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Company Overview

Worldpay is a very large direct processor with an international presence in 40 countries, with a primary focus on the U.K. and Europe. Founded in the UK in 1989 under the name “Streamline“, the company’s name was changed to Worldpay a few years later. In 2001, Worldpay began to offer U.S. merchant accounts in Atlanta, Georgia. Shortly after, the company was bought by The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and rebranded as RBS Worldpay. In 2010, RBS sold its controlling interest in the company and RBS Worldpay was rebranded back to just “Worldpay.”

Worldpay Payment Processing

Worldpay processes all major debit and credit cards for most business types. For small and medium businesses, they offer POS systems, EMV terminals, the Authorize.Net payment gateway, digital and mobile wallets, FastAccess funding, extensive security features, gift card solutions, and data analysis and processing. For enterprise-level businesses, they also offer B2C and B2B e-commerce solutions. They claim to accept over 300 types of payments.

Online Payment Gateway

Worldpay’s online payment gateway allows businesses to securely process online transactions. Their payment gateway is compatible with a variety of e-commerce platforms and offers features such as fraud detection and prevention, recurring billing, and customizable payment pages.

Point of Sale Systems

Worldpay offers a range of point-of-sale (POS) systems that allow businesses to manage their payments and inventory in one place. Their POS systems are designed to be user-friendly and offer features such as inventory tracking, employee management, and customizable reporting.

Mobile Payments

Worldpay offers mobile payment solutions that allow businesses to accept payments on-the-go. Their mobile payment solutions include a mobile app that allows businesses to process payments from their smartphone or tablet, as well as support for mobile payment methods such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Gift and Loyalty Programs

Worldpay offers gift and loyalty programs that allow businesses to incentivize customer loyalty and drive sales. Their programs are customizable and offer features such as gift card management, customer data tracking, and promotional tools.

Acquired by Fidelity National Information Services

In 2017, Vantiv acquired Worldpay for $10 billion. The combined entity has since assumed Worldpay’s name and begun to consolidate its sub-brands into Worldpay. Less than two years later in March of 2019, Fidelity National Information Services, Inc. announced its agreement to purchase Worldpay for $35 billion. The Fidelity acquisition became finalized on July 31, 2019. 2023 saw an announcement that FIS would spin off Worldpay. Additionally, Worldpay put this note on their website: “As of 06th March 2023, Worldpay Online Payments Gateway (WPOP) has been decommissioned. After this date you will not be able to transact any MOTO, eCom and recurring payments.”

Location & Ownership

Charles Drucker is listed as the president and CEO of the company and its corporate headquarters are located at 8500 Governors Hill Drive, Symmes Township, OH.

Video Summary

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Table of Contents

  • Costs & Contract: Offers a multi-year contract with an early termination fee of up to…
  • Complaints & Service: Has received more than 400 public complaints regarding…
  • BBB Rating: Currently has an “A+” with the Better Business Bureau and is not BBB accredited, though they have acquired 181 complaints and 31 reviews in…
  • Sales & Marketing: Hires independent sales agents and has received a high number of complaints about…
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WorldPay Reviews and Complaints

Here's What Their Clients Say

Complaint Summary

Total Online Complaints
Live Customer Support
Most Common Complaint
Hidden Fees
Recent Lawsuits

High Complaint Total

There are hundreds of negative Worldpay reviews online, and many of these complaints accuse the company of being a ripoff or a scam. The most common types of complaints report unexpected fees and surprise over the $495 cancellation fee or auto-renewing contract (example here). There are also complaints regarding deceptive sales practices by agents, poor customer support, and fund-holds. Businesses who have had their funds held by Worldpay may be better served by a high-risk specialist. If you have your own Worldpay review to make, please do so in the comments below.

Active in Responding to Complaints

Company representatives have been active in responding to publicly filed complaints (including those in the comment section below this review), but it’s unknown whether the complainants ultimately receive satisfactory resolutions to their problems. It should be noted that many complaints may get attributed to Worldpay’s resellers instead of Worldpay itself and vice-versa. In general, the company has a moderate number of complaints that follow very consistent themes, which warrants a “C” rating.

WorldPay Lawsuits

WorldPay settled a suit regarding the alleged overcharging of nearly 200,000 merchants in 2017 for $52 million.

On May 1, 2019, investor’s rights law firm Halper Sadeh, LLC. announced that it had filed a class-action lawsuit against Worldpay. The suit alleges that Worldpay had offered its shareholders a misleading registration statement recommending that they vote in favor of the company’s sale to Fidelity National Information Services, Inc. The statement is purported to have misled shareholders about each company’s financial projections and the potential conflicts of interest relating to the firm entrusted with the financial analysis of the company. This complicates the agreed-upon $35 billion acquisition of the company by Fidelity which was announced in March of 2019.

The suit on behalf of the company’s shareholders comes less than a year after two other class-action suits against Worldpay. In the matters of Alghadeer Bakery and Market, Inc. v. Worldpay US, Inc. and Acebedo & Johnson, LLC et al v. Worldpay US, Inc., business owners allege that the company executed a “multi-part scheme” to knowingly misrepresent and omit fees. A settlement was reached, directing Worldpay to pay $15 million into a settlement fund to pay cash benefits to affected merchants.

We have uncovered evidence of three more lawsuits against Worldpay from 2020, two of which seem to involved clients’ money being allegedly held by Worldpay (see here and here) and one of which involves a former employee suing the company over race-related issues.

Worldpay Customer Support Options

Worldpay offers phone and email customer support to all of its clients and may also provide support for its subsidiaries’ client accounts.

Worldpay Customer Service Numbers

  • (877) 776-3706­ – Toll-Free General Customer Service
  • +44 20 8081 3840­ – Europe, Middle East, and Africa
  • +63 2 8802 6299 – Asia-Pacific

Other Support Options

These channels are evidently significantly lacking when compared to top merchant account providers for great customer service.

WorldPay BBB Rating and Report

Our Better Business Bureau Profile Assessment

BBB Summary

Total Complaints
Resolved Complaints
Unresolved Complaints
Response Rate

Over 180 Complaints

As of this review, the Better Business Bureau has given Worldpay an “A+” rating. As of a previous update to this review, the BBB showed that Worldpay (as FIS) received accreditation in 2010. Despite being recently reset, the company’s profile is currently showing 181 complaints in the last 36 months. Only 56 of these 181 complaints were resolved by the company to the satisfaction of the merchant. The remaining 125 were resolved to the dissatisfaction of the merchant or received no final response.

What Merchants Say

The company also received 31 informal customer reviews on its BBB profile, all of which were negative in tone. A recent review cites poor customer service:

**WARNING** DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!Worst customer service I have ever had from any **********************. I feel bullied, lied to, and that’s just the start. Won’t cancel my account, won’t release my money, and won’t work with the customer to resolve issues.

This customer’s complaint shows the difficult issues merchants can face against providers. Learning how to cancel a merchant account without paying a fee can aid in avoiding situations like these.

A “C” Performance Overall

Considering the company’s complaint volume and resolution rate, we agree with the BBB’s rating of a “C” for the purposes of this review.

in the news apple versus banks

WorldPay Fees and Rates

A Closer Look at the Contract

Don't Fall Into An Expensive Trap. See Who The Worst Processors Are.

Cost Summary

Cancellation Penalties
Monthly & Annual Fees
Processing Rates
Equipment Leasing

A Wide Range of Contract Terms

Worldpay advertises rates of 2.90% plus $0.30 for swiped transactions and 3.30% plus $0.30 for those that are keyed in. The company’s qualified rate is slightly lower at 2.70% plus $0.30. Based on a few reports, it appears that businesses are more likely to experience higher rates and longer service agreements by signing up directly with Worldpay instead of through a reseller. This is probably because the company gives resellers pricing and contract flexibility, which allows them to offer better deals to merchants if they choose to do so.

Three-Year Standard Contract

Merchants considering a Worldpay merchant account should read the company’s contract carefully, as the standard service agreement is for three years with automatic one-year renewals if written notice is not given within 90 days of the service expiration. The contract includes an early termination fee of up to $295. Additionally, the company appears to charge a PCI Compliance fee of $15-$25 per month, which is above average for the industry. Clients are also reporting an annual fee of $69 for what looks like an IRS 1099 reporting fee. Worldpay leases point-of-sale equipment through its ISO’s at terms ranging from 12 months to 48 with a monthly charge for the equipment based on each merchant’s credit score. Businesses leasing equipment from Worldpay have the option to purchase the equipment at the end of their lease term. We encourage business owners to check out our list of the providers of the best merchant services.

Virtual Terminal and Payment Gateway Pricing

In addition to its storefront payment processing services, Worldpay also dedicates a portion of its website to advertising its virtual terminal and payment gateway services for B2B and B2C sales. However, pricing is not disclosed on either of those services. Additional rates and fees, including gateway fees, technical support fees, batch fees, and additional transaction rates typically apply to these e-commerce services.

Comparatively High Prices

The potentially high cancellation fee, auto-renewing contract, and high compliance fees greatly lower the company’s rating in this section and prevent it from being an affordable merchant account provider.

WorldPay ecommerce solutions

Some of the Worldpay e-commerce and in-person payment solutions

WorldPay Jobs and Employment

Hiring Standards and Ethical Marketing Assessment

Audit Your Current Statement To Find Its Hidden Fees

Processing statements are intentionally complicated so that they can overcharge you. Get clarity before you switch.

Key Points

Uses Independent Resellers
Misleading Marketing
Discloses All Important Terms

A Global Sales Force

Worldpay markets its services both directly with its own inside sales staff and indirectly using independent sales agents, resellers, and sub-ISOs. This is a common strategy for the industry and usually leads to a moderate amount of complaints. In this case, we are able to locate hundreds of negative Worldpay reviews that describe nondisclosure or misrepresentation of fees by sales agents. These complaints cite all varieties of unexpected charges, including undisclosed termination penalties, higher-than-quoted rates, and unexpected monthly costs. If you suspect that you are being charged undisclosed fees, we recommend seeking a fee reduction analysis from an independent third party.

