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Pros & Cons
Pros: Cons:
Supports in-person and online transactions Pricing not publicly disclosed
Offers mobile POS solutions Difficulty in closing accounts
Matches processing rates; no-cost equipment Aggressive sales tactics reported
Expensive pricing and equipment
No positive reviews on BBB
Complaints of sudden fee increases
Complaints of persistent sales calls
Issues with account and fund management
Overcharges Reported

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Probably not.
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In this review of Talus Pay, we'll take a close look at this merchant account provider with a complex history. We'll cover important aspects of Talus Pay, including their service offerings like payment processing and equipment, mobile payments, and merchant cash advances. We'll also examine their rates and fees, contract terms, and customer and employee reviews to gauge their market standing.

We'll pay special attention to the company's efforts to reinvent itself under new ownership since 2016, aiming to overcome the negative image of its predecessors. This includes looking at leadership changes, customer service strategies, and how they address previous complaints.

Additionally, we'll assess Talus Pay's legal background, customer support options, and online ratings to provide a well-rounded view of their current status in the industry. We'll also explore their sales tactics and employee experiences to reveal the impact of their business practices. This overview offers valuable insights into Talus Pay's operations, challenges, and transformations.

About Talus Pay

Also known as “Talus Payments” or “TalusPay,” Talus Pay is a Dallas, Texas-based merchant account provider that was originally created as a DBA of Future Payment Technologies, one of the worst merchant account providers we have reviewed. Future Payment Technologies was itself created as a DBA of Crescent Processing Company and Park Central Company, two other providers with poor reputations. Talus also launched an enterprise-oriented DBA called Celerus Payments, but it has since retired that brand. Talus Pay is technically a registered trademark of FPT Operating Company (possibly short for “Future Payment Technologies Operating Company”), and the Talus Pay website currently states the following:

“AMCP Payments Intermediate Company LLC is doing business as Talus Pay, Talus Payments, Prolific Business Solutions, LTD Merchant Services, MSP Consulting, Granite Payment Alliance, Philadelphia Processing, City National Bank Merchant Services and Merchant Bank Partners.”

This means those dealing with Talus are likely dealing with an arm of AMCP Payments Intermediate Company LLC, and it is not yet known what the level of sharing of people, information, and contracts is between the various branches of AMCP.

Talus Pay appears to primarily be a reseller of First Data and TSYS. In 2022, Talus Pay partnered with Factor4, LLC, a gift card and loyalty program solutions provider.

Under New Ownership

In December 2016, Talus Pay (then known as Future Payment Technologies) was purchased by two private equity firms named A&M Capital Partners and Juna Equity Partners. A company representative has stated that the new owners changed the name from Future Payment Technologies to Talus Pay due to a trademark dispute. The new owners also created Celerus Payments as a way to market directly to enterprise-level organizations, but they decided to retire the Celerus Payments brand in mid-2017 and focus solely on Talus. Representatives of Talus Pay now claim that it is the only brand that the company plans to use to market credit card processing services.

Attempting to Put the Past Behind Them

The new ownership team has claimed to have taken a number of steps intended to distance Talus Pay from the negative reputations earned by Crescent Processing Company, Park Central Company, and Future Payment Technologies. However, the company has continued to suffer from similar complaints under the Talus Pay brand name.

According to representatives, David Kesler and Jon Frankel, the previous owners of Crescent Processing and its affiliated brands, are no longer executives at Talus Pay. In fact, most of Future Payment Technologies' previous management team appears to have moved on to a new company called “Clearwater Payments“. Talus initially retained a few members of that original ownership group—most notably CFO Chris Dierks, Director of HR Leslie Lee, VP of Client Services Cindy Thompson, and then Director of Sales operations Daniel Carleton (representatives state the Daniel Carleton left in 2020).

Talus Pay Products and Services

Payment Processing & Equipment

Talus Pay processes all major credit and debit cards, offering services such as card swipers, POS systems, mobile solutions, PCI compliance, next-day funding, cash discount programs, inventory management, data tracking and analytics, gift cards, cash advances, and a surcharge program. The company provides common credit card terminals, including Clover Flex, Clover Mini, and PAX A920 models, all of which support EMV and NFC payment methods like Apple Pay and Google Pay. However, these terminals are often offered through costly leasing contracts.

