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It has come to our attention that the former owners of ElitePay Global are operating another company in the credit card processing industry. We are offering rewards for the names of these companies. These owners were Andrew Bentley, Adam Bentley, and Brian Bentley. Please contact us for more information.

***Business Name Update***

The ElitePay Global website (elitepayglobal.com) is no longer active. There is no information on the company's website directing visitors to a different brand name.

In 2015, a commenter stated in the comment section below this review that ElitePay Global was operating under the name of “Ironwood Payments.” After conducting our own independent research, we confirmed that Ironwood Payments acquired ElitePay Global's merchant portfolio in 2015. Since then, the owners of Ironwood Payments have contacted us with evidence that they have severed all ties with ElitePay Global's former owners and employees. The company has also made adjustments to its business practices in an effort to correct the problems reported by merchants. See our Ironwood Payments Review for the most recent information. If you know of any other alternate business names used by ElitePay Global or its founders, please share that information in the comment section below this review.

Another commenter has claimed that ElitePay Global's founders have also launched a company called “One For Merchants.” We have investigated the commenter's claims and have found a great deal of evidence to support them. See our One For Merchants review for the latest updates regarding the company, and if you have any details to add, please share them here or in the comment section of that review.

ElitePay Global and Ironwood Payments

On October 14, 2016, International Payment Services (the parent company of ElitePay Global) filed a complaint against Ironwood Payments in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas. The complaint stated that, following the sale of substantially all of International Payment Services's assets to Ironwood in July 2015, Ironwood was to pay International Payment Services an initial closing payment followed by two later payments contingent upon the continued successful operation of the business. According to the complaint, Ironwood refused to make the second contingent payment of approximately $4 million in September 2016. More pertinent to this review, however, is the fact that the complaint also states that “until recently the parties enjoyed a positive and cooperative working relationship. For example, Ironwood retained two of IPS’s principals as employees and consultants following the [purchase agreement]. Although it limited their operational role, until early 2016 it regularly provided them with updates and sought their input on various issues, and the parties worked well together.” The complaint goes on to say that “In March 2016, around the time it ceased regularly communicating with IPS, Ironwood abruptly stopped providing customer service on the entire portfolio of accounts it had agreed to service until May 2016, including its own accounts.” In our opinion, the information contained in this complaint confirms ongoing collaboration between the principals of ElitePay Global and the owners of Ironwood until at least early 2016 and indicates that a financial relationship persisted between the two companies after the initial sale of assets in July 2015. It also reveals that Ironwood simply stopped providing customer service to a portion of its portfolio in March 2016. Ironwood Payments has stated that this lawsuit has been resolved. It has also taken tangible steps to improve its operations after fully severing business ties with ElitePay Global.

In July 2016, a class action lawsuit was filed in the state of Illinois on behalf of California business owners against Ironwood Financial and Vantiv. The lawsuit claims that Ironwood sales representatives recorded sales calls regarding sensitive financial information without merchants' permission. According to the October action brought against Ironwood by International Payment Services, this complaint was voluntarily dismissed in early September and not refiled.

However, in December 2016, another class action lawsuit was filed against Ironwood Financial in Illinois Northern District Court. Like the previous lawsuit, this complaint accuses Ironwood of secretly recording phone calls in which merchants disclosed sensitive financial information, and it also names Andy Bentley, Brian Bentley, Adam Bentley, Fifth Third Bank, First Data, Vantiv, Wells Fargo, and International Payment Services as defendants. The plaintiffs are seeking $5,000 per violation plus attorney fees. The lawsuit's case number is 1:16-cv-11223, and it can also be found under searches for “Wang et al v. Wells Fargo, NA et al.” In April 2018, a federal judge ruled that the case could proceed.

ElitePay Global, formerly known as PrimePay Global and also known as International Payment Services, LLC, is a merchant account provider headquartered in Henderson, Nevada. ElitePay Global no longer sells under the name of PrimePay Global and should not be confused with PrimePay, an unrelated merchant services company. In fact, International Payment Services was sued by PrimePay for trademark infringement in 2012 and lost, resulting in the switch to the ElitePay Global name. ElitePay Global resells the payment processing services of First Data. Founded in 2005, ElitePay Global is a registered ISO/MSP of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., in Walnut Creek, California, and lists its headquarters as 2850 W Horizon Ridge Pkwy Ste 200, Henderson, Nevada 89052-4395. Although the company is incorporated in Nevada and lists a Nevada headquarters, its owners primarily reside in and operate out of Salt Lake City, Utah, and surrounding communities.

ElitePay Global Management Concerns

According to public records, Brian Bentley is the principal of International Payment Services (and, by extension, ElitePay Global). However, Brian Bentley's three brothers also work for the company or hold prominent leadership positions at ElitePay Global. According to a former employee of ElitePay Global who commented beneath this review, Andrew Bentley acts as the president of sales at ElitePay Global, while Matt and Adam Bentley serve in lesser management roles.

Official Idaho court documents and multiple news sources name Adam Bentley as a defendant in a 2009 civil action filed by the state of Idaho regarding a multimillion-dollar Ponzi scheme conducted in 2007. These sources state that Adam Bentley was found by the state of Idaho to have violated the registration and anti-fraud provisions of Idaho's Uniform Securities Act by selling insurance investments without a license. Bentley and his co-defendants were also shown to have made fraudulent presentations to their investors in order to obtain funding. Following its investigation, the state of Idaho ordered Bentley to pay a civil penalty of $200,000 and restitution to his investors totaling $5,373,464. More significantly, he was also permanently prohibited from selling securities in the state of Idaho. Although these circumstances raise serious questions regarding Adam Bentley's character, the judgment does not appear to have affected his ability to gain a management role with a merchant services company – a role that grants him access to sensitive data including processing volumes, account numbers, and social security numbers of business owners. Brian Bentley appears to believe his brother deserves such a role with ElitePay Global despite knowing of his less-than-ethical history, which, in this author's opinion, reveals much about his character as well.

Attempt to Suppress Critical Reviews

Without any prior communications or use of our dispute resolution channels, in April 2014, ElitePay Global filed a trademark infringement lawsuit in federal court against this website (CardPaymentOptions.com). The official claims in the case were related to the use of the ElitePay Global name in a search engine advertisement promoting our review of the company. It is our firm opinion that ElitePay Global filed this suit in bad faith in an attempt to suppress the contents of this review and intimidate its author into compliance with its demands using the threat of exorbitant legal fees. In accordance with our litigation policy, CardPaymentOptions.com refused to accept any settlement that would have limited our rights under U.S. law or forced the removal of this review. On June 5, 2015, the United States District Court for the Central District of California issued a summary judgment in favor of CardPaymentOption.com, denying ElitePay Global's trademark infringement claim based on our nominative fair use defense.

Rise in Complaints

In the last year, there has been an unprecedented increase in the number and severity of complaints filed against ElitePay Global. In the comment section of this review alone, the company more than doubled its complaint total from approximately 75 complaints to over 150 complaints in less than twelve months. Most of these complainants specifically mention deceptive sales tactics and unfavorable contract terms through ElitePay Global. According to multiple complaints, sales agents promise a flat processing rate of 1% on credit card payments and 0% on debit card payments without explaining that the 1% rate only applies to “Qualified” transactions, while the 0% rate only applies to PIN Debit transactions. Some merchants also claim that they did not receive the full contract at the time of signing, or that agents altered the terms of contracts after the merchant signed up.

Another commonly cited issue is ElitePay Global's habit of leasing equipment through First Data Global Leasing and Northern Leasing Systems. According to complainants, sales agents will commonly offer the 1% credit rate and the 0% debit rate on the condition that merchants sign a 48-month, non-cancellable equipment lease, often at a cost of up to $149 per month (even though most credit card terminals can be purchased for $400 or less). Upon cancelling the equipment lease that ElitePay Global provided, merchants often discover that the leasing provider will try to collect the full cost of the lease (often over $10,000) as one lump payment. To make these complaints even more troubling, the content of many complaints indicates that the confused merchants seem to have limited proficiency in the English language.

Judgments Against Similar Companies

If these reports are accurate, then ElitePay Global's sales team appears to be engaging in conduct that has landed other merchant account providers in significant legal trouble. The FTC and various state attorneys general have begun to crack down on deceptive sales practices and predatory lease terms in recent years, so merchants who feel they have been deceived by ElitePay Global may benefit from familiarizing themselves with the following relevant cases:

  • In January 2004, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) secured a $23.5 million settlement with Certified Merchant Services (CMS) following the forced sale of the company's assets. The FTC's complaint alleged that CMS modified customer contracts, made unauthorized debits from merchants' accounts, misrepresented the products and services it was providing, and failed to disclose various charges and fees.
  • In March 2013, the New York State Attorney General's office reached a settlement with Northern Leasing Systems concerning over $11 million in unauthorized debits made from merchants' bank accounts. To justify these withdrawals, Northern Leasing Systems cited a clause in its contract requiring customers to reimburse it for property taxes and “administrative fees,” even though many of the merchants it took money from had terminated their leases with Northern Leasing years earlier. Northern Leasing was unable to show that the collected amounts ever went to pay property taxes or administrative fees. The company was ordered to return all disputed amounts and pay a $575,000 penalty to the State of New York.
  • In October 2014, the FTC and the Washington State Attorney General's office reached separate settlements with Sphyra (dba Merchant Services Direct) regarding allegations that the company failed to disclose complete pricing information, altered contract terms, and misrepresented the cost and duration of equipment leases. Sphyra was ordered to pay $175,000 in damages to federal regulators and the state of Washington and was prohibited from utilizing the sales techniques in question ever again.
  • In October 2014, the Minnesota State Attorney General's office filed a complaint against Apex Merchant Group alleging that the company uses “bait-and-switch” pricing quotes and alters customer contracts by adding previously undisclosed cancellation penalties and term lengths. Interestingly, the CEO of Apex Merchant Group is Andrew Frankel, brother to Craig and Jonathan Frankel, the former owners of Certified Merchant Services. The Attorney General's press release regarding the case goes out of its way to highlight the shared history of deceptive business practices among the brothers, one of whom is an investor in Apex Merchant Group. The outcome of the case is still pending.

Where to File Complaints

If you believe that you have been a victim of “bait-and-switch” rate quotes, nondisclosure of fees, unlawful contract alteration, unauthorized debits, or predatory sales tactics at the hands of ElitePay Global or one of its business partners, you may be able to obtain some relief by engaging in the following actions:

  • Leave a detailed comment describing your experience in the comment section below this review. Be specific, provide as much factual information as you can, and, if possible, publicly authenticate your comment by including a link to your business's website. This review and its comment section will contain the most current information regarding ElitePay Global's sales practices and merchant complaint record.
  • File a complaint with the Nevada Attorney General and the Utah Attorney General.
  • File a complaint with your state's attorney general (directory available here).
  • File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.
  • If you believe your agent knowingly defrauded you, consider filing a police report and a lawsuit against him/her in small claims court for your losses.
  • File a complaint with ElitePay Global's Processors:
  • File a complaint with the District Attorney of your county.
  • File a complaint with ElitePay Global's acquiring bank, Wells Fargo.

For other solutions, see our article on How to Report Bad Credit Card Processors.

ElitePay Global Customer Reviews

Here's What Their Clients Say

Customer Reviews Summary
Total Online Complaints 150+
Live Customer Support Yes
Most Common Complaint Undisclosed Terms

An Enormous Amount of Complaints

We are currently able to locate over 200 negative ElitePay Global reviews, many of which accuse the company of being a scam or a ripoff. Major themes among complainants include expensive equipment leases, deceptive sales practices, poor customer service, and undisclosed contract terms. Since the initial publication of this review in March 2013, the company’s complaint rate has seen a dramatic increase, which is a concerning trend. Some complaints have been filed against PrimePay Global rather than ElitePay Global, but the PrimePay Global brand no longer appears to be active.

We are currently unable to locate any rebuttals to these complaints from company representatives, but we have found some complaints from former and prospective employees. Overall, ElitePay does not appear to offer especially responsive or capable customer service. The company listed live chat and an email form on its website.

ElitePay Global Lawsuits

Despite the high volume of complaints against the company, we have not found any outstanding class-action lawsuits or FTC complaints filed against ElitePay Global. Dissatisfied merchants who wish to pursue a non-litigious course of action against the company should consider reporting it to the relevant supervisory organizations.

ElitePay Global Customer Service Options


ElitePay Global Online Ratings

Here's How They Rate Online

Online Ratings Summary
Product & Service Complaints 26
Billing & Collection Complaints 5
Advertising & Sales Complaints 3
Guarantee & Warranty Complaints 1
Delivery Complaints 31

Note: We have adjusted this company’s BBB rating according to our own standards. To better understand why we adjust BBB ratings, please see our Rating Criteria.

ElitePay Global has been an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau since 2011. As of this review, the company’s profile does not have a rating due to the fact that the BBB is updating its records on ElitePay Global.

At the time of our last update, ElitePay Global was showing an “A-” rating with the BBB and had 66 complaints filed against it in the previous 36 months (up from 33 at the time of the prior review). Thirty-one of these complaints were related to delivery issues, 26 were due to product or service problems, five had to do with billing and collection, three were related to advertising issues, and one was due to a guarantee or warranty problem. ElitePay Global had successfully resolved three of the complaints, while the remainder were either resolved to the dissatisfaction of the merchant or did not receive a final assessment from the merchant. Given the company’s last known complaint total, resolution ratio, and performance in other categories of this review, we have adjusted the BBB’s rating to an “F” for the time being.

ElitePay Global Fees, Rates & Costs

A Closer Look at The Contract

Cost & Fees Summary
Swiped Rate 1% (Credit) / 0% (PIN Debit)
Keyed-in Rate 2.99%
Early Termination Fee Up to $395
PCI Compliance Fee Variable
Equipment Lease Terms 48 Months (locked)

The ElitePay Global program guide (available below) describes a three-year agreement with automatic renewal and a tiered pricing structure through First Data. It appears that merchants who use ElitePay are subject to variable early termination fees up to $395, PCI Compliance fees, PCI non-compliance fees, and monthly minimum fees. Additionally, merchants are reporting very expensive 48-month leases through First Data Global Leasing and Northern Leasing Systems. These leases appear to be packaged with the company’s credit card processing services and, according to complainants, are not always properly disclosed by sales representatives.

