of them…cancled them on the second time two years ago…all the sudden they charged me a fee…Filed a complaint with BBB..they claimed to send me a email in Nov and DEC to tell me they were taking money from my account…no email was sent…doing a search I am finding many of people posting all over the web and Facebook they cancled two years ago or longer or less being charged…fraud and scam…don’t use!

    Are you with SalonSwipe? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • Momma

    As of January 2016 Salon swipe is currently charging accounts that have been previously closed,dormant or existing a monthly fee of $3.95 + and a pci fee of up to $19.95. Yet they still advertise their simple pricing as a percentage only. This is a shady company! I’ve never used my salon swipe account that I signed up for 2 years ago and they are trying to charge me as though I have two accounts. So far they’ve tried to charge me $41.80 for a service that’s never been used. I’m not the only one, they don’t even answer their phones now because they are overwhelmed with complaints regarding these fees.

    Are you with SalonSwipe? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • Kimra

    This company dipped into my account and WITHDREW the amount they were supposed to credit. I have filed complaint after complaint via e-mail, and telephone, and cannot get a reply. I am out the money the stole, and a myriad of other charges that their mistake has caused. I have filed a fraud case with my bank, and have filed a civil suit. If anyone else would like to join my lawsuit and make it a class action, please feel free to reply here, and I will contact you. I am furious with this company, and I know many of you are as well.

    • Ashley

      I have not used this card in about 3 yrs and it didn’t hardly work then…I complained plenty of times that I had to enter the card number and that makes the interest a lititle more than swiping the card that’s one reason I stopped using it years ago…now I’ve been charged 3 or 4 times…this month I was charged 19.95 and another charge of 4.95…I’ve emailed then and haven’t gotten a response…how do I get my money back

    • Mary Merrill

      Wow,I’m in the same boat too. I’m so pissed off,can’t get my money back, every month I’m being charged more ,now its,at 19.95. I’ve cancelled 4 times now !!!!! Please contact me.mary

    • Jill tustian

      I am seriously interested in a lawsuit. I have 1500.00 in deposits owed to me and I have not received them.. It’s been over 2 weeks and no response! Jill [REDACTED – personal contact information]

  • Leah

    I too fell victim. 18 years in the business and I’m surprised I can be this put out with a so called professional company. Purchased it a month ago with a “rebate with first use” code in it. I was going to use it for the out of area weddings i do. well it didn’t state on the pkg that you have to activate it right away to receive the rebate. Next after I did set it up WITH ALL REQUIRED INFO REQUESTED it said I was ready to start taking swipes. I did a wedding. Then I’ve got nothing but a stack of reply emails that say i need more info sent. 5 times I’ve sent my info. the 24-7 support is a lie. yes lie. you get conveniently sent to leave a message where a friendly and knowledgeable person will return your… call.. no. just the same bogus emails. I understand the need to be cautious regarding fraud but that was supposedly cleared upon clearance to start making transactions, correct? I managed in 1 of my daily calls to get an operator that accidentally picked up the phone to say yes they had my funds, not MasterCard like the email said but he wasn’t authorized to tell me more. Then yes i was forwarded to yet another non helpful voice mail. So they are unlawfully withholding my funds. I’ve documented all correspondence with copies and I just submitted my complaint to the BBB. Bad and misleading business practice. A threat to small businesses.

  • Tiffanie Barackman

    The worst customer EVER! it has been 5 days, and NOBODY has called me back about a client that was double charged. And they blame it on me! I only used them for less than 3 weeks, and I got Square. Its just not worth the tiny bit that you save in fee’s…. This company doesn’t get how important customer service is for a start up company.

  • maika

    It’s worse than I thought! Not only does the company refuse to call me back when they have owed me money for a year, but they are now removing hundreds of dollars from my bank account. Unless you want this company STEALING money out of your account my advise is take my situation as an example and simply beware.

  • Maika

    If you want the biggest runaround to get your payouts, this is the company for you. I tried to use this service and it was a huge mistake. It’s been over a year and the sluggish and unresponsive “customer service” representative Daryll still hasn’t managed to provide any help to me. I wait weeks for emails. I call them and get told I’ll get a call back, that never happens.