No Tricky Advertising

We found no uses of misleading advertising or rate quoting in the company’s official materials. This compares favorably to our list of best credit card processors. Given Worldpay’s complaint volume and the regularity with which these complaints have been posted, however, we have assigned the company a “C” rating in this section.

WorldPay Review Summary

Our Final Thoughts and Opinions

Worldpay is a very large credit card processing provider that processes payments around the world. It rates poorly according to our rating criteria due to junk fees, non-transparent rates, and numerous complaints regarding predatory and unethical policies. Business owners may want to read our article, “How to Select the Best Merchant Account” prior to signing up with any merchant account provider.

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WorldPay Competitors

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What Others Are Saying About WorldPay

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437 Responses

  • Alfonso Larriva

    Oro Express, LLC

    They add new fees and then lie about the composition of those fees.
    They lie when you renew, lie after you renew, and lie while you are on contract with them.

  • Kev-O

    Stay far away from this company. Their customer service is horrible. I’ve been without a terminal due to *tamper* issue caused by power outage for over 2 weeks now. Pretty hard to do business without a POS terminal. You just get transferred around their service department and never get a real answer. Hold times at all times of the day are usually a hour, and that’s if you don’t just get disconnected. Once you finally get to the deployment department, it goes straight to voicemail and they don’t call you back; ever! Crappy company, with under-trained workers.

  • Mark Coakley

    The FastFit Centre

    We hear a lot about WorldPay but we use them through our website as part of a service they made with the designers Booking Online Ltd, and we haven’t really experienced any issues. Once it was set up, it worked, and it’s been reliable since.

  • Sarah Ford

    Worldpay experienced a shut down in Nov of 2020. We were unable to process credit cards, batch out, etc. Worldpay was unavailable by phone or internet (email, chat option). I requested online through a customer service portal to close the account. Seven months later, I am still dealing with their unauthorized charges on my bank account. I have called multiple times and have been left on hold for hours. Finally on May 3, 2021, the account is closed. June 8, a new charge appeared on my account for $5.95. I called to see what this is for – they say it is for an account I opened in 2008. I haven’t had this account for years, and now I see that they have charged my account randomly since July of 2020. Their customer service is horrible, and they should be held accountable. I am also making a complaint to the BBB.

  • Laurie Heistand

    They have been stealing money from me since 2019. I have followed all instructions to close my accounts and still am being charged. I have spent at least 20 hours per month since January on the phone with their reps. No change. Every month the charges are different amounts. Any attorney out there looking for a class action lawsuit? I see from the comments that I am not the only one this company has been fleecing illegally.

  • Nikki herrin

    Beware! They will steal your money.

  • Julayne harris

    Worst service. Do not use this company. They are not providing the service they offer. The software to run reports is awful. No return calls for help. One month later I was called by a rep that lied stating I was offered an alternative processing portal not IQ. No tickets made for repeated requests for help and the tickets they did have were a month old and had been ” resolved” by closing the account before the date the rep says i was offered help? Awful and they want us to pay early termination fee.
    All sales I completed had held funds and did not post due to address and zip code not correct? Had I entered that info no. I was told I just didn’t understand how it works. I had only gotten an ” approval” when I ran payment for services. Awful

  • Lana Bass

    This is 100% SCAM Co., They charge with out any contracts , nobody knows in there customer service. Spending second working day to be on a phone with them, nothing, so dissapointed , wiil open a claim agains them and 3/5 bank who is halping them to clear my account.

  • Gary Jenkinson

    avoid at all costs nothing but lies worst customer service ever no accountability no callbacks no nothing just dissapointment

  • Patti Anderson

    Horrible! Their contract automatically renews and even after 8 years, they charge you $495 “early termination fee” to leave. Yes, I should have but the date out on my calendar and renegotiated it when it automatically renews but for most business owners, we don’t even think about it.

  • Laura Heistand

    We have not used WorldPay for credit card processing for years. According to the people I talk to on the phone, our accounts are closed. They are still deducting money from our accounts. Filing a complaint with BBB next.


    This company is a grave yard for small businesses. The are a big fraud. The make you submit your your banking details which they take out as they wish irrespective of your business situation. We closed due to the Covid since March last year and I called them to suspend my accounts, for some reason the guy I spoke to never did so, they kept taking out money from our account up until January of this year. Just spoke to a lady today and she claims that there was no call to them so they took the money legally.
    This is another Big company’s way of feeding off little companies. Government should stop these wicked selfish way of running businesses. Why should there be contracts, Why should people have to keep their credit card details or bank details with any business. Why can’t they just send your bills and you pay.

  • Pat Wiley

    horrible service, duplicate accounts created false charges , no resolution, run away do not use this company !!!!


    The worst experience I got from worldpay. Local rep is not willing to help at all. He want me to call customer service for any issues. They deduct money from your account because of ACH.
    If you call them, they said everything is right and not willing to listen you. They are rude to response and many times they hangup the phone. Rep told me that it was good company before but since it merge and become big, it is a nightmare. Being a big is not my problem.

  • Al

    If you want to be considered a thief when receiving larger wire transfers, or if a dispute they’ll just take money from your account (don’t expect a real “dispute”)!
    I bet there is a lawsuit coming for those thieves and I’ll be part of it !
    Who wants more details I’m ready

    • Pat Wiley

      i’ll be right on board with you

  • Kristie Lowetz

    DO NOT USE WORLDPAY!! Customer service is incredibly poor, actually it’s been the worst customer service experience of my life!! Each time I call I get transferred at least 3 times, each time having to restate who I am and why I’m calling. Calls have been dropped 45 minutes into the ordeal and they don’t bother to call you back so you get to start all over again. I finally got through to someone I thought might actually be able to help me cancel our account, but he actually ended up threatening me with a $495 cancellation fee which I thought was ridiculous after doing business with them for YEARS. When we finally did get the right person that could cancel our account, we later got hit with the draft on our bank account for $495. Sadly I’d rather be out the $495 than have to call them again, they are that horrible.

    • Ayhan

      I believe every little thing you said

  • Kate Jackson

    World pay have to be the most complicated, least professional service.
    I cancelled my card machine due to complicated invoices and hidden payments.
    I cancelled in september and they are still trying to take direct debit and hounding me for payments.
    Avoid avoid avoid.

  • C Scott McCorkle

    After reviewing my account, I realized they had been charging me more than 5% per transaction. I cancelled my account in October. November 4 I received 2 more charges on my account totaling almost $400. I contacted my out of state representative who told me it was the last fees I owed and they bill a month behind. November 7, I received another $37.45 charge and contacted him again and he emailed me saying “This is the final payment, you will not be charged anything else.” Yesterday, I get hit with another $199 and $37.45 and the rep will not answer my call or emails. I visited the bank who they are affiliated with and showed the manger the emails. He made a call to a special line for banks only. He was told he didn’t have a clearance code and they could not help him. The bank manager was no help. I’m still getting ripped, 6 weeks after canceling these folks. It’s unreal. It’s theft. Brian Blake, the representative is a Snake.

  • Kier Delaney

    One of the worst companies I’ve ever had the displeasure of “not” working with. They’ve charged us for months for a service we’ve never used. How they were ever able to do that, I’m not sure. I tried repeatedly to have the fraudulent account they’ve been charging us for cancelled to no avail. “FINALLY”, after four tries again today, I was able to get a nice customer service rep named Layla to send me a form to get the account closed. Whether or not they actually close the account remains to be seen. It’s very likely I’ll have to file a small claim against them to recoup my money, for a service that we never signed up for and never used that they did everything they could to not let me cancel…until there was Layla. Layla was great on the fourth try. If you get a rep named Lee on the phone, just hang up and try again. She failed me three times today and hung up on me the fourth time after leaving me on hold for a good while. This, after giving me a bad number, twice, to a a “group” that was supposedly going to try to help me close the account that was a fraudulent account in the first place. Do not use this company for anything. You’ll regret it!


    I have never in my life dealt with a company as ridiculous as this one, i truly recommend you run as fast as you can from these thieves

  • Al

    Beware of there fees
    Also sold my store closed my account with them. And they are still trying too Take $64.95 out of my account every month
    Trying calling them on hold for 2 hours

    • joe

      RUN, do not walk.
      RUN AWAY!
      Eight year customer – two years go everything TANKED. Technical/Support depts are CLUELESS, zero accountability, zero followup with issues. All support tickets are “marked closed as resolved’ no matter what. Unable to escalate issues or receive basic responses.

      We’re soooo excited about moving to a different platform this year! GOODBYE!

  • Jeff Kressin

    Effective processing rate increased by 45%!! With no explanation and no willingness to refund the difference to bring back in line with normal rates.
    After checking my July statement for Ocmulgee Brewpub and finding it at nearly 4% fees, I contacted customer support, on or around 27 August 2019 and spoke with Jasmine Johnson who is identified as a Sr. Merchant Liaison (970) 335-4949 Phone and [email protected] For more than 2 years we have processed at approximately 2.7% After reviewing processing for both of my businesses (Ocmulgee Brewpub and Just Tap’d) she stated that Ocmulgee Brewpub should be processing at a slightly lower rate than Just Tap’d (Which is around 2.5%)and that she would make the changes to implement this right away. She could not tell me why the sudden 45% increase to my rate. I also asked for a refund of fees of the difference between the normal rate and the increased rate. When I checked my statements for both businesses for August, I found my Just Tap’d business was now also at a 4% effective rate. I called and sent emails to Jasmine and her only response was that the new rate (lower rate)would take affect in October. I have not been able to obtain a reason for this as in the past any rate adjustments are immediate, why was this going to take months to change and why did she now also change my other business (Just Tap’d) to the higher rate? I can’t get anyone to now respond to me with answers. To date, my rates for both businesses have increase by 45%, I have not been able to get anyone to refund the difference for the overcharging and still am processing at a ridiculous rate on nearly 2.2 million dollars in sales combined and an average ticket of approximately $25. I am now going to have to look at changing my POS vender (PointOS) because they only use them and one other processing company that is also shady in their practices. Had I known PointOS works with BBB processors with a D- rating I would not have chosen them in the first place. To date I have not been able to get anyone from WorldPay to resolve this problem.

    Consumer’s Desired Resolution:
    I want my rates for both businesses processing at an effective rate of 2.5% and I want a refund for the overcharging that took place for the past couple months while I have tried to seek a resolution with WorldPay.

