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eMerchantBroker.com offers a variety of payment processing solutions for high-risk businesses, including credit card processing and ACH transfers. This article will review the company's service offerings, pricing structure, contract terms, and customer feedback. We will assess the transparency of their fees, the quality of their customer support, and the overall satisfaction levels reported by their clients. By the end of this article, you will have a clear understanding of what eMerchantBroker.com provides and whether it fits your business's payment processing requirements.

About eMerchantBroker

Based in Los Angeles, California, eMerchantBroker.com is a merchant account provider that is one of the top payment processors for high-risk e-commerce business types. The company is willing to work with high-risk business types that may not be eligible for merchant accounts through traditional processors, such as adult products, credit repair companies, collection agencies, e-cigarette vendors, firearms dealers, online gaming businesses, nutraceuticals, timeshares, and others.

There is some evidence that eMerchantBroker is partnered with another Los Angeles-area provider that goes by either “1st American Merchant Funding” or “The Merchant Account Store”, but this relationship is unconfirmed at this time.

eMerchantBroker Homepage

eMerchantBroker.com Products and Services

Payment Processing

eMerchantBroker.com processes major debit and credit cards for a variety of business types, with a particular focus on high-risk businesses. Their services include ACH processing, loans and cash advances, chargeback protection, high-volume processing, MOTO (Mail Order/Telephone Order), access to payment gateways, POS solutions, international payments, and extensive integrations with online payment services and cryptocurrencies.

Chargeback Protection

A key offering from eMerchantBroker.com is chargeback protection. They provide tools and strategies to help high-risk merchants minimize chargebacks, a common issue in high-risk sectors.

Payment Gateways

The company offers secure payment gateway options, enabling businesses to process transactions online safely. These solutions are tailored to meet the needs of high-risk industries, ensuring a smooth transaction process.

ACH Processing

Beyond credit card processing, eMerchantBroker.com provides Automated Clearing House (ACH) processing services, allowing businesses to directly debit customer bank accounts. This offers an alternative payment method that can reduce processing fees.

Business Funding Solutions

eMerchantBroker.com also offers business funding solutions, designed to help high-risk businesses secure loans or cash advances when traditional financial routes may be unavailable.

Point of Sale Systems

The company provides customizable point-of-sale (POS) systems to meet the specific needs of high-risk industries. These systems integrate seamlessly with their payment processing solutions.

Virtual Terminals

For businesses operating remotely or without a physical storefront, eMerchantBroker.com offers virtual terminals. These allow for the processing of credit card payments without physical hardware, ideal for eCommerce and telephone orders.

Mobile Payment Processing

To address the need for on-the-go transaction capabilities, eMerchantBroker.com offers mobile payment processing solutions. This enables businesses to accept payments via mobile devices, enhancing flexibility and expanding payment options for customers.

eMerchantBroker payment processing
eMerchantBroker processes payments for high-risk businesses that many processors will not.

eMerchantBroker Customer Reviews

Here's What Their Clients Say

Customer Reviews Summary
Total Online Complaints 10+
Live Customer Support Yes
Most Common Complaint Account Declined
Recent Lawsuits Yes

Minimal Complaints

We’ve found more than 10 negative eMerchantBroker reviews online, with a few accusing the company of scams or ripoffs. Many complainants cite excessive paperwork during signup, denial of high-risk products, or lack of clarity on application denials. Some express frustration with customer and tech support. While common for high-risk providers, there’s no evidence of malicious intent. Share your own eMerchantBroker.com review in the comments below.

Responsive Handling

In an older review on the Business Consumer Alliance, a merchant reported excessive billing due to an NSF fee. eMerchantBroker responded and resolved the issue. Positive reviews on other consumer protection sites indicate quality customer service.

eMerchantBroker Lawsuits

In 2017, eMerchantBroker faced a lawsuit over TCPA violations, settling the case. Dissatisfied clients who wish to pursue a non-litigious course of action can report concerns to relevant supervisory organizations.

Customer Support

eMerchantBroker provides dedicated phone and email support for customers.