There are currently many complaints about the cost of an ElitePay Global contract. Most merchants express frustration over the company’s non-cancellable, long-term equipment leases that cost thousands of dollars for equipment that is usually less than $400. Merchants also notice sudden rate increases several months into their contracts in addition to undisclosed fees. The merchants in these cases may be seeing the company’s “Non-Qualified” rate of 2.99%, which is charged on all cards that do not meet its criteria for the 1% “Qualified” rate or 0% “Debit” rate. Overall, the consistent theme among complainants at this time is that ElitePay Global does not offer competitive or even average contract terms. See the ElitePay Global/First Data Program Guide for more details.

ElitePay Global Employee Reviews & Sales Tacitcs

Should You Work For Them?

Jobs & Marketing Summary
Employs Independent Resellers Yes
Advertises Deceptive Rates No
Discloses All Important Terms No

ElitePay Global primarily utilizes independent sales agents to market its services. Generally speaking, independent contractors receive little training or oversight while in the field and are motivated to increase their commissions by signing merchants up for expensive contracts. This hiring practice usually results in elevated complaints among merchants. ElitePay is no exception, as we are currently able to locate dozens of ElitePay Global complaints filed by merchants and employees that describe unethical behavior by the company’s sales agents. Common complaints include misrepresentation of rates, nondisclosure of expensive contract terms (especially those attached to equipment leases), and poor training/support for employees.

One complainant who claims to be a former sales agent of ElitePay has stated that the company intentionally misinforms its agents about its rates and fees. According to this source, it is ElitePay Global policy to not allow sales reps to service the accounts they have brought in, which means that these agents never hear reports from dissatisfied merchants that could contradict what the agents were taught by the company. Another complaint from a merchant also stated that sales reps are removed from the accounts they sign. These claims are confirmed by multiple complainants stating that they are unable to reach their sales reps after they’ve signed the application.

Our ElitePay Global Review Summary

Our Final Thoughts

ElitePay Global rates as a substandard merchant services provider according to our rating system. The company appears to offer a standard contract through First Data with expensive lease terms attached. Its rating also suffers from complaints about deceptive sales tactics and poor customer service, and its complaint record with the BBB has seen a negative trend since the initial publication of this review. Merchants are advised to read their contract terms, including the terms of any lease, with great care.

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Testimonials & Complaints

How Did ElitePay Global Treat You?

161 User Reviews

  • Janine Walsh

    So where do I begin with my nightmare? As a new business owner my objective was to save $$$ & spend it wisely. Well when the smooth talking, designer suit wearing guy came into my little, tiny cafe I should’ve trusted my instincts and shown him the door. Now, 5 years later (no longer own the cafe) I am still being threatened by their subsidiary Northern Leasing Systems. The smooth talker NEVER gave me a copy of what I actually signed, did NOT explain what I was signing clearly. I tried to cancel the next day with a representative telling me I signed a No cancel contract! Where in this world can you not change your mind about any decision you make? Not in this country, we are supposed to be protected from vultures like this but I wasn’t. Whatever you do DO NOT let these people near you! You do not save money trust me!

    This post will help: Cancelling a Merchant Account Without Paying a Fee


    • Brandy

      I have bank charge for this company and I don’t even know what the heck it is or who this is. I never signed up for anything involving this company. How did they get my bank info when I never even visit this company.

  • Teresa

    To start off I was never provided a decent working machine, had numerous problems. The rates I received were not the rates I was promised, I called numerous times to try and resolve these problems and could almost never get a hold of anyone. I asked if i could pay off the machine, and end my contract, they agreed, and I am still be charge every month! They are horrible!

  • John cha

    They are a complete scam. Alex Kline, one of their salesperson, is a liar. Everything he said was a lie. My processing rate went up 1% and stuck with a horrible lease on the credit card machines. The only reason I signed the lease was because he said my savings would easily cover the lease. Of course that never happened. I learned to always trust my instinct from now on. Expensive lesson.

  • Jay

    So, our sales person was the financé of our employee and he lived in NV where he was newly employed by ElitePay Global. On a visit to NY he came by our store to offer their services. Considering his relationship to our employee and her years of service to us, we felt comfortable hearing his offer. During the presentation we called his supervisor, Rob C., four or five times because I wanted to hear that what he was proposing was honestly going to save us more money than the cost-plus program we were happily using with another processor. He assured me we were getting a special program, something normally reserved for much larger companies. I told him it seemed a lot like Tiered Pricing and I didn’t want that, he said it wasn’t. Hearing him repeatedly lie to us, out loud over the speakerphone in front of his employee as we sat in my office, I eventually believed him because I couldn’t fathom he would do that. To add insult to injury, we were duped into leasing from Northern Leasing Systems because “with the money you’ll be saving the leasing cost won’t even matter”. After a full month of processing it was obvious that we were scammed by ElitePay Global. The salesperson didn’t even know how badly we were being scammed. The people in charge will lie to their sales staff and the client in order to get the contract signed and once you do, it’s nearly impossible to get out. We currently pay a minimum monthly fee of around $21, but once a year it’s $111. As well, we lease equipment that sits on a shelf with the date reminding us when we can cancel the agreement, Sep 2018! We couldn’t even reprogram the terminal and use it. That costs us another $134 every month!
    If we hadn’t trusted that a person wouldn’t lie to their employee and mislead them the way they did, even when specifically challenged by my questioning about their program, we’d have about $10,000 more in our pockets by the end of this. That’s the kind of loss our small business has incurred because of ElitePay Global.

  • Lyn

    I have worked for Ironwood Payments hired out of the New York City office accepting this job based on the allure of the rewards if you had talent. To make a long story short I had been in Media for 25+ years and during that time made a great deal of contacts yet until I was 100 percent confident with this company I held back. There Ammo is to keep you moving never giving your personal phone number just dealing with customer service. Well, I started selling program to people I know thinking I am helping them quickly to realize they were ALL having issues not to mention none of which my managers wanted any part of always directing to customer service at which after repeated try’s my clients were unable to come to a resolve. Also, they have held my pay and bonuses! Please help. I can be reached at [REDACTED – personal contact information]

  • Anonymous

    Brian and Andy Bentley have reinvented themselves ‘One for Merchants’ using straw ‘owners’ Zach Brown and Simon Crapo to do their bidding. Watch out for One. The Bentleys are up to the same swindling, lying, bad business practices they pulled with EPG. It’s shocking regulators haven’t caught up with them yet. This is a bad bunch.

  • Alex G.

    Ironwood Payments has the same practices as Elite Pay Global after reading all the reviews. I was contacted by phone saying I qualify for the 1% for credit card transactions, 0% for Debit and .08 per swipe. I asked who I’m talking to and they mumbled the company’s name. They convinced me to have their salesman come and show me “How much money” they could save me. The salesman came with just his I pad and asked to see one of my current credit card processing statements to do a side by side comparison. I said I get many calls from Credit card processing companies and I didn’t have the time for another company doing a “side by side comparison” again, what makes his company different than the other ones and why is his company able to get me better rates when the interchange fees are set by the credit cards and banks?
    I told him the $ credit volume and fees for the previous month, and he puts those numbers in his iPad. Then he shows me on his IPad “how much” money he would save me. My first question was what is this monthly fee of $599? He said it’s a lease to guarantee these low rates. So after all my other questions regarding the contract and my non satisfaction of how much money I would save, he calls his supervisor and said he made a mistake and I qualify for a different tier and my monthly lease would be $499 and of course all other fees went down now. So after 15 minutes of my questions and him trying to convince me what a Great deal this was, I said “No, I’m sorry but I’m not signing any contract without thinking about it and I would get back to him” Well, he then gets persistent and tells me “I would have to get approved first for this rate… He won’t be around the area for another week or longer…. What’s there to think about if I’m going to save so much money…. and on on. I finally said I had to get back to work and walked away thinking “This must be a scam”…. so I found this site, wrote my experience with Ironwood Payments and hope i can help someone from falling for these scammers!!!

  • Leah

    DO NOT SIGN THAT CONTRACT. We recently signed up with them and have had a terrible. They promised to cancel our contract with our other company and pay any fees that applied. We called our other company to make sure the cancellation went through, ends up our contract was automatically renewed for another year. Our sales man not only MISREAD our contract but promised things that he shouldn’t have. When we went to contact Lee Metcalf he hadn’t even given us a direct number! His business card has Ironwood Payments number on it. We have been trying and trying to contact him to get these promises fulfilled and I had to go through their website to get in contact with this man. He hasn’t called us back since the last time we spoke and he told us to ask for original paper work that he apparently misread. After calling three times, twice this week NOT including the amount of times my dad (the business owner) has called. We’ve faxed them the invoice twice and we were told we’d get a call back from them multiple times. I had to call them this morning to find out that they REFUSE to pay the cancellation fees because it wasn’t in the contract. These people are shady. Dishonest. And unprofessional. Your company is new and what a way to start out by scamming people over and over again. I will continue to send emails, call and leave messages until proper action is taken. I want my contract with the other company cancelled and paid in full or I want my contract with Ironwood Payments cancelled free of charge and I will not stop until these needs are met.

  • Hody lane Liquor

    They are very bad & their customer services are terable not profissional & We recomment all of you not to use their services

    I’m in contact with them for more 3 months to solve my terminal issue , there is no response , they do not care , no answers !!!!?????

  • Abraham

    Someone from EPG came over to sell me on thier merchant services. I tell you what, she was smooth and very deceptive. The rates of 1% and 0% for debet sunded great. Now here come the lease of four years that she presented as a contract with EPG to get these so called CORPORATE RATES and this lease will include all of the fees. Not once she mentioned it is equipments that I would be leasing. As i went over the paper work I saw the lease and all of the other fees such as batch fee, transaction fee, pin base depet fee, Etc….. and when asked why do I see these fees on top of the lease, I was told that it had to be broken down like that but all I would see is the $99.00 per lesae plus plus at the end of the month. When they called to confirm the lease they were smooth and deceptive also. Not once they mentioned equipments or any thing like that. All they said to confirm the non cancelbale lease with EPG for four years. The BIG SURPRIZE came when I was talking to three diffrent people, leasing, EPG and tech support. This copany is a SCAMMMMM I had to close my account to stop them from drawing money from me. Run away from them

  • Mark Evangelous

    BK Merchant Services 1-14-2016
    Barney Kalman
    40 Tassi Road
    Marlborough, MA 01752

    Do not do business this man or anything to do with his company. Run as fast as you can.
    Starting in 2011 I was in a contract with Electronic Payment out of Calverton NY for four years who Barney represented.
    After the contract was up I was contacted by Barney to resign up for my credit processing service again.
    I met with other processing companies but decided on Barney again because I trusted what he said.
    The last week of July 2015 we met to discuss the options to lower my credit card processing fees.
    Many processors have been approaching me for my business. I have known him for four years and trusted him.
    He currently sells for ELITE PAY GLOBAL out of Henderson Nevada. At Shaheen Mazloom’s request I faxed a copy of my latest Credit card statement and a savings of $1,200.00 per month was promised to me. The General Sales manager whose name is Shaheen Mazloom from Elite Pay Global/NPS out of Henderson Nevada said it to Barney and myself on two occasions. Barney confirmed it in our meeting Jan. 7, 2016. Barney blamed Shaheen and his fraudulent deceitful and dishonest practices for saying that? I cannot even get through to Shaheen Mazloom at Elite Pay Global Company.
    The Four customer service assistants Brook, Nicole and Channel and Danielle tell me he is never there and will not give me his email or phone number. I have been trying for six months to contact him. He Lied to get me to sign on to this overpriced contract.
    I made it very clear I did not want to sign a lease again for the two credit card processing machines because they are grossly overpriced to say the least.
    A promised savings of $1200. Per month over 12 months would be $14,400. For the year. He used that as leverage to convince me into signing two leases at $100. Each per month for 48 months equating to $9,600.00. plus insurance and NY taxesYou told me the savings on processing fees would make up the money on the leases.
    After speaking to sources in the industry I was informed these VeriFone VX 520 Cost only $169. Wholesale and $269.00 retail. I am paying $4800.00 on each one over four years. WHAT A SUCKER I AM.
    Three weeks ago I took the time to analyze the statements and was shocked to learn that I was not saving any money but paying even more.
    They were supposed to save me $1,200.00 for the month x the last 6 months totaling $7,200.00, I paid more than with my previous processor.
    Plus, the two leases for the last six months = $1,200.00
    I have incurred a greater expense and expected a savings .
    Now in order to get out of the four year agreements they have in the contract a early termination fee of $350. And a unwarranted Deactivation fee of $375. and a minimum processing fee of $25. Per month that they are going to enforce on me if I cancel. It was my fault I did not research ELITE PAY GLOBAL because there are hundreds and hundreds of complints on the internet. NORTHERN LEASING COMPANY WHOM BARNEY SELLS for has thousands of complaints. I am mad at my self for signing on to them. WARNING RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN. As I studied the first few statement the fees are outrageous. Elite Pay cannot even explain what some of them are for.
    This is an unethical deceptive practice to convince me to sign these leases by promising me to lower my credit card fee rates.
    I will take whatever legal action necessary against ELITE PAY GLOBAL, Northern Leasing and Shaheeel Mazloom the liar and cheat.

    Best Regards,
    Gemini Sign Corporation

    • Carol whitney

      Thank You for your thoughts on this company, I to am a small business (woman owned) in Massachusetts, and not only did the sales rep NOT have a business card on him, but wrote his phone number down on a piece of paper…I think I will run fast and far according to your complaints….

  • London Cage

    I found Elite Pay Global has moved their operation within the last 9 months. I see they are illegal in their practices. Here is
    the adds contact who is one of the owners of this company: Call Jim at [REDACTED – contact information] < Their number. They are now located in Cress Creek area off Ogden Ave. close to Royal St. George.