Point of Sale Systems

In partnership with Fiserv, Talus Pay offers the Clover Station Solo and Clover Station Duo POS systems. They also have proprietary Talus Pay POS software that can be installed on most iPads or Android tablets. Both the Clover systems and Talus Pay POS software typically require a monthly subscription fee, with exact pricing dependent on negotiations.

Mobile Payments

Talus Pay provides mobile payment solutions with Clover Go or SwipeSimple card readers. These devices, compatible with iOS and Android, support EMV, NFC-based, and magstripe payment methods.

Merchant Cash Advance

Talus Pay offers merchant cash advances, providing businesses with a lump sum of cash in exchange for a percentage of future credit and debit card sales. This advance can be used for various business expenses, including inventory, marketing, and expansion.

Talus Pay services
Some of Talus Pay's services
Overcharges Reported

Getting the lowest costs with Talus Pay?
Probably not.
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Talus Pay Customer Reviews

Here's What Their Clients Say

Customer Reviews Summary
Total Online Complaints 50+
Live Customer Support Yes
Most Common Complaint Telemarketing
Recent Lawsuits No

Reports of Unsatisfactory Sales Experiences

Talus Pay has received over 50 public complaints, with some users labeling the company as a scam or ripoff. Many of these grievances stem from aggressive sales calls, as documented here. Additionally, customers express frustration with the company’s various aliases. Although Talus Pay has made recent efforts to address these issues, they may still linger as legacy problems. We welcome your own Talus Pay review in the comments below.

Continuing Complaints and Areas for Improvement

Other complaints highlight concerns about undisclosed fees, misrepresented rates, and unfavorable contract terms. While Talus Pay has shown improvements and garnered more positive feedback in recent months, negative reviews suggest ongoing transparency and customer service challenges that resemble past issues with Future Payment Technologies.

Initiatives for Enhancement

Talus Pay reports initiatives to enhance customer support training, expand personnel dedicated to client retention, and directly gather feedback from customers. These steps aim to elevate Talus Pay from its previous reputation to one of the industry’s top merchant accounts. Dissatisfied clients are encouraged to engage with these channels for issue resolution.

Positive Trends Amidst Challenges

Although recent reviews indicate positive changes, Talus Pay has yet to fully overcome historical complaints, warranting a “C” rating. The company seems proactive in managing online feedback, but lingering issues prevent a higher grade.

Talus Pay Legal Matters and Regulatory Oversight

At present, there are no class-action lawsuits or FTC complaints against Talus Pay. Clients seeking alternatives to legal action can consider reporting grievances to relevant supervisory organizations.

Customer Support Channels

Talus Pay provides email and phone support for customer inquiries.

Talus Pay Customer Service Contact Numbers

  • (800) 787-4105 – Toll-Free Merchant Support
  • (305) 673-3334 – Partner Support
  • (800) 890-4900 – Financial Institutions Support/Sales
  • (888) 445-4812 – Merchant Sales
  • (469) 424-4920 – Partner Sales

Other Support Options

Overcharges Reported

Getting the lowest costs with Talus Pay?
Probably not.
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Talus Pay Online Ratings

Here's How They Rate Online

Online Ratings Summary
BBB Rating 4.74
Average Rating 4.74

BBB Rating Analysis

Talus Pay has an average customer review rating of 4.74/5 stars on BBB based on 160 customer reviews. The company has been accredited since April 10, 2017, and has been in business for 6 years. There are 14 customer complaints closed in the last 3 years, with 8 closed in the last 12 months.

