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Note: As of 2021, the FTC has ruled that Jay Wigdore, Michael Peterson, Electronic Payment Solutions of America, and Electronic Payment Services is banned from processing payments and telemarketing. We are leaving our review up for those previous customers, but the business is effectively out of the payment processing industry.

Electronic Payment Systems Location and Ownership

Founded in 1994 by John Dorsey, Electronic Payment Systems is a midsize merchant account provider based in Englewood, Colorado. In addition to offering credit card processing services, Electronic Payment Systems (EPS) also provides a variety of other business financial services including a self-branded ACH payment plan service called EZ Payment Plan (formerly EPS90). This service allows merchants to offer a 90-day payment plan to customers and appears to be mentioned in many merchant complaints against the company. John Dorsey is the CEO of Electronic Payment Systems. Their headquarters are at 6472 S Quebec 2, St Bldg, Centennial, Colorado, 80111, and they are a registered ISO/MSP of Esquire Bank, NA, Jericho, NY.

Electronic Payment Systems Review Table of Contents

  • Costs & Contract: Electronic Payment Systems offers a multi-year contract through Esquire Bank with an early termination fee of $295 or more.
  • Complaints & Service: Electronic Payment Systems has received more than 100 public complaints.
  • BBB Rating: Electronic Payment Systems has an “A+” rating and has received 6 complaints and 5 reviews in the last three years. The company has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau since 2012.
  • Sales & Marketing: Electronic Payment Systems appears to hire independent sales agents and has received a moderate-to-high number of complaints about its sales practices.
  • Rates & Fees: How Merchants Got The Best Rates With Electronic Payment Systems
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Electronic Payment Systems Reviews and Complaints

Here's What Their Clients Say

Complaint Summary

Total Online Complaints
Live Customer Support
Most Common Complaint
Hidden Fees

High Complaint Total

Electronic Payment Systems has a relatively high number of complaints filed online for a processor of its size, some of which can be found in our comment section below. Many of the complaints are in regard to the EZ Payment Plan (formerly EPS90) payment service the company offers, but a large portion also point to credit card processing issues.

Electronic Payment Systems Complaint Contents

Just like this reviewer experienced, numerous merchants report being told that the merchant account agreement is month-to-month only to find out that it is not when they try to cancel. Not only is the merchant account agreement a one-year (or more) auto-renewing term, but it appears that a few merchants were led to believe that their equipment leases would not let them cancel service with EPS. One merchant even reported that he opted in for a “purchase protection plan” that also had a one-year agreement and monthly fee. Aside from this, one of the most common complaints was the nondisclosure of EPS’s $85 annual fee during the account signup process. Several of the reports also complained of poor customer service.

Electronic Payment Systems Response To Criticism

There are several rebuttals by EPS representatives to many of the complaints filed online, and nearly all of them are very unprofessional. Instead of attempting to resolve the complaints, the representatives issued backhanded apologies, attacked the merchants’ intelligence, and blamed them for not reading the fine print of the contract. This pattern has precluded EPS from not ranking among the top payment processors for great customer service.

Complaints From Electronic Payment Systems’ Agents

Lastly, there are also a few complaints from former agents mostly indicating that they were misled at some point during their employment with the company. This further confirms the issues that the company appears to be having with its sales tactics.

Electronic Payment Systems Lawsuits

In July 2017, the FTC filed a complaint against Electronic Payment Systems and several of its sub-ISOs alleging that the company’s employees knowingly laundered payments for a fraud scheme called “Money Now Funding.” The FTC stated that EPS and its sub-ISOs opened nearly two dozen merchant accounts under a number of fake business names to spread chargebacks across multiple accounts and avoid triggering Visa and MasterCard’s fraud monitoring systems. In March 2018, the FTC separated EPS from the other defendants, who settled for $1.3 million a few days later. However, EPS was unable to pay. In January 2021, the FTC ordered that Jay Wigdore, Michael Peterson, Electronic Payment Solutions of America, and Electronic Payment Services are banned from processing payments and telemarketing, effectively putting them out of the industry. As this is in process, those who have accounts with EPS should make every effort to contact the company to determine how it affects their account.

Electronic Payment Systems Customer Support Options

Electronic Payment Systems has a dedicated customer support phone number that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Customer service agents offer new customer on-boarding, statement review, and transition services for new customers. Even with this comprehensive telephonic support, Electronic Payment Systems does not rank among the top merchant account providers for customer service.


Electronic Payment Systems BBB Rating and Report

Our Better Business Bureau Profile Assessment

BBB Summary

Product & Service Complaints
Billing & Collection Complaints
Advertising & Sales Complaints
Guarantee & Warranty Complaints
Delivery Complaints

Note: We have adjusted this company’s BBB rating according to our own standards. To better understand why we adjust BBB ratings, please see our Rating Criteria.

BBB Warning

The Better Business Bureau prefaces Electronic Payment System’s profile with the following warning:

Government Action
Federal Trade Commission v. Electronic Payment Solutions of America, Inc.
On March 9, 2018, the Federal Trade Commission filed a first amended complaint for permanent injunction and other equitable relief.  In this amended complaint, Electronic Payment Systems, LLC. is separated into its own group of defendants.  It is alleged that Electronic Payment Systems engaged in credit card laundering activities, hired a sales agent with a criminal background, approved fraudulent merchant accounts, deliberately concealed high risk telemarketing activity, and knowingly engaged in practices intended to deceive auditors, law enforcement and credit card companies.  This matter is pending.On August 7, 2017, the Federal Trade Commission filed a Complaint of Permanent Injunction and Other Equitable Relief against Electronic Payment Systems – an Independent Sales Organization (ISO), sales agents, and their principals of violating the FTC Act and the FTC’s Telemarketing Sales Rule by providing a deceptive operation named Money Now Funding to maintain merchant accounts that allowed it to process almost $6 million through credit card networks by submitting and approving fraudulent applications in the names of more than 40 fictitious Money Now Funding companies. The FTC also claims they evaded the anti-fraud monitoring efforts of the credit card networks.In response to these charges, the business provided the following statement:
EPS is a victim of the scam perpetrated by “Money Now Funding” (“MNF”).  The FTC previously litigated in another case its claims against MNF and the individuals involved.  EPS was not part of that case and strongly disputes and will defend against any and all allegations of the FTC to the extent they assert EPS engaged in misconduct either in connection with MNF or otherwise.  The FTC has punished the wrongdoers and is now trying to sue the victims!  The wrongdoers (MNF) involved in this matter are a group of individuals who, through deceptive and nefarious methods and practices and unbeknownst to EPS, submitted fictitious merchant applications and fictitious/altered checks to EPS to set up fictitious merchant accounts.  EPS, as well as its sponsoring bank (at the time Merrick Bank) and an independent third party processor (at the time TSYS Acquiring), were unknowingly used by the wrongdoers to process fraudulent credit card charges through those fictitious merchant accounts.  EPS is the largest single victim of the wrongdoers’ fraudulent scheme, having paid every penny of the chargebacks not paid by the wrongdoers to the tune of more than $1 million to cardholders who were taken advantage of by the wrongdoers

More Than 5 Complaints

As of this update, Electronic Payment Systems is showing accreditation with the Better Business Bureau since October of 2012. The BBB is reporting an “A+” rating with 6 complaints filed in the last 36 months. 3 of the complaints were due to a problem with a product or service, and 3 were billing or collections issues. None of these 6 complaints were resolved by the company to the satisfaction of the merchant. All complaints were resolved to the dissatisfaction of the merchant or received no final response.

