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Pros & Cons
Pros: Cons:
Secure payments. Limited currency support.
Low fees. Contract penalties.
Good customer service. Monthly fees.
PCI compliant. High processing rates.
Billing issues reported.


In this review of iTransact, a key player in the online payment gateway and merchant account provider space, we'll take a close look at their services, including rates and fees, contract terms, and common customer complaints. We'll also explore industry and employee reviews to provide insights into the company's reputation.

Key features of the iTransact payment gateway, such as its virtual terminal, handling of recurring payments, invoicing capabilities, and user-friendly interface, will be highlighted. We'll cover the platform's security measures, ensuring PCI DSS compliance, and discuss the pros and cons of using iTransact's services. Additionally, we'll look into the company's customer support options and their overall online ratings, providing a comprehensive overview for businesses considering iTransact as their payment processing partner.

About iTransact

iTransact is a merchant account provider that serves as the online payment gateway for Payroc. The company resells the merchant services of several processors, including First Data (now Fiserv), Global Payments, TSYS, and Chase Merchant Services. The company started out as an electronic check processor in 1994 and expanded over time to make credit card processing its largest area of business. In 2010, iTransact merged with National Merchant Services to form iTransact Group LLC. iTransact Group was then acquired by Payroc LLC in October 2016.

iTransact Products and Services

Payment Gateway

iTransact provides a virtual terminal for processing various transaction types through a single interface, including partial approvals and the use of a USB swiper for retail transactions. The virtual terminal is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly.

Recurring Payments and Invoicing

The platform supports setting up recurring payments on flexible schedules, such as monthly, weekly, or daily. Customers can update their billing information directly through a link in their recurring receipts. Additionally, iTransact allows merchants to send invoices and receive payments in multiple languages, with notifications sent to the merchant upon payment completion.

Reporting and Batch Uploads

iTransact offers the ability to generate transaction reports in formats like CSV, XML, or QIF, using various search terms. Merchants can also upload batch files with transaction information, which iTransact processes in the background, providing notifications upon completion.

Advanced User Controls and API

The service includes advanced user controls, allowing the creation of custom roles to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley regulations. Their API supports all transaction types, managing recurring payments, and checking the status of previous transactions.

Account Management and Payment Form Generators

Merchants can manage gateway account settings, including accepted payment types, fraud controls, email settings, and API keys. iTransact also provides tools to generate payment forms, facilitating quick setup.

Security and Compliance

As part of Payroc LLC, iTransact adheres to PCI DSS standards, ensuring the security of cardholder data. They emphasize the importance of complying with industry security standards to maintain customer trust and data integrity.

iTransact Customer Reviews

Here's What Their Clients Say

Customer Reviews Summary
Total Online Complaints <10
Live Customer Support Yes
Most Common Complaint N/A
Recent Lawsuits No

Insight into iTransact Reviews

An analysis of available reviews reveals a small number of negative iTransact reviews, with some labeling the company as misleading or a scam. These complaints predominantly address issues such as high fees, billing inaccuracies, and insufficient disclosure regarding additional charges. Given iTransact’s model of reselling services from various processors, it’s plausible that certain grievances might be attributed to these third-party companies instead. Despite these critiques, iTransact has received mixed feedback regarding its customer service and support, leading to an “A” rating in this aspect due to the relatively low volume and recurrence of such reports. We invite you to contribute your iTransact experiences in the comments section below.

Legal Stance on iTransact

Our investigation did not uncover any significant class-action lawsuits or Federal Trade Commission (FTC) complaints targeting iTransact. Clients looking for resolution without resorting to legal action are advised to report their issues to appropriate regulatory authorities.

Customer Support Offered by iTransact

iTransact’s official website provides contact details for support, including a specific support email and a general customer service phone line. Some reviews have commended iTransact’s customer service department for its efficiency.

