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Overcharges Reported

Getting the lowest costs with MOCA Payment Systems?
Probably not.
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Updated 2/8/2019: The MOCA Payment Systems website ( redirects to EVO Payments International Canada and Google lists the business as permanently closed. As MOCA's parent organization Encore Payment Systems was acquired by EVO in 2013, it appears to have since been fully absorbed into the EVO Payments International brand. For up-to-date information about this organization, see our EVO Payments International review.

MOCA Payment Systems ( is a Canadian sales arm of the U.S.-based company Encore Payment Systems. In fact, MOCA's website is basically identical to the website of Momentum Payment Systems, another Encore DBA, and MOCA is an abbreviation of “Momentum Canada.” MOCA is based out of Montréal, Québec, but Encore is based out of Addison, Texas. Encore was founded in 2004. MOCA Payment’s overall rating is based on our Encore Payment Systems review due to the fact that the two companies share ownership. MOCA is an authorized ISO/MSP of MasterCard International and is a registered ISO of Global Payments in Canada. The CFO of MOCA is Blake Pyle.

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Key Points

  • Sales & Marketing: MOCA Payment Systems hires independent sales agents and has received a high number of complaints about its sales practices.
  • Costs & Contract: MOCA Payment Systems appears to offer a three-year contract through EVO Payments International with an early termination fee of $195 or more.
  • Complaints & Service: MOCA Payment Systems and its DBAs have received more than 100 public complaints.
  • BBB Rating: MOCA does not have a rating with the Better Business Bureau at this time.
  • Rates & Fees: How Merchants Got The Best Rates With MOCA Payment Systems
Overcharges Reported

Getting the lowest costs with MOCA Payment Systems?
Probably not.
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MOCA Payment Systems Customer Reviews

Here's What Their Clients Say

This section is covered in the Encore Payment Systems review.


  • Company has received a moderate-to-high number of complaints for its size and time in business
  • Numerous complaints have been filed by former employees and agents
  • Common complaints include expensive and non-cancellable equipment leases, and undisclosed/”hidden” fees
Overcharges Reported

Getting the lowest costs with MOCA Payment Systems?
Probably not.
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MOCA Payment Systems Online Ratings

Here's How They Rate Online

Note: We have adjusted this company’s BBB rating according to our own standards. To better understand why we adjust BBB ratings, please see our Rating Criteria.

MOCA Payment Systems does not have a Better Business Bureau report because the company is based in Canada. However, it does not appear that MOCA’s business practices differ significantly from those of its U.S.-based DBAs. We have therefore assigned Encore’s CPO-adjusted BBB rating to MOCA. See the Encore Payment Systems review for full details on this company’s BBB complaints.

MOCA Payment Systems Fees, Rates & Costs

A Closer Look at The Contract

MOCA Payment uses the same merchant account agreement as Encore. An older version is available below. In recent months, merchants have reported even more expensive contract terms than those shown in the linked document.


  • Pricing will vary by merchant based on business type and sales agent
  • Standard contract includes three- or four-year service agreement
  • Early Termination Fee (ETF) of $195 but some merchants have reported ETFs of $450 or more
  • Equipment leases often have a four-year commitment and cannot be cancelled without paying the full lease amount, often in the thousands of dollars (leasing equipment is optional)
  • See the Encore Merchant Application
Overcharges Reported

Getting the lowest costs with MOCA Payment Systems?
Probably not.
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MOCA Payment Systems Employee Reviews & Sales Tacitcs

Should You Work For Them?

This section is covered in the Encore Payment Systems review.


  • Ethically questionable marketing tactics
  • Use of multiple business names/DBAs
  • Hiring mill” recruiting strategy of Independent Sales Agents (ISAs) with high turnover
  • Agents appear to receive higher commissions for selling expensive contracts and rates.
  • Underwriting policies allow for excessive fees and contract terms
  • Markets expensive and non-cancellable equipment leases
Overcharges Reported

Getting the lowest costs with MOCA Payment Systems?
Probably not.
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Our MOCA Payment Systems Review Summary

Our Final Thoughts

MOCA Payment Systems receives a low rating as a merchant services provider due to its deceptive sales practices, poor customer service, expensive contract terms, and close affiliation with Encore Payment Systems. For a full understanding of MOCA Payment Systems, please visit the Encore Payment Systems review.