  • Marty

    I was also an employee with Ironwood Payments. I worked there for a few weeks before I began second guessing this company. They told us not to put our personal phone number on our business cards and not to contact the merchant after we sold them. I had multiple issues with the supervisors not being able to clearly explain the contracts and terms of agreement. Everyday we had two conference calls and they praised the same people everyday. I found it to be exceptionally sketchy when they told me not to go over the contract thoroughly. My first week I sold two deals and in my following weeks merchants were very standoffish and not interested in speaking with me once they saw our reviews online. There was absolutely no way for me to authenticate what I was selling and my supervisor could not provide me with anything and that’s when I left. I refuse to be a part in such a sketchy company. We promised 0% pin based debit, 1% credit, 1.49% MOTO, and 2.99% non qualified cards with .08 cents per swipe. We used an app on our iPads to show the apples to apples comparison between what they’re being charged vs what we can save the merchant monthly. When it comes time to signing the contract, there were all kinds of random charges on it and none of the supervisors could explain. They would just tell you to loosely skim over the info in the contract. Very sketchy business practices if you ask me. Beware.

  • Kaeri

    ElitePay Global (EPG) also took me for a ride informing me I wasn’t PCI compliant because I didn’t have a physical credit terminal in my office and hooking me with the 1% rate. Then our account manager suggested the terminal lease was need to buy down our rate to the 1%. Northern Leasing paid EPG for the terminal I was told I needed so got double whammied. I have emailed/mailed the California, Nevada, Utah, New Jersey and New York Attorney General’s. I encourage other business owner’s to contact the Utah Attorney General, as this is where the EPG parent company is located. Utah Attorney General phone: 801-366-0260. The parent company info for EPG: IM Wood Financial (is that even a real company name) – 525 W. 464 N., Ste. 130, Providence, UT 84332. TEL: 866-391-0441 Also, the New Jersey Attorney General office forwarded my correspondence to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. They have looked into my request but more of us need to notify them. Here is their contact info: Consumer Financial Protection Bureau consumerfinance.gov (855) 411-CFPB (2372). PIO Box 4503, Iowa City, IA, 52244. Looking for a private attorney for a class action suit. Please call me with questions or suggestions. [REDACTED – personal contact information]. No solicitors.

  • Philip

    ElitePay Global is a merchant scam and I will recommend that their license be withdrawn immediately.
    1. They charge much higher than what the contract terms reads and I called them severally for refunds but they never responded.
    2. They lease merchant terminal from a company called Northern Leasing Company and claim to be independent from ElitePay Global. But I have called Northern Leasing and they were able to resolve a concern in my merchant account. The question is; why would an equipment leasing company have direct access into a clients’ merchant account if both companies are not related.
    3. Northern leasing leases merchant card terminal for over $200 a month. That’s a big flag right there.
    4. They offer life long contracts. I don’t know where that is done. This company is a fraud.

    With all the allegations including those from other victims, they are still threatening to take clients who have decided to discontinue their service to court or report them to the credit bureau.

  • Richard

    These guys are SCAM ARTISTS!!! I know they are misleading their new sales reps by telling them Ironwood “bought out” Elite Global. They are also encouraging their reps to almost engage in “hit and run” tactics…sign a customer up and disappear into the night. They actually instruct their sales reps not to have any contact with the client after the sale is complete. Their customer service department refuses to communicate with sales reps if any agents raise concerns on behalf of clients.

    • Previous 1099 Sales

      I worked for EPG in Utah for around a year. I was also mislead in how to sale this great program to merchants and had little support from regional. We were told to not have the customer ever contact us, but rather the worst customer service on the planet!

  • mike

    This company simply switches names as they wreak havoc across the country with unsuspecting new contractors training them to destroy small business owner and the American economy, worse than any terroist group we face here in America. Beware of this company both Elite Pay Global anf Ironwood payments are headed up by Dan Leppala and his evil sidekicks.

  • Teresa

    I had some issues with the at the beginning, but I called them and got them worked out. When it came time to become compliant with EMV, I called them regarding my terminal that needed to be updated. I was out of contract with them, but they told me they would send me a new compliant terminal for free. if I would continue to use their company. I asked if I would need to sign a new contract and they told me no. They sent me a new terminal and pin pad and no fees or charges have been made against my bank account. The only issue that I’ve had is that the terminal did not come with the new programs on it, so I had to spend an afternoon on the phone while a support tech walked me through setting it up. After looking at this website, I tried to look them up on the Better Business Bureau, but they aren’t listed. This makes me wonder how you found them.

  • Kaeran Sudmalis-Testi

    On 9/16/14 I had a meeting with an ElitePay Global (EPG) rep, Talisa, who was offering a killer deal on merchant service fees for businesses. During our meeting Talisa had to consult several times with her manager, Rob (female located in Utah), via phone to have my questions answered. During my conversation with Rob, she twice told me that in order for my company to be PCI compliant, we had to have a physical terminal at our business location. I challenged her on that and she reaffirmed her statement. I explained we were a transportation company, not a retailer, and how I processed credit cards with a virtual terminal program. We don’t have a store front where clients come into buy something. We go to the client and provide them transportation. Within a couple of days of signing the EPG contract, I cold called two merchant service companies asking if this was fact and was informed, “No, that is not true.” Correct me if I am wrong but that is fraud.
    I promptly followed up with Chanel, our EPG account rep, asking her the same thing and her response was that she had never heard that and would notify that department to no longer use that terminology. She then offered the terminal lease was a part of our deal to buy down our rates to 1%. That makes more sense to me, however, after computing the lease fees with merchant service fees, we were in fact paying MORE out of pocket to process credit cards. Why is this? Is it because we were set up as a retailer, even after I explained how we conduct business? So in no way would we be eligible for the 1% rate I was sold on. Again, correct me if I am wrong but this is fraudulent.
    After a couple of transactions and funding I began seeing withdraws from our checking account from EPG. I telephoned to inquire as to the charges and it was explained to me that it was per transaction deduction, however, I could request to have the fees set up to be withdrawn once a month. This is an important point that should have been brought to my attention from the sales rep or her boss, Rob. I share this now as it speaks to EPG’s business conduct of omission.
    I waited for our monthly statement to determine if we are going to in fact save money. I wait for statement to arrive via mail, review email correspondence to see if there is something I missed regarding where to print statement from an online source and unable to locate anything. I phoned Chanel on the 15th of October and left a message. I phone again on the 16th of October and we connected. She explained that we weren’t being charged the fee to receive a hard copy statement, however, she could set me up to for online access. AGAIN, pretty important piece of the pie for me to have, moreover, by the time she emails me the info it is one day past our 30-day cancellation period. Note, I left messages several times asking her to send this login info over.
    I pull merchant statement from their online resource, review and can’t figure it out. In December 2014 I shared statement with a competing merchant service rep, and he couldn’t figure it out. He told me to contact EPG and request the statement that reflects ALL charge breakdowns. Why wasn’t I provided this information from the onset? Received this on 12/9/14 from Chanel. This reflects breakdown and it was explained to me by EPG rep that they categorize credit cards (rates) based on that particular credit card’s encrypted code. WHAT? This left me paying approximately 4.68% for Visa, MasterCard and Discover, while American Express 5.71%. A FAR cry from the 1% originally sold to me.
    On 11/04/14 I filed a complaint with the Nevada Better Business Bureau, followed up several times and never heard from anyone. (EXHIBIT “C”)
    Back to the credit card terminal I was “leasing” from Northern Leasing Systems via EPG to buy down my rates to 1% and/or to be PCI compliant. I never used the terminal and returned once to Northern Leasing Systems sometime in November 2014. They promptly returned it to me. I returned again to them on 12/15/14 and they did not return. Northern Leasing has sent emails, mail and phone calls threatening to sue me unless I pay them $9,889.49, plus court and attorney fees (for one terminal). Moreover, the pull my credit report every couple of months I presume to lower my FICO score.
    EPG has sent me to collections wanting $3,000 plus dollars. I have notified the collection company I am filing a class action suit and they back off for a couple of months. Just don’t know how to find a class action attorney. This has detrimentally affected my credit score. Note, the monies they’re demanding from me is because I did not fulfill my contract with them. All charges they ran, they got their payment.
    Over the course of the past year I have intermittently searched the internet for blogs or current class action info naming EPG and Northern Leasing and this is how I located your site. Most importantly, I located a blog of other merchants who have been ripped off under similar circumstances by EPG and Northern Leasing. [Redacted possible promotional content.]

  • Tom

    I was the one that fall in bait and switch of elite global . This company is a scammer and totally lies. The salesman use unethical sale tactics taking advantage of our small business . They need a $2000 dollar fee for termination that salesman did not represented at the time .Some one should files a law suit against this company before they doing some more damage to other small businesses.

  • Cindy Meloy

    I have also fallen into the trap of lies and deception. They do not tell you about the fees and non-cancellable lease. Then they disappear and cannot be found. But they also give you equipment that does not work so not only are we paying for equipment rental but it cannot even process transactions. No one at either Elite pay or Northern Leasing will help you when you call so we are spending top dollar on a credit card processing system that does not even function. How can this be legal?

    • Cheryl

      When their sales rep left, I felt like there had been fraud involved as did my business partner. I immediately went and closed my business account and opened a new one so they could not get anymore money from me. I also let them know I would not be needing their services. I NEVER received equipment. If they do turn me over to collections, I will dispute it on my credit report with documentation provided here. Open a new business account and then dispute it on your credit report. They are bullies.

  • Kaeran Sudmalis-Testi

    I wrote the below letter to Chanel and Nichole with ElitePay Global on 10/29/14. Since them they have turned me into collections and I have Northern Leasing hounding for a terminal I NEVER used and returned in December 2014. Help!

    I am writing to share my concerns I have with your service from the get go. I will attempt to list these issues in chronological order.

    1. When the sales rep, Talisa, was here consulting with me she got her manager on the phone several times to have my questions answered with her manager, Rob.
    During my conversations with Rob, she twice told me that in order for our company to be PCI compliant we had to have a physical terminal at our business location. I challenged her on
    that and she reaffirmed her statement. I explained we were a transportation company, not a retailer, and how I processed credit cards with a virtual terminal program. We don’t have
    a store front where clients come into buy something. We go to the client and provide them transportation. Within a couple of days I cold called two merchant service companies asking if
    this was fact and was informed, “No, that is not true.” Correct me if I am wrong but that is fraud.

    I then followed up with Chanel asking her the same thing and her response was that the terminal lease was apart of our deal in order to buy down our rates to 1%. That makes more
    sense to me, however, after computing the lease fees with merchant service fees, we are in fact paying MORE out of pocket to process credit cards. Why is this? Is it because we were set
    up as a retailer, even after I explained how we conduct business? So we in no way, shape or form can we qualify for the 1% rate I was sold on. Again, correct me if I am wrong but this is

    2. We have charges to run and I have no information as to where to login, password, username, nothing. I phone Elite and am transferred to Mike Wilson with Vantiv
    [email protected] who apologizes for the delay and promptly emails me the info I need. Apparently our email somewhere along the line hadn’t been entered correctly on
    your end and this is why I didn’t receive the info.

    3. I requested our batch time be set up for 2:45pm PST and was told no problem. Well it is a problem because the virtual terminal program Elite uses won’t allow batch times to be modified
    and is set up to be batched out at 1-2am EST the following day. As a result, if I complete a transaction on a Thursday, it batches out early Friday morning and if Monday is a holiday I don’t
    see funds until Tuesday. At the very least I still have to wait two days to see the funding and that’s assuming a weekend is not involved. With our previous processor we had next day
    funding. Unfortunately, we are not in a position to wait up to 5 days for funding.

    4. After a couple of transactions and funding I began seeing withdraws from our checking account from Elite. I telephoned to inquire as to the charges and it was explained to me that it was
    per transaction deduction, however, I could request to have the fees set up to be withdrawn once a month. Of course we opted for the once a month transaction as it easier for record and
    accounting purposes. This is an important point that should have been brought to my attention from the sales rep or her boss, Rob.

    5. I want to assess our monthly statement to determine if we are going to in fact save money. I wait for statement to arrive via mail, review email correspondence to see if there is something
    I missed regarding where to print statement from an online source and unable to locate anything. I phoned Chanel on the 15th of October and left a message. I phone again on the 16th of
    October and we connected. She explained that we weren’t being charged the fee to receive a hard copy statement, however, she could set me up to for online access. AGAIN,
    pretty important piece of the pie for me to have, moreover, I have to track it down. Chanel also told me I would have logon info later that day and I didn’t receive it until the following day.

    6. I believe it was the day after signing the contract that I received the terminal and debit key pad. Per Elite instructions, I placed appropriate phone calls to get it activated. After set up was
    complete we ran a test transaction and these fees are appearing on our statement. Why are we paying to test a machine?

    7. I left Chanel a voicemail this past Friday, November 24th to discuss these issues and have yet to hear back from her. Today I phoned and got Nichole on the phone. I asked for Chanel’s
    supervisor’s name and email as I was going to copy her on this email. Instead, Nichole asked me to include her on this email and she would forward if necessary. Come on, aren’t you
    guys suppose to be working for me?

    I have been lied to on several counts. Have had to baby sit the entire merchant service exchange and I am done. I have worked with a couple processing companies over the years and have NEVER experienced these continued issues. I am busy doing my job and don’t have time to do your job as well.

    I am requesting an immediate dissolution of business, to include the terminal and debit pad, other than the fees we owe for October.

    Kaeran Sudmalis-Testi
    Serenity Limousine Service, Inc.
    [Phone number redacted]

    • Cheryl Lockhart

      They did all of these things to my business in Charleston, WV. I underwent the exact same scenario. However, I started researching them as soon as their representative left. When he wouldn’t give me his name, red flags went up. I also never received any copies of the contracts. I am now being threatened with legal action. I was able to immediately go close my bank account and protected our business account.

