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11/3/2019 Update: CPAY has been entirely absorbed into the TSYS brand. The company no longer has a functioning website, all traffic is redirected to the TSYS webpage. All data in this review is current as of August 1, 2019, but will no longer be updated.

A TSYS Company

Founded in 2005 in Larkspur, California, but currently based in San Rafael, Central Payment Corporation is a merchant account provider that operates as a joint venture with TSYS as its card processor. TSYS is one of the biggest credit card processors in the industry, though the company was recently acquired by Global Payments

Headquartered in California

Central Payment Corporation (CPAY), which is located at 2350 Kerner Blvd #300, San Rafael, California 94901, was founded by brothers Zachary and Matthew Hyman, but the company's current leadership likely falls under the TSYS umbrella. M. Troy Woods is the president and CEO of TSYS. The company is a registered ISO/MSP of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Concord, California, and of First National Bank of Omaha, Omaha, Nebraska.

Central Payment Corporation (CPAY) Review Table of Contents

  • Costs & Contract: CPAY offers month-to-month contracts through TSYS with no early termination fees.
  • Complaints & Service: CPAY has received more than 200 public complaints.
  • BBB Rating: CPAY (as TSYS) has an “A+” rating with the Better Business Bureau and has received 131 complaints and 9 reviews in the last 3 years.
  • Sales & Marketing: CPAY appears to hire independent sales agents and has received a high number of complaints about its sales practices.
  • Rates & Fees: How Merchants Got The Best Rates With CPAY

Central Payment Corporation (CPAY) Customer Reviews

Here's What Their Clients Say

Customer Reviews Summary
Total Online Complaints 200+
Live Customer Support Yes
Most Common Complaint Hidden Fees

Common Complaint Themes

For a provider of CPAY’s size and time in business, the company has an average-to-high number of complaints in comparison to similar providers. Several of these negative reviews call the company a ripoff or a scam. The Central Payment Corporation complaints share a common theme, including reports of agents quoting misleading processing rates, actual rates that were much higher than the original rate quotes, and that agents failed to disclose other important fees and contract terms. A few complainants also claim that their signatures were forged on pages of the contracts that they were never supplied.

Negative Reviews Under One Name

Central Payment does not use any sub-ISOs or other business names, and the company claims to manage over 140,000 merchant accounts directly, which concentrates the complaints on one business name. It is common practice in this industry for providers to use other DBAs in order to spread complaints across different names, resulting in the false appearance of a low complaint count among several providers. CPAY does not appear to take part in this unethical strategy, which is a positive sign for the company.

Company Responsiveness

CPAY has historically done a good job of reaching out to complainants in the comment section of this review, but it is unclear how many of these attempts at complaint resolution are ultimately successful. A number of CPAY merchants appear to be satisfied with the company’s service, but each merchant’s satisfaction seems to be greatly determined by the agent setting up the account. Central Payment can improve its rating in this section by reducing the amount of future complaints and by removing policies and agents that cause complaints about the company.

CPAY Lawsuits

We have not found any outstanding class-action lawsuits or FTC complaints filed against CPAY. Dissatisfied merchants who wish to pursue a non-litigious course of action against the company should consider reporting it to the relevant supervisory organizations.

CPAY Customer Support Options

When you sign up for a merchant account with Central Payment there are a few things you should understand. One, Central Payment is acting as a reseller for TSYS, and two, while your payments are actually being processed by TSYS, you will be dealing with Central Payment Corporation exclusively for customer service. The company offers several support-specific phone numbers and email addresses serving four different languages, which is consistent with our expectations for great payment processing customer service.


Central Payment Corporation (CPAY) Online Ratings

Here's How They Rate Online

Online Ratings Summary
Product & Service Complaints 115
Billing & Collection Complaints 11
Advertising & Sales Complaints 5
Guarantee & Warranty Complaints 0
Delivery Complaints 0

Note: We have adjusted this company’s BBB rating according to our own standards. To better understand why we adjust BBB ratings, please see our Rating Criteria.

Over 100 Complaints

The BBB currently assigns the CPAY (as TSYS) an “A+” rating and is reporting 131 complaints in the last 36 months. This is a huge increase from the 69 complaints the company had at the time of our last review in May 2019. Additionally, the company has had 42 complaints closed in the last 12 months.

115 of the 131 complaints relate to problems with a product or service, 11 regard billing or collection issues, and 5 are concerning advertising and sales complaints. Only 44 have been fully resolved to the merchants’ satisfaction. The remaining 87 complaints either were not successfully resolved or did not receive a final response from the merchant.

What Merchants Say

In addition to those 132 complaints, the company has also received 9 informal reviews on its BBB profile, all of which are negative in tone. One merchant cites frustration with a convoluted and misleading rate and fee structure:

Rates are ridiculous. Charged their rate plus tons of fees and other non-qualified rates that end up doubling the bill. They talk you in circles when you call and ask about the hidden fees. 1 transaction gets hit with 3 different fees.

This merchant will benefit from taking the steps to understand which contract terms should be avoided to prevent against charges like those incurred by this merchant.

A “B” Performance Overall

In light of the company’s complaint total and resolution ratio relative to its size, we have adjusted the rating of this section to a “B” for the purposes of this review.

Central Payment Corporation (CPAY) Fees, Rates & Costs

A Closer Look at The Contract

Cost & Fees Summary
Swiped Rate 1.00% - 4.99%
Keyed-in Rate 1.00% - 4.99%
Early Termination Fee $0
Statement Fee $9.50 Per Month
Account Set Up Fee $195
PCI Compliance Fee $45
Equipment Lease Terms 48 Month (locked)

Variable Pricing

CPAY agents appear to be able to set rates and pricing within certain guidelines as set by the company, so rates and fees may vary. With that said, it appears that CPAY encourages agents to set high pricing and rates in exchange for large commissions. It is therefore highly unlikely that CPAY’s terms will compete with pricing offered by the cheapest merchant accounts.

Month-To-Month Agreement

As of January 2016, CPAY’s standard agreement (available below) has been amended to offer month-to-month terms with no early termination fee.

Prior to this change, CPAY’s standard merchant account contract was a three-year service agreement with automatic renewal unless cancelled within a specified time frame. Merchants who cancelled within the first year of service were subject to a $550 cancellation fee; this fee decreased to $375 and then $300 after each subsequent year of the contract. The contract linked below also includes a setup fee of $195 (which can be waived at the agent’s discretion), an annual PCI compliance fee of $99.50, a PCI non-compliance fee of $15.95, a monthly minimum fee of $25, a statement fee of $9.50, and a tiered pricing schedule. The company’s new month-to-month contract terms are a step in the right direction, and we will be monitoring merchant feedback to see how this new pricing system works for new merchants. See the Central Payment Corporation Merchant Agreement.

Central Payment Corporation (CPAY) Employee Reviews & Sales Tacitcs

Should You Work For Them?

Jobs & Marketing Summary
Employs Independent Resellers Yes
Advertises Deceptive Rates No
Discloses All Important Terms No

Outside Sales Agents

CPAY does not appear to use any deceptive advertising or rate quoting in its official materials. However, the company relies heavily on independent outside sales agents which has resulted in damage to its reputation in the form of numerous negative Central Payment Corporation reviews.

Misleading Sales Tactics

Based upon merchant complaints, CPAY either encourages agents to use deceptive quotes and omit contract details during the sales process, or management turns a blind eye to the practice. The complaints below this review and elsewhere also indicate that CPAY needs to improve its training program to better educate agents about the details of the contract. CPAY could improve its rating in this section by reducing its complaint count regarding deceptive sales tactics and by removing the ability for agents to set expensive pricing plans. If you suspect that a CPAY sales agent has added undisclosed fees to your account, we recommend seeking a third-party statement audit.

Our Central Payment Corporation (CPAY) Review Summary

Our Final Thoughts

An Average-Rated Provider

CPAY’s sales strategy, fee structure, and contract terms seem to be causing most of the complaints about the company. CPAY can improve its rating in this review by setting tighter pricing controls, removing commission incentives that encourage agents to deceive merchants, improving agent training about its contract terms and fees, and maintaining its month-to-month agreement with no early termination fee. Sources suggest that the CPAY brand will soon be retired as it becomes even more integrated into TSYS, but until that point we will continue to monitor feedback about CPAY to determine whether it will become one of the worst-rated merchant services providers or a worthy competitor to the top-rated processors.

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Testimonials & Complaints

How Did Central Payment Corporation (CPAY) Treat You?

153 User Reviews

  • Jamie

    J&J tire an auto

    This is a ripoff. My have been out of business since 2018. I have called them an sent all the info they have asked for an they still getting 331 dollars a month out of my account. I’m gonna contact a lawyer an see if I can get my money back. This is sorry as hell

  • Scott

    Wirleless World

    I’ve been trying to cancel my service for 4 months now. Sent a letter called 3 times jump threw all there hoops and still getting billed fees for nothing no longer using them as credit card prosser.


    They are theifs They tack on fees all the time you have to watch your statement and fight to get them back . Recently I found they signed me up for some Csi program without my consent and have been takeing $54.95 each month for last 5 months from checking account . Then when confronted they refuse to return the money. I finally got back one months wirth but not satisfied with that . there should be class action lawsuit towards them for taking customers money without consent . They fail to notify you of pci compliance due date then . they also do it with pci compliance fees and other random ones. I would strongly discourage doing business with them !!

  • Brek Long

    This has been the most horrific experience professionally with a merchant service Company> i finally fired them in September after realizing they were charging me non compliance fee’s from almost day one of setting service up. they were taking alost $1000 in a year out and even though I cancelled in September just took another $100 unauthorized out of my account. Trying to get through to them is crazy and no one ever calls you back. It took me a ear to even get a minimal amount returned and still fighting them Do Not Use This Company They Are Criminal in “Stealing” your money whenever they decide to do so even several months after I sent equipment back and cancelled there services!

  • Lori Bucciero

    I am currently a central payment customer
    I’ve been using this company for approximately 17 years… for the past year I’ve been having issues with my POS system and complaining to my rep and he’s been troubleshooting and fixing them on and off… we received a new POS system in July unannounced it was just delivered. We called our rep and he was busy and asked if we could set it up obviously wwe declined we aren’t tech people and we planned on closing our business in October so we we not going to bother with a new set up… we are opening a new business without a bar freedom from a liquor license… going old school pizzeria no need for POS system anyway so we don’t want it and didn’t ask for it! We asked him to come get it and send it back… he referred us to his supervisor Ken Hoyer. Ken contacts
    [email protected] & [email protected]
    And we have practically begged them to send us return shipping labels so we can send this unwanted equipment back to the correct place and these requests have fell on deaf ears… they would never have know I had this equipment in the first place if I had not contacted Ken… I was honest…
    I don’t want this equipment it doesn’t belong to be and I never asked for it!!!!
    Now they are holding my funds…. stealing my money…. which is causing a domino effect basically…. checks bouncing…. insufficient funds fees etc etc…. this is a problem…. I’m losing business now because I can’t use my credit card machine because merchant services won’t release my money into my account because I have this POS system I don’t want and they won’t let me return…. I’ve called every day since October 2nd I’ve been made promises I’ve been told I’d be sent emails I’ve never seen I’ve been told my fund would get released I have emails from Samantha n the other name above with ken at least over a dozen it’s ridiculous all begging for help and nothing…
    I just want my money and return shipping labels to send them their equipment and I also after all this I deserve my funds released ASAP on my word and promise that I will ship their equipment and a promise that I will give them tracking numbers because I am an honest person with honor unlike them I don’t hide behind a wall of gatekeepers…. they don’t deserve their jobs… please listen to my recorded conversations and read my dozens of emails to them and decide for yourself if they deserve to keep their jobs….
    They should be fired
    Call a person and fix a problem
    A 10 minute phone call could have fixed a problem and saved me a week and a half of aggravation & stress and dozens of hours of my time…. I am a good person
    Honestly I am a good person and do not deserve this at all

  • Deb

    The contracted agent of CPay told me my application was denied. My credit score was close to 700 and CPay clearly accessed my credit because the agent quoted details of my report. I initially saw the inquiry when I checked Credit Wise. A few months later it was clear my identity was stolen as someone was applying for credit and creating checks in my (misspelled) name at numerous stores. I started getting letters from collection agencies for the bad checks. The only place I had shared my personal history was CPay and their agent Darrin Kelley Henderson. This gentleman was also a business partner of mine and a 3rd partner until we were forced to hire a lawyer to “fire” him from the LLC. The Identity theft became evident around this time. I also received a vile and badly written letter threatening my well-being and that of my family. This handwritten letter matched the handwriting of the CPay outside agent/my former partner.

    Suspecting this person I called CPay and they showed no evidence in their system that I ever applied. I no longer saw the inquiry on Credit Wise. I was assured that there would be a record even if I had been refused but they had no record. It all had disappeared. No one at CPay seemed to believe me.

    CPay claims they would never hire a convicted criminal, yet they did. Darrin Henderson was in prison for almost 8 years in Oregon but not the state he lived in at that time, California. I informed them of this and he was allowed to continue working there. The felonies alone should have been enough to end his contract. His crimes include kidnapping, attempted murder, fraud, possession of methamphetimine, harassment, bad checks etc. I sent proof of this and how they could access the info for themselves. No one reacted.

    I have no doubt that Darrin Kelley Henderson never intended for me (or at that time (OUR business) to become clients of CPay. He saw me as a mark and either shared my personal information with someone he knew or sold it to the highest bidder.

    I am trying to find out if there are others that have had a similar issue with this company. This incident has taken far too many hours of my life away from what I should be doing. My credit has been impacted negatively which is hurting my business. I found that Darrin K. Henderson died in a motorcycle accident in the Hemet CA area on 4-26-19. I am trying to make CPay/Tsys take responsibility for all the aggravation and damages that I, my current business associate and our business have suffered because of their failure to thoroughly investigate their agents that handle VERY personal and delicate information. They hired a criminal that has wreaked havoc on many levels for us and our business.

