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Stellar Payment Systems

Last Updated: February 7, 2014
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Stellar Payment Systems Overview

Stellar Payment Systems Logo

Stellar Payment Systems Logo

Stellar Payment Systems ( is a merchant account provider headquartered in Miami, Florida. The company is “powered by” First Data, meaning that it is a reseller of First Data’s merchant services. Stellar offers ACH processing, ATM services, offshore merchant accounts, and check drafting, as well as equipment, including point-of-sale software, card terminals, PIN pads, and check readers. Stellar Payment Systems, LLC is a registered ISO/MSP of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., in Walnut Creek, California, and is located at 845 NE 79TH Street, Miami, Florida 33138.

Stellar Payment Sales & Marketing Tactics | B-

Stellar Payment Systems partners with ISOs and independent sales agents to market its services. This hiring practice usually produces a high number of complaints for a company, as independent agents are typically motivated to sign merchants up for the most expensive contracts they can. We are currently able to locate three negative Stellar Payment Systems reviews related to the company’s hiring practices. Two of these complaints were filed by former employees who allege deceptive salary quotes and poor employee support, while one complaint from a merchant alleges repeated misrepresentation or nondisclosure of rates and fees. The company does not appear to engage in deceptive advertising strategies in its official materials.

Stellar Payment Costs & Contract Terms | B-

Stellar Payment Systems offers credit card processing through First Data, which means that its rates and fees may be subject to variation depending on the agent setting up the account and a merchant’s business type, size, and time in business. According to one merchant complaint, the company charges a monthly minimum fee, a PCI non-compliance fee, and very high transaction fees. Given its partnership with First Data, it is also likely that the company enforces a minimum service length, a PCI Compliance fee, and an early termination fee. Although there is only one complaint online that mentions issues with the Stellar Payment Systems contract, all available evidence indicates that the company offers terms that are average for the industry. If you have any knowledge of the standard Stellar Payment Systems contract, please leave that information in the comment section of this review.

Stellar Payment Systems Complaints & Service | B+

We are currently able to locate three Stellar Payment Systems complaints, one of which alleges that the company is a scam and a ripoff. Common themes include poor hiring practices, deceptive sales tactics, unhelpful customer service, and expensive contract terms. One of these complaints was resolved according to an update posted by the complainant. Although the content of these complaints is alarming, the overall number and frequency of complaints is very low for this company. The Stellar Payment Systems website provides an email contact form for customer service, but it’s likely that the company outsources its customer support to First Data.

Stellar Payment Systems BBB Report | A

Stellar Payment Systems is not an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). As of this review, the company has an “A” rating with the BBB and has had two complaints filed against it in the last 36 months. Both complaints were filed in regards to an advertising or sales issue. One complaint was resolved with BBB assistance, while the other was resolved to the dissatisfaction of the complainant. Given this resolution rate, agree with the BBB’s rating in this case.

Bottom Line

Stellar Payment Systems rates as an above average merchant account provider according to our rating system. The available information about the company indicates that it provides average contract terms through First Data, and the company has a low complaint rate at this time. The company’s rating may be subject to change once more is known about its standard contract.

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  1. Dominic A. Aaron

    Stellar is a rip-off company. I have been trying to contact the salesperson (Shannon) for over two weeks. I was due a refund of my money due to the miscommunication (lying) by this person. Please do not do business with this company.

    1. Dominic Aaron

      I owe an apology to Shannon Balfur. I submitted this review before he had a chance to get back to me, and for this I do apologize.

  2. ni-fei sheih

    SPS has a shady credit card merchant account practice. First of all, they will falsely promise that their fee will be lower than your existing bank’s credit card merchant account. They will ask you for your existing statements so they will analyze whether they can beat your current rate. Then they will come back to tell you that after analysis, they can definitely lower your monthly fees from credit card transaction. But in reality, since I signed up at the end of December 2012, I’ve been charged a lot more than my previous bank (SPS’s fees have been about 2x a much as my previous bank PNC. in March 2013, SPS charged me about 10% of my total transaction. In April 2013 when i ran very few credit card transactions with them, they charged me over $50 for a total of $150 credit card transaction!!!). Second, SPS will give you the application without explaining in details on what the fees are. Also they have some hidden charges that they don’t tell you about. Their fee for running credit card transaction is outrageous. Third, when you get the bill & want to dispute the charge with them, they take their time to give you an answer (in my case, it took 3 month billing cycles before they figure out why they charged me more than double of what PNC was charging me before with the same amount of credit card transaction). So while you wait for their solution, the fees keep piling up (if you run credit card transaction while you wait, their various fees get run up…. if you don’t do any credit card transaction, you also get tagged with other fees such as monthly minimum fee….so either way, they almost see purposely try to slow the resolution process so they can charge you more fee). Fourth, when they came back to me with a solution, they said the reason that my fee with them had been higher than PNC was because I wasn’t on the right plan. So they basically refuse to take the fault where it was their fault for not signing you up to the correct plan that they told the client about initially. They basically did a bait & switch on the client. After the client catches on of their bait & switch strategy, SPS then wants you to be patient & try the other plan. If the other plan doesn’t make the fee lower than the your previous bank, they again win because they’ll collect more fee. Now I have requested cancellation (beginning of May 2013). Let see whether they will have another shady practice to collect more fees. Below is more details of some of the problems i encountered with SPS in the last few months.