  • Nick Noiseux

    0% Debit, 1% credit & .08 transaction fee ended up being 0% Debit, 2.8 to 3.4% Credit and .14 transaction fee along with some other unmentioned monthly and annual fees….plus the 99.00 monthly lease. Hey, I’ve got no problem with the $99 lease, if I’m paying 1% for credit cards. When doing the comparison my agent only listed 4% of the transactions at being 1.49 to 2.99 percent. The statements tell the truth and that truth is…that the agents lie. Now, like everyone else who does business with them, I’m stuck. I have a family of six and my small business has been losing money for the last few years. I guess I’m gonna be buying more red ink. Oh yes, and my agent has disappeared.

  • Parkview Market

    We just received a letter (on September 8th) stating that, in September, they will be raising pin based transactions from the .07 cents we agreed on to .75 cents per transaction! This is outrageous. They explained that their contract states they can make “reasonable adjustments to fees” as their justification for the raise.

    So a 1071% fee increase is reasonable? Taking last months numbers, our monthly debit fee portion of our bill will increase from $167.50 to $1795.50

    As a small business, this will make a huge impact to our bottom line.

    The only answer I can get from them over the phone is “its not our decision it’s corporate… nothing we can do”

    This processor is nothing but a scam.

    Time for a class action lawsuit…

    • Jin lin

      I have same problem like you . I knew this until three days ago. I am the owner of small business and I do not speak very good English . It is a lot increase of the statement . I called them to cancel but I need pay 1300 earlier cancellation fee. I have no ideal how to do .

  • ken

    Elitepay Global………???? This company doesn’t deserve F; should be worse than F. Customer service is really really bad. Scammer. Bad practice. They sent out salemen who doesn’t have a clue of what being charge to the merchant. the saleman told that there is no annually fee. no set up fee. rate match gurantee. and a bunch of other stuff. but after i signed the contract with them. The guy name was “Jay William”. He said the copy of contract is sent later to me. I didn’t realize that I was put into a equipment leasing “non-cancellable” for “48 month”. After looking at the bill, i called them regarding additional fee charged but they dissmised it saying that it was on the contract. This company process and fund my account NOT BY THE DAILY SALE GROSS, instead they fund by mix and match sales from different date which making so hard to understand. they charged 2 settlement batch for every batch settlement i do. I am in 2nd year with this crooked company. I am wanting out. but they would impose more than $2,000.00 for cancellation fee. The sent out mails saying that rate increases and if we continue processing with them meaning we accepting their term. they clearly break the contract. but when i called them, Brook, the rep, told that i would have to pay cancellation fee. they charge annual compliance fee. and told me that it was in the program guide, which is on line. this company never send out such paper to me. I am sure neither to countless number of unfortunate small business owners. Enough said about this company. DOESN’T ANYONE WILLING TO SUE THIS COMPANY AND ITS OWNER OF MALPRACTICE, SCAMING OTHER PEOPLE? I’d like to be apart of this lawsuit too. plz you can contact me at [REDACTED – personal contact information]. thanks.

  • Adam

    EPG Employee, either your complicit or ignorant. Yes its true that EPG does pass 0% pin debit to their clients. Its even true that they pass 1% swiped rates to their clients outside of pin debit. They also downgrade EVERY transaction and add a surcharge of 1.49% to the swiped rate of 1% and 2.99% to the Mid Qualified rate! That equals 4.48%!!!! Its even on their application page 3. Pull your app out and look in the Visa/Mastercard/Discover Rate Catagory section. You’ll see Base Credit of 1%. Mid- Qualified with a litttle 1 beside it. Now look at the Discount rate + 1.49% the same with Non-Qualified except with a little 2 beside it and + 2.99% for Discount Rate. The plus sign indicates that it is added to the Base Credit rate of 1% + 1.49% for Mid qualified and add 2.99% to 1.49% for non qualified!!!! Don’t believe me read the section just below 1099-k reporting. Here it is just in case you don’t actually have a printed copy. 1Added to base credit discount rate and transaction fee. 2Added to applicable mid qualified credit discount rate and transaction fee. Problem is that you have no idea! They are simply telling you to sell 0% and 1%!!!!! I am willing to bet that no one in that company has even remotely explained to you how it actually works. They don’t want you to know. You can’t explain something that you know nothing about. How many clients would you have if you were to actually explain to them what really happens? How many do you think would buy if they knew that they would be paying as high as 4.48% outside of pin debit? I can tell you NONE!!!! Your being made a fool of and your harming your clients!!!!!!!!! Its disgusting and obscene!!! Go back and see a client or two, look at their statements and do the math. Its not rocket science!

  • Elite Pay Employee

    I’m an EPG employee and could tell you that most of this is unfounded. The reason the BBB won’t take many of these complaints serioiusly is because the so called merchants never actually provide proof when they make a complaint. This, or any other site, can be filled with unverified complaints from competitive merchants rather than anything else.

    On every deal I’ve ever done, within minutes of submitting an application, a welcome call is placed to the owner, and the owner is notified clearly, that there is a 48 month non-cancellable lease. If any of the questions are inconsistent with the application or the pricing (percentage of keyed in transactions, percentage of non qualified transactions, percentage of debit transactions, a full and complete understanding of the amount of the lease as well as the the term and non-cancellable arrangement) the welcome call fails and the deal is declined.

    Secondly, are rates are absolutely 0% for all PIN debit transactions. 8 cents for every transaction of any type. and 1% for all qualified transactions and 1.49% for midqualified transactions. I’ve never seen any competitor that charges those rates.

    Websites like this praise Square that charge 2.75% on everything from debit to qualified and 3.5% on keyed in transactions, and then have the audacity to complain about a company that’s charging 0% debit and 1% qualified credit.

    On top of which, the owners of this site are being unnecessarily harsh simply because of personal legal issues with EPG.

    I write my cell phone number out on every single card I hand out and have never received so much as a phone call or complaint from any of my merchants.

    I guess we should charge 3% on everything like Square does and let unsubstantiated accusations go so that CPO will write a glowing review.

    • Phillip CPO

      Hi Vahagn Mkhikian,

      Normally we don’t publish comments that only contain general commentary; however, your comment corroborates the pricing and lease terms that many merchants have complained about. The rates you list are below the average cost of Interchange so one of three things can be happening: 1) EPG is losing money on nearly every transaction they process (it’s like a retailer selling products below its wholesale costs), or 2) they are making up their costs through other fees that are not marketed to the merchant, or 3) the rates you mention are the markup over Interchange, which isn’t they way you are quoting it and would be really expensive markup.

      If you believe that the contents of this review are unfounded, you should conduct a more thorough search throughout the internet. I can guarantee you that the reviews left in this comment section are not by competing companies or myself. EPG would like you to believe such a lie, but it simply isn’t true. When someone leaves a comment, our system collects meta data about them for verification purposes. How do you think I know your real name? All the comments can be authenticated, which is why EPG has never tried to challenge any them through our channels or legally. They know that they are real.

      Where do we praise Square on CPO? I can tell you that if the EPG rates you mention are a markup over Interchange, they are just as expensive as Square. I encourage you to better understand the true costs of Interchange for credit and debit and EPG’s rate quotes. You seem like you want to do right by your merchants. If you are quoting rates the way you listed them in your comment, you are either intentionally or unintentionally misleading them.

      • Previous 1099 Sales

        EPG, now Ironwood, is charging a minimum of 1% + interchange. However, in training by regional managers it is stated they don’t consider interchange and tell the merchant don’t worry about interchange. Rarely would my regional manager tell me a deal was bad for the customer. Everyone qualified!

    • Josh Lewis

      Dear Elite Pay Employee:
      I am no competitor of EPG, just a merchant who was burned by their lies. You apparently believe the lies of the company you work for.

      To set a few things straight: The BBB does actually take the complaints seriously, at least they seemed to when I talked to them. Unfortunately, the BBB doesn’t have any real power to do anything. The fact that so many complaints have been lodged led to the BBB person telling me (off the record) that there is almost certainly a problem with the practices that Elite Pay Global is using. Most of them get closed in Elite Pay’s favor due to the fact that it is hard to provide evidence. Like myself: I didn’t sign a paper copy of the contract. And by the time I eventually got an electronic copy, it was not as I had signed. Elite Pay wants to say they can’t change it after the fact, but when they’re the only ones who have a copy, and it’s only electronic,, well…most junior high computer science students could alter it. So we’re left, unfortunately, with my word against theirs. And even if I was able to provide proof, the BBB can’t really do anything other than lower their rating on a site many people don’t actually check before signing with a company (yes, now those of us who have been burned know better. I was only a couple months into owning my own business; there were many things I was unaware of, like how easy it is to be swindled by illegitimate credit card processors).

      You also don’t mention the unqualified rates, which is around 3%, which most have found that Elite Pay decides most transactions fall under. My main beef was the salesman telling me that Elite Pay charges the same as debit for American Express, since they also process cards for Costco, and they only take American Express because they get that special rate. Turns out both were lies – the actual rate for American Express was much higher than my previous processor, and when I checked with Costco, I found out who they actually use to process their credit cards, and it wasn’t Elite Pay! Also, you don’t mention all the extra, hidden fees (which my salesman did not, either, of course). You conveniently leave out about $500 a year worth of fees that many other companies don’t charge (or at least, neither of the two companies I used previously didn’t charge – maybe others do charge those hidden fees). You need to read through the contract yourself so you understand it better before you push people to sign. I realize after the fact that I don’t think the salesman understood the contract himself. He was just telling me what he had been told to promise, assuming his superiors were telling him the truth. Your post is partially what makes me think that, because if you are being honest, you must not truly understand the contract, at least the contract that gets sent by email days after the consumer signs electronically. (Well, to be fair, you salesmen probably never see that contract again after you electronically send it to HQ).

      And maybe you write a cell phone number down, but my salesman did not. Nor did he answer emails, which was listed on the card.

      I didn’t keep the service long enough to find out if it would actually save me money or not. I couldn’t justify doing business with a company that had a salesman tell me bold-faced lies, whether they were his own or provided by higher up. Also because the contract was not as I remembered signing, and appeared altered in my view. (Everything was typed, but the costs for American Express were handwritten – that was weird, and different than I had originally agreed to.) And from what I’ve read here and other sites around the web, it sounds like I would have paid more, even with the so-called “1%” (due to everything being charged the higher “unqualified” rate).

      • Korn

        I agree with you Josh. Not only the sale reps. don’t understand or read the application ( I don’t call it contract because contract is something that is accepted from both sides) so does their boss. I n my case the sale person’s boss name Blake told me on the phone that EPG process no more that 8% of non-Qualified cards and he told his sale rep. put that term in my application. But it turn out that EPG classify almost all cards as non-Qualified. They removed that term out off my application and Blake got in big trouble and was remove from my case base on the sale person’s words. So if you, Blake and your sale rep. name Bobby Huegel visit this site you people need to tell how bad the company you work for. They train you to lie and when they got the complaint they trow you out.

      • Carey

        What do I need to do to get out of this mass without paying more than I already did.
        I returned the equipment to elitepay global but they returned the equipment back to me.
        Please, give me a advise what do I need to do.

    • Dave Robertson

      To the employee: Not true at all, you should be embarrassed to be an employee of this company. As with the others, starting with October my transaction rates on debit cards went from .07 per transaction to .75 per transaction and my “non-qualified” went from 1% to 2.99%. When I signed up they represented the non-qualified charges as a very small amount of my business although they couldn’t tell me what those cards were. When my first month was 10 times their estimate they dropped my rate to 1% without me even asking so it appeared very pre-planned. Now they have raised it back to 2.99% and my processing costs have gone up 300% while my volume went up 12%. I also have the $238/mo lease which was said to buy down the rates and that’s why they were so good. I received several pieces of equipment, none of which I needed or requested.

    • Dave Robertson

      When the contract was signed Elite Pay Global misrepresented the amount of “non-qualified” cards to be a very small percentage our our cards although they couldn’t describe what those cards were. When my first bill came I had 10 times as much non-qualified usage. When I called to complain they immediately dropped my rate fro 2.99% to 1% without me even asking. In October they returned that rate to 2.99% and changed my debit cards from .07 to .75 per transaction. As a result my processing bill has gone up 300% while my processing volume went up 12%. I also have the $238/mo 4 yr lease for equipment that is worth a few hundred dollars and most of it was not needed and not requested. It was explained as a “buy down” on the rates and that’s why the rates were so good.

      Since our business was growing fast it actually ended up being a pretty good deal as we grew because the $238 was fixed and the other rates were fixed, but when they made the rate changes it became a horrible deal.

  • Carey

    Elite pay global is not a good company.
    They fool me to sign the contract and didn’t do what they said they will do.
    The service is unbelievably bad and rude.
    I am trying to terminate the contract at this point and sent the equipment to Elite pay golbal but the package returned back to me.
    Do not let Elite pay global to fool anyone.

  • David E Cooper

    Kimberly Hightower (Hoag) Came to my store Tropical Fish Outlet in Elmira NY and conned me into a contract ElitePay Global and Northern Leasing for credit card services. I was promissed that elitepay would buy out my previous lease. This was a total lie and i now have 2 leases for equipment that i am no longer using. As soon as I was told by Elitepay that they do not buy leases I stopped using there services. I was told many other untruths bu they are to many to mention here. I am now fighting with both elitepay and northern leasing to get out of the fraudulent obtained contracts. This has been a nightmare and very embarassing that I was taken in as I was.

    • Anthony Ford

      I met Kimberley Hightower, just yesterday, representing a company called Ironwood Payments which seems to be or had been EPG. Using the same language and tactics, the urgency of now, the corporate rate, 0% and 1% rates and forgive the sexism , the cleavage to get me to sign on the dotted line. After reading many reviews, thanks to CPO and Mr. Parker, I’m very glad I did not commit myself immediately to what appears to be a nefarious company. I told her I’d call her today with my answer. That should be an interesting phone call.