What Merchants Say

In addition to 6 complaints, Electronic Payment Systems also has 5 informal reviews, all negative. It should be noted that reviews are unverified unlike complaints filed with the BBB. The most recent review describes deceptive constant phone calls and sales practices:

STAY AWAY!!!! Either they have employees that are untrained/incompetent or they are theives. After multiple people called within minutes of one another having no idea that otheres were calling from the same company. They don’t want to tell you why they are calling. The person they are asking for has not been part of this company since 1995. Then then want you sign up and give them your banking information. When you call back its a dead line *** *** ****. Recieved calls at 11:14 11:16 11:17 11:18 and 11:21 all from difffernt people at this company. We used a similar company in the past and fraud was commited to greater than $10,000. Either the company needs retrain their employees or the company is trying to scam businesses.

Large providers like Electronic Payment Systems often struggle to provide quality customer service. Businesses should review their options for a merchant account provider with excellent customer service.

A “C” Performance

The BBB states that the primary factor lowering EPS’s score is the FTC’s complaint against the company. Based on Electronic Payment Systems’ complaint count and the content of the complaints, we are adjusting the company’s rating to a “C” for the purposes of this review.

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Electronic Payment Systems Fees and Rates

A Closer Look at the Contract

Don't Fall Into An Expensive Trap. See Who The Worst Processors Are.

Cost Summary

Swiped Rate
2.99% To 4.99% + $.20
Keyed-in Rate
2.99% To 4.99% + $.20
Virtual Terminal Rate
2.99% To 4.99% + $.20
Payment Gateway Fee
$15 Per Month
Wireless Access Fee
$25 Per Month
Monthly Minimum Fee
$25 Per Month
Annual Fee
$99.50 (Per Terminal)
Administration Fee
Debit Administration Fee
$10 Per Month
Regulatory Fee
$8.95 Per Month
Mobile Monthly Fee
$12.95 Per Month
Government Compliance Fee
$6.95 Per Month
EMV Compliance Fee
$99.50 Per Year
Early Termination Fee
PCI Compliance Fee
$99.50 Per Year
Equipment Warranty Fee
$9.95 - $14.95 Per Month
Equipment Lease Terms
48 Month (locked)

One-Year Contract

In our opinion, EPS’s contract includes a costly liquidated damages-style cancellation fee. A one-year service term is less than the average length for the merchant services industry, and EPS’ agents should not feel compelled to hide this fact (see the Sales and Marketing section for more on this). The company’s standard merchant agreement also discloses a multitude of additional fees as well as a high qualified rate beginning at 2.99% with a transaction fee of $0.20. Aside from the normal monthly fees and processing fees that will vary by merchant, EPS also has a $99.50 annual fee for each terminal the merchant uses, a 99.50 annual PCI compliance fee, a 99.50 annual EMV compliance fee, an $.8.95 regulatory fee, a $6.95 government compliance fee, a $25 monthly minimum fee, a mobile payments fee of $12.95 per month, a monthly administration fee of $10, and an additional $10 debit administration fee.

Other EPS Contract Terms

Another version of the company’s terms and conditions outlines a two-year agreement with an annual PCI Compliance fee of $99.50 and an early termination fee of $295 plus Liquidated Damages, so it appears that merchants can encounter various contract terms and fee structures through EPS. None of the company’s contracts we have found would compare favorably to those offered by the industry’s cheapest merchant accounts.

Virtual Terminal and Payment Gateway Pricing

In addition to its storefront payment processing services, EPS also dedicates a portion of its website to advertising its virtual terminal and payment gateway services. However, pricing on either of those services is not disclosed other than the company’s qualified rate of 2.99% plus $0.20. The company’s merchant agreement does disclose a $15 monthly gateway fee and a $25 wireless access fee. Additional rates and fees, including gateway fees, technical support fees, batch fees, and additional transaction rates typically apply to these e-commerce services.

Long-Term Equipment Leases

EPS also appears to lease credit card processing equipment through Northern Leasing Systems and First Data Global Leasing. Merchants have reported extremely high monthly fees for the equipment and that the leases are non-cancellable for 48-month terms. The company also charges a terminal warrant fee of $9.95 for a single unit or $14.95 for multiple units. Business owners are advised to fully understand the terms of any proposed equipment leases before signing any documents and to purchase the equipment outright rather than a lease if they have the funds to do so.

High Rates, Excessive Fees, and Equipment Leases Result in an “F” Overall

The EPS merchant agreement discloses a multitude of red flags. First and foremost, the company’s qualified rate for transactions begins at 2.99$, which is much higher than what other merchant accounts charge. The excessive amount of seemingly redundant fees is another huge cost for merchants. Lastly, long-term equipment leases add further monthly charges to those already abundant. For these reasons, EPS receives an “F” in this category.

Electronic Payment Systems Jobs and Employment

Hiring Standards and Ethical Marketing Assessment

Audit Your Current Statement To Find Its Hidden Fees

Processing statements are intentionally complicated so that they can overcharge you. Get clarity before you switch.

Key Points

Employs Independent Resellers
Advertises Deceptive Rates
Discloses All Important Terms

Inside/Outside Sales Team

We are currently unable to find any misleading or deceptive advertising in EPS’s official materials. However, the company does employ both inside sales agents and independent outside resellers, and evidence was found to suggest the use of misleading sales tactics by both parties. The most common tactic found was nondisclosure of important details of the merchant account agreement, which this reviewer experienced directly.

Our Experience With EPS

Posing as a potential merchant, I spoke with the “National Sales Manager” and was told that the contract was “month-to-month with no cancellation fee.” However, upon reading the merchant account agreement, it states in section 3.05 that it is actually a one-year term that automatically renews for another year unless the merchant cancels within 90 days prior to the expiration. Not only did the sales manager fail to disclose this fact, but he also lied about the actual term.

Actual EPS Contract Terms

EPS may argue that without a cancellation fee its contract is month-to-month, but the merchant account agreement states that it “shall remain in full force and effect relative to all debt purchased under this Agreement.” This vague clause means that the future monthly fees and an annual fee ($85) of the agreement are “debt” and that the merchant must pay them in full if service is canceled prior to the one-year term. This could be done by one lump sum, or by finishing out the contract and paying the monthly fees over time. Several merchant complaints suggest that the latter is the most common scenario, but the contract allows EPS to automatically withdraw the whole amount. Although this is a clever tactic for avoiding having a defined cancellation fee, it still forces merchants to pay for canceling the account prior to one year of service and is therefore an early termination penalty.

“D” Rated Sales Tactics

EPS deserves a “D” in this section in light of a large number of merchant complaints and our own experience. If you have experienced misrepresentation at the hands of an EPS sales agent, you can renegotiate your pricing with a third-party statement audit.

