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Company Overview

RedFynn Technologies is a Tempe, Arizona-based merchant account provider that appears to function as either a subsidiary or a DBA of iPayment (now Paysafe). A commenter below this review has explained that RedFynn was created in 2014 as a rebranding of Sphyra following government action taken against Sphyra and its former business name, “Merchant Services Direct, LLC.” This commenter’s claim is supported by the fact that four former managers or executive-level employees of Sphyra (Shane Hurley, Sydney Adams, Rebecca Jensen, and Becky Strantz) have held similar roles at RedFynn. According to the Redfynn website, the company specializes in offering POS solutions for both retailers and restaurants.

RedFynn Payment Processing

RedFynn provides payment processing solutions for businesses, including credit card processing, debit card processing, and ACH payments. They offer a variety of payment processing options, including point-of-sale (POS) systems, mobile payment solutions, and virtual terminals. Their payment processing services are designed to be fast, secure, and reliable.

Merchant Services

RedFynn offers a range of merchant services to help businesses manage their payments and reduce the risk of financial loss. These services include recurring payments, chargeback management, and fraud prevention tools. Their team of experts can help businesses develop customized payment solutions to meet their unique needs.

Gift and Loyalty Card Programs

RedFynn provides gift and loyalty card programs that enable businesses to reward their customers for repeat business and incentivize new customers to visit their establishment. This program allows businesses to customize their loyalty programs and offer discounts, points, or other incentives to customers.

E-commerce Solutions

RedFynn offers e-commerce solutions that enable businesses to sell their products and services online and accept payments through their website. Their e-commerce platform is designed to be easy to use and integrate with existing websites. This service also includes fraud prevention and chargeback management tools to protect businesses from financial losses.

Location & Ownership

RedFynn is a registered ISO of Esquire Bank N.A., Garden City, NY. The Better Business Bureau lists iPayment’s P.O. Box in Thousand Oaks, California, as the company’s address, but the RedFynn LinkedIn profile lists an address at 960 W Elliot Rd, Suite 112, Tempe, Arizona 85284. Shane Hurley is the CEO of RedFynn.

Table of Contents

  • Costs & Contract: Appears to offer a 3-year contract through iPayment with interchange-plus pricing and a $350 early termination fee. The company relies on…
  • Complaints & Service: Complaints number more than 10 on…
  • BBB Rating: Has an “A+” rating and has received 1 complaint and 1 review in the past 3 years. The company is…
  • Sales & Marketing: Does not engage in misleading sales tactics and has not…

RedFynn Customer Reviews

Here's What Their Clients Say

Customer Reviews Summary
Item Result
Total Online Complaints <10
Live Customer Support Yes
Most Common Complaint N/A
Recent Lawsuits No

Low Complaint Total

We are currently able to locate a handful of negative RedFynn reviews, a few of which explicitly accuse the company of being a scam. Complainants cite poor customer service, withheld funds, sudden account cancellation, and concerns over the company’s history. In general, most complaints mention a problem with customer service. RedFynn has thus far improved on the reputations of both iPayment and Sphyra by keeping its complaint volume at a reasonable level. Accordingly, the company still maintains an “A” in this category. If you have your own RedFynn complaint to make, please do so in the comments below.

RedFynn Lawsuits and Fines

We have not found any outstanding class-action lawsuits or FTC complaints filed against RedFynn. Dissatisfied merchants who wish to pursue a non-litigious course of action against the company should consider reporting it to the relevant supervisory organizations.

RedFynn Customer Support Options

RedFynn offers phone and email support to all of its merchants.

RedFynn Customer Service Numbers

  • 888-510-9871 – New Service
  • 877-928-0305 – Support

Other Support Options

This is a level of support we expect of top-rated merchant accounts for great customer service, and it may have something to do with RedFynn’s surprisingly low complaint count.

RedFynn Online Ratings

Here's How They Rate Online

Online Ratings Summary
Item Result
Total Complaints 1
Resolved Complaints 0

Clean Complaint Record

RedFynn has been accredited with the Better Business Bureau since June 2014 and currently maintains an “A+” rating. The company has received 1 complaint in the past 36 months. RedFynn has responded to the lone complaint with a resolution attempt, but the complaint has yet to be resolved to the satisfaction of the merchant.

