Volusion Overview

An All-In-One E-Commerce Solution

Volusion is a merchant account provider offering online stores and e-commerce solutions for internet-based businesses. The company utilizes Global Payments as its debit and credit card processing network but also offers e-commerce features of its own. Volusion can be integrated with multiple third-party payment gateways, including Authorize.netStripe, SagePay, WorldPay, TransFirst, and PayPal.

Volusion Location and Ownership

Volusion is headquartered at 1835 Kramer Ln, Austin, Texas, and lists its founding date as 1999. The company is a registered ISO of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Concord, California. Kevin Sproles is the founder and CEO of Volusion.

Volusion Review Table of Contents

  • Costs & Contract: Volusion offers 4 different pricing models with month-to-month and 3-month prepaid options.
  • Complaints & Service: Volusion has received more than 100 public complaints.
  • BBB Rating: Volusion has an “A+” rating and has received 42 complaints and 14 reviews in the past 3 years. The company has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau since 2001.
  • Sales & Marketing: Volusion does not appear to hire independently contracted sales agents and has received some complaints about its rate disclosure.
  • Rates & Fees: How Merchants Got The Best Rates With Volusion
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Products & Services Offered

  • Debit and credit card processing
  • Online store and shopping cart
  • Web design and hosting
  • SEO tools
  • Online payment gateway
  • QuickBooks integration

Types of Businesses Served

  • E-commerce

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Volusion Rates, Fees, and Costs

Key Points

Qualified Rate 2.15% + $0.34
Non-Qualified Rate 3.96% + $0.34
Monthly Minimum Fee $25
Statement Fee $10 Per Month
Gateway Fee $17.99 Per Month
Personal Plan Fee $29 Per Month
Pro Plan Fee $79 Per Month
Startup Plan Fee $179 Per Month
Business Plan Monthly Fee $299 Per Month
Early Termination Fee $99
PCI Compliance Fee $3.41 Per Month
Equipment Lease Terms Variable

Volusion Pricing

The costs of using Volusion to accept online payments can be broken into two categories: credit card processing fees and web hosting fees. The standard Volusion credit card processing agreement appears to be a three-year contract through Global Payments with a $99 early termination fee, a monthly minimum fee of $25, a $17.99 monthly gateway fee, a $10 statement fee, and a $3.41 monthly PCI Compliance fee.

The company’s rate structure is as follows: 2.15% plus $0.34 for Qualified transactions, 3.56% plus $0.34 for Mid-Qualified Transactions, and 3.96% plus $0.34 for Non-Qualified transactions. To accept credit cards online with Volusion Payments, it appears that the average monthly cost is $61.77 at minimum, and this amount may increase depending on whether a merchant accrues over $25 in transaction fees in a given month.

Web Hosting Plans

The company offers its payment processing as a supplemental month-to-month service to its web hosting services. The monthly costs of its web hosting packages are $29 (“Personal”), $79 (“Professional”), $179 (“Startup“), and  $299 (“Business”). These service tiers include improvements to bandwidth, customer support, integration, marketing tools, and other features that are proportional to each price increase. Some merchant complaints describe these additional services as subject to downtime, costly, and poorly designed, and there is very little publicly posted positive feedback regarding the company’s web hosting at this time.

A Merely Average Option

All told, it appears that the absolute minimum monthly cost of hosting a bare-bones online store and simply having a Volusion merchant account is around $100 per month at this time. There are several other, better-reviewed options available for a lower cost, which inclines us to give the company a “C” in this category.

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Response from Volusion

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Volusion Complaints & Customer Reviews

Key Points

Total Online Complaints 100+
Live Customer Support Some Plans
Most Common Complaint Hidden Fees

High Complaint Volume

We are currently able to locate over 100 negative Volusion reviews, some of which describe the company as a scam or a ripoff. Common themes among complainants include nondisclosure of rates and fees, fund holds, difficulty canceling service, poor customer support, and buggy or unreliable software. Merchants consistently cite the company’s misleading rate quotes on its website as a major issue, and there is some mention of the company’s “Priority” support not being especially fast despite it costing more money. Upon termination, merchants should also be sure that they have canceled both their merchant account and their internet hosting service; there are multiple complaints online from merchants who accidentally terminated only one of these services while the company continued to bill them for the other.