    My next step is to file a complaint with the BBB and the local Attorney General. This company is a pile of trash, avoid them.

  • Cory Haws Neuhoff


    Wow is all I can say after reading all of these complaints. I mean this company is just unbelievable. I’ve researched this company, I’ve found many sites that say they only have about 4-10 maybe 20 employees.

    So everyone here’s my story:
    Three weeks ago our small business received an email from a Darryl Silva on the customer support team for SalonSwipe. Darryl requested me to email to him my Driver’s License, Cosmetology License, a recent Utility bill, and my Social Security Card. I personally sent an email attachment containing my CL and DL to Darryl Silva over two weeks ago. He replied back by saying he had not received them, which concerned me because that is very private information that is now out in the public.
    So, I had my manager (Giuliano Alexander) follow up with Darryl. Giuliano sent three emails, both containing an electric bill, Driver’s License, and Cosmetology License. We refused to send a social security card for two reasons; one, Darryl Silva on four occasions said he had not received our emails with this information – two, in the state of Pennsylvania you cannot own a Driver’s License or Cosmetology License without a social security card so I was not comfortable sending that out. After my manager sent three emails, Darryl Silva waited an entire WEEK to tell us he had not received these emails and was not going to release our clients money into our small business account. SalonSwipe then asked for the small business account number we have with DNB First. We called customer support who had said they would had a supervisor call us back to release the funds, but no one has yet to call.
    IT IS NOW THREE WEEKS, and Darryl Silva and the rest of the customer support team have yet to respond to our emails or requests to speak to a supervisor. Yesterday, we had the embarrassment of having to call our client and ask her kindly to cancel the transaction – but it was already approved. From our perspective, SalonSwipe has stolen our money and will not release and has yet to explain to us why they will not give us this money. We had sent well over three or four emails containing the information they needed. Not to mention, SalonSwipe never explained to us why they were HOLDING our money.

    SALONSWIPE STOLE OUR MONEY! Everytime I call “customer support” or lack there of, and ask for a supervisor (which we have done well over 5 times) Tier 1 and Level 2 management personnel are on the other line and not available to come to the phone.

    I’ve filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and Kathleen Kane (Attorney General of PA). But we probably won’t get any help from anyone. At this point we may have to hire an attorney just to receive our $114.00.


    • Isaac Lay

      Dear Cory,

      Please allow me to respond to your issue and provide an overview of our fraud monitoring policies. I will attempt to be very delicate in speech while still attempting to enlighten future readers regarding this issue. You have been very candid in your post, which I do appreciate, but please allow me the same opportunity without a charge of being disrespectful. I seek only to provide the facts. It is my intention to not only make you happy, but to protect the good name of SalonSwipe, which has a 9 year history.

      SalonSwipe must monitor the transaction activity of all its merchant. We are required to do this in order to provide the service. We monitor transaction activity to protect our merchants, cardholders, and ourselves. When we suspect fraud, our policy is to hold funds, contact the merchant, and request additional information before releasing funds.

      In your case, we did not receive information from you in a timely manner. As such, we could not release your funds until receiving this information. But as you’re aware, upon receiving your information we immediately released your funds.

      I sincerely apologize about the issues you experienced. It is not our intention to frustrate our merchants. It is our intention to protect you, your customers and ourselves. Our goal is to make you happy, and in some cases, protecting the parties mentioned means holding funds, and that will always frustrate merchants.

      Isaac Lay

  • Diana

    This business is a big scam, customer service, is horrible, waiting for my money for the past 3 weeks my client is very unhappy with my services,because we been waiting for this money to buy materials. so i will be contacting a lawyer, the federal state commisssion, state attorney and consumer protection. This company should be embarrassed on how they conduct there business.

