SumUp (sumup.co.uk) is European mobile credit card processing application for iPhone and Android users that launched in mid-2012. The service is similar to its U.S. predecessors like Square and GoPayment, and includes an EMV-compatible card reader for £59, a phone app, account setup, and a flat processing fee of 1.95% for all card types and transactions with no additional fees. In April 2016, SumUp merged with Payleven, and the newly formed entity retained the SumUp brand. Currently, SumUp is available in Austria, Belgium, Brazil, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and the United States of America. The company can be seen as a direct competitor to iZettle, another similar service that entered the European market around the same time as SumUp. Daniel Klein is listed as the CEO of SumUp.

SumUp Products and Services

  • Debit and credit card processing
  • Secure Bluetooth-enabled EMV PIN pad
  • Online dashboard
  • Transaction history
  • Electronic receipts


  • Retail
  • Mobile

Sales & Marketing

Key Points - Sales & Marketing

Employs Independent Resellers No
Advertises Deceptive Rates No
Discloses All Important Terms Yes

SumUp appears to primarily market its services through its website and through traditional advertising. The company’s website advertises very simple pricing of 1.95% on all transactions, and this rate does not appear to be contested by merchants. We were able to locate one SumUp review in which the merchant felt they had been misled as to what kind of card reader they would receive, but this appears to have been a shipping error rather than false advertisement. The company does not seem to engage in deceptive advertising strategies in its official materials.

SumUp Marketing Example


Costs & Contract

Key Points - Costs & Contract

Swiped Rate 1.95%
Keyed-in Rate 1.95%
Early Termination Fee None
PCI Compliance Fee None
Equipment Cost £59 + VAT

SumUp appears to offer a very transparent pricing model of 1.95% on all transactions in addition to £59 plus VAT up front for its Bluetooth-compatible card reader. The company’s terms and conditions state that merchants may cancel service at any time, and they also outline the company’s cash reserve policy. Under this policy, the company may withhold portions of payments in order to establish a reserve account as a fraud prevention measure. This policy is similar to those used by other mobile/smartphone processors and does not appear to be a major source of merchant complaints. Some merchants have expressed frustration that SumUp does not make it clear that it cannot accept payments over the phone and might not accept certain currencies from outside a SumUp merchant’s country. Generally speaking, however, the company’s contract terms do not appear to frustrate its merchants.


Complaints & Service

Key Points - Complaints & Service

Total Online Complaints 30+
Live Customer Support No
Most Common Complaint N/A

We are currently able to locate more than 30 SumUp complaints, some of which allege that the company is a ripoff or a scam. Common issues for merchants include the app’s complicated process for swiping Visa cards (a protocol imposed by Visa Europe), poor customer support, device malfunctions, and withholding or late delivery of funds. A SumUp representative has responded to most of these complaints by stating that company is working to improve its lengthy Visa payment process, which requires customers to receive a text message and then click a hyperlink in the message to enter their payment information. It appears that SumUp has corrected this issue entirely as of this update. Additionally, the complaints about late payment or withholding of funds appear to be either related to confusion about the company’s cash reserve policy or simply the product of isolated billing mishaps. Much like Square, SumUp primarily offers customer support via email and social networks, which appears to have caused problems for some merchants. In general, though, the complaints about SumUp’s customer service have not seen the same rapid increase that hit some of its overseas competitors. If you have any experience with SumUp’s customer support and risk policies, please share it in the comment section below this review.



SumUp is based in the UK and is therefore not subject to review by the BBB. We will not factor a BBB rating into this review.

SumUp Logo

SumUp Bottom Line

According to all available information, SumUp rates as a worthy alternative to its mobile payment app competitors in Europe and the US. The company is showing relatively few complaints at this time and appears to offer transparent, affordable contract terms. The major drawback of SumUp at this time appears to be its lack of live customer support. The SumUp app is still expanding into new territories, and its overall rating is therefore subject to change as its use spreads.

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  1. I was very disappointed with Sumup but stuck it out for 6 months before changing to iZettle. I wish I had done it months ago because the losses due to faulty terminals (5 in 6 months) and a system that needed constant battery changes (3-4 times a week). I lost a ton of business.