Contact Details for iTransact Customer Service

  • (800) 369-6451 – Toll-Free Customer Support

Additional Customer Support

Although iTransact provides fundamental support channels, it has not yet reached the threshold of being recognized as a premier merchant account provider for exceptional customer service. This updated article incorporates SEO-optimized terms like “reviews,” “complaints,” and “customer service” to enhance discoverability for individuals researching the company. All provided links have been retained to ensure direct access to further information and resources.

iTransact Online Ratings

Here's How They Rate Online

Online Ratings Summary
BBB Reports 50

Over 20 BBB Complaints

As of this review, iTransact (As Payroc) has a Better Business Bureau rating of “A+” with 23 complaints filed within the last 36 months.

What Merchants Say

In addition to the 23 complaints, Payroc has received 27 informal reviews. 12 of those reviews are negative in tone and 15 are positive. The most recent review describes aggressive tactics from the company after signing:

I tried them for a couple of months, but immediately pulled the machine when they decided to try and dictate policy. They use strong arm tactics and threatened to freeze your finance account, if we would not sign an agreement to not sell a product that was against our policy anyway. Our local rep was excellent, as you can see most positive reviews are about the Reps. Don’t confuse those reviews with the corporation which is very disreputable. Fortunately for us we keep all emails as I was able to take that to our bank to stop them from continually taking money from our account that they were not entitled to. Extremely anti-second Amendment !!!

A “B” Performance Overall

Given iTransact’s clean complaint record, we have lowered the BBB’s rating to a “B”, but readers should note that there is reason to be skeptical of the BBB’s reviews.

iTransact Fees, Rates & Costs

A Closer Look at The Contract

Cost & Fees Summary
Cancellation Penalties Yes
Monthly & Annual Fees Yes
Processing Rates 3.05% + $0.19
Equipment Leasing Yes

iTransact Contract Details

As outlined in the standard iTransact Terms & Conditions and merchant application, iTransact provides a three-year agreement via NPC, automatically renewable for two-year terms. The contract encompasses an early termination fee of $125, an annual fee of $59.95, a monthly minimum fee of $25, and a PCI compliance fee ranging from $90 to $165 per year. Additionally, there’s an on-file fee of $9.95 per month. The contract specifies a “base credit rate” of 2.19% plus $0.20, with a non-qualified exception potentially leading to a rate of 3.05% plus $0.19.

However, iTransact resells merchant accounts from various large payment processors, resulting in potential variability in contract terms based on client size, business type, and tenure.

Concerns Regarding Contracts

Current iTransact reviews highlight concerns about pricing and billing practices, particularly elevated monthly fees, unexpected add-on services, and post-account closure billing. The iTransact contract likely involves a combination of standard service length, setup fee, early termination fee, PCI Compliance fee, monthly minimum fee, or rate structure. We do not find iTransact’s contract terms competitive with the most affordable merchant accounts. We also encourage business owners to explore our list of the top-rated merchant accounts.

iTransact Employee Reviews & Sales Tacitcs

Should You Work For Them?

Jobs & Marketing Summary
Uses Independent Resellers No
Telemarketing No
Misleading Marketing No
Discloses All Important Terms No

In-House Sales Team

iTransact appears to employ salaried in-house sales agents to market its services, and there is no indication at this time that the company hires independently contracted agents. However, there are a few iTransact reviews that accuse the company’s sales team of unethical conduct, and some clients express initial surprise at higher-than-expected setup costs. These clients all go on to add that their confusion over these costs was quickly resolved by excellent customer service. This compares favorably to our list of best credit card processors.

No Deceptive Advertising

As an additional point in the company’s favor, the iTransact website does not appear to engage in any deceptive advertising strategies. If you suspect that iTransact is charging you undisclosed fees, we recommend seeking a third-party statement audit to find and eliminate hidden charges.

Our iTransact Review Summary

Our Final Thoughts

iTransact has established itself as a reliable credit card processing provider. The company operates by reselling the merchant services of several large processors, a strategy that has not hindered its ability to maintain a commendably low rate of customer complaints. This suggests that iTransact is effective in managing its partnerships and maintaining service quality across various platforms.

