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Company Overview

Cash App (formerly known as Square Cash) is a cash transfer service launched by Square (and parent company Block) in October 2013. Like Venmo, Cash App allows individuals to send cash amounts or Bitcoin to each other using a dedicated mobile phone application or via email from a linked debit card. It also enables businesses to get paid through the app for Square’s usual price of 2.75% per transaction paid by the recipient of the transaction. In 2021, Square acquired buy-now-pay-later service Afterpay.

Cash App Data Breach 2022

In April 2022 it was announced that Cash App had experienced a major data breach, allegedly exposing over 8 million users’ names and brokerage account numbers, in addition to other information. Breaches like this frequently lead to legal actions, but as of the writing of this review nothing has surfaced yet.

Is Cash App Holding Your Funds Right Now?

Thousands of users have had their payments frozen by Cash App. If you’re one of them, then you might find these resources helpful:

Cash App Payment Processing – Send Money to Your Friends

The process for making payments is simple: download the company’s Cash App from the iTunes or Android app store, create an account, enter the amount you want to send or request, select a recipient or payer, and hit send. Square will send a message to the recipient’s email address immediately, notifying them of the payment, and the transaction will process within two days. All personal transfers through Cash App are processed for free.

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Cash App Payment Processing- Businesses Can Use It, Too

Square Cash’s solution for businesses requires merchants to set up a dedicated “cashtag,” which is a landing page where customers can enter their card details and pay the business directly. Cashtags are intended to be easily shared payment methods that would work best for the personal services industry, non-profits, and short-term fundraisers. Each payment accepted via a Square cashtag costs 2.75% of the payment amount to process, which is roughly on par with most mobile payment processing services. In 2022, it was announced that the IRS would require reporting of transfers of over $600 on Cash App and other peer-to-peer payment apps, which will heavily affect the taxes of those using the app for large transactions.

Table of Contents

Cash app lets users buy stock and bitcoin

Cash App allows users to purchase stocks and Bitcoin through the app.

Square Cash Customer Complaints & Reviews

Here's What Users Think

Complaint Summary

Total Online Complaints
Live Customer Support
Active Users Only
Most Common Complaint
Fund Holds

Major Customer Support Issues

We have located nearly 400 negative Cash App complaints in the comment section of this review alone, some of which accuse the company of being a scam. The Cash App complaints overwhelmingly fall into two categories: sudden, unexpected fund-holds and slow or nonexistent customer support. Both issues are hallmarks of all of Square’s products, but Cash App is especially vulnerable to such complaints due to the fact that it is available to the general public. If you have a Cash App complaint, please let us know in the comments below.

Cash App Scams and Hacking on the Rise

It has been widely reported as of 2020 that scams and hacking related to Cash App accounts are on the rise. While the scamming and hacking do not come from Square or Cash App themselves, the nature of the accounts makes them highly susceptible to such practices, which should be noted by potential merchants. Additionally, it appears that many people find Cash App and Square to be less than responsive to inquiries about fixing such issues and recovering funds, so much so that the FTC has had to look into the company. Many of these such issues arise from fake customer support numbers listed online, so it is highly advised that users of Cash App only contact the company through their official website and app.

Cash App Lawsuits and Fines

A lawsuit was filed against Square in October 2020, alleging a violation of the federal Electronic Funds Transfer Act (EFTA) by Square, particularly calling into question the Cash App part of the company. This lawsuit is connected with the above-mentioned scams, claiming that Cash App and Square purposefully make it difficult to impossible to recover funds lost in scams and hacking. Additional lawsuits have been brought against parent company Square, most of which deal with its holding of funds. Another here deals with allegedly mistransferred funds. Dissatisfied merchants who wish to pursue a non-litigious course of action against the company should consider reporting it to the relevant supervisory organizations.

The aforementioned 2022 Cash App data breach will possibly lead to legal action.

Cash App Customer Service Options

Complainants state that Square freezes transactions without warning if the company suspects that a payment may be illegal or fraudulent. This issue is compounded by the fact that Square almost exclusively provides e-mail support to deactivated users, which offers a slow response time and minimal assistance. Some users who can still obtain a customer code can get a representative on the phone, but many people report that this method is only marginally more helpful.

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It’s Only As Secure As You Are

Square Cash currently has an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars in the Google Play Store and a 4.7 star rating in the iTunes App Store. Most of the negative reviews on these forums describe fund-holds and malfunctions, but another major concern throughout most Square Cash reviews is the potential security hazard posed by the service. Someone who obtains access to a user’s Square Cash-linked account can easily send themselves money, although this amount will be limited to either $250 or $2,500. This risk can be mitigated by users who change their account settings to require entry of the card’s CVV code.

A Confusing and Potentially Risky Approach to Fraud

Considering the company’s quickness to freeze charges it thinks are fraudulent but its alleged unwillingness to recover funds from actual instances of fraud, we recommend that merchants consider carefully whether they are willing to risk their funds with Cash App. It is reasonable to assume that Square’s liability is likely limited when it comes to fraudulent transactions, and a savvy hacker would probably be able to reroute funds before Square could reverse them.

No Savings Over Normal Square Processing

In 2015, Square launched a feature called Cash Pro for business owners who wish to collect payments through Square Cash (now Cash App). Cash Pro enables merchants to send customers to a payment page using a “cashtag,” which is linked to the merchant’s dedicated Square Cash profile. Customers can pay at this page using a debit card regardless of whether they have a Square Cash account. Cash Pro costs 2.75% per transaction, which is identical to Square’s standard pricing and comparable to most mobile payment options.

Some personal users who process large payments regularly through Square Cash have reported that Square will sometimes attempt to reclassify their accounts as “Cash Pro” accounts if the company believes that users are conducting business transactions through the app. This increase in cost seems to put both parties in a difficult position. Users insist that they should be entitled to the free service, while Square unilaterally imposes a 2.75% fee on transactions that were previously free.

Hard To Reach Anyone

The primary concern with the service, however, is the fact that Square provides virtually no live customer support. In the event of a fraudulent payment, it is unlikely that a Cash App user will be able to reach an account representative in time to reverse the payment (see How to Contact Square). Since Cash App collects sensitive personal information, including a user’s debit card number and bank information, users may be wary to hand this information over to an entity without live support. In fact, nearly all negative reviews of the service cite concerns over security or privacy.

Square Cash BBB Rating and Report

Our Better Business Bureau Profile Assessment

BBB Summary

Product & Service Complaints
Billing & Collection Complaints
Advertising & Sales Complaints
Guarantee & Warranty Complaints
Delivery Complaints

Note: We have adjusted this company’s BBB rating according to our own standards. To better understand why we adjust BBB ratings, please see our Rating Criteria.

Over 6,600 Complaints

As of this update, the Better Business Bureau is reporting a “B” rating for Cash App despite 6,660 complaints filed in the last 36 months. This is a  rise of more than 1000 complaints from the total at the time of our last review, which itself is more than 1,000 more than the review before that. This massive uptick seems to be attributable to the rise in scams and hacking mentioned earlier in this review and to the huge use of the app in the COVID-19 crisis. 5,260 of these complaints were due to a problem with a product or service, 991 were billing or collections issues, 268 were due to advertising or sales problems, 99 were issues with delivery, and 42 concerned a guarantee or warranty. The BBB has also added a note stating that it has reached out to Square regarding Cash App and unemployment benefits, regarding scammers fraudulently obtaining unemployment benefits and transferring those funds into Cash App accounts. The company responded that Cash App experienced multiple technical issues that disrupted services, including funds availability. Cash App maintains a status page at, which the company updates when a widespread issue is identified and where customers can view updates on ongoing or recent disruptions to service.

