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Updated 3/8/2019: At this time, One For Merchants appears to be a defunct organization. The BBB reports that mail sent to the business on 06/26/2017 was returned by the U.S. Postal Service, and its profile with the Utah Business Registry expired as of 05/29/2018. All evidence suggests that One For Merchants is an inactive brand at this time, but be aware that it could be doing business under a different name. If you have any knowledge of One For Merchants' status (whether it is still active, operating under another name, or no longer in business), please leave that information in the comment section below this review.

One For Merchants ( is a recently created merchant account provider that appears to be a new entity created by, or at least closely connected to, the founders of ElitePay Global. Like ElitePay Global, One For Merchants is a reseller of NPC contracts. The company does not list any information about its ownership or location on its website, but its profile with the Utah Business Registry lists an address at 90 East Fort Union, Ste 100, Midvale, Utah 84047. ElitePay Global also operates out of Utah.

Based on our own independent research and information provided by commenters, it appears that One For Merchants shares executive leadership and business operations with ElitePay Global, an “F” rated provider on CPO. A commenter on our ElitePay Global review has stated that Zach Brown and Simon Crapo are the owners of One For Merchants, but that they manage the company in collaboration with Andy Bentley and Brian Bentley of ElitePay Global. The commenter's claim is supported by the fact that the registered agent for One For Merchants is Kevin Cornett, a former vice president of client relations at ElitePay Global and former manager at Ironwood Payments.

Multiple third-party websites list the company at One For Merchants's address as “3B Enterprises dba One.” The Nevada business registry lists Kevin Cornett as a manager at 3B Enterprises. The Nevada business registry also lists Brian and Andy Bentley as officers at “3B Ventures,” a name which bears a clear similarity to the name 3B Enterprises.

Perhaps the most convincing piece of evidence in support of the commenter's claim is the fact that a December 2014 screenshot of the One For Merchants homepage shows marketing copy that mentions ElitePay Global twice by name. It is unlikely that an unaffiliated company would mention ElitePay Global on its homepage. The geographic proximity of One For Merchants to ElitePay Global, the involvement of Kevin Cornett, the direct mention of ElitePay Global on the company's website, and the information provided by the commenter strongly indicate that there is an undisclosed connection of some kind between ElitePay Global and One For Merchants.

Simon Crapo is the sales director at One For Merchants. It should be noted that One For Merchants shares a location with a marketing company called Momentum Business Solutions, which employed Simon Crapo as its sales manager as recently as June 2015. It is unclear whether Momentum Business Solutions is also a Bentley-affiliated subsidiary.

Key Points

  • Sales & Marketing: One For Merchants appears to hire independent sales agents and has received some complaints about its sales practices.
  • Costs & Contract: One For Merchants offers a three-year contract through NPC/Vantiv with a liquidated damages-style early termination fee.
  • Complaints & Service: One For Merchants has received fewer than 10 public complaints.
  • BBB Rating: One For Merchants has an “F” rating with the Better Business Bureau and has received three complaints in less than two years.
  • Rates & Fees: How Merchants Got The Best Rates With One For Merchants

One For Merchants Customer Reviews

Here's What Their Clients Say

Customer Reviews Summary
Total Online Complaints <10
Live Customer Support Yes
Most Common Complaint N/A

We are currently able to locate fewer than 10 negative One For Merchants reviews, although the few available complaints are very harshly worded. Merchants and employees alike describe deceptive sales tactics similar to those used by ElitePay Global, an unprofessional work environment, expensive hidden fees, long-term leasing contracts, and poor customer service. One for Merchants is still a new brand, so it hasn’t had time to accumulate a great deal of positive or negative feedback. However, the negativity of the few available reports, combined with the strong evidence linking the company to ElitePay Global, have inclined us to assign the company an “F” rating in this category out of caution. One for Merchants’s rating may improve or remain the same as more merchant and employee feedback becomes available.

One For Merchants Online Ratings

Here's How They Rate Online

Online Ratings Summary
Product & Service Complaints 1
Billing & Collection Complaints 2
Advertising & Sales Complaints 0
Guarantee & Warranty Complaints 0
Delivery Complaints 0

The Better Business Bureau currently maintains a profile for “One for Merchant” that accurately lists the company’s URL and gives it an “F” rating. This profile has only been active since March 2016 and lists the address of NPC as the company’s location. The BBB has received three complaints against the company, with two related to billing or collection and one related to a product or service problem. One For Merchants has not responded to any of these complaints. Given the company’s failure to address any of its complaints, we see no reason to adjust the BBB’s rating at this time.