Negative Feedback

This company is the complete worst credit card processor, I’ve ever dealt with. The statements are very difficult to read and balance. The only way to get them is to log onto a merchant portal which is a pain. They refused to deposit the entire transaction amount and deducted an estimated merchant fee from each transaction. I called numerous times asking for statement to at least be emailed and to change the deduction from my transactions. Each time the person I spoke with said that they would do it but nothing ever happened. Finally, the risk assessment department needed proof on a large transaction. The request was sent to an email that I had changed in April 2020, so I never received the request. Not only did the risk team hold up that money but also all others even though they suspected no fraud or needed any info to pay. I ended up having to start the paperwork with the *********************** of the US Treasury. Beware of this joke of a company.
– Review from November 7, 2023

Positive Feedback

There are no positive reviews published about Talus Pay on the Better Business Bureau website.

Source: Better Business Bureau

Talus Pay Fees, Rates & Costs

A Closer Look at The Contract

Cost & Fees Summary
Cancellation Penalties Yes
Monthly & Annual Fees Yes
Processing Rates Variable
Equipment Leasing Yes

Three-Year Contract, Significant Cancellation Fee

As outlined in a previous Talus Payments Merchant Application and the Talus Payments Program Guide, a three-year term with automatic renewal for two-year terms is presented, accompanied by an early termination fee of $295 or liquidated damages (whichever is greater). Additionally, an application fee of $99, a monthly account maintenance fee of $9.50, a variable monthly minimum fee, an annual “Corporate Fee” of $98 per location, a card data security (PCI compliance) fee of $9.95 per month, and various recurring and one-time fees are indicated. A company representative has suggested that these fees are negotiable, reflecting varying customer needs. We also encourage business owners to explore our list of the best merchant accounts.

Update: 7/3/2023

In response to the previous paragraph, a representative stated: “We have month-to-month contracts. We no longer have long-term contracts and there are no cancellation fees on any of our agreements. If there are any changes that need to be made to a merchant’s account, they will always receive a memo at least 30 days beforehand, but changing prices is not a normal practice.”

Pricing Options

Talus Pay offers either tiered or interchange-plus pricing. However, businesses should thoroughly understand all applicable rates under a tiered plan. Overall, the company’s contract terms are pricier than industry averages and do not notably improve upon those offered by the previous ownership team.

Virtual Terminal and Payment Gateway Pricing

Apart from its in-store payment processing services, Talus Pay advertises its virtual terminal and payment gateway services. Nevertheless, pricing for these services is undisclosed. Additional rates and fees, including gateway fees, technical support fees, batch fees, and additional transaction rates, generally apply to these e-commerce services.

Claims of Incomplete Documentation

Some Talus Pay reviews highlight sudden fee increases without notification and incomplete provision of paperwork at signing. A company representative addressed these issues by providing instant access to the full contract terms post-account approval and by prominently listing rate increases on monthly statements.

Not a Top-Tier Option

Talus Pay’s pricing and contract terms do not stand out favorably, and recent efforts by the company do little to position it as a budget-friendly merchant account option.

Talus Pay point of sale Talus Pay offers point-of-sale equipment, among its other services

Overcharges Reported

Getting the lowest costs with Talus Pay?
Probably not.
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Talus Pay Employee Reviews & Sales Tacitcs

Should You Work For Them?

Jobs & Marketing Summary
Uses Independent Resellers Yes
Telemarketing Discontinued
Misleading Marketing No
Discloses All Important Terms No

Complaints of Persistent Sales Calls

Talus Pay appears to market itself primarily through the use of independent sales agents, resellers, and telemarketing. The majority of Talus Pay complaints (most of which are found in the comment section below) are related to the company’s sales practices, specifically its telemarketing approach. Clients often complain of being contacted despite the fact that they are on the no-call list. Other business owners cite misrepresentation and nondisclosure by sales agents as their primary complaint. One complaint by a former employee of Future Payment Technologies describes minimal support and training for sales agents and a lack of qualified leads. Another Future Payment Technologies complaint by a client describes nondisclosure of terms and misrepresentation of fees.

Update: 7/3/2023

A representative of Talus Pay claims that the company no longer engages in telemarketing and has provided the following information:

“Talus Pay does not have an outbound tele-sales team. We have instead switched to a model that allows us to work with businesses at a local level by hiring Fulltime Sales Consultants that live within those communities – This program began in Jan of 2021. While we do have some agents, the majority of our sales are done by Employees of Talus Pay”.

