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Company Overview

American Verification Processing Solutions is a merchant account provider that was founded in 2000 by a management team with card processing industry experience dating back to 1985. The company provides merchant accounts to standard-risk and high-risk businesses. The company also advertises Clover as a POS solution. In 2020, AVPS partnered with BeeSeen Solutions, a full-service Strategic Advisory with Expertise in Business Process Outsourcing, Digital Marketing, Process Automation, and Call Center Services.

American Verification Processing Solutions Payment Processing

American Verification Processing Solutions processes all major debit and credit cards for most business types. Their services include EMV card readers and swipers, Clover POS solutions, mobile solutions, ACH and e-check processing, recurring billing, PCI compliance, and access to virtual terminals and payment gateways.

American Verification Processing Solutions: Online Payment Processing

For businesses with an online presence, American Verification Processing Solutions provides online payment processing services. These services are designed to integrate with a company's online storefront, facilitating secure online transactions.

American Verification Processing Solutions: Point of Sale Systems

Point of Sale (POS) systems are provided by American Verification Processing Solutions. These systems are geared towards managing and tracking sales and inventory in a physical retail environment, alongside processing transactions.

American Verification Processing Solutions: Mobile Payment Solutions

American Verification Processing Solutions offers mobile payment solutions. These services enable businesses to accept payments on mobile devices, offering flexibility in transaction processing across various locations.

American Verification Processing Solutions: Additional Merchant Services

Beyond core payment processing services, American Verification Processing Solutions offers additional merchant services, which may include gift and loyalty card programs, check processing services, and merchant cash advances. These services supplement the company's payment processing solutions, providing a comprehensive suite of options for businesses.

Group ISO Connection

It should be noted that AVPS is mentioned in complaints that have been filed against an Irvine, California-based company called Group ISO, and the CEO of Group ISO is Mike Segura. At this time, the relationship between AVPS and Group ISO (and the relationship between Tiffany Segura and Mike Segura) is unclear. However, the cited evidence suggests that the two companies may be linked.

Location & Ownership

The payment processor is headquartered at 6737 Variel Ave, Canoga Park, California 91303 and is a registered ISO/MSP of Central Bank of St. Louis, Clayton, Missouri. Tiffany Segura is the founder, president, and CEO of AVPS.

Pros & Cons
Pros: Cons:
Multiple Payment Options: Accepts various methods. Security Concerns: Some users report issues.
Online Gateway Support: Provides online transaction processing. Hidden Fees: Potential for unexpected costs.
Customizable Solutions: Tailored to business needs. Contract Length: Possible long-term commitment.
Secure Transactions: Prioritizes payment security. High Setup Fees: Initial costs may be substantial.
Fraud Prevention: Tools for safer transactions. Customer Complaints: Some dissatisfaction reported.
Recurring Payment Management: Handles regular payments. Non-Transparent Marketing: Rates not always clear.

American Verification Processing Solutions Customer Reviews

Here's What Their Clients Say

Customer Reviews Summary
Total Online Complaints 10+
Live Customer Support Yes
Most Common Complaint Sales Tactics
Recent Lawsuits No

Low Complaint Total

We have located roughly 15 American Verification Processing Solutions reviews on this and other consumer protection websites, most of which mention issues such as withheld account funds, undisclosed fees, fine-print contract disputes, and poor customer service. Nearly every registered American Verification Processing Solutions complaint has been addressed by an AVPS representative. One or two American Verification Processing Solutions reviews appear to have been copied and pasted across sites, and we have disregarded some complaints and testimonials that appear less than legitimate. Additionally, about half of the American Verification Processing Solutions complaints were posted over three years ago, so they will not impact the company’s score too harshly. If you have your own American Verification Processing Solutions review to make, please do so in the comments below.

American Verification Processing Solutions Lawsuits and Fines

We have not found any outstanding class-action lawsuits or FTC complaints filed against American Verification Processing Solutions. Dissatisfied clients who wish to pursue a non-litigious course of action against the company should consider reporting it to the relevant supervisory organizations.

American Verification Processing Solutions Customer Support Options

The American Verification Processing Solutions website lists a general phone line and email address, but it is unclear if these lines are dedicated to customer support.

