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Pros & Cons
Pros: Cons:
Seasonal business accommodations available. Inactivity fee after 12 months
Custom fees for all businesses. Numerous public complaints.
Free same-day funding. Poor customer support.
No charge for mobile app. Nontransparent tiered pricing.
Free mobile card reader initially. Limited online price disclosure.
Suitable for low transaction volumes. Deceptive sales tactics.
Overcharges Reported

Getting the lowest costs with PayAnywhere?
Probably not.
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In this review of PayAnywhere, a mobile credit card processing service by North American Bancard, we'll provide a thorough analysis of their offerings. We'll cover rates, fees, contract terms, and user experiences, including common complaints and industry ratings.

We'll discuss PayAnywhere's key features, such as its mobile POS solutions, virtual terminal for e-commerce, and recurring billing capabilities. We'll also assess the quality of their customer support and the practicality of their reporting and analytics tools.

This review will address the challenges PayAnywhere faces, including customer feedback, pricing discrepancies, and legal issues, providing a balanced view of its pros and cons. Finally, we'll compare their pricing structure and services with competitors, giving you a complete understanding to help you decide if PayAnywhere is the right choice for your business needs.

About PayAnywhere

PayAnywhere, sometimes spelled as “Pay Anywhere,” is a mobile credit card processing service offered by North American Bancard. However, this service warrants its own review because it is a departure from North American Bancard’s traditional merchant services. It should be noted that even though the service is powered by North American Bancard, the actual processor of the credit card transactions is Global Payments.  The company also offers a tablet-based point-of-sale system called PayAnywhere Storefront in addition to its two mobile phone card readers.

PayAnywhere Products and Services

Payment Processing

PayAnywhere offers payment processing for all major debit and credit cards across various business types. The company focuses on its PayAnywhere software, which includes a mobile app, virtual terminal, invoicing, recurring billing, employee tools, inventory management, data analytics, PCI Plus security, and next-day funding. This software is integrated with PayAnywhere's hardware, which includes smart terminals, smart point-of-sale systems, mobile readers, and accessories such as printers, docks, and cash drawers.

Mobile Point-of-Sale Solutions

PayAnywhere's mobile point-of-sale (POS) solutions are a key feature. The company provides a user-friendly mobile app for smartphones and tablets, enabling merchants to accept payments, manage inventory, and access real-time sales data from any location. Additionally, PayAnywhere offers mobile card readers that connect to smartphones or tablets, turning these devices into mobile payment terminals.

Virtual Terminal

For businesses that do not need a physical payment terminal, PayAnywhere offers a virtual terminal. This web-based application allows merchants to securely process payments from any internet-connected computer, making it suitable for e-commerce businesses, phone or mail order companies, and professional services providers requiring flexible payment solutions.

Recurring Billing

PayAnywhere supports recurring billing for businesses that need to charge customers regularly. The platform includes features for setting up and managing recurring payments, helping businesses maintain consistent cash flow and streamline their billing processes.

Detailed Reporting and Analytics

PayAnywhere provides merchants with comprehensive reporting and analytics tools. These tools enable businesses to track sales trends, monitor customer spending habits, and gain insights into their financial performance. Access to this data helps merchants make informed decisions to improve operations and drive growth.

Customer Support

PayAnywhere offers customer support through phone, email, and live chat. Their support team assists merchants with any questions or issues related to their payment processing services, ensuring seamless payment experiences for customers.

A Growing Processing Service

PayAnywhere, developed by North American Bancard, launched in 2010 as a competitor to Square’s mobile credit card processing service. Although it has not achieved the same level of popularity as Square, PayAnywhere has gained media attention and has outlasted competitors like Intuit's GoPayment.

Location & Ownership

PayAnywhere is headquartered at 250 Stephenson Hwy., Troy, MI 48083. Marc Gardner is the president and CEO of North American Bancard.

Overcharges Reported

Getting the lowest costs with PayAnywhere?
Probably not.
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PayAnywhere Customer Reviews

Here's What Their Clients Say

Customer Reviews Summary
Total Online Complaints 300+
Live Customer Support Yes
Most Common Complaint Fund Holds
Recent Lawsuits Yes

Overview of PayAnywhere Feedback

Our investigation has identified over 300 negative PayAnywhere reviews, with numerous accounts labeling the service as a scam or ripoff. Despite PayAnywhere’s extensive client base, which naturally could lead to some level of dissatisfaction, there’s a noticeable uptrend in complaints. Recurring concerns among merchants include fund holds aimed at minimizing fraud risk and a wide interpretation of fraudulent transaction criteria, affecting several legitimate businesses. We encourage those with personal experiences to contribute their PayAnywhere reviews in the comments section below.

Understanding PayAnywhere’s Fee Structure

While PayAnywhere’s official pricing details are accessible online, there have been reports of additional charges not explicitly covered in the initial pricing disclosure. These include a $25 Chargeback fee, a $25 NSF (Non-Sufficient Funds) fee, and an undefined $15 “Retrieval” fee. If you’ve encountered unexpected fees beyond the standard processing charges, please share your experience in our comments section.

Legal Proceedings Involving PayAnywhere

In March 2017, PayAnywhere was the subject of a class-action lawsuit in California for allegations including fraudulent business practices and unjust enrichment. The lawsuit, Gerald McGhee v. North American Bancard LLC, has yet to be resolved. This situation, along with other legal challenges faced by North American Bancard, PayAnywhere’s parent company, raises concerns for potential users of the platform.

Customer Service Experience with PayAnywhere

A significant point of contention has been PayAnywhere’s customer service, described by some as lacking and unprofessional. The customer support system appears integrated with that of North American Bancard, sharing similar criticisms for service quality and falling short of the standard set by leading credit card processors for customer service. This comparison suggests PayAnywhere’s live customer support does not sufficiently surpass that of competitors like Square.

PayAnywhere Contact Information

  • (877) 387-5640 – Toll-Free General Customer Service
  • (888) 579-4787 – Equipment Setup

Additional Support Resources

  • Live chat
  • Chatbot
  • Online support library

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Overcharges Reported

Getting the lowest costs with PayAnywhere?
Probably not.
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PayAnywhere Online Ratings

Here's How They Rate Online

Online Ratings Summary
BBB Rating 1.15
Trustpilot Rating 2.5
Our Rating 2
Average Rating 1.88

BBB Rating Analysis

Pay Anywhere has an average customer review rating of 1.15 stars and a rating of “C-” on the BBB site based on 38 customer reviews. Common themes in the reviews include fund-holds, issues with equipment, and poor customer service.

Negative Feedback

I’d give zero stars if I could. STEER CLEAR. They are as nontransparent as possible and use as many deceptive marketing to steal from you. My small business used them 8 years ago – We used them for about a year and things were fine, not great but ok. I went back to a competitor (whom I used before PA) and sent back their “free” tablet so I wouldnt be charged for it. Honestly, their tech is the reason I canceled and closed out my acct. They were difficult to work with upon closure, but I made sure and checked that they didn’t need anything else before getting off the phone with them. NO CONTACT since we canceled and now after a couple years I read on my credit report that I have money owed to a debt collector. No contact attempts, no emails, no phone calls, just straight to a debt collector. I would never consider doing business with them again.
– Complaint from April 28, 2023

My company just switch to this company 2 months ago. WE have multiple locations and switched one for a month to see how we liked it with no issues, Our other 4 locations switched to this company 1 month ago. For the past 3 business our card machines have been glitching. No one will answer through their customer service or tech department. I have left multi call back numbers with no call backs regarding the issues. On Saturday 12/17/22 a message came across our processors saying ” You may have been experiencing difficulties logging into and processing transitions, Sorry for your inconvenience”. This message was Saturday around 5 pm. IT is now monday 12/19/22 and our card machines are doing the same things. charging people even though the card reader says it declined the transaction, and not letting us log into our machines. I have never dealt with a company that wont even answer our Phone calls to try and fix our machines. All of our store managers have been on hold for HOURS and HOURS with no answer or call backs. I don’t know what to do. THIS IS THE **** OF CHRISTMAS AND WE ARE ******* THOUSANDS IN SALES BECAUSE OF THIS!!
– Review from December 19, 2022

Positive Feedback

Pay anywhere is so easy to use! I love all the options at POS. Perfect for my vendor events.
– Review from November 20, 2023

Source: BBB

Trustpilot Rating Analysis

Pay Anywhere has an average customer review rating of 2.5 stars on the Trustpilot site based on 8 customer reviews. Common themes in the reviews include fund-holds, issues with customer service, and unexpected fees.

Negative Feedback

I was asked to proivide them with invoices, customer contact info and receipts and I did. even though I gave them all information requested they still decided to close my account. I was told that the monies they owed me would be on hold for 120 days. I accepted that and patiently waited. A month after the 120 day mark I contacted them to see about getting my funds released. I was told a check request would be put in. I waited a month. When I called again I was told the request was never put in and one would be. I received an email aa week later explaining that my funds were not going to be released. I called and spoke with a manager who understood that by holding my funds they were not protecting themselves from anything and there was no reason why the funds should not be released considering I followed their instructions and request to the T. I then got an email saying that I should expect my funds withing 4-6 weeks. I did not. I called to find out what was wrong ands was told that they decided to not release my funds after all. No one informed or contacted me and this whole experience is unnecessary and aggravating. I did exactly what they asked me to do in a timely fashion without complaint. Even though I did what they wanted me to do they are still unwilling to give me my hard earned money that is not theirs nor does it serve any logistical reason to not do so. More importantly, i have in writing an email from them saying they would release my funds. If for no other reason than that they need to do what they said they would..
– Complaint from May 26, 2022

This company is the absolute worst. After a hold was put on my sales transaction for no explainable reason it was then deemed fraudulent by their “risk” department. I realized at this point that this was not the processing company for me. I requested to close my account and was told “no problem”. Well I continued to get charged their monthly fee. I called and was again bounced around as apparently NO ONE had the information and couldn’t explain why my account was still open. Eventually somebody said it was in collections!! Mind you this is a CCard processing company so how was I in collections?? Of course someone was going to get back to me or and an email would be sent, neither EVER happened. There is no record of any bill for the amount in collections and the explanation for the collection amount were processing fees that they had already taken out of the initial transactions. No matter how I asked “Claudia in collections” could never fully explain to me why I was getting this charge. She had her explanation which of course made no sense at all. So basically they were not going to stop charging me the monthly fee until I paid them their processing fees……again. I paid the $225.00 to close the account. This company is awful. This entire process took 2 months to resolve and had I not pushed from my side it wouldnt have been. Again I have had no bill for the money that was in collections. Unfortunately I read the negative reviews after signing on to this company. In those reviews, multiple times, there were situations described EXACTLY like mine.
– Review from August 10, 2023

Positive Feedback

We personally use the PayAnywhere mobile card processing service for some time now with great results. Our funds are in our account the next business day in the morning every time! There was an issue with a batch report and customer service was on the line in two minuets. We found them most helpful as we are thrilled with the service!
– Review from June 13, 2023

PayAnywhere Fees, Rates & Costs

A Closer Look at The Contract

Cost & Fees Summary
Cancellation Penalties No
Monthly & Annual Fees Yes
Processing Rates Variable
Equipment Leasing Per-machine cost

PayAnywhere Pricing

As of this review, PayAnywhere’s smartphone app entails no setup fees, monthly fees, or cancellation fees. Additionally, it provides a complimentary card reader compatible with smartphones. Extra 2-in-1 readers can be purchased for $29.95, and 3-in-1 Bluetooth Credit Card Readers are available for $49.95. Under the “Pay As You Go” plan, transaction fees are akin to competitors like Square and GoPayment, with a 2.69% fee for card swipes and 3.49% plus $0.19 for keyed transactions, applicable to all card brands. A monthly inactivity fee of $3.99 applies if no transactions are processed for over 12 months.

Standard PayAnywhere Plan

Merchants selecting the “Standard” plan and using PayAnywhere Storefront will face varying fees: 1.69% for Qualified swiped transactions, 2.69% for Non-Qualified swiped transactions, and 3.69% plus $0.19 for keyed-in transactions. Storefront users are subject to a $12.95 monthly basic service fee and a $79 monthly minimum fee for volumes at or below $5,000. PayAnywhere Storefront also offers a complimentary tablet to each client, compatible with most Apple, Android, and many Blackberry models.

Frozen Accounts and Fund-Holds

Recent complaints regarding PayAnywhere highlight issues with its cash reserve and termination policies. Similar to competitors, the company frequently freezes accounts or withholds payments in anticipation of potential chargebacks. This practice contrasts with the transparency and fairness expected from top credit card processors.

Client Complaints

PayAnywhere’s terms allow considerable latitude in establishing reserve accounts, including the right to collect interest on withheld funds. However, client complaints suggest inadequate measures to prevent merchants from exceeding their limits. Business owners seeking to avoid fund hold issues may find better options with a top-rated mobile credit card processing app.

PayAnywhere card reader
PayAnywhere’s basic 2-in-1 card reader is free for the first reader, while the 3-in-1 costs $50
Overcharges Reported

Getting the lowest costs with PayAnywhere?
Probably not.
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PayAnywhere Employee Reviews & Sales Tacitcs

Should You Work For Them?

Jobs & Marketing Summary
Uses Independent Resellers Yes
Telemarketing Unclear
Misleading Marketing No
Discloses All Important Terms No

No Deceptive Advertising

PayAnywhere does not appear to use any deceptive marketing or sales tactics in its official sales materials. It looks as though the company primarily markets its service through advertising, public relations, strategic partnerships, and referrals from North American Bancard. This compares favorably to our list of best credit card processors.

Fund-Hold Issues

Some merchants have reported that, like Square, PayAnywhere fails to mention prior to account setup that it may hold funds to mitigate risk. Specifically, some negative PayAnywhere reviews state that the company holds large amounts of funds with no prior warning of its hold policies and that the company takes a long time to release these funds. We have lowered the score of this section to reflect merchants’ sentiment that PayAnywhere’s marketing is slightly misleading when it comes to its fraud prevention policies.

Overcharges Reported

Getting the lowest costs with PayAnywhere?
Probably not.
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Our PayAnywhere Review Summary

Our Final Thoughts

PayAnywhere, a subsidiary of North American Bancard, represents an average option in the realm of mobile credit card processing. The service has accumulated a moderate volume of complaints over the years, mainly due to its fee structures and customer service issues. However, it’s noteworthy that the service allows for versatility with its hardware options, which includes mobile readers and smart terminals tailored for a variety of business needs.

Despite some negative feedback, businesses could potentially secure favorable terms with PayAnywhere by thoroughly preparing for negotiations and clearly understanding their own processing needs. It’s advisable for businesses to diligently review and possibly negotiate their contracts, especially in areas concerning fees and service terms. Additionally, comparing PayAnywhere’s services with other top-rated providers in the industry might provide further insights or better alternatives.

Location & Ownership

PayAnywhere is headquartered at 250 Stephenson Hwy. Troy, Mi 48083. Marc Gardner is the president and CEO of North American Bancard.

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Overcharges Reported

Getting the lowest costs with PayAnywhere?
Probably not.
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Testimonials & Complaints

How Did PayAnywhere Treat You?

Overcharges Reported

Getting the lowest costs with PayAnywhere?
Probably not.
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345 User Reviews

  • Douglas Cragg Gillispie

    DFW Forklift Inc

    They are refusing to release funds that have been paid by our customer. The equipment has been delivered and they have the customer contact Information. They are claiming they need to do audit and want access to our bank account. We have done many large transactions with them. There is no reason for their actions.

  • Dr. Mary Sabal

    A Better Way

    I was seriously deceived into switching over to pay anywhere with a “company review of its stable customers” to offer me a lower rate. OUTRIGHT LIES. My rate is higher than before, this, despite buying my own processing machine outright!

  • Rick Reineman

    Unannounced app update wouldn’t work on older ipads. There was no way to use the older app, just stuck in a “need to update” loop. Their support said get a newer ipad, end of story.

    No warning, nothing. Things work one day, everything broke the next. Instead of running my business I get to run around buying newer ipads, updating them, etc.

    Been thinking of going to Square, probably will now even though I replaced the ipads. These people are very annoying.

  • Ss

    Used them less then 3 weeks and we were hit one chargeback so they held back our deposits and after a week of going back and forth with their excuses and no responses or updates they decided to close our account leaving my money stranded. They are the worst company to deal with. Their customer service is unprofessional and rude. They never update you on the cases. Avoid at all cost this company. They will screw you over.

  • Jason

    Mickel Handyman Service

    We used to use payanywhere. In fact we used them for over 10 years. We never had 1 dispute. Then I went to a customer’s house to give an estimate and I have a signed contract. After 4 weeks had gone by I called to get the downpayment. He gave it to me over the phone. I sent him a receipt and the next day I ordered the materials needed for the repairs at his house. Around 3 weeks had passed and he’s calling about getting his job done. The materials have not yet been delivered. He calls and files a dispute. Payanywhere called me I sent all the legal documents to them. Mind you I had chase bank calling me evwryday. This man went and told everyone he never gave me the info. Payanywhere gave his money back. They tried to take from my bank of America and I stopped payment. They agreed with me. He was in breach of contract. He now I’m having to pay it back. This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Why is this company incompetent?

  • Charlene Houle

    DO NOT do business with this company! The sales woman never disclosed that there was a minimum amount of sales that I needed to make in order to not be charged a monthly fee. I told her I wasn’t even doing business at the time due to COVID so she knew I wouldn’t be making sales! And still didn’t tell me! I didn’t notice for 6 months that I was being charged! Then when I found out and called them to cancel the service, they said there was an 800.00 early termination fee!! Which I had no idea about! The sales lady never mentioned that either! They said well it was in the DocuSign papers. Ok that was my fault for not reading them through. I never do, I just always trust what the sales person says is true. All she had mentioned for fees was the tiny percentage per sale. I even asked her if that was all the fees and she assured me it was! I fought for the early termination fee to be waived and to get back the monthly fees, and they did waive the early termination fee but not monthly fees. So they got over 100.00 from me! Horrible company! Beware!!!

  • Ash Powers


    Do NOT engage in business with this company.

    We (my corporation) canceled services with this company as they were blatantly overcharging despite the terms within our contractual agreement. Communication with them is incredibly poor – emails go unanswered repeatedly and telephone calls are responded to with contempt.

    After closing the account, this company continued to draw hefty amounts monthly in service fees over the course of 7 months thereafter. No attempt was made by them to respond to our requests to cease billing us and it required intervention through our financial institution in order to have these charges refunded back to us. An ACH block was also necessary in order to prevent further debits as they have been entirely unresponsive to our requests.

    Based on the number of scathing reviews of this company I am surprised that this hasn’t turned into a class action suit yet.

    ——***** STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY *****—–

  • Pam

    This company has charged me over 900.00 with not once using , due to covid
    I called last month to cancel and was told it was canceled, today they charged me 179.00 even though my acct says closed when i log in, called Bank to put a stop on all payments last month and today Bank said 179.00 was put through under another name, was told some companies will do that if they can get away with it, so today i filed a fraud against them, next i will sue them for my 900.00 back
    Stay away from this company its horrible

  • Angela Fritz-Reyes

    I have used this company for 15 years and I never paid attention to the fees. My bank account was breached so I had to get new bank accounts. I just received a very unprofessional message that sounded like a collection call from them. I tried to call them back and couldn’t get through. I am not sure why they called.

    • Pam

      Thats me i didnt pay attention to my bank and they were charging me 179.00 a month and Ive never used the chip reader or their services at all
      So angry with this company

  • Liz Porteus

    This company claims to have a Pay as You Go program with a flat rate of 2.69% for swiped, dipped, or tapped transactions. However, they are currently billing me 2.69% + .19 per transaction. They claim that this was part of a repricing project due to my large volume of transactions (even though my total monthly volume does not exceed 6K). They claim to have sent me a letter regarding the fee, but I received no such letter. They refused to refund me the additional .19 per transaction and have not lowered the rate. I am switching to a new company. Their customer service dept is terrible. It’s impossible to get anything resolve right away. They say, “I’ll submit the request for you” and then you never hear back from them. You have to follow up on every issue.

  • Miguel R

    Looking to see if I could use my card reader outside the U.S. I ran into this website; very interesting, and I’m really surprised to see so many negative reviews. I have used Payanywhere for 5 years now and no complaints whatsoever. No service or monthly charges, next or second day deposits, if I needed an extra card reader or if one stopped working, I just called and they sent them for free. I have a small seasonal business and so far I’m a satisfied customer and even recommended it to several people. However, after seeing all these reviews, I’ll keep an eye because if I ever see fees and charges that are not supposed to be there, I’ll cancel immediately and will return here to comment on that.

  • Rosemary J Barletta

    I began with a dropped account at 8:30am this morning. After speaking with many of the most professional and helpful individuals my problem was solved. Whatever the error, most likely mine, each individual gave me the most helpful advice and went above and behind to get my service restored. I would totally recommend this company. Thanks again for all the help today. Rosemary

  • Kyle Baker

    Like everyone is saying below-STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY! You have been warned! I have been with them for almost 2 years.. Today I was reviewing my bank statement and found a charge from EPX (their billing branch) for $131 and change. I called to inquire about it and was told “it’s the annual charge for services $119 + your monthly charge of $12.95). It took the representative almost 10 minutes to figure out that it was a “annual fee”. Keep in mind there is NOTHING mentioned anywhere for Payanywhere that they have an annual fee. YES THEY DO! Even better, he said there are 2 annual fees that will be charged each year! Both for $119.. So, in actuality they have a bi-annual fee which equates to $238 PER YEAR just to use their service, in addition to the $12.95 per month ($155.40 annually for monthly fees). That means you are spending-at minimum, and BEFORE transaction fees $393.40 PER YEAR… You will be charged the 393.40 PER YEAR whether you ever process a single transaction. If you DO NOT USE the service you can be charged the $393.40 PLUS an “inactivity fee” EACH YEAR for the remainder of your contract term. People, I have not had any problems with them for 2 years until they hit me for an annual fee… DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY. If you do, you are going to get robbed. Plain and simple. Further, if you read the reviews, even if you “cancel” they will still bill you and then try and extort money from you. You have been warned.

    This post will help: Cancelling a Merchant Account Without Paying a Fee


    • Pam

      Yes far away have been charged 179.00 per month for 7 months and have never used the service, my bad for not paying attention to my bank, called company last month closed it down and today they put through another 179.00 under a different name, filed fraud charges against them, put stop payment on any further charges
      This company needs to be sued BIG TIME
      Going to look into it!!!

      • Danae Liechti



  • Jasmine Smith

    They charged me $3.99 a month for 4 months after I requested a cancellation. I called every month to request that they close it out and was told it would be closed but then was charged the following month. When I called and asked for reimbursement and for them to cancel it they said that it was canceled but they would not reimburse my money. Stay far far away!

    This post will help: Cancelling a Merchant Account Without Paying a Fee


    • Pam

      Yeap same thing canceled and put 179.00 through today under a different name
      We need to sue this company im so angry rigth now !!they have taken over 900.00 from me and have never used in the last 5 months
      Staying with square

  • Marianela C

    Pay Anywhere is the worst merchant services that I ever work with.
    I’ve made a sale for a new client that was above my “ticket limit” and so they decided to “audit” my sale and asked me for documents to support the sale such as an invoice and my last 3 months of my bank statement, which I have no problem to turned into, after 24 hrs that didnt even start it to “audit” my sale just because the “analyst” was-not-on-her-desk. Turns out that I almost lost my client’s contract. And the worst part is that my client’s money is on lymbo just because his bank already released the money but PayAnywhere after 3 days decided to deleted the sale so now my client has to wait 3/5 days to get his money back.
    Their customer service its horrible and they made me feel that my business was no appreciated it.
    Needless to say that I wont recommended whatsoever…. They are a shame!

    This post will help: How to Make Your Payment Processor Release Your Money

    – Phillip

  • John Raniss

    Outside agent signed me up promising no fees and great rates. After a few months monthly fees kept going up and up. She basically lied. PayAnywhere would NOT refund any fees charged. They also don’t send monthly statements OR email statements. So I had no idea they were charging me these fees for a few months. Don’t Bother. Other processors never charge fees.

