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Company Overview

A division of the INKAS Group, INKAS Payments is a merchant account provider headquartered in Toronto, Canada. Founded in 1993, INKAS was originally a manufacturer of safes. vaults. and armored vehicles. Afterward, the company expanded into financial services with INKAS Finance Corporation in 1998 following the deregulation of the ATM/POS industry.

INKAS Payments Payment Processing

INKAS Payments processes all major credit cards and debit cards, offering POS systems, mobile payments, and online payments. It offers swipers and POS terminals for in-store purchases as well as smartphone and mobile terminals that can accept everything from credit cards to gift cards to even PayPal. They particularly push their free rate-analysis service and their price-matching option.

Online Payment Gateway

With their online payment gateway service, INKAS Payments empowers businesses to process payments securely over the internet. This service enables merchants to accept online payments through their websites, providing customers with a convenient and streamlined checkout experience.

Mobile Payment Solutions

INKAS Payments offers mobile payment solutions that allow businesses to accept payments on the go. Their mobile payment services enable merchants to use smartphones or tablets as portable point-of-sale (POS) systems, facilitating transactions at various locations or events.

Virtual Terminal

The virtual terminal service by INKAS Payments allows businesses to process credit card transactions manually, typically for mail or telephone orders. Merchants can securely input customer payment information into a virtual terminal interface, making it easier to process transactions without a physical card present.

E-commerce Integration

INKAS Payments offers seamless integration solutions for e-commerce platforms. By integrating their payment processing services with popular online shopping carts and platforms, businesses can optimize their online sales channels, streamline checkout processes, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Multi-Currency Processing

For businesses operating on a global scale, INKAS Payments provides multi-currency processing capabilities. This feature enables merchants to accept payments in various currencies, facilitating international transactions and catering to a broader customer base.

Location & Ownership

INKAS is a reseller and registered ISO/MSP of the US Bank National Association and the Canadian branch of Elavon and is a registered ISO of Wells Fargo Bank, Toronto, ON, Canada. The company is headquartered at 3605 Weston Rd, North York, Ontario M9L 1V7, Canada. David Khazanski is the founder and president while David Wiseman is CEO of INKAS Group.

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INKAS Payments Customer Complaints & Reviews

Here's What Users Think

Complaint Summary

Total Online Complaints
Live Customer Support
Most Common Complaint
Sales Calls
Recent Lawsuits

Moderate Complaint Total

We have located over 30 negative INKAS Payments reviews on this and other consumer protection websites, some of which accuse the company of being a scam or a ripoff. By far the most common complaint from clients has to do with the company’s telemarketing tactics. According to some complaints we’ve found, INKAS would call repeatedly after being asked to stop, and some businesses even believe that they were contacted by an INKAS representative posing as their current processor. Other, more recent INKAS Payments reviews mention undisclosed fees and contract terms and poor customer service. Although the company has relatively few complaints through the usual merchant services complaints channels, the nature of the available complaints has resulted in a grade of “C” for the company in this category. If you have your own INKAS Payments review to make, please do so in the comments below.

INKAS Payments Lawsuits and Fines

We have not found any outstanding class-action lawsuits or FTC complaints filed against INKAS Payments. Dissatisfied clients who wish to pursue a non-litigious course of action against the company should consider reporting it to the relevant supervisory organizations.

INKAS Payments Customer Support Options

INKAS offers a contact form and a phone number on its website, but these contact options fall short of what we expect of top credit card processors for customer service.

INKAS Payments Customer Service Number

  • (877) 382-4852 – Toll-Free Customer Service

INKAS Payments BBB Rating and Report

Our Better Business Bureau Profile Assessment

BBB Summary

BBB Reports

Note: We have adjusted this company’s BBB rating according to our own standards. To better understand why we adjust BBB ratings, please see our Rating Criteria.

Nearly 10 BBB Complaints

INKAS Payments Corporation currently has an “A+” rating with the Better Business Bureau and has been accredited since 2015. The company is showing 7 complaints filed in the past 36 months. Only 4 of these 7 complaints were resolved by the company to the satisfaction of the merchant. The remaining 3 were resolved to the dissatisfaction of the merchant or received no final response.

