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  1. Jordanna

    I’ve also felt screwed over by this company. I had a long conversation with an account representative when I first opened my account and they insisted there were no extra or hidden fees. I walked away feeling very clear about what I was to be charged every month, only to find random chunks of money taken out of my account each month thereafter. When I called to inquire about the fees they were very rude and defensive, and insistent that I was informed of the fees before I signed. I’m now feeling stuck paying far more each month for than I would have ever agreed to.

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  2. joe

    The worst of the worst. Considering a lawsuit.

    Their customer support is trained to lie and deceive as are the managers.

    They dont send paper statements and erase electronic statements after 3 months.

    They will start taking a reserve from your deposits without informing you or documenting what they are taking out on your statement.

    They will raise rates and assessments without telling you. Or they will tell you on your statement a rate or fee is raising .02% and raise it 2%. then leave it up to you to detect it.

    Criminals that should be class action sued.


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  3. Bryce

    Please, please stay away from this company. That is, unless you want to pay out the nose for what should be a reasonably priced service and have small print thrown in your face. I’m quite sure E-OnlineData instructs its employees to hide information from their customers so they can collect additional fees. I was close to filing a small claims lawsuit against E-OnlineData, but decided to eat the loss because couldn’t stand one more exchange.

    Try Braintree if you want a decent product for a decent price and don’t want to deal with a company that operates with borderline criminality.

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    1. Phillip

      Hi Bryce, can you provide more details about the fees that you felt were hidden from you?

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      1. Bryce

        The most blatant example of hidden or poorly disclosed fees is the $250 cancellation fee. While this is documented in contract, I felt customer services representatives intentionally hid it while I discussed leaving the service over multiple emails. Overall, their fee structure is confusing and seemingly intentionally obfuscated. I much prefer paying a flat rate + percentage per transaction as I do now, rather than paying for a half dozen fees, percentages, and minimums.

        Also, did you know they delete your monthly statements from their online merchant control panel every 3 months? Why not give your customers proper access to historical statements?

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  4. Chris

    This company is easily the worst I have ever dealt with. When a product we produced went viral and started selling like crazy they suddenly demanded a 20% reserve! Needless to say that completely crippled our small company and it took 3 months for us to switch to a new provider, who sees no reason for a reserve. STAY AWAY FROM THIS HORRIBLE HORRIBLE COMPANY.

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  5. Justin

    My ecommerce business of 10 years closed January 1, 2012 and I closed my account with e-OnlineData. After waiting for about 90 days to make sure no additional fees or chargebacks might come through, I also closed the business checking account. On April 2 I rec’d a phone call from the bank manager telling me I had a debit come through for $129 from e-onlinedata for “PCI COMPLIANCE FEE.” I contacted e-onlinedata and was told this was a routine charge and there was nothing they could do about it even though it was charged on a CLOSED ACCOUNT! So my checking account was re-opened and I was also charged a $35 NSF fee by the bank. I looked back through years of records and never once was I ever charged such a fee. Not once! Begrudgingly I paid the bank $164 to get the account to zero and closed once again. Now today, May 4 2012, I have a new charge from e-onlinedata for $350 called a “CANCEL FEE” on my account. I was told over the phone that this is standard, even though I had an account with them for 10 yrs and paid them many tens of thousands of dollars in account fees and commissions. I just called the bank manager and she said this time she is going to fhelp me file charges with the authorities claiming it’s a fraudulent transaction and also recommended that I see if there are any pending or potential class actions that I can get involved in.

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