No Physical Paper Trail

Because the company provided its sales agents with smart tablets and encouraged them to collect signatures digitally, some businesses have complained that they never receiving full hard copies of contract terms. A typical complaint posted to Google states the following:

I signed the Talus Representatives ipad to initiate the change from Square after comparing rates with their sales rep. The calculation based on my prior month statement with square showed significant savings. It turned out to be false. I requested a copy of my contract because the one on the ipad I signed was a “generic” one not set with my negotiated terms I was told. I was given runaround until a customer service rep finally sent a hard copy to me a few weeks later, that I received a day ago, with some agreed upon rates and fees but many that were undisclosed at the time of signing. Can’t reconcile the negotiated rates with the contract and with reality of what they are settling and depositing in my acct. At the end of the day, averaged for transactions processed and settled and deposited, I’m calculating around a 4% cost for their service, at least 3x what I was promised.

Update: 7/3/2023

In response to this section a representative stated the following: “In our newest system, signatures are obtained through an email sent to the Merchant so that they will always have a copy of what they have signed. They then receive an emailed copy as soon as they submit.”

Steps Toward Improvement

The Talus representative has also stated that Talus Pay has purchased and now adheres to the “do not call” lists for every ZIP code in the U.S., has turned over 70% of its legacy sales staff in the past year, and is instituting additional training and oversight programs to address customer complaints. The specific steps that he has described appear to be good faith efforts to improve the Talus sales experience, but the company has received public complaints about its telemarketing team and sales staff recently. We therefore will not change the company’s rating in this section at this time, but we will continue to monitor whether Talus’s newly implemented procedures will have a tangible positive effect on client feedback in the long term.

Overcharges Reported

Getting the lowest costs with Talus Pay?
Probably not.
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Our Talus Pay Review Summary

Our Final Thoughts

Talus Payments currently rates as an average credit card processing provider. Initially, the company seemed poised to follow the low ratings of its predecessors, Crescent Processing Company and Future Payment Technologies. However, a new management team has shown a commitment to enhancing Talus’s reputation. Despite this, some of the prior owners’ sales practices and contract terms remain, impacting Talus’s rating in this review.

While we acknowledge the company’s efforts to improve its standing, we will continue to monitor how these changes affect its reputation and adjust this review accordingly. In the meantime, business owners may find better terms and service with top-rated merchant account providers.

Location & Ownership

Like its predecessors, the company is headquartered at 12712 Park Central Drive, Dallas, Texas, 75251, even though its website currently previously listed an address at a P.O. box in Richardson, Texas. Talus Pay is a registered ISO/MSP of Synovus Bank, Columbus, Georgia, and a TSYS reseller. Kim Fitzsimmons is the current CEO of Talus Pay, and she was hired in July 2020.

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Overcharges Reported

Getting the lowest costs with Talus Pay?
Probably not.
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Testimonials & Complaints

How Did Talus Pay Treat You?

Overcharges Reported

Getting the lowest costs with Talus Pay?
Probably not.
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50 User Reviews

  • DeAnette Stewart

    S & H Sales

    This was a good company but their customer service sucks! I provided new banking information on 11/4 they refused to take it said I had to mail it since it couldn’t be done over the phone. I finally got a representative who would take the information via email/fax (fax # didn’t work) I emailed the information & was assured it had been updated only to find out now (several hundred dollars in nsf fees) the information was never updated & they have in fact been holding my funds since 11/4/2022 & it’s now 1/12/2023. Provided the bank documents AGAIN to a supposed Regional Sales Director who assured me I would have my money the next day (today) no funds have been deposited. MY next step is a BBB complaint.

  • Not Important

    The unscrupulous, pushy, and quite rude employees of this company calls our business repeatedly, even after we have politely asked them to remove us from their calling list, as we have absolutely NO need for their services. They still continue to call, day and night, and outright ignore our formal requests to be removed from their calling list. We are filing a formal complaint with the Attorney General’s Office of Dallas, TX, as well as a formal complaint with the FCC in regards to this nonstop harassment. The following phone numbers all belong to Talus Payments – 888-522-5994, 855-902-6324, 855-902-6323, 855-423-7454, 800-787-4196, 800-787-4105.

