Northern Leasing Systems Review

Northern Leasing Systems Overview

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A Leasing Company of Many Names

Northern Leasing Systems, Inc., also known as MBF Leasing LLC, provides credit card processing equipment leasing services to merchant accounts in the United States. Northern Leasing also does business under the names Lease Finance Group LLC, Golden Eagle Leasing LLC and Lease Source-LSI, LLC. Most publicly available complaints about this company mention either Northern Leasing or Lease Finance Group. Launched in 1991, the company primarily leases point-of-sale terminal and other payment devices, enabling customers to accept credit and debit card payments. Northern Leasing is based in 132 W 31st St Fl 14, New York, NY, and Jay Cohen is listed as the founder and president of Northern Leasing Systems.

Northern Leasing Systems Review Table of Contents

  • Costs & Contract: Northern Leasing Systems offers a four-year lease contract that cannot be canceled.
  • Complaints & Service: Northern Leasing Systems has received more than 400 public complaints.
  • BBB Rating: Northern Leasing Systems has a “D+” rating with the Better Business Bureau and has received 286 complaints and 60 reviews in the past 3 years.
  • Sales & Marketing: Northern Leasing Systems exclusively uses third-party independent sales agents to market its products and has received a high number of complaints about its sales practices.
  • Rates & Fees: How Merchants Got The Best Rates With Northern Leasing Systems
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Northern Leasing Systems Rates, Fees, and Costs

Key Points

Swiped Rate N/A
Keyed-in Rate N/A
Early Termination Fee Liquidated Damages
PCI Compliance Fee Variable
Equipment Lease Terms 48-60 Month (locked)

48-60 Month Contract

The standard Northern Leasing Systems contract (available below) is a non-cancellable 48-month agreement, which means that upon signing the lease, merchants are obligated to pay the full cost of the four-year lease whether they use the equipment or not. The full cost of a standard Northern Leasing contract appears to be several thousand dollars, often up to ten times the cost of purchasing the leased equipment independently. To terminate the contract, merchants can either notify Northern Leasing of their intent to terminate the contract, return the equipment, and pay the remaining balance; or they can purchase the equipment and pay the remaining balance. Either way, they will be on the hook for the remaining monthly payments. It appears to be standard company policy to simply withdraw the amounts owed on delinquent accounts in monthly or lump sums, often without ever notifying the merchant.

The Lowest-Rated Contracts in the Industry

The vast majority of complaints online indicate widespread dissatisfaction with Northern Leasing’s contract terms, and we are inclined to agree with the merchants in this case. The company’s leasing policies are not competitive with the equipment rental terms offered by low-cost merchant account providers or with the flat purchase price of top EMV-compatible terminals. See the standard Northern Leasing Systems Lease Agreement.

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Response from Northern Leasing Systems

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Northern Leasing Systems Complaints & Customer Reviews

Key Points

Total Online Complaints 400+
Live Customer Support Yes
Most Common Complaint Leasing Costs

High Complaint Total

As of this update, we are able to locate hundreds of complaints about Northern Leasing on this website and other consumer protection websites. The overwhelming majority of Northern Leasing Systems reviews describe the company as a scam or ripoff organization. Most complainants report misrepresentation or nondisclosure of contract terms, unavailable or unhelpful customer service representatives, unauthorized debiting of accounts, and trouble cancelling service.

MBF Scamming LLC

It is worth noting that Northern Leasing’s alternate business name of MBF Leasing at one point inspired an entire online forum titled “MBF Scamming LLC”, which was an active community of merchants who felt they had been ripped off by MBF Leasing. This is not a positive sign for the company’s customer service, as a high number of merchants apparently felt that they were better off talking to each other than they would be talking to the company itself.

Northern Leasing Systems Lawsuits

In March 2013, the New York Attorney General reached a multi-million dollar settlement with Northern Leasing and its affiliated companies over a scheme to drain nearly $11 million from the bank accounts of small business owners. The case alleged that Northern Leasing had created a shell company called SKS Associates LLC, through which Northern Leasing misled customers and began withdrawing lease payments from merchants’ bank accounts long after their leases had expired. Although this settlement concludes the Attorney General’s lawsuit and appears to be the end of SKS Associates, Northern Leasing and its related companies are still doing business and have grown into a very large equipment leasing network.

In April 2016, the New York Attorney General filed a lawsuit against Northern Leasing Systems, Lease Finance Group, and MBF Leasing “for their fraudulent and deceptive practices that trap small business owners across the country.” The lawsuit alleges that Northern Leasing Systems and its subsidiaries knowingly deceived thousands of business owners into buying overpriced equipment and then abused the judicial system by filing suit in New York to collect on overdue lease payments. The lawsuit seeks to vacate default judgments obtained by Northern Leasing against business owners, enjoin the company and its owners from further deceptive practices, obtain restitution for merchants, dissolve Northern Leasing, and force the company to notify all three major credit reporting agencies that the default judgments have been vacated. It was allowed to proceed in December 2017 and has not yet been resolved. This marks the second action that the New York Attorney General has taken against Northern Leasing Systems. Merchants who have been harmed by Northern Leasing Systems are instructed to file complaints here or call 1-800-771-7755.

Northern Leasing Systems Customer Support Options

The company offers dedicated support numbers and email addresses on its website. While these are the basic support channels we expect of top-rated merchant accounts for customer service, it is clear that most merchants do not obtain positive resolutions through these channels.

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Response from Northern Leasing Systems

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Northern Leasing Systems BBB Rating Summary

Key Points - BBB

Product & Service Complaints 120
Billing & Collection Complaints 156
Advertising & Sales Complaints 6
Guarantee & Warranty Complaints 1
Delivery Complaints 3

Note: We have adjusted this company’s BBB rating according to our own standards. To better understand why we adjust BBB ratings, please see our Rating Criteria.

Nearly 300 Complaints

Northern Leasing Systems is not an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau and currently maintains a BBB rating of “D+” As of this review, there have been 286 complaints filed against the company in the last 36 months, a considerable decline from the 348 registered at the time of our last review. In addition to the 120 product-related complaints and 156 billing complaints, 6 were regarding problems with advertising or sales, 3 were filed regarding issues with delivery, while the remaining complaint pertained to guarantee and warranty issues. Northern Leasing successfully resolved just 33 of the complaints, while the remaining 253 were not resolved to the customer’s satisfaction, or unable to be substantiated by the BBB.

BBB Warning

The BBB profile also makes mention of the New York Attorney General’s lawsuits against Northern Leasing and includes the following notices:

BBB files indicate a pattern of complaints concerning the sales practices, contracts, and customer service of this company. Complainants are telling BBB about the difficulties they encounter when they lease equipment for their small businesses from Northern Leasing Systems. These complainants say that company sales representatives employ high pressure sales tactics to get them to sign a contract with the company. Many complainants allege that Northern Leasing Systems staff misrepresented the equipment to be leased or terms of the lease they sign. Other complainants are reportedly not given all pages of the contract after it is signed. Numerous complaints detail the burdensome nature of the company’s contract for return of the leased equipment. Complainants that experience problems with the company claim they have a lot of trouble reaching a live person in customer service for assistance with their issues.

BBB files indicate a pattern of complaints concerning the sales practices, contracts, and customer service of this company. Complainants are telling BBB about the difficulties they encounter when they lease equipment for their small businesses from Northern Leasing Systems. These complainants say that company sales representatives employ high pressure sales tactics to get them to sign a contract with the company. Many complainants allege that Northern Leasing Systems staff misrepresented the equipment to be leased or terms of the lease they sign. Other complainants are reportedly not given all pages of the contract after it is signed. Numerous complaints detail the burdensome nature of the company’s contract for return of the leased equipment. Complainants that experience problems with the company claim they have a lot of trouble reaching a live person in customer service for assistance with their issues.

What Merchants Say

Northern Leasing Systems has also received 65 informal reviews to its BBB profile, all of which are negative in tone. The most recent describes issues with equipment:

Garbage equipment been replaced 5 times in 12 months. Harassing phone calls are a daily occurrence and as advised by lawyer, they are not worth your time.

Most credit card terminals can be purchased for around $500, making the cost of a long-term equipment lease exceed that of the equipment. This makes equipment leases a contract term to avoid.

A Well-Deserved “F”

In light of the company’s complaint total and resolution ratio, multiple lawsuits, and accusations of illegal activity, we have adjusted the BBB’s rating to and “F” for the company

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Truth In Marketing & Advertising

Key Points

Employs Independent Resellers Yes
Advertises Deceptive Rates No
Discloses All Important Terms No

A Supplier for Resellers

Northern Leasing does not appear to directly market its services to merchants, preferring instead to act as the designated third-party equipment provider for numerous ISOs across the country. This means that many ISOs include a lease agreement with Northern Leasing in their standard credit card processing contracts, and as a result, many merchants find themselves signed up for a 48-month equipment lease through Northern Leasing without ever having interacted with a Northern Leasing sales representative. This appears to be a major cause of merchant confusion.

Widespread Lack of Disclosure

By and large, the sales agents who are reselling Northern Leasing leases do not appear to do a good job of outlining the company’s lease terms. Most complainants report not understanding their full contractual obligations and feeling deliberately misled by sales reps. It is our philosophy that this pattern ultimately reflects poorly on Northern Leasing Systems. If you feel that you are stuck in an improperly disclosed equipment lease, we recommend seeking a third-party statement audit to renegotiate your terms.

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Northern Leasing Systems Logo

Our Opinion of Northern Leasing Systems

The Lowest-Rated Company on CPO

Northern Leasing Systems rates as the industry’s worst equipment leasing company according to our criteria. The company often partners with merchant account providers to package its leases with their services, resulting in confusion and frustration among merchants who did not clearly understand what they were agreeing to. Northern Leasing offers a non-cancellable standard lease that is likely to cost merchants well in excess of the price of the equipment itself, and many complainants report difficulty in extracting themselves from the lease once it has been signed. The company can improve its overall rating by working harder to ensure that merchants understand the terms of its contracts, by offering more competitive contracts with more reasonable terms, by improving the response of its customer service team, and by lowering its complaint rate with the BBB and other consumer protection sites. We strongly advise all merchants to carefully examine any Northern Leasing contract they are given. In nearly all cases, they will be better served by working with a top-rated merchant account provider.

We rely on your feedback about Northern Leasing Systems to keep this review accurate and up-to-date. Please take a minute to tell us about your experience. We and the small business owners of this world thank you!

Thank you for reading my review. I hope that it has helped you with your research.

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256 Reviews Leave Your Review for Northern Leasing Systems Below

  1. Stephanie Thomason says:

    F- Company sent me an invoice for a lease agreement they said i signed but i never did. They sent me a false contract with false information and kept telling me i did it.. All of it is false and they are just trying to get me to give in and take my $.

  2. Tony Persaud says:

    I leased a credit card reader in January 2016 for 5 years of which last year we got a better rate with a different company leaving me on the hook for paying this agreement. I just call them 11 May 2020 to see if they could help with reducing this monthly payment they said no. To future businesses avoid using this company for any rentals or leasing. This is not the first time I have reached out to them. One would think with everybody trying to help with the reduction of business during this Covid19 but no help. I don’t mind paying what I owe but the girl on the other end was cold.

  3. Don says:


  4. Ryan Ward says:

    This guy showed up claiming he would change out my credit card terminal with a new terminal for the new covid-19 fees that would be much reduced. he did not have a business card only gave me his first name and nothing he said was adding up. He said they would charge me a flat fee of $80 per month but wouldn’t elaborate on any of the other fees or anything that would be involved. The weird thing was that he had my merchant account number from my current processing company along with all the pertinent information including my social security number and he said he got that from merchant services. I don’t know how or why the credit card processing company would give him that information but I ran him off. something was really sketchy with this guy my gut was telling me don’t trust this guy and I have no idea how or what he was trying to pull.when he walked in he had a little bitty spiral notebook just notebook paper in it that had all my personal information and my business information with my social security just handwritten in it.

    1. Brian Clark says:


      It sounds like you were a potential victim of slamming. It’s a tactic worth reading up on to be aware of it in future instances.

  5. Husein says:

    They locked in for a terminal that I am not using for 4 years now with 85 a month payment plan and I stopped using them on month 2 as the rates were very high it’s a scam company be aware!!

  6. Jerry Lewis LeBleu says:

    I purchased a Electronic sign from Signtronix In 02/2102 with a 36 month contract, with a buy out of 263.55, they continued to withdraw funds out of my checking until 02/2020 t a 140.00 a month, when I realized it they told me my but out was 460.00 even though I paid them since 2012, they said I had to contact them 90 days prior to the contract term in out but no where in my contract says that. the people are a total ripoff, the wont refund any money that should be owed to me!

    1. Brian Clark says:


      Many merchant contracts include limited periods where you can opt out of an account. Fortunately, there are ways to cancel a merchant account without paying a fee.


  7. I was pressured by DIGITECH to sign up for a lease with this rip off company. $50/month. Little did I know at the time that a machine only costs a few hundred dollars. No way out of contract….RUN don’t walk away from NLS Leasing.

    1. Brian Clark says:


      You may be able to cancel your merchant account without paying a fee.


  8. Terry Shore says:

    Leased for 4 years then cancelled at the end. Still took finds out of the account monthly. So had to close account to stop the bleed of funds. Called on March 27, 2020 when our business is closed for the virus and demanded payment and a $250 closing fee but did not want the equipment back! His name was Seth. Got very hard nosed about it even though I was in tears.

  9. Bob ohori says:

    Have returned equipment and given notification of termination a year ago and still being charged after a year.Stay away.

    1. Brian Clark says:


      Unfortunately, as our review indicates, most long-term equipment leases deal with non-cancellable contracts which must either be paid through their duration or impose a liquidated damages style cancellation fee that charges the remaining balance on the account.


  10. Tana E Brackins says:

    This company is a total scam. I am on my last 9 months of a 60 month rental. The credit card salesman had me sign a bunch of documents and waited until I had a customer to come back in and tell me I forgot to sign a document. He hid the top of the form which said non-cancel-able lease. So that was about a 2500 dollar mistake. I would have never signed it so make sure not to fall for the same scam I did. I can’t wait til I’m done with these scammers.

    1. Brian Clark says:


      Foregoing an equipment lease with a merchant count is something we’d recommend. Typically, you can purchase a terminal outright for under $500. However, long term leases impose charges that are well in excess of that cost. If you wish to continue to purchase a terminal, you may want to review our list of available terminals.


  11. Hector Donato Morales says:

    In 2001 I had a business and this company issue us with a credit card machine.When the machine wasnt used we return it and they were asking for $2800 for returning the machine and other fees. every year we recive papers from them giving us opportunities to pay certains amount. Its been 20 years and they still sending papers trying to get thir money. What can we do,how can you help us PLEASE. We had a small grocery store,Donato’s Mini Market in Allentown PA.The store burn down and dont have it since 2004.Any question call at 484-426-1542 Thanks worst leasing company ever.