  • Shoshana Albin Doan

    An EPG rep walked into my store. I believe there was a call for an appt. the day before (didn’t say company name so I can’t verify) and I said not interested. The reps name is Ruby. She took the opposite approach to others in the processing field. She said they were offering corporate rates and she would see if there was a possibility that I might qualify for the special deal. She made many remarks about the company now having improved sales reps and systems and they were by appointment only (creating urgency!) She phoned the “numbers person” whom she played off of, and claimed to be only “the face”. She told her guy on the line that we didn’t meet the required monthly amount consistently but could he possibly make it work with lower numbers, than she made the comment that her relationship with him would help. Ultimately she presented me with a “1% Credit and 0% Debit” deal and when I asked her about the non- qualified cards she said 2.99%, but those almost never show up and that she didn’t see any on my paperwork. When she showed me the lease part of the deal of 129.00/mo, I said I didn’t think that was a great idea to get into, and she said that the savings she showed me included the lease,” just think of it as a package deal”. She also told me I could get a 250.00 rebate on anybody else that signed up for this program on my behalf, and she said we would get a 50.00 rebate for setting our machine up the same day it arrived. When the machine did arrive and my husband called customer service for help, they couldn’t get it to work and thought it was broken, so they had another sent out. It took 8 different people to show us how to use the machine, and in the end I figured it out and was telling them how to use it! We refuse to be roped in by unethical, fraudulent practices and have closed our account and are sending back the equipment too. Strength in numbers, these destructive practices have to be stopped and it will only happen if we say,”no way!!”

  • Adam

    elite pay global is now Ironwood! Stay away the same deceptive practices! They lure you in with the promise of 0% pin debit and 1% swiped. Problem is that what ever is not pin debit gets downgraded to 2.99%!!!! You will pay more and get stuck with a lease that can range from $99 to as high as they can get away with! For 48 months!!!!!!

  • kim

    Has anyone dealt with Bryan Tierney as the sales agent? He even went so far as to take pictures of our warehouse and exterior???? I guess he was trying to look like they were “the real deal” what a joke. We are in the process of dealing with the higher merchant fees than promised. I called Elitepay today so I can get the phone number for Bryan (his # is not on his business card, go figure) and they don’t even have his contact information. I feel sorry for the employees who have to hear the complaints day in and day out because the greedy owners who scam hard working folks like us. Good luck everyone!!

  • Patrick Hough Palm Beach Plating & Powder Coat

    The salesman did a comparison of how much they could save me on credit card services.

    I am now paying almost double from what i was paying before this CROOK showed up. I feel like an idiot!

    How can this company do this to a small business. Where EVERY penny counts these days. A TOTAL ripoff!

    Can someone please help me! At this rate i will be out pf business and my dream gone down the drain.

    Please Help.


  • Korn

    Hi , Recently a sale rep. walking to my shop and offered 1% credit and 0% debit with 8 cents per transaction. When he showed me the saving chart i saw 2.99% fee in there when i question he said its non-qualified cards and he quote only !% of total transaction . I know for sure I process more than 50% of non-qualified cards so I didn’t want to take chance but his boss put a condition saying that if I process more than 8% of non- qualified card he will let me out of contract without any penalty. That statement got me in by making that sale rep. enter the term in the application. The problem start here when the application got to their office the condition was remove without me knowing and i was told that my application was approved than they send me the equipments. I ask for the copy of my approved application I got it without the condition I signed about the non-qualified cards so I email them that I cannot accept it but I was told I was already in the contract . What should I do?

    • M Gibney

      Stop paying them – block them from your bank account – they will eventually go away – and if they roped you into that northern leasing “non-cancellable” contract stop paying and block them too!! Neither of them have a leg to stand on with all of these complaints!!

  • Anthony Trivett

    I am sooo made that I fell for the lies from ElitePay Global. I was convinced by the sales rep that I would save money by switching from Square.
    I thought the salesman was being honest and signed up for there machine and 1% (lie) per transaction and 0% for debit cards. Well, I’ve called and they said they would help bring down the percentages by reviewing my previous (square) but they never helded me at ALL. In fact I’m finding that they are helping them selves by quietly accessing my bank account and charging me $326.00 whenever they want??? I am going to call them today and ask them to provide me with staements of there charges. I tried to go to your website and check things out there but conveniently I can’t access there merchant login page, I only get “ERR_CONNECTION_RESET” I will cancel this BS contract and suffer whatever they want to throw at me, cause I’m done being abused by lying scammers like ElitePay Global!

    • Thanna Dunaway

      Make sure you close your bank account asap or they will steal whatever they can.
      I learned that the hard way. I stopped payment several times and they would just change the agreed upon amount to a different amount and the bank would put it through!! They took a couple thousand dollars…when I called the company to complain they said that the money they took were FEES! DO NOT KEEP THE SAME BANK ACCOUNT OR THEY WILL ROB YOU BLIND!

  • Midas- Angela Whaler

    Elite Pay has been the WORST credit card machine we have ever used.
    We have had more issues in the few weeks than that we have had this machine, then we ever did in the 3+ years we used Merchant Services. We should have never switched over to Elite Pay, and if it were not for Ari Stein and the apparently lies that he had told us, we never would have switched at all.
    Ari told us several times this was going to save us money, yet in the one month we’ve had it, its cost us almost twice are what Merchant Service was charging us.
    Ari also told us we will receive a check shortly after we started with them, covering the fee that we had to pay to end the contract with merchant services. We never received this check he claimed we would soon have, yet we still paid the fee because Ari did not hesitate to contact them and cancel our contract for us.
    Ari also informed us that we could now take debit cards, and that the machine would now go off of Wi-Fi. All cards have to be run as credit, or it automatically cancels the transaction, and the machine does not work at all unless it is still hooked up to the phone line.
    The whole ‘deal breaker’, so to say, with deciding to switch over Elite pay was when Ari had told us that we would be receiving free paper, as long as we were using the machine, for not only the credit card machine, but also all the printers we use too. I have called a few times, explaining this is what we were told and tried to order paper for the credit card machine. Every single time I have spoke with someone, they either told me the do not do the free paper, or that Ari never set that up on our account and that we need to go ‘special order’ paper from Office Max because the sizing of the elite pay machine is completely different than any other machine.
    I have called several times, sent quite a few emails, and have got no response or help with fixing any of these problems.
    I have even sent emails to Ari personally, and he will not respond. Which I guess now it makes since that he doesn’t even put his own phone number or even extension on is OWN business card.

  • Chris

    I signed up with Elite Pay Global in August 2014. Every month I am reminded of my huge mistake I made when I see the money taken out of my bank account. After I continue to see new random fee’s this horrible company seems to come up with, I’m finally getting tired of it. After a year its very disturbing to see how many businesses they have taken advantage of and that I am not alone.

    None of the information the salesman told me was true in regards to how much money I would be saving a month. He kept saying” Just $99 a month, just $99 a month, debit is free.” Which is really $117.56 a month. And he never mentioned Elite has a $25 monthly minimum on top of other random monthly charges. The salesman never once mentioned signing me up with a totally different non cancelable lease! Because I never got a copy in person, how do I know my signature wasn’t photoshoped or copied and pasted on this crazy leasing contract you can’t even read. I didn’t find out about the lease till months later after numerous phone calls and emails requesting this lease contract. When the salesman signed me up, even when I asked him for the contract, he said I would receive it in 3 days. They do not voluntarily give you the contract. It took a month after many phone calls and emails to finally get an illegible Elite Pay contract. And I was never told about the $150 PCI yearly fee. And if you don’t complete the PCI questionnaire they charge you a non compliant $25 a month fee. You have to watch very carefully what exactly you’re being charged for, and then question and complain to Elite Pay to get them removed for the next billing period. My very last question I asked the salesman was how much to cancel for what ever reason if I am not satisfied with the service. He said $375 to cancel. Which I thought sounded a little expensive. But after reading other peoples complaints about Elite Pay and Northern Leasing and asking Elite Pay myself, they said it would cost about $6800 to cancel…I would pay the $375 in a heart beat to end this nightmare.

    • Thanna Dunaway

      Sadly this is happening to a lot of small businesses who frankly cannot afford the ridiculous fees they CLAIM we agreed to when we signed the contract. I don’ t know about you but we were given a one page application to fill out. No contract outlining fees was EVER okay’d .
      I contacted no less than 25 organizations to complain about ElitePay to no avail….no one knows who governs them! Don’t waste your time going to the Better Business Bureau…They are useless!
      Your best bet is to close your bank account ASAP. They will pillage every dime they can.

  • Disgruntled Employee

    I used to work for Elitepay Global i have google account that I would like to give out to receive emails not sure if the system here would notice so I will say the email is [REDACTED – contact information] and it’s at googles mail server. I have all the dirt it would take to bring them down…so contact me if interested in more.

  • Valerie Keith

    I filed a complaint in Michigan. They tried contacting them in Nevada and the letters kept coming back. At that point I complained to the BBB in Nevada, contacted a lawyer but I don’t have the money it would take so I continue with my last 6 months of my contract. Not happy about it but don’t want my credit ruined either,

  • Christine

    I am a victim of this scam. I signed up with this company in October 2013. BIG MISTAKE!!!!! I have paid to get out of my contract for processing, but I am stuck in this Lease of equipment for 18 more months. I sent a certified check to Elite Global Pay on April 21 2015, Elite Global Pay received certified check the April 23 2015. To close my account. I was instructed to fax and email a copy of the cashier check along with the USPS tracking information. In which I did. This should have closed my account with Elite Global Pay as of April 23rd, 2015. On my Statement for the month of April 2015, that I received in May 2015 I was charged for an annual Maintenance fee of $99.00. This fee should be prorated. I have asked them to prorate this fee. They have expressed that it can not prorated and will not be refunded, because I had service with Elite Global pay during the calender year of 2015. I also received a statement for May 2015 in June 2015 where they have charged a monthly processing fee. They explained that they did receive the check on April 23 2015, but it was not processed until May 2015 so my account was not closed until May 2015. To my understanding I have closed my account as of April 23 2015 the day Elite Global Pay received the check. (The reason I had to email and fax a copy of the check and mailing tracking number). I have asked to speak with someone in management, I was told Management is in a meeting, and there is no reason for a manager to speak with me because my account is closed. If anyone has any suggestions on getting out of the equipment lease, please tell me.

    • Jil B

      These people are not reasonable. The only way to deal with them is to ACT LIKE THEM. Move your account like I did, because they will always make you feel like YOU are the one not following their procedure, when their only procedure is TO PILLAGE YOUR BUSINESS ACCOUNT, at all cost.
      Tell them you refuse to be their victim and for them to take you to court. Tell them you want your day in front of a judge like all the other 3000 people that have the same story to tell. These 2 brothers have been fined millions under an old company for deceptive practices and would not want to take this matter into a courtroom with all of us, especially me, I am not the one with the mug shots, they are!

  • Kim Austin

    Elite Pay Global represented that they were less expensive than other merchants. Debit cards 0% transaction fees and a equipment rental fee of only $100. We were hit with 4 charges of $375 for leasing fees. (the terminology changed from renting to leasing). Elite Global’s counsel, Mr Jon R. Turner, sent us a collection letter and has turned us over to a collection agency. Elite Pay Global is deceptive, they lied and is truly a bait and switch operation. What their rep told us is not what they charged us. Their rep makes it sound so good and will save us money. Their equipment would not perform the tasks that we needed. We own convenience stores and needed the equipment to break down between fuel type etc. Elite Pay Global rep said their equipment had that capability. After we signed the contract, then Elite Pay Global told us to use their equipment and the old equipment from our other merchant. To run gas through one machine and the other products through theirs. Their equipment could not break down the gas products that we needed. Elite Pay Global told us that was not their problem. They need to be stopped and the owners behind bars.

      • amber

        Katie, just cancel all your bank accounts that are associated with you signing up with them that way when they try to collect fees from you they can’t. Then anytime anyone calls just say sue me because clearly they won’t because they are in deep water and won’t go to court. If you are using their service, get a new bank account, a new merchant account, then do what I said above. They didn’t get one cent from and this mess disappeared for me. God luck!

        • Katie

          My plan exactly!! We called the rep within hours of signing and told him we didn’t want to do it and he acted like it was too late. We contacted our attorney immediately. I won’t give them a dime!

          • Lidia

            I just sign a contract with this company they promise me low rates. Even to increase my sales ect anyways I believe them :-( I have 3 days With this company n I am already having problems what can I do ?? Is there any hope for me ??

  • Regina Lopez

    Phillip and everyone who commented in this website,

    I am in the process of researching and finding more information on how to get out of contract with Elite Pay Global. I’ve sent a complaint to BBB last March and looks like it’s not going anywhere. The BBB specialist said they don’t usually change their mind. She suggested I call the Attorney General of Nevada. When I did, they told me to file a complaint. My dilemma now is, EPG told me I have 3-4 days to decide on using their services or else I will be taken to collection. Same as everyone, I was promised by a sales agent (who’s information the company claims do not know about) a flat rate of $275/month which includes the $157 (now higher) equipment lease from Northern leasing company. I haven’t started processing with them because when I saw the contract that they sent a few days later after I signed-up with them, it does not say the flat rate as agreed upon. I called customer service, told them I wanted to get out of contract because IT IS NOT WHAT I SIGNED FOR, but they said my signature is there in the contract and I have to abide with it or pay outrageous charges if I terminate the contract. It is so disheartening that this kind of contracts are allowed. The customer service lady said I could process with them for a month and then we will review the fees to check if I am saving money. If not, she could lower it for me. My concern is, if I go with them, how sure am I that they will do it considering the testimonials I’ve read here. I’m thinking of asking for an addendum to the contract but will they abide to that, knowing that after all these complaints, they are still in business?

    My question to Phillip is, is there a way for all of us with complaints about the company to get together and file a law suit? What are the chances that we could win this if we do it. Or is it worth doing it at all?

    • Julie Cekaj

      This company is crazy!! Elite Pay global and first data work together, but first data told me that they work with any other company. The trick is to find a different company and they will take care the cancelation fees from elite pay global. I’m stuck in the contract with First data for another year and its really outrageous how tricky they are.. I am changing the credit card company and stay with first data until my contract is up.!!

