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Formerly Linked to Securus Payments

Mom & Pop Merchant Solutions, formerly known as “Securus Cash & Capital,” is a merchant account provider based in Portland, Oregon. The company previously operated as a subsidiary of an Irving, Texas-based company called Excel Corporation, which is also the parent company of Securus Payments, eVance Processing, and Calpian Commerce. According to the company's president, Mom & Pop Merchant Solutions left Excel Corporation in January 2016 specifically to distance itself from Securus Payments and now currently operates as its own independent organization.

Mom & Pop Merchant Solutions Merchant Cash Advances

Mom & Pop's primary service is providing merchant cash advances, and the company is a reseller of First Data (now Fiserv) products and services.

Mom & Pop Merchant Solutions cash advances
Mom & Pop Merchant Solutions focuses on loans and cash advances for merchants

Mom & Pop Merchant Solutions Customer Reviews

Here's What Their Clients Say

Customer Reviews Summary
Total Online Complaints <10
Live Customer Support Yes
Most Common Complaint N/A

Under 5 Merchant Complaints

Our research identifies fewer than 5 negative reviews concerning Mom & Pop Merchant Solutions from merchants. The company’s merchant cash advance service does not seem to be involved in any scam or ripoff activities. Of these few complaints, only one raises concerns about high interest rates for merchant cash advances, and it’s unclear if any merchants agreed to these terms. We invite you to share your experiences with Mom & Pop Merchant Solutions in the comments below.

Mom & Pop Merchant Solutions Lawsuits

No class-action lawsuits or FTC complaints have been found against Mom & Pop Merchant Solutions. Merchants looking for non-litigious resolution paths are encouraged to report their issues to relevant supervisory organizations.

Mom & Pop Merchant Solutions Customer Service Options

Mom & Pop Merchant Solutions provides an email address and a phone number for contact, though the specifics of the services provided via these channels are not explicitly detailed. The company might offer direct support to merchants or may refer them to its preferred processor for account-related matters. The use of independent sales agents can lead to variable customer service experiences, with some agents reporting challenges in communicating with their managers.

The following customer service contact is available:

(503) 388-7748 – Mom & Pop Merchant Solutions phone number

An email address is also provided at [email protected].

While Mom & Pop’s complaint record earns it an “A” currently, its customer support infrastructure doesn’t quite meet the criteria for top customer service processors in the industry.

Mom & Pop Merchant Solutions Online Ratings

Here's How They Rate Online

Online Ratings Summary
Total Complaints 0
Resolved Complaints 0

Note: We have adjusted this company’s BBB rating according to our own standards. To better understand why we adjust BBB ratings, please see our Rating Criteria.

Under 5 Complaints

Mom & Pop Merchant Solutions currently has an “A+” rating with the Better Business Bureau and is not BBB-accredited. It has received 0 complaints in the last 36 months.

What Merchants Say

The company’s profile also received 3 informal reviews, which are negative. The review is specifically about potential ISOs working with the company:

**** starts off as this very nice man, he’s super successful, mom & pop is this successful business since 2007 and a Gold Mine business to be in, his $100 course gives you hope that you have finally found a perfect family and a job opportunity, so you get in.During the courses, however, **** offers you this “ONE TIME ONLY” offer that you absolutely can’t resist to be a National Sales Manager for ********* but tells you that its such a great opportunity that they need to charge you $2,500 for it and that you have to “WIRE IT” to him!!By now you are sold on **** and his awesome personality so ofcourse something tells you that you can trust **** and you pay him the $2,500. DO NOT pay him the $2,500 before trying out ********* as a regular ISO to really see what its all about and how hard it is to close deals, or else you will NEVER see that money again.I reached out to over ****** businesses within the first month, had 6 appointments, spending over $500 of my own money before I realized that this so call “GOLD MINE” is not a gold mine after all. This is by far the most difficult business to be in because these business owners are bombarded daily by people trying to offer them loans and they’ve just had enough and want nothing to do with you.Here is where things went wrong with my case. I reached out to **** in “GOOD FAITH” explaining to him that I’m stepping down from management position and would kindly like to get my $2,500 back which is still within the 30 days of wiring it to them. I also explained to **** that I spent $500 of my own money promoting “HIS” ********* business, and being the nice guy that I am I’m not asking for any of that money back, I just want my $2,500 back with a big “PLEASE.” Well… One email goes by, multiple FB messages, and no response from ****.**** IS VERY RESPONSIVE when he wants your money, but when it comes time for him to give you your money back, **** will be Missing in Action.