The BBB reports that Square has resolved 3,536. However, closer inspection reveals that many of these “resolved” complaints have simply received a copy-and-pasted standard response from the company claiming that the customer was contacted by Square already. Many users have submitted replies to these “resolutions” saying that they are still having the same issue.

What Merchants Say

Cash App has also received 503 informal reviews on its BBB profile, all but 7 of which are negative in tone. Unsurprisingly, considering what we have discovered about the company’s fraud policies, a huge number of these reviews concern scams and fraudulent charges. The most recent review cites poor customer support:

Was selling something online and buyer wanted to pay with cash app.I have used in the past so had no issues.They took $300 of my money then wanted me to send $700 more to upgrade to a business account even though I had no restrictions on my account.Still getting bot e-mails asking for $700.Don’t use I stopped for sure.

Merchants and users will be better off with top merchant service providers with great customer service to avoid poor customer support in an emergency.

An Adjusted Rating

Given the company’s complaint total, resolution ratio, and BBB notice, we have adjusted the BBB’s rating to a “C.”

Square Cash Fees and Rates

A Closer Look at the Contract

Cost Summary

Personal Rate
Business Rate
Instant Cash Out Fee
1.00% - 1.50%
Early Termination Fee
PCI Compliance Fee
Equipment Lease Terms

Free and Easy for Personal Users

Cash App is incredibly easy to use and costs nothing for personal users. Anyone with an email address and debit card can sign up for it and begin sending money to friends quickly. The service advertises that it takes only seconds to make a deposit, but users should plan on a one to two-day deposit window just to be safe. Instant deposits are also available but have a fee of 1.00% to 1.50% attached to them. Any device that sends emails can use Cash App, making it widely accessible for all users. Square initially holds users to a processing limit of $250 per week, but users can increase this amount to $2,500 by providing additional personal information to Square and linking to a Facebook account. For personal users, Cash App’s pricing, setup, and payment delivery are very competitive when compared to other mobile apps for sending money. Still, we always encourage merchants to check out our list of the providers of the best merchant services.

Business Owners: Beware the Square

Business users can take advantage of Cash App’s convenience and simplicity, but the service’s 2.75% charge on debit card transactions far exceeds the typical interchange fees charged to process debit cards. As a result, Cash App for business is not competitive with a traditional merchant account in terms of pricing or scalability. In addition, a common Cash App complaint for personal users and business users is unexpected fund-holds and account freezes from Square, which is a direct result of the company’s unwillingness to properly vet users during the sign-up process. Most businesses should not consider Cash App a reliable or cheap option.

Cash App services

Cash App’s main use is for personal, smaller payments as opposed to those for businesses

Square Cash Jobs and Employment

Hiring Standards and Ethical Marketing Assessment

Key Points

Employs Independent Resellers
Advertises Deceptive Rates
Discloses All Important Terms

No Hidden Fees…

Cash App is a subsidiary service of Square and is marketed as a free service primarily for personal users. The product’s pricing model and sales approach make it unlikely that Square can mislead users about its costs, and there are no public Cash App complaints that allege deceptive sales practices from Square.

…But Watch Out For Holds

A large number of users’ funds have been unexpectedly held, but Square’s terms of use (visible on the company’s website here) clearly outline Square’s policies regarding fund-holds. It is therefore unlikely that the company is intentionally deceiving users in order to hold their funds. Fund-holds are a frustrating practice within the payment processing industry, but there are ways to avoid fund-holds with Square. While it is clear that Square could do a better job of explaining its fund-holding policies, the company does not appear to engage in intentional misrepresentation or nondisclosure. This compares favorably to our list of best credit card processors.

Square Cash Review Summary

Our Final Thoughts and Opinions

Fine for Casual Use, Trouble for Serious Business

Cash App offers a simple, free peer-to-peer cash transfer service that is a worthy competitor to apps like Venmo. The service’s ease of use may have come at a slight cost, however, since there is very little in the way of customer service for users. Personal and business users should weigh the convenience of Cash App against its potential risks and consider all of their options for sending money.

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405 Responses

  • Eustance

    I am begining to think this is a polite scam i have been using the app but i dont understand how they dont have a customer service number and even if u find one u have to go through stress and will still not reach them . i am bitter because i made a transaction on saturday July 8th 2017 of 100 dollars and cancelled it. I sent them an email for my refund the send me a reply saying someone will get to me shortly by email up till now as i am writing this there have been no response. I have sent more than 3 emails they keep sending me same message. If anyone is using this and makes a mistake no one will attend to u. People be careful because they dont have any direct customer service contact.

  • Shakeel hargett

    I use this cash app card at the gas station it took 100 dollars from me. And tried to do it again but it was no funds to cover the whole 100 dollars the second time. They don’t have a phone number and I can’t get a email back!

    • C.Tubbs

      Omg! The exact same thing happened to me! Still trying to get this issue resolved. Needless to say, I’m pissed

    • Venita Davis

      Happened to me twice at two different pumps. They took a total of 180 dollars from me. My password won’t work and they won’t send an email to reset, so I can’t call them. I emailed them and no response whatsoever. Glad I found out before they would have taken me to the Cleaners. What Wack App!

  • Marina

    I have been using this app for a year. And in the beginning it was a good app, but today I made transfer to my sister and my sister canceled transfer in five minutes. But Cash app took my money from my account and promised me to refund it back on Tuesday!!! I sent them email and see what kind respond I got!!!
    “Thanks for reaching out to us. When a Square Cash transaction is refunded, the full payment amount is deposited back into your account within 1-3 business days. Unfortunately, refunds cannot be sent instantly. This is an automated process and cannot be expedited.”
    I won’t recommended you using this app!!! Such a fraud!!!
    Vemno is a great app to transfer money without any fee!!

  • David


    I Had An Account For 3 Months.

    I Processed 40 Transactions And I Had:
    0 Charge backs
    0 Disputes

    Unprovoked Square cash Froze My Account, They Withheld 6000 From Me.,

    Square Than Immediately Blocked My Phone Number From Phone Support.,

    Square Asked Me To Provide Receipts For The Transactions Along With Some Other Information.,

    I’ve Been Selling In Vitro Plant Cultures, Supplies, Hormones exc, For 8 Years, 100% Legit.

    I Sent In Everything In As Requested With Signed Receipts & My Customers Contact Information.


    ALL Of My Customers Are Returning & Have Been With Me For A While. So I Decided I’d Refund Them & Ask Them To Resend The Payment Using A Different Method.,


    I Still Have A 1000 Balance It’s Been Over 90 Days & They Will Not Release My Funds.,

    I’m Sure That When Most People Like Myself See Square Cashes Fancy App We Perceive Them To Be Industry Leaders.

    There A Handful Of Understaffed Slimy Crooks, That Prey On US Hard Working People Trying To Earn A Living.

    They Also Have A Clause In There Privacy Policy Stating That There Jurisdiction Is In San Francisco California.,So You Can’t Even Take Them To Small Claims Court,Unless You Go To California, Which Is Unjust,


    • Stellan

      Going though same. Do you have phone support number? Can’t find. Thank you

  • Marie

    July 1st 2017, I send $300.00 to my friend for catering service she could not cash money she refunded the money. it shows $300.00 refunded on my Cash App but there is no way to retrieve money. What is going on? Is this a scam?


    It’s currently July 4th weekend and I have $450 missing that was sent to family but not deposited. The money is no longer in my account nor in the account of the person I sent to. Cash App provides no phone number and DOES NOT RESPOND to emails. They’re auto responses simply say to just wait but that is completely unsatisfactory.