What Merchants Say

In addition to those 7 complaints, INKAS Payments has received 13 informal reviews, all negative. It should be noted that the BBB does not verify informal reviews like it does with complaints. The most recent review has to do with telemarketing efforts:

Annoying Telemarketers – have asked repeatedly to be put on the do not call list and the calls still keep coming daily !

Any business reviewing their options should be sure to research their best options for customer service before choosing a provider.

A “B” Performance

Given the company’s complaint rate and resolution ratio, we have adjusted the BBB‘s rating to a “B” for the purposes of this review.

INKAS Payments Fees and Rates

A Closer Look at the Contract

Cost Summary

Cancellation Penalties
Monthly & Annual Fees
Processing Rates
Equipment Leasing

Potentially Varied Pricing

There is currently very little information available about the standard INKAS Payments contract. Since the company is an Elavon reseller, it is likely that its standard contract closely resembles that of Elavon, but it is entirely possible that INKAS has the freedom to alter some contract terms as it deems necessary. The standard Elavon contract is a multi-year term with PCI Compliance fees ranging from $29 to $59, transaction fees of 2.65% plus $0.19 (swiped), and 3.15% plus $0.19 (keyed-in), and no termination fees. Given the likelihood that INKAS utilizes independent sales offices, though, it is possible that clients may receive varying rates and terms depending on their business types, sizes, and business history.

Virtual Terminal and Payment Gateway Pricing

In addition to its storefront payment processing services, INKAS Payments also dedicates a portion of its website to advertising its virtual terminal and payment gateway, dubbed VirtualMerchant. However, pricing is not disclosed on either of those services. Additional INKAS Payments rates and fees, including gateway fees, technical support fees, batch fees, and additional transaction rates typically apply to these e-commerce services.

Beware Long-Term Leases

The leasing arm of Elavon, Ladco Leasing, is notorious for providing long-term, expensive, non-cancellable equipment leases as an additional term of Elavon processing agreements. We found one INKAS complaint that mentioned a five-year lease through Ladco, indicating that some of the company’s clients may find themselves in expensive leases. The company’s grade has been lowered to reflect this possibility, especially because Ladco is one of the lowest-rated companies on CPO. We encourage business owners to check out our list of the providers of the best merchant services.

INKAS Payments Jobs and Employment

Hiring Standards and Ethical Marketing Assessment

Key Points

Uses Independent Resellers
Misleading Marketing
Discloses All Important Terms

Shady Telemarketing

INKAS appears to market its services primarily through independent agents, strategic partners, and telemarketing. The company’s telemarketing, in particular, seems to be a major source of frustration for clients, as there are numerous INKAS Merchant Services reviews that cite aggressive, unwelcome phone calls to business locations. In many cases, business owners report an inability to make the calls stop through polite requests, and some felt the need to resort to rude behavior in order to get the calls to stop. In addition, several INKAS complaints mention that the caller from INKAS attempted to mislead the client into believing that they were the business’ current processor (a highly unethical tactic known as “slamming“). This does not compare favorably to our list of best credit card processors.

Cause For Concern

Although we can find no INKAS complaints that mention deceptive tactics by the company’s in-person sales force, the telemarketing reports are worrying enough to lower the company’s score to a “C” at this time. If you suspect that INKAS is charging you undisclosed fees, we recommend seeking an independent statement audit to spot hidden charges.

INKAS Payments Review Summary

Our Final Thoughts and Opinions

INKAS Payments rates as an average credit card processing provider according to our rating system. The company is suffering numerous complaints regarding its sales practices, and there is some indication that its contract and leasing terms through Elavon are not especially competitive. INKAS can improve its rating in this review by reducing the number of complaints filed against it. Business owners are encouraged to carefully read all documentation provided by the company and to compare its costs to those of top-rated Canadian merchant account providers.

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37 Responses

  • Russ

    Don’t fall for the “free rate review”, it’s just a scam to hand you over to their sales team. I’ve said “no” to them several times but they will not stop calling.