    Just today while applying for a business loan I realized just how much this fraud has effected me and my business. I also ran across the original inquiry on only 1 of the 3 reporting agencies. Once again I called CPay and they seemed unconcerned and defended their company. EVEN AFTER presenting all the facts! I want to know who else has had a similar experience. I am quite sure mine is not the only instance of this nor is Darrin Henderson the only con artist contracted by CPay.

    This post will help: How to Report Bad Credit Card Processors


  • Caitlin Sullivan

    I chose CPAY as my merchant provider, because I was promised no contracts and a flat 1.9% processing fee. After receiving my first statement, I noticed several miscellaneous fees depending on the type of card swiped. These fees totaled a monthly processing fee of 3.7%. As such, the flat rate of 1.9% was incredibly misleading. So I stopped using CPAY as to avoid these fees, since my previous processor charged 2.75%. Well, that wound up being an even worse solution, because on my next statement I was charged $19.72 for not meeting my “monthly minimum” for CPAY transactions. Not to mention, the processing speed is SO slow on their mobile app. So much time was wasted logging into their app, which logs out rapidly after the previous transaction, and processing simple transactions. If I could do it all over again, I would have steered clear of CPAY and just stuck with Square!

    This post will help: Find and Eliminate Fees From Your Monthly Bill

  • B. Foster

    I have given this company two opportunities to have my business. I am canceling service with them for a second time. Both times when I signed up with them the sales reps lied to me regarding the monthly charges. The most recent guy told me the most I would pay was $15.00 per month. Now my account has been charged multiple times $64.40 on top of other fees. These guys need to be held accountable for their false statements. Good luck getting them to answer the phone.

    This post will help: Cancelling a Merchant Account Without Paying a Fee


  • Barbara Minshall

    I have given this company two opportunities to have my business. I am canceling service with them for a second time. Both times when I signed up with them the sales reps lied to me regarding the monthly charges. The most recent guy told me the most I would pay was $15.00 per month. Now my account has been charged multiple times $64.40 on top of other fees. These guys need to be held accountable for their false statements. Good luck getting them to answer the phone.

    This post will help: Cancelling a Merchant Account Without Paying a Fee


  • R. Gill

    Central Payment held funds and significantly impacted cash floe for our small business. Some 13,000 dollars were held between March 15 and March 22nd.
    No explanation given as to the reason.
    Central payment also indicated they had servers done for 2 days. I worked in financial for the largest computer company in the USA. In financial you are never down for this period. Looking for compensation.

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  • Dr. Marco Castro

    Do not use this company! Company fraudulently pulls charges from your business account on an ongoing basis for PCI compliance fees despite compliance. I made several calls to the company faxed in several documents trying to get them to correct their charges and repeatedly told the charges would be fixed to no avail. Finally cancelled the service following all their procedures and was still charged on an ongoing basis. I called in again and was told to resend the cancellation fax and fax confirmation proving our cancellation. We did this and after repeat runaround calls account was cancelled with a cancellation date 6 months later after 6 more months of charges. We are seeking legal action against this company and we suspect this is going on regularly on a large scale.
    Dr. M Castro

    This post will help: Cancelling a Merchant Account Without Paying a Fee


  • Diana Thomas

    If you notice below, we are told to not use any profanity. Well, that should tell you all that you need to know about Central Payment. They do not hold up their end of the contract…..they do not answer the phone (you are on hold for over 20 min.), and they claim they “did not receive anything you send to end a contract with them. Their rates are high….their assistance is low.

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Cancelling a Merchant Account Without Paying a Fee

  • Andrew B

    This company is a total scam. Not only are they charging more fees than the legal signed documents state. They are also holding MY money for days on end. Central Payment took a $1600 transaction on 10/04/2018. Today, 10/11/2018 the $1600 has still not been deposited into my bank account! I’ve had several phone and email conversations with Central Payment, trying to get this resolved. They tell me that the money is being held, due to my banking institute placing a block on them. Their customer service is one of the worst I’ve ever dealt with! My banking institute is also involved with this. My bank has done everything that was asked of them, including an official letter, stating my account is in good standings, and there’s no reason for the hold. They have stated there’s no reason Central Payment has not released MY money into my account. This is NOT the first time Central Payment has kept my money for a period of time. The first time was on 09/18/2018. They held $3296 for 5 days!! Before releasing the money into my bank account.
    What this company is doing is illegal! They are using MY money, and refusing to deposit into my bank account. They have also refused to refund the money back to the original card holder, after I requested it to be done.

    From The Editor
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  • steven stuckey

    poor customer service no help try to cancel they tell you to e mail them and no one will ever get back with you had to call my bank to stop them from chargeing all the hidden fee they willl charge you it a nightmare this company is from day one i had a problem and can not get any help all they do is keep sending a bill for a credit card terminal that does not work this company is a perfect example of poor service and bad business

    From The Editor
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  • Sandy K

    CPAY fraudulently altered my agreement without my knowledge or consent for their own financial gain. Rates and fees were forged onto the agreement after it was submitted. I have the original documents along with the forged copy sent by CPAY.
    Would be very interested to find out how many others had the same experience.

  • Bill

    A representative from Dallas, TX called me today(10-25-17) and spilled on and on about how they were the best in the business and didn’t charge equipment fee’s. He was very pushy about having one of his rep’s meet me for 10 minutes and give me literature on their business tomorrow (10-26-17). I told him that I would search his company first and see what they have to offer before I met with any rep’s from Central Payment. He laughed at me, so I hung up the phone. If this is how they treat people that do their due diligence, then I won’t ever do business with this company and I will tell every contractor that I know, the experience I had with this company, just on a phone call.

  • Brandon Bilski

    Cpay is a completely shady company. I was happy with Worldpay and my agent David Touchette switched me over to cpay without my permission. Eventually I had to contact them and put my name on the account. They ran a credit check without my permission or without disclosing it and now are holding my funds illegally saying “we have some tech issues on our side.” When I called and politely asked to speak with a supervisor “Karen” put me on hold three times and hung up on me.

  • Devon Spears

    Central Payment is the worst credit card processors ever!! There agents Doug Miller and Barak Yahud are deceiving.They claim that they only charge if you process through them.BS they charged my bank account before I got there equipment!! OVER $200 taken straight out of my bank account a over a 4 month period!!! For one process for $1!!! Agents refuse to return calls or pick up equipment that never worked!!!! Beware of these crooks CPAY blows!!!

    • Skip

      Sounds about like what I went thru, but they did replace the first piece of equipment. They tried to charge me for it after the contracted sake Rep picked it up in person.
      Read the rest of my complaint Un Skip’s Precision Welding back on Feb 15th, I’m still trying to get my money from them.

  • John

    TERRIBLE SERVICE! I had faulty equipment I had field agents that were incompetent customer service was terrible all across the board. Nearly refuse to let me cancel I had to jump through hoops to cancel actually. Very unhappy

  • Skip Precision Welding

    Central Payment has been a waste of my time and after 8 months still has not released funds from credit card charges that I have made to my customers. I have talked to 15-16 associates with central payment for a total of 30 hours on the phone. Being self employed that takes me away from getting jobs out the door. Every month they get their monthly fees from my business bank account with auto payment that I set up. But for me to get my funds for CC charges has been $0.00. I can’t even get the salesman to respond back to my text or calls. Now hidden fees are showing up, $95.00 for PCI.
    0.0 rating from me. Zero Stars

  • Donnie Whelchel

    Lied just like every other Credit Card Merchant. Told me there was no contract and fees would be $25 if not used and could cancel anytime without a penalty or fee. Also said they would pay for my other merchant cancellation fee. In order for them to do that after I paid $495 they said I had to sign a 3 year contract. Then I cancelled and 7 months later I’m fighting to get it stopped. Also my monthly fee is $46.90 now when I only paid in the $30s when I used their service. Then they hit me with a $146.40 fee out of the blue for the new year. STAY AWAY !!!!

  • Stefanie

    Not a good company. I was signed up with ok rates then fees of all sorts starting popping up and the rate increased. The friends that recommended the company to me, after 3 years on a contract were shocked to find out their contract was automatically renewed for 2 more years! You have to pay these guys to get rid of them.

  • Keith Holstead

    The CPS people are very nice when they hire you. They push for you to get right out to selling credit card payments processing system to your local community. Once you’ve sold a few accounts they make you fill out a background investigation that beats the FBI’s. (I have been there, done that) then when I have spent all my money in gas and time AND SIGNED MY NEIGHBORS AND FRIENDS UP they came back at me with “no can do” you have a record of bad checks in your past. This is true but I had clemency from the government of my state forgiving me for those crimes, 16 years before CPS came into the picture. I am a landowner and taxpayer in my home county, no crime including traffic citations in over 16 years, clemency from the governor, and they want you to be an “independent contractor”? That means you assume all liability. I’m filing a discrimination suit against them. They hired my LLC, not me. See you in court, Central Payment Systems.

  • David Marthenze

    We have been using C-pay for the last 2 years. No complaints at all. We have received nothing but top notch service and our pricing has not been able to be matched by the last 6 other companies coming in for quotes. I would highly recommend this company!


    The sells rep in WI are very unreliable. They repeatedly provided wrong info on the phone and in written, then push me to sighed application with $100 fee. Very soon I found big problems in contract after talking with their customer service. Fortunately I canceled the account in time. But when I asked CPAY to return my application fee because of the cheating by their sells-men, they refused. They must make good money from it ?! Be very careful to deal with CPAY!!!!

  • Katie

    Central Payments said that by working with them and the company Verosa, I would be able to take credit card payments through Quickbooks. For the last two months, their system has been down several times. It has caused many of my customers to be double charged, which forces me to waste hours of my time trying to 1) Fix the glitch with the system and 2) call in several times to reverse the transactions. In addition, I have lost several customers over the past 2 months, who were frustrated with us for double charging them.

    Today, I discovered that the credit card processor will not take payments at all. I spent nearly 2 hours on the phone with Central Payments, only to have them tell me that the problem cannot be fixed until Monday, since the company they partner with (Verosa), does not operate over the weekend. This is going to cost me thousands of dollars in lost sales, from not being able to take credit cards. In addition, I will loose many future sales, from customers who are forced to do their shopping elsewhere, as they cannot purchase items in my store without a credit card.

    Central Payments promised ease of use and a seamless integration with Quickbooks through Verosa. They have failed to deliver on every promise made, and instead of cost me thousands of dollars from their incompetence.

  • K Hall

    Buyer beware. If you have a shady sales rep your experience here will be very poor. Be certain to make a list of all features and prices promised to you so you can compare it to your written contract. The contract is extensive and it’s simple to overlook something that you spoke about with your salesperson, unless YOU MAKE notes of it yourself and double check to be certain it’s all addressed properly on your contract. You will be locked in to a contract (no matter what your rep tells you). Pathetic companies enjoy hiring people who like to talk fast and conveniently “forget” to add things to your contract that are promised, and rush through the paperwork so hopefully you won’t catch it. This is one of those companies. They brag about how much commission they pay to their reps, and the fact is, you, the merchant pays those commissions. There are much better options (simplicity and fees) out there. I enjoy doing long term business with companies who aren’t out to screw their clients. This is not one of those businesses.


    Cpay es literalmente “ROBO CON CORBATA”, es una de las tantas compañias que ROBAN directamente en las cuentas de banco de sus cliente sin el menor escrupulo. DIOS SABE EL MOMENTO PRECISO PARA CASTIGAR TAL INJUSTICIA. DIOS LOS PROTEGA.

    Cpay is literally “THEFT WITH TIE” is one of many companies that STEAL directly into the bank accounts of his client without scruple. GOD KNOWS THE TIME NECESSARY TO PUNISH INJUSTICE AS. GOD PROTECT.

  • Arlene Lenz

    We used credit card processing services through Central Payment and leased a machine with Northern Leasing. Both services were sold to us by the same salesman. He guaranteed our satisfaction. We moved on to the Intuit Merchant Services since it worked directly with our financial software. We were able to cancel our account with Central Payment, but we are still stuck in a lease with Northern Leasing. This is soooo frustrating since we cannot use their terminal with our software. I would like to get out of our lease. We now only have 13 months left, but it is 13 months of wasted payments for us. If anyone could use a VeriFone VX520 for the next 13 months, please contact me at [REDACTED – personal contact information].

  • Brittany wilson

    Diffucult to get ahold of. The reps that signed me up were not educated signed a paper to see if it would be a good fit for my business that had no fees to start and was told no fees to terminate use . It took weeks to get it set up then when i went to go cancel it had a $500 cancelation fee customer service is extremely rude and difficult to work with . Out so much money i DO NOT!! Recommend this service warning to small business owners they DONOT HAVE YOUR BEST INTERESTE IN MIND! Other companies are reputable!

  • KC

    Sigh, don’t know where to begin. If I took a crap, eat it up and then puke out the crap I ate and then blend it with dirt, feed it to some moron for dinner and then he take a crap… that crap would be CPAY.

    That is exactly how I can describe the level of service, the software, the hardware and the customer service they provide.

  • Rebecca Armand De Carlo

    Fortunately I did not sign with them, but almost. Their sales rep Dwaine Henson of Spenser, Iowa cold call style walked into my store, and I have not updated for 8 years and it is time, so I listened. He did not. A few emails later he still did not. Finally during a cold call he made on the telephone, I got through “Do not want your service with all these charges on the application you didn’t mention”.

    He said he could waive those. I said I prefer people who are honest up front. He then sent me an email denigrating me, my art, and my website. I can be a butt too, I replied his wife would probably appreciate him getting a real job. Because when you have to lie and con, and then be rude when the customer says “no”, that is a sorry job and only a sorry company would let him / cause him to act that way. And yes I know I don’t take the time to make the prettiest website in the world. I prefer to make pretty jewelry. – Rebecca Armand De Carlo

  • Mark

    Terrible product and awful customer service. Would’t recommend them to my worst enemy. Customer serviceis a minimum 30 minute wait to talk to someone, who typically doesn’t know how to help you anyways.