Electronic Payment Systems Review Summary

Our Final Thoughts and Opinions

An Average Option for Most Businesses

Electronic Payment Systems’ problems appear to lie primarily in its sales process and contract terms. As a midsize provider, some complaints are to be expected; however, the common themes in EPS’s complaints and the FTC ruling make EPS not only a poor choice for merchants, but also one that is out of business for its practices. For now, merchants can expect a more competitive deal from top-rated merchant account providers.

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Customer & Employee Reviews

What Others Are Saying About Electronic Payment Systems

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75 Responses

  • Nir

    Divine south beach , Sunnsand of Miami , Halo of key west ..,

    Electronic Payments processing is by far the best company in the processing industry. I personally do not believe bad ratings as I have used them for years and recommended them to my friends and family .
    Great technical support , honest , reliable and professional .
    Most updated technology .
    30 seconds Hold time .
    I requested a statement it was in my email within two minutes .
    If I needed tech support they were there to help me right away .
    I highly recommend them .

  • Abed

    EPS customer service is uncooperative, this is very bad for customers and not encouraging.

  • Kera

    HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE. WILL NEVER DO business with them again and do everything iny power to never pay them another dime. After multiple attempts at trying to cancel our acct.. by letter, they mysteriously never received.. i was auto renewed another 2 years. I resent letter by registered mail..and because i cancelled ach.. the 1st letter was null and void. Absolute crooks. Reporting to BBB. Will be hiring a lawyer.

  • Larry Cox

    EPS has taken multiple charges from my account and will not stop. I have not used them for years and nor have I received one piece of mail from them until I put a stop on their payments. This company needs a class action lawsuit filed against them for what they are doing. There is a special place in HELL for those responsible at EPS. Do not use them unless you hate yourself! Larry Cox/Python Plumbing

    This post will help: Cancelling a Merchant Account Without Paying a Fee


  • Michael A. todd

    My review is the same as most that are already posted here. AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS. Do not speak to them hang up, tell them to never call you again. I suggest everyone that has had issues with these con artists to contact your AG.

    This post will help: Top-Rated Merchant Account Providers

    – Phillip

  • keith jackson

    After the initial sale and promises that the system would integrate with Mind body (our client portal), Zero support and nothing that they promised, Ive reached out to stop service and refund with no reply. The savings are not worth this terrible customer service. Run away.

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best Merchant Accounts for Great Customer Service

  • Se Youn

    EPS merchant service keeps me a headache. I cancelled the contract in 10 days after I found out that I have been cheated. But They didn’t answer the phone for me to cancel it. Finally I made the contact with its technician and the office clerk that I want it cancel. But they keep charging fees from my bank account and First Data company is asking $2001 for canceling contracts as EPS and First Data work together. I am waiting for Consumer protection for disputing this issue. They do not respond even I asked them to pick their device up.

  • nora avila

    Bad bad customer service.😡

  • Shannon Budzynski

    After terminating our contract with EPS…the fees keep coming! Would not recommend this company. On top of incredibly rude customer service!

  • Mark

    We tried to switch to these people…Our contact John Henderson however was good enough however to point out how poor this company was…..Thanks for the close call and warning John!

  • Andrea

    They took us for over $450 from us and after looking in to it, that was nothing compared to what they stole from others. They lie and steal. I started a Facebook page called EPS are scammers. They contacted me on there trying to make it right 3 years after the fact and only to get me to take down the page. Getting the $450 back is not worth it for me, I would rather loose the $450 and be able to continue to warn people about EPS. The biggest part of the scam in my opinion is the cancel process, even if you send it in on time and do it as they ask they tell you they did not receive it, we sent ours 4 times before they actually canceled the account but not after stealing $450 from us. We actually had to cancel our checking account and open a new one to get their charges to stop. Even our bank manager warned us about companies like EPS.

  • Calvin Fincher

    EPS has been great. Easy to use. Affordable.
    Great customer service. Some days I couldn’t
    do my job without them.

  • Jeff Meyers

    We actively used EPS for approximately four years. If I was not retiring we would still be using them. On the very rare occasion we had any issues it was resolved with one phone call. While using EPS we found the staff to be courteous and helpful. Services we used prior to EPS did not have a stateside call center which made it difficult to communicate the issues. The EPS call center is in Colorado. With our experience we would give them 5/5 stars.

    • CPO

      Hi Jeff,

      Please reply to this comment with your business name and location in order to authenticate your testimonial. Thanks!

  • Richard Deterra

    EPS is a great service. My clients can pay for our service by credit card and do not get charged extra like the smart phone based sysrems.

  • Lois

    EPS has always given us speedy and exellent service.

    • Mark

      This company is SCAM. They just know how to get money out of merchant’s pockets. They provided no service/account for processing and they deducted $999 from the bank account as a monthly maintainence fee which was not mentioned on agreement. At last when the service didn’t worked and I wanted to cancel it, they charged me another $500 as termination fee. It never works and I have read review about this company and they are fraud. The biggest fraud/Mastermind behind this is Blake Robertson. Their call center sucks and can never route the calls to the right person. I don’t know how you liked this service but now its confirmed that they have been scamming people from 1993.

  • Kevin Sales

    I just paid a collection agency over $1000 to terminate my contract with EPS. In the very small print, evidently it says that if we didn’t tell them that we wanted to terminate in 2015 our contract automatically renewed for 2 years.
    When we contacted them in May of this year they said we could cancel at the end of August and made no mention of the early cancellation fees. We received and email saying that our account had been cancelled, again no notice of any charges. Our next communication was an email from the collection agency. These guys are absolute crooks and the contract had 8 pages of tiny print. I am a square user and have been for 8 months, all while paying the ridiculous fees to EPS. Kevin Sales

  • Ashley

    EPS has provided all the services it said it would in a timely manner. No issues to date.

  • Cathy

    I have never had a problem with EPS as I have received numerous calls from companies that are offering me to change and I tell them every time that I am happy with my company and will not change. If I call with questions, I always am able to speak with a actual person that is always able to help.

    • CPO

      Hi Cathy,

      Please reply to this comment with your business name and location in order to authenticate your testimonial. Thanks!

  • mike strandberg

    Never had a problem before but now I’m finding when there is a problem there is no help for you. I’ve talked to everyone and they all just pass the problem to the next person and when you try to talk to the higher ups it’s even worse. Chondra Pearson, worthless. the best advice I have is find someone else, I’ve lost over 13000.00 because of them, and they don’t care.

  • Quentin Smile Dental

    Great company,great and helpful customer service! Very fast transaction to our account.

  • Karen

    Even after paying the buy-out fee, EPS has tried TWICE to charge us with a $99.50 annual fee! Both times I’ve had to call our bank to reverse the charge, both times EPS has tried to say this is a legitimate charge even though we haven’t done business with them, have none of their equipment, in YEARS. Most unscrupulous company I have ever dealt with.

  • Ryan

    This is the worst company I’ve ever dealt with in my life. Richard Jurgens lied about everything. Blake Robertson told us things would get done, but they never did. We had multiple charges taken out of our account and our customer accounts. Until we threatened a lawsuit against them, we were unable to close our account.