    From The Editor
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    • Pam

      Same here told me i would save more money then square omg what a nightmare 900.00 in 5 months cause i didnt pay attention to my bank🤬🤬🤬im looking to do a law suit against them , today they put 179.00 through again even though when i log in says closed account, Ready to file a class action lawsuit
      All this money they are taking from people

  • Hailley Hawley

    Save yourself some trouble and DO NOT use this company! They are scam artist! I signed up with them several months ago before finding a better fit for myself and my business. I called them and had them cancel my account so I wouldn’t be charged in the future told them I found something that worked better. Keep in mind, I NEVER even used the app, never made a charge with a client, never even downloaded the app. I cancelled directly after the account was even made. FIVE months later they charge me a ridiculous amount..over $100! I called the number associated with the charge and they use another merchant company to charge their customers I had no idea what this company was and was confused about the whole thing. I called them directly and told them the situation let them know I did call and cancel even had the email confirmation showing it was cancelled. They were very very rude about it! They told me everytime someone cancels they have to mark it down and so I couldn’t have called even with my email that wasn’t enough proof to get my funds back. Seriously?! What a bunch of bull crap. Employees can make mistakes that was not my mistake! Never used the app ever but yet I have this huge charge?! They can look at the account and it would tell you I’ve never used their services. I cancelled 5 months ago why do they get to take money whenever they please?! Absolutely horrible company, they’ll take ya for everything they have. Even with monthly charges it shouldn’t be that much money over a 5 month period when no cards were ever swiped and why wouldn’t they charge monthly small sums not one huge amount?!! Do not use this company go to Square or Quickbooks they aren’t complete asshats! What a great way to start December. Was about to buy my daughter some gifts but now I’m out the money and they say there’s nothing I can do!

    From The Editor
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  • Cecilia Chavez

    Worst company ever… where nice enough to get the money from the cuatomers, but when it was time tl pay me they were asking for way too many documentations claiming that it would be for tax purposes on my part, mind you that we’ve only been opened less than a month. They owe me 2000.00 after constantly trying to get my money, i finally got very upset with all of their excuses and got the account closed, which i don’t care, and now have to wait 4 months to see if those jerks decide i will get my funds. Thieves, is what they are!!!

  • Lou

    After not using this service for five years, I was suddenly hit today with an “inactivity fee.” I thought that my account was cancelled, so was very surprised when this charge showed up. One of the reasons I stopped using the account was an inability to connect via my iPad or iPhone when trying to put through a charge. It was embarrassing to be standing with a client, and not able to complete a transaction. Customer service was a useless drone who seemed to be reading from a script.

    • Lou

      Follow up to my last comment. I received confirmation from Payanywhere on February 26th that my account was closed. I received an email today telling me that they were deducting another “inactivity fee” from my account. When I called, they had no idea why I was charged, and that they would reverse the charge. I wonder how many times they have gotten away with this scam? Stay far away from this company!

  • Hope

    Do not waste your time or money dealing with this company! Our business has taken in over 30k in the last year via credit card transactions and the put a hold on our account for one $2500 transaction. Took me an hour to reach someone on the phone and they are requesting several documents in order to release our fund! If this was a fraudulent act why haven’t we had this problem wile processing the other 30k in transactions? We will be terminating services with them and using square from now on!

  • Lincoln

    Service is non existent. They will limit your transactions to $20 per day. Who has a business that takes in $20 per day? I didn’t have time to argue with them just closed the account that took 4 hours literally being passed to phone numbers that either didn’t work or had no-one answering them. If I could give them less than one star I would

  • Roberto Victor Illa, M.D.

    Wells Fargo Bank got me to use this service. I was in private practice in Chico. Because of ObamaCare and the Narrow network policy of Blue Shield of California (eliminating doctors from their “Preferred Provider list”) I lost so much income I had to close my practice. However although Global Payments was no longer providing a service, they continued to bill me several hundred dollars per month. I tried to reach them using the number Wells Fargo gave me. The person who answered gave me another number. This also did not work. Pay Anywhere contacted me to tell me I now owed thousands of dollars. I stated the fact that they stopped providing a service months ago, because I had closed my office. They said the contract said they could still bill me. They continue to bill me over a year later, and have ruined my credit.

  • Jeff

    Writing again to complain about PayAnywhere. Found out today they are still holding my money from me even after requesting higher limits and being authorized for it. I will say it again…I would steer anyone and everyone away from this company for cc processing. They are absolutely terrible. They have no concern or care for their customer, the people they make their living from.

  • Jeff

    Absolute worst cc processing service we have ever used. After 3 years of using them they began(out of nowhere) telling us our deposits were “under review” every time we processed anything over $500.00. When this happens they have the right to hold your money for as long as they deem fit. I would never recommend this company to anyone. One deposit was held from us for 8 days. Absolutely rediculous company. Never, and I mean never, should anyone use this company for cc processing.

  • Yancell M Morales

    Very frustrated, My 1st transaction is taking longer than 7 days, you email them, there’s no reply, you call them they ask you 100 millions questions over and over, the waiting its way too long and when they finally answer the phone they will ask you for the same documents, so this way the delay the process for anorher 48 hrs. If I would read the reviews I wouldn’t have gotten into this.

  • Gomana

    Scamming..Scamming..Scamming Payanywhere scam company.
    In the first call..very friendly with me and takes all my details SSN ,bank account number and all..!
    After 2 weeks the company closed my account!!!!
    When I asked them why?!
    Told me we closed your account without any reason?!!!!
    That company Scams to take your all information about you and your business details.
    ( Be carful)

  • Ronnie Johnson

    I’ve been using this system : tablet, printer, and cash register in return i was suppose to receive the 3-in-1 but everytime i call to see what’s going on with it i get put on hold and i don’t get any response … so i have no choose but to go to another merchant for business because this is not working for me.

  • Stan Diggs

    I agree with all that I have read so far, scam, scam, scam, scam. My initial call to setup account went great, wonderful support services, but after running two transactions through totalling just over $1000.00, all my funds were frozen by pay anywhere. They stated they wanted 3 months of my banking records and when I refused they held my funds. It’s been 30 days and o still have not received my funds. Run away.

    • Joe Walsh

      I came here to say they place holds on your money for EVERYTHING. Sneeze and they’ll hold your money. Some of the customer service people are nice others are rude jerks. As others here have stated, don’t go with them you’ll be sorry. After seeing all these bad reviews I’m very surprised they’re still in business. I’ve used GoPayment and Paypal never a good easy to work with no issues with them.

  • cindy hedberg

    Customer service is really horrible. I have been trying to close my account with them for almost a year now and they continue taking a fee out of my checking account. I have emailed called and emailed again to no avail. I am beyond angry. Just Beware!

  • Karla Armstrong

    Communication EXTREMELY poor. They were notified in 2013 that our business closed but still took money from our account. Received no notification of the $3.99 “activity fee” they set up in 2015. Supposedly notification was sent to a closed email account. No letter mailed to address on file and this is ok with their legal department. Did not receive ANY correspondence until the bank account was closed. Then we receive a collection letter in the mail. Why wasn’t this sent to the email???? So….they can notify you for fees by email but when it comes to collecting money they will mail a letter. They won’t refund the money and settle by waiving the $3.99 fee they didn’t collect. VERY UNETHICAL COMPANY!!! Stay away!!!!

  • Crystal K

    Do not use PayAnywhere, it’s a scam. They put my account on hold and closed it without notifying me and kept the money that was in my account and would not deposit it. Bad company, use square or paypal instead.

  • Chad

    Scam. just cancelled my account or accounts. Under my social there were 2. Guess the girl that set it up did that, one for each email she asked for. I noticed a 3.99 fee twice a month and googled it. I reviewed all my email accounts (even the spam folder). I never received one thing on either account about a fee.

    This company is a complete scam. When I asked to cancel both, Flip canceled both without any questions. He said they send notice every month with a link to cancel. Complete lie.

  • Tadd Warner

    NAB payanywhere is staffed with several rude people (at least the ones I have dealt with) who could really care less about getting new business. They wanted me to jump through so many hoops because my average charge is higher than most that I finally got disgusted and told them to forget it.
    The worst of it is they have taken a withdrawal from my bank account for $348. that I never authorized, in fact I had them cancel my account before it was even set up all the way. Stay away folks!!!

  • Freddy hernandez

    Hi my name is Freddy hernandez
    I recently open in accord with pay anywhere credit card processing i I never ever ever ever recommend payanywere to anyone they have bad customer service you request a change in your icon and they all say you a month later I want to fly I give them the one they are suck

  • Ronnie Johnson

    I work as a independent contractor at a barbershop
    An I’ve work with the tablet but it has been working the way I though it would . I’ve been having problems with it from day one. I’m on the verge of sending it back because it has been nothing but problems to me.

  • Gen Kan

    Pretty much whatever most people describe in here. I set up an account through their rep. A year and half after i close my business I keep getting phone calls to pay close to 1000$. I even sent them email proof with their rep that i asked him to close it and he came picked up everything. I closed my business without owing a penny to anyone. There should laws to protect people from this.

  • Melissa

    Literally THE WORST. I’ve only used the device a handful of times – I make and sell art. The first time I used it was around Christmas and I was really hurting for money. I had to make multiple calls to customer service to receive my payment, and if I hadn’t caught the fact that it hadn’t gone through, I wonder if it ever would have! I waited weeks for it and it was MAYBE $40.00 total. The buyer had the transaction go through on her end, so it was just sitting somewhere in Payanywhere limbo, not helping me. Recently I started being charged the 3.99 a month maintenance fee. I canceled with them through an email link only to find out I was still getting emails and still being charged. Emailed customer service to tell them to refund the last 3.99. Sure, gave me a ticket number and told me 5-7 business days. I’m on day 8 and no refund, emailing customer service with no answers. Yes it’s only 3.99, but it’s the principle of the matter. AVOID AT ALL COSTS. Customer service has NO idea what they are doing. Not worth using whatsoever.


    HERE IS THE EMAIL I RECEIVED. Mind you I had only used this one time, and was asked for all this information. I had previously used THE SQUARE and NEVER had a problem with them. Now I am fighting to get my account closed and worse yet, fighting to get my customer his money back. TOTAL SCAM…DO NOT USE THEM

    [email protected]
    7:45 PM (2 hours ago)

    to me
    This email is a courtesy notification and confirmation of
    your recent inquiry. You may want to keep this notice for
    your records, should any follow-up be necessary.

    12-01-2016 07:40:48 PM by rd
    Dear Merchant,

    Please provide verification of your business (ex: business license, City, County or State license or certification, professional license, Federal Tax ID, etc.) and please include the method of marketing to potential clients, a description of products and/or services, a description of how sales orders are received and processed and the method of delivery for the product and/or service.

    Please provide a copy of your invoice, receipt, work order or contract showing the card holders full name, billing address, contact phone number, and products or services provided for the transactions below.Please also provide verification of shipping and delivery if applicable.

    A 100% funding hold has been placed on the account.

    Please send the requested documentation directly to the analyst who is working on your account on or before 12/09/16 to avoid possible reservation of funds or account cancellation. Contact information is noted below.

    card ending in **** $540.00

    Agent: Rachel D.

    Email: [email protected]

    Fax: 248-283-6145

    REALLY, A company needs all this to process a damn credit card? REALLY? Paypal doesn’t do this, nor does the SQUARE. So why does this company DIFFER??? Because they HIJACK your Bank Account and Run wild with it.

    • Anthony

      I’m going through the same thing same email and all the run around. Pay Anywhere is a part of Wells Fargo who just had some scams going on with them. I’m guessing it’s the same thing with them. I’ll be talking to a lawyer tomorrow and asking about a class action lawsuit

  • Claire Dixon

    Do yourself a favor and avoid this company at all costs. We cancelled our account months ago and we are still being charged. Now I just received a collection notice saying we owe them money! I’m going to have to call a lawyer! They should be shut down.

    • Sindy

      Same here I had a restaurant for only 3 months last summer and today I receive a phone call stating I owe $1000+ dollars because I had a contract for 3 years and cancelled. Before this they kept calling that I still had there tablet which I had returned a long time ago to the representative that signed me up. Now they changed to this story that since I cancelled my contract I am liable to pay fees for 3 years as penalty. The lady indicated that she was being nice and calling me before she puts it on my credit report.

  • C Lynn

    I never did business with this company but received a letter saying I owed them money. I called them. They wanted my personal info over the phone. I did not give them anything but wow. Not sure where they got my name and of course will not pay. I am not a merchant nor had I even heard of this company. Scam is about the right word.

  • Matthew

    They processed a payment, refused to release funds to my account without first receiving months worth of prior bank statements and all kinds of other bs information. I refused to provide my bank statements and told them to just refund the customers money. they attempted to refund the customer 2 times pulling the money (over $1000) from my account (Mind you they never deposited the original transaction into my account) until I had to close out my bank account and file fraudulent charges. Now they send me monthly letters from their collections department saying that I owe them the money and threaten to report to credit agencies. Multiple phone conversations go nowhere.

  • Jessica Trout

    Just purchased from CVS and was advised you have to be approved first. I contacted customer service and was advised I was declined due to the business I was accepting money for. What a waste and joke. I would not recommend to anyone.

  • Jesse Ruiz

    This is the worst merchant company ive used and ive had intuit and another merchant company who i cant remember their name but too are thieves. Payanywhere will without hesitation refund a customers money without notifying you or giving you a chance to dispute the charge and then they keep trying to pull money from you bank and leaving you in negative. wish there were something i could do to stop this.

  • Paul Ford

    I would run as fast as you can from this company. They put a hold on my funds which was only a $300 transaction. They wanted tons of paperwork including a detailed business plan and they failed to mention any of this before I started processing. I had to wait 6 months before they would release funds. OVER a year later I’m still waiting for a paper check which they said would take 4-6 weeks and that was 3 months ago! HORRIBLE, 10x worse than square.

  • Matthew Kelly

    After making my first transaction ($1004.39) the company did not complete the transaction and requested information. I refused part of the information requested because I did not feel that it was needed or appropriate for them to have. In Which they refused to complete the transaction and closed my account. (No problem) I had to contact them directly to refund the funds to the customer. I went into my bank account and saw a pending transaction for 1039 more than what the transaction was for even for even though they NEVER completed the transaction and sent me the money! STAY AWAY FROM THIS SCAM OF A COMPANY!

  • Gena Fischer

    I used my reader for the first time. Then got an email telling me i would get money in 3 business days. On third day still no deposit. I called and wad told my acct wad on hold i needed to fax them info i doesn’t have on the customer and then once they reviewed it they would pay more in 3 more business days!! Got a square reader and canceled acct. Worst reader ever unless you don’t want out need your money. Also contacting the bbb and anyone else who will listen. This is just a scam and a hoax!

  • Teri Boylan

    Payanywhere, has been taking 3.99 from a closed account for years and refuses to put it back. Truth is I purchased the system that wasn’t compatible with the phone. The payanywhere system was returned, and never used. The biggest fraud going on. Payanywhere, is stealing money from the consumer, without services rendered. I rate them a F. They should be serving jail time for fraud.

  • Hayat Masudi

    Beware of this company which it has partnered with a company called INSIGHTwhich is totally a bunch of con artists
    They will bill you through PAYANYWHERE a monthly subscription of $29.99 and it is nothing but to rob merchants.
    I cancelled my account with them yesterday and you should do it today, tomorrow will be too late

  • Rena A

    I own a very large transport company. I was needing another payment processor because I am exceeding my volume with my other. I signed up with company it was fast and easy. I charged 600 the first day got it the next. Then boom I got emails asking me for my other deposits and proof of bills. I sent them over what they asked for. They said I charged one customer 2x and gave a card that wasnt even the card I charged 2x. I charged a different one 2x. But one charge was voided because they were adding tax and I couldn’t remove it and my industry doesn’t charge tax. Because their emails were so screwed up and wrong cc #’s for wrong amounts I just sent them proof for all my transactions. Then they sent me an email and said none of my stuff matches. One of the customers has been my customer over 3 years. I have delivered over 20 cars to his business. I have even been to his busineess and his info was indeed correct. It seems the risk manager was too lazy to print out all the information for the billing and match each charge to each bill. Its been going on 3 days no email after email and them holding my funds. I opened an account with paysimple and they have been so nice. I fully expect my first few transactions with them will be verified and I have no problem with that but they seem to really be professional and know what they are doing. This really was one of the worst customer service experience ever as a business owner with Pay anywhere. Stay away.

  • Nazli Ucar

    Payanywhere has the worst customer service. I have been promised to get a call back from supervisor 3 times and no call back. They re holding my funds for 11 days and I can’t even get a hold of supervisors.
    Use PayPal no problem, any problem perfect customer service.

  • Rae

    Do not use this company. Although the company said no monthly fee, but they will charge your bank account without receive any notice. When I sign up for this credit card reader, I was sign up for pay as you go with no hidden fee charge. I find out few days ago, this company start charged my bank account since December 2015. They said they sent out email and notice for the charge, but I never receive any email from them not even a mail. Just like I told them no one cannot just go on the street and send out a letter to everyone said if you did not response my letter. I will start send you a bill or charge on your bank/credit card account.
    This company already charge my bank account for seven times. I call in May to cancel the account, during that time the customer representative agree to refund me one month. In June, I not only did not see the refund, but also see addition charge from this company.

  • Leslie Bonilla

    After we processed a payment over $2000, we noticed that the transaction was not deposited into our account after 48 hours. We contacted customer service with our concern and they said they would hold the payment for 180 days?? when I requested management, because this was not mentioned before or during our waiting period for the payment, management tried brushing off the complaint and switching me over to people who were rude and unprofessional. After all the frustration I called back again to see if i could get help with my account and another representative lied and said my account was closed, after then being switch to another manager I requested a refund for the customers transaction and they tried to change what they said previously to avoid giving a refund. Never doing business with them ever again.

  • Adam Apalategui

    Like so many other reviewers, I wish I had looked here FIRST.

    Their software has serious compatibility issues, including super popular Samsung tablets. They charge differently than you were promised and try to keep you from changing. When they did open a new account for me to get the flat rate they didn’t close the old account I am stuck with their PCI compliance fee. I had to stop payment on their access to my account and nave now filed a complaint with the Oregon Attorney General…like so many others have…

    Switched to Square four months ago and still cleaning up this mess…

  • Allisa M. Clarke

    I supposedly opened this account on my own back in 2011, when I asked them to tell me when I last used the account it took them a very long time to tell me that I NEVER used it. And yet they kept the account open for 5 years and after 5 years of holding onto all of my bank information they are going back into my account and withdrawing funds. A real bank will not keep an account open for years with no activity it just doesn’t make sense. When I asked to get a refund for the fees they told me they couldn’t do that due to the inactivity charge….really Pay Anywhere is Pay Anytime All the Time because they will keep your bank account information for their own use and when cash flow is tight they are just going to dip into everyone’s account and make up some lame excuse.

  • Quinton McDonald

    I own 17 hair salons and use payanywhere up until two weeks ago when I got the worst service from the operators of payanywhere. When I asked to speak to a supervisor or someone higher than an operator all I got was children laughing and switching my call from one operator to another until I got so pissed off, I hung up and ordered the Square. Now I wish to close my account with payanywhere and nobody wants to handle this problem. If I practice business like pay any where I would be out of business in a couple months. So I whish to jump ship before they steal more money from me and also I don’t deal with people who cant conduct them self in a proper manner. Winning peoples respect by doing good business is how companies and people grow. Even if my typing is awful my RESPECT for my customers is whats makes me a better person.

  • Jack Williams

    Finally used PayAnywhere for first time and they froze my account asking for additional documentation two days after the charge was approved. I am now working on that and will throw away their card reader.

  • Tracy

    I wish my wife and I would have read the reviews about this company prior to sign up!. The previous reviews are so accurate. Customer service is horrible! After being placed on hold for hrs, the representatives will likely hang up on you 80% of the time. As another review mentioned, its like you are speaking on the phone with a bunch of PM’sing adolescent girls. After holding for 20-30 mins and then being told that only a senior rep can help me, I was transferred to the “senior rep” Nakisha 5 different times right to her voicemail. When I was finally able to get a hold of her, I explained our concerns, she then placed me on hold, I held for another 15 min only to find out she went to lunch when I hung up and called back! I called back numerous amounts of times wasting well over 2 hrs of my day before reaching her again, she told me to fax in some information, I complied and no return call! I’ll be spending another 2+ hrs to get a hold of someone who can help me if that persons even exist there. Multiple charges were charged to our account after cancellation without our knowledge. Charge after charge which caused multiple over draft fees. The equipment they sent was faulty, then they sent another and it was faulty as well. This company is very unethical to say the least. BEWARE! Don’t trust them with your bank information. And don’t expect to get help from their so called “customer service.”

  • Jade

    This should be ILLEGAL! I signed up impulsively with “Pay Anywhere” 3 years ago, while I was waiting for the card scanner in the mail I read reviews and was horrified! I canceled my account and tossed the scanner in the garbage when it came. I finally noticed this $3.99 fee twice on my bank statement. I called and told them I never used their service and canceled. They claimed I had not 1 account but 2, and the fee was not hidden since they apparently emailed at one time to let me know about it. Even though I canceled they keep charging me inactivity fees. They advertise no hidden fees but they are the kings of the hidden fee! Upon further inspection, I’ve been charged these fees every month for 3 years! (I feel like an idiot for not catching this sooner) Pay Anywhere is like inviting a vampire into your home, they suck you dry no matter how much you say no! I finally closed that checking account , which was a major hassle. The supervisor I got on the line credited me $25 supposedly. Gee thanks! I bet the check won’t even come. DO NOT SIGN UP WITH THIS COMPANY. I hope a class action law suit gets their ass! I will sign up for that!

    Are you with PayAnywhere? Learn how to resolve this complaint.


    Pay Anywhere is a complete scam. DO NOT sign up with this company. They charged my business account $3.99 without my permission and when asked about it they said that they sent me an email telling me to close my account or they would charge me and that when i checked the box on the “sign-up” portion of the website, within the small print it states that “you will be subject to charges if any changes may apply” . This is how they work around the law to charge you at will.


    Are you with PayAnywhere? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • r cunningham

    Payanywhere is the worst CC processor in the world. We are a legitimate business with good credit. We have never had a chargeback or a fraudulent purchase. Our account has been frozen 4 times in the past year for audits. They are difficult to get on the phone and are never helpful. I would never use them again. We are closing our account tomorrow. Please do not use them.

    Are you with PayAnywhere? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • Margaret

    Payanywhere is the worst CC processor in the world. We are a legitimate business with good credit. We have never had a chargeback or a fraudulent purchase. Our account has been frozen 4 times in the past year for audits. They are difficult to get on the phone and are never helpful. I would never use them again. We are closing our account tomorrow. Please do not use them.

    Are you with PayAnywhere? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

    • Tanya Mel

      Hello! I actually just had same problem and sooo upset ever used them. They opened an account for my company and i was charging customers at food show. Then next day i got an email stating that my account is closed! When i called they told me they will hold funds for an audit and once i send proves of all transactions, they will send a check! After tons of phone calls and emails, NO reply! This has to be illegal to hold other cutsomers money. i want to sue them for damages. have you ever gor your money back? If there are lots of us that they hold funds, we will definitely win a case! This is just biggest scam! my email is [REDACTED – personal contact information]. Thank you!

  • Evan

    I also got charged $3.99 from PayAnywhere. How can they just charge this inactivity fee and still advertise their product/service saying that “No setup, monthly or hidden charges”?
    $3.99 is small but this is simply bad business practice. If I know about any class action lawsuit against this company, I will definitely sign up!

    Are you with PayAnywhere? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • K. McMillan

    I used this service to process Amex, Visa and MC for 3 years. I had zero problems up until 2015. During 2015 there were suddenly big delays in receiving funds, transactions that read as “approved” would disappear into thin are and the customer service is very disorganized and scattered. I left them for squareup recently and am so relieved. As a small business, the amount of stress that payanywhere caused me is completely unacceptable. I would never recommend this service to anyone.

    Are you with PayAnywhere? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • Maila

    They took out a $3.99 fee from my checking account without my consent for an inactive 1 yr old Payanywhere account. A little more than a year ago I signed up but found another venue that was more suitable for my business needs. One year later they charged me a fee for not using it instead of just deactivating my account or giving me timely warnings?! I searched through my e-mails and found that they only sent one e-mail to me back in Oct announcing the fee somewhere in the paragraph. When the account was inactive in November, they should have contacted us or have done something so that we would have been made aware of the new fee. That is bad business practice. I only found out about it from my bank statement. Did they look at the number of inactive accounts and thought “There’s ‘x’ number of inactive accounts out there, if we charge a $3.99 inactive fee = profit.”