  • Jenna Caristo

    I would give this company straight Fs. A rep came into my shop making false promises about how great their rates are, how perfect their POS would be for my business, and about how awesome all of their processing equipment is. First, I had to call with equipment problems weekly, which cost me business as this would always happen mid-transaction. Also, the rep is a slimy fast talker type that completely lied to me repeatedly. He stopped returning my calls literally, as the ink was drying on the contract. I have not heard from him in close to 6 months and never did receive my “free POS”. He assured me that they would buy me out of my old cc processor, which I later found out, that if they did, I would have to reimburse them for, if I canceled with them, in addition to paying an early termination fee from their company! And they want their equipment back! I am sickened. I am a startup in my first 18 months and I feel like the rep from this company said what I wanted to hear just to get me to sign up. BUYER BEWARE!!! Don’t fall for this scam! My biggest complaint is that the ONLY reason I was looking to switch companies was because of my need for a POS. Gentry Weiss assured me that I would love their free POS and that it would fit all of my needs. He also assured me in Sept ’15 that it would arrive by Nov 1, 2015. Well, when I had not received it in January 2016, or heard back from him, even though I had repeatedly called & left messages, I decided to call customer service. The fella on the phone laughed at me when I explained my business and the POS situation. He straight up told me that their POS absolutely WOULD NOT WORK for my business needs. At all. He also told me that I was still on the wait list and that it would “probably” arrive in February. I since have switched companies and have yet to cancel w/Central Payment. But guess what? Never did hear back from my rep, Gentry Weiss. And still, no POS. I am with ShopKeep now, and I LOVE this company. Their customer service is unparalleled. No hidden fees or lies. Just quality all day long. Too bad I wasted so much time and money with Central Payment.

  • Sherilyn Looney

    This company had a rep come into my store front and lie over and over to me that there would be no contract if we purchased their credit card machine for $299. So since we were new and not sure of our future I went with this option. Come to find out none of this was true. Now I just received an email that if I don’t return that credit card machine I will be charged an additional $495! Wow what scam artists. Brandon our rep no longer worked for them when I tried to phone him to ask about the blatant lies. Surprise there?! Beware of this company. They will tell you whatever and scam you out of money. No integrity at all. I did sign the contract believing what Brandon told me was true. Learned a huge lesson there, The fine print was printed so small it was almost impossible to read. Steer clear of this company and go with someone else that at least is honest. I ended up with a new company in a simple low rate 1 year contract and the equipment was only $70. I am contacting the better business bureau this week. Hope this helps someone else from being a victim of the scam artist that runs this crappy sham of a company.

    Are you with CPAY? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

    • Patrick Redden

      I work as an independent rep for this company and I couldn’t help but notice the date on this review, As of December of 2015 Central Payment did away with contracts for new merchants as did away with leases on equipment. Central Payment encourages their reps to take advantage of the free terminal program. Of course, that means the terminals still belong to Central Payment at the end of the partnership between merchant and Central Payment and yes you have to pay for it if not returned. I’ve been in this industry for a few years now and with Central Payment for approx. 2 years now. While i’m not discrediting what you have stated, it’s just unusual that a rep would ask you to purchase the equipment unless your credit was very low or you were needing a terminal with check reading capabilities which are way more expensive then 299. I’m sorry you feel that Central Payment is a scam of a company, but I can give you hundreds if not thousands that would say differently. This company takes care of their employees and their merchants, because without their merchants they would not be in business. I’ve seen first hand how a processing company can be when they don’t treat their customers right (First Data) I’ve also seen far more complaints with the BBB (Square) then Central Payment has. Yes, not all people are good (former Law Enforcement) and a few bad apples can give a sour taste to business owners, but every industry and every job has one or two or a few. I’m sure every business owner on this page has had a complaint on them and their business at one point. Majority of bust our rears for out customers because that’s what makes us who we are. If anyone has any concerns, comments, or questions feel free to email me at [REDACTED – personal contact information] I’ll be happy to try and answer any that I can.
      Good luck and God Bless

  • Holly collins

    I definitely would not recommend central payment for credit card processing… There are very many hidden fees and it is hard to talk to a person that. I fulfilled my contract but they are insisting that I have a $300 fee for terminating because I did not give them a year notice.. It is impossible to talk to somebody about this there are mixed communication one person said I would have no fees and another said I would have to pay the $300.. I have not use this service since October but they are still pulling money out of my account monthly. A year and a half ago I called to cancel and they convince me to stay by lowering my rates, and slowly throughout the year raising them they told me not to go with square because I would not be able to communicate any problems with a person if I had any.. I have been using square since October without any problems I did call square with some questions a couple months ago and was able to talk to a person with that company much easier than I have been able to with central payment..

    Are you with CPAY? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • Matt Robertson

    I have been using this service for years and they do not take care of their clients and I agree with the C rating. When I called to inform them I have competitors offering better rates, they came down in their rate. 1.29% she said. I asked the rep “across the board?” and she said yes. I clarified one more time, knowing there are different levels, and she said “well, that’s for debit”. So after pulling teeth I got a 1.29 debit, 1.59 for the standard cards, and then 3.1 for cards that offer promotions to the card users (that we pay for). Sounds reasonable. I clarified that there is nothing else being tacked on. Go back to the competitor and the competitor is offering 2.5%- but he notes that most likely if we do the transaction online and not swipe (which we do) ALL our charges are at 3.1. Call back Central Payment and complain. They lower it to 3.0 out of the blue. And yes, all of my transactions are at 3.0%.

    So I call back to see what needs to be done to cancel. I leave my number because of the wait time, and when they call back I said I want to know the procedure to cancel. He says hold on, then I go back into the queue, am asked to leave a number for a call back. Now, this is my third time calling today. I get a second call back. I ask for the procedure for canceling and give him my phone number. Phone number doesn’t exist, and can’t pull up my merchant number, I am put on hold. I then get transferred back into queue, and asked for my phone number again. Speak to someone finally and he says he can offer a really great rate if I decide to stay but then adds they will also match my competitor bid if I can provide it in writing…. so I’m still not going to get a competitive bid just something that is simply buried in fees.

    Over the last 7 years technology has changed but this company does not offer the basic services other merchants do. Luckily I’ve been with them so long there’s no longer a cancellation fee, but if there was I’d eat it to get away from them.

    I feel like I need to take a shower after this to wash off this bs Central Payment just threw around.

    Are you with CPAY? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • Kelly

    We received a phone call from this company stating that they were our “new reps” and there was a security breach that they needed to discuss. Our office set up an appointment with them. When they came in 1- they looked very unprofessional ( waffle tee ).2. they were NOT our credit card company and we indeed still had our same rep as I spoke with him on the phone the day of. They let us know our credit card company was ” being unfair and ripping us off” on top of a slew of other inappropriate things in regards to other companies. When they called back to set up another appointment I let them know we were not interested and got hung up on. Classy

    Are you with Central Payment Corporation? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • bob goldstein

    after my posting I received a phone call from cpay corporate spoke with Mr. Espinal I believe, had a good conversation and he promised to adjust the rates and take care of all my issues.. Since then I have not heard from them again.. no returned calls, no returned emails, nothing..I just want to close my account. I had called before my contract was up , and was told I had to wait for it to run out.. After I called again, I was told it automatically renewed and I would be charged 300.00 to cancel.. AVOID THIS COMPANY…..

    Are you with CPAY? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • bob goldstein

    I feel anyone wishing to take credit cards should avoid this company.. The sales reps make all kids of promises and the company does not deliver.. I have been waiting since 2012 to be reimbursed for the cancellation fees I had to pay from my old processor.. The company reps refuse to return calls or emails.. I have been trying to cancel my account since November when my commitment expired.. No the want 300.00 to close my account which they say automatically renews.. I feel I am a Victim of FRAUD…. I plan on filing complaints with every government agency I can can find regarding their practices… STAY AWAY FROM THEM

    Are you with CPAY? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • Tanya Westerman

    Not a good credit card company at all!! Hiding fees, charging after already closing accounts, person that got us signed up would not help! List goes on and on! Still getting charged for fees even after months of already being closed out! DO NOT SIGN UP with them!!

  • Jodie Patla

    I was been with CPay for 2 1/2 years now, after having a horrible experience with another company. I have never had a problem with them. Customer service has been great. Yes, they are often busy but if you use the call back feature, they usually get back to you within an hour. I have a terminable in my store, an online gateway and 2 mobile swipers.

    Cpay has been by far the most affordable processes. I’ve had several companies try to come in, I will give them a copy of my statement and say see if you can beat it, and no one has.

    I only pay an $8.00 gateway fee for my website and a $5.00 statement charge (for a paper statement) I pay a small swipe fee and interchange rate. My rep has been great, any time I have a question he is right here to answer it. I have recommended them to several people and no one that I know of has had a problem.

    • Tony

      Central payment is a joke!!! They say that they provide mobile equipment. The equipment does not work with my mobile device and they refuse to provide me with the correct equipment for my mobile device. Now I’m stuck paying monthly fees on something that I can’t even use for my business!! I do not recommend using this company for credit card processing.

  • Vincent T. in Pensacola, FL

    Dang Guys. I have been an outside sales agent of CPAY for over 6 years and I understand a lot of your issues. However, I have to defend my company. The reason for this is simple due to the fact that 90% if not more of the people I change over are all saying the same about their processors. Why do you think they have changed over??? Duh. This is a very competitive industry. I know this since I’m 100% commission. Yes we have a 3 year contract. That is the industry standard. The reason for this is all merchant service companies are now giving away Free Equipment like tic tacs. If you are a business, which I am thinking you are if your reading this, it’s only smart business. That’s it. Would you give away Free Equipment to have that same person take that machine and use it with another processor or even sell it. Seriously, common Sense says NO! We all have Termination Fees to protect us from that same reason. I don’t know what to say about the rates and fees other than it is on Page 3 in HUGE writing. Our company is awesome in that regards! I have seen a lot of contracts from other processors and I have never never never seen one that displays all fees in one eye sight. No asterisk saying see page 8, Section 4, Sub Section A, Paragraph 3, Sentence 2 and in Bold just to say $600 Termination Fee! All companies that have 100% contract workers run a risk of slander. We can’t control what one agent says to a merchant. We can ONLY go by what the contract says when we get it SIGNED. If you haven’t read it then don’t sign it regardless of how handsome I am. It just seems like if we have 60,000+ merchants and you have a few people with bad remarks on this site your odds are pretty good working with CPAY. Hope this stays up here for people to read and is not taking down because Im an Agent. Think it’s more powerful coming from someone other than the company. Please reply with your concerns. Good Luck and God Speed, Vincent T in Pensacola, FL.

    • Phillip Jackson

      if you guys trained your agents correctly and dealt with people the right way you wouldnt have any problems
      i have been screwed superbad by your company and hope that you will quit your job at this unethical company

  • dragon

    the worst company i ever used. its a mistake from a start. i will never recommend any body to sign up with this company. the service is slow and rude, the price is overcharge compare with other company. once you sign up, they make it so difficult for you the cancel there service and continue charging. bad bad bad bad company. i hope they go out of business soon so it wont get more people into the trouble i have to go through.

  • Judy

    From the start, I was uncomfortable with my fast-talking rep, but he was in my networking community to I tried to support him. NOTE TO SELF: If it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it! Follow-up service has been horrid. He offered to set up my machine (using a phone swiper) and then told me Tech support would do it. I was busy when they called so I gave them a call-back time. Never called back. I had to contact my rep again to get them to set me up. Password worked on computer but NOT on phone – had to reset all 8 security questions. grrr 2 weeks later, and I’m not PCI compliant; and I know there will be fines generated from them. Check w/my rep – he replies via text “I told you I would do this when you were ready”. NO..he told me we’d get it done in the first 30 days, don’t worry. He asks am I available in one hour, I reply yes. An hour and a half later, I am over this. Call to cancel the account – sent to “cancellations” – tell them my concerns: they let me know 1. My rep is with another customer right now 2. I don’t have to work with my rep, I can just call corporate. I tell her I JUST WANT TO CANCEL – she says they can’t cancel the account, it must be done in writing, via mail or email. Just waiting for the next chapter in this nightmare.

  • James Z

    I was with cpay for over 5 years, my rep Antonio Narvaez asked me for a loan to get his car out of the shop so I lent him $500 and only $250 got paid back, so I contacted central payment to inform them, I never expected them to pay the balance as it was my fault for lending him the money but they said they would send a check for the balance, I thought that was going above and beyond but thank you, check never came, when following up the person I spoke with said he though I didn’t want the check, I said I do and he said the check will be in the mail, I also wanted to ensure that Mr. Narvaez wasn’t still making money from my account and he assured me that he wasn’t and that I was assigned a new agent. All lies, no check ever came and a couple days ago I recieved a visit from a rep trying to undo all the damage Mr. Narvaez had done (I wasn’t the only sucker) and when I asked if he had been fired she said yes but until I closed the account he would still be making money off me, so even telling me that he wasn’t my rep anymore was a lie. He is currently under investigation for some scam he was running. Now not only did I not get the $250 that I didn’t ask for but was offered, it now appears that I will have to pay $300 for canceling. Don’t use this wishey washey company. The loan was my fault but the way they handeled it is most unprofessional. They are going to tell you what ever they think you want to hear but not live up to any of it.

  • Susie Robinson

    Just got off the phone will Customer Service member – Rochelle.

    Had to call three time just to talk with someone. First time – they hung up on me, after being on hold for around 5 minutes. Second time – opted to use the call back option – NEVER got a call back. Third time – on hold for 3-4 minutes before talking with a human, then put on hold again to be able to speak with someone else about cancelling service. Total time on hold and talking – 21 minutes.

    Just to find out:
    I have a 2 year contract with Cpay. Contract is up January 1, 2015 – remember this date. After 8 years in business, I never expected to have to close it. Especially before the 2 year Cpay contract was up. But it happened. I haven’t used the Cpay service for about 3 months, but naturally Cpay has deducted their $53.90 fees from my business checking account. Rochelle said I still had a year left on my contract. I asked her to count up the months again – I only have 5 months left on my contract. 5 months x $53.50 = $267.50. But if I cancel now, I will have to pay $300 early termination fees. AND if I decide to just let my contract run out and pay the lesser fee, my contract could come under review, Cpay could cancel my contract and still charge the $300 early termination fee. And get this…. Cpay can charge the full $300 even if THEY cancel my contract in November 2014. Just because I haven’t used it.