  • Mike Pollock

    if you use EPS good luck.The owners are currently involved allegedly by them that they are in the Marijuana Business in Colorado. They are in a law suit that states they have used the banking system to launder their money!!!!! and they are undisclosed owners or otherwise hidden!! I think this will not take long before it boils over into EPS. RUN AWAY!!!!!!!!

  • Suzette Byrne

    If you need a credit card processing company this is not the one to chose. They post that they have no cancellation fees but they will hold you to a one year contract, you must mail them your cancellation request. You can not reach their support without making sure of the time in Denver CO. If you have any billing questions you will be transferred to their customer service center. The person taking your call will attempt to answer your questions speaking as fast as possible and if you ask to speak to the supervisor they will relate they will transfer you but in face put you on hold get back on the line asked what they did to not answer your questions. Then will relate if you are not the account primary to speak to them to transfer. If that person can not come to the phone they will hang-up. There is no customer support from this company as you can see from their poor ratings.

  • Jevon Clark

    Just read every other comment here. There’s a reason that on their social media you cannot leave reviews. This company are lying assholes. DO NOT do business with them. I contacted them 2 years in a row to cancel my agreement with them for the FOLLOWING year (because they require 90 day advanced notice to cancel or the contract gets automatically renewed). In 2014 I requested to cancel for 2015. That wasn’t done so they continued to charge me. I called in 2015 to cancel in 2016- they also did not do that. They really could care less about any customers. Lying, cheating, scamming, assholes

    • Carrie Pastor

      I have the same problem. They tell me my office manager must call even though I am the owner and my signature appears on their documents. Refused to give me a copy of my contract even though I asked over and over again. Why? because they never had one from me. Please contact me through my website as I would love to talk to you.

  • Zuni picarelli

    I was using these folks for years. I had no problem with their service department when problems arise. When I thought my contract was up I contacted them and sent faxes to establish I wanted to end my contract. Then I was told I still had a year left and had to pay them off. Pay for the obsolete machine. They still took $110 bucks a month from my account. N
    I would never recommend them

    Are you with Electronic Payment Systems? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • Dan S.

    Horrible customer service. Very unfair contracts when you look at the fine print. They hold your money too long. Most of the email addresses on their site and paperwork they gave me don’t work. These are not good people who have no idea how to treat others. RUN to any other processor regardless of extra cost. This is a bait and switch operation.

  • Abraham Herrera

    I was mislead into the worst agreement ever. I was told there would be no fees at all! Now i owe about 5,000.00 to 1st data gobal and over 1500.00 currently trying to file suit. The dumbest thing i have done!!

  • Ricky

    This is THE WORST COMPANY I have ever seen in my life. Complete frauds and cheaters are sitting out there who charge you a heavy set up fee of $1000 to set up your account. Then they give you the account and then they dont pay you saying that we dont support your business type, we find it risky. What a fraud company it is.
    I spoke to this lady Tawny who always say there is nothing she can do, I wonder why the hell are you sitting out there. Go and clean the streets if there is nothing you can do in this company and not answer any questions.
    And there is another crook bastard Mike who is know as the head of risk department who never answers the phone and is always on answering machine.
    Furthermore the worst part is that they hold all your money and never answer you back for a week or 10 days. You cant reach them specially that bloody crook Mike.After which they tell us without any reason that they cant pay us.
    and guess what, If we ask our customers to chargeback, so that we can process our sales with a better company, they deduct the chargeback amount from our bank accounts instead of paying it from the amount they have held from us.
    They are all frauds, cheaters and bloody crooks.Only sitting there to rip-off people.I advise everyone to never work with them.

  • Beth Merrill

    EPS, EPS90, 1st American Leasing, the whole batch of them, are liars and cheats. Three years ago I signed on with them. I had to lease their equipment for $110.00 a month (which never did work correctly) for a total of $4800.00 but was told I could buy out of the lease at a lower price if I wanted to terminate early. I tried, and they refused, even thought the equipment is obsolete now. I also found that I could have purchased the same equipment for $500.00 from my own bank.
    I have since changed processing companies. I tried to terminate my service with EPS, and they refused, saying I still have another year on my “contract”, even though at the to it clearly states NO CANCELLATION FEES. They continue to withdraw $38.00 a month out of my account each month for nothing.
    Every year they have tried to stick me with an annual mystery fee of $99.50, and every year I have fought successfully to get it back after about two months.
    Please do NOT be fooled by these con artists. I have tried every way possible to talk to every manager there to resolve this issue, with no success.

  • Dave

    WHAT A RIP OFF! I was lied to from the beginning . It was hell trying to cancel even after my contract was up.
    They continued to take monthly payments out of my account plus other random charges.

  • Craig

    I am so glad I checked this link and saw these reports. I was hired 4 days ago for outside sales at EPS. From my initial meeting with John Dorsey there were major red flags of misrepresentation and dishonesty. They are trying to sell using old school deseptive tactics worsening an already poor thought of industry reputation.
    I am glad I am not wasting more time with them.. wow!!! I will say that Johns son Lane is a good guy and I believe he means well.

  • Joe

    EPS called my auto shop out of the blue. Normally I don’t give these called the time of day but I was considering changing Credit Card Processing Companies. My bad experience started that same day, They told me to get an accurate quote I must fill out a form with them to “help” them understand my business needs.

    With in 10 minutes of getting off the phone the with the sales agent. I get a call from their shipping department. Asking me to confirm the amount of terminals I wanted to receive. I refused the terminals and told them I haven’t even received or finish the quote I was working on. I had many unanswered questions still.

    I asked to speak to a manager the manager assured me it was just a mistake and then tried to get me to commit to using them. No way not after this is how I’m treated before I am even a client.

    Apparently they got enough information from me in the first form I filled over the phone with the agent to finish the paperwork and start charging monthly fees, member fees, and other fees that are just abbreviations.

    I have called 4 months in a row now spoke with 4 different managers to try to get this issue resolved (canceling whatever account is under my name) I get the same line every time about how they will cancel the account and I wont be charged these fee anymore.

    -I have never received a processing terminal

    -I have never accepted any payments that they have processed for me

    -I just received a “free quote” that is now costing me $35.00 a month and random $99.50 or $4.75 dollar fees for stuff I have never heard of



    I will now be presenting this case to the Colorado Attorney General, if there is anyone else who reads this, that has had similar experiences as mine, which after searching this company there are hundreds of them. Take the time to make a complaint with the Colorado Attorney Generals Office, the more complaints the better chance of these people being held accountable for their actions.

    I hope my bad experience will help prevent this from happening to anyone else.

  • Pissed off Retailer

    Electronic Payment Systems (EPS) are a bunch of crooks. The company lied to me upon my first meeting with them about how they operate and the fees they would charge. They also lied to me about the laws in my state allowing me to charge the consumers the merchant fee. I tried to cancel my contract and they said no that they would continue to charge me for the next two years. The continue to take money out of my account even though I am no longer using them. Retailers beware this company, their sales staff, upper management and specifically their COO are all crooked!

