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Talk to Phillip Parker by Phone

Due to the high volume of phone call requests, there is a per/minute charge to speak with Mr. Parker regarding anything other than advertising requests or partnership opportunities. Please use the tool below to set up a call.

Filing Complaints about Providers

Please search for the provider by clicking the search button in the upper right of this page and leave your complaint in the comment section at the bottom of the review. If you are unable to find a review for the provider, please use our contact form to let us know that we need to add a review.

Disputes with providers

Unfortunately, we do not get involved in disputes between merchants and services providers. However, here are some resources that may assist you in your dispute:

Removal of Reviews

We never remove reviews; however, we are happy to make factual corrections if you spot an error in a review. If you would like to make a correction, please see the section below for more information. If you are considering threatening us, see the following pages:

General Discussions about a Review

At this time we do not accept phone calls regarding the content of reviews. We also will not enter into debates regarding any review. If you have found an error in a review, please see the section below this one.

Making Corrections to Reviews

Corrections to a review will be made if your request is based in evidence-based, irrefutable facts. Other claims by you may be added if they refer to policies and procedures at your company. Any non-factual additions will be made at our discretion and you will be attributed as the source of such claims. You can also add information in your own words to your review by participating in our Add Your Voice Program.

Corrections must be submitted as follows:

  1. Supply a link to the review.
  2. List corrections in a concise bullet-pointed list.
  3. Quote the exact text from the review that you would like corrected and state how you would like to correct it.

Submissions that do not follow the format above will be discarded. Use the contact form to submit correction requests.

Removal of User Review & Comments

We never remove user reviews or comments at the demand of anyone, including the person who left the comment; however, if you participate in our Complaint Resolution Program, we’ll remove complaints that have been deemed as resolved by the complainant. Commenters can also amend their reviews by replying directly to the original comment in a separate comment. If you believe a comment or review is fake or lacks validity, you can also challenge it via our Complaint Resolution Program.

Challenging User Reviews & Comments

See our Complaint Resolution Program for more details.

Funding Holds, Mysterious Fees, or Requests Regarding Your Account is an online publication that offers, reviews, ratings, tips and advice regarding the card acceptance industry. We do not supply or sell card processing products or services, or assist in resolving issues between merchants and service providers. If you have funds being withheld or fees getting withdrawn for your checking account, please contact the provider of those services directly. We cannot assist you in resolving such issues or in helping you locate the providers in question.

Merchant Services Employment and Employment Advice

CPO is a review website covering the payment processing industry. We do not offer employment or employment advice, including which companies to work for. If you are already an agent, consider joining our Accredited Agent Program.

Expert Witness Services

Phillip Parker is available for Expert Witness services including file review and preparation, depositions, and testimony. Please use our contact form to inquire about details and rates. Be sure to include a brief summary of your case or lawsuit.