    Are you with PayAnywhere? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

    I urge people to choose another payment processor because PayAnywhere do not value the account holders.

    • Marvin

      They overcharge on transactions. They will not work with you on chargebacks. They will keep charging your account with fees.
      Terrible company to deal with. If anyone will go ahead with a class action lawsuit, Im willing to join and put my name there.

      For the sake of your small business finances, stay away from these thieves.

      Are you with PayAnywhere? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

    • Shak

      same here they charged 4 dollars and when I call insist saying we email you 60 days ago that close your account or we will charge you so we can not refund And I am very strict about my emails if any saying you have to take this action I do I remember that was an offer if you use payanywhere we will wave your transaction fee and in past when I fall for that offer they charged me double fee when I call and mention offer they said fee you need to pay and we are closing your account from today’s date in 2013. Now after two years they charged me fee. when they refuse I call my bank and they stop payment even they were saying this is not fee this is a bank card transaction. but thanks to them I got my 4 dollars back

      Are you with PayAnywhere? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

      • Trent

        watch out for inactivity fees I had to close my bank account to get them to stop they will continue to steal under the guise of inactivity fees or maintenance fees they are part of wells fargo bank and they are famous for applying extra fees on an account beware and can’t say you were not warned poor business practice on their part

        Are you with PayAnywhere? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • Barb

    Watch out for the surprise fees!! After a pause in my business, Payanywhere docked my linked account for a $3.99 “monthly inactivity fee” without notice. I went online and could not find way to close my account or unlink my checking acct. I did online chat where was told my account would be closed but they would not restore the $3.99 fee.

    Are you with PayAnywhere? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • Andrea

    It’s our first day of business and none of their equipment even works properly. Some how both the store front and the phone swiper don’t read the credit cards. Called into customer service and was treated horrible. I called 7 times and heard “all circuits are busy”. Then when it finally went through I waited on hold for 11 minutes until a human answered. When I asked for a supervisor I was told “let me see if they are willing to take your call because we are very busy”.. Really? I am not impressed and searching for a better option ASAP. Pay anywhere is terrible.

    Are you with PayAnywhere? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • Paul Scott

    I tried to use pay anywhere before I saw this site and it was the worst experience I have had with a company.

    I sent them an itemized list of my issues with them and they seem unwilling or unable to resolve any of them. I went back to Square where my experience have been good.

    Here is the list of issues I had with pay anywhere, mind you I had them for 1 week and processed one small test transaction. Never even got to roll it out.

    1.) Limits were too low to be useful. I could initially only sell $10 or less at a time.
    2.) emails are poorly phrased and don’t make requirements clear, I had a three day delay because they said they may ask for a document. They never asked for it just expected me to send it.
    3.) My first interaction with the chat system listed the wrong business hours and disconnected me when it was stated to be open but were not really.
    4.) First support person I talked to lied to me and told me Square doesn’t have a customer service line. I didn’t know that I never needed it. (It was a lie they do have one and they were helpful)
    5.) It has taken days to get any sort of response which has slowed my ability to do business and take payments.
    6.) When requirements were finally made clear I was asked to email or fax my bank statements. I don’t own or use a fax machine anymore and haven’t for the last decade. Tech suggested I go out and pay Kinko’s or someone else to fax it for me. Would you want to give your bank statements to strangers to fax? Email isn’t secured or offer an encryption option. So the bank statement request is protection for you but not for the merchant. It would be trivial to put an upload button on the secure site to upload a document that is requested.
    7.) Second support tech was kind and tried to be helpful but wasn’t really able to do much or advance the issue.
    8.) Finally raised my limit but to a lower limit than what my transactions with you are likely to be. I bill clients on a monthly basis so depending on the amount of work I could bill them anywhere form $150 – $2,000 dollars. Just last night I had 2 $1,900 charges which Square processed happily with no issues. If they have questions they will ask me but none of their procedures seem to be designed to impede business.
    9.) Promised $5,000 in free transactions for using Apple Pay. Used Apple Pay for the first transaction and got charged for it.

  • Paulette

    The worst customer service I’ve ever had from any company. I have had to contact them five times to resolve crediting my account back. It was supposed to have been resolved last week and then I got another message stating I never contacted them and the issue was closed. I wrote yet another time and was told I have to call again. For more than one month, this company has kept nearly $2000 that is duly mine. It’s been the most unbelievable experience I’ve ever had with a company. Don’t use them.

    • Scott Hayes

      I wish I had read this page before processing a transaction through this company. they now have over $3K of my money and won’t release it. I really don’t know what to do at this point. i can’t ask my client to pay twice and put them on the hook. Avoid them at all costs.

  • Tara Arena

    Filed a complaint with the BBB and the Michigan and California Attorney Generals Offices. Both offices are aware of the complaints filed against PayAnywhere and are investigating them. If you have been victimized, please fill out consumer complaints online at the Attorney General’s office in Michigan and the state you reside in. Also, fill out a complaint to the BBB. Venting on a website about your experiences will do nothing to close down this unethical business, nor will it get you your funds.

    • Paulette

      Thank you. This company has held my funds since August 18 2015. I have tried nothing less that 8 times to get it from.them.with no resulution. as you.have done. Agree that this is an unethical company.

  • jb skaggs

    I signed on with Pay Anywhere to get their tablet and cash drawer for my food truck. They did provide the equipment and quoted me $30 / mo and 1.79% per swipe if over $5000 in gross charges or 2.67% under $5000 gross.

    I got my first bill and it was $111.22. They apologized for not telling me they would charge an extra $80 a month if I did not have $5000 in credit charges. But this policy is a deal breaker for me because I was already paying $30 a month in equipment rentals an extra $80 is unfair.

    They said they will cancel my contract with no other fees. We will see what happens.

      • jb skaggs

        They did cancel the contract, I sent machine back to them. We actually fought over a $300 withdrawal for equipment fees. They eventually refunded it after reported them to my local bank (great thing about small banks!) who filed formal letters of intent to sue. But it was a pain.

  • Mike

    I have been using a Wells Fargo PayAnywhere credit card processing service for a year and recently when we had a customer pay $4,750 Wells Fargo refused to pay me the proceeds. They requested all sorts of documentation including an invoice which they then said it did not match the person paying the bill. Since they refused to give me my customer’s payment I asked that the transaction be returned to the customer and they said they were charging me $167.97 for collecting the money that they refused to give a me and then would charge me another $167.97 to refund it. They are charging me $335.97 for not giving me the proceeds from a sale to my customer.

    • Chris

      I had the exact same experience. Processed about $400 of transactions on Jan 31, and finally for an unknown reason I received payment last week (4 months later?). They requested all sorts of info. For example they wanted an invoice – my company was processing donations at a fundraising event and there aren’t invoices. They were asking me for info that that they had already collected at the time of the transaction. Ridiculous. I honestly don’t know what prompted the payment.

      So today I get setup for another fundraising event and test out some swipes – all cards are declined. Why? I call customer service and they are only open M-F. I try 24/7 online chat through their website and got no response.

      These guys are absolutely terrible. I bet this really is a Ponzi scheme or something else fraudulent. Stay away!

  • James

    Stay very far away from PayAnywhere.

    I decided to give pay anywhere a shot since Wave Accounting hadn’t made an android client that could take mobile payments. I run a freelance service and occasionally do webdesign and marketing with adwords so I figured this would be an easier way for to received payments for completed work when I’m out meeting with people. I use a freelance business to find me clients and thus I don’t do any self marketing (this will make sense later).

    My first (and last) transaction was for a pitiably small amount $20.00 USD just to test the service out and see how quickly I would receive my funds, etc. The following workday I receive a phone call from them wanting a copy of my invoice, my business license, and my marketing budget. The lady on the phone was rude and spoke down to me when I explained I didn’t have a marketing budget since I only do freelance work through a network. I was informed I would need an invoice to show for transactions and that I would need to break down all services rendered to them for them to continue with my account.

    With all the extra work required to just use the service, it just isn’t worth it, and I really didn’t like being made to feel like a criminal for operating as a freelancer and independent contractor. I don’t feel like they are a business that will stand behind those who use their service. They treat first time customers as garbage and threaten to withhold money if you don’t meet their rigid business model. So in short I cancelled my account and will never use them again.

    • troy zaharis

      We had the exact same experience as you, they have several hundred dollars of mine on hold. Did you ever get your money from them, please let me know. I bought mine at CVS figuring it had to be legit since they are such a huge company.

      • Kris furgison

        I ran into the same issues with pay anywhere refusing to pay me for a transaction totaling around $1,200 they told me I had to wait 30 days. 30 days came and went I waited another 60 before I got my payment that was the first and last transaction I ever did with them and advise you to use an alternative processors

  • Doug O is a Ponzi scheme an absolute scam. If it takes every last penny I have and make the rest of my life I will spend it putting this company and all like it and ones that come to be that are like out of business. They only take money they don’t pay anything. U will never relieve your funds if they are more than a few hundred dollars. And yes you will pay them there processing fee even if they don’t pay you and tell you to refund your customers money. Let’s do some math , u process a charge for $10,000. It shows approved u go about your day. Then you get a call demanding the sun to receive your hard earned money. A few days go by and merchant awareness refuses to pay the funds,you are told to refund your customers money and hunt them down and demand a check or cash. That’s a kick in the face. Now the salt in the wound. They charge you the processing fee as if they paid you and charge you the same rate for the refund they forced you to do. Making 5-7% on your business transaction having done nothing but make your life hell and putting you in financial distress. To some extent taking 100% of your profit. Anyone who has experienced this reply to this post. I’m seeking a class action suit against this and other companies like this for damages and to put them out of business. This is fraud in your face. Now what legitimizes this practice to some extent is that they will process small transactions without issue because there is no risk when it’s covered by the proceeds from large transactions that aren’t paid out and the fees they get from them. Call and complain and they may return the refund transaction fee but make a point to make you feel they are bending over backwards for you by doing so. Just say no to plastic processors period……

    • AnotherVictim

      Hello, same thing. My fund have been held for 2 weeks. First transaction went smooth. This for $475 has been held. I email in an invoice and my business license which they asked. Once it was emailed in I received no response. Couple days later they want more proof. They want the card holders address. I gave them their phone number, they can figure all that out. Just recently after no update they tell me the supervisor is looking over it and will make a decision at the end of the business day. That was on Tuesday. It’s friday and I have no received a response. Nothing at all.

      This is some type of ponzi scheme or something. There is absolutely no way there are this many problems with a legit company. I just filed a complaint on BBB which won’t do good considering they’re somehow rated a A+ on BBB. With 200 complaints and only 20 resolved how in the world are they rated an A+?

      I will gladly participate in anything needed to help take these crooks down. I’ll be checking back regularly to hopefully hear an update. I’m trying to spread the word around as much as possible.

      I’m just a small time reseller. $500 being held with only 5 days until the end of the month and bills to pay. This is unreal.

  • Jeremy

    DO NOT USE PAY ANYWHERE! ! ! THEY WILL STEAL YOUR MONEY! Complete scam. They said they were unable to process my transaction and that I would have to do a refund, free of charge. So I did, and they take $175 out of my account. I call customer service just to be told that they cannot refund it. Bunch of b.s. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL

  • Jason J.

    What a sorry, lame, scam of a company. They do not help small businesses or freelance workers.The customer service is horrible, taking their sweet time to deal with issues they create, all while holding your payments pending. This company is a ploy to get as much money from you as possible without providing any services. STAY AWAY!! “GoAnywhere” else!

  • Diana Romero

    Do NOT use this company. I am a small business owner and they took my customer’s money and have not issued it to me. I had used them in the past and it was fine but something has changed recently. I have not received my money. It has been 10 days. I emailed the customer service 5 times and called this morning. Their email and phone customer service is useless. I was told by Marquita who answered my call today, that my account was closed and she then transferred me to a senior rep, Nakeita. The call went to voice mail. I left a message and have not heard back. This company has thousands of dollars of my hard earned money. I am now emailing their facebook page who has been the only contact actually responding. I do not have time to be reaching them for my money. If I do not receive my funds by the end of the week, I will be pursuing legal action.


  • Jason

    Pay anywhere is not as simple as it seams when purchasing it over the counter at your local dept store. They led me on with set up step after step by step setup… Then left me hanging infront of my first customer with no response from customer service which was not 24-7. After then telling my customer I would have to manually enter the transaction the following day, once I tried to do so they asked for more information because the transaction was more then 20$. Lol… Disgusted, embarrassed and lacking my funds after my services were completed now for almost a week without payment I switched to a professional processing company!! Beware of payanywhere!!!

  • V. Williams

    Pay Anywhere is one the most poorly run companies on the planet. Their advertising of being able to have funds paid to you in one day, is nothing but a bait and switch tactic to lure the unwary merchant in. What they don’t tell you is that the immediate one day of funds payment is pretty much limited to you processing transactions no greater than $100.

    Here’s how my nightmare began with these imbeciles. Their new accounts rep Phil Hamilton was specifically told during account set up that my company’s business consulting transaction sizes ranged between $2k-$3k, and that our monthly credit card transaction volume be about $25K. “No problem,” Phil said, “You’ll be up and running today.”

    True to his word, the account was up and running before the day ended. Accordingly, I received an email confirmation that the account was opened and that my company could begin charging. Included in my welcome email were charging parameters ( Average Sales Amnt., High Ticket Sale, and Monthly Volume), which were at extreme odds to what I told Phil my transaction amounts and volume would be. The welcome email indicated that based on what I told them, my Avg. Sales amount was $10; that my High Ticket Sales Amount was $100, and that my monthly volume was $500.

    Thinking that there was a mistake, I called the number included in the welcome email and informed them of the discrepancy between what was stated therein, and what I had told Phil. The rep on the other end of the call stated “don’t worry, those numbers are generated by default, ” and that my actual High Ticket Sale amount was actually $1,000 per transaction. Needing to get some billing done, we billed two of our clients that were Amex card holders. Within 5 minutes PayAnywhere had grabbed the funds off of my clients’ Amex cards and where holding the funds in their account. The next morning I received an email from PayAnywhere’s risk department- “Merchant Awareness”, indicating that my funds were being put on hold for further audit review.

    Being proactive I called the Merchant Awareness department and inquired as to why my funds were hold. I was told that the amounts charged were over the approved volume/limit and that they needed to verify the propriety of the charges. To prove to them that not only were the charges authorized, but that they were consistent with what we had previously billed the two clients. To wit, we supplied them with (1) invoices for the two clients reflecting the billing history for those two clients, (2) signed billing authorization forms from our clients, and (3) our previous month bank statement showing the same exact amounts that had been previously paid by these two clients. Having supplied them this irrefutable evidence, I was certain that the matter would be resolved quickly. Wrong. On Friday morning, I was told that the documents had to be assigned to an analyst, whose credentials at best are dubious, for review.

    The analyst assigned was Malisha. “She might be able to have your matter resolved by the end of today,” I was told by the service rep. I was then given Malisha’s email and phone number, so as to call her to get an update. However, I was told to call after 12:30pm EST, because the analysts do not come to work until 12:30pm. Accordingly, I called Malisha at 2pm to get a status update- her voice mail indicated that she was not in and was out on vacation. How is that my “review” was being assigned to someone on vacation was beyond belief. As you can imagine, I called “Merchant Awareness” back and informed them that Malisha’s voice mail indicated that she was on vacation. That fact was confirmed. Accoridingly, I was assigned to another “Analyst” by the name of Yuri. However, unlike before, Merchant Awareness would not give me Yuri’s email or phone number so as to reach him directly. I was told to “Submit any questions you have for Yuri through our main email, [email protected].” Because it was near 3pm on Friday, I was assured that there was no way that the risk review would be completed, and that I should call back on Monday.

    I called back on Monday, after 12:30pm to get a status update from Yuri. I was never put through to Yuri, but was told that the file was now being reviewed by Malisha. I was never put through to Malisha either. Accordingly, I told the rep to inform Malisha that either she release our funds, or send them back to our clients’ Amex accounts. The rep returned to the call and informed me that Malisha that our PayAnywhere transactions cannot be supported, and that I could refund the money back to our clients’ Amex cards quicker than PayAnywhere could. That it would take up to 10 business days for PayAnywhere to refund the money, but that if I did it through my PayAnywhere account, the funds would be refunded to our clients’
    accounts within 3 business days. Accordingly, I logged into my PayNightmare account and refunded the charges back to our clients’ Amex cards.

    This morning I got up to check and make sure the refunds had been processed, so I attempted to log into our PayNightmare account, and got a message that our account had been closed. So typical.

  • Donna

    I switched to pay anywhere 3 years ago from square..we had more problems with square and pay anywhere resolved some of those, i.e., flimsy reader, confusing operations, reports, etc. Things went much easier with PA. They have posed no more problems on their updates than any other update on any tech.. you just wait it out and see it through. I understand square is a much better server now, and PA continues to keep up as well. We have had few necessary calls for tech botches on updates and all were resolved by following the info from the CR. Every dime we charged we got.. 3 years and counting.

    Seeing some of these virulent responses makes me wonder at the complainers proper use and contract understanding.. Having used merchant systems for many years, long before mobile ones, these new mobile payment apps are much better than the old systems with their mandatory closing reports and confusing % charges for every darn little thing. These new systems have massive advantages and some have a temporary edge over others as each tech advancement comes through. But not for long. They all keep up and jumping around is like changing color of paint for another. It’s still covering the wall..

    So TECH ON! the money still goes in your pocket!

  • trey

    Used payanwhere for the first time on February 3 2015 and guess what the 2000 dollar transaction was audited needed financial statements and invoices gave them all that then the billing address of my customer was recently changed! What a headed ache they have frozen my money pending the audit review and yes they got there 2.69% already please don’t use pay an where make them go out of business ppl I didn’t do my homework on this fraudulent company, and does anyone know of any lawsuits against payanwhere right now?

  • Paul Kruger

    I just filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and my bank.

    Poor customer service and withholding of funds almost cost me a new customer. I made two transactions same day for two customers. Waited a few days and no funds ever appeared so I was not able to fulfill the order as promised. No funds = no way to pay my shipper for the product customer purchased.

    After several days of email exchanges I was forced to refund the charges and use PayPal to be able to conduct business. Then the other day I found a charge against my checking account for fees for those transactions and more fees for the refund. At no time had PayAnywhere ever deposited a single dime to my account.

    They claim they tried to verify with my customers however both customers stated no one ever contacted them for verification. PayAnywhere provided me a number and extension for customers to call to verify. When they tried that they could not do anything because PayAnywhere would not speak to them until they provided a merchant number…which they did not have because they are not the account holder, they are the card holder.

    For one thing I have never had a merchant account charge to refund a charge so this is a “hidden fee” to be aware of. Second they charged me for transactions they never completed, instead opting to hold the funds pending an audit and verification…which they failed to complete.

    Needless to say I was embarrassed with my customers and my order for them was delayed for almost a week while going back and forth via their support emails and on the phone.

    They maintain the fees are justified despite the fact that they never completed the transaction. As far as I am concerned no credit transaction has been “completed” until the money has been placed in my bank account for my use.

    They insist on being paid for failure.

    Stay away from PayAnywhere.

  • luise

    this company does nothing but harassing customers and merchants, calling the customer many times and every someone else investigates, then they ask you as merchant to send documents, you send the documents then they come up with more documents, you send these new documents and they ask for more statements,that is when i said thats enough and they said they hold my money for 6 months, i asked them to refund to customer so i can have alternate payment method with my customer, they reused saying the customer can come back and charge back, i said charge back what, if you refund it i as merchant am at risk of not getting paid , they are scams
    any processing would refund gladly to just have the problem out of their hair

  • mark lemerond

    100%scam all there doing is collecting money holding it as suspect transaction collecting interest or god knows what.never are you told about ect.we do over $500,000 ave in cc sales per year over last 10 years with a zero charge back history zero customer complaints and they still dont give us our money on swipes under $2000 we found out.everytime we called it was going in tomorrows bach.needless to say little consumers to large consumers will get ripped off and there customers will be to bbb as scam

  • Mark K

    Let them know how you think their practices are scams!

    Here is their Facebook Page.
    Oddly enough when I posted to their page, almost minutes later I received an abusive (anonymous) email to my web site.

    These people are scumbags.

  • Kristiana Kufuor

    I recently bought this reader so I could take credit from my customers I am a make up artist I did a wedding and got paid $400 of which $360 the customer charged as credit payanywhere “audited” me and asked for my customers information I sent it and then they asked me for a brief description of what I do so I gave them a very detailed paragraph and with no explanation they closed my account saying it was a “Buisness decision” and decided they were going to hold my money for 6 months. They are a fraud company this is how they make there money by auditing people I read the reviews. I read a book about this exact same situation maybe they read the same book it’s called the rainmaker. If they thought they were going to con me out of my money they chose the right one. I told her she would be hearing from a lawyer shortly she said ok well it’s in the contract. I’ll find out Monday even if it is they are running a scam Buisness and I’m going to make sure I get justice.

  • Kathy

    I have used the services of this company for several months without an incident. I had two holiday events. At one I used the services and charged $1,800. These charges went through without incident. Two weeks later, I ran $1,082 and these funds are now held for an “audit”. I have no idea when the funds will be released. They asked me for my personal bank statements for three months and the address and phone of one of the customers included in this amount. I do not capture this information. I know they will have to reconcile this in some way but I will not use this company again regardless of the outcome. There was no notice, no reasonable reason to suspect a problem.

    • Don

      Immediately have them release the funds back to customer cards. You will never see that money. Read all of the posts. You are no different than the rest of us, they will not release that money.

  • Juan

    DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. I got my free reader, set-up my account and before I used their services I started reading some reviews and they were terrible. So I never used them. It’s been roughly 8 months now since I signed up with them. Just recently they hit my checking account with a $113 charge. I did know who it was at first. Didn’t do much investigation I just had my bank reverse it. Well it happened again this time for $132.95. So I stared digging around and found out that Pay Anywhere was making these fraudulent transactions without my consent. I then called them to have the account canceled and I was told that the account was in collections. Wow..Really. How can an account be in collections that I never used. I was then told there are annual fees. Well according to their policy and a pay anywhere phone representative there are no annual fees. Imagine them trying to explain this one. They couldn’t. I ended up having to close my checking account because of these crooks. You have been warned.

  • Mark K

    I got this amazing device several months ago!!!

    It was so amazing, I never used it but they kept deducting from my bank account different amounts.
    I had to call the fraud department several times. They pushed me twice into overdraft and adjusted their amounts to get around the fraud block. Over $1,000 in charges total and they were forced to refund that money eventually but what about my fees from the bank? NOTHING.

    This company is predatory and useless.
    If there is ever a class action lawsuit I hope they lose everything and I can help.


  • PayAnywhere sucks

    Avoid PayAnywhere like herpes. I processed two $200 payments in July 2014 from a customer and was “randomly” selected for an audit. They did not provide any other explanation and are still holding my funds — it’s 4 MONTHS LATER. I asked them to just reverse the charges back onto the credit card of my customer (NOT TO ME). They couldn’t even do that. PayAnywhere is horrible. PayAnywhere needs to go out of business.

    There are a bunch of other legitimate companies that you should go to instead of PayAnywhere:

    Intuit QuickBooks Payments
    Capitol One Spark Pay

    …to name a few.

    Now I’m out $400 because I had to refund my customer out of my pocket. PayAnywhere is a terrible company.

  • Judy

    What a horrid awakening – this is corrupt and they will hold your funds on frivolous claims.

    I have only transacted about 10 credit card sales with them as I have very few charges per year. TWICE they held funds with claims of me needing to send them a business model, need an invoice, yada yada, and that they would need to analyze my account; in doing so the funds would be held another 24-48 hours in addition to the day they already held the money. I was incensed! I have already produced and shipped the product so I am out the $350.00 for who knows how long.

    Bunch of b*stards they are – stay away.

  • Maria


    The system is new and has many problems. The cash drawer and printer does not work in synchrony with the tablet. It has to be reset with almost every transaction.

    They recently joined paypal and their system developed a failure with the paypal and now you have to go to the process of waiting to reinitialize the system with every transaction.

    In the two days i used it, the i had to call customer servise 18 times to get thru only 6 times. The volume of calls due to all the problems with the system is large and they are not ready to handle it consequently there are very long waiting times and most times they transfer calls to drop the problem.