  • Sandy Baker

    My husband cancelled his account with WorldPay for credit card processing for his small auto repair business on February 13, 2019, and switched to a different company. He verified that the equipment he’d purchased from Worldpay was paid in full and was told that his account was closed, and he didn’t need to return the equipment or do anything further. Worldpay continued to charge for March ($155.84), April ($155.84), and May ($140.85) despite my husband cancelling his account in February and no credit cards being processed through WorldPay for March, April, and May. My husband passed away in May, and that’s when I discovered that WorldPay had made the unauthorized withdrawals from his account. In my first communication with Worldpay, I was told the account from which the money was being withdrawn from was not on file with their company. When I asked how they were pulling the money from that account, I was told that they could not speak with me about the matter. The second time I spoke to Worldpay, I was told that they did not have a record of any communication from my husband to cancel his account. I also received the following email verbatim from WorldPay, “Hello. After Futher review of account, I do not see ant calls about closing your merchant processing account or a CLose form sent in. If you would like your account closed you will need to fill oit a close form and send it back it. To this case. With not info on wanting to close account i can not refund your fee’s, I have attached a close form to this email and put the case in the correct department, When you Reply back it will come to this case and we will Process the close as long as everything is correct Any questions, Please call Merchant support at 877-744-5300 and they will be able to assist you. They are open 24/7.”

    My husband called February 13, 2019, and was told his equipment was paid in full and that his account was closed at that time. Worldpay continued to deduct a total of $452.53 in unauthorized withdrawals, even though there have been no credit card sales processed through Worldpay since February 13, 2019.
    I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, and WorldPay responded with the following message verbatim,
    “Good Morning,
    After additional research on the account, we have been unable to find a closure form filled out by Mr. Baker. It states in the contracts that are signed before processing with Worldpay that all account closures must be done in writing. We were unable to find a closure form or request to close the account back in February 2019. It has been confirmed that there has been zero processing on the account since February 2019. The closure form has been sent into worldpay as of 6/13/19 and the account has been officially closed as of 6/25/19.
    As a courtesy to Mr. and Mrs. Baker, we are prepared to offer them the last 3 months of processing that was charged to the account. The last 3 months of charges on the account are April ($155.84), May ($155.84), and June ($140.85) for a total of $452.53. Please respond to let us know if you accept this offer as soon as possible. We apologize for any inconveniences you may have encountered and look forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you,
    Ereico Essex
    US Operations Service Excellence Team
    Service Manager

    WorldPay did refund the $452.53 on July 3 to my husband’s business account, then withdrew anther $49.95 on July 9 and another $.20 on August 8. When I called WorldPay, I was told this was my last charge for June. The guy kept saying it was a valid charge, even though I reminded him that they’d refunded me the original charge for June via my BBB complaint. He said valid charge 5 different times like I was just going to accept it if he said it enough. I filed another complaint with the BBB, to which WorldPay never responded. Do not use this company. Read the complaints on WorldPay; they are almost all the same.

  • Michael Mazzucca

    I have had many merchant accounts through out the years, some good and some not so good. I originally started with swipesimple and payment depot. All was right with the world, fees were ok, payments processed quickly and as they were promised. Then one day my banker from Fifth Third suggested I meet their merchant services provider. I did, I was told that I would be able to process and batch out to receive payments within 5 hours. It was a good selling point, so I switched. A huge mistake. The transition should have been seemless from swipesimple to swipe simple ….nope not with worldpay. They processed 2 payments and then started holding my money telling me it was a “risk assessment” and that they had to verify where the monies were coming from. They challenged 2 payments from the same card that was processed. Then decided to hold money from an unrelated transaction. With no one to assist, and no 24/7 service I was left with no funds, an angry client, no help a bank holiday and a weekend to add insult. It took over a week to finally get my money and the sad part is, over a $1600 charge. I wish I could say it was the only time this happened, but it isn’t. It happened a few weeks before this incident and again over the weekend no help, no sense of urgency, nothing….that incident cost me $1700. They felt justified because they sent one email asking me to call them. The email sender then proceeds to ask me to call him, only to find out that his voicemail goes to an entirely different individual. After several emails, phone calls and customer service calls….I find out this guy isn’t even in the office for several days, he’s “working from home”. Ok well doesn’t that mean your still working? Nope not this guy….and apparently as big as worldpay is, only he can solve my issue. He is the one sole person in the entire company that can solve it….and he’s off. This is by far the worst merchant service company I have ever dealt with, it is also the worst company I have ever dealt with. I wouldn’t process a thing with this company and I advise to stay away and use payment depot…they have an A rating and have fantastic service, always someone to speak with and get answers….worldpay is a complete joke….everything they tell you is a play on words and double talk….but then again this is simply my experience with them..

    • Andrei coste

      An abuse over me and income
      I have my payments held since 14 of November 2018; the reason was why the same customer made a split transaction with a difference of some hours. I told them that the client was visiting from Sri Lanka, he was seeing a girl I was living with, he purchased 2 massages and 10 fitness training sessions for both of them, he made one payment according to the limit of the bank from Sri Lanka and the second payment was right after the midnight of SriLanka`s time. Does anyone believe that they understand that from WorldPay? No, not at all. Asked me to send them degree proof, business premises, why the transaction was split in two, evidence that the services exchange had a place, but what do they want me to take pictures of my clients on my massage table? No matter what I try to explain, what pictures I send these not smart persons to seem not to understand, I feel I’m getting crazy, I tell like id explain to a mentally disabled person, and they have not enough intelligence to comprehend simple things. I don’t want to work with them anymore, but can anyone advise me what I can do? If I could give them stars would be -1, an evil and abusive company, low IQ employees, a disgrace and disgust for business owners.
      I`ve been contacted by WorldPay asking my details to have a look at my case when I replied as Reference I wrote my name and my merchant number; I believe that should be enough.
      They replied that I did not give them the information needed for further investigations. Really? Haven’t I? I managed to get copies of the incriminated transactions, not with any help of that agent, he never mentioned I could get them from the terminal. These are not enough proof either, well I only can wish him Rest In Peace because it’s clear that his only purpose on earth is to keep shade to the ground, and nothing else.
      But YOU Worldpay since you are so advanced in technology to prevent fraud and money laundering, you don’t have the technology and the smart people needed to figure it out yourselves: this is, this is not a legal and genuine transaction? How can you advertise and ask people to trust you, when in 9 months you could not figure it out. If the only way you can tell there is a fraud or not is by waiting 18 months to see if the one who made the payment is asking for a refund or not means your total unprepared for this world, not a trustful company, not updated with the new technology, they are not a trusty company by far.

  • Molly

    Worst Company to work with. Refused to accept our PCI compliance. Charged us $50 a month in non-compliance fees on top of our monthly fee. Plus other hidden fees: transaction fee, enablement fee, transmission fee, nabu fee, fanf fee… the list goes on and on and on and these are all on top of our 2.15% processing fee. You cannot speak to anyone there. You get transferred and transferred and transferred and then told the team will look at your account and call you back. We had an issue with all credit cards being rejected on our site. It took 8 days for them to call me back and tell me it’s not them… which it was. We changed companies and all cards have been processed since. I only wish I had changed 6 months ago. Please do not use World Pay!!

    This post will help: Eliminate Hidden Fees From Your Monthly Bill


  • Elizabeth

    The absolute worst! Took hundreds of dollars for no reason. Given the complete run-around when trying to get answers. Passed from department to department. Extremely unprofessional

    This post will help: How to Make Your Payment Processor Release Your Money


  • Parker's Hot Dogs (Denise Wilson)

    Since moving to the new platform on 6/17/19 WorldPay has been taking 24% of our daily settlements. This 24% was a split where 76% went our checking account and 24% went to another financial institution. This had been happening for close to 10 years. When put on the new platform Worldpay continues to take the 24%, but does not send it the financial institution nor do we see the money. There have been many call to customer service. Many cases have been opened. Each time we are told that it will be escalated and we will hear something. That has not happened yet. To date Worldpay owes us close to $15,000. In addition, I am also being charged for 2 terminal by not only the New Worldpay, but the Old WorldPay as well. I only have and have ever had 1 terminal. Watch out. I won’t go into all the calls and how long I was hold to only be disconnected. Be careful doing business with this company.

    This post will help: How to Make Your Payment Processor Release Your Money


  • Chrissy Bohnhoff

    Horrible Horrible Horrible!!!!
    Processing fees jumped 1200.00 in one month. I tried calling to see what the reason was and nobody answered my call or would return my call from my messages. Its like the entire company ghosted me.
    I would never trust them!! Complete scam artists. I was paying 1700 a month too much in cc expenses.

    This post will help: Find and Eliminate Hidden Fees From Your Monthly Bill


  • Tina O'Sullivan

    Rates go up as you are in contract. Watch the non-qualified transactions in your contract. On top of the V/MC fees, they want to charge “up to 2.95%”. What is unqualified? Really, anything. When asked, it can be as simple as a company card. They are crooks.

    This post will help: Find and Eliminate Hidden Fees In Your Monthly Bill


  • Abbi Lewis-Smith

    After selling my business nearly 2 years ago and terminating my 3 Worldpay accounts, received correspondence from my old business today to say Worldpay are demanding over £400 for the terminals we closed in Nov 2017 – invoices are dated in 2018 & 2019!

    I’ve got letters from Worldpay confirming closing the accounts back in Oct 2017 and the accounts would be closed (card machines) on 10th Nov 2017. How come nearly 2 years later, suddenly there’s threatening arrears letters for non-existent terminals from Dec 2017?! To make matters worse I tried to call today but couldn’t get through the security process because I don’t have the business bank account details to hand. Of course I don’t. It was closed nearly 2 years ago! For clarity whoever from Worldpay sees these reviews as well as anyone else thinking of using Worldpay in the future, I’ve sent my merchant ids with this review. Ironically the new business owner tried to go with Worldpay when she took over but too many issues with them meant she went with another company, no problem. Way to lose over three quarters of a million pounds worth of transactions each year Worldpay. I’ve emailed Worldpay today with the letters from themselves, closing the accounts back in 2017. Let’s hope this gets resolved but what a stupid mistake to make and I see I’m not the only one!

