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Phillip Parker is a former merchant services agent turned small business advocate and the author of "Fee Sweep," which teaches merchants how to dramatically lower their processing rates, eliminate junk fees, and avoid fine-print scams. He founded CardPaymentOptions.com to help merchants enact positive change in the credit card processing industry.



Phillip can help you find an ethical and honest processor that will offer you great rates.
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  1. AJ

    Mine story is no different than others, started a new small business that has website to take orders. I was doing good and getting lot of orders and now all of sudden my money is put on hold for 90 days for no solid reason. They are holding over $10,000 of my hard earned money and I might have to discontinue my business because I don’t money to by supplies and to pay other expanses.
    It seems like they are openly cheating and killing small business and no body can stop them.

    Can anyone suggest any legal action to have my money back, I think I signed some contract of which they never sent me a copy so I am assuming all the fine prints must go against me.

    Really need some genuine help!

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