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Company Overview

Founded in 2008, WePay is a merchant account alternative that first started as a competitor to services like Stripe. The company has been assimilated into the Chase Merchant Services brand. The company’s primary focus is providing online platforms with the ability to collect payments from customers and donors (for example, through websites like GoFundMe.com). WePay allows virtually any website to integrate an account to collect payments from participating users via ACH bank transfers and credit cards. The service has no setup fees, no monthly fees, and no service length requirement.

Is WePay Holding Your Funds Right Now?

Thousands of business owners have had their payments frozen by WePay. If you’re one of them, then you might find these resources helpful:

Shifting Its Focus Away From Small Business

Over the last few years, WePay has changed its branding to present itself as a white-label payment platform that can be integrated into an existing e-commerce store or utilized as the backend platform for an online marketplace or fundraising system. This makes it less of a peer-to-peer or business-to-consumer service and more of a backend software solution for payment-oriented businesses and startups. In fact, the company is considered one of the top payment processors for online marketplaces. This newly emphasized function makes the company less relevant for most types of small business owners. In October 2017, JPMorgan Chase acquired WePay.

WePay Payment Gateway

WePay offers credit and debit card processing through Chase bank with three different payment gateways for online businesses. The first is called Clear and is essentially a basic payment gateway plus risk management solutions, while the second is called Link and effectively is a gateway that goes straight to Chase’s processing and uses the Chase name. Both offer same-day deposits, digital wallets, card-present solutions, PCI compliance, card vaults, tokenization, and data reporting and analysis. The third option is called Core and is for very large payment facilitators.

Payment Processing

WePay’s payment processing service allows businesses to accept payments from multiple payment methods, including credit and debit cards, bank transfers, and digital wallets. The platform supports various payment gateways and provides users with a seamless payment processing experience.

Virtual Terminal

WePay offers a virtual terminal service that enables businesses to accept payments over the phone or through email. The virtual terminal is an online payment processing platform that allows businesses to process payments from any device with an internet connection.

Mobile Payments

WePay’s mobile payment processing service enables businesses to accept payments through mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. The platform supports both iOS and Android devices, and it offers a mobile SDK for app developers.

Recurring Payments

WePay’s recurring payment service enables businesses to set up recurring payments for their customers. This service is particularly useful for businesses that offer subscription-based services or products.

E-commerce Solutions

WePay provides e-commerce solutions that allow businesses to sell products and services online. The platform supports several e-commerce platforms, including Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce.

WePay Risk and Fraud Protection

Risk and fraud protection is another critical service provided by WePay. It utilizes advanced data analytics and machine learning to identify and prevent potentially fraudulent transactions, protecting businesses and their customers.

WePay API Integrations

API integrations provided by WePay allow businesses to incorporate the payment service directly into their applications or websites. This allows for a seamless customer experience, as customers can complete transactions without leaving the business platform.

Location & Ownership

WePay’s headquarters are located at 3223 Hanover St. Palo Alto, CA 94304. The company’s CEO is Bill Clerico.

WePay Pros and Cons


  • Backing of major bank
  • Transparent rates and fees


  • Many complaints about fund-holds
  • Possible customer support issues
  • Moving away from small businesses

Key Points

  • Costs & Contract: Pricing and contract terms will vary depending on…
  • Complaints & Service: Has received more than 250 public complaints regarding…
  • BBB Rating: Has an “F” rating with the Better Business Bureau and has received 136 complaints and 57 reviews in the past 3 years in regards to…
  • Sales & Marketing: Does not market directly to merchants and has not received any complaints about its…

Video Summary

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WePay payment processing
WePay’s link payment processing option

WePay Customer Complaints & Reviews

Here's What Users Think

Complaint Summary

Total Online Complaints
Live Customer Support
Most Common Complaint
Recent Lawsuits

Fund-Holds a Major Issue

In the comment section of this review alone, we are currently able to find over 300 WePay reviews, many of which describe the company as a scam or a ripoff. We are also able to find nearly 200 complaints on other consumer protection websites. The common themes among nearly all of these complaints include the company’s reserve policy, its “prohibited activities” policy, and unreachable or unhelpful customer support. Many business owners describe waiting the full 30 days to receive substantial portions of large payments that had been held in reserve. If you have your own WePay review to make, please do so in the comments below.

Poor Communication

While we don’t tend to penalize processors for engaging in what is a common fraud prevention measure, it appears that there is very little warning or communication between WePay and clients in these cases. Similarly, businesses who have had their accounts canceled, and their pending payments returned, seem to only find out about these developments after contacting WePay to ask why they can’t find their money. Business owners commonly express frustration when dealing with WePay customer support, which is available by phone or by live chat, reporting a lack of meaningful assistance, and a policy of deflection.

Below-Average Performance

A company representative has been very active in responding to many of the complaints in the comment section of this review, but in the majority of cases, it does not appear as if the clients’ complaints can be resolved to their satisfaction. Generally speaking, most negative WePay reviews do not speak highly of the company’s customer service.

WePay Lawsuits and Fines

We have not found any outstanding class-action lawsuits or FTC complaints filed against WePay. Dissatisfied business owners who wish to pursue a non-litigious course of action against the company should consider reporting it to the relevant supervisory organizations.

WePay Customer Support Options

WePay solely provides ticket support through its website to all of its users with staff available between 9 am to 9 pm EST. Its website states that all requests will be responded to within 1 business day but its limited support options mean it does not rate as a top merchant account provider for great customer service.

WePay Customer Service Number

  • (855) 469-3729 – Support
WePay customer support options

WePay’s customer support is a main focus of the complaints against the company

WePay Reviews Online

Our Better Business Bureau Profile Assessment

BBB Summary

BBB Reports

Note: We have adjusted this company’s BBB rating according to our own standards. To better understand why we adjust BBB ratings, please see our Rating Criteria.

More Than 130 Complaints

WePay was formerly accredited with the Better Business Bureau since December 2009 but is no longer accredited. The BBB is currently issuing WePay an “F” rating despite 136 complaints in the last 36 months. Only 56 of these 136 complaints were resolved by the company to the satisfaction of the merchant. The remaining 80 were resolved to the dissatisfaction of the merchant or received no final response.

What Users Say

WePay has received 57 total informal reviews on its BBB profile. All 57 reviews are negative, and the most recent review cites poor customer support and held funds:

They are **********’ ACH processing partner. DO NOT USE THEM. They allowed me to accept an ACH payment, took money from my client, then told me they were closing my account for fraud (I have a registered LLC with the ***********, an EIN and charge quite clearly for hourly billed software development), and now they are holding my client’s money for 120 days while they do…what? There’s no reason for the hold. They’ve concluded their review. I can’t ask my client to pay me again until their original payment is refunded. They would not provide ANY information as to why my account was flagged as fraud. Having worked in payments, this is probably simply because I don’t have a business website or social media accounts yet. Reputable companies would do their due diligence (as poor as it is) before processing a payment.

Great customer service is a hallmark of a top-ranked merchant account. Business owners should review their options for companies who offer superior customer service to avoid issues like this review states.

A “B” Performance Overall

In light of these figures, we have adjusted the BBB’s rating to a “B” for the purposes of this review.

WePay Fees and Rates

A Closer Look at the Contract

Cost Summary

Cancellation Penalties
Monthly & Annual Fees
Processing Rates
Equipment Leasing

Varying Terms Depending on the Platform

WePay no longer lists per-transaction fees on its website, but its most recently displayed pricing charged 2.9% + $0.25 for credit card payments valid for new U.S. businesses or 1% + $0.30 for direct payments from bank accounts. It is likely that it now customizes its pricing for each payment platform it works with. In addition to its flat processing rates, WePay’s website lists a $15 chargeback fee, which is standard for the industry. The company’s most contentious policies, however, are not clearly listed, and they have to do with reserves and prohibited activities.

WePay’s Former Hold Policy

As a fraud prevention measure, WePay has previously been known to enforce a standard withdrawal limit of $2,500 per business per seven days, with payments above that figure being placed in a rolling 30-day reserve. This means that a business that routinely does over $2,500 per week in business might be unable to access more than that amount in any given seven-day span, and it also means that a variable amount beyond the initial $2,500 could be withheld in a reserve for up to 30 days. This policy is no longer mentioned in WePay’s terms and conditions, but the company does reserve the right to impose transaction limits at its discretion.

