Chyp (gochyp.com) is a newly created merchant account provider that is owned and operated by the previous owners of Securus Payments. Excel Corporation, the parent company of Securus Payments, sold essentially all of Securus’s operations to Chyp but retained Securus’s portfolio of approximately 5,000 merchants. As a result, nearly all of Securus Payments’s 100 employees have been hired by Chyp except for a small customer service team that will assist merchants with the transition to eVance, a separate Excel Corporation subsidiary. Chyp has agreed to board new merchants for the next three years through an exclusive partnership with eVance, which acquired Calpian Commerce in December. In effect, Chyp is the same company as Securus, with the same ownership, employees, and Portland location.

Chyp was registered as an LLC in Oregon less than a month before this review’s initial publication in May 2016, and the sale of Securus’s assets to Chyp was only announced days before this review’s initial publication. As a result, there is still a minimal web presence for Chyp at this time. For instance, the “About” page on the company’s website is not yet functional.

The former owners of Securus Payments, Steven Lemma and Mychol Robirds, are the owners of Chyp. Like Securus, Chyp is headquartered at 7724 SE Aspen Summit Dr., Suite 300, Portland, Oregon 97266. Chyp is a registered ISO/MSP of Elavon, Inc., Atlanta, Georgia; BMO Harris Bank N.A., Chicago, Illinois; and Merrick Bank, South Jordan, Utah.

Key Points

  • Sales & Marketing: Chyp hires independent sales agents and has received a moderate number of complaints about its sales practices.
  • Costs & Contract: Chyp appears to offer a three-year contract with an early termination fee of up to $495.
  • Complaints & Service: Chyp has received more than 30 public complaints.
  • BBB Rating: Chyp has an “A-” rating with the Better Business Bureau and has received 12 complaints since October 2016.
  • Rates & Fees: How Merchants Got The Best Rates With Chyp

Chyp Products and Services

  • Debit and credit card processing
  • Tablet POS
  • Mobile phone processing
  • Merchant cash advance
  • Sales analytics
  • Inventory management


  • Retail
  • Mobile
  • E-commerce
  • MOTO
  • Restaurant
  • Grocery

Response from Chyp

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Sales & Marketing

Key Points - Sales & Marketing

Employs Independent Resellers Yes
Advertises Deceptive Rates No
Discloses All Important Terms No

Chyp’s sales approach appears to be nearly identical to that of Securus, specifically in that it is a team of telephone appointment setters combined with a large number of independently contracted outside sales agents. This marketing strategy is frequently associated with high complaint totals in the credit card processing industry and has resulted in a large number of negative reviews for Securus. Despite the fact that Chyp is still a young brand, we are currently able to locate a moderate number of Chyp complaints that describe persistent telemarketing, misrepresentation of rates, and nondisclosure of fees and contract terms. Securus’s approach to selling equipment leases appears to be in practice at Chyp as well, as illustrated by a commenter below this review:

Buyer Beware—-Sales person called over the phone and sent a sales associate to my office. They were very pleasant and low pressure, but the sales associate was unable to answer some questions i had regarding the plan being offered. The first thing that seemed off was that they were offering rates lower than interchange. While it seemed odd my initial request was to not have a contract and just go month to month. A supervisor called and was happy to send me a letter outlining that there would be no contract with them and he put it in writing. At first i thought this was a great upfront thing to do and I contemplated signing up. As I studied the contract further I noted that the charge for both processing machines was going to be $109.00 a month for 48 months. I couldn’t find any language that exempted me from the terms of that contract. When I called the supervisor about this issue he said sorry i am unable to do anything about the lease. I can’t speak to the quality of the service but I am glad that I didn’t lease $600.00 worth of equipment for $5,232.00.

In a very short period of time, Chyp has received enough complaints about its sales team to lower its rating to a “C” in this section.