  • C

    Terrible, just terrible. The money I was sent was deposited to my cash app and I have no option or idea how to cash it out. I have tried all options but still nothing. To make matters worse, they have no customer service number to call. When I called Square Inc, which owns it, they tell me they have nothing to do with cash app. very annoying and frustrating. Cash app, please fix this..

  • Deborah

    I sent someone 300.00 not knowing that they had changed phones numbers and user name. I have been reading the comments and I would hate to think that I am out of 300.00. At first they did contact me by email but then it stopped. I don’t know if it’s under investigation or what. I would love to know what’s going on but by the looks of things I may be out of 300.00.

    • Andrea Johnson

      This is the phone number that I got from my bank for them…855-700-6000

      • Kenya Smith

        and what’s even funnier is the number doesn’t work.. and with your customer code, they still tell you to await an email from customer support. Who always sends automated responses or say you need information from your bank. When given the information they still do no reply and while talking with the bank they cannot even see the transaction, Square never refunded it. Customer Support is terrible, Square cash is horrible, SQUARE itself should be ashamed of taking peoples hard earned money. My advice is to submit to BBB, get your lawyers, media involved. Do no sit back while they “act” as if they do not know where the funds are

  • Autumn Smith

    My phone number was switched in which I could not access my account anymore so 180 dollars is in there that I cannot receive you cannot contact nobody there is nobody to contact I believe this is a scam

  • William T Cadden

    We did not receive oir cash from a friend. The app shows that it was transferred to our account. I understand that things happen, maybe I even set something up wrong but they will not respond to my repeated requests for help. That is my real issue is that they got my money and don’t care that I didn’t. Customer service is literally NON EXISTENT. I will not use this app again because I lost money!

  • mickey

    THIEVES!!!! $195 has vanished and they will not respond to emails. Of course, they offer up no phone numbers. Horrible customer service and just plain crooks

  • Suave

    Horrible . I sent money to a friend 2 days ago and she still has yet to receive it. I can’t cancel the payment and the stupid app does NOT have a customer support number. Possibly the worst app ever made.

  • Rori

    Terrible customer service. I sent money to the wrong person (same name as who I was trying to send it to), and they would not help me at all. Then the person that got my money by mistake tried to request money from me! The app did not allow me to block him or contact him. Deleting the app, won’t use them again.

    • Andrea Johnson

      I sent $1000 to the wrong person yesterday. I tried to cancel after noticing my error but there were no options to cancel. I sent that same individual a request for $1000 and she still has not responded. It show “pending” so I’m assuming that she has no intention of refunding me. When I called my bank they said there is nothing that they can do. Called them back again this morning, and said “there must be something that the bank can do”. I even threatened to close my account. That’s when the story changed from “we can’t do anything, to yes we can do something. We can press charges and she will be arrested on felony charges.” And yes, I will see to it that this individual is prosecuted.

    • Andrea Johnson

      If the person refuses to return you money. You can have your bank or credit card people go after them. I made the mistake of sending $1000. to the wrong person. I sent her a request for the same about but she still has not responded. It just shows pending. I called my bank and they said that if she doesn’t repay if refund my $1000 then they would go after her by pressing charges and getting her arrested on felony charges.

      • Einorra

        What has happened now? Has she refunded your money?

        • Andrea Johnson

          No, she has not returned the money. I sent her a request via the Square Cash app and she basically ignored it. I also sent a text message and she did not respond. I did call my debit card company and filed a dispute/claim through them. I don’t know what is going to happen as far as them refunding the money. I’m hoping that they will press charges against her and have her arrested.

  • Teresa Dufour

    Horrible customer service!!! When offering this kind of service, you need to have a process in place with situations that are concerning our money!!!! I have had one reply back and have emailed numerous times in the last 2 weeks!!!! I did not realize I had an old account with a phone number but is no longer available… I will own that, however this can’t be a first time and my account on file with that number no longer exists!!!!!! This should automatically bounce back to the sender, instead of money sitting in limbo!!!! The only response I have received….”you have two accounts, just check into your old account using your phone number or email” my email is the same as my present account but the account is keyed into a phone number that I no longer have, not to mention my bank Number with this account no longer exists. I cannot retrieve a code from a phone number I know longer have!!!!!!! NOBODY has replied since I have asked numerous times!!!! SCAM!!!! If it’s not a scam-you would have replied to my emails!!!! DONT SIGN UP for the APP!!!!

  • Hannah

    4 days ago I cashed out $40 into my bank account and I did the 40 cent fee for immediate deposit. I haven’t gotten any of It.. I’m trying to contact someone but that’s almost impossible.

  • Staci

    Yesterday a client sent me square cash.
    I only use square up, so how hard can it be….I registered, saw the deposit & wasn’t able to move the money from their app. to my business account or even the virtual “my cash” card. I also received “payment failed” email. When it didn’t transfer into my business account. Spent a couple hours troubleshooting, nothing worked.
    I am having to refund the client and collect payment another way.
    This app. is NOT WORTH IT!

  • Veronica Thomas

    This company is a disgrace! The customer service is absolutely horrible. I accidentally sent money to the wrong number trying to send it to my friend. When I emailed them about the issue, they completely misunderstood the situation that I clearly explained to them. Finally in the end, after countless emails I sent to them, they told me in other words that I need to talk to my friend. Well if I talk to my friend, it still doesn’t help because she didn’t get the money either you fools! Apparently my money is gone for good. I won’t be using Square Cash anymore and no one else’s should, unless they want to lose a ton of money!

  • Becky

    This app is absolutely horrible. Never use it. It took someone’s money who was supposed to be paying me for 4 days and has still yet to send it back to him. I am appalled, upset, and angry. This app stole my money as of now. I DO NOT recommend.

  • Shannon Williams

    I have had a really bad experience with the Cash App and can not get any help resolving this. I had a customer pay under the wrong tag and they will not resolve this for nothing or help the bank with the dispute.

  • Sandy

    I was scammed out of 190.00 for an online class someone was suppose to be giving and never gave the class and stop answering my text messages and email. I disputed with my bank. And they told my bank because I have them my cc info I authorized the transaction and it was nothing they could do. On top of that they deactivated my account and not the person that actually scammed be for 190.00. Now they wont reply to none of my emails. Worst app EVER!!!

  • remmy estevez

    terrible app i mistakenly put the wrong account number and they dont have a phone to contact and give me the run around i lost 270$

  • Ayana

    Awful app! It never works and delays your money

  • Qujuan Miller

    So I had my father in law send me $100 for food because we have no food and my autistic kids don’t eat everthing , me thinking it would be instantly deposited into my account I used square cash. 6 hours later no funds.. Customer service stop accepting my emails because I keep emailing them. Don’t download and use this app.

    • Cami

      Square Cash App is not a good app to use. After only 14 day of use my account was hacked and I had over $400 in unauthorized purchases. I have been using Facebook messenger app to send money over the past year and it works great and funds are deposited to your account immediately. I recommend FB messenger to send and receive cash. FB is free and immediate.

  • ShaVonne

    This company is horrible. First off I used their service to transfer money from my bank account to another party. I received a text saying that the were refunding money from my account to the other party because the amounts were being disputed by the other parties bank. But get this…the other party is my sister and she never disputed anything with her bank! Better yet, she switched banks months ago. So now my money is floating in the middle of nowhere and I can’t get a hold of anyone in customer service to even see why they took money from my account, especially since now they deactivated my account. I will NEVER use them again and my suggestion is for every one else to do the same!

    • Mark Zwartz

      Similair thing happened to me only it was my daughter. I am out $408.47. No help from CashApp. The money iis floating around somewhere.