Volusion Lawsuits

We have not found any outstanding class-action lawsuits or FTC complaints filed against Volusion. Dissatisfied merchants who wish to pursue a non-litigious course of action against the company should consider reporting it to the relevant supervisory organizations.

Volusion Customer Support Options

Volusion offers online support to its “Personal” plan merchants, phone support to its “Professional” plan merchants, and priority support to its “business” and “Prime” plan merchants. We do not consider Volusion’s support options to compare favorably to top-rated credit card processors for customer service at this time.

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Response from Volusion

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Volusion BBB Rating Summary

Key Points - BBB

Product & Service Complaints 8
Billing & Collection Complaints 33
Advertising & Sales Complaints 1
Guarantee & Warranty Complaints 0
Delivery Complaints 0

Note: We have adjusted this company’s BBB rating according to our own standards. To better understand why we adjust BBB ratings, please see our Rating Criteria.

Over 35 Complaints

Volusion’s Better Business Bureau profile currently has an “A+” rating and accreditation since 2001 despite 36 complaints filed within the last 36 months. Of the 42 total complaints, 8 were related to problems with the product or service, 33 had to do with billing or collections issues, and 1 had to do with advertising or sales. Of these complaints, the company successfully resolved 12, while the remaining 30 either were resolved to the dissatisfaction of the merchant or did not receive a final response from the merchant.

What Merchants Say

In addition to the 42 complaints filed on its BBB profile, Volusion has also received 12 informal reviews. 11 of those reviews are negative in tone while only 1 is positive. One merchant describes an issue with Volusion alleging that the company employs deceptive sales tactics:

How can I start? A company that miss lead their client prospect to obtain a sale. Just like I say first is a Google review so all consumers see step by step how they do it. So don’t fail for it! Sorry but I will move forward with a different call or complaint against your company. Due to the misleading product that sold to me, and did not work for my type of business. Including with a bad online review to your company, and a business bureau complaint. The good thing is that I have all records of calls, emails, and messages from day one. I was very clear and specific with Rey E*******; that I am a car dealership and an operating business, not just a new venture like you guys are used to. We did a video conference call with google meeting that Rey E******* was part of. Which I saved the salesperson presentation. Where I expressed all my concerns before I decided to make the purchase. ( Feel free to check with him on this fact) First, I told him that my software IDMS was going to send an automatic feed every night to update and keep up with the inventory through a HTML Feed. Which he said that the website was capable of this feature. ( This never happen) Secondly, the website was supposed to be active within two weeks from sign up. ( This never happen ) Third, The website was supposed to include all my previous seo links that I had in place to be linked to you guy’s website. ( This never happen ) Including the carfax/autocheck report to be integrated on all my inventory, so customers can see the vehicle history. ( This never happen) Fourth, SEO was going to take effect as I specified, on a report that I attached to an email with a list of links from my previous website provider; that will help redirect the traffic to the hosting. ( This never happen ) Fifth, on April 10th after I noticed that some of the facts did not took place I sent an email to Rey E*******, requesting my formal cancellation. Then I received a call from Brian saying that he will be the one helping me to build my site; he mention that some of the services that Rey offered me was not correct, that you guys don’t have the capability to received my inventory automatically. Sixth, the Facebook store was supposed to be set up and we did set it up with your support department but it never worked. ( This never happen ) I was told by Rey to give it few weeks until it was built so I can try the site and see how it works. So, I gave the chance to Rey and Brian so they can deliver the product. Then, I received a call from your support department with instructions how to upload my inventory and how to manage my page and make changes 1 on 1 with me on the phone. At all times I was expressing my frustration with the support department; all calls are recorded for your records. The support department told me that I must transfer my domain to the new page so they can finish setting everything up and I can redirect my traffic to the new website. So I called Go Daddy my provider so we can get the transfer going and to help us get it accomplished. Which was, what your support department asked me to do. THAT WAS A BIG MISTAKE. Since that day I loss an enormous amount of business due to my traffic not being redirected to the new website; you can also see on your company records ALL my calls, almost on a daily basis to your support department asking for help because my clients could’t find my website links, vehicle details, or updated inventory etc. So, let me know if you need more reasons to show you that your company MADE a big mistake with my account. I hope we can resolve this matter now that you have all the facts and I have all the records, to proceed with my cancellation. I am looking for a full refund of my money. Nothing else, otherwise I will proceed with all complaints as I expressed in the begging of this email. “Here is their response” Hello Alejandro Thanks for your patience in this matter. I apologize, but we are unable to refund any hosting fees that have been taken prior to when we receive a valid cancellation request. The terms and conditions of the account state that the hosting fees are assessed monthly in order to give you access to the software and to ensure your site has a spot on our servers, it is not contingent on whether you actually build the site or ever make it go “live”. As you did have access to the software (even if you weren’t using it at the time to build up your site) the services were provided per the terms and conditions. I apologize for any inconvenience, but we will not be able to accommodate your request to refund any hosting fees that had been taken prior to your cancellation.