What Merchants Say

RedFynn has also received 1 informal review in the past 3 years, which is positive in tone. The most recent review is from a satisfied customer:

Kendra F. Redfynn not only saved us a great deal of money but also worked tirelessly to help during our transition. Sara, our rep. took every phone call and walked us through each question we had. We would highly recommend Redfynn.

Though this review speaks glowingly about RedFynn’s customer service, the merchant account provider does not rank among our best for restaurants.

An “A” Performance

Given the company’s clean complaint record, we agree with the BBB’s rating in this instance. However, merchants should be aware that there are reasons to be skeptical of BBB ratings in general.

RedFynn Fees, Rates & Costs

A Closer Look at The Contract

Cost & Fees Summary
Item Result
Cancellation Penalties Yes
Monthly & Annual Fees Yes
Processing Rates Interchange + 0.5% + $0.10, variable
Equipment Leasing Yes

Three-Year Contract

The standard RedFynn Program Guide.appears to simply be an iPayment contract, which includes a 3-year agreement with automatic renewal for 1-year terms and an early termination fee of $350 if service is canceled before the first year of the contract concludes or $250 before the end of the third year.

The program guide does not include any specific rate quotes, monthly minimum fees, PCI compliance fees, or other regular fees charged by RedFynn, but iPayment and its subsidiaries have been known to charge all of these RedFynn fees in varying amounts. The RedFynn website has previously quoted an interchange-plus rate of interchange plus 0.5% plus $0.10 for retail businesses, but it is unclear whether this rate applies to all merchants.

Virtual Terminal and Payment Gateway Pricing

The RedFynn website emphasizes its options for e-commerce solutions. Its virtual terminal and payment gateway services are powered by Authorize.Net. Under a typical Authorize.Net contract, transactions made through the company’s payment gateway are assessed a flat rate of 2.9% plus $0.30. Additionally, a gateway fee of $25 per month and a batch fee of $0.10 are included. Additional fees such as technical support fees may also apply to RedFynn’s payment gateway services.

Few Contract Complaints

We have found only a few RedFynn reviews at this time that are related to the company’s contract terms or pricing. One RedFynn complaint specifically mentions the company’s early termination fee and the other mentions monthly fees of $5.99 and $29.99. Given the fact that these are the only complaint we’ve found, we will favorably assume that the company outperforms other iPayment-operated providers when it comes to pricing. However, the three-year term with a large cancellation fee prevents RedFynn from competing with the cheapest merchant accounts. We also encourage business owners to check out our list of the providers of the best merchant accounts.

RedFynn Employee Reviews & Sales Tacitcs

Should You Work For Them?

Jobs & Marketing Summary
Item Result
Uses Independent Resellers Yes
Telemarketing Unclear
Misleading Marketing No
Discloses All Important Terms No

Distributed Sales Team

RedFynn appears to hire account executives all over the country, which is a reliable indicator that the company employs independent sales agents to market its services. This hiring practice is also consistent with that utilized by iPayment, and it tends to result in a high number of complaints for the companies that use it. In this case, however, we have located only a few negative RedFynn reviews that accuse the company’s sales staff of nondisclosure or misrepresentation of rates and fees. RedFynn provides its program guide on its website for the public to review, and the company’s membership with the Direct Selling Association indicates at least a surface-level commitment to honest sales tactics. This compares favorably to our list of best credit card processors.

Stolen Dharma Pricing Table

At the time of our last update, the RedFynn website included a page that outlined the company’s pricing for retail businesses. Inexplicably, this page featured a pricing table that appeared to have been directly lifted from the Dharma Merchant Services website and then duplicated with RedFynn’s own pricing in place of Dharma’s. Even more bizarrely, RedFynn’s interchange-plus rate was shown to be higher than Dharma’s, as were the total costs for RedFynn clients. This advertising decision seems strange enough that it may have been an error, but it does at least reveal that RedFynn typically pushes interchange-plus, the most transparent pricing model available. That having been said, RedFynn’s website itself made the case that businesses can save 0.25% per transaction by using Dharma.