  12. Dago says:

    esta company me llevo a corte
    a n y donde el juez fallo sin yo estar presente, estoy desempleado con desability del social y ellos me qieren vaciar mi cuenta esto lo vego arrastrando desde 2013 no tengo como pesentarme a corte ni se como poder parar que me vacien lo unico que me entra para medio vivir,necesito ayuda urgente

  13. matthew wagner says:

    I have been tied to this ever growing scam.. a sales rep named Steve macklin sold me the dream.. said if I didn’t like the services I had 60 days to cancel.. have it in writing from him.. then I get the letter from northern leasing saying I cannot cancel whatsoever .. from day one.. no trial period whatsoever.. been fighting this for a couple weeks now but the shadiest practices I have ever seen .. one rep even called and threatened to ruin my business credit .. there is even a slice ad on Facebook that claims you can cancel with a $495 penalty or $0 penalty if you have a good reason … unbelievable how this company is still in business

    1. Brian Clark says:


      This article may help: How to Cancel a Merchant Account Without Paying a Fee.


  14. Kim says:

    Northern Leasing is a scam operations. I believe they are not so much in the cc leasing of equipment but use this platform as a way to extort money from small businesses who can not fight them in court. They claim to be independent of the credit card processing brokers. However, in order for them to exist, Northern Leasing has to partner with a processing credit card company. Otherwise Northern Leasing could not exist. The credit card processing company was Wholesale Bankcard and does not exist today. I have written letters for almost 2 years contesting the validity of this fraudulent company but the courts in New York still favor Northern Leasing. I believe this scam is huge and far reaching on many levels. Under duress I am paying them $1,500 to settle.

  15. terry davis says:

    never used it one time would not work but they took money out my account now i owe them 8100

  16. Chin Chau says:

    need help how to stop collection from northern leasing

  17. Mira says:

    THIS IS THE ABSOLUTE WORST COMPANY TO DEAL WITH!!!!! Now I’m supposed to be on a month to month. My 48 month plan was over several years ago, they won’t let me out of this contract or even settle it unless I pay over 1k. I have not used their service in over 1.5 years and I don’t have the machine. The original company told me to write a letter to cancel and I did and they also gave me an address to send the machine to and these F******!! Said they are a different company… I am TIRED OF SO MUCH BS. THERE ARE CASH COWS EVERYWHERE AND BS EVERYWHERE!!! These people need to be closed down for good!!!!They are robbing us blind!!!!

  18. Matthew says:

    This is not a review, although I can say this is an ABSOLUTELY horrible company. My wife and I have a small business and have had Northern Leasing harassing us for a year now, AFTER we sent their equipment back to them. They claim they didn’t get the 60 days notice the say is needed to cancel the lease which is pure BS.
    We are Canadian and need some help on who to turn to to get them off our case. PLEASE! We don’t want to pay them the $500 plus they claim we owe them. Because of the amount and the principle.
    My wife can’t sleep because of the non-stop calls the stress is causing her. If someone can point us in the direction of who can help in Canada, we would be very grateful!

    1. Brian Clark says:


      This article may help: Canceling a merchant account without paying a fee.


    2. Mack says:

      Hi ! I Know how you guys feel, I canceled my contract 6 years ago ‘cause I sold my business, I got everything by writing, ‘cause I sign (I’m stupid) with my personal information they were calling me and charging me for almost 6 years … they made at least 8K with me, I was so exhausted and frustrated that I decided to pay my last bill of $ 250 no one can help you, believe me, just pay your last statement and they will stop sending you notices … i believe in Karma and I hope one day the government of Canada or USA will stop those RATS ‘cause it’s what they are…. peace & love

      1. Brian Clark says:


        Reviewing this article could prove to be useful in the future: Best Merchant Accounts for Equipment Rental.


  19. Anthony Haines says:

    The poor quality of equipment is rediculous, my terminal has been replace no less then 5 times in 12 months. Constantly down and “ tamper detected” messages. Junk!

  20. Mike h says:

    Most dishonest bunch of People especially paired up with Riverside pavements. I would advise anyone never to do any business with this group. Be careful how the have you sign. Very dishonest practices. Goo on 3 years and still can not get these people to fix their mistake.

  21. Janet Sinclair says:

    This company is awful!!!! We have been with them since 2009. The first machine quit working. We asked for a new one because it was the type of machine we needed for trade shows. We never received one. We then finally gave-up and ordered a POS machine that was wired. It sometimes worked and was hard to use. We have been out of business for three years. They charge us $220 per month. Will not accept phone calls. When they use to accept them, we were told that our one year contract was not up yet, which was five years after we had signed the original one. It was going to cost us the price of a kidney to get out of it. We still have the equipment, setting in a box, collecting dust. Pay $2400 a year and can’t even afford health insurance! I do not know what to do!!

    1. Brian Clark says:


      This article should help: How to Cancel a Merchant Account Without Paying a Fee.


  22. Susan J Acuna says:

    This company can only be described as an abusive, extortionist company with unreasonable fees and closing conditions. It is the worst business that I have ever dealt with in my life and I can see why a class action suit was filed against them. I feel that there should be more lawsuits against this company. I have been trying to close the account for years and there is always some stipulation that they state is not filled.

  23. phillip truong says:

    I owned a nails salon in los angeles, california.
    I send a wrong credit card processing machine VX510 to this company and request to have it send back to me & I willing to pay for the cost of shipping and the rep at this company said that they would unable to send my unit back to me. I would have to purchase this machine back???? It is belong to me, not to Northern Leasing System and basically they are still my machine and now want a rent some money from me to get it back. WTF…..Do not do business with these tugs/ Mafia business like.

    1. Dennis Wong says:

      My name is Dennis Wong. I am with the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration. We are currently doing an investigation on a sales and use tax matter with Northern Leasing Systems Inc. Please contact me at 916-227-6790.

  24. Robert Haux says:

    DO NOT USE THEM! They use deceptive tactics in getting you to sign as an individual and not in behalf of your LLC and then come after you if your business fails. To top that off they will file in the State of New York, New York Civil Court. So you are expected to travel from coast to coast if your business was located on the opposite coast. The State of New York AG has wanted to shut them down. They are playing new games with the change in AG. There has to be a way of doing a class action against this company and put them out of business once and all.

  25. VALENTINA Perrelli says:

    Stay away form this company they lie to you they are scammers. They have third parties that sell for them and lie to you saying there is no cancellation fee and when you call them to cancel they are very rude to you and seem they annoyed to answer any of your questions. They wont even make you speak to a supervisor. Then they hang up the phone on you. This company is so unprofessional

    Trust if you see anything with this company run the other way .

    This post will help: Cancelling a Merchant Account Without Paying a Fee


  26. Gloria scott says:

    I opened up an account with a Northern Leasing back in 2003 they are actually still billing me for for $4,639.29 and even ask today when I call to resolve this matter with them the supervisor told me that they are a million-dollar company and that that little money that they’re trying to collect for me they don’t even really need it and she hung up very rude aggressive she didn’t listen she did all the talkin talked over me it was very very bad experience but I will not be paying them one guy besides I never even used the machine the machine was never used so they I’m sure they resole it or rent it and made their money but here we are in 2019 so you do the math

    This post will help: Cancelling a Merchant Account Without Paying a Fee


  27. Mariannne Cianciolo--Bookstore Owner says:

    Salesman lied to get me to sign 4 year lease for $75 a month for a $200 bank machine. Misrepresented Lease and how we would pay for it. Tried to get salesman to cancel lease would not return calls. Finally talked to company that he worked for said salesman lied about lease so he was fired. They said nothing could be done so we shipped machine back and now are being sued.

    This post will help: Cancelling a Merchant Account Without Paying a Fee


  28. Lugenia L Reddish says:

    They are still taking money out of my account and I no longer own the business. They have stolen a lot of money from me. Who can help me with this?

    This post will help: Cancelling a Merchant Account Without Paying a Fee


  29. Jennifer C says:

    It is hard to not think of this company as a scam. Why would anyone lease their equipment for $140 a month for 4 years? My whole “contract” was completed by my merchant sales rep and forged. Then you try to cancel and after following their instructions, it is not enough. According to the agent, sending in the “Letter of Intent” does not mean anything. Then, there is a $150 restocking fee since it is now past the end of the term. How is this company in business legally? Google this company and the Internet is just riddled with such bad reviews. I dumped my merchant provider because of Northern Leasing. Hope merchant providers know NOT to do business with Northern Leasing, as it will affect their reputation. Or perhaps, only the questionable merchant providers condone this type of company. Lessee beware!!!

    This post will help: Cancelling a Merchant Account Without Paying a Fee


  30. Lynn Dawson says:

    These people are unethical and continue to harass years after contract is complete. Be warned that procuring their services and honouring the contract beyond the contract date, cancelling the service and returning the equipment is not enough. They will continue to harass you for made up charges.

    This post will help: How to Report Bad Credit Card Processors


  31. Javier says:

    Please Business owners, stay away from these people, they will send you straight to the bankruptcy they will try to rip you off on every Way and this people are the worst people I have deal with in my entire life They all are very ugly and rude.

    This post will help: Cancelling a Merchant Account Without Paying a Fee


    1. Maryshap says:

      Back in the 1990’s Northern tried to pull their scam on me. I returned the defective units very quickly, within 24hrs. I sent them return receipt requested. The units did NOT work, which in effect CANCELS a lease. No such thing as a non cancellable lease.

      Then…I haven’t seen anyone else do this…I went to the bank, cancelled that account, immediately then opened a fresh new account.

      Read up on the NY laws. After 6 years they can’t chase you.

      Northern WILL call years later, do NOT acknowledge their sham agreement, otherwise you open up the process of collection to start all over. Note all the reviews and cases against them.

      This post will help: Cancelling a Merchant Account Without Paying a Fee


  32. Tami says:

    They mislead us in what we was signing also.
    We had 2 business and both have been shut down and we tried to cancel our services and contract with them and they refused and they take money out of our personal account which leaves our family struggling to stay afloat.

  33. tina grey says:

    the only way to get rid of these people is to settle

    This post will help: How to Report Bad Credit Card Processors


  34. Michael Cook says:

    I am still in litigation with Northern Leasing after they changed my lease. Everyone who works in management of this company should be in jail.

    This post will help: How to Report Bad Credit Card Processors


  35. Pirkko says:

    When I gave up my account with my provider, I was well informed that my account was paid in full and need not to send back the terminal .Now they are sending their lawyer as a representative of their company saying they are taking court action against me .They have never sent to bill or written letter stating they want to settle up with me ,I just get threathening calls from them .

    This post will help: How to Report a Bad Credit Card Processor


  36. Matt Giblet says:

    We were scammed by N Leasing as well. We are currently being sued as well, in New York in the amount over 10k. My wife’s credit is destroyed over this.

    This post will help: How to Report Bad Credit Card Processors


  37. Tamra says:

    This company fraudulenty altered my lease agreement and tried to ruin my credit and still continues to send me billing letters. They should be in jail.

    This post will help: How to Report Bad Credit Card Processors


  38. Jazzy says:

    Please be aware that this company often hides behind other credit card merchants. It is a third party company and often times you do not know they are even part of what you signed up for. They are sharks, snakes, supposedly the contract you sign is non-cancelable (unconstitutional) and they will rob you blind while you are not looking. All you have to do is google their name and you will read for yourself what this pathetic company does to small business owners whom do not have the means to defend themselves…

    This post will help: How to Report a Bad Credit Card Processor


  39. BZ says:

    I had a Northern Leasing agreement in Canada years ago with a small business that I had started and we needed a mobile credit card unit for exhibitions that I was involved in. I found out early on during an exhibition that Northern Leasing claimed I owed them money.. erroneously as well as I had already paid them . They demanded that I send them proof that I had sent them payment… I found this very odd for a company that was supposedly keeping track of all the credit card payments I was receiving…how could they not know that I had already paid them. Anyway by that point I had caught on I was dealing with a bunch of scammers so I stopped accepting credit card payments (which I am sure I lost quite a bit of money for that) and as soon as I had an opportunity emptied out my bank account. I ended up traveling for the entire year and when I came back the bank tried charging me $500.00 or so for NSF payments as Northern Leasing was hitting my account every couple of days trying to take out what ever amount they could come up with. Anyway the bank was very good and when I explained this they did not charge me and let me close the account. In the end Northern Leasing never paid me for the credit card payments I had received (wasn’t much maybe $150.00 or so ) but I also never returned their machine…anyway they just called me now after many years of never hearing form them. Thankfully there is nothing wrong with my credit score… I guess even the people who keep track of Credit card scores realize what a bunch of scammers these guys are. I am just surprised they are still in business

    This post will help: Cancelling a Merchant Account Without Paying a Fee


  40. Susan Masih says:

    I have been dealing with this company for almost a year now trying to cancel my contract which was a 4 year contract signed in 2005. Today I got a letter threatening me again. We are in Canada so I contacted their office in Canada and was told the total opposite of what the New York office told me. So far we have returned 2 machines to them , put stop payment at the bank and I have talked to some of the rudest people in my life. Tomorrow I will have to start to really spend time on this matter as I refuse to pay them 1 more cent. If anyone has any advice it would be appreciated.

    This post will help: Cancelling a Merchant Account Without Paying a Fee


  41. Jason Dayne says:

    All I can say, without wasting more of my time, is to run as fast as you can away from this company. Currently being sued by the attorney general of New York for bad practices against small businesses

    This post will help: Cancelling a Merchant Account Without Paying a Fee


  42. Terryl Graalum says:

    Do NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES SIGN ANYTHING WITH NORTHERN LEASING SYSTEMS! They are a FRAUDULENT COMPANY! I got sucked into a 5 year lease for a processing machine, worth about $300, and paid over $5,000. The processing company at that time called Elite Pay Global, who are also crooks, said if I didn’t sign up with NLS for my terminal, they couldn’t give me their lowest rate! I fulfilled my lease terms, sent Northern Leasing my 30 day termination letter by certified mail, and they refused the letter! Now they have the nerve to still call for late payments! They need to be shut down and arrested for white collar crimes!

    This post will help: Cancelling a Merchant Account Without Paying a Fee


  43. Kyna Jackson says:

    The worst leasing company for merchant services and equipment.Do Not Enter into any lies this company attempts to sell you.

    This post will help: Cancelling a Merchant Account Without Paying a Fee


  44. Maria says:

    Hello, I was with this company for my busienss for 4 years almost 5 when it was in business. When I left my busienss they still expected me to pay a monthly fee, I shipped the machine back they still call harass me, and even sent me a bill which I dont even have a busienss with anymore. Everyone please be careful.