  • Russ Stewart

    I wish every place I deal with had an Elizabeth working there! I called with a problem ready for a fight and I couldn’t have been more wrong. She was very calm and articulate in explaining to me why I am charged the fees I had a problem with and did her best to make it more affordable for me. Very glad I called.

  • Jay

    This is a bath place to do business with because Derek shaver Loss A $450 of my money Plus other items Any time you do or get a charge back from this companyThere’s a problem they cut you off and these Suspend your account Not a good highly recommended company you don’t do business that way to your clients specially $350 they don’t notify you what’s going on or give you a call a courtesy call what’s going on that’s not way you do business with your clients and unfortunately it’s pretty badd when you have a manager all is the son that he want to suspend your account. Not a good place not Holly recommended at all

  • Jottie Peyton

    Terrible customer service. I had to call the risk service department six times over the course of three day and email three times before they finally answered me regarding a charge that I did. Salesman lied about monthly cost and fees. Tons of hidden fees. Save yourself a headache and look for a company that is transparent about what they charge for every month. Very disappointed. I have a small business and every cent counts. Last month I received a withdrawal from my account from Talus payments for $150. I had only swiped one card the entire month and it was a $300 transaction. It cost $150 to swipe one card for $300. When I call they can’t explain the charges and so I tell them I would like to cancel my service. Then she says she can refund the charge if I don’t cancel. I say I still want to cancel but think they should refund it anyways. She says if I cancel I cant get a refund and it would cost $300 to cancel. I’m paying the $300 and told these folks to lose my number. What a joke. I really hate schemers. Why do businesses scheme to rip people off. Why can’t you just do what you say youre going to do?

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  • Tammy

    Do not go with this company! Poor customer service, the fees are not what they say, hard to get out of a contract! Workers are not trained properly to get accurate advice i’ve Even been lied to from a worker and one of there coworkers verified that. Finally got out of the contract and had to email and call multiple times to get the information to send back the machine and by that time I had 3 days to get it back to them otherwise they were going to charge me 800.00 dollars. Want to know the kicker no one ever stated the information about returning it I had to ask for it. Maybe they wanted to make a quick 800.00!

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  • Josie

    Dylan helped get Sound Garden back on line. He was patient and tried as many times as was necessary. Dylan is definitely an asset to your company and please don’t pass him up for a raise when the time comes.

  • Jottie Peyton

    This company is a scam. They have charged me 5x what they agreed to on the phone. Each month the charges have gotten higher and I have not swiped a card yet. It is very difficult to get them on the phone. The customer service rep I finally got a hold of after being on hold for an hour told me, “I cant explain why you were charged that much.” Then he told me it was $300 to cancel. I suppose this is my tuition cost for trusting these scammers. Let me save you the headache and aggravation. Do not sign up no matter how much they’re untrained salesman promises you.

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  • Ken McConnell

    Talus Payments is absolutely the WORST company out there. They made a complete mess of my credit card processing system….everything from not setting up the account properly, not processing charges properly, incompetent and rude staff, and more. My recommendation is that you find another credit card processing solution that will work to support you and your business. This is NOT that company.

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  • Lisa

    I have worked with Gloria Soto in customer service quite a few times and she has always been very knowledgable, professional and courteous!! She has has always helped me through whatever the issue is, and completed whatever the issue was at hand. She is a true asset to Talus !!

  • Lynn OLEARY

    Today I cancelled my service as I am no longer accepting credit cards. I feared I would be badgered into keeping acct open but was so relieved when Vickey understood my goal and helped quickly to make it happen. She was courteous, pleasant and professional
    and the process took only seconds. Thank you Vickey!

  • Jessica

    Horrible experience from the beginning! Promised to have my online payment gateway set up the day after my account was approved, now 5 days later, I still have not been set up. Daniel is extremely rude, he just wants to argue. He called me today saying he thinks I’d be better off with a different company! He claims there is no Supervisor above him.
    I spoke with Monica today, she has been very nice and helpful. Daniel, however is a horrible representation of your company. I have not been given what was promised when they hounded me to sign up in the 1st place, and I will not settle for being charged $295 to cancel when the service promised wasn’t even provided. Very disappointed.