Outside of the BBB, we have found over 100 complaints against Volusion. Many of those complaints detail deceptive marketing practices that include being given misleading rate quotes. Merchants who experience similar issues should familiarize themselves with how to cancel their services without paying a fee, especially in the event the rates they are charged are not in line with those they negotiated.

A “B” Performance Overall

Given Volusion’s growing complaint totals, the company’s low resolution ratio, and informal reviews making assertions of deceptive marketing tactics, we have adjusted the BBB‘s score to a “C.”

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Response from Volusion

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Truth In Marketing & Advertising

Key Points

Employs Independent Resellers No
Advertises Deceptive Rates Yes
Discloses All Important Terms No

Volusion Sales Approach

Volusion appears to primarily market itself online, through its website, and through its partnership with Global Payments. There is no indication at this time that the company employs independently contracted sales agents to sell its services, and there are no complaints online alleging misrepresentation by specific individuals affiliated with the company.

Misleading Rate Quote

There are, however, multiple Volusion complaints regarding nondisclosure of rates and fees within the company’s official advertising materials, most notably with respect to the 2.15% transaction fee advertised on the Volusion website. This rate is only the company’s “Qualified” rate, and the website makes no mention of Volusion’s “Mid-Qualified” rate of 3.56% or its “Non-Qualified” rate of 3.96% that merchants will pay to process rewards cards or international card payments.

Nondisclosure Issues

Additionally, some merchants complain of nondisclosure of the company’s three-year service length and $99 cancellation fee, neither of which is listed prominently on the company’s site. Volusion doesn’t help its case by advertising “no added fees” on its pricing page. This claim is technically true, but only because Volusion does not charge additional transaction fees on top of a third-party gateway’s fees. If you suspect that Volusion is charging you undisclosed fees, we recommend seeking a third-party statement audit to find and eliminate hidden charges.

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Response from Volusion

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Volusion Marketing Example

Volusion Logo

Our Opinion of Volusion

A Decent E-Commerce Platform

Volusion receives an average rating as a merchant services provider according to our rating standards. The company is showing a moderate-to-high complaint volume, specifically with regard to its rate quoting and contract terms. Its pricing is not especially competitive at this time, and its customer service department is not receiving positive reviews. Overall, while Volusion could stand to improve in almost every category of this review, it still is a solid choice for a capable e-commerce platform.

We rely on your feedback about Volusion to keep this review accurate and up-to-date. Please take a minute to tell us about your experience. We and the small business owners of this world thank you!

Thank you for reading my review. I hope that it has helped you with your research.

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10 Reviews Leave Your Review for Volusion Below

  1. j says:

    Volusion Merchant Bait and Switch. Roger Bautista emailed us the fees Volusion charges and was quoted 2.15%, .30 per transaction, .30 batch fee and $5.66 location fee. When I got my first bill it was about 4.8%. I tried several times to reach Roger but he would not reply. Finally reached a manager who did nothing to help us just said that certain credit cards are billed more than 2.15% based on the customer’s rewards. That was never explained to us so obviously we dropped them.

  2. AW says:

    As one of the ORIGINAL Volusion customers (I used to talk for hours with with Kevin back when he was developing it. He was a teenager back then (My store # is 4 digits that is how long I have been with them) I can speak as sincere and straight forward about Volusion. Here is my advice to anyone considering opening a e-commerce account. DO NOT USE VOLUSION!!!! I repeat, DO NOT USE VOLUSION.

