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Pros & Cons
Pros: Cons:
Customizable to business needs. Chargeback disputes management.
Widens customer payment options. Involves service fees.
Secure transaction processing. Requires contract commitment.
Potentially boosts sales. Possible security risks.
Detailed transaction reports. Integration complexity.


In this article, we provide an essential overview of Merchant Account Solutions, dissecting their services and customer experiences. We'll examine their rates, fees, and contract terms, alongside a summary of common complaints and industry ratings. Our focus will extend to their point-of-sale offerings, including a variety of terminals suitable for different business needs. Additionally, we will weigh the pros and cons of their payment processing services, and provide insights into customer feedback and employee perspectives. This piece aims to offer a concise yet comprehensive guide for those considering Merchant Account Solutions, ensuring readers are well-informed about the company's practices and their implications.

About Merchant Account Solutions

Founded in 2007, Merchant Account Solutions is a merchant account provider that is simply a DBA of International Card Services and Integrated Card Service. Integrated Card Service is rated as low as some of the worst merchant account providers on CPO. Merchant Account Solutions is located at the same address as Integrated Card Service and resells iPayment/First Data (Fiserv) products and services such as Clover POS. It is also powered by POS Pros, a seller of point-of-sale systems that may simply be a DBA of Merchant Account Solutions. As of our most recent update, the Merchant Account Solutions profile on the BBB website has been renamed to POS Pros and the MAS website is listing the company as “Powered by POS Pros”.

Merchant Account Solutions Point of Sale

Merchant Account Solutions offers extensive point-of-sale solutions. These include Clover tablets, SmartSwipe iOS and Android-based terminals for retail and restaurant businesses, LightSpeed iOS and Mac-based terminals for restaurants and bars, PC America PC-based terminals for restaurants and bars, and Verifone Ruby PC-based terminals for gas stations. They also offer credit card machines (swipers) and mobile swipers from PAX, Ingenico, and Verifone, and the Poynt POS system.

Merchant Account Solutions payment processing
Merchant Account Solutions offers standard payment processing services.

Merchant Account Solutions Customer Reviews

Here's What Their Clients Say

Customer Reviews Summary
Total Online Complaints 50+
Live Customer Support Yes
Most Common Complaint Hidden Fees
Recent Lawsuits No

Analysis of Merchant Account Solutions Feedback

Our research has unearthed over 50 negative reviews of Merchant Account Solutions on various consumer protection platforms, with allegations frequently describing the company as a scam or ripoff. To provide a comprehensive overview, we’ve also considered feedback related to Integrated Card Service, given the minimal operational distinctions between these two entities. We invite customers to share their personal Merchant Account Solutions experiences in the comments section to contribute to our collective understanding.

Recurring Complaint Themes

The bulk of complaints highlight several recurring issues: undisclosed fees, misrepresented rates, hefty cancellation fees, and unsatisfactory customer service. The consistency of these grievances suggests they are reflective of the company’s standard operational policies rather than isolated incidents caused by individual sales representatives.

Legal Challenges Facing Merchant Account Solutions

To date, no significant class-action lawsuits or Federal Trade Commission (FTC) complaints have been identified against Merchant Account Solutions. Customers seeking to address their concerns without resorting to legal action are encouraged to report their issues to appropriate regulatory bodies.

Support Services Provided by Merchant Account Solutions

Merchant Account Solutions offers customer support via telephone and email. However, specific details regarding the availability hours for these support services are not disclosed, potentially impacting the accessibility of assistance for clients.

Contact Information for Merchant Account Solutions

  • (800) 457-2507 – Toll-Free General Customer Service

Additional Customer Support Channels

Despite these support mechanisms, Merchant Account Solutions has not been recognized as a leading provider of exceptional customer service within the merchant account sector. Given the volume and nature of complaints, a “D” rating has been assigned in this review segment.