One For Merchants Fees, Rates & Costs

A Closer Look at The Contract

Cost & Fees Summary
Swiped Rate 1% (Credit) / 0% (PIN Debit)
Keyed-in Rate 2.99%
Early Termination Fee Liquidated Damages
PCI Compliance Fee Variable
Equipment Lease Terms 48 Months, Non-Cancellable

According to the One for Merchants contract (available below), the company’s standard agreement is a three-year term through NPC/Vantiv that automatically renews for two-year terms and includes a liquidated damages early termination fee. This fee is calculated as follows:

[…] if the Merchant Application states that all Card Organization fees will be passed through to Merchant, an amount equal to (a) the average monthly fees paid by Merchant to Processor under this Agreement (excluding Card Organization interchange and assessment fees) for the three calendar months in which such revenue was the highest during the preceding twelve calendar months, or such shorter period if this Agreement has not been in effect for twelve months, multiplied by (b) the number of months remaining in the then current term of this Agreement, on a pro rata basis, or

1) if Merchant is not a pass through merchant governed by a. above, an amount equal to (a) the average monthly fees paid by Merchant to Processor under this Agreement for the three calendar months in which such revenue was the highest during the preceding twelve calendar months, or such shorter period if this Agreement has not been in effect for twelve months, less (b) two percent (2%) of the average monthly sales dollar volume during the three calendar month review period, multiplied by (c) the number of months remaining in the then current term of this Agreement, on a pro rata basis.

iii. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Early Deconversion Fee and liquidated damages fee will not exceed the maximum amount set forth by applicable law.

In our opinion, this type of early termination fee is excessive and is enforced solely to retain merchants against their will, and we do not advise any merchants to sign contracts that contain liquidated damages clauses.

In addition, we have found one report indicating that One for Merchants sales agents typically sign merchants up for long-term equipment leases through Northern Leasing and First Data Global Leasing. These leasing contracts are typically four-year agreements that cannot be cancelled without paying the full cost of the lease in one lump sum. In addition, the full cost of the lease over four years is nearly always many times greater than simply purchasing equipment outright. For this reason, we recommend that merchants purchase rather than lease equipment whenever possible.

If you have any information about the standard One for Merchants contract (including any monthly minimum fees or PCI compliance fees), please share that information in the comment section below this review. See the One For Merchants NPC contract.

One For Merchants Employee Reviews & Sales Tacitcs

Should You Work For Them?

Jobs & Marketing Summary
Employs Independent Resellers Yes
Advertises Deceptive Rates Yes
Discloses All Important Terms No

According to merchant complaints, ElitePay Global and One For Merchants share a common sales pitch. Their agents quote a rate of 1% on all credit card transactions and a rate of 0% on all PIN debit transactions without mentioning any potential mid-qualified or non-qualified fees. These agents also insist that these low rates are only available to merchants who also sign a four-year equipment lease through First Data Global Leasing or Northern Leasing Systems. Merchants complain that these quoted rates are simply the company’s qualified rates, and that very few (if any) transactions receive these rates. Instead, mid-qualified and non-qualified downgrade fees are commonly tacked on to most transactions, resulting in a very high effective rate. Furthermore, the company’s equipment leases can cost up to $149 per month and are impossible to terminate without incurring huge cancellation penalties.

We have received multiple complaints indicating that these sales tactics are used by One for Merchants sales representatives. Given this report and the company’s apparent links to ElitePay Global we have assigned the company a “F” rating at this time.

Our One For Merchants Review Summary

Our Final Thoughts

One For Merchants rates poorly according to our rating criteria. The available evidence indicates that One For Merchants has close ties to ElitePay Global, including shared employees and assets. We are unable to locate any positive feedback about the company, and the complaints that are available describe many of the issues that were described by dissatisfied ElitePay Global merchants. Our rating may be subject to change as more information becomes available about the company’s ownership and corporate structure.

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Testimonials & Complaints

How Did One For Merchants Treat You?

7 User Reviews

  • Joe T

    Being a credit card processing Independent Sales Office, is a long way from being in the banking business. I can assure you that. Anyone can become a CC ISO.

    Hell, if you can pony up the money you could become an ISO. Its not prestigious under any circumstance.

    They do lots of window dressing and entice you with a low rate, slam you into a 299 lease for 48 months which is 14,352$. Pay the sale rep 25% of the profit. They keep 75% and pay a receptionist 12.00 an hour to take your complaints. Rinse and repeat.