    This post will help: Cancelling a Merchant Account Without Paying a Fee


  • Katherine Yates

    Worldpay has been applying charges to every statement I have received since October 2018 which are complete theft of my money. Such as a monthly statement fee of $4.99 every month although I opted out of receiving statements and do not receive statements. Another fee we are charged every month is Chargeback Service Fee T1. This fee is reportedly a monthly charge in case anyone requests a chargeback that month. That has never happened with us and we have opted out of this service in favor of paying a per-chargeback fee should one occur. Although we opted out of that program, we are still charged $7.50 every month. On the last page of my statement dated May 6, 2019, in a section marked “This Month’s News”, I read:
    You have been enrolled in a free trial of Worldpay Bizshield, a third party data intelligence tool designed to protect your online reputation and grow your business. Worldpay Bizshield’s 24/7 monitoring software helps protect your business from critical activity like negative online reviews and incorrect business listings, and delivers real-time alerts directly into your email inbox. Your free trial is effective 5/1/2019 to 6/30/2019. If you don’t opt out before 6/30/2019, you will be charged $19.99 for July, and you will be charged for each subsequent month until you opt out. You may opt out of this product and service at any time by calling 800.846.4472.I contacted them 6/12/19 and opted out of this service. On my bill dated 7/6/2019, I was charged $19.99 for Bizshield. I called Worldpay and they did admit that I had opted out. They opened a case to have the charge returned. This is probably the 15th call I have made to them to correct various charges. They have 6-12 cases open for my account but not one of them has corrected any of the issues or been closed. That being said, I have two accounts with them and another whole set of problems with them and cases opened on the other account too. Complete theft. I will get out of this asap.

    This post will help: Find and Remove Hidden Fees From Your Monthly Bill


  • nancy l de los rios

    I was customer of Vantiv, we closed our accounts years ago. My checking accounts are being hit 50.00 per month. I’ve tried to reach out to my old rep, who sent me to “customer service”. I have never ever ever been told it will be 175 minutes in the queue, and their serious. I left my number the first time, but i couldn’t take the call. Now I’m on hold, it’s going on 45 minutes, it’s after 5 pm, so hopefully there is someone there. The phone tree is so not helpful. This company was hard to work with years ago, the new merger didn’t help. Nancy

    This post will help: Cancelling a Merchant Account Without Paying a Fee


  • Galen Niehues

    WorldPay decided to update their ebt, ewic, and gift card processing software on July 10th, 2019, right in the middle of people getting their ebt. The update caused a small percentage of stores, including mine, to be rendered unable to process ebt. It is still down as I write this on July 14th. This has cost my store thousands of dollars in business and untold future business. Every other store in my immediate area was still able to process ebt, so many of my loyal customers believe I was lying or discriminating.

    This post will help: Best EBT Merchant Accounts


  • Angie

    World pay had fraudulent activity that affected my account. They have been no help, are very rude, all they do is transfer my call, and now saying I owe the processing fees and chargebacks for the fraudulent activity and until I pay they are holding all of my processed funds since 6/7! I am looking into an attorney!

    This post will help: How to Make Your Payment Processor Release Your Money


  • Leo

    WorldPay, Vantiv, Virtual Terminal Plus, etc. they have changed companies names 5 times now. I have been asking for months now to let me transfer to them about 1000 customers from my other credit card service and vice versa since I need to utilize two systems for my customers but they do not let me or they don’t understand how to do a vault PCI compliant transfer. Obviously they know how to do it as we did it initially and the company that does the transfers is willing are ready to do the transfers but he needs the green light from (WorldPay, / Vantiv, / Virtual Terminal Plus). I have put in about 20 hrs on the phone talking to different departments and no one can facilitate this or they say it can’t be done. That is obviously ridiculous that is what they do for new accounts all the time I don’t know what to do. Here I am trying to give them more business and they can’t facilitate a simple request. I am forced to end service with them.

    This post will help: PCI Compliance Questions Every Merchant Should Ask


  • Richard Lynch

    Worst Merchant Service I’ve ever seen. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE COMPANY. They had a business down unable to process cards for a week and it didn’t seem to bother anyone at all, constant run around sat on hold twice for 2 hours and finally gave up. DON’T USE THIS MERCHANT

    This post will help: Top-Rated Merchant Account Providers


    • Nai

      This company is best at giving customer runs around

  • Catherine Williams

    BE AWARE of World Pay they completely rip you off. We changed our bank account details with them and they have charged us £2400.00 for this as an admin charge !!! Absolutely disgusting. They will be having their machines back all six of them and we will go to Barclaycard. Don’t join this rip off company

    This post will help: Cancelling a Merchant Account Without Paying a Fee


  • andrei coste

    Why would anyone trust or collaborate with Worldpay? I have my funds blocked since November 2018, indeed I admit, might have lost those damn original receipts, it can happen to anyone, there are days I cannot find my socks. I don’t have a secretary, and I work ambulatory, all the chances that I can lose some small paper.
    For us, the merchants that have a short memory or broken pockets, there is Worldpay, that is supposed to be so advanced and offer such security for your business that some lost papers won’t make the difference. Is not like that at all, if you lost a piece of paper you going to have the money from that transaction blocked…The only way this multinational multilateral highly developed company can only tell if a purchase is OK: if you present the receipt and 2. If the one who makes the payment does not require a money refund in 18 months. That’s it? Anyone can do that, you don’t need a computer for that, or a team, or anything … Why do they get paid for if in 9 months no one from their team was bright enough to figure it out or to buy a software that can make the job for them when all the employee are no smarter than a 6th-grade pupil, sorry kids if offended, I know your smarter than WorldPay anti-fraud elite team
    Bottom line..if you thought they are a good idea for your business, give it up because you might end as I do, looking at the money in their account, money looking at me, but not enough intelligence in the company to solve the issue.

    This post will help: Why Credit Card Processors Hold Funds


  • Andrei coste

    I have my payments held since 14 of November 2018; the reason was why the same customer made a split transaction with a difference of some hours. I told them that the client was visiting from Sri Lanka, he was seeing a girl I was living with, he purchased 2 massages and 10 fitness training sessions for both of them, he made one payment according to the limit of the bank from Sri Lanka and the second payment was right after the midnight of SriLanka`s time. Does anyone believe that they understand that from WorldPay? No, not at all. Asked me to send them degree proof, business premises, why the transaction was split in two, evidence that the services exchange had place, but what do they want me to take pictures of my clients on my massage table? No matter what I try to explain, what pictures I send these idiots to seem not to understand, I feel I’m getting crazy, I tell like id explain to a mentally disabled person, and they have not enough intelligence to comprehend simple things. Obviously, I don’t want to work with them anymore but can anyone advise me what can I do? If I could give them stars would be -1, a bad and abusive company, low IQ employees, a disgrace and disgust for business owners

    This post will help: How to Make Your Payment Processor Release Your Money


  • Susan Kelly

    I canceled my relationship with this company in August 2018. They told me they needed it in writing and sent me an email with the form to fill out. I filled out the form and faxed it back to them per their instructions. They continued to take money out of my bank acct. I called them Dec 1, 2018, and asked why they were continuing to take money out. Their representative claimed it wasn’t the right form and I said it was the one they sent me. He re-sent it to my email, and when I received it, it was the same one except for the top said WorldPay and not Vantic. He explained that WorldPay bought out Vantic and assured me that they would reimburse me. Asked him to make sure he didn’t debit my account for December but he claimed the ACH was already in the works, and he couldn’t stop it, but they would reimburse me. But, when I got my December statement, they took more money out. When I called back to find out why they debited more money out and why they hadn’t reimbursed me, they claimed it was denied and had no intention of repaying the money they took out after I notified them in August by fax of my termination.

    This post will help: Cancelling a Merchant Account Without Paying a Fee


  • Justin

    Worldpay is quite possibly one of the worst service providers I have ever used. Absolutely nothing is clear from the start with them. Settlement charges, fees and monthly statements are a nightmare to reconcile.
    Customer service is a straight up F. Not only have I been hung up on by Worldpay CS agents but each individual I speak with tells me different/conflicting information. It really seems like they just make things up on the spot to get off the phone. When you are running a business its the worst feeling in the world.
    Recently after years of being a reluctant customer I got chewed up and spit out in their “integration” and “migration” from their legacy platform to their new platform. As far as I can tell to Worldpay those words
    mean “truncation” “amputation” and otherwise a severing of your customer information from one system to the next. I have lost 100’s of saved customers all of whom have subscribed to auto billing to receive regular shipments of products from my store. These customers are relying on us to get paid and ship them their products without further interaction. in 2019 who decides that not supporting subscription products and auto-billing is good business sense?! Worldpay thats who. wow. what. a. mistake. best of luck to them i suppose.

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    It is so obvious how they become big company just RIPPING OFF people. They have suspended my account, advised not to use but they keep charging over the service I was not able to use. You cannot imagine how they are careless about their clients. From sales to customer services, all were just saying it is not their problem. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY WITH THEM.

    This post will help: Top-Rated Merchant Accounts


  • Jeff Eckart

    Worldpay probably states it has an early termination fee up front but what is early termination? Is it returning the card terminals, reducing your daily charges, calling up and telling them you want to terminate? You will end up paying an early termination fee – period. You will be contacted by someone who at first is very ingratiating and then will tell you with an oily voice that “well , you know, we have an early termination fee”. This comes right out of the book of used car salespeople 101.

    This post will help: Cancelling a Merchant Account Without Paying a Fee



    If you’re looking for a credit card processing company do yourself a favor & stay far away from Worldpay. If you do however decide to go with them be prepared to watch your statements every month like a hawk & be prepared to spend lots of time on the phone every month disputing fees. If you’re someone that enjoys paying premium rates, Hidden fees, & overall liked to get ripped off Worldpay is for you. For me the best experience I ever had with Worldpay was terminating my agreement with them.