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Merchant Account Solutions Online Ratings

Here's How They Rate Online

Online Ratings Summary
BBB Rating 2.47
Pissed Consumer Rating 1.4
Complaints Board Rating 3.9
Our Rating 2.5
Average Rating 2.57

BBB Rating Analysis

Merchant Account Solutions (as POS PROS) has an average customer review rating of 2.47 stars and a rating of “A+” on the BBB site based on 39 customer reviews. Common themes in the reviews include unexpected fees, a possible hacking, and equipment issues.

Negative Feedback

Non compliant fees even though they said I was compliant. When I switched systems they continued to charge me even though I was inactive. I called them to dispute charges and they said I never filed out the closure form. I filled it out the same day and returned it. Waited a couple days to be sure it closed and to request a refund as I was told to do. On that call they said they never got my form. So they resend and I fill it out and return immediately. I wait a couple more days to ensure closure and to request refund again. Now they say the form is missing the merchant ID and they have to resend the form. I fill it out and return immediately once again. Finally after almost 2 weeks of this I get an email that it is closed but now I have been charged for 2 months of service I didn’t use. I called again after this notice to see about the refund and they said no chance of that.
– Complaint from October 27, 2022

Was looking to add a clover flex to my business. Paid 195.00 for the flex, and I was notified that the company had sent me the wrong forms that I filled out, ok no problem, but before I filled out the correct forms I had a few more questions, I attempted to contact J***** thru email and phone for 2 weeks and no response. When I did get her(2 weeks later) she kept saying she works alone, that isn’t a problem of mine. At this point I requested a refund, because it’s to late from the time I needed it. As a business owner we are all dealing with shortages, but I take care of my customers. She stated she had to notify Courtney to see about a refund. Guess what, I’ve emailed them both and called, no response and no refund yet.
– Review from March 24, 2022

Positive Feedback

Shawn went above and beyond to help our small business set up a Point of Sale (POS) system fast, and shipped us the equipment with tracking number the same day we called. He is very professional and very pleasant to talk to. He listened to us to understand business need, he explained the benefits and costs of different POS systems, and he helped us choose the best one for our business purposes. I highly recommend Shawn and his team. He is best!
– Review from November 20, 2023

Che is an amazing Tech and does an amazing job with helping out “newbies” like me! He answers all of my questions and is quick to respond to my emails as well! Bill, the advisor is great and has helped and advised the best system that works for my establishment, as well as addresses all of my questions. I’m thankful and grateful for their honesty, help and excellent customer service!
– Review from February 9, 2021

Source: BBB

Pissed Consumer Rating Analysis

Merchant Account Solutions (as POS PROS) has an average customer review rating of 1.4 stars on the Pissed Consumer site based on 4 customer reviews. Common themes in the reviews include issues with sales people and unexpected fees.

Negative Feedback

This business will promise you the world via phone and then scheme and lie when it’s time to sign up only to later hide behind ” it’s not in writing” from William Vorburger to Amber Urban we have been lied to and maliciously deceived by Pos Pros. I have 30 messages where William has refused throughout to answer questions via email to avoid accountability. Going so far as to even claim “Email Issues” phone is better when I expressed frankly & clearly what our questions and concerns were(in particular the false promises made when trying to get me on board with this company.) I was mishandled our trust and caused our business to suffer losses. The experience has been a nightmare. It had be 5 days when I noticed I was not privy to the plan and promotions promised at sign up. I called to cancel immediately only to be shuffled around, deliberately hung up on after I didn’t take their normal cast to the waste side treatment. Standing up for what is right and honest was met with disdain and condescending tones from this company and their representatives. Amber told me I’m “under contract and can not cancel unfortunately even after just 5 days” If this is the integrity they display I warn everyone PLEASE steer clear. It is unethical to promise a business services then not deliver those services and not be held accountable. If you are not giving me what I asked for we as small business owners should to be forced to continue business with you. This is a total scam and They need to be *** down immediately with these business practices.practices.Dont fall for the lies and great deals because there are vipers ready to devour here!
– Complaint from December 3, 2021