    Now does that seem like a reputable business?

    Would NEVER use Central Payment Corporation again. Will NEVER recommend Central Payment Corporation to any business. Actually was very happy with the credit card service provider I had, but switched to help a friend out.

    Just sayin’

    Susie Robinson
    Shutterbug Photography, Inc.


      To Susie (& all others who contract with processors),
      At any time that you feel you might be having erroneous monies taken from your business account, run immediately to your bank and file a “stop payment” with your processor specifically named. This will
      prevent them from extracting any further funds. However, if they OWE you money, you will not get it.
      The cost for the “stop payment” varies between banks and state location, but that fee is better than whatever
      the processor continues to take until your contract date is up.
      When I am going to cease one processor and take up with another, I immediately do a stop payment (well timed of course) so that their eligibility to withdraw is ceased. Changing processors is complicated but if you are armed with sufficient knowledge, their options become more limited.
      One other thought…should merchants be requiring these processors to sign their own contract for protection???
      Something for Phillip Parker to investigate.

  • T Plaggerman

    My company used Central Payment for processing credit cards for a couple of years. I loved the service. Unfortunately my warehouse which supplies the computer pos upgraded to accepting credit cards, so I had no choice but to change over to what they use. As soon as there were dates set for when my system would be changed over, I contacted Central Payment to see what the cancellation procedure was. My contract was up, so that was not a problem and I was letting them know 30 days a head of time, and the wonderful customer service told me exactly what I needed to do. I did what I was told to do and there were no hidden or surprise fees. It went smooth and perfect. (People who have problems with canceling accounts probably neglect the step of reading their contract or contacting customer service to find the proper procedures).
    I do not like having to switch from a company (Central Payment) that I liked, and if I have an opportunity to switch back, I would do it in a heart beat. Thank you Central Payment (and Michael Charls my rep) for your service, keep up the good work!

  • William Turpin

    I am an agent with CPay.
    After working with five other processors, CPay is the best BY FAR.
    They train sales reps. On the contract which is easy to read, a customer has to sign and initial
    every page to say they understand. Sure they could lower its cancellation fees but they do want to stay in business,
    The first year it’s $500 then the second $300 which is below average. I don’t study cancellation fees but tell my customers they are there and circle them! Business people aren’t dumb. (most ot hem) They can read.

    • Peter


      All Processor require you to cancel your accounts in writing, If you did this they would not charge you. Also any equipment that you did not buy must be returned. You put on your big panties and signed a contract, now to extract yourself from it, you must follow through.

      Central Payment’s retention department would have emailed you that and called you.

  • Rilly Winkle

    I just finished paying off the scam credit card company of Central Payment, but wait guess what….they are ALL SCAMS! They go unregulated and do to the customer whatever they please. I signed on to CP because I had a second home and rented it as a vaca home. I was new to all of this credit card stuff so I noticed that all the credit card companies had long term commitments and I didn’t like that… but “a friends” sister was selling CP and I went with them. Within the first year of renting my home I had a someone interested in buying it, so that meant I had 2 years of paying for a service I never used.

    Instead of blowing hard on this site which will get you NOWHERE…lets work at getting them regulated and get your representatives to realize what these companies are doing.

    1) No company should be able to sign for more then 1 year…no one knows if their business is going to make it. If they do such a professional job…well then you will resign each year with them….if they don’t do a professional job we as business owners have the right and ability to change after that first year.

    2)if I sign the contract for one year then yes I do a buy out for ONLY that one year if I choose to change before the 1 year commitment.is over.

    3) If I sign a contract that says from this date to this date…why do I need to send a letter stating my contract is up EX: April 1 2011-April 1 2014. If that’s my contract end date then that’s my contract end date!!!! I shouldn’t have to send a letter stating I want it to end…I should only have to send a letter stating I want it to continue…if I want it to end the signed contract date THEN IT SHOULD END BY WHAT THE CONTRACT SAYS!!

    4) Their fees are outrageous for what they do. Fees should be regulated and all credit card companies should be held accountable

    5) If you find they continue to tap into your bank account after your contract is up you should be able to sue them for lost monies immediately plus interest!

    Now I know you are saying it takes too much work to go after big companies…well take it from me…I’ve taken 2 large insurance companies to court because they tried to scam me…yes it took 2 years…but I looked at it this way I’m just small little ole me and I’ll go the rest of my life, but guess what…they didn’t want to go the rest of my life dealing with lil ole me and I won both cases :) It costs them big bucks to keep their lawyers entertained and after awhile they think the lil guy will back down but when the lil guy doesn’t back down it wears them down.

    When you’re right you’re right and what’s fair should be fair, even though it’s not, so if you want to contact me and jump on board to take these companies to task just let me know…like I said …I’m already working on the paper work for my representatives. Rilly Winkle

  • Rip Off Reporter

    To all businesses out there: DO NOT SIGN CONTRACT WITH CENTRAL PAYMENT (CPAY). I started processing with this company on October 2013, because a very nice gentleman named Chris which is the only good thing about this company promised me better rates and told me he will provide me with a new machine for free. After About 4 months, I decided to expand my business and start e-commerce. So I called Chris to sign me up for an e-commerce account and after signing the contract, they called me and told me that they have decided to terminate my account all of a sudden due to “high risk.” Not only, they closed my e-commerce account but also my regular account at the physical location. The funny thing is Chris the company’s sales agent was at my business physically when we signed the contract and he saw exactly what we sell and what type of business it is. After my account was terminated, Some customers could not pay with their card for more than two weeks because I had to look for a new company and wait to receive a new machine. This was a big loss to my business. Now, the misery with this company was not finished yet. I noticed a $350.00 charge on my bank account from this company for cancellation fees, although I never cancelled my account with them. I had to speak with different reps to get a refund for that $350. Now, today I just noticed that I have about $150 unpaid batches, so I called them and they said they cannot do anything about it, however, they can give me the customer’s credit card information to process on the new machine with the new company. I refused and said this does not sound appropriate and since These transactions went through your machine, I want the money from you not the new credit card processing company. Besides this kind of activity is not just right to abuse customer’s credit card information and charge them 2 weeks after the original date of transaction on a different machine. I have all the evidence along with recorded conversations with this company’s agents to prove I am telling the truth. GUYS BEWARE AND DO NOT TRUST THESE FRAUDS. ONCE YOU SIGNED UP WITH THIS COMPANY YOU ARE GOING TO BE IN A DEEP HOLE AND THEY WILL ABUSE YOUR BANK ACCOUNT FOR ALL KINDS OF WIRED DIFFERENT CHARGES.

  • Carol

    I am still awaiting a refund as promised from this company. The account was closed over 2 months ago with the assurance of a return of monies already ACH’d. If anyone from the company is monitoring this section, PLEASE help me.

  • Todd Bowman

    I would never recommend this company to anyone. Used some questionable tactics to get me to switch companies, I was told I had to fill out and sign the form to see if I was accepted(should have known not to sign), a few weeks later I find that I am now with Central Payment. Then I get a statement that has the rates I am paying listed ( they never had been before) and they are higher than the rate listed on my contract. Are you kidding me ?? It’s legal to just change rates during the term of the contract ?? Sound like a class action law suit to me. I will never deal with this company again.

  • Jon

    Be AWARE the problems with this company!

    My issues with Central Payment surround mostly poor/rude customer service and monthly charges when you’re not using their services at all.

    I have a small import business and used central payment for the past year and a half or so specifically for processing credit card transactions at the occasional open air market. The last out door marked sale was spring of 2013, and as such we haven’t used the service for nearly a year. Central Payments, we found had been debiting our account $37 to $39 per month throughout the year totaling nearly $500 for services we weren’t using. Now, sharing some of this responsibility, I should have been watching my business account more closely and monitoring these deductions, but Central Payment was also more than happy to sit back and collect money monthly from my business for doing absolutely nothing!

    When I became aware of these deductions I immediately phoned CP’s Merchant Services and spoke to a rep who told me to send her their completed cancellation form as soon as possible and that she would expedite closing my account, and following suite I emailed a completed document to her with their form within the hour. The rep emailed me back and told me that she received the cancellation request and that she would handle it.

    I’m sure you can see where this is going, but checking my account again two days ago I found two more deductions of $37.95 from my business account to Central Payment. I again looked up the saved email from the account rep and phoned her directly to inquire. The rep wasn’t in and I left her two voice messages and an email over the past two days, un-returned.

    Today I phoned CP again, waited on hold for 10 minutes and was able to speak with Trudy in Merchant Services. I explained the situation of overpayment to Trudy and, while constantly interrupting me and defending their company’s 30 day cancellation policy etc, told me that I was “badgering her” and should have taken responsibility to contact Central Payment myself when I realized that I was no longer in need of their services. This rep did offer to refund my account for the final month of “ripping me off”, and I ended the call feeling extremely disrespected and frustrated.

    I phoned the company’s corporate office later in the day and requested to speak with a manager or supervisor, being placed on hold again for 10 to 15 minutes. Finally the assistant that answered the phone told me that a supervisor would have to call me back; and of course never did.
    Lately I’ve found that it’s REALLY all about customer service, or the lack thereof. For me it’s not worth it to use a company such as Central Payment who is clearly only in it for $$. Beware!

  • Azmar Petroleum Inc

    I sold my business in Port Saint Lucie Florida in February 2013. I talked to my local agent from Central Payment about closing my account. he told me he will take care of it. but they were charging my account for next nine months $55.00. even I didn’t use it.

    very bad experience with some people that does not worth to talk to.

    • Aaron

      I don’t understand how people complain about a company that has done everything I was told they would do, my merchants have options to be in contracts or not and about 90% of the companies out here tie the merchant into a contract and lease, one of the biggest processers encrypts machines along with most of the other companies, meaning you are going to process with them after you over pay for equipment and are stuck in a lease. I know when I write in the applications for CPAY that when I go over it with the merchant its what they get charged, TSYS is one of the largest banks which give CPAY some of the best rates out there. I have in fact had to help merchants out of paying over 2.75% on every transactions as if that is good when your average ticket is $50, do the math that’s over a dollar on a debit or check card not to mention the more volume the merchant does the worst it gets and some of the companies above with A ratings are doing just that. CPAY is the best processor I have worked for and I have seen the worst and CPAY is among the best, consider how fast the company is growing verses size and time, when we have to deal with very unethical companies and how professional is a cell phone or I pad collecting customer info, I would not give my card to a person with those gadgets you can buy at a local department store or do business with a person over the phone, I have found most merchants stuck by over the phone sales people, face to face is the only way to see the app you are filling out. My book, CPAY deserves an a rating and you can see the rest of the positive info a CPAY.com.

  • Debra

    I have recently joined on with Central Payment as a new rep and am appalled by the horror stories I have been told by merchant companies of other companies agents making it very difficult to break into the field. This is a very competitive industry and from what I can see from dealing with my Sales Director and his assistant, there has been nothing and I mean nothing said, insinuated nor directed by them that is unethical. Is it my responsibility to take the merchant by the hand and “teach” them that they must be PCI compliant? That there is a new technology coming out that they will need to also be compliant with? Where’s the ethics on their part of taking advantage of my knowledge and gift of saving them money to only return to their current company to negotiate better rates and not sign up after taking up many hours of my time while demanding Cpay changes their contract terms from a 3 year contract to a month to month, which in actuality protects the merchant on the price and level of service then they demand to not pay the Application Fee knowing full well if they do get their free terminal and I have to come in and personally install it for them and ensure it is running smoothly. Then to do a follow-up visit and put them in my so-called pipeline for customized and personalized customer service to ensure I remind them that their 3 year deadline is coming up so they don’t get caught in the automatic renewal.

    I don’t know about you folks, but I was a professional before switching to this field where I had industry related laws related to my field that I had to adhere to and deadlines to meet. It’s called planning. I’ve been reading all of these complaints and in my short while with this company that has done nothing but stress having strong ethics and taking pride in them have met nothing but vendors who complain and don’t take personal responsibility for their own business. Wake up! Read what you are signing, know what you are signing and let the responsibility lay where it should on yourself. I, being an ordained Pastor for over 35 years starting at the age of 19 working in prisons, then in world-wide corporations then in the health field as a therapist after an accident, can tell you first hand. If people don’t want to be helped, they won’t be. If their health is bad, it’s because of their mind set. We can tell people until we’re blue in the face what will help them, but do they want to listen? No, they want to be told and then led and when it doesn’t work out the way they want it to, they blame the person leading rather than theirself for being led.

    I plan to be with this company for a long time. I find them to be one of the most ethical companies I have ever worked for and I’ve worked for some of the largest. And, no, I do not tell my customers my spiritual background. Are you crazy? It’s hard enough when I approach them and tell them I represent electronic payment processing companies… And, when it’s electronic? Ever suffered a NSF charge because you couldn’t get money into your bank that day and their cut off was at 2pm? You got it in that day and when you call they say SORRY, it’s out of our control? Luckily, you get a good CSrep who clues you in as to why it happened and that they allow maybe one or two times where they can reverse it or otherwise it’s too bad for you! Read the complaints again. This company personalizes and tries to resolve the problem and in many cases has and I strongly believe will continue to do so. How about you? What are you doing to change your ways?

  • EL borrego

    Well I am very disappointed not only in the central payments but with my self in believing such a lie!! I just had my terminals installed yesterday and today I wake up to a text saying my account has been withdrawn 180.32, 49 from fdgl leasing and 154.90 from merch billing. this is ridiculous paying for a service that I have only used 1 day. I was also told that the terminals were free!!! I never spoke to under writing or anyone else but the sales person. I was processing with transnational before and didn’t have a problem . NOW i also have a debt with them cause the leasing has added to my credit! Not just any amount but something close to $9000 but yet i was told they were going to be FREE.

  • Just Me

    I just sign in with them and Im already overdrown on my account because they are charging me a 9.36 only god knows from what and some shipping charges, when they said they were going to send me the machine free. Im not feeling this and if I get anothr misterious charge on my account I will go to the bank and lose the account and open a new one. simple !!!!