    This post will help: Cancelling a Merchant Account Without Paying a Fee


  45. ruslan kolpakov says:

    i reside in Canada. i don’t even remember which company i signed the contract with because it was back in 2004 or 2005 or even earlier. the business i owed does not exist from 2008. but someone continuously every month had been withdrawing certain amount of money from my bank account for about a year. i’ve tried to contact them to settle or stop the payments but the phone was off and the address they provided is not legit. so i just went to the bank and cancelled any further payments for that company. and guess what, after 10 years, somehow they found me even though i’ve changed not only several addresses but also cities.
    i got a letter from a company named Lease Finance Group Canada Ulc asking me to pay them certain amount of money for closing my case. when i checked their contact info , it appeared that their phone and address is exactly the same as Northern leasing systems. finally i know now who is causing all that fraud. after online review i found info about their fraudulent activities and lawsuits agains them. now it became all clear. definitely they are not getting any penny from me. any Canada citizens got involved in the same situation? want to find out which legal action in Canada can be done against those idiots.

    This post will help: How to Report Bad Credit Card Processors

    – Phillip

    1. Eryn says:

      The exact same thing just happened to me. What happened with you? Have you followed up?

      I am also in Canada

  46. Michael Cook says:

    STAY AWAY FROM THESE GUYS! They target any small business but really concentrate on Veteran Owned and Minority Owned Small business.

    This post will help: How to Report Bad Credit Card Processors

    – Phillip

  47. Mary Olson says:

    I agree with the rip off. What you talk about on the lease is not what what is put into the lease and they even though they have to know that there would be no reason not to return what you have been paying for. In addition as equipment needs updating and if it is not possible you are stuck DO NOT Use this company

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Cancelling a Merchant Account Without Paying a Fee

  48. Jana says:

    This company is the biggest rip-off, scam I have ever seen. They signed me up for one year (or so I thought since I told the sales rep that I would only do one year for now since I was new to accepting credit cards for me business). Well, somehow the contract says 48 months. Then I eventually found out they were nickle and diming my bank account and charging me much more than the agreed amount. After 2 years, I had to close my business. I called them and cancelled and sent back the equipment. Unbeknownst to me, they kept taking money out of my account. I called them many times and they claim they never received the equipment. I have the registered mail receipt to prove it. They continued to take money until I had my bank stop payment. Then that is when the hundreds of phone calls and threatening to sue me letters started coming. They would call at 7am and 10pm and all hours in between. I was able to block their calls, but they have several lines and just call on different numbered lines. The horrible people that work there are scum of the earth. I have had some nasty arguments and fights with these scum over the phone. After googling them and finding out how hated they are, I added my name to the class action suit from the NY Attorney General’s Office. And now I just got a summons to appear in court next month in New York for a lawsuit they are filing against me. I live in California and can not and will not go to NY for this lawsuit. I don’t know if that means I will lose if I don’t show up. Hopefully the judge will be informed of this dirty, slimy, crooked company and dismiss the suit against me. I can not afford a lawyer or anything like that. That company exploits and takes advantage of small business owners. They are disgusting!! I hope and pray they are taken down soon.

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: How to Report Bad Credit Card Processors

    1. Dennis Wong says:

      My name is Dennis Wong. I am with the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration. We are currently doing an investigation on a sales and use tax matter relating to Northern Leasing Systems Inc. Please call me at 916-227-6790. Thank you.

  49. Quang Chung says:

    If the State of New York Attorney General sue them for deceptive business practices and abuse of Judicial process not ONCE but TWICE. You know this company is no good to do business with. Who knows after law sue, this company no longer existed. Justice will prevail.

  50. Hamid Mojtahedi says:

    These company is a big scam and miss presenting them self’s
    I only wished would have seen all the other people that been effected by them
    Stay away from doing any business with them
    We have lost over $18000 in payments

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Cancelling a Merchant Account Without Paying a Fee

  51. PHIENG LU says:

    I get the default judgment against me by the New York Court. I am working on the response to get the phone interview with the Judge to vacate my case. I will update as soon as I find the way out of this ripping company.
    I hate this company, and promise wont pay for these people a penny.

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Cancelling a Merchant Account Without Paying a Fee

    1. JOHN T BRENNAN says:

      Unfortunately some of the judges in the New York Civil Division are as crooked as this company. I had a phone hearing and was just blew off by the judge, giving a judgement to this crooked company, who then took several thousand dollars out of my bank account. Also had my writs denied by another judge. Our only recourse is for the New York Attorney General to sue them and vacate all of the judgements. I haven’t heard anything since Schneiderman resigned, despite asking for information several times. I think the new New York Attorney General dropped the case.

      This post will help: How to Report Bad Credit Card Processors

      – Phillip

  52. Tracey Stroia says:

    Total scamed me into a lease agreement. The rep just handed me the phone and asked if I was using them fro processing and to say YES. The I was signed up for a crazy expensive 3 year lease program that I coudldn’t get out of. Do not use this company!

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Cancelling a Merchant Account Without Paying a Fee

  53. Debbie says:

    This company is terrible to deal with and when you need to return your equipment you need to send it to New York. If they are doing business in Canada they should have a Canadian office. In my case Zomeron told me that if I closed my business that I would no longer be responsible for the lease payments. This was false. They also require a personal guarantee even if your business is incorporated.

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: How To Get Out of a Merchant Account Contract

  54. Jean says:

    Returned equipment and got a letter saying not all of the equipment was returned, they would start billing monthly until it was. Called and they said the wrong pin-pad was returned. We only had one pin pad, theirs. Told them to return the pin pad. They said it will be $150 for the missing pin-pad. Can buy online for $50. These people are total scammers. Stay away.

    1. Susan Mac says:

      Hi. I had the same problem with them saying I returned the wrong pinpad and they were going to renew the lease on a month to month basis. What did you end up doing?

      From The Editor
      This Post Might Help: How To Get Out of a Merchant Account Contract

    2. Howard says:

      I have been harassed for several years on a lease which I paid off and have reference number and amount paid. I also returned the equipment via UPS with tracking. Three years later they tell me this is not the right equipment and continue to charge. Have balance several thousand dollars. Sounds like they get away with this with many business owners. I will file complaint with NY AG whether it goes anywhere who knows. Im not too concerned about the NY bullying company. I have been in heated exchanges several times with their “legal department”!

      From The Editor
      This Post Might Help: How to Report Bad Credit Card Processors

  55. Eric Lee says:

    Cancelled with them, and still charging me every month for 6 months and wont respond or credit anything. say everytime it will be taken care of an nothing. F- company for sure!

  56. Sylvania says:

    Biggest crooks in the game .after paying over 4k dollars for a 800.00 pc. Of equp. At end of lease shook me down for a 450.00 restocking fee.

  57. Michael Cook says:

    Stay away from this company and all their affiliated companies – They target Veteran Owned Companies with lies and scams.

  58. Thanh says:

    Horrible,horrible…do not lease with them. Such a scam. I had to pay $2,400 for them to end my lease . Never do any business with them.

  59. Julie Do says:

    This company is a total scam and they are still running their business every day. Sadly, they continue to steal from the small business owners with their hard earning money. STAY AWAY FROM THEM.

  60. Will Frits says:

    RUN as fast as you can. Read the CONTRACT!!! Don’t sign personal Guaranty! You will pay for the equipment 4-20X the cost of the equipment. They are brutal working with you and will ruin your credit and harass you with letters and phone calls! RUN!!!

  61. This company will put the screw to you any way that they can. STAY FAR, FAR , AWAY.
    Also, if you have a problem, they can’t be reached.

  62. Mack From Canada says:

    Greetings from Canada, yes ! They still doing business in Canada; Who and how can stop them ?

    Yes, I signed a contract in March 2012, my small salon closed 4 years ago and they still charging fees and comissions after 6 years, PLEASE STOP NLS Leasing, Government of Canada and USA should help us, PLEASE.

    1. MJ says:

      Go to your bank and have them put a stop payment on all NLS Leasing withdrawals. It’ll cost you a small fee. I also cancelled their service and as soon as I saw the monthly fee come out of my account, I put in a stop payment and it only cost me 20$. I cancelled in October of 2017 and received my refund cheque last month after many, many phone calls and loooooooooong wait times and horrible customer service.

  63. Michelle Skinner says:

    Worst company I have ever dealt with. I haven’t used this machine once and I have had it in a box you years. I was tricked into signing . I specifically said I did not want to lease. I wanted to do month to month. He said “oh ya no problem” I was working at the time and he got me to sign and then he filled in the rest. Well all of the sudden I’m in a lease and have all these extra charges which was bullshit and I never once agreed. The company will not left me out of this lease since it’s my signature but nothing else is in my writing. This company is a scam. So many hidden fees. They want me to buyout my contract over $2000 for a machine I’ve never used but have continued to payment for.

  64. Iris Qin says:

    This is a most horrible company that I ever seen!!! They trick merchants to sign the contract without telling them the terms and fees. They partner with other credit card processing company, their contract is bundled with other company’s contract. That’s why merchants have no idea what they sign, and the sales person intentionally hide the fact. They just want to make their commission money! I am one of the merchant victims. I called Northern Leasing System last week, I asked how to terminate the contract. The call representative replied in a very mean attitude saying that you cannot cancel the lease. You should read the paper before you sign. You have to be responsible for the full term which you still owe us $8000!!!!! That’s insane. I refused to pay, and she threatened me they will sue me and blablabla. After I hang up the phone, I googled this company. I found out a lot of merchants just like me. I also found out Northern Leasing System is sued by New York attorney general. So, I suggest all victim merchants go to this website to file a complain against this company:
    I cannot wait to see Northern Leasing System goes down!

  65. Kim says:

    I HATE THESE PEOPLE. HATE HATE HATE! They are disgusting and are using scare tactics to get us to pay more money after we paid monthly for 5 years, then signed paperwork at the bank so they couldn’t take anymore money beginning April 1, 2017. Oh and they tried, then came letters, phone calls and one, someone was screaming at us that they were going to freeze our accounts and take all of our money and we would be destitute and have to declare bankruptcy. Now on Dec. 24 and Dec. 26, we got letters that they are putting, or have put, a bad review/lien on our credit report. They stated on the 26th, that it was already done, but when I logged into our TU account, there was nothing. They just won’t STOP! Has anyone else received letters from “Fatima” in their office? We never even used their machine in 5 years. SHUT THESE SCAMMERS/SCUM DOWN!

  66. Rick says:

    SLeazeBags! How this compnay is still in business is beyond the pale. They have been sued by numerous states and they still manage to stay in business – notice they keep moving address’. DO NOT believe anything they tell you about their service – it is the most overpriced shitty lease in the business. even if they tell you it is not a lease – it is! at exorbitant / criminal rates.

  67. Rick Dischler says:

    These guys are the definition of scam artists, salesman came in promising great rates but I had to use this equipment first billing I received was 5x the promised rate. I have contacted the NY Attorney General office and waiting for them to shut these guys down.

    1. Nick Xie says:

      Can’t wait seen them being shut down

  68. Kevin Kirkman Jr says:

    Lease financial is a scam stay away!

  69. Deanna says:

    Terrible company. Scamming people out of hundreds of dollars. The salesperson will tell you anything to sign their lease and then they do not follow through on their end of the bargain. Of course they have your signature….that’s when it all begins. They sue you for thousands. BEWARE!

  70. Lori Geffre says:

    This company is the worst, I called to cancel because I sold my business 2 years ago my old machine broke told sales representative that business was up for sale and didn’t want to start a new lease he assured me no problem we will terminate the lease!! Talked to customer service today and she said I have to pay another 2 years i asked for a manager and she refused!! Do not ever use this company

    1. Joanna Spitalieri says:

      This company lies about everything. I had to close my business, called and asked what I needed to do, I had to send back the equipment and I had to send some money which I did, now 2 years later the are threatening me that I owe them money.The Legal Collection person Joseph Soto is like talking to the devil.I found out the Attorney General Office of New York has a case against them I contacted them and put my claim in. Please contact the Attorney General Office this company needs to be shut down.
      Consumers who believe they have been a victim of Northern Leasing’s deceptive practices are urged to file complaints online or call 1-800-771-7755.

      For more information about the Attorney General’s lawsuit, please visit

    2. Bettye Booker says:

      This company is the worse. I leased equipment with Touchsuite in October 2014 and could not use the equipment because it was broken 80% of the time. Touchsuite technical agents were frustrated and sent a return label which I promptly sent back the equipment in Jan 2015. MBF leasing continue to bill me and I cancelled the payments. Six month’s in am going back and forth with Touchsuite and MBF. One year later the find the equipment in their warehouse. Now they filed a lawsuit in New York but I live in Alabama. SCAM… Anyone know a lawyer in New York or advice. I am a very small business and I can’t afford this.

      1. Denise says:

        Same deal here…I have a case filed in NYC. I called & found out that 90% of the cases are done over the phone and most of the time attorneys from NY are not retained. My question is does anyone win their case this way? I’ve been reading complaints since 2013…still they are doing the same thing. Is it because the judge will award them the money over phone case?

    3. Kizzy says:

      Same thing happen to me. Time for someone to stand up for the small business against the scam of a company!

  71. Julie D says:

    This company is truly a rip-off and they are still running the business that continuing rip off more small businesses. I leased their terminal since 2012 sold the business 2015. I requested to close the account they told me I have to transfer the account to someone until the contract ends 2016. I told them the new business owner would like to take over my lease the end of 2016. Low and behold, they manage to call home number which I am not sure how they got that and told me that I owe them $522 from December 2016 till now. I told them why you call me instead of a new owner that they transfer the terminal to their name in 2015. They told me they never did and since the new owner no longer owns the business now they are reaching out to me and thread me that will damage my credit report if I don’t pay them. They argued that they can’t transfer lease over to someone else but they manage to collect the money from the new owner for almost 18 months. After 20 minutes talked to the representative I asked to talk to the supervisor she said she is the only employee and also a supervisor. Why is this company still exist and do business like this without being caught?

  72. Tim says:

    we were T&C auto center here in Michigan .
    Northern leasing took copies from my previous lease and applied it to theirs and said i signed a weaver i never did. The guy that came out and sold the system i found out that he was just released from prison for the same crap his Daughters name is Summer beware people .

  73. Jason Martin says:

    If you are a victim of Northern Leasings scam, please file a report with the New York attorney general’s office. They have a suit against NLS and the more people who get on, the better. The A.G. has a link on their webpage to a form you can fill out and file a complaint. We might actually get some of our money back. You can call the N.Y. A.G. office and they will be glad to help you. Let’s put these rotten, filthy, greasy, dirty, scumbag thieving bastards out of business for good!

    1. TracyAnn Smith says:

      Why don’t we get a class action going, Today they sent me a letter from their attorney, I have been fighting these company since 2011-12 and have a police report for forgery, they continue to place hard inquiries on my credit report, even after placing themselves as a charge off on my credit report, I am now fighting this with the cb this company needs to have us all stand up together class action sounds good to me, I don’t even want money I just them to leave me alone and get off my credit report!

  74. Vivian says:

    Don’t go whith thi company, they are bad, lie and so rude , and robbed

  75. Matt Sewell says:

    Company is a total bust and scam. These guys forge names on contracts. I ve been paying a $160.00 a month for a junk terminal that does not work for four years. I called about another terminal. They told me they didn’t care if it works. There contract only protects them. Please know you have been warned about these Devils serpent s.