American Verification Processing Solutions Customer Service Numbers

    • 866-477-3460 – Toll-Free Customer Support
    • 818-657-3640 – General Support

Other Support Options

Overall, the company’s complaint record and limited support options preclude it from being considered a top credit card processor for customer service.

American Verification Processing Solutions Online Ratings

Here's How They Rate Online

Online Ratings Summary
BBB Reports 2

Clean Complaint Record

As of this update, American Verification Processing Solutions has been an accredited business of the Better Business Bureau since 2006 and maintains an “A+” score. The company’s profile is currently showing 2 complaints in the last 36 months.

What Merchants Say

In addition to 2 complaints, American Verification Processing Solutions has received no informal reviews in the last 36 months. Previously, there was 1 review, which was positive, though it should be noted that informal reviews are not verified for authenticity by the BBB like complaints are. The review expressed overall satisfaction with the company’s services:

We used AVPS to help us obtain additional bank processors and we had success using Mr. Rob T*****. AVPS kept us informed as our application was submitted to a processing bank which we did not have access to. I am thankful that AVPS was able to get us the processing we needed with minimal paperwork, great customer service and follow up and a reasonable fee. I would recommend AVPS and have to others in our industry. I read some complaints and what surprised me was that this decent firm was being held accountable for banks actions. Business owners should have enough education to understand the relationship before blindly placing blame on AVPS. AVPS is not the bank. AVPS helps us save time and research by brokering our application out to banks. In our industry there is some degree of difficulty taking credit cards, but AVPS knew exactly which bank to submit our application to and as I mentioned, was succesful and treated us well and informed us up front of all costs. Highly recommend these folks. They are Pros and we know enough to understand the process and having said that, are defensive of AVPS and their great reputation. All Great.

Rates, customer service, and a straightforward application process are all important aspects of merchant services. Nevertheless, the company does not rank as one of our best merchant account providers.

An “A” Performance

In light of the company’s complaint record, we agree with the BBB’s rating. However, business owners should still note that there are reasons to be skeptical of the BBB’s reporting.

American Verification Processing Solutions Fees, Rates & Costs

A Closer Look at The Contract

Cost & Fees Summary
Cancellation Penalties Undisclosed
Monthly & Annual Fees Yes
Processing Rates 1.00% - 4.99%
Equipment Leasing Yes

Assorted Monthly Fees

There is not a great deal of publicly available information regarding the standard American Verification Processing Solutions contract. The company’s website previously listed fairly average Qualified rates, a monthly statement fee of $10, and a minimum monthly fee of $5, which is lower than the industry average. We were able to locate some American Verification Processing Solutions complaints on other consumer protection websites about expensive setup fees, and the company’s website mentions that upfront costs may vary.

Virtual Terminal and Payment Gateway Pricing

In addition to its storefront payment processing services, American Verification Processing Solutions also dedicates a portion of its website to advertising its virtual terminal and payment gateway services. The company advertises Authorize.Net, NMI, and USAePay as its payment gateway providers. Pricing will depend on which gateway provider a business utilizes. Additional rates and fees, including gateway fees, technical support fees, batch fees, and additional transaction rates typically apply to these e-commerce services.

Possible Three-Year Contract

Specific information regarding contract length, PCI compliance fees, or termination fees is unavailable as of this update, although we did locate one complaint citing a three-year contract with automatic renewal and an unspecified American Verification Processing Solutions fee for early termination. Until we know more, we are awarding AVPS a “B” in this category due to the number of complaints it has received regarding its pricing. Business owners can assume that it does not compete with the absolute cheapest merchant accounts. If you have any knowledge of American Verification’s standard contract terms, please leave that information in the comment section of this review.

We also encourage business owners to check out our list of the providers of the best merchant services.

American Verification Processing Solutions Employee Reviews & Sales Tacitcs

Should You Work For Them?

Jobs & Marketing Summary
Uses Independent Resellers Yes
Telemarketing Unclear
Misleading Marketing No
Discloses All Important Terms No

Outside Sales Representatives

American Verification Processing Solutions appears to hire independent sales agents to market its services. Some negative American Verification Processing Solutions reviews online seem to indicate that high-pressure sales tactics are employed by the company’s sales representatives, but there is no information suggesting that the company runs a “hiring mill” operation.

This does not compare favorably to our list of best credit card processors.