  • Josh Gilliland

    I have worked in the credit card processing industry going on 4 years now signing over 100 merchant accounts. I have been a sales partner with Central Payment for almost 3 years now. I have seen the way almost every processing company operates from the signing of the contract to the termination of services. I am constantly recruited by other processing companies to come and work for them, but I would never work with another company in the processing industry other than Central Payment.

    I have read every complaint posted on this site and I feel I need to share my experience as sales partner with the company. Every partner/agent is going to have their own work ethic and commitment to following up on what they promise to a merchant when the application is being completed, regardless of what processing company they work for or with. With Central Payment a merchant can sign a deal that is month-to-month with no contract if they already own their equipment and choose to have a conversion done to continue using that equipment, or they can choose to purchase new equipment that is state of the art. If a merchant chooses to receive new equipment that is free of charge than that merchant must enter into a 3 year contract that is subject to early termination fees if the merchant chooses to break that contract. It is the job of the agent to make all of this information crystal clear to the merchant at the time that the application is being completed.

    The biggest reason I have for posting this is because of all the posts I have seen with people stating they didn’t know they were entering into a 3 year contract. I can not speak for every agent and what they do or do not tell a merchant at the time an application is completed, however I can say with 100% certainty that the underwriting department at Central Payment goes over this in great detail and verifies every aspect of the application with the merchant before the application is approved…..there are no surprises. A merchant confirms with an underwriter whether or not there is, or is not a contract, and if there is one being put in place what the terms of that contract are. A handful of times I have received a call from the underwriting department telling me that I needed to contact the merchant as there was something on the application that the merchant didn’t quite agree with or understand. Only after further discussion with the merchant and myself and a complete understanding of what the agreement is, does the process move forward.

    I have also never had a merchant call me regarding any mystery fees on their statement nor do their rates ever increase. The only fees a merchant pays are a statement fee, batch fees, their processing fees, and a yearly fee of $85 for PCI compliance. If a merchant fails to do their self assessment questionnaire through Control Scan they are assessed a $15.95 fee per month until this is completed. A reminder notice is sent a month in advance that it is time for this to be done and I personally contact my merchants if they fail to complete it so they don’t have to end up paying that fee……which is all in bold print on the 3 page application.

    Full disclosure and the highest ethical standards is the only way that Central Payment has operated in my years of doing business with them which is why I choose to continue doing business with them as a sales partner. I think attempts by people like Tommy and Nery (whom I both know and have closely worked with) to try and reach an amicable solution to problems that may be real or fictitious on an anonymous forum speaks directly to that point.

  • Tom Zurba

    I started processing with them in 04/2010. Everything was fine until I started getting false responses from my credit card terminal. For example I would get a declined response when the charge actually went through. The only reason I knew is because the customer would get a text confirmation from their credit card company when a charge went through. I tried to get this resolved and could not. I decided to get service through another provider.
    When I told them I was cancelling they said that I would be charged through the following month for service because in the terms and conditions it states that they require a 30 day notice. They also told me that it states that if you process past the initial three year term, you are automatically renewed for an additional two years. They wanted to charge me a $300.00 cancellation fee for each of my two locations. Luckily I had a earlier version of the terms and condition where it didn’t include that automatic renewal clause (thank goodness I kept it). They ended up waiving the fee as a result.
    My advise is to beware. Go through a major bank for your processing. These guys are crooks.

  • tiffany

    I too would discourage any business to use Cpay. I was also lied to by an outside sales rep that couldn’t be reached after the papers were signed. I was told there was no early termination fee and had issues getting refunded for the fee from my previous processor. The company I was with before gave me the paperwork and told me how to get of the PCI compliance fee, Cpay is not only unwilling but charges the annual fee and then the monthly non compliance fee. I don’t understand and it never gets resolved after the many times I have called. I am so frustrated that I am now willing to pay the early termination fee just to get away from this company. As a business owner you want to deal with companies that make your life easier, not give you more work to do and feel as though you constantly have to watch for unexpected fees.

  • daniel graves

    Salesman Robert Herzog just plain LIED to us.
    We changed from Intuit Payment Services to Central Payment based upon his lies:
    1)Said our fees would be reduced from 3.96% average to 3%. Actual fees were 5%
    2)Said clicks from within Quickbooks would be identical. They were a nightmare. My accountant almost quit, she was so frustrated.
    3)Said “call me if you have any problems”. He never returned our calls. We had to call Central Payment Support, who were very ignorant on the user of their product. And we frequently had to call their 3rd party vendor Charge-Anywhere, and get all 3 parties on phone to answer questions.

    These guys just suck. We made the mistake of chasing a “slightly lower rate” and got ulcers. Dropped them like a hot potato after 2 months of misery.

    • daniel graves

      Thanks you for contacting us. Its unfortunate that we never got responses from Central Payment until we posted our complaints here. I believe you mean well, and are trying to repair a damaged reputation, but its too late. Central Payment is the worst CC processing company we have ever contracted, and we still firmly believe that Central Payment is one of the worst vendors in the marketplace.

  • Mike

    This is a horrible company to do any business with. The salesman was a total crook. Stated he was an officer of the company and if there were ever any problems I could contact him for immediate resolution. Yes, it turns out he is an officer of his own company, but he is just an agent and not a part of Central Payment. He promised a refund of the $495 cancellation charge collected from my previous processer and that is in writing. Unfortunately when trying to get reimbursed from Central Payment (the real company) they have stalled for over two months and now send a new statement for me to sign outlining their own cancellation policy which starts at $550 for the first year and does and is only payable after completion of the (5 year) agreement. The salesman said there would be no early termination penalty and stated just to call him if I had any problems. Unfortunately, he does not return calls.

    In addition, the customer service department just outright lies about their statements. Last month a $25 fee was just randomly added to my statement for a “Card Compromise Assist Plan”. When I questioned this they stated I was notified of this charge on my April statement. Nope. Nothing like that there. Just a charge for $24 they wanted to add for no reason.

    If you are considering Central Payment for your processor, think again. I wish I would have read the many comments on this website before I signed up with them.

    • Mike

      My error. It is a three year contract. I guess I was confused by all of the 5’s in the $550 Early Termination Fee. Unfortunately your Customer Service representative, Ernesto Santiago. does not have the same understanding of your agreement that you have. He has sent me a document “Early Termination Fee Addendum” which states that “this credit is contingent upon you, the Merchant” completing the duration of your initial term of the contract. Furthermore, if the Merchant Service Agreement is cancelled by the Merchant and/or terminated for non-payment or non-activity before the expiration of the contractual term, then CPC will retract the reimbursement of the previous processors Early Termination Fee, as well apply CPC’s Early Termination Fee.”

      Should I elect to terminate my agreement with CPC early I fully understand that I would be responsible for your Early Termination Fee. However, any mention that you would “retract” the agreed reimbursement of previously paid termination fees PLUS adding your Early Termination Fee is not a part of our original agreement. Thus, it appears that your customer service department is demanding I sign this amendment before any refund would be paid.

      Again, I have tried to reach my local representative Mr. Robert D. Herzog, who identifies himself as the Regional Sales Director of Central Payment but he has not returned my calls.

      • Mike

        Update. After several email exchanges with Nery Espinal we finally received the refund of the Early Termination Fees paid to our previous processor we were due and as indicated in our contract. While I appreciate that this was finally done, I am very disturbed that I had to go to this extent to get what I was promised. I was told that the customer service representative, who insisted that no refund would be issued until I signed an amendment to the contract, was just doing his job and that CPAY “has policies that representatives must follow”. To try to force a customer to alter a contract to only benefit CPAY is not a very good policy in my opinion.

        I would suggest that any customers evaluate their statements closely. I particularly like the mystical “Card Compromise Assist Charge” of $23.95 which appeared on a recent statement. I am now advised this is a PCI charge. Since the company they use for PCI evaluation does not reply to emails that ask how to obtain passwords to enter their site to become compliant, I guess I am stuck with these charges (now reduced to $15.95) and now shown as a PCI non compliance fee. Since I cannot contact the salesman, Robert Herzog, who indicated that since I had just passed a PCI compliance check a month prior to signing up with a CPAY I wouldn’t have to redo and there would be no charges for another year.

        While I appreciate that Nery was able to secure the refund that was correctly due, I am not appreciative of the tactics of the company. Now I am hoping they will return the First Data equipment they made me “exchange” for their equipment.


    beware of this processing company i never signed any contract with them and tried to cancel this service.the first lady i talked with was very helpfull, she had me take a compliance survey so i could cancel the service and call them back when i was done. i took the survey and when I called back i talked with the customer service manager and he said I COULD NOT CANCEL WITHOUT PAYING A FINE. I had done business with this company for two months short of three years this guy was rude and would not budge. very unproffesional and I would not do business with this company ever again! VENDOR BEWARE

  • calvin

    They do not follow a contract unless it is to their advantage. They overcharge wherever they can. It is solely the contracted that has to do due diligence on keeping the honesty of this company up to par. EVEN so, good luck on fighting them to get your money back when there is a problem. If you are starting out in business and need to have services to run a business; DO NOT use CPI! Do not sign a 3 year contract either. I DID NOT sign a three year deal and they are still holding me to it. As well as taking monies from me. I have already reported them to the BBB and Rip-off. The next step is to take them to court. Will give it 30 days to see what happens next.

  • Natasha Culver

    In December of 2010 I started looking for a credit card processing company and was referred to CPay by my landlord. I called the representative Chris Selby to inquire about a special they were running. He said I could recieve a free terminal and no cancelation fees if I signed up within the next 3 days. I thought it was a great deal seeing how I was thinking of closing my business within the next year to stay at home with my kids. So when the time came I called CPay directly to get the details to cancel and was told I had to pay $550 to cancel. I argued with them and asked how much longer my contract was for and they told me ANOTHER 3 years! I called Chris and he denied everything! So I decided for more than one reason to just move down to part time and continue my contract until it expired. Well, here it is May of 2013 and I’m thinking I just want to cut my losses and pay the cancelation fee, so I find my agreement that states a 3 year contract that renews to a 2 year contract after that and I’m confused because I was told it was a 4 year agreement. So I call and they say it was a 2 year agreement that renewed for another 2. I told the new rep that MY contract states 3 years and he said he would honor that. I thanked him and asked what I needed to do when December rolls around and I want to cancel. He told me to just call back then and I said, “Wait, you mean 30 days before?” Now I could be wrong, but I feel he was trying to get my contract automatically renewed for 2 more years so I would have to pay the $550 cancelation fee since they require a 30 day notice. Now I’m reading all these statements about difficulties canceling and I’m so nervous! I feel this company is so sly!

  • Teresa P.

    We have been using Central Payment for our retail merchant services for a little over a year now. The only complaint I have is that the monthly statements of how much will be deducted from my account is not available until the 5th whereas the withdrawl is actually done on the first workday of the month. I do not like the business practice of taking money and letting the customer know how much it is suppose to be after the fact. I wouldn’t ever do that to my customers. But is it worth canceling the service – no way. Central Payment has cut my merchant services bill in half (previously Wells Fargo user), and my sales rep Michael Charls is the ideal sales rep.; always able to get a hold of him and is always eager to help. Central Payment is the best merchant services I have used so far (out of 3 others we have tried).

  • Megan

    I bought a business from someone else who had a different credit card company the rep had her sign off her rights to the machine and put me with this company (me and the previous owner were both under the impression that I would be with the same company as she was with) I was only in business a few months and the fees were half if not more than what I was even making using the machine. When I went out of business and called to cancel they said I had signed a 3 year contract and it would be an early termination fee of 550. I stated that the previous owner had the company and that the contract was not new so it would not be the 3 year cancellation fee..this is when we found out the shady man switched us companies. They then told me they could give me a $100 discount with proof that the business went out. I stated that I had just received this proof and hadn’t used the machine in a couple months and asked them if they could do any better with the fees considering I wasn’t making much of anything with them in the first place because of their fees. They said they would credit me with one month back in fees. so this brought my cancellation down to 423 roughly. Throughout the whole process I had asked to speak to 3 supervisors…the response was the same from all the represenatives ” He is currently on a different call right now I will have him call you” I NEVER heard back from one. When I called the last time I was furious and the rep finally transfered me to a supervisor who was VERY VERY VERY rude and very unhelpful!!! I specifically stated in my cancellation letter how much they should be withdrawing from my account due to the fees so if any more is taken out I will not hesitate to take this to the BBB and further steps if necessary. This company is HORRIBLE they are all rude to you when you decide you want to cancel. I would NEVER recommend this company to anyone!!!!!

  • Sara Watson

    This company has a lot of problems. We used them for processing back in 2009. After many complaints with them and their customer service we decided to cancel. After providing letters of cancellation (3 times) they finally cancelled the account. Because we were under a contract we did have to pay the minimum amount due for another year.
    January of 2013 we started receiving statements from them again. They had the gall to re-open our account and begin charging us again. When I callled to find out what they were doing, I was on hold for 20 minutes. Only to be told I needed to talk to someone else..so put on hold yet again. They were very unresponsive and said II had not cancelled the account. (I have the letters as proof) once again I have to send them a letter of cancellation.
    The funny thing is the business that we had that used their services does not exist anymore and hasn’t since 2010.
    BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY…do NOT give them any personal information … they will stalk you.
    I will be sending my new letter of cancellation (5 years later) today… and will look to hear from them again in 2018.

  • Diana Ayala

    We are a motor vehicle repair shop and we have been having a big issue with a customer; the customer came in for services in his car, we provided the services and replaced all parts needed the customer pay with a credit card and left happy. A month later we received a phone call from the customer’s credit card company because the customer call and said that services were not rendered and the next day the money was taken from our bank account. We call our merchant account, we faxed him the copy of the receipt the customer signed after the job was done, and he said he will take care of it. so far we’ve been calling him for updates and he has always the same answer, * we have to wait for a decision of the credit card company, so I had enough of waiting and call the credit card company myself, and found out that they notify the merchant company of this issue long before they reversed the transaction and cpay had to notify us so we had a chance to dispute. CPAY never call nor send letters nor did anything to inform us of this problem, now we seem to lose $700.00 for this transaction. If we have worked with another merchant company this whole issue would have never happened.