    • martha

      Hi Pissed Off Retailer:
      Check at your contract, usually is a year contract.
      You have to send them a letter 90 days before those 365 advising you don’t want to renovate your contract.
      Call them and ask them to send you a confirmation of the email you just sent.
      Keep the email for your records.
      If they keep charging you after that, call you bank and show them the emails and your contract.
      Believe me, banks hate this kind of companies, also you can fax to your bank all the complains against them .
      Your bank mostly for you will give you back all the money they have charged you extra.
      That’s how I did it and it worked out for me.
      Best of lucks.
      Get Square, is the best !

  • gail

    This company is SO rude when making calls to solicit new business. Ubin was the man that called me and YELLED at me. He said that he would be able to call ANYONE in the Yellow Pages and did not have to remove me from their calling list. I would NEVER do business with a company that is so pushy, loud, and acts so righteous !!!!!

  • bluet

    They are vampires!
    Specially now that we have all switched to new systems as Square.
    I love Square, they only charge me when I use it, I store the little device on my wallet pocket and I can take any credit or debit card without all those crazy extra fees this horrendous company used to charge me.
    As someone else said RUN FAST AWAY FORM THEM.
    Get a smart phone and a Square device (the the company gives you for free)

  • Brian

    I contacted EPS via their online request form to get see if I could save some money for my small business.
    The next day I got a call from an EPS sales rep. I was pressured and put on the spot to sign an electronic contract immediately without even reading the contract. The rep kept telling things like it’s just standard stuff .. It only costs $69.90 a month with no other fees… etc etc… I told the rep I wanted to read the contact first and understand it. He just kept saying “trust me it’s great you will love it”.

    I insisted on reading the contact. NOTHING the sales rep said was true. The sales rep lied plain and simple.
    Finally after telling the rep I did not want to sign up because what he was telling me and what was in black and white in the contract did not add up I ended the conversation. Later I get an email from the rep and he has the nerve to call ME a fraud. Can you imagine my surprise?

    RUN AWAY from this company as fast as you can. These jerks should be shut down for fraud. There is no way what they are doing is legal. Worst experience I have ever had with a processing company in over 20 years of being in business.

    • Debbie

      We opened a merchant account with them. our first 3 transactions were held squalling over $4,000. they shut down our account saying we were too high risk, though they pre-approved us. they said they were holding our funds for 12 months. the 12 months were up January, 7, 2014. it is now June and we are still waiting for our money. we call several times a week and no one and i mean no one from the risk department will return our phone calls.

  • Estrella

    I would think an A+ rating would be reserved for those companies with a spotless complaint record, not 174 complaints in 36 months, whether they were resolved or not. At some point the company outraged their client to the point they made a formal complaint. The BBB has zero credibility anymore. They are as bad as the poor companies they profile. Pay your money and you get an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. That secret has been out for at least 10 years.

  • Alecia Windfall

    February 25, 2014

    I agree with the other comments that have mentioned that they have been ripped off by EPS. For ten years I have been consistently overcharged; had to buy out the LFG lease on the terminal because my business closed. When I tried to cancel my contract they made me wait an additional year and because I had no business they would not refund the $99.50 annual fee.( (If you have credit card business with them you can ask for a refund of the annual fee.) Take my advice and do not sign a contract with EPS.

  • Matt Gafford

    I served in an independent sales capacity for EPS. Having first hand knowledge of the internal workings of the organization, I can confidently offer the following advice to anyone thinking of either signing up for credit card payment processing or to serve as a local salesman…DON’T.

    From a merchant standpoint…
    1) Unnecessary equipment is pushed on merchants. Equipment that can be purchased for $400 – $650 is leased to merchants for over $5,500 over the life of the lease! This is done in the “best interest” of the merchant, claiming tax benefits of writing off the lease payments as well as helping the merchant with monthly cash flow. Additionally, claims are made that the system pays for itself. And given enough use the system does pay for itself. However, seeing the system in real world use, merchants are generally luck to break even.

    2) Very little training is provided to merchants. The sales reps are generally ill-trained to be able to train the merchant on the necessary aspects of the system. As such, the merchants are generally very poorly trained. When merchants or reps call HQ for additional support, the sales rep is routinely “thrown under the bus” for not sharing information with the merchant or training them correctly. In reality, the rep was never trained from the beginning to successfully train the merchant.

    3) Merchants take on a HUGE headache making the switch…and for little benefit. One of the selling points of switching credit card processing to EPS are lower rates (the same claim every other merchant services company offers). In reality, EPS lowers rates to a percentage that is perceived to be a good deal. Unless the merchant has considerable processing on a monthly basis, the savings to a merchant for the lower rate is generally in the $12/month range ($134/year). If the merchants already owns their processing equipment (meaning they’re currently paying $0/mth), EPS requires the merchant to “trade in” the equipment for a discount on their equipment, which is leased (for $99 – $125/mth for 48 months). If the merchant agrees to take on the full compliment of EPS equipment, the switch is actually pretty seamless. However, if an alternative solution is reached, there are generally hardware/software conflicts or the new setup is simply not as user-friendly as the merchant’s previous setup. Either way, it’s not worth the minimal savings received from the processing side (and often added expense of the monthly lease!).

    From an employment standpoint…
    1) EPS does not provide adaquate training for local reps. They will train you on the pitch, but there is little to no training on actual product or processes. This places you in a very poor position to make sales calls, and an even worse position if you actually close a deal. I was often put in a position where I closed a deal with a merchant only to have the hardware not work with the merchant’s existing software; to have the hardware not function as promised; or provide software that only works on Windows XP (multiple OS behind the current Microsoft offering).

    2) EPS actively engages in false pretense. As part of the training, reps are taught to do everything you can to have a merchant fill out the paperwork, which serves as the contractual agreement. The line given to the merchant is that by filling out the paperwork you are only agreeing to be “approved” to do business with EPS. The paperwork is sent to HQ and the rep is to return to the merchant the following day, with the good news that they’re approved. The merchant is told they can still decline when the rep returns the following day. “I can live with ‘no’ all day long,” says owner John Dorsey in training videos. In reality, the merchant is signing a legally binding agreement that will be enforced.

    3) EPS promises sales reps things that are never delivered. When I was recruited by EPS, I was adament that I was not interested in cold-calling. Not only was I told I wouldn’t have to cold call, I was promised 3-4 twice-qualified leads daily. I never once received four leads in a day, much less three. Two leads were the maximum number provided and more often then not it was only one. I generally had at least one day a week where I did not receive even a single qualified lead. Additionally, I was told leads would be provided within a 30-mile radius of my home address. This was another fabrication. Leads were regularly provided in excess of 120 miles away. Last, I was sold on the idea that reps generally close one in every four deals, at a minimum. Both from my own personal experience as well as speaking with other reps across the country, this closing rate is simply not attainable.

    In my personal opinion, EPS is not an ethical company to do business with – either from a merchant standpoint or from an employment standpoint. If you choose to enter into a business arrangement with EPS from either position, I worry that you’re going to have the same headaches I’ve seen merchants have…or worse, the same personal experiences I’ve had.

    Should you wish to inquire any further about information I’ve posted, please do not hesitate to reach me at [contact information redacted]

    I hope this helps you before making any decisions to do business with EPS. I wish I would’ve known this prior to entering into my arrangement!