      • ShaVonne

        My bank gave me a hard time trying to get the money. I had to deactivate the card associated to my account and go through all types of mangers and fraud specialists to get my money back. The bank couldn’t even get ahold of anyone at square cash to see if there was a breach or if they had been hacked. Your daughter can try disputing with her bank. She will probably have better luck. Good luck, I hope everything works out for you.

  • Natalie

    The app is fine until someone breaks into our account while on vacation and you try to reach the company and can’t because you need a costumer ID number first. I couldn’t get into my email and change my password to log in and get that number. On top of that you cannot talk to anyone on the cash team because they “don’t have a direct line.” No supervisor nothing! I’m still waiting on $850 that was stolen. Sitting around hoping they email me back at some point. If I have an issue with my hard earned money I need assistance immediately!

  • Miguel

    Worst Application Ever, Don’t Use.
    It’s Not Safe.

  • leah

    This app is the worst app I have used. I regret ever being referred to this company. Do not do business with them. The only way you can contact these people about your money is through email. Which will take them 2 days to respond to and they still won’t answer your question. If you find a contact number don’t get excited because you’ll need a code that comes to your phone but still wont work. Cash app sucks!

  • Ms Takela

    Square Cash app started off good, but now I’m so frustrated with the entire app. My husband sent my car payment through this app, then my client paid for her service the very next day. However when I go to cash it out a portion of the money my husband sent was gone and the money my client sent was not even there. But it was deducted from her bank account. So where is it!!!!!!I dunt have it!;! I can’t talk with a live customer service person just a request asking to send an email. I’ve sent 3 emails and keep getting the same generic response. I NEED TO KNOW WHERE IS MY CASH!!!!!! RUN QUICK from this app. It’s to much trouble when difficulties arise!!!!

  • Kelly White

    Square Cash is a scam! If you receive a fake product it’s almost impossible to receive your money back. I sent money and received fake merchandise and going through to show the bank I didn’t receive what was I asked for. Scammers are using this app know to deceive the buyer, it works in their favor. DO NOT USE CASH APP!

  • Russ

    I simply wanted to transfer money to a family member. “Refunded.” 855 number does not work unless you give Squarecash a good deal of personal information. This app bites.

  • Kassandra Hamilton

    I’d say that the app was good at first but recently started asking for my soctal security number to receive money which I never put my number in when I made the account so it seems a little fishy, can’t do anything until i put my ssn in…

    • Denel Andre

      What I can do to receive money from my square cash

  • Richard Lear

    My niece wants to pay back the money I loaned her through square cash. I download the app. It doesn’t give me a customer number, so I share square cash with her so she will know I have downloaded it. She asks if the extension on the share is my number. I have no clue! I call customer service. They will only put people with a number through.

    Right now, Square Cash SUCKS!

    Why is it that companies don’t want to talk to people anymore?

  • Susan

    I don’t have this app, but I did have someone who does have it steal money out of my checking account over the weekend, 02/18/17. How was he (his name supposedly is “David Kelzy” listed after each withdrawal) able to make 3 separate transactions of $500 each (Total $1500) in rapid succession? Fortunately, I check my bank accounts at least once a day, and caught it right away. My bank was able to determine that it had just happened that morning and reversed the transfers. They are now investigating who did the transactions. BEWARE of this app since it looks like anyone who has it can steal money right out of your checking account without your knowledge!

  • Randall

    Very poor UI for using the web browser based app.

    1. Trying to register and verify myself. They ask SSN and DOB. I have one of each, but the system says – invalid. How on earth, I don’t know.

    – finally adds phone number, email, and a CashTag. I was able to verify myself then.
    – No information as to why it was invalid. Just INVALID
    – Support center could not even figure out why the error came.

    2. Bring to send some cash over. Declined.

    – No information as to why it was declined. Just DECLINED.
    – Spoort center has no clue why the transaction was declined.

    Contacted the Support literally every day. No help. Apparently, the app/website/owners do not pay much attention to user reviews. But, I just had to vent here.

  • Josh Meyer

    Would not recommend. I was at first impressed with the simplicity of the application and the service it provided. Then, I encountered software bugs and their customer service. In attempt to send a payment I was asked to enter my CC CVV number. Unfortunately Square Cash responded with invalid CVV, which was in fact valid. After a couple of failed attempts I pinged their support email address with my issue. Their response? To deactivate my account due to being high risk. Further more, there’s no outlet for resolution. Poor software and thoughtless operational implementation.

  • Kevin Waterhouse

    After formerly being a strong advocate for this program, going so far as getting dozens of friends and colleagues to use it, now Square just randomly decided that my account was ‘high risk’ and shut down my account. You’d think they’d ask for my banking information or my social security number or something, however, they just terminated my account with no chance to recover it. A testament to how idiotic and ineffective their security team is, it took less than 10 minutes to create a new account with a new email address. I can no longer suggest this application to anyone really, however, thanks Square, I’ll gladly send payments through Venmo!!!! I’m sure Paypal appreciates your idiotic business practices. It’ll be nice to use a service that values it’s users and doesn’t penalize users for their inability to combat fraud.

    • David DNP

      Likewise Got Them Lots Of Customers! Thought They Where Great, Don’t Use The Website Version There Thiefs……….

  • Doyle

    This site is a fraud. They took money out of my account on a whim. They were the only merchant. I used them once and then quit because they were not easy to deal with. But, they had my information and they sole money from my account. Had to close all my accounts and file a legal complaint.
    Don’t give these people any information. They will take your money!

  • RWM

    I was recently a victim of identity theft and I have been trying to contact Square Cash for weeks to report it and advise them that someone hacked all of my accounts and created an account with them using my name. As many have already noted, customer service phone support is non-existent and a timely resolution via email has not been favorable either. Their security measures lack tremendously, in my opinion. I’m so frustrated!

    • Colleen Doyle

      Stay away from these people. They took $80 out of my account on a whim and they won’t even address it. I had to close my accounts and file a police report.
      This allows them to access as much of your money as they want – and they do just that.
      No one will talk to you, they just send short messages that lead to more frustration.

  • Doug

    This app is full of stolen money. The money I’ve sent has never shown up in recipients account even though they received notification of payment! Funds are no where to be found! THEIVES!!!!!

  • Ray

    This App Sucks!!!!
    No customer contact number. Basically we give out all or information, take all the risk and when we need any help of any kind, or even to ask a quick question we are on our own. left to push buttons, screw things up as they’ll claim you did..
    I will never use any of there product again.

  • Paula

    This app has got to be be thr worst! I have been waitimg for a refund that in writing was to be in my account by Dec 23. Its January 7th and still nothing! I have emailed and emailed and havent gotten any answers. I finally got someone on the line with my customer code and she said all she can do also is email the support team! What BS. So now I am just waiting because apparently it takes 9 to 14 days to get funds back. So being that we had a few holidays and the weekends, I am waiting one more week! There has to be a way to get our money back. This is sad and ridicolous

  • Im

    This app is being used predominately by scammers because the soon as the money is transferred they can get the money and close their phone lines are their accounts and you will never get it back you have to go to your bank or transferring agency to get it back

  • Fabianna Ruiz

    I added this app yesterday. My clients also added it to pay me with the app and it was a nightmare! They took money 2x from one client account and transferred $0 to mine! They also charged me $0.01 for no money…. The other client’s $ also failed to be transferred to my account.. I am very disappointed and will never use it again.

  • Porsha Vass

    I have had two people try to send me money through the app and i cant accept it because i DO NOT have Facebook.

    I think this is stupid to have to verify through social media when everyone doesn’t have it.

    The App was great before they implemented this.