    This post will help: Cancelling a Merchant Account Without Paying a Fee

    – Phillip

  • Frankie I

    My specific and ONLY interest was to process payments using ACH. Every discussion with a sales rep, Terrell Smith, was under the context of ACH services only. This same context (ACH service ONLY) was made with two others: Shamika Johnson in underwriting and Rebecca in customer service), NONE of which mentioned once that ACH services were NOT OFFERED. The fact that NO “ACH” type service was offered was NOT made known to me until a credit CARD type processing account was established. I demanded to have the account closed; to-date I have NOT received any response from an account executive, Kayla Baker, that had reached out, prior to my demand to close the account, with a very vague email apologizing FOR ALL the confusion. A financial products based business (Teluspay) making it into an industry where “honesty” and security, joined at the hip, should be a given. I, personally, would never do business with a company (like Taluspay) having loose controls, and a practice of withholding critical decision making information from a prospect. In my opinion, withholding information critical to a decision is equivalent to lying. Don’t do business with liars.

    From The Editor
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  • John

    What’s funny is they just updated the company name to from Talus Payments to “Talus Pay” with a new logo and website. This company will never stop running their reps around with tablets so that the clients cannot really know their rates.

    Next up, new and improved “Tal Pay”.

  • Jennifer

    Super not impressed. First of all, my website they’re looking at says ALL over it that we are now 2 new businesses so contact those businesses. It’s very clear and very obvious for anyone who takes 2 seconds to look.
    Second, lady called, obviously just rando dialing, asked for ‘owner.’. No “Hi, I’m (whatever her name was) from Talus credit card processing and I’m looking for the owner of (my business name here)”.
    When I said I was the owner and asked who she was “Talus”.
    (that tells me nothing) OK… what do you do??
    “Credit cards”.
    Wow. Thanks.
    “Can our sales rep stop by your place this Thursday?” Where would they go, (since I have a home office)? “Um…um… Insert very wrong address here”.
    Well, that’s a home address, and I don’t live there, so no.
    “Well, do you process credit cards?” Yes, but I’m not interested and you still haven’t told me who you are. “Push push pushy sentence here”
    Still, no thank y…
    (dial tone).
    So, long way of saying “Really crappy cold calling there folks!”. NOT impressed and don’t call me again and waste my time if you’re not even going to do due diligence on who you’re calling!

  • danny patel

    I was with futuretech and then talus bought them. I was with both companies totaling six years. My fees keep going up from day 1. they told me sign contract so your price won’t go up but they still go up. I called several times for it but they find new excuse and would not lower price. It got to point were I was paying more than 3.5%.Not counting annual fees. Only one advice people if you are considering this company. STAY AWAY.They are liers.

  • LaToya Brown

    This company is a complete FRAUD!!!!! They lie to get you set up. They said I would not be charged until I used the machine. They have been charging me $30-50 a month for a machine I NEVER once used! I returned their equipment and cancelled everything and they are still charging me EVERY MONTH. They are trying to pull $300 from my bank constantly for their equipment that I sent back to them by fed ex with THEIR LABEL! This has cost me over $200 in back fees and now I have to pay $40 to stop payment. STAY AWAY FROM THIS FRAUDULENT COMPANY OR YOU WILL BE IN DEBT!!!!! ON top of all of that they sent me the wrong machine in the beginning and when they send another machine it was used and broken.

  • Tom

    I just received a call, today, May 7, 2018 from Talus Payemts which of course, I did not answer.
    I am on the DO NOT CALL list and I just verified that with the government website.