    Matt Gafford

    • Stephen Murphy

      Hi Matt,

      I recently spoke to EPS.

      From what I was told by EPS conflicts with what is written here. Joining EPS based on this article would be a disaster for both the salesperson and the business owners. I have worked with highly rated companies that “have issues”.

      My question is, are the problems that you and the others have encountered, widespread or just pertain to a small segment of the salespeople and business owners?

      I look forward to your reply.


    • Chris

      Im currently going through a nightmare with eps right now. being forced into a 2 year renewal that I knew nothing about. Any input will be appreciated. Thinking about filing lawsuit.


    These fast talking con artists will suck you in with nothing but lies, at least they did us. Read every single, teeny word of your lease so you know how hard you are about to be screwed. The worst part is? Every single time I have had to call there, the reps are rude, sarcastic, condescending and of no help what so ever. In fact, every one of them kind of laughs when I complain and replies with you signed the contract. Obviously they are bombarded with angry customers all day and find certain amusement in it. I am a small business that was with Intuit, very reputable, for ten years. It is a shame they take pride in challenging a small business to make it to pad their own pockets. Even read the few replies they have posted on here. Sound like someone that could care less about customer satisfaction to you? To me he sounds like the trainer of the sarcastic representation that doesn’t care at all about anything taking money for doing absolutely nothing for you.

  • martha

    EPS has been ripping me off consistently.
    Now after I told them that I will no longer renovate my contract with them and because my contract expires in June 2013, they have been taking money from my bank account that they never did.
    Supposedly the minimum fee if you don’t use the service (until your contract is over) is $ 35 and for the last 2 months they have been taking $63.
    When I called and asked why they told me it’s an extra $ 25 for the wireless signal and I don’t even had the zip card because I sent it back to them in December.
    3 days later the took $ 99.50 saying is the annual fee for having an account with them and in 8 years they never charged me for that, their excuse? oh that because I am closing my account with them there is no more courtesy and that the fee was never charged because of courtesy.
    I honestly don’t know if I can dispute this charges but I find them absolutely outrageous,in fact I think by the end of this month I am going to try to change my bank account number because I am afraid they will try to keep taking money from me.
    They have so many weird fees it’s terrible and ones they know you don’t want to do business with them they are extremely rude on the phone.

  • Jevon Clark

    Do not use these guys. They COMPLETELY misrepresented themselves to me and my business a year ago. I’m buying out my original contract just to get rid of them. If it seems to good to be true, it’s because someone is lying.

    • Phillip CPO

      Hi Jevon, can you explain in more detail how you believe that you were deceived?

  • Martha

    I do agree,this company has the worse customer service EVER.
    They do treat you as if you were an idiot, and the moment you tell them you don’t want to have their service anymore you become “the enemy”
    They have been sucking my blood for years and now that I have SQUARE I just want to be done with them.
    I am not loosing any minute since my renewal would be in June and you have to send them a letter 90 days prior to the date of renewal.
    For any person needing to process credit card payments I strongly recommend SQUARE, a device you attach when needed to your smart phone.
    You pay no monthly fees no annual fees just a percentage per swipe as it should be.
    I am happy that technology i helping little merchants like me to get rid of this kind of companies.
    They are really a trap

    • Marla

      Absolutely agree with you about them having the worst customer service ever. I thought your comment about them treating you like an idiot was also so true. “Jessica” in their AZ office talked down to me like she was my kindergarten teacher. She also lied and insisted she had told me something that she definitely had not. “Donald or DJ” was the person who was supposed to help me get set up. I ended up foregoing his assistance as he was so unprofessional and obnoxious, it wasn’t worth it. When I called to complain to their supervisor she said she would look in to it. A short time later the same person I had called to complain about called to explain to me why I was wrong. Again with the condescending kindergarten thing going. In what business do supervisors have the employee call someone who has just complained about them for anything other than to apologize?? They are always right and interrupt constantly. They’ve held my funds several times and when I call to inquire why, they say they need documentation of the sale. I guess they are too lazy to make me aware of that until I have to call them. Already reinstated my processing with Intuit but of course now I’m stuck leasing a terminal I have no use for.

  • debbie

    I have one better for you. I understood the fees were high, but as a new business wanting to build up, i was willing to deal with it for a year or two because it is hard to get a merchant processor as a new company that specializes in online advertising in the travel industry. we were approved for the 1/2 percent too. i read the fine print and saw that was one top of the normal 2.75 percent. but i could deal with all this because i read everything. upon the signed agreement of the approved services they set us up with our gateway and we processed 4 orders over a 2 day period equaling $4250.00. we received a call and email from travis at eps requesting full documentation of the order process and proof of services. we sent over all the signed invoices, all information supporting advertising services were rendered and even included full contact information with phone numbers for them to verify the transaction. 4 days later, no answer from them. we call back and travis informs us that we are considered high risk for chargebacks, they are keeping all our funds for 1 year and they are shutting down our account. we asked to speak to a supervisor, Mr. Mike Peterson with whom we have left over a dozen voicemails in the last 2 weeks and he will not call us back. we requested full documentation to travis of the funds that are held, the exact date for release of the funds with a full explanation of why they are holding the funds. almost 3 weeks later, tons of calls to both travis and mike peterson and 5 emails requesting documentation, we have been ignored. we have now filed with BBB in hopes to get a solution. All we ask is to either refund our clients, which they say they refuse to do, though it would release them from any chargeback liability or release our funds to us and be done.

    • Angelo

      Hey Debbie,

      This same exact thing just happened to me. Exact to the last detail. Have you had any luck getting your clients money back? Contact me if you can would like to pick your brain for some info. Thanks, I can’t believe these guys are able to get away with this.

      • Debbie

        Hello Angelo,
        We have had no luck in getting our money back. If they want to hold it for 12 months, fine, we will deal with you though we do not agree with their tactics, however, the fact that they refuse to send us written documentation is what scares me. The BBB in Colorado is standing behind them. I will tell you this…if we do not receive our funds after the 12 months, every news media and law enforcement will hear from me! the fact they will not put it in writing shows they are a scam. All we wanted was written documentation. i have over 2 dozen emails asking for the documentation. Everyone has been ignored.

    • Patti

      Hey Debbie
      The same thing with are company ,was with eps for a few mouths ,they closed us down ,because they said we where high risk, Now they have over $30,000.00 dollars of are money ,they told us we had charge back ,but did not sens us anything to fight back ,and then we where told by Micheal Peterson we had to wait a year for are money ,we leave mesage all the time no body calls back ,The CEO of the company is TOMMY ,but he dont call back ,And in the risk the partment they are rude, Iam sorry they do not know how to run a company ,and i need some thing from them for tax reason ,patti

      • Debbie

        Hello Patty,
        We have been asking for written documentation of the exact funds they are holding and the exact release date. Mr. Peterson will not pick up the phone and travis in risk department said he would then ignored the last 2 dozen emails we sent him. Try to get it in writing and let me know what happens and if you have any luck. we sure don’t!