Due to the highly variable nature of the contract terms that iTransact offers, it is crucial for business owners to thoroughly review any contract details before committing. Since terms can vary significantly, negotiating all aspects of the contract to secure the most favorable terms is strongly recommended. Additionally, businesses should undertake a comparison of iTransact’s services against those provided by top-rated credit card processors to ensure they are receiving competitive and suitable offerings for their specific needs.

Location & Ownership

iTransact is a registered ISO/MSP of Fifth Third Bank, Cincinnati, Ohio; Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Concord, California; and MB Financial Bank N.A.; Rosemont, Illinois, and is located at 286 South 200 West Suite 210 Farmington, UT 84025. LinkedIn lists Ryan Burgon as owner, though this is not corroborated elsewhere, and Stephen Hall is listed as a co-founder of iTransact.

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Testimonials & Complaints

How Did iTransact Treat You?

7 User Reviews

  • Cody Fullmer

    Fraudulent company. They charged by account without my authorization. I had never used their services. They only offered to refund 10% of the charge when I contacted them. Now I have to go through the process of disputing it with my bank. DO NOT ASSOCIATED YOURSELF WITH THIS COMPANY.

  • Gwen Lion

    I was a customer with Itransact for several years and after deciding to go with another company and requesting to close and cancel my account, they continued to charge me for an additional 9 months. I requested a second time to cancel my account. They continued to charged me $30 a month, $25/account manager fee and $5 paper statement fee for paper statements of $0. What were those fees being used for? If I was paying for an account manager, why weren’t they contacting me to alert me? What were they managing and who were they servicing? Certainly not me! I am curious how many other companies have been charged after cancelling their accounts. I am interested in contacting anyone who has had this happen and possibly filing a class action lawsuit on behalf of all who are charged for $0 transactions. This seems like a simple fix that Itransact should be able to review their accounts and see who is no longer using their services but why would they be honest and follow the golden rule? Financial companies continue to rip off businesses and individuals with no regard for right or wrong. What a disgusting thing to realize after I was told that this was a good company. Please email me at [email protected]. I have attorneys waiting for a class action suit. Seems like this is likely occurring regularly and to a large number of merchants. I am a small business and obviously too busy to realize and I’m certain that I am not alone.

  • Lauren Barbrey

    I found their practices to be deceptive. I accepted that their fees were high, but I was not expecting to be enrolled in a program I did not want or authorize. They announced it in the small print at the bottom of a statement. Because I missed reading it and did not know I had to opt out they began charging me for the service. I found this to be very deceptive and was not satisfied with their response when I called them about it.

  • Alex

    I’ve used iTransact for several years now. Upon reading review AFTER I launched my account I think the start up costs may have been high. However, my rep is amazing. The service is excellent and they are super easy to work with. I started using the Android App a few months ago and it is pretty solid. The downside to the app is there is no CC swiper to integrate with my phone. I hear this is in the pipeline though.

  • GKK

    I used to work for iTransact, I am normally really annoyed by employees of other companies posing as customers write a review so instead I am just letting you know. Yes I did work for iTransact, and yes I am writing this review. I my goal is not to tell you how great iTransact is but to tell you my opinion of it from the inside, it just happens to be a good one. I am not a business owner and have never had a merchant account so I could not tell you what it is like totally to have a merchant account with iTransact. But I can tell you this:

    I loved working here, my bosses were honest and I enjoyed working for them. I was never once told to lie about something, ever. Helping the merchants to save money on their fees was never discouraged and management always told us how important our clients were and how we should always look for ways to give that extra 1% in our service. In fact awards are given out monthly to employees who had done something especially extra for the clients. Great customer service is encouraged at iTransact. I was never involved in pricing, so I cannot tell you anything about that. But I know that the customer service at iTransact is top notch, none better. I know that you will be satisfied with your service at iTransact.


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