What was assured to have a non-cancellation fee agreement at only $6/mo was $6 for the first month, 3-year contract, $19.99 minimum monthly fees, or a $250 cancellation fee. I could only get it down to a 1 year contract, at at the end of that there was a year-end fee of $99. Used their service only one time before never again, as then the payment was delayed because it was “too much” for my service plan. I wasted hundreds of dollars for this mistake. I fell for it because the salesman’s email had a BBB A+ badge in the signature. I later found out that it was a lie too. Instead of owning up to their faults, I suffered the loss in fear that they would have some way to put me on a black list. I could tell of numerous other negatives with “Merchant Account Solutions”, including communication and transfers. I’ve resolved to do zero business with any non-local company that solicits me – so much is fraudulent.
– Review from July 23, 2016

Positive Feedback

There are no positive reviews published about Merchant Account Solutions on the Pissed Consumer website.

Complaints Board Rating Analysis

Merchant Account Solutions (as POS PROS) has a 3.9 rating on the Complaints Board site based on 5 customer reviews. Common themes in the reviews include issues with fees and customer service, while others praise the customer service.

Negative Feedback

Terrible services in overall. They took forever to send me the money the business made. When they did send the money, it was not even the total amount. Tried cancelling my account and they would not let me until I get my money. They kept charging me monthly fees while my money was “missing”. I felt like I was trapped and being scammed. DON’T WORK WITH THEM IT WILL STRESS YOU OUT
– Complaint from A. Hahn

Worst ever experience with Pospros. I was offered around 0.35 to 2.46% fee as per my contract which includes 2.46% for keyed in transactions and was told monthly fee wound be waived off. Another fee credit card protection and regulatory fee plus statment fee was included. Overall, I was paying aroundf 4.2 to 5.1% in fees. Tried resolving this with their team (multiple people who stopped responding during a short period of time because they left the company) and was in touch with a manager as well who offered to “revise” the contract terms at like 3.6 or 3.8% rate. I said, all I am asking is to honor the my contract terms but no, 1 year has almost passed and I am relieved that I will not renew my contract which they mentioned, would charhe me for early terimation fee if I end the contrac early. For other customer, I would say to get the contract with Clover directly, who told me in the first place to beware of third paty.
– Review from T. Padberg

Positive Feedback

Che Pascua helps Aikman Wildlife Adventure immensely. Everytime we call or email with a question, he is very happy to speak with us and always has an answer or finds a solution. We are very happy that we signed up with POSPROS because of this excellent customer service. We highly recommend Che and this company to help you with your needs. Aikman Wildlife Adventure-Management
– Review from J. Pacocha

I think that POS Pros is a great company. We have had them now for almost a year and we have had no trouble with any transactions, the fees are very reasonable, and the customer service is fantastic! Amber U. assisted me with the utmost care, promptness and professionalism anyone could ask for! I give them a huge thumbs up!
– Review from B. Schroeder

Merchant Account Solutions Fees, Rates & Costs

A Closer Look at The Contract

Cost & Fees Summary
Cancellation Penalties Yes
Monthly & Annual Fees Yes
Processing Rates Variable
Equipment Leasing Yes

Flexible Plans

As of our latest update, Merchant Account Solutions offers adaptable plans, including a three-year agreement through iPayment with standard fees. However, the company now promotes contract-free, month-to-month plans on its website, signaling a shift from traditional contract models. Although it’s uncertain whether iPayment is still utilized or if previous fees like the monthly minimum remain applicable, it appears that early termination and annual fees are no longer charged.

Virtual Terminal and Payment Gateway Pricing

Apart from its in-store payment processing, Merchant Account Solutions showcases its virtual terminal and payment gateway services, powered by Authorize.Net. The standard Authorize.Net agreement details a rate of 2.90 plus $0.30, a $25 monthly gateway fee, and a batch fee of $0.10. However, being a reseller, Merchant Account Solutions reserves the right to adjust these terms and conditions.