  • Mag

    They have 2,000 in cleared credit card funds that they are holding. It has been a week now and I’m still getting the run around. I’m scared after reading these horror stories. I should have done better research on this piss poor company. I don’t know what to do. Should I refund the credit to my customer now before I lose any more time? We need solid solutions on how to deal with these companies. Please help!

  • Chris Burchell

    They held funds from 5 transactions, resulting in overdrafts, and lack of funds for payroll. I am cancelling my service immediately. They have created more trouble than I have time to deal with. I highly recommend not using them if you have a small business.

  • Shelly Jones

    I only used PayAnywhere for the first time on Sept 12, 2014 and I have already gotten the run around from this company. They are telling me that my funds will not be transferred into my account and that I basically just gave my goods away for free! I lost over $300 worth of merchandise in credit card sales in a matter of my first and only 9 transactions. I have made 5 calls to customer service and spoken to supervisors and it has been a horrible mess. They are rude and extremely uncooperative.Since they could see my transactions and the amounts and refused to deposit my money I will not be using this card reader ever again and I placed a fraud alert on my bank account so that they will not be charging me any fees. This is a hard lessoned learned and I will be using a square reader from this point on. They are a much more reliable company. PayAnywhere sucks!!!!!!!!

  • Martin

    Pay Anywhere is deceitful and has treated me like a criminal. I am a single dad and buy and sell antiques as a PT job. I started with Pay Anywhere and for months had no problem. The funds were NEVER deposited in one business day as advertised but waiting an extra day or two was tolerable. Then as my business grew and I started to make larger sales. Pay Anywhere held a 2k transaction and asked me to provide mountains of financial and personal information without warning. Asking for detailed receipts and information they knew I did not have. My funds are still on hold. It is an obvious attempt on their part to either make money on my money or to ultimately charge me some erroneous fee. I am so angry with them. With other options out there, I am strongly considering utilizing them. I have been made to feel like a criminal for growing my business. The customer has left with the merchandise and now I don’t have my money, I am infuriated!! Think twice before signing up with these guys and look at all your options.

  • Theresa Crawford

    We opened an account to process the payments, as requested from Pay Anywhere customer service rep. It took about 2 weeks to get approved, took a payment from a customer, was sent a message that it was processed and then when we asked when we were able to collect the payment, we were told that they account was not an account we could use. We advised we were only doing what we were told. They closed my account because they said after the payment is when they run the credit and they stated they couldn’t approve me because of my credit. I advised them that that was a little backwards to me, why would you go through the troubles of opening an account to close it after the 1st transaction. When I thought about it, I realize they are making money off of you 1st and then if your standards are not up to their standards, they close you but not without money 1st. Very misleading and corrupt if you ask me. Their credit rating should be review as well. I thought I was the only one that went through this with this company.

  • Tiffani Wilson

    I initially was pleased with PayAnywhere’s service. The reader worked well and my funds had no trouble depositing on time. However, I started to notice charges with no description. Simple labeled as “deposit” with a negative number (a withdrawal). I had to call several times to get an answer and finally reached a person who told me they were “statement charges”. I had only been told about their 2.69% fee and nothing else. I felt deceived by these mysterious charges that they never told me of. I would never recommend them to anyone!

  • David Burkhart

    Pay Anywhere is an absolute joke. I had a criminal customer dispute a legitimate charge of $950 to get out of paying. Pay Anywhere, as a result, never put the money in my account. Fine, but then a month later they charged my bank account $950 for the charge off. So now I am out $1,900. Wells Fargo is handling it, and I will at least get my $950 back from the Pay Anywhere criminals.(I’m not holding my breath about the original customer) Obviously, Wells Fargo will do my credit card transactions from now on. They are cheaper as a percent, and they treat me, even though I am a small client, like I am important to them. Avoid Pay Anywhere

  • Scott Frederick

    I notified customer service that the system calculated sales tax incorrectly. I give some of my customers discounts, i.e. Military, special group, etc. When you enter the discount, the system calculates the wrong tax amount; with no way to change it. For example; 6% tax on $100 is $6; however if I give a 10% discount, the tax should be calculated on $90, which is $5.40; however the system defaults to $6, with no way to change it. Customer service told me that was how the system was set up and there was nothing they could do to change it. For me this was a deal breaker, other competitors (Square, Intuit, PayPal) calculated it correctly; I went with one if them.

  • Krystine

    They claim to have straight forward pricing like Square, but they are nothing like Square. If you get suckered in by their cheap processing fees (like I did) just remember you get what you pay for. I kept getting calls from different reps trying to get me to sign up, after I already had and ended up with multiple accounts. Each new rep kept telling me to sign up again because the previous attempts weren’t working and would walk me through the process. I asked each time if my previous accounts that weren’t working would be canceled and they assured me they would be (turns out they weren’t now I’m being held accountable for each one). And each new rep was confused each time as to what my business needs were, how much money we bring in monthly, basically all the basics. Now I am working on canceling multiple accounts (and returning devices at the risk of being charged $295). And when I called to cancel becaues I was upset with their inability to even get me signed up the rep who answered that phone call blamed me for any mistakes on their end saying that I was the one who singed up each time and it was up to me and me alone and I should have known better regardless of what previous reps had told me. I’m guessing that final phone call had to do with his pay being tied to cancellations, perhaps every time someone cancels their pay gets docked, so in an effort to compensate for that he decided to blame me hoping he wouldn’t get dinged as badly? That’s just a guess though. I’m trying to justify in my mind why a person would be so rude after a customer had had such a horrible experience. Seems like a pretty poor way to retain business. If I’m looking for a new merchant service company in the future that last rep pretty much sealed the deal that I would never ever ever consider Pay Anywhere again.

  • M. Larson

    This company has the worst customer service ever… glad I never set the account up… phone calls 7-8 times a day starting at 7:30 in the morning. 1st customer service rep Michael was rude … when I said I will be staying with the company I am with and wouldn’t not provide them a name was told “I was cutting off my nose spit my face” because they are the best around with lowest fees… asked for manager .. Supervisor was just as rude… very argumentative… don’t know how to take “I will not do business with this company, cause you are rude and have poor customer service” close the account.. this is after I was called a lair after tell him about the number of calls… well guess my phone records lie too…

    I would never tell anyone about this company and will never give them my business.

  • payanywhere previous user

    This is the worst service that you can possibly use. regularly holding your transactions, requesting receipts, bank statements, and interfering with your cash flow.
    they treat the merchant as if you are trying to commit fraud and stealing customers information or swiping cards fraudulently !!!
    when they request receipts and you send them, you will get automated out of office reply from half of their company!! and when you call they claim that they responded to your email…
    overall this is a $$*%* service. would never use again or recommend to anyone.

  • Greg Robinson

    BE AWARE!! BE VERY AWARE!! Pay Anywhere is not a reliable merchant provider. I left my complaint over 2 years ago and every week I get an updated “complaint” left by another company. All very similar in nature. They simply take your money, do not deposit to your account and then have a very flimsy excuse, if any, as why they cannot work with you or why the deposit is taking so long. There customer service is nearly non-existent. Our company wanted to use this service at trade show’s because it was easy to take payment and accommodate our customers. It was a huge mistake! I cannot stress enough the damage they caused! To explain quickly, the funds were never put into our account. Weeks and weeks would go by where we were told “it should be there in a few more days”… Finally after we had to threaten them with liability charges, they canceled our account without notice and refunded the money directly to our customers. This was after we completed orders and shipped the product. Most customers were honest and we were able to collect payment again but a few simply said they never received the refund and we lost thousands of dollars. When it was all said and done, we lost over $10,000 sales and uncollected payments and were forced to turn away paying customers because while at the trade show our service was canceled by Pay Anywhere. Do your self a favor, opposed to commenting on this sight, go straight to the BBB website and file your complaint. This company deserves to be shut down and there poor business and ethical practices do not deserve to go unnoticed! Sorry you had to find out the hard way as our corporation did as well. It’s amazing these guys are still in business when there are so many other reputable merchant providers available in 2014.


    Greg Robinson

    West Coast Label Inc.

  • wendy

    they were great for about a week and then wanted to cancel us for the kind of service we provide. Non-profit financial consultant. They want us to refund customers $350 although they are not holding our funds at this time still we need to find a new merchant provider.

  • Jim

    You’d think a seemingly legit company would be ethical, but ahh that was my first mistake. My oldest some got me the pay anywhere scanner for my phone for my small business, after a long time I finally had an opportunity to use it. So I get this email that they are holding my funds because they need the card holders info, which they had from when I entered the order. After many phone calls and heres one odd thing, i was told on different occasions that the only person who could talk to me about the problem wouldnt
    Be in until later that day.
    Got them all info, jumped through all their hoops and guess what, still they don’t release it. So after a few more days I call in first thing in the morning and of course I’m told the person that can help me doesn’t come in until 9am. So I call back after 9am and the lady gets smart with me so I tell her I’ve ready their reviews online about they’re bad attitude in customer service, so she changes her tone got a little nicer and tells me the person who can help me doesn’t come in until 11 !!!!! So I tell her that they’ve jerked me around enough and I have no choice but to refund the customer and get them to pay with an alternative payment form. Three hours after I start the refund process I get a call back from the same lady telling me everything checked out and after one month holding the funds they are going to release them to me. I remind her that I told her I was doing a refund and she says oh if you’re doing a refund we can’t release the funds to you once you stated that process and it could take up to seven more days to release the funds back to the customer. So end result of my experience with payanywhere is they held 400$ for a month refunded the money back charged me three times what the initial charge would have been so I say I got scammed and if ever there is a lawsuit someone please contact me. P.S.After the refund we did the payment through PayPal and it went smoothly.

  • Anthony

    This company is a joke! Tried to use them almost a year ago they had problems processing flex spending cards. Turn over time concerning approved transactions on regular cards exceeded 24 hours some took up to 48 hours. I finally gave up due to the constant issues. As of 6.10.2014 this company still needs to get its act together. I recently made a transaction through pay anywhere. The transaction was approved by the card holders company. I received an email from pay anywhere requesting a copy of the invoice showing the money due from my client. This was done and a call was made to pay anywhere. I was then told I needed to provide more information and they were holding the approved funds until I provided them with 3 months of my business bank statements in case there was a charge back. Never has any processing company ever asked me to do such. Understanding their point if the funds were being held up by my clients card company. I was told pay anywhere has the funds. To me if pay anywhere has my money in their account from my client for services my company provided these funds should be released. I since refunded my clients card which will take 7-10 days. Being a small business I’d advise anyone using this service to run! I will be using another card processor.

  • Adrian

    This company wrongly excused me owing money to them and file a case against me with a collection company call Allen&Associates. I try communicating with the collection agency that was never any money owed. They were hard to communicated with and they didn’t have accurate information. So I reported them to the government agency that handles this type of cases. Shortly after I received an apology from the debt collector stating that I never owed any money. The website that I used to report this company is

  • TG

    I’ve had the same issues as everyone else. I used the card reader for one day so I could accept credit cards selling items at an event. After not having my money deposited by the next weekends event, I did not use it again. Anyway, I waited about two weeks and still hadn’t received my deposit as expected. I tried calling customer service everyday for weeks; I stayed on the line for an hour each time and never got through to anyone. It wasn’t a large amount of money, less than $500; so I didn’t expect any delays in receiving m money. Finall after weeks of not being able to get in touch with them, I posted a negative review on every one of their social meadia sites (using my full name and business name), and within 3 days they called me and told me they were going to deposit my money, and they did.

  • Victoria

    The ABSOLUTE worst customer service I have ever had to deal with. When calling, you are on hold for a minimum of 30 minutes, only to then be transferred to someone who doesn’t answer. They have incorrectly and without my knowledge charged my bank account for fees that were never disclosed to me, and they approved my application that said volume of sales was $100-$500 for a free tablet, and are now trying to charge me $91.00 because I don’t have an excess of $5000 in monthly sales, even though that was established from the get go and they have never taken out fees until this month. DO NOT use them! You are better off using Square.

  • Adrian

    Pay Anywhere is a HUGE NIGHTMARE!!!!!!!PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS MERCHANT SERVICE ACCOUNT. I had the same problem that everyone else. But not only they took my money from me, they also took money from my account without my permission and now also they sent me a letter using a collector company that I own $1620!! I DONT KNOW HOW THIS PEOPLE STILL IN BUSINESS. They all needs to go to jail.

  • David Iver

    Pay Anywhere is a horrible business. When I first signed up they seemed legitimate with there convenience talk and low interest rate. The small print is where they get you. I was accepted and they held the funds of my first three transactions, then they wanted more information before they would give me the funds. I was then told if I did not want to wait the 3-5 days for them to approve me again?, I could cancel the transactions. Little did I know that they would charge my bank acount $233.00 in fees anyway. I never received any money , but was charged the processing fee anyway. They even got me for a transaction cancelling fee!! This company needs to have its license revoked. The bad thing also is that they never mention anything in the begining. I was completly screwed out of $233.00 and now I have to eat that. Stay away from this company. They are horrible.
    David Iver

  • Ian

    STAY AWAY FROM PAYANYWHERE, These people are thieves and the article is 100% correct. I grabbed one at my local Lowes to sell Christmas items that would be hard to find, but that I had (not as a vendor commercial merchant, but as a individual person). I did my first transaction and waited for the payment and then I waited and then I waited some more. I finally called and they said my transaction was being audited. Say What? Why is my transaction being audited and why haven’t you contacted me? “Well, we randomly audit………” And they never did give me a reason why they hadn’t sent me notice the minute this went to auditing. Short story is they want my merchant name, charter, business plan, blah, blah, blah. Oh yeah, not only that but they wanted me to get all this personal information from the guy I sold to (can you say invasion of privacy?). There is nothing that even asks for those when you sign up as you can sign up as a business or a person.

    I asked them for the documents that would tell me all this and high risk transactions and was told they didn’t have anything like that they could give out. Since I was an individual I didn’t have the stuff they were asking for and then they labeled me and the transaction as high risk, said I would have to refund the money (after I had already given over the goods) and get a different for payment. Good thing the guy I sold to was nice enough to still pay me!!!!!! They then closed my account.

    End of story right. Nope. Months later (now) they draw credit card processing fees for the transaction AND the refund! I could probably have stomached the initial processing fee, but the refund as well. Especially when they told me I had to refund the guy and they couldn’t give me good reasons as to what the standards are in their practice anyway. They are hiding behind a contract, unclear policies, freezing and/or auditing without merit. Never would have used them had I read this article or if THEY had even provided additional information about their policies.

  • rachel

    The reviews say it all. This company seems to steal from its consumers any way it can. Their holding onto thousands of my dollars… All of my money is in their hands right now… Wish me luck:-(

  • Peter Rapier

    We’ve had very good luck with Customer service, very responsive. Never had a problem with getting funds. They did have problems rolling out the newer version a while back, poor communication there, but cust, service was very helpful.

  • P T

    Steer clear, folks. I wish I had read the reviews here before signing up with PayAnywhere. How they manage to stay in business is a great mystery. “Customer service” doesn’t have any meaning to them at all. I’m out!!

  • Duke

    My company used pay anywhere to help our business grow. As a sales person most of the transactions we used this company did not route to the correct account. We would call the customer service for help and they did nothing. This is the worst customer service taking days to figure out where money was to routed to. You ask where the money is they say “I don’t Know” What, this my money that we are suppose to get from paying customers – and you don’t know. Unacceptable. DONT USE THIS COMPANY!! We wont!

  • AJ

    We signed up with Pay Anywhere last year because one specific client insisted on paying by credit card. We had trouble with them that is very much like a number of the comments already posted. After that one transaction we stopped dealing with them; but 6 months later the problems got worse instead of better. The “parent” company or whatever it’s called, that actually process’s the transactions for Pay Anywhere. Global Payments in S.C., took our information and gave it to another one of the business’s that they process transactions for. While our experience with Pay Anywhere was awful, at least they only charged us a % of the transaction amount. The new company that Global Payments gave our information too was taking a monthly fee out of our bank account, when we had NEVER signed up with them or done any business with them at all. They were taking $20 a month out of our account; and the first month they started it they took the fee out twice. When I discovered it on our bank statement, they had taken out a total of $100, without our knowledge, or consent or ever having done any business with this company, North American Bankcard. Our bank told us that they had this happen to other business customers. Global Payments will pass along information between their processors, without the company who’s information they’re giving out being aware of it. When you sign with any credit card processor in the future, be sure that they are NOT a part of the Global Payments system.

  • Eduardo Alarcon

    Is my first time using pay anywhere, one of the reasons is their advertisement on a 24 hour funds to your bank account, but they wont advertise the amount or limit at your regular transactions, of course after reading the entire long agreement is somewhere, even if you said you had a specific average amount to deposit, it’s been 21 days, without any call or email saying I needed to provide extra information in order for them to process the deposit, not even that, I had to call them to verify the status, when I called they said “Rick” is not available and that the other person who could helped me, of course she was busy. What a sad management of service, not a customer service oriented company at all, I am cancelling my account as soon as I take care of this. NOT RECOMENDED AT ALL!!!

  • andre

    PLEASE beware of the merchant company they are not a legit merchant company. This is a joke and scam….they never told us the limit 500.00 and if you want a increase you have to jump through hoops and run through fire only to get burned in the end and never get your money released. I demanded that my client get a refund of 1450 asap by the end of the day eastern time and if not I will report them to FTC and Home depot CEO, who needs to stop doing business with this fraudulent company.

  • Luisa Silvestre

    I have processed a payment for hotel on 1/27/2014 at 8:25pm as of 2/4/2014 the funds have not gone into my bank account. They advertise a 24 hr turn around time for payment and i try to refund the customer so she can mail me a check but the portal does not allow a refund . Have contacted them numerous times to no avail they stated the money is sitting in there account.

    None is able to assist me with this. Bad customer service and the client is waiting for there hotel reservation.

    Makes me look bad.


  • Valesca

    I wish I had seen these comments before. I made the mistake of signing up with them, and it’s been a nightmare. I was very diligent when I signed up by trying to get all the information necessary so that I would not run into any problems. As stated here before their customer service is the worst, probably untrained people, because they do not provide any information that is reliable. They made me refund my customer, because they refused to process, and they knew they were not going to process but let the card go through anyways, just so they could collect processing fees. After hours with them, they said they would refund the fee, once it hit my account; after the fee hit, they refused to return the fees. Why should I expect anything else? Pay anywhere is the biggest scam I’ve seen. It’s been now 3 weeks that they held my money, and made me refund and my client still has not seen the refund. Is there a way we can sue these people??
    This is ridiculous..

  • Byron

    Payanywhere, Violates your rights. They search the web to see if you have other business that gives them a reason to cancel your account. Payanywhere goes as far as to cancel your account even when you use another service to collect payment such as a web store where you use a shoping cart and payment system that payanywhere has no ties to. In my case my online store where payanywhere cannot be used nor do they offer the online markets, shut down my account due to having a online sporting goods store. I was told that they do not allow sporting goods to be sold online. When I statrd that Payanywhere is not associated with any type processing of my on line store, I was told that they do not care. And payanywhere would not reactivate my account.

    In following Payanywhere just lost a customer and the word will spread to others and I hope that there is a pushback on this kind of action against Payanywhere. I my view no one should use there services.

  • Kevin

    Ran a high end transaction for over $5k, payanywere approved transaction. After 5 days of money not being in my account and all transactions after were frozen, I contacted the rude customer service department. Was told my funds are being frozen until I provide 3 months bank statements, customer name, address, phone number and email address to verify transaction was legit. When not hearing back from them, I called again and was told they contacted customer and sale was legit, they are going to hold my money for 180 days because customer might claim fraud up to that time. After arguing with them that it is illegal to hold funds for 6 months, they said that is our policy. I asked for the legal department and was told we don’t have a number or address for them. The rude customer service rep said she would transfer me to her supervisor, but she is on the phone and will have to call you back. After not hearing back and leaving multiple voice mails and reviewing the company’s terms, I contacted the New York State Attorneys General office and had a 1 hr discussion with the office. They said they have had multiple complaints from business about this company’s practices. They requested information from me to be sent to the Attorney General Office to investigate. If anyone else in New York State has the same issues with payanywere, you can contact the New York State attorney’s General office to possibly help get your money that is yours.

  • Don White

    I processed 3 payments through Pay anywhere. All cards were AMEX. The first was for $550.00 and was held with the reason that it was our first item to be processed and we had to wait for it to be issued. At first I said “ok” that sounds reasonable. The second charge was for $1000.00 also by AMEX, but different card holder and we received our money in 2 days as their “advertising” promised. We completed our job with the client and he again paid by same AMEX card on Dec 24th 2013 for $1730.00. Immediately we get an email after the customer had left that the Payment was being held due to limitations to our acceptance of Credit Cards. In other words they set a high limit of $500.00 and no more. What legitimate business in this day and age can only accept $500.00 from a client. I looked through my application and I know we told them our high limit needed to be $5000.00 per month on the low side $200.00.

    I contacted the customer service dept and they were very patronizing toward my inquiry. They now want all kinds of information relative toward my company to release any future payments. They were very unprofessional and I believe this is a scam to hold monies in hopes of skimming the interest on said money. I’m contacting Lowes where I got the Swiper and tell them to pull it or I won’t buy from them anymore either.

    If anyone else has had the same problem, please let me know how yours as resolved… In the mean time I’m refunding my client ( hopefully the release it back) and going to recharge it on my Square(no problems).

    Donald R. White Jr (Pres)
    Mass. Disaster Service Corp.

    • Don White

      Follow up…

      I did not get anywhere with PayAnywhere with regards to them holding my funds. I did get them to release the customers’ money back without incident, only after I threatened them that I would Call AMEX Directly and inform them of their practices. I then recharged my customer (who was present) with the SQUARE application on my phone and had no problems.

      Now I deal with customers that have lost everything due to fires or have been broken into and we are there to secure their buildings. How does that make me look as a business owner when I can’t process a credit card over a certain amount. Can you say “Embarrassing? We look like fools, thank God that this business owner as it turns out was very amenable to my circumstances, asked me what company it was and made mental note of who not to use.

      Remedy: To all that have had problem with checking account difficulties, just apply for a stop payment with the accounting department of your bank, it will cost you about $35.00 but well worth it….. My Bank issued this advice after I asked them for some assistance, mainly because this CC processor sent a form to my bank with their ACH ID# for funds transferals. The Bank thought this was strange because Square never sent this type of request to them nor did any other service we ever had done business with.

      Be PROACTIVE!!!! Don’t take no for an answer with these P.O.S. It’s your money and no one should ever come between you and your right to conduct business legally.

      If you need help , I’ll gladly forward to you what we did to counter this company.

      Thanks , Good Luck Don White.

  • Lee Barker

    Payanywhere…Hah…..I got paid Nowhere! Signing up for this was my worst nightmare. I ran 1 so called transaction for $400.00 and they held my first transaction for almost a week. I called to see what the problem was with my transaction and they informed me my business address was a residential address, I receive all my mail at my house. What if I was working out of my house? What if I was working mobile? Anyways, for 3 weeks after this transaction I continued to try to use my account to do transactions and every card holder was denied. I tried on approximately 10 different occasions and 10 different customers. Approximatley an hour after trying my last transaction I receive a text message they had closed my account because they could not verifiy some information from my first customer, when the transaction had already been approved and paid. Sure am glad I’ve never run my business this way, wouldn’t have it for long if I did.

  • Mark K


    They have charged me very random amounts over the past 6 months.
    From $4 to $19, and several $49, one at $140, and finally today $150 in one withdrawal from my bank account. Totaling over $600.00′

    You want to hear something funny? I HAVE NEVER USED THEIR SERVICE. NOT ONCE.

    I have disputed every time, and called, but they never get my faxes ending our relationship…
    Instead, the reply email reads like some sociopathic stalker that does not want to let go.

    “Mark called for assistance with logging into Advised merchant to activate account by entering the full merchant id number beginning with xxxxx90. Advised once information has been entered and accepted an email containing further instructions and the temporary password will be sent. Advised the initial password is only valid for 24 hours so must log in to site after email is received to change the password.

    Advised there is no indication on the account that the signed cancellation letter has been received.
    *Sensitive information has been removed from this note.”

    Are you kidding? I called to confirm the fax was received for the second time in two months! and find out what the hell I was being charged for. The fellow told me to log in. I asked HOW? he sent this email. So, not only do they not acknowledge that I sent them a STOP fax, they presumed to tell me how I wanted to activate my account. There is something very wrong here!!!!!!!!