  76. tracy smith says:

    I have been dealing with Northernleasing since 2011 fighting them they forged documents they only showed me in 2016, i have then done a police report and reported to state attorney, they are still calling me harassing me today was a phone call saying if i don’t pay i will be served to report to NYS and cilvil court , they charged off my credit report then recently changed it and reporting 30 days late every month again, with there was a class action open or something, i don’t even live in NY anymore and i have been fighting them since i cancelled them in 2010/11 due to the fact every time i called there customer support they were a different company answering, and waited months before i received my money, so i cancelled , i signed one document and all of a sudden 2016 appears tons of docs with my signature, absolutely not FRAUD

  77. Robert Russo says:

    THEY SUCK. Stay away from these lying thieves.

  78. Michael Illig says:

    Avoid his company at all cost!!!
    They are liars and scammers
    Had to pay for lease equipment that
    is deemed no longer secure for the payment

  79. Denise Billman says:

    If I can stop even one person from being taken advantage of by this company… I will be relieved of a tiny bit of pent up anger. They are a racketeering company. They came into my office, used a familiar face. Used a i-pad that the young man swiftly scrolled through pagers. Blatantly lied, schemed, and mislead me in so many ways, the had the nerve to forge my signature on multiple documents. Do you own research… look up Northern Leasing on google. I guarantee your blood pressure will skyrocket! By the time I finish with my lease I will have paid $7920.00 for a credit card processing machine!!!!! The last straw is that at the end of the 4 years I have a 10 day window to return the machine AND PAY them a $150.00 restock charge!!

  80. Lee says:

    Never ever go with this company. They cheated. The people work is no good at all.

  81. Cody says:

    After years of providing no services and scamming my parents they now send them collection letters

  82. Kelly Pollack says:

    My late husband leased from them back in the 90s. The partnership dissolved and he paid the lease off. The other partner continued and continued a new lease and then didn’t pay it. NLS came after my husband and he denied the debt since his name was not on the new lease, nor was he in possession of the equipment. Seven years later, and according to Ca. law, the “default” (which wasn’t his to begin with) was removed from his credit. Three years later he passed away. Now, 6 years after his death, NLS is sending letters and calling me monthly to collect on this debt that he never owed (and I sure as heck don’t). I have told them repeatedly that he died, but that doesn’t stop them. I am so sick and tired of dealing with this unethical, and sadly lacking of morals and common decency, company. I want to sue them for harassment but do not even know where to begin.

  83. Neal says:

    This company conned one of our staff members into some type of contract to lease a machine that is never used. After two years of paying them $150 a month, the owner stopped payment on them. The reason is, we’d been milked by the scam long enough.

    Now they continue to call twice a day for several weeks, calling the boys mother constantly (though he hasn’t lived there in years). They ignore the Do Not Call Registry and keep sending mail that says we owe them late fees and whatever else.

    We stopped payment when we realized they were being sued by the State of New York. Though I’m in Texas, I made a judgment call and decided to call Northern Leasing’s bluff and stop payment to them. They can kiss my ass, bunch of unethical scum. I’d rather go Ghost than pay them a cent.

    To all concerned, do not pay them anything. Call your bank and stop payment. We can bleed them of their cash flow until they disappear. If they try to garnish your wages, just go Ghost and don’t pay yourself. They do not scare me, they can go to hell. I work for a living, fixing scooter engines. I barely scrap by. SHAME on them for trying to con small business people who can barely afford their own groceries. Its all a bluff. If they keep fucking with small people, they are going to regret it. I promise you. Don’t pay them.

    1. Harry says:

      what do you mean by “go ghost”?

      1. Sharon Dohoda says:

        I along with a partner own a small Salon . We well I signed a least with Northern Leasing while they claimed to have lower costs . Let me tell you , we were ripped off for 2 yrs the company took fees out daily and monthly had 2nd or 3rd party costs on our statement , charged me to get a statement monthly . I cancelled and closed the checking acct were they dipped in when and how much they felt like . Over 200 a month at times . Well now the threats have started and do not stop I sent equipment back , they claim they did not get . I stopped using them a month before i sent equip back so they could collect what was owed . how do i get them off my back . Reading these complaints I feel it will be never ending.

  84. sakaa naie says:

    AVOID, AVOID !!!

    I’m EXTREMELY UPSET and disgusted by this company and their agent in Canada (OrbitLink)

    I paid over 6,000 in 4 years for their crap terminals (you can buy these terminals for less than $500 up front).

    The Agent mislead me to sign .. mentioned the contract is for 3 years and after 3 years I don’t have to pay anything. However, that was not the case, I paid for more than 4 years. Terminals were not working properly and received no service from them.

    Guys, please DO NOT sign any contract with this company. Once you sign a deal, you’re on the hook and they will ROB you every possible way.

    Please please please do yourselves a help, AVOID this FRAUD and SCAM company in any way possible.

  85. Patrick Phelps says:

    Criminals all of them. We will be filing a lawsuit against them soon. We will be including Julissa Gomez and Joseph Sussman in the lawsuit besides Jay Cohen and ALL his companies and their affiliate companies.

    1. William Hart says:

      we leased a signtronix sign through Northern Lease all was good until we got to the end of our lease. We were only given 2 pages of the lease. The important pages were left out. We did not have the final terms or even an address to send the final payment when we called the lady said the payoff was 1903.85. She did not mention it was month to month if you did not pay it. I figured the final payment would be deducted from my bank account like all the others, I was wrong. When I called them back they explained the month to month deal but when I said I never received an invoice and never had a payment address she said its not my problem never offering to take my payment or to give me the address. I then had the bank stop all payments. I then received an invoice in the mail. It had a past due as well as the next months payment already attached.I called the back asking for the payoff now that I had the address and was told it was now $2300 it went up $400 in a week. I told them I was never given the address to send the check and why didnt they direct debit like the previous month.I told him I would send the check for $1903.85 today and was told they would continue collections. EXTREMELY UNETHICAL AND PURPOSELY DECEIVING.

  86. TK says:

    I was offered great 1.75% flat rates on credit card processing by Michael Lee from Smart Card Merchant Services. I was FORCED to sign the documents in order for us to find out if we are qualified to this special deal. When I hesitated to sign, he assured that this is only for the QUOTE purpose and NO contract or agreement……. Then later on, I found out that documents were non-cancelable agreement/contract of the lease for 48 months with Northern Lease! After I found out this fact, I kept texting, e-mailing and calling Michael Lee but he kept saying the lease is also in the package and the rate is all included. LIE……the rate is super high plus lease charge is taken out from the bank every month separately from the merchant service. Like all the people here, whatever the sales rep offered and promised me was a complete lie and I have to live with this horrible nightmare! Despite the fact that there are so many victims of Northern Leasing, how come they are still in business….????

  87. linda castle says:

    this company allowed my x husband to sign my name to a contact and in 2014 my lawyer contacted them and we returned the papers that they sent of with a letter from my x admitting to using my name because his credit was bad.
    they after many calls has still not removed this from my credit and when I call them I not only get the run around but they are very Nasty and rude

  88. carol School says:

    I received a demand letter for $550.00 from a business I had back in 1999. The company disolved in 1999. I do not owe this debt nor do I have the credit card machines. These machines were returned. When you call the number on the letter it doesn’t even mention Northern Leasing. I believe this may be a scam. The person I talked to was very rude and hung up on me. The letter gave a telephone number of 800-683-5433, ext 8104, The contact on the letter showed a Sharaiya Jiggetts,…..not a very nice person.

    1. Lori Orr says:

      I unknowingly entered into a lease with Northern Leasing systems and was sued in New York for over $3000 when I never received a lease agreement from the get go and the salesman told me we had 30 days to decide to keep the machine or cancel I sent it back in just a couple weeks I to receive letters threatening to garnish wages, property liens, levy accounts and local docketing for public record only the demand is for over 3k. It came from Sharaiya Jiggets. This company ruined me personally and business wise we closed a few months after partially due to NLSI

  89. Mel says:

    I also am being scammed up until this day. Signed the contract in 2005, did 48 months and then tried to cancel contract. Same story as everyone else. Unable to return equipment, poor customer service, fees to break lease. It’s now 2016 and I’m still receiving letters demanding payment and according to them unable to break lease. I filed complaints to the attorney general in New York, Michigan, and filed complaints to the BBB and FTC. Attorneys in NY won’t take anyones cases. Avoid this business. Anyone know of an Attorney in New York that can help??

  90. Joanna Spitalieri says:

    Northern Leasing is one of the worst companies you can get involved with. I had to close my business. I did every thig they said. Sent back all equipment and 2 years later they still are calling and making all kinds of threats. Today’s call the man I spoke with told me he has my social security number and was going to levy my checking account. I had a LLC. This company needs to be stopped and shut down. It is a disgrace what they are doing.

  91. Bob S says:

    I’m in the credit card business and I came across a business owner in the Boston area that is being charged $9500 ($199 for 48 months) for $600 worth of equipment.

    We’ve filed a compliant with company, AG, BBB. You can do this online at

    1. Pam says:

      I did that and it still didn’t work. They still went into my bank account.

  92. John Adams says:

    Update 05/31/2016
    Received a letter from the New York Attorney General telling me they has filed a lawsuit against Northern Leasing. Lease Finance Group LLC, MBF Leasing LLC, Lease Source-LSI LLC, Lease Source INC. Golden Eagle Leasing LLC, and Pushpin Holdings LLC (collectively Northern Leasing) as well as Principal Jay Cohen, aka Ari Jay Cohen, law firm Joseph L. Sussman, PC and several others on April 11, 2016.
    The lawsuit acceses Nothern Leasing of engaging in illegal and deceptive business practices in the leasing of credit card processing equipment to small business owners. The lawsuit seeks to enjoin the respondence from engaging in these practices. rescisssion of leases obtained by fraud or other misconduct and restitution. In addition to this relief. the lawsuit seeks to vacate default judgements obtained by Northern Leasing by fraud, misrepresentation or other improper practices.
    The went further to say in bold type.
    If Northern Leasing has already obtained a default judgement against you, this letter serves as the required notice that our lawsuit seeks to vacate these judgements.
    More info is available @
    Hope this helps some of you. BTW I had already sent a letter to the NY Attorney General seeking to vacate the judgement against me. Probably why I received this response.
    In my case miraculously Northern Leasing send me a letter offering a much lower settlement and I just paid it to get them out of my hair because I was doing a refinance of my home.
    I’m finally done with them and thought I would post this for others who might still be fighting them.
    Good Luck…..

    1. tyler c says:

      hey, same thing happen. but how do you vacate a judgment. i did get the letter and notorized and signed the letter the NY AG ask me to and sent back. NLS still calls me everyday but no letter???? im willing to pay a lower fee so they can get off me azz

      1. LEE says:

        Were you able to negotiate a lower settlement ?

        1. Tyler T Cranston says:

          no, they want $4k now

    2. Madison says:

      If you are still receiving demand for payment, an option is to search how someone got out of a lease. The demands for payment threaten charge off on credit report ? Check your credit and see . It is nothing but an idle threat. Also if you call them you could be like look I’ll send a money order for a final payment but demand they email you an authorized release from guarantor notice as proof. Do not give banking information . Also you could file a law suit against them for harassment. This would get them to stop . Trust me it’s all just fake stupid threats. Also there are tons attorneys in NY willing to take them on if need be.

      1. lala ray says:

        they can and will put the charge off on your credit report if they have your SSN. With just name and address they can inquire your credit report, as they are subscribing members to Experian.

    3. Madison says:

      Yes please do share

  93. sam says:

    very bad company. thieves . scamers. in 2013 they came to my shop offer my employe credit card machine for free. I was not there and inever sighned any contracts. after 8 month they want 10000 for credit machine the one bank offer it for free. isend the machine back and they always call me they want the money. the solution is this company must shutdown.they act like mafia. shame on America if this companystill do business.this company hurt many and manyamericans.they steale millions of dollars.

  94. Lizzy says:

    I almost was in this same issue. I just ask a lot of questions and read the contract. It says right in there that the person in front of me is not an employee or representative of Northern Leasing and can’t change or re-negotiate this contract. So when the guy said I can do it on a 90 day trail period, I called him out on it. All Northern is, is the money to finance the deal. It is person who sold you the bill of goods that you should have the issue with. It seems from reading these post that all Northern is looking to do is to collect on the contract that was signed. As far as debiting your account, unless you gave them that information, how did they get it?

  95. Dean says:

    We signed up with Platinum One LLC to get financing for our customers. In the process, we had to sign a long term lease with Azura Leasing (now MBF Leasing) for equipment leasing. Note: we already had a credit card machine for 40 years but they said we could not use it). Long story short, we never got financing for any of our customers but were stuck in a long term contract for equipment that we did not need or was ever used.

  96. tyler cranston says:

    WORST COMPANY EVER. stick your your local bank preferably a union bank. they are thieves lairs, im on a 4 yr contract and the sales guy said i can cancel if my business closes and they still dont care. they want $3000 to end leasing fee. WORST COMPANY EVER. i had i open a new bank account AND stop payments to the other account because for some reason they can only stop payment for 6 months and i guess you have to go to your bank every 6 months and stop it again. if possible dont ever get a credit card company. and read the contract word for word caz sales people lie about ther contract.

  97. Lisa Gargaro says:

    Each “associate ” you speak with about closing your account, has a different answer and assures you that all is fine….when it’s not. They’ve lied so many times and even admitted a mistake on their behalf, that I have to pay for. They record your conversations, yet will not release any of them to you. My account should have been closed in March. It’s now August and they’re still taking money. When I call them out on what they’re doing, the associates over talk you and are extremely rude and condescending. I am getting a lawyer.

    1. Carla says:

      Can you really get a lawyer let me know because I have tried and no one takes my case I was advise by newt irk consumer affairs to clos my checking account because the will go in as different names

  98. Jennifer Valdez says:

    I entered into an equipment lease with Norhern Leasing Systems (against my better judgement) along with a credit card processing agreement through Smart Choice Payments. The sales agent agreed to a 90-day trial period to show that the effective rates (including lease expense) would be lower than I had been paying. When I tried to cancel, they told me that the lease was through a 3rd party and out of their hands. When I contacted Northern Leasing to see if they could do anything, the representative was immediately uncooperative in any way and basically told me the lease was non-cancellable and there is no trial period, but I could buy out the lease for $11,518 for the $400-500 machine!

  99. Robert says:

    Horrible company, customer service is terrible, they will rip you off.. Beware of northern leasing

  100. gregory says:

    Hello, I have called numerous times regarding lease number 1771671. Customer service continually transfers me to asset management, who never answers the call. I closed one lease and started another with your company despite the bad reviews online. I returned my two machines in the fall of 2015 and verified the account was closed with Sheila. I have been charged 60.48 monthly since. I spoke to asset management months ago regarding the situation and was supposed to receive a call within 24 hours. I was told I returned the wrong machine. Makes no sense and I already verified all proper equipment was returned with Sheila. Two machines were verified as returned. If this is not resolved this week I will contact the Attorney General of NY and I will cancel my current lease. I can be reached at [REDACTED – personal contact information]. This is my last attempt to contact your company regarding this issue.

