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"B" Credit Card Processor Rating
Review Updated: 6/4/2013

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UPDATE: 6/4/2013

Google Checkout is being retired and will no longer be available after November 20th, 2013. See our list of Google Checkout Alternatives now.

Google Checkout Overview

Google Checkout Logo

Google Checkout Logo

Google Checkout ( is an electronic payment service offered by that allows merchants to accept credit card payments through their website and at their retail location via consumers who use the Google Wallet app. The service is primarily marketed to consumers as a way to securely checkout of online stores by storing their credit card information in their Google Wallet account. Not only does Google claim that it’s a safer checkout option for consumers, but that it also speeds up the checkout process and stores the purchase information in one place so that consumers can easily review past purchases.

Google Checkout’s service is similar to PayPal’s “Payments Advanced” and “Payments Pro” accounts which allow merchants to either collect payments from a hosted checkout on Google’s servers, or through their own hosted shopping cart with either an HTML or XML-based API. Most merchants will likely need to work with an experienced web developer for the API option, but the other options can be implemented by just about anyone with basic knowledge of HTML.

Although merchants cannot type credit card numbers it into their Google Checkout merchant accounts to process sales, they can use Google Checkout’s invoice emailing feature to request payment from customers who then can fill in their own payment information. Essentially, if a buyer places an order via phone or fax, a merchant can generate invoices through his/her Google Checkout Merchant Center and email it to the buyer. The buyer is sent a link along with the invoice that allows him/her to confirm payment and shipping information. Unlike PayPal, Google Checkout does not offer a virtual terminal for processing face-to-face transactions but does have ant app for Android devices that allow Google Checkout sellers to accept payments for in-store sales.

Google Checkout Sales & Marketing Tactics | A+

Google uses no misleading sales tactics or marketing to promote Google Checkout. The service is primarily marketed online by other merchants and in search results.

Google Checkout Costs & Contract Terms | A

Like PayPal, there is no cost for setting up a Google Checkout account and merchants can cancel anytime without incurring a cancellation fee. Google Checkout, also like PayPal, has no monthly fees, but does not offer as many different features as PayPal. As of this review, the transaction fees for Google Checkout are:

Google Checkout Priceng Grid

Google Checkout Pricing

Additionally, Google Checkout has a surcharge of 1% if the buyer’s billing country is different from the seller’s. There is also a $10 fee for merchants found liable of a Chargeback and an additional $0.30 fee for each “partial capture” if a merchant selects to do so with a sale. Registered non-profits pay the same fees as above unless they are a Google Grants recipient.

Google Checkout Complaints & Service | C

Google Checkout is a fairly popular service so, as to be expected, there are a few hundred complaints filed against it with the vast majority filed by buyers. As for merchant complaints, the common theme are reports of slow customer service, a non-existent customer support phone line and return/refund issues. There are also complaints of Google holding funds (a fraud prevention tactic) in which merchants report late or zero notification, and difficulty in reaching a resolution.

The majority of buyer complaints mirrored those of merchants but mostly pointed to problems with returns and refunds. As of this review, Google Checkout only offers email support and a merchant forum to resolve issues which is the primary factor lowering its grade in this section.

Google Checkout BBB Report | B-

As of this review, Google Checkout does not have its own report with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The overall company has a “B-” rating and reports that Google has not sought or been awarded BBB accreditation.

Bottom Line

Google Checkout offers a simple payment processing service that is ideal for online merchants that are just starting out, have a low volume of sales, and low dollar transactions. For more established merchants, Google Checkout can be implemented as an additional checkout option that can be paired alongside PayPal and a traditional merchant account giving the buyer the option to choose his/her favorite payment method.

With no setup fees, monthly fees and cancellation fees Google Checkout out is a great option for any seller wishing to accept online payments or donations. The ease of establishing account and the lack of other fees does mean higher transaction fees than most traditional merchant account setups. For most merchants, Google Checkout is best used as an additional credit card acceptance method rather than a sole option for collecting electronic payments.