Response from Chyp

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Costs & Contract

Key Points - Costs & Contract

Swiped Rate Variable
Keyed-in Rate Variable
Early Termination Fee Unknown
PCI Compliance Fee Unknown
Equipment Lease Terms 48 Months, Non-Cancellable

There is very little publicly available information about the standard Chyp contract at this time. The company does not list its specific pricing and terms on its website, and merchant reviews have thus far focused more on Chyp’s sales tactics rather than its pricing. However, as noted above, at least one merchant has stated that Chyp offers 48-month, non-cancellable equipment leases that can cost up to $109 per month. Securus has been known to offer very similar leases to its merchants, and it is common for Securus merchants to claim that their sales agents promoted very low rates and fees while failing to disclose the company’s exorbitant equipment leasing costs.

If Chyp’s basic merchant account contract terms are anything like Securus’s contract terms, then they likely involve a three-year contract through First Data with an early termination fee of $495 and other miscellaneous fees, including a monthly minimum of $25, a $159 annual PCI compliance fee, and a variable monthly statement fee. The company’s reliance on independent sales agents may allow for some wiggle room on many of these terms, but merchants should be prepared to negotiate in order to obtain favorable pricing.

In general, there is very little indication that Chyp offers markedly different pricing or contract terms from those offered by Securus. We will therefore assign the company a “C” in this category until more concrete information is available.

Response from Chyp

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Complaints & Service

Key Points - Complaints & Service

Total Online Complaints 30+
Live Customer Support Yes
Most Common Complaint Equipment Lease

We are currently able to locate just more than 30 negative Chyp reviews, some of which claim that the company is a scam. Complainants primarily mention aggressive telemarketing, misrepresentation of fees, and nondisclosure of lease terms. The content of these complaints mirrors those commonly filed against Securus. There are also a handful of positive reviews about Chyp, but we are unable to verify their authenticity at this time. Overall, the company has amassed a moderate complaint total in a very short period of operation. Chyp offers live phone customer support as well as email support to all of its merchants.

Response from Chyp

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Key Points - BBB

Product & Service Complaints 8
Billing & Collection Complaints 1
Advertising & Sales Complaints 0
Guarantee & Warranty Complaints 2
Delivery Complaints 1

Note: We have adjusted this company’s BBB rating according to our own standards. To better understand why we adjust BBB ratings, please see our Rating Criteria.

The Better Business Bureau currently assigns Chyp an “A-” rating and is showing that the company is not BBB accredited. The company has received 12 complaints since its profile was created in October 2016, with eight complaints related to product or service issues, two due to guarantee or warranty problems, one having to do with delivery, and one related to a billing or collection dispute. Chyp has successfully resolved four complaints, while the remaining either were resolved to the merchant’s dissatisfaction or did not receive a final response from the merchant. In light of the company’s complaint total and resolution ratio in less than a year of operation, we have slightly adjusted the BBB’s rating to a “B” for our purposes.

Response from Chyp

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Chyp Logo

Chyp Bottom Line

Despite the fact that the company is still in a fledgling state, we feel that Chyp should be evaluated on the same terms as Securus for the time being due to its shared ownership, workforce, and location. The name change to Chyp does not suggest that the company will alter the policies that have generated over 200 complaints against the company; to the contrary, it is common for providers in the credit card processing industry to change their names in order to escape tarnished brands. Until Chyp demonstrates that it will operate in a different manner than Securus Payments, its overall rating will remain a “C” or lower.

Hi, I’m Phillip and I’m disgusted by the state of credit card processing in the U.S. and abroad. I believe that the industry has been overrun by people who engage in fraud and deception in order to steal money from hard working business owners. I’ve made it my mission to expose the companies and individuals who engage in predatory marketing, pricing, and contracts, or just provide terrible service. Along with uncovering the bad guys, I’ve also discovered the good guys who do stand out from the status quo. CPO is a website where you will find ratings and reviews of these companies along with advice on how to save money and which service providers consider. Together we can move the industry in a positive direction. If you would like to help support my work, please checkout “Fee Sweep” my eGuide to getting the lowest possible fees when accepting card payments. If you haven’t heard of “interchange” this advice will save you hundreds, even thousands, in processing fees.