    I consider calls from Inkas Payments harassment at this point and will immediately hangup the phone and encourage everyone to do the same.

  • Guy Martin

    studio g r martin

    Avoid Inkas Elevon ,they are good at making promises, and very good at charging extra fees. The rep was clear in assuring better rates and that I could cancel any time if I wasn’t satisfied but neglected to mentioned I’d be stuck in a lease on the terminal with a third party which is owned by Elevon for 4 years. GUY MARTIN,MARTIN Photography

  • Johnhater

    Rudest company ever!!!! They call over and over again, even when you ask them not to. Who would ever want to do business with a company who has bullies cold calling. John is a complete idiot!!!!. The guy actually argued with me about my gender. WTF?!! John is aggressive and, rude!!! All I can say is Karma’s a B****h John!!!! Your day will come!!

  • Lyla

    Do not sign up with this company, they are just aggressive sales people that will lie to your face. Dylan Burnett told me since we only wanted a virtual terminal there wasn’t any company that would bother to deal with us. Even though I had no problem receiving quotes from multiple companies. I also contacted our current company and asked if they could sharpen their pencil on our rates, which they did lowering them substantially. Dylan at Inkas tried to tell me that he already spoke with that company and they told him that they were just trying to get us to sign and would never honor their agreement once we did. This was all a lie, Inkas has nothing to do with the company we currently deal with. Once I told Dylan that we were not prepared to change processing companies at this time he became very rude and hostile on the phone. In the end I had to hang up on him to escape his verbal abuse. I recommend avoiding this company at all costs.

  • John Collins

    J+E recovery

    I one hundred percent agree. The exact same thing happened/ is happening to our company. They are con artists!
    I don’t know how anyone gives them a positive review. They won’t even call us back or return an email after we signed a contract! Their BBB needs to be dropped ASAP so more business don’t get scammed by them with their bait and switch tactics.

  • Russ

    Do not fall for their predatory tactics. They are looking take advantage of anyone they can.Twice in the past four years we have received the full court press from Inkas salespeople trying to get us to switch over from our current provider. The most recent time, the salesperson was trying to sell the fact that he/she was from Elavon (which is not true, they are the reseller) and that we would be ditching the reseller we are currently signed up with and going direct with Elavon to get ridiculous good premium rates. We already deal with another Evalon reseller who has been nothing short of fantastic and have no interest in switching to another reseller. I flat out told the person we were not interested but everytime I pushed the issue, they got more aggressive. I actually received several followup calls (which I would consider borderline harassment) and finally I went on the offensive myself until the person gave up and hung up on me (to my relief!). Needless to say, solely based on their sales tactics I will never do business with them.

  • Martin Rancourt

    Inkas Payments is the worst processing company I have ever dealt with. They promise to transfer you worry free and rush you into signing a new contract with them and then they tell you they cannot cancel your prior contract. Please do not believe a word Lana Fishbein says. She will not even have the courtesy of returning a call after the contracts are signed. Not even sure how a company like this is even allowed to operate in Canada.

    Worst experience ever!

  • Velma Armstrong

    I have only been with the company for one week. I closed a batch of over $7,000.00 on Friday, and when it didn’t show up in my account on day 2 (Tuesday) I called the company. The deposits had been showing up the next day prior to this.
    I was told it was held up in “security” and needed to be investigated. I was also told it would take 2 to 3 business days. Several phone calls later, (none of which were returned by customer service or the security department) the first agent I talked to phoned today and said the funds had been released but would take another 1 or 2 days. This company has extremely poor customer service once they have your business. It’s a bookkeeping nightmare as well, since the deposits never match the total of the closed batch. It’s like they release a few transactions at a time or something. Wish I had never switched. Will give it a few more weeks (maybe, and will switch again)

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  • Scott

    A representative from this company is constantly harassing our administrator. He has been told multiple times that we are not interested in switching companies, and after the last encounter he took to cat-calling our administrator and asking for her personal number. Super creepy. We had to alert the authorities due to the ongoing harassment.