Customer Concerns

Consistently, businesses express dissatisfaction with Merchant Account Solutions, citing undisclosed fees and higher-than-expected charges. Notably, there are grievances regarding significant early termination fees across all accounts. These issues echo similar complaints against Integrated Card Service and other iPayment resellers. Consequently, Merchant Account Solutions receives a “D” rating in this category, and its pricing is deemed non competitive with the cheapest merchant accounts available.  We recommend exploring our list of the best merchant accounts for more suitable options.

merchant account solutions products
Discover the array of products offered by Merchant Account Solutions.

Merchant Account Solutions Employee Reviews & Sales Tacitcs

Should You Work For Them?

Jobs & Marketing Summary
Uses Independent Resellers Yes
Telemarketing Yes
Misleading Marketing Yes
Discloses All Important Terms No

Independent Sales Agents

Like Integrated Card Service, Merchant Account Solutions primarily utilizes independent sales agents to market its products. This practice usually results in complaints, and, predictably, we have found a significant number of negative Merchant Account Solutions reviews related to misrepresentation and nondisclosure of fees. Clients specifically state that their actual rates are much higher than the rates quoted by sales agents and that a large number of undisclosed fees appear on their monthly statements after they begin processing. These reports are consistent with complaints filed against Integrated Card Service. This does not compare favorably to our list of best credit card processors.

Incomplete Rate Quotes

The Merchant Account Solutions website currently advertises rates “starting at 0.35%.” This rate is likely the company’s “Qualified” debit rate and does not apply to the “Mid-Qualified” and “Non-Qualified” transactions that make up the majority of payments. We consider this type of selective rate quoting to be deceptive because it could give merchants an unrealistic expectation of the rates they will pay. If you suspect that Merchant Account Solutions is charging you undisclosed fees, we recommend seeking an independent, third-party statement audit.

Average Performance

Due to the company’s industry-average sales approach and complaint record across three brand names, we have assigned Merchant Account Solutions the same grade as Integrated Card Service in this category: a “C.”

Our Merchant Account Solutions Review Summary

Our Final Thoughts

Merchant Account Solutions is currently rated as a substandard credit card processing provider. As a DBA (doing business as) entity of Integrated Card Service, an iPayment reseller with a notably low rating on CPO, Merchant Account Solutions has not demonstrated significant improvements or changes under this new brand. Client feedback continues to reflect similar issues, emphasizing the need for caution.

Given this feedback, businesses are strongly encouraged to thoroughly request and scrutinize all contract terms before committing to any agreements. Understanding the details of Merchant Account Solutions’ contracts is crucial to making an informed decision. Moreover, it’s advisable to compare the company’s pricing and terms to those of top-rated payment processors to secure a more transparent and reliable partnership.

Location & Ownership

Merchant Account Solutions is a registered ISO/MSP of Wells Fargo Bank, Concord, CA, and is headquartered at 101 Hodencamp Road, #203, Thousand Oaks, California 91360. Chris Antonsen is the president of Merchant Account Solutions, while John Kennedy is the company’s CEO.

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Testimonials & Complaints

How Did Merchant Account Solutions Treat You?

1 User Reviews

  • Patrick Kristin

    Merchant Account Solutions has been an absolute game-changer for my business! I can’t emphasize enough how seamless and efficient their services are. From the moment I signed up, their team guided me through the entire process with unmatched professionalism.

    I’ve experienced a significant boost in sales, thanks to the variety of payment options they offer my customers. Their secure and reliable payment processing has given my clientele the confidence to transact without hesitation. Moreover, their transparent fee structure has helped me manage my finances more effectively.

    MAS’s customer support is top-notch; whenever I’ve had a question or concern, they’ve been prompt and helpful in resolving it. It’s evident that they truly care about their clients’ success.

    I wholeheartedly recommend Merchant Account Solutions to any business looking to elevate their payment processing game. Partnering with them has been a decision I won’t ever regret!

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