    This post will help: Monitor Your Monthly Statement And Eliminate Surprise Fees


  • George Asmar

    Be-careful World pay big thief

    They can steal your money legally as they did stole mine

    they have a clause under the terms and conditions of service with me which they are quick to quote and email a copy over stating they have the right to “indefinitely” hold funds. A company as big as worldpay I am afraid act legally. I am not sure if the best route is solicitor and court or financial ombudsman at this point, but I need to make a formal complaint prior to involving them.

    The actual wording they put
    “Thank you for the documents that you have previously provided. We have now conducted our final review of the transactions, business and documents provided. The outcome of this review has determined that Worldpay are not in a position to release these funds.

    Worldpay are entitled to withhold sums under the terms of the contract, specifically clauses:

    5.4 In addition to our rights under clauses 5.2 and 5.3, we may defer any amount we are obliged to pay you:

    (C) without limit in amount or time, if we become aware or reasonably believe that you are in breach of or likely to be in breach of your

    obligations under this Agreement.

    Funds may be retained by Worldpay in the event that it cannot be confirmed that a genuine transaction has taken place. The contract definition of a “Transaction” is any payment by a Buyer for goods and/or services purchased by a Buyer from and provided by you, using either:

    (A) a Card, a Card number or otherwise to debit or credit the applicable Card account; or

    (B) an Alternative Payment Method,

    If you wish to make an official compliant, please see our complaints procedure (attached) Please be advised that in making a complaint, this will not change the outcome of this decision.

    If you want to dispute this decision we would advise that you may wish to seek legal advice. If you take the decision to seek legal advice, all further communication must be made through your, and Worldpays legal representatives.

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  • Ridity Hassan

    Name of my company is DBA – CYBERNATICS,(GROUP OF FUTURE FIFTY), I signed up with WORLDPAY (Formally Known As “SECURENET“) July 2015. Everything was smooth till the Dec 2017, we were processing credit cards, batch was being settled & fund were deposited in my account & even when there was a chargeback it was deducted from my account, along with monthly fees. But from January 2018 till date, none of them funds that i have processed has been deposited in to my accounts, but rather WORLDPAY has deducted funds from the account in the name of MONTHLY CHARGES & CHARGEBACKS (From Jan 2018- till date), surprisingly it is same account that was receiving funds earlier, no detail with the account was changed. I called up the company on the Feb 21st, 2019 requesting to find out what exactly happened. They started giving a run around from one department to another, keeping on hold for 30-45 mins on each call,no body could point me to the right direction or which department i need to call. I called them atleast 25-30 times to figure, which department i needed to speak to but they were themselves not sure of it, just confirmed that i has to wait, since then i’m still waiting.I have even have them conferenced with my bank, where the bank clearly states that no funds were deposited since the January 2018. I have also emailed them all the month wise banking statement since the January 2018, but till today they have been claiming that they have not heard from the concerned department yet. When i asked them to allow me to speak to the concerned department, who ever is taking care of it, but bluntly told me, they do not accept any calls or emails directly from the customer, i have to go through them. When i started tracking my total processing since January 2018 to till date, it is well over $18000. When i started pursuing with my complaint, WORLDPAY has locked me out from all their portal, they are also stopped providing any Processing Statement for the month of February 2019. Luckily for me i had downloaded the DEPOSIT SUMMARY & SETTLED TRANSACTIONS STATEMENTS since January 2018 to FEBRUARY 2019.

    CASE NO GIVEN TO ME ever time i called: 24928017 / 24936137/ 24949905

    People I spoke to in WORLDPAY:
    PH: 1800-859-5965 option 9 & EXTN: 4234
    3. ALEX (ID NO: 11422200)
    Alt. PH NO: 770-396-1616 / 770-353-4267 / 888-231-0060

    Can you please tell me, what steps can be taken against such companies?

    This post will help: How to Make Your Payment Processor Release Your Money


  • Noeyoni

    Worldpay has been debiting money from my checking account for months and I cannot stop them. Even though after much persistence I got a WP agent to shut my account in December they charged over $400 in late December, January and Februrary to my checking account. Please shut them down!

    This post will help: Cancelling a Merchant Account Without Paying a Fee

    – Phillip

    • Mike

      Noeyoni-May I suggest that you go to your bank and have them put an ACH debit block on your bank account specifically for Worldpay.

      At same time be aware that WP might charge you a fee for blocking them from your However they will no have access to your account to take the fee directly. At that point everything is negotiable

      This post will help: Cancelling Your Merchant Account Without Paying a Fee


  • Mark VenHuizen

    Avoid this company at all costs. We have been a customer for five years, only because they system we converted to in 2014 was integrated with WorldPay (then known as Mercury). Signing a contract with them is worthless as they will not honor the terms. Our contract with them specifically stated which fees were allowed to be charged, yet every few months they would start adding junk fees. The first three times I complained to them, they refunded the overcharges, but this latest time, they offered a fraction of what we were owed and when I said that was not acceptable, they refused to refund anything. Their reps have told me they audit their accounts every few months and if the accounts are not as profitable as they would like, they start adding fees and padding the interchange rates. Again, not allowed with the contract we had in place but contracts apparently mean nothing to them. Needless to say, we are in the process of finding a new provider.

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    – Phillip

  • Demanding honest businesses

    Fraud and scam! Do not use or support! Am managing a nonprofit that servers orphans and deals with food scarcity. We never entered into a contract with Worldpay but rather a 2 organization ago predecessor that merged with them. I was not informed of anything, have no credit card reader and never used their service, but they are removing multiple fees directly from my bank account and acting like I have a contract that allows them to do so. They are even trying to get me to sign one with them now. Customer Service is abominable, including with the bank who works hand in hand with Worldpay and won’t stand up against them. We need a different system that does not give companies direct access to our bank accounts! When these companies sell out they sell the access to your bank account! This could be to anyone even someone you may not even know about, and they can claim they have a contract with you! In this case they are robbing from orphans and the poor! Please help us stop them!

    From The Editor
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  • Ravi Dalal

    Do Not Use WorldPay! WorldPay are thieves, I had an account with them as had just started my business at the beginning of August and all was fine for a month, in September I made some larger sales and took payment by card through WorldPay done the banking at the end of the day as per usual, then I receive an email that the money is being held until I provide more proof that my business actually exists I provided all of that and got told that they will be holding the money for 120 days it’s now 126 days and they are still holding it. I have called them several times to be told that the person that is dealing with it is on lunch they will call me as soon as they get back so far it has been a 6 day lunch break. What I did not understand is that WorldPay have held the money for 120 days they could have done everything in that time a released the money that they owe me when it was due but no. I have now ad to make a complaint to the financial ombudsman. When you start a business for the first time the idea is to make money for your business and yourself not for it to be stolen by a at a guess multi million pound company like Worldpay.
    As I said do not use!

    From The Editor
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  • James

    We began using worldpay as our credit processor in October 2018. For nearly two and a half months we have not been paid out for ANY of our visa transactions, which comprises about 2/3 of our Direct To Consumer dividends. After many phone calls, emails with no responses, and a TOTAL lack of communication on thier part, we were finally able to resolve the issue of our VISA transactions not going through.

    However, this is not the end of this fiasco. They batched all the transactions and withdrew the money for them from our clients on December 13th, nearly two months later. I now have EXTREMLEY dissatisfied customers who are complaining about these transactions, and some of them are quite sizeable (700-1000 dollars).

    The most recent phone call was also very unproductive. The customer service department (and more or less anyone who actually HAS a phone, apparently) could not help me at all other than saying that thier accounting department was “investigating” the occurance. When I asked to speak to someone from said department, I was informed that the accounting department was not reachable by phone AT ALL. I was told that I would just have to wait for them to either call me (maybe?) or send me an email. Meanwhile, I have customers crawling up my back and I am left without a legitimate explanation as to why thier transactions didnt get withdrawn for nearly two months.

    Using worldpay is a BAD idea. It will take them forever to resolve anything, and when they do it will be in the least effective and most harmful way they can come up with. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.

    From The Editor
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  • Mike

    They obviously don’t want to help small start ups – probably just can’t be bothered. apparently closed my account as my company was a partnership!! Surely they would deal with many partnerships – but ours was too risky!! very unhelpful and no negotiation at all, just hoped i would get on with someone else better!!

    From The Editor
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  • Mohammad Alfalahi

    World pay or Vantiv worst company ever my advice to you find another company more than 2 week in my service is not activated however I have provided everything they ask for . Jill is manger and her employee Colton Evy they want you to sign up and they will never answer your calls and emails , I have hair salon and I lost a lot of clients they want pay with card . Stay away from this company they are joke 👎👎👎👎

    From The Editor
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  • Priscilla Chiquito



    Very regrettably signed up with worldpay/vantiv services a few months ago, after being wooed by their “low” merchant processing fees only to realize that these con artists are only here for your money.

    NOT A CARE IN THE WORLD for small businesses. Nothing ever gets done through customer service calls. We have spent HOURS on the phone over the last month with card processing issues and we reach management after hours of holding on the phone just to be hung up on, every single time.


    From The Editor
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  • Ted C

    This from a WP October 2018 Statement:- Rough Waters Ahead

    Due to the complexities of the payments industry and systems that support your
    processing, we must periodically review our pricing structure. Effective December 1,
    2018, you may be assessed an annual fee of up to $199 each year in December.

    We have recently undertaken a review of your processing account including current
    discount rates applied to your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express
    transactions. As part of this review we manage both actual and anticipated increases
    in the pricing structures of these networks as well as our own costs to support more
    effective and efficient processing. Consequently, after careful analysis, your
    discount rate for Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express transactions
    may increase by up to 0.60% and your transaction fee may increase by up to $0.35
    effective December 1, 2018,

    Due to the complexities of the payments industry and risks absorbed by us as your
    processor, we periodically must review our pricing structure. As such, effective
    December 1, 2018, you may begin to be assessed a Non-Qualified Surcharge Fee. The
    Non-Qualified Surcharge Fee base rate on non-qualifying transactions may be assessed
    at up to 0.95% and the Non-Qualified Surcharge Fee on downgraded transactions may be
    assessed at up to an additional 1.00% above the base rate. If your statement reflects
    transaction downgrades or if you have any questions regarding this information,
    please call the number located at the top of your statement. Please take time to
    review your reports and billing statements. Many interchange downgrades are avoidable
    and can be reduced through system and operator improvements at the point of sale.

