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  1. Cindy

    What a scam they have. I canceled them over three years ago now and I just received a charge on $250!! I cannot believe that they still have access to my checking account still after three years?? After I contact them they tell me that it is because I didn’t return the terminal!! I owned the terminal outright before I even signed up with them. She tells me sorry once it charged your stuck. She sent me a copy of a contract that for one, wasn’t even signed, and second of all it wasn’t even the same contract that I signed, (yes I did find my copy after all). What a scam they have going on for them. I am still trying to get my money back!! So let me tell you, if you terminate them make sure you block them from your checking account because they will help themselves anytime they want to, even 3 1/2 years later!!! Global/Citadeleftinc. Beware

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  2. Shigeki

    This company is ripping consumer off overseas! In Spain, and I’m sure other countries, they are creating a default to charge in USD and add on a hefty service charge when consumers use their credit cards overseas. This is significantly higher than the fees charged by credit cards for translating foreign currencies into USD. The firm should be looked into by the consumer fraud agencies around the globe. They are taking an additional 2-4% of all overseas transactions beyond what the credit card user would normally have to pay! I would this is against tens of billions of dollars of spending, so a huge amount of money! Please look into this!

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  3. Tami

    This company charged our business twice a month (with steady increases) for 15-16 months, after we faxed and verbally requested the services be terminated. We chose to discontinue their services due to rapid increases in charges; and due to those fees being charged twice a month. The charges appeared as if different terminals were used. The names beside the debits appear differently on our statements.
    We were told the duplicated fees were being removed. And the reason we were charged double fees is because we offer services, and we sell parts. Therefore, “we have two businesses in one building”. Huh??? We are the sole owners, with one company name! Our business has been in this building for over thirty years. But, we have never heard of a policy such as that.
    The duplicated fees began on the second statement. We addressed, immediately. And, we were told it would be corrected. Plus, the charges would be removed. It stopped a month. Then it restarted. But, the initial charges were never removed.
    Now, more than a year later, they are determined to stick with the old excuse for duplicate charges without refund. In addition to those charges, they will not reimburse us for and the 16 months they continued to withdraw fees for a (non-active) closed account. The rep claimed they never received the termination form we faxed iSeptember 2012.
    She added, that “without seeing that form, they’re not allowed to stop an automatic contract renewal. Really? We initially signed up, over the phone. On that day, we were told there were “no contract” terms.
    Regrettably, we have been unable to find that form, thus far.
    Though, we remember signing and faxing the form. It now stands as “he said, she said”. I plan to check with our phone/internet company.
    I told the representative I was curious about the Double Standards. I’m curious how an account can be created over the phone with verbal permission. But, that can’t eliminate an account over the phone with an adamant request.
    Especially, since she clearly remembers remembers my husband calling and speaking with her in 2012, ADAMANTLY, repeating that we no longer want their services. She also admitted the account displayed no activity since September 2012. We’re considering an attorney.

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    Global payments account was terminated by me in June 2013. i called,emailed, faxed and mailed every document requested by global payments necessary to close the account. Months later, I called emailed faxed and mailed documents again due to continued billing.

    Months later the billing continued and I emailed, called, etc. again!

    I was certain that eventually they would succeed in closing the account which finally occurred a year later in June 2014 with all the billing for an inactive account , no credit

    After many phone calls, global payments refunded six months of charges but refused to honor my request of a total refund!

    Global payments had a record of all the conversations, dating back one year,of my asking for termination of the continued billing of an obviously inactive closed account.
    Bad Business! Global Payment Sucks! Stay Away from Global Payments!

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  5. Jordan

    Global Payments raised my rates TWICE this year. The sales rep will sign you up by offering low rates. 2 months later, the rates will go up. I am paying 3 times MORE than I was with my previous processor. DO NOT SIGN UP WITH THESE PEOPLE.

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  6. GlobalPayments BAD

    Global Payment is a very irresponsible company, they upgraded my account from physical terminal to virtual terminal and changed details but didn’t inform me that I need to re-enroll with the SecurityMetrics again. I only find that out after £50 been charged, and called them they say I have to ‘be aware of it’ myself…. How can I aware of that without they telling me or even put anything on any paperwork????

    They refuse to refund, and the security metrics company also told me I have both old and new accounts alive.

    So when you apply be aware of their bad quality service!

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  7. Jon

    Do not sign up with Global or any of their affiliates. The salesmen they use will tell you anything to get you signed up. They are worse than buy here pay here car salesmen! Then the monthly fees start kicking in. They even fee your for delivering an online statement. They also fee your for canceling an account EVEN WHEN YOU ARE OUT OF CONTRACT! I have never in my 20 yrs of business dealt with a more greedy dishonest company. We are going to remove Global from all 6 of our locations as soon as possible!