WePay’s Current Hold Policy

The amount placed in reserve is based on a number of factors, including “the transaction history in your account as well as the information you provide in your profile, your industry, and how you’re using WePay,” according to language formerly found on the company’s website. Although processors commonly withhold funds in the credit card processing industry (Square makes extensive use of a similar policy), WePay does not appear to properly notify clients that their withdrawal limit is approaching or has been exceeded, and business owners express frustration with an inability to recover the funds they are expecting to receive.

Insufficient Screening

As outlined previously in this review, WePay does not appear to aggressively screen out clients who fall within its “prohibited” industries until well after they have signed up and processed with WePay. It appears to be standard policy for WePay to cancel these accounts without much warning and return payments to customers or donors. This policy, coupled with what appears to be very poor customer service, seems to be leaving businesses out in the cold for engaging in what they thought to be approved transactions. These businesses would generally be better served by high-risk specialists.

New Approach, Same Results

WePay claims that the marketplace-style websites it currently serves are now responsible for screening out prohibited businesses, which has helped reduce the number of businesses that are improperly approved for WePay accounts. While this policy may have had the effect of reducing the overall number of WePay complaints related to fund-holds and account cancellations, it still leaves open the possibility that WePay’s partner platforms could improperly approve businesses and ultimately put them in a position to experience cash flow interruptions. We also encourage merchants to check out our list of the providers of the best merchant accounts.

WePay Jobs and Employment

Hiring Standards and Ethical Marketing Assessment

Key Points

Uses Independent Resellers
Misleading Marketing
Discloses All Important Terms

No Deceptive Marketing

WePay primarily uses its website to market itself as a payment solution for online platforms. That said, the website formerly quoted two rates: 2.9% + $0.30 for credit card payments or 1% + $0.30 for direct payments from bank accounts. These rates appear to be accurately quoted and inclusive. The website now only quotes one rate: 2.9% + $0.25 for credit card payments valid for new U.S. businesses only. Additionally, the company does not appear to engage in any deceptive advertising strategies in its official materials. This compares favorably to our list of best credit card processors.

A History of Holding Funds

By far the most common complaints about WePay are older complaints filed when the company was marketing itself to all businesses. These complaints were related to its policies regarding reserves and high-risk merchant accounts. These issues could be characterized as either sales issues or service issues. To the extent that they were related to sales and marketing, it seems that the company’s application/setup process did not do an adequate job of screening out businesses that would ultimately have their account terminated after they had been allowed to process transactions. We were able to locate numerous WePay reviews by clients who were told by either the company’s website or one of its representatives that their business type qualified for processing through WePay, only to find out after processing large payments that their accounts had been canceled and their funds returned to customers. It seems that this common issue could have been more easily avoided if the process for signing up for a WePay account were a more thorough and guided one.

No Longer Selling Directly to Businesses

WePay claims that its current focus on crowdfunding platforms and marketplace websites has eliminated most complaints of this nature. The feedback we have received does not corroborate the company’s claim. Business owners can see a full list of WePay’s “Prohibited Activities” here. If your payment platform deals with one of these industries or is similar to one of the business types on this list, be aware that you may be subject to the sudden cancellation of your account even after fully completing the account setup process.

WePay Review Summary

Our Final Thoughts and Opinions

WePay rates as an average credit card payment processing provider according to our rating system. The company appears to offer transparent rates and no hidden fees, but its fraud prevention and prohibited activities policies are the cause of numerous WePay complaints. Like Square, WePay’s terms are initially appealing, but its overall rating suffers from its poorly communicated fraud prevention policies and inadequate customer support. Developers who work for online marketplaces may want to look into WePay as an option for their online payment processing needs. All users are advised to be absolutely sure that their business type is not prohibited by WePay before setting up an account with the company.

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Customer & Employee Reviews

What Others Are Saying About WePay

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339 Responses

  • Rob

    I highly recommend against them as they might damage your relationship and reputation you have with your customers and cost you time and money. We are an established business representing the estate of a rather famous artist from the UK. We’ve been selling art related products over the last few years without issue. In fact, after several hundred orders we’ve had no issues with payments or complaints with Stripe or SquareUp and just one dispute with Paypal, (a damaged item received which we resolved).

    Then WePay showed up! We added WePay through our Ecwid store and an order came through for $231.99, our first and only order with WePay. Two days later I received an email stating:

    “Unfortunately, we can no longer support your business and we’ll need to cancel any pending payments.”

    And they canceled the order in our store!! It happened without our knowing and I have no idea what the customer thinks yet but it doesn’t make us look very reputable because, WePay IS NOT reputable.

    Why was this? Because they decided that our “account is susceptible to a high chargeback or dispute rate.” However, if we only had this one sale, no other activity, no chargebacks, no disputes, nothing, and a track record of success with our payments, then this decision is unsubstantiated.

    Many others have similar complaints and if the WePay response is true, that their “processor holds them to high standards and has rules regarding accounts that are seen as high-risk” THEN WHY DID THEY APPROVE US TO BEGIN WITH?

    Also, I reached out to Ecwid support and ‘Alex F’ said; “That sounds pretty strange in this case. Possibly, if you contact them and ask to reconsider their decision, they will reopen your account.”

    Reconsider? After this, why would we ever want to do business with such an untrustworthy company like WePay? If we lose this sale or our reputation is damaged, I’m filing formal grievances with the BBB and anywhere else possible.

    Lastly, I strongly advise against anyone using WePay, if you read the reviews/complaints they have a consistent track record of holding money hostage and damaging a businesses reputation.

    This post will help: Best Merchant Accounts for High Risk Businesses

    • Nell

      Hi, this had happen to me. Should I check with customer to see if they refunded her money since they had sent me the same message as you.

  • Gary Ritchie

    What a rip off …no customer service. You have to fight to get paid.

    From The Editor
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  • Adam Zilko

    This is the worst CC processing company I’ve ever seen. We have a chargeback that still shows open that’s over 120 days old. Ask WePay where it’s at?? Nothing. Try calling them? No phone number available. They had no issue pulling the money from our account immediately. And they had no issue overcharging fee’s on transactions…

    I do enough with Chase (who now owns WePay) to move up their chain to get to someone high enough that has a contact with WePay, and even they said it was a mess at WePay. Terrible, mismanages series from internal communication, and emails being sent to the wrong people.

    Do not use them for anything whatsoever. And if you use FreshBooks, don’t let them talk you into it.

    I’ve found the WePay did not submit our data in one chargeback as well. So of course, we wound up losing the charge with Amex (which we’ve previously won 100% of the time with our previous CC processing company).

    Go to a company you can speak with. If you’re considering them, look for a phone number and try to get ahold of them. Consider if someone tries to scam you, and they won’t support your dispute with the CC company, and how much you’ll lose.

    I’d honestly rather deal with Comcast or Blizzard support. I’d rather go wait in line at an apple iPhone launch event in search fo a Samsung phone.

    I can’t convey how much I despise this company and that terrible / shady “cost savings” tactics the implement.

    From The Editor
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  • Chris Freret

    I recently signed up with wepay because they advertised a one day to 2 day processing time. My first 2 charges were paid in a timely manner. Only after I started getting more charges they stopped releasing my funds to me without any notification. After reaching out to them inquire why they said it was to protect me from chargebacks and will hold my money for up to 10 days.
    After numerous emails, the company has refused to pay me my funds so I must wait 10 days to receive my funds during the busiest time of the year for us

    From The Editor
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  • Robin McBroom

    Oh my gosh, I think I will close my bank account as soon as they refund my account for the $635 invalid charge. I am complaining as a consumer who was trying to purchase a product. WePay properly billed my account for the real purchase $211, but they turned around two days later and charged me another $635. Their link for ‘unrecognized charge’ says there are no transactions for my card number or my email address! Their auto system has the gall to say that I mistyped my own card number (last 4)! I will reverse the charge but will also file a complaint with the FTC and my state’s attorney general tomorrow. Btw, the product I was purchasing was for an autoimmune disorder. STRESS is the number 1 no-no. After having my bank account cleaned out, I would say that my stress level is really high. WePay doesn’t even have an auto-reply when you send them an email and judging by the complaints here, I don’t expect any response. We will see. bad, bad company, can’t believe they are business, and that they are tied to charitable fundraising. I won’t ever give to gofundme again and youcaring as it is clear they are tied to WePay.