Contact Information

  • (800) 621-4893 – Toll-Free General Number
  • (800) 621-4893 EXT 901 – Sales
  • (800) 621-4893 EXT 902 – Customer Service
  • (800) 621-4893 EXT 903 – Agent Support

Other Support Options

With only a few complaints found online, eMerchantBroker earns an “A” in this category but isn’t among the top merchant account providers for customer service.

eMerchantBroker Online Ratings

Here's How They Rate Online

Online Ratings Summary
BBB Reports 13

Under 5 Complaints

eMerchantBroker.com has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau since 2012 and currently shows an “A+” rating based on 1 complaint in the last 36 months. The 1 complaint was resolved to the dissatisfaction of the client or did not receive a final response.

What Merchants Say

eMerchantBroker has also received 12 informal reviews from merchants, with 10 of them positive in tone and 2 which are negative in tone. The most recent negative review mentions held funds:

Signed up for a processor sent all needed information, Just for funds to be held and canceled 90-180 days. Please do not use EMB use another processor that actually have YOU in mind and not there pockets & your customers. This will lead to your business failing look at EMB real reviews.

Excellent customer service is a hallmark of a top merchant account provider. Businesses that wish to avoid situations like these should make sure they choose a company with a track record of attentive customer support.

An “A” Performance Overall

Given the company’s complaint total and resolution ratio, we agree with the BBB’s rating.

eMerchantBroker Fees, Rates & Costs

A Closer Look at The Contract

Cost & Fees Summary
Cancellation Penalties Yes
Monthly & Annual Fees Unclear
Processing Rates Variable
Equipment Leasing No

Diverse Contract Terms

Currently, specific details about the standard eMerchantBroker contract are limited. However, based on various online reviews, it’s known that eMerchantBroker collaborates with multiple processors including First Data (Fiserv), iPayment, and North American Bancard. This variety of partnerships suggests that contract terms may differ significantly among clients. Additionally, eMerchantBroker’s focus on high-risk businesses likely necessitates adaptable rates and terms.

Reportedly, contract lengths vary from 1 to 3 years, commonly featuring an automatic renewal clause. Reported early termination fees range up to $295 for 1-year contracts and may exceed $595 for 3-year contracts. eMerchantBroker is known to offer an array of contract terms, and clients are advised to work closely with a trusted sales representative. Reviewers have noted transaction rates of 3.00% plus $0.15 for swiped transactions and 4.00% plus $0.25 for keyed-in transactions.

Specialized Services for MMJ and CBD Merchants

eMerchantBroker stands out as one of the few credit card processors capable of servicing marijuana dispensaries and CBD vendors in the U.S. The company’s medical marijuana merchant account allows dispensaries to accept major credit cards in-store through PC-compatible card swipers or tablet and printer systems leased from eMerchantBroker. The system operates as a hybrid offshore/domestic merchant account, appearing as a standard account from the dispensary’s point of view. This service is dynamic and may evolve with changing federal and state regulations surrounding marijuana.

General Satisfaction with Contract Terms

The absence of significant complaints regarding eMerchantBroker’s contract terms suggests a level of client satisfaction, earning the company an “A” rating in this aspect. If you have any direct experience with the standard eMerchantBroker merchant agreement, including insights on early termination fees or PCI Compliance fees, please consider sharing your experiences in the comment section of this review.

eMerchantBroker Employee Reviews & Sales Tacitcs

Should You Work For Them?

Jobs & Marketing Summary
Uses Independent Resellers Yes
Telemarketing Likely
Misleading Marketing Yes
Discloses All Important Terms No

No Sales Complaints

eMerchantBroker.com utilizes a network of ISOs and independent sales agents to market its services. This hiring practice is common within the payment processing industry and usually results in complaints among clients. In this, however, there are no eMerchantBroker.com reviews alleging misrepresentation or nondisclosure by sales reps, indicating that the company maintains fairly rigorous oversight of its independent agents.

Incomplete Rate Quotes

The eMerchantBroker homepage quotes rates “as low as 2.99%” for high-risk businesses. This rate quote is incomplete, as it only discloses the company’s “Qualified” rates for these account types without mentioning the higher “Mid-Qualified” and “Non-Qualified” rates that clients are likely to pay. However, the company clearly notes that this is only a qualified rate, and it clearly states that mid and non-qualified rates will be higher. This is especially true for merchants who require TMF/MATCH merchant accounts or bad business credit merchant accounts.