While concerning in general, this review doesn’t affect the merchant side of the business.

A “C” Performance Overall

Given the fact that Mom & Pop has received only one complaint, we agree with the BBB’s former rating of a “C.” Merchants should note, however, that there are reasons to be skeptical of the BBB’s rating system.

Mom & Pop Merchant Solutions Fees, Rates & Costs

A Closer Look at The Contract

Cost & Fees Summary
Swiped Rate 2.69% + $0.30
Keyed-in Rate 3.69% + $0.30
Early Termination Fee $495
PCI Compliance Fee $19.95 Per Month
Equipment Lease Terms 48 Month (locked)

Mom & Pop Contract Terms

Mom & Pop Merchant Solutions focuses on providing merchant cash advances, a specialized financial service offering a lump sum to businesses in exchange for a percentage of future credit card sales. This type of financing is customized based on the business’s specific characteristics and is designed for merchants that may not qualify for traditional loans.

In addition, Mom & Pop serves as a reseller of First Data (Fiserv) merchant services. The typical First Data (Fiserv) merchant agreement involves a multi-year term with specified fees, including an early termination fee of $495, a PCI compliance fee of $19.95 monthly, and tiered pricing for transactions. For transactions, merchants processing up to $50,000 monthly are subject to a swiped transaction fee of 2.69% plus $0.19 and a keyed-in rate of 3.69% plus $0.19. Those exceeding $50,000 in monthly transactions receive slightly reduced rates. Additionally, merchants might be subject to long-term equipment leases through First Data Global Leasing.

Mom & Pop has the flexibility to adjust these terms to suit the specific needs of each merchant, offering potentially modified terms based on a business’s size, type, and transaction history.

About Merchant Cash Advances

Merchant cash advances, though not regulated like traditional small business loans, can present significantly high effective interest rates. These financial products can be advantageous under certain conditions, and merchants are encouraged to thoroughly understand the terms and evaluate all available financing options.

Mom & Pop Merchant Account Pricing

While primarily offering merchant cash advances, Mom & Pop Merchant Solutions occasionally sets up merchant accounts, a service less frequently provided. Specific details regarding these accounts are not publicly shared, and no merchant feedback is available to outline the competitiveness of their offering compared to other low-cost merchant accounts. Absence of specific complaints related to their cash advance or merchant account terms allows for an “A” rating in this context, though merchants are advised to conduct comprehensive comparisons with available alternatives.

Mom & Pop Merchant Solutions Employee Reviews & Sales Tacitcs

Should You Work For Them?

Jobs & Marketing Summary
Employs Independent Resellers Yes
Advertises Deceptive Rates No
Discloses All Important Terms No

Independent Sales Team

Mom & Pop appears to primarily market its services through the use of independently contracted 1099 sales agents and telemarketing. Mom & Pop specializes in merchant cash advances as opposed to actual merchant accounts, although it can open new merchant accounts for interested merchants. Mom & Pop does not list its payment processing partner, but it is likely that First Data (Fiserv) or one of their subsidiaries fills this role. Mom & Pop’s president has stated in the comment section of this review that it is very rare for a merchant to ask Mom & Pop to take over their credit card processing.