  • Hailey Hall - Gray

    I was contacted by a telemarketer 2 days ago from Talus, she told me that there was going to be a representative in my area that was going to drop off information at about 11 the next day, I told her no I’m not interested multiple times and kept saying no then we each hung up the phone. The nest day I’m outside with my daycare children because that is my business and it was beautiful out and their representative pulls into my yard and comes to the gate waiting for me to come acknowledge him, he asks me all types of questions and does his little presentation while I’m out there trying to watch 8 children. He then asks if I’m interested and I told him I told the woman on the phone no and I told him I’d think about it. He then calls his supervisior and has me talk to him to try and convince me to sign up immediately! Clearly he didn’t plan on leaving and I was alone with 8 children at my home so I just filled out the application to make him leave so I could continue on with my day with the children and I could call to explain the situation and cancel my application later. Especially being I run a small business I do not need card readers anyway which I told them all multiple times and then with the representatives presence I felt pressured and wanted to ensure I didn’t make anyone upset to ensure my children’s safety. I then call today to cancel all of this and explainot the situation, and I get sent back to the supervisior and chewed out to the point of tears by him! Completely unprofessional, he said I should have just said no in the first place which I did, and said I inconvenienced everyone involved and said I kept changing my story, which I wasn’t I was stating the MULTIPLE reasons I didn’t want to do business with them. He was very very rude and just all around unprofessional. He said they canceled my application and then said he has no way to prove it, I just have to believe they did when they have my email and my home address they could send me some type of verification! They also said they have the highest rating with the BBB which I now know after research is a lie. It all seems like a scam to me and I’m even changing all of my account information in case they try to do anything with my bank!

  • J. Williamson

    Very unprofessional. Sales rep had no working knowledge of their systems or if their systems would work with other systems. Ended up not doing business with them because I could not get a printed contract with the terms and pricing. Do not do business with this company. Also I had to contact them twice over taking money out of my bank account after I did not install their equipment and not doing any processing with them. Do not do business with this company.

  • Chad York

    They call my business weekly. I answered once and told them I wasn’t interested. They continue to call at least once a week, sometimes more. The last few weeks I’ve wanted to answer again and try and get off their call list but I’ve been busy with a client, and don’t want to be interrupted for that long. Thankfully their name and number show up on the caller ID.

  • Elli Downing

    We started using talus payments in the end of 2017 and since the day we started we have had nothing but problems. Each merchant on our account was not supposed to be charged a monthly fee, but every month they were charged different amounts. Sometimes $10 sometimes $110 dollars. Then trying to get a hold of someone to make it right was like pulling teeth, and when someone is supposed to call you back, they never do. It took a week to refund each of our withdraws, and then it would happen the next month. As a small business we rely on ALL of our money, and this company did not follow through with its promises. Hollow apologies and promises is what this company is based upon, and I would never recommend them to anyone. They should be shut down

  • John

    They are about to morph into their next DBA, Celerus Payments. They are already seeing too many negative reviews of Talus and are ready to jump. The article should be updated to reflect this so that potential victims are aware.

  • Glen

    We have been using Talus Payments for about 3 months now. When we changed processors, the rep reviewed our transactions with our prior processor and assured us we met their volume and average charge amounts for a discounted rate. He also promised that we would be paying overall lower fees than with the processor we were then using and that Talus would handle getting our gift cards transferred to their system.

    First, the first two months are overall costs with Talus was higher than we had been paying, the third month was less so we will see where that goes. Second, Talus shipped a Verifone that was not programmed to process gift cards and seems to have no interest in getting our gift cards changed over. We are stuck paying a low volume fee to our previous provider for handling gift cards. These are the promises not fulfilled.

    We have experienced an issue with payment for the sales for an entire weekend, which is a major problem for a small operation which does over half it’s business over the weekend and that business is 95% credit/debit card. When the payment did not show in our bank account as scheduled, I contacted customer service by phone and was told to check their website. On the website it stated their processor was in Florida and had been affected by hurricane Irma, but AT&T assured them the problem would be corrected that day and that Talus had all scheduled payments for the day queued up and they would be transmitted immediately on service being restored. Later in the day they posted service was restored at 2 pm and payments would be transmitted shortly. Then, just after 5 pm, they posted payments were being held till the following business day. At around noon on the following day, when the payment still had not appeared, customer service was again called and stated it might be another 2 or 3 days before the payments were actually made. Payment was received that afternoon. My problem with this is Irma had occurred over a week before this event happened and payments had been made on time throughout the episode, including on the prior day. Also, if the hurricane was the true reason, why were payments not made when Talus said they would be after service was restored?