        • Patti

          Hello Debbie I Had to go to the BBB in Col , and file a complaint ,and now Iam fighting back with Chonda Pearson and Iam finding out she is John Dorsey right hand ,and i went to the Attorney General in Col ,this is what we all have to do ,either they will have to stop processing or close ,But am want my money back or some of it , But I Guess Travis is no longer there ,;;

          • Debbie

            hello Patti,
            I have never spoke with Chondra Pearson and I think they may be another avenue. Right now, I want full documentation that they are holding my funds for 12 months which they state but refuse to put it in writing. i need a guarantee that after the 12 months they will release my funds. as a new start business, you can imagine what holding close to 5k has done to us. I tried the State Attorney’s General office and had no luck. they referred me to the BBB but they BBB shut down my case without trying to help resolve it. I sent them proof of lies they stated, and they came back with EPS did all they could to resolve the issue. if you read it you will know that they did no such thing. what a shame. Did you file with the BBB also?

  • john

    although I do not use EPS services I get a call from them almost daily to my cellphone. The first time they called, I immediately hung up on them and they have been harassing me since. Now they call and hang up on me. Sometimes they call and hang up as soon as I say “hello” and then sometimes they get my name and then hang up. Today was the day I became fed up and looked their number up which eventually led me to here.

  • Rodolfo Flores

    International Health and Life inc is my company, my ID number is [redacted], i worked with EPS for many years, when i finished worked with them in july 2011 they own me near 4 thousand dollars. Today is august 15,2012 and they don’t want to pay me, i called many times and talked with the risk departemnet, customer service, i talked with every person who answer the phone in EPS :Alex, with Melissa, wit Travis they all lying, they are rude people they don’t care about customer, and they don’t want to pay me. Is a nigtmare when i have to call EPS and after one year i have to hire a lawyer because they don’t want to pay me, thas it. Was i mistake worked with them, they are dishonest and unprofesional.

    • Heidi

      This company is so dishonest I do not even know where to begin! As a small business owner i contacted them to set up my merchant account. I have had nothing but issues with them and anytime you need assistance or have an issue they are so rude! Especially Marianne (a supposed manger) who had no understanding for my issue. This company held my account for three yeas and switched me to a different gateway processor without notifying me…then the processor cancelled my account and they want a 90 day cancellation policy from me. ironically, How can I accept payment on my website if I have no processor?????? HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE SERVICE AND A HORRIBLE COMPANY!

  • Michelle

    I was contacted by phone by EPS to sell us their credit card processing, I agreed to listen to their sales pitch about their 1/2% processing fee by their Sales Rep. Scott Cunningham in Arizona. He tells me there is also a $10 statement fee a month and a $59.99 equipment rental fee and no transaction fees. I said great sounds good, can you send me the details, fine print etc. before I make a decision on this. He insisted that he had to know that day whether or not I was going I was going to go with them and I told him I dont agree to anything without reading paperwork first. He said he would call me back in the morning to get an answer and then would send the paperwork for me to look at as it was 15-20 pages and they didn’t want to email or fax it if I wasn’t going to go with them. After I got off the phone I did research all over the internet and heard all the horror stories and what the fine print consisted of such as 1 year contracts, $89 yearly fees etc. Not to mention the fact that he told me the were A+ accredited with the Better Business Bureau which they are not. I can’t believe I came so close to being swindled by such a deceptive sales person who refused to show me their agreement!! Shame on them!!

  • Stephanie

    I am a VERY happy & satisfied customer of EPS and have been with them for many years. They have the lowest rates around, their fees are more than reasonable and statements are easy to understand. I’ve researched many other processors when it was time for my contract with EPS to end & found EPS was in fact the best rates and they did not withhold what the fees were. I am in a contract but everyone has contracts and I know what to expect. I also really like doing business with the actual merchant provider rather than a middleman. I love that EPS technical service department and their customer service are both available 24/7 – i have had 2 different situations where if they were not available after-hours I would of lost business but EPS was there, with a live English speaking person to answer my questions and help me fix the issue quickly.

    • Phillip CPO

      Although approved for posting, this review has been flagged as “Questionably Legitimate”

  • Kelly

    RUN!! dont walk away from these scam artists!! After following all their rules for cancellation, they are still charging our account the monthly fee. I too, have spoken with Jessie and he is rude and uncaring. Their customer service sucks and that is one of the main reasons we cancelled our account. This operation is a scam! Square (www.www.cardpaymentoptions.com/square_com) is our new credit card company and they are fabulous! I will be filing a complaint with BBB.

    • Matthew

      Kelly did the people from eps 90 fully disclose what the agreement was that you were signing. Did you find out later you signed on for much more than you thought.
      I am having to make payments on the equipment and services I do not even use. These people do not care that you are not satisfied with their product. If I treated my customers the way this company is treating me I would not have any customers. What they told me about their services and what I find I signed for afterward was a pack of lies. If you get a contract that was not copied from a fax machine at a David McDavid Used Cars (I know this because it says David McDavid at the top), you may be able to read your contract. I cannot read over half of mine. Please send more complaints on EPS 90. I am going to creat a website just for eps 90 complaints. I want to build a data base. Keep posting complaints and I will give the url when I am finished.

  • Tammi

    I have used Electronic Payment Systems for the past 8 years for my business. We are a small business and process $30000.00-$40000.00 per month in credit card transactions. Our fees are great, and find that they are competitive with other processors out there. I can contact their customer service and know there is someone that will pick up and have a conversation with, not an automated recording. Even if the rates from EPS were higher, I would much rater pay the rates for the live customer service and security. I do not agree with the grade given at all. Before working with EPS we worked with First Data and the service and agreement with EPS is 100 times better than with First Data.

  • Nathan

    Never get into business with these people. They are dishonest, ridiculous, and never follow through on anything they say they will. Do anything to keep yourself away from them.

  • Matt

    I have been taken Victimized by EPS 90. These people are dishonest and should be prosecuted. Is there some way we can file a class action suit against these people. They do not care about you as a customer, they just want that monthly fee. There customer service is a joke. I filed a BBB complaint against them, got no where. They get you hooked with the contract, and the salesman which basically tell a bunch of lies about what is in the contract. Any body ever met an agent with EPS90 who’s name is Ryan Payne. I met him once, when I signed the contract, never heard from him again. I tried to contact him from at least three or four phone numbers that were given to me by EPS90. All of then where no longer in service or went to someone that said it was a wrong number.
    This seems very strange to me that I cannot not contact my sales agent. Customer service could care less, if you find him or not. In my opinion customer service for EPS90 is just there to stall you.