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    • Cathy Manalo-Dumoulin

      I agree. Inkas called our business last year and told me (this is unbelievably true!) that the federal government of Canada hired them to review merchant fees rates on credit card transactions. I am normally smart not to fall for such scams but I did fall for this one. After giving them the financial info from my provider’s statement, they promised they’ll talk to my provider and ask to lower my fee. More calls came from them over the course of a few months and in the end they told me my provider won’t lower the merchant fee and my only choice to get a lower fee is to change provider. When I explained that my company won’t change provider, the person on the phone became rude and hang up on me. That was last year, 2021. Yesterday I got another call from them, pretending to be all professional and acting like they were catching up from our discussion last year. When I told the lady that the last person who talked to me last year was pushing me to change provider and when I said we won’t, the person got rude and hung up the phone. The lady said she knows who that person was and they fired him already becuase Inkas has no place for unprofessional employees. The lady said my merchant fee rate should have already gone down based on “the work they’ve done last year, talking to my provider, etc.” I asked her if I need to talk to my provider to get the lower rate and she said no, I’ll get the lower rate without doing anything and I will just get a report from her colleague the following day. Today is the following day and her “colleague” called me up to, guess what? OFFER ME TO CHANGE PROVIDER! That was it! I told the man on the other line that I shouldn’t be talking to him/them anymore because we’re not changing provider, that changing provider is not an option. The man said, “okay, then we have nothing to talk about.” DUH?! Stop calling me and stop pretending the federal government hired our services!

  • Ruby

    Worst company ever. Keep calling to compare to rate but the processing system is from First Data. Doesn’t allow process high transaction, go through hell with them. Got charge for fund that never deposit to my account. Never call you back after got your contract. Don’t ever work with them!

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  • Adam

    VERY aggressive company that I sensed was bad business. I unfortunately signed up and within 7 days realized I made an error by doing so. I have been dealing with them for 7 days now and they are horribly resistant and obstinate. Cancelling the contract within the first month of service is a nightmare.

    From The Editor
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  • Private

    Inkas has a very aggressive telemarketing team. They call repeatedly and do not stop calling if you ask them to. They are very pushy and I would not choose them over any other companies after reading the reviews. I have asked them several times to remove our number from their call list, yet they keep calling. I have now taken it in my control to block their number, although I am sure they will call again from a different number.

    It is so disrespectful and unattractive as a company to disrespect peoples wishes.

    From The Editor
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  • sherry hannah & shelly hutchinson