    • Jil Belcher

      Elite Pay Global is not in any way looking to save money for their customers. They are in cahoots with Northern Leasing and First Data to get into your business account and pillage it. First Data recently gave the customer side of the agreement some leeway , so EPG is leaning more towards Northern Leasing and when they call to get paid every month, like they do, they always act like there is nothing unethical going on with them and EPG, I know, they got me and took out 3 times what they told me they would. They can act all they want and call all they want because I like wasting their time the way they wasted mine. They will NOT get any more money from me and they can pay someone to call me for years, that’s not going to do them any good. I am looking forward to them trying to legally collect, I want my day in court with all the other 2900 customers that have the same story to tell.

  • Marsha Gibney

    This company sent in a rep that lied to my face multiple times, Jeff Snively was his name, about my fees. Told me that if I paid for a credit card machine (that I didn’t need) for $149/mo for 48 months non-cancel-able, that I could buy down my rate to a flat 1% and not be charged anything else. Well needless to say when my first statement showed up he was no where to be found, would not return calls or even talk to me. I was swindled big time and will be paying for it for the whole 48 months – I have since left this company but am still having to pay for that 149/mo probably 3 more years!!! No happy – these people get an FFFFF rating!!!

    • Jeff Snively

      I never said it was 1% and nothing else. I said for qualified transactions, it would be 1%, but there is always surcharges if the card number is typed in or (non-qualified) or if there are rewards associated with the account. Also, I did reply to you and came out and explained this to you.

      I also gave you debit at 0%, but you were not requiring them to put in pin number (which is what causes it to be 0%.

      I also told you of the transaction fees. Get your story correct. I apologize that you are not happy with it, but I was very honest with you and did follow up with you.

      • Marsha Gibney

        Well Jeff I’m surprised you respond now, why didn’t you return any of my calls when all this was happening??? No you did not ever come back, I’m sure you were too ashamed to show your face since you know you lied through your teeth to me. Let’s just keep to the facts:: Facts are, you told me to purchase the leased machine to buy down my rate (FLAT 1% no other fees – I asked you several times flat 1% really and you confirmed YES flat 1% – more that 2 times) The other big LIE that you told was about the 0% debit – you said and I quote “it doesn’t matter if you use the pin number or not, if it is a debit or check card it will be 0%” I said “Oh really, so if it is a debit or check card and we swipe it and run as a credit it will still be 0%??” and you replied YES!! LIE – !!! I can’t not believe you have the balls now to say you were Honest, what a JOKE!! When I was signing the contract I stopped and said to you, what about where you have these rates written in, don’t we have to cross these out. You said, Oh no, they don’t want anything crossed out, don’t worry about it. MY MISTAKE was that I trusted you for your word and you LIED to my face…… I have two eye-witnesses that will go to court with me if necessary and swear under oath as to how this all went down, I also know other business owners in Mt. Airy that you told the same stories to and ripped off….so you would have been better off just pretending you never saw this post instead of getting on here and printing more lies and embarrassing yourself even more. I volunteer to take a lie detector test about how all this went down, WILL YOU?????? Put your money were your lies come from!!!!
        Also, if I’m the one lying I guess all these other people below are lying about your company and sales tactics too, right???? WRONG!!!!!

        • Jeff snively

          So as anyone can see Marsha, you posted the review and i responded back a day later. I did even better with the pbone calls. What i would like to see as a followup is how i came to your store a few months ago- spoke with your husband and also texted you which you never responded. As i mentioned i found someone who works in legal and was possibly able to get you out of your lease. I paid for the expenses as a way to make up to you. I DID NOT LIE NOR ARE ANY OF THE SALES PEOPLE LYING. they are doing as they are told. I actuallu left the business 2 months after selling it to you. You made me realize something was wrong. I sold several accounts for them and found most of them shared your experience. It was not my fault. I did not do this to you. The company did. It is like if in auto body, you were given a product to fix cars that later you found out caused problems. It would be wrong to say you were purposefully trying to do defective parts. These people including me had been trained on the pricing – and we believed it to be true. I have recently gone back into the business with a well reputable company aboit 16 months ago but i left because of what they were doing.
          I also searched for a way to help people i had unintentionally hurt. You being a prime person to help. For you i took 1500 of my own money to help you get out of lease. You never responded or anything other then to try to smeer my name. The help is not a guarantee to get you out, but i have so far helped over 30 companies. You were the only one i offered to pay for.

          For anyone who has signed a lease for a terminal and that lease is over $49 per month, please let me know and i would like to see if i can help you. Unfortunately, this help can only be done with businesses in maryland, virginia and Pennsylvania. My email
          [REDACTED – personal contact information].

  • Joshua Kim

    A year ago, a sales man from Elitepay Global came into my store and offer free evaluation of existing credit card processing statement and he reviewed 2 last statements for a week.
    When he came back, he said we are paying too much fee and if I switch to Elitepay, I would save $300 – $400.00 per month.
    But the result was the other way. Since we move to Elitepay, we are paying $350 – $450 more per month (and plus terminal leasing payment $265.00) which means we are paying $600 to $700 per month more for each month.
    When we complain the sales person, only thing he answered was that I am sorry I thought you could save .
    When I called to Elitepay to cancel it , they said I have to pay the penalty $1,620.00 and still have to pay leasing payment for another 2 years.
    I feel like I have been fooled.

  • Stephen

    ElitePay global is a scam and has the worst possible agents, Bryan Tierney who entered the restaurant demanding to see the owner, when told that he was not here, he demanded that we call him, after trying to contact him with no luck this certain “executive” sales agent stormed out while using profanity to express how he felt about the situation. Your sales agents need better training.

  • Sonny

    Hi there, my brother just sign-up a contract with them and just call to cancel and they act a same like other comments above.
    they want him to pay $2k cancellation plus 48 month lease x $210 per month. if not, they will put him in a lawsuit and collection fee.
    so, a total he need to pay is above $14,000.00 if he want to get out of this contract. and they want him to mail out a overnight cashier check pay to International pay service immediately. otherwise, they will put him in collection right away. they not giving you time to do it.
    I believe it time the government or who have a power to get involve to investigate and shut them down. and put all of them in jail.
    we don’t want these monkey running around to continue to scam other small business out there. come on can any once please HELP!
    please, give us an advice. thank you very much,


    elite pay global has a facebook page , they can be reveiwed there and people who have been neglected could meet there .
    i am also still stuck with this copany and fees, but if I quit em I would close the related bank account so they cant keep charging you. i dont think they wol d take us to court for unpaid fees? as they are so crooked. i noticed that The BBB seems to be on there side when i call them I get the run around and
    complaint is never processed. So America. Our country is being runs by banks , we need to take it back. please visit the facebbok page of elite pay global and review them . thanks

  • benjamin Chen

    This company is doing monkey business to me. be aware of their trick!
    In last November, the rep from Elitepay Global came to our store. She asked us to show her our previous merchant service statement. after that she told us Elitepay globe will save us a lot if we switch to Elitepay. She told us Elite only charge the credit card machine monthly fee $149.00 plus charge only 1% of the sales through using credit card. She give us an example: if monthly sale is $20,000.00, Elitpay only charge 149.00 + $200.00 ( which is 1% of $20,000.00) with out any other hidden cost. Based on info she provided, I signed the contract. ( my mistake is the I did not read it carefully because we trust what their rep said). She even did not leave me a copy of the contract. From last December, we started to use Elite pay as our merchant service.
    First, Elitepay’s service is relatively bad compared to other company: When we have some problems with their machine and call them, it usually take long time to reach them. Then customer can not wait & leave, we lost the business. Sometime even nobody answer the phone.
    Second, They never send monthly statement to us. after calling them three times, we got an email from them with attachment of statement.
    Third, Their charge is completely different from what this rep said and way high than any merchant service company. Last December they charged me
    the credit card machine fee $410.00 + $387.96 ( our sale only around $15,000.00). If what their rep is telling the truth, we should pay $149.00+$150.00=$299.00.
    Fourth, after I found the big difference between what rep told us and what their company charged us, I called Elitepay and asked their rep to come my store. Elitepay refused my request. Usually an honest company will send their rep right away to solve the dispute if customer are not happy, especially it is their rep who come to us to do the business.
    If any one wants to suit this company , please let me know. I will join you. My contact phone number is [REDACTED – personal information].

    • shenghe

      on 1/28/15 my son sign the contract with this crap company they change me three time on my bank account it about $1500 at first month and i call them why change me so high they say they can reduce the rate ,but i dont want use it anymore and i didnt sign contract ,ask for cancell they tell me is $2500 cancellation fee and 5645.35 for machine payout.. what should i do pay for it ?or

  • Josh Lewis

    I too was just scammed by ElitePay Global. The sales rep claimed excellent rates, particularly regarding American Express (AMEX). Claimed just like a debit, I would be charged 0% and $0.08 per transaction. Said they could offer such a low rate because they process cards for Costco, and since Costco owns AMEX, those are the rates Costco pays and why Costco only takes AMEX, not VISA or MasterCard. I therefore, could get same rates as Costco. Also claimed they process cards for Walmart. Cost comparison was very appealing, I would save money. No annual fee, etc, etc. I signed up electronically on the salesman’s tablet. Told I would receive the contract within a few minutes in my email.
    Contract didn’t show up and didn’t show up. Had to keep calling ElitePay and asking for it. Was given the run-around. Meanwhile, talking to inside account rep, I find AMEX will actually be 2.89%!!! Finally got the contract 12 days afterward. And IT IS NOT THE CONTRACT I SIGNED! They have added and changed many things on it, included an annual fee of $99, RAAP fee, PCI fee, debit fee, service package, on and on.
    I immediately decided I was going to cancel. Even though with the altered contract I could still possibly save money over my previous processor, I can’t do business with a company that does things illegally, not to mention immorally. Of course, the cancellation fee I’m told is almost $2,000. Like I’m paying that! Also, of course, I was roped into a lease with Northern Leasing for the equipment. And that one I did understand I was signing an non-cancelable lease, but of course I only signed it because it was part of the package with ElitePay Global. NL, of course, says I’m stuck with the lease, which will amount to something over $6000 over 4 years. I have already put a freeze on my account and switched back to my old processor and using my other checking account. I have filed a complaint with BBB, FTC, and I will file with State Attorney General, as well.
    What a headache and a nightmare this company is!

    • Brian

      I am in the same boat with Elite Pay Global, they are complete scam artists. They promise low rates and in my first month with them I paid double what I have ever paid in 10 years of processing credit cards. They then said they would do a rate review for my next month and even though the rate was lower than the 1st month it was still at least 25% higher than I had ever paid before and nowhere near the rate they had promised. They also flat out lied about the contract, in my contract I was promised a $160 credit after 30 days of processing with Elite Pay Global and I never received the credit. I closed my bank account to stop these thieves from stealing money from me but now have a 48 month lease for equipment that I am not even using, I went back to using my old processor. I contacted the BBB but that is going nowhere, definitely plan on contacting the AG and the FTC, these guys need to be stopped.

  • Jil B

    This company started their shananagans right after I signed with them. My rep told me they were sending my machine and were going to call me with instructions. I was shocked when they told me that the machine they sent wouldn’t work and I needed to send it back and by the way, you need to sign this additional page that we are faxing you and it will cost you an additional $ 20.97 for the same machine you have now from your old company. My rep who told me she would be there if I had a question, never answered her phone again. I called and let them have a piece of my mind and told them to cancel my agreement for shady practices. They told me I cannot do that and took out over $ 320.00 from my account when my contract read $ 99.00 a month. I never signed for another machine and their leasing company, another sleezy operator, told me I have their machine and I WILL pay for it.
    They can stick this b!&$:;t up their flute because I moved my account to another bank and I will fight like hell to make sure these two brothers who own EPG never get anything else from me. The only thing they did on my behalf was to show their greedy fangs before I cancelled with my old company and I never had them set up to process charges for me , wow that was the best thing ever! Northern Leasing is their merchant service company and they have about the same reputation as Elite Pay Global, must be related. Don’t go with these people, they want to siphon your bank account and apparently they can take out what ever they want, NO ONES WATCHING THEM!!!

    I think a Class Action Suit is in order, they were fined 11 million for the very same practices a few years ago.

    • Kim Austin

      Agreed, class action lawsuit. They deceived us as well and a client of mine. Told all of us fees would be cheaper, free paper (no free paper and the paper from Sam’s will not fit the terminal) the terminal could not separate the gas sales from food sales, which we told them up front we needed. They told us just to use the old terminal to ring up gas sales and food sales on their terminal. They lied about everything. We are now in the process of filing charges.

  • Brian

    do not use these guys, they are complete scam artists. They promise lower rates that will offset your lease payment but your rates go up and you are stuck with the lease as well. The salesperson disappears as soon as you sign contract and customer service will not provide any help. They are total con artists, do not even let them in your place of business.

  • David Sheen

    I was recruited as a sales representative for this firm on Craig’s List. They are recruiting all over the country as “EPG.” I tried to do an “EPG Scam” under Google with no luck. I started my two day online webinar training this morning and learned of the full name of the company. Entering the full name into Google gave me this very valuable website. After reading the reviews I immediately took a break from training and was told I would not be allowed back in.

    Good riddance!

    Thank you everyone for your everyone’s comments. I am persuaded that all of you who are posting the negative reviews are speaking from the heart and I thank you as you have saved me from a colossal career mistake. I am so sorry for the loss that many of you have incurred. * Sigh *

  • Dianna Baumann

    On July 25th 2014 a salesman from Elite Pay Global Showed up at our bar/restaurant and claimed his company Elite Pay Global could save our business approximately $200.00 per month after looking at our currant merchant statements and equipment program all while providing us much better and more high tech equipment over our currant 5 year old system.
    Before the equipment even showed up Elite and their leasing company Northern Leasing Systems started withdrawing fees from our business checking account over and above what we were told we would be paying.
    When the new equipment showed up and was set up we found the equipment could not do what we were informed it would do. We received virtually no customer support from them. Then when customer support did get around to us agreed the equipment could not perform the functions we were told it would.
    On 8-12-14 we had still not received all the balance of the equipment we were promised we sent Elite Pay Global a cancellation letter. We then sent the equipment back to Elite Pay Global.
    We are now being harassed daily by phone from Elite Pay global and / or their leasing company Northern Leasing saying we owe them $13,300 for the we sent them back and are being threatened to be sued in Nevada court even though we live in Minnesota.
    We feel this contract was induced by fraud. We were deceived by the sales person on the fee’s and most of all how well the equipment would perform.
    We have never dealt with this amount of dishonesty and deceitfulness in our 11 years in business.
    They don’t care that the equipment does not perform as stated the just want their fee’s.
    This company needs to investigated and shut down. We have filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and our State Attorney General as well.