  2. I bought the Pin+ machine in May this year (2016) and I am VERY satisfied so far. I don’t have large volume card sales (driving instructor) but thought it would be convenient for my customers. I only take payment in GBP and don’t need advance payments (customer/card not present). The payment process is simple and payments appear in my account usually within a week. The 1.95% fee is more than acceptable. The review and accounting options available from the web site are more than sufficient for me. E-mails from SumUp detailing weekly/monthly payments and invoices (charges) are regular and detailed.
    I recently had a problem where the card unit became blocked (I was changing batteries!). A phone call to support had a new unit on its way to me and a (free) return postage slip was e-mailed to me to return the blocked unit.
    Experience so far? Excellent.
    Go for it. Can’t fault it.
    Telephone support number is 020 3510 0160

  3. Beware the marketing for Sum-Up which suggests that their service allows you to take payments in many other countries. We ordered their system in the belief that we could accept payments in UK, and with just a simple phone call, also in France. Reality, we now discover, is that we can only accept payments in GBP, not Euros. What customer is going to accept that happening in France? Complaints to Sum-Up now being ignored about their misleading marketing. You have been warned!

  4. this company is a disgrace.they took payment on item i sold next email i got was to send my passport and the registration of my business and the nature of my business what i do..which i gave all information they need..one day later i got another email to send a copy of the receipt i gave the customer..i did..a day later again.i got another email to give the name and the phone number of the customer..i did…a day later i got email that my account with sumup is close and they have refund the customer..due to irregularities in the transaction.with no reason giving to me.when i even contacted the customer he told that sumup contacted him to ask if he has purchase or use the card in my shop..he said he told them yes no cause to worry..the customer did not ask for refund..sumup choose to refund the money because the guy name was on the receipt and not is wife.when both of them was at the shop during the purchase(HAVE CCTV PROOF)..i ask which name and telephone number you want on the receipt..the husband said put mine…like what every other man will do..no MAN want is wife to be bother by some shop.on a short note.SUMUP have refunded €1250 to a customer that i don’t no there were about…PLEASE AVOID THIS COMPANY OR ASK A LOT QUESTION BEFORE JOINING THEM…am now taking legal action against them..I EVEN SEND THEM PICTURE OF FRONT AND INSID THE SHOP..when i ask why they did not contact all other transaction that i have been carrying in the shop no answer from them anymore..TRUST ME THEY WILL ANSWER TO THE LAW,

  5. Got a card reader and didn’t know it didn’t accept over the phone payments..sent them many emails
    And as they don’t have a contact number there no one to answer too…I would say to anyone steer clear of this company…If anything goes wrong theres no one to on the other side of the phone or email.
    I have sent my machine back to them and am awaiting a refund..but will have to go the legal route as they only want your money and that’s it..no back up what so ever..Their a disgrace to call them selves a co.

    Are you with SumUp? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  6. Hi everybody please avoid Sumup like the plague this company has no concept of customer service ordered a machine still not received three weeks after after numerous emails they said the order was cancelled I sent a screenshot of the payment I have lost over €800 as I was unable to take card payments when asked for compensation they keep on avoiding the issue.

    It’s better to pay a higher rate of interest with a company that has a phone number

  7. I am in the UK. I took the chip+pin device with me this weekend for the first time and didn’t work! The message on the display said ‘device blocked, please contact support centre’. No telephone number provided, I sent them two e-mails yesterday (Sun) and one this morning, which haven’t even been acknowledged. I lost some sales for this and I am really not happy for the total lack of support. What a waste of money and time!

  8. My problem is that my card reader, once setup, did & does not work. It just says Sumup in the window when it is turned on & nothing else happens no matter what I do. Have emailed them & even responded to their email to me asking if something is wrong because I have not used it. Needless to say, I responded to this & they have not replied. After reading the other posts here, I am glad it has not worked because I could be chasing payment from them instead of help. I think I will just write it off to experience & use someone else. (Why don`t they provide a UK contact number?

  9. Can anyone help with Sumup uk telephone number?,
    I took a large payment from a client nine days ago and i cant seem to get the money out of sumup. They were good for a year, not sure what has gone wrong now.

  10. This service is absolutely poor. I have been waiting for a refund for the last 2 weeks for 2 card machines that were sent to me blocked.
    I have contacted customer service a number of times. They have LIED to me and said that the payment has been transfered but it hasn’t. My bank has also confirmed this several times.
    The customer service people are extremely rude. Your are no better than a thief. Please can you return my money.
    Avoid Sum app!!!!

