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Phillip Parker is a former merchant services agent turned small business advocate and the author of "Fee Sweep," which teaches merchants how to dramatically lower their processing rates, eliminate junk fees, and avoid fine-print scams. He founded CardPaymentOptions.com to help merchants enact positive change in the credit card processing industry.



Phillip can help you find an ethical and honest processor that will offer you great rates.
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  1. Jim

    A salesman from Vericomm reached out to me and I expressed interest in their services, until I read this review. I sent it to him and asked for his reaction. Anyway, after that I said I would be checking out other merchants while still considering Vericomm.

    Two days later I received an email from him that I considered to be spam. I asked him to refrain from sending me generic emails and this is his response:


    Let me please make one thing clear. I do not need your business. I am here to help, and if you choose to go elsewhere then that is your decision.

    Kevin Jones

    So, that’s it for me.

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    1. Kevin Jones

      This is Kevin Jones with Vericomm. My goal is to help business owners in need. I will not waste the merchants time or mine. I was greeted with a very negative response and was told that my email would not help my cause. Therefor I told the merchant that I did not need his business and am only interested in working with a merchant that wishes to save money.

      Kevin Jones

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  2. Carmen Blanks

    I found Vericomm to be a very helpful processor. They worked to clear up some issues I had with my previous processor and i was provided a free brand new EMV terminal. I was offered Interchange pricing, which was not even an option with y,m previous processor.

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    1. Phillip Parker

      Please reply to this comment with your business name and location in order to authenticate your testimonial.

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