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  8. D Jackson

    Global Payments — an absolute joke. The number of mistakes they made in processing our application was outrageous. One careless mistake after another, and each mistake taking days to resolve. They requested the same information again and again, after it had already been provided. They sent sent multiple copies of letters we were never supposed to receive in the first place. After 2 months, the application is still ongoing.

    The are wholly incompetent and worst of all, unaccountable. They make a small percentage out of every transaction made by every business in their system and yet act like they are doing their customers favors by granting their services.

    A disgrace — and part of a banking system that is fundamentally, hopelessly flawed.

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  9. steve

    I have a seasonal garden business in Georgia and just started using Global last April. I was not told about all the hidden fees and I was not told that they had a seasonal program . In October , when or business started to slow down , the fees started to increase. In 3 months the fees went from $88 to $143. I’ve had it!! I think it’s time to notify the Attorney General— maybe a class action suit.

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  10. M ark K.

    NEVER EVER USE THEM!!!!! They have charged me after telling them to stop! I never used the service, and for months was charged odd amounts. I have no idea what this is anymore!!!!!

    $49.95 for 3 months, then $149.00 flat another month. Over $300 in charges to my account after I told them to p iss off.


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  11. Wild Bill

    Not sure if this is the appropriate location to post this, but I am writing due to issues I have with Global payment right now as a check writer. I have decent credit (not that it matters) do not write bad checks and always have money in my account (since I work 6 days a week leaving no time to spend it). I have had two checks declined in the last week due to Global payments. One from a grocery store and one from an auto parts store. I don’t have any debt in collections, have not received anything in the mail, on the compter or on my phone explaining what is going on despite having called their automated line and requesting a report on the declined checks. Not a big fan of Global.

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  12. AN

    Have always received very poor service from designated Account manager.
    Account manager does not respond to or even acknowledge emails. I have to call customer service and make a complaint which is passed through to supervisor who contacts and follows up with account manager.
    Mailing address of our busines was changed to an “unknown” and “unrelated” address where statements were sent for three months. This, to me, represents a breach of privacy. Still trying to find out how our account mailing address could have been changed. Finally, did my own internet search of address and found name of business where statements were being mailed in error. Also discount rate changed on past two statements although we have a 3 year contract and also charged for statement fee on last two statements which was waived on 3 year contract. Also, other new fees have just appeared on last two statements which we have never been charged for before.

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    1. Chris

      I have the exact same issue with Global Payments about sudden change of my business address to some unrelated address in September. I called customer service to inquire who did/authorize the change. They said they could not find any information or track down how the change happened. Based on my past experience with their call center reps, I doubt that they are competent enough to correct my address, it took them 20 min to ask verification questions to confirm my account (One would think that they run high security control, yet they don’t have record who made the change). So I called my designated account manager the next day to make sure the correction was taken care of. Over a month later, shocked to find out that the incorrect address still shows on my statement. I called customer service and asked to speak with a supervisor or manager for complaints. Was put on hold for 15mins before I can talk to a “manager”. Wasted another 20min to answer his verification questions.


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  13. mad mad

    NEVER NEVER go with global payment. Global payment is a horrible company to go with, the idiot that set us up did it all wrong so that we had such limitations on our funds that they release to us. Never had this problem with other companies, then when I was trying to cancel them, I got the run around call this # no you need to call customer service then you wait for a sale person to call, they never did so after trying to cancel this dysfunctional company I am still in the same boat waiting to get a call. It’s been a week and no one can really help you. NEVER NEVER GO WITH THIS JOKE OF A COMPANY they will give u the run around.

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  14. ulian

    Dreadful company, you best hope nothing goes wrong if you go with GlobalPay.

    Sadly I’ve had a problem for the past seven months with their card machines and besides replacing the units they seem unable to resolve the issue losing me thousands. Worst of all they don’t care, customer services don’t care, the account manager doesn’t care., even good old HSBC seems unable to do anything about it. Not a good result, having to use another Merchant service AT THE SAME TIME as these useless rip off merchants just so I don’t suffer downtime. Absurd.

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  15. Linda

    I am absolutely disgusted with Global payments, holding all funds for over a month because of a refund.
    Refund is 15,000. but you hold back 100,000.
    There is no excuse for this kind of business, why is the interest not paid to the merchant, for 30 days you hold money or longer. Our company does not receive the interest and all the customers terms are affected because of this.
    When calls are made good luck getting someone who understands you.
    Who owns this company and how can they be allowed to operate in Canada.

    As you can see no kind words for global, dealing with them the past seven years has been a nightmare.

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  16. Jane

    I have dealt with Global Payments for 2.5 years. I switched after I
    showed them my then current processors rates (very transparent, simply
    two tiers – personal cc’s and business cc’s). They assured me they
    could beat this. There was much upheaval in my life at the time with a
    dying parent, and I told the sales rep I was very stressed, but if they
    could promise me they’d save me money, they could have my business.