Rate Quoting Issues

At the time of our previous update, the company’s website quoted numerous swipe rates on its “Rates & Fees” page and on its homepage. These pages appeared to list extremely low “Qualified” rates without making any mention of the “Mid-Qualified” or “Non-Qualified” rates that clients are likely to see for the vast majority of transactions. We consider this type of rate quoting to be deceptive because it can give merchants an unrealistic expectation of the effective rate they will pay. AVPS has since removed these quotes from its website, but businesses should be on the lookout for similar quotes in any direct communication with the company. If you suspect that the company is charging you undisclosed fees, we recommend seeking a third-party statement audit.

Our American Verification Processing Solutions Review Summary

Our Final Thoughts

American Verification Processing Solutions rates as an above-average credit card processing provider according to our standards. The company appears to utilize less-than-transparent marketing strategies and offer fairly average contract terms, but the low number of valid complaints against the company seems to indicate that clients are not particularly dissatisfied with the service they receive. We advise business owners to carefully read the terms of any contract they are given and to compare them to top payment processing options.

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Testimonials & Complaints

How Did American Verification Processing Solutions Treat You?

9 User Reviews

  • Mark grundy

    Avps is holding over 230 k from our business. Most times Tiffany refuses to take calls. Makes up new excuses for delayed release of funds . Last years 15 percent reserve first explanation for continuing to hold. People could still chargeback. . Now our chargebacks are to high. In addition 60 k being held from business last month. Same explanation our chargebacks are to high. Is anyone else expierencing this holding of your funds.?We barely can stay in business with there holding of funds at every turn.

    • Mark Grundy

      I have asked several times for this review to be deleted. Somebody has fraudulently posted this using my name – it needs to be taken down immediately. I did not post this nor did I authorize anybody to post this on my behalf.

  • Michael

    Finding the right merchant account is very difficult for a small business owner. Personally, I’ve had an amazing experience working with AVPS. Tiffany is a straight shooter and very knowledgable. Tammy her manager is on top of every detail and has been there for me. Thank you AVPS!

  • Martina Brugnoni

    Tiffany Segura and everyone I’ve worked with at AVP Solutions has been AMAZING! I have never been treated with such a high level of respect as a customer. They consistently go above and beyond to make sure I am getting the best service possible. I am very lucky to have a merchant processing company that takes such good care of me. I highly recommend them to any business owner!

  • Robert Poincot

    Hear me out very well. DO NOT ENGAGE IN BUSINESS WITH AVPS, They will run your business down the drain and keep your money and charge you hidden fees everywhere. I lost $10000 the first day of processing with them and to get out they just blackmail you. I am taking legal action against them and blacklisting them. They are ran by a Tiffany (Unknown Last Name) and a husband or partner”” that has the ISO. When you do your first batch of transactions after being mugged $600 in “Setup Fees” they will just hold your funds and then close you down and ask you for more money to refund your clients. After that, they will hawk your ACH and debit you for other fees like “Early Termination, etc” These crooks got me badly but now I am fighting back with the BBB, State Attorney, FTC and also Blacklisting them with the sponsors “Visa, MC and Discover” They deserve to be out of business and shut down ASAP. I will take this as a personal task to make sure justice is served.

    • Josh

      I’m currently getting robbed by AVPS Solutions…… They are have stolen over $142,000 from me and won’t return emails or calls…… Last communication was wait another 30 days and we might release some of your money even though my last funding was processed before the cut of time frame before they terminated my account!!!!! Not to mention the $90,000 they are holding in reserve I will never see my money…… Did you have any luck getting your money from these crooks?? I am in the process of filing all necessary complaints with all governmental bodies and also actively filing a lawsuit against them to get my money!!!!!! Did you have any luck with getting your money???

  • David Cohen

    Authorized fees, FBI investigation!

    My accountant noticed discrepancies on daily deposits, from few hundred per month up to two thousand for last month. I contacted Tiffany Segura CEO of AVPS at (818) 657-3640 and was never given an explanation for these fees that added up to almost ten thousand. My rate is over 5% not 1.99% AVPS promised. Not to mention very poor technological support.
    My attorney had filed a complaint with FDIC, FCC and FBI which got my funds returned pretty fast. Now these thieves are under investigation.

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