    this is a copy and paste as this has gone to the BBB as well…We (partners) were contacted by Inkas payments several times and were put in contact with a Senior Account Manager (S.A.M.) Patrick Dowling who works for INKAS PAYMENTS. At that time, we had a different company, DEBIT ONLY ACCOUNT, with no problem in over 6 years, a bit expensive for a small company, 2 people, no employees, we just wanted to provide convenience of debit card payments for our clients. S.A.M. from INKAS talked a good talk, bad mouthed the other company and assured us his company could do better for us. We made it clear, debit only account, no credit card acceptance. S.A.M. assured us of the terms, on a month to month basis, we could cancel at any time no problem, no cost, no penalties cause we would be on a month to month basis, no contract, no lease, just a simple month to month debit only account. We would receive monthly statements, we would be charged $150.00 for installation, but we would receive a credit of $150.00 to offset this after 30 days. S.A.M. assured us we would be paying .04cents per transaction, $5.00 per month for a paper statement and $7.00 for admin fees and that would be it. We asked several times if there was any other fees or any thing else we would have to pay cause we are just a small company and S.A.M. assured us that there was NO other charges or fees, so we agreed and S.A.M. was going to set it up, no problem. The papers, docusign came and even though we had concerns S.A.M. assured us the papers were just a formality and to not be concerned all would be ok as he was looking after everything. Up to this time S.A.M was the only person we spoke to. Before we even started using the service there was a withdrawal from our account. We contacted S.A.M. immediately and he assured us this was part of the initial cost that would be reimbursed ($150.00 credit), but he would look into it, well from there the withdrawals kept happening and every time it was the same, S.A.M. would assure us not to worry he was taking care of things. In 2 months they withdrew just over $450.00 dollars form our account and every time we would contact S.A.M. he would assure us he was looking into it, he was working diligently on it, he was busy, but he was taking care of things, he was in meetings, there was an accident on the highway, but he would look into things in the morning and get back to us with answers, but never once did he actually answer a question, NOT EVEN ONCE, just stalled and stalled while our small account was being emptied. During the first week of service a credit card was accepted by mistake and it went through, (refunded immediately ) we tried contacting a few phone numbers and got no answers, so we immediately contacted S.A.M. and he said don’t worry and assured us he would take care of it and we would never have to contact anyone about credit cards again, I have that text and more saved from S.A.M. From there things started to spiral down hill, the withdrawals, over $450.00 in2mths for a debit only account, the credit card thing, no $150.00 credit , no statements, no ANSWERS, just excuses, S.A.M. would make arrangements to call at certain times and then have excuses as to why he couldn’t return the call, busy, in meetings etc, all we ever got was lame excuses and NO answers, Just stall and tell us not to worry he is diligently working to fix things. Well S.A.M. never fixed a damn thing and after hours on the phone, being transferred, on hold and being told we would have to pay cancelation fees and lease breaking fees, we have a 60 month lease or contract etc . We finally got the account canceled, now we are just trying to return the equipment and not have to deal these people or companies. We would like our money back, but they can keep the $450.00 plus, because we DO NOT want to nor do we have the time to deal with people like these . Why does a company employ people like S.A.M.,no honesty, lies his face off to clients and treats them with such disrespect and disregard ? all for a what, a paycheck….how do these kind of people live with themselves….. and they are really parasites not people!!!!! they should be held accountable for there lies and scamming.

    From The Editor
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  • Mich Which

    I am a small business owner. I was told that I would get a better rate with First Data and that I was paying too much with Chase. After having Patrick (supervisor) go over my Chase statements said that I would be saving about 200 a month with switching. Patrick did go over the contract with me and skimmed over the equiment lease and passed right over the part that the equipment was a NON-CANCELLING equipment lease. SO i have only had the equipment for about 10 business days and have paid one month that if i wanted to get out of my contract I would have to pay $3488.00 for the equipment. I did my research on the Tiered Pricing I see that how it works is pretty mucky. Lots of extra percentages adding togeher for different cards. More expensive that my last processor and more than my new processing company. My advise to small busnessis is for them to give you examples of like charges that you would make on a daily bases and how thoses charges would look on your statments. First Data seems to be a high rated company but INKAS is a company that seems to be sneaky making it seem as if they are giving such a great rate and then skipping on information that would make you think twice about signing. So I have been on the phone for two days trying to get the Consumer Protection Act to work. Also Partick from INKAS who informed me that he is a Supervisor and that he has had these requests 100s of times (which says alot and those who haven’t probally dont have the time as small busines owners to look into it and just deal with it) said that he would call First Data Global Leasing on my behalf and request that the contact be cancelled. Which has yet to happen. So here I am a small buisness who has already been hit pretty hard by government I now have a company operating in Canada not abiding by the CPA and saying that my credit will be affected if I don’t pay for the equipment. So angry!!

  • Mongolian Village Grill East

    Customer service is terrible. Quite possibly the worst I have ever experienced in my life. Do not waste your time with this company.

  • Louis

    I’m currently reviewing their proposal and the more I look into them, the more concerns I have. I was solicited as we all are by so many merchants. What is raising alarms right now is the fact that they sold themselves on being a “rate broker” and had no affiliation with any merchant, there service is about looking at your merchant statement and provide you a better deal by looking at all providers on the market. They came back with a solution from Elavon that is very competitive and requires to sign up for 4 years.

    I then decided to do some research as good deals are sometimes to good to be true and search for reviews. I just now realized that by reading this guide and web site that they are an Elavon company and are not “brokers” as they stated…….. very misleading and wrong business practice… that’s not right, wish I would of recorded them as they stated they were a “rate broker so many times”, that is actually what made me look into their proposal in the first place. not surprised they came back with an Elavon solution. They even told me that they had contacted my current provider and they would not reduce my rate, they are going to increase it.