Third-Party Merchant Cash Advances

A company representative also stated that Mom & Pop Merchant Solutions does not require merchants to switch over to a specific processing platform, although this would defy the conventional structure of merchant cash advances. Typically, a merchant’s existing processor can offer a merchant cash advance and simply withhold a percentage of the merchant’s daily deposits in order to collect its fee over time. However, Mom & Pop claims to “take a fixed daily dollar amount or percentage of the business owners daily sales, and withdraw that money out each day of the proceeds that come in to the business owners bank account.” It is unclear whether there are charges associated with each of these withdrawals, but if there are, merchants should be aware that those Mom & Pop Merchant Solutions fees could potentially be avoided by securing a merchant account through their existing processor.

Severed Ties With Securus

Mom & Pop’s relationship to the Excel Corporation and Securus was a large factor in how we previously graded it in this section. Considering the termination of that partnership and the fact that Mom & Pop generally doesn’t even appear to sell merchant accounts, its grade has improved. If you suspect that Mom & Pop is charging you undisclosed fees, however, we recommend seeking an independent statement audit to spot hidden charges.

Mom & Pop Merchant Solutions merchants
Mom & Pop Merchant Solutions offers cash advances to merchants but does not require that the merchant move their processing to Mom & Pop

Our Mom & Pop Merchant Solutions Review Summary

Our Final Thoughts

Mom & Pop Merchant Solutions has solidified its reputation as a dependable provider of merchant cash advances since ending its affiliation with Excel Corporation. This strategic move appears to have ushered in a new era for the company, free of significant merchant complaints visible online and distancing itself from the predatory practices that often mar the reputation of cash advance providers. Merchants who choose Mom & Pop Merchant Solutions can expect transparent and fair terms, positioning the company as a promising option in the industry.

Merchants are advised to conduct thorough due diligence before entering into agreements. This includes gaining a clear understanding of the terms, fees, and repayment structures. By proactively seeking comprehensive information about their cash advance opportunities, merchants can ensure they’re making the best possible decision. Comparing Mom & Pop’s offerings with those of top-rated payment processors will provide an essential benchmark, empowering merchants to find the most advantageous financing solution that aligns with their specific business needs.

Location & Ownership

Mom & Pop is currently headquartered at 1004 S Central Ave, Medford, OR 97501. Bret Martin serves as the CEO of Mom & Pop Merchant Solutions.

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Testimonials & Complaints

How Did Mom & Pop Merchant Solutions Treat You?

22 User Reviews

  • Nic

    What a clown show.

    First of all, if you look at any of the “Positive reviews”on this page, you’ll notice that not ONE of them claims to have made any money.

    Secondly, I (apparently) had the audacity to ask Bret if this was a position for a closer he was trying to fill or if I had to pay money – because the ad looked like an offer for a closer in a company. I further explained that if I have to pay money, I’m not interested.

    I got one response from “Stacie” who said that there’s no room in their company for doubters and they were no longer interested in interviewing me.

    Then I got another email, from “Matt” this time.. with that same “you’re nothing but a doubter” bs.

    In other words, the answer to my question actually was, “Yes. You have to pay money.”. They just won’t admit it upfront.

    If you’re looking for a closer’s position (as they advertised), they’re actually not. They’re looking to sign you up for this that and the other and make sure you pay top $ for it. People don’t make money in this business after that.

    If they did, then were are the thousands of success stories on this page? For all the “positive” reviews, not ONE person mentions they made any money, or that their life improved in any way.

    I told them they were amateurs using deceptive advertising to drive people who are more gullible than I to their site to sign up for their garbage so they can then charge them a zillion – but not before you leave a positive review about their training.

    That’s why no one claims on the reviews to have made any money, because they yet hadn’t. They’d just gone through the free training (which will drain 6 hours out of your life). Also, none have come back to update and tell us all how successful they’ve all become since.

    Because they haven’t.

    Like any pyramid scheme, it’s only the people at the tip of the pyramid making any money from the 99% of suckers who were gullible enough to believe them. If it’s not a pyramid, then why should you have to pay fees to work for them?

    No no. That’s a pyramid scheme. You have to pay for the privilege of being a manager so you can recruit people below you. Those people pay you money to put them through the same rigamarole you were too stupid to say no to, and now you’re scamming them. Then you teach them to scam others.