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Overcharges Reported

Getting the lowest costs with MOCA Payment Systems?
Probably not.
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Testimonials & Complaints

How Did MOCA Payment Systems Treat You?

Overcharges Reported

Getting the lowest costs with MOCA Payment Systems?
Probably not.
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22 User Reviews

  • Judith Boroniec

    Stay miles away from this company. 1) Fees are too high. 2) They work in tandem with another company, i.e. EVO Canada who try to scam you as well by hounding you to pay for so-called internet advertisement. 3) They will set you up with another company Northern Leasing Systems Inc. who leases the POS terminal.( Northern Leasing too are scammers. Look them up on google reviews. 1* rating.)There are added fees that you can’t remove. They charge the high for credit card fees. Finally finished with my four year lease non-negotiable, non-cancelable lease. Glad to be rid of them.

  • Patricia

    We have used them for a few years. Absolutey the worst company to deal with. No one can help and if by someway you can find somone to do something it takes hours and hours of your time. We have lost over $20,000 from them. Terminals dont work, and no one to come and fix it. They take your money with zero service. It is an absolute joke how bad they are. Called today to see where our$500 refund was and turns out number is no longer in service……….

    Moved to Global payments with Cibc recently. Wow. Call them and things happen or someone came in under an hour. The fees are about same.

    Remeber its your money folks be diligent and hopefully this will save someone from the same fate as us.

    Thanks for nothing Mocha.

  • anushka


    they over charge me always one or the other, and when i call them back to inquire they put you on hold for ever and then they say they will call back which they never do. Supervises are the worst they never do what they say and i don’t think any of them wanna know what your problem is. they always say its in the contract…its in the contract…its in the contract. they dont wanna do anything to fix. Making mistakes is normal but not ready accept it is the biggest problem. I ‘ve been stressed out ever since i started business with MOCA. I wish i never had switched to this company. So please dont get envolve with this company..Actually I want to know how to get rid of them with out paying them. I am in a contract for 4 years.

  • John Aeliya

    I have just got a job offer from them to work as an ISE….after reading these reviews I’m not so sure if I want to work here…can anyone please give me more information regarding employment as an ISE with this organization.

    Please and Thanks!

  • John

    Sue I think you got this all wrong I am the sales rep and at no time I knew your manger was a crook and When you contacted me I tried my very best to find out what could be done I also found out all the refunds your manager had done and that info was given to you I also told you that you will have to contact visa and master card I also returned your calls when YOU called as I told you I was not answering the phone if it was your manager because he was cursing and screaming when he could not run a refund so what more can I have done

  • Tracy

    Pretty much the same thing happened and is still happening to me….the sales rep pushed me to have everything ready to go by the end of Sept because if I didnt I would be missing out on the $299 dollar rebate and have the gift cards by Christmas. Well here it is a week before xmas and still no gift cards…the sales rep also told me that this $199 dollar payment would not come out of my account but it did….and also the sales rep told me that if you dont use your system for the month there are no other charges (other than your lease payment that will come out)…..I only used the machine 1 time for $25 dollars and still had $42 dollars come out of my account for some unknown processing fee……I know I should have read the fine print but as far as Im concerned they would say anything to get you to sign up…..oh yah…still no rebate either