    I have been a Moneris user for the last 12 years, yes rates are a bit high but never had an issue, service is great and $ is in the bank the next day.

    I think you get what you pay for!!, now that I have there offer I will reach out to my current provider and see what they can do for me.

    Very happy I did not do an impulsive decision and took time to do some research.


  • Mike

    This is by far the worst company I have dealt with, customer service is terrible and they lie to get business but don’t support it. I was tricked into ordering their machines but once I found out I was lied to about the services and my obligations I have been trying to return the machines and cancel my machines for almost a year. They keep taking money out of my company account for machines that I have never used, not even once. DO NOT USE them or you will regret it the way I did.

    • Sherri

      We have been in touch with this company and we signed based the pitch they provided on savings. We discussed what type of machine we required, we were very explicit about what we need so it would hook up correctly. They sent us a machine and we cannot hook it up with our set up. They have tried to come but with alternative but none exactly as we have. We have already had issued in the past with these machine putting out business system down for over a week that we advise that no change to the setup would be possible. They do not have a machine that will work the same as the one we have. We advise that we could not work with them as a result but due to the lease agreement they won’t let us out of the agreement and we have not even stared working with them yet. This company is very misleading to deal with if there is any real savings here their customer services is so terrible that I would rather pay higher rates then deal with them. The completely understand what their doing is not ethical but in their minds that does not seem to matter. I would be absolutely horrified if we ever treated one of our customers so badly. Since nothing has actually transpired here the honest thing to do is null and void this contact.

  • Colin

    Scammers. They spam and call you when your number is listed in do not call list. Need to investigate this company.

  • Grant Mackenzie

    I sent a letter to them July 17, 2017 to notify cancellation to be effective July 31, 2017. My contract period had expired. After many phone calls to Inkas and Elavon, I finally got my account closed for the end of October.
    The have billed me for 3 extra months and will not refund my money. Rotten company.

  • sunny

    worst company I have ever meet, cheat, over charge, take no care of their customer…

  • Hazel

    A rep from Inkas had been calling me nonstop until I answered the call today.
    As indicated by the other reviewers, I was told the same lies. Unfortunately for him, I was already fully aware of what he’s trying to pull – so I keep interrupting him and keep asking him “So what if I don’t receive the rate reduction now?… I’m comfortable with my current MSP and don’t care if I’m losing money”. The rep eventually hanged up the phone on me. I know that guy will not call again. I wish I could say the same for all the other scammers.
    **Always be calm and vigilant. Always suspect everyone who says they can help you save money because everyone are trying to take your money. Always research reviews and always call your current service provider first before changing to another company.

  • Monique

    This company does not stop calling me. They have been told NO over and over and have even tried to get their foot in the door with my other staff. I have complained to their offices, to the BBB and told them directly to leave me alone but they continue to call and use time wasting sales tactics that has to stop. I have my numbers on the ‘do not call’ list but that doesn’t stop this company. At one point they were calling nearly every day. The BBB won’t do anything and they still show an A+ rating. Maybe they are a good company but I would never use a company that harasses people. NO means NO!!!

  • Cody Civiero

    I received a slamming call from them today. A rep called claiming they wanted to “verify a rate reduction” and clearly trying to give the impression they were our current processor without explicitly claiming as much, then dodged direct questions about their company’s relationship with my company. I had to hang up on them because they were fishing for either a monthly payment processing statement or alternate contact information to try it on someone else within my company.

  • Brian McQuarrie

    We got “sucked in” by Inkas, back in 2010. We specified we would give them a two year trial. After receiving over priced equipment that was not chip compliant even though it was supposed to be. The system went down numerous times. After telling them we were finding a different provider, they had the gall to tell us we couldn’t move for another three years. We went anyway. Those two years were the mist miserable experiences we ever had with POS transactions. I would not recommend Inkas in any way, shape or form. To coin a quote from a 1990’s movie … “Run Forrest, run”.