    From The Editor
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  • Heman

    Worst company ever
    been with worldpay for 3 years and now they terminated my terminal and put me on a register where i can not get another account elsewhere, Go with other companies if you thinking to take card payments.
    Stay well away from WORLDPAY if you want your business to succeed. Read other reviews here they have made a lot of business liquidate because of contract terminations.

    From The Editor
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  • mahindaraja

    world pay its ripoff company please please !!!!!! don’t sign up this cowboys they held my genuine £1000 for 6 months now they says they will keep them forever i am file case on ofcom and legel advice i am closing all my 12 business terminals in uk

    From The Editor
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  • owner2550

    They are way overpriced! They automatically renew your contract without consent even though you have canceled it. They are trying to charge me nearly $500 for their lack of follow ups! Pick any company but this one. Don’t use them, you will regret it! Rude reps. Tenequa was the worst customer rep I have ever encountered. With zero help and a brash I don’t care attitude. Don’t do it! I was with them for four regrettable years stuck in a contract!

    From The Editor
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  • Andrew Shim

    I can honestly say Worldpay is one of the worst companies I have ever encountered!!! If you value your company DO NOT sign up to Worldpay!!!!

    Worldpay were so quick to sign up our company and provide us with their card services, 2 weeks in to trading for absolutely no reason Worldpay have asked us to provide our business model for their transaction monitoring team to review. The same business model and documentation that we supplied before signing up to Worldpay. We were informed that while they are in the review process all our funds that have been taken will be held with Worldpay and not sent to our business account, but this review should only take a few days. After contacting Worldpay twice over the following 2 weeks to find out if our documents had been reviewed we were met with a bad attitude and short response from their Transaction Monitoring advisor Hina who confirmed the documents had been received but they haven’t gotten round to checking them.

    On the 3rd attempt at contacting Worldpay and now the 3rd week of having no funds transferred to our account, we made a formal complaint to Worldpay for abrupt attitude of their advisor Hina, the lack of information we have been given as to why they are dragging their heels and why they are holding our funds. Funnily enough, the following morning (today) we received a call from Hina to say she has reviewed our case and decided our company is high risk so they are terminating our contract and the funds that they have will be held by Worldpay for 2 months before they send it to our account!!!!!! So the first 5 weeks of trading our company has done, Worldpay are going to withhold our funds, putting our company that we have worked tirelessly for and spent 10’s of thousands to create in complete jeopardy. Hina was kind enough to tell us that we can still continue to use Worldpay for the next 2 months, but any funds from transactions we make will also be held for 2 months….. Thank you Worldpay for putting another new company at risk in its most vulnerable time!!!!

    From The Editor
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  • Joe

    The WORST payment gateway I have ever used!!

    If you are not a very large corporation they do not care about your business.
    I don’t know where to start as there are so many shocking things to say about Worldpay.

    They closed our account due to fraudulent transactions, this was because after many emails and calls to their team asking for 3D secure and every fraud prevention tool they have to be added they failed to do so.
    They gave no warning and closed our account the same day, by the same day I mean they literately said to us you need to find a new gateway from today and won’t be able to process a single transaction from that moment.

    Staff were incredibly rude, I had the time and dates of the calls when staff said many things along the lines of we don’t care, there’s nothing more we can do, that’s not our problem etc. One member of their team even said what more do you want me to do mate. DISGUSTING

    They then take away the refund button on the same day so any previous customers can not receive a refund, we called up again for them to tell us the only way is to ask our customers to raise a chargeback. So they would rather chargebacks than to process refunds ???

    Overall I have been left stunned by this company, they have damaged our business massively due to loss in sales whilst looking for an alternative provider.


    Also don’t bother filing a complaint, it takes 15 days standard for a response to which they say unfortunately we can’t uphold the claim even with substantial evidence.

    From The Editor
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  • Jackie

    They double dip on refunds! They charge you the discount fee when you charge the amount, and if you refund it, they charge you the discount fee again! So you’re paying the fee twice on the same charge!

  • Blue store

    I have a store and I work with this company since 2 years, their employees don’t have no experience at all.
    So what happened lately with them, this company sold to different owners on aug/01/18 and they have new management, they just try to scam me to pay them $200 for new terminal, after the EBT card stopped being go through without no reason by them, when I called them they told me we did some updates on the application so you have to pay for new terminal to work with the latest update!!
    So I’m canceling my deal with them.
    I don’t like work with people they want to scam me legally without no reason.
    Stay away and Don’t work or deal with them.

    From The Editor
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  • jay

    I have been searching for a payment gateway provider for my ecommerce site and still confused as to which one to get, if there is anyone here who has has great experiences with cost effective alternatives please do reply. I have contacted worldpay but the sales rep who contacted me back was incredibly rude and clueless to any standard questions I asked i.e. certifications, encryption etc. When I asked about fees they stated he couldn’t tell me unless he saw my website. He also stated I didn’t have to use them when I asked “how am I meant to use the service without knowing fee brackets”. It was only after shifting through their site I found payment plans. After this phone call I was told to contact another number to ask my questions about things like PCI compliance level etc. I was told they were level 2 but found them to be level 1. When I contacted the number, a message; the “number does not exist” played. I contacted their general helpline and was told “ey whats that, there may not be anyone in those departments at the moment” to which I asked to be put through to double check as he was quite spaced out and vague. He then replied with “I LITERALLY JUST SAID THEY CLOSE AT 5”. That was not literally said. The support and runaround seemed way to silly to even bother signing up with them. The technical support is said to be 24/7 however I was told that number I was given for technical advice practically ceases to exist by someone else when I rang in again. To further prove this I has rang during working hours and the call did go through. This seems very strange. In hindsight I don’t know why I bothered to try to get answers as a potential customer.

    From The Editor
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    • Dan

      Worldpay is a scam operation based out of Ireland (see Corp tax evader). They have all types of hidden fees and penalties to rip you off. When we sued them in California they slithered out of it because their online fine print agreement says jurisdiction will be Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Avoid these scumbags at WorldPay.

      From The Editor
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  • Lipa

    i have a new contract set up, i waited for my terminal for over 3 weeks, and once i received it, i was bombarded with payments that my clients were owing, after worldpay had seen that there was too many transactions coming through in a short time they immediately terminated the contract and froze the money for 120 days. after calling and explaining to them the situation and saying that all the transactions can be verified and all was legit, all i was told sorry we can’t help you, YOU OFF THE SYSTEM!
    i have also applied to different suppliers, but was refused!! STUCK.

  • Lena

    I am a customer of a thriving greenhouse that uses WorldPay. I made a debit purchase on May 11th and noticed the next week that it had not been processed. After calling the greenhouse they explained that the company that processes these debit purchases (WorldPay) had made a mistake and were working to fix it. Apparently this happened to a lot of their clients at that time, not just this greenhouse. It is over a month later and this still has to be corrected. I’m just one person, but I don’t see how any company would ever use WorldPay for their services after these bad reviews. Beware.

  • phil pickles

    Lost £8990 sent for manual processing
    Lost £8990 which they sent for manual processing, emailed me stating its was all sorted and would be in the bank Friday the 8th or by the latest monday 11th, NO MONEY and they cant help, time to issue a CCJ against world pay, all they have done for the last week is LIE.

  • William Herlihy

    As A small business owner I would like to warn all other business owners to never do business with Worldpay. They over promise and under deliver. Before you have signed their contract they call you and send reps. everyday, after you sign they don’t know who you are. Our rep quit the company because of the frustration he experienced there. We were never able to fully utilize their equipment because it was not compatible with our POS. They promised for months that they were working on it. first it was , “it will be fixed next week” and so on. After months with no results we decided that we can’t use their equipment, however they will not release you from their contract. So they want you to keep paying them for services that they can’t provide. Customer service is atrocious. It does not matter what rates they give you, trust me it is not worth it! One of the worst companies I have ever dealt with. They probably don’t know, or care, but I have other companies as well, and they will never use Worldpay. I am spreading the word throughout the southwest Florida restaurant industry about this horrible company. Use anyone else.

  • Terry

    I have been a customer for 10+ years with transactions ranging from $600 to $12,000 and never had an issue. Until last month when I processed 2 transactions totaling $6900 . I was notified that my getting the funds transferred to my bank was on hold until I supplied the signed CC authorization form and a signed copy of the contract. I did so within a couple of hours. One transaction was from the Waldorf Astoria property in Boca Raton and the other was from a Broward County school. Both of these customers I have done events at for the past 12 years when I started the business. Now this guy at world pay wants my bank statements and he is nowhere to be found. I think that he is the senior ripoff artist. What would Jack Reacher do?

  • Jessica

    I have been on a cumulative hold with Worldpay/Vantiv for more than 5 hours over the last 2 days in regards to getting cards from our pass storage for them to tell me that they can’t help me (and I know they can).
    Completely incompetent, horrible customer service. I was transferred to a department that closed while I was on hold and yet I was not notified at all so I stayed on hold another 40 minutes.
    We will be finding another credit card processing company.

  • Thynn San

    Shady company with hidden contract term. The reseller will tell you they have no term commitment/ contract. But, you DO have a contract with Worldpay and they will ask you to sign that with no mention of contract term or early termination fee whatsoever.

  • Randy

    Very unprofessional with laughable customer service. Today, none of our customers were able to finalize their orders using credit card. Being that we are an E-commerce company, this was a huge problem so I gave them a call. After having my call dropped 4 times and being transferred around over and over, I found out that our account is closed. Very confused, I ask what is the meaning of this, and they said it was because we received too many charge backs in a short period of time (3 of them in a single day). Wanting to speak to somebody about this, the person over the line said and I quote “That ain’t my job, but I can let risk management know about the situation. They closed though for incoming claims so it’s going to take two business days, on top of the two business days as stated in our service contract agreement.” Asking what are my options while trying to keep my cool because my customers need a gateway to pay for my goods, the customer agent said “to wait and see what happens.” I couldn’t believe that Worldpay would just cancel people’s services and not notify them, and later have the audacity to say to me that due to our contract, I still have to pay the monthly fees! After demanding to speak to anyone with answers, they hung up on me (they say the call dropped, but I hear the phone being hung up.) Like magic though, after I called over and over demanding an explanation, someone from the risk department picked up the phone. I asked them if it true that they were backed up and couldn’t get back to me, and the person had no clue what I was talking about. He waived the fees and said I didn’t have to pay the rest of the contract but that I was terminated from World Pay with no chances of appeals. What I got from today is that the people working customer service for World Pay are liars, lazy, and have no regards to what their actions bring to the stores they service. STAY FAR AWAY UNLESS YOU’RE INTO BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!!!!!