    Greg Petitt
    Bright Stars Gymnastics Academy LLC

  101. China says:

    Well I have a quite different experience with NLS. Firstly, I’ve never heard of them before I got a voice mail saying they were calling to collect a debt from me. I called them back, got a voice recording, and left a message that they must have the wrong person.

    Today, 7/13/2016, I received a letter, looks all real and stuff, offering me a Hardship Settlement Agreement because, “it has been determined that you may be experiencing financial difficulties” so as a courtesy they will essentially forgive a $5,123.02 for a mere $949.72.

    This so-called lease was supposed to be for credit card processing equipment; however, I’ve never used cc equipment for my business as it is an online service and uses online fulfillment services exclusively and a virtual terminal. And, I’ve been with the same merchant company for 16 years.

    So, it appears that their criminal behavior has escalated to outright theft by fraud, in addition to their so-called bad business practices. These individuals don’t want any part of doing business the regular way, they are simply criminals. Perhaps these attempts to steal money from me is a sign that they are running out of options. Also, no one ever answers the phone number in their letter.

    There is a P.O. Box address in New York, NY (you can mail your payment to), perhaps the state attorney’s office can get a lead from there when I turn this matter over to them.

  102. Rosetta Armand says:

    This is the absolute worst company I have ever delt with. We had our sign made and signed a 36 month contract with them 4 years later they are still talking money so we changed our check account now they are sending us bills this was not a lease we bought the sign and they say we need to send them $600 or they will keep sending us a bill we have already paid$3600 over what we were supposed pay them this is a bunch of crooks BEWARE!! Gonzales La

    1. Mark Razien says:

      I too signed a lease for a Signtronix digital sign for a 36 month period. Well … I never received a letter they claim to have sent advising of my lease coming to maturity …. and continued to draft my business account …. more than $13,000.00 over the amount of the lease term! They offered to accept a final lease payout of $1,200.00 and stop drafting my account … not a good offer from my standpoint!!! Now, they threaten to sue me if I don’t pay an additional $7,513.56! So, my life is good … I quit answering their phone calls about a year ago, and have no intention of having any contact with them … accept to sue them for harassment and mental anguish!

  103. John Graves says:

    This company is the WORST ever! They lie, have “small print” that you would never believe a legitimate company would put in a contract. They over charge for equipment. After the first company “sells” you, and lies, you have only something like 30 hrs and they are off the hook. THAT’S where this company comes in and says, we cant help you, you should have had an attorney look at your contract. They have threatened to take us to court for $15,000.00 AFTER we returned the equipment that was NEVER INSTALLED or used.

  104. Ron says:

    Two days ago I received a letter in the mail from Northern Leasing Systems addressed to a small business company that I operated more that 15 years ago.

    When I terminated the business I returned all equipment and all fees were paid. I never heard anything further from the company until just now. Some fifteen plus years later. Quite honestly I had no idea what the collection letter was even about and had to think about it first.

    The letter starts out by saying after careful review of my file they have determined that a financial hardship case exist and therefore willing to accept a reduced payment of $1786.00 if paid in full by July 11, 2016 to settle all claims against me personally and the company.

    Michigan law allows 30 days to file a written depute as to the validity of amount or any portion thereof. I did not see this language anywhere on the letter, which raised my suspicion. I then did an online search and discovered the legal actions taken against Northern Leasing Systems and it’s many subsidiaries.

    I have now contacted the Michigan attorney general’s office and am in the process of filing a complaint against them.

  105. BRENDA MOORE says:

    I was leasing from equipment from Northern Leasing. I sent my equipment back as my contract is up. DEBBIE called me today and said I was leasing 4 pieces of equipment and I only sent three back. I sent back a pin pad, credit card reader and check reader. They said I still have a piece of equipment called Nurit Clear Advantage. I called the credit card processor and was told, this is a piece of software and doesn’t exist as a physical piece of equipment. So I called NL and explained this to the guy. I said you need to resolve this or I will call my attorney. He said a lot of nasty things and screamed at me and then hung up. I am calling the complaint number in this article now to give them my info.

  106. JK says:

    These folks are involved in fraudulent and deceptive activities. I don’t have all the history because I have taken over my brother’s business due do sudden illness/incapacity. I can echo much of what others have said, and can offer also that they doctor up lease agreements. I can prove that in our case, they cut and paste a signature onto the acceptance line of the lease agreement. Our lease, original written with Global Leasing Company out of Santa Monica, CA, is for 2 swipe machines and a pin pad, was $219/month (plus mysterious other fees) for a 5 year period. This totals over $14K for the equipment over the term of the lease. So not only is the lease agreement fraudulent, but they are also charging ridiculous amounts of money. I spoke with Gary Isaac. Like others, he is a rude, obnoxious bully. They are trained to act this way, and it requires patience and knowledge to try and level the playing field on a call. We negotiated termination of the lease under our circumstances, yet he refused to send a letter signed by anyone with authority. Gary eventually signed (who has no authority and its probably not even his real name) and he tried to bully us into paying an extra $500 beyond what we agreed to, because of the 1 day delay and ask for signature. During those discussions, I started researching them, and at the last minute, I decided to pull out of the termination deal. I informed them that they will not get another dime, and that I discovered the lease to be fraudulent. I should also mention, that we were able to shut down the bank withdrawls a couple of months ago. Unfortunately, you are probably reading these posts after you have already been scammed and deceived. Be sure to file complain with NY States Attorney’s Office, as referenced at the top of this page.

  107. C. Dabney says:

    This is the wiorst experience I have ever had. The sales person lied. When asking about reported billing. I was told they didn’t see where they had sent the bill. Refused to let me talk to a supervisor. They represented them selfs falsely. Customer Service was the rudest people and did not allow me to speak to a supervisor.

  108. Alison Daley says:

    IS it possible to give this company ZERO stars!!! They are absolutely the very worst I have ever dealt with. SCAM doesn’t even begin to describe them. I have been trying to make them go away for 11 months past the 5 year lease being up. I cannot believe they are still permitted to be in business. BE WARY

  109. Angelo Pugliares says:

    This is the worst company I have dealt in over 10 yrs that I’ve been running businesses.
    Customer service gets an “f” Terrible, Terrible, Terrible. I have an attorney, because this company ran over $3000.00 the first month I was with them, through their equipment, and they don’t know where my money is. I faxed them a copy of my closed batches, and my bank account, to show that it was never deposited, and they still don’t know where it went. Are you stupid? or are you stupid?

  110. Karen Smart says:

    It’s not just credit card processing equipment .I bought a fancy sign for my small business through SIGNTRONIX. It was financed through Northern Leasing Systems. Both are HORRIBLE to deal with! NL is taking unauthorized payments out of my checking account! Changing accts but from what I’ve read, that’s not the end of it! I’m in New Mexico. Contacting NY&NM Atty generals

    1. Tami Olsen says:

      We just discovered the same thing with NL. They have been taking lease payments out for over a year after our contract ended. I felt foolish for allowing this to happen until I read how many other have been scammed by them. Now I am furious.

  111. Jihad says:

    I too is a victim of Lease Finance Group LLC.
    Currently there is a pending lawsuit against me in New York city.
    However, I just learned that lawsuit against Northern Leasing Systems, Inc., a New York company, and several of its affiliated companies, including Lease Finance Group LLC, MBF Leasing LLC, Pushpin Holdings LLC and others (collectively, “Northern Leasing”), as well as principal, Jay Cohen a/k/a Ari Jay Cohen, law firm Joseph I. Sussman, P.C., and other individuals involved in Northern Leasing’s operations, for their fraudulent and deceptive practices that trap.

    I strongly advise any victim to contact the New York Attorney General office & file a complaint.
    It is worth noting that this is the second time that the Attorney General has sued these companies.


  112. We tried to return the machine 2 times, and both times it was returned to us. We finally stopped them from accessing our account because we switched banks. Then, we start getting notices that we owe them money. We write letters, and send them to the address they provided, and no response. We got a demand letter for 441.01. We called the phone number on the letter, and tried to talk to Julissa Gomez. She continually talked over us, and insisted that WE have an attitude. We didn’t even get a chance to get one, because she wouldn’t let us talk! We paid the amount she said was due so we could end this. She said she would fax over a release form. She did a day later than stated, but it wasn’t a release form. It was an authorization form for the credit card payment we already made over the phone. The letter she sent with it stated that we would receive a release letter if we sent in the form and IF the card payment represents the final payment due on the lease. She ended up hanging up on us. We are very reluctant to sent them anything now that we’ve read all the complaints. We’re going to research this further before we decide what to do.

  113. Doris Woodie says:

    Please do not deal with this company. They are a fraud and are out to get your money. I have documentation faxed to them and have called many, many times and they say they have no record of my phone calls or correspondence. They are adamant about what they say is true and what you have to say is of no importance to them. During the time of our lease we paid over $2000 and now they want to charge a “buy out” fee for their equipment. I was told that the credit card processing companies are the ones who rip us off not the leasing company. Well I say different. It is beyond me how this company is still in business.

  114. KAMAL PATEL says:

    I simply cannot believe these guys are still in business. I too returned equipment via USPS certified mail only to have them have the audacity to say they did not receive it. Have called their customer service number seven times in past 7 months only to be put into voicemail at each and every time, have left detailed voicemails and have yet to receive any call or correspondence back from them. They tried to continue to charge us the monthly fee of $50 but we stopped payments to them via our bank. We continue to receive invoices and just received a demand for payment from them.

    This group is just terrible to deal with and they need to be shut down.


  115. Barb says:

    This company is a scam/fraud. Beware if you are contacted by Sheena Meyers or Beau Bittke, specifically in the Rapid City, SD area. Ms Meyers was the rep a relative of mine dealt with for services. A contract was signed and she was given paperwork stating set-up fees would be waived, along with the cost of the machine. Ms. Meyers had problems with each machine that was sent to be used, none of them were programmed correctly, so they had to be returned or a couple of times, Ms. Meyers tied up equipment at the business for 4-5 hours, resulting in lost business. Finally on 2-29-16, my relative felt she had been more than patient and told Ms. Meyers to pack up the machine, that she was going to stay with her present credit card company, that she didn’t feel the company had fulfilled the contract. My relative then went to the bank and completed paperwork so this company could not take money from her account which they got around by using different company names (American Payment Systems and Smart Choice Payments). They have taken approximately $4000 from her account for services that were never rendered and for equipment which Ms. Meyers was to have sent back to the company but never did.

  116. Kevin says:

    I may have posted a comment to this forum at an earlier date, but my message warrants a repeat…DON’T BUY INTO THIS SCAM. Someone somewhere wrote a rather lengthy discourse about how Northern Leasing gets away with this con.

    My “salesperson” not only wrote out 1 contract, but had me sign an additional contract in the same of my LLC. (The other was my d/b/a) Incredible. But I got sucked in…he was new to the area, got his family set up in the schools, went to town meetings, etc….the consummate con man. His wife was in on the scam as well.

    I had the resources to get rid of them, but I feel for anyone who can’t, especially those to live too far away from NYC – this is where the lawsuits are filed. If you don’t show up for any hearings, you’re toast.

    If you have have done any business with them, i.e., they have your personal bank info, etc., make sure you check your statements frequently. They have a sleazy way of charging your bank debit/credit cards. (I was able to catch them after only a few months.) And never, NEVER, give them your bank account routing numbers. (We sent a check to their lawyer – who, incidentally is part of the scam – to close our account. Within days, they called us to say they hadn’t received payment and wanted our bank routing number to “…see if they could find the check…” Thank God we didn’t give it him.

    While I haven’t heard from them, they become the walking dead after a few years. I’ve heard they’re like a cancer that comes out of remission after 7 years or so.

    Good luck, folks.

    1. mark says:

      Your rep sounds a lot like the rep who moved into our area. Do you remember what processor he worked for?

    2. Kevin how did you get rid of them?

  117. In July, 2014 I received a phone call from Quantum Merchant Services offering us a better deal on our debit machine. After many phone calls and pressure tactics we decided to make the switch. The first machine they sent was faulty and only worked for a day. I call the number on the terminal expecting to get Quantum but instead got First Data. They sent out a technician who could not fix it. He replaced it with a new one and about a week later I received another new one in the mail. So now I have two. There were several other technical issues throughout the year.
    Quantum also stated that they would cover any cancellation fees incurred with the other company plus 3 free months (after 3 months they would send a cheque for $150.00). They did cover the cancellation fees but it took numerous phone calls and I finally received the cheque in late December. The cheque for $150.00, I was told was “in the mail”, I have never received it.
    In July of this year, I received a phone call from Elavon, another provider. I was very leery because of my experience with Quantum and First Data. However they did offer cheaper rates and I felt better all-round service. I decided to switch to Elavon. I used Elavon’s terminal for a couple of weeks before contacting First Data to terminate my involvement with their company. On or around August 17, 2015 I phoned to terminate my involvement and asked for a prepaid box in order to send back their terminals. They indicated that I owned the terminal to which I said no, I make monthly lease payments. I provided them with the phone number that I had for the lease company and they again said it was not theirs. They stated that Quantum must have “sold” the contract to another lease company. I then reviewed the contract that I had the lease company email to me last year. Upon my review, I discovered that my name had been printed on the contract by some other person. I did not sign this contract. This is very clearly fraud.
    I contacted NLS Leasing to advise them that I had terminated my business dealings with First Data and was doing the same with them. They told me I could not terminate the contract as it was a “Non Cancelable Equipment Finance Lease Agreement”. But a payment of $1207.50 could get me out of the lease.
    I contacted Elavon, he indicated that he knew of this company and advised me to put a stop payment of the lease payment. He said the company would try a few times to get the payment out of my account, then they would give up and go away.
    I contacted my bank; ATB to have them put a stop payment on the monthly lease payment. They advised this would have to be done every month as it is only good for one attempt to withdraw the lease payment. They further stated that they knew of this company and advised that the stop payment method would not stop this company. They shared other customers’ experiences where NLS Leasing goes to great lengths to get their money. This company will change the name of the company making the withdrawal or change the amount of the withdrawal, making the stop payment useless. They strongly advised closing out the account and opening a new one. Which is what I have done.
    I also contacted the Better Business Bureau in Edmonton as the lease agreement had an Edmonton address on it. The lady at the Better Business Bureau was very familiar with NLS Leasing. She stated that they did not have an office in Edmonton and that they have used addresses in Vancouver and Toronto. As well, she shared that they had also used the address of the Better Business Bureau as their own.
    She advised to send a letter of cancellation to NLS Leasing; it would need to be faxed not mailed as the true mailing address is unknown. I contacted NLS Leasing for their fax number; the lady stated their fax number was 1-800-342-7172. I attempted to fax but it did not go through. The next day I called and was given a different fax number 1-845-341-1645. I asked them to provide an address to return the terminal, I have not heard back from anyone. The Better Business Bureau also advised that I file a complaint with the Competition Bureau, RCMP Economic Crime Division and the Department of Finance. The debit machines were returned to NLS Leasing in November, 2015
    There are hundreds of peoples’ stories about their dealing with NLS Leasing, terrible stories. I hope that my story will not have to be added to the long list of stories.
    Since this nightmare began I get at least two phone calls per week. Now threatening legal action. Why can’t this company be stopped.