    And so, the thievery began…

    They have charged me at minimum $40/month in addition to the rates I’m already paying. Last month, $250+ was added to the almost $1000 in regular rate fees! They charged me for ecommerce check cards, rewards cards, statement fees (they had in their contract no statement fees), check key entered (I don’t take checks), another statement fee, and more! They are dishonest, and I’m leaving them.

    Run FAR away from this company’s deceptive business practices. Their contract is a farce, because it does not disclose these additional fees. When I call, they give me the total runaround draped in ‘concern’ but no satisfaction. Yuck.

    Advice? Seek a company with transparent fee schedules to process your cards. Use one that does not make you sign a contract.

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  17. M

    Would not recommend working with Global Payments, no paperwork is ever sent! Terrible service, cannot contact directly, very obscure and inconsistent on how things are paid and terms.


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  18. Tammy

    This is the VERY WORST company I have ever dealt with! they tell you one thing do another. When trying to cancell the caccount I was told on the phone 2 different times it was cancelled and nothing further to do. Then noticed money still being pulled from my account as I had told them they no longer had permission to do this. They said they would not and continued to do it. I talked to several people and then was finally told after 3 months of fighting with this company to stop that I had to talk to the lady that opened the account for me. But when I first called her she was one of the people that told me not to worry all was taken care of and then later atempts she did not answer nor return my calls for a long time. Now having to jump through hoops to get my 1099K. Very BAD COMPANY VERY BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE. They do not know from person to person what they are supost to do everyone in the company always tells me something different.. go to a different company people!!!!

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  19. AA

    We signed a contract with Wholesale Merchant Services and received a bill from globalpayments. They are charging us every month event though we never signed a contract with global and we even don’t have their card-processing machine.

    They’ve been ignoring our repeated request of cancelling a contract.

    We’ve never signed a contract if we knew Wholesale was actually globalpayments.

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  20. Roger

    after 8 months of using Global credit processing with little to no problems, we are in the process of selling the business, so we need to cancel our contract.
    Global says read the terms Pay a cancellation fee $903. to not use there services,
    and dont forget to send back the card reader.
    We will never use them again, and would not recommend them to anyone
    shame on global

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  21. t jacob

    they are holding, without notice, 125 k of payments because of a W-9 discrepancy that does not exist, they have told us we will have our money in 3 days after they receive our w-9 which we faxed, and they told us it was the same Tax #, called back later and they said they never received it , i have been on hold for 20 minutes as i am writing this, does anyone have any advice?

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  22. Molly

    Global Payments is not going to be processing my credit cards payments any more. Last Wednesday I ran two charges through for the same amounts for the same client (one exhibitor and one sponsor for the conference) at nearly the same time.

    I had to manually input each one so there was a time lag between. I had tried one charge earlier than day for the total amount but it was denied–not due to insufficient credit on the card, just some communication error over the Web.

    Global Payments got the money from Bank of America for these two charges and then noticed the Authorization Number for each was the same. These numbers are generated automatically and I have no way of influencing this. GP tried to blame this on Volusion, but I have two separate order numbers and paperwork from Volusion. How the error occurred is not clear.

    But, GP refused to give me the money out of, I finally got them to admit, some wildhair fear that should they give me the money Bank of America, which had already authorized the charges as my client had pre-authorized the charge, would later realize the two numbers were the same and demand the money back! This despite verbal and written (via e-mail) assurances from BOA and my client to GP that this would not occur.

    So, today GP agreed to give me 50% of the fee and the client must wait at least two weeks to get the other 50% back. Needless to say, the client is not keen on writing me a check for that 50% until they have it back on their card.

    GP had frozen a week’s worth of credit card transaction payments while “reviewing the matter.” Supposedly, though, that has been unfrozen, yet I must still deal with getting the rest of the money out of the client. I would not be surprised the client decides to cancel the order.

    All through this, despite my calls to customer service and the company HQ, they would not put me through to a manager. So, I was left with Mark who did a class CYA move–and lost the company a customer in the process.

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  23. Roxana

    This company has the worst customer service ever. Every time we had problems and it was their fault the resolution time was more then a month. We lost a few good customers because of them. On one matter I spoke with 4 different agents and they all give me different information. We left messages and never received callbacks. Even talking with supervisors didn’t help much. If you are a small or medium company is not recommended to go with them.

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  24. Celeste Rich

    Don’t use Global Payment Solutions! I was led to them by my x-charge processor and they totally screwed me over! They totally are unresponsive to messages, you cannot get hold of an actual person without waiting on the line for 45 min or more, mostly you have to leave a message when you actually get through to the person supposed to help you.. Then, in my case, they double credited an $9K+ mistake to the buyer who was trying to make an end of year pmt on her cc, then tried to double debit MY account! When I stopped the double debit, they kept debteding my acct for small amts which totally sent my checking acct out of balance! They are incompetent! AND once again, I want to repeat, that when you DO have a problem at YEARS of using them, you cannot get hold of a real person to help you! RIPOFF!!!!!