    • dale duncan

      I FELL FOR THE LIE., AT FIRST THEY ONLY DID THE INTEREST EVEN THOUGH IT WAS HIGHER THAN PROMISED., THEN AFTER 7 MONTHS, I WAS HIT WITH HIGHER INTEREST, AND A HUGE FEE FOR NOT HAVING 2000.00 IN SALES. THEY KNEW I WAS A SMALL SALON AND SAID THAT WAS NO PROBLEM…ALL YOU GET MOSTLY IS ANSWERING SERVICE WHO ARE TRAINED TO JUST TAKE A MESSAGE., NO ONE CALLS YOU BACK. I WROTE MANY EMAILS, FINNALLY HERE IS WHAT I DID…I used my friends cell phone with a diferent name and number to appear on their ID line, we wanted the prompt for sales….wah lah!!!! Cameron answered, and I told him off….His explanation is that the banks are charging them a lot for me not processing 2000.00 a month. I told him his company was UNETHICAL and I would spread the news. I have it in writing that they will return the fee as soon as they get the terminal back….SO HAPPY I FOUND OUT EARLY…YOU CAN NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY….DO NOT GET INVOLVED. THERE WAS NEVER ANY NOTICE THEY WERE GOING TO SLAM MY ACCOUNT. USE A REPUTABLE COMPANY…

      • Isaac Lay

        Dear Linda,

        Please allow me to state the facts and the history of your relationship. I will attempt to be very delicate in speech while still attempting to enlighten future readers regarding this issue. You have been very candid in your post, please allow me the same opportunity without charging me with being disrespectful. It is my intention to not only make you happy, but to protect the good name of SalonSwipe, which has 9 year history.

        You and I had many conversations before you signed up for our terminal-based service. In our conversations, I made it very clear that our free terminal program was strictly limited to owners who process more than $2,000 per month. This requirement is in place because the terminal actually costs us $175. Naturally, we must have a way to get our money back.

        During the sales cycle, you stated very clearly that you are an owner and that you process more than $2,000, yet for the 7 months that you had an account with us you never met our processing requirement. According to the terms of our terminal agreement, we could have begun charging $10 per month the second month you didn’t meet our requirements. Rather than immediately charging you this additional fee, however, we waited 7 months to be certain you wouldn’t meet our requirement . Since you didn’t meet our requirements after 7 months, we were forced to begin charging you a monthly fee of $10, which appeared for the first time on your November bill.

        As mentioned by Cameron, we are more than happy to close your account upon receipt of our terminal and refund the additional $10 we charged you.

        Isaac Lay

        • Julie hilbert

          I’m having the same problem. They tell me my account is closed but continue to take $19.95 out of my account! I want to bring charges, but who knows how?? Maybe I’ll call channel 4!!

      • dale duncan

        OK, I WOULD like to rescend my last review…;I was contacted today by issac the Founder and CEO of this company. he did care and asked what we could do to resolve my situation. I also realized there is a 3 hour time difference and they were not open when I kept getting the voice mail. I have been contacted many times now by the company. In all fairness, I do not have large ticket sells and I understand they are in a business to make money not just be a service. I failed to understand the ticket sales each month so I am still returning the terminal and they are refunding my money and I feel they really appreciated my feedback. So give them a chance. Just listen closely and get all the facts to make a sound decision…Folks nothing is free especially the cost of doing business…we all need to make a profit to pay our bills.

      • Linda Dale Duncan

        I recently reviewed salon swipe. as not a good decision., I want to do an update for Salon Swipe. First of all the answering service does not inform, callers, that they may have a time zone issue, I thought they weren’t taking calls, seems like, they are 3 hrs earlier than Ga. I did receive lots of correspondence once they were in office., I was explained why I had new charges. I did not understand this in the beginning., I understand every business is not in just to give us a free service. So getting real., the 10.00 charge a month added on, was probably in standing with what I had been paying with previous company. I received a call and an email From the CEO and founder of the company to get involved and it was a friendly conversation, and I found him most helpful. I own a salon and I know that I cannot do a service just for cost…I have to make a profit. so I found the company to be very friendly and willing to do what they could to explain and correct the issue. Just ask questions and get all the facts to make a sound business decision best for your business. I believe they honestly care.

  • cheryl campbell

    I recently got the salon swipe. I am not happy at all with this company. I don’t have a problem getting my money, but I admit it takes too long to get it. My card reader doesn’t work all the time so I have to manually key in information. That is too much unnecessary work. I am planning to switch to a different company. All I can say is you get what you pay for.Its not worth the low fees.