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  1. I would recommend never using this company. They guaranteed lower fees, which was not the case. They get you locked into a lease agreement with a crooked company that I am still battling with. They admit the company isn’t the best to work with. They will not do anything but hurt your small business.

  2. Don’t deal with these fk crooks
    they never set up the equipment 10 months
    later won’t respond to emails can’t get Thur on the phone, 3500.00 spent and never had one card processed. Holding me to a lease that they never serviced total rip off

  3. I worked for Chyp for a period of time, full disclosure. As with any company there are business practices or what have you that you can be critical of, but the kind of things mentioned in this comment thread just are not fair.

    For example..

    1) I have seen the inner workings of the deals, disclosures, and contracts and I can tell you that if you are surprised by any of the functionality of your account, you weren’t paying attention. As a Financial Institution lying to a consumer is a crime..a really big crime. So if rampant lying is really happening..why aren’t the principles in jail or banned from the FinServ industry?

    2) Leasing costs. If you don’t like it, but your own equipment. Leasing has it’s own sets of advantages beyond the bottom line cost.

    Just my two cents.

  4. Old chyp agents, have now switched names and moved over to Capital payments. Darin Docken, and Bryce are 2 of the scummy reps at chyp that are now leading old clients and switching them over to the new platform. Do not switch to them, they lie, lease equipment that does not show up, and do not provide any customer service.

  5. Definitely DO NO USE CHYP….from the beginning the representative lied about almost ever aspect of the service and the fees. They will rip you off and leave you cold and blind. I have used many credit card processors throughout my career and these people are the most deceitful in the industry. I will definitely do a lot of research to find an honest processor. There are many out there….BUT THIS IS NOT ONE OF THEM.

  6. Do NOT go with these people! They are so bad. chyp nothing has changed just the name… Same script same reps new name to mislead business owners with!!!! beware. They mislead you and promise you they’re there for you but not really.

  7. The terminal arrived already programmed and I didn’t have any problem getting started unlike other terminals that required you to do all the work. I am going to be very happy with my processing needs from now on thanks to Chyp.

    1. Hi Demetria,

      Please reply to this comment with your business name and location in order to authenticate your testimonial. Thanks!

  8. Everything is working out great so far. On the first statement I could really see the difference in savings GoChyp proposed. They are honest and straightforward on the savings and making a real difference.

    1. Hi Jeremiah,

      Please reply to this comment with your business name and location in order to authenticate your testimonial. Thanks!

  9. I had a sales rep show up at my business and claim he was directly associated with First Date/Clover, he made all sorts of claims and sounded genuine, he also stated clearly, several times, that I was not locked in to anything and he just asked that I give him notice to give him a chance to keep my business if I wanted to leave. He had me initial things on an ipad and did not leave me a full print copy. I finally hounded him enough to get a copy of the documents only to find out he had put in there that I was getting a 48 month lease for equipment through Chyp, a company he had not even made mention of while he was claiming he was directly from First Data. I contacted the sales rep to give him notice that I did not agree to a lease and remind him that he had stated I was not locked in to anything and he became hostile towards me and refused to make good on his word. I tried contacting Chyp in regards to this issue and one of the managers promised me he would have the sales rep contact me and they would “make this right and get me the resolution I desired”. As of the time writing this review I have still not heard back from either party in relation to correcting this misrepresentation and making good on their claim or not being locked in to anything.

    1. hello, I had the same exact thing happen to me. I have been hounding them for a statement or anything and getting no response. Did you finally get contact?