  • Robin Hall

    We processed our payments through WePay for around 4-5 years. In the beginning, there were never any issues and no delays with payments. They processed overnight and were in our bank account the following day. There were 2-3 occasions when there were processing hiccups on their end that caused a delay and it took 2 days for the deposit to post to our account. In the past 12 months, we’ve experienced more and more delays. There is never a notification to the merchant of the delay, so if you are anticipating the deposit posting the following day, you may be in for a surprise when it is not. You should always be prepared to cover outstanding drafts on the account as their service is becoming more and more unreliable. When we ask about the reason for the delays – some taking upwards of a week (6 days) to process, we are simply given blanket canned text responses of “the delay is on our bank’s end” and that “there were a few engineering issues that are being worked out” and that we should “wait 2 to 5 business days for monies to post” and that they are “not responsible for delays by the merchants bank”. When we contact our bank, they have no record of any incoming deposit transactions. Generally after the email (you have to email, because they refuse to release a customer service number to call), the deposits show up in the account within 1-2 days. The service is unreliable at best at this point and we have elected to take our business elsewhere. We can’t run our business not knowing when we can expect deposits. I would not recommend WePay to any merchant and we will never use them or their partner Freshbooks again.

    From The Editor
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    • John

      I was looking to start up with WePay but after so many negative reviews, I’ll take my business elsewhere. I can’t wait 6 days for payments to be returned. No excuse on your part, sorry, the engineering issues coming from a person in IT myself, don’t buy it. Get yours tuff together.

      From The Editor
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    • Wendy

      I could not agree with this review more! The exact thing is happening to us and it is beyond stressful.

      Today is 11/28 and I’m still waiting for deposits from Thanksgiving to arrive.

      Getting a canned response is unacceptable. No one even bothered to look at our account which was obvious from the generic reply. Just some goober sitting behind a computer buying WePay another 5 days.

      From The Editor
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  • Russell Spencer

    Shockingly Shot – I will let the reader guess what vowel I changed.
    Signed up for WePay – thought we would give them a go. Spent two hours signing up for their nonsense service, then another half hour making a test purchase of £10, then had to wait another five days for them to process it, only for them to shut the account saying high value transactions aren’t available! Wow! No joke!
    They then said they would not allow us to close our account in case they want to take money out of our bank for the single £10 transaction that we made.
    Honestly I would avoid this company and service at all costs.

    From The Editor
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    This is a very difficult company to work with. Very slow customer support turn around and they hold your funds until you do exactly as they say – upload files (although no easy path to upload), provide member data. I don’t remember being more frustrated with a financial services company (save maybe CapitalOne)

    From The Editor
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  • Lance Sniatkowski

    Payment by my client was on a Weds, after 4:00pm, it is Saturday, mid day, and i had to pay $32.00 for this?
    3 reps told me 3 different stories, WePay tried to BS me.
    Bottom line is I would love my fee back from this rip off service!

    From The Editor
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  • Flora

    Worst Merchant I’ve worked with. I received 4 chargebacks from a client who just decided to stop paying for a program. We submitted emails, signed contracts etc… to prove the charges were legit. We won. Then two months later the same client charged back the same four transactions (that we already proved were legit) and won but they had already refunded the money back to them and so we were out the four payments plus fees on a dispute we won.

    Now they are holding a large amount of money from me without prior notice.

    The deposits take anywhere from 3 – 7 days to hit my account as well.

    These are just three of the many issues we’ve had with this merchant.

    We are looking for a new one and will transition within the next few weeks. I can’t believe they are still in business.

    From The Editor
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  • Dirk capilla

    These people are a bunch of thieves do not use them they will put a freeze on your money and make interest on it while they insult you and hang up the phone on you

    From The Editor
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  • Shellie Gardner

    We have never heard of this company until we had an unauthorized charge of $400 on our debit card at midnight from a “save my pet” crowd funding group that somehow does not exist. No WePay, you will not pay whoever used you to try and steal money from us. Somehow you have become a third party channel for fraudulent activity.

  • matthew brown

    The most unprofessional thing/place/site(whatever it is) to deal with. If you are lucky, you might get a standard response via e-mail 3-5 days later. They take your money, then sit on it for, well at least 2 months, and counting. I’m a small business and they took $3700 from my acct without even a phone call. They DO NOT use phones. Clearly because they don’t have any professionals there to handle any situations that they themselves created. They are a Chase company, and it makes me cringe that our government kept jokes like this heads above water, only for them to be crooks to the working man. Should have let them sink like the fat lazy garbage this outfit is.

    From The Editor
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  • Dave Wells

    Stay away – they are crooks. We process a high volume of orders, and we began noticing that our revenue records were not matching the deposits. Upon further inquiry, we found that they were in fact not depositing all of our completed transactions into our bank account. When we asked why, it took them 3 days to respond and then they said it was a glitch and that they would fix it. Well, that was the last I heard from them. They never fixed it and the issue kept happening. Repeated emails to them went unanswered so we immediately took our business to another payment provider and have had zero issues with our new payment provider since. In all total, it appears that WePay stole about $3,200 from us. We contemplated filing suit, but it would’ve been cost prohibitive to do so. WePay isn’t a Better Business Bureau member so even though we filed a grievance through that, they apparently ignored it. My advice, stay away from both WePay and UltraCart. UltraCart was the cart system we used which is owned by WePay, and so of course they were of no help whatsoever. They ignored us just like WePay did. WePay lost a lot of business with us.

    From The Editor
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  • Bryauna Meehan

    WePay is a total scam. I use Freshbooks as my small business accounting platform. A client paid an invoice using a Visa credit card (not a debit card). I received an email that the payment was received from the client via Freshbooks. I then received an email from WePay stating that the “withdrawl” from my WePay account was denied. They couldn’t verify who I was, even though my business bank account is connected to Freshbooks AND WePay. They are now keeping my payment. They have NO customer support number, only email, which they do NOT respond to. Shame on you WePay.

    From The Editor
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  • Naomi

    Shame on WEPAY and shame on MEETUP for using this platform to collect contributions. I have contacted WEPAY through the Internet to get my contributions out. Mira from WEPAY requested screen shots after screenshots. She finally said go to a public computer and try since she couldn’t figure out why my verification was just clocking. Then today I reached out to Mira and it bounced back saying their procedure to replies changed and I have to start all over with my inquiry!!HORRIBLE – I will be reporting to BBB.

  • B.Lynne Hoff

    About 4 months ago I started a GoFUndMe Campaign for a friend suffering from Leukemia and Bladder Cancer. His friends immediately donated over $2000.00 To date, we have been unable to recover these funds from WEPay via GoFUndMe. THe excuses range from unable to identify thru trouble with deposit to bank. In the meantime my friend has lost his car because of unable to pay AND I am helping with his medical bills while the money sits in his GoFUndMe account. I would NEVER use GioFUndMe/WEPay again!

  • Hugo Z

    MightyCause (Razoo) uses WePay. MightyCause does not provide telephone support. Just online support. After taking & making so much money from charity fundraise, no support?!! So greedy and so lazy.

  • Tom Story Esq

    Using a platform for estimates they added WePay Inc to add payment processing to the list of things they do provide me.

    I never signed up for We Pay, I use another credit card transactions company. Well using a backdoor method with joist, We Pay is able to process your customers credit cards even if your not signed up with them.

    I then get a Email, informing me they have over $10,000 worth of funds of mine and please verify my business and banking information. Well obviously $10k to some company in ca I’m going to want to retrieve my funds.

    Follow all the steps to verify who I am and the credentials for my company to collect the funds they have collected through deception, making my customers think I process cards through them but I don’t.