  • Katina Star Lockley

    I saw that you wrote something on their Facebook page, has your problem been
    resolved yet. I have been waiting for payment since April 23rd and have
    been getting the same run around! Very upsetting.

  • Faith

    I purchased SalonSwipe two weeks ago. I made my first two transactions on April 19th and my next batch on April 20th. It is now April 29 and I have yet to see my first two transactions totaling $140. I have called Support more than 5 times and emailed more than 5 times. Customer support is horrible and every time I call I can only talk with tech support. After explaining my situation I am told they can only leave a message for Level II support. I have yet to receive a phone call speaking to an actual person from Level II support about my problem. Also, every email i receive in reply to mine have been a basic email stating that the first batch of transactions can take an additional 24-48 hours and that does not include weekends or federal holidays. Yeah, I get that…its been 10 days!!!! I have called my clients and the money has been deducted from their account. So, my money is just sitting in the hands of SalonSwipe and no one is telling me when or if I will see it. I will NEVER used this product again and will be notifying the supply house in which I purchased the reader. More than dissatisfied.

  • wade

    I wish I had read these posts BEFORE I went with Salon Swipe…I didn’t realize that when they say SWIPE they mean they will take your money. They are into us for over $500 and I keep getting BS responses about my problem being escalated to “level 2″….WTF is that. Just turn to the chowder head in the cubicle next to you and tell him to send our money!


  • Megan

    I made my first transaction over 2 weeks ago & still have not recieved my funds! I have contacted them via email & at first they responded quickly by telling me that various support tiers & the funding department would be contacting me. They did not. So I emailed again & have never heard back. It seems I am just being ignored now in hopes that I will forget about the $44 that my client intended to pay ME, but apparently just paid to SalonSwipe. I have filed a complaint with the BBB & am awaiting a response.

  • monica

    I left a msg & received a call back. It took about 2 hrs. The person I spoke with was very nice & resolved my problem. After they went over the acct # with me, oh did I feel dumb. When I signed up through my phone, I entered my account# wrong! I was off 2 digits. They were very understanding, & I apologized. Just letting others know that I too was upset, but when you are patient & see.that even we can make mistakes. I have a very busy salon & I understand how we can be rushed with entering our #’s wrong. Thanks for letting me tell my side too. Happy customer now! :)

  • Leslie

    Do yourselves a favor and get the Square. Far better customer service and no problems with processing and its only a slightly higher rate per transaction. I bought the salon swipe first and had nothing but problems with it. By the time “customer service” did call me back, I had already deactivated my account and bought the Square. Salon swipe claims to have 24/7 customer service and technical assistance…. Someone MIGHT answer your call after 20 minutes on hold if you’re lucky, but that’s only to tell you that someone else will call you back. Which will not happen in a timely manner. Ripoff.

  • quan

    I used this device one time four days ago and I still haven’t received my money. I have emailed support and left voicemails but received no response. WHERE IS MY MONEY? I will never use this again.

  • sherrie

    I have tried to contact this company for several days about customer service. I cannot reach anyone. The answering system says you can online chat with them ,but there is no link on the website, VERY DISAPPOINTED

    • judi van horn

      I would have to agree. I purchased my card yesterday and am trying to activate it. It wants my rebate code and when I put it in the program just sits and spins. The phone number listed to call is incorrect, the number that number gives you is the wrong place and now I have been on hold for quite some time! So far I am not impressed.

      • paige phillips

        February 9,2013 I (manually, because the swipe didn’t work) processed 2 payments thru Salonswipe. I have yet to receive my $. My bank account info. was TOTALLY wrong, like not even close… and now it seems my emails to “mike” and voicemails to “Issac” have fallen on deaf ears. I am super disappointed but mainly want my $! I don’t even know what to do next? I’ve heard nothing from them this week at all. Its unreal.

        • arlana

          hi , i am having the same problem. I did transactions 3 days ago and havent got paid. I left a message,noone has called back. Did you get yours resolved, if so, How?
          Thank you, Arlana

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