  • Susan meszaros

    Scumbags is an understatement. Yan is in the minority. I can’t tell you how much this company has done to damage my business.
    One of the ways was to allow a former manager of our restaurant get just under $3,000 in refunds. When I finally got a response from the sales rep (he only returns calls if he feels like it) he seemed shocked, told me he didn’t know how this could happen but he would investigate, find out whose card the money was returned to etc. This was approx 6 weeks ago. I managed to talk to him twice and he told me the information will be given to me very soon. This sales rep. Has been told RCMP wants this information ASAP as he refuses to answer any more calls from me I guess he is not interested (he got his commission already).
    This rep was also aware that the former manager was a fraud. The MOCA paperwork was signed by this manager and he wrote underneath that he was the company owner. The leaders of the terminals rejected that (they did their homework) and refused that paperwork. When I was given papers to sign I was oblivious to the fact that MOCA knew he was a fraud.
    If the rep had told me about this it could have saved our business approx $25 -$30,000 in theft as we would have known this manager was a crook.
    DO NOT use MOCA.
    BTW it is almost impossible to contact anyone from MOCA all you can do is call a place in Texas, I was basically told “too bad, it’s between you and your rep.”

  • JR

    I work for MOCA as a field rep. I am not on here to defend them in anyway. They are a legit processing company, but like any other company people are quick to complain about negative situations, but not so quick with the positive ones???

    Anyway, for you people out there that are having problems reaching MOCA for any issue what so ever, listed below is the listing for the International Sales Manager. He will take care of your problems for you… Also go onto this link and see MOCA’S BBB rating, it’s not as bad as listed above…The Head Office is in Addison Texas, they operate as Momentum Payments…MOCA is the short form for MOmentum CAnada…Hope this helps everyone…if any one in Southern Ontario, mainly the Niagara Region is interested in hearing what MOCA has to offer, please contact me at [redacted]

    Clinton Cantley
    International Sales Manager
    [email protected]
    1-888-325-9780 Ext 5150

  • Duane

    Just a little concerned as I have just moved to Ontario and I am currently seeking work. I came across this ad for MOCA Payments through a Monster Job search. I sent a resume and began the process of gaining employment with this company. I realize this is only a couple of reviews but I have to say that these reviews are a little disconcerting. Does anyone out there have any more information on this company, before I take any further steps?

  • moca worker

    DO NOT GO WITH MOCA! I just quit from there because i refuse to be apart of their scam and unethical form of sales and customer service! They do not pay their employees and lie to them about pay structure! They are sexually harassing in how they treat females !

  • Simon

    Yep, beware, I was told I’d be getting a discount on my sales for a year, so far, 4 months and nothing and can’t get ahold of anyone, your on hold forever then they’ll call you back?
    I am also waiting for a credit for cancelling my POS machine AND I am paying $5 month for insurance on my new POS machine when I told and faxed them my current insurance covers it. Others that signed up have similar tales. BEWARNED!!!!

  • M.A.

    Don’t believe Yan. MOKA = BAD news.

    I have legal proceedings underway against them as the sales rep duped me as well. Luckily I have a in-store DVR that records video and sound and have my full conversations with the rep recorded!

    • Yan Amarre

      Stop acting like a kid (to stay polite) You only had a bad sales rep who lied to you to get a sell… And you were too lazy to check what you was signing. Me I was with Moneris before for 5 years and they were charging 2 administration fee of 9.95$ for years like i had 2 terminal with them. When a GOOD rep from MOCA Payment Systems made me see the surcharge i was paying with Moneris, I ask Moneris to credit the money charge abusively for years in my account and they said NO. I won’t waste time and money to go to court with them. I just canceled and got on bord with MOCA and I am very happy i did so. And What you got in you DVR it’s only a bad service you got from a bad rep. it has nothing to do with the company. So whatever your bad experience was with a independent rep… Me i am VERY HAPPY I’VE SWITCH FOR MOCA PAYMENT SYSTEMS.

  • Yan Amarre

    WOW!!! I am so suprise to see only 3 people complaining for the services of MOCA Payments System… I was with Moneris and they were charging 2 times the administration fees of 9.95$ per months like i had 2 terminal with them… One day in august 2011, a rep from MOCA Payments came to see me… by doing a comparison with my provider at that time, he made me notice the surcharge they were charging me for years… I had canceled my contract with Moneris… wich they have paid for with NO PROBLEM… they reduce my fees per months plus they don’t charge me administration fees at all… Maybe only the 3 of you was unlucky… but me I CONSIDER MY SELF VERY LUCKY OF DOING BIZNESS WITH MOCA PAYMENT SYSTEMS… For real!!