  • Susan

    Don’t ever work here ,they have no consideration for people you’re just s number to them ,they are rude no manners,Jody is disrespectful has empathy for no one ,Nick is an ass Thinks he knows it all !!

  • Matt

    The first time Inkas contacted me, they claimed that they were some kind of agency that is a watchdog for unscrupulous point-of-sale providers.

    I would have preferred if they just told me the truth. They wanted to know how much I pay EVO so that they could see if they can get me a lower rate.

    I would receive multiple phone calls per day from the same agent trying to get me to switch from Evo to their unnamed provider. At one point, I simply started sending their calls straight to voicemail. Their agent called me back six times in a row.
    At one point, I simply started sending their calls straight to voicemail. Their agent called me back six times in a row.

    I did send them my EVO statements , and once I got a quote from Inkas, I was able to get evo to lower my rates.
    I found it funny that I used Inkas for exactly what their dishonest pitch implied.

    As I was writing this, I received two calls in a row from them. And this was after I asked them to stop calling me just three days ago.

    Are you with Inkas? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • Peter Loppe

    I’too, got screwed by Incas a couple of years ago when they promised to lower my charges but , once I was signed up, they actually charged more. When I tried to contact the sales person, he never returned the call. They are unprofessional and you should stay away from them.

    Are you with Inkas? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • John Audet

    The company (Inkas) is still engaging in slamming, they call us every few months telling us that they are just calling to make sure that we are receiving our discount, they try to impress upon us that they are our service provider and they say that they are calling out of courtesy just to make sure that things are ok. They never made it past this stage with us as I clearly hear the telltale “boiler room” background noise and chatter and I know the whole thing is a scam. I simply cut them off and politely tell them I’m not interested and hang up, they never make it past the first sentence (their first lie) with me.

    Are you with Inkas? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • Kevin Douthwright

    I have had enough with the sales calls. I have asked every time I get a call from INKAS to put me on their do not contact list. They call several times a day for a while then seem to back off for a few weeks. They have started calling twice a day now and I will do everything in my power to warn people about INKAS. Their sales people are rude when you decline assistance from them. They have even became verbally abusive in some cases. STAY AWAY FROM INKAS!!!!

    Are you with Inkas? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • Peter Loppe

    Signed up with Incas 2 years ago because they promised me cheaper charges than my current credit card processor charged me. Once I signed up, I found their charges actually to be higher. When I attempted to contact my rep to question this he never returned my phone calls or answered my e-mails. In the end I had to request my credit card company to reverse the charges. They returned my money without this being questioned by Incas. Stay away from Incas. They are dishonest.

    Are you with Inkas? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • Alanna Priel

    this company is a debit card machine scam beware of them and nls leasing!!!! had to change my bank account so they wouldn’t debit me any more money!!!

  • Bob Wheeler

    Was contacted by an Inkas rep who indicated that Inkas was a watchdog company checking on POS companies to see if they have complied with the changes in rates on credit card transactions. She requested we send a copy of our Global statement for evaluation. Then came the call from the hustler indicating we are paying 40+ percent more in transaction fees than we should be and only Elavon can save us hundreds of dollars. This is a first class telemarketing promotion(hustle) by Elavon via Inkas. Caveat Emptor. They are too slick and persistent. Something smells.

    • Sandy

      I received this exact same call from a Brandon Katz with a high intensive speech about how much I would save with them. I told him to call me tomorrow and I would decide. As soon as I hung up I checked out this company. Very poor ratings so when I called him back to tell him not to call me again, he was rude and said I didn’t think I had you on the line in the first place. I hung up on him.

  • Amber Russell

    Was told that they “are not a processing company, and aren’t selling anything, but only give rate comparisons ” after I sent my statement, I got emails about Evalon Merchant services, and an electronic docusign to immediately sign their contract. I called the customer service number and there was a guy that didn’t speak English, didn’t answer like it was a business, then a girl came on the phone and pretended she couldn’t hear me. Sketchy Sketchy, I would touch this business with a 40ft pole.

  • ken zavorski

    I bought into this service and thanks to the hidden charges I got a $2400.00 , bill on my credit report. Don’t buy into this system


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