  118. Ray Schaeffer says:

    I don’t know what to do, however if we could unite against this company somehow I would be on board. I don’t know how to accomplish this but there must be some way that we can find the knowledge and the resources among ourselves. I looked at the New York court filings for this year so for there are over 219 filings from Northern Leasing against the small business person. I also ran across a statistic of over 17000 cases filed by Northern.

    I spoke with Krishan Chiturr an attorney in New York, he advises that I find an attorney in my state (Oregon) to see if there are any laws that protect against this type of predatory business.

    I certainly don’t have the funds to travel to New York, but somehow if enough of us can get together we can fight this crap.

    [REDACTED – personal contact information] is my email

    1. Michael Davinci says:

      I signed up with coastal pay after I spoke with the manger of the company because I have a p.o.s system in my business with a built in terminal for credit card and the agreement to send me newer system after I got the ok Travis the manger of coastal pay told me I have to pay $179 a month for the system and after the four years contract expires the system it should be mine so I agree by the way I recorded all the conversation between me and him which is I still have two weeks later I received a package from FedEx when I open it I found out it’s a credit card terminal so I called Travis right away then he told me to ship it back to them so he can send me p.o.s instead week later I received a bill from northern leasing system for $179 I was shocked so I have to call them to see what’s going on I Ben told they are the third party of the contract and they own the terminal and they told they have nothing to do with coastal pay so i called coastal pay spoke with Travis explained to him about the third party which is never Ben mentioned to me when I signed the contract so he told me please pay him $179 a month until you receive your p.o.s system and I will refund you all the money you paid two weeks later I received new p.o.s system Clover brand but it had deferent software so he asked me to ship it back and he is going to find me a different system with same software I have I wait for more than two months don’t hear any thing so I called to see where I am at Travis told me still looking so I told him I still pay northern leasing company $179 a month he asked me to added up how much I pay so he can issue a check to me which is he did after that never heard any thing from coastal pay now the problem starts between me and northern leasing I explained the whole saturation to the manger of northern leasing he answer to me I don’t care you signed a contract for four years at $179 amonth I asked him how com you want me to pay that amount with out any service and your terminal Ben shipped to coastal pay because they asked me to ship it back to them I still have the shipping invoice and the free shipping label I have all the evidence a bout every thing I said then he said you have to pay if not we gonna report you with a credit bureaus a charge off and that’s what they did screw my credit score and they still fitting to get $11,275,12 that’s ridiculous it is the worse company ever deal with ripping people of it’s amafia bui I will to hire an attorney to make a lawsuit against the biggest thief company in u.s.a a promise I will fit to death for justice and I hope the attorney of general take in serious action against northern leasing system

  119. Vannessa says:

    I recommend everyone play by legal rules. What I did was talk to my bank about getting a new account and closing out the current. Wrote them an email telling them that you know longer wish for them to have any access to automatic withdraws. But they are welcome to send me a bill. I know they are going to send it to me late. But it’s OK. I have a feeling there is a class action lawsuit around the corner which will cost them more than they will be collecting if they don’t fix this now. Second, they appear lazy and don’t really have a process. But to get you to stop emailing them they will want you to call to resolve the matter (in other words let someone else deal with it). Don’t stop. Don’t play that phone tag game, were a new rep doesn’t even know what was said in the last phone call and you have to repeat yourself like for the fith time. Keep all communication in writing because there is NOT ONE WORD you can trust from Northern Leasing System, Payment Systems or Lease Finance Group. Any verbal agreement is worthless shit. All their reps are trained to make excuses, not think or resolve your problem. From the time the Payment System’s machine was double billing my clients, to my clients getting mad and charging me back twice, and not resolving it, to them PROMISING me there would be no new contract with this new machine by law we had to upgrade to , to surprising me with a “HEY YOU HAVE A NEW CONTRACT WITH THIS COMPANY WE DIDN’T TELL YOU ABOUT FOR ANOTHER 48 Months, DON’T LIKE IT? WELL THEN YOU SURE WON’T LIKE THIS $4,858.84 buyout figure, you never agreed to or saw when we swapped out the contracts behind your back.” Since they love to juggle words, and bring up written words and contracts so much, I say it’s time to bombard them with our frustration in writing. I mean how many irate customers can a person handle in a day? And make them print and stamp things manually so there is a paper trail. Give them some work to do, obviously they have so much free time by automatically siphoning your account every month, they probably can’t be bothered with helping you, especially if helping you means losing between $2352-$4,858.84. After all, a business that offers no value has to come up with something to generate revenue. DEAR GOD. PLEASE TELL ALL OF YOUR BUSINESS NEIGHBORS, MEMBERS OF CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, BLOGGERS, ANY PERSON CONSIDERING STARTING A BUSINESS TO AVOID THEM LIKE THE PLAGUE. This company needs to shut down for good. They should never be allowed to access anyone’s accounts or handle contracts.

    1. jak says:

      same story here but i sold my store and what ever they want to do they can go buy i’m not gona pay anything. “HOW ABOUT WE CAN MARCH TO GATHER SOME PLACE SO THAT’S THE WAY THIS TOPIC COME TO MEDIA AND THEN GOVERNMENT HAS TO SHUTDOWN THEM THAT IM THINKING .

    2. I agree with you, I finally got my account cleared last year about this time, I had to pay off the machine that I sent back(they say I sent back the wrong machine, how’s that possible?) so I had to pay an extra $200 plus and they had already charged me monthly over $400 after I sent the machine back, after the contract was fullfilled.

      Today I check my bank account and those SOBs took out another $50 for some tax or something a year later, the guy assures me now that is the end of it and it had better be. That machine cost me so much money it was ridiculous.


    3. Yes they swap out contracts behind your back, I initially dealt with a Quantum Merchant Services – I did not become aware of NSL Leasing until I wanted to terminate my dealings with First Data, the processing company. Please read the rest of my comments in my post. This company is a nightmare

  120. John says:

    This is the worst company I have ever dealt with in business. I purchased a sign from my small business, for $11,000 plus dollars. As I came to the end of contract, I contacted them, they said , great. I called back to remind them we were 30 days away, they said I had to pay a release of my contract, even though I completed my contract. The amount was over $300 plus, however they said I had to call at a certain frame, I did, but they put me on hold for hours, as time went by, the fees have ballooned to over $5,000 and threaten of a lawsuit. This is outrageous this is illegal and they are hiding behind their paper work. I will do my best to,counter due. As I read all these sad stories, as class’s action lawsuit needs to be filled by everyone , including myself, and shut this company down once and for all.

  121. Steven A. says:

    I own a small automotive garage. In May 2014, I was pressured into signing a contract for a financial service system that would allow customers to finance their purchases and repairs, by a salesman from a company in SC. He verbally stated, promised and assured me that if I signed the contract, he would return and train me in the operation process. He never returned, would not return my calls, and the equipment was never set up to work properly. I disconnected the equipment- the equipment has never been used by me. This salesman never, ever mentioned the equipment would be leased from another company- Northern Leasing Systems. I unknowingly signed a 4-year lease contract- that cannot be cancelled. Northern Leasing is now threatening a civil suit against me if I don’t pay $4,257.00 remaining lease payments, $530.08 interest, and $1,064.25 attorney’s fees- for a total of $5,851.33. They said they reported me to the Credit Bureau and threatened to put liens on my assets. I have filed complaints with BBB of NY, NY Attorney General, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau & Governor of NY- no one will help me. Incidentally, the salesman recently said I was a “grown man” and should have known better and the owner of the company laughed and said they did nothing wrong.

    1. Franklin B says:

      Dude I hate to tell you this your well screwed !! This company makes a living on screwing people over and going to court. I have been dealing with them for 10 years and yes they will take you to court in New York City and get a bullshit judgment against you. I refuse to pay for something I never had basically had a shady business partner he signed up for this in my name and signed the docs before he sold out assets and business property while I was out of town dealing with a sick parent and moved across the country. I sent statements and signed afdidavits and it wasn’t signed by me and still nothing but them talking shit telling me it was me and to be a man and pay my bills… I tel you this if I didn’t live 700 miles from their office me and that guy would have a face to face and I bet he wouldn’t say that shit to combat vets face. But anyways this company is shitty the attorney general in New York as already taken them to court a few years ago about shady business practices and fined them some crazy amount in the millions. But get ready for the ride my friend they won’t let it go they will take you to court right at the 7tear mark to keep it going and will try to I nforce it.. Honestly I would either get rid of your assets wait a few years and file BK and tell them to fuck off or pay it they won’t give up and I guess the great state of NY allows them to do it !!!

  122. Ray Schaeffer says:

    WOW- I too am a victim of Northern leasing, I was approached by a company (Riverside Payments Inc.) to upgrade to the new EMV card reading machines. Riverside never installed the machines, they sent them but never followed up to start the install process. This did not stop Northwest leasing, they took over $1000.00 out of my account, no warning and when I told them I have never used the machines and I don’t think I should be paying for them until I can use them they told me too bad, not our problem “you need to pay for the equipment lease”.

    There was no need for this, I was happy to sign up and pay for the service!! Now I am seeking an attorney to help me.

    Ray Schaeffer (Restaurant owner)

    1. Darla says:

      I have a restaurant also. The lease was stuck in with my processor co. What a shady bunch.

    2. joe rounds says:

      hay ray, if you could send me a copy of your lease, you may help me beat these bas#$%#$s in court.
      The contract they have appears to have been altered.
      I need a comparison to show the court, a contract that was not altered, compared to mine.
      Feel free to remove all personal info, as I only need the form.

      1. joe rounds says:

        Hi Joe,

        I will try to get this to you later today or early tomorrow. Thanks for the hope!!


        1. joe rounds says:

          I learned that in Idaho, My Attorney General does not care. To think I actually believed we have laws to protect us from blatantly deceptive
          sales claims.

          thanks, just the first page

          1. Jennifer says:

            Hi Joe,
            I’m in Idaho, too, with a similar sad story as others have posted and will be filing a complaint against Northern Leasing and Wholesale Merchant Processing (Beaverton, OR…also DBA Smart Choice Payments and Harbor Touch…don’t they come up with the best names (sarcasm :) ..will also file complaint with NY and OR Attorney Generals.

            Did you receive any reply from Idaho Attorney Gen. office?

    3. jason says:


      As we have mentioned before and as we have asked CPO to look into, you have not signed up with Riverside Payments. We have made this clear more then once now. Please feel free to contact us to work out a resolution. Again your claims may be accurate however the company you have targeted has nothing to do with your accusations.

  123. Tanya D. says:

    I’m in Florida and been dealing with this nightmare that won’t end!!! If someone has figured out how to stop this financial bleed out PLEASE post. The New York business owners got some relief but this Northern Leasing is still robbing people all over the United States!!! I’m going on 8 years and I’ve experienced the same as everyone else. These guys are crooks!!

  124. Barbara says:

    My terminal is no longer compliant and my lease is about 10 yrs old. They continue to bill me until I return the old out of date terminal.

    They have received thousands of dollars for the terminal and still want to bill me…They know the terminal is not PCI compliant.

    They do not answer in customer service. I have called several times. They do not return calls.

    Are you with Northern Leasing Systems? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

    1. pamella parker says:

      I have a terminal that is only 20 months old and they will not update it without me signing a new 4 year contract. So, I will not sign and have to deal with not being compliant for 28 more months. I was promised $400.00 dollars back from overcharges from my previous cc machine company. I never received that $400.00 plus I am paying rent on a machine from a company that does not stand behind there merchandise. I can not get out of the contract. I will be closing my store in December of 2016 and will still have a contract to live up to. I was told by Global Specialist (
      the company that signed me up) that I could cancel my contract at anytime as long as I went through them… Guess what? They are no longer around. Pam

  125. Judi says:

    I signed up for a 2 year agreement and paid a monthly insurance fee. I thought things were fine until part of my town was destroyed by a tornado.
    After sending proof to the company that my business was destroyed in the tornado and hours of phone calls, finally the rep that signed me up told me it was taken care of. That was a total lie! I started getting bills and it showed a 4 year contract. I never signed a 4 year. They also wanted me to continue with the agreement with no business standing. They will not work with me and they lie about everything.
    Do not do business with them!

    Are you with Northern Leasing Systems? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  126. Steve and Denise Kalb / Shoo Fly says:

    We signed up with this company in 2012. Have had nothing but problems since the first payment withdrawal. They took fees for items. Not disclosed ands we cancelled the automatic pmnt and wanted to pay monthly. I was told they they could not accept a pmnt until it was late! They finally agreed to call on or around the 1st to get punt via my debit card. That also has been a nightmare and an additional $5 per mo. In Oct 2015 when chip cards were being introduced and merchants were being tol they had to upgrade terminals in order to be protected against fraud I called and asked if we could exchange the equip for the Val of the lease. They were happy to do that but when they emailed the contract in very fine print it wouldd extend the lease another 48 months. I was emphatic we were going to buy a machine at the end of the lease. I refused and they said we had to finish out the lease and they would keep charging until the machine was returned. We returned the machine via certified mail and they got it on 12/31/2015. Our letter requested the amount due for the balance of the lease be sent to us in writting and we would pay at once. Received a bill last week for $500+!!!. I called and wrote for an explanation. Get calls everyday wanting pmnt but no explanation. We are at our wits end with them.

    Are you with Northern Leasing? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  127. Hannah says:

    I agree with everyone else! Northern Leasing is a horrible company who feed off of small businesses. They offered me a buy out of over what it would cost to complete the lease with them!! Ridiculous! I was told I would be paying significantly less and just 3 months into my contract I found out it was all BS and the sales guy I dealt with Lance Brasswell was a total LIAR! He bold face lied to me about what my contract was. I will be contacting a lawyer to see if there is anything I can do. I am so upset that they can get away with doing people this way. Horrible company! And the company Lance was working under is called EMV Payment Systems. STAY FAR AWAY!!

    Are you with Northern Leasing Systems? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  128. Sabrina says:

    I just found out that Northern leasing keeps on charging me even tough I already played up my 4 years with them. I singed a contract in 2009 and in 2015 my machine stopped working ( I went with a new company for my machine). Now they are telling me I have to send them back a “working” machine otherwise they will charge me an additional $ 266.55 and will continue charging me $45.96 per month until they have the machine back.
    I stopped my payments with the bank but I am not sure what to do next. The person on the phone was not very nice – she talked over me and I ask for my contract agreement via email – she was not able to get my email address straight.
    Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks, S

    Are you with Northern Leasing? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

    1. mark says:

      They block all your attempts to end your lease. They do not want your machine back either.
      All you can do is either get a new account # or keep stopping payment with your bank! You should also send them a letter of
      your intent to cancel your month to month lease. Just so you can say you did. Do not consider them anything more than the scammers
      they are. They won’t use E-mail either, that would leave a trail.