A Quality Reputation

eMerchantBroker scores well in this category due to the overall lack of complaints about its sales practices.

Our eMerchantBroker Review Summary

Our Final Thoughts

eMerchantBroker performs well as a credit card processing provider in this review, largely due to its low complaint rate with the BBB and other consumer protection platforms. This consistent customer satisfaction significantly contributes to its high rating. However, our assessment of eMerchantBroker.com may evolve as more information becomes available regarding its pricing structure, contract terms, and corporate partnerships.

As always, business owners should conduct thorough research before committing to any service provider, ensuring that eMerchantBroker aligns with their specific needs and offers competitive terms. Evaluating these factors will help businesses make well-informed decisions and secure the most suitable payment processing solution.

Location & Ownership

eMerchantBroker.com is a registered ISO/MSP of BMO Harris Bank, N.A., Schaumburg, Illinois, and is headquartered at 2985 E Hillcrest Dr #209, Thousand Oaks, California 91362. According to a company representative, Blair Thomas is the CEO and is a co-founder along with David Silverton.

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Testimonials & Complaints

How Did eMerchantBroker Treat You?

10 User Reviews

  • Isabella Sophia

    Jennifer E Maples

    Before placing any investment with a broker, ensure that you conduct the necessary research to avoid transferring your hard-earned money to con artists. This happened to me when I wired money to a con artist I believed to be a professional broker, but it turns out he was a con artist. But I’m glad I was introduced to Pro Asset Recovery Expert, since I would not have received my monies without their expertise in tracing stolen cryptocurrency payments. I eventually received my money back, and I will no longer invest. I recall the abrupt anguish I had when I realized the broker was a con artist, which is why I’ve taken the time to leave this remark so that anyone in need of a crypto recovery expert may easily contact (pro asset recovery expert @ gmail . com). I completely endorse their services.

  • Alex Cain

    HORRIBLE experience with EMB. The rep I dealt with was absolutely terrible and did little to help our business. First, EMB set us up with an electronic check processing company for our online cannabis seed company. However, that company was so negligent we ended up incurring almost $1000 in fraudulent charges and related bank fees. Our requests to the EMB rep for help on the matter either were ignored or we were told not to bother him and contact the electronic check processing company instead. We also requested assistance in setting up online debit card services. We’ve been waiting over SEVEN MONTHS for the EMB rep to get back to us. On the rare occasion we were able to get him to respond, it was always excuses. When the rep learned that we were starting to shop around for other processors, he actually had the temerity to email us and chastise us for looking for alternatives to EMB. The final straw was two weeks ago when he told us he was going to try to set us up with Square CBD. Once again, silence and inaction.

    Horrible, horrible company that does nothing but offer lip service and little else.

  • Michael Valadez

    I was informed when cancelling my account that I had to pay a cancellation fee in excess of $500!
    First I heard about it! No doubt it is somewhere in the fine print!
    Shopify recommended eMB when they refused to process payments from my business – considered my business to be “high risk”.
    Now I learn there are other alternatives which Shopify failed to make me aware of.
    I feel taken advantage of! I am not happy.

    This post will help: Cancelling a Merchant Account Without Paying a Fee


  • aman

    EMB customer service is the best there is! Being a new merchant account holder, I have been calling their hotline non-stop the past few days. And regardless of how obvious some of my inquiries turn out, the staff has always been ready to help. One staff member even surprisingly took the time to lend me important advice about marketing my new online business and getting more customers on board. I haven’t been with EMB for the longest time, but it is clear that my business is with the right people.

  • Medloc

    Reliable customer support

    Unlike many card processing companies where calling customer care will land you straight into a long queue of people waiting to be connected, eMerchantBroker’s customer service team is always ready to assist when I encounter a problem. Just last week, I couldn’t get through my merchant account. I called customer support and my call went through within seconds. As usual, the support staff was humble and polite, and I was able to get my issue sorted in a few minutes. EMB is a reliable company with one of the best customer service.

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