  11. Ordered and received my card reader with absolutely no problems or delays.
    Set up the account and made a test payment before going to an event where I needed to take a lot of credit card payments.
    Whilst taking payments I received a notification from SumUp that they needed more documents. Luckily I had this info so emailed it to them. Then got another request, this time for more company info as well as invoices and customer contact details for transactions already taken! I thought that the point of using the system was that it generated receipts by email or text if the customer wanted it so I didn’t have to print out invoices!
    My account stopped taking payments during the peak period of my sales during the weekend so I tried calling customer support but of course they’re closed at the weekend!
    When I got home I sent all the documents requested, then wait and wait. Still no payment into my account so I call them and they ask all the same info over the phone that I’ve provided by email.
    They ask for one more document concerning my business registration to be sent to them so I send it.
    Then I receive another email asking for proof of address which I have already sent them!
    Over a month since the event and my money is still stuck with them.
    I’m starting to think that all these delay tactics are just to keep a large balance of their clients money in their bank account which they’re earning interest from.
    Why did they not ask for all this info before they allowed my initial test transaction to go through? I wouldn’t have several thousand stuck in their account now.
    Not sure if I would use them again but perhaps they’re the best of a bad bunch?

  12. I purchased sumup on the 10th of June and still I have not recieved my card terminal. I have emailed them numerous times and got 1 reply to provide them with proof of purchase as it did not show up on their records that I had paid. I sent them proof and have not heard anything since that was 11 days ago and I am getting really frustrated.

    I paid €94.00 in total and still nothing I also have since sent them about 10 emails and no reply. Their customer service is appalling and it’s really frustrating that there is no phone number to call.

    I don’t really know where to go from here and I want a refund!

  13. SumUp looks like an exceptionally attractive option for a small business where they may opt to accept credit cards when out and about for products or services. Even the simple rates of a standard 1.95% across the board is fine, but when you read comments like these from 2012 up to date in 2015, without any improvement over the 3 year period, you can’t help but feeling that there is a non-existent customer service behind this company and when you are a small business looking to offer a payment method to your customers so that you can get paid, this really is vital. It’s such a shame. I have emailed their customer service’s email address a few times with a couple of pre-purchase queries with no answers – Hardly instills confidence in them. I’ve decided not to go ahead with a SumUp account, but I am genuinely disappointed by this as it looks like it could have been great. Their loss and not mine I suspect, as more and more options become available.

  14. I used sumup for the first time with a customer yesterday 11 June 2015 – process of taking a payment hassle free, however, today I receive an email asking for a copy of the customer invoice and some further details about my business – none of which I had a problem providing. I emailed the document to sumup with an explanation about my business – I then followed the email up with a phone call – which was answered very politely and asked if my email had been received – it hadn’t which is a bit concerning – nevertheless the agent taking my call asked me to forward to her direct – which I did. I then had to take a photo of the invoice I supplied to my customer and send that off (via email again) as the scan wasn’t clear. No problem – however when I followed that email up with a phone call, I just kept getting a message stating that their offices were closed and to call back during office hours – (this was midday and their office hours are 8am to 5pm.
    So now I don’t know if they have received my email (the second one) and if it is acceptable and that the payment process to my bank account can be completed.

    It’s a real shame as the process of getting the sumup hardware, setting up the software and actually using the thing is really quite good,

  15. On 28 May I ordered a SumUp card reader (in the Netherlands), with the knowledge that it would be delivered in a few working days. So far I have not received the card reader. On 1 June I received an (automatic) mail from the Dutch office that they are awaiting my payment, whereas I have paid the card reader on 28 May. I informed them accordingly (with a screenshot of the payment) through an email to [email protected], but got no response. On 5 June I received an email from the German office that payment was received. But no info on delivery. On 8 June I received another automatic email from the Dutch office that they were awaiting payment. I replied again explaining the situation, but got no response again…
    As I will need the card reader tomorrow (Thursday 11 June) I would very much appreciate communication from any Support Office that my card reader will indeed be delivered soon!
    Hope very much to hear from you.

  16. I have had a card reader for around 10 days now, I have been emailing customer support alomst daily for the last 7 DAYS trying to find out if I can take pre-authorisations (also know as deferred payments) on my reader. The main reason I got the reader is to take pre-authorisations as damage deposits for the camper hire business I run. I have sent 6 messages in total through both my account support form and email direct to sum up support – not a SINGLE ONE has been answered. You cannot call them, so I am now in limbo I’ve spent £70 on a reader which may be useles for my purposes – please somebody get in TOUCH! I am appalled with the level of customer service, the rates might be good but there is a reason for that.

