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Updated 2/8/2019: The Axis Payments website ( is not active at this time, nor are the websites of its affiliated companies Certified Payment Processing ( or Intrepid Payment Processing ( It is possible that Axis Payments' management has shifted its focus to Cypress Bay Solutions, which shares the same address as Certified Payment Processing. We will therefore no longer update this review.

Axis Payments ( is a merchant account provider that appears to be a DBA of Certified Payment Processing and a reseller of First American Payment Systems products and services. A former employee of Apex Merchant Group has stated in the comment section of our Apex Merchant Group review that Apex Merchant Group's portfolio was merged with Certified Payment Processing following the March 2015 settlement of a legal action against Apex in the state of Minnesota, and that Axis Payments and Intrepid Payment Processing are newly launched DBAs of Certified Payment Processing. The commenter further states that the CEO of Apex Merchant Group, Andrew Frankel, is now “running” Certified Payment Processing. There is some evidence that a new company called “Cypress Bay Solutions” has been created as yet another DBA of Certified Payment Processing.

Axis Payments does not list a founding date or the identity of its executive leadership on its website, but its social media profiles have only been active since September 2015. The Axis Payments website lists an address at 3350 Boyington Dr., Suite A, Carrollton, Texas 75006, which is also the address for Certified Payment Processing, Summit Merchant Solutions, TransTech Merchant Group, and Intrepid Payment Processing. The company is a registered ISO of Fifth Third Bank, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Key Points

  • Sales & Marketing: Axis Payments appears to hire independent sales representatives and has received a moderate number of complaints about its sales practices.
  • Costs & Contract: Axis Payments appears to offer a multi-year contract through First American Payment Systems with an early termination fee of up to $500.
  • Complaints & Service: Axis Payments has received more than 15 public complaints.
  • BBB Rating: Axis Payments (as Certified Payment Processing) has a “C” rating with the Better Business Bureau and has received 189 complaints in the past three years.
  • Rates & Fees: How Merchants Got The Best Rates With Axis Payments

Axis Payments Customer Reviews

Here's What Their Clients Say

Customer Reviews Summary
Total Online Complaints 20+
Live Customer Support Yes
Most Common Complaint Sales Practices

We are currently able to locate more than 20 negative Axis Payments reviews, some of which explicitly accuse the company of being a scam or a ripoff. These complaints have been posted by merchants and former employees alike, and they commonly cite fake appointments, poor leads, aggressive sales tactics, hidden fees, and unreachable customer service. The company has consistently received complaints since we first published this profile in January 2016, and we see no information in these complaints that suggests that Axis Payments offers a better merchant experience than Apex Merchant Group or Certified Payment Processing. In light of these factors, we’ve assigned Axis a “C” rating in this category.

Axis Payments Online Ratings

Here's How They Rate Online

Online Ratings Summary
Product & Service Complaints 28
Billing & Collection Complaints 14
Advertising & Sales Complaints 57
Guarantee & Warranty Complaints 0
Delivery Complaints 0

Note: We have adjusted this company’s BBB rating according to our own standards. To better understand why we adjust BBB ratings, please see our Rating Criteria.

The Better Business Bureau currently lists Axis Payments as a DBA of Certified Payment Processing and funnels all Axis Payments complaints to the profile for Certified Payment Processing. The BBB profile for Certified Payment Processing currently has a “A-” rating and has received 99 merchant complaints in the past three years. Twenty-eight of these complaints were related to product or service problems, 57 had to do with advertising issues, and 14 were related to billing or collection disputes. Certified Payment Processing/Axis Payments resolved 28 complaints successfully, but 66 complaints either were resolved to the dissatisfaction of the merchant or did not receive a final response from the merchant. An additional five complaints did not receive what the BBB considered to be a good faith effort toward resolution. Although this profile absorbs complaints from all of Certified Payment Processing’s associated brands, there is no reason to believe that Axis Payments does not proportionally contribute to the total. We have therefore adjusted the BBB’s rating to a “C” based on the company’s high complaint total and poor resolution ratio.

Axis Payments Fees, Rates & Costs

A Closer Look at The Contract

Cost & Fees Summary
Swiped Rate Variable
Keyed-in Rate Variable
Early Termination Fee Up To $500
PCI Compliance Fee Variable
Equipment Lease Terms Non-Cancellable

There is very little information available about the standard Axis Payments contract at this time because the company does not list its rates and fees on its website. However, as a reseller of First American Payment Systems, the company probably offers pricing and fees that are similar to those offered by First American Payment Systems. As a result, merchants can probably expect a three-year agreement with automatic renewal for one-year terms, an early termination fee of $495 to $595, an annual fee of $95, a monthly minimum fee of $25, an annual PCI compliance fee of $124.75, and a number of other, miscellaneous fees. Some fees cited by complainants include a $12.95 monthly equipment rental fee, a “non-returned equipment charge” of approximately $700, a cancellation fee ranging from $250 to $500, and long-term equipment leases that charge the full cost of the remaining months of the lease upon cancellation.