    To then have to email them 6 days later asking where my money is. Was I surprised when they finally got back to me with 4 emails in a row saying, first my company that’s been open for years, and my bank who I’ve had a company account for years and even have a loan from for my construction business could not be verify.

    Since they could not “verify ” my bank or company information they have refunded all my customers and closed my account.

    Funny, I wish that’s really what they did, they never returned my customers money, I’ve been receiving phone calls from 2 customers looking for in total about $10k processed through WePay Inc, now since we pay has not returned the money and I asked them to pay a diffeeent way, since the funds have not been returned it looks like I’m trying to scam them.

    I am filling a Class Action lawsuit against
    WePay Inc, for deceptive advertising amongst other things.

    If you have been a victim of this WePay Inc scam please contact me, [email protected]

    I would love to hear from you and my attorney can add you on the suite!!!

  • Lew Picardi

    This is a SCAM entity. Stay away from using them in any way whatsoever. I have been getting charged monthly now for a year and cannot seem to stop their criminal activity. I changed credit card numbers but still get charges as they somehow obtain your new charge number. There is nothing but deceit, fraud and criminal activity coming from this company. I repeat this is a SCAMMING business and should be prosecuted as such!

  • Ann

    I don’t think too highly of a company that charges fees for donations to an individual trying to raise money to pay medical bills after finding out they have cancer. This individual really needed the money, and wepay had to take a portion of it. What a terrible company to take much-needed funds from a poor woman. Not right at all. I hope people will realize what a ripoff company this is and stop dealing with them.

  • K

    Do not use WePay. As a payment processor they allow software to utilize their platform that doesn’t work correctly, and their support defaults to lying about it. We use a donation platform that used WePay, and through that platform we needed to cancel all of our recurring donations. We cancelled them all in that system, and that system continued to submit charges to WePay. We contacted WePay who told us they couldn’t help with the cancellations, but then the vendor told us that the only way to solve their problem was for WePay to cancel the donations, even though WePay told us they could do nothing. As of this writing, they’re still stealing money from our donors regularly (which we then have to individually refund) but we can’t terminate our account because if we do that, we lose access to all reporting data which we may need for a future audit. This is incredibly anti-customer behavior not just to me as an organization, but to donors looking to support non-profits. They are literally engaging in theft and lying about methods to solve it. Stay far, far away from any platform that utilizes WePay!

  • Justin J Bartley

    Worst decision I ever made was to use this company for my small business. They couldn’t care less about the customer or getting the funds to them. Biggest red flag should’ve been no phone number to speak to someone. Only an email. Wepay will never get another dime of my money

  • Brandon Willis

    This company Customer Service is pathetic, they have had $13,000 of my money now for over two weeks and they won’t return my phone call and they don’t even have a Customer Service phone line. Never will I do business with them again or run any of my transactions through them them again. We are a multi million dollar company, they definitely won’t be getting anymore of our business, if I don’t get a contact by 2:00 Central time today, we will get a lawyers involved. Thanks, looking forward to hearing something back soon.

  • Charles Therriault

    We pay is the worst online pay company ever! I have new a construction company and set up online payments for customers using WePay. I have over $10,000 sitting in WePay settlement limbo. Their reasoning…they need to know more about what my company does. My company name includes “building and remodeling” and the invoices state the services provided (e.g. floor sanding, kitchen remodel). Seems pretty self explanatory. I’m also not sure why they need to know how the customer heard of my company. Doesn’t seem relevant to their purpose. ANYONE USING JOIST FOR CONTRACTING, DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!

    • Polly Jackson

      We, all of us who’ve written a comment and/or been robbed/scammed by WePay should sue this company! If I knew how, I would! They need to be put out of business, TODAY!

  • Zachary Mazi

    WePay has totally screwed me. In every way. I am out $1235 due to their ineptness and bullshit customer service. I used their services (actually by accident, as I had set up to pay through Square via Ecwid, and then suddenly I was working with WePay?!? To whit: ALL PAYMENTS PROCESSED by EcWid via square went directly to my account with no issues)…

    They processed a number of payments for an event, and appeared to pay out the sums to my Chase bank account. The money never showed up in my account from WePay. At first they seemed to be helpful, making me believe it was Chase’s fault. Now I am not so sure…

    Now over a month later, with invalid tracer numbers provided by WePay (that CHASE cannot use to find the payments), the money is still missing, cannot be refunded ([The one refund issued apparently is now my own to pay back?!?!] because even the amounts out there cannot be recovered in the ether?!) and cannot be traced. WHERE IS MY MONEY?!??!? This has to be the most blatent form of robbery I have ever seen in this world. I AM DISGUSTED BY THIS.


  • Royce Austin

    Horrible service, the emails they send are meaningless and zero help. Please find a different processing company. They failed to process a 20k payment from a customer that used the same card to pay 2 weeks easier (25k). This is about to put me out of business after 3 weeks of waiting. Wepay has been zero help after there safety and trust dept caused this issue.

  • Carol Shin

    I’m appalled at the amount of service charge for donations for a needy family. I added on the donation section from Mealtrain and we didn’t see how much percentage they take per donation. Shame on this service! Everyone just use paypal or make donations checks directly, this is such a crock. The money that should be going to people in need are being taken from them.

  • Mirek Turczyniak

    I had to reverse a payment to my client that was processed by credit card through Wepay. The amount was returned to the client. The money had come into my business bank account. after that, the withdrawal of that amount was made in two transactions. It was unnecessary

  • Elizabeth

    This business is a scam. They have no customer support to 3rd party customers who send money via this platform when it’s the Receivers platform of choice. I’m a Corp Controller reconciling our CC statement and 2 Cardholders have made the same purchase amount to this vendor. While it looks like a Duplicate charge it probably is 2 separate vendors using the same WePay platform. But I can’t confirm this bc the 800# on the statement leads to VM only, directs me to their webpage to contact support and there’s no Chat Bot, only FAQs. But there are 8 choices on the Phone Menu if I wanted to partner or promote the service. As a business who hosts client payments on our website, I wouldn’t recommend WePay for our business or to our partners.

  • Patricia

    This company is a scam. Find another company unless you do not want your money.

  • Lakshmia

    This company is HORRIBLE! They have been holding over $400 of my money. They have NO phone number to call, slow ass support responses and I really think they need to be sued.

  • martinkhloe5@gmaildotcom

    I got ripped off by this scam broker, I couldn’t withdraw my money. I had to hire a recovery firm to get my funds back. Glad this is over for me.

  • Diane F

    Horrible, Horrible!
    We’ve been using WePay and I had to issue a refund for a customer. I hit the refund button everything seemed fine and I received a confirmation message and their payment to us got deleted. 2 weeks later the customer calls us back furious that we never refunded him. I went back into WePay it’s true, they never actually sent the funds back. I tried and tried to refund but WePay keeps coming up with some stupid error message. No Phone number for customer service – you can only email them (good luck!) which i did friday morning. Never received a response! Our customer was so mad as I still didn’t have any answer for him saturday or sunday. Nice that WePay is closed but I’m still open!!
    Same thing happened with another customer but the other customer charged back the funds. I’m simply disgusted!

  • Morgan

    Ya know, I read so many negative reviews, but they aren’t exactly fair.
    I use Joist ( which has always been so amazing ) as an invoicing and estimating program. I let a client use their credit card for a $13,000 payment, in small increments. At first, Wepay messaged me and asked me to change some invoice information. This annoyed me a lot, but somewhat unfairly, as i understand they were reasonable requests for their system. I was worried when I didn’t have a phone number for them, but they gave me Joists phone number, Joistpayments. And I think that’s the problem other people have. Joistpayments has a direct line to Wepay, and are actually meant to handle concerns of mine, as I’m a joist client first of all. Literally, all of the payments were going to be held, I changed my invoices, and both Joist and Wepay had chatted, and ALL of the money was released immediately. It seems Wepay has a system, and Joist created a system to complement it. Any complaints aren’t really a complaint on Wepay,
    I don’t think. It’s the other providers that seem to be screwing it up for them, and others. But, you deserve it for not simply using Joist for everything. Joist and Wepay are literally one of the best teams I hav have ever seen. Together they worked seemlessly, and I am a happy customer.