    My bank suggested putting a hold on my account. Really? So, basically, money in but no money out. How do I pay my bills? They say, this company has been using odd amounts and has attempted to withdraw zero amounts consecutively to see if they could. This from my bank.

    How inspiring.

  • Bill

    One thing not mentioned here. It appears that Payanywhere charges a higher rate for Reward Cards. Square states that they do not, and Payanywhere appears to hide that info in their Legal Fine print. I have not verified this, but perhaps a user can

    • Troy

      Yes, Bill, you are correct, they DO hide this higher fee in the fine print. The representative I spoke with before I signed up stressed the fee was only 2.69% except on keyed in transactions.
      When I was charged a higher fee on a swiped transaction, I called to ask about this. The snooty person on the line said this higher fee disclosure was on paragraph 17, subsection something or another of the merchant agreement. She actually had the nerve to say “rewards cards are charged a higher fee because, as you know, they are a higher risk card”. Yes, this was the exact quote. How would I, a small electrical contractor, know whether or not certain cards are higher risk? This was just preposterous.
      I am still with them as I have not had issues receiving payments. I would drop them instantly if I experienced even a single hold on ANY transaction. I would be VERY wary of this company.

  • David Ellis

    STAY AWAY FROM PAYANYWHERE!!! We run a small business and have been with PayAnywhere for
    about a year and a half. Since migrating to their new payment app in July it has been a veritable nightmare (and the truth is, they weren’t exactly terrific before July on the old system). Since then, problems are the norm. We would issue customer refunds but PayAnywhere would fail to credit the customer. The merchant portal frequently does not update, so when I login to see transactions, they may be days behind. And then when they catch up, some days will be missing. I am still trying to get them to credit us for an entire days sales that is simply “missing” from our account. They have had more than enough time to fix the bugs in their system, but there seems to be no end in sight. They correct one thing, and two more problems seem to appear. I could go on and on, but what’s the use? If you choose to go with PayAnywhere after reading this review, and the many, many others, well, you were warned.

  • Peter

    We are a small clinic and have been doing transactions of around $100 each and only 4 a day. a couple of days a week. Using Pay Anywhere for 10 months now. Customer service has been helpful and responsive. We have had nothing close to the problems I see posted here. We would recommend them based on our experience.

      • PaulH

        It’s notable that you’re interested in confirming the positive comment. Are you using the same due diligence on the negative comments regarding Pay Anywhere? I am an agent for NABC, and there have been some hitches with customer care, which have vastly improved in 2014. I am out there every day activating merchants through this same customer care, and admittedly there have been issues with the quality and efficiency of service, but there have been DRAMATIC improvements of late. I have been with the company since September of 2013. I have 50+ merchants swiping with Pay Anywhere. There have been a number if issues involving missing deposits, and some questions of the varying fees for Corporate and Reward cards, but all has been handled in a timely manner, and I have never had a situation that went unresolved for more than a couple days, tops. Some of these doomsday scenarios I am reading about are very difficult for me to believe. I simply have seen nothing like it in my six months with the company, with dozens of merchants who call me when there is a problem. Yes, I have had to put out some fires, but never had I had to do more than make a phone call, or send an email, and each issue has been resolved to the merchant’s satisfaction in a relatively timely manner. There has been no nightmare situations where people were missing money for weeks on end. Nothing like that in my experience. .

  • Dave Draves

    I opened an account with payanywhere as an alternative to force transactions with my First Data merchant account. My business transactions are primarily in the clients home so payanywhere seemed like a cost savings and security improvement from taking credit card numbers and entering them later. Boy was I wrong my first transaction of $2,800 was held for more than a week for security purposes. I had to send 3 months bank statements, copies of the contracts, photo id and ss card to Payanywhere and was told in 48 hours the audit would be complete. 72 hours later they completed the audit and then said they needed the card holders correct address to release funds, all of which was on the contracts but I gave it to them again and they said in 24 hours funds would deposit, did not happen. I experienced this scam 8 years ago with a processor that I reported to the FTC, about 3 years later I got a notice that they had been fined for improper practices. The processor went out of business. Will not be a surprise to see this happen to Pay Anywhere.

    • Brian B

      That is how they roll at NOpayanywhere. I made it abundantly clear and showed them my website After I started accepting charges I got no money until I submitted the same paperwork. Next they said not guns could be charged. The latest is no transaction over $1000.00. They wanted me to resubmit all of the same paperwork the made me do to,get my funds unfrozen the first. No way. They knew damn well when I signed up I was a firearms company and the lowest priced model was $1400.00. I have dropped them like a bad habit! My new processor is great and MUCH lower fees.

      • Paul Herron

        To the person that asked if there had been a resolution. Yes. After they turned me into the collection agency I called the attorney generals office of my state and just like that they left me alone. Stay far away from these people. I use PayPal now and no problems.

  • Joe

    DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY! I am a volunteer with a Boy Scout Troop that chose to use them for our annual fundraiser. After a month of trying to work with these folks I have had it. They continue to request information that has already been sent to them. They leave you on hold until you have no choice but to hang up. They do not return calls as promised. Their customer service is the worst I have ever experienced. They have almost $600 of our funds. My account has been screwed up since day 1 and I strongly advise anyone considering this company to look elsewhere.

  • Chery

    very poor customer service. I am a hair studiio owner. Used Pay Anywhere for a year. Online statements show double the amount of the sale. For example if you were to get audited it would read that you charged 110.00 for the sale and 110.00 for the tip even though there was no tip given or a tip of 5.00 or 10.00 dollars. Customer Service, Tech support puts you on hold for at least 25 minutes per transfer. They have worked out a new portal and that was their excuse for the double charges. They said they have it worked out now, but can not go in and change over 25 of my charges that were posted. The credit card merchant statemnt is impossible to read and lumpps the charges in one group so you have a hard time figuring out what percentage they are taking from your account. Very bad business and the record are false.

  • Stephanie

    We have consistently had problems with them and are in the midst of changing plans. They hold funds indefinitely without releasing them to your account, don’t tell you they are holding funds but you notice that the money never makes it to your bank account, many of their customer service reps don’t know what they are doing, and follow up is not great. I was promised that a manager will call me right back a couple of times and I have to call the next day because no one has called. And, it’s not like we had questionable charges. We wanted a company that would be a partner for us as we grow our business and they are a hindrance instead.

    • Dave

      Exactly Stephanie,
      They told me that they held funds because the amount was more than I should have processed!!! Imagine that……They knew more about my business than I do. I am a Massage Therapist and have many retail items for sale and have gift certificates. A client purchased several gift certs and several retail items. His charge was about $400. His charge read “APPROVED”, so I gave him the merchandise. The funds were never deposited into my account. After about a month of fighting with payanywhere, they finally cancelled the transaction, the client received notice of it and I re-ran it on my new card processor, INTUIT, and it cleared, had the money the next day, NO PROBLEM!!!!. KICK PAY ANYWHERE OUT AND GO WITH INTUIT. They don’t hold you back, they let you grow. In fact, they help you grow. Customer service is fantastic with INTUIT. I am happy now.

  • Tim

    Stay away from Pay Amywhere, they are a ridiculous and crooked company. They are currently holding over $5k from me which they say I will receive in 90 days! The first couple of small transactions were processed and deposited to my account. Then after a busy period of sales they just held onto my money with no notice whatsoever. I was asked to produce 3 months bank statements to rectify this problem which I did. After being transferred and given the run around by extremely rude staff, I received an email saying my account was being closed and funds held for 90 days. They have absolutely no grounds for this, I have been in business selling my products for many years prior to this. Furthermore I have read of other users accounts being treated the same and then not receiving there funds after this ’90 day hold’. I am now in the process of lawyers looking at this case for me. I really wish I had seen reviews such as this prior to signing up. If you just go by reviews on the App Store then somehow they seem to maintain a high user rating. Do not be fooled by this like I was, you will be sorry you ever used them. Steer well clear of this company!

  • Alec

    Do Not Use Pay Anywhere. They are a fraud. Ponzi scheme. Holding your money for no legit reason. They are currently holding over $5000 of my transaction money. Pass it along. Wish i had read these reviews before i signed up.

  • Otis Otis Davis

    Worst experience i ever had with a financial institution ,no professionalism at all ,
    None of the employees have the same understanding of company policy
    This company think that calling strangers by first names is suppose to make them feel relaxed

    Seven days to make an electronic refund “this is to laugh ”
    who asks for three bank statements and customer invoice to approve a 1400 dollar debit card transaction ?
    This company is a joke been trying to use this account since Sept. 4 with no success

    open a paypal account in 20 min.

  • SM

    This is the worse company. Don’t waste your time. You will go through hassle and more hassle. I only did one transaction with them and had to issue a refund because they wouldn’t give me the funds for that transaction, it was hurdle after hurdle. I can’t even cancel my services with Payanywhere quickly because they don’t have a quick cancellation policy. They cancel after 60 days of ‘inactivity’. They start you off with a low ticket number limit, the purchase transaction amount- this is a hassle to increase. Then if your account gets flagged- more hassle. Mine was flagged even after i went through the hassle of increasing the ticket amount, so there was no legit reason as to why they ‘flagged’ my account. I’d rather pay more and take my business elsewhere. This company is riduculous

  • Unknown

    This is the worst credit card reader everywhere! I have been fighting with them over a small amount (under 100) they believe is fraud because my business has it’s own name which is not my individual name. I used the a different merchant after the $ was supposed to be back in my client’s account. My client’s account got an NSF fee so because it’s my business due to them I get to pay my client the amount they keep refusing to release plus a $35 NSF to keep my client happy. DO NOT EVER USE PAY ANYWHERE YES THEY CHARGE LESS PER TRANSACTION BUT IT IS A MYSTERY AS TO WHETHER OR NOT YOU WILL ACTUALLY GET PAID.

  • Preston Felton

    Please don’t use this company if you want professional CC processing, poor customer service, unprofessional, charged me for a charge that they refused to put into my account. Would never use them again. Making a complaint with the Attorney General’s Office.

  • Gary

    Do Not Deal with Payanywhere. .. This company is withholding over 500.00 from me.. They said it was an audit . No one in that dept could help me or answer any questions except the one handling my case and she wasn’t in that day .. they wanted me to fax all kinds of info . invoices , receipts . contracts showing customers name , number and address and wanted the customers number, that made the transaction .. which I think is a privacy issue . Shawna ( the agent ) called the customer. and verified it was not fraud. then called me back wanting to know if I had a contract ( rental property ) with the customer . the size of the rental unit.. I told her it was none of her business. and she was asking to many personal questions, and hung up the phone.. an hour later , My customer called me and said she had called him back and had started asking him personal questions, in which he told her, it was none of her business .. So now she has harassed my customer .. I did manage to ask if I was selling ice cream using the card reader.. and this come up . and I didn’t know the customers info and number , she informed me that I wouldn’t get paid. As the logo says pay anywhere , anytime . make sure you take down customers , address, phone number and all the bits of personal info you can get , then warn the customer that they might get an harassing phone call from payanywhere for there 3.00 charge.. Im done with payanywhere and will be going with Square.

  • Marc Lowe

    I wish I had read all of the negative reviews out there for this company. In a rush to find a way to accept credit cards for my web development business I signed up for their service. I guess the idea of having an iphone attachment was too god to pass up. I called ahead of time to ask about limits and was assured the type of business I ran would not have any problems as long as I used swiped transactions and not keyed-in ones. Well I am now almost $2500 into their service and have yet to be paid. I have been sent the standard form email saying send copies of invoices and 3 months of bank statements etc… I have no problem supplying that information but based on other testimonies here and other places why bother. I just got off the phone with the last client I ran through the reader and told them I would refund the money and discount them if they send another type of payment. Hopefully the refund goes through as the app said it was considered a VOID not a refund because of the short time since it was charged. If my client doesn’t get an immediate refund she is going to do a chargeback. Will let you know how it turns out…

  • Stacy Nicodemus

    This company is the worse company I’ve ever dealt with. The service is horrible I’ve been dealing with them for months with no problems, and then all of a sudden they are holding my funds saying that my bank rejected it,yea right…So my question was to her why after all this time they have been putting funds in my account i’ve never had this problem and then this problem happen she could not give me an answer.Please do not deal with this company it a and its not good for small business and I know i wont be getting my funds. I will count it a loss

  • Darlene

    Pay is a very confused company. Their representatives do not know what the others are even doing or telling clients. Amy a so called supervisor only repeats herself and does not solve problems. They are holding over $700 that belongs to my account. They will not change my account number because the voided check I sent them to verify was not them number they wanted!

  • Mark

    I strongly urge you to have nothing to do with this company. I had a client pay me by Pay Anywhere. The money was never credited to my account. That was months ago. Emails to customer service, repeated phone calls resulted in nothing but a run around. I get automatically generated responses that they are “working on” the problem. Meanwhile, they have my money and will not credit it. I am having to begin a 93 A suit against them. Steer clear of this company at all costs.

  • Jim Lafferty

    I signed up for pay anywhere in 2011. It was great until a month or so ago when the updated the app for iphone/ipad. Since then nothing works. Tech support has been no use. They are getting hammered on apple app reviews. Im canceling my acct monday morning and going with someone else.

  • lisa

    Worst cc processing app ever. They updated their app and now it has so many bugs none of the payments processed will even show up for days. There is no way you can run a business with it. It has been messed up for a month now and every time we call they say they are aware of the problems and are trying to fix them but have no idea when things will be resolved. How are we expected to run a business? We are switching to Square. This service is absolutely unacceptable. I never comment on anything online, but have taken the time to do this so others won’t make the wrong choice and spend money and waste time on this horrible lack of service.

    I am telling you now… beware! Please save yourself from all the wasted time, frustration, and poor reflection on your business… Don’t go with Pay Anywhere!

  • LISA

    Pay Anywhere has dropped the ball on several occasions. My first transaction didn’t go through due to a technical glitch. It had to be forced on. I sent the receipt to my customer and assumed it was fine. The charge was in May and I didn’t find out until a month later that there was a hold placed on the account. The employee stated that he tried contacting me, however, this was my first email I had received from him. I responded to his request for paperwork within a half an hour. I never heard from him, so I contacted him. He claimed he sent me an email. Again, no email was received. Its been five days now since the monies were released, and I still have yet to receive my credit to my account.

    I continued to have issues with the app and couldn’t get it to accept another charge. They kept issuing service tickets, yet no one ever called me from the IT Department, regarding the problem. The employees are generally pleasant, however, they never follow through with the complaint.

    I have since gone with another company due to the horrible service I’ve received. Stay far away from this company!!!

  • Eileen

    This company is the worst I have ever dealt with. I have been trying to collect my money from them for 3 months. I now found out that they have another customer using my account number. I am owed hundreds of dollars from them and after being on the phone with them for numerous hours upon hours… solution….no money.

  • Deborah Noonon

    Payanywhere has severe accounting problems. It took three tries to open a merchant account with them. Only to find that my business “Meditation Instruction” is considered to be a ‘RISKY’ business, and they declined my account. OMG what has the world come to when meditation is risky?

    Bottom Line: This pay system is not worth the lower fees. I’m using my Square and will never stray from it again. Never had a problem with it, just thought the lower interest rate was attractive. It wasn’t.

  • robert

    This is a BIG SCAM. i made 5 different transaction last week. i was very clear with them when a firs open the account and i tell them i work in the hospitality industry and people pay me with international credit cards. THEY TELL ME NO PROBLEM. GUESS WHAT? THEY WANT TO HOLD MY MONEY FOR 6 MONTHS. AND I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO NOW. THIS PEOPLE WORK WITH YOU MONEY. IF ANYBODY KNOW WHERE I CAN PUT A FORMAL LEGAL COMPLAINT PLEASE HEP ME. (PLUS CUSTOMER SERVICES IS SUCK).

  • Allen Ennis

    I was an actual customer that used the Payanywhere service for my business. I spent more time on the phone with their awareness department chasing my money than I did working. Every transaction I processed through their credit card service was flagged. I was never called or emailed from their company. I had to call multiple times to explain every transaction and fax invoices to get paid, which generally took several weeks. If you are a successful company that has transactions over $250 per sale, don’t waste your time with Payanywhere. They finally dropped me after the third month because they said I was processing to much money. They would never increase my limit of $5000.00 a month. Sorry for being successful. I got punished for making money.

  • mike

    I charged my first transaction 5 days ago. Still waiting to have it deposited into my account. The auditor said it should be deposited 2 days ago. I will update let you know how long it actually takes

    • Gary

      Mike, I can sympathize with you! This too has happened to us, it has been a week today since I have yet to receive funds. I faxed over additional information and the agent keeps telling me she has to take it to underwritering, because it is over our limit. I think this is a service that is an inconvience than convience. You think you were being audited by the IRS. Will never use this service again.

  • Paul

    Please don’t use them! I called before I made a $1350 transaction to make sure there were no problems. They asked me to send a copy of the invoice(for what reason who knows). I did anyway. They asked how much was in my bank account in case of a charge back( i guess I can see that). A “supervisor” approved it told me there would be no problems so I did the charge. The next day I get an email saying they are auditing me and want 3 months bank statements and a business profile???? before they release my money. I called the extension and voice mail. I called 3 more times and still voice mail the last one stating she went home. I called another extension and she said she would help me. she puts me on hold for a pretty long time then comes back with we are doing audit and send this stuff in and they will look at it. If they would have told me up front when I first called I would have just threw the card reader away and used paypal like I ended up using at a lesser rate. They put me on with another person to do the refund and she said I didn’t need to talk to her just do it on the phone. I do the refund on the phone and it won’t email a receipt. Now my customers have 2 $1350 charges on their card and no proof of the refund. I am very upset because I called them to clear this first. Use some other way to take cards is my advise.

    • Paul Herron

      Ok a year has almost gone by and I get a letter today from a collection agency. They say i am delinquent and turned over for collection and must pay $1386.22. They never sent me any money. I canceled their BS account a year ago. I have not heard anything about any of this until now. Am I going to have to hire a lawyer now? They did remove the 2 charges to my customer but I never received anything. I am so pissed at this joke of a company.

  • Bob Farmer

    Spent 2.5 hrs on the phone trying to get paid from a transaction I have reicept for, from pay anywhere and all i got got for help was getting sent back and forth between departments. they owe me $810 and I got nothing but a run around. customer service sucks. stay away form these a-holes. you will lose money.

  • Kris

    I saw all the bad reviews and I feel that’s usually all you get are the angry people, so i’ll leave my review as of now. My duct cleaning company has received every payment. I signed up just for one customer that would make it much faster if I accepted cards. Every transaction has been great and fast. No problems. BUT I just tried to process one manually and it’s been declined…. Last transaction was over 2k 2.5 months ago. Im 100% business to business so most of my transactions are check. Looking at the reviews maybe they recently got hit hard by fraud and are now taking it out on customers or maybe their going down and doing the best to hold on to as much as they can for bankruptcy? Or maybe following paypals model which is hold funds and collect millions in interest and settle lawsuits. Either way, I’m scared to process large payments again and I will try to get this 375 processed and leave a follow up review for my fellow honest small business owners here. I feel for you people, pretty disgusting the way banks and uncle sam kick us around.

  • DV Hart

    PayAnywhere First transaction. I ordered the PA service on line, received the card reader in just a few days and set up a merchant account. The on-line service was user friendly and well designed to guide you through and explain the process. Made the first sale and the reader coupled to my Samsung Android worked flawlessly. sale was “approved’ and I went away happy. Two days later I received an Email from PA thanking me for the new account and promising payment in two days. Later that same day, the trouble started: another Email ” your payment will be delayed for review”, then the next day another Email “…to protect our merchants’ accounts from threats of fraud…” (that’s how tyrants always start) “send the name and address of the card holder, three months of your bank records’… etc.

    Now I don’t think it is unreasonable for a credit card acceptance co. to ask for three months bank records. They have to know that they can reach back to collect from me for charge backs and the like from Visa if any should occur.

    My objection is the lie, this is not to protect my merchant account, but to secure their ability to collect from me if the need should arise. and the timing, if bank records are needed, collect them before the merchant has accepted the card for payment, They have put me in an untenable position.

    This practice was referred to in their Email as a random check. It makes me wonder, what do they mean by random? one in one-thousand? Nine-hundred ninety-nine in one thousand?

    I don’t believe any business can afford to use a bank that employs these tactics.

  • SAziz

    I am really surprised unlike pay pal, pay anywhere charge you the fees twice. With paypal when I refund something they refund the fees they deducted from payment. I made a refund request a refund on May 25th 2013 and yesterday seeing my bank statement was surprised, for that transaction there was $4.44 deposited to my bank account but when I refund they debited my account with $5.36 that means they are charging even for refund. I really don’t like this. If they are doing this they should say this on their home page or in advertisement. Per transaction means REFUNDED transaction also. So before refund people must have know just amount was deposited not enough they should have EXTRA fee for payanywhere :D

  • Natalie

    MONDAY, APRIL 8, 2013
    Applied for merchant account. Application process asked for name, phone number, address, social security number and bank account information.

    After applying for the account, I received an email notification that the account had been approved.

    After adding the app to my iPhone, I received another email that I could access the Merchant Portal.

    When I logged into the Merchant Portal, it informed me that I need to add my bank account information again (account ending in **7675). I added this information and received a message that my bank account could not be verified and I needed to contact Customer Service. I contacted the Customer Service department who explained that the message regarding my bank account was a system error. The representative verified my account information and told me that all required information was in the application and I could start taking payments immediately. I asked if there were any account limits or verification processes that needed to occur and she told me that unless I was making charges in excess of $10,000 a day, no additional information was needed. She also told me that I was set up for next day funding but it would take 24 hours for the bank account information to be active so it would be 48 hours before I would see a deposit into my account.
    Throughout the remainder of the day, I processed $1397.88.
    According to PayAnywhere’s website, charges should be available in “real time” for view via the Merchant Portal.

    I attempted to view the transactions online but they were not available. According to PayAnywhere’s website, you can get assistance 24/7.

    When I attempted to call or online chat, a message stated that they were closed and to call back during normal business hours: 8am-10pm, est.

    TUESDAY, APRIL 9, 2013
    I received an email stating that I needed to add my bank account information.

    I contacted the customer service department and customer service through online chat to find out why I wasn’t able to view my transactions online and to find out why I was receiving an email stating I needed to add Bank Info. I was informed that viewing transactions online could take up to 48 hours and that there was no bank information on my account. I gave my bank information and was told it would be forwarded to the correct department and would take 24 hours to verify so it would be another 2-3 days before transactions were transferred to my bank account the first time but next day funding after that.

    I received an email later in the evening stating that my first batch of transactions was under review and I needed to contact Merchant Awareness. I emailed the Merchant Awareness department asking what this meant and what they needed. I never received a response.

    WEDNESDAY, APRIL 10, 2013
    I received an email congratulating me on my first transactions and stating that my transactions would be deposited into my bank account ending in **3577 within 2 days. This was not my bank account number. Although the number was wrong, I took this to mean that my first batch had been approved since I hadn’t received a response from my email to Merchant Awareness.

    When I logged into the Merchant Portal, I reviewed the “Settlements” link and found that a deposit of $1155.91 was deposited into my account and the account number was incorrect again (**2238).

    I was unable to contact Customer Service as they were closed for the evening.

    THURSDAY, APRIL 11, 2013
    I received another email stating that I needed to add my banking info.

    FRIDAY, APRIL 12, 2013
    8am, est: I contacted the Customer Service department to let them know there was the $1155.91 deposit was put into the wrong account, I was told that was simply a reporting error. I also told them that I had received another email stating I needed to add my account information and I was informed that they had my current account information. When I asked why there had not been any deposits into my account yet, I was informed that they were being held by the Merchant Awareness department and I needed to call back when they get in the office, 9am, est.

    I called back at 9:15am, est and was transferred to a representative in the Merchant Awareness department, I was informed that my transactions and business needed to validated as there was no business description on my account. I informed them that a business description was never asked for during the application process. I then informed the representative that I sell items via Craigslists, Pennysaver, Recycler, etc. The representative informed me that these were prohibited activities for them and they would be holding my deposits for 120 days. When I asked her to point out where I had signed an agreement to this information, she told me it was in the Terms and Conditions. I asked her to send me a copy of the Terms and Conditions and she told me that I received them when I applied so they didn’t need to be resent. She also pointed out that according to the Terms and Conditions, they could hold my funds in a reserve account at their discretion. When I asked her why they would be held, she again stated that my business was a prohibited activity. I asked her to tell me where it stated that on any documents that I had seen. She said I needed to speak with Adrian in the Risk department to see if they would release the funds. She gave me his phone number and email address and told me I needed to forward him copies of all transactions. I sent an email to Adrian outlining my business along with copies of all transactions and copies of correspondence I’d had with PayAnywhere since I’d signed up so that he could see the issues I was having.