Smoke, But No Fire

Although the company’s affiliations with Sphyra and iPayment are discouraging signs with regard to its sales practices, we will award RedFynn an “A” in this category to reflect the general lack of complaints that it has received to date. If you suspect that there are undisclosed RedFynn fees in your contract, we recommend seeking a third-party statement audit to find and eliminate hidden fees.

Our RedFynn Review Summary

Our Final Thoughts

RedFynn rates as lower than average credit card processing provider due to its former history related to the Sphyra and Merchant Service Direct brand names as well as sharing many of the same individuals in ownership. After roughly four years of operation, the company seems to have avoided many of the factors that diminished the reputations of Sphyra and iPayment within the industry. RedFynn has generally avoided severe complaints, but it appears to offer industry-standard contract terms. We will continue to monitor client feedback about this company very carefully and adjust our rating as necessary. Businesses are always encouraged to compare RedFynn’s pricing to that offered by top-rated credit card processors.

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Your Comments & Reviews

How Did RedFynn Treat You?

13 Responses

  • Francesca Villani

    I terminated my account with RedFynn August 2019, returned my machine timelyat my own cost because they delayed in sending my a mailing label.and I continue to be charged for services. My email to support have not resolved the issue nor did they respond to my last email.
    This should not happen.

  • Susan Fraser

    Beware! My rates double over the course of one year. There was a monthly fee of 5.99 for something. Another monthly fee of 29.99 for something else. In all, they were taking over 6%. And THEN – they somehow snuck a supposed contract of 3 years in there when they sent me a new machine I supposedly had to have so now I have to pay yet ANOTHER fee of $250 to get rid of this!

  • Former Employee

    As a former employee of RedFynn all I have to say is STAY AWAY! This company changes it’s name every few years after getting a bad reputation for bad business dealings, and unlawful acts. RedFynn was started after the Federal Trade Commission mandated that CEO Shane Hurley not acquire any new customers for his then named company Sphyra. The actual name “RedFynn” was a branding joke claiming that they, the CEO and top executives were “sharks”…ready to gobble up new small business owners.

  • Thank you for the information you have available. I was looking for info on a company called Redfynn. I am having a very unusual time with them in that if they mess up and it requires too much attention on the part of the young staff to resolve, they will dismiss you or dump you, such as hands on ears la la la la la la! Do you have any info on this company? I don’t seem to find anything other than publicity stuff, which can always be created. Do you have any knowledge of the history and dependability of this company?

    • Hi Kristin,

      We have moved your comment to our Redfynn review, where you can see the most up-to-date information that we have about the company.

  • Nicholas Coscia

    I needed to quickly raise my limits as my customer base is growing quickly and and requiring the clearance of markedly larger charges. I was getting the runaround from my own existing gateway and several other prospects when I met Elton and the RedFynn crew. Within ten days Underwriting reviewed my previous merchant history and financial statements and approved me with a significant per transaction limit. Two days later my first charge for $US 5,00.00 went through without a wrinkle. While our relationship is at an early stage, I can say that the responses I have received from this organization have been prompt and professional

  • RedFynn is the new entity name for what used to be called Sphyra, and dba Merchant Services Direct.
    Mike Collins was head of MSD/Sphyra in Colorado, and made Vice President of Sales in 2013.

    Mr Collins now claims to have been working at “RedFynn Technologies” during his tenure at Sphyra/MSD.

    The name “RedFynn” was substituted for the previous names following the FTC/AG judgment against them.
    That is why no record can be found of that name active prior to 2014 while its internal history claims it
    was active many years prior contemporaneous with the MSD history.

    It is not known if control of RedFynn shifted/sold from Shane Hurley, Pres of MSD, to IPayment CEO at some time,
    by this writer, or if there were any other intervening changes of control til this date.