    HERE IS WHY: (btw it wasn’t always this way – it has progressively gotten worse)

    * Volusion will nickel and dime you on everything they can. Even the smallest things are add-ons
    * Volusion is not an easy to use interface.
    * Volusion is not up to date (you pay more to have what is considered an online store selling standard everwhere else)
    * Volusion will overcharge you on bandwidth (caught them many times doing this)
    * Volusion will “update” their system, even at the sake of your site not working on new platform.
    * Volusion doesn’t even include email with your package. SAY WHAT?! NONE!
    * Volusion mobile SUCKS SO BAD!! IT IS THE WORST EVER. Please for the sake of your business -STAY AWAY from their mobile.
    * Volusion will allow customers to place orders even when the item is OUT OF STOCK , HIDDEN and DO NOT ALLOW BACKORDERS is all selected! (This is a huge problem)
    * Custom template? oh NO!! Volusion really doesn’t care about any custom template stores, they will change their backend and your are screwed if you don’t update your template.
    * The admin backend has been changed to a completely backasswards way of doing things. In order to look so high tech then made it goofy and difficult to find the simplest things.
    * Volusion had customer service, did away with it, brought it back, limited it, now its back. Who knows for how long?
    * Volusion charges for SSL and most other places include it with monthly plans that are priced like V’s.
    * I promise you will experience ISSUES and LOST SALES all the time with Volusion. We have had 100’s of customer calls saying they can NOT get the “Place Order” button to actually place order. It just stalls, we had one customer who clicked it 5 times before she called us. Finally on the 7th time of clicking it, it went through. How many other customers just left after the 2nd click?
    * Volusion SEO is terrible.

    Since Volusion has changed things up so many times, my custom template became obsolete, my site lost sales. It went from 5000 orders a month to 20 orders a month!!! I went from $680,000/yr to $20,000. I was told that it was because the majority of my visitors are on mobile devices, so I turned on Volusions’ mobile platform- NOT ONE ORDER FOR 3 WEEKS! Turned it off and within 5 hours, started getting orders again.

    I stayed with them since 2000, since I was afraid to move to a new platform. I was afraid to move 500 products. I was afraid to have to come up with all sorts of new images, new descriptions, etc. I fought to defend that the issue was the website. I kept saying ti was the market, it was competition, it was everything other than Volusion. But after some very strong convincing ( I really didn’t want to change – even tho I knew I was so unhappy, but change is scary) I changed over to Shopify…and OMG!!!! WOW

    VOLUSION IS IN THE DARK AGES WITH A DUNCE HAT ON! I quietly duplicated my site over to Shopify, It was SO EASY… I could go on and on about how amazing Shopify is but this is about how poor Volusion is so I won’t.

    BUT…. know this.

    Since I opened my new Shopify site (Volusion site is still active – until Shopify gets search engine recognized) I have had over $5000 in sales on my new Shopify site in 22 days!!! Volusion site? $67.81

    There is no denying it….. Volusion is not where it is at anymore. I am going to turn off the Volusion site on 6/30/18, when my SSL expires and never look back!

    I don’t want anyone else to feel bad about their company, or their marketing skills, or the market. Thinking that the low sales or traffic is their fault. I’m telling you firsthand, it is very likely that a good portion of blame is on the Volusion platform. I was about to give up my company. Shut the doors after 20 years, because of Volusion. Now I am seeing what a huge mistake that would and could have been. If I had only changed over years ago…. lesson learned for me! I hope you learn from my mistake…


  3. simon says:

    Merchant BEWARE! Volusion Merchant service the worst!!!! They are NOTHING BUT SCAMMERS! I tried canceling the service through Authorize.net and they were still charging us – SCAMMERS! Shame on you Volusion for such terrible service!