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  25. Brian Reimer

    After having a nightmare experience with a different provider, I ran into a similar situation with Global – funds that failed to reach my bank account. Global was courteous, efficient and I had my problem corrected within a day. I am gunshy of switching to any other processor and thus far am very satisfied.

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  26. Global

    Global Payments no longer cares about the customer! Only care about the bottom dollar
    going to the shareholder. Long term employee’s are being laid off and the jobs
    are being outsourced to India , Manila and Hong Kong. Too many chief’s
    and not enough worker bees. Management is too busy hiring friends over in house
    employee’s . The VP’s and the Exec VP’s have a “Golden Parachute” and sucking
    the company dry. Stay far away from this company they are taking our jobs to
    India and laying off American workers. Many employee’s saw this coming
    when Global Payments hired Jeffery (snake) Sloan from Goldman Sachs to be the
    president of our company.
    (Less than three years after receiving $10 billion in bailout money from American taxpayers, Goldman Sachs informed its employees recently that it will fire 1,000 workers in the United States and elsewhere, shifting their jobs to the cheaper Singaporean labor market)
    read on ……….. http://thinkprogress.org/economy/2011/06/28/255724/goldman-sachs-outsource-1000-jobs-singapore/
    Yep Global Payments is going over sea’s and drowning your loyal employee’s.

    Shame on you Paul Garcia CEO for taking our jobs away to India. Shame on you!!!!

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  27. Simone

    This company is an ABSOLUTE MESS. if i ask them to make a refund to a client, theyd do it twice. If i charge my client, next day i find out theyve charged him TWICE. Customer service is sloppy, service of all kind with GP is sloppy. It seems to me this company is run from a daycare center!!

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  28. S. Chao

    I’m disappointed with Global Payments, been processing with them for about 9+ years.
    Without warning they froze my account and is holding almost $40,000 (yes $40K). Numerous of calls and emails was made to Global trying to get the issue resolve for the past 30+ days and still have not heard back. Because of Global Payments freezing my account and holding my money, my business is having financial difficulties. If this does not get resolve soon some of my employees are going to be out of work.

    I’m hoping someone at Global Payments is reading this that can help and get this resolve ASAP.

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  29. Dennis

    I’m so disappointed with their service, all the promise they made was a lie and kept charging me over the market rate, all the complaints I made no matter a formal letter or by phone call, those csr are all ignored and never responded to me. I end up goes to the others payment service company to fix it and of course they pay for the demage of the contract termination. What a nightmare service they provided.

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    1. Ronnie Colby

      GlobalPay is screwing us with one client. They caught what they claim to be a Russian cc scam with a couple who is a client of ours – he a retired Army officer, she active in her church and a lover of horses. Their CA-based bank found no evidence Russian fraud. Clients were never shown proof of any of this. They cancelled their cc transaction and paid us cash. We met them and know them to be good people. The way GlobalPay dealt with us, the clients, and the entire issue couldn’t have been less transparent. We received absolutely nothing in writing from them about this alleged $5000 fraudulent transaction. GP doubted everything we told them about our interaction with the client.

      GP’s ineptitude has now been shown to be even worse than this last episode. Same clients, new cc – GlobalPay has been holding a $13000 transaction for 10 days now and rudely and poorly placating us – again nothing in writing, no consideration of the fact that the clients are honest people who have received the materials we will build on their site, no return calls, and of course, worst of all, we lack this cash that we need for working capital. They are deaf to this issue. The client’s credit card is new and good – even the client’s bank vouched for the card and client. Still no deposit of funds into our account.

      We will be switching processors as soon as this is resolved. We are lucky not to have lost the client through all this – asking them about their card, their bank, if they’ve called their bank as GP requested, if their bank has called GP as requested, on and on. Unacceptable.

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  30. lopez

    I am SO disappointed with global payments. I have yet to receive any of my money. Each customer service representative that I have spoken with keeps giving me different stories. There customer service is not educated in their products or how the system really works. All they say is “we understand”, I don’t think that they do. They are not running a business or worried about paying bills for a company.

    I will NOT recommend this company, its productrs or services to anyone else.

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  31. meghan

    I am glad there is someone like Phillip Parker doing all the research for a new company to choose and obtain material for options in card processing. Thanks Mr. Parker!

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    1. Phillip Parker

      Hi Meghan,

      Thank you very much for the kind words! I’m glad that you found the site helpful. Be sure to follow on Twitter or Facebook to get updated on new posts. In addition to merchant account reviews, I also do posts offering tips and advice on credit card processing.

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