    ISO’s are completely independent of first data, northern leasing, V/MC/AMEX so no accountability or regulation. Hundreds if not thousands of ISO’s.

    Be careful.

  • ileana Moreno

    This company withheld 28% of my deposits staring without ever notifying me. When I noticed I tried calling them and they told me that the IRS took this money because my tax ID was incorrect. Which was not true. First of all IRS does not withhold from cc deposits. I called the IRS and they confirmed this. Second, I did not have any change in my name, address or tax ID info.

    I am very upset and was told from the IRS that since it is the end of the year I will not be able to get this monies back from ONE that I would have to wait for April when I do my taxes. I am still waiting to get a call from them. Everytime I call I get a new representative. I hope they are not scamming me.

  • Alan Rucker

    Please listen to all of the above comments! This company is a big scam. I was charged for five months, after being told by a account manager the fees on the contract don’t apply to me. I have the email with me asking to terminate my contract effective immediately, if there would be monthly fees charged to me. The account manager emailed me back, “Those fees do not apply to you, there for the other terminals”. So why was I charged for five months when I never used their service. The company is still refusing to refund my money!! Run away from this company!!

  • Robert Van Wagoner

    I HAVE EXPERIENCED THE SAME TYPE OF THING WITH ONE FOR MERCHANTS. They suck you in with a very low promised rate for qualified and mid qualified cards, then charge the non qualified rate for all your card charges. Also the monthly rate seems to escalate whether your processing or not. They will try to sneak in major extractions from your bank account hoping people are not paying attention. Then they will string you along with promises of making things right, while they increase the monthly charge for the next month. DO NOT make the same mistake I made! Steer clear of these scammers.

  • DeafandDumb

    OK Everything about what this user above said is 100% correct and accurate. Andy Bentley aka The merchant processing puppet master has morphed from a scumbag at Elitepay Global into the true owner of one for merchants processing. Zach Brown & Simon Crap are on the payroll and are basically servants of Mr. Bentley. This business if you can call it that, will lie and deceive anybody to gain your business. The rates are not fixed. Also all merchants reading refer to the application that they are sending out and notice a category that gives 1%, 1.49%, 2.99%. IF YOU LOOK CAREFULLY you can see an (+) addition symbol which means they charge these rates in addition to what they quote you. Basically in other words YOU CAN PAY UP to 6 & 7% on any card THEY deem to be Non-qualified. This is a far cry from what they promise you. Imagine that, Andy ripping people off again. Also I heard that he likes to reward some of his slaves, I mean employees that do a great job to a line of cocaine. Mr. John Shaffer (current slave) would know all about this as he is the clown that helps Andy with his habit. He is also Zach Browns (Andy’s slave) little girlfriend. Also 99% of all of their employees are on drugs so if they seem really happy to tell you how they can help you its because they probably just did a line in the bathroom. STAY AWAY FROM THESE CON ARTISTS. THEY TRY TO PRETEND THEY ARE LEGITIMATE & ON THE CUTTING EDGE BUT THEY ARE WORSE THAN ANY PROCESSOR I HAVE DEALT WITH. IF YOU SIGN THE APPLICATION, THEN DON’T SAY I DIDN’T WARN YOU. They will probably change their name to something else soon which is something Mr. Bentley is custom to doing. HANG UP IF THEY CALL YOU. They are not salesman, they are liars & jailbirds that can’t find a real job that demands honesty & integrity so they end up at One ripping people off day after day. I would grade lower than an F but I don’t know that Z really means anything. RUN AWAY FROM THESE GUYS. THEY ARE BAD NEWS. Also the Facebook rating of 5 stars was created all by the slaves themselves. Boy they think they are smart! tee-he! I feel bad for all the sucker fish that took the bait. DON’T BE A SUCKER!

  • Concerned Merchant

    Elite Pay Global operations were sold in 2015 to an investment and management group from MS. Andy Bentley was hired to stay on for a year, but within 1 month the new owners terminated his contract because of his dishonest behavior. The company also changed the name to Ironwood, however Ironwood practices are much different than that of Elite Pay Global and 80% of the former staff has been terminated. Andy and Brian Bentley decided to start another merchant sales organization called One Merchant. The Bentley brothers are some of the most dishonest men I have ever dealt with, they are big time party boys who like to drink all night and then snort coke to wake up in the morning. They could care less about doing the right thing for merchants, they will slam you into a high priced lease and sue you if you don’t pay their ransom fees. I know there is talk looming that a class action complaint may be brewing against the Bentley’s. These guys should be put out of business and disallowed to ever get in into the banking business again…

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