Crown Merchants Overview

Offering Merchant Services Since 2005

Founded in 2005, Crown Merchants ( is a merchant account provider headquartered in Claremont, North Carolina. The company is an ISO/MSP of Elavon Payments and is partnered with US Bank in Minneapolis, Minnesota, as its acquiring bank.

Crown Merchants Location and Ownership

Julie Harbin is the president of Crown Merchants, which is located at 2960 N. Oxford St. Claremont, North Carolina 28610.

Crown Merchants Review Table of Contents

  • Sales & Marketing: Crown Merchants does not engage in misleading sales tactics and has not received complaints about its sales team.
  • Costs & Contract: Crown Merchants offers interchange-plus pricing with no early termination fees through Elavon.
  • Complaints & Service: Crown Merchants has not received any public complaints.
  • BBB Rating: Crown Merchants has an “A+” rating with the Better Business Bureau and has received zero complaints in the last three years.
  • Rates & Fees: How Merchants Got The Best Rates With Crown Merchants

Crown Merchants Statement Analyzer

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Products & Services Offered

  • Debit and credit card processing
  • POS equipment
  • Check acceptance
  • Mobile processing
  • Gift and loyalty programs
  • Merchant cash advance

Types of Businesses Served

  • Retail
  • E-commerce
  • Mobile

Crown Merchants Rates, Fees, and Costs

Standard Rates & Fees

Swiped Rate Variable
Keyed-in Rate Variable
Early Termination Fee None
PCI Compliance Fee $7.50 Per Month
Equipment Lease Terms Variable

Contract Pricing

Crown Merchants is a reseller of Elavon’s merchant services. The company’s standard contract (available below) offers interchange-plus pricing and does not include an early termination fee. Crown Merchants charges a monthly service fee of $10 and a PCI Compliance fee of $7.50 per month, but it does not enforce any monthly minimum fees. There is also an account maintenance fee of $20 that is charged per incident (e.g. DBA change or DDA change).

No Contract Complaints

The total absence of complaints regarding these or any other fees associated with a Crown Merchants contract indicates that most of the company’s clients are satisfied with the service they are receiving. Although we do not consider Crown Merchants to be one of the cheapest merchant accounts, we are awarding the company an “A” here due to its low complaint volume and the fact that merchants can cancel without penalty. See the standard Crown Merchants contract.

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Response from Crown Merchants

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Crown Merchants Complaints & Customer Reviews

Key Points

Total Online Complaints <10
Live Customer Support Yes
Most Common Complaint N/A

Clean Complaint Record

As noted above, we are unable to locate any negative Crown Merchants reviews, which indicates that the company is not a scam or a ripoff. In one older complaint (which is no longer publicly visible), a merchant claimed to have asked for more time to decide whether to sign up for service, only to have had their application processed anyway by a sales agent. This complaint is the only negative review of Crown Merchants that we have ever found online, and we are therefore inclined to regard it as an isolated incident.

Crown Merchants Support Options

It is possible that some complaints intended for Crown Merchants are instead redirected to its processor, Elavon, but in the absence of any evidence that this is occurring, we are awarding the company an “A” in this category for now. The Crown Merchants website lists 24/7 live support contact information for merchants, which is close to what we expect from top-rated merchant accounts for great customer service.

Response from Crown Merchants

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Crown Merchants BBB Rating Summary

Key Points - BBB

Product & Service Complaints 0
Billing & Collection Complaints 0
Advertising & Sales Complaints 0
Guarantee & Warranty Complaints 0
Delivery Complaints 0

No BBB Complaints

Crown Merchants is not an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau. As of this review, the company has an “A+” rating with the BBB and has had zero complaints filed against it in the last 36 months. Crown Merchants has also had zero negative informal reviews posted to its BBB profile.

An “A” Rating

Given the company’s clean complaint record, we agree with the BBB’s rating in this instance. Merchants should be aware that there is good reason to view the BBB’s ratings with skepticism.

Response from Crown Merchants

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Truth In Marketing & Advertising

Key Points

Employs Independent Resellers Yes
Advertises Deceptive Rates No
Discloses All Important Terms Yes

Crown Merchants Sales Approach

Crown Merchants appears to market itself through its website and through traditional advertising. The company does employ independent sales agents, but it is not showing any recent public complaints related to nondisclosure or misrepresentation by its sales staff. That said, if you suspect that Crown Merchants is charging you undisclosed fees, we recommend seeking a third-party statement audit to find and eliminate hidden charges.

No Deceptive Advertising

At the time of an earlier review, we found one Crown Merchants complaint that described apathetic and deceptive conduct by one of the company’s sales agents. However, this complaint appears to be an isolated incident from over three years ago, and the company does not engage in deceptive advertising strategies in its official materials. We therefore award it an “A” in this section.

Response from Crown Merchants

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Crown Merchants Marketing Example

Crown Merchants Logo

Our Opinion of Crown Merchants

An Optimal Choice For Most Merchants

Crown Merchants rates as a reliable credit card processor according to our rating system. The company is showing zero complaints online and offers competitive, transparent contract terms despite its association with Elavon. Even when dealing with highly rated merchant account providers, merchants are advised to carefully examine their contracts and to compare the company’s costs to top-rated providers.

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