  • Channing Mercantile

    A the normal charge of a percentage of activity would exist. The account was active for approx 6 months then when terminated at the sale of the business We get a Termination charge of $ 550 dollars. The company would not honor my agreement with the salesman now I must sue in court to get them to return my money

  • robert goldstein

    I would strongly advise anyone thinking of signing up with central payment to be very wary of any promjises made to them by the sales agents…The company does not abide by anything told to you by the sales reps..In my case the sales rep Clayton Fillian refuses to return emails and phone calls..once we were signed up I found out most of what he said to me was an outright lie.. The company people I speak with refuse to return calls or emails… I believe I was a victim of fraud ..and now it appears I am stuck… think twice about signing up with them

  • Miller

    We highly discourage Central Payment to anyone interested in credit card processing! We were coaxed to switch and because of all they said we signed the contract thinking we can try it and see how it works. Nothing worked like they said , it was a disaster from the start and then to top it off they charged 550.00 for canceling it. They took it right out of our account without any follow up. They never mentioned a contract fee and only fussed about everyone else’s service and fees out there. We were highly displeased! I understand contract fees but what if they do not keep their end of the contract?


    A couple of months ago I decided to give Central Payment a try to see if we could establish a long business relationship. In order to do that, we agreed to have a 30 day FREE trial after the activation of the ROAM PAY device.
    In three different occasions, two of the representatives tried for several hours to activate the device but the activation never worked.
    Knowing that, for some unexplainable reason and without my permission, Central Payment started to charge fees to my bank account. First, it was $8.00 and then $18.00 (Why the increase? I have NO IDEA). The second time, because I wasn’t aware and prepared for a charge of $18.00, and because I didn’t have sufficient funds in my account, my bank charged me $29.00. The statement clearly shows Central Payment as the responsible for this charge.
    At this point, I still wanted to continue with the 30 day free trial and the activation of the device. All I asked from Central Payment was to show me that the company cares and respects its clients by asking Central Payment to return my money to my account and to be responsible for a charge of $29.00 that was clearly Central Payment’s fault.
    To my disappointment, Central Payment gave me one of the worst customer services I’ve ever had. Because the device never worked, Central Payment asked me to get another and more expensive device, pay for another shipping charge, and increase what I had to pay from that moment on. And ONLY after I did that I would get my money back and MAYBE the charge from my bank.
    Is this what Central Payment calls 30 day free trial?
    If that’s what I’m getting at the beginning, I don’t even want to know what happens with clients that already signed a contract.
    The name of the central payment representative was David.

  • Kuo Wei

    I am feeling abused by Cpay.
    I feel like I have been scammed. I signed a 3 year contract with Cpay, and am now in my fourth year of service with them. The first time I notified them of my intent to cancel, they told me I owed 300 dollars! I read my contract again (after seeing that I am not liable for the 300 early cancellation fee), they tried to tell me I owed them almost a years fee’s (at ~60 dollars a month, ~10 months, it comes out to around 600 dollars!). It seems like they make up their termination fee structure on the fly!
    I spoke with a Mr. Espinal the second time around, he seemed personally unwilling to help me. He told me there was nothing I could do, and if I cancel they will take the money out of my account! I would sooner go to an attorney, or better yet, raise this issue with merchant I know so they don’t suffer the same scam I am! Writing this, I realize the best thing I can do to help people avoid this in the future is raise this issue on all the review websites I can find (and the testimonials page on Cpay)
    Avoid CPAY like the plague!

  • Patrick

    The customer service at the company is atrocious. I never understand how company stay in business without treating all of their customers with common sense and respect. I signed up for CPAY through a friend of a friend. He looked at the website and said that their payment processing was compatible with my site. I signed up and got a processing solution within a couple of weeks. It turned out that their solutions were not compatible with my site. I worked with the tech support team for another 2 weeks and we were unable to find any processing service that would work. So they said that they would “allow” me to cancel my account. During this process I was charged one month of service. I didnt mind and I wrote it off as a cost of doing business. The next month I received a new, more expensive bill from CPAY and because they had access to my account they just took the money out automatically. I call customer service and ask why they charged me when i cancelled over a month ago? She tells me that it takes 30 days to cancel so you are responsible for the second month as well. I try to explain that this does not make sense because it is not like I had been using the service and then decided to cancel. I never got the service up and running so there was nothing to shut down that would have taken 30 days. And the cancellation was through no fault of my own (it was even documented in her notes by the tech support team that none of their solutions would work on my site). So I ask if this second bill could be refunded to me. She goes and talks to her manager and comes back to tell me that “there is nothing they could do because they already let me out of the contract without a cancellation fee”. At this point I ask her if it is CPAY’s policy to charge a cancellation fee to customers who cannot set up the payment solution due to technical reasons and who never get a chance to use the service? She says no, it is their policy to let these customers out of the contract. So I say if that is the case, I did not receive special treatment by letting me out without a cancellation fee. That is not a sufficient excuse to charge me an extra month. She talks to her manager one more time and says that he told her I can try to have the tech team help me connect the site, if they can then they will credit me back the month. I asked what will happen if they can’t, will I still be credited back the month? She just blatantly says No. At this point I say forget it, just leave me cancelled.

    Now this didn’t cost me a lot of money, but I just thought it was a horrible way to do business and I wanted to recommend that anyone thinking about using CPAY to please look elsewhere. This same situation may not happen to you, but any time you deal with a company that doesn’t care about customer satisfaction eventually you will find yourself in trouble. Their attitude is that they already have you money, why bother trying to make you happy.

    • Patrick

      Mr. Espinal called me yesterday and explained that he would be able to work with me and accommodate my request for a refund. I checked today and the money was deposited back into my account. I very much appreciate his honest and straight forward business manner. As he mentioned, I am completely satisfied now and I would be willing to consider Central Payment in the future.

      Mr. Espinal, if I could give some unsolicited advice to Central Payment: Train your initial customer service reps to deal with customer concerns and if they cannot deal with them they should immediately transfer the customer to a supervisor. Their ultimate goal should be customer satisfaction and they should not let the customer off of the phone while they are not satisfied. I can see by this thread that you and a few other representatives are monitoring this message boards and responding to complaints, but I can assure you that the vast majority of disgruntled customers are not posting on message boards. They are just telling their friends, family, and colleague about their experience. So you will not be able to swoop in and change the mind of every customer or potential customer that they initial customer service representatives turn away so dismissively. It would be better to fully address their concerns at first.

      Thank you once again and I hope to do business with you again in the future.

  • Jim C.

    Our company had been using Central Payment for more than 4 years but recently we decided that we would stop accepting credit card/debit card payments, so we called Central Payment to cancel our account. We had to call Central Payment multiple times just to find out the process of cancelling the account in which they make you write a cancellation letter and wait 48 hours to call them back to confirm they have received the cancellation. Then it would take 30 days to close that account. Why do we need to go through all this process?
    When we called to confirm our cancellation, we were informed that we would be assessed a $300 EARLY TERMINATION FEE!!?? We did not cancel our account in the three year contract period so we have no idea why we had to pay an early termination fee. We had been dealing with Central Payment for more than 4 years without any problem whatsoever…now when it came time to cancel, they pull this crap on us.
    Another thing, Central Payment, you need to re-train your customer service staff. They were the most unpleasant people to deal with on the phone. It meant a lot when people are respected by your customer service representatives.
    I would never recommend this company to anyone and I would be telling all my other business partners to ditch Central Payment as soon as possible.

  • Erik Stensland

    I use CPay and have generally been happy but I’m wondering if I should switch to another more ethical merchant service. My problem has been with the PCI compliance. Since our terminal connects via the Internet the questionnaire is highly complex, far beyond my capabilities. My attempts to get help from CPay customer service have been concerning. The first representative basically encouraged me to just select all of the items in the questionnaire as “True” even if I didn’t understand the questions or fulfill the questions. They said this would be the easiest way to achieve “compliance”. When I asked them to explain the meaning of various questions they simply stated that it would be best if I selected the option “True”. The second person I spoke with took another approach to avoid having to answer these highly complex questions. They instead walked me through steps to change to a different questionnaire, one which was for telephone only terminals. This is a much easier questionnaire, but it is does not reflect the reality. To get to it we had to select statements saying that my terminal is not connected to the Internet (and it is). This representative wanted me to lie on the form in order to make it easier. My assumption is that if there was ever a check as to my compliance, I rather than CPay would be held accountable for falsifying my compliance. There must be some ethical way to meet the requirements for a very small business like mine rather than ignoring or changing the questions as CPay representatives have suggested. If they are willing to be unethical in these steps then it makes me concerned about the overall ethics of the company.

    • Erik Stensland

      Shortly after posting this message I had a call from Steve at CPay. He spent 30 minutes on the phone with me and walked me through the entire PCI compliance process. I greatly appreciate the time he took to answer my questions and help me become compliant. Thanks Steve.


  • Shawndra Cummings

    I am not sure what I should do about my account with Central Payment Corporation I called customer service and they where very rude…they did not want to compromise with me on anything. My business was closed down and I still have the credit card machine that I have no use for I offered to return it back ……customer service yes they will take it back ….in return I wanted them to clear the amount off my credit report … I talked to several Central Payment Corp employees . I need some help??? please email me back

  • John Sayler

    On 12/9/2011 I sent a letter to Central Payment stating that our representative, Jimmy Grady was not responding to any calls. We have had charges on our account since September 2, including set up fees, monthly fees and also shipping fees. The total as of December 9th was $289.64. We have never received any equipment, no set up or anything. Calls to CPAY have been made regularly with them saying things were being taken care of but it has just gotten worse. They have now taken a total of $883.64 out of our account and done absolutely nothing for us. When I called today they suggested they would give us $125.00 but we would have to do business with CPAY. We are a small business and I am 71 years old, I spent most of my life doing business on a handshake. I feel that this company has stolen this money from our business. We are struggling to keep our heads above water anyway and $883.64 is just not a small amount to us. We are bitterly disappointed with this company and Jimmy Grady who represented them to us.

    • John Sayler

      Nery at Cpay called not long after my comments were posted. Most of the money was returned to the account and we have now made other arrangements for our credit card processing. It did take awhile but the situation was taken care of. Nery was very polite at all times and did what he said he would. Thank you

  • Lauren

    This company charges you even after you have cancelled service. they continue to take money from you r account MONTHS after cancellation!!! Service is TERRIBLE! Fees are OUTRAGEOUS!! Do NOT NOT NOT do business with this company!
    You will get screwed!!!
    We had done business with these people for 4 years, never any charge-backs, no major issues, the first issue I ever had was with a machine which was supposed to be replaced at no charge…They OF COURSE charged me for it. Then proceeded to tack on a monthly insurance charge as well!!! I couldn’t believe it! They make you jump through hoops to cancel services and it’s really just NOT worth it! Too much hassle and the customer service people are RUDE!
    I don’t recommend this service to ANYONE.

    • Lauren

      Central Payment Corps was more than willing to work out the issues I had with their billing practices. I appreciate their willingness to make things right with their customers.
      Disregard my previous statement about the company. Thank you.


    I was also told by my salesman..there was no cancelation fees…an that my card swpper was paid ….I contacted them to cancell they told me to contact my salesman ..he told me he went to a new company an tried to sell me a new machine an compay he is with..then..I call back they keep me on hold…I m contacting my lawyer…

    • David Erickson


      This company has no shame. If you can report to any Federal Agency about this company’s practices do so and post the agencies websit or contact info here.

      We all need to stick together and sue these con artists, I say artist because love talking but do little to compensate for questionable and malicious behavior of their employees nd agent in the field.

  • tony hoyt

    Central payment are nothing but a ripoff. They came to my business at a time when i was disgusted with the rates i was paying my merchant services provider.
    Their salesman Keith Long qouted better rates and promise no cancellation fees if i wasnt happy.
    The 1st month statment showed an increase in fees of .73 % over my prev. provider. I called and complained and was told they would correct the problem .
    Next months statment show a reduction of .02%. Again i called, this time i was told they would look into the situation. never heard back for a month, so i fax a letter of termination as i was instructed to.
    I open a new acct. with wells fargo and the rates have been as promised.
    Now 2 months later my bank acct. is deducted $550 for “no activity & early termination” and C-PAY will not anser the phone nor return my messages at the # they provided.

    • tony hoyt

      Lets not forget the fact that my saleman told me there would not be any fees if i was not happy and canceled.
      I called keith long (salesman) yesterday about that , he admitted making that statement, but added that offer was only good for 3 days. Something he failed to mention in the original discussion.
      So i’m still out $550. Plus your most competitive rates where still higher than what i’m getting from Wells Fargo

    • David Erickon


      We had the same experience but I must warn you Central Payment must be blocked from your account at the bank or they will continue to remove monies from your account for years like they had done to me. One day they called me and thanked me for my payment to which they solicited my recordered response. They wanted me to acknowledge that I agreed to their actions. It was slick! We told them that they had no authorization and we did not pay them anything. Then we realized at the bank they had removed $hundreds more from our account. We finally blocked them and they threatened to sue us. We don’t take these threats serious nor do they want to go to court either. This is there court of public opinion. Keep factual keep blogging. Talking to them you will find does little.

  • Mary Hallock

    I recently made some statements reguarding the promise that was made on a cancellation refund that was previously not done.
    But the same day I made the complaint, that evening , Tommy C , called me and not only appoigized for the event that took place by one of their agents/Reps…. , he told me he would reemburse all that was promised to me.
    I checked with my bank this morning and all the money was put back in my account.
    I also wrote a statement to the BBB stating that the issue has been resolved.
    Thanks Tommy…. All I wanted is what was promised by your Rep. And you came through. Sorry some of your Reps arent as worthy as you .
    Most appreciated to you for fixing this error. And Like I said in my conversation with you …. I too stand by my word.
    Hopefully no more issues will arise , but if it does… I kept your number….LOL

    Thanks again,

    Mary Hallock-Pres. Krystal Klear Pools & Spas , Inc

  • Wanda

    We went with Central Payment on a month to month basis. We were told by agent Bill Walsh it would be cheaper rates. We bought a terminal so we wouldn’t be paying rent on it. He took ours and said he would send it back to our old company so we would not have to pay shipping costs. He told us he could get us out of our contract with no cancellation fee. Well, guess what? They would not pay for our cancellation fee and he never mailed back the terminal to the old company. We were responsible for the cost. Bill Walsh would not return any of my calls. I finally called customer service and they tried to get in touch with him. Finally they did but even though he told them he took our terminal and mailed it back but his car was broken into and the receipt was stolen, they still won’t refund us the money. PLEASE DON’T GET TAKEN IN BY THIS COMPANY!