In general, we do not see any reason to recommend Axis Payments’s pricing at this time. The company’s apparent affiliation with poorly rated providers inclines us to warn merchants to read all contract terms carefully and deal only with agents they trust. If you have any specific knowledge of the standard Axis Payments merchant agreement, please share that information in the comment section below this review.

Axis Payments Employee Reviews & Sales Tacitcs

Should You Work For Them?

Jobs & Marketing Summary
Employs Independent Resellers Yes
Advertises Deceptive Rates No
Discloses All Important Terms No

Axis Payments appears to market its services through a combination of preset telephone appointments and independent sales agents. These combined strategies are typical of companies within the Certified Payment Processing network and are often linked to elevated complaint totals from merchants. We are currently able to find a moderate number of merchant complaints about the company’s sales tactics in the comment section below, with a repeating theme of undisclosed fees and unwanted sales calls.

There are also at least four public complaints from current and former employees that describe bogus appointments, worthless leads, and discomfort with the company’s reputation among merchants. These complaints sound very similar to complaints filed against other First American Payment Systems companies, which leads us to believe that Axis has embraced its parent company’s sales model wholeheartedly. We will therefore assign Axis a “C” rating in this section and note that the company is well on its way to a “D.”

Our Axis Payments Review Summary

Our Final Thoughts

Axis Payments rates poorly as a merchant services provider according to our rating criteria. The company appears to simply be a DBA of Certified Payment Processing, which has a long track record of negative merchant feedback. We will continue to monitor this company and its associated businesses for any improvements or declines in their service.

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Testimonials & Complaints

How Did Axis Payments Treat You?

19 User Reviews

  • sarah hairston

    i have been with axis over a year total fees average about 3.5%.i havent had any problems with axis except for a small misunderstanding with the terminal company in which axis immediately resolved.

  • Emily Linkous

    This company hooks you with complete deceit. We were told that the fees would be cheaper and that the equipment was free. It was not only NOT free, they conned us into signing a lease agreement. The lease company is even worse. They are charging us over $4000 for a $200 piece of equipment. They call it a “non-cancellable” lease. We had to close our bank account to keep them from taking out money. They are now threatening us with a lawsuit. Stay away from AXIS at all costs and also Lease Finance Group. Square is a way better way to go for a small business.

  • Metro florist and gifts

    The representative came to my shop telling me that the monthly fee would only be $20.00 per month. First bill came in it was $46.73 was also told I would get the money from previous day in the bank. The way to was butch was whenever they wanted to do it. Two days five days. It was lies from day one, when I talk to them about and show proof of where the representative put on paper of what was promised all they talked about was how they was the cheapest. Lies lies lies never do business with this company and I will be telling every business association I am about this company

  • Mathew Piper

    When they sent their rep to my door I told them no, it is my slowest time of the year and we could talk further in the summer when I could afford to look into anything new. They then came back 1 hour later and said “we are going to offer you a 1 month no obligation free trial. Just compare the rates because we gurantee you it will be cheaper.”
    Needless to say it was no where near cheaper they started taking money hand over fist out of my account on all these hidden fees. So I called the rep back and said I am in no way interested in this at all. Take your stuff back I am cancelling my trial. After that his phone was completely impossible to get ahold of. Voicemail box full. I never signed the merchant agreement. They even crossed off all the fees for that first month free trail. I went and showed everything to my banker and he was astounded at how they basically had me on an empty contract. I told him it was because they promised to be a month free trial. Since then we had to close our bank account and open a new one because the charges kept coming in. Now they are threatening to take me to court for not paying a cancelation fee!!!! How can a month free trial cost $500 to cancel when I never signed any merchant agreement? This company is a total scam

  • Lori Elliott

    I have been with Axis for about 6 months. I was originally sold on their service because it would “drastically” reduce the amount of money it cost me to process credit cards for our small business. In actuality my cost increased by almost double by using Axis. While the people you talk to in their customer service department are polite and friendly, the person you are talking will not be able to help you with your question/issue and will have to transfer you to someone else. Every. Single. Time. They do not tell you about all the fees that will be added to your monthly bill for each and every different card you accept, plus $12.95/month rent for their little card swipe device and their software leaves a bit to be desired. I closed my account 3 weeks ago and once again, they hit my bank account with some unexplainable fee. When I called to get some answers, their representative didn’t have “visibility” to that information and I was told to call back, tomorrow, which is a typical response from them. Beware. Save yourself the headache and go elsewhere.

    • Lori

      Here is a follow up 1 day later. I had $10 worth of credit card charges Axis processed for me last month. They charged me $75 to do it. This is not a joke. They started spewing forth info about minimum fees, I reminded them I was told I would only be charged per credit card transaction. They gave me the number to the sales office because they would not be able to help me. Called the sales office only to find out the “mailbox is full” and cannot take anymore messages. So completely disgusted right now.

  • Chavonne

    This company is a JOKE!!!! They profess to be BETTER than square when in fact they are WORSE! They are liars and expensive. I was told the ONLY fee I would be paying was the percentage per transaction in fact they charge $60 a month and I haven’t even used the product. I’ve tried to cancel and you have to talk to this person and that person then this person will call you back but that person was supposed to call you back then you’ll get this person that transfers you to that person then it just ropes around in circles OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!!