  • Kristin Meyer

    I have a major complaint that reinforces the negative complaint you have identified above. We were pressured to move into a more high tech piece of equipment when support, on our side, was not available. Your folks send me two incorrect tests. There supervisor noted the mistake and sent another in the mail that was for my system. “test” was returned, call to get equipment transitioned over was done. Rebates were in process and to be applied some months ago and never appeared. I left town and shut down the usage for 30 days. Returned and found a bill of $20 due and my system turned off. I called and was rudely greeted for the second time a young lady that I had written an extended complaint on. Her supervisor and I spoke and I decided to back out of the complaint. I was given a new account tech and at that time was given a second test, incorrect, and then escalated to her supervisor who informed me it was the wrong test. Fast forward to present and said I needed to get my refund and equipment turned on. I was handed off the initially rude young lady I worked with and she argued with me about what she thought happened vs what I had happen to me. I asked to speak with her supervisor. I waited 10 minutes to speak with her supervisor and was unfortunately greeted by the same rude young lady who said her supervisor would not talk with me, that they had done enough for me and to go find someplace else. Now, a pile of charges to process, lost revenue and refunds still not submitted. I have not had a good experience with these folks for 1 year now. too many new people, most are young and poorly trained and educated on their system. I sure wish some one would respond to the complaint letter I sent to the legal depart 2+ weeks ago. I don’t think they are an A+ company.

    • Legal Dept.

      Over the years we’ve spent significant time in resolving this customer’s issues with her account. According to our records, we have made every possible effort to assist this customer in resolving any and all issues she has had with our services; including calling her directly and reminding her numerous times to return the required paperwork to close her old account, after the owner change. As for the new equipment, the banking industry is requiring merchants to have EMV compliant equipment in order to protect the security of cardholders. We apologize if our attempts to assist her with this upgrade were not well received.

      Although we previously refunded her $30 for one month of PCINA, after a thorough review of her account, we agreed as a courtesy to provide three months PCINA refunds. We issued a 2nd refund in the amount of $60 on 8/10, for two additional months PCINA fees. As with any merchant services company, we have a cancellation process consisting of the client submitting a signed cancellation form. Refusing to pay the month-end fees is not the proper way to seasonally close an account. Therefore, she was assessed the monthly fees on her account, as she had been for years prior. When the funds were not in her account, she was shut down by our processing bank for none payment.
      Pursuant to the documented email sent to her on 7/21, we were very cordial in our communication, making it clear we no longer wish to provide services for her merchant account needs. We have every right to deny services to any customers, whom we feel are best suited elsewhere. Our contract was terminated when her payment bounced, and we recommended she immediately find a different processor. Due to her low volume in processing, we referred her to a different company specializing in lower processing businesses.

  • John Hood

    Redfynn/iPayments is definitely a set up. Because of incorrect setting to my account my cart was unable to communicate with the payment gateway for an entire month. Once this issue was resolved I complained about the incompetence of the support agent named Clayton. Two days later my account was closed because of excessive declines? How does this make sense? They caused the declines themselves! After this, I cancelled the account and requested a refund. No one responded but my account was debited for $350 the very next day for early cancellation fees? This can not possibly be legal. This company needs to be investigated immediately. I strongly advise anyone considering using Redfynn or iPayment Inc as a CC processor to please think again.

    • Legal Dept.

      On August 5th, 2015 we resolved a more detailed complaint submitted by Mr. Hood to RedFynn. This matter is a bit more complicated than as it appears from Mr. Hoods review. Between April 29 and June 2nd, 2015, the merchant had nine failed customer transactions and only two approved customer transactions. None of these declines were due to a payment gateway malfunction. If his shopping cart failed to authenticate (wrong username or password), then failed transactions would not populate on the payment gateway. The nine failed transactions were declined due to bad/invalid cards.

      Mr. Hood’s account was closed, by our bank, based on his account history, and we are bound by that decision. We do understand Mr. Hood had a website configuration issue affecting his ability to process when his account first opened. We also understand he does not control the traffic he receives on his site, but two, out of eleven, successful transactions between April 29 and June 2nd, 2015 is a valid cause for the bank’s closure decision. We wish there were more we could do for this client. Unfortunately, the client is still under the impression most of the issues with his failed transactions are the fault of RedFynn. However, according to our investigation, we have determined the closure was due to his actual poor processing history and not the system setup or RedFynn operations.

      In regard to the $350 ETF, this was charged per the merchant processing agreement he signed. The contract terms were confirmed a second time with Mr. Hood during the quality control call before his merchant account application was submitted to underwriting for approval. However, in light of the bank closing down his account, we requested the bank submit a refund for the $350 ETF. The refund was not processed because his bank declined the original $350 charge to his account. Mr. Hood did not pay the ETF fee.

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