  • Jenny

    We wanted a more convenient option for our customers so I decided to use WePay. That was a mistake. Everything was going smoothly until our revenue started to increase. Once we had almost all of our receivables caught up and in WePay’s “reserves”, I received an e-mail saying that WePay was dropping us as a customer and I would be able to receive our sales income after 60 days. We are start-up company and absolutely cannot afford to receive income that we earned after 60 days. They are crooks.

  • Cee Cee

    I opened an account /web page thru Fundly.com to help collect funds for a legal defense fund. Wepay.com collected the small pymts. I received an email advising I should request a bank settlement or forfeit funds. Also I have been warned to do this by 2-2-18 or the funds will go to my state. I sign into the account and choose bank settlement as instructed. Before I can enter bank information, I have to update personal information. Everything I do this, I continue to receive error messages saying my zip code entered is not correct. I have entered it with the 5 common code numbers and with the extra 4 digits attached per the USPS website. Still I continue to receive error messages. I have sent an email to the support team a day ago and have not heard back yet which is unreal. Something obviously after reading other complaints is very wrong. I am only trying to collect about $75.

  • Robert Hoffman

    Stay away from this company. First of all, they don’t have a phone number where you can talk to someone, it’s probably a scam. Secondly, they take a customer’s payments then take their fees then send it to your account. It doesn’t match so you cant reconcile without 2 days work and even then they don’t return your email. I would reject any company that uses this company for payments. I still can’t get answers and I have tried for 2 days.

  • Robert Callie

    We faced the same issues as many of the other business owners on this forum. Account suddenly canceled and $3000+ of our funds held because of “risk” for those of you in states where companies like this are licensed as money transmitters you need to report them to the proper authorities. In California they are governed by the California Money Transmission Act and Section 1841 clearly states that they can not hold your funds longer then 10 days. Companies like Wepay and PayPal continue these practices because most of you just accept it as opposed to filing a report. Their user agreement doesn’t allow them to circumvent the law. In California you should first contact The Department of Business Oversight after you’ve received notice of a hold based on “risk”

  • Allison Shank

    Absolutely cannot believe how terrible WePay is. I was assured that we could receive funds within 2-5 days by using WePay as our payment gateway so we opened our event ticket sales on Ticketspice and started selling tickets using WePay as the gateway. We need the money instantly due to the nature of the event and how our business runs. We contract celebrities to appear at the event and the money from tickets is used in depositing for the contracts. After not receiving my money, I got an email saying my business needed to be verified, which by the way I was never told that high volumes of money put our business on the “high risk” list. I would’ve never used WePay if I knew they had a problem with large amounts of money coming in at once. We sold 100 VIP tickets in a single day and earned over $30,000 for our event and now WePay isn’t transferring the money to our bank account because we’re a fairly “new” business. They’re holding it for 392 days??!! How is that even allowed? How is a business supposed to operate when they can’t receive their money for 392 days? Because of WePay, our company is facing breach of contracts because they will not release out money. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. EVER. Our business relies solely on those funds, and now they’re making it nearly impossible to operate. And their support team is terrible. All they have is email so it takes days for them to respond and they will never call you on the phone to fix an issue. I’ve also asked MULTIPLE times to release my funds and close my account but no one responds. They keep saying “Oh we can send you a small amount if you need it for vendors.” But at this point, HOW CAN I TRUST THEM? They’re holding our funds hostage and I’m supposed to trust that they’ll release our money in time to honor our contract obligations. Yeah, definitely not. It’s been almost a week, still haven’t received my funds or come to a solution with anyone at WePay.

    • Joel Ventura

      I am experiencing the same problem with their so called “reserves”. I suggest every negative reviewer on here form an alliance and sue them so that we may find out exactly if what their doing is actually ethical or not

  • Brand Reputations

    New user and I’m already done. Two weeks to hold payments? No way to call anyone and get any kind of resolution? It’s like someone at Paypal decided that Paypal was giving too much customer service so they started WePay in order to offer ZERO. This is crazy. I will not be doing further business with this company.

  • Bruce

    Wepay stinks. Don’t bother with them. A client paid $5500 and they said it “passed my weekly threshold of $5000” so they will send the funds in a week.

    WTF?? Seriously? The whole point of me offering online payment options is to make it convenient for the client and RECEIVE FUNDS IMMEDIATELY.


  • Barbara a duncan

    I have received a $10.00 charge on we pay for dental. I have not had any dental done. Would like to know where you got my bank account number. If I don’t get an answer I will be turning it into the fraud division.

    • Polly Jackson

      You will have to do what I did and that is have WePay blocked form your bank account. They are PURE EVIL!

  • Stephanie Halby

    Two of us donated to Alice Valentine’s fund last nite! We both received email today stating our individual payments could not be processed and stated we should submit again! I called my bank and the donation has cleared and been paid! The same goes for the other party. I have no connection with the other Donor! Where is our money? 2nd request! Will have bank reverse chg & will file chgs with the appropriate Federal agencies!

  • Dave

    God forbid you speak with someone. It’s easier to give you a run around when they only deal with issues via email. Have sent them documentation they requested and still get notifications that our YouCaring account will be terminated if we don’t send them the requested info, which as I stated, we sent.
    All you get is respond to this ticket number. They suck.

  • I got ripped off by a scammed binary broker recently, stoxmarket.I had to hire a recovery professional to get my funds back. Glad this is finally over.

  • Brenda Person

    I would have loved to have donated to a friend who lost their house due to Harvey on youcaring.com, but We Pay tried to add $30.06 to the money to be took from my bank. I was donating $5 to the friend + $1 to help out You Caring, since I am poor myself that was all I could afford. Thank the gods I caught that before I hit commit!

  • Shasta

    Do not use this company if you want to receive your money! I am a business owner, & took a deposit payment from a client a week ago. Still have not received my money or gotten a response from the urgent request I sent to Wepay. They do not have staff you can contact on the phone and they do not reply to emails.

  • Shelly

    I’ve used WePay through Freshbooks to invoice my clients for the past year. They make anywhere between $200-$400 in Credit Card processing fees off of me each month. In the past, after a client has paid I receive email notification once the funds have been sent to my bank. Typically later that day if paid early enough. During the week, the funds were always in my bank account the next morning or by Tuesday if paid on a Friday. It’s been consistently like that with no issues until last week. Client paid on Monday early and around 4PM that day I received my normal email that funds were sent to my bank. I had set up to pay 4 bills the next day and had another due by Friday. Funds never deposited into my bank. Contacted Freshbooks who contacted WePay. WePay told us the funds had been sent to my bank and that it was all in my banks hands to process. By Friday, still no money and my bank was insisting the money had not been sent to them. Now my bill was officially late and I had 4 overdraft charges of $38 each, a $50 late fee for rent and accruing $10 more each day. I sent a support ticket again to WePay. Finally received notice on Saturday that WePay had a system error on their end and settlements were not processed and hadn’t been sent after all. Didn’t get my money until Tuesday, a full week late. To date, their system error cost me $252 in fees. I sent a request to customer support asking for the $46 credit card processing fee they took from the payment to be refunded to offset the fees I sustained thanks to their system error. Was told no credit would be given, they weren’t responsible for my late fees due to their mistake and kindly referred me to their Terms of Service. All I asked for was for them to reimburse me for the $46 fee and now they have lost my business for good. I am going to Stripe. Am just about to close another contract that would have brought their monthly revenue from us to over $600+ per month minimum. So they just lost over $7200+ a year for refusing to refund a $46 fee that was their mistake.

  • Steve

    Worst company we’ve ever dealt with. They are a bunch of crooks and they will hold on to your money.
    My Church raised $800 and we’ve been asking for our money for 3 months and they refuse to send it. They have asked for dozens of documents and I provided all of them but they still refuse. All they tell me is our safety and trust department is reviewing the paperwork.
    They have absolutely no right to keep our money and I will have to file a lawsuit against them to get our money. These people will burn in hell for the how dishonest they are.