  • Karen

    This company is a JOKE!!!! They profess to be BETTER than square when in fact they are WORSE! They are liars and expensive. I was told the ONLY fee I would be paying was the percentage per transaction in fact they charge $60 a month and I haven’t even used the product. I’ve tried to cancel and you have to talk to this person and that person then this person will call you back but that person was supposed to call you back then you’ll get this person that transfers you to that person then it just ropes around in circles OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!!


  • Seth Payment

    My name is Seth, Axis Payment services uses lies and deceitful tactics to get you to sign. They lie about actual costs, they do not call back and their phone number listed on their sight doesn’t even go to Axis it goes to a 3rd party company. Currently I am fighting a fraud charge to my account in the amount of about $700.00 which was just charged as a “non returned equipment charge”. No discussion prior or even a warning from anyone there about them charging for equipment and there still has been no word on how to get reimbursement for these fraudulent charges to my account. I will never again deal with this company and be warned that these salesman trying to sell you will tell you any lie they can to get you to take payments with them. Go with Square, it is cheaper and far less of a headache.

  • Jeff

    This company is actually very fair and their sales are in line with others in the industry, while also looking out for the best needs for the customer. I understand that negative reviews are lest by disgruntled employees as I myself have done so. This company is A+ however.

  • G

    All small business STAY AWAY!!! This business trains their employees to lie. One of their representatives came to my store every single day for a whole month filling my ears with lies. They had me believing that I will be saving money if I sign with them. They had me convinced that I was paying too much money with the previous company I was with. After one month of telling that man I was happy with that company and with him giving me false information I decided to give them a chance. I told them that I was going to be selling my store soon and asked about the contract. He reassured me that if the new owner doesn’t want to use them then they will cancel my contract for a small fee. They did cancel my contract and charge me $250 but they are also charging me monthly fees for the remainder of the cancelled lease and charging me for the unused machine that they will not take back. Please people, do not sign with the company. They are a fraud!

  • John DeBusk

    I had what you guess was an interview. The “hiring manager” Kevin would throw numbers around and say you could make $150 to $400 for a reprogram however he would not tell me how to get from $150 to $400. He claimed not to know it but I would learn there complete compensation plan in a 4 hour webinar. When I asked a few more questions he claimed not to have the answer told me he had plenty of other resumes and cut the call short. If they cannot give you any details during this “interview” it’s hard to imagine your 4 hour trained rep knowing much about what he/she is offering.

  • Tanisha

    This company is pure garbage. It’s a scam from top to bottom. Managers scamming recruiters, into scamming innocent people looking for a legitimate job. They lies about EVERYTHING. The leads are fake, they have the highest rates in the industry, as soon as a customer signs a contract, Axis and Intrepid payment processing cut off all contact but continue to charge the businesses.

  • susan phelps

    sent a woman who nothing of what she was doing had to be on the phone with her supervisor the whole time even to do the paper work got the equipment used it twice and now they are charging almost 300 dollars for two small transactions and nobody in the office wants to tell me what is going on just keeps saying that we are being charged for the swipes for the transaction to go through and a whole lot more of fees we were never told about when we set this whole thing up extremely upset with axis payments i believe them to be fraudulent

  • R. Scott Nicholson DVM

    I signed an agreement with Mr. Greg Nixon. The next day I called AXIS and spoke to Mike Rogers and told him to cancel the contract. In short, I did not get all of the money I had paid for my first month BECAUSE they would not send the pick-up tag for the machine that was delivered , we never took it out of the box and called them to pick it up the day we received it.
    The $230+ check I wrote to Mr. Nixon was never returned, neither were the phone calls I made to him. After the first call to Mr. Rogers I was never able to speak to him directly. I left several messages for both gentlemen, from March through May, not one was returned.
    If you are considering a contract with a company that does not recognize the people they are doing business with, DON’T.

  • emma trevathan

    I am here to tell all small business to run from this company they send in young un experience people to lie to you just to get your signature and then tell you they don’t have a thirty day return once you sign the only way out is to pay them $500.00 and more then they start taking money out your account before thirty day even if you haven’t use the machine. very bad experience. and I could never get in contact with them the number they give you go to a voice mail I call it a hold week never got no body. they took over $270.00 out of my account and I never use the machine I sent the machine back now they say I own them $715.00. for what. in this business they got it fix so that they will win either way to take your money. the girl manager I talk to when she came to my business when I did get through to ask for him a week later they tell me he no longer work in this department so I couldn’t talk to him. they all lie to me and now I had to talk to new people that knew nothing about what was said then they tell me its my word against the girl word and all they could tell me is I own them money. I call the girl three days after she left and that I had some questions she said I will be by there and never show up. so now I have bill of $715.00 with the $270.00 they already took for something I never use and never swipe machine i return there machine in less then thirty days. so at this point I am looking into by law do I have thirty day rights

  • Candi Rose

    Go elsewhere, avoid this company as they’re are bbb rated F and it is legit. Horrible experience, charged my bank $630 for equipment fees even after it was returned. Then they shorted me almost $100 when they finally provided the credit. Fraudulent to say the least.

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