  • William

    We own a small business, and have partnered with World Pay for 3 years. Recently we changed bank accounts, and contacted World Pay to switch to the new account. We had to submit the form 4 times before it was successful. Their lack of communication was astounding! World Pay caused us numerous overdraft charges at our financial institution, and then had the nerve to charge us on their end also! Buyer Beware!!!!

  • michelle wiseman

    First was Mercury, then Vantiv. Now WorldPay. Throughout the years they change their payment terms at will. They claim they send out “email communications” to justify hike in rates and additional charges. Total fees end up being 7-10% MONTHLY. This is complete robbery. I will be switching to Square. I cannot comprehend how they can possibly remain competitive.
    Terrible customer service as well, Typical wait times for a rep are 45-60 min, and still no resolution when you finally get someone. Only a promise of a call back that never happens.
    Terrible company!

  • Arthur Cronkhite

    After WorldPay sent all the documentation they created when setting up my application, via completely un-secured PDF email attachments, an exchanges of email ensued, demanding that senior management address this grievous error.

    Not only did we not receive so much as an apology for the total breach of my personal financial information (it appears this is a standard operational procedure), but they finished setting up my account without their usual process, requiring a telephone conversation.

    Then they charged me a $50 setup fee and subsequent $10 per month service fee, that required me to change my bank account in order to terminate the automated charges.

    WorldPay is without question one of the worst company’s to do business with, exposing people to potential identity theft and then charging them with service fees on accounts never fully setup.

    A company that hides in the internet shadows, never revealing even their mailing address in order to be contacted. After filing just one of many complaints with government organization, the Federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, sent me an email saying the could not help me because – even they cannot contact them.

  • Alan Thorne

    I am appalled at Worldpay. I have spent a great deal of time becoming PCI compliant. Worldpay confirmed that I was now compliant then continue to charge me for not being compliant! I run a one-man business and can’t afford their PCI non-compliance penalty charges and PCI Servicing Fees. They take the money by Direct Debit and I feel powerless to respond. I know that phoning them will result in a wasted morning. The last time I told them that I wanted to end my contract but they told me that I would have to pay a penalty for that too! I can’t wait for the contract to end!

  • Morris

    I was told that to exit my agreement it would cost me $1,577.97. Also, I signed an agreement thinking my fees were 1.99 plus .10 per transaction and now I realized I’ve paid additional fees that increased from $9.00 til 24.00 since I originally signed. I joined in 2013 now realizing a $14 increase plus on fixed fees. I’m a small business that just realized I feel scammed. This is totally unfair practice.

  • Cliff Pierre

    The worst company ever with crude customer service reps that treat you as if you work for them rather than them working for you!! Signed up for a terminal in August, tried to cancel my account today and was told that I signed a three year agreement and had to pay a early termination fee of $295 to cancel!! The merchant that signed me up never told me I was signing a locked in contract for three years, let alone that there was a early termination attached if I decided to cancel. That merchant told me he left Worldpay and decided to quit after they treated his customers poorly. He also mentioned that they train their employees to not tell merchants about the three year agreement and the fee of $295 for early termination. His exact word was “sleezy” This company is a scam they are trying to force me to pay this ridiculous fee to cancel my contract even though my businesses is no longer running! Now I’m stuck cause of a sleezy company that trains their employees to keep secrets from the people they are trying to signup and build relationships with. Never will I ever deal with worldpay again. Even the supervisor tried to honor the contract after I told her I had no clue she kept telling me I should have read the contract. It is the responsibility of the company to inform their clients about a three year agreement, not solely the responsibility of the customer who is signing up trusting the merchant. Now I got scammed and they want me to pay them after they scammed me. This is unbelievably!!! Stay away from this company!! Trust me!!

  • Kim Bate

    I was a customer for years and Worldpay kept charging me “non compliance” and “compliance” fees at the same time. When I asked what I was not in “compliance” with I was at first told I was in “compliance”. When the fees continued, I contacted Worldpay again and they could not tell what I was not in “compliance” with. It appears that their Compliance Department is part of their own company. Worldpay has not responded to my complaint with the BBB. WHAT A SCAM!!

    • Joe

      Hi Kim,
      Are you still with Worldpay?

  • Kenny's Music

    This the worst processing company on the planet. I tried for 2 years to cancel them and they just kept charging me. The monthly fee was suppose to be $24.90 a month. I never processed one transaction thru them (Thank God) and they over charged me over $600 on top of the monthly fee. Beware!!! They are a scam.

  • Moshe Levi

    Worst Gateway rippers and scammers. They allowed us to do business. We told them everything about our business at very first day. They allowed us to do business. They have deactivated our terminal just before our first payout. Our revenue was 2380.

    They DEACTIVATED WITHOUT PAYING A PENNY. Now they say they consider our business as High Risk and we don’t support high risk businesses. Wow! If our business was high risk why you guys have accepted us? IF YOU ARE REALLY SERIOUS DOING BUSINESS ONLINE. THEN DON’T USE WORLDPAY. It’s not for people like us.Their Customer service is HELL. Nobody answer any query.

    Dear! Worldpay stop making people fool.

    Moshe Levi

    • Jason

      Please what Credit Card processing company is best for people like us who sells online and over the phone only

      From The Editor
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  • W. Howard

    worldpay is a terrible company to deal with, look out for hidden fees, and early cancellation fees. This company will take money out of your bank account long after you cancel service. The rep failed to mention the early cancellation fees. Very high rates plus fees. Stay away from this company.

    • Joe Simon

      Hello Howard,

      Are you still with Worldpay?

  • M Sun

    Be careful of this fraud company. they are ripping off small business. Withholding our fund permanently unreasonably. Have to go to court to claim it. Must check the contract before you sign up with them which their sales person often push you to sign without time to read carefully.

  • Michelle

    I entered in to a three year contract with World Pay through my record keeping/billing software company, Office Ally. The representative explained to me that my charges would be $17.95 per month plus a percentage of the charges run. This was true for the first two months and then it changed–Apparently when Office Ally ended their relationship with WorldPay. I was not informed that the terms had changed and last month I was charged $70 in fees for $120 of charges run. I called to see if they would honor what was put forth and told that this was not an option. I asked to terminate my account and was told it would be $295 to do so. I am a small business, this charge feels excessive, the practices dishonest and they were unwilling to work with me to come to a resolution that worked for both parties.

  • Razvan

    Worldpay is really in a class of their own as far as bad service goes. After they got us to sign the contract, it’s like they didn’t care anymore. Usually the only reply you get to a support request email is the automated “Thank you for contacting Worldpay”. If you try to call they put you on hold for 10+ minutes and finally when someone answers they usually have no idea what you’re talking about. When they finally get it, they either tell you to wait because “they are on it” (this means you will wait another week before you get angry and call again) or or they give you the number to another department to call and it’s the whole story all over again.

    We chose them as our payment processor for our new website, because they also offer an extension that supposedly integrates easily with Magento 2. It turns out the extension is broken and there is absolutely no support for it (read that: NONE of the issues reported with the extension have been fixed, and they are serious issues, just check Github) and no one that can help you with any of those issues.

    One of the steps in setting up online payments through Worldpay is to send an email to the developer team with your Paypal settings, at an email that is specified in the documentation (starting with RSC_Admin.Wpdev at …). Two weeks (!) after sending the email and many phone calls later, someone tells me I should actually send the email with the Paypal settings to another inbox, as the one listed in the documentation “is not good”. Of course they didn’t bother to update the documentation not even now, one month later.

    Anyway, they make the settings and they make a mistake, so for two weeks I’m paying developers to debug something that is actually broken on their side and there is no easy way to tell. When I email again and ask them to check/update the settings, same delays: no reply to emails, wasting 30 minutes on the phone every 2 days with them to no avail, another 2 weeks gone, until I make the right call and give up on Worldpay and move to Braintree.

    In total I have wasted 7 weeks because Worldpay has absolutely no idea how to be in the business of processing online payments. ZERO SUPPORT ! If this was a live environment and we had a problem with them that lasted 7 weeks, the business would be bankrupt.

    Absolutely TERRIBLE !!

  • Michael Stokes

    It should be illegal for a credit card processor to make anyone sign a 3 year contract! One year max. Legislators I hope you are reading this. 295$ early termination fee. Yuk! Never use them again.

  • Selene Sweck

    We are in the process of filing an official complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, Atty General Jepsen in CT, and the Federal Reserve Board. This company was duplicitous when it’s rep contacted us via phone. We were told there was no early termination fee when we inquired due to a longer term contract. We signed & initialed via email docs that did not include this. We only received the completed contract when we requestedd it when they refused to cancel our account. We have email documentation since April 2017 and they refuse to cancel our account, and until we blocked them from bank account they continued to take money from our account. We have contacted an attorney due to the arrogant behavior of World Pays employees in Atlanta and their refusal to close our account. We haven’t used them since April 9th of 2017.

  • Valery Lanotte

    It has just come to my attention that since June of 2016 WorldPay been secretly charging me a monthly service fee of $19.99 without my consent. I want all fees refunded and an additional concession to be made in order to reimburse the time I now need to spend rectifying this. I was informed over the phone by Crystal in Georgia that they claim this is a legitimate charge because the contract says “fees can change”. Before I started this service I was notified over the phone that is was a free service that would work just like my previous service (Groupon’s Breadcrumb) A company should not be allowed to change fees without consulting with the customer in advance of the change. They covertly added a service fee that is not trackable or detectable, hoping customers don’t notice, since the platform they provide ( does not contain any information about these fees. There is no way to notice the extra fee looking at a bank statement. I was not provided with the ability to check on fees until today when I called them specifically to ask about the regular per-transaction fees for tax purposes. At this point ONLY, they emailed me access to a SECOND WEBSITE I did not know existed (Merchant Transaction Reporting) that no one would know exists until they ask about fees because it is designed to HIDE these fees. I consider this theft and plan to publicize this as a scam. I would like WorldPay to refund every customer who was not notified or did not notice the sudden fee addition. I would like the BBB to fight for what is right and strongly consider the orchestrated deception that was involved. I am a very small company and would NEVER pay $19.99 for a credit card processing service. WorldPay owes me about $344.59.