Google Checkout Review

Rated 4 Out of 5 Stars
Reviewed by Phillip Parker
Reviewed on 2014-04-29 14:14:44

Google Checkout is a fairly popular service so, as to be expected, there are a few hundred complaints filed against it. However, the vast majority complaints come from buyers and not merchants. As for merchant complaints of Google Checkout, there were only a few that complained of slow customer service, a non-existent customer support phone line and return/refund issues. Learn more in this Google Checkout review.

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  1. Frank

    It is a sorry thing to see Google close Google Checkout. They were about the best when it comes to price. Now PayPal will dominate the industries, as there really is no real competition to keep their prices down. Expect increased PayPal prices, once noise dies down.

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes   No


    I paid a company – Sat tv – a subscription fee.
    The ‘goods’ were not delivered to me.
    I contacted sat tv and they told me google checkout had witheld MY money
    Google have not contacted me 3 days later to even say why my money has not been allowed to pass to sat tv
    I can only assume google are keeping my money to earn interest on it.
    Imagine that X one million!
    I’m about to contact the police or a lawyer
    so far I have lost the money and have not received the goods.
    thanks google checkout

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes   No

  3. Rick

    The attempt to persuade people of the merits Google Checkout has just backfired. Google announced that they are handing off the checkout to a third party. So much for the all mighty GOOGLE CHECKOUT…. failure… Nothing will ever surpass PAYPAL. Google Checkout RIP

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes   No

  4. Kimberly

    Look out for a Megan Bradley she scammed me out of 2000$ for a jeep through Craigslist. Promised me my funds were safe with google checkout and now I’ve come to learn different. Seemed legit with all the emails I received from google it’s self but wow has this blown me out of the park and I can’t even contact them about getting my money back. The supposed agent who was holding my money’s name was Cynthia Linsey in New Jersey. Can’t believe I was so stupid but be aware they make it seem so legit until they get your money. If I could go after google for this I would in a heart beat just not sure how to go about it. My lady as well claimed her husband had passed away and wanted to get rid of the jeep because of bad memories. This makes me sick

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes   No

  5. cheryle

    My mom went on craigs list in Jacksonville Florida in search of a RV for me. She reponded to the add got a Email back from a Margaret D Lopez later that night on 1/ 17/2013 in response she gave my mom all the details on the amount was 3,300 for a 2000 fleetwood terry EX M-34 5B wheel camper that was selling it through GOOGLE CHECK-OUT. She also sent myself a e-mail giving details about how to wire the money and also a invoice number and Google check-out also sent me a email with the same information Margaret Lopez sent me with a 1-877-827 8371 to call to get the account number and the banks name and the name on the account. I called Chase bank in Visalia,Ca to verfify the account they told me that the name and the account number was good. I went to my bank on 1/19/2013 and wire the money the banks were closed on 1/21/2013 the monies was in the account for this transactoin on Tuesday 1/22/2013.I called the 1-877-827-3871 to see when I was going to receive my RV the gentleman on the other end of the phone who I had been corsponding with is Peter.I was told it would delivered 3 to 5 business days then i was told it would be here on 1/25/2013 it never came then I was told 1/26/2013 and 1/27/2013 as of today i still have no RV and I’am 3,300 dollars so please don’t get scamed like I did so please becareful

    Thank you Cheryle

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes   No

  6. Daniel Heier

    This is a warning to all business owners thinking of using Google Merchant. D O N T. They recently extracted $644 from my bank account for my refusal to refund a product. Background: My return policy is for product quality/malfunction only. Not for customers that change their mind because the product is too difficult to ship back without damaging. Had a customer that tried. Even acknowledged my stance on returns in an email. No quality issue. Just, changed their mind. When I refused return. Customer complained to their credit card. I submitted my information ( including the email I mentioned above). That apparantly wasn’t good enough for Google and hid behind an excuse of ” Our hands are tied”. I will be suspending my working relationship with google immediatley. they’re not worth it.

    Now I’m out the money and the product totalling over $1300. That alone should be waring enough.

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes   No

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