    That’s called MLM, or however they want to dress it up, its a pyramid.

    Part of the way they keep their scheme going is to capture reviews after the free training – as the reviews themselves give away. That’s what people are speaking positively about. Not any actual success they may have had.

    If you want to test just how pathetic this company’s reps are, just ask them, before they interview you, if you have to pay any money or if this is a sales position that they’re trying to fill. Then watch them collapse all over themselves like flan in a cupboard. They’ll even try to convince you that the BBB ratings are meaningless. HA. Problem with that statement, is that is precisely what you’d expect a company with a lousy reputation to say.

    The company I work with has an A- with a 4.6 customer rating on the BBB. We’re proud of that rating and point it out any time we get buyer resistance because of fear of the unknown. Then I ship them to the BBB and they feel 100% better. That’s how important the BBB rating is. This thing.. is a total scam. Just keep walking.

    • Linda Hair

      Hi John and everyone else that has posted there negative comments, I am sorry that you feel that these reviews are fake or you were promised things that were not promised at all. I started with Mom and Pop and received the training . They never ask for any money. Training was at no cost and really was to the point on what was needed to help Businesses with funding. I Want to take this time to Thank Brett and Ashley for their time and their service in providing training. It is sad that most people sign up wanting a get rich quick mind set . They don’t want to work and apply what is given to them . Mindset is a big key to success . If you don’t believe in the services that you provide and that it is helping others ,then success is limited. Most people don’t want to treat this as a business . It takes 2- 4 years for any business to be successful , where most are only giving it 2-4 weeks. The path that some want to take is to sit at home and wait for phone to ring with Business owners needing money . That would be great but not realistic. They have to know you are out there. I have been in Businesses before and I am so tired of hearing negatives and it is a scam. This word can be so misused although , there are true scams out there , Mom and Pop are not. This is a win -win for Businesses as well as ISO’s . Businesses can’t get funded easily by banks , so where do they go? They have to turn to someone and most times it’s using other people’s money which has been going on for along time. Businesses, real estate investors, and others that need working capital to succeed. I am so Thankful that I discovered Mom and Pop and appreciate all that Brett and Ashley do for their ISO’s . My wish is that all the negative reviewers would step back and really re take a look at what this service means to themselves and others . Nothing was ever promised. Words such as you can earn in the first year were used. Earn means to work for. This is not for everyone . You have to be open and believe in the product, do homework and learn the product that you are offering. I have satisfied clients that I stay in contact with. I build relationships . training is on going and the more you hear the more you apply, that is the reason they have calls each week. To plug you in to the training. I hope that the people that are negative will take another look or find what they are searching for . If you find a business opportunity that doesn’t require an all in for success then please let me know. Because if it was that simple everyone would be doing it.

  • Frank

    Stay as far away as possible they will not be able to help you they will ask your bank statements credit card statements and pull your credit and keep you waiting and then tell you there’s not and they can do I deposit over 16,000 per month and my credit score of 640 this company is a fraud

  • Armando Mazin

    I joined Mom & Pop Business Solutions almost a year ago, and went through the 5 days training with Bret Martin and I have nothing but good things to say about his training, Bret has a lot of patience and great knowledge of this industry. I truly believe that many people come on board but lack knowledge of how this industry work. It took me a while to digest and come to terms, and I am thinking to go back and put the time and apply all the knowledge to help business owners to provide working capital badly needed to inject in their business to prosper.
    The cost of using other’s people money depending on the line of business is what it makes the factor rate to use. As Bret puts all the money on the line with no co-lateral. He and his business is the one that risk all to lose. Its about knowing the risk a certain business has.
    I am grateful for the opportunity to help as many business owners I can to stay in business and see them to succeed and I get rewarded by the business that are happy to received this financial help when traditional lenders don’t help.

    • Carolyn

      Hello, Each and everyone of you with wonderful reviews fresh out of training.
      Am curious to know if anyone of you made a dime with Mom & Pop since your wonderful review?

      Also, am curious if you’re still with Mom & Pop?