  • Wilhelmina

    Thank you Mahamoud and Alda – I just had a call from Moca Payments and fortunately I was on the alert – # 1 A call from UTAH – !, # 2 Asked for the owner by first name, always puts me on the alert………… I managed to get rid of the lady.
    The more people are made aware of bad business practices the better.
    Thank you for starting the ball rolling.

  • Alda gentile

    I too have had nothing but problems with this system and the scumbag sales rep they sent me. When he came in to talk to me about the system I was already using another one which I was happy with but didn’t have the loyalty cards and gift cards I was interested in so I thought I would listen to what this sales rep had to say. He came in numerous times to talk to me and told me that if I switched over they would pay out the other company’s lease for me. I asked a number of times of this was going to cost me ANY MONEY and he kept saying no no no. I have a couple staff members who witnessed him saying it.he also said I had 30 days if I didn’t like the machine I could cancel it. After I listened to his sales pitch which I find out later it was all a bunch of crap I decided I would at least see if I qualified for it and find out the rates. He had me sign something saying it was a preapproval. I asked him is this a contract and he said no no which I also have a witness to. A week later the machine shows up and he comes in to hook it up and I was expecting a contract to be signed And found out that what I thought was just a pre approval was ACTUALLY a contract. I called the office to say I was tricked and cause I had 30 days which is what he said I could cancel it and they said I had only THREE days from the time I signed those papers. I didn’t even recieve the machine for almost a week so how was I to know if I liked it or not. Plus it took the sales rep 3 days to hook or up cause he didn’t know what he was doing. THEN I see a $199 charge for the set up which he promised me they would not take out. Now I find out that there is more than just Moca taking money out there is a few company’s associated with it so the fees come to more than the company I had before. I called this sales rep many times and he keeps avoiding me …. Of course. Tells me his supervisor will call me and I’ve been waiting 3 days and no word. I am writing this letter to assure that no one else falls into this trap. I feel I was tricked into it with false promises. I will be contacting my lawyer.

    • aaron

      as an emploee with MOCA I am not to pleased to hear these comments, however if you feel that you are being mis treatded please feel free to contact the Better Business Bureau, your lawyer, and or paralegal for independant legal advise. I will let you know that in Ontario Canada, you have a 10 day period minimum to recind on a contract.

    • Dan

      Hey Alda,

      Regardless of what you type of Contract you sign you are given a 10 days buyers right to cancel, which can be extended providing no equipment was installed. However after the equipment is installed your only way out of the contract is if the equipment is not functioning or not providing the service which is provided in the contract.

      I have currently work in sales and I know of alot of reps who will just leave it up to their customers to read the contract on their own. legally sales reps don’t have to go through the contract word for word, the onus is always on the customer to read and understand what they are signing.

      In my line of work this happens often, but at the end of the day it is your responsiblity to read anything that you sign regardless of what the sales rep will tell you.

    • brooke

      They did the $200 thing to me too where I was told I did not have to pay and it would not be coming out of my account. I look onto my banking and it has been taken out, I called and they said they would reimburse me $20 for 10 months which is total crap, comes out in full but won’t be refunded in full. This company is a huge scam, My powerbar has an awful beep to it and have called 10 times and it has still not been dealt with. And they refuse to help me set up my gift card program! Ive been asking for that for 6 months and still nothing.

  • Mahmoud Maziad

    hi there iam just saying this company is just a rip off , i made a contract with them and ir eceived my terminal machine after 2 month and they had no technicion to come fix it and install it so they were calling me evry single day to show me how to install the terminal machine and i keep saying it is not my job my job is retail and idont do installations for terminal so anyways after being in this process for over a month i told them i dont need this in my business so i told them iam gonna cancel and i just notice today my bank account has been charged about 200 $ fees and they already take out 60 $ X 2 for the last 2 month and i wasnt even using their services and they suppose to call me back and which they never did after they took the money iam gonna take this to court and sue this ( moca payment services ) for real

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Overcharges Reported

Getting the lowest costs with MOCA Payment Systems?
Probably not.
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