    2. My experience was the same as Nikki and Ashley and many others. I’ve been referred to 3 different companies that were never made mention of when when I was sold the service when I contacted NAPS to complain. I never received a contract from the salesman who was working for NAPS. When I called the company and they sent me a copy of the contract, they were not mentioned and there were many things written into the contract. I have not been responded to and am very interested to know who your salesman was. I am being charged hundred of dollars a month for equipment I am not using and was told there would be no equipment charges. I owned my machine before I switched over to this company. Why would I pay for new merchant machine when I already owned one? SCAM

  10. First once I said I was happy with the processing service I had the caller (both times) became very argumentative. Then after asking to be placed on their internal do not call list, I was called again. The second time the caller said there wasn’t “any such thing” as a do not call list/registry and that since he was “calling from a crystal ball there isn’t anything you can do about it”. No clue what that means, but overall very frustrating and disrespectful. Based off these interactions, even if I was looking to switch I would not use this company.

    1. Update – after leaving a review both here and on FB a member of their team reached out. They are both taking me off the internal call list & are taking measures to ensure that a similar situation doesn’t arise in future (for me or anyone else).

  11. The customer service representative at Chyp was very helpful when I had questions about my rates. He was efficient and courteous. He took my info and within a day had my rate modified and kept this customer happy.

    1. Hi Rick,

      Please reply to this comment with your business name and location in order to authenticate your testimonial. Thanks!

  12. I have been very happy with Chyp. They have worked with me at keeping up with the current processing laws, and also honored their part of the agreement. I am very happy with service on both the customer service and technical support. My issues are resolved quickly and efficiently.

  13. I was a little worried going to something new, with having to switch equipment and all. I know how hectic learning new things can be. This switch was a piece of cake. From the salesman coming in and gathering all my info. to me hooking up my own machine myself. I even called customer service the first day to see what it would be like getting help if needed; and someone answered my call right away and explained to me what to do if I’m ever in a pinch and need help right away. I’m very pleased with the way this company handled my switch over and there’s no way it could have been any easier. I’ve already recommended other business to Chyp.

    1. Hi Dan,

      Please reply to this comment with your business name and location in order to authenticate your testimonial. Thanks!

  14. I did not switch to this company, Im currently debating on switching. This is currently the only website that has any reviews, some good and some bad. The BBB which is a well known and creditable review site has them listed with an “A-” which in my book is great, yet you are showing them as a “C” and even show that the BBB gave them a “D”? What eases my mind is they have all been resolved. The Rep that came into my business was very knowledgeable on the program they wanted to offer me. I read a lot of these reviews on here and they seem to be a bit miss leading. My Rep was very clear and broke everything down ( Gives me fighting power against my current company).

    What is currently confusing me and I’m sure anyone who would look at this might also be wondering the same thing. Why aren’t any of the bad reviews being asked to authenticate their testimonial, yet all of the good ones are asking for authentication. Like a lot of review sites, this one looks like the pay to play type deal. I believe these reviews are miss leading, both good and bad.

    Can anyone give me some feed back? I would really like to use these guys as it was a pretty significant savings over my current program.


  15. I don’t know who Tony Lemma is. But he got on the phone when I was contacted by HIS BROTHERS company. He ended up saying my account was worthless, and I didn’t qualify for the award winning programs they offer. After looking at the reviews of this company and TONY. I am so happy I did not switch to them. The LEMMAS seem to be a scam out there in Oregon. They used to be called “Securus Payments” with THOUSANDS of bad reviews. BUYER BEWARE.

  16. This is BY FAR the biggest SCAM in the world of Credit Card processing. We were told we would not have to lease equipment, which we found out we are now paying for. We were told we would be sent a check or an iPad for signing up. We weren’t. They absolutely do not have the lowest rates. We were also told that we would receive a letter stating that we could cancel at any time, . We were never sent that letter. ABSOLUTELY DO NOT SIGN UP OR SIGN A CONTRACT WITH THESE GUYS!

    1. I had the same experience! They completely lied and said that they would give me four mobile Micros units for processing and that they would be entirely free. I was told that a $600 fee was and entrance fee for the lowest rates in the industry when in fact it is to pay for the “free” equipment. They are liars!!!