  • A Very Upset Customer

    HORRIBLE COMPANY AS A WHOLE. Your money is safer in an unlocked, open locker in the gym. Oh, and if you have an issue just forget about it! No one picks up when you call, that is if you can get the appropriate code to enter in order to speak with someone. No one emails you back either. I’ve been waiting for 2 weeks to discuss my $1,250 payment that is… lumming in the abisque. Not appreciate or EXCEPTABLE. I’m closing my accounts TODAY!

    • Noneya

      This has got to be a joke. I used this app for the first time didn’t receive my payment nor did my bank receive it. I work for myself and have children I’ve been put in a serious bind because of this. This is why i have always just trusted cash or check. Do not get the square cash app!!!!!!

  • Valerie Hayes

    Money diverted to ghost account ??? Has anyone been successful in obtaining resolution. $500 disappeared while cashing out to my bank account. I noticed that there is a ghost bank account/card that I did not create in addition to mine in the app. Someone is diverting money transfers in my opinion and Square Cash should be accountable for that.

  • Julie

    The app is horrible. I had a payment cancelled for no reason and have emailed numerous times to address this issue…The issue started on Dec 14th and it is now Dec 26th. I still haven’t resolved the issue and haven’t been paid. It is extremely frustrating to only be able to email with an issue. We are dealing with $ and there should be a live support system. This is ridiculous….I have had numerous issues this is just the most recent one.

    • Valerie

      Have you been successful in obtaining resolution yet? $500 disappeared while cashing out to my bank account. I noticed that there is a ghost bank account/card that I did not create in addition to mine in the app. Someone is diverting money transfers in my opinion and Square Cash should be accountable for that.

  • Kieth

    Really sucks when you conduct business through an app that will literally take back the money that should of been instantly deposited into your bank acct & give it back to your customers , for no reason at all . (several occasions) i’ve been screwed over countless times. Email responses are vague, not helpful at all. Never using this again.

  • Gina

    The Cash app is difficult to understand. The support services are terrible!!! They only commuicate via email. I received an email that my bank denied payment from a customer but when I called my bank they showed that Cash had sent a request for confirmation of account and was approved. Cash still denied to deposit. When I contacted them (not by phone because there is NO phone #) to ask for help with this transaction, before they contacted me, they contacted my customer and the message to her said “for your protection” we refunded your money!! VERY DISAPPOINTED in this app and a tad upset with the so called support services!!

    • Mr. Marsh

      I opened a square cash account yesterday, had $200 sent to it. Linked my debit card and saw the message ‘ your money will be deposited by the end of the day.’
      This morning I got a message saying further info is required. I went to see what info and it was the exact same debit linking info I gave yesterday. Came to find out that the transaction didn’t go through to my card /account but was accepted when my wife gave her link info. What that means is if you’re not the primary account holder, you have to do it through the primary holder. Received an email stating ‘your funds will be deposited shortly.’ Instant hasn’t happened, by the end of the day hasn’t happened, and I’m still waiting on shortly!

  • John Li

    SquareCash scammed me $450… They’ve been trying to avoid my complaints for months. Just a horrible company and customer service base in general.

    Stick to paypal. Most scammers use SquareCash to rig people. It’s sad.

    • Valerie Hayes

      Have you been successful in obtaining resolution yet? $500 disappeared while cashing out to my bank account. I noticed that there is a ghost bank account/card that I did not create in addition to mine in the app. Someone is diverting money transfers in my opinion and Square Cash should be accountable for that.

  • Carlos G

    Horrible! “Instant” for money sent to me to appear on my cash balance appears to take until the next business day to reflect in the app, which on a Friday evening means waiting until a Monday! I could’ve taken care of this transaction faster and easier any number of other ways. No phone support is available without first having to go through square to sign up for an apparent business account, plus over an hour waiting for a call back from phone support after obtaining my account code.

    Email response quotes a policy, “For security reasons, all payments are subject to review and additional processing time – typically no more than one business day.” This fine print is not obtainable anywhere on the app’s supoort pages nor on the website’s support pages. Clearly keeping funds overnight from personal transactions hints they are making money off the interest earned, which wouldn’t be a problem had they not promised instant. Furthermore, a second e-mail response confirms I have a Square Cash account and indicates “their support team communicates via email. “; so don’t bother trying to get someone on the phone.

    If you’re doing a favor for someone, and you want to take advantage of this app with the virtual card it offers, don’t waste your time and find another way. This app is a lure, does not promise what is states, and will give you a headache on anything time-sensitive. If there is no sense of urgency, you minus well mail a check. Thank you, Square Cash App, for a complete waste of my time!!!

  • kate criswell

    This app stinks – do not use! I sent money and can’t locate it and there is no one to talk to and the self help is just not helpful. Avoid.

  • Concerned parent

    So I just caught my son using this app. Apparently he took money from his grandmothers account with out her knowing. Actually Chase bank fraud department discovered the unusual transactions and called her. My question is how can this happen. She didn’t approve of the transaction.. What should I do? If she didn’t approve it how did the money get removed?

  • Ollie Guerrero

    Very disappointed in this service. You can’t reach anyone for help. I have $300 missing and can’t reach the company. I would never trust them with my money again. Throwing my whole day off.

    • Valerie Hayes

      Have you been successful in obtaining resolution yet? $500 disappeared while cashing out to my bank account. I noticed that there is a ghost bank account/card that I did not create in addition to mine in the app. Someone is diverting money transfers in my opinion and Square Cash should be accountable for that.

  • Dr. Heather Stein

    Although SquareCash’s website advertises live phone support, this is a lie. Furthermore, the “customer service agent” responding to my query completely ignores the information in the email and, instead, offers what appears to be copy-paste responses from the Support FAQ. I had hoped that SquareCash would be an alternative to Paypal, but clearly it’s not. I can’t resolve a problem with a canned response of “the most likely issue.” I can only resolve the ACTUAL problem. Steer clear of this service.

  • Adrianne

    I have been trying for a week now to have my money in my cash account deposited into my bank account and it keeps getting declined. I have been going back and forth between my bank and Square Cash trying to resolve this issue and get my money but it has become a game of monkey in the middle with square cash saying there is a block on my bank account preventing the money from being deposited and my bank telling me that there are no blocks on my account and that there is no reason the money shouldn’t be going through. If this doesn’t get resolved as soon as possible I will take legal action and sue them for fraud.

    • Kimberly

      Please let me know what you were able to figure out because I’m having the same issue with $331 locked into my cash app and can’t put it into my bank I want to call the police also

  • Yomi

    I used to really like Cash App.. until it started asking for my SSN in order to accept the deposits that were being sent to me. I will NOT put in my SSN, therefore, I am unable to sent or accept cash via the app.

  • Fernandez

    On more than one occasion has money sent through Square Cash been lost for days. The reason may be my bank (HSBC, which does not like Square Cash. Why? Not secure?) … Anyway, support for the app is subpar and sometimes takes several days to get a response.
    Unacceptable when money is involved.

  • Saundra Hoyle

    I used the cash app about theee times and my card number has been compromised twice !! Here recently I had a brand new card never used had it activated and the next day my nimber was compromised !!!! I won’t be using this app anymore !!!!

  • John Li

    SquareCash actually scammed me $440 by cancelling a payment between the buyer and I. After the buyer got my product, he stopped replying to me because SquareCash cancelled the payment for no reason.

    Their customer support is also atrocious. Allow this product at all cost.

