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  1. Steve Townsend

    Do not even waaste your time. They said I was approved and good to go, went and spent 400.00 on a new ipad so I could download their app. First card I ran they closed my account. lol
    Said my business wasnt approved by them.
    Been nice to tell me that from the start.


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  2. Todd Elario

    Has taken me a week of faxing verification, communicating with support. Now they say my bank account wont work…..huh? I got the micro deposit and verified my account. They insist I am trying to use a prepaid card…..huh? Wtf are they talking about? I have now given my account# and routing info to this incompetent scam company. I told them I would write this report. They couldn’t care less. So I went with square reader. 5 minutes n done…no hassle. …this spark pay company will eat your time….which is tragic. F for spark pay. This A- rating is an obviously influenced rating. Please trust me……avoid avoid avoid avoid avoid.

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  3. David

    Not very pleased.
    I have used it for a few months, now I have a problem. I tried to run a card. After the swipe, it said “authorizing” with the little spinning wheel. After 5 minutes with no change, I closed the app and tried again. I never received an email telling me I had made a sale. On the second try, it went through. I received my email and my customer received his receipt. I checked the sales history and only one charge was showing. The next day, I checked again and it is showing the customers card was charged twice. I try to refund and it states that it can’t refund the transaction because it exceeds my refund limit. This is the first refund I have ever tried. So, I log on and try to call their live support number only to be told that no one is there to call back during normal business hours. I can get this type of service from paypal or square. I think I am going back to them. I have only issued 3 refunds in 5 years and neither of them gave me a problem.

    And before anyone asks, yes it was a full 5 minutes. The transactions even show being run 5 minutes apart.

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  4. John Cowan

    Avoid Sparkpay like the plague-it doesn’t work and their support is anything but. Signed up and got card reader 2 weeks later. The website says it was compatible with my IPhone but they could never get it to work. Bought a Galaxy 5 and it doesn’t work with that phoneeither. Latest problem is i tried to process a sale of an item I did not have listed with them and they reject the charge almost a week later, and 5 hours after i was told it would post in the next 24-48 hours. They are CLUELESS! avoid the Sparkpay hassle! Show less
    By JohnC36 (New User) – on Jun 02, 2014 – 22:21 | edit | delete | report

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  5. MJ

    SparkPay is sketchy.

    Whilst applying for an account, you are asked to provide your SSN, but are told that a credit check is not performed.

    Upon reading the Terms of Service, you will read that by applying you are authorizing CapitalOne to pull your credit report…

    WTF CapOne? You want a credit check so you can forward me someone else’s money?

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