  • Paul Haake

    Awful service, would not recommend. As many others have said they take a ridiculous amount of time to process payments (2 weeks or longer) to a bank account. No option for support other than e-mail, which is ludicrous for an organization processing credit cards and interfacing with banks.

    Pick a reliable processor like your local bank.

  • Carol

    WEPAY has the worst customer service! they hold on to your money and will not release. they do not answer emails and worst part is FRESHBOOKS does not help…..all they say is “you need to get a hold of wepay, we can’t do a thing for you” FRESHBOOKS contracted them….how do they NOT have a number for them!!

    WEPAY and FRESHBOOKS are HORRIBLE companies!


  • Amanda Booker

    I have been using this company for 3 months. I have $342 that they holding from me because the need to verify my identity. They’ve never need to do so in the past 3 months. Now they are holding up money that I need. They have now customer service line. You just email and for 2 days I have not received a reply. Neither has the invoice company that I use are there partners. I am fed up and need my money.

  • Derek Kangas

    Nobody likes hassles when doing business. That is exactly what I got doing business with wepay. A card payment should’d accepted or declined at time of use. Not days later. Their feedback is awful. %66 I’s a terrible rating. They deserve worse. Wepay will hurt your business the way it hurt mine. Beware and stay away.

  • Paul D

    I had to use wepay as the payment processor for my go fund me account. Over 3 months have gone by since we requested our money and we still have not received it . Their customer service sucks and I don’t think we will ever get the money. Either they are committing fraud or they are totally incompetent. Be aware and avoid using them

  • Kevin Verrall

    I am just a guy that wanted to go on a mission trip from Buffalo NY with my church to Haiti to help rebuild houses lost in the Hurricane. I raised donations via Facebook and youcaring.com….You caring forced me to use WE PAY and I now am unable to get my money (almost $1000) to take my trip to help people. I have experienced the same runaround regarding log in and email and verification. My next call will be to the State Attorney General. Who scams people that raises money go and try and help people that live in the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere? I feel equally as bad for the other people that were scammed as well. Very sad, I hope these folks need this money as bad as the starving folks I had intended to serve in Haiti.

  • Dalton

    Joist (invoicing software) decided to partner with WePay and we thought it would be a nice way to integrate a payment option right into our invoices, so we signed up immediately. Fast forward 3 weeks later, they are holding about $5000 of our business’s money. We were told we needed to complete our verification which we already had, and I showed them the emails from multiple days before, they responded by saying it would take 1-2 business days to process this info. Since then radio silence, can’t get ahold of anyone and have had no response. Avoid this processor at all costs if you enjoy earned money. We will reporting them to the attorney general and will be pursuing legal action if we don’t hear back soon.

    • Joseph

      WePay is currently holding our funds and does not respond to our tickets, despite posting on their site that they normally respond within 24 hours. Do not use this payment service. They are either incompetent or intentionally defrauding their customers. Not a good situation. There is no phone number to call. I’m considering filing a criminal complaint. We’ve since switched to another payment company.

    • Rabbit

      They did the same thing to me but in reverse. They sent out a previously cancelled payment a month later to my account. 3000 dollars of my customers money shows up in my account, a month after it was cancelled ( they had just written me a check instead)
      I couldn’t get a hold of anyone at wepay except thru via robot like emails, that denied any knowledge of what had happened. They charged me and are still charging me fees and taking money out of my bank aacount that I am having to close for good. Its a complete f***ing mess. Don’t ever use this company or Joist either. I may have a lawsuit going soon

  • emarie

    STAY AWAY!!!
    I am an online business that decided to use wepay because of my website platform ECWID BAD DECISION!!
    WEPAY has over $6000 of mine!
    They do not answer emails as to when my funds will be released!
    And then I read all of these reviews and I realized I’ve been SCAMMED!!!

  • nancy palmer

    i have gave we pay my bank info and did every thing i can to let them know who i am but they keep saying my pass word is wrong or something about my email is wrong i want my money and i am not getting my money

  • Sandra Thompson

    Not happy with this service. I cannot talk to anyone to get a copy of a charge receipt and when I go to the website I cannot get the page I need. I am get a new case # every time I try to “contact” them and they refer me to a page without a link. Big runaround I do not appreciate. Just give me the cc receipt.

  • Joyce V

    I have been victimized by someone using WEPAY via 2 transactions on my personal account. It is now in the hands of bank investigators. I believe 2 other fraudulent transactions may have probably been processed via WEPAY under other business names. You really need to screen your merchants. In any case any merchant using this company will automatically be denied on my charges. WEPAY You lost!

  • Kristy Wolcott

    My client paid on June 5 via credit card and as of today June 2 202nd I have not received the money from we pay after they have promised to deposit it several times no deposit has been made they are a rip off company and a scam I do not recommend them to anyone who owns a business and runs off the funds that their clients pay for a custom orders are placed on hold until the funds are given to us. We have waited three days and have requested WePay for our money and they have not answered any of our requests. They dont have a live person to talk to either its ALL via email. Worst costomer Service EVER‼️‼️‼️

    • Abrill Ellis

      They stated may 22nd my money i donated would be refunded bevause the gofundme account person didnt collect money, which is fine….here it is june 30th still dealing with them supposedly contacting wepay and wont release a phone number for them yet they want a phone number so my bank can track a “reference” nunber which they cant do! I keep gettong passed around like a french whore on a brothel, cant talk to one person i talk to multiple idiots with the same theory “we are trying to contact our payment processor” yet im getting no where on getting my money back so i might ad well kiss that goodbye

  • Meredith Beard

    I’ve been victimized by someone using WePay, and they’ve tried to take over $1000 from my business account. The WePay scams have ranged from $25 to $500, and have used different accounts (including Karen Ryan and for Rocco, an account that closed three years ago). Chase bank has replaced the card and credited my account, but be aware WePay is not above board. Someone there is scamming donors.

  • Jenny Waterhouse

    WePay basically tricked me into clicking confirm and accepted money from donors through YouCaring before I had filled in my bank details and found that it is not useful anywhere except America! I lost donors and was highly embarassed by the whole thing. DO NOT USE THEM

  • Kristin Roberts

    I believe with all the complaints of fraud and theft that we can get a corporate attorney to assist and file a class action lawsuit. I’m contacting consumer affairs in California in the morning and I’ve also found the CEO of Wepay online and sent him messages on Twitter. Companies that have stolen funds and investments from consumers have been sued civilly and been sentenced on federal charges criminally for knowing defrauding consumers. I am willing to participate in any and all actions to bring Dan Saper to justice. I’ve left my name and phone number, messaged him on Twitter (I suggest everyone do the same) and emailed them. If I do not receive the donations made to me I will move forward. I’m not one to ever back down and one of my donors works with the FBI. My father worked in law enforcement for 26 years as an investigator and you’ve stolen from the wrong one this time.

    • grace candreva

      i put up a request for help for my two frbabies who need vet care. I received a donation 1 week ago of which i have contacted you caring. i keep getting the run around and no success for the donation made to my account. wepay keeps coming up with invalid password!!!! this is sickening and disgusting! im sure a lot of consumers who have made complaints against this company are fuming as well! so i need advice what to do!! it was only 50.00 but for my furbabies this means their safety and good health.