  17. BAD, UNETHICAL Company. Buyer Beware!!!

    CHYP was supposed to get us lower processing fees with 24 hour funding guaranteed. No cost cancellation. This company COST us money, didn’t save us AND We were charged under many different names. Our 69.00 a month fee for equipment to process payments turned out to be 81.00….We didn’t get 24 hour funding for 6 weeks! And while we were promised reimbursements ( now almost 500.00) for charges that were not processing fees we have cancelled and returned the Machine. The company Ascentium wo I found out is a lean holder for the machine, Chyp sold us, told us that because they have paid chyp for the machine they can do nothing about it, but hold us to a 69.00 per month ( which really is 81.00) for 4 years…OR we can pay it off all at once for 3700.00. We spent hours on the phone trying to get answers. This is NOT a company I would want anyone to get involved with. This is the death of the poor small business!

  18. Chyp in Portland Oregon goes also by the name of National Payment Tech. I am a small business owner who was solicited back in May 2016 by an employee there by the name of “Carly”. Carly asked that I sign up with National Payment Tech for card processing and that if I did so that they would reimburse any early termination fees from my current processor. I signed up with National Payment Tech but after no less than a dozen phone calls to National Payment Tech and continued promises of check on its way, and 6 months later, I was never reimbursed my $290. Undisclosed to me at sign up was that National Payment Tech partnered with Riverside Payments of Oregon who started sending me statements. I called National Payment Tech again and someone who was not affiliated with the business answered! (503-937-2040). The lady that answered was very nice but told me that she had just purchased the phone line and it was a recycled line from National Payment Tech who now is out of business! She explained that within one day of having the phone line she has received at least 20 phone calls from other angry business owners. My checking account info was turned over to another company by National Payment Tech and they closed their business all without any notification! I visited the address of National Payment Tech location of 1SW Columbia Street, Suite 1560, Portland, Oregon. The National Payment Tech sign was still up on the door but the employees inside the office were working now as Chyp employees. Chyp is a card processing company. I spoke with Erik Anthony who was in charge. He explained to me that they had changed their business name to Chyp and that Carly was still working there and he would make sure she got me reimbursed but that she was out for the day and he has no way of making out a check. After a week, no phone call to me and no check. I called again and insisted on speaking with someone above Erik. I spoke with a male who only identified himself as Mark. Mark apologized for the delay and stated that he would look into the situation and would contact me back. A month later I have still not heard back from anyone and no check!
    I contacted Riverside Payments and they did confirm that they were once partnered with National Payment Tech but that they are no longer affiliated with that company and that they are not able to comment about the partnership. They told me that any reimbursement would be the responsibility of National Payment Tech regardless of the partnership.
    Law enforcement will not prosecute criminally because it is a Civil situation, not criminal.

    National Payment Tech promised reimbursements of early cancellation fees to business owners to entice them to sign up but kept the money promised. The amount of reimbursement is not enough for business owners to take to small claims court but over the course of hundreds of accounts the amount adds up to a lot for National Payment Tech. National Payment Tech closed the business and started up again as Chyp. Same employees, same business office location, different business name.

  19. An ABSOLUTE scam!!! Be warned. Stay away from. They mis communicated information and did not live up to what they said. There is a monthly PCI compliance fee that is never communicated, switching account is like the biggest deal ever, the help and resources from CHYP are rude, unprofessional and will just ignore you as they know they are wrong! STAY AWAY!!!

  20. I was called and called until I spoke to them. They are a high pressure sales team who are willing to do anything to get you into their program. They told the following
    1. I will get the best rates
    2. I will have the best customer service
    3. I can cancel my contract any time
    4. They are the lowest cost vendors
    Guess what, when they sent me the initial contract they put a 45 dollar lease program. Then I told them I have my own equipment and they said they can use it. Guess what, they suddenly changed their program and suddenly an equipment I brought 1 year ago is no longer useful and they are willing to sell me on for very cheap. Guess what, that equipment they promised never arrived even after 2 weeks. Now when I am trying to cancel, the sales rep suddenly got a terminal illness and is unavailable, his boss says he was not involved in the deal from day 1 so he cannot help (his boss – not sure who else will help), the customer service team never answers the phone call and now to cancel they are giving me a run around. Today is 12/20/2016 and I can state with absolute confidence that the greed to get the best rates drove me to this crappy company but please understand that we get what we pay for and this company is a true epitome to that saying. They are truly crappy and I sincerely hope my review will help atleast one other business owner.