    After numerous emails and 2 more phone calls, they finally told me that they were simply issuing refunds to all my customers and I would need to recharge them. If I had any questions, I could call 800-226-2270 ext. 1400.

    I attempted to call the number given to verify the refunds. The number indicated went through to an automated solicitation line that told me I had won a 2-day cruise to the Bahamas. It stated I could press any key to talk to a representative about setting up my free cruise and paying the $59/person port fees. It also stated that if I wasn’t interested, to hold. It repeated the same offer 3 different times and then finally stated that if I needed additional information, call: 800-712-3000. When I called that number, I again received an automated solicitation for All State Insurance and then received options for education, government, and horoscope which was obviously the wrong number again. I sent the following email to Adrian which received no response.

    I called the Customer Service line and asked to be transferred to Merchant Awareness. I immediately asked to speak with a Supervisor. I was placed on hold then told that a Supervisor was not available. At this point, I was upset and crying and I stated I was not hanging up until I spoke with a Supervisor. I was told the Supervisor was on another call but should be done in a few minutes if I wanted to hold. I was placed on hold for another 17 minutes before the Supervisor came on the line. I told her I wanted to get status on the refunds and she informed me that it could take anywhere from 3-10 days for the refunds to go through. I again pleaded that they simply deposit the transactions and close the account as the $1600 they were holding was my rent and food money and to go back to my customers and ask them to pay again after the money was refunded would make my business look bad. I again went over the fact that their Terms and Conditions stated nothing about my business model being prohibited and she stated it wasn’t in the Terms and Conditions I saw, but the criteria they had on their end in the risk department. I pointed out my conversations with Customer Service where they told me that everything with my account was ok before I started processing and again, she stated that they automatically approve everyone and let me them process transactions but they review the accounts before allowing deposits. I stated that this was unethical business practice as I would have had no way of knowing that my business model was prohibited and that they shouldn’t be allowed to take money from my customers if they aren’t planning on giving me the money for products they purchased. I again requested a copy of the Terms and Conditions and was again denied. Intermittently she would place me on hold for long periods of time. While I was talking to her, I started a fake account on their website in order to get a copy of the Terms and Conditions. She stated that I was lucky they were refunding my customers payments as they could hold funds for 180 days. She also asked why I created a fake account and I told her that it was to get a copy of the Terms and Conditions. She stated that they had canceled that account. She also stated that they had already processed the refunds on their end and it would take the customer banks 3-10 days to put it back in the accounts and there was nothing else they could. She also stated that my transactions could not be verified. The conversation culminated with her stating that there was nothing else that they could do.

    April 19, 2013
    Contacted PayAnywhere to check on the status of the refunds. After sitting on hold for 25 minutes, I was informed that they were unable to verify the refunds yet and that if they still hadn’t posted in the next two weeks, I could call back to obtain further information.

    May 7, 2013
    After hearing from numerous customers that they had not received their refund, I contacted PayAnywhere to get verification of the refunds. After sitting on hold for 45 minutes, I had to hang up as I had customers to attend to. No one ever answered my call after I was transferred to the Merchant Awareness department. I contacted my customers and asked them to verify with their bank that they had not received a refund or that one wasn’t pending.

    May 28, 2013
    Heard back from a few customers that they still had not received a refund. I again contacted Pay Anywhere to check on the status of the refunds. After sitting on hold for 27 minutes, I was told that the refunds had been processed. When I asked for verification, I was told that they could not provide verification other than the verbal verification that the refunds had been processed. After stating that this issue would be presented to my attorney and the FTC, I was told that they would send me a verification via email of the refunds. This email was nothing more than the original email I received on April 12th telling me that the refunds were being processed (and, although they had told me that the refunds had processed on the 12th, in this email, the date changed to the 24th). When I emailed back asking for a transaction number or authorization code, I was told that this is all they had and they would need a copy of my customer’s bank statements to verify that the refunds had not been processed.

    To date, I still do not have resolution. I will now be contacting an attorney, the Federal Trade Commission, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council and BBB. If you would like any verification of the items above, I have email copies of all correspondence.

  • robert k white

    bought at Home Depot ,advertising states$10 purchase price rebated after first sale and no processing fees for the first month. Both untrue . I called and customer service stated it was my responsibility to ask for those offers. I have done 2 referrals on their site under my merchant ID and was told I would get a $50 referral fee. Also untrue. I once again called customer service and they told me they have no way to track your referral you make . You need to call about that and must have the referrals merchant ID.

  • Peter

    Very strange communications from PayAnywhere via email though they have been helpful on the phone.
    Merchant portal is an abomination of design and slow.
    There are hidden fees they can not explain to save their lives.
    App for Android 4.2.2 has bugs (will not take verification password for the app) so we will have to move on.

  • Terri

    I recently received the Pay Anywhere service and made two charges manually on the Pay Anywhere App on my phone. I work another job which required my services for 6 plus days which left me no time to check my business account for our checking account for6 plus days.. When I did, I noticed that none of my charges had been applied to my account which left me in the negative. I called the Pay Anywhere number to inquire. I was on hold for over thirty minutes. When they finally answered I was told they were gone for the day that someone had emailed me saying my account was on hold that they needed the last three months of my previous credit card transactions to get my money and to call them the next day. First, I never received this email. Secondly, no one ever told me this before I charged this two transactions thru Pay Anywhere. If they had, I would have never made these charges through them due to the fact that I do not revceive statements from Intuit thru Quicbooks. Now they are unlawfully holding our money which is over $1600.00. I Called back today to speak to someone and left a message but no one called me back. I waited a couple of hours and called them back. Asked to speak to the person who left message and was told they are at lunch then asked for manager and was told it didn’t matter I would still have to provide them with the last three months transactions and was eventullly hung up on.

    One hour later and no one has called me.

    I have been charged by my bank $33.00 & $165.00 overdraft fees due to them holding my money and they still have my money!!!

    Marc Gardner, please call me. You have my information. Hughes Fuel Recovery. If you don’t have the time like all of your employees thats ok.

    I will be sending all of my emails and information in general to my lawyer and I am calling the BBB today!

  • suzanne

    PLEASE ADVISE— I’m starting a food truck and was just about to sign up with Payanywhere b/c on some sites the reviews are great. After seeing all the first hand negative complaints I’m scared to use them.
    If PayAnywhere is shandy which company should I use?? Square, PayPal, Intuit?? Which is best?
    Please help! Any suggestions….

  • Craig Kowarsky

    Our painting company thought it would be nice to accept credit cards to give our customers a quick and easy way to pay for our services. However on our first transaction the card reader did not properly swipe the card and asked for me to key in the number. I did not realizing that this would cost me an extra $18.30 besides all the other costs. After waiting several days and not seeing the payment in my bank account I called the customer service (which I was on the phone for nearly 1 hour), and they told me they are not going to pay me unless I submit a new application and 3 months of bank account statements for me company. They told me it is impossible to get this money from them with out going through hoops that could literally take weeks or months for approval. This is a horrible company and I will never do business with them again. I am sure that my attorney will get the $1830. that I was ripped off of, but it will most likely cost me most of it in order to receive any of it.

  • Suzy Cameleon

    Bad Business
    After my first big festival making over $5000 in a weekend, the company withheld my funds for almost a week and put my account under review. Apparently if you are successful as a vendor your business account becomes suspect.
    A week later, I was at another event selling my wares and the credit cards were all being declined. It wasn’t until the next day when I called them, that I was told that my account was closed because Upper Management considered me a risk.
    I explained to the company that I had been importing and selling leather bags hand made in Morocco for years. I have a merchant account with a major bank that ‘s been opened for years. I never had any chargebacks or any complaints from my customers, but because I spend most of my time in Morocco they decided to close my account without alerting me.
    So that’s all I have to say about PayAnywhere.

  • Jill

    Pay Anywhere is awesume. My Customer Service Rep has gone so far and above his job duties for me to insure that each time I use the system I receive the best rate and service. Even when my cell phone went down he worked to insure that my new cell phone (Razr M) would work with the slider and download for my next event. Being ale to speak to your rep in the USA, instead of someone that can’t help you as they do not soeak english and must follow their que cards, is the best. It makes it easy and sastifactory for me. I am just a small home business that does not do alot of credit card sales however when I do I know that I have years of experience standing behind my process company (not like some that just arrived on the market) and the low interest rate per swipe really lets me put more money in my pockek!!! Thumbs up. I wish I had found Pay Anywhere a year ago.

  • Dennis

    This company is the worst company I ever had the opportunity to deal with. Not only do they never answer emails or their customer service online chats, but they also like to hold your money with no warning or reason. You are better off using square or Paypal here. (only slightly less horrible)

    I don’t think I need to ad another horrible review here but really really really they are a complete joke. I feel bad I actually bought their swiper from Amazon. Its not worth a dime.

    Avoid this company at all cost or you are setting yourself up for 1000 and more headaches.

  • John

    I have only used this product/service 2 times now and I have noticed that the card reader doesn’t work and the ‘service fees’ seem to be inaccurate. For a $200.00 transaction, they charged me $6.22. That’s a joke. I wont be needing their product any longer.

  • Myra

    I had then hold $1800 of mine without reason. After submitting my contract, merchandise invoices, etc. they still wanted to hold my money for 120 days. I got the BBB involved and they released the funds the very next day. I got my money and closed my account.

    • Bo

      I have left a couple reviews, and contacting the BBB is the only way to get any satisfaction with this company. It took me about 10-14 days just to get my customers cards refunded. I was to the point with I just wanted to get my customers cards refunded. What a nightmare this company is, if I had found this website in the beginning I would have never had a business experience with them. The best advice i can give anyone is stop tryin to deal with them and just contact the BBB. They reversed the funds to my customers the very next day.

  • adam wells

    i will not recomend this processor to any one they will hold your deposits and make you jump thru hoops to get your money i have been in buisness for several years and thought using there service would be easier than the service i was using i will be switching processing companys there customer service is a joke

  • Natalie A

    Do not use Warning!!! I’m a single mother that signed up for their services. Not only did they make mistake after mistake with entering my bank account info, but all of a sudden after 1 week they freeze my account for non-specific reasons and tell me that I signed something that says that they can hold it for 120 days. They are holding $1600 from me and II never signed anything not does their terms of service state nothing regarding buying and reselling items online. Funny, that describes 99% of all online retail. Now, I don’t have money to pay rent or feed my child. I’ve never heard of this and they are responsible for this. Well done How many others have you done this to? in fact, if you google “ scam” or “ class action” you’ll find a link containing dozens and dozens of complaints about them stealing money from their clients like me. It’s insane that you can setup a corporation and advertise services, then let customers charge their clients and then you freeze their accounts and keep their money? How is this legal? How is this possible? Why are we arresting thieves on the streets when this is occurring daily online with Payanywhere? So, if I start stealing peoples wallets under a corporate banner, then I should be good to go. I can just tell the cops that that person signed an agreement which I won’t be able to produce, but since they agreed and I’ve frozen their money for 120 days, all is well. Amazing huh? I am now looking at contacting as many people as possible which Payanywhere has stolen from to initiate a class action law suit. Lets get our money back and put these tools behind bars! Please email me at lilithnake at gmail dot com.

    • Bo

      Natalie A I have posted 2 times on here. And the only way I got any help was from the BBB. Please do yourself a big favor and contact the BBB, I emailed them 1 afternoon and 2 days later payanywhere refunded my customers card. I would advise everyone who has there accounts on hold to forget trying to get your money, and contact your customers cards refunded. And explain to them what happened and see if they will mail you a check. That would probably be your best way to get your money. At least it worked for me.

  • Jessica Smith

    My experience was with payanywhere was not pleasant in anyway. Here is a list of reasons why I would not recommend the company payanywhere:
    1- my card reader did not work when received
    2- I was told by c/s rep to just manually enter cards because the card reader didn’t work (I will detail this later on down the list) I was assured that I could process payments and as soon as my bank info was verified that my deposits would be transfered into my account
    3- was given a 2-3 window for my bank information to be verified, so that my deposits would be made although it has been 23 days since my account was verified but still no deposits have been made
    4- I called 9 times in the last 20 days and was told each time that my bank info was still being verified and it would be 2-3 days
    5- account info verified but still cannot deposit money because I adhered to the c/s reps directions and manually entered transactions which flagged me with risk management
    6- I had to fax all invoices for customers purchases to risk so they would release my funds, I faxed and they never received them
    7- I ended up calling for two days to get someone’s email address so that I could email the invoices so that I would have proof that I had sent them

    After all of this I received a email and voicemail saying they are going to release funds but not one apology or I’m sorry for any inconvienece. I guess we shall see if they actually release funds tonight at midnight when my deposits post to my account.

    By the way the other day I realized I was going to need another solution for accepting credit cards so I applied for a square account. Thirty minutes after creating the account I received an email to put my bank account info into my account. One hour later I received an email that my banking info had been verified. At that time I ran a credit transaction I had been waiting to put through. To my surprise I immediately received an email telling me my funds have been deposited. So go figure turns out it can happen within 2-3 business days…with a better company!!

  • Larry McCloskey

    Avoid this company like the plague! I can’t figure out if they’re a total scam or just totally incompetent. I opened an account for a local charity so that we could accept credit card donations. The charges went through just fine, but 5 weeks later still no deposit. I’ve talked to customer service at least a dozen times. Every time it’s one story or another. Either the funds were deposited weeks ago and if you send statements verifying you didn’t receive them we’ll resend the deposts; or we held the funds (for an unknown reason) and we’ll be releasing the hold immediately and watch for the deposit in the next day or so. But so far, over $7000 is still missing. Now I just found out that there have been two monthly service charge withdrawals from the bank account! So much for “no hidden fees”! Next stop, attorney general. And/Or perhaps the local news. I’m sure they’d like to hear the story about how PayAnywhere is ripping off a food bank!

    • Larry McCloskey

      My issue has been resolved and all of our deposits came through after working with a member of the “merchant awareness” department who was finally able to get our funds released. My impressions of PayAnywhere are: the front line support is hopeless to resolve anything out of the ordinary. They will be as nice as can be and will promise you that everything is going to be straightened out but it probably won’t be. They will almost certainly give you different stories every time you talk to them. They don’t seem to have access to real information about your account and why you’re not getting your money, or deep knowledge about company policies and procedures, and they’ll tell you what you want to hear — probably what they even believe. I recommend you escalate sooner rather than later if you’re having any trouble getting your money. It’s also true that it’s very hard to find out what types of charges you’re allowed to make, and what limits you might have. Try to find that out up front (but again, because of the front line’s lack of information you might find that difficult, and I have yet to see a Merchant Agreement or contract). And don’t make any mistakes during sign up. Trying to fix them might really set back getting your money. That was another problem I had. During online sign up, the system wouldn’t take our bank account number, but said to proceed and that can be fixed later. I later entered it online, sent it by email, and gave it to several reps on several occasions before it finally got into their system. Weeks later I was still getting emails that I needed to send my account number, even though reps assured me it was in the system. Their systems and departments don’t appear to talk to each other well!

      I’ve run through several small transaction from time to time since, and they seem to be handled well and get deposited quickly and effortlessly now. We will be sticking with PayAnywhere as long as nothing else goes wrong. All I can say for you is good luck!

      P.S. The unexplained withdrawals don’t appear at this time to have been from PayAnywhere, and there have been no unexpected fees or charges from PayAnywhere.

  • Bo

    ” BEWARE of Payanywhere, Do not use them. ” I am posting to follow up on my April 2 post. After reading several reviews one customer had posted that they had called the BBB and the state attorney general’s office, and there personal attorney. I am glad I did what he/she recommended. I emailed the BBB on the 2nd and I was shocked that they responded immediately. On the 4th a representative from Pay called me and was actually nice and showed much concern for the troubles there company had caused me. Which was nothing more than a charade. About 2 minutes into the call they told me that they had been contacted by the BBB. At this point they were trying to be helpful, which by this point I was fed up with there awful, service. The representative kept apologizing for the trouble I had encountered. She also wanted to send me some sort of form for me to sign. Turned out it was a release form that removed all liability from there company. I told her to go ahead and send it, but at this point I would not sign it. I told her I was going to bill for the hours my secretary had worked trying to get my customers there money back. That pretty much concluded the phone call. If you have had trouble with them, the best advice I can give you into contact the BBB. I feel had I not done so that my account would still be on hold. Also I am seeking further legal litigation, and I am looking for more than 12 hrs my secretary worked on this situation. I also made several calls and was really stressed over this whole situation. [Redacted: contact information]

  • Steve Olson

    Do not use this company. I am chapter secretary for Whitetails Unlimited. We thought using credit cards at our annual banquet would be better for our members. The chargeing part was smooth but haven’t seen the money yet. Yes, it has only been 11 days not the 2-3 they tell you in their web site. I have called several times. The first few times I was directed to a woman, who was away from her desk. Left detail messages no return call. On Friday, I talked to her and she removed the restrictions on the account after I told her who I was and about my organization. She said the money would be deposited Sat or Monday since Sunday was Easter. It is Wednesday and no money. Talked to a senior account rep and he said that the money would be there tomorrow morning. I asked for his direct number and he said that I didn’t need it as the money would be there. I got his number anyway so we will see about tomorrow’s deposit. They are crediting my account with $10 for all my trouble which I will see in 2-3 business days. I will not do business with the company again and once I get the money I will delete the app.

  • Martin

    Payanywhere has horrible service. When you call for help, you will be left on hold for a very long time. I made a transaction of close to $7,000 and they held the funds on it without notifying me at all. When I discovered that the funds were not there they took a ridiculous amount of time to refund the money to my customers card. I called several times for help and each person gave me the runaround. I do not recommend this company at all.

  • Churchill Irrigation

    I applied ofr a reader for my android phone and was told online that when I received it in the mail I was ready to process payments! I processed a $3600 payment from a client of mine that is also an attorney here in Dallas! After the payment was approved I received an email from the company saying that I had a 1000.00 limit but that I could continue to process charges if I sent them my last 3 months bank statments! I faxed those to them the same evening! The next day I began thinking that my work is seasonal in irrigation and while I do almost a million dollars a year in business they wouldn’t see that with my bank statments! The next day I called a Patrick Lord with them and he said everything was fine but I would have a limit for a while! After he passed me to 3 other people with payanywhere I was told they would be holding my funds for 90 days plus! I couldn’t do this so they told me to cancel that transaction and I did that…I think! Iwent back to my client and apologized and told him I needed a check which he gladly gave to me! He also is an attorney here in Dallas and he was very interested in my story! I fail to see what anything I do has to do with this transaction since the card is approved and paid by another company! I feel this is a rip off and my attorney client agrees! I am filing a lawsuit against them for decptive practices here in Texas! If you have similar stories and it appears many do…I would be glad to hear from you! This is a rip off and there is no reason to be holding anyone’s funds! [Redacted – Contact information not allowed]

    • Bo

      I had a similar situation happen to me. I was told the exact thing , so I made 2 transactions for the total amount of 2675.50. After 3 days and still no deposit in my bank account I called and I was on a $300 daily limit. After clearly being told there was no limit. So then. They wanted my bank statements for 3 months. I have told them to refund my customers money and I have gone to My personal banking info is none of there business. Since then 7 business days have passed and my customers have still not been refunded. Today I tried calling 4 times and finally gave up. I stayed on call 23,mins,29mins,41 mins, and last 49 mins and never spoke to anyone. However if I called and entered the number 1 in there automated call system like I wanted to set up a new account someone answered almost instantly. This company is by far the worst company I have ever done business with.. Please save yourself a major headache and do not do business with them.

  • Tiffany

    I really wish I would have found this website and read these reviews before using PayAnywhere. I was so excited to be able to finally except credit cards because I knew it would boost my sales (and it did). I sell handmade items at craft shows. Most of my transactions are less than $30 each. Come my first craft show using the credit card reader, almost all of the customers used a credit card. The day was a great success. I thought I would have my money from credit card sales by the end of the week (show was on a Saturday, I thought I would have money no later then following Friday). Have not gotten any deposits and have not been able to get in touch with customer service. Have received no emails or calls from them. Very disappointing that I sold a lot of items but have no money to show for it.

    • tashi

      hi Tiffany, I’m in the process of selecting a card reader for my business and I saw your post. I have a question. Like in your case, most of my charges will be in the $30 range. But about the incident that you mentioned (craft show), how much money did Pay Anywhere withhold? Any info will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  • DP Renovations

    A poorly managed and even more poorly executed financial service company. I subscribed to Payanywhere on Monday, March 25. After several phone calls over two days to follow up on “server” and processing problems, my account was approved the following day, March 26. I made my first transaction swipe, called the customer service line and was told the transaction processed with no problems. I also called my customer’s credit card company, American Express, who confirmed the processed transaction. It is now Sunday, March 31 and the payment still hasn’t posted to my account. All I have to show for it is a stack of phone calls and emails to and from four different Payanywhere department representatives wanting MY bank statements, invoice copies, customer information, and even my company’s billing and depositing practices, etc. And by the way- by now my customer’s credit card company has already posted the payment on her statement.
    6 days of nothing but trouble- and they are charging me almost 3% of a $5,400 sale for this!

    • Mommyknowsbest

      I have a situation very similar to this. But they are holding my money for 120 days…waiting for fraudulent reports, and then will discuss my deposit holds in after 120 days. I don’t have the option to refund the money!!!!

  • Mike

    WARNING!!!!! do not use this company, they are a perfect example of corporate america p*#sing on the little guy, they let you make transactions, take their money off the top then make money off your hard earn money while you wait in limbo, these people are holding $3,500.00 dollars of mine. After waiting a week for the money to post to my acount they emailed me & asked for 3 of my most recent bank statements which I sent right away, then 2 more days went by when they asked me (through email) for the original invoice which I sent right away, 2 more days went by, then they said they had to verify the transaction with my customer, which they did do, then 3 more days went by when I finally was able to talk to a live person, I was informed that there are no supervisors & that he did not know why my funds have not been released yet & to expect a call by monday. Needless to say that call never came & here it is Friday, this is the final straw, monday I will be calling the FOX2 problem solvers & the Attorney General. I would put in a complaint with the BBB but as you can see from above that would be a waist of more of my time because they have gave these clowns a A- grade which is a joke, the BBB are probably getting their palms greased by these crooks. Good luck to everyone else who has been damaged by this company & I will keep you updated.

  • Lyndon Johnson

    I run a martial arts school. I used pay anywhere to bill for a 1 year martial arts contract. I got an email that they were holding the funds and needed bank statements and a copy of the invoice signed by the customer to release the funds. I faxed it to them. Then they told me that they do no allow charges for future services. However they could give me 1/2 of the money now then the other 1/2 in 6 months. (So they would hold the funds make money off of them for 6 months!) I told them no and to refund the full amount back to the customer and that I would return to using my regular processing company for those agreements and use payanywhere for the product sales. I waited a week and they did not refund to the customer. So I used my account to refund it myself to the customer. Two weeks later they closed my payanywhere account. Now I need to research what additional fees they have taken from me. Be very careful using payanywhere. They do not tell you everything up front.

  • Vaidram

    I was very happy when I first got my reader.My first transaction didnt go through after a few days which I was unaware of until I had to call waited hours to get specific details about why the transaction didn’t go through.So I changed my bank account info.They said a few days and everything will be processed.Didn’t happen waited for two weeks.Nothing was done spoken to few representatives after being transferred time after time they all gave me different reasons.Then I kept on getting emails after emails said my account was closed.My so called rep handling my case never got back to me.After leaving multiple messages after two weeks I got a response saying that my account was closed.They told me they closed it because of fraud.And that was it .No other explanation.That they decided to close it without telling me anything.