  • Norma Thomas

    I was a donor to a fund raiser campaign for a friends son, who was in serious shape and needed help for the Hospitals and Doctors, I donated 100 the first week and 40 dollars the next week, they were not paying all the money, so I disputed my donations, then the friends told me they paid them the money, so I canceled the dispute, so the bank would let the money go through. Then they took the money from their bank, saying it had been disputed, then they gave it back, now they are trying to take it again, this has been going on over a two month period, they send them and email saying it has been resolved, then turn around and take the money away again from their bank, then send them another letter saying it has been resolved, then want to take the money again from their account, yet again. All the while I am emailing them and showing them the proof that my bank already paid them, and they send me one back saying it has been resolved, then they send one to the recipient saying it has been resolved, then they turn around again telling them they will be taking the money from their account again!! These people do not know what they are doing!! Please Do Not Donate through them. From now on, I will contact the people directly and get a mailing address from them and send it to them myself!! No More Donating through these websites for me!!!! EVER!!! My Temp is on the Rise!!! :(


    Two friends of mine talked me into setting up a GoFundMe account. It was hard for me to do in the first place, so I waited a while and then decided to go ahead and do it so that I could get my breast reconstructed and my life back after suffering from necrosis, (a flesh eating bacterial disease). I had the account for no more than eight months. Raising the money was very slow, and never did raise that much. They take a huge percentage too! That Blows! Out of $100 you only get $91.80.Nearly 10%. I went online to my GoFundMe account a few days ago to check on it and chatted with someone by the name of Nikki that popped up out of no where. It was a useless conversation being that they could not tell me anything new about how to raise more money. I was already doing that. They played “friendly” with me, and shortly after I logged out of my account, it was gone! This fake Nikki person (probably a hacker) never told me that anything was wrong. Everything was just “erased” off the site as if it never happened. Then they sent me an email saying that I was in violation of their terms/policies and that any monies that have not been within drawn were going to be returned to the donors. There wasn’t anything to withdraw anyway. I read their terms/policies again and again, and I could not see where I had gone wrong! I had asked them to be more specific, and they emailed me back saying that they were really busy, and sent me the same link. I could not find a phone number to reach someone either. WePay is the credit card processor. (Perhaps set up by hackers) In order for the processor to do what it does there has to be an “issuing” bank in order to accept credit/debit cards. I have been a merchant with my own websites (when I used to have them), so I know about this information. It looks like to me that whomever is doing this is not only in that banks fraud dept, they are also involved in the programming code end of it! if you are really good at it, you can manipulate anything to do what you want it to do. (Perhaps hackers?) It wasn’t that long ago that WellsFargo got “busted” for setting up all those fake bank accounts and fake credit/debit card accounts using their clients info. I am NOT saying that WellsFargo is behind this and I have no way of knowing it either. I was just bringing up an “example” of what has already happened with one bank.
    I closed out my bank account (since I used that info on my GoFundme account) No one can get in and no one can get out. I opened up a new account for all incoming transactions. Whomever is doing this they are thieves, fraudulent… That will land them in jail for a very long time. I have been able to continue to accept my “gifts” through paypal. They have been wonderful and never any problem. Anyone can set up a paypal account and accept “gifts” through them. You can also use paypal to except donations to your charity as well. However you feel comfortable doing it. WePay (We don’t Pay) is fraudulent. I accidentally stumbled on this site and was furious to see how many people in need have been hurt by this. This is a very very bad karma for WePay and the issuing bank! They’re go’n down!

  • Sarah

    I recently recieved a check from wepay and the check turned out to be no good. I tried to cash check only to discover the check was no good. What gives wepay the right to issue consumers bad checks?

  • Jim Moser

    We just got hit with fraudulent credit card charges exceeding $10,000 – all WePay in Palo Alto processed.

    We made ONE small contribution using WePay in January.

    So it’s either fraud directly at WePay or they got hacked and did nothing about it. Either way – DON’T USE WE PAY>

  • Deborah Edwards

    Wepay is Fraud. Bank says check is a fraud. Police have been called by the bank.

  • Linda N

    I am a volunteer for a 501c3 non-profit dog rescue organization. I have set up various fundraisers for the rescue through gofundme and youcaring. Unfortunately they both use WePay as their processor to distribute the donations and it has been a complete nightmare trying to get our donated funds. WePay makes individuals provide their own personal information and set up accounts even if they are volunteers who want the donations to go directly to the charity. Unless you are an officer of the nonprofit who has access to all of the nonprofit’s bank account information there is no way to have the funds distributed directly to the charity. Even if you do have access to the organization’s bank account your personal information will typically not match the bank account and accordingly any attempts to deposit the funds directly into the charity’s bank account will fail. Meanwhile, WePay is charging a processing fee to hold donors’ money and not distribute it.

    • Polly Jackson

      And their charge for their “services” is NOT .30% it is more like 7.5 %! They are liars and cheats and should not even be on the Internet! They invade your bank account, too.

  • Christine Curtis

    I am currently in the middle of a dibacle between GoFundMe and WePay because of a donation I made, that is NOT being refunded to me since the account that the donation was made from is now CLOSED. They refuse to allow me to provide another means to receive my money, the bank CANNOT receive it since the account is closed, and WePay is not providing any assitance as well. Currently writing to the BBB. This is absurd.

    • Polly Jackson

      You will never get that information. I asked for a payment sheet so I could tally the funds, never got it, asked and asked and asked, to no avail. Block WePay access to your checking account. I had to to stop them taking money OUT of my account!!!! THEY SUCK! Oh, and the 2.9% fee is actually 7.9%….that’s what they took for me.

      • janice sessoms

        Gofund charges are 7.9% and $0.30
        Youcaring charges are 2.9% and $0.30
        That is not wepay
        That is gofund and youcaring.
        I am not defending anything wepay may have done to you. Just saying you all are speaking about the website that does the fundraiser and site that only accepts payments and distributes them.
        Again, I am not affiliated with any of these organizations and am not defending anything you say that either does.
        Just bringing it the attention that the reviews on wepay site needs to be of them and not the gofund or youcaring site.
        I know it is confusing.

        • Polly Jackson

          GoFundMe is using WePay and that is the point. They should kick WePay out and sue them for what they have done to innocent people. There are NO Excuses for what WePay has done under any other name (GoFUndMe), period.

      • janice sessoms

        Just a note
        Fundly is 7.8% and $0.30 each transaction.
        I am searching myself to decide what one to use.
        Some give you the choice of paypal or wepay.
        Honestly it scares me now.

  • Mary Reader

    To my knowledge, the bill from wepay is a scam. I cannot find what my bill is for and cannot make headway in finding info. I guess I’ll take a legal route to get this apparently bogus charge repaid.

  • Preston & Lucy Shuman

    Getting scared after reading the reviews. The last week I have not received any bank deposits. It keeps showing failed. I have contacted wepay and have gotten no reply. I also contacted fundly about it and the rep at fundly has not received any reply back from wepay. I have contacted the bank and they show no rejected deposits.

  • Abenet Getaneh

    They are risking their customers for identity theft by forcing their customers to provide SSN. If the customer provide Name, DOB, Address, and Bank account,it is almost verifiable. They are giving an excuse of tax issue. But the person or the organization is responsible for his own tax and not them.
    If they site is hacked the customers are in great danger to be a victim of identity theft.

  • Polly Jackson

    One generous friend was charged SIX TIMES for her $200 donation!!! Each time they had to refund her, they then came into my checking account and took out money for themselves! This has been a horrible experience. I DO NOT RECOMMEND these people. They are so unprofessional! I have to go to the bank to BLOCK them from my CHECKING ACCOUNT!
    Horrible site. HORRIBLE!

  • Shannon

    I received a $3,000 donation from someone on a funding site and the funds disappeared in my account. We pay customer service was absolutely horrible. They closed my account without explanation… Not even sure if they actually returned the money to the donor as they were anonymous and I don’t know who they are. Horrible people

  • Jason Holmers

    Wepay is HORRIBLE.

    Ive been using stripe and have had an excellent experience, I tried wepay just to diversify a little bit. I use ZOHO subscriptions so it wasnt to difficult to add wepay.

    After I was setup I added two new customers to the wepay gateway in ZOHO. I added customers the same way I normally do with Stripe. What happened next is almost unbelievable to me. The payments initially went through fine. About 3-4 days later I got an email from my customer. They forwarded me emails they got from wepay saying the payments have been cancelled. I then got an email from wepay saying “oh sorry, payments werent done right, dont worry we are in touch with your customers.”

    Ummm what?

    Wepay contacted my customers. I thought this was absolutely ridiculous. In my opinion this made me look like an idiot to my customers.

    I then signed up to wepay looking for support. Only to find nothing but a submit support ticket option. Which I did. 3-4 days I got a response. 3-4 days!

    And in the response, they didnt answer all my questions.

    To conclude, avoid this company. Use stripe and enjoy much better service and chat support!