    • Bozena Zemla

      I completely agree with you. This company needs to be investigated and shut down. I also filed a complaint with Minnesota’s Attorney General and is still pending. If everyone who owns a business in Minnesota, and was screwed over by Elitepay Global should file a complaint! If more business owners do it, the better chances we have to win so it won’t happen to anybody else anymore.

    • Gregg Anderson

      I also run a small business in Minnesota, Osakis General Store, and only after one month realize I have been scammed. I would be very interested in joining in on a class action suit. Please contact me.

      Has anyone had any problems with receiving the proceeds from the credit cards processed? I have had no deposits into my account, only withdrawals.

  • Valerie Keith

    I have been with this company for 21/2 years fulfilling my 4 year commitment .
    I would tell anyone out there do not sign up with this company! They are a very deceitful company and have very unethical practices ! They have bad costumer service! Don’t do it!

    • Disgruntled

      Valerie, I too worked for this company as one of their telemarketers. From day one, I had the fact that I NEEDED to set several appointments a day drilled into my head or else I’d be let go. Despite the supportive, almost family-like atmosphere of my office, I was let go after only 2 1/2 months. Nobody, no matter who they are, can possibly deal with that kind of, “pressure cooker,” setting! If anyone applies for a TM job & it turns out that it’s with EPG, RUN THE OTHER WAY!!!

  • Mike

    ElitePay Global uses unethical and misleading sales tactics taking advantage of small businesses.
    they put you into a contract for the equipment & do not even come close to the numbers that the salesman uses to lure
    you in. the promise you only 3 rates that merchants have to worry about 0% Debit with a pin, 1% Credit, and an “occasional” 2.99% on “non-qualified cards
    when you contact their customer service they tell you that a manager has adjusted your account,DO NOT use them.
    I planed to not paying equipment lease and use a different processor.

  • Robert

    I got a call from one of their telemarketers and I told them that I am satisfied with my current processor and will not be switching. They still sent one of their goon sales monkeys to my business even though I never scheduled an appointment. The guy came in and kept annoying the hell out of me promising 1% flat fee on all processing. I said give me referrals to past businesses he has set up and he wouldn’t give them to me. That’s when I asked to then see a contract and we started looking over it together. He didn’t even understand any of the sections in the contract or what half of it meant. He just kept repeating that he can guarantee 1% on all transactions. I just laughed and told him to leave. Don’t ever let one of their sales people in the door. They don’t even know their own contract and they work for the company!!

  • Doug D

    My experience with Elite Pay Global took placed about a year ago. The numbers initially presented by their customer service rep looked good enough to sign the application. After studying these numbers over the next couple days, I realized it would actually cost me quite a bit more every month than the service I already had. The following day when Elite requested further personal information, I refused to give it to them and asked out of the contract. Since their application depended on this information for completion, the contract application should have been voided right then and there. Two days later they hit me with early termination fees and 4 years of monthly charges totaling $2,095. I hadn’t receive any equipment from Elite or even processed a single credit card with them yet. Bottom line, it was my fault for not checking up on this company before signing on with them. It was a painful lesson and one I’ll never forget!

  • Tim

    Boy am I lucky. I almost signed with these thieves. They promised me I would only pay 1% on credit cards and the salesman (Criminal) told me the non-cancellable page just means that that guarantees that your rates won’t increase. What it really means is that it is a non-cancellable lease agreement!!! When i asked for a copy of the contract to leave with me so i could research, the sales guy (criminal) wouldn’t do it. That’s when i told him to leave. Then I went and researched the company and found this site. Please stay away from this horrific company.

  • Ben Thrasher

    I had the misfortune to work for these clowns. When I figured out what they were doing my ethics would not allow me to continue. There are three brothers that own and (laughable) manage. Another brother that works there as well. The guy your looking for is Andy Bentley who is president of sales. He also owns a used car dealership, Nate and Andy’s – gee big surprise. The appointment setters are a bunch of kids who badger business owners until they get an appointment. The vast majority of the appointments are bogus, the business owner makes it a point to not be there because after that hang up the phone they realized they’ve been hoodwinked. The poor sales people burn up gas and waste time on non-existent appointments. If they don’t make a sale within 35 appointments then they no longer receive appointments. Training is so sophomoric. They are taught not to leave any contact information behind, usually omit that the contract is a non cancel-able. The rate can be anywhere from 99 bucks to 599 and it runs for 48 months. The hook is 1% on credit cards and 0% on debit cards with a pin. The realty is that the majority of the cards are going to end up costing the merchant 2.9% and they are stuck with this crazy lease, do the math, it’s absurd. Then the merchant continues to get all these add on expenses. They will end up paying twice a much before they went with these criminals. They really take advantage of business owners with limited English skills. At one time they were Prime Pay Global. Run, Run, Run Away.

  • Doug

    I cannot believe this company exists. Nothing but trash. All I know, is if there is a hell, the salespeople at Elite pay global will have the presidential suite when they get there. These people have absolutely no conscious; tell you nothing but lies to get you to sign paperwork; and charge you a ridiculously high lease that you are locked into and double your rates; and don’t even leave you with the copy of the contract to review. Hello!! Huge red flag!!! If one of these sales crooks from elite pay global come into your business, call the police.

  • Linda

    Telemarketing practices are annoying at the very least. Man called me, I told him I was not interested in their services and hung up, he called right back and this time I told him to take my name and number off their calling list and hung up. He called back again and said he would call all day until I listened to his sales pitch. The phone number he was calling from was 719-941-1338.

    • Katie

      Were you able to completely cancel? I also tried to cancel within hours of signing this nonexistent “contract” that we still haven’t received a copy and was told no. I immediately contacted an attorney. I’m wondering what happened in your case.

  • Phillip Ta

    Elite Pay Global is extremely unreliable…it is a total scam! I was pressured into signing a contract with them, the salesman “Cody Johnson” failed to mention that the contract was for a total of four years. He promise me that signing with him would cost lesser than my current provider. He took advantage of my limited English, my time and my trust. He only told me that if I sign with him that day that I would get $400 dollars and that if I want to cancel, the cancellation fee would only be $395. He never mentioned that I would have to be stuck in a four year contract including paying $50/month on lease. Within only three days I tried to call Elite Pay Global to try to cancel. Since I live in Georgia, GA Laws allows up to three days to terminate a contract. The woman on the phone told me “Cody Johnson did not point a gun to your head and make you sign the contract.” What kind of business is this? I have never once used the machine since I received it yet I owe them over $8000!

    PLEASE LISTEN TO MY WARNING! Elite Pay Global are criminals. They will scam you for all your money. They go after small business owners that they know they can take advantage of. Please be aware and DO NOT sign with them.

  • steve

    This company absolutely is disgusting. If you are a merchant, do not ever except an appointment with one of their lying, cheating bastard sales people. They won’t even let you read the fine print on the contract which, has a ton of stipulations that the sales person does not inform you about. They do not even let you see the contract…i REPEAT…THEY DO NOT EVEN GIVE YOU A COPY OF THE CONTRACT! Stay away!! Before you know it, you are locked into a four year lease that is iron-clad and paying about twice as much as you did with your old processor. Please! Stay away

  • lowden Swain

    ElitePay Global needs to be investigated and shut-down by the attorney general of Utah. The criminals that work there all need to be thrown in jail. This company scams you into an outrageously high 4 year lease on your equipment and then promises you a guaranteed fixed rate of 1% on qualified credit cards and 0% on debit pin based transactions. They say you eill only be charged 2.99% on non-qualified corporate cards. This is a lie. They have the discretion to charge you 2.99% on any card and justify that it is considered to them to be a non-qualified card and get away with it because the industry is not yet regulated. So you are paying a huge lease that you are locked into and you are getting charged 2.99% on most of your transactions.

  • Tony Johnson

    ElitePay Global came into my company store and said they would cost less. To date they have more than doubled all my processing fees and have in their fine print huge cancellation fees.. They are not trustworthy at all and just claim cards don’t meet their low fees so they can charge mush larger fees than quoted. They are the worst processing company I have had since opening 10 years ago. DO NOT use them is all I can tell you.

  • Sergey

    The sales person (Andrew) went though my current processing statement and said that I do a lot of debit transactions and I will get 0% fee on all debit transactions and 1% on credit transactions. I called ElitePay Global 1 week ago because I my fees were too high and they said that they have 0% debit for all customers.
    3. Andrew showed me that with the new processor I will have savings of approximately $200/month (including the $368 leasing fee). He said that their company is in the business of leasing, so they do not make money on processing and pass along cheap transaction fees to clients like me.
    3. When I received my first fee statement I noticed that the total fee for the month was almost exactly equal to the fee with my previous processor. My business is not seasonal, so the processing amounts and fees differ only slightly during the year. Although the processing fee was the same I was also paying the leasing fee of $399 (after all the taxes, which was not mentioned during contract signing). So, $400+ $200 of promised savings = salesman’s lie of $600 per month.
    4. The fees from the processor are very tricky. They breakdown everything in the statement, besides the non-qualifying transactions (and these are 50% of the total monthly fee. With my old processor (who also used FirstData, a great company) I had no non-qualifying transactions. With ElitePay Global I have the vast majority of my transactions as non-qualified. The rate for non-qualified transactions is 2.99%, even for the debit transactions. They could not explain to me when I called, what exactly constitutes as the non-qualified transaction. Even when a debit pin number is entered, it is still a non-qual in their statement. During the 2 calls I made to ElitePay Global, their response was “I will put your account on review and we will lower your processing fees. You will see a reduction in your next statement.” I have not seen the next statement, but I do not want to wait for obvious reasons.
    5. The contract was singed for 48 months and has both equipment lease and the processor on 1 agreement.
    6. Only after I received my 1st monthly statement I researched the 2 companies and saw the amount of complains and poor BBB rating for the 2 companies.
    7. I wish I had done my research before signing the contract, but the salesman pressured me into signing today. He asked me, what can he do to sign today, and lower the leasing fee from 399 to 368, which ended up being $399.06 after taxes and fees.

  • Jennifer

    ElitePay is horrible!! We signed up with them for about a year before I just couldn’t take anymore lies. We were suckered into a 450 month lease with first data that the agent said was included in his quote he gave us. lier, it was in no way included. then the funds were not being deposited into our accounts, I would have to call and ask where are funds were. Then having to sign up for their issuance? it just seems like little fees kept popping up here and there. We had enough and left elite, they want 1800.00 for early termination fee. Industry standards are 295. max 500. so Hell no. just another scam from these people. we have our attorney looking into it. I will keep my fingers crossed but who knows..without a lawsuit..these guys will probably get their way.

    • Thanna


      I am in the exact situation with ElitePay. Can you tell me if you found a way to get out from under the 5 year lease?
      Was it worth hiring an attorney?
      Fees are astronomical! I have only been with them a year and they are withholding my credit and debit transactions to pay a $301.35 fee that I stopped payment on! They would not give me an itemized statement for over a week and then when she finally emailed me one I still don’t know what the charges are for!

    • Jennifer


      I’m sorry I did not see you asked me this question until now, no we never did find a way to get out of the lease for the processors, that unfortunately we seem to be stuck with. I did see that there is an investigation into First Data for its practices, I signed my name up for that but have yet to be contacted. I sent the equipment back so now I’m paying for air…I did take pictures of everything and document my calls so when the lease is up they have to end it. As far as Elite Pay termination fees..my Attorney sent them dispute letters and we have not heard back..thats been a year ago? We were only with them a year also. I hope they get shut down, they are aweful.

      • amber

        Stop paying them, change your bank account, and get a new processor. File a complaint with the bbb, ftc, attorney general. Look for anything in the contract that they are breaking and then they are null and voiding their own contract. I lucked out and did all of this before they got 1 penny from me but here are helpful hints for everyone else. We should start a class action suit against them. They are crooks.

  • Justin Gang

    I have been with Elite Pay for 2 months and am very unhappy. 1st I have no way to contact the salesman who signed me up and they wont give me any info to, They also got me into a very expensive lease agreement for equipment that I have since found out they could have used the equipment I already had which was identical to what they sent me. They never gave me a copy of the service agreement and keep telling me they will send it to me but haven’t . Then when I inquired about just paying my cancellation fee and moving on they said on top of the $395 fee there is another $1800 in charges totaling over $2200. I even planed to keep paying equipment lease but use a different processor but still trying to get out of my contract.

    Any advice on how to get out would be appreciated

  • sean

    this happend to me aswell . All types of things promised but ALL I HAVE IS CRAZY BILLS .
    then they sent a lesser machine then stated . i wont run debit cards . they are so dishonest !!
    stay away . i would be up to join the hanging party. for real . this is a very bad copany!!!!
    the most screwd thing besides the contract is the time it take for money to get into my account.
    they need to be closed down . they are putting me out of biz, i fell stupid for getting screwed by them.

  • Tariq

    I have been a customer of ElitePay Global for about a year and recently my terminal took a turn for the worse. I called in to customer service to let them know my issue. They had me run a couple of tests and found out my terminal was messed up, so they sent me out a new one at no cost to me overnight. This makes me very happy to have such good customer service as I signed up all 4 of my locations with them and I know if I have an issue in the future they are on top of it.

  • Charlene

    I have used ElitePay Global for the past 18 months, based on complete LIES and DECEPTION. They did absolutely nothing they said they were going to do and I have spent thousands of dollars on unnecessary leases. They charged me hundreds of dollars a month for processing, when they said I would be spending less than $50/month. Their lie to me was that they basically process for free and make their money on the lease, which would still be saving me money. Now that I am switching they are claiming I am going to have to pay them $8174 to cancel my contract. This in spite of the fact that they told me I would not be under contract and could cancel at any time. Whatever you do, DON’T believe their lies….it will cost you thousands.

