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  1. Florence Devilliers

    I have been with Everest for the past 2 years and I have to say that service is wonderful!
    I had a special request this past summer to add our own restaurant gift cards to the credit card program but it could not be done through the terminal the restaurant had at the time, so after checking which would work for both credit cards and gift cards, EMS sent another one that was already set up for both.
    Thanks to Mila Torres who answered quickly to all of my questions and concerns. Now, the restaurant is saving money by having both on this new terminal.
    I am very grateful, thanks again!!!

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  2. Ms.J

    I worked for Everest merchant services I just did their training last week and the office was very unprofessional they yelled and curse and even smoked and made announcements while the reps were on the phone. Yes i was a customer service rep so many of the angry customer may want to know some insight and I will be glad to share with you because it was wrong of them to use and scam people. For some customers reps such as myself was told that Everest merchant services is a very legitimate company and they honestly help people not really knowing the full story of what really goes on I started noticing things when I read the guidelines to their policy if the customer services reps do not get at least 10 client’s a week that we would get fired and if we get more and more transfers we will get rewards additional 200 dollars toward our pay check which I felt that was alarming because we can’t force client’s to say yes. Another thing that caught my eye was everything was about persuading the customer reps with money such as fax statements are worth 75 dollars that is the reason why the customer service rep urge the client’s so much into doing it not because they know the client will get scam but they will get paid. What really put them on my radar when they had us say that we will help save 30 percent of the client’s rating off and is not asking for them to switch their services and then just last week gave us a paper saying to stop using that line because in all reality they were switching people over. When I read these people rules I was ready to walk out now I find out they are scamming people. I due apologize for their wrong doing sad thing is the company is still in business and still getting innocent people in their organization.

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  3. Tim Johnson

    I was contacted by Everest about switching. They guaranteed they would save 30% or they would pay me $500. I told them I was not interested unless the credit card processing would be integrated with my software. They said they would fully integrate with my software. They also indicated savings. A portion of the savings was from elimination of all my monthly fees and would only be charged for the % transaction fees. I received notice of monthly fees being charged. I called Everest again and they sent me the comparison of my current processor and the proposed fees. The comparison did not show any of the fees they were starting to charge me. I contacted them again to cancel. I’m in the middle of the battle. Apparently I have to cancel with all these people they’ve scammed me into. WOULD SUGGEST YOU HANG UP IMMEDIATELY IF THEY CONTACT YOU!

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  4. Mark Momchilov

    received a call from a Deryn Riggs. Wanted to see my current merchant statement. Faxed it to him. Called back and said he could save me $50 to $100 a month. I was hesitant, did not want to hassle with switching
    over. No problem Deryn says. We just send you out a machine and you get a free 30 day trial. If it doesn’t
    work out not harm done. So they sent me a machine. First one would not process ebt cards. They sent me another one. It did not work at all. Third one again, did not process ebt cards again. At this point, I was dealing with a technical support gut name Rick. I wanted to cancel, they practically begged me to keep trying
    their company and wait for my first full months statement to prove that I would save money and it would be all worth the hassle. I replied that by the time I get a statement that my 30 day free trial would be up and they would charge me a termination fee. He promised that this would not happen. I decided to give them another chance. After downloading the terminal by myself, which I didn’t want to do in the first place, I started processing through Everest merchant. By this time 2 weeks have already passed. After a couple of weeks of processing, I noticed that my American Express transactions were not getting into my account. I called this Deryn guy. He did not respond. I called this Rick guy, his mailbox was full. I called the sales department, their mailbox was full. I e-mailed Deryn, no response. I continued to call 3 times a day on a Mon, tues., wed, and finally on Thursday someone picked up the phone. I told them that I needed to talk to Rick or Deryn. They said they will have Rick call back. Rick called back an hour later. I told him of my problem, he would look into it and get back with me. Well, I called on following Monday, Tues., Wed. and on Thursday someone answered the phone. He said he was VP of sales and Rick would call back. Rick called and I had to explain to him again about money not getting into my account. Of course, I wanted to cancel my account by now, but was hesitant to do so until all my transactions were into my bank. Finally, I suggested to him that maybe they do not have the correct merchant number for American Express. After reviewing number we found that someone did not put wrong number. Missed it by one number. I voiced my displeasure of this problem taking so long to get corrected. Of course he disagreed and said he was right on top of things all the time and he would get this corrected right away. I had to call him about this again on following Monday. He told me that I had to re-enter all the transactions again. I finally did this. When I saw that the money finally made it into my account, I sent off an E-mail and sent a letter canceling my account. Tried to call this Deryn guy to make sure that I would not get charged a fee. I called him and his company at least 25 times in next two weeks and left message after message- e-mail after e-mail without a response. Finally I called a customer service number which was hard to find. I got a hold of someone and ask if my account was canceled yet. She saw that it was still active, even though cancelled it weeks ago. I told her of my problems with Everest. She said sorry for your luck but their would be a $495.00 cancellation fee because I went past my 30 day trial period. I could call my salesman and try to get reimbursed. Of course, I told her that I have been trying for weeks and do not get a response. She said that her company ,Cynergy, is the processing company and she could not help me.
    The only thing that she could do is send Everest an e-mail about my problem and they would have to call me within 48 hours. That was a week ago and no one has contacted my. I had the bank reverse the termination fee and maybe someone will contact me now. By the way, I called this Deyrn guy again two days ago. someone answered his phone and said that he was on an extended leave of absense. I tried to explain the situation to this guy but he interupted me and said that he would have to call me back. Again, no call back. If someone from Everest Merchants should call you, hang up. By the way, I got my first statement and Everest is charging more than my current company. So they were full of falsehoods at every step of the way.