    • Wanda

      Mr. Chang asked me to respond when I received the credit on my bank statement. We were credited $120 (even though our cost was double that because it took 8 months to get this resolved and we had to pay rent and supply to other company.) We were sent a refurbished terminal to return to our old company (who we are happily processing with again). I want to thank Mr. Chang, but really hate that I had to post a negative comment before anything was done.

  • Krystal Klear Pools & Spas , Inc

    I just signed on with Central Payment on 9/13 11 after I was told by Micheal Berrey that he and the company would reinburse me for the $450.00 Cancelation fee if I went with them , and guarnteed my rates and overall performance would be better and keep more funds in my pocket .
    After doing so … the company only paid $350.00 and Michael Berrey , the Rep for them wouldn’t return my calls or emails , and told his associate when I called to look for him , That he wasn’t going to pay the difference as he promised.
    He is a scam artist , liar , and is cheeting the company of customers. As soon as I can… I am getting out of this mess and will tell the world…. “DON”T BE TAKEN FOR A RIDE AND LIED TO BY THIS COMPANY !”
    The people at so called Corperat office , One of them named Eric…. hung up on me .
    They don’t care about anything but the bottom line , and CUSTOMER SERVICE means nothing to them as even their anamated system states when you call.
    They have a $550.00 Cancellation fee they deduct right from your account , so don’t be fooled. It’s a shame one of America’s Companies treat their people that way.
    Central Payment’s staff are rude… untrained idiots in my opionion , and don’t deserve to hold a job in any customer service based field !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ronald Headley

    I just got off the phone with Central Payment – San Rafael CA – I have been using them as my credit card merchant service for 5 years. I was told that the only way I can cancel is to pay them a $300 early cancellation fee -Early?? I have been with them for 5 years – my original contract was for three years – apparently they renew the contract automatically every year for a year. I am closing my business – apparently they will refund $150 if I get my landlord to send them a certificate that I have in fact closed my business. First why this cancellation fee? Second why should I get my landlord involved? Central Payment is NOT a company to do business with – they will screw you on the front end with high entry fees and an expensive credit swipe terminal, next they will increase their fees and finally when you want to leave they will hit you with a very high fee just to quit using them. Anyone reading this DO NOT GET INVOLVED WITH CENTRAL PAYMENT

  • Tucker

    I signed up with Central Payment based on a quote they gave me based on my previous processor with 95% of charges at Mid or Qualified rate . Suddenly with my first bill 90% of my charges ran at the very high Non-Qualified rate. The next month I reverted to my previous credit processing company and the charges were as they had always been.

    I have a subscription service based business and hold the same client credit cards on file which I charge each month.

    When I tried to resolve this I was promised credits and a rate adjustment. I tried them a second time and the rates were the same. I called in and asked how to resolve this and they said I can pay the high rates or pay a huge cancellation fee, “per my signed contract”.

    This company uses a bait and switch tactic. Do not believe anything they say.

  • Mike Redden

    I have been an independent sales representative for Central Payment for one year and have found Central Payment to be an excellent company to represent. They treat their sales reps with respect, and offer lots of training and help on a daily basis. I have found that when presented properly with everything on the application fully disclosed, all merchants I sign are very satisfied with Central Payments rates, fees and excellent customer service. The couple of hiccups I’ve had which resulted in losing the sale, occurred within the first six months, when I inadvertantley neglected to mention something that was important to the Merchant. This was discovered when our underwriting department called the Merchant to verify the information on the application. I am very happy to represent this fine company and plan to do so for many years.

  • Guss

    Totall rip off. This has to be one of the biggest fraud in merchant services. I never felt as cheated and ripped off as I felt with central payment in my entire experience of merchant companies in my past 20 years retail experience. They forged my signiture and signed me up for accounts where I had other service. They didn’t disclose all fees and promised to fix them but never did. The agent admitted to me that there was over charges and promised to reimburse me but that never happened and never answered my phone calls after. Central payment pulled money out of my account with out authorization. Charged me cancellation fees after they breached their own contract and charged me minimum fees. Someone needs to take action to stop this sad business practice. I can’t beleive there is a company that wants to excell and has this kind of attitude about their customers. I am also shocked to see all these complaints and the business BBB gives them good rating. I hope that Central payment will start having value for their clients and resolve these issues and make their money the correct business way with out rip off and fraud.

    • David Erickson

      People if Central Payment advises to work outside of this forum and want you to email them privately I would advise to keep them in the open air here where there every move is exposed.

      It has been over 90 days since they have received The Affidavit of Truth and only have stalled in trying to wear me down into forgetting the $3000 + dollars Central Payment Inc has removed from out of my account from 2007 to 2011.

      We have asked them in writing to verify the debt or the amount taken and have only sent me a unsigned copy that was supposed to be used in 2007 to justify why they took my money. My signature was forged on a document saying that I received a 10 page Merchant Agreement, but not a signed contract …which was not so. No contract no deal and to top that off Central Payment breached the contract the very first month overcharging on their fees than what they proved to me were lower than my bank.
      It was all baloney …so we went back to our own bank..they knew all along that we were not doing business with them and they showed that they were going to take money forever with out a signed valid agreement.

      Tommy Chang is a nice guy ..but has not shown any sincerity in dealing with this issue. They are all like fish in your hands SLIPPERY. They all act like no wrong has been done even after they see evidence to the contrary…then ask you to agree with them…how stupid.

  • todd white

    I can understand your frustration Mr. Erickson,Mr Leadingham and Mr Hoffman
    Unfortunately, in merchant services industry there is an element that is more concerned about closing deals than building long term business relationships.This is not exclusive to Central Payment.
    I for one, give all my merchants my direct number,email and fax so they can always get in touch with me whenever they need me day or night! I think the real issue here is not the company per se ,but quite possibly the ethics of each your representatives you dealt with.I am a rep in Washington DC and have been for a few years now,Previously I worked for a company, this company was so bad I ended up quitting and coming to work for Central.I know that I have always painstakingly gone over all the fees on the contract from cancellation to processing fees.Even though,I cover this with merchants without exception,I still have had times where my underwriter has called me to go over fees again so that my merchant is crystal clear of their responsibilities. In the almost five years in this industry,I know that at Central Payment’s the underwriting team calls each merchant before approving accounts, sending out terminals, equipment etc.In fact I have created some forms that I have my merchants sign so when and if merchants challenge that terms and fees have not been covered I can forward the signed acknowledgement of the review of all fees.All so I can dispel any notion that I have lied or misled anyone.I have noticed that a lot of times merchants are concerned with how fast they will get there money,or how fast can they get there terminal,or are very much focused on the rate, all which are really good concerns ,the problem is that there are reps who will not fully disclose everything on the contract and are comfortable saying whatever, in order to close a deal with only the short term in mind. FULL Disclosure is a industry wide problem.that said i wanted to point out/ask some questions about your posts:
    I am a bit confused,if you didn’t sign off on the merchant agreement,How did Central get your banking information to make withdrawals?Why did you accept the terminal? Why did it take four years for you to realize that you were still being charged fees? I am not asking this to be disrespectful,I am sure that there was at worst blatant lies that were told to you and at best a miscommunication.that is why I give my cell number to my merchants so if they have questions,problems whatever we can get them out in the open and settled so you as a business owner can so what you do best! I am struggling to understand how you got into an agreement if you didn’t authorize yet you had “fine print” from your merchant agreement.my information is below if you care to contact me in regards to that.
    Mr Hoffman,
    i am not sure what type of business you have but if you are paying 2.75% sounds like you are not doing transactions face to face(much higher risk).We at Central Payment have the same pay-ware mobile system you have currently, but the fees are quite a bit less than 2.75%! give me a call I can surely clear things up and show some excellent options.
    If any of you have further questions please call me at [CPO Redacted] or email me at t[CPO Redacted]. Again, sorry that you had a bad experience with Central but I can honestly attest that these are with out a doubt isolated incidents that more than likely are the result of the reps not effectively communicating your responsibilities at the time of contract signing. I will also be calling the owner tomorrow to make him aware of these issues. so we at Central Payment can review and put in place practices that prevent these types of events that happened to you from happening again to anyone else.

    Best wishes,
    Todd White
    Washington DC

    • David Erickson

      Todd White,

      I will promise a YOUTUBE apoligy if Central Payment Corporation provides the Affidavit of Truth and I am proven wrong.

      It is all part of the scam I succumed too, it was all in easy small steps and very decieving and thus seem legitament to a point and then found out it was all fraud one small pieace at a time.

      We are not interestest how you do business it is WHY Central Payment Corporation does business the way it does …. and I don’t care about everyones CC payment practices.

      Diverting attention about someone else, continues to make me think it is all a cover up.

      Lets see what happens. thank you for your time.

    • David Erickson

      Todd White
      Central Payment Corporation of California,

      I talked to you the other day on April 13 2011 and you told me that you were going to recieve the full 17 pages of the disputed Merchant Agreement from your main office the next morning and then I was going to recieve a copy of the signed contract from you by fax. Like I told you I am not interested in anything else but the document signed in my hand and the Affidavit of Truth as seen below in this blog. As I stated you can add all the monies stolen from my account and put them back into my account. Looking forward to seeing the $3000.+ in my account soon. This complaint is valid and this debt is in dispute.

      David Erickson

      April 17, 2011

    • Daniel Leadingham

      I was contacted the day after I posted my complaint or my experience, and was called and told that my account was check and that I was right and credited back the fees that had been taken from my account. I am very thankful for that and trust that if Central Payment will continue in that kind of fashion that they’re business will prosper, greatly. There is such a need for business that will treat people right, and such companies will shine like never before. Companies might
      think that people don’t notice but believe me, we do!

    • David Erickson

      Todd White
      Central Payment Systems Corporaton,

      I still have not recieved any documents that I have requested and now your company is still harrassing me with the 3rd phone call on Monday the 18th of April and the 4th contact a unsigned letter from Pamela Pesek of Mc Carthy, Burgess & Wolfe 26000 Cannon Road, Cleveland Ohio 44146. They are still demanding $695.00 from me after I have sent a letter disputing the debt as shown below . Todd this shows the blatant disregard for the law concerning these issues. Every time I recieve anther call or letter demanding payment for a debt that has not been VERIFIED then it is another violation. I am asking again for my monies stole from my account and I will be happy to return the machine.


  • Mike Mason

    I work for Centralpayment and found them to be very truthful with both merchants and agents. The ripoff report by ex employees was two guys that should never had been agents and one of them post over and over on a number of sites. I can say that they treat their agents very well and also their clients. I have found them to be first class all the way. The information in the above report is very out dated! I have many clients like Mr. Hoffmann that do month after month large volume and have never had a problem. All fees are clearly listed in the application as I go over that with them as well as leave them a copy. Full disclosure is what is key, I don’t want client to have any surprises! I love work with Centralpayment because of their fairness to staff, agent and clients!

    • David Erickson

      Hello Mr. Leadingham,

      Sounds like a good idea, with that a class action lawsuit. I also have been treated just like you too with this same Central Payment company.

      I also have had money taken out of my account since August 2007 or so with out any Merchant Agreement contract.

      Our account was started without my consent and all that the sales person had told me were untruthes. The very first month we found that our account had been triple charged on three items … so our bank called and asked if we had approved switch and we had not …so it was switched back.

      When we discovered in 2011 money being taken from our account. We called Central Payment and we were told to read the fine print in our Merchant Agreement … we did not sign one nor did we ever see one.

      Upon further examination we were not even using their company but still paying Central Payment Systems Fees. We offered to return the machine and asked for a refund of fees and disputed the debt they were saying we owed along with an affidavit for them to verify the debt. They recieved the return reciept that they got our dispute and the Affidavit of Truth. All we recieved from them was harrassing form letters and more money now higher monthly fees and $395.00 removed from our account. Then we recieved a phone call from Central Payment thanking me for the payment and everything was now fine and all was well and we had fullfilled our contract. I told them I never paid them anything and I had not been aware of a Merchant Agreement contract. Because they had not verified the debt by returning the Affidavit of Truth, I felt they were wrong in threatening me with legal action. They insisted that I had so paid. Sure enough they took more money from my bank account. Now my bank “My Community Bank” stopped all further money transfer to their account due to FRAUD by Central Payment. Again in March Central Payment tried to remove $695.00 from my account but were denied. Now in April the Attorney Woman for Central Payment is trying to harrass me to pay. I would love to see them in court.

      Ah now for the kicker ….the papers with the proposed rate charges on it that the sales lady left at my office …has my forged name writtten in her hand signing my name that I had recieved a 10 page Merchant Agreement from Central Payment. Central Payment has never produced one shred of evidence that I was contracted to them. Here below is a simple form anyone can use to ask simple factual YES or NO or provide facts that could simply condem me or condem Central Payment. Affidavits are very powerful in court if Central Payment refuses to answer this simple affidavit and they have, then they are addmitting that they have no contract and have committed the crimes that they are accussed of.

      No affidavit has been returned to date of this blog… Here is the Complete letter …

      Central Payment Corporation
      2350 Kerner Blvd. Suite 300
      San Rafael, Ca. 94901
      Reference : Merchant # 4228993400654483 Sent by USPS
      Fax 1-866-716-5778 certified return receipt requested
      7009 0080 0000 6548 7996

      Dear Mrs. Lasandra Felder of Merchant Relations, February 12, 2011

      This is in response to your January 21, 2011 computer generated unsigned letter.
      Your letter starts with a untruth such as “After repeated unsuccessful attempts to contact you, it has been closed out for no activity and the early termination fee of $300.00”. My phone which I must answer 24 hours a day and 365 days a year is at my side at all times. I have never missed a call from you and have never had any voice mail left unreturned to you or your company. The only call received from your company was on January 21, 2011, to which I answered and requested a letter from you.