  • Susan Johnson

    Wepay.com came through for me, when I was confused by something I didn’t understand about my account information. They were prompt within the first 24 hours, and gave the answer in as few words as possible that unconfused me altogether. Thank You Wepay for the politest, fastest, and quite clearest personelle who answer all of my questions while starting up my New Business.

    • CPO

      Hi Susan,

      Please reply to this comment with your business name and location in order to authenticate your testimonial. Thanks!

  • Maria de jesus

    Very friendly platform , had to contact customer service and the helped me solve the issue really fast, would use it again, no doubt about it. Tks!

    • CPO

      Hi Maria,

      Please reply to this comment with your business name and location in order to authenticate your testimonial. Thanks!

  • Bevon

    I was diagnosed with colon cancer stage 4 in january of 2016, my husband set up a fundraiser for me. Wepay decided not to accept funds that I need and people are willing to donate, two times we try to do it now I am left to suffer not being able to get help.someone at my Church said to me my daughter contribute to your gofundme and you didn’t accept it. I ha

  • Bernard F Chirikas

    When a customer pays for custom furniture I build Wepay holds anything over $500 for seven days just in case there is a charge back but it is never seven days it is always ten days or longer. I never have this problem with Paypal.

  • Megan

    WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE. We are switching because when you write them about a problem this is their response “Sorry for the inconvenience. If there’s anything I can help you with, please let me know”. SERIOUSLY????

  • Candice White

    We have used WePay for a couple years for donation campaigns through GoFundMe and Constant Contact. I recently logged into WePay only to see all of our transactions and donation information have been erased from our profile. We have no other way to track this information. The most disappointing part is the lack of customer service. We have submitted multiple support requests in the past month with no response. A customer service number could at least be available, especially when dealing with monetary transactions.

    -Not happy at all.

  • linda cole

    I never ordered anything from them or set up an account. I was charged 25.00 but was told to go online and ck the sight. I did not have a password to get into site. This is a scam reporting to my bank

  • Vanessa Painter

    I am so extremely disappointed in the service of this company. I work with a website that takes payment through WePay. A customer filed a chargeback, I was charged $15 for WePay to deal with the chargeback (for a $46 item. I understood that. The case was found in my favor. Months later, the same customer filed a SECOND chargeback. I was AGAIN charged a $15 fee. This time, they also kept my money. HOW is this possible?! This doesn’t happen with PayPal.

    • Donna Mcquade

      Does anyone have a phone number to contact these people directly? I tried last night with the only number I could find on the internet, and it is only voice mail. I have received a personal 1099 with information they collected “for verification purposes only” and have heard nothing back in response to my numerous e-mails.

  • Carrie Dike

    We pay has taken $15 out of my account for a crowdfunding enterprise that I was unable to invest in i.e. I did not fund but Wepay took the money anyway. The 855 number is a waste of time to try to get A refund. It’s a revolving recording that will not connect with anyone, just keeps repeating…. stay away from WePay which should be re-named WeScam

  • Carmella Wilson

    Stay away from this company! They will close your account without warning and hold your funds. There is no way to reach them by phone. Poor service!

  • Kimberly Kirby

    I received a 400$ donation for my dog’s vetting. The person wanted his money back after I used it for such. We pay reversed the charges and cost me service charges at my bank even after I told them (with receipts of over 1100$) that the money was used for his bills and I did not have it to return.


    WHAT A NIGHTMARE DEALING WITH GOFUNDME AND WITH WEPAY!!!! My cousin is in dire need of medical attention, bills have sykrocketed and WEPAY has charged back several family and friend donations and we have never gotten a deposit to the bank account. WEPAY has never returned the $$$ to our family members nor friends and they will NOT call you nor will GOFUNDME!!!! STAY AWAY!!!! TOTAL NIGHTMARISH EXPERIENCE!!!!

  • Jennifer L. Evans

    I wanted a chance to my account that I couldn’t do myself, I asked the support team and it was done in no time. Thanks for the help in a timely manner.

    • CPO

      Hi Jennifer,

      Please reply to this comment with your business name and location in order to authenticate your testimonial. Thanks!

    • Derrick Chambers

      I’ve been asking all day to correct my email not one pressing contacted me at all. It’s beginning too be a nightmare.

  • April

    I will never, ever use WePay again. I had a fundraiser set up on YouCaring.com and used WePay to process the payments. I had a daily withdrawal set up to go to an American Express card. After a donor made an error and accidentally donated $5,000 instead of $50.00, WePay issued a refund to that donor and started the process of deducting my AmEx account. I contacted them to make sure that the refund would not hit my account before the withdrawal containing that $5,000 donation did and they assured me it wouldn’t. It’s been several days now and I left the money sitting in my AmEx account so that there would be no problem with the refund.

    To avoid any further complications, I changed my withdrawal method to have the funds sent to a Wells Fargo account. Since the intial notification that WePay was going to take back $4500, they have sent at least three more emails telling me they were withdrawing $4400 from my AmEx account, $4400 from my Wells Fargo account, and now there’s a “recovery attempt” of a separate $1000 withdrawal with absolutely NO explanation.

    I’ve had to delete/unlink BOTH of my accounts and notify both Wells Fargo and AmEx that these are unauthorized charges. If WePay does not respond and explain themselves or if they take a single DIME more than the initial refund, I am going to have to close/change both of my accounts.

    This fundraiser is for the families of two police officers who were killed in the line of duty and I am absolutely disgusted that WePay keeps messing around with everyone’s money.

  • Elizabeth

    Beware WePay!!! Check your credit card accounts on a regular basis. Just had to close down a credit card account because of fraudulent charges by WePay.

  • Gail Ellis

    Excellent service. I had a return and requested a refund. They promptly got in touch with me about the refund. I was kept informed via email as to the progress. Very professional and attentive.

  • Lee-Ann Mastrianni

    The support was very helpful I had my question answered and it was on point. My only negative is that it took some time to hear back once I made my inquiry. But overall, great job!!

    • CPO

      Hello Lee-Ann,

      Please reply to this comment with your business name and location in order to authenticate your testimonial. Thanks!

  • Kristin Tarchid

    Wepay already has a C rating, I have a Gofund me for an emergency situation to get my mother from a dangereous environment into a safe environment. Firstly they take way too much percentage of funds donated that I barely get back half of what I get raised, second of all they keep canceling my withdrawal, I have been waiting a week to get my donations transfered to my bank account and they keep canceling them even though my bank account information is all correct. On their website they state that they WILL return complaints and tickets within 24 hours and now it’s going into the second day…still no response. They have a phone number which you are not able to talk to a real person and they aren’t responding on Facebook either. This company is really awful and has really awful customer service. I still don’t know if I will ever get my money because no Wepay employees will respond to me to help me solve this issue. DO NOT USE ANY WEBSITES THAT ARE AFFILIATED WITH WEPAY

  • Holly Hankison

    I accidentally enter an incorrect dollar amount for a GoFundMe donation but didn’t realize my mistake until I received my thank you for donating. This was a large dollar amount and I was in a panic. I immediately sent an email for help and received an answer within 5 minutes. I was refunded my incorrect donation and was able to go back to the GoFundMe page and make the correct donation. I also received followup emails. I an very confident making transactions via WePay.

  • d.s. daclan

    Fraudulent company. Got run around on release of my private funds . NO live customer services; redirected to online complaint services or chat which is a joke. Totally disappointed in this experience. Lies and cheating the average honest citizen by representing themselves as legitimate. DO NOT TRUST !!!!! 10-13-16

  • Toby

    I am a first time user of WePay. The use of the service was easy. What got interesting was when the bill showed up on my VISA and I did not know what it was for. I called the number provided on the VISA bill, the message directed me to an easy site to remember and in less then a day, Jane got back to me with more detail of what the payment was for. Mystery solved. I would not hesitated to use this site again. The process was easy and it worked!!! The service I got from Jane was more then timely and spot on. Thank you Jane!

  • AJ Rodriguez

    WePay is an absolute trash service. They closed my gofundme account without warning and without probable cause. They refused to communicate with me, nor did they communicate to me why they did what they did. Some of my donors never got their money back. This trash institution needs to have a lesson in customer service.


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