  • Paul

    Got my Acct setup was going great till they put a hold on my acct, then they finally released my funds so they say because firearm sales are prohibited? real smart on their end, i had no idea firearms sales were prohibited, i guess neither did they because when i setup my acct i named it ____ Gunshop, you would think that would raise a flag? as long as my funds get released into my acct everything will be fine but im washing my hands with PAY ANYWHERE

  • Prestige Power Washing

    I have had the worst experience ever with this company. My first card swipe was Feb 5th 2013. It is now 3/06/2013 and I’m still waiting on it. I have called numerous times and it actually takes 20-40 minutes to get through to anyone. I’m on hold now for 37 min as I type this. When I do finally get through, they promise it will be put in by the next day. THEY SUCK. I’m still on hold

  • barbi

    I just got off the phone with a Pay Anywhere associate, they have had my funds for over 25 days, and even they don’t know why they are holding my funds. The first phone call 2 weeks ago, they said it was cos i was over their $20 limit. Well that is the first time I heard of any limit. My starting Pick-Up Charge is $30, so I know that would have been a deal breaker for me. But now at 27th day, and half hour waits for some person to answer the help line, they don’t know again, why they are holding my funds. Exasperating, frustrating, Don’t let the transaction rate lure you to their service. Because they do not have a good system, yet.

  • Cecilia

    I have used this merchant processing for almost 1.5 years and because I trusted all they told me on the phone I was charge 3.2% more that what they put on their advertise. IT IS NOT 2.69% PER SWIPE WITH NO OTHER FEES. Not true the reality is: 2.69% PER SWIPE PLUS 3.2% OF THE TOTAL AMOUNT YOU USE THEM FOR.
    They way they hide this charge is Payanywhere (1-800-560-2960) goes to Global Pay Global ( 1-800-367-2638) who goes to North American Bank (1-800-226-2273) and then all comes back to your bank charge of 2.69% each transaction plus 3.2% once a month.
    I added their phone numbers so you can hear a lot of music and very rude customer service.

    Worst part is trying to close your aacount. Total nightmare. So far 2 days and still can’t talk to a human.


  • michele

    I have used this merchant processing for almost 2 years now and, for the most part, have been satisfied. To log into my account I have one password but then to log into my Payanywhere account to get my statements I have another password which is a hassle. I just recently learned that I have been charged an extra $20.00 per month fee which I knew nothing about. The price for processing is extremely high; changing depending on type of card swiped. Customer service? Well it depends on who answers the call. Some are knowledgeable and professional while others are rude and condescending.

  • David

    I was wit them for about 6 months and I am relieved that I told them to take their crappy little minds and backward ways and take a hike. They attempt to pigeon hole you within a certain very small window of business opportunities. They will stifle your business and keep you small. CASE IN POINT: I am a massage therapist. they would only process transactions that fit into their very small box. I ran a special for two massages for $90 and a client bought 5 of those specials for friends and relatives. They would not clear the transaction because they said it was too high of a transaction for my type of business. Evidently they know my business better than I do. In this business, they want me to chase business away. THEY ARE WORTHLESS. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THEM. GO TO INTUIT. I DID.

  • Mike

    Don’t use pay anywhere. I signed up based on a referral. I signed up and gave them my banking info. This was November ’12. Did my first transaction MLK day. Today is feb 11 2013. Still havenot received my funds. They keep asking for my banking info which I keep giving them. I call and ask for a supervisor but they don’t have any!
    My advice is DON’T use them.

  • PH

    My experience is somewhat south of “meh”… nothing horrible but definitely not impressed. I’ve only run some modest sized (3-digit) transactions mostly as a test. The funds deposited quickly without a noticeable hold.

    However, here’s a major specific caveat: in order to accept American Express, PayAnywhere will at your request submit your information to American Express to create a separate merchant account. For those of you with other merchant accounts, that’s an important detail since you may not wish to have the confusion of multiple AMEX merchant accounts. I had expected that PayAnywhere would proxy American Express for me. Also, the AMEX merchant account terms & conditions notes they have the choice between charging 2.89% on each transaction (higher than PayAnywhere’s number) or a $7.95 monthly fee if your annual charge volume doesn’t reach $5,000. I’d rather pay 2.89% than the $7.95 monthly fee, called AMEX directly, and they were willing to switch me to that program. But YMMV.

  • Angela

    Extreme nightmare of a company. I was lied to from the get go. When I set up my account, I specifically assked the “sales rep” when money would be “funded”, as my square funds the very next day, no “hold”. She assured me that it would be by next business day. When I brought up some of the issues that others on here have talked about, Her reply was that “when people don’t set up their account correctly (high enough transaction limits) that is where the “hold” come in until business can be verified”. Well just did my first day of sales yesterday, and guess what NO MONEY IN MY ACCOUNT TODAY, AS PROMISED!! When i called I was told by 2 different reps that I had been “misquoted” by the rep who set up my acc. When I asked about what there records showed for sales, the rep informed me that one of the transactions had been run through three times, but only “settled” once, and that i would have to have my customer contact their bank to adress it. When I informed her that there was no way the card was “swiped” three times, because I actually had to manually enter it in, and had witnesses, she got defensive. She then also got upet when I told her that the “error” had to be on their end, and that I would have my customer contact them. She said that they would not speak to the customer, the customer had to call their own bank to settle it. Needless to say I will be filing complaints with every agency. I will also tell you, from experience, the Better Business Bureau is a joke. After trying to get a report filed against AT&T, and being told that the BBB will not process reposts against them, I went straight to the FCC to get results. The BBB is FUNDED by the businesses they “grade”. The more money a company has the better the “grade”.

  • Janae

    Pay Anywhere is a nightmare. I’ve had them for 9 days and am changing plans before we have another cc transaction. I will absolutely be filing complaints with BBB, state attorney general’s office and consumer affairs, as well as anyone else that will listen. We never received our card reader and after 5 days the transactions we put in manually haven’t been credited to our account yet. I have been on the phone with them going on an hour now. Mostly just waiting for an operator. Finally got one, claiming they have no record of the bank info I put in last week. She took it again and says I have to wait 2 to 3 more days for the money to show up in our account. Then she went to check on our card reader and said it could take another 10 days. It’s been 9 and their website says it’ll arrive in “a few days”.

    Once she finally got on the line she was pretty nice and helpful. I guess I’ll give them 3 more days to get the money in our account before I start contacting the agencies listed above. On the 4th day though, I’ll be in tuch with everyone. I am still looking into another card reader service however.

  • Judi

    Wow this company is a joke! If you need customer support it had better be Mon thru Fri or else your screwed. I have been waiting a week now for my money to be deposited and the only response I get every time is 2 to 4 days. The website clearly states within two days! I updates my banking info and was told I would have my funds within 48 hours….no, another lie. Just more run around. I will change to square, others that I work with use them with no problem.

  • Vee Govender

    My first transaction for $3500 was a nightmare. They withheld the deposit, requested documention to validate the transaction and after a week of no response to my multiple calls to every department, they rejected the transfer and returned the money back to my client who could not understand why they would do that. Especially since we were all legitimate. Needless to say I lost my client because of their delay which prevented us from being able to honor our obligation to our client in a timely and efficient manner.

  • Pam Raphael

    I chose to use Pay Anywhere because unlike square, this company has customer service. Although the customer service agents are polite, they are not always educated in their product. I have been bounced back and forth from tech support to customer service more times that I can count Each time I have to sit on hold and repeat my personal info to each new representative I get. Their app on my phone has inappropriately charged the wrong tax. I tried to set the app to not add tax at all and the app won’t adjust correctly. I now have paid extra fees to adjust payments to customers and am extremely frustrated with Pay Anywhere.

  • Edward Hayes


    Their ad says 2.69%. I searched everywhere on their site. It says no fees, only 2.69%.

    I tested my new account by swiping a 1 penny charge on one of my own cards. My card was charged the penny ok. But three days later my business account showed a CHARGE of 18 cents.

    I called and got nowhere with the terminal hold system and sent an email. Several days later got a call saying that actually there is a charge of 19 cents per transaction and that “certain cards” such as rewards cards the percentage charge is actually 3.49% and that there is no way for the merchant to tell the difference.

    BYE BYE Pay Anywhere!

    • Reily

      I had the same problem. I had my husband who is a transactional attorney look at all the documents I have from Payanywhere, and we can’t find anything stating a higher processing fee for rewards cards. I called and got the same run around bounced back from one customer service person to another with no resolution. In my area, I would say that 95% of credit cards are rewards or points cards. I will stop accepting cards or offer a large discount for cash customers.

  • Alan Carter

    TOTAL LOSS $3954.00

    ALL Companies beware… EVERYTHING that you read about this company is TRUE.. I signed up with them and within 36 hours i had my approval.. so we completed the account and then processed $1977.00 in transactions. so the night prior to when i should have received the funds i get a letter form risk saying that they were holding my funds and the needed documentation and to give them a call. so i faxed all the information that they requested and i tried to call and NEVER got to talk to a actual person that Emailed me about holding my funds. then on the 6th day i get an email saying that they are shutting the account down and holding the funds. THEY STOLE MY MONEY. so im out $1977.00 in cash and $1977.00 in product. TOTAL LOSS $3954.00

  • Gary

    How do these guys still rate an A+ from the BBB is my question? Something is fishy here and I did just check the BBB. I am reporting the same story. Signed up and told them then that I would be making large transactions, they said no problem. First transaction was for about $3,700.00. A couple of days go by and no money in my account although my customer has two pool pumps installed and working. I call and go through the whole dog and pony show and get passed around again and again. Finally they say they need the three bank statement BS. Now they didn’t need those statements BEFORE THEY GOT MY MONEY. Got PO’d after three days and told them I was going to the attorney general of California and of Michigan. Well I got a call from a “Supervisor” the next day to confirm that my money was in my account…and it was. I’m filing another complaint with the BBB because they are not doing their job. BTW remember the BBB exists because of the businesses that pay them money so they aren’t a real honest source of referral.

  • Bret

    My first 2 charges are not in my bank
    2 weeks after I charged two customers and I still don’t have my money.
    I have been calling every day and getting the run-around.
    One manager I spoke with said I should stop calling as he had other work to do.
    They just tranfer or hang up on me.
    This is the worst customer service ever.

    • Travis

      Save yourself the unnecessary stress & file complaints with the Better Business Bureau, State Attorney General & Federal Trade Commission. I filed with all three & my money was deposited 2 days later. I immediately cancelled the account.

      See my post on December 14…

    • Angela

      YOU WONT BELIEVE THIS ONE…. I had the same situation many others have had – a large charge (9k), processed, held then denied – but here is the kicker: even though THEY denied the charge and THEY told me to refund the customer, THEY have now SENT ME TO COLLECTIONS for not paying the $248.52 credit card fee!!!!!! They actually tried to take the money out of my business checking account because according to two reps, they still had to “process it!” -And the “Collections Analyst” has not returned my call – that’s right even though they denied the charge, told me to refund the customer, almost cost me a 9K sale, forced me to beg the client for a check now they have the nerve to send me to collections because they have not been able to STEAL the fee from me. I had to close out my business checking account and open a new one! How friggin’ illegal is THAT???? Can anyone say “CLASS ACTION?”

  • Biser

    Here is my 2 months hustle story… The very first charge that I made through them was a complete disaster! I’ve charged my customer credit card, & I was on the phone every other day for two months, since that charge , trying to get the $ in my account. After a month of endless lies from customer service, I was told that there is not enough funds in the charged credit card. I had to call my customer and ask for a check instead. He send me a check in a couple of days. Than I’ve tried to just cancel the credit card transaction. Guess what, Pay anywhere took the amount from my personal account and refunded the customer. I was furious when I found out that my customer credit card was charged with no problems and than refunded not from the pay anywhere where the amount remained the whole time, while they were lying to me every time I’ve called… Finally they decided to transfer the amount to my account and charged me $36 transfer fees… Outrageous!!! I’ll do everything I can to warn as many people possible!
    Don’t even consider to deal with them, believe me you’ll regret big time!!!!

    • Scott

      Biser – I am so glad to hear you have a similiar problem with them. I processed a charge at the begining of November, and as of today – January 2, 2013 I have not received my money. The funds were removed from the clients card but not deposited. Pay Anywhere made a clerical error on my account number and could not deposit the money in my account. I fought with them everyday for two weeks, which included several trips to the bank – taking time away from me trying to keep my business going. After two weeks of constant lies (have proof via their automated emails), I finally closed my account with them just to be able to get my money via check to have to order the clients product. After a trip to the bank – again – I finally got the information faxed to them that required the closure of my account. Only then, after repeated requests, did a supervisor call me back to ask if there was anything that they could do to help keep my business.
      Now, it’s January, I still have no check. On December 11th, I was advised that I would receive my funds in two -three weeks. I called back on the 19th, to get a status update and was advised that it would now be 6 – 8 weeks. I asked fo a supervisor, and after the famous “brief 2 -3 minute hold” I was told that a supervisor would call me back within 2 hours. My automated email stated 2-3 days. Needless to say, neither happened. So as I write this, I am on the phone with them trying to find out the status of my money. If receive no results from this call today, I will be contacting the BBB and let them resolve my issue for me.
      I have been asked by several people what card swipe company I would recommend – All I tell them is to avoid Pay Anywhere – at all costs. Per swipe they are cheaper, but it shows in their customer sevice.
      I now us Bank of America – per swipe it is 1/2% cheaper than PA and the customer service is outstanding!!

  • L walker

    Im a hairstylist who is self employed & need to accept credit cards. Wish I’d seen the bad reviews before I entrusted this company with my business. Endless calls to polite CS reps who are powerless. Great looking FREE APP.. Sent me a free scanning device. All looked good..until I try to get paid. A month later & endless calls later I’m in tears.. Where is my money? They have $500 approx I’m not going to be able to accept credit cards till I find a new dependable merchant processor company.. & continue to fight to get my existing money. They will not send me a check.. I’m livid & sad at the same time.. I wanted this to work out so so badly.. Beware & heed my advice. Let this company figure out the glitches in their systems before entrusting them. The online portal doesn’t work & I’m not getting paid.

    • matthew


      for the hairstylist, were any of your transactions using over $150 dollars? I am trying to figure out if all the complaints can be avoided if when i charge my customers under the 150 mark and if that will speed delivery into my bank fund…

      thank you for reply in helping in this matter -Matthew

  • Todd

    I really dislike how slow the new version is. I run a business and to get to each window it takes forever. The new version really doesn’t work for salons very well. I use an iPad for payanywhere. The new signature is a pain. Sometimes people don’t want to tip and if you forget to cancel that out you have to go back and credit them. To many steps. I do love the fact you can itemize things. But I wish there was less windows per transaction. The other thing is that I can be in the middle of a transaction and the program will kick me out and start all over again, making it so the customer can’t sign, tip ect.

  • Lona

    Run from this Company……..frauds, thieves and liars. So many Complaints already filed with the Texas Attorney Generals Office. Anyone that posts positive reports on this Company are either employees or employees family members. Won’t release my money after 14 days, first they didn’t have by bank info first 10 days, haha and now after 1 transaction they have to audit. I am having my Customer reverse charges and looking foolish for switching from Square.

  • Carl

    Wow a lot of bad reviews here.
    I did have an issue with my first sale. It took a little over a week to get it straightened out, but I did get it straightened out. I have since run some more sales through the account all is well so far. I have reached the $1,000.00 mark. We shall see if they hold my funds from the last three sales.

    If they do I will post a follow up here


    Btw I am looking into other service providers as a precaution.

  • Annette

    PLEASE DO NOT USE! I made the worst error of my business by using this service. I have not received any of my funds and it has been 7 days. The customer service is the worst. So what is the point of advertising customer service when they are all ignorant and rude. If you need your money in a rush then this is not your company. As well it takes forever to get your readers I had to go to OfficeMax to get it because it was so bad. There is a reason why so many are with other companies. Also the portal they advertised is cramp too. Pay Anywhere sucks…trust me.

  • Travis M. Chance

    Avoid this company at all costs. I accepted a significant payment from my client on November 23, 2012 & a few days later I called to find out why the funds hadn’t been deposited into my operating account. I was advised by an agent that the account number was incorrect. As instructed, I obtained an account verification letter from Bank of America & submitted it. It’s now been almost a month & I have yet to receive those funds! I’ve made at least 10 phone calls & each time, I’ve been given the “we understand your concern” or “its being expedited”. I was told on Monday that the funds would be released in 1-2 business days; we’re now on day four & nothing. Unfortunately for me, I’ve purchased & delivered the goods to my client & to date, am still without the funds I’ve earned. I truly think this company has zero regards for small businesses.

    Living & operating in the Washington DC area, I have personal contacts at the Federal Trade Commission & with their direction, will be filing a formal complaint against PayAnywhere. This company is a complete nightmare to do business with. Lesson learned: don’t do business with third party sources. I’ve since signed up with Bank of America Merchant Services & am receiving funds next-day. Not to mention their rate is slightly better….

  • C P

    unless you are absolutely sure you want to engage their service. My complaint is minor comparatively. I STARTED an application. Part way into it I realized that it wasn’t worth it. (I use Square and PayPal). I bailed from the website, thinking that was the end of it. Emails and phone calls daily began. Attempts to opt out failed because their opt out links were conveniently broken. It took ten days to finally get them to stop. (Asking them to honor my “Do Not Call” request was a waste of time.) My heart goes out to the merchants that have monies lost or tied up. I hope this helps.

  • nmontgomery

    I had a somewhat unpleasant experience with Pay Anywhere, but I will not rule them out in the future for mobile processing. I currently use Square, but applied for Pay Anywhere on 12/01/12. I had to provide Square with an entire file folder worth of personal and banking documentation in order to process and capture funds over $2000 a week when keyed vs. swiped. Not a big deal, it is customary with credit card processing to provide that information for larger amounts. After all, I am dealing with non-customer initiated credit card charges. I key 90+% of my credit card transactions, sometimes in the mid five digits. I thought Pay Anywhere would afford me a break on the fees that I have been charged by Square and my bank, but upon review I do not think that is the case (which Pay Anywhere did not dispute).

    All of that stated, my unpleasant experience was with Customer Service. Not their professionalism, but their efficiency and inability to communicate between each other. Their customer service agents were friendly, not so helpful until I got a Sr. Agent, but friendly. I was getting multiple emails stating that I needed to update my banking information. Then I would get an email telling me that my application was almost complete. I already had a merchant ID, user name, and had created my online profile. When I called, I was told to disregard those emails, everything was fine and in processing. I told their customer service on 12/05/12 why I chose to try their service, that I wanted to see the savings on my larger ticket sales. I was never told that there was a high ticket amount. It was not until today, ten days after applying and being approved, that I was told about the high ticket amount. When I pressed further on why this amount had not been disclosed to me, they said that it was because of the information I provided on the application. Maybe I misread the application, but they never asked what the high credit amount is that I process. They asked for an average, to which I provided them the average monthly retail sales I have in office, not in the field. It has taken a lot of time and phone calls to come to the conclusion that much like Square and Intuit (have used both) this company has a long way to go in getting their mobile business in line with their merchant services. They are a reputable company that has been in business for 20 years, but their mobile processing has only been around for about a year or two.

    As I stated in the opening of this message, I will not rule them out in the future. They just need to re-align their technology systems to match their expressed interest in providing excellent customer service. Once they accomplish this, I am sure they will be great and I will think about using them again.

  • CB

    WOW I should have read the reviews on this website. PayAnyWhere has really been a hassle.
    First the information I submitted was not correctly used and THEY gave me an incorrect address. The hoops to fix that are ridiculous.
    Processing took almost two weeks before the account was approved.
    I suppose I will follow the norm for identifying their NONcustomer service used on this review site.
    Had submitted 3 different inquiries, talked on the phone 4 times and still not gotten a response to those 3 inquiries.
    Inventory part of the application stinks. Cannot create an inventory on a laptop and upload. Far too tedious a process to create an inventory from the cell phone, a Motorola Droid Bionic.
    I have ordered a Samsung Galaxy Note II cell phone and will be ordering a Samsung Galaxy tablet, not sure which tablet yet. Surprise the payanywhere app does not work on these devices.
    Today I could reach tech support but not NONcustomer service, so sent an email.. Cancel my account,,, fortunately I have not charged anything on the account. They have a lot to fix before I will entrust them with a nickle. I can continue to use square sigh… at least they have made deposits on time as promised.

  • John N

    Just and update – as of today I still have not received a DIME from these robbers. THEY won’t return calls, and I got the Michigan BBB involved with the same NO CALL BACK policy. They are holding 2/3 of one months income for this one-man-business for no reason.

  • Tina

    BELIEVE Everything you are reading below. Their advertisements are miss leading. We are going on 5 weeks to get the account setup & application to work. Their systems deleted transactions. It is crazy trying to talk to them they keep telling us to call back later to check.

  • John Nebelsiek

    WOW! I thought I was the only one being scammed by these amature “customer NONservice” people. They took $2000 immediately off a customers CC after I had to key it in because he was in Chicago with a flu (I am in WI). They said it was TOO LARGE a transaction to key in “based on “my application… REALLY I applied by PHONE and no application mentioned “limits” – “Oh”

    They are still “holding” the money in place because they aren’t “sure it will clear” – I bet after 2 weeks they DID get paid since the charge was applied to the holder’s card within 6 hours.

    Customer NonService did it as a “courtesy” noting it could be a “fraudulent transaction”. They asked for card holder information which I provided (along with the business OWNER’s phone) but they never called them… come to think of it they never CALLED ME. They also asked for 3 MONTHS of my bank statements without a reason. I told them only the IRS and WI Dept of Revenue need my bank statements – “call MY credit union” if they are concerned about my business legitimacy – I’ve been in business for 16 years.

    A shame they have the WORST customer NONService in ANY industry. I’ll pay a slightly higher fee and use a different “reader” in the future. I wonder if I’ll ever get paid – Like Lindsey – Mike – Steward my money is highjacked and I have no means to pay a bill.

    • John N

      FINALLY after a month+ a “supervisor” contacted me – of course it was instigated by a BBB complaint. The money was sent to me after the supervisor contacted the card holder by phone, something the “risk management” specialist said she could not do “I CAN’T CALLYOUR CUSTOMERS!”
      AND I was informed that their INTERNAL policy is once you’ve processed $1000 they freeze further transactions until you send them 3 MONTHS of bank statements – can you spell RISKY BEHAVIOR?

      I also filed a complaint through the Michigan Attorny Generals’ office. As I explained to the supervisor at Payanywhere, THEY ROBBED ME. “We didn’t rob you” to which I asked “If I walked into your office and took $2000 out of your purse and walked away, did I rob you? It doesn’t make any difference how LONG I hold your money, until you get it back you have been ROBBED.”

      I agree with Travis – NEVER use these people and advise all your friends in business to avoid them too.

  • Greta

    I’ve been using pay anywhere for awhile now, I have to say I prefer it over square. After reading the comments here I checked my statements and the only fee I’m being charged is the 2.69% except for manually input cards, then it’s 3.49% + .19. Just as their website stated, and yes I had to fax over some documents, site survey such as a utility bill or mortgage bill. Unlike square you get a merchant account with pay anywhere so more documentation is needed for their underwriting. My funds are in my bank 1 – 2 business days after the sale. Of course my average sale is $40 so that may be why I’m not having the same problems and 98% of that is swiped. The fact that from the app I can track my inventory, how many sales, the total for the day and it also breaks it down to the indiviual cards is great. Plus I have the option to have a copy of the signed receipts sent to my email so I do have a digit trail of those sales incase of a chargeback. Not to mention how much better the card reader is. I almost never have to swipe a card twice, once with square I had to go through 3 readers before the card would swipe. The app may not be as elegant as square but it’s more useful and feature rich. I’ll take that over looks any day.

  • Lindsey

    I am a very unhappy customer who will also go the BBB.
    This company employes unprofessional employees on their customer service side who are so unprofessional, they take any correction personally. I customer purchased from my small business on August 30th and I have still no been paid by this company and today is September 12th. In this time, I have spoken to Pay Anywhere customer service 6 times and even a manager who assured me that I would be paid and still nothing. I have just spoken to one of their customer service staff now who states that I need to call back in an hour and speak to someone at extension 1400. Really, just go to your local bank who will probably charge less and offer serious customer service from professionals and also have some standard to live up to. This is absolutely the worst company, save yourself the stress of dealing with such a disjointed company – their tech staff actually empathized with my fraustration of their so called useless customer service – please feel free to contact me for copies of their emails and timeline. They are DISGUSTINGLY AMATURE

    • Mike

      They’ve apparently just hijacked my money too, making me look like a fool in front of the client, & forcing ME to pay the clients production costs out of my pocket…and I guess work 2 weeks for free. I don’t know what to do. Did you ever get your money back? This is so unreal… how are they getting away with this???