  4. Suzanne Kilker says:

    I have used my credit cards twice with this Volusion website for secure information when I’ve been purchasing merchandise. I don’t want to name the business name as I’ve emailed them about the problems I’ve had with 2 different credit cards numbers that were stolen & several thousands dollars charged to the Bronx New York area. I live in Alabama, not buying takeout & food at the above city. I will never buy a product that goes through Volusion

  5. Henry says:

    This company is terrible. DO NOT MAKE THE MISTAKE TO CHOOSE THEM FOR YOUR ONLINE BUSINESS OR MERCHANT SERVICES. SQUARE IS 1 MILLION TIMES BETTER. They will rob you of your money and find a way to make up charges whenever they can.
    Also, when you cancel with them, make sure you cancel all of their services from all departments because they will continue to charge you for things if you don’t.
    For example: I canceled my online store and was never told to cancel the merchant account with them until I called back after seeing charges on my bank statement. They then told me to call Authorize.net, who they use for merchant services, to cancel and stop the charges. I immediately did that and thought I was ok then until I saw more charges on the following statement.
    Apparently, I was suppose to also cancel with Volusion Merchant department which no one mentioned to me. Just did that.. Let’s see what kind of charges I’m going to see next month.
    I’m so glad i switched over to Big Commerce and Square for my merchant services.

  6. katie b says:

    Arg, why isn’t this review on the first page of search results! Stay away Volusion, it’s a bait-and-switch company that’s riddled with hidden fees! Basically everything on the Volusion website and everything the sales people tell you is inaccurate and intentionally misleading. Absolutely do NOT sign up for their Merchant Account – it looks like a feature of their monthly plan but it isn’t! You’re actually signing up for a 3-YEAR contract that’s at least $33.50 per month, with a $99 cancellation fee! The term is not in the contract anywhere, it’s on a separate page on their website that you will never find until you get the contract. Who reads contract terms, especially when they link to additional terms? No one, and that’s what they’re counting on. Don’t pay them for a website that looks like garbage to start with, and definitely stay away from any contracts with them. They will intentionally mislead you – even if you ask questions about their services, the sales reps know how to avoid giving direct answers. I spent over 60 hours trying to develop my website on Volusion to not look like garbage only to find out their alleged $15/month plan will actually be $50 per month in other fees! I’m sticking with my free basic html site and free paypal buttons, they’re working just fine and look way better than Volusion ever did!

  7. Marie says:

    Switched to them with our new website. Big mistake. In 10 years of business have never seen such poor customer service…and it is costing us money with lost business.

  8. marie kearse says:

    I was really disappointed in this company and their service. I signed up to open my own website and did not know about all the hidden costs. During the free trial you cannot sell anything because you have not been approved yet to receive credit card payments. You can only try to design an ad and see how it looks or work. When you sign up you have to give your bank account number and routing and these people will start charging you for the Global Payment whether you sell or not . Then there are all these fees for SEO . After three months I had no sales and lost hundreds of $$ . I did not even have an abandoned cart. Pretty awful. Then they tried to make me pay the cancellation fee which was not discussed when I signed up on the phone. I had to go to the bank and block them from withdrawing money from the bank account since they had the number and routing. A total rip off for people who are not savvy. Also they make you check the user agreement online and these charges are buried in long verbiage that people do not usually read. Then they try to intimidate you with the prospect of collection agencies. They will talk about that user agreement. Totally deceptive. Too many hidden costs. The free trial is useless because it is not a real site. you cannot see if people come to your store. They also periodically threaten to turn me in to the collection agency even months later. A total nightmare.

  9. Teri says:

    Merchant Beware! Volusion Merchant Services is the worst. They have poor customer service. You are going to pay no less than $63/ month for credit card processing. Meaning even if you are just setting up shop and no transactions are being processed your bill will be at least $63/ month. Also, they do not list their $99 penalty fee for closing your merchant account in their list of fees. It is buried in the fine print close to the end of the contract document you will sign. I do not recommend them. They are the worst and you can find a cheaper service.

  10. jacob says:

    Global payments is a rip off- charge for payments received and refunds.

    Get this:
    If you have employees watch out. Volusion does not limit access for refunds. If they can process a transaction via credit card, they can refund it. A disgruntled employee could refund thousands and thousands of dollars to random customers for Months after the sale has taken place. Too much liability if you are not doing it all yourself. They should include permissions to charge and refund cards separately so some rogue employee does not create a mess refunding people at random.

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