  21. I Signed up with “CHYP” in October 2016. They had my checking account in correct so could not deposit the money in my account. It took more than two weeks to get my money in my account. Than they took more than $875 from my checking account for leasing equipment for years tax leasing and other items.It is a used Fd130 from previous Pizza company. When i complaint they say they will reimburse me close to $600 which i have not seen yet. Now when i called they are not returning the call. . They said they will save me more than $100 a month but in fact by the time you pay all the fees looks like they are more than $100 coustiler. Be careful when you signed up with this company i am not happy with this company..

  22. save ur self huge problem chyp is a scam they promise u this and that but they cant fulfill 150x48month for equipment plus all kinds of random expenses ive been charged 300 n 3 weeks and havent processed 1 payment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. The biggest ripoff! Don’t sign up with them. the sales person told me I could cancel after 30 days if I didn’t like their service. I believed her! Upon cancelling I was hit with a $4000 bill from Ascentuum Capital & was threatened they would send collection agencies for the money!
    Use Square!!!

  24. My business partner used this company for our online retail website. due to an error on their part our website was shut down for over a month. their rep Carly continued to promise us day after day, week after week, if she could even be reached at all that the problem would be resolved any day. this was obviously a lie because the issue is still not resolved and they continue to charge us for processing when they have not done any actual processing for our website in 5 weeks. we called another service and the issue was resolved and our site was back up and running in 2 days. I strongly suggest that no one use this company they are liars and crooks and extremely unprofessional.

  25. This company will not hesitate over promising and under deliver. They are Crooked great talkers but don’t fall for their methods. Terrible company to work for.

  26. Chyp has been good to me, I like the customer service, my previous processor(Elliot) was so terrible that they reassured me, the sales rep gave me his number and we text back and forth with any questions that I have, they also gave me in writing, that they would get me out of my previous contracts and they followed thru, just that made me feel better about them. I was skeptical at first but, I think I found who I am going to stay with.

  27. Just look up Securus Payments and literally nothing is different about Chyp. They are all crooks and liars. It is the exact same company with the exact same people. They are incredibly deceitful. They send out mass emails to there employees requesting them to write good reviews online. Only the people in sales do because they are the only ones that are directly affected. They abuse employees as well as drugs. Do not sign a lease!!! Every $100 in leasing =$4800 of your businesses $ instantly getting divided and distributed by a leasing company, between many many people for no reason. Keep in mind you now owe all that money back over THE NEXT 4 YEARS!!! This company will say and do ANYTHING to make a sale. They make A LOT of $ by preying on smaller businesses that simply dont know better or were lied to. The bad reviews are all over the internet. This is Still Securus Payments with another deceptive tactic to make sure you dont know what you are about to get yourself in to. Beware this is a very bad company with very bad people. And if you ever have the pleasure of speaking to Tony Lemma, (the CEO’s sniveling brother) he is by far the worst scum of a human being that has ever existed. Please remind him.

  28. I had a great experience with the staff of chyp and they offer great services, however I’m locked into a contract with another merchant so I had to cancel my subscription with Chyp. look forward to working with you in the future.

    1. Hi Tammy,

      Please reply to this comment with your business name and location in order to authenticate your testimonial. Thanks!

  29. Buyer Beware—-Sales person called over the phone and sent a sales associate to my office. They were very pleasant and low pressure, but the sales associate was unable to answer some questions i had regarding the plan being offered. The first thing that seemed off was that they were offering rates lower than interchange. While it seemed odd my initial request was to not have a contract and just go month to month. A supervisor called and was happy to send me a letter outlining that there would be no contract with them and he put it in writing. At first i thought this was a great upfront thing to do and I contemplated signing up. As I studied the contract further I noted that the charge for both processing machines was going to be $109.00 a month for 48 months. I couldn’t find any language that exempted me from the terms of that contract. When I called the supervisor about this issue he said sorry i am unable to do anything about the lease. I can’t speak to the quality of the service but I am glad that I didn’t lease $600.00 worth of equipment for $5,232.00.