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  5. Robert Schumacher

    Follow up to post on 10/5/12. After filing a complaint with the NY BBB, I received reimbursement of $490.00 (early cancellation fee) from EMS within a few days. Although we have not been reimbursed for the $25 (total of $50) for the minimum discount fees due.

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  6. Ellen Drake

    This is a followup to the review that I submitted on 9/12/2012. I filed a complaint with the NY BBB. I finally received the refund for $10.89. In Oct., $505.00 was deducted from my account. When I called, I was told that it was for an early termination fee. For a service that I never approved! Also, the application that I originally filled out had the ETF crossed out. The Merchant Service had taken it out “by mistake”. After 5 phone calls to the customer service number on the statement, I was told that I would get a refund check. In the meantime, I had racked up over $100.00 in fees from my bank for insufficient funds. I received a call from Osiris (operations manager) of Crescent, after I did a followup complaint to the BBB. He sent a check overnight mail for the early termination fee and bank charges. I received the check Saturday afternoon of Columbus Day weekend. I have had 2 bank charges since and called again with no response yet.

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  7. Robert Schumacher

    We were initially contacted by Jeff Bess in Jan 2012. Our initial concerns were that our website is custom built and that the process of switching card merchants had to be a smooth process so as not to interrupt business. We were assured that it would be a very simple procedure, and as it appeared it would cost effective we moved forward submitting the paperwork, with the understanding that we would not be charged any fees until the transition had been done without any complications. We received approval from Everest in mid March to proceed with the transition. We requested to a Ms. Thai that they speak with our IT department to make the transition, upon which we learned that it would not be a seamless transition and that in order to adapt our shopping cart to fit the parameters that Everest Merchant Services would require would actually cost us $2500-$3000. We attempted to contact Mr. Bess by both emal and phone, with no sucess. We continued to receive emails stating that Everest Merchant Services was ready to move forward and to contact them for the transition. On April 23, 2012 we emailed Ms. Thai and explained the situation that we were unable to contact Mr. Bess, and that since he had misrepresented the ease of being able to switch services and that it would not be cost effective that we were no longer interested. In April we also received merchant statements for our 2 accounts with a minimum of $25 deducted for each as the discount due. We contacted on 5/7/12, and explained that these accounts should NEVER have been established until service was actually up and running successfully. We canceled the service and asked for the monies to be refunded. In June 2012 , we received 2 more statements both deducting $220.05 for a cancellation fee of $195.05 and a minimum discount due of $25.00. We contacted Everest Merchant services on 6/8/12 to speak with Mr. Bess and was told he was no longer with the company. We asked to speak to his direct supervisor and was transferred to Daniel Meade. After giving Mr. Meade the details of the situation and asking for a full refund of the $440.10 due to Mr. Bess not representing the facts correctly, Mr. Meade stated that Mr. Bess had left the company under unusual circumstances, implying that he had misrepresented the services of the company. Mr. Meade promised to look into the situation and get back with us, regarding a full refund. On 7/30/12 we called to speak with Mr. Meade, after having no response from him since the 6/8/12 conversation, and was told he would call us back. After several more attempts to reach Mr. Meade, there has been no effort by Mr. Meade or anyone at EMS to contact us regarding our concerns and the mishandling of the entire situation, or the monies that were deducted improperly.

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  8. Ellen

    I received calls 3 times a day for 3 weeks from the supposed Sales Manager Wholesale Division, Gerardo, trying to convince me to change credit card processors. It took a long time to sway me since I have been burned once before by Crescent Processing and by my current processor with a non-cancellable 48 month equipment lease. He sent comparison sheets and when I said that I would consider it, he sent a letter stating that I should fill out the application and that filling it out was NOT a commitment on my part to change and that he would call me when I was approved to discuss moving forward. I never heard from him again. One week later,I got a cc machine delivered by FedEx and a phone call 5 minutes later from a tech to set it up. I refused, stating that I was not switching companies until I heard from Gerardo. That was Aug. 16th. Like I stated above, I have not heard anything from Gerardo. Last week, $10.89 was taken out of my account. Then I received an August statement. I immediately called the number on the statement to cancel the account that I never opened and to get a refund for the $10.89. I had to fax that letter from Gerardo to 2 different departments. Yesterday, the FedEx driver showed up with a shipping label to pick up the machine. I refused and said that once I received my refund, I would gladly return it. By the way, the “new” machine looks like junk. I called again today and was told that the account was canceled and that they are still working on my refund.

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  9. Susan Reiter

    I initially was contacted directly by an individual named Christian who was very personable and very helpful in going over my existing contract w/another provider and provided me with what appeared to be a very direct and clearcut proposed processing contract in addition to informing me that they would pay any cancellation fee by my existing contract, etc. The initial process went quite smoothly & I really thought this was going to be a great company to work with. But once I tried to go through the process of changing over my terminal to their system it was a nightmare. Numerous issues with their equipment, missing cords, etc. and working with someone from my telephone provider and with their tech support for over two hours on the phone during a very busy coffee hour in our shop was extremely frustrating. Their tech support individual was very pleasant, but having the issue in the first place was infuriating. The process of getting reimbursed for my cancellation fee has been long and arduous and I cannot get any of their people to return an email or a phone call or give me a satisfactory response as to why I have not been reimbursed. I’ve sent numerous emails to the original person I worked with – Christian (VP of Sales), to Elizabeth Thai who is supposed to be my direct contact for such a thing and also from Tom Hale who is supposed to be some sort of upper management. The sad thing is that I actually contacted another cc processing company via internet this morning that had Everest in their name and emailed them to complain and they called me within two minutes of my email to correct the problem. Too bad I wasn’t doing business with them instead. Give them a call if you want great customer service at [redacted - violation of comment policy] instead – they were great!

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