  17. They keep asking for the same documentation after i sent it and told them i sent it.

    Not sure if they are confused or lack intelligence, now looking for alternative option

  18. The verification process is ridiculously long winded and they do not understand UK business law.
    They are based in Germany and are very German centric.
    They have £500 of our that they let us take and are now threatening to never allow us access to this money.
    I think they may be a scam where they make their money from merchants who get sick of jumping through their hoops and give up.
    They never return calls and just keep asking for further documentation. Some of which does not exist in the UK.

    SCAM or just not very good I’m not sure but they have £500 of ours and we need the money.

    1. Hi Paul,

      I am having the same trouble with them. No one answering the phone or email really worried. Might stop taking payments through them to be on the safe side. Let us know if you had a luck getting through

  19. Waste of time for me too unless it takes VISA via the reader. As a London taxi driver I need AMEX as well.
    Shame all the instructions were not clear at the beginning.

  20. My problem with sum up is the time it is still taking for me to receive the money I took nearly 3 weeks ago now. In the faqs sum up says it will make ‘daily deposits’ once you’ve met the threshold and your account is verified – both of these I had met.

    It then goes onto say it may take 7-10 working days for you to receive your money. In fact what i’ve established from emails to/from sum up support is that deposits are made 7-10 working days with an email sent confirming the same (infuriatingly this hasn’t happened in my case), with a further 2-3 working days possibly needed for the money to show in your account.

    Factoring in the long bank holiday 11 working days have nearly passed and I’ve still not received the money. Having chased support I’ve now been told the bank details they’d used were incorrect and it could take another 7-10 working days for me to receive my money. Given that I had sent them a copy of a letter from my bank (certified by a solicitor) that confirmed my account details I find it hard to see how a mistake has been made and why I have to wait potentially a further two weeks for my money. As a small business this is not feasible and causes a lot of problems.

    Even more infuriating is that when I initially queried where my money was I asked to check the bank details they had – I received no response to this particular question which is a shame because the problem I am now faced with could have been avoided.

    As a side note, when I initially discovered it could take up to 10 working days for me to receive my money I looked elsewhere for another card reader and found intuitpay – it had just been released and they were giving them away for free. I subsequently ordered one, received it, took a test payment which arrived in my account yesterday! Needless to say I’ll be using this one instead of sum up from now on.

  21. I feel like Ive been mis sold or mislead. The card reader I received wasn’t the card reader I signed up for. Isn’t that false advertisement, shouldnt it be illegal to do that. I am severely disappointed I was really excited at the prospect of this product but that has been a big let down. Most of my customers will probably Debit card owners so a chip reader is what I need not a swipe..thingy.
    Sigh Rant over.

  22. Signed up for this a week or so ago. Whilst the account set-up went well, it’s just been a disappointment since then.

    I did not receive a chip and pin reader as shown on their website, but a mag stripe reader. Most people in the UK are wary of their card being swiped nowadays (as it has associations with card skimming), so that’s a major negative.

    Secondly, from looking at their site you’d believe you can accept Visa & Mastercard. Here’s the process for accepting a Visa card as provided by their customer service staff:

    · When you want to accept a Visa card, simply select “Visa” from the choice of payment methods and enter your customer’s mobile phone number.

    · Your customer immediately receives a text message with a unique link to a secure website that opens on the customer’s mobile phone browser.

    · On this website, your customer enters the Visa card’s details and completes the transaction.

    So, if your customer doesn’t have a smart phone or can’t remember all their account access details then the transaction will fail.

    This is not currently a card solution for small businesses, it is a halfway house that will leave customers and businesses frustrated. At lease it doesn’t cost anything to sign up!

    1. Hi firebird_uk,

      Chris Campana here from SumUp.

      Different card associations (such as Visa and MasterCard) have different rules regarding how transactions can be accepted through mobile devices. Because of Visa Europe’s rules, Visa card acceptance is currently not possible via the SumUp card reader, but can be completed by manually entering the Visa card’s details on your customer’s phone.

      We are working together with Visa Europe to allow acceptance of Visa cards also through a card reader in the future.

      If you need further assistance, feel free to contact me at [email protected].


  23. Customer service does not answer emails and no phone number provided. Visa payments only work on a smart phone as the swipe doesn’t work on Visa cards. Takes Mastercard OK … Sorry waste of time at present.

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