  • Bedrock Stone & Design

    This letter will act as a formal complaint from Bedrock Stone & Design to Electronic Payment Systems, LLC (EPS) located at 6472 S. Quebec St., Englewood, CO 80111-4628. EPS has been contacted numerous times with regards to a credit due to Bedrock Stone & Design. A monthly fee from EPS for the period of 2008 – 1-14-12, has posted to Bedrocks bank account. Melissa with Bedrock Stone & Design called EPS due to overcharging Bedrocks account. EPS front desk receptionist transferred her to Jesse (Assistant Manager for customer service) who was very rude. Melissa asked Jesse if EPS would be crediting Bedrocks bank account. Jesse said no and Melissa asked why? Jesse said that EPS needed a cancellation letter. Melissa then asked “Why not credit us since we have never used the terminal of even processed credit cards with EPS?” Jesse then told Melissa “Ma’am, I am only doing my job.” Melissa then asked to speak with his manager. Jesse said she was in a meeting. At that time the owner and signer on the account, Kerzon, called EPS and asked to speak with Amy (Jesses Manager). Melissa (on the other line) asked Jesse what Amy’s last name was, Jesse replied he could not give that information out. After being on hold for many minutes, Kerzon hung up the phone. Immediately Melissa called back and was able to get in touch with Amy. Amy said that Bedrock needed to send a letter of cancellation and agreed that she could give Bedrock a credit but could only go back 6 months. Letter of cancellation was mailed to EPS on 1/30/12 to cancel the account and we have attached. Melissa also requested the original contract agreement and Amy did mail it and Bedrock received it. Bedrock never received a response from EPS after sending the letter of cancellation as requested by EPS.

    2/13/12 Melissa called again and tried to speak with Jesse who never took the call. She was then transferred to Anthony Armstrong. Anthony stated he would start the paperwork and issue a credit to the account. Anthony tried to persuade Melissa into staying with EPS and even offered to give Bedrock a lower rate. Melissa responded and said “No this is not why I am calling.” Melissa called EPS again to check with Anthony on the credit status and left him a message. Bedrock called again and was transferred to Jesse who said he did not know who we were or anything about the credit that Anthony stated he would be giving Bedrock.

    2/22/12 Melissa left a message for Anthony, called back and left a message for Amy, called back and left a message for Jesse. 3/12/12 left another message for Anthony. 4/8/12 Melissa spoke with Anthony who stated he had given the paperwork to Jesse. She asked to be transferred to Jesse and was hung up on. Melissa called back and spoke with Jesse, who informed her that he had no idea what the call was regarding. Melissa asked to be transferred to Jesse who informed her that the account could not be cancelled because it was placed in collections.

    4/24/12 Debra at Bedrock called Ms. Chonda Pearson (Executive Assistant) and Lane Dorsey (2nd Complaint Contact) and left messages. Chonda returned Debra’s call and spoke with Melissa. Chonda stated she would only talk to Kerzon, since EPS has a policy that they cannot speak to anyone else other than the account holder. Melissa told Chonda that it had been recorded back in January that Melissa could speak on behalf of the account. Melissa had previously spoken to Amy, Jesse and Anthony and did not have a problem speaking on behalf of the account holder. Chonda said she was reading all the notes in the system and began to raise her voice at Melissa. Chonda was very rude and hung up on Melissa. Melissa then proceeded to call back and was placed on hold for 15 minutes. Melissa finally spoke with Chonda again and asked if she could ask a general question (not regarding the account) Chonda was over talking Melissa and said NO and hung up. Melissa called back and asked to speak with Chonda and the receptionist said Chonda does not take calls. Then Melissa asked to speak with Anthony, Amy, Jesse and all were out to lunch. Each time she was transferred to customer service. Melissa was transferred to Chonda, again, and Chonda said she would contact police for being a harassing caller. Furthermore, EPS showed up on Bedrocks caller ID and hung up on Bedrock when the phone was answered.

    At the present time, Bedrock has followed the procedure to send a written notice of cancellation (before Jesse informed us of the collection status); Bedrock is attempting to collect the credit of $779.50 in erroneous charges that were automatically taken out from Bedrocks bank account. The customer service at EPS has been very difficult to deal with. Since Bedrock did follow the contract agreement and Bedrock cannot work around talking to the same people who do not help, Bedrock believes that this company is no way intending to refund the money fraudulently taken. Bedrock has no choice but to file a complaint with the BBB and take the necessary legal steps towards receiving such funds. Bedrock also demands to be removed from collections and will be contacting the proper authorities to have such status removed from their unblemished name.

  • Terri

    I was sold the EPS system last year and it has been a nightmare. My sales person Terry London has disappeared after promising to rebate fees that I was not told about, and assist me in using the EPS 90 system. I teach classes every few months and he guaranteed me that many schools and training facilities were using the system. I actually find that most of the students I speak to about it find it to be fishy.
    He also charged me $2500 to “set up” the system, market and provide training. When i called customer service to ask about this charge and what I really was getting for it, they told me they had no idea what it was and that I needed to talk to my sales person about it. I told them who my sales person was and they told me that no-one by that name had ever worked for EPS and that I should contact the police. And yet this sales person did sign me up for their services…
    The credit card processing through Authorize.net is fine, however EPS customer service is difficult. I would get a different story each time I called. I will cancel this account. I have filed complaints with the BBB and EPS would take no responsibility for the practices of their independent sales people. I feel that I was scammed.

  • Jackie

    I have used EPS as a stylist, for a year now. The salon I worked at had nothing but problems with them, and while EPS did work to fix them, it was “always something”. I just recently began working at a new salon and although I called to cancel my account with them for the next year, they said I must continue to pay their $35/month fee for the next year because I did not give 90 days notice and there is no way for the salon I just worked at to replace me in their credit card system, and no way to cancel for the entire next year. This was not an expected job change and EPS has not tried to resolve this issue for my previous employer or myself. All-in-all, I’m not impressed with their contracts, timeliness of deposits, or customer service. I recommend any independent contractors looking into a company called Square (www.www.cardpaymentoptions.com/square_com) in order to accept credit cards from clients.


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About The Author

Phillip Parker is the creator and author behind this website. He has over 15 years of experience in the credit card processing industry as a journalist, consultant, and former merchant account sales professional. He started this project as a blog to expose merchant services providers that engage in predatory business practices, such as deceptive marketing, misleading pricing, and high-pressure sales tactics. His goal is to help business owners find merchant account providers who serve their industry well while offering fair rates with no junk fees and no long-term commitments.

Phillip has researched over 1,000 payment processors and been quoted in numerous high-profile publications, including the Los Angeles Time, INC Magazine, The Atlantic, and the Miami Herald among others.

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Phillip’s Top Processor Picks:
Retail, restaurant, e-commerce, mobile, professional services, and invoicing, Phillip recommends Helcim and CDG Commerce.

High-risk businesses, Phillip recommends PaymentCloud and Host Merchant Services.

How Our Ratings Work

Please note that our rating system was overhauled on April 26th, 2023. Reviews dated before this date may not score in accordance with the following.

Star Rating Criteria:

At the start of our research, all processors are awarded five stars. We deduct stars if the processor engages in any of the following:

– One star deduction if the processor has any junk fees.

– One star deduction if the processor does not post its pricing clearly on its website.

– One Star deduction if the processor is suffering from moderate client complaints.

– Multiple Star deductions if a processor is suffering from severe complaints, imposes unjust cancellation fees, markets non-cancellable equipment leases, engages in predatory rate pricing, or may be engaged in illegal activities.

Get all of the details regarding out rating criteria here.

Educational Resources

Before You Switch Processors, Find Out How Other Businesses Got Fee Refunds From Their Current Processor.

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Here's Where To Report Bad Processors

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