  • Rob templeton

    OH HOW I HATE WORLDPAY! It seems like every time I log in, they make me change my password and they give me a temporary password like ,,.jD.,3e.,F1dU7..,tM. Wonder of all wonders, I seem to have a difficult time getting each digit right. if I finally do get it right, and it prompts me for a new password, it keeps telling me my new password is invalid. eventually it locks me out. This has happened many many times

  • Renee

    Worst Company I have ever worked with. Each month they charged me more and more for services that I was not using. I tried to cancel my account three times. Once I was ignored, the second time they said they canceled my account only to keep it active, and then finally they charged me over 300$ to cancel services and REFUSED TO TELL ME WHY THEY WERE CHARGING ME AN EXTRA 30$ a month in fees that were not detailed or explained. They denied me access to my online log in. ABSOLUTELY AWFUL I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND THIS SERVICE TO ANYONE.

  • michael

    This is Worst Customer service from a financial service provider i have ever received in life!!!!!
    I really couldn’t believe the rudeness and unreasonable attitude from one of the transaction monitoring representatives called ‘SCOTT”
    After opening an account with world pay, i got a call within three weeks from the above named analyst questioning my business legitimacy, the processing times of the transactions and also the lack of sufficient online presence..
    i had provided all this information at the beginning!!After a painstaking very short conversation,it was clear he had no clue about the nature of my business neither was he interested in taking onboard the necessary information.. he put my account on hold and held funds pending the review and receipt of relevant documentation,

    i proceeded to send over all relevant information and much more within a few hours.. i called to speak to a different person expressing my frustrations and disappointment on how i had been dealt with by this SCOTT.. The colleague reviewed the information I sent over and assured me that it would be sufficient evidence and that SCOTT would get back to me soon..
    I received a call the next day from “SCOTT” saying he had decided to close the account regardless of the evidence.. And that he would HOLD THE FUNDS FROM THE LAST TWO TRANSACTION FOR 120 DAYS!!!!!!.???? HOW IS THAT JUSTIFIABLE

    I was totally astounded..

  • victoria evans

    Easily the worst company I have ever dealt with. We wanted to set up a Pay by Link account, but the advisor incorrectly set up a virtual terminal – not a major issue, except that when the PBL account was finally set up, the VT wasn’t closed and we have been continually billed for this depite numerous correspondence requested this be closed. After such poor customer service we decided to close the account with WP entirely. I have been trying to do this for over 2 months! 2 MONTHS! countless emails and telephone calls have resulted in advisors promising to close the account and refund charges for the wrong account only for nothing to happen. I simply cannot do any more to get this account closed! This company is the biggest waste of space that I’ve ever known. We are now referring this to the FSA and proceeding with court action.

  • Duong Vu

    World Pay is the worst merchant service that we have experience. We run a watch exporting business, and choose world pay as our credit card processing since they are able to process international credit card. After 2 weeks of application, our account is approved. Then when we start to take our customer credit card, suddenly, the risk team decide to close our account with weird reason which is that they cant validate our business. After contact their risk team with all the necessary documents to prove my business validation, Stephanie, risk team associate, is still firm on terminating business without further explanation. Then we request to speak with the manager. The manager give us different reasons other than the last time we speak with Stephanie. Their answers are not even consistent. Not to mention that the manager looks down on us when he implies that a small-home-base business cannot trade high end watches. Switching merchant service to World Pay is the WORST decision we made . Now we have to rush look for new merchant meanwhile our customers cant send us the payments. To all the victims of World Pay, please spread the world, do not let other business get into the same situation like ours. we will hate to see others keep falling to World Pay Trap.
    Ps: We would give them 0 star if we can

  • Shea

    TERRIBLE! When i signed up for this I told the representative I had one payment to process. He then told me that would be fine since I can cancel at anytime. He never mentioned that fact that I was locked into a three year contract and had to pay $200 to get out of it. When I found this out I asked to speak to a manager who just said “well you signed the contract”. They clearly don’t care that their employes are lying just to get people to sign up. Horrible company that doesn’t care about their customers at all.

  • A

    Absolutely disappointed there rip-off please check your statement guys because he’s a rip-off you will see lots of hidden charges

  • Elizabeth Hemme

    Terrible company! I am new to the business world, having started my own small counseling business and have totally been ripped off by world pay. The monthly fee they said I would be charged (42.95) is a crock. I have actually never been charged that price and I’m being charged almost $70 a month for a service I rarely use. Brian Hollopeter, [email protected], new I was a very small counseling business and just starting out. He should have done the right thing and said that Worldpay was not a good fit for me. I was under the impression at the time that I had to use Worldpay to receive payments through the Office Ally clearinghouse from insurance companies. Now I know that is not a fact. I started complaining about this service to the company back in January. For a $500 billion dollar company they sure do not care about raping a small business like mine. They could use section 10.2 Termination Without Notice and find me financially insecure, CAUSE I AM!! There is no $95 termination fee. Here are the terms:. –“Early Termination”), then you shall pay to Worldpay, as an early termination fee, an amount equal to (a) $495.00 for the first location and $295.00 for each additional location if such Early Termination occurs on or prior to the first anniversary of this Agreement, (b) $395.00 for the first location and $195.00 for each additional location if such Early Termination occurs after the first anniversary of this Agreement and before the second anniversary of this Agreement, or (c) $295.00 for the first location and $95 for each additional location if such Early Terminationoccurs on or after the second anniversary of this Agreement. If, prior to the end of the initial term, you remove or fail to process with Worldpay and the Bank transactions that are conducted at all of your locations (as required by Section 11.1 of the CPA Terms), then Worldpay may elect to keep this Agreement in place but you shall pay to Worldpay the applicable Early Termination fee for each such location. The parties agree that the damages that would be incurred by Worldpay as a result of any Early Termination are difficult to calculate, and the early termination fee described above is intended as a reasonable approximation ofsuch damages and not as a penalty.– I would gladly pay $95 to cancel this “service”, it is most certainly a penalty. They talk about a 30 day ‘cure date’ where I guess you can cancel without penalty, this is also a crock since they don’t start their scamming till two months out.

    • Dan Tudor

      Change your bank account and just stop using their service. They won’t able to collect their bogus fees or early cancellation fees.

  • Joshua Klein

    Worldpay is a decent processor…
    Beware of the “We’ll lock in your rates for 3 years” ploay.
    their normal ETF (Early Termination Fee) is $299 first year $199 seocnd year and $99 third year and $99 there after.
    HOWEVER. if you sign the “lock in your rates agreement” Your ETF will be based on the projected sales revenue for the balance of the new 3 year agreement. We’ve seen fees of $1,500 to $6,300 which makes switching impossible.

    • Elizabeth Hemme

      It is NOT $99 –“Early Termination”), then you shall pay to Worldpay, as an early termination fee, an amount equal to (a) $495.00 for the first location and $295.00 for each additional location if such Early Termination occurs on or prior to the first anniversary of this Agreement, (b) $395.00 for the first location and $195.00 for each additional location if such Early Termination occurs after the first anniversary of this Agreement and before the second anniversary of this Agreement, or (c) $295.00 for the first location and $95 FOR EACH ADDITIONAL LOCATION if such Early Termination occurs on or after the second anniversary of this Agreement. If, prior to the end of the initial term, you remove or fail to process with Worldpay and the Bank transactions that are conducted at all of your locations (as required by Section 11.1 of the CPA Terms), then Worldpay may elect to keep this Agreement in place but you shall pay to Worldpay the applicable Early Termination fee for each such location. The parties agree that the damages that would be incurred by Worldpay as a result of any Early Termination are difficult to calculate, and the early termination fee described above is intended as a reasonable approximation of such damages and not as a penalty.– I would gladly pay $95 to cancel this “service”, it is most certainly a penalty.

  • Mian

    I have been using WorldPay for around two years and using their PaybyLink, website integration and virtual terminal products. Our single average transaction is around £1500, though we are not processing that many transactions through WorldPay. So we are paying a large sum of money on monthly fees and processing fees for using a very little of their services, which we believe is not the issue.

    The issue is that WorldPay sometimes use street pickpocket techniques by overcharging us without explaining why. One of their tricks is to invoice you for weird compliance documentations. Last year we were charged under some new PCI DSS documentations. We were told that it was a one-off payment and will be renewed for free next time. This year, as promised they renewed the PCI DSS compliance, but a week later they deducted the fee from our bank account.

    Moreover, it has also become a routine for WorldPay to withhold transactions for a few weeks (maybe they have some cash flow problems now). They give different names to delaying in releasing the amount, e.g., processing time, acquiring time and recently they added “under investigation” to their cheating list.

    Currently, WorldPay has been holding our latest transaction which is worth £4995 for no valid reason. Despite the fact that it was through Paybylink option, where the client put all his details by himself, still, they put the transaction under investigation. One of WorldPay Transaction Monitoring person from RSC_TM department was so inept that he was confirming with me the same information which he already had such as our website name. Anyway, I provided all the information, sent few follow-up emails about the update but no response from him and neither from the complaint team.

    It also appears to us that WorldPay has become blacklisted in the US recently because three of our US transactions declined over the last month. Consequently, our clients just cancelled the orders because they spent ages on the payment links as well as talking to their banks. When I spoke to WorldPay about this, they said: “we cannot do anything about it”.

    We are increasingly worried about doing business through WorldPay and now exploring new options. We invested money and resources developing gateway payment system, but all seems now wasted.
    We had complained dozens of times on various issues. They usually say they would come back within 72 hours. Though in my experience, they would never bother to get back to you and if you are lucky enough they would come back to you after over 15 working days. I would highly recommend small business not to risk their businesses with WorldPay.


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