      Are you with Northern Leasing? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  129. G Bennett says:

    Northern leasing has ripped me off for the last time. They charged me double the price of the credit card machine they had me buy and never backed it up. I will never work with them again. The are the worst company I have ever worked with. The need to rot in hell!

    Are you with Northern Leasing? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  130. Michael says:

    If you would like to pay via lease $11,000 for equipment you can buy on Amazon for $700 (new) or $400 (used), you are in bed with the right guys. Can give you all the details but it’s a waste of time. If you didn’t sign with them yet, or saw their name on documents a third party presented to you (it’s one of their tricks), run as fast as you can. Just make sure your wallet is with you. If you did sign call your state Attorney General.

    Are you with Northern Leasing Systems? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  131. Pamella Parker says:

    Northern leaseing has overcharged me, for example I have two charges this month, one for 12/01/2015 Debit NORTHERN LEASING LEASE PMT * $52.60 a12/02/2015 Debit NORTHERN LEASING LEASE PMT * $28.80. the $52.60 is a normal charge for renting the equipment. I do not know what the $28.80 is for. I have tried to reach them by phone without success.
    I was scammed by Global Specialist into renting from them. The gave me all the wrong information. Now I want to close my store and I am held to a 4 year lease. I was informed by Global that I could cancel my lease at anytime through them. I am VERY UNHAPPY WITH THEM.

    Are you with Northern Leasing? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  132. Theresa says:

    Scam of a company be advised!! Do not sign any contract with them. Also customer support is terrible!! Kasandra was a total ass and do rude to deal with

    Are you with Northern Leasing? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  133. Praveen says:

    I signed up for the same kind of contract with them ,and its been around 15 days ,not knowing about this company ,but after reading all the complaints i found myself in the same state ,can anybody tell me what shall i do ??

  134. Jeff Street says:

    Norhtern Lease has been trying to take money from our account, We did not sign the lease documents, You can see on the documents where someone has inserted or taped my initials where they need it. This company is a total scam. Now we have to get a lawyer to put a stop to this.. Beware….

  135. Joseph Wood says:

    This company is a prime example of why the Better Business Bureau and Consumer Protection agencies exist. What they have in place is nothing short of highway robbery. Daniel, the sarcastic, extremely unprofessional sales person that we’ve dealt with in the past, and just dealt with again, after he inadvertently called with his bi-yearly bogus sales pitch riddled with scare tactics (for the LAST time if he’s wise enough to leave us be) was rude, condescending, and flat-out abusive when faced with our legitimate dissatisfaction to his ‘sales pitch’. He was not only disrespectful, calling our office manager a ‘nobody in charge of nothing’, a 13 year old girl – and when asked to take us off his list and never call again, refused, screaming over the top of her voice that he would be calling back in 15 minutes to talk to somebody that mattered. Everything in their rating here is truth – the ‘F’ fits. Stay very clear of these crooks with contracts. PayPal needs no equipment, is extremely easy to use and track fees, and completely eliminates the need to ever deal with unprofessional idiots like Daniel again. We are in a contract that expires in 2018, for equipment that according to this company, was obsolete the year they sold it to us. They will be collecting their $31.60 per month thru direct debit from us until then – for NOTHING but confusion, extraordinary fees for NOTHING, and now, HARASSMENT. They should be shut down and put out of business for the good of all small business owners out there. Hopefully ratings such as this will help others avoid the traps they set.

  136. Pelinti says:

    I also find myself in a battle with Northern Leasing.
    I never used the equipment they sent, a staff member signed for the box while I was away.
    Now they are bilking not just the stated lease price but an additional 25 dollars monthly in unexplained fees.
    This is by far the most EVIL entity I have ever dealt with as a small business owner. As we all know there are many groups trying to squeeze the small business owners of America but northern leasing takes the cake.

    Anyone who has advice on stopping the group in doing this to anyone else please contact me. Use social media use word of mouth use the law. Let’s shut this company down. I don’t understand how they are still operating. US attorney general sued NL and won yet still they continue to steal from small businesses across america.

    Contact me.. [REDACTED – personal contact information]
    Let’s work together to stop this.!!

    1. Janine Walsh says:

      If you have anyone I can speak to resolving this matter please inform me!!! I have been told by Northern Leasing that they have a civil suit against me!! I never used their equipment and their “non-cancelable” lease is unconscionable….They are trying to sue me for over $6,000!!!!

      Are you with Northern Leasing Systems? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  137. CSW says:

    Worst company we’ve ever done Business with. Horrible costumer service the lease is confusing and you can’t cancel unless you pay them thousands of dallors. DO NOT DO ANY BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE!!!!! SCAM ALERT!!!!!

  138. Sue says:

    Contact State of New York Attorney General
    120 Broadway New York, NY 10271 Number 212-416-8300

    office Of Attorney General Consumer Protection Division
    200 Saint Paul Place Baltimore Md 21202

    I have the same story as all of you. I cant understand why this company is still in Business. The online stories go on and on. This is crazy.

  139. Rachel says:

    I fought the lawsuit and won!!! Just got case dismissed after two years. I am a Florida resident and did the whole suit by phone and motions. No attorney. Free legal papers available online. Be diligent and don’t give up! I am a small business owner with no legal background and I did the research and fought the suit. They had no proof of electronic signature to present to court. Case dismissed, with prejudice meaning they can not come after me again. Please stand up for yourselves and all small business owners. You can fight this. Out if state and no attorney, you can win

    1. john says:

      Hi Rachel, my name is john and I am currently in the same predicament. I was wondering if they send you a summoning to appear in court or if you have recieved any type of paper work from the court. I received a letter from northern leasing stating that they have filed a law suit against me. I don’t want the court to enter a default judgement against me. so please tell me what are my options. you can email me by my secondary email at [REDACTED – personal contact information]

      thank you

      1. Rachel says:

        Hi John. All email addresses blocked. Not sure how to contact you. No lawsuit has been filed until you sign for officially served paper. Until then it’s just threats. The most important thing is to answer the suit within 30 days of signing for it. A simple form can be printed for free and filled in by hand. I mailed mine certified mail to courthouse(address on suit) to be sure it was received on time. The you print out a simple motion form requesting all appearances be done by phone because your out of state. A motion to dismiss is easy to fill out also. It’s important to say the personal guarantee is not officially e-signed, just typed in. The court will mail you a time and date to call. Don’t miss these! That’s what they count in, you missing something and then they get a default judgment. Make sure all papers notorized. An affidavit of service can be used as well which is a printout, all available online. It’s just a form from a witness that was there when everything was done on time. My husband signed mine. I hand wrote everything in, nothing fancy just the facts. If there’s a way to talk let me know. Anything I can do to help.

        1. Christine Cole, Esq. says:

          The above comment that the action is not commenced until you sign for the Summons and Complaint is not true, and may seriously mislead someone. The service is complete when the Plaintiff’s attorney mails the certified mail in New York. It doesn’t matter whether you sign or it or pick it up at the post office. They file their “affidavit of service” saying the documents were mailed, and thereafter are able to obtain a default judgment. Defendants call me all the time to vacate default judgments which weren’t answered because they refused the certified mail or didn’t go get it, and it is very hard to convince a judge that not accepting the certified mail is an “excusable default.”

        2. Claudia Rogel says:

          Rachel, Im kind of the same situation as John. They said they open a court against me, but I never signed anything.. So does that mean it’s just treats? Let me know how you what you filed and where. My email is [REDACTED – personal contact information]. Or anyone else that has had any luck with this company… So I can clear my name. HELP!!


        3. Pam says:

          Hi Rachael can you call me. I have the same problem. They already went in my bank account account and took more than I owe. Help Pam 916-230-5951

      2. Wanda says:

        I have been dealing with Northern Leasing about 5 years now, just let me tell u the truth , if they have filed against you , THEY WILL WIN, I filed suit against them and in the wait time to see the judge ,they filed suit against me, another bogus act of theirs, there is no end to them, I have judgement against them, but they are still winning, I wish you luck and please do the same for me.

    2. luis r hidalgo says:

      i was a crazy i signeed one contract
      year latter my wife signeed the secon1 hey said 2 me the new conterct wiil erase the first 1
      mo make short din happen for three months they took funds wend i stop the payment they hitme w $7,346 for the new contract
      now they su me in new york for 3600 what can i do in this case ? plz i wiil apreciated any advise

    3. stephanie says:

      I am willing to fight these thieves till the very end but if you tell me where i can find these legal document what are the fisrt second and third step that i should take anything will help me thanks

    4. Claudia Rogel says:

      what steps did you take to fight against them and won. There is a lot of us in the same boat that need guidance in how to fight them.

    5. Toula Kourtides says:

      Hi Rachael. I am a small business owner in Florida and got scammed from Northern leasing systems. I am getting sued now and I have to appear in court in New York. Please help me with any information. And congratulations. This is been my worst nightmare in the 8 yearls I’ve been in business.

      Are you with Northern Leasing Systems? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

    6. Kim Deaton says:

      They just called me and said they want to put a judgement on me they say I owe them $3,500 I signed with the company and I was only with them for 3 weeks and they took like $700 out of my account, it was a very small business thank you so much for your help, if you can give me any feedback I do appreciate it thank you!!!

    7. James Michalak says:

      Have a court date the first part of December and am trying to figure out what would be the best way to defend against this suit. Hearing is by phone. email me, would love to talk to you and see what you did exactly.

  140. Rachel says:

    I have been in an ongoing legal battle with Northern Leasing in the civil court of New York for well over a year. Today I got my official papers from the judge that my case was dismissed with prejudice! I reside in Florida and did NOT hire an attorney. I chose to fight this battle on principal and I WON!!! You must answer the initial lawsuit within 30 days, if not they will get a default judgement against you. All papers can be printed from a legal papers website for free. I filed my answer to protest the lawsuit and filed a motion to do all proceeding via telephone. I had several phone conferences with a judge and a less than qualified attorney from there fleet of lawyers. I filed a motion to dismiss based on the lack of signature and the typed “signatures” in the personal guarantee part of the contract. The judge gave them 30 days to produce evidence of the third party electronic signature company they claimed to use. The produced NOTHING. The judge then granted my motion to dismiss and they can not come after again(with prejudice). I am not a scholar, I own a small diner. I did the research and took the time to stand up for myself and other small business owners. It took time and diligence but I WON!!!! Don’t give in, fight!

  141. AM Gibbert says:

    First-I don’t understand why you’re giving them one “Star” at all!
    I have the same sad story as all the above-so I do not have much to add–
    I used their machine for 2 months and sent it back-I have the signed receipt.
    I have a piece of paper that the sales guy -Geoff signed guaranteeing we would save $200 to $300
    per month if we switched– including–the $90 rental of the equipment-(which I did not need-because I owned mine and could of reused it-but he said I needed the one that would take the new cards coming up with the “Chip”-and mine did have that capability -however- he told me it did not)
    So bottom line = They are Thieves and Liars
    It just makes me angry that they have been in trouble with the Attorney General in NY
    before–and yet they continue to prey on the small business owners-They sure have some deep
    pockets – and know people in “Low -down and dirty” places

    1. Danielle says:

      They’re just ridiculous. They’re out to get as much money as they can, they’re money hungry. They train their workers to get the most money out of you. They have a “roll over” agreement where your lease “matures” and you still get stuck paying month to month.

    2. Rick says:

      same problems here in NC . local processor told me Numerous times there was no other costs , and specifically no lease involved ” everything is included” . the machinery i recieved wasnt even in good condition ! had to have 3 machines sent to me in order to even get the service to work properly .
      quickly dropped the service and now on the hook – and personnaly on the hook – for 4! years .. still trying to figure out how to save my credit and get these assholes off my back . any help would be appreciated.
      Btw – all their correspondence indicates they are in manhattan ny – not the case – they have moved to middletown NY and the collections are in Jersey City

  142. Lisa Yuan says:

    I got the same problem with Northern Leasing Systems. When I signed the lease in 2009, the salesperson told me that I could transferred the lease any time If I sold the business. I sold the business and transferred the lease in 2012. About one year ago, the owner of the business died. The Northern Leasing Systems came back following me again, and request me to pay them the balance of the lease which is expired two years ago. Northern Leasing says they will take me to court if I don’t pay them. This is a scam company. We all should fight back and request New York Attorney General to do something about.

  143. Kathy G says:

    I too have become a new victim of Northern Leasing Dave Helmig was the in Maine. Everyone’s story is about the same as mine. In the first month when I immediately saw the discrepancies, I called the company and got the same rude, hateful response as everyone else. I immediatle put a stop payment on my account, which was effective to keep them from sucking any more money from me. I am sure I will have to do this on a yearly basis because thru TD Bank it only remains in effect for one year.
    After using them for one month I pulled out their equip and returned to Heartland Payment Systems and they are trying to help me thru this. New to this so just starting to see the affects. Sleepless nights, not able to eat, not wanting to participate in life. This is depressing and uncalled for.

    1. Katie says:

      What is your status Kathy? I am a new victim!!

    2. Rachel says:

      I am a northern leasing victim that won my case in New York, while remaining in Florida. I did not hire an attorney and got all the papers I needed online for free. They filed in small claims court over a year ago and today I got the judges dismissal with prejudice. The could not provide any proof that I electronically signed a personal guaranty or anything else. It took diligence and determination to beat them. Don’t let them win.

    3. Kerry says:

      I was a victim in NH – Christopher Gordon was the rep. He opened a couple of accounts in my name (each account had a different business name!).
      He pretended to help me and asked for all of my personal information in order to obtain a business loan and POS lease/credit card processing for my small business.

      I’ve paid off the so-called lease, but am frightened by their reach…will I wake up one morning to find out my money has been sucked out of my accounts?

      I don’t sleep well at night….

  144. Lindsey says:

    This company just stole $9,139 out of my bank account which is most of my lifes savings from a contract I had with them almost 10 years ago. My salon closed and I no longer needed the sign nor credit card machine I had no option to cancel and they expected me to pay way more then I should for something I cant even use. I stopped paying this when the sign stopped working it was supposed to be covered for replacement or repair yet no one would ever return my call. Sales man said he left the company He was new and found out they were fraud and he couldn’t work for them. I was stuck I then sold the salon and was not able to cancel cc machine but to by back was like 120 yet I still owed about $700 and they wanted me to still pay it off after giving it back to them!!!!!! They took $9,139 and I “owed” 4,500 get that DOUBLE!!!!!!

    1. Kerry says:

      How did they get all that money 10 years later? Did/do you have the same bank account you had 10 years ago?