    Last, we have gotten numerous customer inquiries on our charges since going with Talus, including one being labeled as a fraudulent charge. Talking with customers who have contacted us regarding the issues they have had, it seems Talus does not identify the merchant by business name, instead using as alpha numeric code that no one can decipher. Why are business name does not appear on our customers statement is beyond me, but seems to be part of a slip shod business model throughout their operation.

  • Curtis Highbridge

    We invited Talus in for a payment processing review and 30 mins later invited them to leave.
    Believe in asking people to buy but it is a process and advised the closer who was called by the on site visitor we would review the proposal and information he had gathered and would decided if we wanted to change. He persisted without merit so we hung up and told the visitor we weren’t interested. The visitor was polite and thanked us for our time and left with out further word.

  • Charlotte Suydam

    Do not believe their rates. There are hidden surcharge fees, and you have to process a certain amount monthly to get the ‘negotiated rate’. It is also a 3 year contract you are signing into. Pushy sales person that just showed up at my business after not setting up equipment, and said he would have to make some phone calls about the terms in the contract sent via e mail that contradicted the promised rate of .05% and just under $7/m.
    On the plus side, my original merchant Capital Direct beat their monthly fee to keep me as a customer, lowered me to .015%, and will cover the $295 cost should Talus want to charge me for never using their equipment, and lying to me. Don’t do it. If it is too good to be true, you have a sales person lying to your face when it comes to business.

  • Loraine Belcher

    Avoid at all costs! I have been paying just the service charges for months and they still will not let me out of contract that they lied to get me into until the end of the contract. They can’t keep stories straight on the phone as I was first told it was a 1 year contract. When I went to close it it suddenly was a 2 year contract!! At that time I tried to close and was told it was a 3 year contract. Now I haven”t even used their services and I have paid more than the early pay off and still must stay with them to end of contract. Unethical, and dishonest company–another one!!

  • Carla

    TERRIBLE COMPANY using shady business practices. They changed names several times without notifying our company and stopped sending paper statements after we EXPLICITLY REFUSED TO GO PAPERLESS. Customer service is so nonexistent that we had to do some searching to find out exactly WHO the merchant company was that was taking money from our account. Bookkeeping was done solely by bank statements since we received NO COMPANY STATEMENTS. When we switched to a far better merchant company they refused to waive an early termination fee from a contract that was clearly breached by them & was 8 years old (& 2 company name switches ago).

  • Robert Nall

    Your company keeps calling my residence for some unknown reason. This is not a business and there is no business associated with my name. PLEASE STOP CALLING MY RESIDENCE!

    I see several complaints to the Better Business Bureau in Texas. As I recall, your company called me in the past until I filed a written complain with the BBB. I can do that again if you want to be notified of another complaint!

  • Steven T Sorrell

    Talus Payments called me up on Tuesday May 2 asking if their agent could visit my business the following Thursday. I immediately stated that I wasn’t interested, told them to NOT have a representative visit, and to never call me again. On Wednesday May 3, the rep came in anyway. I told him that someone had called the previous day and I asked that no one from the company visit. He acted surprised. He kept on pushing his claim that they could save me “lots of money”. Nope…not falling for that. Like so many business owners, I’ve been bitten one too many times…not going down that road again. But he just wouldn’t leave it alone. Asked about my processing equipment…I told him I used a POS terminal and all I needed currently was a card swiper, which I have. I have no need for their overpriced terminals. Still not giving up, he asked if I could accept chip cards. I can…but I don’t have a chip reader and won’t get one until the day comes when it is an absolute necessity for my business…until then, I can swipe or manually enter the card. He just wouldn’t give up…I interrupted again to say that I was not interested. He finally left.

    He was a very unprofessional looking man…driving a car that barely ran and wearing clothes that looked like they were for someone 6 inches shorter than he was. Granted, I know he is merely an independent sales rep for them and he’s just trying to make a buck. I sort of felt sorry for him, as the credit card industry is full of nothing but cheats, crooks, and liars for the most part.

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