      Request to verify the “DEBT”
      If you may need to really contact me it will only be by written letter either sent by USPS mail or by facsimile to 812-280-9276, to document any possible criminal or legal action against you and the company you represent. I am willing to return any equipment I need to and pay everything I legally owe. I will also hold the same standard to you and Central Payment Corporation. But first complete the Affidavit below to verify your claim. I am disputing the “Debt”.

      It has been brought to my attention in your January 21, 2011 letter (Term 2. quoted ). It states that we were in default of our contract signed by myself with Central Payment Corporation. I am unaware of signing or receiving the 1 thru 9 pages Merchant Agreement Contract you reference. Your company upon my recent investigation has defaulted on any understanding between us either written or verbal from the very first transaction. I am asking for a full refund of all amounts removed from my account without my full authorization. We will return all your equipment to you postpaid as requested.. Your immediate reply is of most importance to me, and I am looking forward to receiving requested documents soon.

      David Erickson
      108 Maplehurst Drive
      Jeffersonville, IN 47130

      1 of 4
      Affidavit of Truth
      10 Day response upon Receipt
      1. Please list all names and addresses of parties involved in this dispute if this may go to court for counterclaim or offset.

      2. Please provide copies of the original documents that you possess signed by David R. Erickson’s hand.

      3. Our records show three credit card transactions in September 2007 and no credit card transactions for account 4228993400xxxxxx after September 27, 2007, is this true or false?

      4. If above the answer is false please provide date of last activity.

      5. Service to David Erickson started on August 16, 2007. Is this correct?

      6. What was the contracted VC/MC Check Card Rate %

      7. What was the contracted VC/MC Qualified Rate %

      8. What was the contracted VC/MC Transaction Fee Rate _____$0._______per item?

      9. What was the contracted Mid-Qualified: Discount Plus Rate %

      10. What was the contracted Non-Qualified: Discount Plus Rate %

      11. How long has Sylvia Carol Evans-DuBey held her current Account Executive sales position with Central Payment Systems as a registered ISO/MSP with Wells Fargo Bank?

      12. Who is Sylvia Carol Evans-DuBey’s Supervisor?

      13. Does Sylvia Carol Evans-DuBey still work for Central Payment Systems as a contracted person, business, or employee?

      14. Current mailing address of Sylvia Carol Evans-DuBey ?

      15. Please provide a copy of the original in your possession of David R. Erickson’s signature that he in fact received pages 1 thru 9 of Merchant Agreement.

      16. Does Central Payment Corporation possess the original above requested document?

      17. Was the Merchant Agreement 1 thru 9 presented to David R. Erickson to be signed by and provided copy of the same at the point of sale to him?

      2 of 4

      18. Who is the Chief Operations Officer of Central Payment Systems?

      19. There was no credit card transactions in account #4228993400xxxxxx since 09-27-2007 how much money was deducted by Central Payment Corporation from David R. Erickson’s bank account ?

      20. How much credit does David R. Erickson expect to receive from Central Payment Corporation?

      21. Was Sylvia Carol Evans-DuBey trained and certified to sell Merchant Credit Services for Central Payment Corporation?

      22. By whom was she trained?

      23. Please provide copies of those certifications required for this above line of work.

      24. Who was the person who entered the specific data for the contracted percentages and fees into your computer billing software?

      25. Provide a signed affidavit from the above person that they entered this data percentages or fees on David R. Erickson’s account #4228993400xxxxxx.

      26. Who was the above person’s supervisor?

      The above 26 items were answered truthfully and all items will be provided as requested .

      If an item above cannot be answered draw a line through that line and complete the rest .

      Signed Under Penalty of Perjury by ;

      LaSandra Felder Merchant Relation Central Payment Corporation

      X ___________________________________________ Date _____________________

      Supervisor to LaSandra Felder of Central Payment Corporation

      X ___________________________________________ Date _____________________

      Notory of Public
      Commission Expires

      3 of 4

      Notice of Non Compliance

      For Failure to reply to the Above Affidavit of Truth

      If any items or questions that cannot be answered or provided as requested just state so. This is your chance to provide all facts prior to any further action taken by David R. Erickson. These are serious and grievous chain of events that may result in civil or criminal complaints against individuals and company executives doing business across State lines and by mail and by wire and with the banking system, if this issue is not resolved quickly. If you choose not to respond to this above Affidavit of Truth then the evidence shows that there is no evidence that David R. Erickson had a contract with Central Payment Corporation and that all monies taken from his bank account since August 16, 2007 be completely refunded as full settlement of this account # #4228993400xxxxxx

      4 of 4

    • Marcia Fonseca

      Hi Mike,

      I just started with Central Payment, I had nothing but nice people contact me… like the sales directors…I am not new to the sales field…but just have a couple of questions for you…can you please e-mail me at the above address so I can address these questions? I also take advice from a great friend that has worked with CP for over a year now.

      Thank you


  • David Erickson


    Thank you for your lovely explanations of why all those ripped off customers are so stupid and how naive we all are.

    I am sure you could sell Hitler as a wonderful human being and it was just a few of his SS troops who got out of hand. Oh and all those people who were encamped and then died did not read the fine print either in the news papers. What was happening to all those people.. only a select few really knew why there was so much smoke. The rest did not believe all the stories of those terrible people saying bad stuff about their Fuerher. Then they had people like you who were well fed and clothed and was well treated by the SS who paid you well and was also naive that such hideous crimes could be committed by such nice dedicated people who have worked for 5 years for the company … I think you get the picture.

  • Daniel Leadingham

    I have had a terrible experience with Central Payment in that I stayed with them for 3 years even though I never got the rates that they said I would get. Then I called and was told that my contract was up and I could cancel with out any penalty. I switched to another company with much better rates and faster service and then Central Payment took (stole) $1045.00 right out my account. I would love to get involved with a class action move against this company because I bet they have done this to a lot of small businesses.

    • Hans Hoffmann

      I feel your pain Daniel. Just today (April 12, 2011) good old central payment called me to see if there was anything they could do to get me back. I said “sure, give me my money back you stole.” The lady was polite and said have a nice day. I’ve gone over my agreement many times and I haven’t found one section that said I was going to be charged the same percentage for a chargeback as I am for a charge. It does say I will be charged $25.00 for each chargeback. I am now using my hometown bank and I use SQUARE on my iphone. I love SQUARE. No fees, very low 2.75% rate and they take all cards! No monthly Am Ex invoice or any minimums like central payment. No terminal needed. No early cancellation fees either. I believe companies like SQUARE will be the demise of businesses like central payment. I can understand why “employees” of central payment want to defend their employer. They don’t see what is actually happening in the real world of finance. They’re no different than someone who worked for Al Capone and swore they never seen him hurt anyone. They didn’t. But it happened. Employees who defend them don’t come from the top.

    • Guss

      If I was to write my complaint it will look like all of you who complained about this company. I don’t understand how the BBB rates them. They are a total scam. Forged my contracts, over charges, and hidden fees. Pulled money from my account with out authorization and list goes on.

  • todd white

    If you dont ask questions and are only concerned about the getting the cheapest rate that can happen to you.I think more than likely it was all fees were explained and you said yes to everything…. it was cool until the bill came then it was a problem.

    • David Erickson

      Todd White,

      I don’t know what department you are repsenting of Central Payment or who you are but I am sure of one thing Central Payments ethical approach to customer service shows that they are not regulated very closely from the top.

      Please check it out my account is on file …if I am wrong I owe everyone a big apoligy and you can put a sign on my neck saying that I lied about Central Payment and video my apoligy and put it on YOUTUBE.

      My approach to wire fraud and mail fraud and grand larceny and all those types of things is simple.

      Central Payment can refund all monies they stole out of my account or fill the affidavit posted on this site, sign it and return it to me.
      Warning flare, shot across the bow or whatever you want to call it …those big guys from the big house are coming.

      NOW a third part debt collector the McCarthy, Burgess and Wolfe ( 440-735-5100 extension # 2253 ) the legal team and the strong arm of Central Payment Corporation, is now involved. Scharon has been calling ( 04-12-2011 ) asking for $695.00 and ( 04-13- 2011 she hung up before I got to the phone ). She has not seen the Affivavit of Truth missing from file.. She also asked wheter we sent a letter of dispute and we informed her we have …but it was missing from our file too. Hmmm interesting file tampering for what and who? We have told her we have agreed to pay anything we owe and return there machine after they can produce the “Affidavit of Truth” . She asked my permission to state on my file that “I was NOT willing to pay” and I told her no that is untrue. She is not interested in right or wrong just collecting whatever her client requests without verifing the debt they say I owe.

      PS….. Todd, I don’t believe you are bad or have morale business ethics in question …it is just what does Central Payment customer service do when someone in their own team is unethical and screwed up .. NOTHING except… then they steal $395.00 more from my account…and then attempt to steal $695 more a month later and missing files. So that makes me and others think this practice is condoned at the highest levels of this company… and I am willing to bet when someone hears how far this litte boy has gone and how deep this doo doo is piling up and it “stinks” …I will get all my money back …ALL $3000. plus dollars and then we will go away …. Yes we want the Cheapest Rate that does not mean we are MORONS …we are victims of FRAUD …remember when there is NO contract there is no fine print to read! NO CONTRACT NO ABRITRATION IT IS COURT and complaints to the INDIANA ATTORNEY GENERALS OFFICE, FTC , FBC and WHOEVER WE CAN FIND WHO WILL HELP THIS LITTLE MORON BOY WHO CAN READ FINE PRINT get his money back.. IF NO AFFIDAVIT OF TRUTH is completed, proving that Central Payment acted in good faith in removing monies from my account. Then you have not proved we had a contract and have not VERIFIED THE DEBT as the Fair Debt Collections ACT has determined and monies must be returned.

  • Hans Hoffmann

    I wouldn’t recommend this company to any small business owner to process your credit cards. What they don’t tell you is that if you have a high volume of charges in a month….(over $10,000) the bank that handles their money (ipayment) will do a risk assessment and unless you carry a balance of over $10,000 in your account for 3 months or more they will decline your deposit and make you refund it back to your customer. Now it gets better. Central payment will then charge you the 3% fee anyway on the charge and charge you 3% for the return. In my case I had a charge for a large order that came to $26,000 and it went through my card machine no problem. Several days later, instead of seeing a nice deposit in my bank account I get a call from ipayment telling me that unless I can prove I carry a minimum of $10,000 or more in my checking account for the last 3 months, they would not be giving me my money and I would have to reverse the charges. The reasoning is that if there is a chargeback in the next 6 months they have to make sure I had the money to return to the customer. I have never had a return in the 3 years I used centralpayment so I don’t think I was a high risk for a return. 3 days after I did a return for $26,000 I get a charge on my bank account for $1,560! You are reading that right….$1,560.00 Centralpayment felt they deserved almost a couple of thousand dollars for doing nothing except for taking my customers charge, holding it for a week and then ordering me to give it back. After the fee was charged to me I called centralpayment to see if they could waive the charges because I didn’t get any money from this transaction. I was told they could give me $200 back and would only take $1,360 instead. Wow! Aren’t they awesome! Needles to say, I have cancelled my service with them and I have a new one with my local bank…who could not believe what was done to me by centralpayment. If I now run into a problem with a large order my bank will work with me ot make sure everything goes a lot smoother. I switched my service from my bank to centralpaymnet strictly because I was convinced by a salesman they were cheaper. (And they were) but the $30 or so I saved every month was wiped out in one big theft by centralpayment policy. I just wanted to give my 2 cents on what I had happen to me. I am just a small t-shirt printing business who found out the hard way that big banks always win. I would have loved to have heard centralpayment say we understand what happened and we would be happy to return the charges to you. (Now that would be great customer service) Oh well. Live and learn I guess.

  • John Thomas Flynn

    Unless you really expect to be with them for 4-5 years, which is longer than most marriages, forget about Central Payment. We were forced to pay the $550 cancellation fee to Central Payment to get out of their contract. Missed the fine print on cancellation fee, (my bad) but was costing $45/per month with little or no transactions.They wouldn’t cut us any slack. I have sworn to make it my life’s work to make their cancellation policies well know among my clients/customers beginning with the 3,500 subscribers to my Webcast/Blog at http://www.techleader.TV web site.

    Go with Square.

    • Chrissy

      John, do you normally sign contracts without reading them? It is very clear right under the rates what our cancellation policy is. We do not conceal it at all. If you did not have enough business to warrant taking credit cards why did you sign up for a merchant account? There is a cost of doing business as you should well know being a business owner. For us to board your account, build files, pay our underwriters to verify your app and do their job, pay a rep if there was one involved, it costs money. Central payment is not in the business to give away accounts for free. Just as I am sure in your business you do not either. Why did you agree to a 3 year term if it was not something you were going to fulfill? Just like your cell phone has a contract so does mercahnt services and all companies charge an ETF fee. Its the nature of the beast.
      Do a little more digging on your Square company there are some issues with them as well. You just have to know where to find them.

  • Chrissy

    I am an agent of Cpay, and have been with them for almost 5 years. I think some of the information that you have listed here is not facts. Our company services way more than 35,000 merchants.
    I understand that you think 100 complaints with the BBB is alot but when you have over 700 agents nationwide that is alot of people that you can not control the actions of. Cpay does not go on every call, and as you know there are ALOT of dishonest reps out there.
    There are no internal management issues, most of the upper management has been with the company since 2005. Being in the industry yourself you should know that there are alot of merchants out there that you can never make happy no matter what you do, They want everything for free and if you do not give them what they want they retaliate.
    As far as the reports on ripoff reports being by ex employees maybe you should take a look at our facebook page and you can see the thousands of satisfied agents and merchants that comment. That by far surpasses the negative marks.
    A company that has grown by 100% year over year will have some hiccups but in my opinion CPAY is by far the best company out there and this is coming from someone who has been in the industry for 7 years and who attends alot of the regional conferences and is very well connected in the merchant service world.

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