  • Mrs Goldston

    If this app promotes send cash free.why am I being charged 10% to receive my deposits instantly.If I choose to have a standard deposit it takes two days to actually deposit in my account. I was really loving this app until this started happening. Now I’m not so sure if all its cracked up to be

  • sonny

    has anyone been able to get their money back, and if so please share how

  • Jason Smith

    AVOID AVOID, AVOID this company if its the last thing you do. As several others have mentioned here they have the absolute worst customer service. My account stopped working and it took them almost two months after several attempts to even respond to me. What do they say? We are closing your account due to our belief you violated the TOS and are going to reverse your completed transactions. I did NOTHING that violated their TOS and they also said due to security reasons we cannot let you know why. This company is a complete and utter joke. I regret ever getting involved with them and will be sure to spread the word to use PayPal or any other alternative over them. DO NOT even think about using Square for anything.

    • Possible Upstart

      Was this a private account or business account? We were thing of possibly using Sq. for a business outreach idea? and all I have read have not stated weather it is or is not for business, plz advise-thanxz for your time

    • Sonny

      I absolutely agree. I have been trying to get funds transferred to my bank account for weeks. I sent numerous email, which is the only way to contact them, and have received no responses. DO NOT USE SQUARE CASH

    • Travis Franklin

      I Totally agree Response time is to Slow and Square Cash has No Customer Service Phone Number. Had to Refund money to customers because for some reason the money Never showed up in any of my accounts

      • Shannon

        Did you do the refund through square? And then process the payment in a different way?

  • Hamid S.

    Horrible app. I tried using it just a few days ago, the first “pay” of $100 went OK then the next one keeps saying exceeded $2500 weekly limit. BS. I have only Sent $100. NO CUSTOMER SUPPORT AT ALL. Deleting the app until these bozos get their act together.

  • Henry

    I a business visitor from Africa but I run a bank account here in the USA. I have successfully done only 4 transactions with the square cash, to the total of about $300 only. My 5th transaction was rejected and the system keep asking my ssn to complete the transaction. As a business visitor, I don’t have an ssn so what am I supposed to do? I requested to provide ssn when opening my account so why now?
    I have searched for a contact number to get help but they keep asking me to insert a code. Which code are they talking about?

  • Gc

    Worst app ever. Just tried to decline a request for $1000 from someone I didn’t know and the money was sent instead. No actual way to stop the money or get it back. STAY AWAY

    • Concerned parent

      Can you share what the email looks like to accept of decline money. My son has bee using this app and it seems to be breaking the law in my opinion. So should I assume that he can open a fake email account to pass money through?

  • Landon

    I’ve used square cash twice. The first time, all went well. The second time however, $250 was lost transferring from myself to my wife. Square has made no efforts to reclaim the funds and worse they will not supply a phone number to call. DO NOT USE THIS APP! When selecting an app that has access to your $, be sure they have a support Center in country that you can call!

  • Cynthia

    Do not use! If you sent money and it doesn’t arrive Good luck! You can not get through to customer service. Ever! American Express is now disputing the transaction.

    • ME

      I’m in the same boat right now, AND it’s very frustrating.

  • Deven Collins

    Horrible customer service. Square debited my checking on 7/26 for 75.00 and said it was for a cancelled/ refunded transaction from 3/4/16. I called my friend and asked if they had requested it and they said no. They never received the money either. Square disputed told me they spoke with their bank and they found in their favor blah, blah, blah total BS, never happened. My friend never received the money, I spoke with their bank and my 75.00 is in the wind somewhere. So shady……

    • Tia

      Wow the same exact thing happened to me for the same amount. And they swear the money was received. Now my money is just in fucking thin air. This is bullshit.

    • Joe

      What’s the contact number u used cause I have the same problem

  • David

    This is the worst company I’ve ever dealt with. There is zero customer service!! I used it twice to sell people tickets, notified me that the payment was successful and that the fund would appear shortly. So since on my end it said payment was successful I sent the tickets to the people. The next day I get a message from and it says payment failed. I contacted and there was no response! So i’m out over $2,000 in tickets! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!!

  • ricardo

    square and all there related products are BAD!!
    I used square for my company.
    And got one day a customer, who bought a lot with his credit card. he showed me his valid ID and so on.
    I follewed every procedure.. and now square thinks and believes its a stolen credit card. And will not pay out my earnings.

    So based on what they believe and think. they make people who have there own company loose there money due the fact. what if a new customer comes in.. and pays also with a credit card.. Again buy merchandise and bye money and bye sold merchandise..



    and dont give a damn how that affects business owners

    Due the fact of square there thinking ways and believe system.

    I lost over 2k on merchandise and not received one penny. so double loss

  • catherine scott

    I had closed my bank that was hooked up cashmecash and 2 weeks later my ex sent me money to cash me. The bank has no record of seeing this and said they would have rejected it. Cash me insists that the transaction went through. I cannot access the money and do not know where it is almost 2 months later.

    • Vanessa Bello

      I’m reporting this case of a 500.00 payment a friend sent to me that I never received to The Better Business Bureau. “Square Cash”, “square Inc” whoever you are, you have stolen my money and his. You are crooks.

  • Ivey Casey

    I have used Square Cash flawlessly for over a year. No problems receiving money at all. I was sent a payment of $450 today, and it is nowhere to be found. The app tells me it is in my Cash Drawer, but I specifically requested it be sent to my bank instantly. I even received a $50 payment earlier today, that went straight to my bank. My Cash drawer is showing $0 and the $450 is floating around somewhere. Does anyone know an email, or phone number. That is a lot of money to be just lost.

    • Angry Money

      LOL, this is crazy, I’m having the same issue for the same amount of money. Thought this would a quick way to transfer money accounts really quickly. App says money will be in cash drawer shortly, that was hours ago. My $450 is floating in virtual world now. I wish I had seen all these reviews before even starting with this product. No customer server to speak to.

      • Question

        Did you ever get your money? I’m having the issue now.

    • KeKe

      had the same issue. contacted by support and apparently i have 3 different accounts 1 with my phone and 2 with 2 separate email address. All 3 belong to me. Don’t know how all 3 got set up but anyway. Support contacted me and informed me which account the money was in. Logged in using that account and low and behold that’s where the money was waiting on me to cash out..

    • Hubert griffin

      I sent $600. to an account that was never activated…..a week ago Square cash indicated monies will be refunded. I need a customer service contact number to resolve this. otherwise I have to report this as fraud ….

      • Jimmy

        I’m having the same problem, I just need my money back and close this account.

  • Laura

    A friend sent me 300 dollars, and when I cashed it out, it simply disappeared and was never deposited into my account! I have been contacting their email customer service for days to no avail. I am furious with this company–it’s like they stole from me!

    • Pat Mouen

      They did the same with me. I transferred $400. The amount came out of my account and never went to the person. i accidentally sent another $400 and they got it that time. However I requested $400 and never got it so I canceled the request and it took the $400 from the other person. So now cash app made $800 from us. Also I can’t get anyone to contact me. I want to report the company and I don’t know who to report them too.

      • Deven Collins

        Federal Trade Commission but they can’t help get your money back….I reported them. Also check with your state banking regulators to file a complaint or credit card company :(

  • Yaw

    ***DO NOT USE THIS APP ***
    This is a horrible APP and I strongly warn users to avoid sending money using this APP. How can SQURECASH operate without a dedicated customer support?
    They make it so difficult to talk to a live person. I sent $400.0 to pay for some transaction and the amount was debited right away from my bank however, I got a message that the amount has been refunded for no reason. I checked my bank account and there is no money. This is the first time using this APP.

  • kellie turner

    DO NOT USE. This app definitely has the worst customer service ever. You cannot get in contact with anyone, only email… and even then it’s a very slow response.

    I had a man cash me $900 for tickets I was selling, I made sure it was in my bank account before giving him the tickets. Well he filed a dispute and cash gave him all his money back.