      I would bet the farm you are far gone with another broken promise.
      Meanwhile, Mom & Pop appreciates all of your wonderful reviews they can use for to dupe their victims in line to get SCAMMED!

      • Willy

        Carolyn, I’ve been with Mom & Pop for a little over 2 years. I’m doing great. I don’t know why you think this business is a “scam”. Mom & Pop doesn’t ask for any money. They provide you with the templates to print out your own business cards and postcards. You have to get out there and hustle. As the saying goes, ” you get out what you put in”. You’re not going to be successful if you are going to sit at home eating Twinkies and watching TV all day. The training that they give you, at the time of this writing, is free. They give you different ways of marketing to business owners to get business. I’ve chosen to do like what I’ve done for years in real estate and work a couple of farm areas. You have to be consistent in your online marketing and cold calling. Brett is always preaching, mail out 10 postcards a day, cold call on 10 businesses a day, and phone call 10 businesses a day. The commission pay to the ISO’s is a lot better than the majority of other companies I have come across. So tell me, where is the scam that you claim. I bet you can’t.
        I’ve had friends and co-workers join Mom & Pop and drop out after 2, 3 or 6 months. You know why? Because they weren’t working the business as a business. They’d go out a talk to a couple of businesses once in awhile and get nowhere. They get disgruntled by the lack of results and quit. This business is not for everyone. Some people are better off staying with their J O B getting paid an hourly or salary wage and making their boss wealthy.

  • Bruce Dyson

    I> have just completed a weeks worth of training by Bret and was overwhelmed with the knowledge and experience that he has in the business loan alternative field. He is a straight-shooter and is determined to help as many small businesses he can with funds to keep them afloat. I am grateful for the ISO opportunity he has provided to me and my family and look forward to a long and profitable relationship with Bret and Mom & Pop Business Funding.

  • Raymond Venta Jr

    I finished the 5 day training last week, and from what I could tell it was excellent. Bret provided online resources, and gave a number of specific marketing techniques for ISO’s to use daily. I now hope to benefit from that training as an ISO for his company.

  • Diana

    I joined Mom and Pop Business Funding and had the week long training. Bret provides a wealth of laser-targeted strategies backed up by his long term intensive experience. Straight to the point and to-do’s as well as what NOT to do were delivered in his authoritative manner. I learned so much in this 5 day one hour training and it was FREE! You just do not find this anywhere–at least I have not as other trainings had a big cost being hammered at you at the end of the training. I feel well-supported, and that this is absolutely do-able. I am happy and excited to move forward next week! Bret really CARES about humanity and he takes time to listen to each individual and succinctly addresses their questions and concerns. THANK YOU BRET for providing the wonderful opportunity! I am very grateful, and so glad I came across you and your company. Diana D.

  • Bret Martin

    Thanks so much for your article. We here at Mom and Pop Merchant Solutions certainly appreciate this upgrade.


    Bret Martin.
    Mom and Pop Merchant Solutions
    The ISO Recruiting Company

    • Edward Fortin

      Enjoyed reading your information on Mom and Pop Merchant Solutions. Not easy to find people with integrity in the financial markets these days. Bret just doing my Due Diligence on you as I wait to hear from you. Yes, I just requested to join your family.
      Sincerely, Ed Fortin

  • Bret Martin

    Phillip Parker, none of this information is correct. Mom & Pop was completely separate from Securus and our clients do not need to change over to someones processing platform. In fact, it’s been about 7 months since one of our clients ASKED us to take over their processing. That said, Mom & Pop Merchant Solutions was hired by EXCEL corporation NOT Securus, Securus was OWNED by the publicly traded company EXCEL CORP., out of Texas. Securus was not a company that Mom & Pop nor Bret Martin wanted to be associated with, and I took my company and left EXCEL Corp on January 18th, 2016 after only 8 months with EXCEL…. Like others, I could see that SECURUS was NOT a company I wanted to be associated with.

    Bret R. Martin
    Portland Oregon Native of 54 years.

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