  30. This company is misleading merchants into thinking they are saving them money when in fact they have no idea what they’re doing. They tell the merchant they are going to save them money, but it turns out it’s costing the merchants hundreds more. They becomes the merchants partner. Jeff Sego is a Liar. A crook and a thief. Do not trust this company.

  31. Do not sign up with CHYP.

    My sales person was Gale and she completely mislead me.

    The main reason why I wanted to switch was to integrate with my current POS.

    I asked numerous times if their payment processing would be able to integrate with my current POS and the answer was yes it will 100%. I signed the agreement believing her.

    Next day she tells me that it does not integrate with my POS and told me that she can put me on a new POS (F that) or continue to operate with the same procedures that I was already doing (then what the hell was the point me telling her what I wanted). Then she says well you already signed so I have to process with them.

    It’s funny because she said she would give me a discount on my equipment because of the miscommunication but at the same time, they downgraded the equipment that is detailed in my paperwork to an older machine. She said it’s because its better…lol…I’m assuming they did this because of the “discount” they gave me.

    What I was put through was so ridiculous. When she “found out” that they couldn’t integrate with my POS, if they had any integrity at all, they should have let me out of the agreement since I was mislead and signed under false pretenses.

    Please do yourself a favor and do not work with CHYP

  32. Securus is a great company, just because some people had problems doesn’t mean the whole company is bad. Some people just like to complain. I have on the other hand have had great services, they have saved me lots of money. And who knows maybe it was Excel corp that was making all these problems for people and Securus was tired of having thier customers treated poorly so they felt they had to seperate from Excel. There are always two sides to every story.

    1. Hi Renee,

      Please reply to this comment with your business name and location in order to authenticate your testimonial. Thanks!

  33. Hi Everyone,

    Chyp here. Wanted to start out by saying it wasn’t just a name change. The launch of Chyp is to come back to market, with the experiences, failures, successes and everything valuable we learned over the years of scaling and most importantly how to correctly service a customer/partner. Allowing Chyp to be a fantastic all around customer-centric cultured company, leaving our valuable clients with the best customer experience possible. We are proud to have a company that is a customer-centric focused platform for customers to save money and increasing technology inside their business environments. With our open communications it allows for lighting speed support providing only solutions to any issues that might arise.

    Regarding Securus: Securus worked diligently over the past year to improve their processes, sales training, customer follow-up after the sale, better service, and satisfaction. So much so that Securus now has an A- rating with the BBB! So the Securus Payments clients are in great hands! Securus Payments has over 6k happily involved processing merchants throughout the USA, processing over a billion dollars a year in payments volume through the Securus Payments platform. If there are Securus merchants that have issues/need help on here, please reach out to [email protected] or 866.649.1324 and they will help take care of your issues or be a friendly ear/voice for you. The support staff that manages the Securus Payments customer base is in Atlanta, GA and that team is outstanding!

    I hope that helps clarify everything.

    Chyp is here to answer any other questions and I look forward to Chyp’n away at the negative to show there is positive in this space!

    Happy Friday, make it great!!


    1. Chyp, How can you be doing that? Securus WAS an ISO for the worlds largest ( But had terrible reviews) . Chyp is a registered agent for Calpian COmmerce.(Meaning you dont control rates).. So how can you possibly give low rates? Seems all you guy’s want to do is lease people cheap equipment, and offer sub-par services. I am trying to see the differences…

  34. Securus is a fraudulent company. This just shows they want to change the name and still screw people over. They put small to medium sized businesses under for the way they sign contracts. STAY AWAY!

  35. The company name was Securus payments for credit and debit processing now they are calling their company chyp nothing has changed just the name… Same script same reps new name to mislead business owners with!!!! beware wiring

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