    They didn’t contact me to tell me, didn’t email me, NOTHING. They just took it out of my bank account and gave him all his money back. So essentially, Cash let him take all his money back. I don’t get how that’s even legal, for an app to take all your money out of your account without warning or questioning.

    They are telling me, over email by the way, that because they already gave him his money back….they can’t do anything.

    Soooo they stole $900 from me and now I have to go to the police.

    • pt

      what was the out come ??? this just happened to me??? recourse

  • Sumanth pusapati

    Hi i send money to someone by mistake now how can i get that refund back anyone please help me. with the solution.

  • Jessica

    Mom sent me $150 to help with daycare. Square took it out of her account on the 14th. Told us both it was successful and would be in my bank within 2 days. Then later, oops, now it says it failed. But it was for sure withdrawn, for sure hasn’t showed up in my account, and I for sure still owe my (now irate) babysitter.

    • Dominique

      Did you find out what happened? I’m having the same issue

  • KM

    NO ability to contact a human, NO ability to get resolution.
    After sending payments successfully 2 times to the same people–they were made to jump through hoops and felt they were being scammed when asked for their social security they declined to register.

    Then others who put in their correct numbers were told their ID couldn’t be verified!!! OMG.

    Additionally, the sign up process is never consistent..the information says ‘just put in your debit card number” but that is NEVER enough–because square has a VERY POOR technology structure that can’t process in real time.

    These folks are a disaster..very poor software.and they are ARROGANT as hell. They think they are cool and hip and wonderful–but guess what..they lost my business and everyone I know business–including my square register business.

    Adios problems

    • A'Ryann

      A’Ryann here: square cash is a peice of sh*****! They’ve owed me over $300 since March! I’m suing them! They don’t answer your calls! Lie about customer codes! And steal your money! RUN RUN RUN!!!! I hope those jerks see my review because will be seeing my lawyer!

      • Myrecia

        If your lawyer is interested in a class action suit.. I’m down

  • Darryl Gale

    DO NOT USE IT!!! I sent $500 on a Thursday morning. It is now 9:30pm Monday night. We were told they’d receive the money on Monday, then Monday evening but they don’t have it.

  • jd

    very disappointed at Customer Service for SquareCash…previously I have been telling many people to use it….but the first problem i encounter (even though it was a stupid mistake from my part), need help but no where to be found. after much research, sounds like people are having the same issues with them. extremely disappointed. most likely will not recommend to others anymore

  • Thelma King

    I have a personal account, so it should be free. It has been up until the last two transactions in which they took out the 2.75% that is supposed to be reserved for businesses. There is no phone number to be found anywhere to contact them. Just have to hope they respond to your email.

    • Thelma King

      They responded (via email) and cleared up the matter within 48 hours.

  • Steven

    The service is horrible, it takes forever to get a response, and usually the response simply says someone else will contact you. I was advised over a week ago that I would receive a refund and to date it has not been done. There is no accountability, and no clear point of contact for anything.

  • Ramya

    Some one please help me friend deposited 1900 from
    Her account and transaction failed due to security reasons and saying money will be deposited back till now there is no money reflecting in bank account or neither processing ..please help me with some solution ..we are panicked ..any customer support to contact

    • KB

      Try this: [email protected]/square_com

      They actually helped me and solved my problem. But I had to go through a lot of hoops to get this person to help me. I don’t use Square Cash anymore. I don’t trust it.

      • Awa

        they dont respond at mails coming on that email address

  • Shannon Zwaan

    I have used Square Cash in the past with no problem. This most recent attempt to send money found the money missing from my acct but not going to the recipient. It is impossible to get help from them. The codes they send do not work when I try to contact by phone. The password I set up does not work. I will never use them again. I will try to resolve this issue through my Schwab Brokerage acct where the money was deducted. It should not be this hard to get help.

  • yishay Kadosh

    Worst app ever dont use it I have a peraonal acount and they always changing me 1.5% and I never received the $5 they claim to gove for inviting friends they just dont send them the link with text and there is no customerservise
    Scamm app

  • Mostakim

    Never use Square Cash !! My payment to my friend was expired and it was supposed to be refunded to my account. Technically it should take 1-2 business days. But the money never got refunded. I tried to contact customer support. To be honest, customer support does not even exist. Every I tried to contact, I was allowed to write a message on the website. They never replied and the issue never got resolved. Now I am thinking about closing my debit card that I used to do transactions in Square Cash. Never believe Square Cash if don’t want to lose money.

  • Oma

    Do not download this app!! It will allow you to send little amounts of money but when you send something big that is when problems arise. Do not give them your information for any reason.

    • LaTanya Hutchinson

      I sent 1500.00 with no problems

      • Kayvona

        Did the money go into the account right away?

    • James

      I sent $100 and it was “refunded for my protection”

      • Mary

        I’m having the same problem. It’s only $130 but it keeps getting refunded “for my protection”. I can’t find out why & I need to get this person paid now.

  • Genny

    Zero customer support! Someone was sending me $900, cash app required me to enter additional information to verify my identity (full name, date of birth, last 4 of my social) in order to receive the funds. All information was entered correctly but the app kept cancelling the verification, giving me a message that my information was incorrect. The sender cancelled the payment within a few minutes of sending and it shows cancelled in both cash apps. I never received the $900 but $900 was taken out of the senders bank account and has not been returned. I have terminated my cash account and deleted the app from my phone. Have also advised everyone I invited to use the app to do the same.

    Are you with Square? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

    • Justin

      This is exactly the same thing that is happening to me, I emailed them a day ago about this exact issue and I’ve yet to hear back. Did you ever find out a solution? I’m still waiting to receive four payments…

      • Genny

        No solution. He went to his bank and initiated a dispute. We both started blasting them on Twitter (@squarecash and @sqsupport) which got a response. The response was that they refunded the money and he needed to go to his bank and ask them to do a trace on the refund. He did, there was no refund so he got a letter from the manager stating this. He turned it in to Square Cash, now they want another letter from the bank manager with her name and contact info. From everything I’ve read about Cash, they are doing the same thing to everyone with this problem. I suspect they will try to drag this out the full 30 days and force his bank to refund the $900.

        As for my problem of having to enter in validation info before I can receive a payment, they said they have no control over the info I enter and there isn’t a way to set validation info up in either the app or the desktop site. So what are they comparing the validation info to?? It’s a mystery. The only other thing they would say is you can send $250 in a week and receive up to $1000 in a month without having to validate your account. If you have a Twitter account, I suggest you start bombarding their feeds using the handles I listed above and don’t let up until your issues are resolved. Do it several times a day if you have to. The more people speak up about what’s really going on with this app the more people will stop trusting their money with Square Cash.

        • Ramya

          Hi granny currently we are facing the same problem with 1900$ transaction failed and no amount refunded in neither of the banks please help us in contacting them

        • Natalie giron

          How do I get help from cs I have someone sending me money but it keeps saying fail

        • mari

          Hi. I’m having issues receiving money sent and have started the tweets. ugh. so frustrating!

    • Genny

      Update: this morning his $900 suddenly appeared back in his bank account, it took 9 days. Blasting them on social media apparently did the trick. If anyone reading this decides to continue doing business with this company, you do so at your own risk.

    • Herbert N. Maddox

      My wife sent me cash last Friday. I got a message that told me that the funds would be available on Wednesday. I thought that was a fluke. The money remained out of play for 5 days. Try reaching a person to talk to and you can’t! Soon you realize the real issue isn’t the problem at hand but rather the fact that you can’t speak to someone to resolve this problem. Today $50. dollars was sent and now it tells me the funds will be available on Tuesday (4 days). I don’t think they understand that when you have money sent to you it is because you need it! I am beginning to think that they (Cash) don’t understand this! Then the round-around starts you talking to your bank that shows they have no record of the transfer.