  • All Digital

    Elite Pay Global and First Data Corporation is a total scam. Sales Person Michelle Chapline came in, sold us on 1% on all credit cards, and 0% on all debit card transactions. She did a written quote using our existing volumes stating the visa fees including a $99 lease of the credit card terminal. The total fee shows less than what we were paying to our existing processor. At this same meeting, they have sent our credit card statements to the “company” for their review.before the agreement was signed. First month billing show $300 more than what we paid to our previous processor. Many phone calls were made and they made no change to the rates that were promised. Then they claimed they have to do a rate review. All the fees included, the so called invalid FID fee $49.95, and many more charges that were not on the original quote.

    This is a total fraudulent transaction. The lease is induced based on having visa card rates of 1% credit and 0% debit. We still have not gotten these rates yet.
    Now we are stuck with a 48 month lease of $99 for a terminal that cost less than $300, and the visa rates higher than what we were paying before.
    Any one knows which federal authority needs to be notified for this company’s scam. We need to stop these people hurting more business.

    • k

      I did some research, and I would suggest filing complaints with all of the following:
      First Data
      Wells Fargo
      The Better Business Bureau of Nevada (although the company isn’t physically located there anymore – the address shown on statements and business cards is still in Nevada. Better business bureau of Utah, and Illinois (they have physical locations in Utah and Illinois – although they don’t list them anywhere –
      State Attorney General in Utah, Nevada, and Colorado
      Administrator of National Banks
      & the Federal Trade Commission

    • Tom

      The scammer is Elite Pay Global not First Data. The above action is correct. I would contact the Better Business Bureau in their jurisdiction, State Attorney General in Utah, Nevada and Colorado, and Admin of National Banks and Federal Trade Commission. In addition, First Data Corp. and First Data Global Leasing.

      I would also file suit against them to get out of the lease/contract. Please contact us if we can be of any further assistance.

      • Hoang Nguyen

        Hi Tom,

        I’m in the same boat as everyone. They required me to pay 2k to cancel the contract not including the terminal lease. I was never informed of this at first. If you could provide any information that would help me get out of this horrible company, I would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Tom.

  • Ryan

    If you want to know how they do it. They sale 1% credit 0% debit. The also tell you that they can go below interchange. So what they do is give you that rate for the first 3 months of you contract. Then it jumps up to 2.99% sometimes higher for the rest of the 4 yrs. The buy is the contract. So you have to pay 5 to 10 thousand. So either way they get their money. They don’t let you talk to the agent again is because they make it impossible to get in contact with someone. Their customer service good luck getting them on the phone. When you actually do get them on the phone they tell you they will look into it and then you will never hear from them. They also tell you that 1% 0% will never change for the life of your contract. How is this not miss leading? How can they do this. So what when it catches up to them again you just change your name and start all over doing it again? Companies like these should be stopped. I really don’t know how they feel like they are doing anything other than cheating and stealing money from people that work hard for what they have. Something has to be able to be done.

    • JC

      Hi Ryan,

      I’m in your same boat too. I’m so naive to believe what the sales rep said. I’m trapped in this 48 mo lease equipment contract $599/mo!!! and processing term. When the sales agent quoted, I should be saving $200-$300 per mo with the equipment factoring in…which is not true. I asked all the questions I have with the sales agent but later I found out the answers doesnt correspond to the contract. I have to ask for a copy of my contract and didn’t get it until half month later. I’ve talked to their VP and he said I couldn’t cancel the contract because it’s noncancellable. I’ve been with them for a year now because I don’t know what to do but just until recently a different processing company stopped by and told me they can offer lower effective rate and told me whatever Elitepay global did to me was fraud with high equipment cost. He told me to send a letter to Elitepay to cancel the contract and send the equipment back to first data. I really don’t know what to do because I don’t trust any sales person. All they want is your money. Please advise what you would do. Thanks

  • Ryan

    Elite pay global is a scam. They actually had to change their from prime pay global to elite pay not to long ago. Bc of that very reason. They totally mislead you into signing a 4 yr lease. And then to get out of the lease its a ridiculous buy out. That’s how they get you. You are stuck. I’ve actually looked into a law suite against them. I’ve talked to an attorney where you get as many businesses together and go after them together and go after a settlement. So if anyone is interested let me know bc I really have no way to get intouch with any of the other business owners they have ripped off. Because im sure there are a lot and I’m not the only one.

  • Kumar

    Elite pay global is a scam to cheat businesses talking about 0% on debit cards. Where they get you is the invalid tin and they keep charging $49 everytime they get a rejection and they say it is the irs that is charging them. have updated severzl times on thier website but no use. Please stay away from this company.

    • Thanna

      I was reading your review of Elite Pay Global and I am having the exact same problem with them. Did you ever get the charges taken off for the “invalid” TIN? Their customer service gal is a joke and I don’t know what to do.

  • Jane

    I am actively being recruited as a sales person, but after reading this it doesn’t sound good. The thing is, they won’t even give me some basic training without even signing a huge long contract which basically spells out I will have to pay them if the customer is unhappy and sues them. Hmmm…strange isn’t it that you can’t get info before you have to sign a contract.

    Thanks everyone for the info.

  • tmehmood

    Their reps r misleading. They claim to be first data people. they are unethical. I wish there is some federal agency where small buisness can file complain against this processor or sue for the rip off this co is bully. Stay away from them. If any body sue them..contact me too. i will be witness against their unethical bus practices. I tried to contact my state atty gnl in mass. She is anti biz any way. Her office would not do any thing. I hope some federal agency will get in future. In the meantime i will suggest to every biz out there, please save yourself from this scavanger.

  • Tom Jouras

    Never lease equipment. This company takes advantage of uninformed small business owners and explotes them for their benefit. Leased equipment to a restaurant owner for $349.00 per month for 48 months. Totaling $16,752.00. If the equipment had been purchased, it was less than $300.00. Stay away from this company. Big Rip-Off!!

  • jeremy

    be careful with the credit card sale person, they close their conscience to make money to cheat honest person, to set up those who has know little English, i was cheated by a sale person name “John Jahant” now living Holland, OH their company’s name is Elite Pay Globle, he made me sign the 4 years non-cancelled leased equipment contract by using a lot lies, I hope this will help the people who did not sign the contract like this

  • Former ElitePay Global Agent

    I recently quit ElitePay Global as a sales agent. The company lures agents in by offering hotels to travel all around the country and making a ton of money from selling for them. Agents are taught that there are only 3 rates that merchants have to worry about 0% Debit with a pin, 1% Credit, and 1.49% Moto and an “occasional” 2.99% on “non-qualified cards.” Agents are trained and told that the merchants lease equipment for 48 months and in exchange they will receive the rate just mentioned that “are bought down, and cannot change throughout the 48 months” We are told not to leave our phone numbers with merchants because agents are hired to sell and customer service is hired to handle customer service. Come to find out, they don’t want merchants being able to contact them because if they hire someone like myself with morals, they know the truth. There are other fees that are charged monthly even though we show a contract that marks 8 boxes “no” to certain fees. They have 90 days to keep merchants happy, so they set the merchants up with enhanced (bill back) processing. This makes the rates and fees look attractive for the first few months until your 90 days are up for them to receive a possible chargeback from First Data. They are now using Nothern Leasing now because Northern doesn’t do the 90 day process. ElitePay lies to the agents about the funding amounts of a lease and short changes their own employees. The recap sheet they give in an in-house hand-written one, NOT the original from First Data or Northern Leasing. The owners are making pure profit and not sharing the residuals from the processing side with their employees and in addition making a killing off of the leases. You are not left with any paperwork that you sign, and are told that you will be e-mailed the contracts when everything is final. The key thing to look at and research is the DOWNGRADE SURCHARGE of 2.99% I didn’t really know what that was until after I stopped selling for them. In addition, there is a 32 page addendum that I’ve never seen from them, and I’m sure the majority of merchants have never seen as well. If you want to deal with a headache and a company that doesn’t fully disclose and misleads their customers, go with them!

  • James

    Not certain of other sales reps, but the one I had dealt with in the New York City area made a few misrepresentations. Basically, the rep tries to get you to lease the terminal for 48 months and infers that the cost of it is included in the monthly interchange fee. Its not and has nothing to do with the interchange rates that you will get. Two $500 terminals for $199.00 a month for 48 months = $9,552.00.

    Also, even though they claimed and noted on the contract that the rate is a flat rate for all transactions, its not. Any kind of rewards cards will fall into the “highest risk” cards and those transactions are non-qualified which means I get the highest rate 2.99%. Most cards these days are rewards cards.

  • K. M.

    I started using Elite Pay Global (with First Data) in Feb 2013 – I have been complaining since I got my first statement March 5. Their rep did an analysis of my statements, said our Moto Rate would be 1.49% and with the lease they would save me $400/month. With the lease (which I didn’t have before) I am paying over 3%, and it is costing me over $1000/month more. Their customer service is awful, they don’t get back to timely ever. The Sales rep isn’t allowed to assist you, once the deal is closed and you have started using the equipment. They suggested I change programs, saying it would save me money, but this did not help either. Their contract provides a guarantee to meet or beat the completion, and they have not fulfilled that guarantee. I went back to my previous processor because I am paying around 2.2% with them – I also have been discouraged with all the extra monthly and annual fees.

  • f

    ElitePay Global is committing fraud by misrepresenting their abilities and then lying at every turn. They have recently stolen money out of our account, calling it fees for non-processing. However, I never processed with Elite Pay due to their own technical inability. When I asked for detail information about where these fees are in the contract I get no answer. When I am asked to be transferred to the owners I was told to contact their attorney. They would not give me the number of the attorney an then hung up on. I would recommend that anyone having problems with Elite Pay send a complaint to the FTC and the Nevada attorney general so they get on someone’s radar for committing fraud.

  • Chris

    Was shown how I can save money and when bill finally came it was more then double what they told me , now I have this NON CANCELLATION CONTRACT for the equipment , called to complain about the rate and was told they are going to put it in for a review, still waiting. Called leasing company , Worthless. Elite Pay Global WORTHLESS. DONT SIGN

  • Steve M.

    Don’t do business with Elite Pay Global, the fee may look good at first, but you will regret it later on. I been with them for 6 month and they keep bringing up new fee every month not listed in the contract, I been charge with new fee for 6 month in a row. First month was extra $10 per month fee, then second month was $150 annual fee, third month was $15 access fee per month, fourth month was additional $15 per month, 5th month $7 per month and 6th month was $30 annual fee. So i’m paying extra $10+15+15+7 so that $47 extra per month plus $150 and $30 in annual fee. I’m sure they will hit me with another monthly fee next month. I’m closing down my account with Elite Pay Global since it costing me more than my existing merchant account with bank of america. Now I’m stuck with a lease with first data after I closed my account. So my advice is not to do business with them, you will regret later on like me. If you must do business with them, I suggest you not sign a lease and buy the credit card machine outright, that way you can get out anytime.

  • Tom Jouras

    WARNING: Do not do business with this company! I am a First Data independent sales agent and have never seen such poor business practices from a processor like ElitePay Global. I reviewed one of their merchant statements recently and found it very concerning.

    From suspicous rates and fees to inacurrate reporting. In addition, they leased one terminal and one pin pad to a restaurant owner for $370 per month for 48 months. If you do the math, that is $17,760 for the length of the contract. The retail cost of this equipment is only about $400 total.

    Stay away from this processor!! They are not acting in good faith nor are they acting in the best interests of the merchant.

  • S

    ELITEPAY Global, They told me all lies and pulled me into the contract and now they are saying you signed the contract and if you want to cancel your contract you should pay $22K.
    Its all lies and hook you into NON CANCELLATION CONTRACT. sales rep will never get into contact after we signt he contract. ELITEPAY GLOBAL IS ALL FRAUD. Please dont do any business with these guys.

  • Robert S.


    How much research have you done on this company, ElitePay Global? When I researched the company, the BBB Name that comes up is: International Payment Services LLC. The numbers listed on the BBB website are all inactive. When going to the company website there are no phone numbers or company address listed for contact info. The company call center and base of operations is actually in Salt Lake City UT (Call Center) and not in Henderson NV. When looking over their merchant contract and calling the CS # listed on it, the CS team said that the company name was PrimePay Global and gave the same number listed on the BBB website for International Payment Services. PrimePay Global is a now defunct company based in Midvale UT. YP.com shows both companies when you type in ElitePay Global and also lists a phone number for ElitePay Global that of course doesn’t work.

    Why was this information about the BBB left out of your article?

    • Phillip CPO


      The current review for ElitePay Global is what we call a “Preliminary Review.” It covers only the most basic information about the company and any complaints associated with that particular business name. We wait a few months to allow merchants like yourself to leave reviews and feedback about the company before we dig deeper into its business practices, update it into a “Full Review,” and assign a rating. It’s not uncommon for information to change on the BBB website after our review was written, or for a company to change locations.

  • michael wyatt

    elite pay global’s credit card processing is a sham. they send out salespeople to give unattainable results. salesman does an analysis & shows you savings. they then put you into a contract for the equipment & do not even come close to the numbers that the salesman uses to lure you in. when you contact their customer service they tell you that a manager has adjusted your account and you’ll have to wait till that statsment comesin to see the difference. when that promise turns into a lie they will tell you that they are reviewing your account & never call you back. my suggestion to anyone thinking of doing buisiness with elite pay global is too run from them [ they have no conscience]

  • Liz

    Elite Pay Global sells its services under false representations! They make it sound so easy and inexpensive but in reality you end up paying 5 times more for merchant fees. Stay away!!!

  • Tech Auto

    ElitePay Global uses unethical and misleading sales tactics taking davantage of small businesses. They will cross the business ethics and morals line at every opportunity. Their staff uses illegal bullying tactics to force compliance when IN FACT a business has recourse to get out of a contract – grace period. Avoid this company at all costs. They are beyond unethical.

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