    The fees charged by credit merchant account is more than promised in contract. Also, a charge not stated in contract had mysteriously appeared in my account.
    Stellar Payment System (SPS,800-676-4030, Fax:305-575-1512) had guaranteed with a proposal back December 2012 that their credit card merchant account will provide my business lower rate (0.99% volume percent pass through interchange+$0.15/item transaction fee+$25 fee only if monthly credit card transaction is not more than $25). SPS was so confident that they can beat my current pricing that they sent a letter saying that they decided to come up with a $1,000.00 just for me if they cannot beat my current pricing with PNC. So to determine whether they can provide a better rate for me than PNC, I provided SPS’s senior funding manager Zeeshan Saeed my credit card merchant statements from PNC. After SPS came back with a pricing proposal that beat PNC’s pricing with rate mentioned above, I signed up with SPS credit card merchant account at the end of December 2012. A working credit card machine was received from SPS on 1/15/13. The machine had some problem initially but was fixed on 1/21/13. I noticed that on 1/2/13, SPS had charged me $53.97. Before I signed up, there was no mentioning of this charge anywhere in the contract. Also this charge occurred before I even received a working credit card machine from SPS. In 2nd week of February 2013, after I received the January 2013 merchant statement from SPS, I also noticed that there were a lot of fees (PCI noncomplliance/regulatory product/sales items/ 15% interchange fee) that appear in the statement that were not mentioned before in the contract. So the overall fee charged by SPS on my credit card transaction in January 2013 ended up 2x as high as what PNC would have charged me. So I wrote to Zeeshan Saeed on 2/13/13 & he asked me to scan the statements from SPS & PNC so his team can analyze what went wrong. I sent him all of the statements but learned that Zeeshan Saeed was no longer with SPS so they assigned me Brian Katzman . Again, I sent Brian the statements twice, first time on 2/28/13 and again on 3/13/13 so his team could analyze the problem. Brian also promised to find out why I was erroneously charged $53.97 on 1/2/13 when I didn’t even begin using the credit card service from SPS yet. On 3/14/13, Brian said his team found out that my higher monthly fee in comparing to PNC was due to the 0.99% volume percent for the pass through interchange. So he lowered the volume percent on Pass Through Interchange to 0.5% on 3/14/13, and said that I should see lower fee than PNC in March 2013. After I did my own analysis with the change in pass through interchange volume percent, I told Brian that would not make my fee lower than PNC because fee charged by SPS was higher due to all these miscellaneous charges on the statement. Then Brian told me that it appears that Pnc has me on a 3 tier rate so in order to get my fee lower than PNC, he could keep me on the same 3 tier rate at lower %. So SPS was basically not honoring the lower fee guarantee and their original analysis (they didn’t notice this in their initial analysis?). SPS was not acknowledging their higher fee & now was trying to convince me that the problem would be solved by switching me to another one of their plan. I agreed to switch anyway on 3/15/13, hoping that it would fix the problem. Also on 4/4/13, Brian told me that $53.97 on 1/2/13 was a pre month service. There was no mentioning of this pre-month service when i signed up with SPS. When they charged it, SPS was very sneaky about it & didn’t leave any explanation either. On 4/10/13, I wrote to Brian again to let him know that I was still getting charged much higher fee than PNC. In fact, I was charged 10% of total credit card transaction in March 2013!! Brian requested credit of $53.97 on 4/17/13 but SPS denied it. SPS falsely advertised the deal & sneaked in hidden charges. It’s not easy to terminate account as they will try to delay the process with explanations or new deal. They’re a fraud.

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