    • Shannon

      Similarly the money was taken from my acct but not deposited to the recipient and I have been unable to get any help to resolve this. Square is a publicly traded company and I do believe, with enough complaints, investigations will be coming as to their procedures.

  • Karen Baranik

    Somehow it decided to take a percentage out of the last payment I made to someone. I loved this app, but will never ever use it again. I can’t get a hold of anyone to resolve this. I don’t trust them anymore.

    Are you with Square? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • Vilash

    I have my $373 stuck with them and have been fighting for it for the past 45 days. Recently someone called that my money is sent and will be reaching in 1-2 business days and till today its more than 6 business days and haven’t received anything. Please suggest me If I should take legal action against them. They have the worst customer service ever.Any help would be appreciated to sue this guys.

    Are you with Square? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • Julisa

    I send my boyfriend $400 dollars and the payment failed and the money had not been return to my account. I’ve been using this app for a while and there was never a problem, but now I’m concern on to where is my money.

    There’s no customer service number to reach them either.

    Are you with Square? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

    • StarAnna

      same here! And im a single Mom with little income resources….Im really ticked!

      • Lynda wolfe

        They have no customer service. Sent money to a friend and she didn’t receive it. I emailed them so many times and asked them to please find the money and they deleted my account. Never use cash app.

  • James

    Same old tune. Got the app to send money to friends. Seemed like a great idea. I sent money to several different people multiple times. Used my credit card (two different ones alternatively – can only link one card) – never linked my bank account (good thing too!). Went okay, would get charged instantly and would deposit instantly. Then suddenly, out of the blue they decide to withhold a payment to a friend for a week. So much for their claims that it’s an instant way to transfer money amongst friends. I sent another payment to see if the withholding was a glitch, it wasn’t, withheld as well. Then I get a notification that my $200 sent failed and was refunded to my bank account. Well, it wasn’t – first there’s no bank account and second the credit card wasn’t reimbursed. If they can charge instantaneously they can darn sure refund immediately. I cannot imagine the other two payments will go through, so I’m assuming I’ll be out 350 dollars total. Thing is, they are so rude about it too. Review their responses to the BBB complaints (there’s pages upon pages of them) and review the iTunes store complaints. It’s clear they don’t really care.

    Are you with Square? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • gj

    My daughters father deposited money in my account 19 days ago and No funds found. The Account they said they deposit my money went to somebody else’s and Square cash never apologized and never sorted it out!
    I had to leave my # to reach out day 15.
    Square cash never called me to sort it out until 15 days later and when they did they said they were going to contact the bank manager and Never did.. I not only gave them the managers number I gave them my new account number to go ahead to deposit my money and they never did. We work so hard for money and we trust them to do what they said and not taking responsibility for the mistakes and the worst customer service I’ve ever had.
    I would not refer Square cash to anybody..
    They don’t have no sense of urgency and respect!!

    Are you with Square? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • Herbert

    If you have a problem, good luck trying to reach these people. The only thing that happens is you are required to:
    1. Sign in first.
    2. Go to support and leave a message.
    3. You get an email (which I’m sure is automated) saying “Thanks for contacting Cash Support. We have received your message, and a member of our dedicated Support team will be with you as soon as possible.

    In the meantime, you’re more than welcome to check out our Support Center, where there are answers to all of our most frequently asked questions.

    Thanks so much for your patience – we look forward to helping out shortly!
    4. No one ever calls you back. Currently, I have $600.00 tied up with this app and no one to talk to about it. My bank tells me they have no record of this money ever reaching the bank. They said if the had received the fund and they were waiting to be deposited, there would be an “pending” entry.
    I have no idea how this will be resolved, but right now I am pissed!

    Are you with Square? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

    • StarAnna

      Omg, ME TOO! I thought this was such an awesome app! I got off POPMONEY to come to it and got all my paying clients to do the same….
      Today i got my money ans usual and when i went to accept the payments, it took me completely all day and still not resolved. Asking for a valid SS number!~ Are you even kidding me!
      We all need to report to RIPOFF reports and the BBB and also the owner,Jack Dorsey, who also started up several reputable HUGE buisnessses…. like TWITTER & Instapray, Instagram.
      His reputations on the line so im sure (hoping) he will get it panned out
      Most likely theres a phishing scam involved. Overseas. It even warns about PHISHING scams. yeah, i put my seein feelers up when that kept poppin up. Its typical of overseas scams to include a warning to make problems seem legite and also buys them som e time.

    • Patty Parks-Wasserman

      Did you ever get your $600? Were you ever helped? If so, how did you get their attention? I’m struggling with a $300 transfer that is similar, not in either bank, in limbo at Squarecash now.


  • Sharon Mitchell

    I don’t know what kind of scam this is all I know is I deposited $500 into this account at first they told me the payment was sent then told me an hour later that the payment was refunded back to me in which I still haven’t received it took 4 days for someone to e mail me back agenersl message then as I tried calling it takes me to a message saying someone will call me back I’m really tired of the game and about to seek legal action

    • Stephanie

      Just sent 600 on it about an hour ago. And the person I sent it to says it is not in their account yet. Considering you posted this in November I would just like to know what has happened since? Did you get your money back? Or did you take legal action?

      Are you with Square? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

      • dillon

        Same thing. My friend sent me 50$ yesterday no problem but today I tried to get 500…its taken from his account but 1.5 hours later still not in mine (the cash app that is..not even bank) what the heck?

        • Patty Parks-Wasserman

          I’m having a similar experience, feeling like I’ve possibly lost $300 to this company and whatever is going on there. Did you ever get yours resolved? Any advice?

          • Tracenia Woods

            I was just scammed out of 300.00 I sent my daughter 200.00 she pushed cash out but don’t have a bank account. The money is sitting on there server and they said to get a refund go buy a Google play card for 100.00 and they would refund it back plus the 200.00 then they said after they took the money off the card I needed to put another 400.00 and they would send 600.00 back. I said I don’t have that kind of money so they hung up on me. Iam calling BBB or suing cash App.

  • Cristine E Peterson

    I’ve been using square cash for 1 month. All of a sudden I’m not receiving payments people have been sending. They get a confirmation from their bank showing it was sent. However, it’s not coming to me! I can’t get into my account, customer service won’t take my calls because you need a customer code. The customer code is in my account which I cannot access. I’m done with $.

    • Cristine

      Problem fixed! My bank account was disconnected to the app. No account, no money. I’ve never had any other issue with Cash

  • Dave

    This app sucks. When someone sends you more than what they have in their account the recipient gets a notice that looks like the cash is received BUT several hours later you get a message that the payment failed. This is a HUGE leak for fraudulent transactions. If the recipient doesn’t have the money in their account the app SHOULD immediately notify both parties of that fact. HORRIBLE!!!!!!

  • Douglas

    This app is horrible. I sent 522 to the wrong person and the person agreed to send me back the money. It has been 6 days and it has not hit his account. I have emailed the site 6 times since Thursday it is now Tuesday, still awaiting a response which I wont get. And since there is no phone number I can just assume the money is gone.

    Thank you square cash for responding your customers.

  • Nick

    They have a security feature that you can enable that requires you to enter the ccv number on the back of your linked card before sending money. So there is no way someone can send money to themselves without it. Unless of course you don’t have that option enabled in the settings.

    • Chelsea

      Yeah you would think. I had this CCV and fingerprint security in place as well as getting e-mailed whenever a transaction was made. Someone was still able to hack in and bypass all those security features and send themselves over $100. Square cash customer service told me to contact my bank and that they could not do anything personally to reverse that transaction. What a joke.


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