      I got caught up in their fraudulent web (2014-15) in the state of NH. After reading your post, however, I’m even more concerned about them getting their paws into my bank accounts. They have already called saying, “…we just want to be sure we have your correct bank routing number…” Just need to know if they were able to track you down by this method. Thanks…

  145. Mindy says:

    I am one of the victim that just found out I got scam and lock by northern leading for 48 months.. The contract was different to the one that I received on the mail..the reason they didn’t even provide a soft copy of the contract immediately is because they wanna change the info in the contract.. So I got this fraud contract on the mail saying I have to pay $260 for 48 months.. The salesman still tells me I can cancel anytime..such big liar.. And they want me to pay over $10000 to end the contract.. On the paper work.. It also states I lease 3 equipments.. Why the heck will I lease three equipment for such small business? I definitely have not receive anything from them.. I keep calling the salesman with no response.. I need help.. Really bad.. i shouldn’t trust them at the beginning..

    1. Evan says:

      I have the same issue and could really use help getting out of it as well.

      1. Tim Byk says:

        There are many victims, I am one too. Michael Lee was the “salesman” that some how scammed me into a 48 month lease for over $3500 in payment and I in turn got to keep a cheap $219 credit card machine. RIP OFF. I’m sure all our stories are similar. I’ve been paying over $80/month for almost 18 months. I’ve been contacted by other victims here in the Los Angeles area and have filed my case with the New York AG Eric T. Schneiderman. Here is the link.
        Also, anyone reading this, beware of Michael Lee and the company Eschelon and Northern Leasing.

        1. Daniel says:

          Hi Tim,

          I am also in Los Angeles and was scammed by the same person, Michael Lee and the same companies Eschelon and Northern Leasing, for the same amount of $80 a month.

          What steps did you take to resolve this? Have you reached any agreement. Please let me know as I want out of this too

          I believe my signature was even forged on one page.

        2. rick says:

          I was duped by the same michael lee. When it came to sign the contract, he only lifted the pages where i could sign so i could not read and he was talking to me at the same time. What a sneaky and douche bag guy. How is your case going?

  146. Tom Harris says:

    I leased a $700 digital sign from Northern Leasing in 2003. I sold the business and transferred the lease in 2004. Northern Leasing is now contacting me and demanding $11,283 or they will take me to court! This is such a scam. Help! Any advice on how to deal with these fraudulent people? Anyone know of an honest attorney that could help. I live in So. California.

  147. brooks says:

    They ALSO SCAMMED my mother! She’s now elderly and getting threatening letters constantly demanding almost $4,000 !!! THEY ARE CROOKS!

  148. Stacey says:

    The also forged my lease agreement, dropped off equipment that I didn’t need, over charged me thousands of dollars, filed in the state of NY and supposedly took me to court, laughed when I tried to arrange a payment plan with them and now it’s on my credit report. I need to get this resolved and soon. It’s been 2 years of agonizing over it. I see lots of similar complaints, but no resolution. WE NEED ANSWERS BY THE ATTORNEY GENERAL OF NEW YORK!~

  149. Alison C says:

    I am seeing our story in all of these posts. It appears there is no one that has been able to attain or (has posted) any successful resolution to this problem. Is there anyone out there? When I spoke to a supposed VP, he sent an affidavit of fraud asking for 3 forms of ID including but not limited to a driver’s license, cancelled bank check, copy of a passport, SS card, employee ID showing a signature. This was way more information than I am willing to furnish a company that has conned me and so many others. When I tried to call the “VP” back, the rep was aggressive and rude he said that filling out the affidavit wouldn’t make any difference. He finally put me on hold and then came back on the line and said he would leave a message. Then he snidely added “good luck with that” and hung up. I would love to hear the results of any lawsuits. As I’m sure we are about to embark on that path. Living in California will make it difficult. Please post any helpful info.

    1. Mark D says:

      Don’t give them anything, as they set out to scam from the get go. You might find a couple FB pages helpful.
      ., many
      people sharing info on these crooks!

    2. Richard says:

      I am in legal proceedings with Northern and would be willing to discuss my experience.

      1. dennis says:

        Northern Leasing has filed a law suit against us. We have been charged thousands over any other processing company. This law suit is interesting, seems like it might be bogus. I would be interested in your outcome. No one will handle this case because it is filed in New York, and the attorneys wont make much on it. Northern Leasing are a bunch of crooks. It is inconceivable that no one gets any satisfaction.. Please keep in touch.

      2. Kathy says:

        I would be interested in the outcome of your lawsuit as well as the process. Where did you file? Were you successful?

        1. Rose says:

          Hi Kathy,
          People are simply afraid of responding and of getting further “ripped off” by this company.
          (Myself included) Just read the complaints from others that go on and on.
          I was relieved when I retired so no longer involved with any business dealings.
          The bank I did have my business with helped me to retrieve some of the money and from getting ripped off further, but were NOT able to have ALL money taken from my account put back.

      3. Brian harrigan says:

        I just started a contract with Northern leasing and now realized I was totally scammed, any information you could provide regarding your efforts to get out of the lease would be greatly appreciated.

        Thank you,

      4. Perry Danielson says:

        I am scheduled for a pre-trial hearing on May 6, 2015. Would love to hear how it went?

        1. Katie says:

          How did your pretrial hearing go??

      5. Claudia Rogel says:

        what are you doing to get these fraudulent business? [REDACTED – personal contact information]
        Claudia R

    3. Dennius says:

      I have been dealing with Northern Leasing in excess of 10 years. They have now taken us to court. The amount started out at $1500 we are now up to $4000 according to them. Our court date was August 28,2014. I am waiting for the judgement against us to show up any day. We cant afford to go to New York to defend ourselves. The representative said the new equipment was an update only. they started a new 4 year contract without us knowing and forged my Wifes signature. All this bitching on line does nothing. It is a shame in America to be scammed so openly and receive no help from any one. They work within the law showing signatures on contracts, and the court has to uphold their claims. We are all too stupid and naïve for their staff of attorneys. Hard to believe there are people who make a living doing this type of scum work…..If anyone has had success, let me know.

      1. Mark D says:

        Did they actually send you a new terminal?

  150. Yangwon Chung says:

    Before using northern leasing, we were paying $19/month and guess what we were
    Charged over $80 after switching. The sales rep promised to cut down our expenses and we keep every
    Number that he presented to us. Long story short, do not even think about them as your
    Business partner. All those terrible reviews are just my story. They are preparing law
    Suit against us. Look! Northern leasing. We have our plan too and we keep every number
    You offered. From Bloomfield hills MI

  151. Steve says:

    Has any one had success with getting out of this ridiculous contract? In what world is a machine worth over $4000. This is such a scam. Buyer beware for sure!

  152. dennis says:

    What a joke, we have no one to help small business owners. The State of New York won an $11,000,000 law suit against Northern Leasing, yet the abuse continues. Northern Leasing has debited my business account for over 8 years and collected thousands of dollars. They are now suing me for $1800 after we went out of business. The copy of the contract they sent with the suit shows my Wife’s signature(which was forged, it is definitely not hers) They included A “law suit” filed in NY. signed by an attorney JOSEPH L. SUSSMAN, P.C.. Law suit looks like a form made up on their computer. HELP IS THERE ON JUSTICE

    1. franklin says:

      they did this to me too. I am being sued in NY right now from the same lawyer and sent me a contract that is my name but i def did not sign it at all! So i see im not alone on this now i read this how many of us are there. Im not rolling over im fighting this no matter what it takes. I didnt even know about a lawsuit until i get a letter from a lawyer that said im being sued in NY and he wants to represent me for $750 plus $500 for a hand writing expert to look at the contract. I feel this company is being shady and signing contracts the crappy thing is i never even had a credit machine from them or anyone i dont know how they got my info at all but they do and now i have a lawsuit i have to fight !! good luck to you bud and dont let them push you around if enough of us make a stink something has to happen . i mean they have a 11 million suit against them i guess we are footing the bill for that…. god bless

      1. Yangwon Chung says:

        So we are in the same boat. I wanna learn following story after this. We are in MIchigan and I have
        No clue what is next. I appreciate if you share your case more. Thanks in advance.

  153. larry lamb says:

    Northern Leasing scammed me out of $10,000 for a $400 CC machine. Obscene and disgusting are the two most common words used to describe their practice when reviewed by any party. I am seeking redress from the State Attorney’s Office. Be ware!

  154. leonard blood says:

    I just received a letter of demand from northern leasing saying I owe them 2,776.44 dollars.they say they will sue to get there money.i sent the credit card machine 10yrs when I closed my business.they called me back then saying they did not receive it.i told them I sent it back and have the receipt,they never contacted me after that until this week 3/15/2014 demanding payment what is going on what are they trying to do.i am not going to pay this,i have tried to call them but no return would be great if someone would close them down.

  155. Nova says:

    We too were ripped off by Northern Leasing. They kept taking our money for two years after the lease period. I called them and they stated they had notified us by letter when the lease was paid. We never received any letter and they could not provide any proof that we received the letter. We paid out of the lease hoping to be finished with them but, oh no, the next month they drafted our account for another $150.00. I called them and was treated hatefully. All the representative could say was “it was in the contract” over and over. Northern Leasing and any company working in conjunction with them should be avoided at all costs.

  156. Rosemary deHart says:

    I read the above complaints regarding this unscrupulous company. I too was scammed. During that time I was not able to sleep, it was devastating, heart aching and painful. Those responsible for this company should be put in jail and throw away the key.

    1. Fran Menges says:

      We too have been scammed with Northern Leasing/Lease Finance. Did anyone get out of their contract?

  157. Gary Fraley says:

    Northern leasing signed me up 2 years ago on a 4yr lease which I was not aware of. I recently wanted to use my business computer as the terminal. They would not let me out of the contract. If you decide to use this company, read the lease before you sign. Will never use them again.

  158. Garry Owen Ault says:

    In March of 2007, I signed a lease with MFB Leasing for 48 months. Prior to the end of said lease on Feb 2, 2011, that portion of NORTHERN LEASING SYSTEMS INC. known as SKS which is the portion of said company that sends out bills, or if you have paid by CHECK on the First Payment, will accomplish ACH transactions using in my Case MFB Leasing did on Feb 2, 2011, a full two months prior to the termination date of the 48 Month Lease with MFB Leasing begin taking money out using the name NORTHER LEASING as the ACH action. Because the NEW YORK STATE ATTORNEY’S Office had instigated a legal action against NORTHERN LEASING INC. Northern Leasing quit sending me bills. The State AG of NY ended up getting an action against SKS portion of Northern Leasing. On the 9th day of August, 2013, Northern Leasing begin making calls to my home, because the Economic dowturn cause me to have to close my business on October 31, 2011. I had registered a complaint with NY AG’s Office and sent data outlining my problems, ie “a claimed signature by NORTHERN LEASING on a new Contract, which is pure fabrication on their part. I had to close my Business Bank Account after all outstanding checks had cleared. Paid billings that they sent until all of sudden they quit sending bills. And, now it appears that I will be sued in 4th District Court in Idaho, where I reside, for non-payment of bills they have not sent. I feel I have been conned by this Company and have not been served in the proper manner by the State Of New York Attorney-General.

  159. Pinky's Liquor & Wine says:

    I am a small liquor store owner and was told that this company represented the government and that I had a refund coming due to being overcharged by my current processor. They said that my account had been red flagged due to being grossly overcharged. I found out three days later that I had been scammed and the monies that had run through my credit card machine had not gone into my account. I never got a dime. I called to find out the problem and the number that I had been given was disconnected and the email address for support was bogus. This company is a complete fraud and needs to be shut down by the Attorney General of New York. I am just sick. At this time I am a cash only store as I am afraid to do business with any processor.

  160. Richard says:

    I was offered great rates on credit card processing by an Eschelon salesman. I agreed to try this new company. I was later told that an equipment was part of the package. I already owned all my own equipment and did not want to lease. I was told that I needed to lease this equipment in order to get all these savings and that there would be no early termination if I were to cancel the lease. This was written into an agreement and signed by myself. After several months I was not receiving the promised savings so I called to cancel my processing and equipment lease. I was told that the lease was a 48 month non cancellable lease. I told the company that there must be a mistake I never signed a 48 month non cancellable lease. I faxed over a copy of what I believed to be the lease. It stated the equipment to be leased, the length of the lease, and the monthly payments. I told the salesmen that I would not enter into a long equipment lease so he added the clause “waive early termination fees.” and assured me that this would allow me to cancel the lease at any time with out any fees.
    Northern Leasing sent me a copy of a forged lease and told me that that there was no way out. I have been fighting with them for over a year. they have made hundreds of calls to my office to my home and even to family members. The equipment was returned over a year ago and I recently received paperwork from their attorney. At this point it looks like I will either pay or hire an attorney and try to fight this. If any one has any let me know.

  161. MARK says:

    Northern Leasing is a company that set out to scam and fraud. They phish databases that contain new state files for new biz licenses. They then have a second party who is usually representing a credit card processor , contact you to allow them to handle your credit card processing. They sell u on their processing fees and when you sign with them, amazingly by a mysterious slide of hand, you also signed a lease contract worth thousands of dollars for a card swiper that you can buy outright for $200. Once you discover this, you call the leasing co and they basically tell you they have nothing to do with the processor. Then to add insult to injury they charge you some kind of insurance on the swiper yet if something goes wrong or happens to it, you have call the manufacturer.. Northern Leasing is just a scam Company and they know it, so don’t expect to be treated like your biz is important to them. Just parasites that found away to steal money without providing anything for their services except a headache!

  162. Northern Leasing has charge my account for all kind of monies when them need money they just help them sealves. I have comminted fraud so many times I lost count. I had to stop putting money in my account to keep them from taking it.

    Do NOt ever do business with these theaves.

    I am closing my account an opening a new one to keep them from taking my money

  163. Marie McLaughlin says:

    Northern Leasing Systems has been debiting my bank account for 12 years–8 years after lease expiration. When the lease was signed the representative assured me the equipment would be mine to keep at the end of the 4 year lease term. Obviously the rep told me what I wanted to hear in order to get me to sign the lease and get her commission. Since the paperwork inferred that I was paying first and last month in advance, I had no reason to believe that they would continue to charge my account long past lease expiration. When I discovered these overcharges and attempted to rectify the situation they are demanding return of the pin pad (which I haven’t had in years) or pay to terminate the “agreement.” Since they have overcharged me over the years by over $1800, I’m not about to pay them another dime. It is interesting to note that since I have been fighting with this company, the daily phone calls we were receiving from credit card processing companies “wanting to help us reduce our rates” has gone from 1 or 2 daily to virtually 0. No doubt these cold calls were the result of Northern Leasing’s commissioned salespeople calling their “sucker list.”

    1. david walker says:

      this company is scammers all the way! they have been depting my account for 2 years for a machine that was used by previous owner, doesn’t even match sn of one I have now , call them to stop billing all they want is to send me a contract, which I have never signed. and never will! stopped payment at bank . but they are scam artist so I’m sure they will keep trying.

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