  • Stewart P

    Pay Anywhere has failed to deliver on its promises. After initial signup, I was promised a processing page within the next 24-48 hours. Six days later, I was unable to process transactions and lost hundreds of dollars in sales at a sporting event. My page was finally setup after two weeks. I processed a $1500+ transactions. Three days later I was notified via email that I could not process transactions that large. I was requested to provide 3 months worth of bank statements and a utility bill.

    I called pay anywhere to verify this email. The email did in fact come from Pay Anywhere and i was advised that if I didn’t provide the documentation they would not complete the deposit of my funds. It is one week later and I still do not have my $1500+

    Do not use Pay Anywhere!

  • Troy Peterson Electric

    When I was looking for a card processing company, I visited Pay Anywhere website to check it out. The next day, I had 2 emails from a representative and she was calling me. I spoke with the representative at length and signed up. She stated that she would be like my “account representative” and any questions, problems, etc. to just call her for help. Had a question during the signup process and emailed her, never a response. Got signed up and dialed in and finally used the system in early August. I noticed that they seemed to take more than the stated 2.69% for the swiped transaction. Processed another payment from the same customer and the same result, a larger than 2.69% fee. I figured out that they had charged me the higher fee for “keyed” transaction even though I “swiped”.
    I called and left a message with my “account representative” and, again, did not receive a response by phone or email. I managed to get connected with customer support fairly quickly and was told that they automatically charge the higher fee ( 3.51% + 19 cents) on “corporate rewards cards” and the like. The agent said that “on page 17 of your merchant agreement, section…….paragraph…….it spells this information out”. She further stated that they do this because “as you know, these are higher risk cards”. Huh? I said I am not in the credit card business and I would have no idea as to one type of card versus anothers’ risk.
    There is STILL no response from my “account representative”.
    I will be looking for another provider.

  • Philip Williams

    I am new to pay anywhere and have processed three credit card payments. On the third payment I became aware that it has been over a week and is not in my bank account. They called me one time and left no message. Then they emailed me and wrote I need to submit an invoice for the customer, there name and address. Then they also wrote I need to submit three of my past. Bank statements. What business is it of there’s what is in my bank statement. I have called several times on Aug 17 and 20 no return call from. Nobody. I tried to call customer during the day around 1130 am I was on hold for 20 minutes. So I called again at 8pm nobody could help me I asked for a supervisor I was informed none was available. Customer service is Horrible! Then I asked if they could have a supervisor call me tomorrow I was informed they couldn’t be certain anyone will call. I will look for another service once this issue is resolved. Very unhappy customer.

  • Mary

    I’ve used PayAnywhere for almost two years. Any issues I have had have been with my phone service (AT&T) and never with PayAnywhere. My money has been deposited promptly. I can always reach someone by phone when I’ve had a question. There are no monthly fees as I specifically chose a company that didn’t charge them. In reading many of these complaints, it seems they are either talking about another company or have signed up for things they didn’t realize they were getting, etc. One of my sales went through twice–not because of anything PayAnywhere did but because AT&T dropped the call. PayAnywhere promptly straightened it out. And everyone I’ve spoken with actually speaks English!

    • B. Boop

      I believe you are likely to be some representative of this company, “Pay Anywhere.” You speak too highly of them not to be. Without even considering reviewing them, I decided to sign up via their website after seeing a commercial. I’ve attempted to sign up on their website which I was fortunately unable to do due to technical issues, as I’m sure they have their fair share of after reading these reviews. So after an unsuccessful attempt at the web signup, I called the number provided. A recording said that “due to popular demand there was no representative who could answer my call.” LOL! And further stated “they would get back to me within a FULL business day.” LOL! Not a chance!! So, knowing what little I know about them, its pretty apparent that these complaints are likely 100% accurate. I’m so glad I found this review blog. Thanks to all of you “honest” people for telling it like it is. It’s a shame that you can’t trust anyone in business anymore. I’m sorry you have endured so many issues through their lies and deceit. Truth be known this company is probably one of those foreign jobs like they mostly are these days, and THAT’S the reason they get away with robbing you. You’ve mostly all save me some pain and misery I’m quite sure, less the REPRESENTATIVES who’ve clearly blogged on here to lie about how great they are.

      • Mary

        I am NOT an employee nor a representative nor do I have any connnection with PayAnywhere other than being a satisfied customer. Please don’t make assumptions as we all know what they say about people that do!

  • Dr. Harold Smith

    Picked this company because they had phone customer support, but from the beginning we never received our money! They had created a typo and because of that we had to jump and spend time and money of ourselves and our bank. We were told we could immediately make transactions and we did “3”, just to check it out. Well it has been 19 days, fax after fax after fax, and even with a letter from our bank, they can’t correct a typo, amazing!!!!!!! ***It is one thing to claim you have Customer Support, but I guess the most important question is are they competent and do they really, really have the power to help??? So I assume they just keep our money, I call that stealing, but I am old fashioned, I guess…………………


    There seems to be a trend here. They took their fee out just as PAYPAL does and then at the end of the month, there was another fee. The comment was that some of the cards you took are new to us so we held off retaining the fee for those cards. NO idea why that would matter, they were ALL MasterCard and Visa. They attempted to take out additional fees from an account that was empty due to my funds being moved around. They don’t market this practice yet have no issue charging an additional fee. Their answer was in your signed agreement it states blah blah blah… No signed agreement ever made and none of this is explained anywhere. So a 25.00 fee was assessed and the original extra fee’s are still due. RACKET….. be careful… they CAN AND WILL withdrawal funds from your account without prior notice. It happened to me twice !! STAY AWAY FROM THIS SCAM !!!!

  • Eileen

    I have signed up for pay anywhere a few months ago but have never had the call to use it so far. When looking at my bank statement the other day i noticed there was a $2.00 charge from Global (pay anywhere). When I called I was told that VISA itself was charging them and they were passing it on to its’ client. Bad enough that Global didn’t even notify me about this charge but they just went right into my checking account and took it out. This was last week and even after i called still no letter of apologe or anything. So i will be closing my accoount with this company.
    Please let me know if you know of any other highly rated comapny(ies) that offers a free card reader and no monthly fees.

    • Mark

      Eileen have you looked into Square? They don’t have a customer support team in place yet but starbucks just bought part of the company and will be using them in all their stores so I am sure things will be getting better on the support side real soon. They also make it possible for other people using square to find you.

  • Gary

    YOU BETTER READ THIS if you’re thinking about using this slipshod ripoff company. I jumped through all their hoops and finally used the service for a $3,700.00 plus transaction which is what I originally told them I would be doing…using their service for large transactions. Well they’ve been holding my money for over four days and FINALLY decided they are going to AUDIT my account and now what bank statements, credit history, first born child and they ain’t giving me my money until they screw around for another week or so and when their underwriting decides WHEATHER OR NOT they are going to give my MY MONEY. Stay away from these people (in Texas or Bumscrew Egypt) or you’ll be sorrow. I warned you. I’m cancelling their service as soon as they refund to my customer all her money INCLUDING THEIR FEES. I’ve also contacted the attorneys general of California and Texas. You’re gonna read about this outfit in the news soon I bet.

  • Joshua

    I have been using Pay Anywhere for only 2 months now, but I receive prompt payment within 2 business days every time. And they must have dropped the $.19 transaction charge, because I only get charged 2.69%.

    While I found it very difficult to reach customer service, I have not had *any* problems with my swiper, and I LOVE that Pay Anywhere will send an invoice as a receipt.

    My customers love the invoice too, since they can see (with pictures) exactly what they purchased. This service is MUCH better than a simple receipt and adds a lot of credibility to mobile credit card terminals.

    I’m very happy with my service, and I recommend it to everyone I meet (who needs mobile credit card processing)

  • ECC

    I’m so unbelievably frustrated I don’t know what to do. Not only was my account flagged because they didn’t understand my business model, but they audited my account because of the amount of KEYED transactions versus SWIPED. OMG! Why does this even matter!?! This has resulted in a a hold of nearly $3000 in funds needed to pay employees with. As soon as this entire thing is resolved, I’m throwing this stupid little thing in the GARBAGE. I will never use ANY card reader again. I’m afraid to see what FEES I’ve incurred.

    • NHL

      ” but they audited my account because of the amount of KEYED transactions versus SWIPED. OMG! Why does this even matter!?! ”

      It is because it is very easy to get cc numbers and manually put them in, any merchant processor whether it is retail store front or on an iphone or droid wants the card physically in your hand and swipe it for fraud protection…..hence why they send you a free swiper.

      These iphone and droid card acceptance apps are not met to replace standard merchant processing for small business’s that need a physical terminal. ( a true merchant account is based on credit and business finances, so these free services such as paypal and squareup and payanywhere, you can not expect flawless actions) There is no reason why you could not have your customers card in your hand to pay for your services. If you are operating a business in which you do not see your client every service or they “pre pay” then you need to go to a standard merchant company and get a hard terminal and or gateway.

      $3000.00 being charged with no card present would make any merchant and bank suspicious…let alone you are trying to do this with a smart phone app?

      BTW read the small print, what you are complaining about is in the terms of service, you were just to lazy to read it.

      If you are doing that much $$ in transactions get a real terminal or go to Intuit that will accept you and give you a smart phone app and swiper based on your credit score and proof of business income.

      • John N

        Allow me to express my distain for your arrogant reply. There is no reason why you could not have your customers card in your hand… ” If I need to get paid and my customer is in CHICAGO with FLU and my business is in WISCONSIN I may need to key in a credit card number. Lets suppose for an instant that a CUSTOMER CC magnetic strip is flawed … does that customer no longer get to shop, have services done. etc?

        THIS cc processor is part of a BANK CARD company; they are here to make a profit. They CLAIM to provide customer service but refuse to return calls.

        If a person applies for their service BY PHONE they never SEE a service agreement – fine print of otherwise. That’s no “lazy”. The least you could have done was bring solutions to the table instead of assaults.

        I am in a similar situation with Payanywhere. I am going to ask my CUSTOMER to dispute the charge so he doesn’t have to pay interest on money neither he nor I have access to.

        • Phillip CPO

          Hi John,

          I would not ask your customer to dispute the charge, it will only make matters worse for you. If anything, issue a refund. Also, this thread is now closed to further replies in order to reduce clutter in the comment section. If you would like to discuss Pay Anywhere in more detail, please see our new Pay Anywhere Discussion Forum.

  • Rebecca

    One follow up to my last post. My account was closed over a month after being opened (right after I made a few large dollar ticket sales) and they are now holding my funds. I was told my services were not on their approved list, yet, I very clearly listed my services on the application.

    My account was not closed until ‘after’ I made sales and then my income was not deposited into my account as promised. That has been my experience. I was quite happy with the company, until I actually started using the service.

    • Dr. Harold Smith

      Same with me, and they don’t make errors only the stupid merchants do , “us”. I have sent them, fax, after fax, after fax; and each time they give me a new reason why they can’t give me my money!!!!!!! Fortunately for me we made three very small transactions as a test, THEY FAILED!!! Customer Support, alleged Supervisors, no one has the power or authority to do anything………………………I want to close my account, ok, they need another fax; Nope it ends now………………………………….

  • Rebecca

    I signed up with PayAnywhere, after being in business over 6 years, so I was not dependent upon credit cards, fortunately. I did not use the account for over a month. The first week I used my account, ringing up several large sales (several hundred dollars). Then on a monday I received an email that my account was closed b/c my services were not on the approved services list (I do counseling, so not sure why that service would not be approved?)

    Assuming there was some mistake, as my account had been opened for over a month, I called to find out what happened, but the customer service rep was very aggressive and refused to transfer me to the department that handles closing the account.

    Now, over a week later, they still have my money. I was told the money would be deposited into my account today. That did not happen.

    They sent an email stating they may hold my money as long as they feel necessary to avoid refunds (even though the services have already been fulfilled)

    So in the middle of a business day, without any warning or notice, my account was closed, they are holding my funds, and I have no idea when I will receive the money from my sales.

    I would definitely not recommend this company.

  • Shari Lyon

    I just want anyone looking into Pay Anywhere to know there are fees charged besides the 2.69 advertised per swipe. Customer service won’t tell you that, but your statement and actual deposits will. When I tried to cancel my account, they asked, “wouldn’t you rather pay a little more in exchange for the superior service?” My answer, “no, i’m going back to square, I don’t do business with dishonest companies.”

    • Tange

      Shari, what fees are you specifically referring to? I have PayAnywhere and there are no fees other than the 2.69 per swipe. If I take a phone order it is 3.49 + 19 cents but that is listed on the site. All of these companies charge a little more when the card is not present. Your post seems a little fishy like you are really trying to promote Square instead.

  • James Joyce

    I started using PayAnywhere’s app for my company in December. It’s inexpensive, I’ve received all of my funds on time with no problem and I love their customer service. I’d definitely recommend it.

  • Payanywhere Nightmare SCAM

    After running 950 dollars in my first batch, i was informed that my “business model” wasn’t supported also . I Its been over a week now and when i call they are rude on the phone never call me back. Its a complete waste of time, I have switched to gopayments and they are amazing so far better costumer support release your money on time and they give a debit card , they charge a lower rate anyway.

    They are Misleading consumers !!!! you will not get your money they hold it and takes 7- 10 days for money to be refunded to client while they make interested on it then they charge your account even if they didnt release the money to you they say its for capture and refund fees 76 $ they are NIGHTMARE BEWARE . they cost my business time and money . i wish i read this blog before signing up with ..

    PayAnywhere is a terrible service DONT USE THEM if you dont pay your fee even do they didnt release your money they will add you to Blacklist beware before signing up

  • Harry McCook

    Had a really bad experience with pay anywhere. Their salespeople did not mention anything to me when signing up that i would not be allowed to accept anything over $1000.00.. It was only l after I swiped a customers card for close to $4,000 and it was accepted that I came home to an email stating that they would not release the monies to my account.

    It would have been a pretty big sticking point had that been pointed out to me when I signed up. I thought this pretty unprofessional to not point this out beforehand, not in an impersonal email after the fact.

  • Brian B

    Pay anywhere appears to be a scam. I have been signed up for an endless run around for 4 weeks. You are not told that after the first charge they will decide on your account status. Now, no one answers the phone or returns calls or emails. I have my doubts I will ever see my money.

    • Brian B

      I did get my account set up and my money after a month wait from the first transaction. The sales man at the trade show was less than honest about their policies and the requirement to set up the account. I am going to see how further transactions go but i will proceed with small transactions.

  • Zobiesartwork

    PA called me today. They are not a company with integrity. They could not put me through to the president Mark to allow me to find out who these people are that are calling from call centers with an address. They refused to tell me where they are calling from. Smoke and Mirrors is what they should call themselves.

  • richard

    I have had no problems with payments I do locksmithing auto lockouts home lockouuts etc payments take 4 to 5 business days to go through but all my transactions have gone through and up to date with no problems I don’t are you sure your using pay anywhere Services maybe I am just lucky then

    • Greg Robinson

      Yes I am sure we were using pay anywhere. I am happy you are haveing food luck with them becuse I wouldn’ wish what happened to us on my worst enemy. My date was a typo but it shoud read 2012. Yeah we never received our funds from our transaction(s) and when I called them to see what is going on, they said my account had been closed the previous week. So it put our company in a position where our customers had paid, pay anywhre had the money & we did not. Pay Anywhere did refund our customers but it took 7-10 buesinss days!!!! Our company was hesitant to manufacturer orders without seeing any money and our customers were nervous becuse of this too. Too make a long story short, Pay Anywhere put our company in a very uncomfortable positon and had no problems doing so. I don’t believe the customer is in their best interest. Only making money :( I now use intuit which is awesome!!!!!!! you receive your funds within 2-3 days, software is amazing, cutomer service is 24/7 and they only charge 1.7% a swipe. Kicks ass on Pay Anywhere. Intuit also offers payroll service & quick books which are all integrated to your Intuit merchant accoung/mobile card accepter. Intuit is also bacaked by AT&T so this is not start up company!! Cheers!

  • Greg Robinson

    PayAnywhere is a terrible service! They cost our company time & money :( Signed up on March 28, 1012 and 2 days later without any notice our account was closed. The only way we found out was by calling customer service ( number not on app or website… lol what a joke!) because it had been 6 days sense our last Credit Card transaction and there was still no deposits to our business bank account. When I asked them where the money was? my Senior Sales Rep.

    Malika Easley
    Risk Management
    North American Bancard
    250 Stephenson Hwy.
    Troy, MI 48083
    1-800-226-2273 ext. 1413

    replied. We have reversed the funds and it will take up to 10 busienss days for your customer to see the funds. 10 business days? That is over 2 weeks! WTF…. lol Then when I asked her why our accuont was closed and why Malika replied “you will receiev a letter in the mail, I am too busy with too many other merchant accounts to review this with you right now”. Wow!! Really? I guess I am happy I found out now oposed to later when larger ammounts of sales were circulating through PayAnywhere’s merchant stystem. Be very aware of this so called merchant provider!

  • Jon Jambor

    I wish I had read this blog before I signed up with them! My experience has been a total fiasco. I down sized my business (was doing over $400k) through National Processing Company, but I closed the doors and started the business on a hobby basis. I thought a card processor would be handy. I tried running my first charge ($1700). I never got a confirmation that the charge was accepted so I waited a couple of days before checking my account on PayAnywhere’s merchant portal. The charge seemingly didn’t go through, so I ran the card again. This time, the transaction completed to the point where it asked for a customer signature (the first time, the app died and I didnt get to this point).
    Later that day I got a message from their risk department telling me that the funds were frozen until they “reviewed” my last three bank statements. Since I had just opened a new bank account in a new city, there was very little history I could provide, so I tried to void the transaction. Instead, I issued a refund. I called to see if they could cancel the refund and simply void the transaction. They said they couldn’t since it had batched out already. Therefore, I was on the hook for the $1600 refund. OK. No problem. I moved some money in case they pulled the funds. I forwarded the information the risk department wanted and they said that they had approved my account for big charges and would release the funds. I got a call from my customer asking why he had been charged twice and refunded once. I hadn’t a clue why there was a second charge. I called and they told me that there had been THREE captures!!! What??? No way. They assured me that the first charge and refund had been settled inside “the system”, and the funds had been transfered to my account, but it took 7 to 10 days for the money to get through the system (NPC did it in 2 days). Here it is,t two weeks later,and I still have not received any funds from them. Then, today, out of the blue, I get a notice of a $116 “settlement charge” on my account. “Settlement”? For what? I haven’t received a dime yet! $116 on a $1600 charge is around 7%! Nowhere near the 4% (approx) they quoted.
    Their customer service is OK, although you have to sit through 2 minutes of advertisements before they try to connect you to a live person. If you can’t get one, they take your name and number and say they will call back. That was 10 hours ago… still no call back.
    People, stay AWAY from this processor!

    • Jon Jambor

      Well… I finally got my money. It only took 3 weeks. Better late than never, I guess. They told me that the $116 settlement fee was from the captures and refund.

      After 10 years of sterling service from Novus and NPC, I must admit I’m a bit gun shy now. Maybe now that I’ve had a successful transaction, things will go more smoothly. Just a word to the wise.

  • Jon

    We currently use Square but needed some additional functionality Square does not offer. I saw this review and decided to call up PayAnywhere.

    Before you agree to anything, make sure you read the terms of their contract and see that they do charge a “Monthly Basic Service Fee is $9.95(includes our 24×7 technical support, our customer service, & your monthly detailed statement access)” and if you want to use their online system that’s another $10/month. They also charge $19.95 shipping and handling for each card reader they ship to you.

    Since those are not mentioned anywhere on their website I could find, I would consider those hidden fees and monthly charges. That would mean that their advertising is deceptive.

    • dg

      Jon –
      where did you find the “terms of contract” that u recommended we read?? I was considering using this after the good review this site gives it but all the user reviews are terrible and contradict what Phillip had found ( no offense Phillip – I so appreciate your reviews!!)

      • Phillip CPO

        No offense taken. Pay Anywhere claims in its marketing that there are no monthly fees, but a few merchants have recently reported incurring them anyway. I will be investigating and updating the review soon. If Pay Anywhere is being deceptive, it will reflect in the next update.

    • Phillip CPO

      Hi Jon,

      I called Pay Anywhere and asked specifically about these charges you are seeing. They said that if you want to use the gateway, then there may be a $10 fee charged by However, they adamantly stated that there are no monthly fees and that they do not charge anything to ship the card reader. She said the free shipping was a “promotion” so there is a chance that when the promotion is over they may start charging for shipping. I care about the accuracy of my reviews and if you have actually experienced any of these fees, I would love to see a your statement.

  • Karen McHugh

    The fees this company charges is insane. We were quoted $24.95/month. That lasted 3 months then they went up double. I was told that it was fees that the processing company charged. I called the processing company who provided me with their fees.

    In September I spoke to a representative of Merchants Anywhere who begged me to stay saying that the rates were going to drop significantly in January. In January 2012 I got a bill for $132.40 due to a new annual $99.95 administration fee.

    There are so many other options. Their undisclosed fees combined with the administration fee which was disclosed in fine print in the October 2011 statement makes them a poor value.

    I would not use them for anything.

    • Phillip CPO

      Hi Karen,

      Thanks for the review but I see that you mentioned “Merchant Anywhere” as the company. My review is of “Pay Anywhere,” which is a different company. Which company are you intending to review?

  • john oconnor

    WASTE OF TIME!!!!!

    After running 1500 dollars in my first batch, i was informed that my “business model” wasn’t supported. I am a Business coach and have a successful business never having any issues with client charges on my chase account. Its been over a week now and I can never seem to get this Malika woman on the phone or get her to call me back. Its a complete waste of time, Im going back to Chase Paymentech, they charge a lower rate anyway.

    They are Misleading consumers !!!!
    No where on there site do they say that they don’t support the coaching community


    Good Luck

  • Fama

    complete catastrophe, I open a account 3 weeks ago, at the same time I was updating my website (from a template). 1 week ago they close my account without me knowning (no email no phone call). i called the next day, they ask me to call x1413 Melisa. She said that my acc was close because my website stated that I’m doing business in europe. I explained that was a template, still doing some change on the website. she ask me to update my website and they’ll reopen my account, which i did the same day and called and left 2 voicemails no respond until today i got her on the phone, she said your account remain close …no explication and she hand up the phone…. very bad customer service. do not recommend this company, and the fee is to high.

  • Lee

    I applied for the service 3 days ago, the representive advised that once I submit my application, I should receive the “welcome” email which will have my merchant ID, user & password to activate the app I downloaded on my phone within 24 hours.

    well, after 2 days looking for my welcome email which I did not receive, I emailed my agent and asked whats going on….I have not received a response as of the end of the 3rd day. I called the customer service number and explained my situation. I was then transfered to someone whose voicemail advised that he will be out of the office from 8/18 through the 29th and directed to contact another extension.

    I do not know whats going on but,… at least they could of replied to my email.

    So, I can not rate the system and how it works due to the fact that I have not had any further communication from this company since I submitted my application.

    I will look for a different processor.

    • Phillip CPO

      Could you please expand on this claim? What other fees besides the transaction fee did they charge you? What were the monthly fees called? It’s very important because your complaint is contrary to what Pay Anywhere advertises. The more detail you can give about this, the more it will help other merchants. It may also affect how the company rates when the review is updated. Thanks!

      • Not Pay Anywhere

        Without giving too much detail, in hopes of not giving my specifics, I made a sale for X amount of $’s. They took X amount out for their “fee”. The next month, I was charged another fee. When I called, they told me that it was their monthly fee. I was like I didn’t even make a sale that month. Pay Anywhere was like, “well we have to make money some how. Using our service is not free”. They auto drafted money out of my bank account. I disputed the charge, & the bank refunded my money because I did NOT give approval for them to auto-draft my account. I believe the bank has blocked them from further taking money out of my account. As the saying go, “BUYER BEWARE”!

        • Mandy

          I got the free card reader and got a $3 sale from a yard sale i had. when i called the number to ask if i got more sales how would i get to my money? He said they dont do free readers and than told me i dont have account and to talk to someone else. They go through Globel payments so i called them and they said they cant help me. But yet i got a free card reader for free and loss of 5$ now. 3$ of a sale i made plus 2$ from their not so free fees. “I wont use them again”

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